Duplicity (2009) - full transcript

Ray works for MI6, Claire for the CIA. She burns him in Dubai. Jump ahead five years: he sees her in Grand Central and confronts her. Both now work in industrial security for corporate giants whose CEOs hate each other. Flashbacks fill us in: is it coincidence that he sees her in Grand Central? In about a week, one of the firms is going to announce a revolutionary product. Under the guise of helping that corporation's rival, can Ray and Claire work their own theft and find an independent buyer? To work together, using the corporate rivalry to their advantage, they would have to trust one another - difficult, if not impossible. Or, is one playing the other?

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So how long
were you gonna keep me waiting?

Excuse me?

- I'm dying over there.
- Where?

There, by the Ben Franklin
potato salad pavilion.

I'm sorry.
Are we supposed to know each other?

Definitely. I mean, we're supposed to.
We don't, but we should.

- Ray. Ray Koval.
- Theresa Corrado.

- Nice to meet you.
- Okay.

- Happy Independence Day.
- And to you.

Look, I'm sorry. I don't know if
it's the knee or something,

but I'm a little confused.

I thought we were
checking each other out.

No. Sorry. Maybe you're drunk.

No, no, no. If I was drunk,
I'd be coming on to you.

That's a relief.

If I was drunk,
I'd be saying how amazing you look

and how crazy it is
that you're standing here on your own.

Wow. Are you always like this?

No. I sometimes sound like this,
but this is definitely different.

- What's so different?
- I don't know.

I guess that's what
I came over to find out.

- You're kidding, right?
- I'm dead serious.

- Behind me?
- He made the turn with us on 6th.

Hey, if this is some kind of game
you guys play to keep things exciting,

I gotta tell you,
it's a little sad.

This is no game, Ray.
This is real.

Like I told you, man,
this is old-school espionage.

Moscow rules. Street spies.

How far behind me?

He's about three meters back.
He must have picked us up downtown.

And you know this guy?

I've seen him around.
He's definitely Burkett & Randle.

I keep telling you, man. These people
take soap and shaving cream very seriously.

So I guess that means
we're going to plan B.

Let's do it.

- What's he wearing?
- Navy turtleneck, gray jacket.

That was sweet, man.
It's all good. It's all good.

There's no way this guy is working solo,
so if we want to bust you out,

we're gonna have to make a little noise
up here at the corner.

You wanna box him out of here
or leapfrog? What do you wanna do?

I still think you're messing with me.

Call it, Ray. Box or leapfrog?

Or maybe you just want to find out
if I'm worth the money.

- Come on, man.
- Leapfrog.


Watch where you go.
It's New York, okay?

Let me help.

Open the eyes!

- Hey, you there?
- What are you doing?


- I thought you were in position.
- I am. I was.

We're two minutes away.

- We're blown.
- What are you talking about?

Reschedule the meet.

No. No can do.

We're blown. Just walk away.

Listen to me. I know what it's like.
New guy on the team, big game,

you wanna make a good impression.

Hello? Ray?

Remember me?

- Sure. Of course. We...
- Long time, huh?

- Yes!
- Gotcha.

- I'm sorry, I just...
- Just what?

I'm drawing a blank.

- Nice try.
- Excuse me?

A little professional courtesy
would make this a lot less awkward.

- How do I know you?
- How do you know me?

That's tough. That's a strong play.

Believe me, I've spent a lot of time thinking
what this would be like,

where we'd be, what I'd say,
what you'd say.

- But I never thought that you'd...
- I'm terribly sorry.

You really want to go this way?

You clearly have me confused
with someone else.

I don't know.

I mean, I'm not great on names.
I should be. I try.

Faces, I'm definitely better.
Faces, I'm like a B, B minus.

Where I'm good, where I really excel,
people I've slept with.

That's been a traditional
area of strength for me.

Look, seriously,
I don't know who you think I am, but...

You charm me, you seduce me,
you screw me,

then you drug me
and ransack my hotel room.

And how sick is this? You know, the last
thing I remember before I passed out

was how much I liked you.

All right. You don't look crazy,

which is the only reason
why I'm not screaming

- for a security guard right now, but...
- I can't believe you're going this way.

Wait. Is this a joke?
Is that what it is?

Do you have any idea how far my ass
was hanging out because of you?

Did I win something?

I woke up the next morning,
I went back to the consul.

I practically crawled over glass
to get a copy of the guest list.

I spent the next 24 hours
trying to figure out

if you were working for Mossad,
the Syrians or the Russians.

- And which was it?
- Still working for the CIA?

Okay, I think we're done now.

American Consulate, Dubai,
you and me, Fourth of July, 2003.

Find someone else to bother.

- Red, white and blue margaritas.
- Stay away from me.

I had a knee brace, you had toe rings.
First toe ring I ever saw, by the way.

You follow me, I'll scream.

I took vacation time to find you!
Five years.

And every time
I walked into an evaluation...

- I'm warning you for the last time.
- ...I was waiting for them

to throw your picture on the screen and say,

"So, Ray, anything you care to tell us
about Dubai?"

- You are harassing me!
- So who the hell are you?

No. You?

- You're the drop.
- You're my contact?

You're acting like
I owe you an apology.

Knock yourself out.

You were an assignment. You're a big boy.
You knew what you were doing.

I can see it's really been eating at you.

An MI6 case officer takes a strange girl
from an embassy party

back to his hotel room
where he has an unsecured briefcase

- full of Egyptian Air Defense codes.
- Did they tell you to sleep with me?

I needed the codes. I thought the less time
I spent with you, the better.

- Jesus.
- How did you get on this project?

- And you're the mole.
- And who the hell hired you anyway?

- I can't believe it.
- How did you get this job?

I got news for you, okay?
The day I left MI6,

I had 15 major companies
begging for my services.

Well, I guess you picked wrong.
But you must be used to that.

- You know, I've got a meeting in 12 minutes.
- Where's the drop? Hand it over.

- Forget it. I'm not working with you.
- Excuse me?

You think I'm gonna let you
be my contact officer?

- This is way over your head.
- Over my head?

Lady, I worked Yemen, Athens and Cairo.

I've been promoted and decorated
every place I served.

Tell Duke to send someone else.

Listen. I'm sure you know your way
around a shoe store,

but I did 12 years in the field.

And how long have you been working
for Equikrom?

- Long enough.
- How long?

Three weeks.

Three whole weeks? Like every day?

Well, I've spent the last 14 months
undercover inside Burkett & Randle.

I'm an Assistant Director
of Counterintelligence. I am all the way in.

So let's get this straight.
I'm the asset here. You're a delivery boy.

And the only thing I'm gonna give you
is a message.

Tell Duke I don't ever wanna see you again.

I run field agents for a living.
There's only two ways to do it.

Either you bring them flowers

or you hang them by their heels
out of the window.

Now, maybe you're so used to having
your legs in the air you don't realize it,

but you're upside down, sister.

I own you.

- You've 10 seconds to get your hand off me.
- Or what? You won't be my friend anymore?

I like this gig.
I like the money. I like the hours.

So I'm not going anywhere,
and you're gonna get over it

because if you ever mention again
that you don't wanna work with me

or that we've met before or that you think
someone else might do a better job,

if I get replaced for any reason at all,

I'm gonna call those suckers
over at Burkett & Randle

and tell them they have an Equikrom spy
in the heart of their security team.

Be a shame to let the last 14 months
go down the drain, wouldn't it?

So where's my package?

Tell Duke this is the one
he's been waiting for.

- You screw this up, I'll ruin your life.
- I thought you tried that already.

You wanna take one last shot
at that apology?

Okay. Thank you.

What'd she say exactly?
I mean, her exact words.

She said, "Tell Duke
this is the one he's been waiting for."

- Do you wanna do it?
- Go ahead.

Easy. Just...
Just, you know, pull it out.

- Slowly. Slowly, slowly.
- Duke.

All right, go ahead.

Pam, Pam, easy, don't tear it.
Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam, just... Careful.

- For Christ's sake, Duke, keep your shirt on.
- Just...

Do something useful.
Punch up Tully's fingerprints.

Look at this.

So is this the big one?

- I gotta call Garsik right away.
- Yeah.

Come on.
I need a secure line at Equikrom.

- How are you?
- Good. How are you?

This was over the weekend.

Who are they?

