Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999) - full transcript

Five criminals get together to rob a bank in Mexico. On his way to their rendezvous point, one of them gets into an accident, and stumbles upon the Titty Twister Bar. This little detour sets up the terror that awaits the outlaws and the officers on their trail.

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Christ, it's almost midnight.

Nothing like putting
in some overtime

to save a miserable serial killer.

Alleged serial killer.



maybe one of these
days we'll actually

defend somebody who's
really innocent.

A man is innocent
until proven guilty.

Until proven guilty.

Look, you and I both
know that son of a

bitch killed 14
people in cold blood.

I just hope there's nothing
to this karma thing.

Oh, please.

Ah, come on. What the hell?

And I don't want to hear
anything about any karma.

- What's going on?
- I'm gonna find out.

I'm gonna check out
the elevator shaft.

- Yeah, okay.
- Maybe there's a way out.

Oh, Jesus.

What's happening? Are they bats?


Oh, God. Oh, God.
Somebody help me.

Please. Please. Somebody help me.

Please. Oh, God. Please.

No. No. No. No.

Ah, come on. Just when it was
getting to the good part.

Christ, not again.

Hey, take a little
breather, honey.

I lost my concentration.

Goddamn piece of crap.

Looks like the only thing
working around here is me.

- Sons of bitches.
- That's what you get...

for stealing cable, Buck.

The first full solar eclipse to be
seen locally in over 35 years...

while transporting Luther Heggs...

from the Kern County Jail to the
Huntsville State Penitentiary.

Heggs, you may remember, was
convicted for armed robbery.

An unscheduled stop was made
at a gas station rest room.

When Heggs persuaded the
deputy to remove one

of the cuffs so he could
use the toilet...

Heggs severely beat the deputy...

wrestled away the key to the
cuffs and fled the scene.

Looks like Luther
beat the dog shit...

In a moment we'll be speaking
out of that boy.

To legendary Texas
Ranger Otis Lawson.

Officer Lawson, could
we have the latest

developments concerning
Luther Heggs?

Yes. We have all available...

Hey, ain't that the
old boy who put

you away in that Lubbock bank job?

Rotten bastard.

I'd like to say that...

I will personally track
down Luther Heggs...

and drag his ass back
to the penitentiary...

where the sorry son
of a bitch belongs.

All right, asshole. Start talking.

- You got a warrant, Otis?
- Did I give you that?

Damn, Sheriff. I thought
I... Let's see, did you...

There is it. Is that
warrant enough for you? Huh?

- Forget about the warrant, Otis.
- Okay.

Thank you for cooperating.

Now, where is he?
Don't say, "Who?"

I ain't heard a peep from him.

Oh, shit. Goddamn.

Luther and me... We ain't
as tight as we once was.

Ever since I went straight. I
don't run in them circles.

Bullshit, Buck. Goddamn it.

You're a criminal. You always
were, and you always will be.

- Just like your daddy.
- No, I swear to God, Otis.

I'm selling them Swifty products.

Shut up.

- Show her the picture.
- You seen this man?

- Yes, I have.
- When and where?

About an hour ago, on the TV.

Do you think we're just wasting
our time coming over here...

like we suck farts out
of a dead chicken?

- She don't know nothing about it.
- She might not, but you sure do.

Because you and Luther
are butt-buddies...

from way back.

And sooner or later, he's
gonna contact you...

and when he does,
we'll be waiting.

Don't forget that, slick.



- Well, hey, Mama.
- Shit.

Yeah, well, listen,
Mama. I'm gonna have to

call you back a little
bit later, all right?

All right. I love you too.

Buck... your mama's dead.

- Yeah?
- You clear?

- It is now. Are you okay?
- Yeah. I've been better.

Listen up, man. That Mexican
bank deal is back on.

We got to move
double fast, though.

Are you sure the
money's still there?

Yeah, it's still there.

Five million in

gringo drug money.

Round up a crew and meet
me at that El Coyote

Motel across the
border tomorrow night.

All right, Luther.

Shit. I got to get
out of here, man.

I'll be in around 7:30, run the
whole thing down to everybody.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...

the champion of champions...

Roddy Pugh.

All right. Yeah.

Hang on, cowboy, I'm coming.
Come here, bull. Come to me.

Come to me, baby. Come here.

Watch out for that there bull.

Come on. Better run, better run.

There goes Widow Maker.

Howdy, C.W.

Did you see it?


I reckon I've lost a step.

I reckon.

So how the hell are things, C.W?

Well, I fractured my ass bone...

Fay left me...

I'm three months
behind on my note...

and I had to hock my
horse and trailer.

