Dutch Wife in the Desert (1967) - full transcript

A private detective is hired to find a woman who has apparently been murdered in a snuff film. It turns out the woman's not dead, but very much alive, and he gets sucked into a torrid ...

Mr. Sho, I presume?
I'm Naka. I'm a realtor.

Shall we go?

It's hot.


It's three o'clock.

How did you know that?

My girl told me.

She died at three.
It was no way for a dame to go.

Some time back I met a drifter here. He greeted me
as a yakuza, saying "most honorable greetings".

That's how it all started.

Kanto - it's bigger than you think.

It's rather funny.

Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands

Screenplay: Atsushi Yamatoya


Yuichi Minato
Shohei Yamamoto

Miki Watari
Noriko Tatsumi
Mari Nagisa

Director: Atsushi Yamatoya

Your hotel -
where are you staying?

- How are you going to do it?
- I got a rod.

You don't go for a blade?

- I need someone who's good...
- I ain't playin' games here.

I like you already.

Let's see what you can do.

More than three shots and
the deal's off.

What a lonely tree.
It looks like it's drinking blood.

There are five or six of them.

I recently saw a guy get it
in two shots.

I can't do it in three.
It'll take 13.

This isn't a joke.

Stop! That's enough!

I always leave one in the chamber.

Hot damn!

The tree had such fine
young branches.

Plant a new one.

That one's dead.

There they are!

You picked an awful hot day
to go on a picnic, bub!

I doubt any of the local honeys will
take you in tonight, wimp!

What's with the sourpuss?
Who are you working for?

He's just an acquaintance.
I haven't told him anything.

Why the hell not?
Tell him everything!

Don't be comin' to us with your
petty ante jobs.

You got it? Get the hell off
the road! Piss off!

I want half up front.
The usual price.

- I'm counting on you.
- Give me a match.

I heard you had quite a date.
I heard you invited a sourpuss.

What do you want?

The skirt I found at your place
has somethin' she wants to say.

Is she alive?

Alive and kickin'!
Legs spread wide!

Help me!
Get me out of here!

I dunno if you want
to see her like this!

Come and get her,
if you got the nerve.

Although at this point, I'm not sure
if you're gonna want her back.

I'll be there.

I'll be at Kado's bar.
Tomorrow at three.

This will be just our little secret.

Tomorrow at three.
At Kado's.

Lookin' forward to it.


It's the girl from my office.

Her name is Sae.

It's been six months
since she disappeared.

Every once in a while they'll let me
hear her voice like that.

It was a minor misunderstanding
about a piece of real estate.

Now it's come to this.

I can't see a thing.

You can't see!

Open your eyes!
The poor girl!

Sae is right there on the screen!

I think it's just the rain.

God, they're treating
her like an animal!

They're all holding her down
and violating her!

Look, there he is!
He's wearing a mask.

He pins Sae down and strips
her naked.

You can make out the legs of a man
in a chair on the side.

He was shouting, "Make a show of it!
We plan to sell this!"

"Stop!"? I yelled.

The cameraman replied, "Maybe you'd like it
if we should put you in the picture."

I couldn't believe my ears!
Sae was my broad! Mine!

They were roughing her up and
having their way with her.

They filmed everything with
that little camera.

I begged them to stop.
I said I'd do anything they asked.

I told them they could have
the land.

What do you think he told me?
What?! What do you think he said?!

"Quit yer yammerin', bub.
We've already worked out...

"the real estate problem with
the landlord."

That's what he said.

Then, I knew that even if I came at him with all
I had, it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans.

Sae, bite off your tongue! Stick it out
all the way and chomp down!

Bite it and die!
Please die!

She tried to kill herself,
but they stopped her.

It went from bad to worse.

Still, she managed to stick
her tongue out.

They gagged her with her own panties.

I must've watched the reel
a million times. The film is worn thin.

But I haven't forgotten a single detail.

Somebody's here.

He's worried about his daughter.

Shut up!

He's not...

He's the girl's father.

Why don't you just go and take care
of this matter yourself?

- I can't.
- Why not?

It's no good...
I've never shot a gun in my life.

