Durgavati (2020) - full transcript

Don't take my mother away from me!

You've protected our village
for thousands of years.

We tried our best to save you
for two years, but we've lost...

Brother, we aren't leaving her.
We're taking Mother with us.

CBI Special Director Mr Dhananjay Rawat
is waiting for you, sir.

- Send him in.
- Sir.

- Good morning, Sir.
- Morning.

It's been a while since we met...

Tell me. What can I do for you?

There's a problem, Rawat.

Welcome to 'Face the People'.

The topic for today's show is
'Disappearing Gods'.

While our faith is mocked
and temple idols are stolen

our state ministers have themselves
gone missing.

However, this 'mute' government's
Minister of Water Resources

Mr Ishwar Prasad is here today to answer
questions from the public.

Does your government only open
its mouth to yawn?

Sir, in the last 6 months

ancient and priceless idols have been
stolen from 12 temples in our state.

Isn't the Endowment ministry
under your government's Chief Minister?

Surely he must be aware of these thefts?

They won't do anything!

This is a blatant attack on Hindutva!

If this was a minority issue,
they would bend over to appease them!

Our God can protect himself!

"When evil flourishes,
God shall manifest himself!"

People have the right to question
their leaders in a democracy.

And it is our responsibility
to answer them.

Our people face a constant
onslaught of adversities.

Just as one crisis ends, another begins.

The only thing that gives them solace
is God.

And when they open their eyes
after praying at the temple...

They find their God's idol
has disappeared.

I'm ashamed that I'm part
of this incompetent government.

What are you doing about
the idol thefts, Sir?

You should be asking this question
to our Chief Minister...

If within 15 days,
the thieves aren't caught

And the idols aren't re-installed
in the temples...

I'll resign from my position as minister.

Everyone knows how spineless
politicians are these days.

Cut out the fake drama.

I can't speak on behalf
of all politicians...

But I'm always ready to resign
if I fail in my duties.

Are you really trying to serve God,

or your own ambition of becoming
Chief Minister?

So that's what you're thinking.


I won't resign then.

I'll quit politics altogether.

No, Sir! You can't quit!

And then your son will take your place.

Well played, Sir!

Thank you.

You just reminded me...

I entered politics to bring change.


- Ajay.
- He's not my son.

Ajay, he's calling you...

I was an ordinary party worker
when I started.

I would want my heir to belong
to the masses.

Ajay's the son of a poor farmer.

He has no political background.

He just wants to serve society.

He has a real passion and zeal

To do something for his people.

If I have your permission...

I would like Ajay to carry forward
my legacy.

- Come, Ajay.
- Thank you, sir.

Whether I'm here or not...

Our pledge to bring change
should remain alive.

I hope you would approve of my decision.

So he's your problem. Ishwar Prasad.

Do you expect me to give up my chair
for some poor farmer's son?

Rawat, do something so we can rein him.

In all these years of being in politics

Ishwar Prasad has never made money

He's dedicated his entire life
to public service.

Ishwar Prasad is a very honest man, sir.

That's the problem, Rawat.

He's too honest.

And if he quits politics...

He'll be seen as a martyr,
and we'll look like traitors.

And then some party will come along
and make him the Chief Minister.

The case he is using to become
a public hero...

Let's use the same case
to put him behind bars.

I understand your situation.

If children of poor farmers and labourers
start entering politics...

How will your family hold on to power?

Sorry sir, I cannot do this.

We didn't give you this CBI post
just like that, Rawat.

Then take it back.

I won't engage in slander
against an honest man.

We have an army of mudslingers
for that, Rawat.


Call CBI Joint Director
Satakshi Ganguly here.

Jai Hind, ma'am.
ACP Abhay Singh reporting.

Both of you. Out!

He's been handling the idol theft case.

You mean mishandle.

Idols from 12 temples have been stolen
in 6 months. What's going on?

They're idols for us, ma'am...

But for smugglers,
they're priceless antiques.

There's a huge demand for them globally.

Antique smugglers are behind this.

This isn't the handiwork of smugglers
or antique collectors.

There's definitely a powerful
local politician involved.

What's your opinion, ma'am?


Take a look carefully.

20 km from Karkara village...

The Somnath idol was stolen there.

18 km from Pitampur - Kankarmath.

The Siddha Chamundi idol was stolen.

12 km from Omkareshwar. Prachand Ganpati.

At the time of every temple
theft - without any exception...

Central Water Resources
Minister Ishwar Prasad...

Was nearby either
inaugurating some programme...

Or participating in
some social welfare scheme..

Are you suggesting that these idols
have been stolen by Ishwar Prasad?

Ma'am, wherever ministers go,
the entire police force follows.

Maybe the smugglers followed
Ishwar Prasad's programme?

Or maybe Ishwar Prasad was following
the smugglers' programme.

Ma'am, I feel we're starting
this investigation on a wrong note.

Ma'am, Ishwar Prasad is
a very honest politician.

Get out.


I don't like negativity.

Your job is to follow my orders.
Not give me useless opinions.

Yes ma'am.

Ma'am Ishwar Prasad's worship him.

If we mess with him,
the entire state will be on fire.

Every king has a chink in their armor.

He has one too.

2011 Civil Services topper,
Chanchal Chauhan.

She was his personal secretary
for 2 terms - 10 years.

In fact, Ishwar Prasad appointed her
twice as his personal secretary.

She'll know about everything
Ishwar Prasad has been upto.

- Get her.
- Chanchal is currently in remand, ma'am.

We can't get her.

You are right.

I know.

Chanchal's been jailed since 3 months
for your brother's murder.

And that makes our job even easier.

We can interrogate her
without drawing suspicion.

I thought you got me on this case
because of my honesty.

Now I know...

It's actually because of personal reasons.

Sincerity can get you medals, ACP.
Not justice.

If we interrogate Chanchal in jail,

it will become public.

Did I say we'll interrogate her in jail?

Find me an ideal place.

- Now.
- Ma'am.

This is a forest area.

We sometimes go here to stage fake...

I mean, shootouts often take place here.

And that's Panna village.

After the Prandhaara project,
no one lives here anymore.

- This is also a good location.
- What's that?

That's an old mansion, ma'am.
We can't go there.


There's an idiotic rumour
about this mansion.

The villagers say it's haunted.

No one dares to go anywhere near it.


We'll go where no one else does.

But madam, this is...
- I want three idiots from your team.

Total nitwits.



Please come.


- What will you say your name is?
- Chanchal Chauhan, Sir.

Cell number 14.
And your number's 68.



- Where are we going?
- To another jail.

Didn't I tell you?
There's construction going on here.


Come on!

What's going on, officer?

You'll soon find out. Move.

Where are we shifting her, sir?

Durgamati mansion.


What are you staring at?

Sir... Don't go there, sir!

What? Get lost!

Let's go.

Sir, Durgamati mansion?

Sir, it's in ruins, in the jungle...

- Go get the roadmap.
- But sir...

- Go!
- Yes sir!

Why did you get scared hearing
about Durgamati mansion?

Durgamati mansion is no picnic spot...

Where you just go to spend a day.

Whoever goes there... never returns.


Are there dancing angels there
that people don't want to leave?

She's no dancing angel...

She's an angel of vengeance!

That place is no ordinary mansion...

Durgamati Mansion is a haunted house!

Who was Durgamati?

She was the queen of the province.

She would imprison anyone
who defied her...

