Duyung (2008) - full transcript

Jimmy is an environmentalist who finds comfort in animals. He is a strong believer in the existence of a beautiful mermaid due to bed time stories told by his mother throughout his childhood years. Despite being outcast by the other villagers, Jimmy's faith in the mermaid changed his life and his community.

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For hundreds of years,

humans have believed
that the underworld is inhabited

by all kinds of sea creatures.

Such as fish,

squid and other sea creatures.

Hey! Why do I sound
like a voice-over in a documentary?

there is a very special type of fish,

a creature that is legendary,

the mermaid!

But I don't know
whether people believe in it or not.

I don't care if people don't.

I do because when I was a boy,
about ten years old, I saw a mermaid.

She was beautiful!

Her hair was long, like a wig.

She had round eyes.

Her body was covered in scales.

She had gills. Well, not really.

She was half fish and half human.

But the thing is,
no one believes me except my mom.

My mom is so cool.

She said that if we want to see a mermaid

we must first look after our environment.

Only then will we get the chance.

At least, that's what my mom said.

But look at my surroundings.

How will a mermaid ever appear?

There is trash everywhere.

That's why it has become my responsibility

to pick up all the waste every single day.


This is me, Jimmy, "the sea warrior."

Do I look fierce?

The one behind me is my friend.

Our job is to get together everyday
to pick up the marine debris.

Oh, I forgot to introduce him.

This is my friend.

His name is Orix.

What do you think?
Does he look like an ape?

He's an ape alright.

The villagers think I'm crazy
because I'm friends with an ape.

Am I right, Orix?


That's all he says: "Fu-yoh."

"Fu-yoh" when he's sad
and "fu-yoh" when he's happy.

What a pain, now my VO is interrupted.

What are you doing?

Throwing trash everywhere.


It's OK. I know where she lives.

What was I saying?

Oh, yes, trash.

Anyway, I'm tired of talking about it.

This is my house, a corner lot.

What do you think? Is it nice?

The one hanging the clothes is my mom.

The tanned man on the boat
is my dad. He's very strict.


Here, take these things.

Oh, so many fish.

-Where's Jimmy?

He and Orix have gone out
to pick up the trash.

You're home late today, dear?

I dropped by the jetty earlier.

To buy these fruits.

I don't want your two beloved creatures
to starve to death.

Then people will accuse me
of not feeding my son.

I don't know what will happen to your son.

All he thinks about is trash.


He's a nuisance to the community.

And yet he dreams
of marrying Wak Pagek's daughter.

What is he going to feed her? Trash?

He refuses to go out to the sea with me.

What's wrong with him picking up trash?

He's cleaning our village.

That's good, don't you think?

We are comfortable, there's no bad stench.

Otherwise you wouldn't
even be able to go to sea.

Jimmy says he wants to see a mermaid.

But if the sea is dirty,
neither the mermaid nor you

will want to swim in it.

You've been encouraging him.

"Mermaids, mermaids."

Ever since he was a kid

you've brainwashed his mind
with mermaid stories.

I'm embarrassed.

People say my son is crazy.

He keeps telling stories about mermaids.

Trash everywhere, nothing but trash.

Not only do they throw trash everywhere,
they also pollute the sea.

Look how dirty the water is.

I'll teach them a lesson.


You're just jealous.

Enough, you two.

So, you are afraid.

Hey, what are you doing? Go away!

Statistic shows that

detergents can affect the ozone layer.

And sanitary pads can cause miscarriages.

Jimmy is out of his mind.

Disturbing us every single day.

-Go away! Go away!
-Hey, stop it.

Where have you been?

Take that!

What's this?

What are you doing? You think I'm a fish?

Your flesh will make a delicious meal.

Even tastier if fried.

We'll grill him alive.

If you disturb these girls again
I'll skin you alive.

-Do you hear me?
-I'm already skin and bone.


Get lost! Go play with your ape.

-Don't mess with the girls.
-Serves you right!

The girls are looking at us!

That jerk who looks like a rock star,
his name is Kordi.

Kordi or Cordial, who cares?
He's the big shot around here.

He thinks I'm afraid of him.

Ignore them, Orix.

Garbage collector.

-Hey, stop teasing!
-Hey, I'll cane you!

-Naughty boys!

That's enough, Orix.

Jimmy, you've collected a lot of today.

That's my sweet heart. Not that one!

That's her mother. The one in front.

The love of my life, Aspalela.

Do you remember our vows


You and I will grow old together

Here, take this trash.

Oh, my God!

Why did you do that, dear?

That's bad, you know?

Wak, do you have any trash left?

For you, I'd be willing to clean
your house until the day I die.

I can clean my house myself.

I want to ask you something.

Why do you have to hit on my daughter
every day?

Just be friends with the ape
and collect trash.

Wak, you seem to know what is on my mind.

Alright, I have a confession to make.

The truth is, ever since we were kids,
the whole village knows about it,

that Aspalela is crazy about me.

I feel the same way too.

The only problem is,

I kind of need your blessing.

So she can take me as her husband.

You want to marry her?
What are you going to feed her?

Stop dreaming, will you?

Well, I'm the only one
who fancies your daughter.

No one is as handsome as this sea warrior.

If I marry Aspalela,

God willing, I'll teach her
how to make babies.

