D'une école à l'autre (2013) - full transcript

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You are an apple
hanging from a branch

and you feel the
earth is calling you,


Make yourself comfortable.

I'll tell you a story.

You're the main character.

You walk down the
aisle of a big funfair

You see a little hut
and, inside,

an old man with a long beard.

Imagine the atmosphere,

the sounds, colors and smells.

Colorful balloons are
hanging around him.

You are intrigued,

so you go inside to see him:

Hello sir, what do you do?

What do you offer?

He gives you a sheet

and asks you to note

all your little problems.

Those problems that
can be encountered

at home,

in the street or
perhaps at school.

Once written, you take the sheet

and fold it in half,

then in half again

and again and again.

Then the old man,
with his long beard,

looks at you, smiling

and tells you to
choose a balloon.

You take the balloon
by the string

at the end of the
string you hang

the paper that has
become very small

and now wraps up your words.

You reach out to the sky

and the balloon
flies off gently.

The little dot in
the sky disappears.

The balloon has disappeared,

and at the same time

my little problems
have disappeared too

into the big blue sky,

the deep blue sky
with lots of light

and softly

In the world, there is France,

in France there is Paris,

in Paris there is Belleville,

in Belleville there
is the neighborhood.

I like Belleville,
it's nice but very noisy.

In Belleville there are fights,

scams and sometimes, robberies.

I love my neighborhood

and I feel comfortable,

I am free.

I live in Belleville.

I like Belleville for

its bustling streets,

its varied people,
its colorful shops.

Its sidewalks are
sometimes full of dirt

there are festivals
throughout the day,

it's a densely
populated neighborhood.


My neighborhood is
not very colorful

but I like it like that.

It is calm and reassuring.

Sometimes moody and cold
or warm and beautiful

but also very cool and pleasant.

I think I'm lucky to live
near the Luxembourg Gardens.

I do not like this neighborhood

because there is
dog poop and pee.

My neighborhood

is historic and beautiful.

It's a district of Paris.

It's snobbish,

there are not many children,

it is not very open,

people aren't either.

My neighborhood,
I love it and that's it!


Who needed help at home

to do this work?

I got help from my father

and my brother.

A device used to
wipe the windscreen.


Wiper, can you spell it.

W. I. two P's. E. R.


Uh P

W then...

Then P



Let her finish! W. I. P.


What is a truck carrying
liquids, Alice?

A tanker truck!

Quite right!

A tanker truck,
can you spell it please?

T. A. N. K. E. R., then...

I can't hear

The more you talk,
the less you'll hear

Then T. R. U. C. K.

there is a hyphen there!




Yes there is one

because in the dictionary...

Good! Following the definition!

A worm that burrows
into the earth

E. A. R. T. H. then W. O. R. M.

Okay! The earthworm,

not to be confused
with another word.

Does this word have
homonyms in French?

Words that sound the same

but that don't mean
the same thing?

Glass, cups.

Can you spell the word glass?

G. I. A. S. S. E.


G. I. A. S. S.



No S.

And how do you know

it has a T at the end?
(in French)

Because you can
say a green skirt

Because with the feminine,

it becomes green, (verte)

My name is Chainez,

I am 9 and a half years old.

I am a girl.

I am from Algeria.

I live in Paris, in Belleville.

I have qualities and faults.

My qualities are...

I don't have the same qualities

as the other children at school.

I'm always kind to others

and others are nice to me.

And also when people brawl too.

I separate them

and I tell it to a
master, and that

There was a problem
in the playground.

I came to get you
in the courtyard.

Half of the pupils were not here

and two classmates were crying.

So I'd like to know why

why there were those tears.

Me and the others were talking

and then Chainez
came to the bench.

After, she came and told Sofia:

Oh you,
you don't have any friends,

you come here and you squat

with Samira and everybody.

You don't even
have a girlfriend.

Now I would like to know why

Sofia came back with tears.

It's because I was on the bench.

