Dvenadtsat mesyatsev (1973) - full transcript

A young beautiful orphan Girl lives with her uncaring Stepmother, who treats her like a servant, and her spoiled foolish Stepsister. The two of them send her to gather firewood on New ...


[Assocation of Televised Films]

[By order of the Government Committee]

[Soviet of Ministers of the USSR]

[On Television and Radio]

[A story by Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak]

- Twelve Months -

[Part 1]

Anatoliy Granik]

[Head Cameraman:
Rostislav Davydov]

[Head Artist:
Mihail Scheglov]

Nadezhda Simonyan]

[Sound technician:
Natalia Levitina]


[Queen - Liana Zhvaniya]

[Professor - Nikolay Volkov Sr.]

[Stepmother - Olga Vikland]

[Daughter - Marina Maltseva]

[Stepdaughter - Natalia Popova]

[Chamberlain - Tatiana Peltser]

[Head of the Royal Guard -
Konstantin Adashevskiy]

[Councillor - Alexander Sokolov]

[Western Ambassador.
- Aleksei Kozhevnikov]

[Eastern Ambassador - Lev Lemke]

[Royal Prosecutor - Georgiy Teih]

[Old Soldier - Leonid Kuravlev]

[December - Arkadiy Trusov]

[January - Boris Ryzhuhin]

[February - Alexander Afanasev]

[April - Andrey Bosov]

English Subtitles by: Alexander Isakov.

It's cold! The frost
takes my breath away!

It's cold! The frost
takes my breath away!

My paws freeze to the
ground while I'm running.

Squirrels, hey squirrels!

Let's play "torches"!

Call to the sun, invite the spring!

Call to the sun, invite the spring!

Come on, rabbit!

Who'll be the first to burn?

Whoever gets the first turn!

We'll count off!

Alright, let's do it!

Slanty-eyes, slanty-eyes,

Don't walk around unshod!

Be well-shod,

Wrap your paws!

If you will be well-shod,

The wolves won't find the rabbit!

The bear won't find you!

Come out - you're the torch!

You can't catch me,
rabbit! Can't catch me!

Slanty-eyes, slanty-eyes,
don't walk around unshod!

Oh, I'll catch you!

Catch up, catch up!

Come on, come on, catch up!


Where are you going?

That's unfair!

I'm not playing with you anymore!

I'm not playing with you anymore!

Rabbit, jump! Jump!

Jump up! Jump up!
Wag your tail -and get on the branch!

My tail is short!

My tail is short!

Oh, I can't!

It's become warm in the cold!

It's become warm in the cold!

He says his tail is short!

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't
heard it with my own ears!

Greetings to you, beautiful!

Why are you laughing?

- You won't believe me!
- Why?

We, soldiers, in our time

have heard everything, seen everything.

We believe, but don't get fooled.

A rabbit was playing
"torches" with squirrels!

Right here in this spot!

- Really?
- It's completely true!

He - chases them, they.
- run away from him!

Across the snow and into a tree!

And they taunt him - jump,
jump, they say, jump a bit...

- They say all that in our language?
- In ours!

Really now!

There, you don't believe me.

Well, how can I not believe you?

What day is it today?

The end of the old year,

the beginning of the new.

On such a day, anything can happen!

What happens?

Believe it or not,

but my grandfather told me

that... on the very eve

of the New Year

his grandfather

met each of the twelve months!

- Really!
- It's the whole truth!

The old man saw the whole year at once:

Winter, summer, spring, and fall!

It stayed with him his whole life,
he told his son

and told him to tell his children.

And so it came down to me.

How can it be

that summer and winter

and spring and fall come together?

There's no way they can happen at once!

Well, I'm just talking
about what I know.

And I won't talk about
anything I don't know.

Why did you wander in
here on such a cold day?

I'm not a free person,

the commanders sent me,

but who sent you?

I also didn't come
of my own free will.

- Are you serving or something?
- No.

- I live at home.
- How did your mom let you go out?

