Dunia Tanpa Suara (2023) - full transcript

The opening day of Tea Shop "Yang Bercerita" will be the day that will change the story of Arissa's friendship with Kania and Arissa-Ezra's imperfect love.

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My name...

is Arissa.

Thank you for coming to
a world without sound.

See you again.

I'm going out.

Eat first.

But I'm late.

I cooked, you know.

Don't speed, okay?

Yes, Madame.

Thank you, Sir.

If you need me to pick you up, text me.

Yes, thank you. I know. It's today, yeah.

Thank you, I know. Thank you very much.

- I'm so sorry.
- Zra. What happened?

I'll call you back. Yeah. Okay.

I'm so sorry. Hold on.

So sorry. Oh, dear...

It's for...
It's fine. There is another one inside.

You can change inside.

Do you...

Let me take you.

You can change inside. Okay?

Come on.

Thank you for waiting. And
thank you for coming...

to the grand opening
of our tea shop, Tea That Tells a Story.

Let's welcome the founder of the Tea That
Tells a Story, my very good friend, Ezra.

Good morning, everyone.

Who loves coffee?

There are many of you.

Too bad I don't sell coffee here.

What about tea? Who loves it?

You, Miss. Do you like coffee or tea?


He asked you if you like tea or coffee.



You have come to the right place, then.

I bet you loved to buy sweet iced tea in
front of your school when you were a kid.

How do I know? Because that was how I was.

Sweet iced tea is my
childhood's sweetest memory.

I can still taste how fresh it was.

And it grew on me, my love for tea.

It made me learn about
the many types of tea.

I mean, name it.

You have mint, chamomile,
green tea, oolong, rooibos.

And tea has always been healthy for us.

But without sugar.
It won't be healthy with sugar. Right?

Agree? Am I right?

Do you know when tea is enjoyed the most?

It's enjoyed the most when we drink it while
we're chatting with our closest friends.

So, here we are. Tea that tells a story.


If you need inspiration to write,
you should come here.

It's near your home.

I will come here often.

Wait a moment.

Ezra, come here.


How was my speech? Good?

It was great.


Meet my friend, Arissa.

His name is...




Sorry about earlier,
when I spilled tea on your clothes.

I'm so sorry.

She says it's fine.

Den! Deni!

Kania's here.

Hey! Kania. I thought you wouldn't
come because you were busy.

I would surely make time to come.

Congrats to you two.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Meet my friend, Arissa.

Hang on. I met you outside.
We haven't been introduced yet.

I'm Deni, Ezra's and Kania's friend.
What's your name?

Den, don't talk too fast.

I told you about her. You forgot?

- Which one?
- He forgot.

I'm Arissa. I cannot hear you.

Cool! It's cool, Den.

They say you're cool.

Cool, isn't it?

Guys, let's try a different tea.

- A different one?
- Another variant.

So you know every variant.

He said you're cool?

That was sweet talk.


Not many people say I'm cool.

For me, you're the most special.

How's it going with the publisher?

It's going.

Early tomorrow morning,
I'm going to meet them with Kania.

I told you we're early.

It's better than being late.

Hello. Arissa?

That's me.

Come, let’s have a chat.


Just a bit more.

But it's good now.

Thanks, Ma'am.

I'll make it better.

Why is this lucky cat facing the wall?

This must be Adit's doing.

- What?
- This can't do.

Why me, Yana?

This cute cat is here to attract guests.

So it must be put in the front.

Watch what you're saying.

You talk as if all customers love cats.
What about the ones who don't like them?

What kind of customer
doesn't like a cat this cute?

Just look. Cute and adorable just like me.

- Cute?
- Just look.

- What did you say?
- Cute.

Oh, dear.

Its eyes are like a snake
oil salesman in debt.

How can you say it's cute?

Such bad taste you have.

It's cute, Dit.

- Do you know why I put it facing the wall?
- Why?

