Dumb and Dumber To (2014) - full transcript

It's been 20 years and Harry Dunn has found something out - he has a daughter! Lloyd Christmas, his equally dim-witted friend, takes one look at a picture of her, develops a crush, and insists the two track her down. What ensues when Harry finally agrees is a bizarre encounter with an old lady and more hilarity because of their sheer stupidity.

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There it is again...

- Two decades and still going.
- Very sad ..

How are you, friend? i brought you, your
favorite candies, look...

Come on, you must forget Lloyd.

Mery was just a girl,

And she is married ..

And even if it had worked, you
wish there redheads children?

Ew, yuck!

Friend! give me a sign!

Lloyd, I have something
important to say,

Pus no longer come ..

Is that I have a serious medical problem.

Well... well it's complicated.

Basically, I'll be busy
in the coming months.

But you're in good hands ..

Beware friend.

Lloyd? Did you talk to me?

That's it! that's can
do it! Come on, come on, tell me!

You fool!

How? how?

You should see your face!
Fool you as well!

Wait, wait a second! You're saying
you were pretending for 20 years!


You're saying you threw
the best 20 years of your life!

- Through the window.

And let it come each
Wednesday during a thousand weeks.

And it was a joke!

That is Amazing...

I know... Admit it all the time you would
believed it? - If I believed everything.

My legs are weak
be sitting here so long.

Take me in to the
I nurse remove the catheter.

I want to see if my lizard
even spits right.

You do not need a nurse
for that is how.

It seems that this well attached. ey
friend why not help me a bit eh!

It seems your little thing hooked.

These reliable friend? in general
doctors know more than that.

Only questions of
you sure. On the count of 3... 3.

Dumb and Dumber 2.

You're a fucking genius Lloyd, no more
I could have done something... anyone.

No, electroshock, the
facial lobotomia with commitment.

Yeah... well I left the monotony.

If I do not understand something,
you pretended for 20 years?

Because there would have been fun.

Time is essential.

But it was not equally
funny if after 10 years?

No but of course, but not much!

Fuck! That's not Billy 4th C?
- Yup.

We will tell me a sentence Cisco film.

How about Jerry Maguire? - me
conquered since you said hello.

And Titanic? - I'm the
king of the world! - All Right!

Best move on slowly. - You can not do
that with a blind your ear is very good.

What? It's all bullshit, as
that pregnant women should not smoke.

My mother smoke like a chimney.

Especially when he drank.
- Whatever.

Billy and recovered from him from
Pete. You should see your apartment.

It has the best collection of
rare birds of Rhode Island.

Ah gotta see that. Hey Billy!

I heard you have a lot of birds.

Who is speaking your Lloyd?

Okay I did not think I
reconocieras after so many years.

What were you doing
Friend? Dress a movie?

Best... I say, hear on the radio?

What was that? You gave them
something to eat? - Relax.

It was just a sweet.
- Birds do not eat sweets.

Because your stomach will explode.
- Neither these effervescent?

You mad? We will pick them up, pick
them up! - Okay, okay! Heavens!

Good to see you charm me. Bye Now!
- Not if I can see first.

Very good. - No no no, okay Cisco.
Papa will not leave you will never come.

You see it? I told you I
ear was bullshit.

Oh yeah. Hello, who is it?

Ah what the self is found Boquete
in the alley a few years ago.

For you called Boquete?
- Oh, so.

Oh yeah good name, he goes right.

I like what you did with the
place. Linda Capuchin machine.

Who's the astronaut? - Ah
he is my partner. Comrade?

Have a partner.
- Well needed someone to

pay your half while
you were in the hospital.

How is everything? - It was my best
day, the best day of my life.

Fabrica sweets you crazy,
come from around the city to buy them.

My eyes are burning must be mint.

And what was the medical problem for which
you talking to me? This better be important.

Lloyde, there is something good... Some
time ago it is but I would not worry.

I need a kidney transplant.
- Do not say. Really?

Go. Want to order food? I'm so

hungry I could eat
around a stiff corpse.

Lloyd would not listen? get
a kidney is important.

There are waiting lists, there
too many roles to fill.

And if I find soon
other kidney, I'm dead!

Yeah, well maybe, just maybe there
a person who cares a lot for you.

And that person would be willing to give
part of himself to save your life.

Lloyd Seriously do that?
- I? Yeah, nice try. I dared.

Well of course you would
in a heartbeat, but my.

Urine is not supported.
Yours is more frothy.

Wait, no panic. are
exactly to do.

I do not know Lloyd, makes 20
years that I do not go home.

Come on Harry, you need a genital
compatibility. They are your parents.

I do not want to drag Lloyd, not
after what I did.

What did they do?
- I got kicked out of the house.

Why? - As I told you
was Gay. - Why do you say that?

I got tired of mowing. - Oh yeah. Well I see no other
option. Or you face, or you drown in your own urine.

Sii, I guess you're right.
Well let's do it. - Well-ups!

And lights super power!
- No, no!

Sorry Harry.

Well here we are. - remembered
this place greater. - Ah yes.

Wow, how many memories in this street.
- Yes.

Remember when Mt.
Bicycle and park

a few seconds ago?
- If you were great.

Eh nice days!

I remember one afternoon,
the first day of spring,

buds bloomed
the sun was shining and you and me.

We went down the hill tumbling.
- Yeah right of course.

It was in the Nissan not your dad?

You went crazy when
I take the wheel.

Come on, open the door there
people who want to come here.

Oh, what a surprise Harry.
- Oh sorry then back.

Oh no I did not say no
that pleasantly surprised.

Where were you? Spend happens.
- Thank You.

You see the first
compatibility option

is a blood relative. Family.

Harry, you did not touch the peanut butter.
- Not okay I'm not hungry.

When Harry was a child
adored butter

peanut. three vials
week disappeared.

So whoever of you
will donate a kidney?

What? What was that?

Longer wait longer.

You're the rodent
Cadillac. Watch her equals.

We love Harry,
- It's a secret love.

But you're not our son
blood, you're adopted.

Papa, you're saying?

Sorry Harry, I thought
you were aware.

Go. - Do not be discouraged Harry
means that your true.

Parents are out there, we will go to the
end of the earth to... - They're dead.

These finish.

Harry, Harry.

I have no idea what
but I also say.

Harry, before you leave your email was
accumulated for years. This we have saved.