Well, my mom wouldn't have let me
go out, but my stepmother sent me.

To get some kindling, chop some wood.

That's how it is! So you're an orphan!

That's why your
ammunition is second-rate.

The wind blows right through you, huh?

Well, let me help you out first
and do my own job after that.

What is your job?

I have to cut down a pine tree,

the best one in the forest.

So there are none thicker
than it, none straighter than it,

- and none greener than it!
- Who is such a tree for?

What do you mean?

The queen herself!

But pine trees are for little kids!

Can it really be that the
queen plays with them too?

Why wouldn't she enjoy it?

Though she's the queen, she's...

no older than you.

She probably still plays with dolls!

See, I haven't played
with dolls for a long time.

You probably don't have the time!

But she has time!

Since she doesn't have a boss!

Once her parents died,
the king and queen,

she was left completely in charge

of herself and others.

So, our queen is an orphan.

So it figures.

I'm sorry for her.

Of course.

No one to teach her properly.

Well, your job is done.

That kindling will
probably last for a week!

And now it's time for
me to start doing my job.

Or I'll be in for it from our orphan!

She doesn't joke around.

Let me show you one tree.

Won't it do?

It's such a pretty pine:

Each branch is perfect!

Well, ok, show me.

It seems you're no
stranger to this forest.

There's a reason why
rabbits and squirrels

play "torches" around you.

Here, brother,

look at the holdings.

Everything is fine here.

There is enough snow now:

to the midriff for the birch trees

to the knees of the pines!

Now the cold can really play,

there won't be trouble!

We've spent our time behind the clouds,

and you can play with the sun!


Thank you, brother.

It looks like you've worked hard!

And what's happening
on the rivers and lakes?

Is the ice solid?

It's ok, holding up.

It wouldn't hurt for
it to be a bit colder.

We'll frost it up,
we'll get the job done!

And how are the forest creatures?

As they should be:

The ones who sleep
at this time are sleeping

and the others are jumping
and wandering around.

Well, and now, brother, it's time
for us to get ready for our holiday too.

Renew the snow in the forest,
make the branches glisten like silver.

Wave your hand, since
you're still in charge here.

It's not too early, is it?

There's someone's sled.

That means, people are
wandering around the forest.

You can cover the path with snow -
they'll never get out.

Start slowly.

Blow with some wind, make some flurries.

Then the guests will figure out
that it's time for them to go home.

If you don't hurry them up,
they'll stay here til midnight,

gathering pinecones and branches.

They always need something,
these people.

What a flurry!

One could say, a new year flurry!

I can't see anything.

Where did we leave our sled?

Oh, there are two mounds nearby!

That's them!

Here's the tree...

I'll tie it on, and we'll be off!

Don't wait for me!

Or you'll freeze in your clothes!

And the snow will cover you!

It's ok, it's not my first time!

I can't stand writing:
my fingers are covered in ink!

You're absolutely right, your highness!

It's a rather unpleasant task.

However, I would dare ask you,

to write with Your Highness's own hand,

four more lines.



The grass is getting gr-ee-n-er,

the grass is getting greener,

the sun is shining,

the swallow and the spring

are flying to our door.

I'm only going to write "the
grass is getting greener".

The grass...



Good morning, Your Highness!

I would most humbly ask you,

to sign one edict...

- and three orders.
- More writing?

Fine, but then I'm not going to
finish writing "grenar".

Give me your papers.

And now let me ask you to write...

Again with the writing!

Your resolution

of this petition.

Well, and what am I
supposed to write here?

One of two things, Your Highness:

Either "execute",
or "grant a pardon".

Gr-an-t a par-don.


I'll write "execute",
that's shorter.

What can I say!


What are you talking about?

Oh, Your Highness!

What did you write?!

You, of course, have
noticed another error.

Do I spell it "ex-a-cute"
or something?


You have correctly written
the word, Your Highness.

And yet you have made

the gravest error!

And what is that?!

You have decided the fate of a person

without even thinking about it!

What's this!

