Dushman (1998) - full transcript

A woman goes on a hunt to find her twin sister's rapist and murderer.

[cycle chain whirring]

[footstep approaching]

[everyone singing]

Won't you come along now, how long will
you dance holding your daughter's arm?



John, Hurry up! Everybody
must be expecting us at the party.

Come on fast!

Your momma is jealous.

Neither she knows how to dance
nor she let us dance!

Come on.

[she laughs]

-Bye, dear.
-Bye, darling.

Bye, dear.

-Eat soon and go to bed early!
-Take care.


-Oh, Come on.
-Come on, let's go.

Bye, mom. Bye, dad.

Bye, dear.

Who is it?


No... Help! Save me dad.

[door opening]

Shivaji said...

My soul's story

To fulfill

What say, Gokul?

You've had your fill today, haven't you!

Still, you not feeling good?

One should be happy
with whatever one gets.

Nothing is possible
till the Lord doesn't will it.

Today's quota is over.

Now what about tomorrow?

Why do you worry?


The One, who has given the mouth,
will provide the food, too.

Supper must be around somewhere.

He takes the problems of needy

The problems of his devotee

And takes them away

Hail of the lord

You are my moon

You are my sun

You are the light of my eyes.

Good morning.


I won't give it. I won't give it.
I won't give it.

Oh, diya, Give me the photographs.
Diya, give me the photographs.

I won't give it. I won't give it.
I won't give it.

Come on, diya, give me the photographs!

-Oh my God.

Mom, Mom,
look what I got from the bag of Soniya!

Her boyfriend's photo!

Stupid, idiot. Mom, tell her
if she even comes anywhere near my room,

I will break your bloody legs. Idiot.

Soniya. Diya, come on, sit down!

It's 07:20.
You're getting late for your school.

Stupid fool.


What kids are they!


Yes, Mother.


Yes, Mother.

If I'll ask Sonia,
she will create a scene.

You are my good child!


Kabir, is he a nice boy!

What do you mean, mom?
Of course, he's a nice boy.


she must be telling you all her feelings.


Sonia is serious about him or not?

Yes, otherwise why would she keep
his photograph under her pillow?

You know, now I will have to deal
with all these things myself.

If your father had been living,
it would've been a different matter.

But now I have to take care
of everything, haven't I?

Why doesn't Kabir
ever discuss about marriage proposal?

And what are you doing there?

Go and finish the breakfast.

Oh, Mom! Relax, mom.

He will talk about marriage.

Definitely he will.

He will...he will!
I have been heard it lot of times.

After all, what does he intend?

His intentions are noble, Mom.

But to discuss it with Sonia
is not that easy!

But if he's ready
to marry this overbearing girl

then why should he be scared
about discussing it?

Mom, yes, but...

You see...

Ask him to close his eyes
and tell it to her.

Thereafter we will see whatever happens.

He will speak, Mom. He will speak soon.

In fact, he leaves home everyday
by thinking that...

whatever it will be,
he will surely speak to her today.

But the moment
he comes in front of Sonia...

don't know why...

he gets scared.

[music playing]

Sonia, I...


Sonia will you...

Go ahead, sir.

Yes, yes.

Sir, you can ask for her hand!

Yes sir, you can do it.
Yes sir, you can do it.

You must go, sir.

Ask her for it!

-Do it, do it, do it.
-Stop it, man.

They meant to say...

that why you don't ask
for Miss Sonia's hand.

Ask her for it.

No, I can't ask. I can't say that to her.
I can't say that to her, dear!

If I cannot talk about my marriage
before her younger sister

then how will I talk that
in front of that atom bomb?

Oh my God.

So this is what you've taught Kabir
in all the days?

And you are supposed
to be a great dialogue writer?

Sonia, I want to drown myself
like a frog in the well of your heart.

You write such dialogues?

And you,

my God, you suppose
to be a great acting teacher!

And You a music teacher...
and you a dancing teacher!

All of you together
couldn't teach Kabir six simple words?

'I want to marry you.'

Sir, the thing is...

Get lost from here.

Get lost from here.

If you are seen here again,
I'll send you all to jail.

Get out from here.

-Sir, listen to me once... Sir.

Get out from here.


I don't know much about love.

But I know my sister Sonia very well.

And you don't have to take tuitions

about how to talk to her.

Tell her your feelings
in your own natural style.

Because what comes out of the heart
makes a direct impact.


[music playing]

The Book,

all the best.


Sister, Sister, Sister, Sister.




Come here.

What is it?

Kabir has sent it for you.

Has he gone mad?

Does he not know
that I don't like flowers at all?

Hmm, you know that.

Now just see...the flowers
will wither within two minutes, stupid.

-What is it now?

Kabir has sent it.

Oh my God,

he has gone totally berserk today.

He knows I don't like reading.

I don't know why does he do it?

Sister, please sister, please read it,
for my sake. I love you, hmm.


Hold it.

Open page number 42.

And then the Emperor mustered courage
and told Husn Bano,

'Give your consent
for marriage at least now, darling!'


Sonia, the reply that Husn Bano
gave to the Emperor

is found in the eighth book on the sixth
rack in the fourth row of the library.

If your reply is the same,

place this flower on page number 16.


What's this nonsense? Where's Kabir?

Up in the library.

I will have to bring
that Emperor to his senses.



I will die.

You? What are you doing here?

You didn't go up there?

It's nice that I didn't go.

I don't want to make a fun of myself
by being beaten up by a girl

in the college in broad daylight.

Didn't you see how she went upstairs
like a charged engine?

Kabir, nobody else knows
Sonia better than I do.

After all, both of us
had been born together.

And whenever
she screams loudly,

she means 'yes'.

Just see...in exactly 2 minutes
and 25 seconds her temper will cool down.

And in the 25th second
you will appear before her.

And in the 27th second,
your love story will be complete.

Come on, go now please!