Its eyes are glaring scarily.

No, Dit. What's scary is your grandma.
This one's cute.

That's a bad joke.

Why did you bring up my grandma?
She's not with us anymore, you know.

How can you consider that as cute?

How can you believe that
cat brings us guests?

That's called shirk. You got that? Shirk!

- Astaghfirullah!
- Praise the Lord.

You startled me?

You did the same thing.


Oh dear, Miss.

- Speak if you want to talk to me.
- That's right!

- Don't be silent.
- Right!

- You startled me.
- Right!

What if my friend here is startled
and has a heart attack, a kidney failure...

hypertension, pregnancy problem?
Are you going to be responsible for those?

Sorry, can I order now?

Yes, you can.

Can I see the menu?

I don't understand her.

Hold on, I don't understand.

But let me explain them to you.

What method do you like? From China?
We have it.

It's called gong fu cha. That includes...

Why is she looking around?

Hey. Gong fu cha method.
That's a method from China.

Hey! It's a method that uses...

To make it, we use a small teapot
and a small cup to brew the tea.

And usually, it uses oolong and black tea.

Does she understand me?

What are you saying?

- Dit.
- What?

I think she's hard of hearing.

- What?
- She's hard of hearing.

- What?
- She's deaf.

She's looking around.

Shut your mouth.

Sorry, everyone.

Sorry. My friend here...

How can she be pretty but hard of hearing?

Calm down.

Let me handle it. Trust me.


Okay. I can help you write.

The menu. Hurry.

- Boss!
- Hey!

Chill, Boss.

Dit, is that for Arissa?

Hi. How are you?

Are you well?

Cool. You can sign?

How come?

- Slowly. I...
- Have you been doing it for long?

- Why didn't you do it the other day?
- Hang on. I'm still learning.

Maybe I can write it down?

I can only sign, "Hello. How are you?"

I see.

I learned it from your video.
I've subscribed to your channel, you know.

Thank you.

Make a lot of content, please.

So I can be good at signing.

Because I want to be able to talk to you.

- Good evening, Dad.
- Good evening.

- You're home already?
- Just now. I'm going in.





My name is...




I'll give you a nickname.
It's part of the deaf culture.

"E" on your dimple. It's
a specific character.

What's the sign for your nickname?

It's "Arissa" for me.

Because I like to write.

What's this?

Hot tea.


One hot tea with lemon.

Oh, the boss is feeling hot.
Crank down the AC.

- You understand?
- Of course!

My sign is clear. You have to take notice.

One hot tea with lemon.

- I get it!
- What, you understand?

The boss is exhausted.
He did 1 kilo of laundry.

- Be serious, Dit.
- Why would he do laundry?

Be serious?

You sign just like Naruto. This, and this.


One fried banana...

with caramel.

Boss, order seriously.

I haven't learned sign language.

It's fine, Dit. We're learning too.

Learn how?

He is so bad at signing.

It's confusing.

Do you know what Adit is saying?


Whenever I see his face,
it makes me want to laugh.

Leave. Just leave.

That one...


Miss Arissa's here, Boss.

Good afternoon, Miss Arissa.
Let me take you to your table.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

- I'll call you.
- Yes, Boss.


You're welcome.

Can I borrow your book?

Do you want go out with me?

The cake.

What do you think?

I can't hear it.

Hang on.

Come with me.

You wait here, okay?

I'll get the car.

It's pouring.

No problem. Wait here.

What are you doing?

It's wet. Are you okay?

No problem. We're both wet.

We're both wet.


Thanks for taking me home.
I'm really happy.

You're welcome. I'm happy too.

I'm going in.

- Mom, I was...
- Get in.

Get in now.

Where did you take my daughter?

Do you know what time it is?

Yes, I'm sorry...

Do you realize that Arissa
is different than you?

If something happens to her...

can you take responsibility?

- I'm so...
- Go home now.

Yes, Ma'am.