I was talking to
Kudjeji and after that

Anissa and Alice, they told me

that I don't have any friends

and also Chainez

And now that I am friendless

I play with Samira
and everybody...

And that's what hurt you?

We were playing

and then without meaning to,

we bumped into Zohra.

We didn't do it on purpose.

We said we were sorry.

Afterwards I was
tired of saying sorry

so she started to make problems.

We said sorry, shut up!

Speak kindly to
your friends please!

We said we were sorry,

then Kudjeji began to say:

we don't want you with us

just because you beat us.

We heard that. Now we stop.

I think we can find a solution.

Are there children in this class

who have solutions?

Let them all play together.

And this means?

That the problems are forgotten!

And also that there
is no girls' gang.


because that's
what is happening!


I am 9 years old child,

I was born in 2001.

My parents were born in China.

I'm a 9th grader.

I have two brothers.

I like drawing.

And then I don't know.

My name is Kudjeji,

lam not an animal or an object

lam human.

I am 9 years old,

I'm a nice girl and I'm funny.

I love playing with my friends.

My favorite fruit
is the strawberry

and the vegetable I do not like

is Brussel sprouts.

A citizen during
the Middle Ages,

a city dweller

Is it what you know about

the definition of
the word bourgeois?

No, no.


This is someone who

I do not know. I was not told.


A bourgeois is a person

from the Middle Ages.

An inhabitant

So, in the Middle Ages,

a bourgeois was

an inhabitant of a town.

Bourg, bourgeois

is a word from the same family.

Do you use it?

No, no...


I've never used it.

A cat

No, a charter

A charter also gives

privileges to the citizens

that's how the word evolved.

At first,
the middle-class people

were the inhabitants of towns.

But with different charters

established in towns,

well, some people

were given privileges.

What does this
mean "privileges"?


Some people...

Oh, tell me, you are privileged

There are people who
are not attentive.

For example, we let things go,

it is given to someone else.

We let things go,

it is given to someone else?

No! A privilege is when

you have things

that others do not have

and it's often unfair.

So with the various charters

that were established,

the term bourgeois evolved

and now means a class of people

that is called the bourgeoisie.

The following definition.

A neighborhood outside the city.

A neighborhood outside the city.

Can you show us a
suburb on the map.

I am lllias

lam a boy who is
often bored in life.

Because I'm trying to
find something to do

and I can't find anything.

So I read a book.

I am Wallid, I am 9 years old,

I live in France,
I am from Morocco.

I was born in 2001

and football is
my favorite sport.

Sometimes if
someone respects me,

I respect him

and if someone does
not respect me,

I do not respect him.


What are we doing
in mathematics?

By raising your hand please!


It's a bit barbaric, this word.

What does proportionality means?

What are we doing?

What is a proportional

Fruit and sugar to make jam.

To make jam what do you need?

Give an example.

Do you know it?


Ajar of jam,
we need 500g of fruit

and 40g of sugar.

So if we had 300g of fruit,

we must find

how many grams of sugar we need.

You have 5 minutes to do that,

try to do it quickly.

You start at the margin

of the note book.

2.50 and 2.50. 2 and 2, 4 it is

And 50 cents and 50 cents?

Equal 5

Yes, it's 5. I let you write it

No, there it is, 10!

No, no!

We multiply by two,
then we add 2.50

and we add 2.50,
2.50, 2.50, 2.50

and 5 are added and we add 12.50

My name is Solal,

I live on a planet,

I have a very, very nice life.

What can we say?

I have a lot of friends

I am somebody.

Sometimes I get upset quickly.

Sometimes in class.

I gaze at the ceiling.

Sometimes I

for example,
if somebody makes a joke,

well I'm offended,

well, I almost begin to cry.

I like to annoy people.

I do not know how to explain it

I cry quickly, with emotion.

I am a piece of dust

compared to the earth

or the universe or I'm uh

I have a soul, I am a soul

covered with a
corporal envelope.

I am an overdeveloped animal.