I can't be expected to think
and write at the same time!

And you don't have to!

You should have thought first,
and then written, Your Highness!

Well, if I were to listen to you,
then all I would ever do,

is think, think, think!

At the end, I would probably go crazy!

Or would make up God knows what!

But fortunately I do not listen to you.

Well, what else do you have there?
Ask quickly,

Or I won't leave this
classroom for an eternity.

I would humbly ask you, Your Highness,

how much is 7x8?

This has never interested me - and you?

Well, it has interested me.

Amazing! Well, goodbye.

Our lesson is over.

Today, before the New Year,
I have much to do.

As you will, Your Highness.

How good it is to be queen,
and not just some schoolgirl!

Everyone listens to you.

Even my teacher.

Tell me, and what would
you do with another student,

If she refused to tell you,
how much 7x8 is?

I don't dare say, Your Highness.

It's ok, I allow it.

I would put her in the corner.

Into which one: this one or that one?

It doesn't matter, Your Highness.

I would prefer... this one!

It seems more comfortable.

And if she didn't want
to tell you even after that,

how much is 7x8?

I would,

and I ask you to forgive me,

Your Highness,

I would leave her without lunch.

Well... without lunch!

And what if she is
awaiting guests for lunch?

For example, ambassadors
from some kingdom

or a foreign prince?

Well, but I'm not talking about a queen,

Your Highness,

but about a simple schoolgirl.

Poor simple schoolgirl.

You, it turns out,

are a very cruel old man!

Do you know that I could execute you?

Your Highness...

Yes, yes I can! Why not?

What did I...

do to anger Your Highness?

Well, how do I say this...

You are a very perverse person.

Whatever I say,
you say: "Incorrect."

Whatever I write,
you say: "Not like that."

But I like it when people agree with me.

Your Highness, I swear on my life,

that I won't argue with you anymore,

if you do not want that.

You swear on your life?

Well, ok.

Then let's continue our lesson.

Ask me something.

How much is

6x6, Your Highness?


You're absolutely
correct, Your Highness.

And how much is 8x8?


Correct, Your Highness.

- And how much is...
- How much, how much!

How curious you are!

Keeps asking, asking, asking!

Why don't you tell me
something interesting instead?

Tell you something interesting?

What about?

What sort of thing?

I don't know.

Something to do with the new year,
since today is the eve of the new year.

Your humble servant.

The year, Your Highness, consists

of 12 months.

Really? Is that so?

Exactly so, Your Highness.

The months are called January, February,

March, April, May,

- June, July...
- Look how many there are!

And you know them all by name?
What a wonderful memory you have!

Thank you, Your Highness.
August, September, October,

November, December.

- Who would have thought!
- The months come one after the other.

Once one month ends,

a new one immediately starts.

And it has never yet happened,

That February came before January,

Or September, before August!

But what if I want

April to happen right now?

That's impossible, Your Hi...


Your Highness.

It's not me who's
against it, Your Highness.

It's science and nature.

Tell me please!

What if I give an order

to nature.

And put a big round seal on it?

I'm afraid that won't help either.

But it's unlikely that
Your Highness will need

such changes in the calendar.

Each month brings us

it's own presents and fun!

December, January, February -

ice skating,

New Year tree,


In March, the snow starts melting.

And in April the first snowdrop flowers

peek from under the snow.

And that's why I want

April to come right now.

I really like... snowdrops.

I've never seen them.

It's not long until
April, Your Highness.

Just some short three months.

Or 90 days!

90 days?

I can't even wait for three days!

Tomorrow I have

a New Year's reception

and I want my table to have those -

what did you call them? -

- snowdrops.
- Your Highness, but...

But the laws of nature!

I will issue a new law

of nature!

Hey there! Send in the Councillor!

And you sit at my desk and write.

Now I'll dictate.

The grass is getting grenar...

Yes yes, write that: the
grass is getting grenar,

the sun is shining.

And in Our kingdom's forests


spring flowers.