Believe me, go.

And don't spare Sonia today.

Don't let her go home till she says yes.

I am following them
since yesterday with this.

I will deliver it tonight itself.

-[doorbell ringing]



Press it a little bit.

I will get another pen.

What happened, Naina? Who is it?

It is a telegram of Jaya Aunty.

She has wished happy birthday to Diya.

I see...


Pintu, your stuff is useless.

-Don't say anything about my stuff.
-It's not fun.

What's this?

It has no appeal. I thought it's your's...
My stuff is the best.

Try it and see for yourself.

Naina, Sonia,

Naina, Sonia,

Naina, Sonia,

Naina, Sonia,

Naina, Sonia,


[clock clicks]

Whatever I get is good enough.

Ah, ah.


Where were you, Sister?


Oh my God. Really?


You mean that Kabir...

-Of course.

Not now, not now.

Kabir will himself speak to her
on Diya's birthday party.

I've told him clearly
that I am not going to cook food. Yes.

And after marriage,
I won't be able to do any household work.

I want the cook, cleaner, driver...
all at my disposal.

And along with the driver,
if I get some cars too...

you know, I mean...

Opel Astro, Opel Astro Mercedes,
Pajero etc. etc.


What happened?

Nothing, Sister.

It's just that I am not
used to living without you.

Do you think
that I will be able to live without you?

Moreover, I am not going
to some other country.

I will be here only.

Just see...even after marriage,
I'll be here all day long.

With you.

And if he wants to find me, he will
come after me, I won't go after him.

Mumma, Naina, Diya and...


Call my name

Call my name

I'm lost

When I got up

When I fall asleep

I will die

If got separated from you

Call my name

I'm lost

When I got up

When I fall asleep

I will die

If got separated from you

Call my name

I'm lost

I started loving you

Started loving you

I started loving my life

Started loving my life

I was not scared of dying

Now I am getting scared

Call my name

I'm lost

When I got up

When I fall asleep

I will die

If got separated from you

Call my name

I'm lost

Happy birthday.

Stay in front of me

Don’t go

I have to say something to you

Don’t go

The weather of love

Will never return

Call my name

I'm lost

When I got up

When I fall asleep

I will die

If got separated from you

[car horn blaring]

What's happening?


Hello, my friend, what happened?
What happened?

[phone ringing]

-Where are you?

Sister, I'm caught in a traffic jam.
Is the cake ready?

Yes, madam, a grand cake is ready.

How does it taste?

How do I know? I haven't tasted it.

Then taste it.
Take a little from the side.

Shall I?

Yes. Hurry up.

What's the hurry?

Sister, hurry up, please.

I have been wonderful, Naina.

I am unable to believe
that I've made this cake!

You don't have to be shocked!

You don't know my sister.

Whenever she does
something whole heartedly,

nobody in the world
can stand in her comparison.

Thank you,

but shall I tell you a secret?


Sometimes I imagine
the craziest of things.

That I am in Kabir's home.

I am cooking food for him.

Oh my God.

Really, Sister?

And I was happy, Naina.

I was happy at home.

I mean, can you believe it?

Sister! I will tell it to Kabir.

Naina, don’t you dare. I will kill you.

Just a minute, okay,
there's somebody at the door.




I am coming, Sister. I am coming.

Do you have a phone?

-A mobile phone?
-No, no.

Somebody help me, please!


Please help me.

Do you have a phone? Do you have a phone?

I have to call the police, the police.



Please, please don’t, please, please,

please, please, please,

please somebody help me, please.

-Do you have a phone?
-Yes, yes.

Please call the police, it's an emergency,
someone is beating my sister ruthlessly.

Tank Road, Juhu.
Ask them to come immediately.

Tank Road, Juhu.

Somebody help me, please!

Sister, I am coming, sister.

The police is coming, sister.

[Sonia screaming]



Who's this?

Who's this?

[music playing]

[siren blaring]

Yes, sir, inspector Dubey
has arrived here.

He is making inquiries regarding
the girl's murder. Yes, sir, okay, sir.

Send these body pieces to the lab.
I want a report by this evening.

Okay, sir, I will send it right now.

And as I will get the report...

[car door opening]

Naina, what happened, dear?

All these people... What happened?


Excuse me, where are you going?


Excuse me, madam, nobody can enter inside.

This is my home.



Mom, Mom, look what has happened to Sonia?

Blood is oozing out. Call the doctor.

Has any of you called an ambulance or not?

What are you looking at my face?
Someone call the ambulance.

Where is the ACP? This time only...Mother!

Mom, what happened, Mother?

Somebody...call the doctor!
Call the doctor.

Is it? Sunanda, Gokul has come.

-Hello, Mary.


All right, Sunanda, all right, Gokul,
I'm leaving. Okay bye.


You're gossiping here merrily

and I was waiting for you outside
your quarters since the past one hour.

-Give me the keys.
-Hey! What happened to you?

Nothing. There was a scuffle.

At the Post office. Give me the keys.

When will you come?

It'll take another couple of hours.

There's an operation
and then the doctor has...

All right. All right, I'm going to sleep.
Come whenever you feel like.

What are you doing, Gokul?

I am searching for medicine.

How did you come so soon?

I have brought medicine for you.

I sent Mary to the operation theatre.

Why did you take out this scissor, Gokul?

To kill you!

How many times
have I told you to keep your mind cool?

You used to break into fights
and then I have to face the consequences.

You're behaving as if I am your husband.

Huh? Huh?

If not yet, you will soon be my husband.

Is it? Is it?

You are behaving as if I am your wife.

If not yet, you will soon be mine.

[siren blaring]

Dubey, I've spoken to the Medical officer.

As soon as the ambulance arrives,
send the body for post-mortem.

Inform me as soon
as the finger-print report arrives.


Sir, she's Sonia Shegal's sister.

She's sitting outside the home
since evening.

She's not ready to go inside the home.

