Duniya (2007) - full transcript

A poor manual labourer, Shivu, hopelessly tries to arrange money to carry out a funeral for his mother and rescues a girl from thugs along the way.

The charecters and incidents
in the film is fictional.

Any resemblence to anyone living
or dead is purely coincidental.

''Dreaming of living
together in every birth.''

''The flower of
love blossomed.''

''In the garden of love.''

''Got burnt in fire of rain.''

''Life is distressed.''

Aye Govinda!why you want to keep on
changing the track? Let it plays.

This is the fantastic song
of a popular movie.

''The toy player..

Who is staring me all the time..

Why should I.. worry like you..

God makes us fall in
love.. what can we do about it?

Let us everyone hide
our faces and play drama..

He's arrived!

Hello Mr.Kaage Bangaara!

Where is your boss, cable Babu?

My boss hasn't come
here since long time.

Where is he now?

Don't know.

Hi Mr.Narayan, Beer or whisky?

Better order whisky.

Get a full bottle whisky.

Also bring, chicken and fish
with one packet of cigarette.

Aye ask for quality ones.

Even in an hour he
won?t return isn?t it?

Guarantee he won?t get back.
The bar is very far from here.

Chandra, Tonight?s
party is here.

Let us plan it here dude.Make
a call to Cable Babu.

Ask that chap to send 2 babes.

Naani don?t be scared.

Raid and search things
don?t happen here!

Hmmm..we are in the police
department, is it not?

We also get scared sometimes.

What man Cable Babu.
How are you? Are you ok?

Send two fresh local ones!

Aye,ask him to send good ones.

What if he sends some
superficial shiny ones!

I?m a strict officer.

Wearing the uniform, I won?t booze, nor
indulge in any perverse activities.

Mr.Govinda damn. A
smart chap you?re man.

You are always youthful
and don?t get older.

I won?t spare any one. I will
disclose about everyone.

No one asked me to speak.
Still I will say it.

Loafer, that man! My officer!

Rs 40 million! How it came here?
That also I will reveal.

Recording start!

Nisha of Mangaluru drug empress

Nisha of Mangaluru drug empress


Her gang was in the drug mafia.
Number 1in that area.

In her drug dealings, she
never cared for any one.

She has dare-devil members.

If we raid her den, we get drugs!
that was the news!

Our officer got
together 3 Man team.

I team up with Chandra and Swamy.
We raided the place.

The confiscated drug was declared as
only Rs 10 million to the government.

I handled the disposal of rest
of the drugs and the gold.

After the disposal, we
got this Rs.40 million.

We brought here and
hid in the well!The same!

My officer is a big scoundrel.

While Nisha gang was being
produced in the court,

he claimed that they escaped.

He shot and killed them
in the rose garden.

He threw them in a compost pit!

He looks like a Physical
training school teacher.

but he is a brutal
and cruel officer.

These types of officers
should be transferred to

..a place that has
no water or shade.

Chandra, come, let us booze.

Wear your cloths man!

You?re totally drunk and
also teasing someone!

Who else, Chandra, it?s
about our officer.

Our officer is a selfish person.

He?s not trustworthy!
That rascal!

He will jack everyone,
that son of a gun!


He?s a treacherous officer.
That rogue.

Out of Rs 40 million confiscated
money, 70% is his share!

I believe and only 30% is ours!

How can this be
deemed fair, Chandra?

The deal was completely
executed by us.

You alone are enough man!

We can do away with
Rs.40 million.

I can?t count all
that alone man!

I love you. Listen to this chap!

Chandra,If you want, add
NANI to our circle.

Got it?

I will pee and return.
You come to a decision.

Rs 40 million Chandra,
don?t forget.

Did you hear everything, sir?

What he wants to blabber,
allow him to talk. Yes sir!

Later, I will tell you
what has to be done!

Fine sir, Ok.

Aye, chandra!

Where has he gone?

Aye, chandra!

Golden jasmine.
Nice fragrance.

I was telling the tale
of the rose garden.

Where did I keep my mobile?

Oh! It?s right here.

It?s still recording!

8 Months Later

About the money to whom all ..

..have you narrated
the story to oh!

Open your mouth,
you bloody bugger.

You bloody idiot, you
can?t be trusted.

To who have you
narrated the story.

What is this man? You are
holding flowers and all.

Which babe does it belong, dude?

Director Suri?s

Why I?m crying.


When you?re working you should
be conscious of your actions.

Sorry madam!

How was the movie?


How was the movie?
I said.

It was nice.


I saw your message.

Will it be ok, if I
come around 8.40 p.m.?

It's ok.Fine!

Let that be there.
Take another one.

Baby, I?m going out now.

It will be late by
the time I return.

Ok you go and sleep.

Good night.
-Good night ma.

It?s just a phase.

It?s quite common these days.

She will get over it.
Don?t worry.

She?s very impulsive.

If the balance dips. I?m
worried about that!

What do you know about that boy?

He is a low level employee
working in our company.

He has no one to call as his own.
No relatives.

Status problem!

What to do?

It sounds untrue!

I just have one daughter. She
has to be happy that?s all.

Shall I summon him
and have a chat?

It won?t work.

Please do something!

I will give it some thought;
Give me a day?s time.

Thank you.


In an half an hour I will come
at the Mosque behind the market.

Keep him right there!

Keep that idiot in
Chitradurga city.

Don?t bring him to Bengaluru.
-ok sir.

When the program will
materialize, I will tell you.

Do you need a joint
or something, friend?

Roll it in a cigarette.

Special cigarette, dude.

Leave it dude, I don?t smoke it.

Hey Kaatu! My partner sir.
?Marijuana? business.

What my dear? What do
you have in your bag?