Then, I'll teach our children to look
after the cleanliness of our island.

And never to eat fish.

Only eat fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarian like me, right?

No wonder he's skinny.

Enough, go back home.

You sound like a lunatic.

Take a look at yourself first.

-Not bad?
-You don't even have a job.

And you want to marry my daughter?

Why can't you be like Kordi?


Handsome, works hard.

Good at fishing.

He's so muscular.

Kordi injected botox, and steroids.

My body is natural.

I've had enough of fishing.

I don't do it anymore.

But I'm willing to do other jobs,
if God is willing.

Right, right?

Don't waste my time.

Hey, do you own land? Or a house?

If you want to marry my daughter,

where's your house?

Where's your land?

I don't want my daughter to live like me,
on stilts above the water.

I want her to be able to grow crops.

Can you give her that?

I want land.

Just tell me how much land you want.

What type of land?
Land with red soil. Mainland.

Clay. "Bundled" land.


-I'll even give you "Somaliland."
-Take this!

-What's wrong with you, Dad?

Jokes like these suggest familiarity.

I like that.

Wak, I'm going home now.


Stop flirting, go inside.

Bye-bye, my father-in-law. Bye!


You're such a monkey.



Stop monkeying around.

Eat this, don't forget to say grace.

You're eating like a monkey.


-Yes, Mom?

Stop playing with Orix.


And then take a bath.

Your dad wants to take you
to Mabul Island.

For a function.


Let me eat first. So disrespectful.


Is marriage fun?

Hey, you just woke up and you're already
thinking about marriage?

Jimmy, Orix is a male.

How can you possibly marry Orix?

Mom, are you joking? Of course not Orix.

You have no taste at all, Mom.

I have my own choice.

Who is it?

A mermaid?

Only mermaids and Orix
will understand your weirdness.

What? A mermaid?

She'll be my second wife.

My first choice is Wak Pagek's daughter.


I've liked her since I was a kid.

She's grown up to be so beautiful.
I think I want to marry her.

Mom, please ask Wak Pagek.

I asked him yesterday.

What did he say?

He said, "Gedebush"!

-What's that?
-He threw a bag of trash at me.

He then said,

"Okay, if you want to marry my daughter,
you must own land."

"So that she can grow crops!"

He's got an awful laugh, Mom.

That means you can't marry her.

We are people of the sea.

We don't have any land.

I don't care, Mom. Whatever happens,
I'll prove that I can have my own land.

I'll make sure I marry Aspalela.

Whatever happens,
you have to get my wedding attire.

Don't forget the samping.

You can buy it at San Peng flat.

Yes, I will. Now eat.

-Have you eaten?
-Yes, I have.

I'll eat now.

Did you finish all the food, Orix?

So, you're blaming the birds?

Come here, you!

I'll cut off your birdie
and feed it to the birds.

Then those birds
will pass it around to others

And I don't know who else.

Mom, catch him! Look at him, Mom.
Where are you going?

Thank you.

Good, you pay your rent before I even ask.

Pak Keoi.

Is the VIP coming?


After the function, there'll be a meeting.

You'll be in charge
of the canopies and equipment.

Wak Pagek and I
will be responsible for the food.

We'll arrange it later.

All right. We'll all attend the meeting.

Don't worry.

But don't forget to bring Jimmy.

His friends are the fish and an ape.

-Soon he'll forget how to talk to humans.
-Let's go, Kordi.

How can anyone
be friends with an ape? Idiot.

My future family has arrived.

Watch your feet. You might get hurt.

-Give me the fish.

Fresh from the aquarium.

Wak, just like I promised.

-Give them to me.
-Don't trouble yourself, Kordi.

We catch fish every day.

-No trouble at all.

I'll do anything for Aspalela.


Thank you.

-Come on! It's hot!
-Push the boat!

Come, let's push the boat.

Bye, Aspalela.

Orix, put the things there.


Pack it nicely.


Mom, you look more beautiful
with each passing day.

Dad is so lucky to have married you.

Jimmy, what are you going to do
with all the trash?

Where are you going to throw it?

I'll recycle it, Mom.

I want to have land.

-I want to get married.


I want to borrow your tool box.

-I have some work to do.

Before Orix turns human.

Why don't you become human first.

I'm embarrassed
that people are talking about you.

They say that my son doesn't know
how to interact with people.

Then don't listen to them.

I'm also embarrassed, Dad.

But I'll prove to everyone
that I also have feeling and emotions.

And feelings--
I've said that already.

When my land is ready, I'll return home.

Don't worry, Dad.

Your only son
will become a hero in this village.

Mom, I'm going now.

Take care, dear.

Orix, take this.

Dad, don't forget to put your shirt on.

You'll end up looking like coal.


Careful, Aspalela.

No need, I have my husband.

-When did I marry your father?

Don't be angry.

Wak Pagek!

I've come to claim
what was promised to me.

-Have you forgotten?
-What promise?

I never promised to buy all your trash.

Didn't you promise that you'll let me
marry Lela if I have my own land?

I'm in the middle of a project
to build land in front of your house.

What land are you talking about? Enough.

Pak Keoi's son is being a lunatic again.

-Let's go.

I'm wasting time talking to Jimmy.

Lela, wait for me.

I'll prove that I can have
my own house and my own land.