More developed,

which is the cousin
of the monkey.

I am going to
distribute two pages

which is a synthesis
of the Middle Ages

and the different
families of kings.

Each one is going
to have a sheet.

You can work on
it with a partner

and you can help

and get help from
whoever you want

except the teachers.

Look, there's a list here.

The answers are
written on the sheet

so it's easier!

We just must color and then

Well, I don't know the answer

of some questions

but there are some questions

to which I know the answer.

His name is Louis XIV,

but they also say the Sun King!

The other one I think

He was crowned in 800

well it's Charlemagne!

Is the kingdom of France

necessarily limited
to that territory?


At one point there may be lands

that belonged to the English

I do not really like History

so it will be quite complicated.

I am a person

who is 9 years old.

And I love to go to school

and when I grow up

I will be a schoolmistress

And I play the piano.

I have classes on Monday.

I'm learning music theory.

I prefer music theory to piano

because when you play the piano

you're all alone

whereas in music theory

there are more

and we do lots of
different things.

Every Wednesday I
go to catechism.

I am a Christian.

I am a pupil, I am a child.

I'm the son of Jean
and Claire Levy.

Ambroise Levy's brother.

The grand son of Solomon Levy

and Jacqueline Levy and

of Jacques and
Jacqueline Lelouche.

I am the nephew of uncle

Uncle David

Uncle Eli and
Frédérique Lelouche.

And that's all.

I'm smart enough,

always in a hurry
to do everything.

I'm very greedy-

Always willing to
help my friends.

When we ask this question,

we believe that we are somebody

but in the end we
don't really know.

Oh great, I got a 17!

You got a 17!


It's the same as me
because I got 16.5!

I know all my
multiplication tables.

But I also know them!

Well, stop arguing?

They compete 24h/24

and 7 days out of 7!

Even about Harry Potter.

Tom, are you happy
with your grades?

Loreilay, are you pleased

with your grades?

I got 19 out of 20!

I'm not saying vote for me

all the time like Tom.

I said, for example,
improve things,

but there are others

who just say vote for me!

I suggested box

to put one's ideas
on a piece of paper.

Tom, what did you say?

For me it was to improve

relations with adults at school.

Oh, it's true!

To help others.

Most importantly,

you were the only boy

to make a serious speech so

When someone says something

and you do not agree with it,

you have to say so.

If he says, go and tell the lady

that she is stupid?

No, but if you
say, for example...

Even if you do not
like what he said,

you're going to say so?

No, but if he proposes something

and you do not agree,

but it's a good idea anyway,

well you still have to say it.

But if you do not agree

it's because you think

it is not a good idea.

But it can be a good idea

even if you think
it's not a good idea.

I told them I want
to be a delegate

because it's good.

Okay. lllias,

why do you want
to be a delegate?

Because it's better
than being normal.

If you are a delegate

then you're someone important.

Did you prepare a program?



So, why do you think people

are going to vote for you?

Because maybe they want me

to be their delegate.

Why should we take you

and not someone else?

Because they think

I'm much better than others.

So what is a delegate?

In the playground

there are people who fight,

we are the ones

who have to separate them.

I'm a little upset!


Impressions after
the first meeting

Our meeting with the pupils

of St Jacques middle school

was a bit unpleasant.

Because we came into their class

and we played a
little in the yard

and everyone asked us,

"What class are you in?"

"Where do you go to school?"

"What's your name?"

Everyone was curious.

There was a 5th grader.

I told him that my
name was Lamine,

he told me that I was Bin Laden!

So I yelled at him,

I told him that
my name was Lamine

and not Bin Laden.

But he was talking barbaric.

He says Bin Laden every time.

Do you know who Bin Laden is'?

I know that he's Arab

but he's a drug trafficker

of weapons I believe.

In St Jacques middle school,

there are not many black people,

and Chinese and Arabs.

There are only white people

or mixed people, this is normal.

I do not like it.

