Dunkirk (2017) - full transcript

Evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26- June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II.

It's two plus two
equals six.

I will never tell you.

But you will.

The enemy attacked us
on all sides

with great strength
and fierceness.

Pressing in upon
the narrow exit,

both from the east
and from the west,

the enemy began
to fire with cannon

upon the beaches by
which alone the shipping

could approach or depart.

Meanwhile, the Royal Navy
with the willing help

of countless Merchant
Seamen strained

every nerve to embark
the British and Allied troops.

Two-hundred and twenty light

and 650 other vessels
were engaged.

They had to operate
upon a difficult coast

often in adverse weather

under an almost
ceaseless hail of bombs

and an increasing concentration
of artillery fire.

Nor were the seas,
as I have said,

themselves free
from mines and torpedoes.

It was in conditions
such as these that our men

carried on with
little or no rest.

For days and nights on end,

making trip after trip
across the dangerous waters,

bringing with them always
men whom they had rescued.


At ease.

Lt. Calloway?

This must be your lucky day.

You're not being evacuated.

You might actually
live another day.

It's a ruddy
bloodbath out there!

Gentlemen, battles
will be won

by the side that
first spots enemy airplanes,

ships or submarines.

And British scientists have
been working feverishly

to develop radar
technology that will see

for hundreds of miles,
even at night.

But they haven't been
able to crack it.

Just recently, we got
intelligence from the Americans.

The Americans?


Seems a German scientist
has developed this technology

but doesn't want
to share it with Hitler.

I know.

Whatever his reasons,
he wants to share it with us.

Therefore, I need you and your
men to go retrieve the package.

The package being?

The German scientist.

Do we know where this
package is, sir?

Yes. We're being told
the French Resistance has

the German scientist in a
safe house not far from here.

He's being held here
in an old factory

right off of L'Autoroute A25.

That's 51 degrees north,
37 east.

You're to go there,
rendezvous with the French,

retrieve the package,
and get out.

Any questions?

Much enemy activity
in the area, sir?

From our reports,
little to none.

The French are
expecting you.

Once you've made contact,

they will ask you for
a piece of paper.

Give them this.


Any more questions?

So we're not going to be
evacuated, then. Is that it?

You have your orders.

Pull your balls out of your
throat and be a soldier!

- Yes, sir!
- Get your kit together

and get ready to move out.
Do you understand me?

Yes, sir!

This mission could
not only save lives,

but win the war.

Carry on.

You heard the colonel.

Little to no enemy activity.

We get in, we get out.

We don't miss the evacuation.

Just one last roll
of the dice, lads.

Let's go.

Should be just over
this field.

Better proceed
with caution.

Into the bushes!

You must love your
family very much, no?

Do you realize that
we know where they are?

My soldiers are on their way
right now to pick them up.

Mein familia has
nothing to do with this!


Tell me!


I give it
to a young woman,

French Resistance
on her way to BAF now.


Show me where she is.

They will see you
soon enough.

Everything all right, Thomas?

It's my son's birthday
in two weeks.

I just really
wanted to see him.

I haven't seen him
yet since he was born.

Don't worry about it,

You'll see him on his
next birthday, yeah?

You can tell him what
a hero his father is.

Never actually been
with a woman myself.

You never been with a woman?

Not intimately, no.

So you've not had a shag?

Such a romantic, Walker.

Let's just find this kraut,

and get the hell
out of France, yeah?

What do you say?

I hate this country.
It stinks.

Lieutenant, all due respect,

how do we know we can
trust this scientist?

He is German, after all.

Because cleverer men
than us have told us so.

Well, they better be right.

This must be it, lads.

Stay sharp.

Drop your weapons!

Lower your guns!

I said drop your guns!


Turn slowly to me!

Turn slowly!

What is your business here?

We're with the British
Expeditionary Force.

We've come
to collect a package.

You should have
a package for me.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Read it.

Read it to me!

"The children long
to play in the fields

but had to settle
instead for the sand

which was accompanied
by an enormous roar."

All right, where is he?

How many are with you?

Just the five of us.

All right, where is he?

She is inside.

Wait. She?

You did not know.

No. I thought we were
collecting the chap

with the algorithm
for radar.

You were until
he was captured

by Nazi but moments
before this.

