Durmargudu (2019) - full transcript

Durmargudu is a action thriller movie directed by Suneeth Jampa and produced by Rajuvamsee. The movie cast includes Vijay Krishna, Firdous Banu, Zara khan are playing in the main lead roles while Chinni Krishna scored music.

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Sir....is it murder or suicide?

Why are you walking away silently, sir?

Nothing like that.

With love failure, they may have committed
suicide by drowning in sea, right?

Due to heave waves, body may have
hit rocks and appear to be wounded.

Is that what you say, sir?

Can we take it as truth and
announce it on TV, sir?

Who is it?
- Truth!

Why are you still covering up
the case, sir?

Many such murders are happening here
and people say Durga is behind this.

But still your dept. hasn't taken
any action on him.

What's the reason for it?


If he was really involved in this,
we would've taken action on him,.

But till date we have not
received any complaint on him.

Durga will not spare
any girl seen here,

people say he brutally
rapes and kills them.

If you don't take any action
against such a beast,

what should we think
about your integrity?

Do you want us to believe that
you really don't know anything?

Or else should we take it as
your helplessness against him?

Look, I told you what I know,
you write whatever you know.

I'll definitely write, sir.

Why should I fear to write truth, sir?

I'll prove what my powerful pen can do
which your rusted gun can't do.

I'll prove it.
- Are you new reporter to this area?

Yes, sir. Why?
- Asked just like that.

Even Lord Brahma would've given
deep thought before writing my fate.

How much you should've pondered
over before writing about me?

To write truth and rogues like you,
I don't think much about it.

Just a pen and paper is
enough to write truth!

Are you from the group that thinks
pen is mightier than sword?

But you must use knife to write
about me rather than a pen.

And only I've the right
to write with it.

Honest reporters like me are not
afraid of rogues and knives!

I don't know if honest reporters
go the top or not.

But anyone who writes truth about me
certainly goes up there!


I pity him.

He has a family, right?
Spare him this time.

I know to finish what I start,
I don't know to spare anyone.


Madam, order please.

One butterscotch please.
- Okay, madam.


Why did you come so late, Sanketh?

They say ladies first, right?
I wanted to give you a chance.


Just tested how long
can you wait for me!

You won!

You play with such words.
But never talk about our marriage.

My parents are looking for a match.

What's this new idea?
Why should I marry you?

We went out together happily
for sometime.

Let's split seriously now.

I hate marriage.

I'll kill you, no jokes please.

I said that just for fun, mad girl.

My brother is coming tomorrow from camp,
I'll talk to him and get his acceptance.

You get acceptance from
your elder sister.

Who else is there for me
other than my sister?

It's okay from my side,
first convince your family. Okay?

Okay, let's go.

Durga is our man, sir.

Trust me this time, sir.

I'll make sure such incidents
don't happen in future.

You've my assurance.

Khan sir...thank you.

What's this, Durga?
You're going berserk of late.

Don't you think about a man's
background before killing him?

You didn't kill any ordinary man.

A reporter who took on CM himself
by bringing to light Rs.500 crore scam.

You killed such a reporter so easily.

Pressure on me is increasing
from top because of you.

I'm unable to answer them.

Sir, once upon a time
there was a king,

he had seven sons,

seven sons went to hunt and
brought seven fishes,

one among them didn't dry,

everyone knows the truth,
why it didn't dry,

ant bites if you put finger
inside anthill,

if a lowly ant is so proud to bite,

I'm a man, how proud should I be then?

He put his pen in my anthill,
I killed him in my style.

that puts an end to it,
forget about it, sir.

Okay, forget about him.

You know our Vizag Anushka, right?
- What?

I mean the land bit we've occupied.
- That land?

Lawyer is creating trouble
over that land.

He's giving me a headache.

Whether you use balm or tablet,
I'll leave it on you.

He mustn't give me headache
from tomorrow.

Don't worry, sir.

My nephew will use Durga balm
by tomorrow morning.

One more thing.

It seems you're troubling
women of our area a lot!

Look after them carefully.
Stay away from them.

I've progressed from
Ward Member to Minister.

We're entering Port area
with their support only.

If our bad luck turns them against us,
we'll not have address here.

Girls are shivering on
hearing your name.

Listen to me and stay away
from girls for few days.


What happened?
Why delayed the meeting?

Party meeting is at 3 PM.
Let's wait!


Hey, Durga, stop...

What are you doing, Durga?

- Leave me, please.

I'll kill anyone who tries
to stop me.

Hey Durga!

Sir...sir...Durga has abducted
our party lady worker, sir.


Kidnapped a party worker?

Durga, tell you men to leave me.
- Don't leave her, boys.

I beg you, please leave me.
- Tell me, sir.

Just now I told you to stay
away from women, right?

Please leave the girl!

Don't worry sir, I'll leave her
tomorrow morning.


He says he'll leave her
tomorrow morning.

[jeep screeching to halt]

♪I'm heaven's angel...


♪I'm boss' country liquor...

Oh my God!

That's it!

Hey, there she goes...

I'll kill you, man...






Hey Tirupati, caress her...

♪ At the fall of night
I'm a beautiful girl...

♪ I've kept ready a bottle
of local brew for you...

♪At the fall of night
I'm a beautiful girl...

♪ I've kept ready a bottle
of local brew for you...

♪ If you drink you'll go berserk
with madness...

♪ If you don't totter,
I'll take an account of it...


♪ At the fall of night...


♪ At the fall of night...

Oh My God!

♪ I've saved my beauty for you
like fish gravy...

Fish gravy?

Then, I'll barge in!

♪ Come and have a go at it...

Everything for me?

I'll lick it clean!

♪ I'll put the bed behind the screen...

♪ Let's stay awake all night...

♪ Uniting in hot hugs and
warm shyness...

♪ Let's unite in the sweat of love...

♪ At the fall of night...


♪ At the fall of night...

Oh My God!

♪ At the fall of night
I'm a beautiful girl...

♪ I've kept ready a bottle
of local brew for you...

Brother, dance please!

Wow...wow...that's it...that's it...


♪ All my beauty is yours...

Come on, give it quickly.

♪ Fall and rule over me like the wave...

I'm ready...

♪ Bliss of kiss you hadn't seen before..

♪ I'll take you into a new world of love...

♪ Unite and make me morning sick...