I am the ACP Santosh Singh Waalia.

I regret it, Naina.

Come inside.

This time your mother and your younger
sister need you desperately.

Sonia, my sister,
is going to call me again.

The line was disconnected
while I was speaking to her.

She will call me again... yes!

I am coming to you

My Lord

Bless with your blessing Lord

It's will not be painful anymore

The Lord takes care of us

All daylong

His name gives us blessing

Without him no one's gonna live

Keep the life happy my Lord

Take all the pain

By the grace of Gurunanak

The Lord will be graceful

By the grace of Gurunanak

The Lord will be graceful



[dog barking]

Hey, Gokul, listen Gokul!

I am speaking from the nursing
quarters of the hospital, Sir.

The dogs reached here
sniffing the murderer.

I believe that we would have
surely arrested him.

But the scoundrel escaped.
But, Sir, he did come here.

We will surely arrest him sooner or later.

All right, Dubey.

[music playing]

No letters or any news

No letters or any news

Who knows where you've gone

Where you've gone

No letters or any news

Who knows where you've gone

Where you've gone

No letters or any news

Who knows where you've gone

Where you've gone

Where you've gone

Breaking this heart

Who knows where you've gone

Where you've gone

Now thorns of your memories

Are hurting in my heart

This pain doesn't rest

And these tears don't stop

My love is searching you

How should I say it

Where have u gone?

You have one sigh

And we never heard it

You might have called us

When u went

All the time this is sadness

Where were we

Where you've gone

No letters or any news

Who knows where you've gone

Where you've gone

Where you've gone

Breaking this heart

Where have you gone

Where have you gone

Where have you gone

Where have you gone

Where have you gone

Mom, aunty, aunty look at Vicky,
he's pulling my hair.

Mom, I wonder
where she has hidden my water-bottle.

I haven't done anything, Aunty.
Vicky is lying.

Vicky, Leave Diya
and come here and eat food.

Look, Naina, I am your Aunty.

Whatever I suggest
will be in your interest.

I still repeat. Come to Nainital with us.

You'll feel lighter.

What does this girl want, Purnima?

Forget Sonia!

Look, Naina,
we women can do nothing alone.

Nobody will support us.

Sonia's news will appear on the cover
page, and then on the second page,

and then from second to fourth
and then it will vanish within no time.

We can do nothing more than bear with it.

It's in the goodness of all of us
to forget Sonia.

How can you people even talk
about forgetting Sonia?

Till now, we haven't even know
who is her killer?

We don't want to find out
about the killer or anything.

That's the job of the police.
Let the police do it.

Sonia has died, Naina.

We have nothing to do with her killer.

The man who raped your daughter,

the man who killed
your daughter ruthlessly,

you've nothing to do with him?


No...I've nothing do with him.

Who he is? What he does?

Who else will he chase and rape?

It makes no difference to me.

I value your life much more.

I cannot lose you, Naina!


Do you understand?


Naina, Naina.


[phone ringing]


Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?

The truth.


this city has a face and a soul.

The face is very beautiful.

And the soul is very frightening.

Do you see these files?

It contains information
about cases which would terrify you.

Actually the truth is...
we cops too are as helpless as you are.

The only difference
is that we cannot admit our helplessness.

We deeply regret that
we haven't been able to find the killer.


But I promise that
the efforts won't be stopped.

Inspector Dubey has just returned
from Damodar Hospital.

If at all, we will find
some clue from there.


Mary, come here,

where is Sunanda?

Sunanda? She's upstairs.

Get lost.


You pretend that you love me, do you?

-[Sunanda screams]

But when I ask for a loan
of 500 rupees loan

-from my future wife what am I told?
-What? What?

-What am I told?

-That you don't have money?
-Please, no.

That you even drink tea
just once in a whole day, Gokul!

Please, no, no.

Then does Lord Rama provide you money

from heaven to make ornaments?

No! No!

How many ornaments have you made?

None. Who told you?

The jeweller has told me everything.
Now will you tell me or...

I will tell you.

I've made nothing.

I've made just this Mangalsutra necklace.
Be careful, it will break.

Are you mad?
Will I damage such an expensive item?

In fact, I will sell it off.

No, Gokul! You had promised me
that you would marry me!

Gokul, no.

Marriage? With a liar
and a deceitful woman like you? Get off.

Give me back my necklace, Gokul!
Give me back my necklace.

I am saying leave me.

[Sunanda screams]

You don't realise
who you are dealing with.

I have fixed several girls like you.

You are fortunate
that you haven't died as yet.

If you don't mend your ways,

you will face the same fate as the others.

[Sunanda grunts]




Where were you, Naina?

He has been arrested, Mom.


He has been arrested.

Yes, he has been arrested, Mother.

-What I have done?
-Come I will tell you now.

-Sir, sir.
-Hey, get off.

Sir, I was only delivering letters.

You've delivered
as many letters as you could.

-Now I will deliver the truth about you...

-..your letter.

Sir, sir.


The never-ending flow of life

which has been flowing since eternity.

It's the base of every religion
to protect it, to respect it.

Our world, our society functions
on the basis of this very principle.

on the basis of this very principle.

Sonia Sehgal,

who's passion
was to laugh, to smile, to live.

She was aged just 18 years, 6 months
and 3 days

when she was killed.

On 19th February
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon

the criminal entered
this innocent girl's house

and he beat her, raped her

and murdered her brutally
by crushing her head.

Even the police admitted

that when they entered
the house the scene was so grisly

that no body should
have to see such a sight.

Just imagine

what the mother would've experienced

when she must've cleaned the floors
meared with her daughter's blood,

when she must've held various parts
of her mangled body in her hands.

I am ashamed of calling myself
a human being.

If a human being can commit such an act.

Then on what basis do we claim that
we are nature's most superior creation?

That we are superior
than ants and other insects?