Wait for me.

-That's enough, Jimmy!
-Let's go.

We'll commence
on our low cost housing project now.

Do you still remember our promises


You and I will be together
Until we're both old

But sadly that promise was broken
Because of another person

Oh, Aspalela, please don't disappoint me

How could you?

You went to him

My heart was broken
When you said this

Losing hope in our relationship

My heart shattered to pieces, Aspalela

Breaking up to appease our parents

I know it's not your choice
But we're helpless

Is there a sliver of hope for us
To be together?

Oh, Aspalela, I will do anything
And everything

How could you?

You went to him

My heart was broken
When you said this

Losing hope in our relationship

My heart shattered to pieces, Aspalela

Lela! I love you!

-Yes, Mom?

-Bring the fish here.
-Just a moment, Mom.

Jimmy is good at building
an island, right?

Jimmy's island is quite beautiful.

The land is ready.

Complete with a hut. So how is it?

You made a promise.

You must keep it.

You must allow Aspalela to marry Jimmy.

That's a promise.


Do you want to marry
a crazy man like Jimmy?

He does not eat fish.
He stays on an island like that.

He stays in a hut.

He's friends with an ape.
His job is to collect trash.

It's awful of you to make fun of Jimmy.
You're looking down on him.

Let's eat.

Every time I eat
I think of Jimmy and Orix.

I wonder if they have food to eat tonight.

-Poor things.
-You're right, Mom.

Lela, what are you waiting for?

Pack some food for Jimmy and his ape.

You're so generous tonight.

It's Thursday night.

Are we on?

You're so raunchy.

Let's eat first.

Hey, Orix! Go up!


You surprised me.

Why didn't you knock?

You know how dangerous it is at night.

It's alright. It's not too far.

What did you bring?

Dad told me to bring food
for you and Orix.

Why go through all the trouble?
I'm so embarrassed.

-Take it.
-It's OK.

Just take it.

Is that it?

Let's go there.

This looks like a real island.

Of course it's real.
It's not made of plastic.

It's original. Wait till it's fitted
with a sea-proof elevator.




Here's a banana for you.

Here, eat this.

Don't say no to food.


-This place is so beautiful.

This is only phase one.
The next phase is not ready yet.

Would you like to live with me?

I've been wanting to tell you something.

-Honestly, I like your ways.

Really? Why?

-You are sincere.
-Really? Say more.

-You're a clean person.
-What else? Tell me more.

If you're not around,
this area would be dirty.

You're right.

When you're here,
people don't dare to litter.

Serves them right.

But you have to meet my parents first.

When this island is ready,
promise me you'll meet my parents.

I promise.

-I'm willing…

to spend my life here with you,
as long as…

Aspalela binti Pagek! Come home!

-Oh no, Dad!

You've taken advantage of my generosity.

-I'm coming home now, Dad.
-I'm sending her over.

Wak Pagek,
don't you want to join me for dinner?

I have eaten.

Let's recite prayers first.

Do it yourself!

-Thanks, Wak Pagek.
-You're welcome.

Look forward to phase one
and the rest of my land development.

It will happen soon.
Not to mention the shopping complex.

Hey, you finished all the food.


You're irritating me.


What? What is it?

What's wrong with you?

-Hi, Jimmy.

I love you.

I love you.

-Love you--

Wak Pagek, you look handsome today.

-I'm always handsome.
-We're the same.

Orix, even if you want
to become human, don't pull out your hair.

-Stop it.
-Mak Onah.

-Get down.

You've caught so many fish today.

Yes, indeed.

You're not picking up trash today?
There's so many fish here.

-What is it?
-Look, there are lots of fish here.

Collect trash?

Imagine if someone catches your children,
and ties them up like this.

-How would you feel?

I'm a fisherman, my job is catching fish,
not monkeys. Enough.


He called you a monkey. He's the monkey.

-Not just any monkey, an ugly one too.
-Orix! Enough, Orix.


Why did you scold Apai?

His job is catching fish,
just like your dad.

If he catches fish,
how will the fish survive?

Can't he get another job?

Can't he do something useful?

Like being a librarian, a boy scout,

or play accordion in front of the mall.

Or even wash Orix's hair.
Am I right, Orix?

Jimmy, where have you been
these past few days?

I haven't seen you at all.

I was worried.

You don't have to worry, Mom.

I was always in front
of Wak Pagek's house.

I have a low cost
condominium project

If you want to drop by,
I can check in for you.

Enough, Jimmy.

A few people have told your dad
about what you're doing.

-Come home.
-But I am home.

Just pick up the trash around here,
don't disturb other people.

Since when do people care about what I do?
Right, Orix?

Mom, where's your husband?

Your dad went to the mainland
early this morning.

A VIP coming tomorrow.

You are so skinny.

Don't worry, Mom,
I've eaten fruit that Aspalela gave me.

I want to continue collecting trash, Mom.

I've only been gone for a few days,
and it's already a mess.

-I'm going now, Mom.
-Off you go.

Let's go, Orix.

-Take care of yourself.
-Yes, Mom.

Orix, take care of Jimmy.

Watch your step.

Let's go.

-We've arrived.
-Jimmy's hut is so beautiful.

Beautiful, isn't it?

His island looks bigger in the daytime.