♪ My rosy cheeks are
killing me with desire...

♪ At the fall of night...


♪ At the fall of night...

Oh My God!

♪ At the fall of night
I'm a beautiful girl...

♪ I've kept ready a bottle
of local brew for you...

♪ If you drink you'll go berserk
with madness...

♪ If you don't totter,
I'll take an account of it...


Come on dance...dance like hell...

Play music...fast beat...fast beat...


Appa Rao, I'm damn tired,
I'm dead and out!




Hi Chinni!

- Thanks, daddy.

Take it.
- Thanks, daddy.

Go, play.
- Okay, daddy.

Sister-in-law, tell him.
- Wait, I'll tell him.

Sister-in-law, tell him.
- I'll tell him, don't rush.

What's the matter?
You're murmuring behind me.

Stop murmuring and come before me.

What's the matter?
- Nothing, hubby.

Tell him!

Tell him, sister-in-law.

I'll tell him, wait...don't kill me.

Select a boy among these photos.

All are working my department.

If you select anyone,
I'll fix your marriage.

Why are you standing
without seeing the photos?

Forget about those photos and
ask who is in your sister's heart?

He's very good boy, brother.

We studied together from Inter.
He has no bad habits.

Already applied for job,
he'll get it in near future.

If you agree, I'll marry him...

What if I don't agree?

[door opening]

[door opening]

Okay, dear.

If you like him,
I don't have any objection.

Is it okay now?

Thank you, brother.

Give his details,
I'll inquire about him.

Okay, brother.

Shalu, invite him for lunch
coming Sunday.

I want to talk to him.

Talk to him casually
not like inquiring a criminal.

Are you also advising me?

Thank you, sister-in-law.

Always late!

- Hi!

I'm very happy today.

Why? What's the matter?

Actually, my brother has
agreed for our marriage.

Is it? Lovely!

Hey Sanketh...hey...

You know how tensed I was!

I'm very happy today.

- Are you Durga? I got it.

You're here to warn me to withdraw
my case against Minister.

I've seen many small time
goons like you in my life.

You can go now.

Lawyer, I think you don't know
about my nephew.

I know very well about him.

He rapes and kills girls.

Kills people who turn against him.
That's his habit.

Smuggling in port.

Running kangaroo courts in city.

With such activities, you're nothing but
a henchman of that corrupt Minister.

Nephew, we've seen people
telling history on seeing a man.

But lawyer is telling history
on hearing your name.

Lawyer, you're giving head ache
to Minister.

That makes me angry.

If I get angry, I'll lose control.

People like you with family
must live in fear.

You mustn't be so arrogant.

Good comedy!

Durga, you're just a local goon.

I'm national level lawyer.

Every since I became lawyer,
how many goons I'd have seen in my life.

You know? People call me as
section Parameshwar.

Look, I hate sections and sentiments.

I know just two things only.

If you listen, settlement if not...
- Are you threatening me?

How dare you occupy other's property?

Hubby! Who are they? What happened?
- Go inside with daughter.

Okay, hubby.

Boys, stop her.

- Leave her.

Leave me...Madhu...hey...
- Madhu...

Till now I told you in your style,
you didn’t care to listen.

Listen now, I'll tell you in my style.

Leave her!
Leave my daughter Madhu!

I'll leave her.

If you withdraw case,
I'll leave your daughter.

Come on, boys.

[TV news]

A Minister and lawyer Parameshwar
are involved in a fight over land bit.

Nobody can control crime rate
and gold rate in this country.


I'm getting late to station.
- Coming, hubby.


What, dear?
- Tomorrow is Sanketh's birthday.

I want to go out to shop
today evening, can I go?


I'll get ready children before
you finish your coffee.- Okay.

Please brother, if I don't go,
Sanketh will feel bad.

No dear.
Situation outside is not so safe.

Please brother, aren't you
my sweet brother? Please...

No, dear.

Please brother.
- I said no, right? Please listen to me.

She wants to go out with fiancé, right?
Let her go.

Brother! Can I go or not?

What if I say no?
- What can I do if you say no?

I'll not go.

That wasn't my proposal to threaten.

You chose him.

Do as you wish.

It's his birthday, right?
You must go.

Thank you, brother.

But come home early.
- Okay.

Tell Sanketh to drop you in home.

Okay, brother.

Hold this.
- Be careful.

Keep it carefully.

Give me.

Hey, where's Durga?

He's calling brother informally!
Who the hell he is?

I'm asking you only, where's Durga?

Who are you, man?
New to the area?

You're shouting at us!
- If necessary, I'll hit you too.

Do you know with whom you're talking?

I don't care who you are!

Will you smuggle contraband
goods in our fishing boats?

He's brother of boat owner.

We're unable to answer customs officers
for your dirty work in our boats.

Tell Durga, we'll not give
our boats to him.

Ask your brother to tell
that to Durga.

I don't know what had happened
till now!

We'll not give our boats to him.

What will you give? Bloody rascal!


How dare you hit my men!

I'll hit you also!

Bloody, come on!

- Brother!

Brother Durga!
He's my younger brother!

He took on you and your men
without knowing about you.

Please forgive him this time.

Use all my boats as you wish.

Teach him to fear on hearing my name.

Okay, brother.

[sound of waves]


Sir, please control yourself.

How can you cry like this, sir?



Sir, Durga did this.

There's no evidence whatever he does!

Let's first do the formalities, sir.


How many times I've told you!

Think before you commit any crime!

What happened now, sir?

Do you know whom did you rape now?
A CI's sister.

When I'm hungry,
I worry about getting fruit only.

Would I inquire which tree bore it
or which place it came from?

This is also just like that only.

This is not as easy as you think.

You unnecessarily invited trouble
from police department.

Home Minister called me on phone.

He's asking if police man's family is
not safe what about common people?

Why are you getting tensed, sir?

Talk to Home Minister again.

Hey you...

That's what I'm telling him.

Tell your nephew to sit tight
for few days.

I'll take care of other things.
- Okay, sir.

Don't go after women again.

If you can't hold yourself back,
go to Bangkok for few days.

Taste of country chicken and
broiler chicken are totally different, sir

Yuck! I can't tell you anymore.

I'll not spare anyone who is
responsible for your death.

[car halts]

[car door opens]

[car door closes]

[door opens]

Greetings, sir.