What man? Are you
selling Marijuana?

Who are you all? Why
you're checking my bag?

Are you selling Marijuana?
Keep walking you scoundrel.

Why you're hitting me, sir?
-I will straighten you now!

Don?t simply hit us.

There! Leave me!

Police station.

What?s your name?


Which is your city?

Mandya sir.

Don?t hit me please! Madam!


Mahdevappa, Shantawwa.

When have you started
this drug business?

Which business? I don?t know.

Since when do you know this guy?

Since 2 weeks. He?s buying
drugs from me, sir.

Trash him!


According to section 21/NDPS Act

Ravindra?s crime
has been proven.

He gets 2 years of Imprisonment and Rs.
10K fine is imposed.

Which is the next case?
Shantaram case?

Sir! Sir!

Shut the hell up and keep quiet.

I am not the one who
sells Marijuana sir!

I will shoot you right now.
Keep quiet you rogue!

Sir, my mother promise I don?t
indulge in such things, sir.

Please leave me sir!

Aye, keep the gun back!

keep the gun back!

Sir, I am not guilty!

How dare you aim the gun at me?
You scoundrel, lower it now!

Hear this out Raju?

The post mortem report
will be like this!

As the bullet is pierced in
between the ear and the eye

..through the temple region.

That?s why the face
was blasted and..

could not be identified.
This will be the report.

-Tell me sir!

Ok, sir!

Hello! Gowri!
-This is Ravi speaking Gowri.

Aye Ravi.
Where are you my dear?

Since morning I?ve been calling you,
not reachable is what it states..

Which number is this?

Aiyyoo! I don?t have a phone now!.

The cops have
snatched it from me

What are you saying?

Since morning what?s
happening is beyond me!

In a marijuana case I?ve
been fixed by the police.

Gowri, I shot a policeman.

Now tell me that where are you?

Aye Aye taking my phone,
where are you rushing to?

Sir, just a minute,
I tell the address.

Jabbar Travels. At the Bus
Stop near the market.

That place!

You don?t go any where.
Be there. I?m coming.

Gowri, the cops will kill me Gowri.
I need some money Gowri.

Yes dear. I?m getting it.

You don?t go anywhere.
Be right there!

-Sir, can you return the phone?
I will miss my bus!


[Phone ringing]
Answer the call please!

Hello Ravi!

I?m not Ravi madam, Chandra.

Next to me is my wife.

Please call tomorrow
afternoon, I will be free.

Yuck! This is some stupid jerk!

Sindhu, come! Let?s go!

We will buy it come!

Hi mother!

Where are you off to?

We are off for shopping. She
wants to buy Jewellary!

How much time it will take?-About
half an hour to an hour.

Come fast! Ok mom! Bye.

Who gave this gun to you?

Since morning what?s
happening is beyond me!

Please don?t cry, Ravi.

Now what are you
planning on doing?

I want to leave
this city and go.

Come, I too will join you.
-Please understand me!

Just give me some
money that?s all.

I will go and somehow
hide myself.

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

?Dreams are like golden
jasmine flowers?

?Such a beautiful punishment
for a small fault?

?Impish play like
a coral jasmine?

?Separation sharp likes a petunia!
(Garden plant)?

?An ever flowing era for my love?

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

Gowri! Gowri! Gowri!
Please some one help!

?From your cheeks skies, did it ascend
to the skies, the crossandra flower?

?In your vastly endearing
chatter, a tug of issues?

?Your laughter is a cluster
of crape jasmine flower?

?My desire has a breath,
sewn a garland?

?Tell me my chrysanthemum how
many petals are there??

?In that many ways, I
am drawn towards you?

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

Hi Ravi!

Thank you Ravi for
saving my life that day.

It?s ok Madam.

What is this? You are
wearing bangle and all.

I?m a huge fan of
actor Vishnuvardhan.

I?ve seen his movies many times.

Why? Were you not able to
understand the first time?

Huh! Nothing like that.

?In mirth, when your face
blossoms, its a hibiscus?

Over and again butterflies
hover near you only to misled?

?While clutching secrecy,
you are a resolute oleander?

?For a tiny drop of honey in
front of you, shall I sway??

?Glued to me like divine
sandalwood, you are to me?

?I dream about you
whilst in your embrace?

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

?Dreams are like golden
jasmine flowers?

?Such a beautiful punishment
for a small error?

?Impish play like a coral jasmine?

What happened?

I am coming with you. That?s it.

Why did you bother coming?

I came to give you
the gun and go.

Hey, keep it inside.

?Impish play like
a coral jasmine?

?Separation sharp likes a petunia!
(Garden plant)?

?An ever flowing
era for my love?

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

Thank you for using SBM Bank debit/credit
card INR 15,000.00 KR market.

Hello Mrs.Shetty!
Don't worry!

The boy will not interfere with
your daughter?s life again.

I am least bothered about him!

This evening Gowri went with
her friend for shopping.

She has withdrawn Rs.15,000

I just called Gowri and her
phone is switched off.

I called her friend and she is lying that
she has no clues as to her whereabouts.

Give me that friend number.
I will talk to her.

I will text to you right away.

I am the Deputy Commissioner
of police speaking.-Yes sir!

Now where is Gowri?
-I have no idea, sir.

This is a police matter.

If something bad befalls her and
it turns out that you?re involved.

For you, it will be
a problem later.

Like a court case, do you
want to get in to all this?

Where is she now?

Sir, it?s like she went
in the Hyderabad Bus.

With whom? -With her
Ravi too went, sir.

You should have revealed all
of this earlier itself.

Small children, you
should be more careful.

She has boarded the Hyderabad
bus with her friend.

She will be back by morning.
Please you don?t worry.

For no reason my daughter?s
safety should be compromised.