And sacrifice them to the Goddess
on a new moon night.

Durgamati's enemies killed her

They say the mansion
is haunted by her spirit.

I'll shift her to the mansion
and send you the location.

Get Madam there tomorrow.

Get in.



Hello Madam.

- Hello Nand Singh! How are you?
- I'm good, madam.

- Started work?
- Yes Madam.

- Good.
- It's all thanks to you.

Not at all.
It was your father's job.

Just work as honestly as he did.

Madam, sweets...

Sir... there won't be any problem, right?

There will be no problem from our side.

- But this must remain strictly between us.
- Yes sir.

- Is that okay?
- Yes sir.

- Hey! What's going on over there?
- Sir!

Where are you taking me?

I have a right to know.

Brother, I think Chanchal is betraying me!

Why did you kill my brother? Why?

Why did you kill my brother?

- Sir!
- What the hell!

Today's weather forecast.

Due to the impending cyclone

strong winds and heavy rain
are expected in the next 48 hours.

The weather department warns
that trees could fall during the storm.

Staying indoors is advised
unless there's an emergency.

- Nandu!
- Yes sir.

Inspect the place.

Is anyone out there?


Is anyone there?

Sir. There's no one here.
Let's go back.

Open the gate!

God save us!

Hey! Who are you?

I'm the watchman.

Open the gate.

I'm handicapped, sir. I can't.

What happened, Nandu?

Why have you got me here?

Don't worry, we won't kill you.

You'll stay in this mansion
for a few days.

Think of it as house arrest.

Some officers will come
to interrogate you.

The more you cooperate,
the better it will be for you.

As long as you stay inside,
you'll be safe.

But if you even think of escaping...

Sir! What if Madam actually tries
to escape?

- I'll shoot her.
- Huh?

An ambush.

That's how the CBI will classify it.

Hey! Come here!

Yes sir.

Aren't you on duty here?
Where were you?

I stay here all day, sir.

- But at night...
- You're scared?

I have young children, sir.

What nonsense! Give me the key.

Sorry. Gopi.

This pocket?

They'll all be staying here. Her too.

We need to arrange for their meals...

No problem, sir. My wife will do it..


- Gopi.
- Sir.


You should refuse to stay here.


They say this place is haunted.

Madam, people in our village say

there's a ghost inside.

- There's a ghost inside?
- Yes madam.

And there are none outside?

I don't believe in all this.

Forgive me, mother! Forgive me!

I don't know who they are!

Please don't punish my children for this!

Do you know who she is?

She's a demoness!

A hungry demoness!

Her thirst for blood is insatiable!

You'll all die...

She'll devour all of you!

Shut up!

Any more of this nonsense
and I'll shoot you.

- Now move from here!
- Sir!

Come on!

Don't touch!

Don't touch Maa.

- Who are you?
- I'm Kanchan.

The watchman's wife.

Here are your things.

You can bathe and get dressed.

The officers are coming to meet you.

Please carry on.

What was she looking at?

It's you!

- Bathroom?
- There.

Did you get scared?

Me? Of course not!

Our land is our right!
We'll protect it with all our might!

- I didn't throw any stone!
- Why did you do it?

I told you there must be no violence.

Who asked you to throw stones?

Tell me!

Tell me!

Our land is our right!
We'll protect it with all our might!

Our land is our right!
We'll protect it with all our might!

Calm down..
Please calm down.

What is all this?

If everything you had was
suddenly snatched from you

turning you into a refugee on
your own land, then you'd know.

So you're the one instigating all of them?

I'm telling them the truth.

People with honesty and integrity
aren't swayed so easily.

You took away their land,
fields, homes, livelihoods...

Their soil, their very roots
were robbed overnight.

Folks from 135 villages who lived
with dignity, honesty and hard work

were left begging for their rights
thanks to your government.

If the nation has to progress,
sacrifices must be made.

Please try to understand.

And why must the poor always
face the brunt of sacrifice?

Why do the rich never
bear the cost?

Please listen to me.

I will never allow injustice upon you.

Whatever we're doing
is for your own good.

Police! Someone, help!

The contractor's goons who threw stones
have all gotten away.

While innocent protesting villagers
have been arrested.

And you still want us to trust you,

Assistant Commissioner of Police?

My brother.

Chanchal Chauhan, IAS...

Madam, you're here?

Dude, you could've at least
called before coming!

Please come in, Madam.
I'll just change and come.

What was the need for that loud protest?
You could have just spoken to Madam.

You know what Bhagat Singh said -

"For the deaf to listen...
The sound must be very loud."

Our voice is our only weapon.

If we don't use it,
how will we get our rights?

- Come on kids!
- Voice of the voiceless.

Who would think that he has
an MBA degree from Stanford?

From Stanford?

He gave up his great job, fat salary
and comfortable in America

to come here and work
with people in the village.

- Who wants to learn how to record?
- I want to!

He says that in the US,
he could only transform his life...

But in India, he can potentially
change thousands of lives.

At first, I was upset with him...

But seeing the village progress
over the last two years

I feel really proud of him.

You need to balance it.

He's very passionate.

And a bit aggressive at times.

Madam... if we construct the dam, the
surrounding villages have to be vacated.

Convincing the villagers to move
would be very difficult.

One man can do it. Shakti.

If he comes on board,
the villagers will follow suit.

But he's very short-tempered, madam.

He's principled.

Getting angry at injustice
isn't a bad thing.

If you're really trying to improve
our lives, why would we oppose you?

If the dam will really benefit us,
we'll support the project.

But remember...

The villagers hold their land
dearer than their lives.

Nothing should go wrong.

♪ Those eyes of yours look into mine ♪

♪ And have me melting into them ♪

♪ To the almighty I pray ♪

♪ May you be mine ♪

♪ For the eyes weep ♪

♪ And the night aches ♪

♪ For a glimpse of you, my love ♪

♪ For the eyes weep ♪

♪ And the night aches ♪

♪ For a glimpse of you, my love ♪

♪ Losing my way into you ♪

♪ Under the spell you cast ♪

♪ This heart beats to your tune ♪

♪ It can't resist your charms ♪

♪ Leaving all else behind ♪

♪ My love runs deep for you ♪

♪ For you unbound an ocean of love ♪

♪ Has me drowning in it ♪

♪ To the almighty I pray ♪

♪ May you be mine ♪

♪ For the eyes weep ♪

♪ And the night aches ♪

♪ For a glimpse of you, my love ♪

♪ For the eyes weep ♪

♪ And the night aches ♪

♪ For a glimpse of you, my love ♪

♪ For the eyes weep ♪

♪ And the night aches ♪

♪ For a glimpse of you, my love ♪

Chanchal. Sir.

Sir... Hello!

Chanchal, whether you believe it or not...

You're like a daughter to me.


This mansion in the heart of this forest
was built to house Gondwa's Army Chief.

Later, it was turned into a
guest-house for British officers.

Now it's under the Forest department.

You won't find anyone here to help
or give information.

Come. Let me show you our hub.

Apart from her bedroom and bathroom...

Interrogation room, kitchen, hall...

We can keep a watch
on every part of the mansion.

Even sunlight can't enter here
without our permission.

- Daaruk. Go and get her.
- Yes ma'am.

- Thanks for everything, ACP.
- Pleasure, ma'am.

Your work here is over.

With you around,
Chanchal won't tell us anything.

But ma'am...