I heard about the incident,
nothing is in our control.

I need to talk to you.

Srikanth, let bygones be bygones.

Forget past and stay calm.

I'll take care of anything you need.

I'll ensure the culprit is punished.

Sir, I know the culprit is Durga.

I know he's your henchman.

Let anyone support him,
I'll not spare him at any cost.

I'll see his end in near future.

I can understand your feelings
but he's a scoundrel.

So, let bygones be bygones.

Take care of your family.

Listen to me, leave him alone.

If I spare him, brothers like me
will never have any sister.

Look, stay as far as possible
from such scoundrels.

You mean, are you telling me
directly you support him?

War is very important to a king,
so is the sword for it.

For leaders like us, he's a sword.

We must save such swords.
We can't avoid it.

- Coming, sir.


Is Durga's arrest warrant ready?
- Not yet, sir.

Why? Get it ready quickly.
- Okay, sir.

Boys, off load the goods carefully.

Off load it quickly.

- You've a mail, sir.


[phone ring]
- Nephew, Minister's phone.

[phone ring]

Tell me, sir.

I managed Home Minister to
get CI transferred to Traffic dept.

Okay, sir.

I got him to withdraw all the
cases against you.

Go to SP's office to sign papers.
- I'll go, sir.

[jeep screeches to halt]

Where's the writer?
- That room, sir.

What a figure!

Baby! It seems my friend hasn't
seen your beauty!

Please show him once!

Why don't such girls live
in our area, dude?

Mustn't have such beauty just for a day,
we must enjoy them every day!

If we get such a beauty,
every day would become a heaven to us.

We don't have choice,
we've to support such scoundrels.

Leaders like us need such
scoundrel's support.

If not govt. will not run.

Let bygones be bygones.

Take care of your family.

[sea waves gushing]

When I came out and saw time,
it was 3!


[sea waves gushing]

Hey you!

Hey...calling you only!

Why is she sitting alone there?
Is she going to jump into sea?



Why are you sitting here?
- Leave me.

It's very dangerous to sit here.
- Leave me, please.

Come up!

Leave me I say!

Who are you?
Why did you save me?

Forget about me,
why do you want to die?

Better to die than live
this hell of life.

Why are you talking like that?
What has happened to you?

By the way, who are you?

My name is Ganga.
I'm an orphan.

I grew up in an orphanage.

After my graduation I joined
a small company as receptionist.

Knowing about my background,
a man loved promising to marry me.

I trusted him and quit my job also.

When I insisted him to marry, he says
his family will not accept a orphan girl.

He dumped me.

What are you planning to do now?

I don't know.

I'm in a confused state
unable to take any decision.

Okay, come.
- Where?

To my home.
- Oh no...no...

Please stop.
I'm not a man like that.

You mustn't face any trouble
because of me.

No problem, I've mother.

My mother will take good care of you.

You can stay with us
as long as you like.

Trust me.

No thanks, I'll stay somewhere else.

I know where you'd go in
such a situation.

If I leave you now, you'll commit
suicide again. I got it.

Come, let's go to my house.

If a man cheats us,
that's injustice.

Life isn't to die for one injustice.

We must learn from our mistakes.

Listen to me, come with me.

Everything will be fine. Come.
- Okay.


- Yes!

Come this way.
Watch out.


I'm cooking here.

Why are you shouting like that?

You come, don't worry.

This girl will stay with us from now.

Greetings, madam.

Who is she?
- Ganga found on the bank of Ganges.

Her name is Ganga, mother.

She has no one else,
we're her family from now onwards.

Someone loved and cheated her,
she tried to jump into sea to die.

I put some courage into her
and brought her here.

You must take care of her.

How beautiful she is!

How could that rascal
think of cheating her?

Look dear, consider this as
your own home.

You can stay here as long as you wish.

Don't know when you had food!

Come, I'll serve you food.
- My beau!

Oh my God!

Shall we go to watch film
today evening?

Hey you! What's this?

Get up...get up...

You silly girl!
Is this how you ask?

I don't know if you're falling
on me for fun or to kill me!

Forget about that, who is she?

Unable to bear your torture,
I brought her here.

If she agrees, I'll marry her too.

Shut up, son!

Isn't there time or sense
for cracking jokes?

Did you think about
what she would think?

Don't know what to talk!
Silly boy!

You don't mind his words, dear.
He's innocent boy.

No problem.

He always makes fun of me.

Don't take him seriously,
he's your husband.

I promise.

My sweet aunt!

Marrying her and getting caught
with shark is same.

You're dead today in my hands!


What happened, son?
- May remembering about that cheat.

Will it come true
whatever you say, Swamy?

I'll say what Goddess Gangamma tells,

a beauty will your life in near future,

she'll come searching you,

if you marry her, you're in
for a windfall of fortune!

There won't be any man
luckier than you.

You'll rule the country, sir.

If that happens really,
I'll build a temple for you.

Forget about useless promises,
pay Rs.100 now.

What? You said Rs.20 to read
my palm, right?

Rs.20 for reading palm
and Rs.80 to tell future.

Total is Rs.100.

If Goddess gets angry,
you'll die throwing up blood.

I'll give you, Swamy.
Take Rs.100.

I told you to load stock,
what are you doing here?

Knowing about my future
from a tribal astrologer.

He's telling about future very well.

My grandma used to tell whatever
astrologer says will comet rue.

You too get to know your future.

I don't believe such creeps.
Brother is calling you urgently, go.

I'll to go port.

Sir...sir...please stop, sir.

Why are you after me?

Goddess insists on telling you truth.

I'll not fall into your trap so easily.
Find another victim, please.

Let me see your palm once,
I foresee great things on your face.

I'll open the secret for you.

I don't believe such things.
Don't irritate me, go away.

Sir, though your face is oily and dirty,
your future is bright like gold.

Please go away silently,
if not I'll throw you into sea.

Got it?

Sir, you're in for great future, if you
listen to Goddess, you'll be a king.

I thought I'll get another 100,
useless man didn't fall for my words.

What's there to think? I'll consider it
as Goddess didn't show mercy.


You said you don't believe
in fortune telling.

You said about king!

Goddess Yellamma says...

Goddess Mallamma says...

Goddess Gangamma says...

Yours is not an ordinary horoscope.

Great like discus of Lord Vishnu.

