Dus (2005) - full transcript

Siddhant Dheer lives a wealthy lifestyle with his brother, Shashank, and sister, Anu. Both Siddhant and Shashank work for India's Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC), along with Aditya and Aditi. After interrogating a suspect named Altaf, they get information that terrorists are planning a major strike in Canada that may endanger 25000 lives during the month of May. Altaf tells them the mastermind behind this attack is a terrorist named Jambhal, who has a contact named Himmat Mehndi. Shashank, and Aditya fly to Canada, meet with ATC Agent Neha, and then abduct Himmat, who denies that profusely. The duo team up with Canadian Police Officer Danish "Dan", and together attempt to piece together whatever information they have gathered from Himmat, only to find out that no one is who they claim they are, and the duo find themselves entrapped in a web of deceit and lies, with no clues as to who is behind the threat - the countdown for which has already begun.

"Everybody put your
hands up in the air now."

"Her eyes hide some expressions..."

"...something unspoken yet mesmerizing!"

"Her eyes hide some expressions..."

"...something unspoken yet mesmerizing!"

"They spellbind me to
make me lose all control!"

"'I looked at you, you looked at me..."

"And it created all the troubles."

"And you became my destiny."

"You are the purpose of my life."

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"Everybody put your
hands up in the air now."

"Everybody put your
hands up in the air now."

"Never was heart like this before."

"Who compelled it to go
astray with such dreams?"

"Now all that my eyes behold is her."

"Why was I so reckless
as to make her mine!"

"Life seems to have become even
more difficult than death."

"Costing me with myself."

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"Her eyes hide some expressions..."

"...something unspoken yet mesmerizing!"

"They spellbind me to
make me lose all control!"

"I looked at you, you looked at me..."

"And it created all the troubles."

"And you became my destiny..."

"You are the purpose of my life."

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"Everybody put your
hands up in the air now."

"Everybody put your
hands up in the air now."

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

"She stole my heart
under various pretexts!"

(Announcement At Airport)

Every passing minute witnesses
billions being spent...

...all over the world
to counter terrorism.

And with each of these passing moments...

...terrorists make a new plan to
do something far more dreadful.

Maybe in some other part of the world...

...precisely at this moment in time.

JEET. 10th May. (Machine Beeping)

(Machine Beeping)

(Telephone Ringing)

(Telephone Ringing)

(Telephone Ringing)


Very good. Very good.

Nobody comes to know of anything
when terrorists lose everyday.

However, any of those days,
when they happen to win...

...the loss to the human life is immense.

Nobody knows how many officers...

...work day and night to turn
their victories into defeat.

We have intelligence information...

...that the terrorists are planning...

...something heinous seven
days from now on the 10th...

...which will kill at least
twenty five thousand people.

When? Where? How?

We don't know anything.

They have plans, network and the targets.

And all that we have is seven days.

(Fire Alarm Bell)

The car that you see in front...

...is the same car which
is said to have a bomb.

The entire Anti Terrorist
Cell is present here.

And it is hoped that they
would be able to bring...

...this grave situation under control.

(Ambulance Siren)

That's good, we will be free.

- Shashank...
- What?

He won't let the bomb explode!

Don't look back.

- Ragvan...
- Sir.

Check if someone is spying on us
from the building. - Right sir.

Sir, you are right.
There indeed are some people on rooftop.

They are the ones spying on us.

Aditi, Ragvan, Pawar, come with me.

Shashank and Roy,
you cover us from this building.

And Shashank, shoot only when
absolutely needed. - Sir.

Who the hell smokes on duty here?

Roy, let's move.

'Stay alert every moment.
No mistakes will be tolerated.'

'Four of you will stay at gate no.1.'

Nobody will come from outside.



- We have been deceived again.
- Why so?

The bombs we diffused
during our training...

...had their wires in
either red or green.

All the wires here are white, my friend.

Figure something out.

Yes, I will. You know that.


Baby I love you too.


- Hands up.
- She is caught.

Aditi, caught on the west wing sir.

How many people?

Four. Two of yours and two of mine.

- We'll see.
- I still don't have a shot, Aditi.



Two for you, two for me, isn't it?

(Machine Beeping)

(Glass Shattering)

(Background Music)


(Background Music)

OPC 16 has diffused the bomb in the car.

There was a gun fight in the
nearby building resulting...

...in a terrorist's arrest.

When we were standing there...

...there was a big blast
in the parking lot behind.

After that... - Excuse me,
madam... please... Out... out...

I will keep you informed.

Hello. Come in.

- DG Bose.
- Morning.

DG Sinha.

The home minister must be arriving but
you may carry on. I will brief him.

Sir, we have been working on a person...

...for the last eight months...

...of whom we don't have any records.

He controls all those who...

...spread terrorist
activities in our country.

Sir. He enjoys support
from three countries.

Many of the people from our
department work for him.

One of his men has been arrested.

We will get information
about him very soon.

The bomb blast today
morning was his handiwork.

And we have concrete information that...

...a week from now, for the 10th May,

he is hatching such a conspiracy

which will result in a loss
of twenty odd thousand people.

- How?
- We don't know that, sir.

- Who is this man?
- We don't know that too.

- His photo, his sketch?
- No, sir.

What do you know about him?

I know his name, sir.


You can't handle a couple
of blasts in Delhi...

...and trying to teach
international politics to me?

We are answerable to the government.


- Hello, Siddhant.
- Hello.

You wished for a meeting? He is Mr. Raidu,
the Industries Minister...

...and he is DIG Siddhant.

Yes, I know. I saw your
interview on TV in the morning.

Very good.

Mr. Raidu. Please come.

Sir, I have spoken to them. They say...

...that the bomb blast
which took place today...

- ...is the handiwork of some big terrorist.
- Hello.

He is on with the investigations...

...shall I stop him?

I will tell you what to do after that.

It was Swami-ji.
There is a press conference in some time.

They are demanding to close down the ATC.

- What are you talking, Mr. Raidu?
- In Hindi. In your language.

If Swami-ji has said so,
we will have to comply.

This is not the way. Let me speak to him.

I cannot close something down like this.

Swamiji has 40 MPs.
Better think what you want to do.

Want to run the government or the ATC?

- I'll come.
- Okay.

What do you think?

Why do these people want
the ATC to close down?

You are crossing the line.

What was the name you mentioned?