What would I do, up against
three or four hardened criminals?

Then you were played for a chump.

Yeah? Maybe so...

I never really expected her to
make it out of that room alive.

That's the end of the reel.

Is he here?

He just came.

If he has another seizure,
just call.

- Please take care.
- Thank you.

Where are you staying?
Or can't you say?

- What is it with you...
- What's it to you, bub!

You're angry?

Those bozos in the car work
for you, don't they?

Yep, all four of them.

Great, I'll take half up front.


The money won't do me much good
if I lose the fight.

I'm sure you have nothing
to worry about.

Tomorrow at 3:30.

It's a toy.

He plays with it all day long.

It even sings.

Be here tomorrow at 3:30.
I'll get her back for you, guaranteed.

That would make me very happy.

Give a girl a light, mister?

Strike it for me.

Put that away.

Tell that hood behind us not
to try anything funny.

You've got a sweet voice.
I feel all tingly.

I can see him waiting
in the shadows.

I wonder what would happen if you
pointed your tits in his direction.

- Give me my matches back.
- Buzz off, slut. - Thief!

- Do you see this?
- Yeah.

- Tell me about this picture.
- It's the face of a girl.

She was blindfolded. With a black cloth.
It partly covered her ears.

She had to count on her nose
to smell what was going on.

Why do you have these matches?

Because my customers all smoke.
It's a bar, knucklehead!

Why did you blindfold her?!

What are you, some kind of
a freak or something?

Who's the freak?

- I didn't blindfold her, she's just
blindfolded. - Get out of my face!

Who were you calling?! Get away
from there! You son of a bitch!

Koh, I'm gonna kill you!
You're a dead man!

You're dead, Koh! You hear me!
I'm gonna kill you!

If you're going to kill me,
get on with it!

You can run, but you can't hide.

This is the end for you!

What do you think I'm hiding?

I can see to the core
of your heart.

- What color is it?
- An unhealthy color.

You're color blind.

I'm tired of playing
hide-and-seek with you.

I'm impressed you've stayed
hidden for so long.

- What's your secret?
- You stink.

Any time you get within 5 kilometers,
it smells so bad I can't eat.

I don't have body odor.

You stink like a fart.

You're right.

I let one rip and it flies 5 kilometers,
right up your sinuses.

You should have seen your face.

You lost control and soiled
your boxers.

You're disgusting.


I just wanted to tell you I've
had enough of hide-and-seek.

I should come at 3:00?

We found you there dead
shortly past 3:00.

The kids will want a snack at 3:00.

- BG will run into the toilet.
- The CEO will drink tea.

The pachinko parlor will open.

The girl will open the door.

We'll meet at 3:00.

Only one of us will get out alive.

When it gets close to 3:00, the coils inside
of me will be ready to spring.

You sound like a robot.

I've lost track of how many
times I've killed you.

For the last five years,
every day at 3:00.

It's like a dream that I can't
awaken from.

Tomorrow will be no dream...
unfortunately for you.

- Koh.
- What?

Do you remember her slender,
white fingers?

The ring was poor quality.

I thought you were going to
give it to someone.

It isn't worth anything.

Then, I guess there's no reason
to carry it around anymore.

You wept, didn't you?

I warned you, if you're
gonna run, do it.

Just like you do every time, run off whimpering,
with your tail between your legs.

That's what I came to tell you.

I came to tell you
I won't back down.

Watch what you say.

You're the one who needs
to be careful.

I won't be alone like before.

I'll have backup.


You mean the idiots who helped you abduct
an innocent girl and forced her to be in a peep show,

so you could sell it for
a little money on the side?

You're a quick study.

- Do you really want to do this?
- Enough!

Fine, say "Hi"? to your boys for me.

Don't forget - tomorrow at 3:00.


Here you go.

Have a nice time.

I get the picture;
you meant the fancy matches.

Get out!

Take me. You'll melt.

Cheap broads are a dime a dozen.

You think I'm stupid?
Get out, before I shoot you dead!

Just try it.

The stink of your cheap perfume
is nauseating! Wash it off.

