Duska (2007) - full transcript

An older film critic's life is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Faster, hurry up!
-Come on, hurry.

You drive me crazy.
Now stop it.

Quiet. I'll stop the bus. Shut up.

Drive faster, hurry.
-Use your right foot, man.

Calm down, damn you.

What's this?

How about starting the car?

Do you know them all?

"She walks away and looks back
one last time."

What's this?

It's a story...

...for a film.

You want a drink?

It's a love story?

Why can't I read it?

It isn't finished yet.

As long as it's a happy ending.
No misery...

As long as it isn't sad, ending badly.

-Someone dying, you know.

It's terrible when someone dies.

You can make up the ending.

If you don't want a sad ending,
think up a happy one.





I'm so glad to see you.

Coffee? Caf??




There we are.

Cookie? You want one?


There we are!

Bob, coffee?


Bob, tea.

No tea.


There we are.




To all those who are lonely.



I loved you once

it may be that love
has not completely died in my soul

but let it not trouble you any more
I don't wish that in any way

I loved you silently, hopelessly
tormented by diffidence or jealousy

I loved you so truly, so tenderly
as God may let you be loved by another


He only speaks Russian.
I can't understand him.


I don't actually know him.

You must be mad.

You can talk out loud.
He can't understand.

Why don't you throw him out?
-Where to?

He has nowhere to go.

I know a Russian...


He can translate.

He's a good friend.

I'm going to the bathroom.

The door...

What are you thinking about?

I'm only looking.

You're still so young.

Aren't you too old?

I'll tell you a story.

It's about Duska.

How I met him...


My dear comrades, dear colleagues...

Our festival "the Festival of Festivals"
is drawing to a close,

We just saw the last film
in competition.

I want to mention the films nominated
at our festival one more time.

All these films of course
deserve the first prize.

But our respected jury chose the finest
of the fine, the best of the best.

And these stunningly beautiful
artistically correct prizes...

...will be given
to their rightfull recipients.

I want to ask the wonderful actors
to come on stage...

...the ones we just saw
on the silver screen.

Please give them a hearty applause.

Ruslana Fildovna.

Victoria Rybakova.

There isn't room for everyone. Please...

What did I say?
The bus isn't made of elastic!

The shockbreakers won't take it.

If anything happens, it's your fault.
-That's just fine!

If the suspension breaks...
-Nothing'll break. Get moving.

The tires could collapse.
-No way. It'll all be fine.

What did I say? It's all fine.
-If only we were there.

No problem.

Good evening...

What's your name?

I'm a guest. A film critic.

Marie-France Perrier.

Your neum?

That's what I said. Fool.

Your neum.

You must have a name?





Bob. Duska.


What happened?

What did I tell you? All over.
-How come?

Come on, we have to push.

You should have watched the road.
-Come on out. And hurry up.

Quick. Get moving.
-Come on, help to push.

But it's a long way.

One, two, get rolling! Great.
Go on. Move it.

Go on... push. Very good. Great.

And we're in time. Fine.

Is everyone here? Come on. All ready?
-I kept notes.

Dear friends...

...and all the dear guests
and participants in the festival...

How quickly the last few days
have flown by.

Today we are together for the last time.

This is the last day we are together.

Don't worry. Don't cry.

We will meet again in a year's time...

...to decide what is the finest
of the fine, the best of the best.

Great. And so I say farewell
to the festival.

But: long live the festival.


And now I want to thank
all the dear people...

...who have helped in realising
this wonderful festival:

Deputy head of the idealogical section,
Alexander Antipov...

...head of the urban culture committee
Victor Kirilov...

There we are.

Bob, coffee.




My little mother.

His name is Duska.

Duska is a Russian.
Can you translate him?

Old mate...

Duska means darling.

He wants to know who Duska is
and why he's here.

And who are you?



Igor understands everything.

Duska says: Bob is a friend.

That's why he's here.

Ask when he's leaving.

Duska says: don't worry!

Duska won't leave. Bob not alone.

Bob, don't worry.

Duska stays as long as Bob likes.

Duska won't desert Bob.

Igor drink to friendship.

Life, just like a leaky boat at sea...

...slowly filling up.

Now we drink to today.

Today we live.

Tomorrow dead.

you bow your head

to the side of the fence

across the road

and across the broad river

is just as lonely

a tall, tall oak

I'm staying here.

Who's the sorbet for?


Bob, coffee?

There we are.