Trash, garbage. I was accepted
at the University of Arizona.

Look at this. A postcard from Fraida
Felcher. - The girl in Cranston. noo.

Then it says there?
- Call me Harry'm on tape.

Lloyd, I'll have a son.
- Do not say, do not say!

Look postmarked 1991 know
Harry mean? You have a great son.

With large kidneys.

Lloyd, do not have your number
phone, no address, no nothing.

Who deceive. Even Though
I find it, my son nor

even met me. by
that would give me a kidney.

I'm serious, after all that
did for it, is what to do.

And that's what I did for him?
- Well you gave space.

The kids love it. - Well no
sobrepotector want to be a father.

And they were filled with doubts.
- Doubts?

If like. Where will my absent father?

Not well Lloyd. I had a full life.

I distributed newspapers one
week, I had a son.

I watched all the episodes Full House.

All episodes? - Mu well, very well.
As we do this?

Well .. If found
Fraida find your son.

And if we find your
son found your kidney.

- Yes, but I never knew where Fraida lived.

I had no car, she
always did for me.

Not met by
Peestaina? -Who? - Peestaina!

Know where to find it. - Yes but
hundred years have not talked to him.

Imagine, I can not fall
at home in half

of the night to ask
the number of a girl.

Sure. - Oh okay,
but we must be tutiles.

You mean Subtle Harry and write.

And that that was?
- You had a tosquito.

We should not take the
bus to his house?

- Of course not, we have a bicycle.

If you already are, but you can load your
bicycle in front of the bus.


Boys forget the bike.
- Ah is not ours,

let someone parked
front of our house.

Yes and left chained to a tree.

Hey Harry want to hear the second sound
World's most annoying? - Sure.

Yes, it's quite annoying.
- No, not that.

They are doing calling
door to middle of the night? - That.

Mr Stainer, Ms. Stainer,
to taste them.

Harry, Lloyd.

A I owe the honor of your
visit gentlemen at this hour?

We wanted to know if Pete
like drinking a beer.

And maybe we crave
Tic tac some pills.

Lloyd, Peter is dead.

If clear, since when?
- Since 1991, you forgot?

With the bike crashed?
I thought he had survived.

The obituary said that his parents
survived. - The not survive.

Rest assured?
- Yes.

They are right, good
sorry for all that.

Peter and I were good friends.
- We know.

You were the one who sold the motorcycle.
- Yes

bad memory was not a good trade.

My motorcycle helmet, a whole
business. That thing was a torpedo.

Somewhat unstable in the corners, but the
straights. - Lloyd Goodbye, goodbye Harry.

That was awkward.
- You're right, someone call your

door at 3am.
That's not right Lloyd.

Wait a minute. they knew
to Fraida Felcher. Listen.

She worked at the funeral of Peestaina.

Think about it, if not you
had sold the bike.

You would not have a bastard child,
you saved his life.

God has a strange sense of fumes do not?
- Yeah, I bet you smoke grass.

But, he rolled his testicles off the body when someone can do this? 201 00:
17: 43.689... > 00: 17: 47.744 - Arbustazo! - What are you doing Lloyd?

I'm going to meet my son.
- Sorry Harry.

Shrubs and you do not see every day.

Sorry lady, Fraida work today?

I am Fraida.
- Do not apologize for the confusion,

we refer to the
Fraida attractive daughter.

No Fraida Jr, I am
the Fraida family.

That certainly gave us a name bomb? n

- So guys, I'm Fraida Felcher.

Yeah of course, we never
we had fought for

those hairs blowfish. No offense.

Harry, Lloyd, I'll say just one more time.

My name is Fraida.


Ah good to teach us your
tattoo. Why Fraida.

He had a smiley face on the back,
just above the mark of the bikini.


This close.

Hello Fraida.
- Hi. How are you?

- Been doing aerobics?
- I'm a little busy.

They are here for a reason?
- If you hear.

I just received this postcard
you sent me 20 years ago.

That slow is no mail?

This they enter.

Then you got to have the baby?

I had a daughter, called Fanny.

Harry heard? A little girl Fanny Felcher.

Are you okay?
- My back hurts.

I have so many questions. - What? -
Well for starters, as was the pregnancy?

It was difficult? They had to serrucharte?

Oh Harry not be raw, talk
the miracle of birth.

What my friend wanted insensitive
say is if was by caesarean section.

Or if you could open your
legs with vaginal delivery.

It was very quiet.

Well then where
this? I can meet her?

I had to give up for adoption.

Your la... as she could...
she could... Like it? Why?

Because it was very poor and was afraid.

We regret regarding
i did it. But it was late.

He had already given up my rights.

A couple of years
I wrote a letter.

But something did not answer me.

Wait here.

What we do now?
- As we do now?

I say at this time
accurate, we do?

Harry, you did not hear? the
fat and singing. I was over!

We need a drink. -
But Lloyd. Harry Basta!

We have failed as John used to say
Wayne must know when to retreat.

You should choose a coffin and you're here.
- Well that easy.

Harry Ray and I can not
live in this sweet mountain

emotional. I feel bad
say but you're dead meat.

This is a photo
I found my daughter.

Oh could have value, make a
effort and look at that sucker.


Your would you wrote, you have to
know where you live. - Yes.

Actually locate its site

adoption. She was raised
by a great scientist.

Why do not you go to look in person?

But if she did not want me, I do not
I can force her to make that desicion.

Maybe you did not receive your letter.
- Of course I do.


And if we're going to look us?
No law is against n0?

Seriously you, you help me?

Of course we'll help. need
a car. - She's ready.

So if. - If and Address
our higher instincts.

You and your little girl will have a
family reunion soon.

God Bless You!
- Where did they get that?

Vending there behind.
- Is embalming fluid.

It saccharin?
- No. - Great.

And the blue highways with
Large numbers? - Those are rivers.

They are rivers? - Yes. - Okay
get a boat.

The ships are dangerous.

It is here. 6765 of Elenwood.

You seem nervous?
- I'm nervous, I'm

about to meet my
daughter and nose to tell.

Easy Harry first
talks about birthdays.

Holidays and graduations you missed.
Maybe a silly joke to relax.

And boom! You ask the kidney.

And what if she says no. - Not say
no. She is the fruit of your love.

Caroms in a urinal.
- You're the spitting image of your mother.

Pcs. Are two idiots this as
you can see here are the sender.

