Dva bileta v Indiyu (1985) - full transcript



written by Kir Bulychyov

directed by Roman Kachanov

art direction : Yelena Bogolubova, Olga Bogolubova

Kabul Rasulov

music Youry Sahulsky
sound Vladimir Kutuzov

animators Antonina Alyoshina,
Marina Voskaniants, Alexander Panov,
A Abarenov, Marina Rogova, J Kuroyan

Assistent- director Tatyana Lytko
artists Alexei Shelmanov, Victoria Makina

cutter Elena Beliavskaya
script editor Natalia Abramova

voice artists N Zorskaya, V Filippov, V Ferapontov
Youry Volyntsev, Olga Gromova, Youry Andreyev
A Kaidanovsky, Maria Vinogradova, R Sukhoverko

executive producer Liliana Monakhova

Translation: Chapaev
Timing: Eus
for ADC, november 2011

Warning, we're in the last orbit.

Get ready for landing.

Kossum, the fly on the screen!

Do you hear me, Kossum?

Loud and clear, Trankverri.

Drive it away!

Kossum!... It's...on the inside!


Don't torture the cat!

Forgot to ask you!

Let her go I tell you! Hey!

Stop it! Stop it!

Oh! Catlover!

Take that!

All go hiking!

Only pioneers Julia Gribkova and Dima Semionov
will remain in the camp.

Do you understand?


You're peculiar, Julia.
Are you always like this?

You seem to love animals indiscriminately.

Yeah, and you seem to torment them all the time!

Me!? Torturing animals?
It was a scientific experiment!


There's nothing there.

What were you doing?

Me?.. I did nothing. I was here.


Who is here?

Excuse me! Please, don't be afraid!

Why should I be?

Then please, come here, you brave girl!

Where are you?

Take two steps to your right.

Not to the left but right!

Oh! I'm sorry.

It's crazy!

Who are you?

My name is Trankverri. I am a professor.

You escaped from the zoo?

No. I come from a planet Geda.

Geda? And you look all like this?

Well, Inhabitants of the Geda
can take any shape.

I understand. So... why are you here?

Because of a fly. The Automat threw me out
while Kossum flew on to India,

to a symposium on the protection
of the animals of the galaxy.

I'm supposed to be there too...

India is far away,
but we'll think of something!

You are a brave and smart girl!



Thank you, professor.

Wait for me here tomorrow morning.

Julia! Julia!

Now you will see Trankverri!

Oh, I understand! You found a tadpole!?
Or warmed up to a scorpion?

Oh. You wouldn't guess!



oh,...I am verry sorry! I slept in a tree...
it seemed safer.

This is Dima.

Nice to meet you.

I'm professor Trankverri.



That's the police.
Let's ask them for help.

No way!

Before they would get in touch with Geda
and find out who I am...

that would take a few light-years!

A bit much.

A bit much indeed!

There is a tiger which some children spotted
in the vicinity of your camp!

With cubs?

No, pioneers!

So, right, we can't do anything without a police dog.

I came up with something!

Here we canhide, and in the morning
we will go to my home.

Grandma will help us.

That's right.

Come on out! I'll Count to three!
One! Two! Three!

No one here.

Rex! Search!

Gerald Durrell's "A Zoo in My Luggage"...

Gribkova was here!

Soon we come to the highway.

Hide! A helicopter!

- Ah ride like the wind in the field
- the fate of the coachman.

- My grandfather in the tent, I'm here
- in the cab of the truck.

- My grandson in a rocket over the planet
traces a pretzel.

- And under him the fields, the seas, the Earth.

- Oh, the driver, harness a hundred horses
in a rocket,

- Oh, the driver, get on a rocket in the sky,
do not be afraid.

- We we skip over the years, both on the road,

- Year for a week, and second - instead of days!

- Fly, fly with me the globe, over the moon,
the star of the night,

- Rides the wagon to the zenith, and bell ringing
in the tent...

The professor will come with me now and
you, Dima, best come to us tomorrow morning.

Okay, I'll be there.

What happened, Julia?

Nothing. Please don愒 be frightened, granma.

Trankverri, come in.

Good evening.

Granma! This is a professor
from the planet Geda. And you!

But, when I was studying,
professors look different.

Come relax, Professor.

There on the floor - an Indian carpet.

Indian?That's wonderful!

Now,Julia, tell me everthing.

So, we begin "Operation Tiger".

You, Professor, we'll hand to the circus.
Tomorrow,it goes on tour to India.

Do you understand?

I understand, but... I am afraid it won愒 work!

You will succeed. The main thing - a loud roar!

And now I'll call Kolya Yasnov. We went to
kindergarten together.

Hello, this is a circus?
I need a trainer Yasnov.

Hi, Kolya! It's me, Vera Gribkova.
I urgently need you.

Hide now.

My name is Nikolai Nikolaevich Yasnov.

Julia Gribkova.

Nice to meet you.

I have a tiger.
And you will take him to your troupe.

Untested animals? In my troupe?
You're crazy, Verochka!

Take it easy!

You see how clever he is?

Hmm... Ok, I will check it today!

And if I like it,
I惻l order him a ticket to India.

Two tickets, please. I will fly with you.

A ticket to India. One place. Flight today.

Where is her ticket?

I shifted it in this pocket.


In order not to lose it.

What are we going ro do now?

We just can愒 accompany Trankverri.
That愀 all.

Say good-bye to him.

Good-bye. Greet Semenov from me.

Semenov is there, Granma!

Tranki, you wouldn愒 consider staying?

No. Kossum is waiting for me.

Good-bye, Kolya.

Good-bye, Tranki.

- Kossum!
- Trankverri!

Professor, hi!

Hello, Julia!

We flew over to say goodbye to you.

It is remarkable.



You're thief.

Dear Trankverri! I had the honour to log you
in to an empty spot in my Red Book.

What Book?

His Red Book. You can log in, excuse me professor,
protected animal species you spotted.

Except you it misses a Bengal tiger,
but that species can愒 be found.

Well. then I'll stay with you until you find it.

And you, Kossum, I logged you in too!
You are very similar to the yeti.

Then I'll stay, too.

So finally people can spot me.

you愉e too good. I brought some buns with me.

I specially baked them for you. Go sit and eat!

Subs Chapaev & Eus