That responsibility is mine.

Police station.

Sir, I?ve just returned
from Tirupathi.

I?ll understand the matter in
depth and inform you, sir.

Are there any eye witnesses?

None sir!

We enquired about the boy.It?s
said that he is very well behaved.

Since how many years
are you in service?

Answer to the point.

He has shot a Police
Inspector and escaped.

You think this is a joke. Stating
he?s not like that and well behaved.

Before commits another
crime, he has to be caught.

He has a weapon in hand.
-Sorry sir!

Is there any other
case against him?

No sir! This is his
first fresh case.

Fine! whatever the regular procedure,
you just follow it. Ok sir!

The core focus should be on bus
stand, Railways station and highways.

Check them! Ok sir!

Where are the seized items?
--It is in that station.

I want them everything
in the morning.

Please change the route. Police
got information -by Sindhu

Sindhu has sent this message.

We have to change the route!

The police have come
to know about us!

We will be stationed
for half an hour!

Those who want to
dine please do so.

We won?t stop anywhere ahead!


Come, we will check that side.

Shall we board another bus?

Not towards Hyderabad, come!

Where to?

We will change the route, baby.

I am unable to walk. Shall
we ask for a drop?

To where shall we
ask for a drop?

Some vehicle is nearing.
Stop it!

Stop! Stop! Stop! Aye
please drop sir!

Aye you moron!

Ask whether he will go
till the main road?

Sir, will you drop us
till the main road?

I will drop you. Come!


Uncle, get down!

What is this? You?re showing a gun and all.
What happened?

I will shoot you.

My car! My car!

Finally my wife got kidnapped!

SHARADHA! Hope nothing
happened to you!?

What kind of a cowardly husband are you?
without a care.

Leaving me alone in the car.
You?re without a care.

My car is gone! It?s gone.

Wait! I will ask them and come.

They will all be drunk.
You don?t understand.

I will ask them and return.

Brother, how to
reach the highway?

Go straight ahead. You
will get a Banayan tree.

Take a left turn and
there is the highway.

If you take a left turn near Dabaspet,
the highway starts from there.

Chinni, at the toll
gate they might check.

Go back and sleep.

Brother! Brother!

What is it?

We want a room

There is no room!

Check please!

I am checking.

For how many days, madam?

For an hour.


For an hour they want room.
A customer is here.

Take Rs.400 and give
them a room man.

What's your name?



Hey is it done?

How much time do you
need to open the door?

Hey stop! First I have to go in.

It's really bad man..the toilet!

You be inside, Gowri.

Ravi..it's you the police are serching
for.You go in. I will check who it is.

Who is this?

Mr.Prabhakar from reception.Please
open the door madam!

Hot water on the way, madam.


Which is this soap?

Famous soap, madam!

I don't use all this!

If I pay money, will you bring
another soap & Shampoo?

Sure, I will.

The shop will open much later.

Bring 2 cups of hot coffee.

In connection to yesterday's
murder of the sub Inspector at

Koramangala police station limits,
the police have registered a case.

A special team has setup by the
police to catch the accused Ravi.


Sir, Ravi showed the gun to
someone and stole the car.

The chikkaballapura
inspector was saying.

He's on the line.
Do talk to him.


Good morning, sir!

A case has been
brought in here, sir!

Give the phone to the car
owner if he is there.

Sir, greetings, sir.

-Did you see the guy?

Sir, I saw him!

That boy is this guy only, sir.

He is a good boy.

With him there was a girl, sir.

She pointed gun at me and stole
the car and went away, sir.

A girl? How was she to look at?

She was fair and quite
good looking, sir.

Let her be buried!

Some girl pointed gun at
you and you gave the car.

With great difficulty that
car was bought.Hello! Hello!

Tell me sir!

Driving the car, which
way did they go?

They went towards,
Bengaluru Sir.

Give the phone to
the police officer.

In that car, my wife's 2
sarees and my clothes were all kept.

Please give me the
phone!Give it to me.

Check towards Bengaluru
route and call me!

Ok sir! I will do it!

Sir, Ravi's phone and purse.

Do you know who this girl is?

Investigate it!

Oh! No Love birds!

This is a parrot chick case!

Last night this car has passed Tumakuru
toll as per the information we got!

Stop the check everywhere and intensify the
check on the Bengaluru-Poona High way.

If we ask our room boy we
will come to know sir.

Pravi..sir ..coming.

Does the CCTV work? Can
we see the footage?

CCTV is spoiled
since 2 days sir!

Sir, this morning I saw
him in the TV news.

Check properly before you talk..

Sure..this is the boy!

He had picked up a girl
and had come here..

She was wearing shorts.

They asked me to get coffee.

but by the time I went
and returned with the

coffee,they drove the
car and went away, sir.

Which way? -They went
towards Bengaluru, sir.

Sir, I am police
Inspector from Hiriyuru.

Sir, the girl and the boy, as they left
towards Bengaluru as found out at the hotel.

Why are you again heading
towards Bengaluru man?

You wait and watch
what I am going to do!

Leave the high way and
head towards the village.

It?s safe.I told you last
night.Now you're realising.

The brake has failed!

Hello chinni!

What happened man?

I asked why you're heading
towards Bengaluru?

But you have parked
the car here!

Are you crazy?

Haven't I parked
the car properly?

You don't know driving and
you will also not learn.

You go back to Bengaluru.I
will put you on a bus.

I will go to Hyderabad
and somehow I lie low.

Is Hyderabad on another planet?

If you make one false move, you
will get caught everywhere.

Else with a godesses of luck
like me, you will be safe.

Aiyyo your luck and me!

Aye chinni! wait man!

Why are you so tense?

Just a word! The people who
bombed and raped are relaxed!