And where will the seal is hers.

The same is strange.

Oxford Maryland, is where was
my little girl living all these years.

Hey Harry, look at this
a puzzle giant eggs.

I want your eggs Harry.

Heaven would have liked to be
near her when she was little.

It does not matter. Now it's only underwater
Harry bridge. Look on the bright side.

At last you'll know and you never had
to change their dirty diapers.

That is being a father Lloyd, plus
change your dirty diapers for 20 years.

If that fool with that half
often it was not even my popo.

I wonder how it would
been raising a child.

Maybe not I could have coasted
but the best public schools.

I bet it would have been a good father.

No need wheels, you can.

Very Well!

1,2 and 3.

- Hello Mr. Dunn. - Hi I'm glad
to see you, bye sweetheart. - Goodbye papa.

They make a nice couple.

Mr. Dunn, Mr. Dunn. 301 00: 27: 11,224... >
00: 27: 13,895 - Bothered? - Bon appetit.

Lloyd you're doing?

I tried to remove this stain. but
know, I think this inside.

- If it is sexy.
- If so it has all the girls.

- It would be so cute.
- That would be something cute?

He dreamed of meeting
some of their pretty girlfriends.

Amigas is 22 years.

- Y?
- Y? It is much younger than you.

Neglected when we get home
I'll get one of your age.

My age? Yuck.

- But you talk about?
- I do not know.

The same thing you were talking
in high school when

the girls wore Creek clams.

A Creek clams, that
is to have memory of the past.

Oh shit! We must return
Providence! - What? Why?

Remember that I said that Ice Pick
was to deliver a sweet Maine.


Forget that someone cared to Boquete.

- Relax, and me handle that.
- Seriously?

- If Billy 4C feed him.
- Great.

You gave the key to the apartment?
- Do Not.

I do not want brands wheelchair.

I wrote a note, you leave food and
will leave Boquete for feeding.

Billy but is over 100
rare birds there, you forget?

Billy will not get a
stray cat of 14 kilos.

Hey guys here I am.


That silence.

- Hablame Cisco.
- The Horror, the horror.

Sure you do not want to come potato?
Is that without you will not be as fun.

Of course I want
go love, but it is impossible.

I'm very ill to travel.

But scientists are boys.

Disappointed at last
were to meet you in person.

- Sorry heaven. - Miss Pinchelow
get your car. - Thank you Travis.

Okay, Adele Pope cares.

- Penny, you have the speech I wrote?
- Of course.

Oh almost forgot, one more thing.

I want you to take this
package and what you deliver to

the president of the
conference, Dr. Walcott.

And you say you soon
sorry I can not go.

- I Understand.
- Having the sky package?

It's just a small gift.

- Go Penny, give a speech.
- These are just a few sentences on the last day.

But I am getting a
price for my dad.

Award sky.

Remember to bring the card
for the ATM?


But what is the code
because I always forget.

Is 11-11.

I thought they were 4 issues.

Four number. 1111.

Time irnos. Vamos Penny.

These smiling at me? These smiling at me?

Good boy, what devotion have.

Almost there, the guy told me
we take the next exit.

Shut up, be to circumvent the lottery.

This is the draw for the Super
Lottery for $ 34 million.

The first number is 44
The following is 2, 38.

24, 21 and 54.

Rays! I was so close, had the
correct but in a different order numbers.

Heaven my stomach is me
You killing me bring my medicine?

I'm getting ready a bowl of
oats, I composed the stomach.

What do you do?

I prepare lunch for my husband.

It's not enough.

We must accelerate the process.

We want him dead before Tontine
return of this conference, do not forget.

Okay, slowly. If we put a
higher dose appear at autopsy.

This did not, gave it my twin brother.

It is special agent,
totally undetectable.

Come on, apuremos this.

So we have a few more days
to enjoy the inheritance.

We long for that.

$ 5 million buy much champagne.

Give me that!

- Like this?
- Yes, fine.

But to be honest
is not my favorite part.

Who the fuck is?

- What a hut is not Harry?
- Yes but if you took away the herbs.

Walls and you were to put
aluminum coating.

- It would be much more beautiful.
- Yes.

That's a ladder to rats.

Please suffice.

Here is a man very
sick trying to rest.

Sorry Sra. Buscamos Fanny Felcher.

The kidneys, here?

No one here that awful name.

Now out!

Here is Avenida Elenwood number
6765 Cranston Road Island?

- They're in Maryland.
- The stamp.

I say, I say this is the
1111 Fort Hill Road?

Correct but here there is no
Felcher. It Pinchelow residence.

But a second! My friend Harry gave his daughter
up for adoption twenty-some years ago.

And we were told that lived here.

It is a medical emergency.

We have to find
provided they do not have AIDS.

Adele dear, whoever
it must be talking about Penny.

She was adopted, the
I receive. Tell them pass.

What the fuck was that? It is exactly unforeseen do not
need. 401 00: 35: 02.728... > 00: 35: 03.728 Relax.

They want hot tea with lemon?

Oh no, I understand
you can think of that.

Two gentlemen traveling
together. We are not Gay.

I must confess Harry
This is an unexpected pleasure.

Yes, for me too.

Always ask me as serious
Penny's biological father.

When my late
wife and I adopted her.

We receive lots
information about their parents.

Only they said their
mother was single and it was.

You can speak fondly.

They said it was a harlot by vocation.

That's a lie, did not do it for
calling him because I wanted to.

You should discuss when he had sex.

With all the staff of the cemetery.

It's great!

Then Penny, here?

Unfortunately no, traveled to El Paso
this morning. It was the conference KEN.

- What? Who is that Ken?
- No, no.

The Ken conference is a symposium where
technologies are discussed and presented.

Creative concepts and new ideas.

Wow, is the phrase more
never heard beyond boring.

Adele, why not call
Penny to tell

that his biological father looking for.

You will be very happy.

Well maybe not this very
happy as you think Doc.

When her mother wanted
contact her, returned this letter.

Return it to the sender and please

get back on
contact. Fanny Falcher.

What happen?

Not only that, never did I mention.

That was a few years ago.

Surely now appreciate the
trouble you took to find it.

Let's call.

This calling.

Whoever we are
in the middle of something important.

You can call then?

No, I can not call
then I must tell you something.

You might be upset a little but.

- I am your father. -
What?! - Wait!

Amigos is a moment
strange but I must attend.