Goddamn, man. If your dog was
dead, we'd have us a country song.

Scooter got hit by a car
and killed last month.

Jesus, C.W., I'm sorry.
I was just joking, man.

Oh, hell, Buck. You know me and
good luck was always strangers.

So what's the pitch?

I'm guessing you didn't come here
to scout my clowning skills.

Nah, there's no
clowning involved here.

Luther's got a deal going.
Looks like a good one.

We need you to open the box.

Is my end more than
a hundred thou?

Way more.

Jesus, it's Buck. Don't shoot,
you paranoid son of a bitch.

Didn't you see the signs?

The only thing I got to beware of
is your crazy ass. Got a beer?

- Jaws is looking pretty strong.
- Jaws is dead.

I lost him in a
fight a while back.

This is Jaws 2.

I got him on the juice.

You're pumping steroids
into a pooch? Damn, Jesus.

That's immoral.

Hey, it ain't the
fucking Olympics,

Buck. I mean, this
is dog fighting.

He's got a big match coming up.

Hey, go, Jaws, go.

I got a deal you might
want to get in on.

Who's setting up the deal?

- Luther.
- Besides you and Luther...

who else is on the crew?

C.W. Niles and Ray Bob.

Ray Bob? He's an idiot.

I don't work with idiots.
They get you killed.

Yeah, well, you don't
pick the crew, I do.

And I say he's in. You
don't like it, fuck you.

What would my end be?

Figure 600 grand, give or take.

- How's that Lincoln running?
- Like a burnt dead dog.

Good boy. That's a good boy.

Go, Jaws. Go. Yeah,
that's a good boy.

Bucky. What the hell.

What do you want to sneak up on
me like that for, huh, Bucky?

That's some tight-ass security
you got going here, Ray Bob.

I thought you was the
damn supervisor.

Oh, hell, Bucky.

There ain't nothing
here to guard anyway.

- So what's up?
- A job's what's up.

Set us up for a good long time.

Yeah? I don't know, Bucky.

I mean, Alma's got me on
such a short leash and all.

Knock it off...

you pussy-whipped son of a bitch.

I'm going out on the
line for you here.

You ain't exactly
everybody's first choice.


When-When's this
supposed to happen?

- We hit the road tomorrow.
- Going to Mexico.

- What am I gonna tell Alma?
- I don't care what you tell her.

You just pack a
bag, bring your .45

and be ready to roll at high noon.

Get some sleep.

- Twice a day.
- Si, senor.

Hey, Buck, C.W. Nice ride, Jesus.

Well, I had to tell her something.

Ray Bob, we don't need this shit.


El Coyote? What's that
mean in American, Jesus?

The coyote.

- It ideal.
- Come in with me, Jesus.

Just in case I got
to talk Mexican.

C.W., take the car down to number
seven, start unloading the gear.

Howdy. You speak English, lady?

English, Spanish and a
little bit of Japanese.

We need a room.
Number seven will do.

Hey, baby.

El fucko?

Sweet Jesus.

Come on, Jesus.

Now ain't the time.

Let's get this crap inside quick.

Yowza, boss.

This movie is very low quality.

Don't look that bad to me.

- There's no story.
- It's a fuck movie.

I don't watch a fuck
movie for the story.

I watch a fuck movie
to see fucking.

I got to side with
Jesus on this one.

I personally appreciate an
attempt at telling a story.

When I care more about
the characters,

I care more about the fucking.

Now, my main complaint
about this movie here...

is we've been watching it for
something like a half hour,

and there ain't
been no ass fucking.

Fuck me running.

This is my kind of place.



Give me a shot of tequila, man.

Here you go.

Goddamn, man.

Give me a... shot of
whiskey or something.

Say, what would be the odds
of getting a cab out here?

Odds of getting a cab
are about zero to none.

- No cabs come out here.
- Shit.

- You got car trouble?
- Yeah. Weirdest thing, man.

I hit a fucking bat.

Messed up my vehicle real good.

Hell, you say. Where you headed?

- That El Coyote Motel.
- I get off in about half hour.

Would you like a lift?

- Yep?
- Hey, Buck. Broke down, man.

Luther, we were starting
to worry about you, boy.

- Want us to come and get you?
- No, you all stay put.

This old boy here is
gonna give me a lift.

Mighty decent of you,
man. I appreciate it.

No problem.

What kind of bat did you hit?

I don't know, man. A
fucking bat. A big one.

You know, there's many
varieties of bats.


I didn't know that.

Damn thing scared the
shit out of me, though.

I pumped a bullet in the bastard.

Aren't we going the wrong
direction here, man?