If the law would've permitted me

I would've asked for only one punishment
for this bestial human.

That he should be half-buried
under the ground on a public road

and stoned till the point
when he breathes his last out of agony.

But the most severe punishment under
Indian penal code is hanging till death.

He should be hanged.
He should be hanged.

He should be hanged till death.

Now I will present
the key witness in this case.

Sunanda Tripathy.

Sunanda, where have you trapped me?

Order, order.

Your Honour,
this is our domestic quarrel, Sir.

I wonder how the police
is trying to take advantage out of it

What they are planning to do, sir.

Order, order.


I had slapped you in anger, didn't I?

-You too may slap me if you want to.
-Take him out.

-Break my all bones by beating.
-Order, order.

-Don't let me die, Sunanda.
-Come on, get in your place.

-Don't let me die, Sunanda.
-Come on, get in your place.

-But don't land me in a soup, Sunanda.
-I said be quiet.

-Don't let me die, Sunanda.
-Be silent in the court.

Don't let me die!

Your Honour, she wants to marry me!

I said keep quiet.

I am ready to marry this woman
in everybody's presence.

-Keep quiet this is court.
-Believe me, Sunanda!

I am ready to marry to you!
But I am not a killer.

Mr. Gokul, this is court, not your house.

I haven't done anything, your Honour.


don't let me die, Sunanda.

Mr. Gokul
I am warning you for the last time.

Believe me, Sunanda,
I haven't done anything.

-[Gokul cries]
-Madam, your witness.


you need not be afraid.

You just have to repeat in the court
what you stated to the police.

what you stated to the police.

That on the afternoon
of the 19th your old lover

came to you in a tense state.

And a short while later,

you saw him hiding
blood-stained gloves and weapon.

And seven days ago, he bashed you up

and threatened you that you would
meet the same fate

as others.

It means, Sunanda, he will kill you!

[Gokul cries]

Isn't this the truth?

[Gokul cries]

Sunanda, Tell me, isn't this the truth?

Don't be afraid, Sunanda. Sunanda,
tell me, isn't this the truth?

Sunanda, speak up!


My Gokul is not a killer.

My Gokul hasn't killed anybody.

I wonder what I blabbered to the police
under this girl's influence.

I had turned mad!
My Gokul is not a killer.

My Gokul hasn't killed anybody.

My Gokul cannot be the killer.

[Sunanda cries]

We will appeal in the High Court.

We will go to the Supreme Court!

We won't let
such a dreadful criminal out in the open.

What you should do is...


Have faith in the law, Madam.

Miss Naina, the law's reach
is tremendous.

Just see, the real criminal
will surely be caught some day.

I regret that you weren't
with your sister that day.

Otherwise I would have had double fun!


-Take it easy, sir.
-Come on, you rascal.

The court has just exonerated me.

Get off.

[Naina cries]

[Train's horn blaring]

Your beloved darling


Here it is, Gokul.

Thirty letters, one for the each day.

Neither will I be able
to write any more letters

nor can I live away from you
for more number of days.

That's enough.

These are enough.

Now I will open one of your letter
every day and read it ten times.


I wonder how I got influenced
by those people.

A man who loves me this much

why would such a man look
at any girl with evil eyes?

Gokul, I had gone mad

that I assumed you to be the killer.

How much farther is your mother's home?

We left home at five in the morning.

First in the train, then in the bus,
and now on foot.

Why? Are you tired?

How can you say that, Gokul?

Can I ever be tired in your company?

Look after yourself well
when you are away from me.

Even if you happen to touch liquor,
you will see my dead face.

Yes, I will give up my life under
the same train in which you've brought me.

Come on, let me carry this bag.
Give it to me... hand me the trunk.

You can assume that you have reached.

[Sunanda screams]

Gokul, help me!

[Sunanda screams]

Gokul, help me!

See, Miss Naina,
we cannot give you Gokul's address.

But why, inspector?

He has made an application to the court
that nobody should be given his address.

A man who spit on the face of law,
the law is defending the same person?

What will you do with his address?

Will you search him? Will you chase him?

He's a rascal! You shouldn't
involve yourself in his matter.

You belong to a decent family.

Don't involve yourself in this mess.

It's for people like us
to tackle scoundrels like him.

Let us do it.

Can you give me
a copy of the court judgement?

We want to appeal
to the High Court that's why.

Yes, I can surely give it to you.

Be seated in my cabin over there.
I will bring it right away.

All right.

Gokul Pandit, Main Post office, Andheri.

How about going for lunch, Mr. Dubey?

Carry on. I will join you.

[door opening]

Miss Naina,

here's the official report
of the court judgement.

Thank you, Mr. Dubey.

Let me know if you need anything else.

I have got what I wanted.

-Thank you.
-Your welcome.

[girl laughing]

[alarm blaring]

Father, I've to check many things
on a holiday so I get delayed!

All right, father I will take a shower
and reach in half an hour.

Okay, bye.

[birds chirping]

[fire-alarm blaring]

What happened? Who's there?





[cat meows]

[Naina groans]

[Naina grunting]


[Naina screams]

I am sorry.


I am sorry. I am sorry.
I am sorry. Please forgive me.


-Please forgive me.
-Bhim Bahadur Singh.

I'm coming!

-Yes, sir!
-Please forgive me.

-Take out the gun!

-Take out the gun!


-How dare you question me?
-Please forgive me.

Please, I...

-To shoot you dead!

Where had you been?

I had gone to buy bottle-gourds!

Is the bottle-gourds more important
or I am more important?


No, you are more important.

How many times have I told you
not to leave me alone?

People dash against me, feel embarrassed
and then ask for pardon.

If I am blind, how are they to be blamed?

Please pardon me.

I didn't know that...

It's not your fault.

It's my fault. I am sorry.

-Yes, sir.

Kick me twice when I reach home.

-Major Suraj Singh Rathod.

How could Major Suraj Singh Rathod
doze off despite being an army man!