Researchers at the fragrance lab down there,
when they're not dealing ecstasy.

Track it.

West Coast Market Coordinator
of the Floor Wax Division.

Came back from lunch on Friday,
handed in his resignation.

- Unexpected?
- Very.

Three kids in private school,
he just remortgaged his house,

- and the wife has a heart condition.
- All right.

Well, get his financials, phone, e-mail,
and get the wife's prognosis.

Senior V.P., Medical Disposables.
He called in Sunday,

lost his laptop in the Denver Airport.

Why does this guy look familiar?

He had a briefcase
full of sales projections stolen last year.

- Is this the guy who bought the boat?
- Same guy.

- All right. Get a team up his ass tonight.
- I sent them this morning.

We're in a meeting.

Now? Everyone?

Well, did they say why?

It's Tully. Mr. Tully's coming down.

He wants the entire floor gathered
in five minutes.

Dick, it's just that you have
a very busy schedule today.

Yeah, well, something's come up.

There's the dandruff shampoo
marketing presentation at 3:00.

- Cancel.
- They're in the building.

Make it tomorrow.

The nail polish R&D group from Germany
is at 3:45.


You've got a premium diaper teleconference

- at 4:15.
- Tape it.

The nasal decongestant
rebranding numbers are in.

- They wanted 15 minutes at around...
- Cancel!

And the toothpaste. And the car wax dinner.
Cancel it all.

All right, let's have a look at me.

There should be another vehicle.

Yeah. Change of plans.
You're going with them.

Everybody's going. Let's go, come on.
Get out there and sell it, folks!

Go, go, go! Come on!
Get the hell out of here!

Get out! Leave it running.
Leave it running. I'm driving.

This is starting to look pretty good.

I can't even tell them apart.
Which one is the new one?

Right here.

- This is 16.
- That's a match.

Boris, handwriting?

Hundred percent. It's Howard Tully.

All right.
Burkett & Randle, here we come!


Duke? I'm locked out. Again.

Yeah, I'm standing right outside.

Of course it's me!
Who the hell else has this number?

Yeah, okay. Duke, you know,
for all the money that I'm spending on this,

you could've given me a code
that I can remember.


What the hell is this?

Why are we here?

We are here today
because the rules have changed.

We're here because the fabric of integrity
has been so abused and mangled

that it is little more
than a threadbare memory.

We're here because it's no longer enough
to have the best ideas,

or the best manufacturing,
or the best pipeline to deliver your product.

"We're here today because we find ourselves
in a world where duplicity and theft

"are tested daily as replacements
for innovation and perseverance."

"Tested daily." What a bunch of crap.
Can you believe this?

This from a guy who bought a dump
so he could go through our garbage.

I believe the history
of all successful endeavors

can be reduced to a series
of decisive moments.

"There are moments in the history
of all things

"where the placement of a single..."

... where the placement of a single molecule
can make the difference

between triumph and catastrophe.

I mean, who the hell writes
with a fountain pen anymore?

For Christ's sake.
How fricking pretentious is that?

This room we're in now,
this entire program,

was created in anticipation
of just such a moment.

You people are the very best at what you do.

You were chosen by that standard.
You've been paid and treated accordingly.

And you have never been tested
as you are about to be tested.

"Burkett & Randle will be rolling out
a new product

"in the very near future."

And while I cannot reveal
the nature of this product,

believe me when I tell you that simply
by announcing its development...

"...B&R will be dramatically repositioned
at the summit of the global marketplace."

I don't need to explain to anybody
in this room

why the scope, the details,
the very existence of this project

must be so carefully protected.

I expect your best in days to come,

and I promise you,
if we stay focused and vigilant,

we will, all of us...


What the hell does he have over there?

Dick? Dick? Don't go dark on me now.


We gotta stay positive.
Hey, look around.

This is why we're here.

When you came to me,
that first conversation, this is it.

This is why we built the unit.

- I know what he's doing.
- Dick. Dick!

Look at me.
This is a great team we've got here.

Yeah. We are so prepped.
We are so ready to deploy.

You say the word,
you unleash the beast, Dick.

- We will tear this thing apart.
- He's just timing the blow, Duke.

- No. Wrong. We caught a break here.
- We caught a break? You call this a break?

I got a shareholders' convention
in nine days.

Hey, man, he's not thinking about that.

Are you out of your fricking mind?
That is all that he thinks about.

And believe you me, if he has got a knife,
that is when he's gonna use it,

because that's what I'd do! Yeah.

No, I would wait till he is right in the middle
of a big old standing ovation.

I would wait till he is just so overwhelmed
with beloved waves of adoration,

he couldn't even hear the sound
of his own cojones

as they hit the goddamn floor!

My God, he is gonna crush me.

Tell your people not to make vacation plans.

- They're gonna wanna know why.
- Then they're in the wrong business.

How are we supposed to work it up
if we don't know what we're protecting?

Look, I don't know. Assume it's everything.

B&R's mainframe network is a beast.

I mean, we've spent
the last 10 months probing.

We got nowhere.

I mean, the encryption
and system awareness codes

are tactically equivalent
to anything we had at the Pentagon.

The good news is 200 photocopiers
that B&R purchased last month.

We paid a little visit down to the vendor,

and we made a few adjustments
to one of the units before it shipped.

Call this the Ghost.

It's not fast, it's not easy,
but this device right here

allows us to hijack signal traffic

without leaving
any electronic residue behind.

Here. Right now we're hacking a photocopier
in their Human Resources Department.

I mean, we're still mapping, but look,
we're tapped into 12 units already.

The B&R Research
and Development Unit in Westchester

hasn't brought a major new product
to market since 1997.

In spite of that,
we made it a surveillance priority.

Number one, we graph the volume of traffic

and the quality of vehicles
in that parking lot.

Number two, we track the stock portfolios
and mortgage payments

of everybody on site.

And, number three, we monitor
the frequency of Internet shopping

and pornography searches
from inside that lab.

Stocks are down, porn is up
and there's plenty of free parking.

There's nothing going on here.

We're confident
that whatever this new product is,

it comes from outside the company.

The moment this meeting breaks up,

we'll be going over every acquisition
B&R has made in the past 18 months.

We'll find it.

This B&R building is very strong
with security.

Is the same for us like the computer.

We are all the time feeling our way
around this building,

but not getting anywhere.

Then we make a big discovery.
Travel Department is not in the big building.

Travel Department is four blocks away
and this building is very different.

- Very simple and very basic.
- Yeah, it's a gold mine, Dick.

They basically handle
all of B&R's commercial travel,

so every private jet, car, boat, hotel,
housing, everything goes through them.

The boys have got some great ideas
on how to get us on the inside.

Very simple and very basic.

I swear, she was that big.

No, I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding.

Don't start that again.
Translate that?

- You're always kidding.
- I'm not. I'm a very serious guy.

I'll be right back.

Hi. Remember me?

- Yes, I...
- Gotcha.

- I'm sorry, I just...
- Just what?

- I'm drawing a blank.
- Don't even try it.

- Excuse me?
- Can I make a suggestion?

A little professional courtesy
would make this a lot less awkward.

- How do I know you?
- How do you know me?

That's a strong play.

Believe me, I've spent a lot of time
thinking what this would be like,

where we'd be, what I'd say,
what you'd say,

- but I never thought that you'd...
- I'm sorry. I just...

You really wanna go this way?

Look, you clearly have me confused
with someone else.

I don't know, I'm not great on names.
I should be. I try.

Faces, I'm definitely better.
Faces I'm like a B, B minus.

Where I'm good, where I really excel,
people I've slept with.

That's been a traditional
area of strength for me.

Look, I don't know who you think I am,

You talk me up, seduce me, screw me,

then you drug me and ransack
my hotel room.

And how sick is this? The last thing
I remember before I passed out

was how much I liked you.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't...

- What? You think this is funny?
- I... No, I...

No, it's not. I'm sorry.
It's just...

It's... Seduce you? You?

- You admit it?
- I...

- I just... No, I'm... No, I'm...
- No, you don't get to do this.

- You do not get to laugh about this.
- It's...

- This is unacceptable.
- No, you're right. You're right.

It's not funny. Seriously. Completely.

- And it's not you. It's not you.
- What the hell does that mean?

It's tension. Nerves.
Nervous laughter, obviously.

Your knee. Wow. All better, huh?