He gave the algorithm.

To Angelique.


- Oui.
- All right, let's go.


C'est moi, Pierre.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

This is her.

You have the algorithm?

- Oui.
- May I see it?

I have not written it down.
So you must keep me alive.

Very sensible.

Then we should leave.

What's the plan?

We must get her
to this location.

They will further assist her.

They have arranged a plane
to take her to Great Britain.

But we must wait
for the Americans.

They're already late.

So I'm assuming the worst.

We need to move.

Shit! We've got company!

So much for little
to no enemy activity.

Take cover.

I'll see if I
can delay them.

All right,
let's dig in, lads.

We were given a mission
and I plan on completing it.

Harris, get me the colonel
on the wireless.

Yes, sir.

F13C here.
Come in, Dunkirk.

This is Colonel Plummer.

Sir, I have the colonel.

We're at the destination, sir.
But the package isn't here.

There is a French girl
with the Resistance.

Said she was given
the algorithm by the scientist

before he was captured
by the Nazis.

Has she showed it to you?

Says she has it
memorized, sir.

Blood hell!

That changes things.

One more thing, sir.

We also appear
to have company.

How many?

Difficult to say.

Looks like a transport
heading our way.

Get your asses out of there
before they arrive!

Those are your orders!

Understood, sir.
F13C out.

You don't trust me?

They've arrived!

It's the Germans.
On the left and right.

We know you are in there!

Come out!

She's in there right now.

Yes, sir, but she has been
joined by five BAF soldiers.

And they are
in there right now?

Are you sure?

Yes, sir. They just arrived
maybe four or five minutes ago.

They are well-armed.

And the Americans?

No, sir.
I have not seen them.

And she has
the algorithm for sure?


What is he doing?

Excellent work.

Merci, sir.

May I leave?

You have five seconds
to run for your life.

No! No, sir!

Sir, no!
Please! No, no!

Damn it!

The traitor sold us out.

Let's concentrate
on the task in hand.

I count ten men.

Same here, sir.

Can we trust you?

I risked my life
to fight the Germans!

I watched as my mother
and father begged for their life

and the life
of my brother and sister!

They were only eight
and nine years old!

They'll do the same thing
to her if we leave her.

No one said anything
about leaving her.

We heard the colonel, sir.

You swear you have
the algorithm?

It's all I have!

We know you are in there!

To the British
soldiers inside:

Send us the girl

and you will all go free.

Otherwise, you will
experience the same fate

as your French friend here.

She will never give
the algorithm to the Allies.


You send her out,
you will all go free!

You have two minutes
to send her out.


No, no, please!

Please! Please!
I am telling the truth!


Please, you must
believe me! Please!


Speak freely, lads.
You heard the colonel.

You know the mission.

Well, I want to go home.

We don't even know
if she has the algorithm.

And how do we know
this algorithm can even do

what people say
it can?

Give her to them.

How can we really trust her?

I couldn't live with myself
if we turned her in, sir.

Let's complete the mission.

I've always thought it's
a soldier's duty

to protect those who
can't protect themselves.

Now there are ten of them
to our five,

but we have
the elevated position.

But, Lieutenant, they may
have reinforcements?

Yes, that's quite possible,

But sometimes a man has
to take a stand on principle.

No matter the consequences.

I'm with you, sir.

You say and I'll fill them
so full of lead,

it'll be coming
out their eyes.

Thank you, gentlemen.

You will not regret this!
Thank you.

All right,
Fritz, we've talked.

We're not
bringing her out,

so you're gonna have
to come in and get her!


Pull out!

Pull out!

Patch him up, man.

Am I gonna die?

- No.
- Am I gonna die?

Am I gonna die?

Am I gonna die?

Damn it!

I have some dynamite!

Let me set a trap.

I'll blow these bastards
to smithereens.

I've got a schreck here!

God, then
we're out-gunned!

We gotta get outta here!
Any ideas?

Let's go out the back way!
I know the forest!

King, Walker, on Thomas!


Thomas, let's go!

Let's keep moving.
Come on.

Chins up.

That's it.
This way.

All right, mighty forty,
everyone down here.

Come on!

Stay with me. Come on.

We're getting out of here.
We're getting out of here.