What is your problem now?
Will you kindly shut up and silent!

What is open to shut?

Ok.. I am able to
understand your problem.

Do one thing.

I will give you a water bottle.

Hold that and go near the bush
and finish your work and come.

Why did you bring the
car here and stop!

Ayyyoo if it's with us,
it's a big burden.

Understand that, nutcase!

You do anything and die.But
don't come with me!

Ravi! wait for me man!

Wait! Let us die together.

I beleive that girl is shakuntala
shetty's daughter, sir.

That boy too working in her
mother's company, sir.

Please take Shakuntala
shetty's phone number, sir.

Police commissioner?s office.



Purandhar, ACP (Assistant commissioner
of police) has called me.

And he enquired about Gowri

He is probably
investigating the case.

What did you tell him?

I asked him not to
publicize the case.

I think he understood
my dilemma.

Have you found out anything
about my daughter?

Please don?t worry about your daughter.
Nothing will befall her.

Let that responsibility
rest on me.


That sub inspector Govindraju?s case,

which is being handled
by ACP Purandhar..

Find out who are all there
in his team and find out.

Okay sir!

?Decorative lamps in my eyes?

?Fortunes are in our pocket?

?Without a sound, the
town has vanished?

?A few wishes, I will hold,
as they are with me?

?Is there any fault, if
love does envelop me??

?The heart is a bag of pearls?

?Gifted by you?

?Walk me in your dreams,
when it is sunny?

?Serve me your love
if hunger strikes?

Madam, Is there any
room available?

Where are you from?

From Bengaluru.

Why are you here?

To see Chitradurga fort, sir.

Please pass your ID
proof if you have it.

Do you have it?

Without Identification
proof, we can't give room!

There are no rooms available.

Chinni, To get a room, we need
an identification proof like..

marriage Chain around
the neck or luggage.

You look like a piece
of luggage only.

Still why they are not
giving us a room?

Gowri, If I get angry I myself
don't know what I will do!?

I am watching you since 6 months.

You will not do anything.

Let us do one this!

In the same lodge,

You get a seperate room
and I get a seperate one!

Then we both stay
in the same room.

First time we are getting
in the room, Ravi.

I am sure about you.

But I am not sure about myself.

If something goes wrong, I
will file a case against you.

First of all I am embroiled
in a murder case.

Kidnapping one. Now a
rape case from your end!

Both mother and
daughter have together..

decided to put up in the
gallows, is that not?

Write your address
and sign here.

Give to me. I will write.

Please pay Rs.1000
as an advance.

Where is the room, sir?

First floor.Room no. 105.

I don't want this.

Order whatever you want.

I feel like eating schezwan
fried rice or Mexican dishes.

In Chitradurga where do we
get Mexican dishes, girl?

Eat this only. We have to leave.

What are you saying? I am
tired and feeling sleepy.

You have a siesta program too?

Aye..when I am asleep,
if you desert me.

Surely I will die, that's all.

Aiyyoo! I won't go
anywhere, Gowri!

I am going to sleep.

Sir, I am Sub Inspector
speaking from Hiriyuru town.

The car they stole is
abandoned next to

Hiriyuru -Tumukuru Highway
near a ditch, sir.

Is there any clue inside the car?
Do check!

Sir, we have searched the car.

Other than 2 bags we
found nothing inside.

Karnataka police
Intelligence department.

Anitha, your husband.

I am coming.

Anitha, In all the
newspapers, photos taken

from the same angle
have been published.

The department does not
have photos I beleive.

I am mailing a photo to you.

Trace the person holding the
camera in it and call me.


Hello, Manju!

Sir, madam had called.

In this pen drive there are
3 photos, do check sir.

Only 3 photos!

Yes, saying that there will be traffic
congestion, they cleared it soon.

They didn't allow us
to take photos, sir!

It's okay.
- Fine sir!

I will make a move, sir!
Thank you.

Drug smuggler kills
sub inspector.

Aye! don't switch
on the phone man!

Give it to me!

I will call the police.

Aye! don't switch on the phone!
The police will trace my number.

Let them do!
I will surrender!

What is wrong with you?

We are making one fault
after another, Gowri!

If we are making fault to
live, it is not a fault man.

Don't say many things
and confuse me!

Look here!

No need!

It has come in the TV and news
papers.You have even stolen a car!

First call your mother
and leave for Bengaluru.

I m not going anywhere
absconding you.

I have withdrawn money
without informing my mother.

It's a big fault.

I have run away from home.

I am really scared of my mother.
I won't call her at any cost

That's why let us avoid
all these confusions.

I will surrender.

Don?t Gowri. Let
me surrender man.

We will do one thing.

Here they have mentioned
an E-mail id.

Let us E- mail them
and fix a place

When the police come there, what
happened that day explain properly.

If they agree, let
us go with them.

And if they don?t?

If it is decided that we can survive
only if we commit mistakes, then let us!

Are you feeling that by falling in love
with me, you have done something wrong?

I don?t know. -Your fate!

Hello, where are you?

I am in Udupi!

Right! listen to me!

A shoot-out investigation is on. The
person dead is a Sub Inspector.

His left hand has two
missing fingers.

Something is fishy.

Because such peoples are not
appointed by our police department.

I have checked all the records.

He is an old rowdy sheeter called
coffee Appaiah, as I suspected.

You could have enquired
in our department.

Dude there are many
complications in this.

Just silently listen
to what I say.

If he still in Coorg
town, call me please!

After finishing the rituals,
I will go to Madikeri.

Once I go there, I will check
and inform you, Purandar.


Everything will become
all right, Ravi.

Don?t cry please.

If you cry, I too
feel like crying.

What if tomorrow, the police
catch me and throw me the jail?