I wonder why

there are no blacks, Chinese

Because in our school it's mixed

and in their school it is not.

As soon as I finished my lunch,

I went into the playground.

Cyril and I were
talking with people.

Then many pupils asked us

if we were new or not.

But we noticed we
were the only Chinese.

For example,
if there's a club of 5,

they will not interact

with other people,

they stick in one place.

They don't speak with others.

And it's weird,

here we talk with everyone.

They were very smart.

As soon as we arrived

they came to say hello

and to tell us their names.

Why do you say smart?

Because they are smart.

They come to people

even though they
don't know them.

Pupils from
Belleville were nice,

I think I even made a friend

but I do not know her name.

I played cards with her

and other kids of my class

and it seemed odd

because they were not many.

I think they were 18, 16 and

And they were different,

there was only one white girl

in their class and therefore

It was weird

because it was not that far.

What do you mean

by it was not that far?

Our school and their school...

You mean geographically?


I was with my classmates,

there were pupils

from Belleville near us.

Some of them are very nice

but one of them
insulted my friend.

There are one or
two I didn't like.

But what did he say?


What insult did he say?

Well he said a dirty word,

I can't repeat it
since it's a bad one!

A bad one!

Otherwise they
were very friendly,

a boy even gave me
some of his chips,

but I gave him some of mine too!

At first I thought
they were mean

because they told me

I was a peacock with glasses

But then we got on well

in the playground
after the picnic.

We had fun.

We were going into
the library section

to pick up a book
and they told us:

go away, this is our space,

or otherwise

Well that's it!

I found it was not very nice

except with a few who were fun.

With Sarah and Lia,

we wanted to be friends

with a girl from Belleville

and we asked her

to picnic with us

and she said, no I'm fine.

And after,
she went to see her friends

and I went to
throw my paper away

and I heard her say
that we were asses!

I came to see a pupil
from Belleville,

I will not describe him to you.

I asked him how things are going

and he told me

Have I the right
to say bad words?

Fuck you, son of a bitch.

this is a very very bad word.

Did it shock you?

A little bit but I
think we should meet

with other people in this class.

Some of them were playing cards,

then we came to play with them.

But they didn't want to

because some of them

had been threatened.

But they are in our school,

we can still try to be nice.

DECEMBER - National
Dance Theater

Rehearsals for end of year show

Today you are

at the National Dance Center.

You are going to
spend all day here,

you will picnic here

and we will make two groups

in which there will be

pupils from both schools.

One group is going to work

with Jean-Philippe
Costes Muscat,

it's an introductory workshop

in dance and movement.

Once you have put down

your bag and your coat,

you are going to
move around the room,

and I will ask you to observe

everything that is in the room,

and record it.

Is that ok?

Let yourself be touched

by all the images around you.

There are still images

fixed things, and moving things.

I don't know if
we can say things

More and faster

Open your arms...

And at one point,
you will walk so fast

that you will start to run!

You are going to
accelerate and accelerate

and then progressively

you are going to slow down

until you stop altogether,

but take your time.

The movements must be jerky,

but at times they
can be continuous.

Keep in touch, stop moving!

Do not move.

Look into the eyes, do not move.

Do not move.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

It's not easy because
you are far away.

Open your hands,
so you can separate...

Yeah, great.

I told you to do it like me,

the movement,

you are like little parrots...

look at the studio, the others

And we stop.

Great! Very nice.

Did you look at each
other a little bit?

It already creates great dances.

I saw many beautiful things.

What does it mean, infinite?

Infinite, it is a sign.

There is indeed a
sign for infinity.

But what does it mean, Steven?

It never stops.

It never ends!

It's like that,

And speaking of infinitely large

or infinitely small?

Infinitely big!


In fact both are true.

It means there is less infinite

and infinite.

It's not really what it means

There's infinity 1, Infinity 2,

Infinity 18


There's infinite time


No numbers, they never stop?

Between two decimals numbers,

between 1.2 and 1.3,

can I add another number?