Here, take these things.

What's the crazy guy up to?

I challenged him the other day.

I said if he wanted to marry Aspalela,

he must have land,
and a house, and that's what he did.

I didn't think he would do it.
It turned out to be quite nice.

Hey, crazy fool, what are you up to?

Wak Pagek! The first phase is completed.

The next phase is in process.
Isn't it beautiful?

It's beautiful alright.

He said it's beautiful.

Give me your hand.

-It will be washed out by tomorrow.

-Careful with those stairs.

You actually think it's beautiful?

Only your ape can live there.
How do you expect Aspalela to live there?

Are you stupid?

I'm not talking to you.

I'm talking to my future father-in-law,
you freaking Botox!


If Wak Pagek is looking for a son-in-law,
it'll be someone like me.

I'm the suitable candidate, look at this!

Your skinny legs
are only as big as my finger.

Wak, next week I'll send my entourage
to ask for Aspalela's hand.

Aspa, take care of yourself.

-I am leaving now.
-Just go.

Let's go!

-Let's crash the island.
-Let's go!

Kordi, come here you!

-Oh, God.
-Quick, Orix.

-Kordi is terrible.
-Let's go inside.

Quick, Orix. Let me throw the net.

Quick, Orix. See what you can do up here.

-I'll go down.

Wait here, Orix.

Stop crying, Lela.

I also feel sorry for Jimmy.

I feel you.

The two of you grew up
before my very eyes.

He's done nothing wrong.

It's just that Jimmy is a little weird.

Kordi is the one who's weird.

Jimmy does not disturb anybody.

Why does he have to damage Jimmy's island?

I hate men like Kordi.

Mom, if Kordi proposes, I won't accept it.

I don't want to. Do you?

We'll be wasting our rice on him.

Lela! Move!

-Who's that?
-Who is it?


-Lela, it's me.

Hurry, Lela, he's waiting.

-What is it, Jimmy?
-I forgot--

Oh, now I remember.


-I have good news.

I have a surprise.

-Do you want me to live on your island?

I am willing. Will you let me, Mom?

Yes, wait! You are not married yet.
No, you can't.

No, not that.

-Then, what is it?
-I've been right all along.

I found a mermaid trapped in my net.

-Ask Orix if you don't believe me.

Right, Orix?

Are you break dancing right now?

Jimmy, are you sick?

Enough. Go back to your island,
go and fix your island.

It's going to collapse.

Enough, Jimmy.

Stop bothering Aspalela.

Kordi is going to propose.

If it's true you found a mermaid,

why don't you just marry her?
You can live on your island.

Here. Look!
Here's the mermaid's hair. Look!

Lela, please believe me.

-You believe me, don't you?
-That's enough, Jimmy.

You probably pulled "Big Foot's" hair
and are claiming it's the mermaid's.

-Go home.

-Calm down, Orix. Relax.
-Lela, get inside.

-I can handle this.
-Get inside!


-Why are you still standing there?

Can't you see I'm drying the salted fish?

Dry it then.

Why I am paddling to nowhere?
Why do I keep spinning around?


-Stop saying Fu-yoh!

Mak Tungkik, I'm going away.



What is it, Jimmy?

-What's the matter?

You won't believe it, Mom.
But you have to believe me.

What is it?

I heard Kordi ran over your island.

Jimmy, don't pick a fight with him.

He's strong.

If he hurts you, we'll be in trouble.

Not that, Mom.
This is even more interesting than Kordi.

What is it?

I found a mermaid.
She was trapped in my net.

-Here, Mom. Dad, see this.

This is the mermaid's hair.

Is the mermaid a male or a female?

-Is it beautiful?
-You ask like you're interested.

She's beautiful, Dad.
Of course she's a female.

She's beautiful. Her hair is really long.

Her body is covered with scales.

Her eyes are sparking.

Where is she? Show me where you found her.

Where? Show me.

-I found her there.

I told Aspalela, and she believes me.

However, Wak pagek did not believe me.

Neither did Mak Tungkik.

I don't believe it either!

Why did you push him?

I don't believe you either.

Don't you dare come home,
if you want to continuously embarrass me.

Go live on your island.

You can ask the mermaid to live with you.


He is not allowed to come home
if he does not change.

-It's true, Mom.
-Let's go.

This is a true story, Mom.

I am so unlucky.
Even my own father doesn't believe me.

Luckily, my mother does.

I believe the mermaid exists.

And I know that one day
I'll meet the mermaid again.


All right, stay.

Don't you understand?
I'll try another language.

What am I saying?

You understand?

Can you speak Malay?

So you do speak Malay?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I've got so much to ask.

What's your name? What's your address?

Is this a dream or is this real?

Can you do it again?

It's real.

The water from your mouth tastes salty.

So, you really do exist.

You're not fiction after all.

My name is Jimmy.

Not Jimmy Hendrix.

Jimmy, the Sea Warrior.

That's Orix, my pet.

He's an ape. What's your name?

My name is Puteri.

-I've been watching you for a long time.

You've been cleaning this place
since you were small.

So you've been spying
on me for a long time.

Then cleaning this area
has all been worth it.

I'm sorry for what happened earlier.

You were caught in my net because of me.

Are you alright? Were you hurt?

No, it's not your fault.

I wanted to help.