- It's my late father.
- I have waiting.

Dad, you did all
porn magazines, threw?

They are not under the mattress Why?

Idiot's phone Penny.

Oh, no, this is horrible!

- Forget the package.
- What are you doing?

You should get up. Calm down.

- Would we send.
- Do Not! Do Not! We can not.

The culmination of
my life is in this package.

It is valuable to ship.

You said it was just a gift.

What it is, is a gift
for all mankind.

I wanted to be a surprise.

So I wanted to reveal
at the Conference.

Oops, something must be worth millions, eh!
- Billions.

- Billions?
- Oh yeah.

But I will not receive a penny.

It would be morally wrong
advantage of this.

This package contains one of the
most important discoveries.

In the history of mankind.
And all mankind.

Deserves access to this.

And that's why I've given up
All rights owners.

But when you do that?

Everything is in the speech
Penny read at the ceremony.

Oh God, is very good.

But what the fuck do?

They seemed very busy,
so we made a fort.

Doctor P wants to come?

Sorry no girls allowed.

Mandan boys, girls outside.

Wait a minute, I have an idea,

Why do not we ask Harry and
Lloyd who take the package to Penny?

Harry thereby will know
in person to his daughter.

And you know that the
parcel arrived safe.

Are you crazy?

Think deliver my invention
these .. Children 10 years.

Do not worry, accompany Travis.

Nothing will happen to the package and
take him live with Penny,

Tell us Mr.
We will give our support.

(In a good way)

I have to go with them? by
what the hell told you that?

You do not realize the takes we had?

Our five million have been
become billion.

But if he said that
will give up everything.

Not if we arrived before
Penny read speech.

When that conference?

Start today, but Penny only
will give the speech at the end.

That gives us...

How many days are April?

September 30 is the
rest oblivion forever.

Must be 31
nothing rhymes with August.

No, I think they are 32.

April is a leap month.

31 -32, -31, -32, -31, -32
- 2, -1, -2, -1, -2, -1, -2, -1

- 30!
- Thank You.

But you were saying 31 ..

Yes, but I was closer.

- Guys where is the package?
- What package?

The package with the invention Billion. 501 00: 40: 32.667... > 00:
40: 36.055 - Lloyd, you're the suspect. - I? your so tapeworms ..

No .. Remember that stopped
in that truck stop,

and we were playing soccer with ..

Yes, I remember I made a goal
on telephone wires.

And if you're right .. I had yo ..

See this .. I saved mankind.

You know what? Perhaps
should keep that box ..

I do not think Mr ..

Dr. P I entrusted it to me.

I'll make sure it gets
safely to my daughter.

If, for now they are
doing so well ..

Shall we play the first thing you smell?

What is that? It's complicated,
So pay attention.

Close windows,

The first smelling a gas, a point.

If you guess who
it receives two points.

If you say you're feeling a
gas, and no one shot.

- Eg. if we go through a slaughterhouse.
- Fart fake!

And you can not smell your own farts.

You're kidding? I will not! Do Not!

I will not smell the farts
of you as a dog ..

Well okay Lloyd
and I'll play alone.

As can play two solos?

If you smell a gas and was not you.

Obviously that was the other...

I seemed to hear you've never played ..

If I believe you wrote the rules ..

I think we have an expert here.

- What are you doing?
- I forgot...

They know that?

I put a rule, there will be games
fart when I am in the car.

Wow, that makes you the king of the car.

I know how to fix this ..

I'll think of a number between 1 and 3.

The guess who will be the King of the car.

Uno? Do Not! Three? Do Not!

Okay what is the number?


I swear I was going to say...

So I'm king of the car, right?

Okay ..

Sorry Rey could reach me
a cookie is behind?

Of the elongated ..


Oh, what the fuck!?

Oh God! Hey, do not!

What the hell is this!? Oh God! Do Not!

Hey Harry, learned to play ..

For the love of God, have mercy!

Hi, I was communicate with Felcher
Funeral Felcher and Felcher.

Please leave a message
after the signal appears.

Hello this is a message
Private for Fraida Felcher.

You could tell Fraida
Felcher I call Harry?

Harry Dunn, the guy
that slept 20 years.

It's a pleasure to meet you by the way ..

Finally, you can tell that
I have located our daughter.

This at the conference
"KEN" in "El Paso".

The city named of canned beans.

Oh, that's cute.

Goodbye Grandma, have fun sky.

That's a real man
I bet the urine not granted.

Do not touch the joystick!

Let my people.


Lloyd hurts, it hurts!

What hurts? This knife? Or this?

Save my daughter!

I want to have much
sex with her all night ..

I heard a friend?

What are you doing?

Oh... Ah ..

Mr. stay clean can go...

Hi guys!

Let's call a truce.

Started badly ..

I do not want to fight
you to "El Paso".

What Paz say?

Come, come here!

Yes, why not.

Well, well, well, that's enough.

Have you ever played Funnel?

Come on, once they have played ..

This is the best game ever.

Look at this, place the funnel
in his pants as well.

Then put peanuts on the nose.

And when you're ready.

Impossible! How crazy!
You must be kidding ..

And the more peanuts that holes wins.

Who's first?

Who will play with me ..

Wait, wait... Play between
you and I play the winner ..

Well, Here you go.

Quiet take your time ..
Balance is needed.

- It's okay.
- Look up.

Well, look to the sky no release ..

- Do not release until done.
- Roger That ..

This is odd, the smell of peanuts
This cooling the pecesito me.

Also mine.


Can you believe it? See what he did ..

I want revenge...

You will fall...

After we finish to play this...

Pssst, do not wake up.

- How you put it?
- Enough to explode.

Wait Lloyd, may be hurt ..

Dude, are you okay? It was just a joke ..

By the way, we're even now!

I want them dead
now! Now, you heard me!

Calm down ..

Do Not! and I can not stand!

If not let me kill them now,
I give up! And I say seriously!

Okay, let me think
a plan I'll think ..

Plan? no need
plan! They are fools!

Besides I told my brother is agent
I especially like is done with it...

Okay, but be sure that
nobody knows who came here ..

I do not want to turn against us.

Skies shut up!

There will be in this case?

Hey, hey!

That's worth a fortune, you can break it.

Give it to me.

However it would be good to know there.

I fried my brain thinking...

- I have a theory about that.
- Ahh yes?