Yeah, with that brace and everything,
you really looked like you were hurting.

My knee is fine. Thanks.

Do you have any idea how far my ass
was hanging out because of you?

- I can imagine.
- That's all you say?

And I'm sorry.

I can tell.

It's... I don't know. The laughter.
I don't know what that's about. It's about...

Nerves. Guilt. Lots of guilt.
And regret.

Remorse. Just a lot of things.

I mean, I'm assuming you know
by now that I was

working for the Agency,
so, yeah, there's that.

- This sucks.
- Yeah.

I mean, we were under
a lot of pressure then.

This is totally unsatisfying.

Well, what did you have in mind?

I mean, in terms of vengeance.


What's that?

The reckoning.


We've been bad.

How bad?

We've been very bad.

We're very good at it.

Worth it?


Very worth it.

- Oh, my God.
- What?


It's noon. It's 12:15.
What happened to my wake-up call?

I left a wake-up call.

Jesus! This can't be happening.
This is not the day to not get a wake-up call.

God! I can't believe
I didn't get my wake-up call.

I had a 10:30 flight.

I'm supposed to be landing
in Geneva right now.

You probably told me all this.
I just don't remember it.

No. I couldn't. It's classified.

Yeah, I was supposed to be in Cairo
two days ago.

- You told me London.
- The point is, I blew it off.

And nobody called this morning?

- You were here.
- I'm a heavy sleeper.

So what are you saying?
I took the call and didn't tell you?

When did you set this up, anyway?

- Last night.
- Where was I?

In the bath.

- We were in there together.
- When I went for the ice.

While I was waiting?

I can't believe they didn't call.

You snuck out of the tub
to leave a wake-up call!

This is a five-star hotel.
How does that happen?

Welcome to Italy.

Look, I told you it was classified.
I shouldn't have to explain this to you.

Well, this beats the hell out of Dubai.

- What?
- I'm still standing, right?

There. See? There it is.

If you're looking
for Egyptian Air Defense codes,

- I'm keeping them in my socks these days.
- See, I knew it.

You'll never get over that, will you?
You couldn't.

I'm afraid that's classified.

- You actually think, what, I'm playing you?
- That's crazy, right?

This felt like an assignment to you?
Three days? All this?

What was the objective? Rug burn?

Who knows, maybe you didn't want me
in Cairo yesterday.

God, that's so sad.

Because that's exactly
what I was just thinking.

That maybe you're playing me,
that you canceled my call.

That this was just some revenge
to get back at me for Dubai.

Then I'm thinking how terrible it is
that I think that way.

Then I realize we both think that way.

Then I'm thinking,

is that what makes this so worth it?

Is that it?

That I know you're thinking
exactly what I'm thinking?

Because then I'm thinking, do we both
think like that because of what we do?

Are we good at what we do
because we think like that?

Everybody thinks like that.
They just don't say it.

- Civilians don't think like that.
- Bullshit.

- Nobody trusts anybody. We just cop to it.
- Okay. So cop to it.

- Me? I think you better go first.
- Why? What am I hiding?

This wasn't an accident, was it?

Being here. Meeting like this.

You came looking for me, didn't you?

- You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- I'm right, though, aren't I?

Because you went looking for me, right?

But why? Just for this?

- Isn't that enough?
- Not for you.

What are we into, Claire?

Can you imagine living like this?

- How much fun we could have?
- Aren't we in enough trouble?

I mean, having the money.

- Keep going.
- How much do you think we'd need?

- $20 million?
- I was thinking 40.

So what do you have to do
to get $40 million?

Go private.

Be smart.

Get lucky.

How smart?

Smart enough to pick the right partner.

- Private, you mean...
- Corporate.

And lucky?

Be someplace when something's happening.

Be there first, hear it first.

- Something inside.
- Something big.

- But do it up right.
- Set it deep. Take your time.

Know your way out before you go in.

- You know what I think?
- I think you like the idea.

- I think you missed me.
- I think you canceled my call.

So, we're even.

Yeah, copy that.

Okay, so you hold tight.

No, we're just around the corner from you.

I'll be standing by.

- He's moving?
- Yep.

So very simple, very basic, right?

The plan is good. It's up to him.

He's got a great reputation.

Look, Garsik says the sky is falling
in six days.

If you got a better idea, tell me now.

Right. So get to work.

- My gosh.
- Excuse me.

Look at this. I am so sorry.

Here I am, squeezing around,
making a complete pig of myself.

Look at this. Are you...

I'm fine. Really. It's nothing.

What was it before I got here?


Well, that sounds good. Was it good?

Yes, they're very good.
They're great.

We'll have two of those, please.

You coming or going?

Well, I woke up in Knoxville,
I'm supposed to be sleeping in Belgium,

and here I am in New York
waiting for an Appleteen.

So, I guess I'm just not sure.

- My daddy was from Tennessee.
- You're kidding. Where?

- Western part of the state.
- Where?

Just a little town.
It was actually named after our family.

You're not gonna make me guess,
are you?


- Get out of here!
- What?

- Is this some kind of joke?
- No. Not at all.

I used to go fishing in Bofferd.
I grew up in Darnum, next county over.

Well, that's my name! Bofferd.
Barbara Bofferd. Here, look.

Have a look.


Well, it's nice to meet you, Barbara.
I'm Jimmy Tierney.

- You don't seem like a Jimmy.
- Well, actually it's James.

Well, actually, it's Dr. Tierney.
Would you excuse me?

Yeah, did you get them?

Nobody there can help me out?

What, and wait at the airport all night?

That's $26.

No, no, no, no, no, no. It's not your fault.
Okay, yeah. Thanks.

Travel problem?


I'm a pediatric cardiologist.

We're opening a clinic in Ethiopia,
and my team's over there waiting for me.

I was supposed to fly to Brussels tonight
and then on to Nairobi

but my ticket got scrambled.
So, I got on a flight in the morning,

but now they're telling me
it's too late to get ticketed now,

so I'm gonna have to spend the night
at the airport

just to make sure I can get on the plane.

Now, all you need is a flight to Brussels
in the morning?

Honey, that's what I do for a living.

We have to be quiet, okay?

No peeking! You're peeking.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Back up.
I want to see that one more time.

Let's get it all in here.

Passport or permit?
Right there! What does it say?

Wait? Over here, or here?
Read this one.

What's that say?

I mean, why aren't we on three terminals?

- I don't understand why we only have two.
- How many eyes do you have?

For Christ's sake, Duke!

- You're getting that to go, right?
- Why?

- Didn't you get the text?
- I don't know. I just stepped out.

- Did you read my memo last month?
- Which one?

Vulnerabilities at the travel office.

I don't remember.

See you upstairs.

Okay, so what are we looking at here?
Give me a ballpark figure.

- Around 10, 12 minutes.
- And then what, I get everything?

Six years of travel orders.

- Eight minutes. Eight minutes.
- Great.

All right.

Super job, Ray.

Really. Outstanding.

- Who is this guy?
- We're not sure.


Is that the one
where they're on the desk?

Is he an Equikrom agent?

Yeah, if he is, he's new.
We don't have him logged.

We think they're running
some fresh players out there.

Get this woman over here.

I was thinking I should conduct
the interview at the travel office.

Rattle their cages. See if anybody...

No, I want her over here.
And don't tell her a damn thing.

- I was just thinking...
- And Claire's doing the interview.

- But, Ned, I wrote the memo.
- No.

I want her to talk to a woman.

Okay, assumption A,
Burkett & Randle has a new product.

Assumption B,
they didn't develop it internally.

I agree.

So, we took every company
B&R bought in the last 18 months.

They made 57 acquisitions.

We tossed out anything where the product
was known or already on the market.

- We ended up with...
- Twenty-eight, the 28 companies.

We can't dig deep on any of them.
We don't have time.

So we're scanning for patterns.

Last night, Dale ran a timeline,
and we found a day last March

when B&R bought seven companies
in one afternoon.

- Is that normal?
- No.

So they're hiding something.

- What are they hiding?
- I think it's Dunwoody, Georgia.

We just laid the travel office records
over our calendar.

You can't believe
the amount of traffic last summer

between New York City
and Dunwoody, Georgia.

Howard Tully made
at least six separate visits,

none of which were reported
in his official schedule.

So what the hell's down there?

Something called Formavale Labs.