Yes... Jambwal.

Don't ever mention it again.
Never to anyone.

Who knows who would turn into your enemy!

There is much more than
what meets the eye.

If you can't close your eyes...

- ...at least learn to keep your mouth shut.
- Yes, sir.

Got it!

How did they know that our man
is in the opposite building.

If our man is amidst
them, someone from...

...theirs must be in among us too.
You know!

I don't know about 'inside' but there
is someone on the periphery, for sure.

Good morning, sir.
Here is a fax from the home ministry.


What do you know about Jambwal?

(Indistinct Chatter)

What is he going to do on the 10th?

Heard that something catastrophic
will happen this time.

Nothing like that will happen, Altaf.
You will tell us everything.

(Indistinct Chatter)

Your wife and children are in Sultanpur.

In the past tense. It is Jambwal's
principle to destroy the...

...weaknesses of the ones who are caught.

Our job doesn't let us make friends.

Nor does your job let you do that.

After working honestly
for twenty five years...

...we get a fax to close
down this department.

One fax. No space for discussions even.

It's an order.

What have I earned in
these twenty five years?

Forget a friend.

I don't even have a person who
would ask me what my wish is.

You are in the same situation.

You risked your life and now your
people want you to swallow this...

...and end your life.

What have you earned, Altaf?



Why don't we become friends?

While I oblige you...
you reciprocate by obliging me.

We already share a bond of
enmity, don't we?

And I have played my part to perfection.

One more will do!

Yeah, going on!


- I will keep you posted.
- Altaf's file.

Okay. Bye.

Altaf is a goner today!
Sir is in a horrible mood today.

His mood is going to ruin our night.

Keep watching...
the meeting will last a long time.

I don't know what you see in him.

Even I don't understand that.

But he has style.


- that fax.
- Which fax?

They say that the ATC will
be closed down in a week?

Not in a week. In seven days.

And the whole world can turn
upside down in seven days.

The whole world can turn
upside down in seven days, huh!

(Telephone Ringing)


All DCs in the conference room.
Right away.

Come on.

Okay, is everyone ready?
It's gonna be a long night.

- Shall we order for dinner?
- Chinese.

Shashank... Chinese...

Sorry, sir.

- Please come.
- This is my place.

Of course.

Eight months ago,
I had appointed an agent in Bulgaria.

Her name is Neha.

I just received a call from Neha...

...and she told me that one
of Jambwal's close aide...

...Himmat Mehendi,
who handles Jambwal's finances...

...has been arrested.
He was drunk and driving.

Now, listen to me carefully.

Here is my plan.

Shashank, and Aditya,
both of you will go there.

And as soon as Himmat is released...

...you will kidnap and take him
to the place recommended by Neha.

And then, make him talk...

...about Jambwal's where abouts...

...and his plans for the 10th.

But there is a problem.

We cannot make this
mission an official one.

If you are caught in this mission,

neither do I know you...

...nor do you know me.

It all depends on what we can
do in the next seven days.

Either this...

Or this.

All the best, boys.

Siddhant, how can Shashank go?

His sister is being engaged tomorrow.

The engagement is in the morning.

The flight is in the night.

I was going to become a pilot.
Don't know how I got stuck here.

It is good.
At least you will die alone here.

Don't know how many innocent
people you would have risked there.

- You are funny.
- Yes.

- Let's rock, boys.
- Let's rock, sir.

I have spoken to them.

They will release you by Monday.

Call up as soon as you are released.

(Cartoon Broadcast On Tv In Background)


"Oh... don't pluck raw buds..."

"Oh... don't pluck the raw buds..."

"The gardener will get annoyed."

"The gardener will get annoyed."

"Oh... don't pluck raw buds..."

- Congrats.
- Thanks.

- Hi, guys. Did you come right now?
- Thank you.

What happened?


I always felt there is a
lot of time in his going.

But didn't realize.

Look at this.

Please, don't fight today.

Aditya, good that you are here.
You are aware, aren't you...

...that you have to directly go
to the airport from here. - Yes.

- Have you brought the clothes?
- Yes.

Just a minute...

- Shashank, I am thinking...
- Why do you save him all the time?

Forget it. Let bygones be bygones.

It is Anu's engagement today.

Now cheer up.

You look stunning today.

I always appear stunning to you.

I know.

Anu. You are right.

Don't know whether I am right or not.
But this wretched job.

Returning home at two in the
night and leaving early at six.

And then, who knows?
A call would come one fine day...

...that I will never come back.

Then a medal and a
letter from the ministry.

You deserve much better.

Much better.

Hey, no more flirting with our princess.

Okay, I am guilty.
Come here, man. You lucky guy.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks, man.


- Greetings.
- Please come.

- Hello. - Please come.
- Hi, Shashank.

(Background Music)

(Background Music)

"Who's that girl?"


"Who's that girl?"

"I really got to know...
I really need to know..."

"Who's that girl?"

"Who's that girl? Where's she from?"

"Who's that girl?"

"I got to know her. I got to meet her."

"The lips deceive the heart."

"We beat around the bush."

"Moments when one can
express the heartfelt..."

"...are very rare."

"This isn't something new in love."

"The gaze looks for her all the time."

"And the heart is lost."

"The moment her image appears to fade..."

"...there she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!
Taking over the heart!"

"There she is, in person!"

"The lips deceive the heart."

"We beat around the bush."

"Moments when one can
express the heartfelt..."

"...are very rare."

"This isn't something new in love."

"The gaze looks for her all the time."

"And the heart is lost."

"The moment her image appears to fade..."

"...there she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!
Taking over the heart!"

"Who's that girl?"


"Who's that girl?"

"I really got to know...
I really need to know..."

"Who's that girl?"

"Who's that girl? Where's she from?"

"Who's that girl?"

"I got to know her. I got to meet her."

"Each facet of the season..."

"...has turned into your trait."

"This experience of love..."

"...has turned into your devotion."

"You are in my eyes and in my dreams."

"This happens in love!"

"There she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!
Taking over the heart!"

(Background Music)

(Background Music)

(Background Music)

"Your departure will mean a separation."

"The heart will be filled
with a feeling of loneliness."

"My eyes express your feelings."

"When the heart dearly misses someone!"

"There she is..."

"Who's that girl?"


"Who's that girl?"

"The lips deceive the heart."

