Durdy Game (2002) - full transcript

Tired of abusive relationships, best friends CoaCoa, Sha and Meeka embark on a plan to seduce and rob wealthy men. When their betrayals backfire, the women become enveloped in a world of deceit and murder, as they discover that in some games there are no winners.

(flames roaring)

(tense music)

- [Roc] You gone miss me.

- [Coa] I'mma miss you baby


- Right there.

- Right there?

- Oh yeah.

- Right there

- Oh yeah.

Oh God.


- How much you gone miss me?

- I miss you, baby.

I miss you, baby.

Yeah, baby.


Oh God.

Oh baby.

Oh I love you.

Oh God.

- I love you (indistinct)

I don't know what I would do

if anything ever happen to you.

I love you.

Get your ass over there

and make sure everything is in my bag.

- What, nigga please I am
not your maid I'm your wife.

If you need a maid I'll hire one for you.

(car hooting)

I packed everything last night Roc, chill.

- Look, this shit is a big tour, man.

- I checked everything.

- You forgot a couple
things last time too.

- That's why we forgot about that.

- Yeah.

- Everything's in here, your damn socks,

your jerseys too many jerseys.

- Make sure my jewels in there

so a nigga can get his floss on, alright?

- They're in here, Roc.

Everything's in here. Calm down.

Baby I'm not sure about
these tours anymore.

I'm not feeling them at all.

I'm not, you never hear no more.

(indistinct) spouse.

- Come here, come here.

Come here.

Don't do this to me every time.

- No, but I'm saying
you never hear no more.

- Ssshh, ssshh.

Look, you the most
important thing in my life.

You and my kids.

I don't give a shit about anything else.

I love you.

But these tours are the way we eat.

And this one right here,
it's about to do us right.

- It's not the same baby.

- I understand that, man.

And that's why I love you 'cause
you hold me down with that.

It's not too many women out there that do

what you do for me.

(car hooting)

Look, tell you what?

I got a big surprise for you
and the kids when I get back,


Look, there you go.

- No don't go.

Please, please.


- I got to babe.

Look, that was the horn blowing again.

That's why I married your stinking ass.

I love you, alright?

- I love you too.

Make sure you call me when you land.

- I will.

(slow music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- What you doing?

- This bitch probably bored.

- Who that, Sha?

But you ain't lying.

Damn I'm so fucking tired of
sitting in this damn house.

- It sure is quiet over there.

Where's everybody at?

- Roc just left for
yet another tour y'all.

He flew out to Germany this morning.

My mom came and got
the kids the other day.

So it's just me here by myself
and I don't got shit to do.

- Girl, what you need to do
is get your boring ass up.

Get out the house and get you some air.

- I know I feel you on that one.

I need a drink or two tonight.

- Well Fu's throwing his big birthday bash

at the mint tonight and
you need to be there.

- (chuckles) Yeah, what the
hell that gotta do with me?

- This bitch gonna act
like she doesn't remember.

Does the name Fu ring a bell, hello?

- I don't have time for that
Fu shit no more for real.

You know, Roc almost fucking
left my ass over that.

- You better know how to
keep that shit under control.


- Meeka I know you ain't talking.

- [Both] Bitch you ain't no better.

- No, but for real Coa Coa,
you do do right by your family.

I mean, you really do.

You should treat yourself sometimes.

A little (indistinct) here
and there is not gonna hurt

and it might balance you well.

- Yeah Coa, come on. You never
come out with us no more.

It'll be fun. Come on Coa you gotta come.

- Alright, alright.
Pressures on. Okay, I'll go.

- Coa?

- What Meeka?

- Can I hold that Fenty bag?

- Yes, you can hold my damn Fenty bag,

but you know what, you better
make sure you give it right

back to me.

'Cause you know, you don't like
to return peoples belonging.

So Sha what time you leaving tonight?

- We'll be there at 10 and
Coa we are using your car.

- What?

(upbeat music)

- I cannot believe y'all
brought me out to this hood rat

and fested big (indistinct)
hell of a place.

Geez I coulda stayed home for this.

- Meeka (indistinct)

- Damn.

- Is she complaining again?

- Yes.

- Coa Coa, you know, first of all,

if you don't wanna get
a life for yourself,

we might have to give you one.

So what you need to do is start relaxing.

Drink a little more, dance a little more.

- Y'all not right. Y'all
supposed to be my girls

and you're talking about me like this.

- I'm talking in your face.

- Right.

- There is no need for
me to come out anymore.

Except when I wanna get a little action.

- Whatever.

- I know.

- Roc is gonna kill me

if he found out I was out here tonight.

Oh my God I can't believe
I let y'all drag me out.

- Obviously you ain't
too worried about Roc.

- Look at that tight dress.
Do you know she's Fu hunting.

- Right.

- She's Fu hunting.

- Don't really think Fu gonna be here.

I wanna see him.

- Fu, first of all

- It's only his damn party.

- And why would he show up on
time to his birthday party.

He gotta be fashionably late.

- Guess what?

- I'm just nervous.

- You're too old that's what it is.

- Too old.

Who's older than me? You.

- Shit.

- I think she think she needs a drink.

- Let's just (indistinct)

- I think she needs one. You don't.

- Yes I do.

- You need to go dance (indistinct)

- I'm cool.

- Get your (indistinct)

- You always (indistinct)

- I am tired of hearing that same shit.

- Rule number one, never
bring your man to a club.

- I know.

- For real.

- Especially if you look good, okay?

- Could not be me and Roc, oh God.

- Always Roc. Always (indistinct) Roc

- Roc is boring, that's why.

- Yo, as a matter of fact,
I feel a wine coming on.

If you want one more time

I'm not going through
this with you tonight.

- Well, I'mma go home now then

- No, no, no, no, no,
no, no. Yo, yo, yo, yo

Coa, snap out of it.

He's gonna be here.

It's his party.

- Yep.

- He's going to be here.

- I'mma (indistinct) a shot of tequila.

- Alright yeah just give me
a drink and I'll be alright.

- Okay. Don't look.

- I have to.

- There he go, right there.

- Okay, so who the fuck
is he talking to though?

- Not you.

I think we need to fix that.

- She ain't got nothing on you Coa.

- Well, she got Fu right
now if you don't step up.

As a matter of fact, I might
need to see him for something

if she don't step up.

- Okay.

- No, come on, stop.

- I'mma hook it up. I'mma
hook it up for tonight.

- No Sha stop. What you doing?

What the fuck is she doing.

- Just calm down.

Breathe. Take a deep breath.

- Yeah, yeah seriously.


- We'll see about that.

- Yeah.

- That is so cute.

- Sha, how you doing Sha?

Damn girl.

Looking good.

- Thank you, you too.

- Smelling good.

- Uh-oh, uh-oh.

- What's going on?

- Happy birthday.

- Thanks a lot baby.

- You know, we all came through for that.

- Showing some love, thanks a lot.

- I got something else for you.

- What's that?

- Coa Coa.

Check her out right there.

- That's Coa over there?

- Yeah babe. She came down for you.

- Damn she looking good too.

- Yeah?

So what do you wanna do Fu?

- I'm trying to see that tonight.

- She's trying to see you.

- Could you pull that together for me?

- It's done.

- Stop playing.

- When and where?

- Hold on. Let me get three
French connections please,


Thanks a lot . Thanks a lot

- Yeah. So,

thank you.

- So are you enjoying the night tonight?

- Yeah. Let's just do this

'cause I wanna get back
to her so she knows.

- Just make sure she
be there after the club

15, 20 minutes at that spot.

She knows where it's at.

- 15 minutes Fu.

- Yeah.

- 15.

Happy birthday babe.

- Good to see you, alright?

Be good. Take care of yourself.

- You be bad.