In near your future you'll rule over
the world with your little finger.

Yes, my name is also Chakram.

Indeed Chakram is your name.

Your mind is crooked and
you're in for bad luck.

You were born as pre-matured,

later on you were immature boy,

now, you're brainless
and useless idiot.

What's my future then?

Your doubt is what you'd become, right?

You'll end up as useless idiot!

Swamy, please tell me a way
to reform my life.

Goddess Gangamma told you earlier...

You'll rule over the world
on your little finger.

What should I do now?

What? Really?

Yes, Goddess Mother will
never lie to you.

If everything happens as you say,
I'll build a temple for you.

Don't talk nonsense of
building temples.

Give me another Rs.100.

Thanks, Swamy.

We're searching for him here, sir.

We'll take care of him,
you relax, sir.

Hey, stop the vehicle.


How sexy you are!

I didn't spare any girl here!

Some day I'll have you too.

Nephew, Minister told you to
stay away from girls in colony.

Leave her.
- That's why I left her, uncle.

If not...

Go, uncle.

Take it, baby.

Please me in lifting this basket.

Oh no!

Uncle, stop!

Go...go that side...go...

Stop uncle...
- What happened, nephew?

Stop the vehicle.

Boys, bring her.

Brother! What's it, brother?

A girl went that side in
yellow half sari.

Okay, brother.

[baby cries]

Not there, brother.
- She went that side just now.

How did she vanish in seconds?

Boys, search for her.
- Okay, brother.

A new girl is in colony,
did you see her?

Didn't see her, brother!

This one?

Did you see her?
- No.

I'll go that side, you go that side.
- Okay.

Baby! Where's Anji's home?
- There!

- Yes.- Okay.

Hey Ganga, come with me.

Where are you taking me?
- Come, I'll tell you.


If he sees you,
it means Durga has seen you.

Who is he?
- Bloody scoundrel.

Be careful.

Didn't see her anywhere, brother!

Yes, didn't find her, brother.
- She's not there also, brother.

Did you search properly, boys?
- We did, brother.

Brother, Pothuraju is here.

Oh my God! I got caught.
- Where is he?

Catch him, boys.

Stop there, bloody!

Stop man!

Bobjee...Chakram...catch him.

Stop man!

Hey, Pothuraju, stop!

Catch that bastard,
he's trying to escape.

He's trying to escape,
catch him, boys.

Hey Pothuraju, stop!

Hey, throw the stick on him.

He mustn’t escape,
throw the stick on him.

Catch him, got that bastard!

How dare you go against brother Durga!

He escaped!


Come, let's go home.

Bloody rascal!

Don't spare him today.


Bloody short man!

Hit him...hit him...

How dare you go against Minister!

What happened?

She's scared after watching
Durga thrash someone.

Got scared for that also?

I can't bear to see such things.

Poor girl is too innocent.
Have to look after her carefully.

Durga's gang is already here.

I was there at right time or
else she would've been in trouble.

She's getting scared in home,
take her to market with you.



Hello Swamy!

Swamy is okay, why those gestures?

Will you tell the same future to everyone?

Will you always drink the same brand?

Reading horoscope is
one of the 64 arts.

Give me Rs.100,
I'll tell your future also.

Why should I lose my quarter?

To tell me the same story
you narrated to them.

Pay me Rs.50, I'll tell your future.

Will you tell future of an astrologer?

When we hear what Goddess Gangamma says.

Won't you listen to
what Angel of Liquor says!

Angel of Liquor!

Tell me, what she says!

Pay me first.

First tell my future,
I'll pay you later.

Okay, there's only one difference
between drinker and non-drinkers.

What's that?
- We trust anyone.

First tell my future.

Come with me,
I'll tell your full future.


- Go.

What an act!

Swamy, what Angel of Liquor says is...

Have 2 pegs early morning!

3 pegs at noon!

If you've a full bottle at night
and go to sleep.

Your life will be in heaven.

No, I don't want, leave me.
- Swamy...adopt a man like me.

If you buy drinks to heart's content
for 41 days,

Your life will become heaven,
so says Angle of Liquor.

Did Angel say that?

In the name of horoscope, trying to
make me also a drunkard like you.

Bloody rascal! Get up...get up.
- It's heaven if you're with me.

What did your Angel say...
- You didn't pay me yet.

Didn't pay you?
Goddess Gangamma will pay you.

Goddess Gangamma?
- Yes, take it.

Goddess Gangamma!


Boys, collect protection money.

- Rs.330...330....

- Pay up!



Won't you pay protection money?


Tell me, man.
- Rs.350...350...350... Rs.360...


Greetings, brother.

Yes...is it?



Greetings, brother Durga.


Looks like the girl I saw yesterday.


No, sir.

Go away.

I'll call you later.

Ganga, Durga is watching you,
hide behind the nets.


Hey, a girl was sitting here, right?
Where is she?

I'm alone here since morning.

She isn't the one I saw.

Hey boys!

What happened, brother?

What happened, brother?
What happened, nephew?

I saw the same colony girl
here in market.

Find her now.

Okay, brother.
- Okay, brother.







Where did she go away?

Do you've two 50's, Appa Rao?

I've plenty, take it.

What about my 100?
- Take it tomorrow.- Brother!

Rathalu, give me a bottle.


What's this 100?

- Go away.

Greetings, brother.

Give my Rs.100.
- Go away, I'll not pay you anything.

Durga! Look at me!

It's been long time since
I had drinks from you, Rathalu.

You had it yesterday, bloody owl.

How much I may drink from you,
I never get satisfied.


Look at me!

O romantic hero,
take a dip in the river of love...

Squeeze out shyness from me at dusk...

O romantic hero,
take a dip in the river of love...

Squeeze out shyness from me at dusk...

You're my army...you're my courage...

My desires get fulfilled by you...

♪ This is the time for it...

♪ This loneliness is time for love...
time for lips to chant love hymns...

♪ Don't waste time embrace me
with passionate desires...

♪ This loneliness is time for love...
time for lips to chant love hymns...

♪ Don't waste time embrace me
with passionate desires...

♪ My youth must bloom...
take on me, my man...

♪ It must be a battle of love
when we unite...

♪ O romantic hero,
take a dip in the river of love...

♪ Squeeze out shyness from me at dusk...

♪ Today is the best time for love,
come, let's go for it...