He said it was something that would help
everyone in the world, no?


I think it must be a baked potato.

How a baked potato
could save the world?

That part's not yet understood.

Lloyd already do.

We should buy some
cream and onions, just in case ..

Have no idea where we are?

None told us to take
this shortcut off the highway.

If you wanted .. seems to be
only to kill us.

And stay with the booty ..

But, What would be the reason?

Yes .. I'll get
map pack?

Guys who else's
helps find your daughter?

No One ..

None friend gave them a hand?

No, just us.

And what about their wives?

Wives? How stupid do you think we are?

Harry! Quiet ..

- Close,
- Do you have a girlfriend?

We once ..

We do not want to be tied,
A anything or anyone ..

Not even have
social security cards.

The sold for 30 dollars.

The good thing about not having them is
not you you care about the not steal ..

You can not even be identified by their
teeth that never went to a dentist.

And never ever enter anything ..
So I keep a low profile.

Yes, even there
evidence that we exist...

If we die, nobody would miss us.

We are very blessed,

- I can not hear you!!!
- Bye guys!

We have been abducted
by aliens, Harry.

Your buttocks are well?

Harry! Fuck! He left without us!


We left!!!


I can not believe that
idiot stole our car.

I hope something happens bad bad...

No, but I once ate an ostrich,

Harry, dammit!
I'm worried about you ..

You are totally deaf?!

No, it was not how it happened Lloyd, Tu
mother was the one who got into my bed.

It is just going to cure your ears ..

Nursing home.
- San, Joseph

I can help you?

My friend would love
visit his beloved grandmother,

How is it called?
- I'll give you a hint.

Hear more with his ass with his ears.

Ms. NAGGI came his
grandson with a friend ..

That's stupid, no kidnaps him
an elderly hearing aid.

Shhh, relax, we only
We are looking for an extra pair,

There must be some here,


Hi, Grandma, I'm Mikey.

Thank God you're here.

I have diamonds.

She said diamonds?

Tell Grandma, Mickey listening ..

I want you to take all
diamonds when you fences.

I was hiding
of those lawyers thieves.

Well done, my grandmother did very well!

Well, where are they?

- Are underneath.
- Under your bed?

No, no blanket...

- I find nothing,
- Higher.

- This way?
- Carry On.

- The hid in your bunny?
- Yeah right.

Wait here no diamonds.

And you're not my grandson!

Harry is trabo!

Gold fingers .. Ten, here's your prize.

Are you serious? Travis is dead? 700 00: 55: 45.505... > 00:
55: 48,500 Here's police Kansas I reported this morning.

I thought you wanted to know.

Thanks Captain Lippincott,

I know it's never easy to
this sad news.

I want you to know that your brother
Travis was much more than a janitor.

He was family.

Really? Les lames also
your parents feet.

What? Excuse me as he said?
- My brother told me everything ..

I do not know what you're talking about.

Listen lady, I know he wants to kill his
husband, I'm the one who supplies the poison.

Remember him? I also know that my brother
I had to remove those 2 idiots.

But somehow
they reversed their plan.

Relax, not going to deliver.

I came to help.

How that? Do Not
is wrong, I hear a little,

Normal can hear a little...

- Honey, you want pancakes?
- Yes, I love pancakes ..


Stop screaming, stop screaming!

Stop yelling!


I think I put too high.

Oh, look, Barbara Hershey highway.

Wait a minute.

I think I know where we are.

Follow Me.

Are you sure about this
Lloyd? One hundred percent!

The boy was working on the track
ice, passing the museum.

Hurry Harry!

He drove an ice machine.

Oh God, I never thought
to see him again.

I told you Harry ..

But this guy took advantage of me,
when I change the motorcycle.

And just gave me a can of gasoline ..

Are you thinking the same?

- I really feel great, Harry,
- I also very good!

Better hit the accelerator Harry!!!

El Paso Mexico .

Wow, look at all those brains!

It baffles me with science.

Okay I'll find out
what time begins.

- Your watches Penny,
- Roger That.

Ladies and gentlemen.
This is an amber alert!

Did anyone see this angel
Lovely and delicate?

Did you see? Lovely and delicate.

This girl is a charm!

Oh yeah, I know.

I have a tip!

Is Penny Pinchelow, the
I met yesterday at the bar.

Does that mean?

Oh quiet fool,
we were only talking.

Well, you know where she is now?

If my friends went to
search the room.

They bring here this
night will lecture.

When you see her tell her Lloyd
and the pope are looking for.

And I call this.

Here you are! You look everywhere!


I found a
Mexican who knows Penny.

- She said she will come.
- Let's get in line.

Dressed like that?

Harry! People coming
this is smart.

We can not go as
a pair of dunces.

Oh sure going to
buy smart clothes.

- And how was your day?
- I live in a dream.

Mmm this burger Cheese is great!

I think it may need sticks
or a much finer fork.

You got it.

It is open!

- Hi Penny!
- Hi Tom, Hi Gus!

Hi Penny, you do on clothes
Interior rooms to service?

I do not know.

Oh, someone showed me this trick not

get nervous when
you're going to give a speech.

Just imagine
you are in underwear.

I practiced all afternoon.

Miss need something more?

Oh no, just a finer fork.


Okay well, time flies.

If your good news
father will come to the conference.

For real?

Yes, Corey called us.

He found such a
Lloyd this with your father.

We were looking at
the convention center.

Oh my God! This totally safe?

There is no error?

Well yes, I'll ask someone
I get it immediately at the entrance.

- Yes, okay, bye.
- What up?

- Dr. Pinchelow come.
- What?

Are you sure? I thought he was sick.

Looks like this better,
talk to your daughter Penny.

He says he comes here to find it.

It was not even a
receiving his Nobel Prize.

Well come to
we. Go get.

Yes, right away.

Look Lloyd! soon will
Penny's speech.

That's erotic!

- This done?
- Do Not.

A couple of idiots were
while it was with her.

Okay, you go after Penny.

And when you see it, liquidala.

Kill them both, and go for the loot.

And what happens if you already are
at the conference?

I do not think so sold out.

And security is tight.

Your tickets.

No thanks.

We are not addicts
speeches. Just want.

His daughter, receive this package.

No entry can not be
enter, no exceptions.

- You found Dr Pinchelow.
- Do Not.

He did not even like it.

This is ridiculous, as I will
find out from the crowd when.