I come every night

to fill your island

with corals and aquatic life.

Whose child is this?

Your friend sees me every once in a while.

No wonder he's been
trying to tell me something.

So, it's you.

Why are you beautifying my island?
Aren't you afraid of me?

A good man like you
will always receive help.

Who's the girl with Jimmy?

Be my girlfriend then.

You have to keep our meeting a secret.

It will be better for you and for me.

Promise me.

I promise.

Yes, I promise.

-Do this.
-What does it mean?

Give me your hand.

This means "promise."



Where did she go? I thought you drowned.

-What's this?

Take this conch, Jimmy.

Are you giving this to me?

Blow it when you need me.

Blow it?

I'll appear.

Thank you, Puteri.

She doesn't appear. Liar.

I'll try again.


I was testing it.

Just checking to see if it works.
Don't be angry.


Bye, bye.

Don't drink and swim.
Your stomach might get bloated.

Call me!

From that night onward, I could sense

that my life would change.


I'll prove to the villagers
that I am not a liar.

They'll definitely respect me.

I'll be the hero of this village.

-Bang Yon!
-What is it?

I met a mermaid last night.

Don't you have anything else
to worry about apart from mermaids?

Just find a normal job like everyone else.

Go fishing in the sea.

Come to my island tonight,
if you don't believe me.

I can call her.

So, you don't believe me.

Stop playing. Stop!

Wak, it's Kordi!

Still chit-chatting?

Start playing the kompang.

Hurry! Bring the flowers.

Here! Put it on them fast!

It's Jimmy and his monkey.

Keep playing!

Go and eat.

Sorry, I didn't come to eat,
I'm looking for my mom.

-Jimmy, what are you doing here?

Let's go.
Don't mingle with these people.

-You are different.

Last night I met the mermaid again,
she gave me this conch.

It's true.

Listen, everybody!

Jimmy saw a mermaid!

Before this, he found an ape.
Now he's found a mermaid.

Let's hear his story.

Tell us your story.

Since everyone is here,
I'll share my story.

Last night I met the mermaid.

She sends her regards to everyone.


Waalaikum salam.

She's a Muslim?

She said if you want to meet her,
you should keep the environment clean.

Only then will she come.
You can't waste this opportunity.

-She's beautiful, Mom.


Is she as beautiful as Aspalela?

My future bride.

Don't you know?
Their engagement is next week.

You can invite your mermaid as well.

Your conch is beautiful.

Where did you get it from?

The mermaid gave it to me.

You don't believe me, do you?

If I blow this conch,
the mermaid will appear.

If you don't believe me,
come to my island tonight.

I don't believe
it was given by the mermaid.

There are plenty of conches like this
in Wak Tarik's shop.

Enough. That's enough.

-I'll see you tonight.

-Come tonight to meet the mermaid.
-I will.

-You can blow this conch many times.
-I will.

You believe me, don't you?
Everyone can come.

Lela, you can come too.

Just go home.

Wait! Remove the lei.


This is not for you.

Just give the coconut lei to the ape.

This is also not for you.
You don't deserve it.

Go home.

-Go home.

What "fu-yoh"?

Let's go, Orix.

What you met is a dugong, not a mermaid.

-Welcome to Jimmy's island.

-Isn't it beautiful, Mom?

Where's the mermaid
you were talking about?

Be patient.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats.

Sit closer.

Careful. Let's just get this over with.


You can find that kind of conch
in Wak Tarik's shop.

Testing, testing.

Enough of your nonsense.

All the villagers say you're crazy.

But maybe you're not a liar.

No one listens to me anymore.
Now prove it.

That's good.

-Just watch me.
-Hurry up!

-Mom, Dad--
-What a load of bull.

You'll definitely be proud of me.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Behold the beauty and wonders
of the world.

There's no coverage here.
I'll try from up here.

Stop making excuses.

I have to try it from here.
There's coverage here.

Everybody, just wait.

Where is it?



-I knew it!


-Where is she?

I think she's gone for dinner.
I'll try again.

-You're ridiculous, Jimmy.

-Why doesn't she appear?
-There's no mermaid. Liar!

-So, where is it?

He's not just crazy, he's a liar too.

-Enough. Let's go.
-Let's go home.

Someone must have switched my conch.

Or has someone here not taken a shower?

-She doesn't like dirty people.
-Yeah, right!

I'll blow it again.



Listen here.

You keep embarrassing me.

From today onward,

don't call me Dad anymore.


Calm down, Keoi.


-Leave this place with your island.

-Serves you right!

-Don't ever come home.
-Enough, Keoi.

-What is it?

You were right to choose Kordi
for your daughter.

My son is crazy, and a liar.

Let's go home.

-Dad, Mom--
-Get out of my way.



Let's go home.


-Go home.
-Let me go!

What a load of bull.
So much for your mermaid.

Wak Pagek, it's true! I'm not lying.
I'll blow it again.

What a waste of time.




Don't you like me coming here?

Why didn't you come last night?

I was humiliated.

The villagers have lost their trust in me.

My parents were so angry that they don't
want me to live here anymore.

It's all your fault.

Didn't I tell you

to keep our meeting a secret?

If everyone knows,

my life will be in danger.

What danger?

Don't you remember
the promise we made earlier?