♪ My heart tells me to unite with you...

♪ Today is the best time for love,
come, let's go for it...

♪ My heart tells me to unite with you...

♪ My youth must bloom...
take on me, my man...

♪ It must be a battle of love
when we unite...

♪ O romantic hero,
take a dip in the river of love...

♪ Squeeze out shyness from me at dusk...


Go away!
- Oh no!

What happened to brother?
- I don't know.

Her beauty is making me go crazy.

I must see her today.

- Brother!

The girl I saw yesterday is
troubling my heart like hell.

Today I must taste that Hilsa fish!

We must catch her at any cost,
come on, boys.

Where can we search for her now?

I saw her in market today.

Yesterday I saw her in colony.

May be she's guest of someone
in the colony.

Let's search colony, come.
- Okay, brother.

- Brother!

Search colony to find her.
- Okay, brother.

Has any new girl come to the colony?
- No.

It seems a new girl has come
to the colony, did you see her?

I didn't see, sir.

How long will you search, boys?

Did you find the girl or not?

Didn't find here anywhere, brother.

We searched entire colony,
didn't find her, brother.

Yes, brother.

All of you listen carefully.

I saw a girl yesterday in this colony.

I don't trouble girls of this colony.

I know the girl is in this colony.

Who ever is giving her shelter,
handover her to me.

Nephew, I think she's not here.

She can't escape from us,
let's comb city tomorrow for her.

Come on, boys.
- Okay, brother.

Nephew, you said about
sending stock to Chennai.

Which boat should we use?
To whom?

That is Minister's stock,
Siva knows where to send and how!

Already facing heat from Customs.

That's right but don't know
where Siva is!

His phone is switched off.

It seems he didn't come home last night.

I sent our boys to find him.

It's his habit to get drunk
and lie somewhere.

Goods must reach by evening.
- Okay, brother.

Before that find Siva immediately.
- Okay, brother.

Got it?





Where did he go away?


Come, let's search in colony.
- Okay, uncle.

Did Siva come home?
- No, he didn't come.

Where did he go away?


What did he vanish?

Did you see him, uncle?
- No.

If he's not in colony,
he must be in boat.

Come, boys.
- Come.




Who is that in water?


Who is he?
- Uncle, he's dead.

Uncle, Siva is dead.
- Our Siva? - Yes, uncle.

[phone ring]

Nephew! Where are you?
Siva is dead, nephew.


Who killed him?
We must find him.

I must know by today evening,
who killed him?

I must kill him by tonight.

Boys, bring Siva.

Where's Koti's gang?
- There, brother!

Who killed Siva?
- No brother, we don't know.

We really don't know anything.
- Who killed him?

We don't know who killed him, brother.

We didn't kill him, brother.
- If I know you did it, I'll kill you all.

Please leave us, brother.

Catch them, boys!

Who killed Siva?

- Who killed Siva?

We didn't kill him.

Who killed Siva?
- Please leave me, brother.

Durga...please stop...
wait, brother...he's innocent.

- Hey you wait.

He doesn't know anything, leave him.

Trust me.

He's out of hospital yesterday
after you thrashed him.

Would anyone dare take on you here?

He's innocent, trust me, brother.

Leave him, brother.

Get the stock quickly.

You continue massaging.

Did you come here with courage
or lost your way to reach here?

There's a rule that we mustn't
trespass into other's area.

Do you remember it?

It seems Siva is dead, brother.

Is it?

He thinks we did it and
got caught with us.

You took away my port profits.

You usurped my illegal liquor business.

You killed my younger brother.

Durga has entered our area at last!

Don't know if we get such
an opportunity again or not.

Let's kill him for fun.

Hey Paidithalli! Got entire gang
like special package.

No discounts?

If I start killing
there are no discounts.

Only dead bodies!

Oh! Punch dialogue!

After you're dead,
I'll have it engraved on your grave.

Boys, kill him!

Come on!


Sir, he didn't kill Siva!

I beg you, please spare us.

Sir, please leave us.

Tell me, who killed Siva?

Tell me, who killed Siva?

Why are you falling on me, you rascal?

Who killed Siva...
- Hello, who are you?

Where are you?
Tell me, I'll come there now.

- I know who killed Siva.

Lift the phone, brother.

Brother...tell me, brother...

Brother is not answering
at crucial time.

I'll call uncle.

He's also not answering my call.

Chakram, come immediately here.
- I'm also here only.


Brother is not answering my calls.

Why did you call me now?
- I'll tell you, come with me.

This has happened.
- Is it?

That's why we're here.
- Is it?

I'll also come with you.

He asked me to come alone.

You stay here,
I'll meet and come back.

For safer side, be ready.

Come if anything happens.

Who are you?

Why did you ask me to come alone?

You said you'll tell me
who killed Siva, right?

Tell me, who did it?
I'm asking you.

Turn towards me.

Take it, nephew!

Someone is targeting us.

He's hitting us secretly.

Earlier Siva, now Bobjee.

Who is he?

Why is he targeting us?

Where did he come from?

He's hitting us at will!

- Tell me, nephew.

From this moment,
all of you stay together.

If you suspect anyone,
don't spare anyone.

Don't go anywhere without my knowledge.

Okay, nephew.

I know how to catch him.

Uncle, start the vehicle.
- Okay.

Why is she sleeping at noon?

What happened to you, Ganga?

Nothing, Anji.

Just little head ache.

Let me check.

Oh, you're running high temperature.

Come, let's go to hospital.

No need, Anji.

This is routine for me.

I do get head aches quite often.

It'll ease on it's own.

Okay, I'll come back in a minute.

I feel like something is burning.
Where is it coming from?


I was getting burning smell.
Is it burn of jealous?

Then, stay with her and marry her.
I'll drown in sea.

Hey, wait. Hey, you...wait.

Wait, please listen to me.

Hey Chakram, please get up.
Come, let's go.

Chakram, get up!

David, found this phone near beach sand,
see if it belongs to anyone of our gang.

How come Bobjee's phone
was found in beach!

Bobjee talked to someone
on phone that day!

Tell me, where are you?
I'll come there immediately.

David, I know who killed Siva, come.

Whom did he talk to last time?

Let me see.

This was the last call before he died.

Let me see!

Your account is nil balance.

Oh no, nil balance.

I'll try from his phone.

Darling? Who is she?