Only using headphones.

That there is no room either, I'm dead.

So much effort for education.

Relax, we'll find.

Do not let them win that kidney.

Oh is not the kidney. I believe
which is a milestone click.

Pinchelow? Someone said Pinchelow?

Oh my goodness! Are you!

This here. I am a doctor, Meldmann.

- How was your trip?
- Not so good.

Someone stole the car and we
I had to meet an old woman.

That terrible! While we
take care of you now.

They would like to move to the living room
to the Dr. Pinchelow cocktail reception?

Yes, doctor Pinchelow love us
go to the room to the cocktail.

Yeah, great. Let's drink.

Please, this way.

Sorry, what is your name?

I'm his partner, Dr. Christmas.

- Ah, like Christmas in English.
- No, as in Korean.

Well, I can ask a question
doctor? I do not want to offend him.

Dr. Pinchelow has
Asperger Syndrome?

It is probable.

No good clean ass.

Get comfortable gentlemen.

I'll get to the
Conference Chair.

Dr. Barbara Walcott.

This eager to know.

Dr. Barbara? A Dra? Really?

Dr. if that made me laugh.

PhD wash
dishes perhaps, is not it?

I'll be back.

You say Lloyd, this type
thinks we're doctors.

We are not inside it.

Act intelligently.
And he will not find out.


Hey waiter, the costs a beer?

- It's free.
- Ohhh.

That looks expensive.

It gives us a minute?

Lloyd spend money on
uniforms graduation.

- I think we should not drink.
- I do not think so.

I need a drink.

If I'm sober when you see your
daughter think I'm an idiot.

Oh wait!

How about the old trick?


- Sorry Madame.
- Yup?

This beer smells
rare, could you give me another?

You mean by weird?

Smell is ugly.

- I'll get another.
- La Mia also stinks.

His smells even worse. Be right back.

But even yours smells.

- You're very good at this Lloyd.
- Well I learned from the best.

Thanks, ma!

I'm anxious to see it contains.

Hey Harry!

You know how you have to wait
after surgery to have sex?

Do not think I have to wait long.

I refer to the donor.

- A do you mean?
- Okay, okay!

Forget it.

Here are doctors, cold beer.

And brought you some cherries
Goji grown with hydroponics.

With vegan sauce.

And fried organic pumpkins.

- Enjoy.
- Thank You!

- They're salty.
- Try this.

- They're too salty.
- They are rich.

Gentlemen, I present to you the
Conference Director.

Dr. Barbara Walcott.

Barbara is Dr. Pinchelow
and his partner Dr. Chrismas.

Wonderful, it's a great
honor to meet you both.

Oh Wow, that's very nice Dra. Where is it?

England, Surrey.

Oh, there are things neglect
worst. Just beat them.

So we're even. Do not worry.

It's hilarious.

The accompany you, the conference.

Professor Garabedian
is about to start.

Now resistance dark matter much.

This created the effect
gravity of visible matter.

And the gravitational lens
radioactive background.

They have reserved two places
at the foot of the podium. Over there.

They could go through.


Thank You. 901 01: 08: 52.669... > 01:
08: 54,985 I'll pass. Thank You.

Now I get, and came. Ohh!

It was easy.

Dr. Pinchelow is a
fascinating character.

Of course, he's a genius.

The Big Collider
Hadron shown us.

That dark matter is possible.

Especially when you eat raisins.

That dark matter is likely.
The missing piece of the puzzle.

Physicists, were
seeking for years.

Geek, geek.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Holy cow, that came from you?

Dr. Garabedian is a
world-renowned astrophysicist.

And many are interested
in their findings.

- I think it...
- I think I did too.

- Who is that?
- Is Dr. Pinchelow.

Bernard Pinchelow?

Your jokes are disturbing.

Thanks Dr. Dilbeck but.

Dr. Pinchelow is right.

My data on the subject
Dark insufficient.

What the fuck?

Neglect my methods.

I am mediocre.

I'm sorry.

- Y?
- Fuck you!

- Socket.
- That smell.

Lloyd, Lloyd.

Thanks Professor Garabedian.

It is what you seek this
no conference? The truth.

But I want to ask everyone to be behave
in a professional and dignified manner.

Show us your breasts!

- The two!
- Yes.

We pause
two minutes. Thank You.

This is great, we learned
much about dark matter.


Excuse me but Dr. Pinchelow
Dr. Chrismas found in the list.

Alright, me.

For security, the
should be on the list to enter.

No you Dr.

A bribe is detected.

I'll tell you something.

I will write a promissory
note and I'll leave.

In white.

Anyone have a pen?

I told you no exceptions.

Yes, I'll tell you something guard.

If I leave my dear
colleague will go with me.

I will not go.

Quick chat.

Harry you do?

- These killing.
- Lloyde, can not leave.

Penny talk soon I want to know.

What? Because you'll
know before me.

Lloyd, think of me. In my,
my daughter and my kidney.

So we came, remember?

As forget only
talk about it in my kidney.

My kidney and Penny.

Tell you what, I'm fed up.

A moment, what
are you looking Lloyd.

You want to stay on
you like my daughter.


- Did I wrong? -
What? - Did I wrong?

Do not deny Lloyd,
You were drooling over

her from the first
time you saw your photo.

What? I will not apologize for leaving
nature take its course.

Okay. Sorry to desilucionarlo
Mr. But that will not happen.

- My job is to protect my daughter.
- Protect her?

Look who's talking.

You try to remove a kidney.

At least I want marriage.

- Marriage? No, do not marry.
- Why not?

No, you're not going to marry my daughter.

Why? By being more
younger than me? Forget it!

20 years is nothing.

It has to do with the
age is about.


I am your father, Lloyd, and.

I think.

Deserves better.

It's okay.

- Must go Dr.
- Very good friend. Come on!


Dr. Walcott had
a wonderful idea.

Would like to be jury
competition for young inventors?

- Yes of course, seek.
- Great.


Well this is how it feels to hit bottom.

It's not so bad.

- Hello, hello, hello!
- Hi.

- Penny?
- I can not hear the signal goes.



- Now you hear me?
- Yes.

- Now I'm listening.
- How thoughtful!

Now I hear you loud and clear.

Lloyd'm the friend of your dad.

Unfortunately now not with me.

But he said to tell you
you seek a place

cute and romantic
where we can meet.

With romantic, I mean convenient.