If you are so much in doubt,
let us not mail them tomorrow.

If they put me to jail for
15 years, what will you do?

I will also murder someone
and land in the jail.

Why? To manage a
house hold in jail?

You are lying.

You will marry the guy your
mother selects and live well.

It is not like that Chinni.

Since you will be jail bird, no one will
give you their daughter for marriage.

As I am a criminal, I too will
be rejected for marriage.

Both of us are a criminal pair.
It will be fun.

Chinni, I will sleep
right here itself.

Ravi! I have mailed
the cops, man.

Right, switch off the phone.

Walk me in your dreams
when it is sunny

Serve me your love
when hunger strikes

Eclipse this world!

Embroider me in mirth

If you are truly my beloved

My heart is a total pedestal

In which you rule in all glory

Walk me in your dreams
when it?s sunny

Serve me your love
when hunger strikes

Gowri here! Hi, can we meet at Gopalswamy
temple at 6 p.m. We are innocent-Thanks.

Which Gopalswamy temple?

Deliberately, simply
clashing with you

In my eyes, on you
showed my affection.

At times, I became mute
while chatting away

I will embrace all
your pains with love

Protect me if I go crazy

In Tumkuru-Bengaluru road, Gopalswamy
temple! Where is it? Do check!

Sir, near Dobaspete, there
is one such temple.

Brother, what is the time?
- 5?o clock!

We had told them to come by 6?o
clock, is it not? They are early!

Yes, that?s so.
Come fast ! Gowri.


Sir, we are here!

Here! Here!

What happened man!?

Chinni, I will hurry and
get some cloths for you.

You don?t go anywhere
Be right here.

?Why have you born.. so much
hardship, I have been through..?

?Why am I here.. to tell you toys..?

?In this world, man has a
very short life span..?

?without him, this earth
revolves as usual.?

?We don?t have control over
the time, what can we do??

?Let's hold the time with
us and play drama..?

?The toy player..?

?Who is staring me all time..?

?Why should I..
worry like you..?

?The toy player..?

?Who is staring me all time..?

?Why should I..
worry like you..?

I don?t want this.

Ravi, what happened?

It?s burning!

Hey!Hey! Hey!Hey!


Koramangala Police station.

May I speak with ACP ? (Assistant
commissioner of police)

He is here, Madam. I
will connect him.

Hello! Tell me!

Who is it?

I am Gowri Shetty.

Are you the ACP talking?

Yes! Purandar here!

Are you a human?
This is insane!

Saying you will meet us.
You shoot at us!

Now listen to me Gowri!

You misled me. No one
tuned up there!

Where are you now?


Yesterday you shoot at us!


At the Chitradurga fort
didn?t you shoot at us!?

Chitradurga Fort!?

There has been some

I was waiting elsewhere.
-What nonsense!

Not knowing where we
were.You came to kill us!

Listen! Like a cat, you?re
asking for the address!

Are you listening? -Bunch
of losers you are!

Now stop yelling!
- I will kill you!

Tell me where you are!
--Yuck! You are all idiots.

Where are you?

Was the call traced?

What happened? The tower
signal was weak sir.

Did it lock?
- No sir.


I am speaking from Purandar
sir?s office sir.

Few minutes back, Shakunthala Shetty?s
daughter called our office saying

?Last evening near Chitradurga
Gopalswamy pond, why did you shoot us??

She was scolding him sir.

But sir, Purandar sir didn?t
go to that place at all, sir!

-Yes sir!

Where did the call come from?

It was traced to be
from Davanagere city.

I will confirm you the exact
location after half an hour, sir!


Greetings sir!

Chandrashekar! -Sir!

Yesterday, while the program was
going on near Gopalswamy pond

Anything happened?

Yes sir! A boy and
a girl saw us sir!

What did you do? --We fired
around 3 rounds sir!

We searched for them all
night, but in vain, sir!

Go and eat some mud!

Couldn?t you finish the
assigned task properly?

Why didn?t you inform
me yesterday evening?

I thought of finishing
the job and inform you.

Where are you now?
--Chitradurga city!

Both of them are at
Davanagere city.

This issue before it is leaked
to TV media and news paper

Close the matter.

Both of them, sir?

Close the matter!
Close it, okay?

Right sir, okay.

What did he say?

Aye, we have to finish both
that boy and girl, it seems!

Who is this?

Hello, Ravi!

Did someone come and
knock on the door?-- No!

Now listen. The
police are here!

Don?t open the door,
if someone knocks.

Right? Yes, yes.


Its 3 days since
Gowri left home.

I am really worried.

Why are you simply getting worried?
It will be ok.

Where is she?

As I told you earlier.
We are keeping track.

Being concerned so much about my
daughter, have I taken it too far?

Nothing like that.

That boy is not good.

He is a criminal you know?

See your daughter will realize this and
she will leave him and come to you.

Just wait and watch, okay?

Tell me dude.

I am on the way to Bengaluru.

Hello! Stop the call. While driving
you are happily chatting.

Sorry madam.

Dude I will call you later.
I am driving.

What time will you
reach Bengaluru?

It might take about
4.5 hours, madam.

Drive leisurely. --Right madam.

Is sir suffering from
chronic fever, madam?

Aye, stop the vehicle!
--Please don?t madam.

Aye stop it!

Aye, give the phone.
--Please don?t madam.

It is only if you have this
gun, that you will steal cars.

Aye give it to me!

Will you just sleep Ravi!

Before you open your eyes,
I will show you Mumbai.

You are not well just sleep.

Sir, I showed Ravi?s photo.

That lad too was right sir.

Which way were they travelling?

Sir, they have booked
the car for Bangaluru.

Mostly they have headed there.