I think we need to get the
boys down there right away.

Where's he going?

It was the way, when he talked
about the children, you know.

Helping the little children
and mending their broken hearts.

And I know, I do,
how I should know better, and I'm not...

I'm really not a gullible person.

But... But the children
and their little hearts...

And... And, yes, I felt special, you know,
that I could help him and the children.

And, yes, he was cute,
I'll admit it.

Everything falling out of his pockets,
and charming.

You know, I mean special.

Special, like there was no one
in the world but me.

Hasn't anyone ever made you feel special?

Maybe for you it happens all the time.

Yeah, you probably have someone
making you feel that way all the time.

You know what? I don't even care.

Do whatever you're gonna do.
'Cause you know what?

I loved it!

It was worth it.

It was so very worth it.

It was incredibly worth it.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

- You're so early. I just got in.
- I ran.

- It went okay?
- Not a hitch. God, you feel good.

I can't believe you got here so fast.

I'm sorry,
but two months is just too goddamn long.

What? Did you... Did you push
your appointment up? You go in early?

It was fine. There wasn't that much to it.

- You did it, right?
- What?

- You told them.
- Of course.

- And you're okay with it?
- I'd better be, right?



How did you do it? You just...

- You walked in and what, said, "I quit"?
- Basically.

- They must have tried to talk you out of it.
- Not really, no.

Well, they can't be happy to see you go.
It couldn't have been that easy.

What are you trying to tell me?

- You didn't do it, did you?
- Hang on.

There's no way
that they just let you just walk out.

- Wait.
- You just punched out? Just walked out?

No, no, no, no, no. Hang on.

- Answer the question.
- Did they ask you to stay?

- You're ducking the question.
- They did, didn't they?

- This is classic.
- They asked you to stay.

- I know this drill, okay.
- Did you quit or not?

Deny everything. Admit nothing.

- Make counter-accusations.
- That's what you're doing.

I asked you how it went and you evaded!

How it went? I just terminated
a 12-year career with MI6.

I spent an hour
signing non-disclosure forms,

I did a quick outplacement polygraph,
I turned in my credentials

and I walked out
on the only job I've ever really had,

and now, right now,
I'm getting the very distinct impression

that you changed your mind,
kept your job, and left me out in the cold.

They kind of begged me to stay.

And you don't call
to tell me that this morning?

I couldn't risk it.

You're unbelievable.

- I was completely surprised.
- I don't believe this.

I hope you kept your passports.

What am I supposed to do?
I can't go back.

You have to turn in a couple
to make it look good, but...

I am totally cooked.

...we're gonna need decent passports.

What are you talking about?

I took everything I could get my hands on.

After they begged me.

You bitch.

Admit it.
You don't trust me, either.

So, the total footprint.

That's if you're interested in both buildings,
'cause they're both available right now.

It's about 22,000 square feet.
The ventilation, it's zoned.

And you've got separate filtration systems
for the lab, office, storage and loading.

- It's lovely and clean.
- Yes, indeed.

The last tenants left the place
in terrific shape. It's just spotless.

What kind of business were they in?

Formavale? Damned if I know.
Some kind of biotech.

They took the place, loaded in their gear
and that's about the last we saw of them.

Hell, they used to truck out
their own trash.

Cronin Partiz. Ronnie Partiz.

Dr. Ronald Partiz.

This is 10 years ago up in Albany.

He's graduating high school,
15 years old in that picture,

but he's a smart kid.

He gets a free ride to Cornell.

He finds his way
into the biochemistry department.

Two years later, he's in med school.

He's 18, he's doing research
with some heavy hitters,

he's getting good evaluations,
he's rolling along.

1999, he publishes an article in a magazine
called American Dermatologist.

- About?
- Something about a fungus.

What kind of fungus?

It doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter?
Everything matters.

He plagiarized it. He stole it.
He got caught immediately.

They bounced him out of Cornell.
He set up shop in his parents' garage,

started working on some kind of skin cream.

Yeah, something called...

- What?
- Spring Skin.

He tried to sell it to health food stores
in the area up there.

Now, you're sure this is a cream
or was it a lotion?

- Because a lot of people confuse the two.
- I don't know.

Well, for Christ's sake, Duke, let's have that!
Let's have that! I mean, if...

If there is even a chance that this guy
is Tully's secret weapon,

we're gonna need a hell of a lot more
than his goddamn grade point average!

You gotta get me his cream!
Show me the cream!

Dick, he went bankrupt overnight.
It was a bust, okay.

We don't think the cream
is the answer here.

So, Ronnie Partiz
now goes deep underground.

2002, 2003, nothing.

It's as if he doesn't exist.
No taxes, no bank records, nothing.

Then, two years ago,
he walks into a bank in Atlanta

and produces a $500,000 letter of credit
and a business card from Formavale.

Now, we've been working hard,
we've been working fast

and yet we can't find anything
about Formavale.

We don't have a vendor,
we don't have an insurance company,

we don't have anybody down there

who knows anything about
what the hell Formavale does.

We're working these
New York travel records.

Howard Tully bouncing down to Dunwoody
like a busboy.

Yeah, and two days after Ronald Partiz
sells Formavale Labs to B&R,

three armored trucks
pull up outside the building.

Not only that,
B&R sends a security detail down there

to guard the load out,
which takes place at night.

And consider that B&R has yet to disclose
their financial statements

showing the acquisition.

And then add the fact that Ronnie Partiz
has been living for the last six months

in a $10,000-a-day penthouse suite
at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

And the coup de grace,
toss in the fact that he is playing baccarat

whenever he's sober enough
to make his way down to the tables

to the tune of $300,000 a week.

Duke, God damn it,
you gotta stop waltzing around,

and you have got to get on this guy.

You can forget his room.

It's like Fort Knox up there.
It'd be a major operation.

- I told you.
- So what do you wanna do?

Have a drink.

Turn-down service.

This is a waste of time.
You wanna just sit here all night?

Look at him, he's paralyzed.
He couldn't leave if he wanted to.

Why don't you give me the credit card,
let me get in the game.

It's a $5,000 table.

That's okay.
I'll share my winnings.

Forget it.

Look, maybe you're right.

Maybe tonight he goes nowhere.

What we do?

Tonight we watch like this,
and tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we'll find somebody
who works upstairs in those rooms, okay?

How's it going, fellows?

- Yeah, we're good, thanks. Very good.
- Glad to hear it.

I'm hoping you could help me out.

I need to take a look at your room keys.

Well, this is interesting.

Yeah, it is interesting.

A maid just found a whole bunch
of crazy stuff in a couple of rooms upstairs.

So here's what we're going to do.

The drinks are comped.

We're gonna have to take a walk.

And I mean now.

Hey, hey, hey. Get him!
Get off of me.

This is so heavy.

Who do you think he is?

It's gotta be this thing.
This new thing, right?

Makes sense.

What else could it be?

- Hey, I was getting worried.
- I got off the plane,

- I thought for a minute I was being tailed.
- By who?

I don't know.
I was probably just being paranoid.

Well, that's crazy.
Nobody knows we're here.

I know. I know, but I didn't know
what else to do. I had to run it out.

I've been driving in circles for two hours.
I just... I didn't know what else to do.

I wanted to call, and I just thought, "My God,
we've got everything on the line here."

I didn't want to start off sloppy.

- God, you smell good.
- Please, I smell like a rental car.

Wow. This is amazing.

- I upgraded.
- This is more than an upgrade.

We're celebrating. I've got some good news.
Well, actually, it's more than good news.

- I nailed it.
- Nailed what?

We're in. I got it. The answer. The key.
The master plan. I nailed it!

You're kidding.

- Come here. Sit down. Just sit down.
- Okay.

How much money do you think was spent
on frozen pizza last year?

- What?
- Frozen pizza. How big is the market?

$1 billion. One billion.
That's just the pizza.

I'm not talking enchiladas, blintzes,
macaroni and cheese.

Just pizza. Master plan, right?

Objective one, huge market. Got it.

Objective two, conflict, right?

Find a market where the competitors
hate each other so much,

they'll do anything to win.

We get involved, we lead the charge.
When the price is right, we ditch.

All we gotta do is find an angle.

Maybe we flip sides,
maybe we shop the intel,

buy stock, sell it, whatever.
There's a hundred ways to go.

There's this company
called Butter Mills, okay.