Thus the great queen orders:

to bring to the palace by New Year's

a basket of snowdrops.

He who fulfills.

Our almighty will,

We will reward him royally.

What should we promise them?

Wait, you don't need to write that.

I have it.

We will give him as much gold

as will fit in his basket.

We will grant him a gray fox-fur coat,

and will allow entrance

to our royal ice-skating event.

Well? Did you write it?

You write so slowly!

"...a gray fox-fur coat..."

I haven't written in a long time...

whie being dictated to, Your Highness.

Oh! You don't write yourself,
but force me too!

How clever!

Well, that's ok.

OK, give it here...

Give me the quill,
I'll sign my mighty name.

Put a seal here and here.

And make sure

that everyone in the
town hears my order.

Put a seal on this?!

Yes yes.

- If that's your will... my que...
- Yes, it's my will.

And you must obey it.

*On the new year holidays*

*we issue the order:*

*Let the snowdrops*

*blossom right away!*

*The grass is getting greener, *

*The sun is shining.*

*The swallow and the spring*

*are flying to our door.*

*Yes yes yes yes!*

*Yes yes yes yes!*

*Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!*

*Fly to our door!*

*Whoever dares contradict, *

*that the swallow is flying, *

*that the grass is getting greener, *

*that the sun is shining;*

*the snowdrop blossoms in the forest;, *

*and flurries are not sweeping, *

*And that one is a rebel, *

*who says: they don't blossom.*



*Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!*

*Who says: "they
don't blossom".*

"Thus the queen decrees:"

"to bring for the New Year

to the palace

a full basket of snowdrops."

"He who obeys
our mighty will, "

"We will reward royally:"

"We will give him as much gold,

as will fit in his basket;"

"Will give him
a gray fox-fur coat.

And will allow him to participate in
our royal New Year's ice-skating."

"On the original

with her own royal hand

this is written."

Happy New Year!

Happy First of April!

*The streams flow into the valley, *

*the winter is over.*

*A basket of snowdrops*

*bring quickly to the palace.*

*Before sunrise*

*pick some simply snowdrops.*

*And for that you will get*

*a basket of gold ones.*



*Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!*

*A basket of gold ones.*

*The grass is getting greener, *

*the sun is shining, *

*the swallow and the spring*

*are flying to our door.*

*Are flying to us.*

*Are flying to us.*

It's cold!

*Are flying to our doors.*



Will this basket fit a lot of gold?

Yes, a bit.

Will it be enough for a coat?

Well! What's a coat, daughter!

It'll be enough for a whole dowry!

For coats, and for dresses!

And there'll be some left
over for stockings and scarves!

And how much will fit in this one?

Well... that one...

That one... will be enough
for a house made of stone!

And for a horse with a saddle,

and for a ram and some sheep.

And into this one?



One doesn't even have to say it.

You'll eat and drink on gold,

You'll dress in gold,
You'll have gold shoes,

and you'll have gold earrings.

So I'll take this one then.

Only one problem:

You can't find any snowdrops.

It seems that the queen
wants to laugh at us.

She's still young, so she makes up

all sorts of stuff.

And what if someone goes to the forest

and actually picks snowdrops?

And then gets such a
huge basket of gold?


That wouldn't work,

picking some...


snowdrops won't appear before winter.

Look at the snow mounds!

Up to the roof.

Maybe, under the mounds,

they're just keeping to
themselves and growing?

That's why they're snowdrops.

Why don't I put on my coat,

and try to look for some.

What are you talking about!


I won't let you leave the house!

Look outside!

Look at the flurries!

It'll get much worse by evening!

No! I'm going and that's final!

Finally there's a chance
to get into the palace

and they'll even give away
a whole basket of gold!

But you'll freeze in the forest!

Well, then go yourself!

Pick some snowdrops,
I'll take them to the palace!

What, daughter,

you wouldn't feel sorry
for your own mother?

I feel sorry for you,

and I feel sorry for the gold.

But more than anything,
I feel sorry for myself.

It's not hard for you!