Is that your jeep?


Look, I'm kind of in a hurry
here. You know what I mean?

Just take a second. Come on.

You said you hit a big, old
fucking bat. Where is it?

Well, man, I imagine it
crawled off somewhere to die.

I don't see no point
in all of this.

Oh, there's a point, all right.




How bad is it?

I don't think I'm gonna make it.

Damn, man. You need to get
to a hospital, quick like.

Is this him?

Yeah, that's him.

What the fuck you
talking about, man?

I ain't never seen
this guy in my life.

I think this belongs to you.



Oh, God.

Come on, fucking bat.

Come on. Look out for the gun.



Boy, I'd sure like to do me...

one of them porno star bitches.

I did me one of them
porno star bitches once.

She had a small part in
Splendour in the Ass 2.

- You ever see that?
- No, I never saw it.

But I'd sure go rent
it. Which one is she?

She's in the scene where Wendy
West goes to the dentist.

There's this black
female dentist...

and a red-haired dentist's helper.

I hammered the redhead.

What happened at the dentist's?

They all fuck each other. What do
you think? It's a porno movie.

I know this Mexican guy, Carlos.

He found out his sister
was doing porno in L.A.

So he waited till she was
doing another porno film...

and he went down to the set...

with a shotgun.

And he went completely crazy.


He shot the director.

He shot the cameraman.

No. No.

He shot the guy who
was drilling her.

And then...

he even shot the guy...

who brings the doughnuts.


Man, this is just so cool, guys.

I mean, I'm getting to do a
big job with all my buddies.

- I mean, this is so great.
- Hey, Ray Bob.

Do you know who was
asking about you?

- No, who?
- No one.

Get off his ass, Jesus.

I ain't on his ass yet.

I ain't gonna have internal
squabbling on this deal.

- Where the hell you going?
- For a walk.

Yeah, well, don't stray too
far. Luther's due any time.

I bet you my ass he's going over
to that little senorita's room...

to get his dick wet.

Kind of figured Luther'd
be here by now.


What are you doing here?

I just dropped in
for a quick bite.

What the fuck.

Take that, bitch.

No. No. No. No.

- Who is it?
- It's room service.

Open up, you idiots.

Look who I found.

Hot damn, Luther.

I ain't seen you in a coon's age.


God Almighty, Luther. We thought
you was never even gonna show up.

I got dropped off up the
road a piece there.

Hoofed it the last mile or so.

Damn, Jesus.

That little split tail
drain the life out of you?

You look like a damn ghost.

She sucked me dry.


Hey, Luther.

I just wanted to say
I appreciate you

bringing me on this job and all.

All right, girls. Gather around.

The bank's in Bravos, right
here near the border.

When you planning on
pulling this thing off?

We'll be going on this
little expedition tonight.


God dog, you got to be kidding me.

We got to work things out.

Case the joint, shit like that.

Yeah, Luther, I never knowed you
to go into a deal half-cocked.

We're gonna do this
thing my way...

which means we're
gonna do it tonight.

Or all of you are gonna
walk away with nothing.

Are you homos in or are you out?

I'm in.

Well, I sure as hell ain't walking
away from 600 grand and change.

What's the big hurry, Luther?

What the hell are you? Cinderella?

For one thing, that motel
clerk got a good look at me.

I think she might have made me.

Well, now, you might ought to
have mentioned that to me before.

Well, I'll fill you in
on a need-to-know basis.

Well, I need to know everything.

All right then.

From now on, Buck, I'll
tell you everything.

- Fair enough?
- Yeah.

Are you in or not?

I reckon I'm in.

All right then.

Let's head them up
and move them out.

What the hell we
need this stuff for?

I think it looks cool.

Just a precaution.

Looks like a goddamn bloodbath.

You trying to be funny?

No, sir.

Why don't you go on
outside and get some air?


What's his problem?

My boy's suffering from
some serious hurt.

Them Gecko brothers
killed his daddy.

You remember old
McGraw, don't you?


Sons of bitches shot old
Earl dead in the head.

What the hell you
figure happened here?

God only knows, and
He ain't talking.

Jesus, when you guys
are done unloading...

pull the car out in front
of the bank there.

In just a minute...

I'm gonna open this here door.

How the hell are
you gonna do that?

I done told you.

I got this thing all
worked out, man.

God Almighty, Luther.

You'd think somebody had done and

gone give you the
keys to the place.

What did you have to
kill the guard for?

It was him or me, Buck.

What about the other alarms?

There are a couple of motion
detectors back here by the safe.

You guys won't have
to worry about that.

C.W., crack this box.

