Dussehra (2013) - full transcript

Who is it?

Overtake him.

I've been honking for so long.

But he doesn't seem to comply.

Honk again.

Oh, so it's you.

I had no clue that
you were on the bike.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
have asked my driver to honk.

I would've told him to run you down.

An army of mice can't
hunt down a lion.

Do I have to request all of you?

Go on.

Are you going to kill me now?

Rudra Pratap Chauhan.

Encounter Specialist.

You arrested me two.

But nothing happened.

I got bail in a jiffy.

One more thing.

I don't think you have
a chance this time either.

Look there, here comes the cavalry.

One bullet, one enemy.

2 meters distance,
and a few inches of grave!

File closed!

Hello sir.

Hello sir.

Sir. Sir.

Sir...you caused an
earthquake on arrival.

Even I want to score
half century, sir.

I mean, why didn't you
take me along as well, sir?

Even I could've caused some fireworks.

And killed those brothers-in-law.



Fine, be ready to
celebrate on next Diwali.

And for sweets as well.


Meaning, your SP madam
will call me in now.

For some sweets.

May I come in?

Officer, there are other methods to do
your job other than shooting someone.

A Policeman must display
responsible behaviour.

And especially you, because the
entire state have their eyes on you.

And, why did you
have to shoot Pandari?

Can you tell me why?

One doesn't need
permission to kill rats.

Get out!


I am sorry.

I am sorry...

Rudra, I am the boss in the office.

But you're the boss at home.


I know I was a little rude back there.

But you know, Rudra, that
I was only speaking for your good.

Killing people is
not the only solution.


People like them only understand
the language of violence.

But I feel...my Rudra is lost
somewhere in all this commotion.



Search the room.

Don't miss a single object.

Yes, ma'am.

- Question the staff as well.
- Yes, ma'am.

I was on duty here all night, sir.

I just left for a
while to have my dinner.

In fact, the warden herself
told me to go have my dinner.

- That's all I know, sir.
- Okay.

- Send the bodies for post-mortem.
- Okay, ma'am.

When did you last
talk to your daughter?

Our daughter called us last evening.

She sounded very happy.

I don't think my daughter
can ever do such a thing.

She can never commit suicide.

But the evidence that we found
suggests that they committed suicide.

The question is why?

Madam, our daughter
can never commit suicide.


Look, you can go for now.

Yes, madam.

But the Police can call you
for investigations at any time.

- Honey.
- No madam, sugar.

- Honey Singh.
- Yes, madam.

- Take their statements, please.
- Yes, madam.

Come, follow me.


As the Education Minister
of this Statement...

...what is your opinion about the
incident that occurred in the college?

Look, I've given an ultimatum
to the Chief Minister...

...and, he's assured
me that the investigation

...under the supervision
of SP Aditi Singh

will be fast-tracked.

A government that cannot assure the
security of women in their own college...

...has no right to stay in power.

No, right at all.

But I request the media to
stop making a hype of this case.

And I want the Chief Minister to resign
from his post with immediate effect.

I've to attend a meeting.

Only after the party meeting, place.

And, I say this out loud.

A woman's honour,
is the country's honour.

And this incident demands
an unbiased investigation.


- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

Madam, reports.

Madam, we found four
dead bodies in the room.

But there were 5 blood
samples in the room.

And the 5th blood sample
didn't belong to the warden.


Are you positive that the 5th blood
sample doesn't belong to the warden?


Madam, believe me.

Honey Singh giving scientific answer.

Smallmouth big talking.

This suicide mystery
is as complicated as Jalebi?


Twisted and tasty.

Morning, sir.

Morning, sir.


Now speak.

What is your opinion about
the incident at the Women's college

and the poor administrative
condition of the city?

The Women's College is an
respective organisation of our state.

The entire state is
proud of this organisation.

I strongly condemn the
incident that occurred there.

We'll investigate to find out the reason behind
why those three girls committed suicide?

I have faith in the Law and Order.

That's why I've been receiving
the love of my people.

But what about those dozens of incidents
that have been occurring in this state.

Murder. Rape. Businessmen fleeing.

Will the people be able to maintain
their faith in you in such condition?



You've said enough.

Don't try to show that only the media
cares for the people, and we don't.