"We beat around the bush."

"Moments when one can
express the heartfelt..."

"...are very rare."

"This isn't something new in love."

"The gaze looks for her all the time."

"And the heart is lost."

"The moment her image appears to fade..."

"...there she is, in person!"

"There she is, in person!
Taking over the heart!"

(Background Music)

(Background Music)

"Who's that girl?"


Hurry up. We are late.

Come on.

Let me have some Pepsi
and I will join you.

You will get a Pepsi inside too.

Try to understand.

We won't get Pepsi inside.

Where did he go?

To have a Pepsi.

Come soon.

You never refuse him, isn't it?

If only I too had an elder brother.

Look attentively. Maybe you do have.

Thanks, bro.

Don't fight. And look after him.
And yourself too.

Actually, he looks after me.

See you. Here he is, after his Pepsi.

- Take care of my sister.
- I will.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.


- Go.
- Bye.

- Take care.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Take care.

Bye Roy. Rock it man.

You smoked?

No... why will I?

Why this smell?

What do I know... come on...



Sir, we will call you as
soon as we reach there.

- Don't call from there.
- Okay, we won't.

- Come on.
- Yes, I am.

Shall we move, sir?

Don't worry,
you will go on the next mission.

It's okay, sir.

Maybe I am not capable of...

Rather I am not capable.
I cannot stay alone.

I need you.

I am always there for you.

See you in the office.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

(Mobile Phone Ringing)

- Yes, son.
- Shall I tell you something?

- I like it when you address me as son.
- Me too.

- I love you, son. I love you.
- Bye.

- Shall we?
- I am waiting for you only.

Jay, I am very sure that we are lost.
Which way are we on?

You never listen to me.

We will reach quickly,
this is the short cut.


You and your shortcuts.
Listen to me and take a left.

I remember, we have to go right.
We will go right.

- No, we have to go left.
- We have to go right.

If we take the left,
we will reach the airport.

- No, we will not. Take a left.
- She is right. Take a left.

Come on.

What did you think?

Friendship or enmity?


You need my friendship.

Now, we have to see...

...what is the price that you ask.

We are more loyal than your department.

We will give you money,
and friendship too.

As it is you have earned a lot of enmity.

What do you think? Friendship or enmity?

(Mobile Phone Ringing)


You dare hit Altaf one more
and you would be in trouble.

We need Altaf.

You will come to know of how and where.

And yes we have your
sister and brother-in-law.

We have arranged for a small party
to celebrate their engagement.

Hello... hello.


No, no. Don't take any
decision without my permission.


Yes. Keep me posted.

Central data base is not online.

Try to contact her.

Car should be like Mercedes.
That to C-class.

Roy is buying mercedes car, sir.

My dream car. Sir.

Did you see that, Shashank? There she is.

She is fair.

The fairer, the better, Shashank.


He will be bashed one day.

(Mobile Phone Ringing)

Private number.

She was stunning, right?

I didn't see her face...

A car is there is as beautiful as her.
For you.

- The Hummer, right?
- Right. Behind that.

As soon as you come out of the parking
lot, drive on highway 13...

Twelve kms. I will call later. Bye.

Hello. Neha...

Shit... that car. Highway number 13.
She will call me again!

Where? When? I don't know.

Shashank, that fair one was better.
I am telling you.


Hey, Shashank.
You can drive if you want to.

- Aditya...
- Yes? - Your bag.

Of course, I was about to get it.


(Background Music)

(Background Music)

Can't really understand why people smoke.

Those who don't can never understand it.

Yes, and the ones who do,
don't survive to tell the tale.

(Machine Beeping)

Those who tolerate you everyday...

...can't be harmed by a mere cigarette.

Can you hear anything?

Yes, your stupidity, so shut up.

There is something behind this stupidity.
Increase the speed.

Decrease it.


Shashank, we are jacked,
this car has a bomb in it.

- Oh, you are funny.
- Not this time.

- Seriously.
- What?


Don't reduce the speed.
Let me check in the rear.

I was wondering whether
you would come or not.

Even I was indecisive since morning...

...whether I should come or not.

Thanks for coming.

Okay, you didn't bring your car?

No. I felt if you'd come,
I'd convince you to come with me.

I thought that we would return together.

I didn't find the bomb here. Bonnet.

Your boot... doesn't it close?


I have to get it checked.


What do I do?
You told me not to reduce the speed.


- Stop the car.
- She is telling me.

- See, how they are driving.
- Dang.

- They will bloody kill someone.
- Stop the car.

You aren't alone. You are with your wife.

There are other policemen in this city.

Bloody stupid.

Stop the car.

- Dang stop the care.
- But just look how they are going.

Try an understand. See what they are doing?
They might kill someone.

I said, stop the car.


The bomb is in front.

- Now who is this after us?
- Tell him that there is a bomb here.

He will take a U turn.

Make that crazy man understand.

Stop the car.

Look... look at the way they are driving.

You will not change.

You will not change.

The person who didn't change
after killing his child...

...what is he supposed to change now?

Please, stop it.

There is a restaurant ahead.

One cheese burger please!

I didn't kill my Kabir.

I didn't kill my Kabir.

Shashank, my brave heart.
Even policemen don't chase like this.

Bomb! Shashank,
where is the rear view mirror?

How handsome.

Don't remove your foot
from the accelerator.

Hello, darling.

So you are hiding here.

Don't apply the brakes.

Or else, brother will have to
attend Anu's marriage all alone.

- Was it diffused?
- No.

Shashank... private number.


Your friend drives excellently.
But why does he always remain angry?

Good question.
Couldn't be known till today.

But you are going to find
that out pretty soon.

(Background Music)

(Background Music)

Shashank. Private number.

The first car was fixed.
This time she is going to blow us up.

I already had my eyes closed.

I have been working on this
case for the past eight months.

Now it is all yours.

Just checking if you can handle it. Test!

You have passed.


How far is the Downtown
police station from the city?

We have to reach there before eleven.

No. We will go home first.

Yes, we just have to change.
Bathing is already over.

Please, I am feeling cold.


You seem to be quite hassled.

Someone from us is with them.

I made this family with such love.
And one of us?

Suspect someone?


Me too?

Yes, you too.

They have Anu and Jay.

What have you decided?


Tell me if you need me.


Excuse me, what's the time.