As if you haven't seen some flurries.

Bundle up warmly and go.

There's a daughter!

In such weather

a man wouldn't put his dog outside!

And you're throwing your mother outside!

Wow! Throwing a mother outside!

You won't move an
inch for your daughter!

So I'll spend the whole holiday
in the kitchen because of you

by the stove!

While others go ice-skating

on silver sleds with the queen!

Shovelling through gold.

That's enough, daughter.

That's enough, don't cry.

Why don't you eat a hot pastry?

Straight from the oven!

It's boiling, it's sizzling!

Just about talking!

I don't want your pies!

I want snowdrops!

If you don't want to go yourself,

and aren't letting me go,

at least let sister go.

When she comes back from the forest,

send her there again.

You're right: why not send her?

The forest is close
by, it won't take long.

And when she picks some flowers,

you and I... can bring
them to the palace.

And if she freezes -
well, then that's her fate.

Who'll cry for her?

Yeah, not me.

I'm so tired of her,
I can't even say!

You can't even get past the front door,

without hearing all the
neighbors talking about her.

"Oh, poor orphan!"

"A worker with golden hands!"

"A beauty - can't
take your eyes away!"

And how am I worse than her?

What do you mean, daughter!

I think you're better, not worse!

It's just that not
everyone can see that.

But she's sly,

she can worm herself in:

she'll bow to this
one, smile at that one;

that's why everyone is sorry for her:
orphan, orphan!

And what does this
so-called orphan lack?

I gave her my own scarf,

a very good one too - I hadn't
even worn it out in seven years.

It was only later that I started
to wrap brined vegetables with it.

I let her finish wearing out

your boots from last year!

- Exactly!
- I wouldn't be sorry for her!

And how much bread do we waste on her!

In the morning - one piece,

For lunch - the sides,

In the evening - the ends!

How much is that over one year!

- Well, why don't you count!
- Hold on.

Another wouldn't know
how to thank us enough!

But from this one!

Won't hear a word!

So let her go to the forest!

We'll give her the biggest basket,

the one I chose for myself!

What do mean, daughter!

That's a new basket,

recently bought.

How will we find it in the forest later?


this one...

we can give to her.

And if it disappears.
- we won't be sorry!

But it's too little!

How is it outside? Blizzarding?

Such a blizzard,

that you can see neither earth nor sky!

As if you're walking in the clouds!

I hardly made it home!

Well, that's why we have
winter, so there are blizzards.

No, there hasn't been
anything this bad all year!

And there won't be again.

How do you know that there won't be?

Because today's the
last day of the year!

- That's what it is! - Yes.
- So, warmed up?

You have to run somewhere else.

Where? Is it far?

Well... not near and not far.

To the forest.

Why to the forest?

I brought back a lot of
kindling, enough for a week.

Not for kindling, for snowdrops.

Oh, for snowdrops!

I didn't get that you were
joking at first and got worried.

It would be easy to get lost!

It's swirling everywhere,
sweeping you off your feet!

I'm not kidding!

Didn't you hear the order?


You never hear anything,
never know anything!

The whole town is talking about it.

To anyone who picks some snowdrops,

the queen will give
a full basket of gold,

a gray fox-fur coat,

and will let them ride in her sled!

But there aren't any
snowdrops, it's winter!

In spring, you don't
get gold for snowdrops,

you get bronze.

Well, enough talk!
Here's your basket.

It's already getting dark.

You should have taken
longer to get the kindling!

Then it would be really dark!

Maybe I can go tomorrow morning?

I can wake up early...

What this - in the morning!

And what if you don't find
any flowers before evening?

The whole palace will just wait on us.

They need the flowers for the holiday!

I've never heard of flowers

blooming in the forest in winter.

And can I even see anything in the dark?

Well you just bend down
lower and look more closely!

I'm not going.

What... what do you mean...
"won't go"?

I won't come back from the forest.


Do you suggest I go to
the forest instead of you?

It's not me who needs the gold.

I understand.