Don't try to conspire.

I am a Minister for the poor and
the underprivileged and the exploited.

If people like you were the
only well-wishers of the people...

...then I wouldn't be winning
the elections three times.

Although you're talking nonsense.

But you tell me what I should do.

I'll do that for your sake.

Sir, daring Police officer
Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan.

The public's demand is to reinstate him
in the State Crime Branch Headquarters.


I respect daring Police officers.

But...troubling innocent
people in the name of honesty...

...pressing false charges against them,

deeming people as criminal
on the basis of their caste.

And working only for medals
and applause is completely wrong.

I don't want any Police officer
to trouble the people of my state.

That's it.

- PA...
- Sir.

Tell DGP sir to reinstate Rudra Pratap Singh
back to Crime Branch with immediate effect.

- Order.
- Yes, sir.


Bless all of you.

Bless all of you.


That suicide case?

It's not a suicide.

How can you see that?

Because the prime evidences
of suicide say otherwise.

Four dead bodies
and five blood samples.

It has to be a case
of cold-blooded murder.


I think I need your help.

But you know what my methods are.

You will never change.

Look Rudra,
you must change your methods slightly.

For me.

Because I don't want
you to get transferred again.

I mean first Bangalore, then Mumbai,
Delhi, Kolkata, and now here.


For me.

For you...I will try.


This is not their handwriting at all.

I want to see all the objects which
the Police recovered from this room.



Get the bag.

Here they are, sir.

I want all the details
of this sim card.

Call log. Last call.


And go to the back and find out...

...in whose name is this
500,000 rupees payslip.

There has to be a cash trail to this.

I want details of all the girls
that stay in the college hostel.







Sir, the call's connected.

Good afternoon, sir.

The issue...is a little serious.

So I called personally.

The female suicide case
which you are investigation...

...you must reach some
conclusion quickly.

Sir, the Police are doing their job.

I assure you that the Police
will soon reach some conclusion.

It's what i expect from
Police officers like you.


But please remember that the
Opposition don't make an issue out of it.

Yes, sir.

Better explain to your
Department's Superman.

Don't be too trigger happy.

And do his job within
the limits of the Law.


Start counting.




- Manager?
- Yes, ma'am.

Okay, SP Aditi Sing.

I want details of this Simcard.

Sure, madam.

- Please, come in.
- Okay.



Sir, whose account is this?

This Simcard belongs
to some Kanchan Devi.

- Address?
- Woman's College and Hostel.

Road no. 12.

I want the call details.

Sir, this belongs
to some Ramesh Dubey.



I am your senior.

Tell him.

You ask him, sir.

He's the senior,
although he doesn't look like it,


No, please tell him.

Sir, address please.

Sir, most calls have
been made to 97193 7772.

And it belongs to some Ramesh Dubey.

- Last call?
- Last call 81230 21115.

It belongs to some Kanchan Devi

Stop Stop.

Girls. Stop.

Excuse me, madam.

- Yes.
- I want to know address.

Sector 12, 272.


- Go straight and take a left.
- Okay.

Thank you.

- Can we go?
- Yes.

Always embarrassing me...

Take a left.


Rudra, I've got two important numbers.

Note them down.

This is it, sir.


Watch me.

Is Ramesh Dubey at home.

There is no Ramesh Dubey here.

He doesn't.

He doesn't live here.

But sir, the bank gave this address.


Ask her.

I am asking her.

- How long have you been living here?
- 10 years, sir.

I see...

Dulare, wait.

Fake identity,
fake address, fake everything, sir.

You know what, go back to the bank.

Again bank, sir.

Is there a problem, Honey Singh?

No, sir.


Go back.

Yes, sir. Going, sir.

Back to the bank.

- Details are not up-to-date, sir.
- Doesn't matter.

When was the last transaction made?

On Wednesday 6 pm.

Money was withdrawn from
the Sunder Nagar ATM, sir.

Wednesday evening... 6...

- On the day of the murder.
- Yes, sir.

Anyway...I want to
check the CCTV footage.

Sorry sir, actually...

I said i want to
check the CCTV footage.



- Is this the footage?
- Yes, sir.

Slow it down.

- Is this at 6:30?
- Yes, sir.

Pause it.