God be with...

Hey! What's with that sad face?

Well, I just got scolded by Arissa's mom.

It's your fault.

Why didn't you think first
before you liked her daughter?

What's my fault?

It's not about what your fault is.

What, then?

What's wrong with you? Arissa is...

- What?
- You seriously don't get what I mean?

- What?
- She's... Oh, dear.

If you don't talk, how do I understand?

What you just said!

If you don't talk, how do you understand?

What does it have to do with Arissa?

You're handsome, but you're an idiot.

Here's what I mean.

Arissa is pretty.

She's smart.

She's nice. Well, let's
say she's almost perfect.

No, nobody's perfect, Den.

I know that. Sorry, but...

she can't talk.

She can talk, but...

the way she talks is different.
She uses a different language. That's it.

And how do you communicate?

With sign language.

Adit said you sign horrendously.
Can you really do it?

Could you instantly talk while you were a baby?
No, right? You learned first. A-B-C-D-E-F-G...

It's the same here. I'm learning sign
language, so I can talk with Arissa.

You have a point.

But hey, let's get
serious for a little bit.

If I was Arissa's mom...

maybe I would be thinking...

that this boy only wants to play around
with my daughter.


maybe I would be thinking...

"This boy, can he be
serious with my daughter?"

I'm serious. I'm serious with Arissa.

Does her mom know?

How do I tell her that?
I was only breathing and she...

Excuses excuses.

What excuse? That's what happened!

A lot of girls like you, man.

Why do you have to like Arissa?

Who likes me?

- You?
- No way.

- If I liked guys, I'd choose a better guy.
- If you like, it's fine by me. Just say it.

- Why are you thinking like that?
- It's fine. Don't be ashamed.

You look like you're jealous.
It's as if you don't like me liking Arissa.

- Bro, I'm your best friend. I want the best for you.
- It's okay. I'm also your best friend, man.

I also want the best for you.
It's okay if you like me.

You talk nonsense when you're bored.

So romantic. Here, drink it. It's okay.

No. What's wrong with you?

Ezra: Where are you?

Who brought you home yesterday?

My new friend. A friend of Kania’s too.

Do you like him?

Why are you asking that?

I have never seen you come home late.

When you get home,
you always tell me about your day.

Be careful.

Your feelings might not be reciprocated.

And even if they are,
the relationship might not survive.

You stay at home today.

You were gone until late yesterday.

Home. Rest. You accompany me.

Dit. The cake.

Yes, Boss.

Here it is.

He's so handsome. Like me.

Why is he so anxious?

I'm glad that I have finished my exam.

How's your cafe? It's going well so far?


so far so good, you know.

About 30-40 customers a day.

Haven't reached the
target, but it's a start.

I think you should open
another branch elsewhere...

to cover the shortfall here.

Impossible, Kan.
Where do I get the money for that?

Find an investor.

I think you're thinking way too far ahead.

One at a time.

Let me grow this place.

And then maybe later on I can find
an opportunity to open a branch.

One day, maybe.


Why haven't you been
picking up my phone lately?

Have I not?


Yeah, you know.

I'm managing this place and...

And I've been learning sign language.

Sign language?


So I can talk to your friend.

I almost dropped out.

If the professor didn't
pity me, I wouldn't pass.

What about me?
I was asked to get a master's degree.

I'm tired, you know.

Watch what you're saying.
You're so arrogant.

Not everyone can get a master's degree.
You should be grateful.

I did all this for my mother.

Or else I would already be
building a business like you guys.

Right, Zra?


Sorry. What did you say?

I got to go.

- Where are you going?
- Take care.

Kan? Kania? Kan?

You insensitive guy!

- What? What did I do?
- Whatever.

I want to...

Chamomile tea?

What do you mean?

Oh, cake?

I made this myself.


You made that cake yourself?

Yes, I did.

You made it with milk?

Yes, cow milk.