Yes, for example 1.21, and 1.22

And between 1.21 and 1.22

can I add another number?


Yes I can!

I can always insert a number,

to infinity!

And you have met
the other class,

from Saint-Jacques?


So how is it now?


Tell me a little bit more

Yes! Some have made friends,

I too have made friends,

and the project,
it's better with them

than without them.

Before they were not very nice,

but I think they felt like us,

at the same time
it was normal...

each was in a
different environment.

For example,
for the Belleville school,

they did not know
our school at all,

but we know it so

we were more comfortable

But then at the Dance Center,

they were super nice!

I even made a friend !

It went very well,
I made friends too.

The boys did not speak much,

they spoke with other boys,

but I don't know

They were more friendly.

Last time at the movies,

some people were saying

that they were not nice,

but you never know eh

This is not because they told us

we were peacocks with glasses

that they are not nice.

Were you able to have contact

with some of the children

of Saint-Jacques?

I had contact only
when we played.

We played at the workshop,

and after it was

After it was funny.

Doing a show at the
end of the year,

how do you feel about that?


Normally, I think they were...
like that

then they thought
we were intruders,

they insulted us,
they were mean.

Then I realized that

all they wanted was
to have friends.

Go over there




Re-do the end.

Just the end, just the movement.

It was good.

You really became aware

of what you were doing.

You see it's not that easy

to always repeat
the same movements.

Well it was okay!

Okay, it's not the problem,

but it's not so easy

to do the same thing.

And especially
because what I see is

I don't see you stopping.

I don't see you stopping.
It's funny,

there's always a hand

that can't stop moving.

I know someone else...

who spends his time
moving his hands

Facing the public



This is a freeze, eh


You continue until you see it.

Are we walking like this,

with hands in front like that?


The hands do not work like that.

They hang down. That's it.

Ok, this time it's good.

Do not pull!

Get closer! We all make a step.

Hop. That's it.



Hush, and stop moving. Wait

Do the same thing
Samira, but much louder.



And so here, inside the body,

l filled it with paper.

Without the tape,
I ripped and stuck it

with white glue, ordinary glue.

And this, here, let me show you,

I'm using it to paste
it in the street.

So what I do is
called street art.

I cover a wall that is all gray,

a door that is
condemned, closed,

I use the space in the streets,

in the city without
permission, but

Don't you look a bit weird

when you go into the street

and you paste something?

No, I look completely normal.

No, but you come like that

with your glue,
you paste and you

Yes, exactly.

In the street,
how many things like that

do you put UP?

Well I don't do it every
day, but

But I can paste 1 or 3, 4, 5.

How much do you earn?

Because if you do
it in the street

If l do it in the street,

I'm not paid to do it.

I earn nothing.

It's just a free act, and

This is just to share my work.

I see one every Wednesday...
That one.

Me too!

The one in Rue Mouffetard

is near my house!

It's close to my mother's house.

What is the point
of sticking these

in the streets?

To decorate!

To make the streets look nicer

and to make people
happy in their city.

The fat lady is your favorite.

It looks like a
painting by Botero,

who makes big women like that...

In Barcelona he
made a big horse!

A big horse!

He is truly amazing,

Yes because it is original.

And I like it.

And we saw many in the streets,

and we did not really
know it was him.

There's a problem

Because tags...

are not allowed,

because it messes up the walls,

but that,
it can also damage the wall!

I'd say it would
inspire other people

to make inspirations

and motivate others
to do the same,

and do many more
things like that...

and moreover,
it's beautiful!

Very, very nice!


we can't earn a
living by doing it,

but it's art, this is pure art!

Pure art that we exhibit!

It is as if the
city was a museum!

A great museum!

What is happening?

I don't understand
anything at all.

What don't you understand?

I have zero out of 10 for that

Zero what?

Zero out of 10 for that

Well maybe Franck

is going to re-explain!

What don't you understand?

The sticking and things

that you explained earlier...