- Come on. I will tell you the time.
- Where are you taking me?

- Why are you taking me in the car?
- We will tell you everything.

What are you doing? Who are you?

Look carefully. You don't know us.

Himmat Mehendi.

Himmat Mehendi? Who is Himmat Mehendi.

See, you are mistaken. My name is JD.

Shashank, he says that he is JD.
The same as that of a whiskey?

See, try to understand.

My name is not Himmat Mehendi.
My name is JD.

If you don't believe it...

...come with me to the police station.

I have been released just five minutes ago.
What is the time now?

The car that you were in
day before yesterday...

...met with an accident.

Himmat Mehendi. You have two options.

Agree, without resistance or
agree, after being bashed.

Take your hands off my collar.
Take your hands off my collar.

How the hell did you grab my collar?

One thing is sure.

He person who followed us in
the morning was a policeman.

- How do you know that?
- He is still following us.


Let's go out of the city.

(Police Siren)

Out with your hands behind your back.

- Who are you guys?
- See, sir. We are.

We haven't said anything as yet.

Your face says that you are going to lie.

Shall we tell the truth then?

Why are you hitting him?

Tell us what you want to hear.

Ok, where were you going with
car number 3310, today morning?

Where were you supposed to reach?

- I lost my wife because of you.
- Because of me?

Yes. She was returning after one year.

Whom is he talking about?

- Who is he?
- He is our friend.

I am not their friend.
They have hit me a lot.

And this fair guy,
he had hit me real hard.

- What is he saying?
- Listen to me.

Shut up!

He is lying, not me. Listen to me.


Gunshot! Hey he is falling over me.


Come on. Let's go.

Who are these people?

- Whoever they are, they are very angry.
- He is a goner.

Let's take him inside.

Are you crazy? If we take him
inside, we will land up inside.

He is a policeman.

Then we will do what policemen should do.

Let's rock.


To the left.

Who is this?

Point 38 bullet and a man.

Look at me. There is blood on my shirt.

And these people don't believe that...

Agree that you are Himmat Mehendi.
There isn't any way out.

How does she know that my
name is Himmat Mehendi?

- Come on inside. I will tell you.
- Is there place to sit there?

Why did you bring him here?

Had I not done so,
he would have brought in many along.

And I didn't feel like leaving him there.

You have a heart?

I do... till now.


You said what my name is.




I am forty four years old.

But my parents have recorded
two years less on the passport.

They are illiterate, you know.

What are you doing here, Himmat?

You brought me here,
and now you are asking me what I am doing?

What are you doing here in Canada?

I was called to Canada.

- Who called you to Canada?
- You know that.

Very funny. For what?

I don't know that.

What is happening on the 10th?

What is happening?

There isn't any festival even.

What is Jambwal going to do?

No one can ever know about
Jambwal's activities...

- What will you tell him?
- Everything.

- What?
- I will tell him everything.

- He is a police man.
- That's why.

He can harm you.

- He won't.
- How do you know?

Some faces make you feel
you can relate to them.

And do these relationships work?

Sometimes, they do work.

Himmat Mehendi.

Drink... here...

What do you do for Jambwal?

I teach the moves.

The movements of the pawns.

Their international movements.

There are Dollars, Dinars, Pounds!
Black, white and blue money.

Green buckes, our money,
their money, I talk about money.

I play with money. With Jambwal's money.

The source of Jambwal's money...

...when it should be seen and when
it should remain hidden, everything.

And nothing is out in the open.
Everything is here... inside.

No one can peep inside, right?

This is what I do for Jambwal.

So, you are the money
behind that madness.

I am mere money, sir.
Rather the world is mad.

A small man comes from Punjab
here, to Canada.

He does small things,
small amount of money laundering.

A little bit of here and there.

One day, he gets a huge amount,
to take from Iraq to America.

He carries it.

He later finds out...

...three hundred sixty people murdered.

That man is scared.

He thinks that he will never
work with Jambwal after this.

But Jambwal never listens
to anyone's refusal.

He kidnaps him from home.
Then he does what Jambwal says.

And he will continue doing it till
such time Jambwal asks him to do.


You two Indian soldiers.
And this little lady.

Jambwal will crush you while
you chant your national anthem.

Jambwal is watching everything.
And he never forgives.

It isn't late even now.
There is still time.

It would have been late.
But it won't be late now.

You guys are under arrest.
I have heard everything.

Put it down, inspector.

No account for bullets is kept
on the mission that we are on.

Thousands of bullets have
returned unsuccessful...

...in the past 17 years.

We don't aim false.

But I shoot the first bullet.

We can talk.

Of course. But after lowering the guns.

Because even if a
single bullet is shot...

...whoever loses their life,
you will be the ones dead.


According to our intelligence...

...a dangerous criminal,
Jambwal, has planned...

...something lethal and catastrophic
for the 10th of this month.

We are here to investigate it.

And this is the only man who can help us.

So, right now, I would need you
to cooperate with me, officer.

And we don't have much time.



I will help you.


Thank you. For saving my life, guys.

But we will not live here.
We will live in my house.

And where is his house?

I don't dare to believe
anyone in the office.

I haven't called a colleague
today, but the one whom I love.

Today I am going to do something
in which anything can happen...

to me...

...to our family.

If anything happens to me...

Take care of everyone.

You are the eldest.

What is going to happen on the 10th?

Give me my bottle.

Please, one more.

- Give him, please.
- Nonsense.

What is going to happen on the 10th?

Only Jambwal knows the entire plan.

We just know our parts.

The sitar knows which chord to play.

The drum knows its rhythm.

And the strings know of its notes.

And then, there are
trumpets somewhere far away.


And just near Jambwal, lie a few drums.

So dear friends.

Then Jambwal raises his hands.
And there is music.

Go away from here now.

What to tell you?

How does he look?

Don't ask this question.

The one who comes to know
this doesn't survive.

How does he look?

He is tall. He walks like a lion.

He has curly hair.

And his smile is like small children.
Very cute.

I don't know about his eyes.
Nobody has seen into them.

They say there is death in them.

His brother was recognized by the police.

Everyone was worried
as to what will happen.

But, only Jambwal had the answer.

(Background Music)

What else do you know about him?

I have already said what I knew.
Don't try to know more.

Please go and think about your family.

My wife isn't going to come back.


And as far as my son is
concerned, I have killed him.