- It ain't cheap.
- This is no joke!

You animal!

You creep! You heel!

Don't leave without oiling
your precious gun.

What will I do if the gun
doesn't fire?

I'll have to bring back
a different man every night.

That's why you have to
be careful not to forget.

I won't forget a damn thing.

You can't separate me
from my baby.

It's cold.

It's not cold when it's angry.
You'll get burned.

I love to let my baby howl
till it goes click.

The blast ripples out of the barrel
and the target goes blurry.

You'll melt.

It goes blurry...

The image twists.

You can see the bullet fly out
of the gun. Like a snake.

My hollow point shells burn
as red as blood.

It bites on to their throat
and whips them around.

Take me... Do it.

I need leather gloves.

The room's hot...
Isn't there an air conditioner?

You know how to talk the talk.

Put an air conditioner on my gun...

The cool air will quench its
thirst for blood. Dammit!

It's the latest model Colt Python,
with all the bells and whistles.

An air conditioner, she says!

- I feel tingly.
- Open up your eyes, slut!

I can't believe you prefer
a gun to a woman!

Stupid bitch!

Who told you?

That horrible voice...
I can't disobey.

I'm Mina...

- What's your name?
- Sho.

Sho... None of this has happened.
It's too fantastic.

You're Koh's girl.

You're wrong.

You can't lie to me.
He's a knife thrower.

He was my friend...

He killed my girl and escaped.

I don't know anything about that!

That son of a bitch.
You've gone too far.

Remember, Rie.. The searing
summer sun at the beach.

You were so proud of your suntan...

But your fingertips were
still lily white.

- It would probably suit you
perfectly. - What would?

You, happily waiting for tomorrow
at three o' clock.

- You lied.
- About what?

Koh never killed your girl.

Then why do you think I've been
chasing him around all this time?

I've been gunning for that dog
all over Japan!

I'm sorry, I didn't know
anything about it.

There's still time...

Time to nab his girl in some city
and wait for him to come.

No, don't!

I let you live.

Touch it... Don't you see?

It makes me so horny.

Koh made you who you are.

Kill me! He told you to kill me!

You look just like my Rie.

It felt just like
I had her back again.

Of all the hare-brained things!
I can't believe it.


It's a fairy tale.

No, that can't be right.

I just want to keep you warm.
That's all I wanted.

You're as cold as ice.

Who do you think gave
him the scar?

The shot in the shoulder, too.

You heel!

You're cute!

Run. There's still time.

Can't you see this is a trap?

- That rat who hired you planned
everything. - I know Naka's a viper.

You don't get it.

Who do you think I am?

Koh's boys must be brimming
with anticipation,

waiting for three o' clock
to roll around.

That's what time we agreed
to meet tomorrow.

Sho, Sho!

Don't answer it!

Why, is it wired to explode?

I wanna see who owns your ass.

People are just like ants crawling
around. It's all a crock.

Sleep tight, young wench.
I won't wake you up.

See you later.

You dirty rat! Get down!

I'll kill you!

I thought I'd come in for a drink.

What's the matter,
you lose your nerve?

Looks like you're out of bullets.

Kill him!

Where's the girl?

Let's go.

- Kill me.
- Of course. Come here.

But did you really think I'd
let you die quickly?

- Sho here.
- Listen...

I'm the exterminator and I got
a cockroach I'm just about to step on.

- Listen... - What?
- Listen...

I told Koh I wanted a drink, but this
joint's a little rich for my blood.

- Listen...
- Shut up!

I'm coming to collect my money!

Where's Sae?

Where is she?

Kanto - it's bigger than you think.


Is that you!?

In the howling winter wind,
the nightingale cries,

Taro Sakamoto of Tone River...

Make a show of it!
We plan to sell this!

If you try to kill yourself by biting off
your tongue, we'll gag you with your knickers.

Good, turn over.
Just play along with it.

There's no doubt.

It's no good.

You owe me money,
she's just asleep.

No way, I have no stake in
your revenge.

I don't care if you did kill
three or four men.

See for yourself how many I've killed!

When I shoot someone with my
hollow point shells, they stay down!