- Jose, shut the gates.
- Yes ma'am.

Satakshi Ganguly. CBI.


Here. Sit.

We don't usually offer criminals
a seat during interrogation.

Consider it a favour.


Selvam, everything is clear and recording?

Everything is clear and recording, sir.

CBI interrogation?

- What's going on here?
- What do you think?

What's going on...

Ms Chanchal Chauhan, IAS?

I'm in no state to solve your riddles.

Please ask whatever you want to clearly.

Well then, let the law take
its own course.

You've detained me here illegally...

The law is certainly not taking
its own course.

You worked with a corrupt politician
for 10 years...

You didn't think of what's
legal and illegal then?

Minister Ishwar Prasad?

Behind his righteous facade...

Is a monster.

You're going to tell us
about all his illegal activities.

You are barking up the wrong tree.

What does Ishwar Sir
have to do with my case?

You're wasting your time here.

You won't find anything
against Ishwar Sir...

From me or anyone else.

And anyway

you don't have the right
to interrogate me in this case.

One minute. Sit.

Sit down?

Here's our license to interrogate you.
From the Honorable court.

We already have evidence to put
Ishwar Prasad behind bars.

Evidence against Ishwar Prasad?

What's she talking about?

She's bluffing, Sodhi.

It's a fake order.

It's tough to crack a person
who is fully aware of the law.

Madam is illegally playing the legal card.

Who would know a minister's secrets
better than his personal secretary?

As a Government servant

answering my questions
is your duty, not a choice.

Speak up comrades,
raise your voice!

Raise your voice! Raise your voice!

Rise up against the regime!

Raise your voice! Raise your voice!

- Say it loud...
- We are one!

This is the fight for our future.

Until the administration agrees
to give scholarships to poor students...

Raise your voice!

You seem to have made the right decision
appointing Ajay.

- Say it loud...
- We are one!

I need to talk to you, Sir.

I believe some people
are badmouthing you

because of your decision.


The power of people is always stronger
than the people in power.

In a democracy,
the public is our God.

No matter how powerful
the ruling party gets,

they can't be above God, right?

God lies within these people.

And God is with us.

Don't worry. Come on.

Raise your voice!

Raise your voice!

Raise your voice!

Ask away.

You were appointed as Ishwar Prasad's
personal secretary once.

Then you took the decision
to be his secretary for another term.


Any special relationship?

I never wanted to be
Ishwar Sir's secretary.

I was always more interested
in administration.

But after working with Ishwar Sir...

I gained a whole new perspective.

Through the journey he
began as a student leader...

He became a shining
example for our society.

He's spent all his time amongst people,
working towards their welfare.

When his own brother
was found guilty of corruption

he threw him out of his home and party.

I was truly inspired by his vision
and determination.

So when I got the opportunity
to be his secretary again...

I accepted it, proudly.

You worked with Ishwar Prasad
for ten years.

Never found anything doubtful,
unusual or abnormal?

Of course.

Sacrificing his family life
to serve the people...

Not earning money illegally...

Dutifully paying back the loan he took
for his son's education in America...

It's all pretty abnormal
for an Indian minister, right?

If you're done praising your Lord,
shall we come to the point?

In the last election, Ishwar Prasad spent
3 crores over the allotted election fund.

That's a lie. Check again.

- So the Election Commission is lying?
- No one is incorruptible.

Of course. Except Ishwar Prasad.

Anyway. Who are his close friends?

His PA Pramod, Ajay,
and some party supporters.

That's about it.

But they're his greatest
strength and asset.

Where does he spend his free time?

France, Bangkok, or...

He spends his time with God.

He loves visiting ancient temples.

Does he go to worship God,
or to fool people?

He goes to be one with God..

Well Ms. Chanchal...

You're done for the day.
You can leave.


Madam doesn't want you
to stay here tonight.

These guys will handle the security.

Don't mind, okay?

- Peetal!
- Yes sir.

You're responsible for
Chanchal's security tonight.

And you two...

What nonsense!

No one enters or leaves this place
without my permission.

Both of you will stay here tonight.
Is that clear?

Stop acting, pick her up
and put her in the car!

Sir... me?


Gopi... She's a cheater!

Even a ghost would get goosebumps
in this mansion...

And they've kept a woman all alone here!

Gopi, tell me something...

Do ghosts really exist?

Of course!

I married one,
and so did my father-in-law!

There's no scarier ghost
than those two!

- Nandu!
- Madam!

What happened to the electricity?

All the electric poles fell
during the storm!

- Generator?
- It's run out of diesel, madam!

Even the cameras aren't working.
Please go inside!

Who is it?

Who's there?


A ghost?


Who's there?

Who's over there?

Who is it?

Who... Who's there?

I don't know anything!

I don't know anything!

- Please stop!
- Shut up! Wimp.

Listen to me. I wasn't scared.

I went closer...

Slowly... Slowly...

I saw that her feet
pointed backwards...


And her head was spinning.

And then slowly...

I felt two hands creep up
on my shoulders...

- Did you just touch my shoulder?
- No!

I thought you touched mine!

I have no hands, sir.

He's got hands!
He's got hands!

Go check him!

- What?
- A little lower!

His hands aren't down there, idiot!

Now why are you shivering
like a leaf, Gopi?



There's no one there!

- But he has hands!
- Who?





What happened Madam?

There's someone inside!
There's something in there!

- Please open the gate!
- What happened?

Please! Please!

Nandu, the ghost I saw out there...

I think Madam saw
the same ghost inside!

Open the lock!

Are you nuts?
We'll lose our jobs!

At least call the ACP!

Madam! Don't worry, madam!
Everything will be fine!

- Hello.
- This is Nandu, Sir!

- I'm at Durgamati mansion.
- Yeah, tell me.

There's something here, Sir!

What are you blabbering away?

- Tell him there's a ghost here!
- There's a ghost, sir!

Bloody idiots!

If you're high on country liquor,
you're bound to see ghosts!

Believe me, Sir!
The ghost attacked Madam!

This 'Chanchal Madam' of yours
was caught red-handed committing murder!

She'll escape from right under
your noses, you idiots!

No sir, this mansion really is haunted!

Tell her to shut up and go to sleep.

Now hang up!

Madam, he's speaking to the ACP.
Nandu! At least open the lock now!


Sorry, madam.


Madam! Why are you sleeping here?

Madam... How did you get hurt?

Get up.

What kind of policemen are you?
You left her here like this?

Come with me, madam.

Madam, everyone knows it...

That witch spares no one.

And they still brought you here!

Madam, you should tell
the officials what happened!

They won't listen.

May I say something?

You don't look like
you could murder someone.

I'm sorry, madam.

I'll get you some tea.

What's that?

I slipped and fell in the dark.

This isn't some ploy
to gain sympathy, right?


Your boss...

- Minister Ishwar Prasad...
- The Governor is my boss.

So you think Ishwar Prasad
can do no wrong?

You've already decided what the truth is.
This investigation is an afterthought.

Everything I am telling you is true.

I want to hear it loud and clear.
Ishwar Prasad is a thief.

Yesterday you called him corrupt,
now he's a thief.

What will he be next?
A terrorist?

Stick to what you're asked.

Let me come to the point.

12 priceless idols were stolen
in the last 6 months.

You know from where?

The same ancient temples
that Ishwar Prasad loves to visit.

Temples that Ishwar Prasad
and thousands of devotees visit.