Wait a moment.

Zra, Arissa just said
that she made the cake with cow milk.

You're lactose intolerant.

Sorry, I...

Hang on.

What's the matter?

I'm allergic to dairy.

I'm sorry.

You can read Ezra's handwriting?

I can.



I'll be right back.

Zra, this is yours.


Zra, a vendor would like to meet upstairs.


I'll be upstairs for a while.

What's going on?

I'm meeting a vendor.

I'm going to the toilet.

I'll be a friend you can talk to.

I'll make your teeth dry by smiling.

What's wrong?

I did not bring my keys.

You wait here.


Hold this.

Come on.

Watch me.

I'm scared.

It's safe.

Peace be upon you, Auntie.

The lock was...

Here. For you and Arissa.

There are klepons inside.

Are you close with Arissa?

We're getting to know each other.

What do you think about Arissa?

She's so nice. I learn a lot from her.

After my mother, she's the...

Arissa has experienced
many hardships in her life.

So please, don't make it harder for her.

But I...

You know she's deaf, right?

She can't talk like you.

Do you realize that?

Yes, I'm learning sign language.

You're good at it now?

I'm still learning.

But I'm learning seriously.

It sounds cool.

What do you mean?

Here's the thing, Ezra.

I knew a guy like you.

Yes. A perfect guy
who loved a girl with imperfection.

He'd love to learn the language
of someone he loved.

But in the end that guy
gave up, and he left.


When will your feelings disappear?

When the lack of communication
forces you to move away from each other.


I raised Arissa by myself.

Without any help.

I love Arissa more than I love myself.

Can you do that?

I can.

And what about your family?

Your father, your mother,
your aunts and uncles, your siblings.

What are you talking about?

A lot.

Drink the tea.


Mr. Ezra, here's your food.

Thanks. Just put it here.

Thank you.

Kania: Zra, let's go to the
tea plantation tomorrow!

Your dad's tea plantation
is from there to there?

Of course not, Zra. Not this part.
Only this part.

Okay. So from here to there. Is that so?

- Yup.
- Well, that's...

That's still huge.

I brought you here...

because I want to make an offer
to be your tea supplier.

Who knows? Maybe you want
to make packaged tea.

I can supply it for you.

About the price...

relax, it's a friend's price.

Thank you.


Do you know that I like someone right now?

I think this is the first time...

that I have liked
someone for a long time.

Since four years ago.

He's cute.


He always makes me laugh.


he's smart.


I like you, Zra.

Let's just go.


Take off your blazer first.

What's wrong with you?

I told you once that I liked someone.

I don't get it.

Please elaborate.

I like this one person.


Whom do you like?

Ezra: Hi, where are you?

You read my message, but you didn't reply.
Did I do something wrong?

I'm on a deadline. Sorry.

Boss, excuse me.

Did you order tea and a cake?


Here they are.

What's this?

My payment.

You're the boss, why are you paying?

If it's free for me, it's
free for you too then.

You talk nonsense. But true.

What about the change?

- Keep it.
- Seriously?

- Serious.
- Yas! That's what I'm talking about.

I love you!

Hang on.

One more thing.

I want to ask you.

Which one do you choose?

Choose what?

Don't pretend you don't know.

Those two angels.

Two angels?

Which one do you choose?

This must be Deni. Deni must've told you.

- No, Boss.
- Deni told you, didn't he?

- You scum.
- Calm down.

Adit must've said something wrong.

Sit down.

Relax. Drink. Sit.

Relax. Relax, Boss.

We are brothers. Drink first.

To cool yourself down.
Your problem is my problem.

It is true, a man can marry four women.

But you can't divide your heart fairly.

What often happens
is the man tends to love one of them more.

Am I right?

So which one do you choose?

Miss Kania or Miss Arissa?

What are you talking about?

Okay, then.

I just want to give you some advice.

Whoever it is that you choose,
the other one will be hurt.