I want a picture of this man.

Sir, that looks like
Contractor Pandey.

Yes, looks like him.

Do you know him?

Yes, of course.

He's a big sycophant of the Ministers.

- Shankar.
- Greetings, brother-in-law.

- Where are you these days?
- What's wrong?

Go and check why that Police officer
took Pandey to the Police Station.


Find out what's the issue.

- And call me back.
- Okay.

Bring him here.


How did you get hold of
the debit card of Ramesh Dubey?

Ramesh Dubey?

Ramesh Dubey who?

How is Ramesh Dubey connected to you...

...that you were withdrawing
money from his debit card?

Money? Card?

What are you saying, madam?

I have only two cards.

Voter card. And Licence.

I can show it if you want.

And last month I even applied for an Aadhar
Card (ID card) under the government scheme.

I can give you a
photocopy of you wish.

Greetings, SP madam.

What are you sending, madam?

Babloo, Mantu, you guys startled me.

Brother got you bail.

Now, let's go.

Take a good look, madam.

Are all the signatures in place?

Come on, let's go, Mr. Pandey.

I'll take your leave.

So Mr. Pandey.
I heard that the Police took you in.

Shankar, that new SP doesn't
know how well connected I am.

And still, you got arrested.

You're the main party worker.

And, there is no one above you.

What's going on, Aditi?

What kind of investigation
are you getting involved?

The girl's hostel...

Look, don't do anything to
spoil the Police Department's image.

No, sir...

And, a suicide case has to be closed,
that's all.

So why this running around?

But, sir...

Look, as a Lady SP...

...the Home Minister
has done you a big favor.

Please don't do anything
to get stripped of this.

It's an open and shut suicide case.

The report should be
on my table immediately.

You'll get your chance
to play Sherlock Holmes.

There are many pending cases.

Now go.

I wonder which department
I am working for?

And why?

A case which is
definitely a murder case...

...we barely manage to find one suspect,

but the court grants him bail.

They should've told
us during the training...

...that the Police are like
the three monkeys of Gandhiji.

See no evil, Hear no Evil,
Say no Evil to the Criminals.

Aditi...that's the culture
and system of this Department.

We've to stay within this
system and fight against it.

And one doesn't need
any special training for it.

Our department teaches us everything.

Fight for what?

DGP sir told me personally...

"Aditi, this is an open
and shut case of suicide."

"Make your report."

Just do one thing for now.

Send a Suicide report
file to the DGP's office.

I will have to.

You know what, it's over.

It's not over.

Its just begun.

'Yeah Rudra,
I've to important numbers.

Write them down.'

The number you gave
me belonged to some girl.

She's a patient in
Arogya Dham Hospital.

'I found this girl
in an unconscious state.'

'She had a severe injury on her head.'

'And, I found this
mobile in her pocket.'

- 'No one knows about her yet.'
- Good.

I don't know why, Aditi,
but I feel this is our last option.

Only I know about her, and now you do.

I want this to stay between us.

And if possible, post some of your
trusted people outside the hospital.

As security.

That will be good.

Your tea's gone cold.

As I said before.

The Administration will order an
unbiased investigation of this case.

And that's what we did.

After a careful investigation...

...the report submitted to
the Home Minister by the Department...

...it was a suicide.

The Opposition made
a hype of this issue...

...and tried to spoil my image.

And I strongly condemn their action.

Give me the tobacco.

As the Chief Minister of the state...

...the law and Order of
this city is my responsibility.

That's why I gave a handsfree to a
talented officer like Rudra Pratap Singh.

Sir, that's free
hand and not hands-free.

It's the same thing,
hands-free and free hand.

But I won't take credit for it.

Rudra Pratap deserves
all the accolades.

Rudra Pratap deserves
the commendations.

Blessings to all of you.

- I'll come home in the evening...
- Sir.


Hello, Rudra sir.

This is Bramhanand Tripathi.


Myself SI Dulare.

- SI Dulare?
- Yes...

Isn't this Mr. Rudra's number?


Then how did you answer his phone?

How can you keep someone else' phone?

Who gave it to you?

Who gave you this right?

- Let me talk to...
- Just a minute...

Sir, its opposition leader Mr.
Tripathi on the line.

I will call you back.