Jesus Christ.

All right, C.W.

Do your magic. Don't touch
nothing you don't have to.

What's wrong, Luth?

A little asthma attack.
That's all. Let's go.


So far, so good, huh, Bucky?

I don't think so, Ray Bob.

We got us a dead guard here.

When them Mexicans
catch us, they're

gonna fry our asses
or hang us... one.

Oh, man.

You're a goddamn artist, C.W.

It's an honour just
watching you work.

Just let me know when you
need the lubricating oil.

What are you trying
to do, cornhole me?

Back off a little
bit, Luther. Give

me a little room to work here.

And get this goddamn
thing out of the way.

Luther, you all right?

Asthma, my ass.

I vote we get out of here while
we've still got a chance.

- Cops are on the way.
- Let's get out of here.

Damn it. All right, time
is still on our side.

Now, all those cops can do is
slow us down a little bit.

"Slow us down"? Hell,
they'll kill our asses.

We ain't going anywhere.

C.W. has almost got
this thing licked

now. You just settle
your ass down.

What are you, retarded?
Let's get out of here.

Back off, man.

We're about to be millionaires.

We're gonna be dead
millionaires, we don't move it.

Get out of here if you
want to. I don't care.

Just leave more for us.

Come on, Ray Bob, let's
get the hell out of here.

- What about the money, Bucky?
- It's over, Ray Bob.

There ain't gonna be no
money. Now, let's go.

You coming with us?

I'll take my chances.

Well, you're as crazy as they are.

What do we do now, Bucky?


- Man, they're everywhere.
- Shit.

- They're shooting at us, Buck.
- Get back inside.

You said we was gonna
make it, Bucky.

Shut up, Ray Bob.

Hey, I was just starting
to miss you guys.

Listen up, you idiots.

Get out of there and come
out with your hands up...

and we will not kill you.

I give you my word.

Take your time and think it over.

You've got two minutes.

Ah, Jesus Christ.

Oh, God Almighty.

I don't know how many
of them are in there...

but your boy, Buck,
is one of them.

Well, I'll tell you
one thing, Chief.

You work pretty damn fast.

Hey, baby. I thought I told
you never to call me at work.

This is Lawson here.

Otis. Hey, how's
your wife tasting?

None of your business,
you son of a bitch.

First off, who the hell are you,
and is Luther Heggs in there?

I'm Jesus, and, yeah,
Luther's here.

And Buck Bowers, who
you know intimately.

Then, goddamn it, put Buck on.

You stupid bastard.

You're lucky I ain't done
put a bullet in your head.


Well, you cornholed the
pooch this time, boy.

Oh, I'd have to agree with
you on that one, Otis.

There is a bank guard
in there by the

name of Reuben Salto Guitierrez.

We want to speak to him.

You got a bank guard
in there by the

name of Reuben "Salsa

How the hell you pronounce
it? Put him on the phone.

I want to speak to him.

Well, he's still alive, isn't he?

Sure, he's fine.

Well, then put him on the phone.

Give me a minute.

Jesus... tell him
everything's okay in Mexican.

There you go. Told you he's okay.

Now, listen up, Buck.
Let the guard go.

You guys come out with
your hands up high...

and we promise that we
ain't gonna kill you.

Well, now, Otis, I think I'm gonna
have to pass on that offer.

What about this: We
take the guard with us.

You give us a ten-minute head
start, and then we'll let him go.

Ain't gonna happen, Bucko.

Come on, Otis. Work with me here.

Now, the way I figure...


What the hell are you doing, man?

That was our last
chance to make a deal.

There ain't gonna be no deals.

Besides, I'm tired of
listening to your chatter.

My pit ain't the only
one on the juice.

Come on, guys. Hey, we
ain't got to fight, man.

Yeah. End of the line, assholes.

Goddamn it.

That's got it.

You the man, C.W. You the man.

Good God, Gerty. What a gorge.

We're right on schedule, buddy.

Got a half hour before sunrise.

It's the fattest
one I ever cracked.

I'll take care of that.
Get one of the guys

back here and bag up
the rest of this cash.

What in God's name is
going on up there?

Get out of there. Get out
of there now, damn it.

What the hell was that all about?

God Almighty.

I think we're gonna have to make
a radical move here, Ray Bob.

Now, I know this sounds
totally insane...

but I think Luther,
C.W. and Jesus...


Hey, look, if I don't go
take a leak right now...

I'm gonna piss in my pants.

Sal, can you see anything
on top of that bank?

I can't see anything up
there. Tear gas everywhere.

Sal? Come in, Sal.