Look, if we take the head there.


Look, I take the head there,

I press what I want to tear,

and then I pull it! There.

Thank you! It's so beautiful!

This is to beautify places

where it is a little dark...

where there is no color!

If you put too much
paper on the tape,

it no longer sticks.

Yeah I did it!

I know how to say
Amine in Arabic,

it is Amina.


Is it true that Martin in Arabic

is Martina?

No, rubbish!

The other class is not there?

We are going to do

a little bit of "kecak"

before the others arrive.

Let's see if they are here

because a class is
coming to visit us

Listen to me,
I'll do it all alone.

My grandparents
took a sheep skin

to sit on


My name is Bastien

lam eight years
old and I am small.

What are you?

Did you hear the
end of his sentence?

No, you know it,
but can you hear it?

Come on, louder

My name is Bastien

lam eight years
old and I'm small.

I am kind and generous

My grand mother makes jewelry

I do not like sport,

but I like everything else

I'm plasticine,

thin and red.

Yes, very good

I have brown hair

Yes, that's right

lam made of a soft
beige layer...

lam made of a soft
beige layer...

A soft beige layer?

Oh, not bad

Maybe they chose me

in this crazy and sometimes

wonderful world,

I don't know.

Now we'll do the same thing,

we'll do it all together

and we will do it
in an operatic way.

My parents kept
some cows in Italy

My favorite thing is geography

My father works in
a medicine factory

Yeah well, Ilias

My grandparents
took the sheep skin

to sit on

I do not like sport

but I like everything else

Yes, it is great

Lasagna is my favorite dish

Parents taking a
sheep skin for sitting

I would like to hear Sophia,

I would like to hear Anissa,

I would like to hear Steven.


So here we have the title.

What else do we have?

Come on, let's try.

It's a film by Wim Wenders

for Pina Bausch.

In your opinion, where is the...

At the very top.

So I'll give you a hint:

This film was not
done in her lifetime,

it was done later.

When she died.

But why?

To honor her.

Ah, good it's a...


To make memories,
to have memories...

If you watch a movie, you, Lia?

I'd rather see a documentary

on her life,

how she dances.

And is it incompatible?

Do the words 'film'
and 'documentary'

not go together?

It's not a story
that was invented,

it's her real life.

Now we will look
at this sentence.

I would like you to suggest

a way to read it. Zohra?

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Can I do it with the movement?

You may, yes.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost!

But I would have liked you

to do it in front of me!

DANCE otherwise we are lost!

You will write three words

about the idea of dancing.

What is dancing for you?

Three words.

What do we think?

Anissa Yes, what you think.


What are the words
that you wrote?

Movement. Go on.





Expressing oneself





The beauty, the
beauty, the beauty.






Bewitched, dreaming and love









Can someone read these words?

Loud and clear,
so we can hear them!

Go Walid!

Movement, energy, happiness,

music, joy, interest,
desire, rhythm,

beautiful, lightweight,

fun, art, energy,
moving through, run,

fun, funny, well choreographed,

laugh, dream,

excitement, love, lovers,

bewitched, fast,

slow, dreaming, rejoice,

openness, mood, hope,

thinking, happiness,

imagine, entertainment.

And now we will look

at the second part
of the sentence:

otherwise we are lost.

What does being
lost remind you of?







no more hope.

Missed, finished, the end

Sad. Unhappy

Uh, I don't mean unhappy.



Panic, anxiety, escape.

Disorganized, closed,

and to have problems.

Dance, dance,
otherwise we are lost.

Do you agree with this sentence?

Yes. Completely.

Well, why?

If nobody dances,

the world would
perhaps be unhappy.

Imagine there's nobody dancing,

and there is no
more entertainment,

well I do not know
how to say it,

life is not as good
if nobody dances.

To speak up.

There are not only
the movements,

and so,
if there is no more dancing,

you can still communicate,

we can still express ourselves.