What will you kill him?

What will you kill my son?

Sir, shall I make the entry?

Okay, sir.

You may hide it from your people.
How will you hide it from my people?

You close my eyes,
and you can't see yourself?

(Machine Beeping)



Do you really think that I am with them?

I have sent two younger
brothers in such a danger...

...that I can't even try
to find out about them.

On top, I have to suspect you, as well.
I hate this job.

Everything will be all right.
Don't worry.

(Mobile Phone Ringing)


You removed Altaf from there?

We didn't come to know of it.

And what are you doing
in the office till now?

Go to MG road.
Someone waits for you there.

Drive carefully.

- What happened?
- Come with me.

No... no...

He can really tolerate a lot.

I thought he'd die
after being hit so much.

Do you know where he gets
so much strength from?

He is absolutely convinced,

that Jambwal will kill
us and have him rescued.


He is Jambwal's devotee.

I have an idea.

If we make him believe...

...that Jambwal wants to kill him, then?

Good idea. He will definitely crack up.

If he happens to believe, he will speak.

Good, then we will do it tonight.

- What did you say yesterday?
- What did I say?

That you killed your son.


- I don't want to talk about this here.
- You will have to.

I said, I don't want to talk about this.

You will have to talk about this.

Didn't I tell you that I
don't want to talk about this?

You will have to talk about it. No.

Shashank, it's personal.

- No... no... it's not personal.
- Shashank.

It's not personal at all.

We are working with him.
We are in his house.

He will be showing us the way.

I want to know who we are working with,

in whose house are we and who
will be showing us the way?

Such a man who can kill his own son?

So, you understand, it's not personal.
I want an answer.

- Why did you kill your son?
- I didn't kill my son.

Priya was pregnant.

She was to be admitted
the next day for delivery.

I had taken her to our
favourite place for lunch.

Wait... wait... I am there.
Come... be careful.

Ok... ok... come.




No... no... it will be a boy,
and I have decided the name too.

Is the table ready?

Come, sit.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Do you understand each other's language?

Not the language but we
do understand each other.

It's crazy, right?

- What will you have?
- I...

Give me the money. Give me the money.

- Give me the money.
- No.



Stop it, Dan.

Stop it, Dan.

Dan, he will die.

Dan... stop it... he will die.

Leave him alone.

I will kill her. I will kill her.

By God, I will kill her.

Damn it, I say, don't.

After that, Priya couldn't stay with me.

Whenever she did, she remembered Kabir.

And she remembered my beastly face.

I have tried to bring
her back many times.

Even today I am doing the same.


Shashank... I had shot that ruffian.

And I lost Kabir.

I lost my Kabir.

I didn't kill my son.

I didn't kill my son, Shashank.

Where is he?

I don't know.

I will ask just once.

I don't know.

(Background Music)

This wasn't the deal.

This wasn't the deal.

This wasn't the deal.

We had taken the oath to risk our lives.

Why our families?

Why our families, sir?

Do we kill their families?

How did this poor guy hurt them?

Why should he... die like this?

We are doing our work, sir.

Why should Anu suffer?

Nothing will happen to Anu.

I have spoken to them.

I will return Altaf to them today.

- You and Aditi will back me up.
- Yes, sir.

Today, in the evening,
Dholakunwan warehouse.

We will reach half an hour earlier...

...I will pick Aditi
at five thirty sharp.



Two targets, nine o' clock.

One target, seven.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You are under custody.

Siddhant didn't tell us
when we have to reach here.

He just said 'evening'.

Hey stop!

Anu, dive.

Are you all right, child?

Speak up, right now.

- I will not even count till three.
- Asif and Irfan,

two of Jambwal's men betrayed Jambwal.

I had to reach Canada and
kill them before the 10th.

Because they were about
to foil his plans.

I don't know anything else.


There was 99 at 2 zero hours.
We have a rat in the hole.

Scan database. Revise all passwords.

- File name is..
- I want his profile on my table.


- Seal all out going communication.
- And I want to look at to this.

Seal all out going communication.

Bravo 12 to sixteen zero five.

Bravo 12 repeat to sixteen zero five.

99, not to be reported. Do you copy me?

99, not to be reported.

(Indistinct Chatter)

Everyone clear the room, now.

Why did you do this, Roy?

My father retired at 12,500.

I would have retired at 22,000.

They offered so much money, sir, that.

I forgot everything.

Neither this department,

nor you and nor...

What do you know about Jambwal?

I don't know anything
more than you do, sir.

What is about to happen on the 10th?

I don't know, sir.

But I know that something
huge will take place.

The code name of this
whole operation is JEET.

And then, you will scan my computer.

How can I believe you?

I cannot lie to you anymore, sir.
I cannot lie to you anymore.

Why did you do this, Roy?
Why did you do this?

What will I go out and say?

- That you did all this for money?
- No, sir.

The rest of them will
also retire at 22,000.

Who will interrogate you?

Whom will you be able to face, Roy?


You have always shown the way.


give me a punishment,
which should suffice.

I cannot live like this.
I cannot live like this, sir.

Please... sir... please...


I know that you like me a lot.

Please don't reduce my punishment.

Sir, I can't live like this. Please.

Please sir.



I can't believe this.

I don't know since when! And we?

We couldn't conceive that
someone in our office.

He was such a hard working guy.
I don't know what happened.

Anyway, we are scanning his hard disk.


What the hell was that?

(Machine Beeping)

Sir... sir...
someone is there in my room.

- He was shooting at me.
- What? What happened?

- He was shooting at me.
- Shooting?

Someone shot at him in his room.

Someone was trying to kill me.

Have a seat. Sit.

What happened Dan?

- We will see.
- We will check.

Where are you leaving me here?
I will die if he comes here.

Sit down, don't worry. We will check.


three shots, close range.

- Oh God!
- Let's check the house.

Oh no.


All that I thought was a sham.

A man like Jambwal cannot
be anyone's friend.

He had sent someone to kill me.

I was mad to think that Jambwal needs me.

I have helped him so much.
If I am caught once...

And that too, you guys caught me...
he will kill me.

Nobody can save me.

- We will save you. Sit down, please.
- Nobody can save me.

Relax. Relax.

His window was open.
He must have come from there.

Let me go away from here.

- Nobody will kill you.
- He will kill.

Nobody can kill you.
We will save you. We are with you.