That's it.

- You think you know it all. Go away!
- I'm a know-it-all?

Okay, Boss. Enjoy.

I changed the draft a little.

Relax, it's good already.

Of course it's good, it's Arissa!

Good morning, Auntie.

Arissa is at the publisher.

I know.

I'm here to meet you.

Can you...

take that pot? The brown one.

And bring it there. Put it under the tree.

Here, if you need gloves.

It's okay.

Mix the soil evenly and
put it into that pot.

And that tree on the table on the right,
bring that here and put soil into it too.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- The fertilizer too?
- Yes. All of it. Fill it to the brim.

Be careful not to cover all of it
for it to breathe.


One day, Arissa came home crying.

I was scared.

I thought someone did something bad
to my daughter or someone bullied her.

I was wrong.

It wasn't bullying that
made her cry incessantly.

It was loneliness.

Arissa never had another
person to talk to but me.

No one at her school wanted to make
the effort of learning sign language...

or writing to communicate with her.

But then she met Kania.

Kania's father has the
same condition as Arissa.

That's why she's familiar
with sign language.

They became best friends in no time.

But just like this plant...

only sunshine isn't enough.

It still needs water and fertilizer.

The same with Arissa.

Kania and I weren't enough
to get rid of her loneliness.

Until she met you.

It's as if she has found something new.

It's as if she has found her water.

The problem is...

you're too perfect.

One day, you might get bored and leave her.

I won't do that, Auntie.

Arissa is amazing.

More than us, who can hear and talk.

She's been trying hard
to share her world with us who can hear.

And that's...

She's perfect.

What about your family?

Your parents won't accept her.

I'll make sure they accept her, Auntie.

We just need to make the launching concept.

- Yeay!
- Yeay!

What's going on with you?

- Our order.
- You need to try this.

This is our new dessert.

What did I do wrong? Riss?

You first.

What's wrong with you?

Letter of Agreement

Dad, I've read it.

It's all good.

Thank you for our collaboration, Uncle.

I hope our business goes well.


How are you?

All good?

Are you avoiding me?

You never reply to my text anymore.


Sorry. I am avoiding you.

I realize our worlds are different.

Slow down.

Sign slowly, so I understand.

We are different.

You don't even understand what I'm signing.

I cannot hear what you're saying.

We don't connect.

No matter how much my love is for you...

I cannot convey it.

Slow down. I don't understand.


That's the problem.

You have the right...

to be with a girl who can hear.

Not me.

Type it. Okay?

So I understand.

Okay? Type it.


Arissa. Wait.


This is why I did not agree for
you to be in a relationship...

with a guy not from
the same world as you.


I once fell in love with a guy
from the same world as me.

Your father.

And he left me.

Ezra is not Dad.

You're too young. So is Ezra.

I'm not sure he's strong enough to...

Because I'm deaf?

Not everyone can accept our weaknesses.

How do you know that Ezra can't?

Your father left us.

You always say Dad left us.

But you never tell me the reason.

Have you really checked her?

Since he knew you're deaf...

and because his family
didn't accept you...

your father didn't
want to hold you anymore.


And one day,
your father's disappointment erupted.

I'm sorry I have to go

He left us a note and just went away.


I'm the only one who loves you.

Does that mean I don't have the right...

to receive love from other people?

He's closing it.

Why are you closing it?
It's not the time yet.

No one's here anyway. It's fine.

- Dit.
- Yes, Boss?

- Can you put this table in the middle?
- Yes, Boss.

In the middle.

- Come on.
- What, Boss?

We're going to make a new menu. Come on.

Here you are.

What are we making, Boss?

We're going to do an experiment,
so we don't know yet.


Let's see.

- What's going on with you?
- Nothing. I'm just being creative.

And matches. Come on.


It's too much of a hassle to do it here.
Isn't it better to do it in the kitchen?

Can you shut up?

We're closed.