No it is all false. They are
simply confusing here.

Check the toll both the ways.
-Sure, sir.Okay

Mr.Venkatappa, write
a complaint.

Please go and give the
vehicle number properly.

What are you doing?

See, I am changing the number plate.

Just like that, I
am thinking smart!

Same just like your mother.

Cauvery Bar and Restaurant,
Coorg, Madikeri.

Purandar, the person you
asked for is right here.

I will give it to him.
Take this, speak!

Who is it? -- It?s ACP man.

Tell me sir.

What?s happening Sub
Inspector GovindRaj?

In Bengaluru they are conducting
rituals for your demise.

And in the Coorg town you are
drinking there happily!

When you said Inspector
GovindRaj, I remembered.

After the case, none in your department called
to inquire If I am breathing or not, sir!

Please get me my
Rs.10, 000 Sir!

In Inspector GovindRaj?s name, to stage this
dram, who was it who gave you this deal?

Please don?t play
the fool, sir!

Is it not your department
who called me?

I kept the gun on the
dashboard, the gun fell down.

and the boy picked it up!

I shot from another gun, sir!

The boy got scared and ran away!

I put blood on my face and fell on
the steering, they took photos.

Get dressed fast man!

They took me in the ambulance
and left me half way.

Add something to it
and give me, sir!

This is what they
have given.Go man!

I asked for money, but
they refused, sir!

You really don't know?

I swear on my daughter,
I don't know sir!



Sub Inspector GovindRaj (SI)

Is the dead man speaking?

He is not dead, Ani!

SI GovindRaju's death was a drama
that was completely staged.

The photo that was published in the paper
is that of a local rowdy Coffe Appaiah!

He is boozing in Coorg town.
I just spoke to him.

If you trash him and take him to
task, he will open his mouth.

Impossible, Ani. He
is a rowdy sheeter.

In the entire deal, he will be
ignorant as to where he stands!

Has something like this happened
in the department before?

Quite a few!

I feel that if you trace
the real SI GovindRaju

perhaps you will get a solution
to all these problems.

In Chitraduga Gopalswamy pond,
an unidentified dead body found.

Puru, 2 days ago near
Chitradurga's Gopalswamy pond..

..didn't you mention that the guy
and the girl were attacked?

They have found a dead
body near the pond.

See, the news has been
published in the news paper.

The bullet has entered the
body next to the neck.

As the fish have eaten it away, the
face can't be identified properly.

There is a mark here!
-One second.

About SIGovindRaju, I got
few deatils about Inspector

After that, this SI GovindRaju has
reported to work for a mere 10-15 days.

Even there, not a single day has
he correctly reported for duty.

The most interesting
news is that recently

there was news about the demise
of SI GovindRaju in Bengaluru

Till then no one knew that such a
person exists in the department.

It's really strange , Ani!

Puru, this Govindaraju's prominent
identification marks are

There is a swelling mart
on his left hand forehand

and on his right hand ha has
tattooed his mother's name.

So it's confirmed, Ani.

Who is dead here is the
real SI GovindRaju!

I want few more details
about this GovindRaju!

Just check and let me know!

Department of Forensic medicine.


I am Purandar, the ACP speaking!

Tell me sir!

There is a small case.I got to
know that you will co-operate.

That's why I called you.

What is it, tell me, sir!

A post mortem report
has to be faked now!

Sir, what are you saying?

I am not such a person, sir!

Who conducted the post mortem report
for SI GovindRaju? Is it not you?

Yes, sir!

But SI GovindRaju's post mortem is
happening at Chitradurga city hospital!

Which body did you conduct
post mortem report on?

That is an inside matter!

Let it be within ourselves, sir!

Sindhu, I am ACP
Purandar speaking!

Sir, tell me!

The money is melting over.

I told you,but you
didn't listen to me.

Will you keep quiet?

Who are you calling?

Aye, hi gowri, how are you?

Leave all that aside. Listen!

Sindhu, I am in need
of urgent help.

I need some money.I
will return you back.

You first listen!

Some police inspector named
Purandar wants you to call him.

He was saying that there
is something important!

Please don't call any
friends, got it!

Get lost!

Are we serving the nation that
everyone has to jump and help us!

ACP Purandar, we have
to call, I believe.

Do we really need to?


Kormangala police station.

ACP Purandar sir is there? -May
I know who is on the line?

I am Gowri shetty. I
wanted to talk to him.

Sir is not in town.

Ok sir, tell me sir! 9845..

Give the phone to Ravi!

When you have
decided to kill us.

What difference does it make
as to who you are calling to.

Talk to me, sir.

See, without committing any crime, you
are running without any directions.

I have to explain everything
in detail to you.

For that, you need to
meet me, understand that!

I don't believe you, sir!
Whatever it is, talk to me!

You have to! Give
the phone to Ravi!

Sorry, sir!

I said give the phone to Ravi!


When you shot that day, did you
see the bullet being fired?

Sir, that day in the panic, I
don't know what happened, sir.

I heard the sound
of an explosion.

I opened my eyes and he had
fallen on the steering, sir!

But that day the gun that was in
your hand did not fire the bullet.

This is because the person
is not dead, he is alive!

Do you have the gun right with you?
-Yes sir! Open it!

Do what I say! -Yes sir!
Tell me sir!

Open the magzine.
-How to open it, sir?

There is a button
there.press it.

It must be on the
other side, check !

How many bullets are there?
--Six bullets.


In a fully loaded gun,there
should be 6 bullets only!

By chance,if one was fired, there should
have been five, isn't it?--Yes sir!

Then? You have not
killed anyone.

I am killing you
is what you think!

No! I will save you!

You don't come anywhere!I will
come where you are and meet you.

Please, you will have to believe
me!I will have to save you.