You already have everything,
you don't need anything else!

And if you do need
something, you can just

take it from your
sister and stepmother!

Look, she's rich!

She's refusing a whole basket of gold!

Will you go or not?

Tell me straight!

You won't go.

Where's my coat?

Let her sit here by the fire,

eat pies,

while I wander around
the forest until midnight,

drowning in snowbanks!

Who let you?!

Get back to your place!

And you - headscarf on your head,
basket in hand - and march!

And look here!

If I find out that you just sat at
one of our neighbors' houses,

I won't let you come back home!

Freeze in the yard!

Go and don't come
back without snowdrops!

There - didn't even close
the door behind her properly!

It's so cold!

Close the door better, daughter.

And prepare the table.
- it's time for dinner.

*Burn, burn brighter:*

*The summer will be hotter, *

*And the winter warmer, *

*And the spring more pleasant!*

*Burn, burn brightly, *

*To not go out!*

*Burn, burn and crackle, *

*Let the copses*

*Where the mounds fall, *

*have more fruit!*

*Let them bring the barrel, *

*the dark one has more mead!*

*Let the wheat in the fields*

*grow thick!*

*Burn, burn brightly, *

*To not go out!*

*Burn, burn brightly, *

*To not go out!*

Good evening!

And to you - good evening!

If it wouldn't bother you,

allow me to warm myself by your fire?

Well, brothers: shall we let her or not?

It has never happened before

that anyone but us, the Twelve Months,

has sat by this fire.

It hasn't happened before,

but if someone has come to our fire,

let them warm themselves!

Well, come closer, beauty, come closer.

Be careful to not be burned up!

You see how our fire is:
it's so radiant!

Thank you, grandfather.

You have such a light fire

but so hot -

I'm warm to my very heart!

Well, thank you!

And what is that in your hands, maiden?
Is that a basket?

Have you come for
pinecones or something?

Before New Years and
above all in such a blizzard!

The forest also needs a rest.

You can't just keep
picking stuff all the time.

I didn't come of my own free will.
And not for pinecones.

Not for mushrooms, then?

Not for mushrooms, but for flowers.

My stepmother sent me to pick snowdrops.

Hear that, brother? For snowdrops!

That means, she's your guest!

Take care of her!

I would laugh myself,

but my stepmother told me

not to come back without snowdrops.

Why, in mid-winter,

would she need snowdrops?

She doesn't need
flowers, she needs gold.

Our queen promised

a whole basket of gold to the one

who will bring some
snowdrops to her palace!

So I got sent to the forest.

That's bad news, dear:

it's not time now for snowdrops -
you have to wait for April.

I know that, grandfather.

But there's nothing I can do.

Well... thank you!

For the warmth, for your welcome.

If I have bothered you, don't be angry.

Wait, miss!

Don't rush!

Brother January,

let me take your place for an hour?

I would let you,

but we can't have April before March.

Well, I'll finish the job.

What do you say, Brother February?


And I will give up my place.

I won't argue.

Well, if it's agreed, let's do it!

Don't make the enchanted
grove crackle, Cold!

Don't eat the bark off
the pine and the birch!

Enough freezing the crows!

Enough making people's houses...


Well,.. Now it's your
turn, Brother February.

Winds,.. Storms,..


blow with all your might!

Winds, blizzards, and storms,

start playing at night!

Trumpet loudly in the clouds!

Fly over the land!

Let snow drift in the blizzard

like a white snake!

Now it's your turn, Brother March.

Now the snow is not the same:

it has darkened in the field.

The ice has cracked on the lakes,

as if it were broken up.

The clouds sail faster,

the sky looks higher.

The sparrow is chirping
more happily on the roof.

Blacker and blacker every day

the roads appear.

And the willows

show their silver earrings!

Well,.. Now you take the reins,
Brother April.

Run, streams,

Flow, puddles,

Crawl out, ants,
after the winter cold!

The bear comes through the brushwood.

The birds have started singing songs.

And the snowdrops are blooming!