I'm sorry. I just wanted people
to believe me so badly

that I forgot my promise.

I don't know where to go now.

My parents are furious at me.

My father even forbid me
to call him "Dad."

-What should I call him then? "Daddy"?
-I'm sorry.

For causing you problems.

God willing, I'll forgive you.


Do you want to see where I live?

Your place?

Come, I'll take you there.

OK, I'll come. Is it far away?

It's quite far from here.

-Orix, wake up.

-Come here.

Come here.

Listen carefully. Listen.

Puteri and I are going away.

You stay here, and watch the place.

There's enough food.

If I don't return,
please look after my parents.


Let's go, Puteri.

There are so many treasures.

There are so many bangles.


Does this all belong to you?

-Where did you steal it from?
-No, it belongs to the pirates.

Pirates? Where are the pirates?

There. The skull.

I'm not afraid of pirates.

This place is enormous.

Even the bathtub is huge.

Big enough to park a submarine.

Don't you get bored
staying here by yourself?

Where are the other fish?

Of course I get bored.

I'm alone and it's boring.

That's why I looked for you.

Let's go ashore.

Have you ever tried going ashore?

You haven't?
Alright, why don't we try now?

-I don't want to.
-You can do it. You can.

Just relax.

Let's try.

You relax, while I pull you up slowly.

Put your tail here.

My goodness.

You are so beautiful.

These are real scales.

Oh, she's so playful.

How do you feel?

Are you alright?

I know you can live on land.


I cannot live without water.

A fish out of the water will surely die.

You don't need to worry. I'm here, right?

I am like a life support system for fish.

You find me irresistible, don't you?

What else should I say?


-I feel--
-What could she be feeling now?

I feel…

What is it? What's the matter?

Are you uncomfortable? Lack of oxygen?

-I'm having fun.
-Oh, fun.

-And I'm happy.
-That's good.

What does it mean?

It means you're falling in love.


Are you having fun?

Yes, I'm very happy.

That’s mean.


She must be getting the wrong idea.

If we renovate this place,

we can put a home theater there.

There are so many gold coins.

Coins from Hong Kong, Thailand.

There are even funfair tokens.

There are so many types of coins here.


You can't be in labor,
I haven't done anything yet.

Water. Water.

Hang on, I'll put you back in the water.

Hang in there.

There you go, do you feel better?

Can you feel it?

You're back in the water.

What is happening to her?


This is all my fault.
I'll check her pulse.

Oh, you're fooling around with me.

Jimmy has been missing for two days.

I can't bear looking at Orix.

Please, calm down, Onah.

He has lost his appetite.

He didn't even want
the dragon fruit I gave him.

Dragon fruit? What's that?

He must be missing Jimmy.

I feel sorry for him.

Wak Pagek, if it's OK with you,

I'd like to marry Aspalela
as soon as possible.

How could this have happened to Jimmy?

What if he's been eaten by sharks?

Or kidnapped by pirates?

-Who knows?


Why are you so concerned about Jimmy?

That useless guy! I am here, right?

How dare you say he's useless!

Who do you think cleans our village?

It's Jimmy, you know?

Look at our village now.

It's full of trash everywhere.

Anyone here willing to clean our village?

No one is willing to do it, right?

When Jimmy's around, you say he's a fool.

-Crazy, friends with a monkey.
-But it's true!

-Now that he's not here, you're worried.
-Who's worried?

When he was here,
did you ever appreciate his efforts?

Did you?

-That's enough.
-You just pick on him.

-Let's go, Joli!
-Let's go.

I'd rather let you eat this
than give it to the ape.

Well, I'm starving right now.

-Be patient, Mak Onah.
-Jimmy, do you like me?

You keep asking me.
You really want to know?

For real?

No regret?

There is a helpline.

As if she knows what a helpline is.

All right,

I'll tell you a secret.

The most important secret of my life.

The person I love the most is

my mother.


I love

my pet ape, Orix.

I also love-- Who else do I love?

My father, well, kind of.

And last but not least…

a lady without a tail,

Aspalela, Wak Pagek's daughter.

Am I not like Aspalela?

No, you're different.

You are a bit pretty.

-You're welcome.

But Aspalela is very pretty.

Calm down.

I was just kidding.

Aspalela and I have been friends
since we were kids.

She promised she'd marry me.

Now she's all grown up and beautiful.

But things are different now.

Maybe she's embarrassed.

I am too skinny.

Unlike Kordi who's a hunk, like Awie!

Jimmy, do you love Aspalela?

Oh, dear, now she's upset.

Aspalela is very lucky.

If possible…

You are also lucky
to have a friend like me.

We are friends, right?


you've been cleaning
the village all this time

so that you could find me.

I'm sure

you'll be able to get Aspalela.

She is right for you.

But with every passing day,

I feel like it's becoming
increasingly difficult to marry her.

Because I don't have money.

I'm not rich.


Look over there.

You can have all the treasures.

You will be respected when you have money.

Take it.

It's alright. Never mind. Thanks anyway.

Let's get out of here.
Can you send me home?



Where is that monkey? Orix!


He's not in the basement, Orix!
Nor is he in the suite.

Thank you, Puteri.

I hope after this,

we will meet again.

Do you still have the conch I gave you?

Yes, I do.

Just blow it and I'll appear.