Listen... can I walk
with you for a few steps?

Why just a few steps? You can walk
with me for a long distance too!

Thank you.

There's my bicycle!

Oh my God. The wheel has been blunted.

What should I do now?
Now Mother will surely get to know.

What are you trying to hide?

What's the matter?

Nothing. I am not hiding anything.

I'm fine. I am not hiding anything.

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

Come, I will escort you to your home.

No, I will go on my own.
Thank you, thank you.

I will go on my own.


I won't let you go alone
in this condition. Bhim.

-Yes, sir.
-Take the bicycle and come along.

[Naina sobbing]

I am sorry, I am sorry, Major.

Your nobility influenced me
to such an extent

that I told you all about my life.

Please forgive me.

Miss Naina,

the innocence with which
you disclosed your wounds to a stranger

one needs a lot of courage
to do such a thing.

You have great strength!

Just continue to battle
in this manner with your fear

and then see how life guides you

to your destination.

You are a very nice person, Major.

And I felt very nice to meet you today.

Sometimes one get
so much from certain people

that one can not even
thank the person enough.

I don't know why



Yes, sir.

Tell the Madam that asking
why is strictly prohibited here.

It's strictly prohibited!

This 'why' has always
has sled a lot of people severely.

If you question
as to why the sky is so expansive,

why is the ground
spread out under one's feet,

why this idiot Bhim is so small,

you won't get answers
for all these questions.

-Yes, sir.

-Fetch a taxi!


I have a reply for this 'why'.

Because Miss Naina will be going home now.

All right, sir.

One-fourth of this nation's earning

is spent on us army men.

Do you know why?

So that we may protect
the country and its countrymen.

And when we do that,

we get the big medals of bravery.

But we just fulfil our duty
and we get paid for it.

But by saving the girl today,

you have indeed done a commendable task.


whenever you need me,

come over to the army mess
in the evenings.

You will find me lying in some corner.

This army man would feel glad

to help a brave girl like you.

Hey, brother, proceed,
or I will continue with my blabbering!

[engine revving]

Who is it?

Why don't you speak?


What happened, Mother?

I've picked up the phone 50 times.
Nobody speaks a word.

If the phone rings again,
don't lift it at all.

And where were you all the while?

Refresh yourself and eat the meals.
Already, it's too late.

[phone ringing]


You reached home?

I remained silent
though you incited Sunanda against me.

But you didn't do the right thing
by clashing against me directly.

I lust after girls.

And just because of you today I am hungry.

I have no personal enmity
with you or your family members.

On that day I was hungry

and Sonia came in front of me
and that’s all.

But henceforth,

if you try to spoil things for me,

I will make you suffering
such a manner that...

What will you do?

What can you do?

I am not going to be scared of you.

I am not going to be scared of you.

You may call here
as many times as you wish.

But I am not going to be scared
of you. Understand?

Just continue to battle
in this manner with your fear

and then see

how life guides you to your destination.

You have great strength, Miss Naina.

You have great strength.

Do you know, Bhim, what's my dream?


That just once,

I get an opportunity
to do something great like the Major.

And the Major himself
should pat me on my back in appreciation.

Sorry, Captain,

but the Major hasn't come today
to pat your back, but to weaken your jaws.

It's not that easy.

I've been practicing
since the past 15 days.

I will surely defeat him today.

You may continue to try.

If people like you don't make attempts
how can the Major win the bets?

Here! It's ready.

Now you hit him by seeing and he will
hit by hearing the sounds.


-Oh, no.


Hit back. Hit back.

Looks like the Major will lose today.






-Get up, Major. Get up, sir.
-Major, I said Four, yes...


[anklet jingling]



-How was that, Bhim?
-Yes, Major.


Like it's said ego causes the downfall!

Now you got beaten, isn't it?

Good shot, Captain, good shot.


Good shot, good shot, good shot, Captian.

Thanks, Major.



Why are you clapping? He is cheating.

-Shut up.




It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

Everything is fair in love and war.


[anklet jingling]




eight...ten, that’s all.


Tuna tuna tuna tuna tuna tuna

Tuna tuna

Hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna

Tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

I removed all the names

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I made friendship

With wine friends, friendship with wine

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I made friendship with wine friends

Friendship with wine

When one gets over, we made second

When one gets over, we made second

When the second got over we made the third

Nowadays we started drinking

Nowadays we started drinking on this basis

Nowadays we started drinking on this basis

I made friendship

With wine friends, friendship with wine

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Pain is also a hangover
and I am totally hangover

Pain is also a hangover
and I am totally hangover

Neither with anyone nor far of anyone

Now I meet you then

Yes, now I meet you then what to say

Now I meet you then what to say

I made friendship

With wine friends, friendship with wine

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I removed all the names
from the book of this heart

I made friendship

With wine friends, friendship with wine

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna

Tuna tuna hey tuna tuna



whatever I gained from you yesterday,
I will never forget it.

Thank you very much.

My sister did so much for me for 18 years.

And yet I never thanked her even once.

By thanking you now,
I feel as if...

I feel as if I am thanking her.




You've done enough work.

Look how much you are sweating.



To your father's marriage.

That girl, Naina,

has made arrangements for your amusement.

What? What is she saying?

What is she saying, sir?

Will you believe her sir?

Sorry for the faults

but tell me one thing

that does your entire police department
work at her directions?

Hey, mind your tongue.

After all...

you are speaking before the Commissioner.

How can she say

that I killed my wife?

Sunanda is more dear to me
than my own life.

Why would I kill her?

Hey...you romeo...

Dubey, shut up, will you?

More, call that girl!

Yes, sir.

Mary, what are you doing here?

What happened?

Speak up, Mary.

Ask him what you wanted
to ask this morning? Yes.

Where is Sunanda? Gokul.

What do you mean?

She's in the village, where else?