Nobody can save me from Jambwal.

Nobody else will try.

Just tell Jambwal's whereabouts?

And if we kill him,
your life is not at risk.

- But what if you cannot kill him?
- We will keep saving you.

And if you kill him, will you release me?

I take an oath on God,
I will never help a terrorist.

I will go back to my village.
I am really stuck here.

Okay, we will let you go,
but after Jambwal is dead.

See, the truth is...

I don't know where Jambwal is.

But last week...

...Asif and Irfan had betrayed him.

They will know, for sure.

I will take you to Asif then.

"If you love me!"

"If you love me,
take me in your embrace!"

"If you love me,
take me in your embrace!"

"If you love me,
take me in your embrace!"

"I am craving for a glimpse of yours."

"I am craving for a glimpse of yours."

"Come, and take your possession."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"If you love me,
take me in your embrace!"

"This consent of yours is killing!"

"These charms of yours are killing!"

"This seduction of yours is killing!"

"The troubles that others'
face because of your!"

"As if an effort to carve the glass."

"This enticement of yours is killing."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"All wishes still lie unfulfilled."

"The heart still waits to be stolen."

"All wishes still lie unfulfilled."

"The heart still waits to be stolen."

"There isn't any dream in my eyes."

"No spell is cast over me, as yet."

"Let me just cross over
in this boat of love."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

"If you love me,
take me in your embrace!"

"I am craving for a glimpse of yours."

"I am craving for a glimpse of yours."

"Come, and take your possession."

"Give me a chance to behold you."

Greetings, I am very sorry, Mr. Asif.

That I came with these people here.

But I didn't have any other way out.

You may not know how badly I am
being thrashed by these guys...

...for the last three days.

I am like an accident ridden car...

...whose steering, brakes and
horn, everything is out of order.

They are asking me about
Jambwal's whereabouts.

Tell me,
can I tell them where Jambwal is?

Tell them that I cannot
tell them where Jambwal is.

Then I thought,
only Asif or Irfan have the guts...

...to be enemies with Jambwal.

I don't know where Irfan
is, tell me where he is.

Or else, I will have to search for him.

But I will search him out.
Tell me, where is he?

You know, I have a lot of
works, I have to complete them.

Jambwal doesn't forgive anyone.

He doesn't forgive anyone.

He will not forget even this time around.

Please... tell him...
for my sake... please...

Why don't you tell them?

Tomorrow, at five in the afternoon.

Look, this is known as Jambwal's magic.

She is a nice girl. Don't let her go.

It is very painful.

Look at me, I am signing
the divorce papers tomorrow.

- You are speaking like brother.
- Think that I am your brother.

Like her?

Do you love her?

I don't know.


Go and talk to her.

No... not me...

Come on... go. What no?
Go... come on... go...

(Clearing Throat)

Neha... that...




You wanted to say something.


Some other time.

- Transfer this.
- Yes, ma'am.

I need you to see something.

Roy's hard disk has a secret partition.
Its name is JEET.

Just as he had told us.

It contains a lot of e-mails that
were sent to a man named Shally.

When Renu traced the
server, we found out...

...that a man named Venkat, accessed...

...these e-mails from a
cyber cafe in Karol Baug.

I have sent Raju behind him.
You were right.

There is much more than
what meets the eye.

Venkat works in the
Prime Minister's office.

Security department.

Prime Minister's office.

The files have been burnt.
Nothing is left.

I will check the computer.

There is a hard disk partition
called JEET in here too.

Lots of coded e-mails.

But only one new name.

Bilal Masood.

The PM is in Canada on the 10th.

His life is in danger in Canada.

Why didn't you inform Bose, then?

I was about to,
when I happen to remember Roy.

When I cannot trust anyone in my
office, how can I?

I will go to Canada tonight.

You didn't have it fixed till now.
You should have done it by now.

Don't know...


Ok. Ok... quiet. Nothing. Easy...

- Who is he?
- I don't know.

Ok... Ok... Where all did you go?

I don't know.

Went to the school and then to home.

I don't know anything else.
Who is he? Who is he?

Don't worry. Relax. We will find out.
We will find out.


Don't worry. Leave it to me.

I will give you a call as soon
as I find out something, ok?

Take care. Okay.

I owe you one, bro. Thank you so much.

In the name of Allah!


What happened?

He can't be Jambwal, if he has died.

He is dead, Himmat.

Himmat, we have finished Jambwal off.

Be rest assured.

Now you are free, from us,
as well as from Jambwal.

I didn't even think of being
free from Jambwal's clutches.

Now, I will stop this
illegal transfer of money.

I will go to my village
and open a poultry farm.

Although you have hit me a
lot, you are real nice chaps.

If you happen to visit Punjab...

...just reach Londwal and
ask for Mehendi's house.

They will directly bring you to my place.



- Bye.
- Okay. Bye.

Oh! Younger bother. Please...

Welcome. Thank you.


Shall we go to Neha's house once?
Maybe, she hasn't gone as yet?

- She had written that she will go. Maybe...
- Come on.



Brother, he is Dan from Canadian police.
He has helped us a lot.

- Danish.
- Siddhant.

Our CO.

What brings you here, sir?

I came to meet Neha. And you?

Even we came to meet Neha.

It's too late. She's dead.


She is not Neha.

Who had hired Neha?
You are me? She is Neha.

The dead body which was
found in Priya's car.

His name was Himmat Mehendi.

The person who was
moving around with you...

...was Jambwal.

'My name is JD.'

'Nobody knows a thing about
Jambwal's activities.'

'Jambwal sees everything.'

'Jambwal doesn't forgive anyone.'

'He can't be Jambwal, if he has died.'

He had two hurdles for
his plan for the 10th.

Asif and Irfan.

And he gave a contract to Altaf
in Delhi to kill both of them.

And that evening, Altaf was arrested.

'Asif and Irfan,
two of Jambwal's men had betrayed him.'

'I had to reach Canada and
kill them before the 10th.'

'Because they would foil
his plan on the 10th.'

And that night, in
Canada, Himmat Mehendi...

...and Jambwal met with an car accident.

Our agent Neha, who followed
them, didn't know Jambwal.

She just knew Himmat Mehendi,
and she gave me this information.

Aditya and Shashank,
you came here to arrest Himmat.

And Jambwal was arrested.