Now, about two months ago,

the CEO, Mr. Butter Mills, sitting at home,
watching TV with his granddaughter.

There's this ad
comes on in the morning cartoons

for something called Double Crust Pizza.

This guy's been working on
double-crust pizza for five years,

got $50 million invested,
major new product for him.

Trouble is, he hasn't rolled it out yet.

The ad he's watching
is for Flakey Fresh Double Crust.

They stole his concept, his formula,
his packaging and his ad campaign.

So Mr. Butter Mills is out for blood.

They're taking off the gloves.
They're bringing out the check book.

Here's the best part...

Guess who they like
for Director of Intel Operations?

I took a job yesterday.

- What?
- That's why I was paranoid.

What do you mean, you took a job?

It's not like I could call and tell you.

I don't believe this.

What happened to doing it together?

- Well, it was just too good...
- No, we had a plan.

You know, we agreed.
We said we'd go over everything.

We go over it. We do it together.
We said nobody moves alone.

- Ray, please.
- Well, can you get out of it?

Well, of course you can.
You haven't even started yet. Claire...

Claire, look, I know that we said
that we're gonna go out there,

get two jobs
and see which one comes up best,

but with this, the pizza,

I mean, we can push up the whole timetable.
It's perfect.

And we can be together.

Look, I take the job,
you start working out the exit strategy.

You know, you build up our ID, you set up
the banks, offshore trading accounts.

Whatever we need, you get it
up and running and then I bring you in, see.

I'm gonna need to staff up.
You'll apply, we'll meet.

We'll like each other, hate each other,
whatever works best.

Who'd you take the job with?


- Local?
- New York.

It's two jobs actually.

Equikrom wants to hire me under the table,

and then get me a job
on the counterintelligence desk

for Burkett & Randle.

They want you to be a mole?


In New York?

Where's the pizza thing?


You said they offered you the job.

Of course they did. They love me.

- You took it on the spot.
- What, like you?

Nothing was formalized.

Look, seriously,
I don't have to take it.

Yeah, that makes sense.

How are we ever
gonna see each other?

Very, very carefully.

This is what we wanted, right?

I think so.

Come here.

Ms. Stenwick?

Someone made fire.

Someone was first.

I don't mean the idiot who found
a burning stick and kept it going.

I mean the fellow who could make fire.

And until that knowledge was stolen,

that fellow was the most powerful person
on the planet.

And it means something to be first.

To be most.

It means a great deal.

It means you have an opportunity
to reproduce with the highest frequency

and with the most desirable partners.

It means your offspring
have the greatest chance of survival

and a better opportunity
to make their own fire.

I personally believe that human evolution
has run its course.

We live in a world where the people
who can make fire

have a tendency to wear condoms,

sit in casinos
and drink themselves into a stupor.

I believe that individual evolution
has been replaced by something else.

By a shared evolution.

A communal contest, if you will.

I believe, Ms. Stenwick,
in corporate evolution.

I believe that the corporation that is first,
that is the most,

has an opportunity to manufacture
with the highest frequency

and in the most desirable markets,

and that its shareholders, by extension,

have the greatest chance of survival
and reinvestment.

I don't imagine you're quite aware
of the service

you and Mr. Bauer
provided this corporation last night.

We were just doing our job, sir.

Mr. Partiz may appear a fool,

But he is anything but.

He has given Burkett & Randle a gift
that will change our business,

our lives, forever.

So the question, Ms. Stenwick,

is whether you can continue to do the job
we so desperately need you to do

without knowing the stakes involved.

Can you really do your job without knowing
what it is that you're protecting?

What I need to know is,

can I share my fire with you?

Little trouble out there
in the field, Ray?

What do you mean?

Well, I just got
a back channel message from Claire,

she wants to meet Garsik.

That's a terrible idea.

Yeah, that's what I told him.
But now he wants direct contact.

Forget it.

- It's his dime.
- Yeah, and she's my agent.

I told you when I came on board.
Once she's mine, I run her my way.

Yeah, well the question's been raised, Ray,
is it just her you're running?

You'd better explain that to me.

American Consulate,
Dubai, you and me, Fourth of July, 2003.

Find someone else to bother.

- Red, white and blue margaritas.
- Stay away from me.

I had a knee brace, you had toe rings.
First toe ring I ever saw, by the way.

Well, I'll give her this.
She is one cold, nasty piece of work.

- When did she send this to you?
- She didn't tape it. You did.

We had a bug in your phone.
We had the whole thing wired.

Hey, we had to. New guy on the team?
This late in the game?

What can I tell you?
The bitch put me through the wringer.

Look, if I'd have known it was her,
I would never have taken the job.

- No, no. You didn't tell us the truth, Ray.
- Are you firing me, Duke?

Why didn't you do it then?
Why not fire me that day?

- Why keep me around?
- Why?

Because you're the biggest swinging dick
I've ever seen.

Come on! We thought we were losing her.

We thought we'd had her out there too long
and she'd gone off the rails.

And that's why we brought you in.

But this?
This is more than we ever expected.

When you drop the hammer on her,
when you take her to the bar...

You've 10 seconds
to get your hand off me.

Or what?
You won't be my friend anymore?

No, no, no, no, no.
Do the other one. Do the other one.

- Okay. Here.
- Right.

Now, maybe you're so used to having
your legs in the air you don't realize it,

but you're upside down, sister.

I own you.

Damn! Man, I wish I had video on this!

"I own you."

- Who else knows about this?
- Just me, just me and Dale.

So you were just kidding
about the meet with Garsik, right?

No, no. That's for real.
But don't worry about her.

I mean, obviously, she doesn't need to know
that we know what's going on,

so you just keep...
You know, just play it straight.

Of course.

I don't know. I mean, I'm not great
on names. I should be. I try.

Faces, I'm definitely better.
Faces, I'm like a B, B minus.

Where I'm good, where I really excel,
people I've slept with.

- "I own you."
- "I own you."

- "I own you."
- "I own you."

You should have called.

I could have been home hours ago.

- Where's your bag?
- I'm on the red-eye.

- No.
- I'm supposed to be in Houston.

I had to blow my connection. It was
the only way I'd steal a couple of hours.

You should have paged me.

I've been sitting in the office
doing field reports, for Christ's sake.

I couldn't risk it.

- From a pay phone?
- Not from anywhere.

Why? What's going on?

- Nigel Bingham.
- Nigel Bingham?

- You were together in Athens.
- He was my station chief.

- You still on good terms?
- Great. Why?

Equikrom, the special unit,
they're hiring.

Duke needs a field agent.
I figured out a way to get you in.

It's happening, Ray. It's war.

- What do you mean, war?
- I mean like a total corporate death match.

We're on. B&R is about to make a move.

- What kind of move?
- Some new product. Something big.

What do you mean, "big"?

Big, big like we've had four top-down
tech sweeps in the last two weeks.

Big like three days ago
we started auditing passwords hourly.

This morning I got a message from Duke.

He wants me to go active.
I'm gonna get word to him tomorrow

that unless he gets me a great field officer
to work with he can forget it.

You're gonna get that job.

Without knowing what the product is?

Well, that's the point. Nobody knows.

All we have to do is get there first.

You on one side, me on the other.
It's perfect.

What does all this have to do
with Nigel Bingham?

He's Duke's drinking buddy.
They play cards twice a week.

You call Nigel.

You're just checking in,
you're stuck in Cleveland,

you're going crazy,
you're calling everybody.

Tell him you're desperate
to get to New York.

Aren't you desperate
to get to New York?

- Well, yeah, of course I am, but it's just...
- Just what?

Well, the pizza thing's really heating up.

We're launching Frozen Hawaiian
next month, pineapple and ham.

First time anyone's ever done that.


Well, it's not the first first time

'cause those weasels at Flakey Fresh
stole the idea from Butter Mills,

and then, you'll love this,

we find out that the Vice President of
Marketing has this 22-year-old assistant

who's $60,000 in debt
to a TV shopping network. Bingo.


Are these hers?

What is that?

It's a thong.
It was in your closet.

That's not possible.

Well, whose are they?

- Nobody's because it's impossible.
- Impossible what?

That someone would leave them,
or you'd forget or that I'd find them?

Impossible because I've been faithful.
Which closet?

- Which closet?
- This is insane.

- You're denying this?
- Absolutely.