Ray Bob, give me a hand
loading this green stuff.


God Almighty.

Where did Luther get off to?

He's in the can.

Let's get this stuff loaded.

Let's get moving. Cutting
it pretty close.

All right, you assholes.

Get back here and give us a
hand loading this cash up.

Hell, yeah.

Jesus, I do believe
you're the greediest

son of a bitch I ever knowed.

Where's Buck at?

- Breathing down your neck.
- Take it back, Jesus.

You're the second greediest
son of a bitch I ever knowed.

It's not about the money,
you stupid bastard.

Ray Bob, get over here.
You get away from them.

Don't you cocksuckers
move a muscle.

I want you to drop your
guns on the floor,

and I want you to
kick them towards me.

Oh, Bucky, what are you doing?

They're vampires, Ray
Bob. I know that

sounds fucked-up, but
that's what they are.

And we're getting the hell
out of here, Ray Bob.

Even going to the pen's
better than getting

killed by one of
these bloodsuckers.

Buck, you paranoid son of a bitch.

Now, Ray Bob, even
you, dumb fuck that

you are, ain't buying
into this, right?

Ray Bob, I wouldn't
be willing to go out

there, if I didn't know
what was in here...

- Getting to you, boys.
- Get in there.








The doors.

I never thought I'd be
happy to see you bastards.

Do me a favour.

Take that knife out of my leg.

Hold it. You got to listen to me.

You don't know what you're
dealing with in there.

Get this piece of
shit out of my sight.

Otis, listen to me.

No, you listen to me. You had your
chance to talk, and you blew it.

Now, goddamn it, the game's
over. Get him in there.

I guarantee you it ain't
over. Otis, it ain't over.

Otis, listen to me. Otis.

Otis, you got to
listen to me. Otis.

- Let's do it.
- Otis.

You don't know what
it is in there.


You don't know what's in there.

Goddamn it, Otis. Now
will you listen to me?

Let me out of the fucking
car, you asshole.

Ah, shit. We're toast.

Otis, you got the sun.

What are you waiting on, man?
Go in there and kill them.

I'm not sending any
more men in there to

get slaughtered until
I figure out...

what the hell it is we're
dealing with here.

Oh, you got to be
fucking kidding me.

Oh, shit.

Come here, you sexy bitch.

You son of a bitch. What
the hell's going on here?

They're making happy
meals out of our ass.

They're goddamn vampires, Otis.

All right, suppose they are.
What can we do about it?

I think I know a way
we can take them out.

Tell me.

You got to uncuff me first.

Well, you tell me, and
we'll take them out.

Get these cuffs off me now.

- Fuck you. Come on, kid.
- Otis.

Fuck you.

You take these cuffs off me, Otis.

Otis. Get these cuffs off me.


All right, let's hear it.
And this better be good.

You ain't hearing nothing until
you get these cuffs off me.

Looks like it's just
about over, Otis.

Looks like you might
be right, Luther.

Take that, you cocksucker.

We'll take care of these pussies.

Get the car loaded up.

I was just getting the car ready.

If you weren't already
dead, I'd kill your ass.

That's for the kid.

Time to come with us, Buck.

- The bite ain't that bad.
- Bite my ass.

This is no time for
long goodbyes, asshole.


Oh, man.

- Boo.
- Shit.


Fuck, your luck's
done run out, Luther.

Let's get the hell out of here
while we still got some dark left.

You just don't ever give up,
do you, Bucky? I admire that.

Couldn't just go along
with the program, could you?

You had to be a hero.

Had to play the old,
tough cowboy, huh?

You had to fuck
everything up, didn't you?

What's wrong, tough guy?

Happy trails.

- How you feeling now, Bucky?
- Fuck.


You about gave me a
heart attack, Otis.


Nice shades.

We're the goddamn fearless
vampire killers, ain't we, Otis?

Yeah, too bad there ain't much
call for that kind of work.

Yeah, I don't imagine.

Tell me something, Buck.

What in the hell are vampires
doing robbing a bank?

You got me.

I suppose vampires need money
just like anybody else.

I guess.

Nope. Gave them up.

Use one of those patches?

- No. Cold turkey.
- Goddamn.

- You ever miss them?
- Aw...

every once in a while.

After a good, hot cup of coffee...

after a good meal and...
a good, hard fuck...

but... not too often.

Well, I think I might have
to make a run for it, Otis.

I ain't never done too good
locked up in one of them cages.

Spent too much of my
life like that already.

Well, I suppose I ought
to try and stop you.

I don't think you're in
no shape to stop nobody.

I don't imagine
you're gonna make it.

Maybe. Maybe not