Hello Chakram!

Nobody got suspicious on us, right?

Oh no!

Something is happening here!

Nothing will happen, you don't worry.

I'll take care of everything.

Something is happening behind him.

Keep it this side.

Keep it this side.

[phone ring]

Oh no! The same number.

Chakram, phone call for you.

Okay, I'm coming.
Careful with goods.

[phone ring]

Hold it carefully.

[phone ring]

Lift it...careful.

[phone ring]

Hold it carefully.

I'm in harbour.

Quick, boys.

Okay, I'll come now.

Careful...watch out.

David, call from old girl,
I'll go home.

If brother comes,
tell him I went to home.


Careful with goods.


Why did you call me urgently?

It seems Durga and Minister
have joined to catch us.

Better to be very careful
from now onwards.

Bloody Chakram!

Durga mustn't know at any cost
that we killed Siva and Bobjee.

Did you both kill Siva and Bobjee?

Don't worry about me, Ganga.
You be careful.

Bloody rascal!

Did you both kill our men?

- Who is she?

What is she doing with you?

Tell me...tell me...
- David...

What are you doing?

Who the hell are you?

Tell me I say!

I'll not spare you.
I'll see your end today.

You're finished today.
- Hey, you...stop!

Stop...stop, you idiot!

Will you kill our own men?

I'll tell Durga about you.

- Will you kill Siva and Bobjee?

What shall we do now?

If Durga comes know the matter,
he'll kill us.

What did you say now?

If Durga comes know the matter,
he'll kill us.

Call Durga immediately.

What are you saying, Ganga?

If Durga comes to know the truth,
he'll kill us.

Call him on phone and
tell him everything in reverse.

Call him immediately.

Nephew, run out of soda. I'll bring it.
- Go, get it.

[phone ring]


Brother...I'm Chakram here.
- Tell me.

Brother, David killed Siva and Bobjee.

What are you saying?

He did everything like a police covert.

He got me thrashed for knowing the truth.

What are you saying, man?

He's coming to you, be careful, brother.

Let him come here, bloody bastard!

I'm still scared.

If Durga hears what David says.

No need to fear, Chakram.

When a beast is angry and hungry!

It'll lose sense!
It'll kill on sight.

David's position is just like that.

For safer side,
check what's happening there!

Okay, Ganga.



- Bloody scoundrel!

How dare you cheat me!
- No, brother...listen to me.

What's this, nephew?
What did he do?

Why did you kill him?

Uncle, I know the truth,
David is not our man.

Will you do whatever you feel like!

Don't enrage me.

I've already killed a man,
I may kill you too.

Throw the body in sea!

Come on, do it quickly.

Unlike earlier, this time
goods will reach on time.

I stand guaranty.

You stay cool.

- Yes, tell me, brother.

Goods must reach on time.

Unlike earlier, ensure it reaches safely.
- Okay, brother.

- Okay, brother.

Hey Chakram...
- Yes, brother?

Why did David do like that?

I don't know, I heard David talking
to someone on phone, brother.

Since I know his secret,
he tried to kill me, brother.

That's all, brother.

Okay, you carry on with your work.

Okay, brother.

Hello, Durga.
- Got any news about him, sir?

I tried but no details.

If your men were killed so brutally,
I'm sure it's not police work.

Is it, sir?
- Dept. is not involved in this.

For safer side, be careful
with men around you.

Who could it be, sir?
- That's okay, I'll get it inquired.

Ensure goods reach on time.
- Okay, sir.

But he made me kill my man.

I must now who that black sheep is!

I'll not spare him so easily.

Bye, sir.
- Brother.

Work is over, I'll go home now and
come back morning to load the goods.

Okay, go.
Come early tomorrow morning.

Okay, brother. Bye.

Keep it there.

What did Minister tell you?
- He said be careful with my men, uncle.

What Minister said is true!

What are you saying, uncle?

You killed David because
you suspected him, right?

Why are you still tensed? Relax.

You're right, uncle.
But I must know who is the real killer.

I'll not kill him easily.

But he made me kill my man.

I must now who that black sheep is!

I'll not spare him so easily.

Chakram, why are you tensed?
What happened?

I think Durga will know the truth.

Oh no!

If we stay here, he'll suspect us.

Let's go away from here, Ganga.

One who is scared runs away,
one who is angry will seek revenge.

We mustn't run away from Durga.

Let's quit fear and stay here only.

We killed all of them
without any evidence.

There's no way Durga can know about us.

Trust me.

If you're brave, nobody can catch us.

But still I'm scared. Ganga.

Forget everything and
think about your Ganga only.

After that everything will
be fine for us.

Okay. As you say!


You won't leave me alone, right?

I'll not leave you at any cost, Chakram!

If your men were killed so brutally,
I'm sure it's not police work.

For safer side, be careful
with men around you.

Would this guy be behind this?

No way!
He's not that worth.

Brother, David killed Siva and Bobjee.

He did everything like a police covert.

He got me thrashed for knowing the truth.

Uncle! Was Chakram got hurt
on the day I killed David?

He was perfect like packed drink.

He wasn't hurt at all.

- No, nephew.

I heard David talking to
someone on phone, brother.

Since I know his secret,
he tried to kill me, brother.

I got it, uncle.

I'm sure this is handiwork of Chakram.

[bike revving up]

Hey Chakram!

Where are you, man?

Who are you, man?

Your death!

This action is till you're dead.

What are you waiting for then?

Let's fight to death, come on.

Kill him, boys!

Hey! It's impossible to kill me!

Nobody can dare do it!

Where's Chakram?
- I don't know.

Uncle, search inside.
- Yes, nephew.

He's not inside.

Where's your grandson?

I don't know where he is.

Will he send men to kill me?

Is he such a big goon to kill me?

Uncle, come, let's finish him today.
- Come.

I'll not spare your grandson,
he'll surely die in my hands. Go.

I sent tough men to kill him,
he knocked them all.


Durga will not spare me,
he'll kill me.




Are you here?


Why are you shocked?

Do you feel happy now?

Did I hit you properly?

This is nothing compared
to what you did to me.

I'll finish the job in another week, sir.

Just Chakram and Durga are remaining.

I'll use Chakram to kill Durga.

Chakram will be my last victim.

Men would get ruined
if they fall for a woman.

I never thought that was true.
But you proved that was right.