Where are you now?

Hubballi , sir!

Ok, stay right there
and don't go anywhere.

?Memory is a circadian Jasmine?

?Dreams are like golden
jasmine flowers?

?Such a beautiful punishment
for a small fault?

?Impish play like
a coral jasmine?


Can you hear me?

I am leaving to Hubballi now.

Ravi & Gowri are meeting me at 6 p.m.
near chennamma circle.

Sir, Gowri & Ravi are meeting our officer
at 6.p.m. near hubballi chennamma circle.

He had called his wife.


See, I have got an information!

If I get delayed getting back
then meet me near Unakallin kere.

On slippery lanes, it
looks like it has ended.

Glancing back, there
lies a border.

If I turn and run ahead,
there lies a border.

The anklets are such that
they have knotted the earth.

Does it matter as to where
we go or where we come.

Does it matter as to where
we sit or where we stand.

Sir, tell me!

Why have not you
called till now?

Sir, we are still searching!

You're an idiot, I say!

Yes sir! He escaped in a
fraction of a second!

It is because of dumb asses like you
that our department is like this!

Oh, it's burning like mad!

You, you I will transfer you!


Come here I say!
Tell me, sir!

How much is this?

Rs.30,000, sir!

Right.About the Mangaluru drug
deal, I have got some information.

8 months ago,an infomation was
received from Karwara town

about a drug deal case which
was running in a big scale.

3 police officers
teamed up and raid it.

About 100 millions worth
of drugs are siezed and..

..this information was given
by them to the government.

After this in a few days
sub inspector GovindRaju..

..goes missing suddenly
from the team.

Then asking for a transfer, he
himself begets the tranfer

..without the order
of the government.

Seeing all this..

the account given
to the government..

..something worth more than
that in tune of many millions.

..has been gulped
is what I feel.

When the officers were
sharing the ammount equally,

Something has gone amiss, PURU!

This SIGovindRaju has not paid
up and has gone in to hiding.

Later he must have been
caught in Chitradurga city.

By chance if he is apprehended
and opens his mouth

..then all the three
will get jacked.

So they all have joined and
killed him, thats what I feel.

Who all were there in the team?

Chandrashekar, Narayanswamy
and GovindRaj.


..the area incharge was deputy
commissioner Suryakanth

Ok, Ani, I will call
you again later.

They are travelling in the high
way in the same direction.

We were supposed to meet
them up in Hubballi.

I waited but they
didn't turn up!

If they have the intention to mislead,
they would have gone to the next town.

I will go to Belagavi and check!

If you get any clue
here, inform me.

See Chandrashekar, you
go straight to Belagavi.

Ok, sir!

You have to be closely trail,
officer Purandar.--ok, sir.

You have to finish that boy and the
girl before they meet Purandar

Okay, sir!

See I am warning you.This is
your last time.--yes sir.

This time too, if you say such a strory
that you are unable to catch them,

..then you will not be able
to leave Belagavi city.

Okay, sir!

I will go,change my
dress and return.



Gowri! please talk to me!

Where are you,Gowri?

Why didn't you contact
me all these days?


I am scared of you ma!

Why are you scared?

I don't know, ma!

I feel scared!

Ma, do you remember?

Once because I came
late from school,

the whole night you let
me be outside the door.

I called you many times Mama! Mama! many
times but you didn't open the door!

When I remember your anger
even now, I get scared Ma!


If you want to return
come back alone!

I really love him a lot ma!


Please ma!


What happened? Why
are you crying?

What happened man?

My last hope was my Mama!

She herself told me
not to come home!

Don't cry, Gowri, nothing
will happen, be calm!

Why are you behaving
is such a rude way?

Is it because you think everything
is happening because of me!

Be honest and tell me!

Are you scared to take
my responsibility?

Answer me.
I am asking you.

Be quite Gowri! My
head is splitting!

This..this is not the
answer to my question!

You are so selfish!

And I believed you and came!

When my mama ditched us, I
thought you would console me.

I don't have anyone man! I feel
I have committed a blunder!

Don't cry Gowri!

Then answer me!

Let us stay together.

You're not saying
this from your heart!

Aye, that day you asked me
repeatedly to leave, Ravi!

I will go now, but I
will not go home.

I will go somewhere else!

I won't die. I will live and
how you.--Aiyyo Gowri sorry!

Please understand.I didn't
mean that!--Leave me!!


Why you are so dull?

Last night did I say
something and sudden you?

In the early morning, I
had a bad dream, Ravi!

The police shot you and
my mother dragged me!

In that chitradurga peak,

police who were searching
with a torch you know?

I coudn't remember
properly what was it?

People says, the dreams that you
have in the morning will come true!

We both will die!

As far as I remember, we
haven't harmed anyone, Ravi!

This life is what
you have saved man!

My breath is a gift
that you have given.

Why is that everyone
wants to kill us!?

Gowri, we are almost
reaching Belagavi.

Just ahead is Mumbai!

New city, new life
and new people!

Don't worry, we
can somehow live.

We are dying without money!

Who is waiting to help us?

Hey, shall we sell this bangle?

This is your love gift!

To hell with the love!

If we sell this bangle, we will
get a flight ticket to Mumbai!

You are really super!

Oh! it smells!

First change this shirt!

You fell in the ditch and
hugged me and wept like a baby!

It's you who is smelly!

We don't want this.Let us go!

In between cities,
tar was put by whom?

Who fixed milestone stand
proclaimed that this was a city?

Whose guiding finger did
we believe and come?

We, our own shadow have
killed a long ago.

When every life's journey
only ends in the mud!

What if there is life?
What if there isn't?

What then is the way? What
then is the direction?

On slippery lanes, it
looks like it has ended.