Anyone could have stolen the idols. No?

Your god stole the idols.
He sold God to satisfy his greed!

He's never chased money
in his political career of 30 years...

Why would he do it now?

And even if he wanted money -
why would he bother stealing idols...

When he could easily
earn billions with one signature?

It's not like he plans to hoard money
in 6 months and escape the country.

Think big.

I don't want to think anything.

I have evidence.

If you have evidence,
why waste your time with me?

Go, arrest him.

Sir it's only been two days.
We're dealing with an IAS officer.

She's not a regular criminal.

She's very smart.

It'll take some time to crack her.

How much?

Sir, evidence against Ishwar Prasad
lies hidden in Chanchal's answers.

Unravelling it will take time.

Do you have another plan?

I'll try offering her a deal.


Fine. Let's say Ishwar Prasad
is a good and honest man.

Then why isn't he helping
you get out of jail?

Why would a law-abiding citizen
interfere with the legal process?

Then let me help you.

I can get you both your job
and your freedom back.

If I help you frame Ishwar Prasad?

You are smart.

I'd rather say the truth and stay here
than lie to get free.

You're not asking me to betray
Ishwar Prasad, but my country.

- I am sorry.
- Hey!

I don't like negativity!

Madam !

She's lying. I know she's lying.

Someone help me prove that she's lying!

When a normal person lies,
they can't move their limbs freely

because they're fully focused
on what they're saying.

When someone lies to you,
they can't look you in the eye.


She spoke confidently,
looking straight into my eyes.


She never lost her cool
during the interrogation.

She didn't scratch her nose,
ears or hands either.


Just tell me if she's lying or not.

Unless Chanchal has been trained to lie
by militants,

she's saying the truth.

Mr Minister, why are you standing in line?

Look, there's only one VIP here...
And that's God.

Everyone else is equal.

But sir, how can you...

This is one place left where
there's no discrimination.

Why ruin it?

- Thank you.
- Hello sir.



Move! Move!

- Long live Ishwar Prasad!
- I'll talk to you later.

Long live Ishwar Prasad!

Was it an important call?

My friend called, sir.
His mother is unwell.

I've told you so many times,
I hate all this pomp-and-show.

What can I do, sir.
They say it's their duty.

Long live Ishwar Prasad!

The power's back now...
Why is Madam screaming?

Call the ACP, quick!

- Yes, Nandu!
- Sir, Madam's screaming again!

The electricity is back too.
I wonder what's scaring her!

- The electricity's back?
- Yes.

Go to the hub, quick!

- Are you there?
- Yes, Sir.

If the power's back,
you should be able to see all the rooms.

Let me check, sir!

- Interrogation room?
- She's not there, sir!

- Hall?
- No, sir!

- The hall upstairs?
- Madam isn't in any of the rooms, sir!

- Do you have a gun?
- Yes, sir!

Listen to me carefully.

Her room's the only one
with no cameras installed.

- Go inside.
- Sir!

I was sure there are more
people involved in this case.

If you see anyone unusual,
Just shoot.


If Chanchal tries to escape,
shoot her too.

- Sir.
- Just shoot her!




- Where are you, madam?
- Madam!

Where are you, madam?



The screaming has stopped.
Let's go!

Shut up!

- What's that?
- Where are you, madam?

Anklet bells?

What's this?


What happened?

Madam? Madam?

What's this?

- Welcome to Go Goa.
- Gopi, let's go from here.

Please come, Your Highness
Queen Durgamati.

The public awaits your presence.

Queen Durgamati is arriving!



Gopi, get up! Let's go!




Gopi, you leave!

Come with me!


Should we go in?

Are you nuts?
We'll die if we go inside.

If we don't, the ACP will kill us.



Gopi, look...

Why is Madam's torch lying here?


Gopi, the chair's moving on its own!

This place is spooked. Let's go!

Where will you go?

Who wants to go from here?

And who will take her?


Gopi please...

Help me...

You're going to take her?

Try if you dare!

No one's leaving this place!

No one!

You think you can come
and go as you please?

You pathetic men have no
say over here!

This is Durgamati's palace!

Spare me, mother!

Who are you, mother?

Who am I?

The call of death!

Fierce as a tigress!

I'm Durgamati!

An angry ball of fire,
the slayer of evil...

I'm the Goddess of fury,
the doom of sin!

I'll settle every score...
I'll make everyone pay!

Until then, neither will I leave...

Nor will I let anyone else leave!

Why was there no
female security with her?

Don't you know the rules?


Have we followed any rules
so far?

Anyway, Peetal will accompany her
today onwards.

- How is Nand Singh now?
- He's in hospital, ma'am.

His condition is very critical.

Anything could happen.

And Gopi?

He's been petrified since last night.

Call him.

Who's this Durgamati?

I think she was the owner of this mansion.

But all this is just a ploy to escape.


She could have easily escaped last night.
Why didn't she?

Find out who Durgamati is
and how she's connected to Chanchal.

Should I wake her up?

No. Call a doctor.

Actually, call a psychiatrist.

- Madam.
- Why did you go inside?

Ma'am the ACP asked us to go inside.

Ma'am, I nearly died last night...

Please relieve me from this duty, ma'am.
I want to get out of here, please!

If you're such a wimp,
become the doorman at a temple!

Why join the police?

No one enters or leaves
this place till our work is done.

Look at this, sir.

Yeah. Looks promising.
Let's discuss this next time.

Okay sir. Thank you, sir.

We'll make sure this proposal
is beneficial to the government.

Do you see those people?

Long Live Ishwar Prasad!

Think of what will benefit them,
not the government.

- Hello Mr Ishwar Prasad!
- Hello!

All good with you?


Long Live Ishwar Prasad!

Long Live Ishwar Prasad!

Long Live Ishwar Prasad!

Come, sir.

You're still in touch with people

who I threw out of the party
for illegal activities?

This isn't good for
your political career, Ajay.

Sir, he's your brother, after all.
He deeply regrets his actions.

Once someone gets corrupted
by greed, they rarely change.

I don't give such people
second chances.

- Keep away from him.
- Yes sir.

You look weak.

What's your name?

Chanchal Chauhan.

The policemen mentioned something
about Durgamati...

They said you were shouting last night...

That you violently attacked them.
Remember anything?

And how did you get these injuries?

Someone was hitting me...

Who? The police?

I don't know, sir.

I couldn't see, but...

I was being hit relentlessly.

I don't know what's going on over here.

Please take me away
from here, sir. Please!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Know any woman called Durgamati?

Think carefully. Is there a friend
or relative...

Or perhaps a character
from a story, named Durgamati?

- No sir.
- Is it someone in this mansion?

You have no idea, right?

I'll tell you who Durgamati was.

Durgamati was a college student.

Once, her boyfriend took her
to a deserted mansion

under the pretext of a holiday.

But he wasn't alone with her.

He brought along a bunch
of friends and alcohol.

Once they reached the mansion,
they started drinking...

And soon, their monstrous
intentions surfaced.

Durgamati was alone and cornered

Those evil men took advantage
of her and relentlessly...

How tragic and ruthless, isn't it?

Durgamati kept screaming...
She begged those men to stop...

But they didn't.

They finally stopped after
a few hours

and left Durgamati bleeding
and alone in this very mansion.

She couldn't survive
this trauma.

She couldn't bear to be
humiliated in society.