What are you waiting for?

My brothers have only gifted us an hour.

How did this all happen?

I don't dare believe my eyes!

Believe it or not,
but go run and pick snowdrops.

Winter will come back,
and your basket is still empty!

I'm running! Running!

I immediately recognized her:

She has the same
headscarf full of holes,

and the worn-out boots.

We winter months know her well:

sometimes we find her with
water buckets at a hole in the ice.

sometimes in the forest.
- with a bundle of wood.

and she always goes her way
happy, friendly;

walking and singing.

And now she was sad.

And we, summer month,
know her just as well!

How could we not.

The sun hasn't risen yet, she's
already on her knees in the garden:

watering, planting,
taking away caterpillars.

She comes to the forest -
won't break an extra branch;

she'll take the ripe berry,
and leave the green one on the bush:

let it ripen.

I poured rain on her many times.

Well,.. I felt sorry, but
I couldn't do otherwise:

that's why we have fall months.

Oh, and she hasn't seen
much kindness from me!

Oh, and she hasn't seen
much kindness from me!

I chilled her with wind,
made her cold with the cold.

She knows February!

But February also knows her!

For one such as she, it's a pleasure

to give the gift of spring for
an hour in the middle of winter.

And why only for an hour?

I would never

- part with her!
- Yes, she is a great maiden!

You won't find a better
housewife anywhere!

Well... if she pleases all of you,

then I'll give her my ring?

Well then, give it to her!

It's your young man's business!

You've picked a whole basket already?

You have quick hands!

And there are so many!

And they're all so large!

The stems are fluffy, as if made of fur!

The leaves are like crystal!

Thank you

for your kindness.

If it weren't for you,
I would never again

see the sun,
or the spring snowdrops.

Don't bow to me

but to my younger brother

the month of April.

He asked it for you, he brought the
flowers up from under the snow for you.

Thank you, April!

I have always been glad when you come,

and now that I've seen your face,
I will never forget it.

And so that you really don't forget,

here is a ring,

that you may remember.

Look at it and remember me.

If there is ever trouble,

throw it on the ground,
in the water, or in a snowy mound,

and say:

Roll, roll, ring

to Spring's porch,

to Summer's door, to Fall's hut,

and on Winter's carpet,

to the New Year's fire, -

we'll come to your aid!

All twelve will come,

as one:

with thunder, with blizzards,

with the spring rain!

Well? Did you memorize it?

I did.

And on Winter's carpet

to the New Years fire!



And take care of my ring:

if you lose it -

you will lose me.

I won't lose it!

I will never part with this ring!

I will carry it away like a
little spark from your fire!

You are right, beauty:

in my ring, there is

a spark from our big fire -

it will warm you up in the
cold, it will light up the dark,

it will calm you in sadness.

And now, maiden,
listen to what I tell you.

It has come about

on the last night of the old year,

on the first night of the new year,

that you have met all 12 Months at once.

You have come to us
along the shortest path.

And others take the long road:

day by day, hour by hour,

minute by minute -

as required.

Do not reveal

this short road to anyone,

don't show to anyone:

this is an enchanted road.

And don't tell anyone

who gave you the snowdrops:

we're also not supposed
to upset the natural order.

Don't be overly proud of our friendship.

I'll die before I tell anyone!

Well then, there you go!

Remember what we told you,

and what you told us.

And now it's time for you to run home

before I let loose my blizzard.



- Goodbye! - Goodbye, sister!

Brother January

even though I gave her my ring,

you can't light up the whole
dense forest with one star.

Ask the heavenly moon to light her way!

OK, I'll ask.

Where did he go...

Hey! Namesake!

Heavenly moon!

Peek out from behind the clouds!

Do me a favor:
guide our guest through the forest,

so she can get home faster!

Well, Brother January,

the end of wintry spring is coming,

take the reins.

Hold on a bit,

it's not time yet.

You've led her back, then?

Thank you!

And now, Brother April,
give me the reins.

It's time!