I though women are for pleasure only.

But I didn't know you'd use me like this.

You trapped me in your false love.

You killed my friends,

now planning to kill Durga
with my help.

Then, you'll kill me also.
Who the hell are you?

Till now I enjoyed only women
who feared me!

Never had a woman like you,
now I'll have you.




Harini! I've already lost a sister,
I can't lose you too.

You wanted to fight them alone,
I couldn't say no to your determination.

That's why I was following you secretly.

What are you thinking now?

He was the lone evidence against me.

Thinking about how to kill Durga...
- Don't stick around here, Harini.

Go away to Mumbai,
I'll finish Durga.

No, I must kill Durga.

He must know who am I!

Please don't stop me, sir.

Where is Ganga?
- I don't know, mother.

Here she is!

Oh no! What happened, Ganga?

How did you get hurt?

Where did you go at this hour?

How did you get hurt?

Tell me the truth, who are you?

My name is Harini.

I was attached with
Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch.

Bhai, police!

Bhai, police!

Catch that girl!

Come...come...come quickly...

My courage and bravery
unraveled many crimes.

Hi guys!
- Hi!

Congrats Harini.
- Why?

Why? What sort of case you'd solved?

You saved DCP's daughter
from kidnappers daringly.

Though he heads the dept.
he couldn't use it.

You solved the case in 24 hours
and arrested the criminals.

Our boss is happy.

On cloud nine!

Boss is throwing a party today evening.

Guys, this success is not mine.

This is team work. Okay?
- Okay.

Hi, sir.
- Good morning, sir.

Take your seats.

Harini, you've done a good job.

You know our company is number one
in crime investigation.

All because of you.

Harini, come to my cabin
when you're free.

Sure sir.

The only relative I've in
this world is my Sanketh.

We weren't just siblings,
much more than that.

Karanam Malleshwari is working out!

How long will you be a tomboy!

Why not marry and be happy
with husband and kids?

Why do we need all this, sister?

That must be my dialogue.

I must find a good girl for you.

Get you married, after that I'll marry.

So, you say I'm a hurdle for your life.
That's it?

If I'm a hurdle for your marriage,
I'm ready to go away from your life also.

Will you marry then?

What's this, sister?

Are you a hurdle to me?
Will you leave me forever?

I said that just for fun, sister.
For that...

Is it fun for you to leave me alone?

I've always considered you
as my mother, sister.

You're my mother and father, sister.

Only death can separate us, sister.

I was like mother to my younger brother.

For me, he was like my father.

We lost our parents as kids,
so we saw them in each of us.

One fine day I came to know
about Sanketh and Shalini's love.

♪ Strange wishes are taking
over me because of you...

♪ Taking wings soaring high into sky...

♪ Thoughts are swaying my heart...

♪ Painting the town red
with fun and frolic...

♪ O girl, don't leave me alone
and walk away...

♪O girl, I feel like my heart has stopped..

♪ I'm going breathless because of you...

♪ My heart is with you like
moonlight on river Godavari...

♪ I'm saving you in me like
a rain drop in cloud...

♪ If you look at me,
I'll go speechless...

♪ If you look at me secretly,
I'll be in bliss...

♪ O girl, don't incite and kill me...

♪ O girl, something has taken over me...

♪ Strange wishes are taking
over me because of you...

♪ Taking wings soaring high into sky...

♪ Thoughts are swaying my heart...

♪ Painting the town red
with fun and frolic...

♪ I'm always with you like
lines on your palm...

♪ Think of me and I'll be with you...

♪ Time spent with you is my best time...

♪ Our dreams are coming true...

♪ O girl, don't leave me alone
and walk away...

♪O girl, I feel like my heart has stopped..

♪ Strange wishes are taking
over me because of you...

♪ Taking wings soaring high into sky...

♪ Thoughts are swaying my heart...

♪ Painting the town red
with fun and frolic...

♪ They were in the bliss of love and
I was very happy about their marriage.

♪ Shall we go there?
- Okay.

Shall we go to the garden?
- Okay, sure.

Who are you guys?
Why are you following us?

Mind your work...idiots!

People who shouldn't have
seen them, they saw them.


Stop it!

Who are you?

Stop it.

Hey, don't hit my Sanketh!








Fish in sea and babes on beach!

It's a sin to spare them!

Killing their happiness for ever.

That scoundrel killed both of them.

I went to meet Shalini's
brother after that.

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes, come in.

Greetings, sir.
My name is Harini.

Please take your seat.
- Thank you.

I'm Sanketh's elder sister.

I'm here after knowing
what had happened to him!

What are you planning to do now?

Other feel sorry for my sister,
I'm unable to do anything.

Law is protecting him and
transferred me to traffic dept.

He committed the crime
but law is punishing me.

So, I'll law into my hands
and kill that scoundrel.

Don't get so emotional, sir.

I don't have anyone in this world
other than my brother Sanketh.

He separated me from my brother
and left me an orphan in this world.

I must kill him.

He's a scoundrel,
how can you kill him?

If a woman decides to cross the boundary,
no man can dare taken on her.

But I'll kill him, that's for sure.

How I'll him or why,
he'll never know it!

Not just him, I'll kill all his men.

When I was coming out
of station with frustration.

I saw Durga and his gang
outside the station.

Hours passed...I took a decision.

I became Ganga to kill Durga
and his gang.

You met me then,
and took me to your home.

Your innocence and selfless love.

I considered it as my safest place.

I thought this colony will protect me
like fort against Durga.

I gained your confidence with lies.

I started observing Durga
and his gang's activities.

I used my friend as astrologer to tell
lies about future of Durga's gang.

One fine day wantonly
I appeared before Durga!

I know he wouldn't leave
if he sees me.

As I expected he started
searching for me.

First Siva saw me.

At that time...
- Are you the new girl in this colony?


We're searching for you everywhere,
what are you doing here?


Come, Durga wants you.


How dare you slap me!

I came here for you.

Why are you handing over me
to someone else?

What are you saying?

When the girl comes before you,
she'll stare at you without batting eyes.

Astrologer was right.

Didn't you recognise me?

Near police station...you chased me...

You won over my heart with your words.

You said if you ever marry you'll
marry a beautiful girl like me, right?

I fell for you then!

That's why I came here for you.

You go, I'll meet you later.

Did you see her?
- No.