But I'm disappointed you wouldn't
take any treasure from my place.

It's alright, Puteri.

To me, my memories with you

are what I treasure most.

You are really sweet.

Thank you, Puteri. You're sweet too.

Take care. Do keep in touch.

Take care of yourself.


Make sure you don't drown.

-What's the matter, Orix?

What is it?

What's wrong, Orix?


-Mom, I'm home.


I missed you so much.

I missed you too.

What happened?

-Where have you been?
-I went snorkeling, Mom.


-I was so afraid.
-Me too, Mom.

-I missed you so much.
-Me too.

I thought you were dead.

-We looked everywhere for you.
-I'm alive, Mom.

I was…


Are you upset with me?

For scolding you?

Please don't sulk like that again.

I was so worried.

I looked everywhere for you.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Poor Orix.

-He was lost without you.
-Was he?


Look at that long face.

Were you naughty?

I'm sorry for leaving you behind.

Next time I'll take you with me, OK?

Mom, how is Lela?

-Yes, she's well.


-But what, Mom?
-Kordi has asked for her hand.

He did that?

-Did Lela accept his proposal?

Kordi is the one
who desperately wants her.

That's typical Kordi, Dad.

He's so full of himself.

Yet I know,
Lela will definitely wait for me.

She promised she'd wait for me.

Orix, let's get back to the island.

Come, let's go.

Who has dumped trash here?


Orix! Wake up! Hurry!

Get up, quick!

We're rich, Orix. We're rich!

We're rich.

Although I'm jumping like an ape,

and the ape is jumping like me,

it's not about the treasure.

Perhaps Puteri was right when she said
that with the treasure

I can help the poor villagers.

They won't have to catch fish anymore.

Wow. Look at you, Jimmy.

How did you become so rich?

That's a lot of treasure. Wow.

Here, take this. Take this.

Take this.

-Praise be to God.

Take this.

So, don't catch fish anymore, OK?

No more fishing, all right?

Mom, Dad!



-There they are.
-Dear, it's Jimmy.

-I've become a hero in this village.
-That's beautiful. Where'd you get them?

From today onward,
you don't have to work hard anymore.

Mom, Dad, you don't have
to catch fish anymore.

Look here.

Where did you get all the money from?


Tell me, dear.

You didn't break the law, did you?

Of course not.


Now, both of you come with me.

I'll tell you everything later.

-Where are we going?
-Just come along, Dad.

We'll look for Aspalela and celebrate.

Incoming boat!

Who is that?

May peace be upon you. How is everybody?

I thought you had been eaten by sharks.

I came back from the dead.

How are you?

Hello, my father-in-law.

Oh! My mother-in-law is also here.

I attended a course.

Oh, courses--

With God's grace, I gathered some wealth
to be shared with everybody.

We don't have to live in poverty now.

We no longer have to catch fish
and be fishermen.

Look, there's enough wealth
to last ten generations.

-Here, have some.

Go on. If you have no shame.

-Jimmy. What happened?

Where did you get all this money?

Did you rob a bank?

Of course not, Wak.

How can I rob a bank?

It's usually the bank
that does the robbing.

It's a gift from God.

In commemoration of my love for Aspalela.

Please, help yourselves.

Don't catch fish anymore.
No more fishing, OK?

Don't sell any more fish.


Thank you!

All these fishes can go!

Don't sell fish anymore.

How are you?

How are you?

What a nuisance.

Don't be too long.

Lela, I'm sorry
if I've done something to hurt you.

Nothing upsets a woman more
than being jealous of another woman.


Don't tell me you're jealous of Orix.

Not only is he a male. He's also an ape.

Of course it's not Orix. Don't be stupid!

I saw you with another woman.
The night before you disappeared.

For all I know a rich widow could have
kidnapped you and given you all this.

Don't be ridiculous, Lela.

Who would want a guy like me?

People say I'm crazy, I don't eat fish.

Which rich widow would ever want me?

But don't worry,
I'll explain everything one day.

All that matters is that you forgive me.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

That's exactly what I wanted to say.

Hey Orix, when you did teach Lela
to speak your language?

Whatever it is, please forgive me.

The important thing is
that I know I love you.

-My boy.


Get closer.


Switch off the engine.

Whoa, is this a condo or what?

-Be quiet!
-Wait here.

Quiet. Someone might hear us.

Stay hidden.

Let's go to the back.

There are even snails here.

What are we looking for, Kor?

There's nothing here.

I'm not sure.

But I wonder, how did he become so rich?

He probably won the lottery.

Whatever. Look around for anything.

-You search there, I'll search here.

I wonder if he's hidden his treasure here.

Stupid of him to hide
his treasure chest here.

-Kor, check this out.
-Don't make too much noise.

Here's the treasure. No wonder he's rich.

Open it.

It's empty.

I'm not satisfied. Let's look some more.

It's a waste of time. Let's go.

We're leaving? OK. Let's go.


-There it is.
-Is it food?

It's the conch.


What do you want to do with the conch?

Just watch. Watch.

I'll blow it.

I'll blow it and she'll appear.

You blow it very well.

Kor, look over there.

A mermaid.

Let's hide. Quick!

-Where should I hide?
-Be quiet.

I'll hide up here.

Pass me the net.

We've caught the mermaid.