The 3,500 rupees
that I had to return to her

that postal money-order has been returned.

Her salary too has been returned.


Gokul, where is Sunanda?

How many times shall I tell you
that he has killed her?

He feared that she would
expose his truth some day.

I beg of you, sir.

I request you not to speak
such inauspicious things about her.

Sir, she's still alive.

She's still alive, sir.

Look at her letters, sir.

Look, sir.

This letter is dated the 15th.

This letter is dated the 18th.

And this letter, she wrote on the 25th.

All these letters are fake.

No! She's still alive.

Look at this she wrote this letter
to me just day-before-yesterday.

All these letters are fake.

Leave me, leave me.

-Leave, leave me.
-You are her best friend, aren't you?

for yourself.
Isn't this Sunanda's handwriting?

Look at her writing! Now say.

Look at this!

Yes, yes, this is Sunanda's handwriting.
It means that...

It means that she is alive.

You people, don't try to trap me.

I had told you in the beginning itself
that this girl is lying.

Liar! Cheat!

This girl is lying, sir.

See, my daughter.
He had to be released this time.

ACP sir, he killed my sister.

Then he tried to do the same
with another girl.

Then he killed his wife.

Despite knowing all this,
why did you let him go away?

Try to understand, my child.

I will send Dubey
to his village today itself.

The facts will be known from there itself.

It's of no use.

He must have surely fixed things there.

I have a way
which perhaps won't fit into your law,

but it fits my law.

We will take him to his village
under the pretext of enquiry.

Then we will eliminate him
during an encounter.


I will have to speak
about this with you later.

For the time being,

take the girl to her home in my car.

All right, sir.

Thank you, ACP sir,

thank you very much.

Now I understand

that you can do nothing for me.

-My child...
-That is what you want to say, right?

Don't worry.

I won't hassle you any more.

And whatever happens,

I won't come back here again.

I won't come.

My child...

Hey, hey.

You were feeling
very euphoric today, weren't you?

I will make such a condition of yours...

Leave me, leave me.

..that even the cops
won't be able to recognise you.

Ah, ah.

Ah, ah.



Hey! The tail-light has fallen.

He doesn't have number plate also.


Sawant, drive faster!



Sawant, drive faster more fast!

[Naina screams]

Hey, stop the vehicle!

Hey, stop. Hey, stop the vehicle!

Drive faster Sawant more faster!


Stop the vehicle!

Ah, ah! Ah!

Hey, hey.

Ah, ah.

[motorcycle revving]

Ah. Gokul.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Is there someone around? Open it!

He will kill me, Major.
He won't spare me.

He wants to do the same thing
that he did with my sister.

He will kill me, Major. He won't spare me.

He will kill me, Major. He won't spare me.

He won't spare me.

He won't spare me.
He won't spare me.

Naina, nothing will happen to you.

He won't spare me.


Are you all right now, Naina?

No, I am not all right.

I am not all right.

If this is how I feel
just by the thought of rape,

how would my sister,

what would she have experienced?

I have never hated myself so much!

I feel disgusted with myself.

With my helplessness,

with my tears,

with my frail physique.

How long would this mourning continue?


Get up, refresh yourself, and go home.

And lie to your helpless mother

that you passed the night
with your girlfriend.

You are a woman,

after all you will get habituated
to bearing with suffering.

What did you say?

What did you say?

What you think of yourself?

You are making fun of me?

I hate you.

I was a fool
that I came to ask you for support.

Why do you need support?

Are you a handicapped person?

Your search for support
has made you a handicap.

You go to the court,

used to go to the police,
you used to come to me!

What do all of us have
that you don't have?

Give some direction
to the helplessness within you.

The fire that's raging in your heart,

fuel it further.

And dump your helplessness in it.

And burn

your sister's killer in it

who's also your enemy!

[music playing]

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Come on! Get up! Get up!




-Enough, major.

Come on...five more.


Enough, Major,

I'm tired.

The truth is that
you cannot undergo the hardship.

No, Major!

Yes, Naina, your enemy
will win and you will lose.

No, Major!

Yes, Naina, you will lose.

No, Major! Never!

What are you seeing, Scoundrel?

Ptoo, ptoo.

Get off.


Come, Waalia, come. Be seated.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Not me, she wanted to see you.

Suhashni Josi,

she's the Chairperson of the Koliwada
Citizens Rights Association.

Gokul Pandit stays in her area.

Waalia sir, Can I ask you

what gives you the right
to harass a poor man repeatedly?

You summon him
to the police station just like that?

After all, even a poor man
has a right to live.

He too has his respect and honour.

Look at this poor man.

He is completely shattered.

I request you not to interfere
with our work in this case.

This man is pretending.

The man that you describe
as noble and poor

is very dangerous.

Alas! If you had seen the truth behind
his face you would have been shocked.

You wouldn't have sided with him.

Does your law declare someone guilty
on the basis of evidence

or on the basis of someone's talent

of seeing behind a person's face?

I am telling you, commissioner,

if your men harass
even a single person of our locality

we will sit outside your office constantly
in protest against you.

What's happening, Waalia?

You have landed me in such a mess.

You are an intelligent person.

Henceforth, don't do anything

that I find it difficult to answer them.

How strange is this, sir!

When the police do something
these people restrict us.

And when the crime-rate rises in the city,

these very people blame the police
in loud voices.

Any way sir in future
I will follow your orders.

What are you doing?

Who are you? Why are you hitting me?

I am sorry, I am really sorry.

-Ah, ah.
-Please forgive me.

I thought that...

Who, who you think I am?

You are considering me a thief.

No, no it's not like that.

I am a bank officer. I am a bank officer.
Do you understand?

Yes, but...

How strange!
At home, I have to face my wife.

I am sorry.

Then what, major,

then I leaped out of the wall
and turned on my left elbow

and delivered a flying kick on his chest.

That was all. That person jumped
three feet above the ground and fell flat.