The little white spots

you see next to her, are maybe

if we do not dance,

it can be the hope

of thousands of people dancing

which goes away

Without words,

just with the heart,
just with the body.

Many of you have asked

what you are going to wear

on the day of the show.

So we have talked
with Christophe

and the children of St. Jacques

and those of Belleville.

Whether you're a girl or a boy,

you're going to
wear a white shirt

and black pants.

Or, if the girls
prefer, black skirts.

Steven, can you show us

your white shirt,

because you did great today,

you came with a white shirt.

That's exactly what
you need to wear.

Who does not have a white shirt?

One, two, three,
four, five, six.

Miss, I do not know.

I also do not know.

Miss, I have one,
but it has stripes.

And I will lead from there.

JUNE - The day before the show.

I will be here to direct you.

And not

I would not like to see that.

No no,
that it is not a slow tempo,

that's a fast tempo and

it must be very very slow.

Off, ok? Light off.

That means turning
off the lights.

Your feet must be parallel.

Here we go!



No. He says 'Walid',

it's as if he called you.

You turn, you watch,
and you come back.

Have you forgotten?




Really together!
Yes, not bad, huh?

Once again.

Walid, you do not have

your hands like that!

Wait for silence.

Please, some are working here.

What? What what?

But what? What what?

But then what is he?

What what what what is there?

What what's there there's me!

There was that? There was me!

There was that? There was me me!

There was that?
There was me me me!

Who me? Me me me what!

But who me me me what?

But what to me, me!

But what have you there?

There is that there is me

and you ask what there is there,

as if it was not me.

Is that it?
You're not here for nothing.

But I do not know
who that is here.

That's what I'm saying,

what what, what what is there.

Ahhh! it's just that.

There is that there is myself,

there's that there is,

there's that that, there's that,

there's me, Ilias.

And me actually,
I have stage fright,

as I am a little shy,

so I did not want to show myself

in front of everyone, so...

Me, it's about the same.

I'm pretty stressed out,

because it's weird

to do group work with pupils

who are not in our school,

so, uh it's weird.

And we are stressed out.

It's my turn!

And I have stage fright, because

this is the first
time I go on stage,

everyone looks at
me, so I'm afraid.

Me too, it's the same.

I'm not stressed.

I'm afraid for tomorrow,

but now I'm fine,

I saw the room, but, tomorrow,

in front of about

two hundred and fifty people,

it will be a little bit scary.

I'm not afraid

because I have my friends.

So with my friends,

I have no stage fright.

Anyway, I am never nervous.

That's the idea.

You'll be standing between them.

Oh no! Oh no!

If you could not film us,

I think it would be nice.

I only film your faces

How are you?

Try not to disturb them.

Thank you boys.

Sophia and Mary,
you are well placed

because they are positioned

according to you.

Everybody look.

This means the musicians. Okay?

If I do this, it means

I'm talking to the musicians.

If you see tickling,
it's not for you.

Where will he be
placed on stage?

He will be at the microphone.

We'll do it once again.

Mano will play.

So you let him play
first, you listen,

and then you adapt yourself.

That day was amazing.

A tsunami arrived in the canteen

and threw crumbed
fish on our plates...

Then we went to the cinema

with our schoolmistress.

But a cannibal came

and he said to the

"you are so beautiful
I could eat you,"

and he ate her!

But as I was so hungry,

I ate the cannibal.

And then you can do the cannibal

facing the public.

Go ahead! Facing the public,

it's really your big
moment, cannibal!

But, as I was...

very hungry...

Take your time. Go ahead.

But, as I was so hungry,

I ate the cannibal!

And there he will follow
you, okay?

So can we try again?

And he ate her!

But, as I was so hungry,

I ate the cannibal!

Separate the last
four syllables.

You go down. You count to three.

You go down all together.

When I give the count,

one, two, three, I get up.

Is that clear?

And once you are up,

the ends of the line go behind,

and you recreate a line.

It will not necessarily be

in the same order, but whatever.

Please, hold on tight.