The only woman who's been in this place
since I moved in is the landlady

and she couldn't wear that as a wristband.

So where did they come from?

Look, I swear to you.

Claire, I swear,
I swear on all things good and true,

I have no idea who they belong to.
And the fact that you don't believe me,

the fact that we've been through
everything that we've been through

and that you still don't trust me on this,
is, quite frankly, disturbing.

Well, in that case,
I'll put them back on.

They're yours?

You passed.

You're gaming me?

I just needed to hear you say it.

- You're that upset?
- Yeah, I think so.

But kind of turned on, too, right?

The drag is I've only got 55 minutes
to make it up to you.

Forget it.

I never liked this game.

Any sport that puts a limit on your score
is a complete waste of time.

Three hundred, that's it?

What, are you gonna bust your nut to do
something 9 million other jokers might do?

Stupidest damn thing I ever heard of.

Okay, so don't turn around,
but she just came in.

- We're cool though, right? She see us?
- Yeah.

- I look natural, right?
- Super natural.

Who picked this place?

- You have a problem?
- It's a little bright.

- So this gentleman here is...
- I know who he is.

You do? Even with the hat?

She's a trained professional.

Yeah, yeah, I can see that.

I can definitely...

Would you...
You know what, we got beers here.

- Would you care for something?
- She's fine.

- I'm starving.
- Well, hell, then we should feed you.

I'd love some pizza.
Do you think they have pizza?

I'll just bet that they do, yeah.

- Or even frozen pizza.
- Okay.

- I don't think so.
- Why don't you go take a look-see?

You'd smell it if they did.

I don't give a damn if you have to go
to Sicily, get the lady some pizza!

Any particular topping you'd like?

Surprise me.


Super Cheese-a-peno.


Mushroom and onion.


- Hawaiian.
- Plain.

- Do you like it hot or...
- Yeah, hot. Very hot.

Extremely hot.

You want something to drink?

Yeah, sure, whatever.

What's going on? What just happened?


You gotta get Duke.
You gotta get Duke.

And you've gotta tell him
to get me a secure line

because he's gotta call me right away.

- What did she say?
- Secure line.

Do you understand me?
And only if he is sure.

I gotta get on the plane,
and he's gotta call me,

but it has gotta be safe.

Yeah, it's me. I need Duke. Now.

Yeah. Well, tell him to hurry up.

What are you doing?


- How did you get here so fast?
- Not fast enough though, right?

- You're leaving?
- I didn't think you were coming.

I left the signal, didn't I?

You also took your passports
and the travel money.

Half the money. My half.

We took a vow. No one touches
the mayday pouch until it's time to bail.

I trusted you.

Which explains
why you were in there checking it.

- When did you do this?
- When?

About five or six hours after I got done
with Barbara Bofferd from B&R Travel.

You're kidding.

- That's what this is about?
- That?

We're in play, for Christ's sake.
We don't have time for this.

Why? Is it a long explanation?


What the hell did you just tell Garsik?

- You're unbelievable.
- What's the secret?

- You screwed her!
- Yeah. For us. For the project.

- I can't believe you screwed her!
- It was an assignment. It was nothing.

Well, you should see the pictures.

Well, you're the last person
I need to explain this to.

The only difference
between this and our first date

is that no one was drugged into a coma
and left for dead.

Left for dead? You were asleep in bed
with a smile on your face!

- Yeah, for 18 bloody hours!
- See, there it is.

- You can't get past Dubai, can you?
- What's the product, Claire?

- You say that you can, but you can't.
- What is the product?

All right, you know what,
I did come back here to clear out my stuff.

All right, I was gone.
I was ready to bail.

I got the pouch out, I'm halfway there,
and I suddenly realize,

"Oh, my God! What are you doing?
This is good. This could work. It's payback.

"We take Dubai, the travel tramp, call it even,
move on, never mention it again."

So, there I am,
I'm loading it all back in,

I'm putting everything away,
like it never happened,

and I suddenly realize
there's something missing.

- Where's Ray's Canadian passport?
- Okay, slow down.

Which I know for a fact
is supposed to be in there

because I'm the one
who taped the whole thing together!

Yes, okay?
Yes, I took the Canadian passport.

One passport. Why?
Because I was paranoid.

All this probing and testing
and not trusting me, it gets to you.

I thought, what's the harm
in having one little parachute

in case the plane goes down?

I wanted a hole card. That's it.
That's all it was.

And the travel lady, did I have to go
that far? Maybe not. But it worked.

And you know what, that's my cover.
That's always been my cover.

I'm a mess. I'm a horndog. I'm a slob.
But that's my edge.

I mean, we're here trying
to run a triple game

on some very smart
and very motivated players.

What do you want me to do,
play with one hand behind my back?

It wasn't your hand I was talking about.

You know what? Get over it.

You know what? I'm there.

So what are you saying?

Same split, new rules.
You keep your parachute. I'll keep mine.

- You're that jealous?
- No, I'm that focused.

I've got two years invested in this,

and the last thing I'm gonna do is let some
stupid, immature personal baggage

compromise an otherwise
successful operation.

- So we're strictly business now.
- Deal with it.

Well, it might help if I knew
what kind of business we were in.

Hair. They can grow hair.

Where it belongs.

You mean what? Like...

Like, from now on, Ronnie Partiz
will be the patron saint to all bald men.

- Except there won't be any bald men.
- A cure for baldness?

Burkett & Randle Wash and Grow Shampoo,
enriched with activated Partizonol.

- Hair? That's like...
- It's huge.

Huge? It's beyond huge.
It makes huge look bloody microscopic.

Do you have any idea what this is worth?
I mean, hair.

To grow hair, to own that,
that's the all-time Holy Grail.

No wonder they've been so crazy.

I mean, we're sitting here
on a cure for baldness

and you're getting worked up
about some meaningless incident.

- We don't have it.
- We don't? But it's a formula though, right?

It has to be. It has to be a formula
with a patent application.

- So who's got it? Where is it?
- I don't know.

If you did,
you'd be sharing that, though, right?

If I were holding out on you,
what would I be doing here now?

How about pretending
to be pissed off and jealous

just to keep me from thinking
what was really going on.

That's sick, even for you.

Yeah, and that's not the answer
I was looking for.



Claire? It's Ned.

I need you back at the office.
Now. Like immediately.

I'll be downstairs in 10 minutes.

I have to go. That was Guston.
I have to get back to the office.

We don't have any partners
I don't know about, do we?

Yeah, that's what I want. More partners.

It would be so stupid to burn me now.

I have to go.

- We're not gonna talk about this?
- You said it. We're in play.

- We don't have time.
- Claire...

We had a motion detector
go off on 31, near Mr. Tully's office.

There's some document rooms up there.

We found one of the security cages
wide open,

and we started turning on the lights.

We heard some scurrying around,
had a little foot race.

It took a couple minutes,
but we found him down here

- hiding under the desk.
- Jesus.

- We get to running his ID...
- Ned!

...he starts trying to tell us the whole thing
was some kind of security test.

Hey, Ned, get these things off me!

We said, "Hey, that's great,
but we still gotta call your boss."

That's when he started sweating.

- Where's the thing?
- Yeah, he had this.

- "Partizonol 6.1 ."
- Ned, I can explain this!

- Shut up, Jeff. Did you open this?
- No.

- Did anybody else touch this?
- No, sir, just us and the suspect.

Suspect? Well, that's no suspect.
You're not a suspect, are you, Jeff?

You're a backstabbing little weasel,
and you're gonna burn, asshole.

Okay. Okay, I want a lawyer!

Forget the lawyer, weasel.
What you need is a net

'cause I'm gonna throw
your backstabbing ass out the window!

Is the area upstairs secure now?

Yeah, are you sure
there's no one else upstairs?

It's gotta be cleared out
before it's re-armed.

- How long does that take?
- All three floors? 20 minutes.

Go. Go now. Do it.

- What about him?
- He's not going anywhere. Go!

Okay. Back here, 20 minutes.

Hey, where are you going?
Hey, get back here!

Don't leave me here with him!
You heard what he said!

Hey, I mean it!
Ned, come on. Claire!

Okay, you stay here with Jeff.

I'm gonna run downstairs
and toss his office.

- You don't wanna call it in?
- No.

All right, we gotta take the lead
so no one else gets involved.

What about that?