Say what?

Why do you give your
phone to someone else?

Look Rudra sir, in order to
maintain peace and order in the city...

Pro... Prom... Porm...

What is it called?

- Promptness.

Yes, the promptness you've
displayed...is truly commendable.

And that's why I called.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am congratulating you,
and you're sounding so upset.

Look, Rudra sir.

I, Brahmanand Tripathi,
and my Vikas party...

...are with you all the way.

Whether you take any action
or proceedings, we are with you.

"The rascal stole...all my emotions."

"I climbed another ladder..."

"...such was my amazing promotion."

"O ascetic..."

"O ascetic..."

"My beloved..."

"...swayed my waist..."

"As I stole his heart with my eyes."

"O ascetic..."

"O ascetic..."

"My beloved..."

"...swayed my waist..."

"As I stole his heart with my eyes."

"I am like a double-edged sword."

"I am a little sweet
and a little salty."

"But I made a mistake
befriending my beloved."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The rascal treated me to
cappuccino and stole my heart."

"Stole my heart."

"He stole my heart."

"Stole my heart."

"O ascetic..."

"I've been robbed."

"O ascetic..."


"Babaji had three pigeons,
and they all liked to fly."


"Babaji had three pigeons,
and they all liked to fly."

"One flutters his wing and the other
winks at the girls."

"Great...really great."
"This is really great."

"Hookah's piping hot while
the pipe's tastes nice too."

"Look at him."

"Hookah's piping hot while
the pipe's tastes nice too."

"Sister-in-law's fallen down..."

"...pick her up and take a kiss."

"The rascal treated me to
cappuccino and stole my heart."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"The rascal took me to see
an English film and stole my heart."

"Stole my heart."

"The sassy lass robbed
everything from me."

"Stole my heart."

ACP madam.

You said that the
investigation will be unbiased.

Our daughters can
never commit suicide.

Look, our investigation
isn't over yet.

And just like you, even we believe that
your daughters didn't commit suicide.

They have been murdered.

We'll soon find a suspect.

And believe me, whoever is behind this
incident will be someone well connected.

But at that time,
you shouldn't go back on your words.

Only then can we get
justice for your children.

You have our full support.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This time my I've maintained
Law and Order during my course.

And you guys have done your part too.

We will get the votes.

You must all strengthen the party.

And keep promoting Fodder Machine.

There is no dearth of funds.

Everyone will make a buck.

Your pockets will be jingling.

Don't worry.

I am in a hurry now.

I have a rally meeting to attend to.

We'll meet tomorrow at the same time.

Blessings to all of you.

Bring me the files I need to sign.

Sir, please read them once.


Why didn't you read them?

Was your IAS degree from Dhanbad fake?


Should I order a CBI inquiry?

Asking me to read?

Fine, I'll call you later.

Greetings, sir.

What is it?

That College incident.

Rudra Pratap from Crime
Branch has found that girl.

I see.

She's in Arogya Hospital.

And the news is that Tripathi from the
Opposition is fully supporting him.


Sir, the girl's blood matched with
the blood sample that you provided.

- I am coming.
- Thank you.


- All okay.
- Sir, all okay here.

But that man standing there has been
pacing around the place since morning.

Who sent you?

Shankar sir.


Where can I find this Shankar?

Tell me.

Teli Gali, 25.

Check her first.

His name is Shankar.

He's the CM's sycophant.

I am sure he's involved in this case.

And I think he's the
one who got Pandey bail.

And Pandey's been
missing since that day.

But there's nothing we
can do without strong evidence.

Aditi, it's like playing
hide-n-seek with the crime.

The more you enjoy it,
the more you'll play.

But in this game,
someone will give up first.

Welcome. Welcome, DGP sir.

What is the condition
of Law and Order?

All okay, sir.

- DGP sir.
- Sir.

Tie it. what are you waiting for?

If I had fallen down,
then so would the government.

And the media would've
turned this into breaking news...

...that the government collapsed.

Do you know that?

You don't.

If you tie it,
you'll get to keep your job.

Don't be shy.

Your SP's on the way too.

That's more like it.

Now shine it too.

Take your handkerchief out.

Come on.

Nice. Very nice.

Very good Mr. DGP.