Come on!
Hold it together, Thomas!

We've got to move on, man!

We're working
on this together.

Pull it together, Thomas.

So any chance of getting
medical support for Thomas?

The wireless was destroyed.
There's no calling anyone.

Are you sure we can trust
this location that he gave us?


I mean, he was working for the
Germans, it may be compromised.

I don't think so.

I don't think Pierre expected
us to escape. You know?

Yes. You may have a point.

Damn it, we need a radio!
We need to pause!

I know a safe house.

It might have a radio.

- How far?
- Not far.

- Shit!
- Sir!

Sir, he's not doing so well.

Sir, they're getting closer.
We'll never outrun them.

Especially with him
in this state.

Well, we can't
just leave him here!

You are...

You have to.

I'm not going to make it.

I know that.

And you know that.

This can't
be all for nothing.

You said we could
be heroes.

Now get her to safety!

You're coming with us, Thomas.

We're gonna get you home
to see your wife and son.

You lads can do it,
but not with me.

Not with me!

You get home to England.

You tell my son what I did.

You tell him I was a hero.

I shall.

Reach into my pocket.

- Here.
- This one?

There. There's a letter.


Please give this
to my wife.

You tell her...

You tell her that
I loved her the minute

I have laid eyes
on her.

I promise.

You keep that promise.

I will.
I will, Thomas.

All right. Now...

Now sit me up
against that tree.

And hand me my gun.

You don't have
to do this, Thomas.

Yes, I do.

Now go!

Monsieur, I'm so sorry.


Let's go.

Come on, you bloody krauts!


That'll slow 'em down.
But it won't stop 'em.

If Angelique's secret is
as valuable as we think,

- then nothing will stop them.
- It is.

Well, at least Thomas has bought us
enough time to gain some distance.

It's just north,
a few kilometers.

Let's move on.

Everyone stays alert.

We need to rest.

All right, let's stop
just for a moment.

Be sure and conserve water.

These blisters are
killing me.

Sir, I've got
ammunition here!

Stop! Freeze, King!

Don't move.


Is it booby trapped?

Yes, sir.

With a compression mine.

Attached to a grenade.
A stick grenade, sir.

Do you see where
it's connected?

Yes, sir.

About six feet to my left.

Mr. King, I need you
to ever so slightly

point to where
the grenade is.

Don't move your head
or your hips at all.

Do you understand?

Just turn your
wrist and point.

Do you see it?


Yes, I see it.

Could we cut the wire?

I need you to stay
very, very still.

We're going to get you
out of this.

You have to absolutely
not budge in the slightest.

Yes, sir.

How bad is it?

They've double-rigged it.

There's a compression mine
under the butt of the rifle.

As long as he keeps pressure
on that, it won't detonate.

But the wire that's
attached to the grenade

is already
under tension.

We clip that,
the charge will blow.


What do we do?

I'm never going to be with
a woman now, am I, sir?

Stay calm, Mr. King.

We've got to do something.

He's already struggling.

Those Nazis can't
be too far back.

What are you thinking, sir?

The only thing I can do
is try to tackle him

out of the blast area.

That's insane!

And keep your
voice down, man!

We need to keep him

Are you losing your mind,

With all due respect, sir.

Well, do you have
a better idea?

If we had something
to dampen the blast,

then that would be
a fine thing, but...

Any branches we might find
would just add to the shrapnel.

I think I can get him clear.

Sergeant Walker, if you
would accompany me over here,

we can deduce
the blast radius.

What are best chances are.

Appears to be a slightly
angled towards 11:00.

This direction.

A radius nearly five feet.

Should have two to three
seconds before it goes.

Shall we?

Seek out cover,
Sergeant Walker.

What are you going
to do, sir?

Here's what we're
going to do, Mr. King.

I am going to tackle you.

You are going to stay
absolutely still

until you feel
my body slamming into yours.

Do you understand that?

Pardon, sir?
What did you say?

Tackle you, King.

It's our only option.

I don't want to die, sir.

But I don't want you
to die either, sir.

Maybe not. Just move on and I'll take
care of this. Don't worry about it.

None of us is going
to die, King.

I can do this.

But I need you to let me
do the work.

Do you understand?

If you move, you cost us
precious milliseconds.

Let me move you.
You understand?