Overwhelmed by anger and shame,
she hung herself and died!

No, No... No!

That's the truth!

No, no... No!

Oh God.

Ma'am, stop, stop!
He's trying to say something!

People say that Durgamati
turned into a ghost.

No, no.

You must've heard this story
and believed it to be true.

No, no, no, no way!


Durgamati isn't a myth,
she's real!

Durgamati is an indelible
part of history!

And who is this great
Durgamati you speak of?

Durgamati is the Queen
of this palace!

The glorious queen who ruled
Mahati on her fingertips!

To protect the heirless King
Gopal Nandvardhan Bhattarika's kingdom

I picked up the sword...

And emerged victorious
against all enemies!

I'm that force of nature,
the raging Goddess Durgamati!

When the haughty Sultan who
assumed I was weak and helpless

tried to capture my kingdom...

I crushed his army and arrogance
with a resounding victory!

I'm the fearless, brave
warrior Durgamati!

So you're Durgamati?



Fear of failure or defeat.

The fear of losing.

You've unconsciously slipped
into a world of fantasy, Chanchal.


I don't believe you.

In fact, no one will
believe your bizarre story.

You won't believe me?

You won't believe me?

Then get ready to die!

Fine, I believe
that you're Durgamati.

But tell me this...

This palace from where you
bravely guarded your kingdom...

Why is it called a haunted house now?

The queen who risked her life
to protect her people...

Why is Durgamati, the fierce warrior
known as a witch now?


The palace that was
regarded as a temple...

How did it become a
symbol of death?

And the queen who was
revered as a goddess

Why is she now called a
ghoul, witch and demoness?

Baaz, Baaz, Baaz...
The traitor!

Who's that?

Baaz Shahbaaz...
The snake who destroyed my life!

My Army Chief...

Baaz Shahbaaz was a scoundrel!

Disguising his evil intentions,
He pretended to be a humble servant...

I believed all his lies
and gave him respect and power

My people gave him their love
and support...

I made him our Army chief!

That's when he started
showing his true colours.

He ganged with our enemies
and looted everything!

Our wealth, our land!

O Almighty, he didn't even spare you!

When I confronted him,

he dissolved my powers
and took my army captive!

He branded me as crazy
and locked me in this room.

Seeing my people suffer
atrocities and injustice...

I started to feel ashamed
of my utter helplessness.

Overwhelmed by anger and despair...

Right here in this room...

I hung myself to death.

But I've returned from the dead.

I've come back to destroy him!

This is your problem, Chanchal.

Even if Baaz Shahbaaz existed,
He must be dead by now.

How can you kill someone
who's already dead?


He's alive.

That rascal is alive and right here!

Until I kill him...

Neither will I go...

Now will I let anyone leave!

Look, in all probability...
Chanchal is a schizophrenic.

Is that an English Ghost?

A mental patient.

Forget about me...

How does Madam change her voice?

Talking in a different voice...

Believing in ancient legends
and becoming a part of them...

Getting obsessed with such stories...

They're all symptoms of schizophrenia.

Hallucinations and violent behavior...

All this is very common.

Tell me something...

Is she going through
some kind of trauma?

I mean some kind of personal loss...

Like the death of someone close...

Stress from work, or some kind of shock?

As far as I know...

Chanchal has never behaved
this way before.

In such a fragile state,
the tiniest things can evoke terror.

And in the midst of this wilderness,
even a healthy person can get psyched out.

Plus this isolation
and negative vibrations...

All this can trigger off trauma
and unusual behaviour.

Please take my advice...

And move her to some normal place.

Trust me...

This place is no good for schizophrenics.

And by the way...

She needs medicine for her wounds.

- You too, doctor.
- Peetal!

"Glory to you, Lord Hanuman!
You light up the cosmos..."

"All ghosts, demons and evil forces
go away,

"At the mention of your name,
Brave One!"

You're not scared of being around Madam?

You're so brave,
PSI Peetal Devi!

A real braveheart.

My Guru gave me a special talisman
this time.

It's very powerful.


Chanchal Madam?

Oh, so it's you!

I mean, you aren't possessed
by that witch right now.


That's not what I meant...

I wasn't referring to you...
I was talking about that bitch, madam!

Aunty Durgamati?

Sister Durgamati!

I didn't mean to disturb you!

That jackass Gopi...
He insisted we come here.



What happened to the brave Peetal Devi?

Did you vanquish the ghost?

Though you seem to be breaking
into a cold sweat.

I always sweat when I need
to use the loo, Gopi!

Really? What's this?

I'm leaving.



What's wrong?

It's just a chair.

Okay fine.

You sit and relax.
Make yourself comfortable.

I'll go.

Where will you go?


Where will you go!

- Gopi... why are you scaring me!
- Tell me!

Will you go now?

Gopi... Sister Durgamati!

Will you still leave?

I have to, sister!

No, no, no one...

No one will leave from here!

Okay, I won't go anywhere!

Please forgive me!



You got so scared listening to me...

If you see the real Durgamati,
you'll drop dead!

I still think Chanchal is putting up
an act.

Found anything, Jose?

Ma'am here are Ishwar Prasad's
income tax papers...

And here is his biodata.

Did you find out what language
she was speaking in?

Yes ma'am. It's Arabic.


Father's name, Vrindavan Chauhan.

Mother's name, Madhavi Kumari.

Languages spoken...
Hindi, Marwadi, English.

Arabic isn't even mentioned.

How is this possible?

Can schizophrenics really speak languages
they've never learnt?

Ma'am, I spoke to the villagers.

Chanchal doesn't speak Arabic,
but Durgamati did.


I think we should keep an open mind.


I mean some things are beyond
the realm of science.

And these things
that are beyond science...

Who will explain them to us?

A witch-doctor.

Madam, we need to get a witch-doctor.


Ghosts, spirits, witch-doctors...
All this is crap.

But ma'am, we don't have
any explanation for this..

When Chanchal turns into Durgamati,
how does she start speaking Arabic?


Ma'am, we shouldn't ignore
any possibilities.

A bad omen!

- Please, ACP...
- This is nuts.

- Daaruk!
- Yes, Maharaj.

This house is inhabited by an evil spirit!

Evil spirit?

I cannot drive it out,
but I can tell you about it...

Is there another way into this mansion?

- No.
- There is!

See! There is another way.

If Chanchal knows this way out...
Why didn't she run away?

No one can leave from here.



Yes, Maharaj.

Remove that!

They put this creature in a bottle
and buried it alive...

This snake spirit won't let anyone
leave this place.

I know educated people like you
will demand proof.

Take this.

This is a Faceless Rudraksha Seed.
It has divine properties.

If this seed is surrounded
by positive energy

It will turn red.

And if it comes in contact
with negative energy

It will turn black.

Check it after two days.

If its colour changes, it means that
the aura of this place has turned toxic.

This sandalwood is from
The Ujjaini Mahakali temple.

In the absence of any evil presence

It will remain fragrant.

Keep it in the girl's room.

If it starts reeking,

It means she's possessed
by another spirit.

What is this?

A photo from the day of the
Prandhaara project inauguration.

What is this Prandhaara project?

It will turn 600,000 acres
of barren land fertile

And provide electricity to over
1200 villages.

Power project.

This public welfare project
was sanctioned 6 years ago.

How did the 6 month old Ahluwalia group
bag it?

Did Ishwar Prasad have
any special interest in it?