- Alright, I will.

- Relax.

Let Sha do what she does best.

- Yeah, that's true.

- Right.

- Girl, what he say? What he say?

- 15 Minutes after the club closes,

you meet him at the same
spot that you used to.

- Spot

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Okay. Don't waste time.

Don't waste time. I got rid
of that problem for you.

- Okay.

So what you doing? You're going, right?

- I don't really think I should go.

- [Both] Bitch!

- Should you go?

- Yeah.

- She crazy.

- That's cool 'cause

if you don't go, Meeka will.

- Sha will, for real.

- Too crazy.

What the fuck (indistinct).

I shouldn't have fucking came here.

(indistinct) Sha.

And this fucking Fu...

(motorcycle revving)

- What's up girl?

- Not a damn thing.

And Fu but what the fuck took you so long?

You had me out here
waiting for over 40 minutes

and didn't Sha tell you
to meet me here 15 minutes

after the club was over?

It's fucking late and shit

and (indistinct) come up
to me asking me for money.

I was about to fucking leave your ass.

- Damn, girl, you know,
ain't nothing changed Coa.

You now, I had to check on that cash

before I leave the club.

I don't trust everybody with
that money like that, baby.

But what's up with you anyway

I hear that boy got you on lockdown girl.

- No, he don't got me on lockdown Fu.

Now would I be out here
waiting for you if he did?

- Ho, ho, ho Coa, I did
nothing to you, baby.

- Yes you did. You had me
out here waiting too long Fu.

- Listen, I apologize for that, alright?

But you know what?

I miss you girl.

- You miss me?

- Yeah, I do. I miss you baby.

- And what did you miss about me?

- You know, I miss that
pretty brown Coa Coa skin

of yours baby. The juicy ass lips.

Dying to fill them. That's
why I wanted you here.

- I'm sorry I (indistinct) at you.

- It's cool.

Give me the juicy kisses
and I'll be alright.

That's what I'm talking about.

That's my baby. Damn.

Listen, um, I always wanted to walk man.

Cut this car off.

Give me a juicy hug. I got
this new spot I wanna show you.

- New spot.

- Yeah, definitely.

Damn I was happy to see you
tonight in the club girl.

Alright, ready to go upstairs?

So I can show you.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Step aside.

Lemme get off this bike.

- I'm alright now this is much better.

I like this atmosphere a little bit more.

Can get a little comfortable.

- (indistinct)

- (indistinct)

- Comfortable.

- Comfortable.

- I just want you to be comfortable.

- Yeah, make me comfortable baby.

- Damn, wish I could
see them pretty ass toes

- What are you doing?

- Don't you just love when I do that Coa?

- I don't think so. I think
I used to love you suck

- Okay

- On my feet.

- That got trouble right there.

- The trouble.

Ain't no trouble.

- It's all good though.

- It is, it is.

'Cause you don't wanna
start any trouble anyway

bringing me up here.

But it's alright 'cause I can handle it.

- Sure.

- Miss Pedro?

- Don't do that.

- Oh you miss Pedro.

- I miss you.

- Word.

- He's rising.

- You know what? (indistinct)

- Say no more.

Hold them.

- (indistinct) your shades huh?

- Exactly.

- Some cute shit.

- Oh, God.

- Damn.

- I bet it was.

- You know what I'm saying.

- You ain't so bad yourself.

- (indistinct)

- Me too, God it's been a long time.

- It's all good girl.

Lemme fix my panties baby.

Get my shit, you open the
shit the hell down my pants.

- Shut up you chit chat.

- You didn't cum in me, did you?

Fu, you didn't cum in me.

- You told me to baby.

- Fu, why?

- Why, 'cause it felt good.

- What the fuck man.

Why would you cum in me?

- Listen Coa, relax, okay baby?

- What the fuck am I doing
here in the first place.

- Hold on baby.

Look, (indistinct), alright?

- Why would you...

Why would you cum in me Fu?

- We had a good night so far

don't complicate it, please.

- What would you know?

You don't understand what the hell

I'm going through right now.

- Whatever you going through
(indistinct) from tonight

(indistinct), I ain't going nowhere.

I don't want you stressed, alright?

So relax.

You hear me?

- Yeah.

- Gimme a kiss.

Gimme a kiss.

Everything gone be alright baby.

- Well, how am I gonna
get in touch with you now?

- You know what? I had
a new number and shit.

Lemme get you to the car.
I'mma give it to you, okay?

Just call me (indistinct), alright?

- Yeah, I'm tired anyway, I wanna go home.

- Yeah baby, like I said,
don't even think about it.

Don't stress yourself.

- You keep saying that,
it's not that's easy.

- It is when I'm around, okay?

- Yeah.

- Come let's get out of here..

- Sha I'm tired of all these
guys just wanting to go out

and fuck.

I mean, don't get me wrong
that's just cool for a minute

but I want a man of my own.

You know what I mean?

It's like all these guys got wives.

All of them

or a girlfriend it seems like.

I'm just tired of being the other bitch.

Aren't you?

- Yo Meeka, you know, I
don't give a flying fuck

about a nigga.

My dad used to molest me.
You know this shit Meeka.

If my dad didn't give a
fuck about my feelings,

you think one of these niggas
off the streets gonna care?

Hell no.

I'm telling you, you need
to get outta that fairy tale

fantasy that you're living.

And you need to realize that
you gotta use these niggas

for what they give you or
what you can get from them.

That's all they good for.

Matter of fact, I'm all worked up, man.

I'mma go pee. I'll be back.

- Marod?

- Damn, what's up man? How you been?

- Hey, where you been at?

- Man, I'm chilling man.

You know, I been going through
a few ups and downs and shit,

but you know, it's coming along though.

- What's up with them
fliers you passing out,

you promoting now?

- Oh yeah, now look,

these the fliers for the
V12 album release party

they have in the night,
know what I'm saying?

My niggas, they been take
care of me since I been home,

you know, keep a nigga
out of trouble and shit.

You know what I'm saying,
man, fuck that man.

I gotta get out here and
get this money the best way

I know how though, you
know what I'm saying?

What's up? You wanna get down or what?

- Doing what Marod?

I don't trust your crazy ass.

'Cause you are always up into some shit.

- Yeah Marod, doing what?

- Damn Sha, what's up
man, where you come from?

- I heard money and you
know that's my cue here.

- Alright now look, Sha,

there's this kid here
from out town, right?

Nigga getting a lot of cake,
you know what I'm saying?

He gonna be at the album
release party tonight.

Now what I need is for Meeka
to go down there, right?

Introduce herself to him,
you know what I'm saying?

Let the nigga take you out.

Whatever you wanna do,
you know what I'm saying?

Find out how he living,
find out where he living at.

Y'all call me and I take it from there.

- Hell no, I'm not doing that shit Marod.

You know I don't get down.

- Yo I'll do it. I'll do it.

- Yeah, right that's
what I'm talking about.

Alright now check this out,

now I'mma give you 10% of
whatever I make, alright?

Know what I'm saying.

Alright now, look.

Now you got two tickets to
the release party tonight.

They free tickets y'all can get in.

Show 'em the tickets, walk right on there.

Be looking good. Go do
whatever y'all gotta do

just be looking good, alright?

- Let's do this.

- Party? Oh we in there.

- Meeka, you get your ass out here.

You just trying to get these
free motherfucking tickets.

Alright now, Sha here.

Sha, what's up?

- I'm in there man.

- You with me?

- Let's make some money.

- You with me?

- Yeah Marod. We'll be there.

- Alright. See you all tonight.

- Bye Marod.

- That's a crazy man right there.

Yo but let's go to the mall.

- It's crazy.

I think he's missing some marbles

- If I could make money
off of his missing marbles,

I'd like to make money
off his missing marbles.