Did you see the breaking news today?

No, sir.

The bitter truth of Democracy.

This is the Parliament House
where this shameful incident occurred.

A DGP rank police officer
is tying the CM's shoelace.

So what if the DGP tied my shoelace.

It's no ordinary shoelace.

And I don't want such
an incident to happen to you.

I just wanted to investigate.

As long as you remain as Gandhiji's
three monkeys, you will stay alive.

And the day you'll try
to be a hero of your Department...

...someone will shoot you done.

I am explaining to you
because you're just a kid.

See you, sir.


What happened?


Why are you so angry?

Let it be.


- Jai Hindi, sir.
- Jai Hind.

I wanted to give you this file.

Sinha sir said it's urgent, so...


Goodnight, sir.

Dulare brought some of your files.

Keep it, please.

What happened?

Are you going to say something?

The CM called me today.

I am coming from there.

What did the CM say?

What will he say?

Bloody corrupt man.

He was threatening me.


What kind of threat.

Rudra, he knows that we're
still investigating this case.

He threatened to kill me.

- Hello.
- Shankar has opened fire on us.

Send backup immediately.

There's been an attack on sir's house.

We must get there immediately.

Here you go, brother.

Throw it.


Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!


You bark a lot.

But, that doesn't make you a lion.

What did you think?

You can barge in my home and kill me.


I will fix the time of your death

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

Calm down.

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

Calm down, everyone.

I have a question.

What is this terrible
time we're living in?

It's so embarrassing that
the CM makes a DGP tie his shoelace.

A Police officer is attacked.

What will happen to this state?

Police officers are
murdered in broad daylight.

In fact, Prasadi Lal has no
right to remain the CM of this state.

And I strongly oppose his rally.

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

Let's go.

- Mr. Tripathi!
- Long live...

- Mr. Tripathi!
- Long live...

- Mr. Tripathi!
- Long live...

- Mr. Tripathi!
- Long live...

Where are you going?

The headquarters.

The CM's rally is today.

So now what?

Hanumant and Anjana's body
has been sent for post-mortem.

It's okay.

Rudra. Everything will be fine.

Come, I'll drop you.

Come on.

Okay, see you in the evening.

- Aditi.
- Yeah.

I could have...killed him today.

- Who?
- Shankar.

- Rudra...
- I visited CM house.

Are you mad..

But, I didn't do it.

Not because I can't kill him.

But I didn't kill him because
that would've made you angry.

See you.


Yes, Sapna.

Sir, the girl is conscious.

That's good.

Take care of her, I'll be there.


Aditi, that girl's conscious.

I must go.


Keep updating me
about every development.

I will.

Look, don't be scared.

You're safe.

You're in my house.

My name is Rudra.

I am a Police officer.

Can you tell me..

what happened with you on that day?

The CM's rally will reach
Shashtri Nagar through this route.

- Mr. Mishra, you will handle Shashtri Nagar area.
- Yes, ma'am.

At this turn,
the rally will reach Indra Nagar.

Mr. Upadhyay,
you will handle the Indra Nagar area.

My name is Pooja.

And I am the girl's hostel
warden Kanchan Devi's daughter.



What happened on that day?

All this began on our
College's Annual Day function.

Our Chief guest,
respect Chief Minister...

...spared some of his valuable time to attend
our College's 50th Annual Day function.

And for that, I am truly obliged.

And I request him to come
here and bless the children.

Calm down.

I am really happy..

..to see all the children here.

The way woman are
advancing in every sector.

My hats off to all the girls.

The Women's college
Student leader Sanju.



She is a very talented student.

I truly commend her
aspirations and talent.

I appreciate it.

Did I scare you?

How can I be scared of you?

This is how you steal my heart.

Really? Really?


First...can I say something?

Did you have to talk at this time?

Okay, forget it.

I won't say it.

Okay, ...say it.

You know, if you could get
me an election ticket as well.

You just climbed up a single ladder...

...and already eyeing
the minister's chair.


All I am asking for a ticket.

It is not a joke.

Look, whenever I ask you for a ticket,
you make some excuse.

Whenever you call me,
and wherever, I come immediately.

And never ask a question.

Please do this one thing for me.

Look...i even make
promises to the people.

That's my habit.