Poor chap!

He must be consoling himself
on his wife's lap.

But listen...
your training has only started.

Don't get over-excited.

Lights off.


Tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock.

Right Major.

Good morning, sorry I am late.





In this much time, your enemy

would've severed your body.


Beware Bhim!

If you try to help her stand up,

I will throw you outside.

Get up, madam,

just because you over powered
a man by mistake

you think you got the right
to come late by half an hour?

You thought that
you have learnt everything, is it?

Just because I have come late
by half an hour

would you kill me?

What kind of a training is this?

This is my training.

If you want to learn something from me,

you'll have to accept my ways.

I cannot train you on your terms.

What you think of yourself?

Do you think that
I can't do anything without you?

Get out.

To hell with your training

because I don't want to be insulted
in the name of training, Major.

-I said get out.
-Now I will do whatever needs to be done.

-I said get out.
-I am going.

I am going.


In this much time, the enemy
would've severed your body.




How strange you are!
You are laughing despite losing?

Naina, The pleasure in this defeat

cannot be derived even after
drinking hundred bottles of liquor.

Am I right, Major?


Hey, Major, How about some party tonight?

Yes, brother.
I have lost from my student today.

There should be a party.

Wonderful! There will be chicken today,
the celebrations begin.

[playing trumpet]

Ho, ho

Ho, ho

-Ho, ho
-Ho, ho

-Ho, ho, ho
-Ho, ho, ho


Very good.

Now tell me...what's your next request?

A tune which has silence and depth.

Silence? Depth?

[playing piano]

Let love happen

Let immersed in love

Whom are you waiting for?

Whom are you waiting for?

If it doesn’t happen now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen

Let immersed in love

Whom are you waiting for?

Whom are you waiting for?

If it doesn’t happen now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen

I won’t come in the path of love

In whichever direction the heart takes me
I’ll go in that direction

I feel some kind of peace,
it seems as if my heart is gone

If it isn’t gone now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen

Let me enter the heart
by the path of your eyes

Let some things get spoiled

And let some other things blossom

May there arise an excuse,
may a love story get written

If it doesn’t get written now,
it won’t ever happen again

Let love happen

If you delay it today or tomorrow
or for some other day

The thought will be forgotten

What we haven’t said or done till now

If we don’t do it right now,
it won’t ever happen again

-La, la, la...
-La, la, la...


for the first time today, I am feeling
that if I had eyes

I could've seen you.

Naina, you're the most beautiful girl
in the world. Aren't you?



Naina, you're different from all of them.

Aren't you?

Don't lie.

It cannot be.

You are just like I've thought you to be.

Aren't you?


You are exactly that...

exactly that...

On this earth, on this sky,

the most beautiful,

the most lovely, Naina.


No, I cannot...

I cannot ruin your life.


Don't come closer to me, Naina.

There's a lot of darkness in my life.

You will get lost.

There's a whole life ahead of life.

You are my life, Suraj.

Try to understand, Naina.

You are the most beautiful

and precious gift on this earth.

You are not meant to be with me.

Go away from here.

This relationship has no future.

My future lies in this relationship.

What's the future in this relationship?

Which future were you looking for

by offering support to a blind man?

Our future, Suraj.

Don't you love me? Huh?

I don't have answers
to these questions, Naina.

Go away from here.

[knock on the door]

Go away, Naina.

You are a coward. You are scared!

Did you hear, Major? You are scared!

You are scared of loving.
You are scared of relationships.

Because relationships
gives much pain, don't they?

Relationships make one weep, don't they?

There's pain hidden
within them, isn't there?

I said go away from here, Naina.

I am going. I am going.

But you had better hear this, Major.

Hear this It's my right to love you.

And I won't let any body
take this right of mine.

Not even you, Major.

Not even you...

I will never trouble you.

Not for any thing.

I promise.

Mother said that
those whom God loves,

God takes them to His home.

Sonia sister
why did you go away so far away?

Ask God to take me with Him.
I want to meet you.

I want to talk a lot to you.

I want to meet you.

Please call me too.

I miss...

[glass shattering]

[Naina groaning]

10 rupees for tomatoes, 10 rupees for
tomatoes, 6 rupees for potatoes, 6 rupees.

[glass shattering]

Don't you have a mother or a sister?

The woman is the mother.
The woman is the sister.

The woman is the world.

True love sprouts
out of every vein of a woman.

This woman loves her little child so much!

Just see...she's walking away
with Diya in her arms.

Don't you dare touch my sister, Gokul!

You're my darling.

Both of them love each other so much,
don't they?

Don't you dare even glance towards them!

How can you do this, Mrs Sehgal?

Does anybody let go such a lovely child?

If anything happens to her...


-Bye, mom.
-Take care.

-Bye, Bye.

-Bye, my child.

Bye, Bye.

Gokul, Listen to me...


She's gone.

The mother went away
leaving the little child alone.


Sorry, The bell is ringing.
I have to go to the class.


The birds flies

The birds sings in happiness

The birds flies

The birds sings in happiness

Diya, Diya, Diya.

She's gone!


Yes, she's gone away with her Gokul Uncle.

[children chattering]

Hayisa, Hayisa.

One, two...


[lion growling]


Where's Gokul?

He went away when he came, he was saying
that he has to repay someone's debt.

[lion growling]

[lion growling]

[elephant trumpets]

-Sweet candy.
-Thank you.

Ducks. Quack, quack.

Look there!




Sister! Sister!


Gokul Uncle taught me a new poem!

He said that I should
surely make you listen to it.

Listen, sister, listen, sister.

Three birds on a tree, the youngest,
the middle one, and the eldest.

The eldest one was hunted down.
The entire family was devastated.

The evil hawk found the opportunity
and picked up the youngest one too.

Holding the youngest one in his claws,
the devil told the middle one, ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha, the youngest one
doesn't satisfy my hunger

You come over to me yourself.