Yo, let's go to the
mall yo, let's do this.

- You gotta show me what color you want

'cause I don't remember.

Fuck I hate this mall.

Security is too tight.

- Well, just be a little
bit quicker this time.

- Look don't rush me I'm
thorough, okay bitch? Woo.

- And that's why you're
good at what you do.

- Right.

- I'll be (indistinct).

- Shit!

Open the door!

Bitch hurry up! Shit!

Fuck I think they saw me. Fuck!

- They were on to me too.

- I know.

- Yo, let's...

- Sit back!

- We good.

- Fuck.

- What'd you get?

- They didn't have no
five so I got you a four,

but that shit,

will you pull the fuck off.

- My bad, my bad. Let's go.

- And?

- Yo, so tell us what
happened with Fu last night.

- Alright.

- Fucking Fu, that shit is right.

Oh my God.

- Okay.

- Alright.

- What happened?

- Alright, alright, alright.

So I met him at our spot, right?

We were in the parking lot uptown.

So I'm in the parking
lot chilling, sitting

I'm waiting for him.

He late so I'm getting mad as hell.

So he finally pulls up and
I'm like, okay, I calm down.

We start to kiss and shit

and then I'm like, no, I
don't wanna do it right here.

So he takes me up to the fucking
roof of one of the building

and I'm like

- That's gangster

- Yes, I know.

So then that's when I was like all out.

I was like, I don't care
I'mma go do my thing.

So I opened up his pants and
I pulled out his big ass dick,

I sucked the shit out of it, for real.

My fucking jaw was hurting too.

- Right on the roof?

- That's my girl.

- Gimme my props, gimme my props.

That's right. I had to y'all,
I couldn't compose myself.

He was fucking looking good,
smelling good, tasting...

- You fuck him?

- Did I fuck him? What
is you talking about?

- Of course she fucked him.

- I fucking jumped on his
dick and I rolled that shit

like a fucking pony, what?

Shit is good. Shit is real good.

- I ain't messing with you.
I'm right here no more.

- No, I'm telling y'all.

I'm telling y'all a little
bit too much information

anyhow, for real.

- Yo, but on the real that's good.

Coa, you deserve that. You deserve it.

But, if you just a little discreet,

shit will last longer for you.

- Sha what is you talking about?

Why are you throwing out
old shit back in my face?

- You know how you get.

- Exactly. Yo, I got this.

Would you check her please Meeka?

- Anyway.

- Damn.

- My fault.

- So yo, Marod gave us tickets

to the V12 album release party tonight.

- We are in there.

- You going?

- Nah I ain't gone go.

Me and Fu supposed to be hooking up later.

Me and Fu hooking up.

- It fucking begins.

- There you go again.

- Fu is hooking up tonight?

- Diss your girls for some dick.


That's what's wrong with your ass.

- So how you doing ma?

- Fine.

- What's your name?

Your father must be Bin Laden

'cause you definitely the bomb.

- Excuse me?

- Holler back at the young Lord.

- Well, I'm not trying to holler at you.

- Forget you on that fake ass weave.

- Uh-huh.

Yeah, that's why you was
trying to holler, huh?

- What's up ma?

Been checking you out all night, man.

I wanna get a chance to eat you out,

I may take you to dinner.
(indistinct) it up.

I need to see you for
something. Come on, man.

We could do something with
these chapped lips baby,

I'm serious as a motherfucker.

You know you feeling me, you know you is.

- Do I look like I wanna talk to you?

- Oh, I got five dollars.

Come on have some fries and shit.

Oh damn, won't mess with you again.

- What's up ma?

Got a minute?

- Mm-mm

- Got two minutes you
could borrow one of mine.

How about that?

- That was lame.

- What's your name?

- Meeka.

What's yours?

- I'm Freshy.

I'm one of the guys that's
putting this thing together

tonight, you know, for
the soundtrack and movie

that's coming out tomorrow.

- That's cool.

- I know you got a man,
(indistinct) you marry.

One of the two, right?

- Please boy, if you only knew.

You said your name was Freshy?

- That's me.

- Where did that come from?

That's quite different.

- Yeah. A lot of people say that.

So I'm saying, I know men
(indistinct) been coming at you.

It's not the type of atmosphere
to holler at you bro,

you know, what you doing this week?

Maybe I can take you
out to dinner, you know,

we go out and talk, sit down
and talk somewhere, you know.

- Ayo, pardon me bro.

Ayo Meeka where your girl at man?

I been here all night looking for her,

why ain't she nowhere?

- Hi to you too Marod.

I think she's over
there by the bar though.

Ayo man chill out.

- Yo, you sure she's over there or what?

- I think so. Last I seen
her she was over there.

- Alright.

- Alright Marod.

That's my boy.

What was I saying?

- I'm saying gimme a chance bro.

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know that's possible
but first I need to know,

are you married or do
you have a girlfriend?

Because I am tired of guys

that got wives, got girls,

but steady trying to holler.
Are you one of those?

- Neither one ma.

I don't have no girl.

Not married, no babies, nothing.

Trust me. I ain't got nothing to hide ma.

- That's real hard to believe.


- So what's up, you gone give
a nigga a chance or what?

- I tell you what, how about
you give me your home number

and I'll call you.

- Alright, I give you my
cell and my house number.

How about that?

- What?

- You heard me?

You got a pen on you?

- I don't carry pens to clubs.

- Damn!

Excuse me, fam you got a pen on you?

Thanks dude.

I got my card, get my card.

Don't be making me waste my time either.

- Look Freshy, I wouldn't take it

if I wasn't gonna use it.

- Thanks dude.

Alright, holler at me then.

- It was nice meeting you.

- Take care.

- Bye.

And be safe.

- Yo what's up, man?

Where you been? I've been
looking for you all night.

- You got it all laid out or what?

- Alright, now look it's about to go down.

- Just show me where he is
I'll take it from there.

- Alright now look you over
there at the VIP section, right?

Now I'mma get you in, but
when you get over there,

you on your own, can you handle that?

- Just get me in.

- Alright, come on. Let's go.

- Thanks for the drink.

- This is crazy.

Oh, shit.


Little Man, Little Man.

- Damn!

- Look, look, look, hook it up.

Look, hook it up, go
over there and tell her

I wanna holler at her.

You know, like after club close.


Hook that up.

- Alright. I got you. I got you.

- Go ahead, go ahead.

- How you doing?

- I'm okay.

- You look okay.

You see my man over there?

That's my dawg right there.

He was like, he saw you.

He saw back.

- You're cute.

And what's your name?

- Little Man, Little Man.

- Little Man?

- Yeah.

- So are you his gopher or something

that you're coming over here.

Do you work for him?

- Oh nah, nah, I ain't.

Nah, I ain't nothing like that.

I just, nah, you know I ball this dude.

- Ball.

- He sent me over, you know.

- Little Man, Little Man.

Do me a favor.

If you work for him,
you're his little boy.

Tell your boy that if he wants talk me

then he should be sitting where you are.

Can you tell him that for me?

- Alright, alright, alright. I got you.

- Okay, thank you.

- She wants you to come
over there yourself bro.

- Over myself?

- Come over there yourself.

- What you mean go over
myself? What you tell her?

- Fuck you think I told her?
I told her what you said.

The bitch told me to get
the fuck away from her

and tell you to come yourself.

- That's why you can't send
a boy to do a mans job.

- Man, don't be talking to
me about that boy shit, man.

That bitch, you owe me
a drink for that shit.

- Just watch and learn.

- Alright. Watch, you ain't getting shit.


- Pretty girl, pretty girl.

What's your name?

- Sharlice.

- Sharlice. I like that.

Oh, that's pretty name.

Pretty girl, pretty girl.