The Ahluwalia group gave the best quote.

Whoever quotes the lowest
gets the project.

Ishwar Sir only signed the deal.

The IAS committee makes these decisions.

I was the chief of the committee.

Wasn't Ishwar Prasad's younger brother
Surya Prasad managing the project?

He was.

But when Surya Prasad demanded
a commission from the Ahluwalia group

Ishwar Sir threw him out of the party,
project and his home.

You won't find anything wrong
in or around Ishwar Sir.

Impossible! Politics is a cesspool.
Only scum thrives in it, not honest people.

You're so convinced of your story

that you're refusing to listen
or understand.

You think I am Ishwar Sir's stooge...

But I am Chanchal Chauhan IAS!

Not any more.

I'm going to close your chapter
along with Ishwar Prasad. Get out!

You met Shakti during this project, right?

The Prandhaara project

has been my dream for the last 20 years.

I am confident that this project
will benefit millions.

And unfortunately some people
might suffer losses too.

I'll never forget the sacrifices
made by these people

for the progress of the nation.

I promise to give every member
of your family a better life.

And I'm handing the crucial responsibility
of helping vacate these 135 villages

to my honest and hardworking secretary
Chanchal Chauhan.

- Sir... Me?
- Don't be surprised. Come.

Sir, thank you.

The future of the people
from 135 villages is in your hands.

- Yes sir.
- Here.

Why are you being so stubborn!


- What happened?
- I don't want to leave the village!

Listen, you'll make more new friends
in the new village.

You'll have a better school, a bigger
house, water and electricity. Okay?


Get the stuff quickly, before it's dark!

Where did all this money come from?

They came and distributed it at night.

They gave money to all the villagers.

But the government always pays
compensation by cheque or demand draft.

So much cash?

They gave money to all the villagers.
Is something wrong?

No one will leave the village
till I tell you to.

But all the villagers...
- You heard me!

No one leaves the village.

No one will leave the village
without Shakti's approval!

Keep your stuff back inside!

Who gave you this money?


Madam, this is Irrigation Officer
Rai here.

- Tell me.
- He's hitting me badly, madam!

- Who's hitting you?
- Shakti, madam!

- Shakti?
- Yes, madam.

Give Shakti the phone please.

- Tell me.
- What is this, Shakti?

No matter what, you can't rough up
a government officer!

You've no right to lecture me
after what you've done.

What do you mean?
What have I done?

I want to know what's happening
at Panna village.

- What about Panna village?
- Tell me the truth.

Hello. Shakti, please calm down.

No! Chanchal, come to
Janta Foundation right away.

- Shakti, listen to me.
- No, you listen. Come here now!

What happened Chanchal?
Is there a problem?

Sir, Shakti has some major anger issues.

If he sees anything wrong happening,
he loses control.

Sometimes, even I feel scared of him.

Chanchal, we often fight
with those we love

only because we care deeply for them.

Listen, sit with him face to face
and talk to him patiently.

- Go home.
- Thank you sir.

- I'm so sorry, sir.
- Don't worry about it.

Look madam. Look what he's done to me!

What kind of hooliganism is this, Shakti?

Civility doesn't work while dealing
with thieves.

Mind your language!

- You're talking out of anger...
- Be grateful that I'm only talking!

Your regime should be burnt down.

The people here are my family, Chanchal...
And you're only a part of that family.

If someone betrays my family,
I won't spare them.

What are you talking about?
Think before you speak!

Really? Did you think before looting
those eight villages?

- Have you lost it, Shakti?
- Greed has turned you into animals...

- I won't spare any of you!
- Shakti, no!

Madam! Madam!

Kanchan has laid out dinner for you.

It's going to rain, please go inside!

Attacking an on-duty IAS officer...

Your brother's fingerprints were found on
the flower vase in an attacking position.

An IAS officer shooting in self-defence
from her personal revolver...

It was proved quite easily.

What are you saying, Advocate?

That the court can't give
my brother justice?

I'm sorry brother,
but it's only a matter of days...

Chanchal will be acquitted.

Yes, sir.

Get the car tank refilled.

The fueling station is very far, sir.
It will take very long.

- Do as I say! Go!
- Yes sir.


Give me the keys to the mansion.

Yes sir.

Now leave.

Yes sir.

This is a Faceless Rudraksha Seed.

If this seed is surrounded
by positive energy

It will turn red.

And if it comes in contact
with negative energy

It will turn black.

If it starts reeking,

It means she's possessed
by another spirit.




Stop, Chanchal!

What are you doing?


Chanchal, are you alright?

Chanchal... Come.

Please take me away from here.



- Chanchal!
- Please!








What are you doing, Chanchal!


Have you gone mad?

Get away from the fire!

For God's sake, move!

Chanchal, move!


Whatever happened in the mansion
last night was beyond my understanding.

But seeing Chanchal's condition
and violent behaviour...

I had to shift her to the hospital.

A mental hospital...

On the psychiatrist's suggestion.

If only we had listened to Chanchal before,
she wouldn't have been in this state.

Ma'am, even I feel Chanchal was right...

She's of no use to us anymore.

Her answers haven't helped us at all.

- Okay ma'am.
- Shift her to jail after she recovers.

- What about the operation?
- It's over.

Okay ma'am.

ACP. Everything you told us about...

Why didn't the cameras capture any of it?


There was a power failure.

- Take care of him.
- Yes ma'am.

You didn't tell me a story
even last night.

Sorry baby.

Mummy's work is done. I'll tell you
a story as soon as we're home.

You needn't. I created a story
of my own.

And what was this story?

There was a kingdom called Jehan Numa...

- Wasn't that our hotel?
- Yes... Listen, Ma.

A lion was their king.

Their motto was 'Enjoy life now'.

And they believed in non-violence.

The king had two sons - Green and Blue.

The king's enemy was Donald Williams.

And the lion's minister was a cow.

A cow?

And then Mama got a call!


- Yes sir.
- Did you find out anything, Satakshi?

No sir. We're back to square one.

So much time for such a small task?

We're trying to find a needle
in a haystack.

It's going to take time.

Why don't you admit that
you're just not up to the job?

You're right, sir.

The truth is that Ishwar Prasad
is an honest man.

If you want, you can get him
arrested under some false allegation.

I can't do this. Bye, sir.

The king's enemy was Donald Williams.

The king had two sons - Green and Blue.

And the lion's minister was a cow.

They believed in non-violence.

So you read all this
and told me this story?

You only believe in your own stories,
you never listen to others.

I never lie.

Jai Hind, sir.

Where is Chanchal?

- Chanchal, sir...
- Where is she?

She fell down in the jail washroom.
She was bleeding profusely, so...

So you shifted her to a mental asylum?

The CBI fed you this story, right?

Not that way, sir.

This way.

This is where you've kept her?

Jai Hind.

Get inside!

Sorry sir.

What have you done to her!

Just so you could frame me...

You put an innocent girl's life
at stake!

Eat a little...

If you had a problem with me...
Why did you have to torture her for it?

Eat a little...

You know Chanchal well.
You know how much she's suffered.

- Shame on you.
- Sir, please don't go inside.

Please sir, she's unstable.


Please make him understand.

Chanchal, I'm Ishwar Prasad.

Come out, my dear. Come.

I'm here for you now.
Don't worry. Come out.


All of you need to get out.
Take him away.

- Sir please.
- Please! Please leave.