Check out my handiwork.

They tumbled like dominoes.

Get up.
Wake up, baby.

Get up. C'mon.

Wake up, wake up.

You're up early.

- I just wanted a drink.
- Nothin' wrong with that.

Later, I'll give you as much as you want.
For old times' sake.

But first, help me carry her.

Finish me off quickly.

I told you not to expect
an easy death.

I've been dreaming of this moment
for five long years.

Like a flash of lighting.

I'm going to savor ripping you
apart piece by piece.

Pick her up. Do it!

The moment of truth.

Before you die, I'd like to see
you pay for your crimes.

It could help restore her
father's sanity.

Are you good for anything?

- Killing.
- Anything else.

I don't think she's gonna wake up.

She's just sleeping.
What else could it be?

Get up!

Struggle -
I want to see you suffer!

- Kill me!
- Of course.

You're no angel yourself.

She's just asleep.

Naka! Are you there?

I'm just about to crush an insect,
in case you want to watch.

- Hey.
- Who is it!?

She's sleeping.
She's just asleep, isn't she?

Wake her up.

I want her to see the
moment of truth.

That's it, just do that.

That's how I like it, Koh.

She's just like a robot.

I'm getting bored.

Get her breathing again.
Can't you even do that?

- I can see right through to her heart.
- She's just unconscious.

Her skin has lost its color.

Wake up. Wake up.
Come on.

Snap out of it! Wake up!

Wake up. Wake up.
Come on.

Snap out of it! Wake up!

Naka, you still owe me half.
Don't forget it.

Don't leave without oiling
your precious gun...

For a hitman, you turned out
to be a lousy shot.

I heard you were such
a vicious killer.

You're a tough guy, ain't ya?

Maybe it's about time to
finish you off.

What time is it?

I think there's a misunderstanding here.

I'm gonna kill you.

You should run, Sho.

With your tail between your legs.
Get outta Dodge.

Down to one bullet.

Even lions die.

38 caliber hollow point.

Let's do it.

Close your eyes.

Say goodbye to this world.

Get ready,
we're going on a trip.

Wake up.

What's the matter, Sho?
Did you lose your nerve?

Looks like someone took the
bullets out of your gun.

Did you think we would let
you die easily?

You dirty...

I want to see you suffer.

- Kill me! Kill me!
- Of course.

We're about to crush an insect.

It's gonna be good.

Right at the designated time.

Exactly three o' clock.

It's me. I got a small scratch
on my nose.

It's nothing.

For a hitman, he turned out
to be a lousy shot, the louse.

You may be right about that.

He was probably dreaming.

He just stopped moving.

He's dead.

Hand it over.

Only one bullet left over...

I can't believe he only left
one bullet.

He was ready to die along
with you in the gunfight.

- You liked him better.
- You're both vermin!

You may as well be twins.

It makes me laugh - you act exactly the same,
you talk exactly the same!

Stop laughing.

- Die, coward! - Don't shout.
It's like salt in a wound.

She double crossed us,
sell her off.

Stop! Stop!

You snake! You scum!

Take care of her first,
and then clean up this mess.

- I'll bury him under the tree.
- And also...

It's cheap...
but it looks good on you.

Let's go.

Most honorable greetings.
It's my honor to make your acquaintance.

Let's skip the formalities.

Shall we go?

Your hotel - where are you staying?

- I'd prefer not to say.
- No problem.

I heard that a fella named Sho
had been seen in this area.

Sho's dead.

He was killed by a very skilful
knife thrower named Koh.

He died when he was sleeping
with a woman.

Really? He was no chump.

In any event, I'll need you.

- Are you ready?
- Anytime you say.

This town is famous for
its inflatable sex dolls.

If Sho were alive, I'm sure he would
be very interested in them.

Thank you, sir.

The girl in room 2 seems to have caught
a cold. Could you have a look at her?

They come in droves
to have sex with them.

It's the town's source
of tourist dollars.

Once your job is done,
you should try it yourself.

- How do you want it?
- Three shots.

I'll do it in one.

I like you already.


Translation by scannon
Timing by lordretsudo