Dust (2019) - full transcript

A man sets out in search of his lost love: a journey that draws him into the turbulent heart of present-day India and transforms inevitably into a confrontation with the past.

Sir, your phone.
You left it in the hotel.

- Germany
- Germany!

My name is Prasad.
I live near by.

I don't want any money.

Let me know if you need anything, sir!

I hope I did not
keep you waiting too long.

Time does not have
the same importance here.

Actually your Hindi isn't so bad.

It isn't good.
I speak some.

And understand a little better.

Did I say your Hindi was good?

Like a cup of tea?

No, thank you.

Take a look.

Your connection to the third world.

Photographer dies of Malaria.

You came here for her, didn't you?

This is everyday news for us.

Take away this cup.

It's her last photograph.

I'd like to meet this boy.

How did you find this?

She sent it to me.

And you thought
you'd just come looking?

I want to meet this boy.

Mr. David, do you even know
what kind of hell awaits you?

Go back, Mr. David.

This quest is futile.

- Missing your brother?
- No.

Krishna's brother Gaja has fled!
Our villages will burn now!

When will your brother return?

I don't know anything.

Back off or I'll throw
you off the truck.

Don't get between us!

Krishna doesn't know anything.

- He knows everything.
- He knows nothing.

I want to know
if his brother is a deserter.

For the last time!
Stay clear of him.

Krishna knows everything.

Is my brother back from the village?



Watch out!

Watch your steps!

Missing: Gajaram Mahane.

He wasn't last seen in Lalgarh...

but at the mines.

Don't bother, leave it as it is.

Come here.

You lot, follow me!

What are you thinking about?

- My brother is not a deserter.
- Who told you that?

Do you know where he is?


Maybe your brother is a deserter.

Who knows?

But he is certainly a coward!

Isn't he?

Now pray to your God
that we don't find him.

Why are you afraid to face the truth?

Don't be afraid!



Will you fight?



Very good.

Now go.

Sir, why don't you buy a dog?

It's a very good breed.

It has 22 nails.

Such a cute colour.
He will be helpful to you.

- I'll make you a reasonable price.
- No.

Sir! Last price.

Last price.

Listen me.

You're buying a house?

What about the dog,
for guarding the house, Sir?


Who's there?

It's me, Krishna.

Why did you come here?

- Have you seen my brother?
- No, I haven't.

It's very dangerous for you to be here.

Leave as quickly as you can, OK?

But they say he was seen here.

I haven't seen him.

I am leaving now.
You should leave quickly.

Once there was a village...

very green and beautiful...

Once there was a village...

very green and beautiful.

It had a sparkling,
colourful sky above it.

It had a sparkling,
colourful sky above it.

Its soil was fertile
with silver and gold.


then came the downfall.

Then came the downfall.

Then came the downfall.

Then came the downfall.

Bring us two large whiskies.

We don't serve alcohol, sir.

- You don't serve alcohol?
- No.

If I shoot you up your ass
you'll be pissing whiskey

for the rest of your life.

Go, get it!


Sorry, you had to come here.

Seventy missed calls
from your friend Prasad.

You did find it.

Go, get lost!

What are you still doing here?

Can't forget?
Or you don't want to?

What are you afraid of?

What about you?
You fear nothing?

Death awaits me, Mr. David.

And I long for it.

It's memories I'm afraid of.

They stifle life.

But you, you go on living
in a world of memories.

They are weak. They live out of habit.

I hate my strength, David.

First me...

then you.

Let's live a little.

Mr. David, are you alright?

Mr. David, tell me the truth.

Why are we on this journey?


I want to see for myself.

She left you, didn't she?

Before she returned to India.

She asked me many times to come to her.

But I was angry.

Why haven't you cleaned your shoes?

It's raining so hard outside.


There is nothing... nothing.

Only our "Yuddh" can stop this fall.



What are you doing here?


You said you didn't know
where Gaja is?

Why did you go to the mines?

To play.

What's this then?
We found his uniform there.

Sit down!

Do you know
what is going to happen to you?

It was a mistake to trust you.

What shall I do with you?

On the one hand I pity you.

On the other, you make me angry.

Did you find
the person you were looking for?

Who is the Doctor?

We are the people
to whom this land belonged.

We were raised here.

But we were unaware of our rights.

The Doctor taught us to fight...

for this water,
this forest, this land...

for our rights.

He helped us to recognise
who we are... why we are.

What does 'Yuddh' mean?

It is our struggle...

to get back what belongs to us.

It is our fight.

We will fight!

Sounds great.

That's also good.

My neighbour is back.

She's been gone for a long time.

She went to have a baby.

Sometimes you don't have a choice.

Okay, forget it.
We'll talk later.

Okay, bye.

Where did you get this?

It's a gift.

From my couple.


Oh, look at this.

It's you!

Oh, man!

Golden hair, creamy white skin.

Should I tell you the truth?

It felt like home there.

It felt very nice.

We ate and drank together.
Everyone lived together.

The doctor Madam would say...

"Radha, you belong here now."

How could you have belonged there
when nothing there belonged to you?

Sometimes I miss the village very much.

This is the world to which you belong now.

You have to live here.

Run! Help! Save us!

Gaja the deserter has betrayed us.

Move it!

What are you doing?

- Help me!
- Step back!

We better hurry.

We will fight!

We will fight!

We will fight!

We will fight!

We have to learn to be angry!

Angry against the government...

against society...

against all those powers...

who are ruining our future.

We will snatch
our future back from them.

We will destroy them
to get back what is ours.

That's why we must fight today.


Destroy the past
in the flames of your anger.

Reduce it to ashes.

Destroy your fear, feeling, weakness!

Free yourself
from the chains of history.

Get rid of it!

Only then can we
create our own future.

Only then!

We will fight!

We will fight!

The brother of a traitor
is also a traitor!

The brother of a traitor
is also a traitor!

Now pray to your God

that we don't find him.