You see, Shankar is my brother-in-law.

He keeps asking me for a ticket,
but I don't give him.

I will when I have one.

And...if I call you,
I even give you good money.

That's true.

But you see, money isn't
the solution to everything.

Then what is?

I must think of my future as well.

I see...

Then let's think about the future...

One day, I was sitting with Sanju,
Kavita, and Rupali, in their room.

What are you watching?

What are you watching?

I want to see too.


I want to see too.

This is not for you.

What do you mean?

I mean you're too young.

No, I am not.

I understand everything pretty well.

Okay, let me watch.

You'll understand when
you spend time with us.

Listen, I will complain
about this to my mother.

Then you'll understand.

Your mom.


Yes, mom.

Pooja, where are you?

I am in Sanju's room.

What are you still
doing in the hostel?

Don't you want to eat with me?

Food will be here soon.

What are you doing?

Yes, I am coming.

Two minutes.

You've been saying that...

Hello. Hello. Hello.

She hung up.

She's always...


Since hostel closed down
you stopped taking our calls.

We called you so many times

but why don't you answer.

There are only a
few more hotties left...

...send them over for
the Chief Minister.

You've already taken
full advantage of Sanju.

Her holidays are due, let her go now.

Sanju is old news.

This is a new fragrance.

Look, we'll talk about
this tomorrow in the office.

Please leave now.

Isn't that the same girl?

From the function?

She is very beautiful.

The Chief Minister has lost his mind

since he saw her.

Show me.

You'll get his blessings.

No Shankar.

She is my daughter.

Leave her alone.

Once I deflower her,
her life will be made.

Go and tell your brother-in-law to
keep his feelings in control!

Sanju has kept all
his pictures pretty safely.

It won't take me too long
to publish it in the newspapers.


I can take your brother-in-law's
seat from him in a jiffy.

Now get out.

Get out!

The name is Shankar Yadav.

I am the CM's brother-in-law.

And how dare you threaten
my brother-in-law!



Shankar killed my mother!


Killed her.

Shankar was telling my mother that
you and the CM are having an affair.

Are you?

Tell me?

Are you having an affair?

He was telling my mother
that you have some photos.


Where are those photos?

Where are those photos and videos?

Tell me.

Where are those photos?

So Sanju?

I heard you've been showing
a keen interest in photography.

Take my pictures as well.


Take one.

Click it. Click it.

Didn't you want a ticket
from brother-in-law?

But now it looks highly difficult.

Shankar. I will kill you!

That day when I came
out of the girl's hostel,

I fell unconscious immediately.

I don't remember what
happened after that.

- Can you give a statement?
- Yes, sir.

You were talking about
some video, photo, or MMS.

Sir, that day when
I went to Sanju's room.

And asked about the photos.

'Which photos and videos?'

She hid a locket inside her t-shirt.


- How is this connected with a locket?
- I don't know, sir.

But she had a habit.

She used to keep all her
photos and videos on a pen-drive.

Her...locket is her pen-drive, sir.

I am sure.

I am sure, sir.


Ma'am, a huge crowd has
gathered around here.

We'll need extra force.

Yes, I've already
ordered for extra force,

and I am on my way too.


Soon, your beloved
Minister will be with you.

Please maintain silence
until he arrives.

-Jai Hind, sir.
-Jai Hind, sir.

- Long live
- Prasadi Lal...

- Long live
- Prasadi Lal...

- Long live
- Prasadi Lal...

There are some people in this crowd...

...who don't want your
beloved Minister's

rally to be successful.


We don't want such a minister!

Who is that?

Throw him out!

Hey... Move!


What are you doing?

I said move.

'And the day you will try to be
a hero of your department...'

'...someone will hunt you down.'



"Who do I tell...my heart to."

"My beloved left me alone..."



"Oh...my beloved..."


"The union and separation
with my beloved."

"The union and separation
with my beloved."

"A moment...of happiness."

"A moment...of happiness."

"A moment...of happiness."

"I wonder what mistake I made..."

"...my heart is lost."



"Who do I tell...my heart to."

"My beloved left me alone..."

"My beloved left me alone..."



"Oh...my beloved..."


Rudra, what brings you here?

Come inside.


I am resigning.