There's nobody here.
Just you and me.

Come on.

"One little birdie"...

"One little birdie, Many little birds..."

"Lived in the jungle,"

"That was their world..."

"Along came a hunter,

"He set the bait
And laid a trap!"

"The clever birds made a plan
To outsmart the evil man"

"He thought they were easy prey.
They lifted the net and flew away!"

What's happened to you, Chanchal?

You've suffered so much pain
because of me, right?

How can I ever repay you?

You've done so much for me.

What should I call this?


Or have you fallen in love with me?

Now stop acting...
And let's get real.

It's time to live it up.

"Baaz Shahbaaz was a scoundrel!"

Baaz Shahbaaz...

The glorious queen who ruled
Mahati on her fingertips!


King Ramgopal Nandvardhan Bhattarika...

Damn it!

Chanchal cooked up a story
just like my daughter!

Durgamati is a fake story!

That's my girl!

Did you get scared?

Durga... Durga...


No one had the slightest clue...
That you were putting up a show!

Jose has been keeping me updated.

These CBI guys think that
Durgamati's spirit has possessed you!

And what's her name?
That bloody over-confident...

Satakshi Ganguly!

She thinks she's really smart...

She's been trying to trap me.

She's crazy!

She's mad!

She doesn't realize that a herd of sheep
can't hunt down a lion!

Listen. Just fake it for 6 more months.

Just 6 months.

All this will be buried and forgotten.

And then we'll fly off,
just like your birds!

I completed my promise.

Your 3 billion rupees are in your bank.

Brother, what was my mistake?

You slapped and insulted me
in front of everyone!

You don't understand politics.

The Prandhaara project will only
benefit us, not the public.

And so under the pretext of the dam

I got those 8 villages vacated.

The bauxite that will be mined
from there...

Will light up our lives!

All thanks to our friends over here.


We're getting 18 billion rupees from them.

Now that's what you call politics.

Thank you for letting me know
about the CBI enquiry.

They're setting up a CBI enquiry to try
and nab me.

They're thinking of interrogating you
so they can hunt me down.

They'll ask you about my illegal deals...

You need to keep singing praises
of my selfless social service.

The Ahluwalia group has given me
18 billion to pass the Prandhaara project.

How much will you take to save me
from the CBI?

50 percent.


3 billion.

Why should I trust you?

Okay so I'll transfer the entire amount
in your name.

Safe country. Safe account.

One the job is done,
you can transfer 15 billion back to me.

Just sign this, that's it.

And remember.

A lot will be riding on your tongue
during the interrogation...

One slip, and 3 billion will go
down the drain. Got it?


What happened?
Anything else you want from me?

I should be asking you that question.

What else do you want from me?



Tell the ACP to keep Chanchal there.

And find out where Ishwar Prasad is.

Madam. Someone is here to see you.

Meet me?

You were right, Ajay.

This is a conspiracy against me...
which I can handle.

But I won't tolerate the torture
of an innocent young woman!

The public should be
made aware of this.

- Announce a press conference.
- Okay sir.

- And call human rights activists as well.
- Yes sir.

Please don't call the press, sir.

The police aren't responsible for this.
She was attacked by a ghost!

She'll be fine if she rests for 6 months.

6 months?

- Sir please try to...
- The press conference will happen.

Today and right here.


Have you booked the chartered flight
to Switzerland?

- Is all the stuff loaded?
- Yes.

- When are we leaving?
- The day after.

And this bloody...
He's talking about 6 months.

Has he gone mad?

But sir, why did you open
a foreign bank account for her

and transfer the entire 18 billion
in her name?

Won't we need her signature
to get our 15 billion now?

How much?

- 15 billion...
- Nope.

18 billion.

The entire amount.

- Do I look like a fool? Do I?
- No sir.

You know why I put the money
in her name?

Why sir?

So she keeps shut in front of the CBI.

And if she tries any mischief...

I'll give the government the details
of her foreign account.

An 18 billion rupee scam...
She'll rot in jail forever!

But the ACP said she'll be
released after 6 months...

She's crazy! And corrupt.

She killed her husband.

Once someone goes in,
they don't get out!

And if she gets out, you'll go to jail.

No chance, sir!

Now there's only one thing
between me and that 18 billion...

The road, sir?

You ought to have
'idiot' tattooed across your face.


- Get her signature!
- Yes sir.

What a jackass.

What's that award actors get
in Hollywood?

The Oscars?

Yeah, call them and tell them
to watch out for my performance.

Ma'am, I'm the registrar
of the Prandhaara project area.

- Prandhaara project?
- Yes ma'am. Here.

It has all the land registration details
of this area

from 6 months before the
Prandhaara project began.

Please go through it.

Land registration worth 350 million
in just 6 months...

That too in this tiny village?

Which means... Insider trading.

So someone already knew the
Prandhaara project would happen there.

- Ishwar Prasad?
- Yes, madam.

Before the government project started,

Ishwar Prasad bought 1000 acres of land in
neighbouring villages at dirt cheap prices

By cheating the villagers.

And sold the same land to the government
at a high compensation.

And apart from Panna,
people from every other village

- happily gave their land away.
- Panna village?

Yes madam. Panna village.

It was the only village
opposed to the project.

But the 'God-fearing Ishwar Prasad'
didn't spare the villagers, or their God.

You must be wondering why
I'm in front of a mental asylum

holding a sudden press conference.

It's because I want to tell you
what's going on behind these walls.

I want to present the truth
to the whole country.

An honest, sincere IAS officer
is being tortured

to extract a false statement against me.

This is how low our politicians stoop.

I feel so repulsed.

I'm quitting politics.
In fact, I'm going to leave the country.

Please don't stop me.


Look! God knows what they're
doing to that girl inside.

I want you to watch this live.

Watch it and share it with the world!

- Jai Hind sir!
- Leave.

- Did she sign?
- She did this!


Chanchal dear, I'm Uncle Pramod.

I've been working with this rascal
for 20 years

and never got an extra penny.
And you get 3 billion!

What to do. I'm just a peon.

Getting signatures and putting all the
money in his brother's account is my job.

Sign it.

Come on!

Chanchal, sign!


Don't try this drama with me.

Here. Sign.
Come on, sign!


What's this nonsense?

You told me to keep faking it.

And you got so into character
that you stabbed his hand with a pen?

He's terrified!

Earning money illegally...

His son's education in America...

His secret farmhouse...

You won't find anything against him
from me or anyone else.

He loves visiting ancient temples

To steal idols...

The amount quoted
by the Ahluwalia group...

He could easily earn billions
with one signature...

He plans to hoard money in 6 months
and escape the country...

You're so convinced of your story
that you're not listening to me.

I'm telling you the truth.

Think big. Think big!

Think big!

Baaz Shahbaaz was a scoundrel!

I, Ishwar Prasad...

My people gave him love and support...

Made him our army chief!

I pledge that I'll dedicate my life
to the service of this nation...

I trusted his intentions
and gave him respect and power

IAS Chanchal, it's a pleasure.

I'm at your service, sir.

As soon as he got power,
he revealed his true colours.

He looted our wealth, our land!

O Almighty, he didn't even spare you!

Chanchal wasn't lying to us.

In fact, she told us
Ishwar Prasad's truth.

As my personal secretary,
your signature has benefited me a lot.

Now for both of us,
do this last signature.

To save wolves in sheep's clothing
like me,

people like you have to make sacrifices.