It has to be a place outside
the convention center.

The source of the main street.

- The source? On the main street? - Yes
in 10 minutes. - In 10 minutes, perfect!


It is wonderful to know Ms. Pinchelow.

I hope you had a good trip.

- I really liked.
- Good!

We booked a seat
in the first row.

We are to present
her charming husband.

My husband?

Let's give a warm welcome to our
conference distinguished judge.

Dr. Bernard Pinchelow.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- A hug.
- Of course!

- How nice greeting.
- I love him.

It is very sweet but I'm Mr.
Waiting for my dad and his friend.

So if you'll excuse me.

No, I'm Lloyd.

Hi Lloyd, I'm Penny.

Lloyd Oh! Nice to meet you.

Where is my father?

Oh this delayed so I
He asked me to come and distract you.

Until he could come.

I wanted to give us the opportunity to
relate. In a good way.

- Great!
- Are you hungry?

- I get you something to eat?
- Sure.


Wow, we can go to a nice place.

Sounds appealing.

Ten test this, are amazing
popcorn. And much of this.

I am the second best
manufacturer I know.

It's okay. I'll ask.

- What is the third best?
- You're right!

Whenever I've asked me.


What I feel is that game
this with my friends at home.



A phrase from your father.

I love you, he says.

Wait a moment, as
you are you know my father?

You could be about aliens
they call me and make me undress.

In front of his computer,
who lost his passport.

- And money.
- No, no, I'm not,

Look, I can prove it.

- I got your phone.
- Oh my goodness.

So nobody called me.


Oh I register my
number, if you need.

Call me at night.

Oh and we brought a package.

You left it at home, stupid, idiot.

- Want to see something cool?
- Of course!

It may be that pigeons
effervescent eat candy.

Well I think it's very
bad for your teeth.

Do Not.

It's just a suburban legend.


Spontaneous combustion without
embargo. It is a reality.

- What?
- You have to go back now.

One of those idiots is in the building
and is pretending to be my husband.

Why do not you tell him
it's not your husband?

Because you do not have planned.

Must be willing to sell the package.

You just have to come back here.

This microscopic or Nanobots Robot.

Can be injected into human body.

To detect and cure cancer.


You can sing?


Have a good mouth
great for hanging.

Wall. When you pass by.

They begin to sing a song.

- Says...
- What I say is.

You're so close.

But you must go back to the drawing board.


But cures cancer.

Listen to this, do things
leading the world.

How odd that if I want to
important things in the world.

Wow, excellent.

I also want do important things.

Yes? Like what?

I thought about buying new speakers.

I always wanted to go to India.

Volunteer to help the poor.

I think that's in Thailand.

Your cookie says?

You will have an incredible romance with
the person in front of you.

Good thing is not your uncle.

And do not worry about
the age difference.

Just shut up and kiss her.

Everything will be resolved later. Try it.

It's ridiculously specific.

Let me see.

It does not come true but what comes.

Where is my father? You know if Adele came with it? 1101 01: 21:
25,780... > 01: 21: 27.894 Maybe it's to blame for the delay.

- Adele?
- His wife.

- Harry has no wife.
- Who is Harry?

- Your father,
- My father is not called Harry.

- But Bernard.
- Oh yeah.

But I speak to your father
biological, Harry Dunne.

The abandonment when you
you were a tiny baby.

The're going to like a lot.

Wait a minute. then
say you're going to meet.

- My biological father?
- Yes.

This is the letter of your mother Fraida.

You rejected.

No re-contact.

This is not my handwriting.

Not even write in cursive.

Dear daughter, I gave in
adoption 18 years ago.

Because I thought that was
the right thing for you.

I hope you have been the best decision.

You were consevida in Road Island
on a cold autumn night.

In the parking
Swallow Oyster Cove.

We were young and stupid, especially.

Swallow Oyster Cove.


Are you ready love?

Oh slowly! Let us be responsible.

Safety clothing.


So if you ever want to get
contact, I would love to meet you.

All my love, Fraida Felcher. Your Mami.

It means I am.

And shortly.

Lloyd, are you okay?

Sorry, but I must return
the convention. in minutes.

I'll have to give a speech
on behalf of my father.

Wait, we have much to discuss.

It's an emergency, everything was
a misunderstanding must go.

No well dressed lady,
These punished!

A moment if she is my daughter.

Not the daughter of Harry.

So you will not have his kidney.

But I've done.

- Hi, I need to go.
- Credentials.

I'm giving a speech.

Credentials. Please.

What is that? Is that thing
I got to go?

I think I put it somewhere.

Lord, I appeal to your love
God and family.

I received a message from my daughter
than 22 years since I've seen.

- And this here.
- The conference will end soon.

After 22 years,
changing a further 2 hours.

Okay, okay.

There must be some closet
Cleaning out there.

I am sure that we can resolve it.

Do not take 34 years to come out.

To return to one with someone like you.

This device will
a visual description.

Of cognitive processes.

You can repeat the question?

And besides, we show on the screen.

What you are thinking.

If, seriously?

Excellent Doctor Pinchelow, think
some happy memories of his childhood.

It's okay.

Cookie, cookie.

Come friend, the friend door.

Oh, okay not that. That no, no!

This artifact is wrong.

First my bedspread was orange.

- Are you okay, honey?
- Not really.

- Problems with your kids?
- Do Not.

Need a ticket and lost.

I thought I had taken
but look in my bag.

And I have only my toothbrush
of teeth. Understand?

- I thought I had put there.
- Okay, okay, okay.

Very well.

That's what happened?

My father was going to receive a great
price. And I had to give the speech.

And the speech has to start now.

And there's no way they'll let me go.

Without an entry.

Oh dear, always
there is a way, always.

Well I admit it does
think. An invention to end.

With world hunger, But!

They considered this?

Where will all the s?

What? No, the important
is to end hunger.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen,
we must pause briefly.


Stay in your places
and soon continue.

- Why?
- Let's walk a little.

Okay, okay. Ya!

Lady P, doing here?

Always call his wife P?

How are you sweet breasts? I missed you.

This man is an impostor.

And that package belongs to my husband.

- We robbery.
- Turn it over.

Jure deliver this package to Penny.

- Give it to me!
- Here you go.

- What's going on?
- I have no idea.

Hey, come back here!

Let me pass.

Many lady grace.

It's the least I could do.

Hey wait!