- Thank you.

- You know what? I sent my boy over.

No disrespect or nothing.

You know what I'm saying?

But you got the music
here is you gotta scream

to talk in this place, you understand?

- So that's why you sent them over here.

- Well, yeah, no, no.

I didn't say anything. Don't get it wrong.

Forget all that.

Look, what you drinking?

I'll get you a drink.

- You could get me a Moet.

- Moet? Moet. Moet it is, Moet.

Two Moets please.

Appreciate it.

Oh girl.

So who you know around here?
I never seen you before.

- Couple of my shopping buddies.

- Oh, yeah I can see you be
doing some shopping girl.

God like wonder woman in that hookup.

You are beautiful.

- Thank you.

- Oh man.

So your buddy's around here?

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah.

I don't really go out too much though.

- No?

- No.

- You shouldn't girls might
have beat you up and ate you up.

Look at you.

You're beautiful.

So yeah. So like I said, look,

me and the boys, you know,
I come here frequently.

You know what I'm saying?

And I don't know too many people.

I got some friends, you know
what I'm saying? I got...

Oh, look, here's what (indistinct).

Thank you.

Alright, alright. Yeah.

There you go.

(indistinct) right there.

Here's to some...


So I met a fan. That's what that's for.


- Thank you.

- Ah.

That's some good shit there.

So can I get you anything else, baby?


- Anything?

- Mm-hmm.

- No, I'm good.

I mean, if that's what you want.

'Cause I'm gonna go back to...

- Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait a minute, baby.

Come on now let's, I mean,
you gone walk off like that?

Can I get a number or something?

- Oh, I really don't give my number out.

- You don't give your number out.

- Can I take yours?

- Yeah. Lemme get my number.

Don't forget my number, girl. You crazy.

Woo, you are sexy.

(indistinct) sweat this,
you know what I'm saying?

So I know you gone call a nigga, right?

- Maybe.

- Uh-huh.

- Maybe not.

- Alright, alright.

There you go baby, take that with you.

- Honey,

Oh, this isn't necessary. Like,

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

Keep that baby, keep that, keep that.

Believe me

there's more where that came
from. I got plans for us.

- Oh you do?

- Oh, yeah.

- Okay big spender.

- Someone get outta here.

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

- What's up Meeka. What you doing?

Thinking about that V12 boy?

- It's been two days.

I could call him.

- Baby girl, I told you
to give it three days.

The only way to win with
him is to make him wait.

Make him think about you.

- I know, but

I just wanna see him.

- Uh-uh, babe, niggas like this guy,

you need to win with them

and the only way to do that
is to think like they do.

- I won't call.

- Just get a backbone.
Give it another day.

Catch you later.

- Stop making all that noise (indistinct)

(phone ringing)

Damn phone.

I said, stop making all that noise.

Ashley, go upstairs with Tay anyway.



- Girl, what are you doing?

What took you so long to say something?

- Yeah, I was damn talking
on the damn noise back here.

I'm trying to hurry up and cook

because I gotta pick Roc
up from the airport later

and I'm tired as hell 'cause
I've been fucking around

with Fu all night.

- So I guess I caught
you at a bad time, huh?

- What's up?

- Remember that cute guy told
you I met the other night.

- Yeah, Freshy?

Oh shit, I'm burning the damn sausages.

- You know, with that
bling bling everywhere.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah that one,

- Huh?

- What's up with him?

- Well, I've been thinking about him

real hard.

I wanna call him.

- Yeah. So call then
what are you waiting for?

Call him.

- Well, Sha says for
me not to call him yet.

She said give it at least
three days before I called him.

- Well, why is you still listening to Sha?

Girl, you should know by now
Sha don't got no damn feelings,

but just made the fact
of what she don't have no

bit of sense at all.

- Yeah.

- So stop listening to
what Sha keeps telling you

and just go ahead and call him.

I'm telling you to call him right now.

- I'mma call.

- Alright.

- Thanks Coa.

- Okay. Let me know what happened.

- Yo.

- What's up?

- We're gonna sit here all day

until you get this shit right, man.

I mean, shit.

It's going on like two hours

just one motherfucking song, man.

- I think you should poach it

- So I mean what you want to dawg?

- It's whatever.

- Tell me something man.

We ain't going until this
shit is right though.

Bottom line.

- Go back to the top.

- Go over it one more time
before we call it again, man.

Just try and go over it
one more time and shit.


- Yo.

May I speak to Freshy please?

- Yeah, this me who this?

- This is Meeka.

- Oh, what's up Meek?

- So is that how you answer the phone? Yo?

- Nah, I thought you was one
of my mens or something, ma.

- So anyways, how you doing?

- I'm alright.

Look, I'm in the middle of
the studio session right now

and I'mma have to hit you back

like a little later on or something.

- Yeah sure.

You got the number?

- Yeah, hold on.

This is 973 number, right?

- Mm-hmm.


I shouldn't have called his ass.

- Alright, yo, let's go.

Let's try this shit one more time.

- Ha, that's what you talking about here?

Right here. Mm-hmm.

- Thank you.

- I got you right here, baby.

There you go. That's for you girl.

Thanks a lot baby.

Ahaha damn, bro. Here we go.

- Alright.

- Let's toast to us.

- You got it.

- Getting together.

- Getting together.

- We trying to establish
a little something here.

You know what I'm saying.

- A little something.

- I'm feeling this, I'm feeling this.

So what do you like to do?

I mean, some of your main hobbies.

- Main hobby.

- If I pick you up one day,

what would be some of your suggestion

what would you like to do
to make your day right?

- To make my day right.

- Mm-hmm.

- We can go to the zoo.

- Oh you like animals.

- I love animals

- Okay, animal lover.

- Yes.

- You know, I watch
animal planet sometime.

You ever watch that?

Like, you know what mess me up?

When the people get killed
by the animals, you know,

you ain't supposed to be in that area.

You know what I'm saying?

But they do what they
do, I don't understand.

- I know, that's pretty bad.

- You like animals?

- I love animals.

What's your favorite animal?

- My favorite animal, I
would think the tiger.

- That's mine.

- But that's what they call
me sometimes, you know,

they call me the tiger.

Some of come to me, just out
in the supermarket (indistinct)

raah! I go, hey, how you doing too,

you know what I'm saying?

I ain't bragging just saying,

I have been known to be a tiger, alright?

- Well, I like the cheetah.

- Really? What's up with the cheetah.

- The cheetah are the fastest animal.

- Oh, so you fast.

So you can (indistinct).

- On some levels, don't get crazy.

So what do you like to do for fun?

- You won't believe if I told you.

A lot people underestimate me,

a lot of people judge me.
You know what I'm saying?

You don't believe.

- Tell me.

- I like coloring books.

- So do I.

- Gone girl.

- I do.

- Gone girl.

You don't like no coloring book.

- I have the power puff
girl coloring book at home.

- I'mma (indistinct) just for God.

Don't be lying to me.

You got power puff?

- I got power puff girl coloring book.

- That's what I like,
I like coloring books.

I'm telling you the truth, really.

I mean, it's not like a dream of mine.

You know what I'm saying? Trying to.

- Just a little.

- Yeah, just (indistinct).

- This is great.

- Thank you baby.

I appreciate that.

That was a meal there, girl.

- That was nice.

- You enjoy yourself?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. You ate that fish like a slave.

- Well, it was good.

- Yeah. I tell you this
is a nice restaurant.

This dynasties girl, this the
best restaurant in the city.

You gotta ask somebody, a
lot of celebrities come here.

I seen Denzel in here one
day, sitting right over there.

- Really?

- Oprah Winfrey, everybody come here.

- And you brought me.

- I brought you.

Thought it'd be somewhere
special. Know what I'm saying?