And Jambwal had you do
what he wanted Altaf to do.

We killed Irfan.

But Asif... suicide...


Asif was killed by
Jambwal in our presence.

So what if he didn't shoot him?

At that moment, Himmat wasn't with Asif.
It was Jambwal himself.

'Why don't you speak? '

He didn't have any other way out.

He knew that you two would be arriving.

Therefore, Neha was killed and
someone else took her place.

Jambwal played with four senior
officers of two countries.

He is really big.

And no one knows of his plan as yet.

Sir, the information which this
phone numbers will provide...

...in the next half an hour
is beyond your comprehension.

Mr. Raidu...

Yes, sir.
The first three numbers belong...

...to the Industries
Minister Suryakant Raidu.

And what if this doesn't hold true?

- I am ready to go to the gallows.
- Okay.

I will tap these phones. All the best.

Thank you. And sir,
don't forget to watch the TV.

TV? Okay.

Joseph, bring Altaf downstairs.

And listen.
Don't make an entry in the register.

Come out.

Go, Altaf. You are free.

I am going to the TV station from here.

Exactly after five minutes I would
state this in a live telecast...

...that you have disclosed the
names of five people to me.

I am going to lie.

Then those people for whom you work...

...will search for you wherever you
are in this world, and kill you.

My lies will be caught.
But only you will die.

Go. You are free now.

Or there is another way out.

You will testify on TV.

And then, I promise to save your life.

Think it fast, Altaf.
I don't have much time.

Altaf has named some political
and administrative bigwigs.

Let's talk to Aditi Kumar.


Altaf will answer this question.

Hello. What is this interview on the TV?

- Hello. Hello, how are you, sir?
- Whose name was mentioned?

- Hello... yes... I have seen it...
- Whose name was mentioned?

- I will come to your office.
- Oh, listen... did he take my name?

Try to understand.
Our phones are being tapped.

- Did they mention my name?
- Don't speak, please.

- Your name?
- Please disconnect the line.

- Whose name...
- Why don't you understand, sir?

- We will die.
- Shut up!

What is this?

But sir...
how can you be sure that JEET...

...is such an important
word in Jambwal's plan.

Before Roy died, he said this
word held some hidden meaning.

Did you smoke?

- No!
- Yes, sir. And what else did Roy say?

Nothing else.
But there was one more name.

Bilal Masood.

Who is this Bilal Masood?

I don't know.

Watch this.

There are twenty six
alphabets in English language.

A is the first,
B is the second and C is the third.

This way 'J' is the tenth.

J is the tenth.

E is the fifth.

That means, 10th May.

E is the fifth. That means, at 5 o'clock.

And T is the twentieth.

But what's twenty?

That is what we have to find out.

Give me a second, guys.
I want to show you something.

Tenth May, 5 o'clock,
at Mac Mahon stadium.

What is this?

It's a foot ball stadium.

But yes, tomorrow, at 5 o'clock, some...

...twenty to twenty
five thousand people...

...are felicitating the
Indian Prime Minister there.

Twenty five thousand.

According to our first information...

...twenty five thousand
people will be dying.

We may perhaps come to know
the meaning of 20 there?

But where is Mac Mahon stadium?

Welcome to Mac Mahon stadium.
It's a pleasant evening and we have...

...a wonderful crowd of 25000
people here to enjoy the game.

Welcome to Mac Mahon stadium.

To celebrate the anniversary of the
trade ties between Canada and India...

...this evening has been
arranged, which...

...will have a match,
and some cultural programmes.

The Indian prime minister
will be arriving in some time.

Roger and I are with you to bring
this exciting evening to you.

Dan, where are you?

I am backstage. The foot ball
match will start in a while.

There is a cultural show before that.

I will keep you informed.

- Okay, I will be in the VIP area.
- Okay.

What are you doing here?

My children are performing.

I am getting late.
I will see you later, okay?

And this is the moment we all
were waiting for, friends.

On the special invitation of
the Canadian government...

...the Indian Prime Minister
Mr. Manmohan Singh...

...has arrived to watch this match.

The Canadian diplomats are welcoming him.

It's a very touchy moment for all
the Indians living in Canada...

...that the Indian Prime Minister
has come to watch this match...

...and has indeed graced the
occasion with his presence.

Siddhant sir coming.

Sir, a remote control
has been found beneath...

...Neha's seat which indicates a bomb.

- How much time?
- Sir, twenty minutes.

We don't know the size of the bomb.
We should evacuate the stadium.


It is impossible to evacuate
people in just 20 minutes.

The only way is to find the
damn bomb and diffuse it, now.

Copy that, sir.

- Dan, where are you, Dan?
- Yes, Siddhant?

Who is the security in-charge here?

Security? Look for Adler.

Adler? - Yes, Aditya. - Yeah.

You check there.

It must be in the car park.

I am already in the parking lot, Dan.

It has to be there as the security
is heavy here since the last night.

Check there. Search there.
You will get it there, ok?

I'll keep your posted.

- Who's Adler?
- Yes, check over there.

- Who's Adler?
- I am Adler.

Listen, there is a bomb in the stadium.

- We need back up, okay?
- Yes.

Come there, I will tell you all about it.

Siddhant, can't trace the bomb.

One second. Car number twenty.

Four guys are here out for the jeep.

Sir... sir... four people are
investigating the bomb in the stadium.

One of them had reached Adler.
He has been captured.

We have alerted all
our men in the stadium.

But sir, we should change the
bomb location immediately.

Over and out.

- We have been fooled once more.
- Why? What happened?

It isn't a bomb. It is a bomb factory.

You won't let it blast, right?
How big is it?

Dan, it's a C 48 X H4 insulated bomb.

Will it be diffused?

Dan, this is C4.

One block can blow up a
fifteen storey building.

We have ten.

Will it be diffused?- The whole
stadium, Dan. The whole stadium.

How much time?

Seventeen minutes. And even I can't
do anything in this much time.

Dan, we will have to take this
car away to somewhere safe.

It is twenty minutes from here.
We will try.

Come out of the parking lot with the
car, ok? I will meet you there.

Let's rock.

I am coming out of the parking lot.
Where are you, Dan? Come in.

Sit down now.

Behave like a good boy.

I have just fifteen minutes on me.

Shashank, any news of Dan?

Don't know! No response from sir even.
I am coming.