Leave it. Don't move it. Don't touch it.
Just leave it. All right?

And relax, okay. I'm gonna call it in.

Let's just figure out what we're into.
Just hold the fort, all right?

Hair is power.

What this does is it returns to man
his original state, his virility.

- Don't laugh. Excuse me.
- Duke, I think you really...

Excuse me. Don't laugh.

I think you need to relax.

- Hey, what's up, dude?
- Hey, Ray, so where the hell you been?

I thought I picked up a tail
leaving the bowling alley.

Hey, I've been trying to call you, man.
Where's that cell phone?

- My battery kicked it.
- D'you want to get some pizza.

- Don't you want anything?
- No, I'm good.

- All right.
- Cool.

So what is it, guys?

- What's the secret?
- The secret?


All right, listen to me, Claire.
Forget Ned. Okay? Forget Tully.

Do you have any idea what this is worth?
They can grow hair!

Okay? They can restore hair.

Do you have any idea
what we could sell this for?

What Garsik would pay for this?

They haven't delivered the patent yet,
Claire. It's an open technology.

Now, there it is. I can see it. It's a fortune.
It's just... All right.

Claire! All right, just wait. Wait.
Claire, listen. Listen to me.

There's always been a spark between us.
You know that!

Now that night on the plane...
Claire, come on!

God, Claire!

We're up.

I got it.

- Where's Dinesh?
- He's right behind you.

Dinesh! Dinesh! She's got it.
Come on, let's go. She's got it.

- Got what?
- She's got the formula.

She's on the 24th floor
of the B&R building.

She can't walk it out.
She's gotta send it.

All those copiers you hacked,
where is the closest one?

Just give me one second, Ray!

- Just give me something close.
- One second.

Twenty-two, 23,
I know there's something in there.

Guys, come on,
we don't have a lot of time here.

- Human Resources, 22.
- Twenty-first floor.

There's a machine
on the 21st floor. I marked it. It's here.

- Where am I going?
- Hang on. Just... Just hang on.

Where am I sending her?

Tell me there's a system here.
Give me a second. I'm gonna find it.

21st floor, Human Resources.
Get that open, give me the machine number.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.


Not a lot of time here, Ray.

Guys, you're gonna blow it.
Tell me where to send her!

- Twenty-one, Ray!
- Twenty-one.

Can you get down to the 21st floor?

Just look for red. Anything red.
I flagged the hits in red.

- It's red. It's circled.
- Just one?

There's a couple with more than just one.

No, there's just one. That's all I see.
It's a number. They're all just numbers.

One minute. She needs a room, name,
something. Where am I sending her?

Look for the numbers I circled.
I gotta get the book.

- What are you doing?
- MR...

No! Hang on! I need the book!

She's on the way, guys.
We're leaving her hanging here.

I'm gonna find it!

- It's an MR number, right?
- Yeah, MR-6432.

- So it'll be in the front.
- What do you mean in the front?

- In the book! Look in the book.
- I am looking in the book,

- but this thing is a mess!
- Right here. Hang on.

See, right here in the front.
First page.

Is it gonna work?
If it's not gonna work, tell me now.

All I see is a list of names!

Beside the name.
Match the name to the numbers.

- Is it going to work?
- Get the phone out of here, Ray!

Are you crazy?
It'll kill the phone!

Okay. Where? Where am I going?

What? Shit!

- Ray.
- Come on. Come on.

- Hey, Ray, are the bars moving?
- What?

The scan trace on the Ghost.
The bars, are they moving?

- I've lost her!
- Well, just tell me if it's working.

Yeah, but it's not gonna make much...


What the hell is going on over there?
Can you guys handle this or what?

Yeah, no, no, no, we're good.
We're getting it. Just hang on in there.

Yes, the bars, they're moving.

Clenteen, Edgar. Human Resources, 21.


There are no names.

No, I'm not seeing any names.

We're good! We're in! I'm in!

That's great, but there's no
names on the offices. Where is she going?

I don't... I don't map it that way, Ray.
I don't know.

Hang on! Hang on!

What is that? What've you got?

Clenteen, Edgar. H.R., 21st floor.

- Where?
- I don't see it. They don't list offices.

- They give his number?
- What?

Call him. Call the guy's phone.

All right, I'm here. I'm ready.

She's in. She's found it.

- How many pages?
- How many pages is it?

One. There's just one page.


Ray, really, we've gotta do this now.
I can't keep waiting.

- She's ready. What are we doing?
- Almost. Almost there.

Go over there, grab some maps,
find another machine.

- Why?
- In case we need a backup.

Almost there.

- Go! I'm in! All she's gotta do is scan it!
- Go. Do it.

There's nothing on it.

It's coming through,
but there's nothing on it.

Guys, what the hell is going on?

It's blank!

- Shit!
- It should be working!

Try it again. Do we have a backup?

- We got it.
- Yes!

We did it.


- Having fun?
- Where'd you go?

- I've just been watching you.
- Bullshit. Bullshit! You've...

- What the hell happened here?
- He got a little frisky.

She's lying. She did something.
She left. Where's the formula?

Ned, I swear she wasn't here.
She's up to something.

All right.
The guys upstairs must have called it in.

Opsec has people on the way already.
We're fried.

They're gonna go over every inch of it.

You're missing it, Ned! She wasn't here!
She's playing you! She's lying!

God damn it, Ned,
that's exactly what she wants! Ned!

Yeah. No. I got it right here. I got it...
It's in my hand.

Yes, yes, I am looking at it.

No, it's just... It's just a party.

We're having a little party
and blowing off some steam.

l... I mean, I have no idea what it says,
but then, I didn't take chemistry.

Where are you now?
Where are you right now?

You're not near a window or anything,
are you? All right. Good. Go, go!

Listen to me, Duke. I am counting on you.
I am counting on you big time.

Nobody sees this thing.
You hear me? Nobody.

Now you keep that formula wrapped in
Kryptonite until I get back tomorrow night.

Yep. Got it. Okay. Yep.


Here's the money!
Welcome back.

Fantastic! Time to celebrate.

- You okay?
- No. I'm burned.

- You burned me. You let him burn me.
- What are you talking about? We got it.

I left a trail back there a mile wide.
I'm lucky I made it out of the building.

I can't go back to work,
I can't go back home. I'm totally burned.

- Whoa! Wait a minute.
- Don't you dare!

- So what do you need, Claire?
- What do I need? How about a new identity?

- Duke...
- Stow it, Ray!

I'm gonna go underground. I will tell you
where you can send my pay and my bonus,

which better be more than I expected
because this was a nightmare.

- What is your problem?
- A copy machine?

He had me running
all over that goddamn building

looking for a copy machine.

- It worked, didn't it?
- Why didn't I just fax it?

Why? Because...

Tell her.
We had these machines all over the place.

Who the hell faxes anything anymore?

I am running around thinking, "What the hell
does this guy have me doing?"

- We had to get it out of there.
- There were 50 easier ways to do it!

- Did it work or not?
- For who? For you?

Was anybody with him
when he got the formula?

Has he ever been alone with it?

Could he have possibly made a copy of it?

- What the hell are you doing?
- I guess that's a no.

You're sick. She's sick.

Look, I know this guy, okay?

I should've told you that before,
but I couldn't

because he threatened the entire project.

He knows. He knows the whole thing.

No. He's right, Claire. I do.
I mean, I know that you two...

Do you know
he was on a CIA observation watch list?

That is total bullshit.

How'd he get on this project, anyway?

We're here for what, a year and a half?

How does he show up
three weeks before the payday?

- I just brought this home.
- What kind of watch list?

- You know what? No, forget it.
- No.

- I'm done here.
- Come on. Claire, wait!

You got what you wanted, Duke.

You just better make sure
you're the only one

who got what you wanted.

I don't believe that.
That's unbelievable.

Well, you said it yourself.
You left her out there too long.



- It's possible.
- Guys, this is insane.

You bring me in to land the big fish,
I deliver, and this is the thanks I get.

This is the victory lap.
What are you doing?

- You're gonna search me?
- Yeah. It takes five minutes.

- Because of that? Because of her?
- Does it matter?


Ain't that a bitch.

- Mr. Garsik, welcome to San Diego.
- Yeah. It's great to be here.

Remember me?

- I guess Duke bought it.
- Yeah.

- I waited.
- I see that.