Yes, sir.

When are you going
to do this, sir?

I shall give you
plenty of warning.

Don't worry, Mr. King.

Maybe it's not such
a good idea, sir.

I mean, we could always
just cut the wire...

You all right?


Sorry, sir.
It's my fault. I'm sorry.

All right, that's enough,
I'm alive. You're alive.

This is not good.


What's the diagnosis, man?

Well, the good news is
you've got a clean open wound.

Probably some
shrapnel tearing through.

The bad news is this branch.

Not much bleeding
because it's an impalement.

But could have lacerated
your femoral artery.

And you'd bleed
to death internally.

And how do we know that?

You'll know.

I'll just plug this hole.

Stop the bleeding.

And then if I dress
this branch to stabilize it.

Just do as little as
you need to, Harris.

We don't have much time.
That's an order.

It's good the house
is not far off, sir.

Quick as you can, man.

Can you walk?

Yes. I can try.

Come on.

This is it.

How are you doing, sir?

Still planning on
surviving this bloody war.

Are you sure this
place is safe?

I'm not sure about
anything anymore,

but what choice
do we have?

Let's go.

Come in. Quickly.

Come on, sir.

Come on.

Easy, sir, easy.

You quite all right,
Mr. Harris?

Yes, sir, just need...

Let me help.
I was a nurse.

I worked at Clemenceau
Hospital before it was bombed.

you have a radio, yes?


But it only hails frequencies
from the Resistance.

Well, I mean, is there any
way that the Resistance

can get in touch with
the allies so they can

let them know our whereabouts?

It is possible.
I can try.

All right, Harris,
you accompany our friend

and see if you
can achieve that.

Because this did not
hit an artery,

we can remove it.

And you know this how,
from your time as a nurse?

I shall get
some boiling water.


Thank you.

I was just doing my job.

No, no, it's much more than just
doing your job saving my life.

You're welcome, King.

So, how's it going with
the French Resistance there?


It's, it's
not like that.

I'm sure
it's not, sir.

This was a
good field dressing.

I'll just leave her
to tend to your wounds, sir.


He's just being an idiot.

He's just a little boy who
needs the love of a woman.


F13C, come in, over.

Is F13C checked in yet?

Negative, sir.

Raise them.

Yes, sir.

Okay, this is going to hurt.

I wish I had
some whiskey or...

I never touch the stuff.

- No? Really?
- Really.

Why not?

It's okay. It's...

it's none of my business.

My father was rather
too fond of the stuff.

Wasn't a great man.

You're a great man.


No, I'm just a soldier.

No. You are so much
more than that.

I'm sorry. I...

God, that hurt.

I'm sorry.

I thought it was better
to take you by surprise.

Well, you certainly did that.

Dear God, that smarts.

Okay, put pressure on there.

Hold it.

Thank you
for trusting me.

I'll say this
for these Frenchmen:

they make
a damn good wine.

I'm a beer man,

When in Rome.

Drink up.

You never know
when you...


Have you really never
been with a woman?

Well, I mean
I've kissed 'em.

Lots of them.

But, no,
not all the way.

You're missing out, mate.


To me,
it's not just about sex.

The more you have of a thing,
the less special it becomes.

At least to me.

I've always wanted it
to be with the right woman.

Mate, they're all
the right woman.

Hey, to be honest
with you,

my first time I was
head over heels in love.

We were just kids with
no idea what we were doing.

But it was real.

I can't imagine what I'm going
to tell Mrs. Thomas.

You are going to tell her
that her man was a hero,

and we wouldn't be here
if he hadn't done what he did.

And if you want,
I'll go with you.

Thank you.

You're a good man,
Mr. Walker.

No. I'm not.

But I'm trying.

You have your moments.

All it takes is one.

One good one.

You should wait
for the right woman, King.

F13C, this is 7, 8,
Echo, Charlie, Papa.

Come in, over.

Again, F13C,
this is 78ECP.

Come in, over.

There... there's
no response, sir.

- Keep scanning.
- Yes, sir.

F13C here.

Are you there, Dunkirk?

Repeat, F13C,
are you there, Dunkirk?

F13C here.

Are you there, Dunkirk?

Repeat, F13C here.

Are you there, Dunkirk?