I learned to go to

the children that
I did not know,

who were not like me.

I learned to listen to them.

The Soundpainting helped me

to speak loudly,

to not be ashamed,

and have a better
voice projection.

Everything changed
with my sisters.

Because before I did
the Soundpainting,

I was always fighting,
all the time.

And now, when they annoy me,

I tell them to stop

or do something
calmer than that.

Me, I became a new Lamine.

How is this new Lamine?

I "discovers" another force,

the new force that
I have discovered

is the force of no longer

being in despair.

It has taught me to be calm,

it taught me other things,

it taught me to
listen to others.

My best memory of this year

is the friendships

that have been invented.

Sometimes I did not like school.

I only came for playtime.

But then,
this year I really came

to do the Soundpainting,

because I liked it.

Well I feel good.

I feel stronger.

In what sense?

In my knowledge...

because I learned a lot.

He has changed a bit maybe.

So what has changed about you?

I met new people,

I expanded my knowledge.

Maybe I'm blooming?

before I did not speak much,

and now l speak a
little bit more.

l was jumping everywhere,

I'm an active girl and all that.

Now I'm active, but I'm calm.

Christophe and Marina

kept telling me,

Let yourself go.

Afterwards I did let myself go.

Before I was very shy,

but now I'm almost not shy.

We don't have years like this

every year.

I got to know pupils
from Belleville

that I only saw in the street,

I wouldn't necessarily

pay attention to them.

Here it is the fifth

There are many
people who are not

like the people in Belleville.

And thanks to the Soundpainting,

with Christophe, Pascale

the schoolmistress,
and everyone,

I made new friends.

What I see with the
Belleville school

is that they are
not at all like us.

For example, when I ask for

some chips here, they say,

"I won't give you any"

or "I'll give you
only half a one."

The Belleville children

gave me a handful of chips.

We wish you all a good appetite

and if you want to exchange

with each other you can.

Try whispering.

I do not know if you know,

but there is a tradition

in entertainment
before a performance,

they say a word

you are not allowed to say.

They say "shit" to the actors,

and I can even tell you

where it came from because

ah, you know?

There were horse carts

which came to the theater,

and the horse waited outside.

The horses.

The horses pooped.

If there were a lot of people

at the end it was full of shit.

So people said,
"Shit" to wish that

a lot of people came
to see the show.

So "shit" tonight!






I, I...

Who are you?

So I'm...

I have qualities and faults.

My qualities, it's

My mother's name
is Niom Phantam.

She is a seamstress.

She was born in Thailand.

She came to France

at the age of thirty-six.

Before becoming

a seamstress in France,

she picked rice in the water.

Good evening, I'm now going

to address you in Latin,

because French comes from Latin.

My name is Alice Terreaux

and I'm 10 years old.




Lia: L - i - a

Edouard-Nissim: e -
d - o - u - a - r- d,

hyphen, n - i - s - s - i - m

Nervous as a nebula

Hurricane of one's imagination

Starred by one's ideas

Be an angel

Have a strange wing

Gloved with rare silver gloves

Put the giants

on the other side of the pond

Being an angel,
it's very strange

we'll make a big circle,

we'll make a big circle

around the two poles
that are there.

This is the last time

that we are all together.

Are there children who want

to say something to the group?


It's sad that you are leaving us

and we will miss you.

Well then, it was a good year,

we have met new people

and you will be missed.

I would tell you it was a joy

to spend a year together,

and even in twenty years,

I will remember you.

It was a great year and

that's sad that
you're leaving us,

and happy holidays!

This is the best
year we have had

because we met
another class and...

this class is the
class of Belleville.

01 77 54...

Thank you.

And can you tell me yours?

Can you tear off

a piece of paper for me?


I wanted to say to
all of you children,

realize your dreams.

This experience and this film

exist because of the will and

benevolent involvement
of the people

who created them

in order to repair (a little)

the problem of social mixing

which is a reality
of school zoning.