This is not the way to do it, Zra.
Why are you closing it?


You can't force your feelings.
You know that, right?

It is hard when it comes to love.

Especially with a girl like Miss Arissa.

What do you mean?

Hang on. Don't be mad.

What I mean is...

You and me, who can talk to each other...

Even we can't convey
things properly sometimes.

Imagine the communication
between you and Miss Arissa.

I bet it's harder.

And I believe
Miss Arissa can't stop thinking about it.

Am I right, Boss Deni?

Boss, let me tell you something.

In a relationship between two people...

the communication can't only be in
one direction. It needs to go both ways.

You also need to understand her feelings.

She might have an insecurity about you.

That's why she wants
you to move away. Right?

You have only known her
for a short time anyway.

How can you say you love her?

I know you're handsome.

And I understand love comes out of nowhere.
Suddenly! I get it.

But you need to convey it slowly.

You can't do it all at once.

- One might be shocked.
- Dit!

Just a little bit more. Hang on.

Boss, my advice is to win the heart
of the person closest to her.

What should I do?
Her mother won't even let me meet her.

Idiot. Handsome, but idiot.

Why her mother? Not her.

You know her friend, Miss Kania.
Why her mother?

I can't, Dit.

Try it first.
Don't say you can't without even trying.

He doesn't have any motivation.


Idiot! You can't shut your mouth, can you?

What? I'm right, am I not?

Yan, open it.

- I need to pick this up first.
- Okay, I'll wait inside.

Good afternoon, Sir.


I'm going to send it tomorrow.

It's for next semester, right?


All right.

I see.

Thank you, Sir.

Zra, but I can't force Arissa to meet you.

But if you want to meet her,
just wait for her here.

She won't be long inside.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to go.


Look at me.

I want to live in your world.

I don't need anyone else.

I can use sign language with you.

I will try anything to be with you.

I care about you.

I love you.

Your world is without sound.

It's fine by me.

Do you know my world?

My world is you!

Only you!

Please, don't meet me again.

Take responsibility!


- Take responsibility.
- Don't run away.

Are you okay?

She's okay.

Be careful when you're driving.

Calm down.

Everything's fine.

- Thank you, Sir.
- You're welcome.

I'm going out for a while.

How's Arissa doing?

She's okay.

She's just shocked.

You like Arissa?


You don't need to answer it.

I already know the answer.

Thank you, Kan.

You're welcome.

Let's go home.

Are we meeting them here?

Yes. Miss Put asked us to meet here.

But she didn't say it's here to me.

We're going to discuss your book, you know.

Welcome, Arissa

Long time no see

Someone's waiting for you inside

Calm down

Hi, Arissa...

I first knew you
from the story of my best friend, Kania.

It might be weird,
but from Kania's story, my feelings grew.

I was curious at first,
but with one meeting, I was in love.

The next story about you,
I got it from your mom.

An amazing woman
who also shaped all of your excellence.

In each other's silence,
we familiarize our feelings.

Auntie, I beg you, give me a chance.

I will never leave Arissa.

How can you guarantee that?

They care about each other.

I guarantee that.

I believe in Ezra.

I have failed in love.

But that doesn't mean I
forbid you to feel love.

And you have the right to be loved.

Grasp your love honestly.

I will always support you.

I love you.

But just like this plant,
only sunshine isn't enough.

It still needs water and fertilizer.

The same with Arissa.

Kania and I weren't enough
to get rid of her loneliness.

Are you serious?

I'm serious.

But I have one condition.

Don't sign too fast. I'm not that good.


I don't mind.

In the end, every soul meets its mate.

Every wanderer finds the
cure for their thirst.

This is the story of a woman
who lives in a world without sound...

who finds an intermediary
for her love story...

her true best friend.

A soft-hearted woman full
of affection and love.

Trust me, no one is destined to be alone.

Even in a world without sound,
with the right person...

you will have happiness.