Next day Durga entered
the colony with his men.

Same day Chakram saw me.



I came here for you.

Did you come here for me?

What are you saying?

You saw me in police station
that day, right?

Didn't recognise me?

You said you like me.
That's why I came this far for you.

When the girl comes before you,
she'll stare at you without batting eyes.

I need to talk to you,
meet me in farm after an hour.


Okay, go.

So, I was in their dreams.

I befriended and trapped them
with my beauty.

One fine day I lit a fire
of enmity between them.


Why are you here?

Chakram told me to come here.
- Why?

It seems he saw me in police station.

It seems he likes me
and trying to trap me.

He's threatening to rape me
if I don't follow his orders.

I want to tell you about him
but I don't know where you stay!


Oh no, Chakram is coming.
- Don't worry.

I'm scared.
- I'll take care of him, you stay here.

He's finished today.

With induced enmity, they started
a full fledge war.

Why are you roaming here?
For whom?

For whom you're here?

I know why you're here!

I know that girl well, leave her alone.


Bloody! How dare you hit me!

You're dead today!

Bloody rascal!

How dare you hit me!

Oh no!

Siva was dead.

Chakram became my weapon.

Using Chakram as weapon,

I killed Durga's men without
leaving any evidence.

In near future I'll kill Durga too!

Minister sir! Happy birthday to you!

Okay, SP.
Thank you very much.

Happy birthday Minister!

Thank you very much.

Party is going on inside,
enjoy the party, lawyer.

Okay, sir.

First time I pity you, Durga.

What else then? I'm throwing
a lavish party for my birthday.

Why are you dull like a losing
candidate's banner?

Why are you like a leader
who lost deposit also?

Why are you so dull?

Not at all nice to see.

What can I do sir?

No hunger...no sleep.

No woman to give me happiness.

Don't know who is doing
and why is he after me?

Unseen, he's hitting me secretly!

I'm going mad, sir.

Come, Srikanth.

How are you doing?
I was waiting for you only.

Why did he come here?
- Wait, I'm talking to him, right?

Let bygones be bygones.
We've to compromise, no choice.

We've information that his henchman
Chakram has become police informer.

If you're behind this,
please accept it now.

If not you'll face trouble in future.

Moreover you've a family,
I'm asking you as your well wiser.

Think over it and answer me.

War is necessary for politics.

Sword is necessary for war.

You told me that, sir.

I'm scared of kings and swords, sir.

That's why I'm staying away from it, sir.

I'm in traffic dept.,
why would I've crime informers, sir?

Moreover Chakram is not a informer.

He was murdered last night, sir.

Did they kill Chakram too?
- Yes, sir.

Hey! Are you playing drama with me?

I know you're behind all this.

Leave him, come back.

Sit there.

Sir, phone.
- I'm talking to him, right?

Is it?

Okay sir, I'll take care of it, sir.

A girl is doing all this.


A girl is playing one side game
with my nephew?

If police man wants to kill,
he'll use bullets.

He won't use brain.

No use in showing your brawn on me.

If you've guts, try to catch her.

If you're angry and tensed,
it shows you're scared of her.

I'm very happy to see fear on your face.

As far as I know,
you're the next target, Durga.

Till now you enjoyed women,
now enjoy death from a woman.

Best of luck!

If you take on a man,
you can get angry.

If you want to taken on a woman,
first try to judge her thought and action!

Only then you must take on her.

Who is she? Why is she after you?

Don't do anything silly till
we gather information on her.

Got it, right?
Think over it.

I'll come back in a minute.

Guests are waiting for me.

I'll come back in a minute.

Nephew, we searched for
a new girl in colony, right?

I suspect her, nephew.

It seems she's staying in Anji's house.

I knew about it last night.

Come, let's go.

Where's the girl who stays
in your home?

Uncle, check inside.

- Tell me.

Nephew, the girl is not inside.

Don't show your prowess there,
dirty rascal.

I'm waiting for you in den, come on!

Wait there, I'm coming.

Uncle, get her son and daughter-in-law.

Stop, nephew!

All are dead.

Right...I swear...

Get them!

Hey! Where are you?

Who the hell are you?

Why are you shouting, man?

Why did you kill my men?

I don't need to tell you.

But I do have reason to kill them.

Who the hell are you?

Are you itching to die?

Are you scared of losing your life?

Do you think it's so easy to kill me?

If a woman decides to kill man
or mosquito are same to her.

It's my habit to rape and kill women.

Now, you're my next victim.

In epic, demon like was
killed by a woman.

Jhansi Lakshmi Bai was also a woman who
made scoundrels like you to sweat in fear.

Happiness in enjoying
a proud woman like you is bliss.

Come on.

I'll also not think twice, come on I say!


Who are you?
Why do you want to kill me?

I'll not tell you.

You'll die in my hands
without knowing the truth.

What's that look?

How is my plan?

Hey! Tell me why you want to kill me?

You can't understand that.

What have I done to you?

I'll not tell you.

At least now, tell me,
why are you killing me?

You're my mother, sister.

You're my mother and father, sister.

Only death can separate us.

Nephew, I warned you
but didn't listen to me.

Died like a street dog.

What I couldn't do as a man,
you did as woman, Harini.

You're great!

You killed all of them without
any evidence.

Come, let's go.

One minute!

Man started life as a scoundrel.

Earlier he hunted animals,
now he's hunting women.

Till our wise men wake up from slumber,
such scoundrels keep coming.

Even after strict laws of Nirbhaya
were passed,

still women are unable to venture out'
peacefully to answer natures call also.

If a woman loves a man,
how will it be,

you can see that in Seetha, who went
into exile for 14 years for husband.

If same woman hates, even ten headed
Ravana lost his life for same Seetha.

Man's strength may be in his muscles.

But woman's strength is in her gestures.

What are we doing with women
who bore and raise us?

Men, don't be beasts, become humans.

Time has changed, computer age is here.

Women are slowly coming out of homes.

At least hereafter let's respect women.

Because if a woman decides to cross
the boundary, no man can dare taken on her.

Strange wishes are taking
over me because of you...

Taking wings soaring high into sky...

Thoughts are swaying my heart...

Painting the town red
with fun and frolic...

O girl, don't leave me alone
and walk away...

O girl, I feel like my heart has stopped..

I'm going breathless because of you...