Otherwise one after the other,
I will pluck out all her feathers.

-Ha, ha, ha
-Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

-Ha, ha, ha
-Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


Come here.


where are you going?

I am not going alone.

All three of us are going.

Go upstairs and pack your clothes.


will we leave our own house fearing him?

What wrong have we done?

Why should we run away?

Can't you sit properly?

You've been wearing
the same dirty clothes from the zoo.

You may go if you like.

I won't go.

I am not scared.

Tonight we are going to Kabir's place.

And by tomorrow morning's train,

we are leaving for Nainital.

-Sh, sh, sh.

Call my name, call my name, I'm lost

When I got up, when I fall asleep

I will die if got separated from you

Call my name, call my name, I'm lost

It's not the weather of love anymore

It's no more pain of separation from you

That four days of love

Is not less than 100 years

[phone ringing]

Gokul, there's a phone call for you.
There's some girl on the line.

Breathe for a little while longer.

-I'm Naina speaking.

I see...the older bird!

I've lost.

I am ready to do whatever you want,

however you want.

But you won't touch Diya.

I don't have to.

Yes. I am going home now.

I will be all alone there.

It's good whatever we got.

[phone ringing]

I am here, Gokul. I am here.

But don't delay.

I have just two hours.

Hello, Naina.

-Yes, sir.

Dial the number again.

[phone ringing]



How wonderful!

You've started firing pistols?

It's nice.

Now I have made you half criminal.

Now you are one of my tribe.

Get off.



I am feeling nice to see terror
in your eyes, Gokul.

But you are very brave, aren't you?

You are a big man, aren't you?

One who victimises
lonely and helpless girls?

What happened?

The fear of death
has brought the truth before you?


What did you think?

That you will come here

and you will find
a weak and terrified girl

with whom you could do as you please?


Look carefully!

Look carefully!

At this very place, I have seen my mother

sobbing uncontrollably
over my sister's dead body.

Look carefully, Gokul!

What did you think?

After having deprived me of my domestic
happiness, I will let you live peacefully?



-You called me. You called me.
-Leave me, leave.

I will fulfil your desire today.

Leave me...leave me, leave me, leave me!


Naina, Naina.

[Glass shattering]

Be careful, Suraj.

Suraj, go, Suraj, Suraj go, Suraj.

Naina, Naina.

Go, Suraj.

Naina, Naina, Naina.

-Get off.


Ah, ah.

Leave him, Gokul, leave him!



don’t beat him!



[Suraj groaning]


Leave him, Gokul!



Don't, Gokul!

Leave him!

Leave him!



[Gokul groaning]

[Suraj groaning]

[Gokul grunting]

[Suraj grunting]





No, Suraj!

Leave him, Gokul!

[Gokul groaning]



Ah, ah.

You were absolutely right.

I had killed your sister
at this very spot.

You loved Sonia a lot, didn't you?

You loved Sonia a lot, didn't you?

Don't worry.

I will send you too to her.

With you too,

I will do all that I did with her.


She too had lied down like this.



poor girl,

the same fear,

the same hatred,

the same...

the same restlessness,

the same agony.

No, no.

The agony was greater.

Yes, now it's fine.

She too had screamed like this.

Hey! She had beaten me too!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Yes now it's fine.

Get off.

You are also ready. I am also ready.


Get off.



[Gokul grunting]





Congratulations, Naina.
I mean, Miss Naina.

You've really been amazing!

-Thank you, sir.


The task accomplished by you
by firing the pistol in yourself-defence

is really commendable.

You've done the task of the police force.

I think that if there are
a few more girls like Naina,

we policemen would've to relax at home.

No matter whatever the strength
of us policemen in numbers...

Excuse me, would you deliver
this letter to Miss Naina?

Tell her the Major has sent it.

Like Naina, if people learn...

Excuse me, Ma'am.

..to protect themselves...

Thank you.

..then I feel that our police force
would've been doubled.

Come, sir.

"Naina, I am leaving.

You continued to visit the Military
Hospital for the past 10 days.

Despite this, after my recovery,
I am going away without meeting you.

Perhaps I didn't muster the courage
to face you and bid you goodbye.

Naina, we military people
are awarded

the Ashok Chakra for our bravery.</I>

But for what you have done despite
not being a cop.

I am handing over to you
this priceless memento.

I know that by the time
this letter reaches you,

I would've gone far away.

But however far I go away from you

your memories
will always be with me. Suraj."

Take this.

Stop, madam.

See brother, I don't have a ticket.
But it's very urgent for me to go inside.

Only passengers can go inside.

Sir, if I don't meet him,
he will go away, and...

What joke is this, madam?
This is an airport.

People come here to leave.
They don't come here to stay.

Ha, ha, ha, go out, madam.

Leave my arm!

Just a minute, you can do one thing,
the airport manager's cabin is over there.

Go and meet him.
Because we cannot permit you.

Are your rules meant to help us,

or to harass us?

You tell me, Sir, do I look like a thief

or some terrorist that your people
have been harassing me?

They don't let me in!

Let me go inside, sir.

It's very important for me to go inside.

Attention please,
Major Suraj Singh Rathod,

I repeat, Major Suraj Singh Rathod,

wherever you might be
hearing this announcement,

please enquire from the nearest intercom.

Major Suraj Singh, please speak here.


Suraj, I love you so much.

Don't go away by leaving me.

I won't be able to live without you.

I love you very much.

I love you too.

Let love happen

Let immersed in love

Whom are you waiting for?

Whom are you waiting for?

If it doesn’t happen now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen

Let immersed in love

Whom are you waiting for?

Whom are you waiting for?

If it doesn’t happen now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen...

I won’t come

In the path of love

In whichever direction the heart takes me

I’ll go in that direction

I feel some kind of peace

It seems as if my heart is gone

If it isn’t gone now,
then it won’t happen ever again

Let love happen...