Hey, come quick.

Don't just look at the mermaid,
you have to pay!

Hey, kid! Don't dive!

Kids these days.

Pay up!

Do you think you can see her for free?

Pay up.

This is an imported mermaid.

Pay up.

What's this?

Please, behave.

Look at this.


Look everyone.

Poor mermaid.

Look at that.

That's a real mermaid.


We're rich.

Look at all this money.

If we collect this much every day,
we'll be rich.

We don't have to collect anymore.

Why not?

A rich man from Sungkai

wants to buys the mermaid.


-How much?

One million ringgit.

One million freaking ringgit.

-We're rich!

Is one million ringgit as much as this?

One million ringgit can feed
more than seven generations.

But I'll give you

one hundred thousand. That's enough.

It's not like you know what to do with it.

Kor, how well do you know the rich man?

What if he cheats us?

Ho owns a funfair.

He definitely has lots of money.

You're right.

I don't know him that well,
but I don't care.

As long as he pays us,
he leaves and we're rich.

We're rich!

We're rich!

Just spectate nicely!

No climbing!

No diving!

It's beautiful.

-What is this?
-Put it on.

Do I put it on here?

No, it should be here.

Praise be to God.

He has bestowed your son
with so much wealth and good fortune,

you're so lucky to have a son like Jimmy.

I know.

I hope you'll accept him
as your son-in-law.

Do you want to see?

Hey, Orix! Are you serious?

Cover up, Orix!


Yes, dear. What is it, dear?

Dad's home.


Come, Lela.

What's the matter, Dad?

I was wrong, Onah.

Our son isn't crazy, Onah. Tungkik--

My son is not a liar.

I know that our son is not crazy.

It's obvious he's not crazy, dear.

What are you talking about?

-What’s the matter, Dad?
-What's wrong, uncle?

I was at Kordi's place earlier.

He's caught a mermaid.

He is keeping her in an enclosed area.

I know. It's your mermaid.

So what are we going to do?

-We have to rescue her, Dad.
-We have to hurry.

Because I heard

Kordi is selling
the mermaid to a funfair owner tonight.

What do you plan to do, Jimmy?

Tungkik, tell Pagek about this.

What is it?

I want to see Kordi.

-Are you selling?
-No, I just want to see him.

Come. Kor.

Someone's here to see you.

Who is it?

-The whole family is here.
-Tell them to leave.

Hurry up.

Tell them to go home.
I don't want to see them.

I can't stand the sight of them.



-What are you looking at? You must pay.
-Poor mermaid.

Kordi, let the mermaid go.

-Don't torture the poor thing.
-That's true, Kordi.

Release her?

Are you insane?

Wait here.

Who's torturing her? Are you?

How can you say that?
I never tortured her.

She's the one who tortured me.

Who said we tortured her?

We want to sell her. We want money.

-Dollar bills.

-What is it?

If money is what you want,
take this, have it all.

Let the mermaid go.

Don't touch it.

We don't want any of this.

Pak Keoi, Wak Pagek, take this away.

We don't want your money.

I'm hurt.

Aspalela is supposed to be mine.

Why did you give her to Jimmy?

-Go home!
-Let's go.


Go on, leave.
Go and be friends with the ape.


Hey Kor, the mermaid's escaping!

How dare you, Jimmy?

Quick, mermaid! Quick!

Jimmy, look out.

Hurry, little mermaid!


That serves him right.

-Hurry up!


Wake up, Jimmy.


I'm sorry, Puteri.

I was careless.

This is all my fault.

You don't have to apologize.

It's human nature.

That's why I can't be seen by humans.

It's alright.

Now, you better save yourself.

I'm afraid Kordi might return.

Thank you for saving me.

I want you to be happy with Lela.

-Thank you, Puteri.
-I can't see you anymore.

-Take care of yourself, Puteri.

I'll pray for your well-being,
and that you won't drown.

Remember, if you see a line
with a hook and a worm on it,

don't eat it!

It's bait!



This is my island.

And my residential area.

I'm the village head now.

Hey, Kordi.

-Will you sing one of Awie's songs?
-Awie's song?

Fireball, fireball

-Hey, what is that?
-Boss, it's the new employees.

Excuse us, sir.

-Mr. Jimmy.

-How are you, boss?

Greetings, Mr. Jimmy.

Where do they come from?

Maybe from Bangladesh.

Orix, let's eat.

That's all?

Boss, we have apprehended three offenders

who threw trash in our coastal area.

What? They were littering?

But boss, they are not from around here.

I don't care even if they're Eskimos,

if they have littered,
they should be fined.

-I am furious!

If they can't pay the fine,
lock them up for life.

-What's up, Dad?

Wak Pagek has completed his rounds,

Pak Kulup is the only one without a house.


-Only Pak Kulup?
-That's right.

In that case, build ten more houses.

Should we build a "condominium"?

-Yes, a "condominium."

Yeah, "condominium." Sure.

So, that's more or less
the tale of me and the mermaid.

Well, perhaps I spiced things up a little.

After all, I am the hero.

Sometimes I wonder
how three years have passed.

Where could Puteri have disappeared to?

How is she?

I don't know if she's safe.

Or if she's been captured.

She'll probably never know
what love really means.


Subtitle translation by: Anas Affandi