Every time I do something
gonna be first class,

you understand?

Sha I gotta tell you girl, I'm telling you

you are beautiful.

You're beautiful.

- Thank you.

You know, I don't you're
that bad yourself.

- Oh yeah?

Know you had me thinking about you today.

- Really?

- Yeah, really.

- And what were you thinking?

- Positive stuff about each other.

It's positive and that's
all I'm about man.

I could see us going some places.

I think you're beautiful,


smell good.

- Thank you.

- I think you deserve things.

Big things.

Maybe like this.

- Wait a minute, this is mine?

- You like that?

- Oh, it's nice.

- Huh?

- This is nice.

- That's right girl. I'm telling you,

this is only the beginning.

- It gets better than this?

- It gets a lot better.

- I guess I better buckle down then, huh?

- Yeah, you better buckle down.

'Cause I ain't here to play around.

- You're so cute.

- (indistinct) pool.

- Honey is money green?

- Is money...

Girl got sexy humor.

Let's do this then,

- Alright. Be prepared to lose.

- Lose? You crazy.

Cheque please.

Bring that lazy ass waitress
over here that's what we want.

You ain't got that.

Ain't no damn way you gonna
make that shot on me girl.

Oh snap!

Oh shit, you made...

Girl you gotta be, you know what?

I wasn't on my game
anyway tonight, you know,

I was throwing off a little bit.

You know what I'm saying? This

Damn you made that shit too, didn't you?

Oh, well that was a lucky shot though.

- You what?

- No, I can play pool.

Don't don't get it twisted, alright?

So what you wanna do?
Let's do something else.

Anything you wanna do.

- I am really feeling you.

- I'm feeling you too
that's what I'm saying.

Let's just do something.

- But I'm really tired.

- Oh you...

- Can we hang out sometime, another time?

- I mean

- As soon as possible.

- Yeah. I mean anyway, if
I can see you again, yeah.

I can see you again, right?

- You think so?

- Can I?

- I wanna see you for as
long as you wanna be seen,

- That's a long damn time, believe that.

Come on girl, I'mma be a gentleman now.

I'mma take you home, alright?

- Thank you.

- Oh, I almost teared my shit
up, you know what I'm saying?

- You're so whack at pool.

- I mean, where did you
learn to play pool like that?

- Obviously not the
same place you learned.

It gave it the little
tight, but I'm gonna,

- I think you cheated.

You're not supposed to
knock the black ball in and

- I did not knock the black ball in

that was you acting like.

- I'll let you go with that.
I'll let you win that one

because I'mma win in the future I know it.

- I'm sure you will, you're (indistinct)

Alright, (indistinct)

- Looking forward to seeing you every day.

Woo, girl somebody you
don't know (indistinct)

- It'll only get better.

- Oh, it's gone get better?

Aha, I'm feeling you girl.

Call me.

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

- Bitch, what you doing asleep? `

- Girl, I'm not even gonna get into it.

- Yeah and?

- I called that nigga.

- Yeah and what happened?

- We talked for a hot second,

but he claimed he was in the studio.

So he had to call me back.

- Word, see, I told your punk ass,

if you would've listened to me,

he would've took a minute out
of his session to talk to you.

- Girl, I can't even argue with you.

You are so right.

I tell you one thing though

I'm not calling that nigga again.


- Yeah, alright.

- I'm serious. I,

hold on, okay?


- Hello. Can I speak to Meeka?

- This is Meeka. Who's this?

- It's Freshy.

- Hey Freshy. How you doing?

Can you hold on a second.

- Alright.

- Girl guess who that is?

- Let me guess, Freshy.

- Mm-hmm.

- Call me back.

- Alright. I'mma call you back girl.

So what's up Freshy?

- What's up ma.

What you doing?

What's up with us going
out on a lunch date,

you know what I mean?

- Yeah, that's cool.

Lunch is cool.

- Alright, that's what's up
then that's what I'm saying.

What's a good time for you?

How about two? About two o'clock?

- Two is cool.

That's cool.

- That's cool?

Alright then I call you when I'm on my way

so you can get directions or whatever.

- Alright, bye.


- Ma, (indistinct) cheating.

- Ma, I ain't cheating, he pushed me.

- (indistinct) over that game.

If anyone fighting I'm taking it away.

- Come on daddy can't
get no love around here.

What's up

- What's up, what you got for me?

- What I got for you?

What you got for me?

- Go ahead, show him what you got for him.

- I know what he got, he
got his mother's feet.

- Crazy.

- That's what he got.

- So daddy what you got?

- (singing) I keep on falling.

(indistinct) with you.

- That's my baby right there.

Now how you know that's for you.

Make sure your sister get hers too

I swear, man those your kids right there.

- I know. They part of you too.

- Nah, those your kids.

- So look. What daddy got for mommy?

- Oh, what daddy got for mommy, huh?

- Mm-hmm.

You, what you got for me?

- You know daddy always got
something special for mama.

- Yeah, I know. But I
want the big surprise.

- Oh, you want the big surprise?

- Mm-hmm. I've been good.

I put the clothes in the cleaners.

- Okay.

- I put the truck in the shop

and I cleaned the whole house and what?

- Okay. Okay.

- Yeah.

- I see that.

You wanna go to great adventures?

- Yes, I do.

- So did it work?

- Yes it did.

- So we're gonna go to adventures or what?

- Man, yeah.

- [Both] Yaayy!

- What is this? Team up on daddy day.

- So you like it, huh?

- It's beautiful.


I love flowers.

- I just like to get a little
romantic once in a while,

you know.

- It's beautiful, Freshy.

Nobody's ever done anything
like this for me before.

- For real?

- Never.

- Just trying to keep a
smile on your face ma.

- You made me smile.

- Now, do you believe I'm
feeling you like that?

- Yeah, but.

What I wanna know is what took
you so long to call me back

if you're feeling me like that?

- I was in the studio, ma.

I mean that stuff, man,

that shit be taking so damn long, man.

It's like hours and hours
of working and working.

I know I was mad short
with you when you called,

but I just had to get that
finished, you know what I mean.

But trust me, you are
on my mind. That's real.

That's where you are.

Can't you tell?

- I guess I believe you.

- You like watermelon?

- Mm-hmm.

- I got (indistinct).


- Mm-mm.

- Nah.

Let me taste it.

It's alright.

- It's alright.

- It ain't bad.

- Yo, how you got some, apple cider?

What's up with the champagne?

No, I'm just playing. Thank you.

(slow romantic music)

- This motherfucker.

Are you fucking crazy?

You think you a baller.

You think you a player, right?

- Hold up lemme talk
to you. Lemme tell you

- Huh? I'mma keep it gangster.

- Listen.

- I'm on to you nigga

and fucking with these
bitches gone get you stitches.

- Hold up, chill

- Chop, chop, chop.

- Baby what's wrong?

Are you okay?

- I'm alright.

- Come back to sleep.

- Hold up Meek.


- Mm-hmm.

- You know what,

and it's real.

Yesterday was like one of
the best days of my life ma.

It's like, everything just went perfect.

And I just feel like, you
know, we clicked so good,

you know.

- But.

- But I ain't, you know, I
haven't been too honest with you.

And I feel, you know,

if we going to see each other, whatever

that I need to be truthful.

- Look Freshy, just don't even,

you don't even have to say it.

- Just hear me out.

- Look, I've heard this
shit so many times before.

Unfortunately, I really already know

what the hell you're gonna say.

- But look, I wanted to
still see each other ma.

- Freshy, you know, I
thought you were different.

- Meek, just hear me out.

- No. Whatever Freshy.

You no different.

Just like them.

- Meeka.

Baby what's wrong?

What's bothering you?

- Ma what's wrong with me?