I told you,
give her the big new basket,

but you were too greedy!

You think a lot of
gold fit in this basket?!

Who knew that she would come back alive!

And with snowdrops to boot!

No, this unheard of!

And where did she find them?

- I can't figure it out!
- Did you ask her?

I haven't gotten a
chance to ask her yet.

She came back not herself,

as if not from the
forest, but from a party:

happy, eyes sparkling,

cheeks alight!

She put the basket on the
table and went to her room.

I just glanced at what
was in the basket,

and she was already asleep.

It's already light outside,
and she's sleeping, can't wake her!

Yeah, I already fired up the oven,
and swept the floor.

Let me go wake her up.

And you meanwhile

take the big new basket

and transfer the snowdrops there.

Well, that basket will look a bit empty.

You can lay them out more sparsely.

- and it'll be full!
- Oh, you!

That's a good girl!

Well, how should they be arranged,..

how to put them,
so the basket will be fuller?

Maybe put in some dirt?


they... like dirt.

And where there are... flowers,

there are...


My daughter it seems

takes it all from her mom!


we both

have more than enough brains.

Take a look at how I
arranged the snowdrops!

Why look at that!

You look at this!

A ring...

Where did you get it?

That's where!

I went to her room,

started to wake her.
- she didn't hear me.

I grabbed her hand,

unclenched her fist, looked,

and on her finger

a shining ring!

I quietly took off the ring,

and didn't continue trying to wake her;
let her sleep.

Oh, that's the thing!

That's what I thought!

What did you think?

That means that she wasn't alone

in the forest looking for snowdrops.

Someone was helping her!

Oh, that orphan!

Show me that ring, daughter.

It sparkles and dances!

I haven't seen anything
like it in my entire life!

Well, try to put it on your finger!

It doesn't fit...

In your pocket, put it in your pocket.

She noticed the loss.

Why are you bending the flowers?

Where is the basket in which I

brought the snowdrops from the forest?

Why do you need it?

There it is!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

She's a master at looking for stuff!

It's unheard of!

In the middle of winter

to find so many snowdrops!

And she was saying: "snowdrops
don't grow in winter!"

Where did you find them?

In the forest.

Talk sense!

What do you keep rustling around for?

Did you find anything here?

What were we supposed to find,

if we didn't lose anything?

It seems that you lost something.

Do you know about it, did you see it?

How could I know?

You didn't show me anything,

didn't tell me anything.

Well, tell me,

what you lost,

maybe we'll help you find it.

I lost a ring.

A ring?

You've never had one!

I found it in the forest yesterday.

Wow! How lucky you are!

You found snowdrops, and a ring!

That's what I was saying,
a master at finding things!

Well then, look for it.

It's time for us now

to go to the palace.

Well, bundle up warmly, daughter:

it's cold outside!

Why do you need my ring?

Give it back to me.

Have you gone mad?!

How could we take it?

We've never even seen it!

Sister, dear,

I know you have my ring.

Well, don't laugh at me!
Give it back!

You're going to the palace,
they'll give you a whole basket of gold.

Whatever you want,
you'll be able to buy.

And all I had

was that ring.

Why don't you leave her alone?

That ring probably wasn't just found,

but given, a dear memory?

Tell me, who gave it to you?

- I found it.
- Well! Since it was easily found,

you won't be sorry to lose it,
since it wasn't earned!

Well, daughter,

take the basket.

They've probably been

awaiting us

at the palace.

Wait! Mother! Sister!

They don't even want to listen.

What am I to do now?

Should I go to the
palace and tell the queen?


They won't let me see her empty-handed:

without my snowdrops.

It's as if none of it happened:

neither flowers, nor the ring.

As if it was all a dream.

Just the kindling is left

from everything that I've
brought back from the forest.

*Burn, burn brightly, *

*To not go out.*

It's burning brightly,


as if I'm in the forest again,

by the fire,

among the brother Months.

Goodbye, my new year's happiness.

Goodbye, brothers Months.



[End of Part 1]