Glancing back, there
lies a border.

If I turn and run ahead,
there lies a border.

If you have to help us, should
we tell you our entire story?

Without a clue,wide eyed
on the road,while you were..

..standing as if you
have lost something.

I realized then that
you are love birds.

Have you escaped from home?

See! all that we have is this
bangle and the phone and then..

That's all sir! Nothing else!

You have to escape to
Mumbai from here!--Yes!

Firstly, I get a room for
both of you with my money.

Freshen up!

I will get this bangle sold
in front of your eyes!

Rs.30,000 here!

How much do you need in this?

For me? Give.

This is for the ticket!

This is for the identification!

This is for the
lunch and dinner.

Aye! Police!!

This one! where?


Gowri, What are you
all playing with me?

You have already
helped us a lot, sir!

Before we take any
bad decisions..

Please just leave us alone!

Last evening, at hubballi
circle, you promised to meet.

Where are you now?--We
don't need this crap!

Believing you, we?ve already
committed a huge mistake!

Again and again your department
people are following us,

I am not the kind to keep quiet.

I will expose you in the
social media.

Who is talking?

No..who is following you?
Listen to me!

I will promise nobody
will follow you.

I really don't care about you.

Please stop following
us over and again!

I know your network. I
know where all you are.

I,I just have a
last option left!

I am writing a suicide letter.I
will add your name in that.

and die that's all!

Gowri!listen! Don't take..

I will destroy your life.
--Right here, RAMDEV hotel.

Right here, Ramdev hotel, come fast!
Room no.309!

Right here, Ramdev hotel, come fast!
Room no.309!

I will shoot you, leave him.


Don't shoot ,Gowri!

If you know how to
shoot properly,

by now 3 corpses
would have fallen!

Near Gopalswamy pond
some 2 policemen

you called them and without
even talking to you..

they shot you. All
this you have written.

Yes, sir!

Can you identify who they are?

We mailed Purandar, sir!

He may have been one of them

The other, I didn't know.

Saying may have been..

..in doubt here is not possible!

This is a matter
of life or death!

We were near the temple!

They were far away at the pond!

I couldn't identify them.


Put a signature on this
paper with today's date.

Tell me, sir!

See, that girl has given
a signed statement!

Stating that she hasn't seen
anything at Gopalswamy pond.

Tell this to Narayana Swamy also.
--Okay, sir!


now missing, kidnapping have
all been laid to rest.

Now it is a case of
encounter death!

There will be an
enquiry against you!

I will help you!

Take Gowri's statement .

File a report accordingly!

There is no accused in this case.

There are accused
remaining, sir.

That boy died for no reason!

The reason for his death is
known both to you and to me.

In the enquiry, I will report
completely whatever happened, sir.

Ravi is a poor boy!

For having saved her daughter, her
mother might have thanked you, isn't it?

The police behave in a way that
makes the public scold them, PURU!

What you did is not right!

Why are you smiling?

Is it because you think you
have achieved something great?

All this is happened
because of you!

Because of me?--yes!

How is that?

Is it not you, who told me
about the Mangaluru drug deal?

In Belagawi, when I saw
Naryanswamy & Chandrashekar,

I weighted everything once!

On thing I got confirmed.

Both Gowri and
Ravindra will die!

I don't know whose
good fortune it was!

Gowri called me.

I was able to detect the
hotel they were staying in.

It was me who barged in first!


Why are you looking at my face?

Did you know who gave this deal?

Gowri's mother!

If the police had not got the deal,
some rowdies would have killed you!

Do you have any idea as to what kind
of cases is piled up in your name?

Drug, murder, kidnapping!

None of these are
connected to you!

You are being falsely
linked to all these.

Even now if you go
out, you will be dead!

Sir, she is my life!
I really love her.

Aye, That's what I
am harping you!

It's only when you have a
life that you can love.

Go and save your life first!

Shut your trap and leave her!
You both have to seperate!

Gowri will die if I
am not with her, sir!

Earlier you were
the only target.

Is that what you want?

Nothing bad should
happen to my Gowri, sir!

See, I will promise you.
Nothing will happen.

Act like I tell you
and you will suvive.

What do you say?

I will do it, sir!

Tell me, sir!

Prepare a post mortem report!

The name is Ravindra.

Are you planning to inform
Gowri that Ravi is alive!

I don't know!


Don't forget to forgive me,
if you do remember me.

Light up your dreams.

..if darkness engulfs you.

Only you well being..

I cause for my love..

From you, far away,
I will run away!

This mind of memories,
it is an edition.

The pages to turn, I hesitate.

Don't forget to forgive
me,if you do remember me.

Light up your dreams.

if darkness engulfs you.

Aye when I asleep, if you
desrt me, sure I will die.

Are you feeling that by
falling in love with me

you have done something
wrong?--I don't know!

Are you scared to take
my responsibility?

Hey, wait, let us die together.

Unseen in any other
place,this concentration.

By seeing it only,
did it happen thus?

Did it slip from my hands,
this story of mine!

If not today, later to join you.This
longing will keep me alive!

When I get you, all
this I will narrate.

I like this alliance if Chetan is
going to become my son-in law.

This mind is a limitless ocean.

At night they are wakeful waves.

Hi Gowri!

Hello Gowri!

Gowri, it's me!

Who is it? Gowri, It's me Ravi!


How are you?

The cool breeze has
brought in your voice.

In my eyes are drying
the small tear drops.

In me, as a smile,you
are standing.

Without blinking eyes, only your
arrival will eagerly await for

You...I will see at any cost.

This mind has enacted this drama.

In life stirring intrigue.

Hey, Chandrashekar,
What has happened?

I don't know sir, only
coconut shells are here!

Check properly!!