That's how the world functions.
Can I make a confession?

Really... I didn't expect you to

fulfill my thirst for money so easily.

Thank you. Here.

What about the stolen idols?

You sure know a lot. Good.

The idols go with me to Switzerland.

They'll be auctioned there.


That's my side-income...

And a blot on the government.

We gotta do what we gotta do.

Who is Durgamati?

Have you really gone mad?

"The clever birds made a plan"

"To outsmart the evil man"

"He thought they were easy prey.
They lifted the net and flew away!"

You're so blinded by greed,
that you couldn't see

that this time, I set the bait
and laid the trap.

You are trapped.


Idols are being stolen from temples
and this government is doing nothing.

I don't want to be part
of this government anymore.

I challenge the government...

If the thieves aren't caught in 15 days

And the idols aren't re-installed
in the temples...

I'll quit politics.


Ishwar Prasad has hatched a nasty plot
to tarnish our government's reputation.

Order a CBI inquiry in this case.

You can put pressure from the top
and get Ishwar Prasad behind bars.

So you...

You betrayed me?

I've only betrayed you Ishwar Prasad.

And you?

My integrity, my country,

my people, my love...
You took everything away from me!

Look madam. Look what he's done to me!

What kind of hooliganism is this, Shakti?

Civility doesn't work
while dealing with thieves.

Think before you speak!

Really? Did you think before looting
those eight villages?

What eight villages?

Who have I looted...
Have you lost it, Shakti?

Have I lost it?

The project bears your signatures.
You're the chief of the project committee.

And you don't know which eight villages?

Prandhaara project.

127 villages were supposed to be vacated
for the Prandhaara project.

But 135 villages are being vacated.


Why were these 8 villages added
to the list for no reason?

Shakti. I..

I can't believe that you...

That you pretended to love me
so you could get the villages vacated.

You used me, Chanchal!

Shakti, I knew nothing
about those 8 villages...

How could this happen
without your knowledge, Chanchal?

Yes, Chanchal!

Answer him.

Answer Shakti's questions!

Sir, you're here?

You've put a blot on my
unblemished career of 35 years...

I trusted you.

People are beginning to doubt
all my hard work of the last 10 years.

Do you doubt me too, Sir?

No, not me.

That's what Shakti's thinking.
And soon, everyone will.

But Shakti, you mustn't give Chanchal
credit for my hard work.

Because I'm the mastermind
behind the Prandhaara project.

The squeaky-clean

Minister of Water Resources,
Ishwar Prasad! Applause!

Actually, there's bauxite worth billions
hidden beneath those 8 villages.

I wouldn't miss a chance to grab that.

If I told them I was after the bauxite,
the villagers wouldn't agree to leave.

So under the facade of the Dam,
I used you to get the villages vacated.

Forget 135 villages.

Now you won't even be able
to move a stone.

This is the problem
with you revolutionaries.

You're barely out of your diapers
and you want to change the country.

Your greed has turned you into a beast.
But I won't let you get away!

Shakti! Shakti, stop!

I didn't turn into a beast.
I was born this way!


Shakti, please save me!
These people will kill me.

Please save me, Shakti!

Go on, kill them!

Fine, then let me do it.
- Leave him!

You're looting the very people
who gave you love and respect?

Have you gone crazy
in your lust for money and power?

I am crazy.

Everyone is crazy for something.

This hero here is crazy
about serving the country.

You're crazily in love with him.

And I...

I'm crazy about money.

I want to loot the country,
go abroad and have a blast.

I don't want to spend my life
switching between parties.

I want to switch between women.

And if someone gets in the way
of what I want, I'll kill them!


If you kill him, the villagers
won't leave.

They'll tear you to pieces!

That's her problem.
She's too intelligent!

You have a point.
Why don't you kill him instead?

Hand her the gun.
It's your gun anyway.

Come on, shoot.

You won't succeed even if you kill me.

By now, the villagers would
know what you did.

You can kill me,
but not the power of our people!

Holy shit!

Give me that.

You sent them to stop the villagers,

We haven't done anything!

You bastard!

This is a recording.

You want to see the live show?

Let's watch some live footage!


You didn't want them
to leave the village...

Now they're going to leave this world!

Leave me!

Come on, shoot!

Come on! That's how you hold the gun...
That's it!

What happened? Shoot him!

Shoot him!

Till he is alive, the villagers
will keep dying.

Please Chanchal please, shoot!

And this officer will die too.

Please Chanchal, shoot!

By taking one life, you'll save so many...

Shoot him, Chanchal. Come on, shoot him!

Give that to me.

That pregnant woman there, kill her!


Because of you, a mother
and her unborn child will die.

Please, Chanchal...
Just shoot me, Chanchal please!

I can't have people dying because of me.

I'd rather you shoot me, Chanchal.

Shoot him!


Come on Chanchal, shoot him!

Chanchal, please just shoot me!

Chanchal, please shoot...

Oh come on!


Now you can spend the rest of your life
in jail for killing your lover.

Until I finish the project
and leave the country

You better keep your mouth shut...

Or I'll kill the rest of the villagers
and send the recordings to you in jail.

Take care of yourself. Bye.

I gave you an answer

in the only language you understand.


You want to hand me to the CBI
and grab the entire 18 billion, right?

Remember what I did to
the people of Panna village?

How brutally they were killed?

I've kept some villagers captive
at my farmhouse. Should I kill them?

The land you were trying to steal

Is ready to swallow you whole.

I'll show everyone your real face.

Wait and watch!

Remember what I did to
the people of Panna village?

The power of a king lies in his wealth,
people and his mind.

I've taken all your money.

People hate you, now that
I've shown them your reality.

As for your mind...

Now that your revolver is out,
it's pretty clear...

You've lost your mind as well.

I'm not putting a blot
on your unblemished 35 year career...

I'm destroying it completely.

You are watching Live.

Central Minister Mr Ishwar Prasad
has been shot by the police...

Minister Ishwar Prasad was killed
in a shootout

after he shot at an innocent
IAS officer...


Not just Shakti...

Ishwar Prasad killed
so many of our people.

Breaking News!

After attacking IAS Chanchal Chauhan,

Minister Ishwar Prasad was shot down
by police...

These are Chanchal's childhood photos...
With her parents.

She used her talents amazingly
to achieve her goals.

Yes. Shakti's dream was to help the
villagers through the Prandhaara project...

And now Chanchal has fulfilled that dream
with the Shakti Foundation.

If Shakti was around,
he'd be so proud of her.

I know that he is proud.

Because Shakti is always with me.

Of course.

Actually, we were wondering...

How did you pull this off?

Everything makes sense...
But there's one doubt.

What's the deal with the witch-doctor
and the Rudraksha?

Very good.

But as per the plan,
I was supposed to shoot Ishwar Prasad.

But by the time I got there, he was...

No mother gives birth to a demon.

And whoever becomes a demon...
Is ultimately killed by a Mother Goddess.

That's what happened.

You're right.

But why did you have to do all this?

You could've just told us
everything before.

Who believes in humans anymore?

People only want to believe in God
or the Devil.

This is the first case in my career
I couldn't solve.

We thought we had all your details.

We didn't know you practice magic
and speak Arabic.


I don't speak Arabic.

You don't speak Arabic?



Nandu! When will the electricity
come back?

All the electric poles fell
during the storm!

The power won't be back until morning.