I don't understand.

It's like I can't find a
guy who wants to be with me

and only me.

I'm tired of being the other
woman. I'm tired of it.

Coa found a guy, why can't I?

I mean, what's wrong with me?

- Meeka baby don't cry.

Don't cry.

Listen, let mommy tell you something

just about 85% of the successful
men that's out here today,

whether black, white or
whatever race for that matter.

Got kids, got a wife and
another woman on the side

and maybe another man,
you just don't know.

Meeka being married and having a family

just may not be in God's
will for a lot of us today.

- I don't understand Ma.

I thought that that's what life
is supposed to be all about.

You know, having kids, having
a husband, having a family,

you know what I mean.

- No baby, life is about
enjoying yourself honey.

Living stress free as possible,
taking one day at a time,

'cause tomorrow's not promised to us.

I mean, being a man's wife or woman

or whatever you wanna call it is fine.

But what I had to realize
is that we're all fighting

for that position.

And once we get it, another
woman or man will come along

and get that same love if not more.

- I don't understand.

I don't understand what
you're trying to say.

- Meeka baby you remember
when you was a little girl

and you fell out with me
because your father told you

that I said I didn't want
him to come home with us.

Remember that?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Well the truth is baby, your daddy

he couldn't come home with us

because he had another situation before me

and I was what you called the other woman.

- Why ain't you ever tell me this before?

- Baby you was just too young.

You was just too young to understand.

Now I don't want you to get it twisted.

You could be married
and still be miserable,

but your mommy was okay.

I just wanted more out of your father.

I wanted more from him.

Being the other woman's not
the worst thing in the world.

Just don't stop fighting
to be his one and only.

- I won't.

I won't I promise.

And I'm so sorry for being
distant and ignorant towards you

all these years.

I'm sorry. I love you.

- Oh yeah.

That's what I'm talking about.

So I believe there's two
type of people in this world.

People who make things happen

and people who watch things happen.

Baby we about to make some things happen.

- Is that right?

- That's right. You can believe that.

- I got a question.

- Talk to me, babe.

- Why are you sitting so far away?

- Oh, that's your question.

Well, I got the answer right here.

- Is that my phone?

- Yeah, but you don't
need the phone right now.

You don't need the phone.

This our time.

I'm sitting so far away.

Look you,

- I think I should get that.

- No, no. What you mean?

Sha you don't have to
get no, come on baby.

Oh Jesus. Don't get the phone now.

That's not important.

Come on back please just hurry back.

- Sha Boogie.

- Yo Sha man, what's up?

What you losing focus or something?

- The fuck you talking
about, I'm losing focus.

I'm at this niggas house right now.

- Damn girl.

I'm saying you don't think
you been long enough though,

what you with me or what man?

- Nigga relax yo.

I need him to get comfortable with me

so that way he leans on me for support.

Not for nothing. He's a big spender

and a bitch be needing a couple
of things here and there.

- Damn girl. You fucking
me up though, man.

You better not be trying
to get him that money back.

- First of all, stop being stupid.

Not for nothing.

I'mma give him a shoulder to lean on it.

That's about all a bitch
got, it's a shoulder.

- Yeah.

You use the wicked motherfucker Sha.

Alright, go ahead man. Do you.

- Yeah, let me call you
later with some info.

Stop calling me.

- Hurry up girl, come on.
The bubble's running out.

Uh-huh. I thought you weren't coming back.

- Is that so?

- That's right.

I mean, out here by
myself in these bubbles.

- Meeka had guy problems.

- Meeka, Meeka...

Oh my God.

Oh, okay well

- Shut up.

Did you miss me?

- Yeah I miss you a little bit.

- You did?

- Yeah.

- A little bit?

- A little bit.

- Not good enough.

Did you miss me?

- A little bit, come over here.

- Oh, (indistinct)

- Come on. Come on.

- What you mean come on girl.

- What are you doing?

Come on Fu, come on.

- I'm not feeling this right here.

- What are you not feeling?
You look like a damn herb.

Come on.

- I ain't got herb, I just
don't want no chaos baby.

- There ain't gonna be no chaos.

Take your jacket off.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, take it off.

(indistinct) relax your nerves damn.

- You still aggressive, huh baby?

- Yes I am.

Sit your ass out on the couch.

Make yourself comfortable, relax.

Watch TV or something.

I'mma go upstairs

and I'mma go into
something more comfortable.

When I get back downstairs you
better be relaxed, alright?

- Yeah I'll be alright.

Just hurry up and do what
you gone do, alright?

- Coa you need to hurry up lady.

Coa you know this ain't cool girl.

- What you ain't feeling?

- Dang.

- You ain't feeling this.

You feeling this?

- No doubt baby.

- I can't believe you.

You want me to take
control of you, don't you?

Lift your hands up.

Take this damn shirt off.


Damn you been working out?

Look at you, gimme a kiss.

God. Sit your ass on the couch.

- Oh, damn girl.

- I ain't bringing you to
my house for no bullshit.

I wanna see you (indistinct).

Show me.

- Come here.

- I'm still waiting to
see what you can do.

- Yeah (indistinct).

(indistinct) some of that ass and shit.

- Yeah, right.

- You want that.

- Who's this pussy Coa?

(indistinct) baby.

- Yeah.

Hell yeah, God damn.


- Fu baby.

Right there.

Right there.


(dog barking)

- Yo. What's up?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Everything is everything.

I told you I would deliver.


Talk to you later on, okay?


(motorcycle revving)

- Take this money. Make this money.

Ain't no way you can take this money.

Yo, yo chill out.

Chill out in there man.

You tearing up my shit.

God damn.

(background chatter)

Kill myself (indistinct)

Yo, one more time man.

Quit bugging man.

Put the game down if you ain't
gonna share the motherfucker,


God damn, (indistinct).

Ain't nobody (indistinct) that
motherfucker anyway but me.

Yo, what the fuck going on.

(gun shots)



Yo open this motherfucking door.


God damn.


Open this motherfucking
door man (indistinct).

- Thank you.

Yeah. Hello?

Hey, what's up Marod?

Yeah, I'm at Amina's why?

The hell out.

Right here on maple.

Yeah, cool I'll be here.
I just got my phone.


Alright. Bye.

- Yo, what's up?

- What's up Marod.

So what's going on?

What was the call, man.

- Check this out. It's for you.

- What's for me?

- That's for you.

- Shit went down.

- Hell yeah.

I told you, your boy don't be playing.

- You are fast.

- Told you he's gonna get this money.

- Oh, I see.

- Alright now look, you
have to be looking out.

'Cause it's gonna be a lot of other cats

we gone need to hit.

- Yo, we're gonna get...

This is this nigga right now.

- Talk to him.

- Hey baby.

Honey what's wrong?

What's wrong? What happened? Slow down.

Alright, alright.

Alright, babe I got you.

Alright, I'll be right there.


- There you go.

Take care of your man.

- God, it's too easy.

Yo, listen, I'mma go act like I care,

get dressed, put on a
little something cute.

Call me.

- Alright. But look,

- Hook me up.

- Don't forget, man.

Be looking out, alright?

- I'm on the look out.

I got you.

- Oh, Sha baby.

- Baby what happened?

- You ain't gonna believe this shit.

- What happened?

- Somebody came in here,

motherfuckers came in and just robbed me.

They just took all my shit.

They just, they took my money.

I had $115,000. You know about that...

Girl they took my jewelry.
They took my drugs.

They took everything. I ain't got shit.

They took everything.

- Sit down, sit down.

- Sha, they took everything alright?

They dogged me out.

They come here in my shit and
took every, fuck that man.

Somebody knew the fuck they was doing

that's what I'm saying.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah I'm okay. Where you been all day?