F13C, come in.

Keep searching.

He may be using
a different frequency.

F13C here.

Are you there, Dunkirk?

We have a signal, sir.

F13C here.
Are you there, Dunkirk?

This is Colonel Plummer.

What is your sitrep?

Repeat, what is your sitrep?

We're at a safe house,
outside the drop coordinates,

four miles northwest.

Good to hear
your voices, boys.

What's your situation?

We've lost Sgt. Thomas.

Lieutenant Calloway
is injured,

but we have
secured the package.

We're being pursued
by Jerrys, sir.

We're possibly going
to need air support.

French Resistance have had
a change of plans, so we...

we may have
been compromised.

Where are you heading?

We're heading to an airfield
about two miles from the bridge.

The package will be
flown to mainland.

Sir, we're going
to have to pass through

German-occupied area
to get to the airfield.

We may need support.

I'll do my best
to provide some air support.

Pop some smoke so
we know where you are.

One more thing.

What's that, Colonel?

There should be a bridge a few
kilometers down the main route.

We have reason to believe there's a
German patrol operating in that area.

That would put a group of French
freedom fighters in danger.

I want you boys
to blow that bridge.

But with what, sir?

Walker should have
the explosives you boys need.

Roger that. Out.

Tell headquarters we should
send men to the bridge

and to the airstrip.

We have more company.


That's gotta sting.

Mr. Keller, do you drink?

As much as I can, ma'am.

This looks like
it's going to be fine.

I'll live.

We'll all will.

Do you see any more?

Let's hide the bodies.


Ja wohl.

You talked to the Colonel?

- Yes.
- What does he say?

I managed to give him
our coordinates and then...

We're out of time, sir.

What's... what's happening?

We just killed two Nazis who were
about to call in our position.

- Damn it.
- Can you walk?

Doesn't look like
I have much choice, does it?

Come on, sir.
Come on.

That's it.
All right.


The airfield is
15 kilometers north.


Merci beaucoup.

So, yeah, thank you
for what you are doing.

The Nazis are coming. You cannot
stay here, you know that.

I know.

I'm going to try
and buy you some more time.


Sir, are you sure you don't
want any of that morphine?

No, thank you, Harris.
It dulls the senses.

Yeah, but so does having
a tree in your leg.


No, no, no.

It's a rather nice day
for a stroll, isn't it?

And where is our French
little mouse strolling to?

We can make this so much simpler
if you just tell me where she is.


What girl?

Bring him.

No, no.

Wait. Wait.

I don't under...
What is going...

I love the smell
of burning flesh.

It reminds me of how,
as a little boy,

my father would roast
a schwein on an open fire.

Now, tell me where they are.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Now tell me everything
or you will die.

Okay, okay.

Everything, I'll tell you.

They are...

heading into the village.

Now, why would they
be going into a village

that is crawling
with Germans?

Ex... exactly.

That is the last place you
would expect to see them.

Do I look,
stupid to you?

Honest answer?


So be it.

For your information,
I know that the girl

is trying to escape by plane
from a small airfield.

Not so stupid now, am I?

Do you need to stop?

Perhaps just
for a moment.

By my calculations,
we are here,

so it should be just
beyond this next ridge.

You're never gonna
make it on that leg.

That's at least
another six miles.

I'll manage.

You may not have to.

What do you mean?

Well, shit.

Take cover.

You know, I could probably
just pick him off

from about a hundred
yards with this rifle.

You snipers are
all the same.

Trust me, mate, these blokes
will piss their pants.

Yes, well, we'll see
about that, won't we?

Be ready,
here they come.

Help! Help!

Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.

Please, no, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.

Don't shoot me.
Please, no, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.
Don't shoot, please.

Hello, mates.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

I can't believe
that worked.

What would you do
if a big bald bastard

tossed a grenade
in your vehicle?

Fair point.

It's quiet.
I don't like it.

This should do the trick.

Once we destroy it,
that should slow them down.

- Mr. Harris?
- Sir?

You stay and look out.

Mr. King, Mr. Walker, would
you kindly assist me in rigging?

The pleasure would
be mine, sir.

Come along, King.

You seem to like
explosives today.

How are we doing, gentlemen?

Getting there, sir.

Sergeant Walker?

A few more moments, please.