Look Rudra,
even I am sad about Aditi's death.

But that doesn't mean that
you resign from the Police Force.

All her life she worked
within the norms of the Law.

And my mistake was...

..that I listened to her.

But what I am going to next,

I can't do it as a Police officer.

A Police officer will break the law.


Because I know you cannot help me.

You are helpless.

So helpless that you have
to tie a minister's shoelace.

My resignation.

See you.


You're making a big mistake.

If I stop now,
then no one can stop those rascals.

Do you know what it means?

Eradicating unrighteousness
is not a sin.

How long will keep obeying
these Minister just to save our jobs...

...and stay at their beck and call?

How long?

This uniform, which we should respect...

...but these ministers
are humiliating it.

Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan, you
can do whatever you think is right.

Your Department fully supports you.

SP Aditi Singh's
martyrdom won't go waste.

"The one that's called youth."

"Is trouble all the way."

"Its trouble to hide it."

"And...it's troubling showing it too."

"O, beloved..."

"O, beloved..."

"O, beloved...people flirt with me."

"O, beloved...people stare at me."

"O, beloved...people ogle at me."

"People taunt me."

"My youth has become trouble for me."

"As your veil slips down..."

"Walk carefully."

"There are many Romeos around here."

"They won't listen to an excuse."

"Otherwise...you'll be
calling out your beloved."

"O, beloved...people flirt with me."

"O, beloved...people stare at me."

"I just turned 16...and
on my way to 17."

"My youth is now in danger."

"Everyone's crazy about my youth..."

"...like bees hovering on a flower."

"I am in trouble...after
making wrong gestures."

"Why did you put...kohl in your eyes?"

"Why did lace your
tresses with flowers?"

"Why did you deck yourself?"

"That's why everyone teases you."

"I am scared of their prying eyes."

"O, beloved...people flirt with me."

"O, beloved...people stare at me."

"Who will I kiss...whose
beloved will I be?"

"All my lovers are after me."

"The Policeman says...take my bungalow."

"And the trader's son
squanders all his earnings."

"Why did you shine your trinket?"

"And wear a gold chain
around your waist."

"Why did you come
out of your house alone?"

"That's why everyone's
crazy about you."

"The fish has taken the bait."

"O, beloved...people flirt with me."

"O, beloved...people stare at me."

"O, beloved..."

"O, beloved..."

"O, beloved..."

"O, beloved..."

Give him a grand welcome.

Go on!

Kill the rascal!

My Aditi won't come
back if I kill you.

But if I spare you today,
then someone else might regret.

I told you,
that I will fix your time of death.

Today is Dussera.

"The time to slay evil is Dussera."

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"The time to do justice is Dussera."

"Dussera is the time
to conquer over evil."

- Long live...
- Prasadi Lal!

- Long live...
- Prasadi Lal!

- Long live...
- Prasadi Lal!




Where is Shankar?

Didn't you invite him?

Blessings to all of you
on the occasion of Dussera.


DGP, come here.

What kind of Ravan is this?

It took him 10 heads
to abduct one Sita.

And I alone...have send the
entire state hostage with one head.

"The time to slay evil is Dussera."

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"The time to do justice is Dussera."

"Dussera is the time
to conquer over evil."

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"Dussera is the time
to conquer over evil."

Do you see...the condition of the state?

Look...a low-rank Police officer
like you can never harm me.

I am the CM of this state.

My name is Prasadi Lal.

I control the people.

Did you forget what
happened to your wife?

I won't kill you.

The people will kill you.

They love me a lot.

I am the king.

My name is Prasadi Lal!

Don't you have anything else to say?

Go on.

Lecture me.

But now it's my turn to speak.

The people you were talking about,
that's us.


Union Public Service Commission!

We are not your servants,
to clean your shoes.

We are public servants.


Look what your people
are saying about you.

I was in the girl's college myself.

At that time...

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

- Prasadi Lal...
- Down! Down!

Sometimes for the sake of the law and
the country, you have to break the Law.

And, if I don't take an initiative
now, then justice will never be done.

And justice will be done today.

Get up.

No. No. No.

What did you say?

No. No. No.

"The time to wage war is Dussera."

"The time to do justice is Dussera."

"Dussera is the time
to conquer over evil."