I've been calling you for hours,

- Babe I've been trying to get here.

- Yeah, trying to get here.

So you don't give a fuck about Quil

when Quil going through some shit.

Everybody think about their god damn self.

Man that's shit.

- Don't fucking say that.
How can you say that shit?

- Man I ain't got nothing.

- How could you say that shit?

So what the fuck you ain't got nothing.

You got yourself.

- Look.

- You got me. But I mean,

if the money is what matters to you,

I'm fucking catching feelings for you

and you worried about money.

I ain't got nothing
nobody cares about Quil.

- I ain't got no money to go
to the movies. I can't do shit.

- So fucking what? You earned that shit.

Did you have it, were you born with it?

- Baby look just, you don't know.

- Baby nothing, baby look,

you want money?

Take this shit.

- What?

- Take your fucking money Quil.

- Sha where the hell
you get this money from?

- I got it from you.

- What you mean me?

- You've been giving me money.

Babe like water you've
been giving me money.

I was gonna spend it on
a shopping spree, but

I mean, I'm glad I didn't. You need it.

But I mean,

fuck that, I'm just glad you're okay.

I'm catching feelings for you, man

and that's not good.

- Baby, I'm sorry.

- I'm worried about you when
you worried about money.

- I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry.

- You earn that bag. Money's nothing.

- Baby come here, come here, come here.

What would I do without you? Hmm?

- I don't even wanna know, babe.

I don't wanna find out.

(doorbell ringing)

- Oh, coming, I'm coming.

Oh shit.

- Girl.

That shit went down.

That shit went down girl.

- What possibly could you be
talking about at seven o'clock

in the morning.

- Bitch I didn't even count it yet.

I didn't even count it yet.

- Yo, that's (indistinct)?

- Yeah.


- So how much you think it is?

- I was at Quil's house yesterday

and he told me he got hit up

for a ball and some change.

- What?

A ball?

What's a ball?

- A hundred grand, stupid.

- A hundred grand?

Yo, Marod gave you all that Sha?

- That's two, that's three, that's four

five, six, seven.

There's like 15,000 in here.

15,000 is in that bag.

It's mine.

Yo for Quil to take me
out to the hotspots,

to buy me things, he
buys me some nice things.

- And Marod gave you all this?

- I get 15, 15,000.

10% of everything, babe.

- Yo, you gotta let me get in on this.

- Yo I told you.

- I got to get it on this.

- Yo and there's mad other
cats that we can hit.

Yo, there's mad other
cats that we can hit up.

Let's make this money.

- That's way cool with me.

As a matter of fact, yo,

I know some niggas we can get right now.

- Alright, bet.

- Let's do this.

- Let's go, baby.

- We going shopping?

- Let's spend it.

- Come on.

- I'll take you shopping. Buy a nice...

- Lemme go get dressed, girl.

- Get you ready

- Lemme put some clothes on.

Let's go over there,
over there, over there.

Come on, let's go.

- Yo Sha where you at now?

Well, what's the address.

Where I'm going. Tell me where I'm going.

Two, two, one, two, two, one, one.

(man singing)

- Get your fat ass out
the motherfucking shower.

- Aight, aight, aight.

- Oh girl, look at him.

- [Both] Ooh

- Damn

- That should be our next victim.

- Alright now look,
they got a door or what?

They got a door over there.

They ain't got a door.

How are we coming in through
the front or the back?

Coming through the back door.

- Ooh, that.

- Is the purse.

Oh, I want it.

- I'll get it for you.

- You know how much that purse cost girl?

- You know how much I
got left at home too?

- Do you know the motherfucking...

- What the fuck you looking at man.

- You know, I'm gonna fuck
you up, now get that damn...

- I'm gonna get that one back there for me

I'm gonna get that one
over there for myself

and I'm gonna get that
one right there for I.

- Oh, that's check.

No for real though, for real though.

- Okay. Now that's a green house, right?

You said it's a green. Okay.

That's the Newark.
That's the Newark, right?

Okay. Over by.

Yeah. Right over by the hospital.

I know where that's at. Alright baby.

Alright. Do you keep doing you baby.

We gonna get this money.
You with me or what?

You with me or what?

(gun shots)

- We went shopping baby girl

- Show this, we went
shopping with my girl.

- Check this out.


- I got something for you, baby.

All hammers baby, hammers
down, hammers down.

What I tell you now.

Where you gonna be at
so I can get you this?

I got some cash. Where you gonna be at?

Your boy don't play. I don't play.

- (indistinct)

- Yo, chill out man. Yo.

- Now look, I got two for y'all.

Now check this out. The
first one, it's an easy pick.

You know what I'm saying?

I'm saying my people
done took care of that.

The nigga he gonna be sleep.

Y'all slide in through the back,

y'all get out through the
front. Ain't gonna be nothing.

You understand what I'm saying?

Make sure you get out
with all that cheese.

Get everything you got.
Now look the second one

I want y'all to bring the
early move on this, alright?

Cause this nigga right here,
I don't know how he gone move.

He might feel like you gone do something.

You understand what I'm
saying? Bring some extra heat.

Cause he might get ugly
up in that motherfucker.

You understand what I'm saying?

- Yeah I understand.


- What you talking about?

- Yo you supposed to split
this shit early today, man.

Come on, man.

- I need a scale, the fuck.

- Yo, how the fuck you
need a fucking scale

to bat coke in the bottles, man.

He no fucking scare you this guy, man.

Who is it?

- (indistinct)

- Who is it?

- (indistinct)

(gun shots)

- This the last time...

- Yo get the fuck off the phone Sha.

We need to talk.

- What the fuck?

Hold on, rewind.

What the fuck are you doing
coming at me like that?

- Yo, what is wrong.

Niggas on the streets are
saying they got hit for numbers

that ain't matching our cut.

So explain that shit to me
'cause I'm not understanding.

- Yo rewind. What the fuck
are you talking about?

- Niggas on the streets is
saying they got hit for numbers

that not matching our cut.

Not mine at least.

- First of all, your cut.

I'm the one who deals with Marod.

I'm the one who deals with your money

and I'm the fucking one who gives you

what you supposed to
get in the first place.

I give you what you supposed to get.

- What?

You give me what I'm supposed to get?

The fuck is that supposed to mean?

- Don't you ever come blasting at me

like you fucking know me like that.

Bitch I started this shit.

I run this motherfucking
show. You hear me?

Don't you ever come
blasting at me like that.

- What the fuck you trying to say?

- You fucking crazy.

Get the fuck off my lawn. Bitch
You don't know me like that.

Don't ever accuse me of
robbing your stank ass.

Get your fucking ass off my lawn.

- Bitch fuck you. I got you
and that shit (indistinct)

I got you Sha.

Fuck you.


- What the fuck is up Marod?

You fucking with my
cut, you robbing me now?

Mind your business. Mind your business.

You talk to me, what the fuck is up?

- What's wrong with you, man?

- What the fuck is up? Tell me.

You fucking with my cut?

- Hey yo man. Why you come riding beef

about your motherfucking money like that?

- Keep it real. What's going on?

- Yo, listen what your ass
say no, the last time we did,

some of my boys got (indistinct)

- So you got me fighting
with my homegirl over there

with this bullshit.

I have the niggas drop me
off at bogus fucking houses

and shit like that. I'm doing my part.

You need to keep it real
and tell me what's going on.

- Yo Sha listen, I had
to take a little bit more

outta everybody cut to
get his ass out, man.

And besides calm the fuck down

I'm saying I been good
to your motherfucking ass

and you been good to me too.

You know what I'm saying.

We gone have to cool
out anyway for a minute.

- Why?

- 'Cause some shit went down man.

You know, a couple of motherfuckers
got shot up in my crew.