Very well.

How's it going
down there, chaps?

Almost done.

Make it quick.

Is this the bridge?

The open space on the other
side of this tree line

has a hangar-like structure.
It's got to be the way out.

Sir, if I'm reading
this map correctly,

then the airfield
should just be on

the other side of this forest.

- Where's Walker and King?
- Just finishing up.

They should be up

I hope so.

Do you hear that?

That doesn't sound good.

Doesn't sound like
a lot of fun.

Mr. Walker?

How are we
doing down there?

Almost there, sir.

Well, hurry up!
We have to go!

- Start the car.
- It won't start, sir.

Quick as you can, man.

It won't start, sir.
It won't start.

- Let's go!
- It won't start.

Drop your weapons
and surrender.

You have nowhere to go.

It's a bloody tank.
Damn it.

This is your final warning.

Drop your weapons
and surrender.

Damn, it's a ruddy tank!

- We'll have to go on foot!
- Let's go!

Go, go, go!


Did you really think that
you could escape from me?

We monitored
your radio transmissions.

Are we good?

We're good.

I do not understand
how anyone could like

such an inferior race.

They're all like rats.

Don't you know this?

All they have
ever done was lie,

steal, and cheat.

And you support them?

Now, we could have easily
slaughtered you Brits at Dunkirk.

But we offered you
a second chance,

a chance to align with us.

Let's just see if your
Mr. Winston Churchill

makes the right decision.

If it were up to me,
I would have killed

every last one
of you on that beach.

But you will all
die here today.

Do you realize this?

And I will decide how.

And as for you, French,

you disgust me!

Now personally, I would love

to kill you
right here and now.

But apparently...

You have some information in that
French little brain of yours.

That is very valuable
to us.

Now, I will ask you
one simple question

and you will answer me.

What is the algorithm?

What is the algorithm!?


I will count down from five,

and then you will tell me
the algorithm.

Okay. I will tell you!
I will tell you.

Don't tell him anything!



You go on ahead.
I'll catch you up.

Let me help you, sir.


Cover and fire!

Take cover!

You all right, Mr. King?

Yes, sir, just a nick.
I'm fine.

All right.
Stay low. Stay low.

We need to slow them down.

You have nowhere to go!


More tension.
More tension.

Surrender and give us the girl
and you will all go free.

You will not escape.

You will not get away.

No one's going
to surrender, Fritz.

How we doing, lads?

One minute.


Okay, we're so close.

Ready, sir.

You will not
get out of there.

Lay down covering fire
and move on my three,

two, one... fire!



Move! Move!

Go, go, go.

For King and country.

I'm willing to bet
Fritz is still coming.

So let's go.

Where is the plane?

It's supposed to be here.


You have nowhere to go!


Brother by my side,
what do you want to do?

I have one magazine left.

No. No.

Drop your weapons.

Do it now!

You are totally surrounded.

Bloody hell, I'm not
going out like this.

- No!
- Stand down, Sergeant Walker.

It's our only chance.

I'm sorry, Angelique.

We did all we could.

Please, no.
Please, no.

Please don't give up hope.

It wasn't supposed
to end like this.


Look. Look!

It's our boys.

It's about bloody time.



See, you never
give up hope.

We did it.

God save the King.

We did it.
We did it!

Let's get her to that plane.

You took the words
right out of my mouth.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry for your men.

But thank you for my life.

I just hope it
was worth it, love.

It is.

Could you do us a favor?

When you get back to London,
find Emily Thomas.

Give her this letter.

I don't think I'll be around
to give it to her.

And I'd rather she got it
sooner than later.

Of course.

Thank you.

Let's get you on that plane.

Are you all right?


I'm alive.

I don't know how,
but I am.

You must never
give up hope.

It doesn't matter how,
it matters why.

You are a special man,

You have a purpose.

You must trust that.

Thank you.

Those men died heroes.

Is there a better way
to serve your country?


What will you do now?

Will I see you again?

This war is
far from over.

I'll just have to enjoy the
beauty this world has to offer.

When one remembers to
look beyond the ugliness.

I'll see you in London.

Now, let's get you
on that plane.

I think she
likes you, sir.

I don't know.

Did you see the way
she looked at me just now?

There might be
a real future there.

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