The Swiss buyers are waiting.
I got them to $35 million.

$17.5 split? Works for me.

- So tell me you have the formula.
- I thought you had it.

- I asked you first.
- You asked me first?

If I told you I loved you,
would it make any difference?

If you told me or if I believed you?

I love you.

I really do.

I don't know why you would believe me.

I don't know why
we'd believe anything anymore.

I just keep having this fantasy
that we suddenly snap out of it,

that we come out of this
and be like people are supposed to be,

like, trusting and honest.

- We're not like other people.
- I know that. Don't you think I know that?

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is

to know that you are the only man
who could ever possibly understand me?

Look, I know who you are.

And I love you anyway.

If I find out this is
because you don't have the formula

and you think maybe I do,
I'm gonna be seriously disappointed.


Okay, look. What about this?

On the count of three,
whatever we've got, formula, no formula,

let's just put it on the table,

- one time, last time...
- I have it.

I said on the count of three.

I have it. Why wait? What's the point?
I love you.

I think about you all the time.

I think about you even when you're with me.

I look at you, I can't stop looking at you.

I look at you and I think, "That woman...

"That woman knows who I am
and loves me anyway."

I have it, too.

It's a big room.

You get a big room, you don't fill it,
it's gonna look like shit.

- Hey? That was a question.
- Sorry.

- What's going on in there?
- The room?

- Yeah.
- It's full. They were lined up an hour ago.

These satellite people
better know what the hell they're doing.

- They know what they're doing, right?
- The uplink? It's all set.

'Cause I'm not stalling for them
while they get their act together.

- We're right on schedule.
- Will you stop?

I'm beautiful, okay?
Enough. Thank you.

What the hell is so important in there?
What are you looking at?

Howard Tully.

He's calling an emergency press conference
for 8:00 tomorrow morning in New York.

Ladies and gentlemen,

let's have a warm Equikrom welcome

to the man whose personal vision
and will to win

has turned this company
into the market leader it is today.

Join me in welcoming
our Chief Executive Officer, Dick Garsik!

Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

Whoa, whoa, thank you, thank you.

My goodness gracious,
thank you so much.

God, you people are out of your minds.

$35 million.

These are the escrow certificates of deposit.

These are the corresponding
wire transfer codes.

These are the account numbers
and an authorized schedule of payment.

Now, you know,
everybody here who knows me

can tell you that there are three things
that I really don't like.

I don't like any kind of controversy.

I can't stand being the center of attention.

But, you know, most of all,

I think you all know
how much I hate rushing into things.

Now, folks, for the past few years,

we have had a highly secret,
special research unit

that has been working on something
that we like to call Project Samson.

But you know
what these scientists are like, right?

They're all over me.
They're like, "Please, Dick,"

"slow down, be patient, be careful."

"Dick! Dick, please,
we haven't published our results yet. Dick!"

I say to hell with that!

No. I say... I say to hell
with hiding our light under a basket.

I say, "You know what, guys?"

"I'm meeting with my shareholders
and these people have got a right to know"

"the incredible future
that we have got planned for this company!"


Come on!

Now, folks, I'm here today to announce
that we are in the final testing stages

of a safe, over-the-counter,
home-use shampoo product,

a product that can restore life
to formerly dead hair follicles.

Ladies and gentlemen,
shareholders, yes!

Equikrom is in the home stretch
on a cure for baldness!

We got it.

That's right, we got it!


You're gonna need it, pal!
Look at you!

- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!
- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!

Is there a problem?

- Are you testing us?
- Excuse me?

- Or perhaps you think this is a joke.
- I don't understand.

Yes, apparently not.

This formula is nothing
but a common skin cream.

Sorry, a lotion.

- I'm so sorry. I just...
- Just what?

- I'm drawing a blank.
- Nice try.

A little professional courtesy
would make this a lot less awkward.

How do I know you?
How do you know me?

Wow, that's a strong play.

Believe me, I've spent a lot of time thinking
what this would be like,

where we'd be, what I'd say,
what you'd say.

But I never...

You can cut me off there any time you like.

- Sorry. I spaced out.
- Okay. So?

- You wanna start over?
- No, no. Just go from there.

- Can I have a sip of that?
- Go.

You clearly have me confused
with someone else.

I don't know. I mean, I'm not great on names.
I should be. I try.

Faces, I'm definitely better.
Faces, I'm like a B, B minus.

Where I'm good, people I've screwed.
That's a real area of strength for me.


- That was perfect.
- It's "people I've slept with."

- And I like "traditional."
- What do you mean?

"That's been a traditional
area of strength for me."

People I've slept with. That's been
a traditional area of strength for me.

That's nicer.

Look, seriously,
I don't know who you think I am, but...

- You're gonna enunciate, right?
- What?

You've gotta really speak up.

So you're, like, directing me now?

You wanna go out there tomorrow
and have them not hear it?

You are directing me.

No, I'm just filling a gap
in the chain of command.

Well, come back here and say that.

Claire, come on. We're doing this for real
in less than 12 hours.

I know. It's just this whole thing
makes me think about Rome,

and when I think about Rome,
I think about you and...

Let's just do it one more time.

...when I think about you,
I can barely enunciate.

- One more time without the robe.
- I don't work naked.

- You know I know it.
- So show me.

You show me.

Look, let's just do it
all the way through.

From the top, one more time,
and then I'll take off the robe.

If you love me,
you'll do it without the robe, now.

Okay. From the top. No robe.

Remember me?

- Sure. Of course. We...
- Long time, huh?

- Yes. I'm...
- Gotcha.

- Look, I'm sorry. Really, I just...
- Sorry. Sorry.

I'm just drawing a blank here.

You're drawing what?

Excuse me?

Perfect. They're perfect!

Does that mean we're a go, sir?

Or we could spend another year
looking for ways to bait this trap,

and we wouldn't come up
with anything even close.

They're perfect.
What a way to walk this in.

I'm only asking.
We made sure she found the speech.

The rough draft.
We let her find it this afternoon.

But we could still stall a little bit
if we need to tighten things up.

Once it's activated, Howard, we're in.

It's gonna be impossible
to call back the troops.

No. no, no, no, no.
We're not stalling anymore.

- So is this everything?
- Yes, sir.

So the speech...
Here is your final copy.

... the details,
the very existence of this project

must be so carefully protected.

The rough draft that we prepped
with you last week is in play.

This is starting to look pretty good.

I can't even tell them apart.
Which one is the new one?

For the travel records,
the Dunwoody material,

we've logged
about 200 false-flag travel orders.

Formavale? Damned if I know.
Some kind of biotech.

Cars, planes, hotels, everything.
Then we buried them in the actual files.

- And when they start digging?
- They find Ronnie.

Yes. And there's a plane waiting
to take me back to the Bahamas

once we're done here tonight.

This is my high school yearbook.

And the transcripts.

You gotta stop waltzing around,

and you have got to get on this guy.

So we take Ronnie's reality
until two years ago

and we lay in our story on top.

We started turning on the lights.

We heard some scurrying around,
we had a little foot race.

It took a couple of minutes,
but we found him down here

hiding under the desk.

The trips to Dunwoody,

the background
on the Formavale acquisitions,

the midnight load-outs,
it's all in place and ready to go.

Great work. Inspiring. Incredible.

This is more fun than if we really had it.

Ten days, that's the deadline.

Garsik has his shareholder meeting
in 10 days.

Light the fuse. Put it in play.

- Don't.
- Don't what?

- Don't say it.
- Say what?

I know what you're thinking.

You're wondering
if I gave you a bogus formula.

You're thinking maybe I've got the real one
stashed someplace else.

That's sick, even for you.

But it crossed your mind.

- That's why I get the big bucks.
- Because I would never do that.

- Because you love me.
- Exactly.

Mr. Koval and Miss Stenwick?

Read it.

Read it.

"Compliments of Howard Tully."

- We got totally played, didn't we?
- Yep.

Must go pretty far back.

- Like...
- Way back.

I guess on a strictly professional level,


- I mean...
- Yeah.

At least we have each other.

- It really is that bad, isn't it?
- Kind of, yeah.

- I didn't mean...
- I know.

- I can't breathe.
- You'll be okay.

- When?
- After we wake up in Rome.

I might have to wake up in Rome
for a long time.

Sounds like a plan.

- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!
- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!

- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!
- Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!