Shit getting hot and
niggas is getting onto us

so we gotta lay low.


- Alright Marod

- Calm your motherfucking ass down

and I'mma holler at you.

- Alright, just let me know shit.

You do that Marod.

- Alright.

- Pick up my shit for me.

- You get the fuck outta here.

You got a mean ass punch.

You lucky you my motherfucking dawg.

- Look (indistinct)

17, 18 90, 20 nigga.

I give you 20 motherfucker.

- 17%.

- Oh shit! It's child support, man.

- Yo, this shit is funny right here.

Where you get this tape from?

- It's been around I
got it from my friend.

- Look, look, look at this nigga.

Child support man.

- Oh no.

My God look at his butt.

(doorbell ringing)

- Damn. Now who ringing
the bell like that?

- I don't know.

- Look, I just wanna enjoy
this movie tonight, man.

If it's one of your friends

tell them to go ahead and get
lost (indistinct), alright?

- (indistinct)

- Damn answer the door already.

- Gimme time to get to the door.

- Yo, where the fuck you been at Coa?

I called everywhere looking
for you, everywhere.

- Me and Roc we been
back for like an hour.

What's up with you?

- Man, fuck that bitch

Fuck that bitch.

That bitch put her fucking hands on me.

- Who?

- Me of all motherfucking people.

- Meeka, who are you talking about?

- Man, fuck her.

- Meeka, calm down. Who
the fuck you talking about?

- Man, that bitch slapped
me on my motherfucking face.

- Meeka you (indistinct)

What the fuck, who are you talking about?

- Sha.

- Sha?

- Yeah Sha.

- Alight man, look man.

Yo Meeka no disrespect

but look man Coa Coa no better.

Y'all need to take that upstairs, outside

take it somewhere, man.

I just wanna watch this movie, alright?

Y'all fucking up my vibe, alright?

- You know what Roc,

I'm not even in the
motherfucking mood, okay?

- Yeah, whatever.

- Whatever.

- Meeka let's just take a ride.

I wanna find out what the
fuck is going on, alright?

Calm down.

- (indistinct)

- Fuck all y'all.

- Wife beater.

- Sit the fuck down, man.

- What the fuck, man.

- (indistinct)

- What the fuck, I don't
know why you here, man.


- Yo man, I got like two kids man.

- (indistinct) motherfucking
money over here man.

- What the fuck is this shit about, man.

- Money, that's what
the fuck it's about man.

- I don't keep no cash here dawg.

- Are you sure there's none upstairs?

- I just got checks and jewels up there.

- Hey yo what's going on
up there (indistinct).

- Come on, man.

- This nigga bullshitting, man.

I ain't see shit up here yet.

- Just, checks.

What the fuck I'mma do with a check man?

- Man, I get niggas that come around, man,

but I don't keep none of that shit here.

- Yo man, what the fuck man.

- A punch of jewelry up here.

Yo man, this nigga bullshitting man.

Push this nigga and let's be out man.

- What? Man look, man.

I (indistinct) called out for man.

This my last motherfucking time I ask you,

where's the motherfucking cash at?

- I don't have no money here, man.

- Man.

(gun shot)

- Rocy would not believe Meeka
and Sha got into a fight.

Oh, and I stopped by the store
and got us some champagne.

Roc, what are you doing?

What are you doing Roc?

What is all this blood?

What the fuck is going on
Roc? What are you doing?

What the fuck.

What the fuck, what is wrong with you?

Baby what's wrong with you?

Talk to me Roc, say something.

Baby say something. What
the fuck is wrong with you.

Baby why are you bleeding?

What the fuck is (indistinct).

Baby what are you doing?

Roc talk to me, say something please.

Baby please say something to me.

Roc! Roc!

Oh my God!

- (indistinct) was
something I got you, man.

Are you holding out on jobs or what man?

- Man, what jobs you talking about?

- Oh nigga that wasn't
your work in Jersey city?


'Cause I heard somebody up
there cleaning niggas out.

- Well that's funny man.

'Cause I heard the same
shit went down in Brooklyn.

Real clean jobs though.
No bodies in and out.

- Oh, nigga I know you
ain't still complaining

about that shit, man.

I told you, we going
with one purpose, man.

Get that cash, you know what I'm saying.

Listen, the last two jobs got messy

'cause niggas made the wrong moves, man.

They got their ass cracked for.

- Oh so the delivery boy
made a wrong move too, huh?

- I ain't kill a nigga man,
I just shot him in his ass.

- Yeah, but (indistinct) man,
we still got to be careful

- (indistinct) this heat.

- Especially not now.

- Yo let me holler at
this guy and (indistinct)

stay on (indistinct)

- Hey, what's up?

It's 200 for now.


- Boy it's cool.

But what's up with your man in the car.

- That's my dude. He cool.

- Starting to get real sloppy.

I mean, you got your goons
killing everything in sight.

This thing was put together to get cash

not to count bodies.

- Listen man, I know you're still upset

about old girl husband.

- Especially that.

You know I was involved
with that real heavy.

Now what's the word on the street?

- Man nobody saying shit.
Don't nobody know nothing.

- Well, listen here,

Sha and Meeka they
stressing me the fuck out.

I need them taken care of quickly.

- Alright. I'm already on that.

- Well, you make sure 'cause
I'm going back down that way

and I'm setting up one of my bros in ATL

he got two chicks with
him, they ready to work.

I need you to get them in the mix ASAP.

- Alright, that's what's up.

- Alright, and you keep
your line open, alright?

- Alright.

- Hey girl.

How you doing?

- I'm okay.

- Let's go talk.

- My mother always said,

what goes around comes around.

And if it don't come back on you

it will come back on
somebody that you love.


- What you talking about Meeka?

What are you talking about you lied to me.

- Coa, Coa.

Did you hear about the guys
(indistinct) getting robbed?

- Yeah.

- Well, that was me

and that was Meeka.

We set them up Coa.

- Meeka, what is she talking about?

- I'm sorry.

- I didn't think that
it would go back on you.

- Roc is gone Sha.

He's gone.

I'm sorry.

I know.

Who could have done this to us.

Roc don't fuck with nobody.

Don't nobody know where we live at.

- Coa, Coa.

Did you ever let Fu in this house?

Did you ever let Fu in this house?

- Yeah, what's up.

- Ayo what's up, man.

You got that motherfucking
information or what man?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Everything is everything.

- You've been over the
bitch house or what man?

- I told you I'll deliver.

- Where the nigga live at, man?

- We'll talk later, alright?

- Alright.

- Peace.

- That was only one time Sha

- Rule number one.

- That was only one time.

- I don't trust you crazy ass.

- Yo, I'll do it.

- Yo, what the fuck took you so long?

- But you know what? I miss you girl.

- The best husband in the world.

- I don't know what I would do

if anything ever happened to you.

- I'm at this niggas house right now.

- Oh God.

- (indistinct) how you
feeling this heat baby?

(gun shot)

- Yo, you ain't say shit.

Yo I got some banging ass (indistinct)

I'm fucking with y'all.

Nah, I ain't get it yet,

but I think tonight I'mma smash for sure.


Yo, yo, hold on.

Yo this her right now.

Let me hit you right back.

Alright. Alright.

Hey baby, what's up?

- Hey.

- You ready?

- Just about, I just got out the shower,

so I need about 15 more minutes.

- Alright, cool. Alright, cool.

- You still remember
how to get here, right?

- Same spot where I
dropped you off before?

Yo, I'll be out here in 10,

I'll be at you in 30.

Alright baby.

- Okay daddy, I'll see you then.

- It's been about eight minutes.

I'mma make my move.

- Alright.

- Remember it's number
302, the blueish house.

- The fuck is my keys?


(tense music)

- Move out.

- It's a dirty game.