Where is the car? Where is the damn car?


They have all my children.

They will kill them.
Please Dan, save my children.

Dan, I have come out of the stadium.
Where are you, Dan?

Come in!

(Commentary At stadium)

(Telephone Ringing)

The jeep is missing.

Shit, I will check it.

What the hell was that?

Come in, Dan. Come in.
I don't have much time.

Which way do I go?

Where are you taking me?
What have I done?

You tell me, what have you done?

What do you mean? - See... I work
here... what are you doing to me?

I will hit you.
And tell me when you are tired.

Siddhant sir... come in... where are you?

Hey, Shahshank, where are you stuck?
No response even from Dan.

Aditya, we have got Bilal Masood.

It seems, you will have to search
for the valley yourself. Over.

- Tell me.
- I am telling you.

Tell us where the jeep is,
or else I will blow your head off.

- Aditya.
- Come in, Dan.

Come back with the car.

Dan, I have just ten minutes,
and I don't know the way.

Come back with the car,
or else they will start killing...

...the children one by one.


Every child is someone's Kabir.

I want those children back.

Please, Dan... please...

I didn't know it contained so much.

I was just paid to change the car.

- Shashank.
- Yes.

Any news of Siddhant?

- No, but there is another problem.
- What?

There is another bomb. Same size.

- How much time?
- Eight minutes.

It is impossible to go out of the
residential area driving the vehicle.

There is a flying club across the road.

- See what can be done.
- Copy that.

Sir, the first car hasn't
returned to the stadium.

Everything has been
known about the secret.

Most of our men are dead or injured.

What's your position, Dan?


Position safe now.

I don't think both our cars
can reach the stadium on time.

Mission failed, sir.

I repeat, mission failed.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

- Where is he?
- Floor 5.

Siddhant Dheer.
Anti Terrorist Cell, Delhi.

Relax, officer. Himanshu Verma,
Canadian Police, special agent.

The reason of your arrival?

- I am in the look out of a terrorist, sir.
- Jambwal? - Yes sir.

We both are a bit late in reaching here.

I have already checked the
north and the south wing.

But he is still on this floor.
Go to East, I will take the West.

- Okay, sir.
- Here you are.

- Nice meeting you, sir.
- Nice meeting you.

The death that you brought for
thousands is being carried away by me.


Whether you want to know or not...

but even I am in love with you.

Although couldn't live with you,
but I can lay my life for you.

- Are you from Delhi, sir?
- No, why?

No, sir. Because I studied
in Xavier's college.

Our teachers said that
there was someone senior...

...to us by the name Himanshu Verma...

...who came and joined
the Canadian Police Force.

So, you are from St. Xavier's?

Yes, sir.

I studied there for two years.
Actually, I am from Allahabad.

What a coincidence, sir.
I became a policeman because of you.

Bring the car behind, immediately.

- Do you remember Kathuria sir?
- Kathuria sir?

Yes, sir.
The one who used to forget names...

Yes... that... yes...
I remember his face... but not the name.

The next time you meet him,
tell him that I remember him.

Sure, sir.

Yes... tell him... that the next time...

...I come to India I
will definitely meet him.

Come along, sir.
The story was false. Caught!

- Aditya, come in.
- Yeah, Shashank.

I am sitting in the
cockpit after eight years.

Don't know whether I would
be able to fly it or not.

Don't be silly, Shashank.
You will manage.

All that I can see is
population till far.

I can't go out in so little time.
Can't seem to find a way.

You will manage, Shashank, come on.

There is only one lake
three miles from here.

But there are buildings
and houses around it.

The lake is so small,
that we cannot drop the bomb.

We will have to crash the plane.

Are you crazy? Drop the bomb anywhere.

It cannot be more
important than your life.

Look, north east...
north east... scan more.

Dan, I have just taken off.
I won't be able to reach there.

There is no other way out.

Are you crazy, Shashank? Drop the bomb.

Aditya is right, Shashank, drop the bomb.

If we throw the bomb
anywhere, the death toll...

- ...will be more than that in the stadium.
- Throw it...

Will you jump from the car if
you don't reach the valley? - No.

You are a nice guy.

I wasn't irritated because
you didn't marry Anu.

I was irritated because
Anu couldn't get...

- ...someone better than you.
- Sorry, pal.

I was such a fool.
Do policemen not marry?

Take care of Anu. She is a lovely girl.

Hey, Shashank, we both will take
care of Anu. Don't talk like crazy?

Shashank, don't be crazy.

Shashank, find another location.

There must be some jungle.
There must be some desert.

It's a bloody order, Shashank.

There is nothing.
Just this lake, I need your permission.

- Shashank, don't be crazy.
- Don't permit him.

Aditya, don't be stupid.

Sir, I need your permission.

Sir, you always say 'yes' to him.
You will have to refuse him today.

There is no other way out.

Throw the bomb anywhere.
What nonsense is this?

Don't be stupid.
Do you know what you are saying?

- Thousands of people will die.
- Shashank, drop the bomb.

Brother, you will not permit him.

Don't be stupid. Will you agree?

What about me?

Nobody waits for me at home.

Neither mom nor dad. I got all
the love I needed from you people.

Don't worry about me.

Sir, I don't have much time.
I need your permission now.

I need the go ahead now.

Is there any other alternative, Shashank?

Siddhant, don't give him the permission.
He is your brother.

No, sir. There is no other way out.

Throw the bomb anywhere.
Eject from that plane now.

Please. Sir...

I need your permission now.

You can't do that.

- Sir we have very little time.
- You can't do that.

You can't leave me alone. Drop the bomb.

Let people die, Shashank.

I will be left alone, sir.
You can't do that.

You can't do that.

- Sir, please.
- Brother...

You will have to say 'no'
today, you will have to.

Don't, Siddhant.

Siddhant, don't, please.

Brother, please.

- Go, son.
- Don't permit him.

You can't do that.

Brother, shall I tell you something?

I like it when you address me as 'son'.

And yes... I lied to you.

I do smoke sometimes.

Will you do something for me?

Will you call me as your
son in the next birth?

Love you, brother.

I love you, son.

- Over and out.
- Shashank... Shashank...


Rock it.

Rock it, buddy.

(Background Music)

Those were the most difficult
seven days of my life.

Everything gradually regained normalcy.

Only my brother... my son...

I don't know where I had lost him.