I must tell you something.

You are my, you are.

- Fraida!
- Harry!

You came.

Oh find Penny.

As you know my name?

Oh, you're Harry?

Yup! And I am your mother.

He has a gun!

- Why did you get there?
- For you did not see my feet.

And why did not you stop on you?

This full of hair, I'm not stupid.

Get out of there, move now!

Do not hurt Penny Mrs. P.

He is young and has a whole
great future ahead.

Take the package!

Harry, here you are!

Good to see you.

What makes Lady P?

I'm about to kill you.

Wait, wait, wait.
You can not kill another?

My daughter Penny needs me.

Are you talking about Lloyd?
Penny is my daughter.

No Harry, it's not.

What you thought she was your daughter?

Well, the postcard.

It was to be a single mother
and needed money.

I you had to pay like 40 dollars.
To the stupid worm farm.

They are doing Harry?

I am a terrible parent, not you.

I am the father of the little Penny.

But do not judge me until you see this.

Oh yeah, as if he thought a conservative
cans of beer will solve everything.

It's not beer, it's my kidney!

Your kidney?

I thought.

Since you can not receive the Penny.

I give you my friend.

Good heavens!

How did you get this?

Crossing the border with Mexico.

I knew that medical checks
are strict media here.

Sorry to say this.
But I do not care.

Lloyd, Lloyd but she
neither is your daughter.

Nice try Fraida.

But Penny read me the letter.

Swallow is all about Oyster Cove.

- Where it took me to your trailer.
- So what?

That was my refuge.

I should carry hundreds of men there.

What I can say?

I was a prostitute by vocation.

Enough of this nonsense.

Forward Lippincott, kill them!

Yes, I will.

But before that no
Also you go with them?

- Now you hear! - What?
- Drop the gun!

Put yourself out there, get there. Come on!

Is this a joke on our team?

Lippincott not do this!

You are humility! is that
have integrity is not it?

What's this? Eh?

Two cakes?

Actually there were four sr.

- I ate two chocolate.
- Lloyde!

Okay, leave of
vanilla for humanity.

Where is the invention?

Where is the damn
billion invention.

Drop the gun, drop the gun!

Lippincott Drop the gun!

- Well, Hello!
- Dad!

Bernard! Thank God you're here.

And these well.

Stay still!

I appreciate your concern Adelle
but it's too late for that.

You know, I could not help
wonder that

every time I ate your
I felt worse food.

So when Harry and Lloyd me
showed the letter from the mother of Penny.

I recognized the letter that
had returned. It was yours.

And that made me think cruelty
and then I set a trap.

And you think, you bite the bait.

As a goddamn rat licks feet.

When you left for Step call
FBI to Penny was protected.

All this seemed doubtful.

Yes, I'm sure.

And what happened to the invention.

Cakes were just a
Barbara gift for Walcott.

For having canceled at the last moment.

This is great pope, now you can
receive your money to the path.

In person.

It's stupid idiot prize!


Enough, enough. Separenlas, up,
hands behind your back!

I am good.

- Are you okay Harry? - I think so. 1301 01: 33:
24.742... > 01: 33: 27.254 Oh if it was just a scratch.

Harry, I think it's better
you to wear a bandage there.

- Harry was shot.
- The emergency room.

This well be fine.

- What do we have?
- Gunshot wound in the left shoulder.

Lloyd! Your kidney!

- Kidney?
- Oh yeah.

By chance have time tonight.

To transplant a kidney.

- Sr Sorry. what's this?
- A kidney, my kidney.

It is for. My best friend in need.

Gentlemen, this is not a kidney.

And that is? Hopefully not my heart.

No, I think it's a filet
pig, into a bag.

I wondered why my
kidney had grill marks.

And a bone.

Wait means
yet I have my kidneys.

Let me see.

I must say that you probably do not.

Now if I'm tired.

That doctor will listen,
Monday next turn.

Sorry Harry, I again fail you.

Lloyd's okay, I forgive you.

That you laughing?

You fool!

- Aa?
- Never need a kidney!

- What?
- You should see your face.

Therefore fool you.

Oscea my kidney, remove me.

In the backseat of a car.

And you pretended?

That's great!

If it was good.

All a joke.

Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt
This meeting of minds.

But I have to clean your shoulder.

Remember that you were shot.

It was a good joke Harry.

But do not think I would have been as
fun if you had said it was a joke.

Before he lost an organ?

Of course, but not both.

It is true.

Pcs. Are great.

How could thank it did for me?

With money perhaps?

Oh, if I have a couple of...

- Thank You.
- Great.


I am sure that the
Concierge thank us later.

We were just fixing your closet.

Penny, wonderful news!

Your father invited me to
stay a while with you.

So we can
know each other a little better.

That is fantastic!

I can ask you something Fraida?

If I'm not the ather of
Penny and Lloyd is neither.

So who is?

That you do not mind.

Heaven, I would like to know
your true relatives?

Mr. Stainer?

I Understand.

You're such a heater.

No, Lloyd! Mr. Stainer
is actually the grandfather.

Means that Peter Stainer's the father?

What if.


Oh it's beautiful!

Oh, it's beautiful!

Has the eyes of Peter.

Not to mention, the dono?

- Hi Pete Stainer.
- Stainer.

Hey how about the sky?

Best we move away from
these guys, come on.

And still there
I do not understand well.

How is it that you thought
who could be the father of Penny.

They are crazy?

- Well why not?
- Yes.

Because in truth we never had sex.

Oh yeah.

Well you could fool.

Nice try Snow White. the word
intromasaje refreshes your memory?

If I remember not played with
your breasts long.

The boat, clean
windshield, boxing bag.

Harry, you can not impregnate a
woman if you have fun with your breasts.

Ah yes? And your
nipples got hard?

And you forgot the condom,
in the backseat?

You've put a condom
Glow in the dark on your finger.

It is not the same as having sex.

But if I do so?

Do Not.

Okay, Dra. Picasso, then
what is your definition of sex?


Impossible! Do Not!

Not my mom! Yuck.

If you pee where to go!

- Do Not!
- I can never erase from my head!

- You're bad.
- Can you teach?

I second!

Well it seems the whole
world just someone.

Yes, and I have pork chop.

To be clear Harry.

When I visited in the
madhouse last time.

Did you know what Penny then?

No, I knew it when I visit
my parents, but eventually.

I discovered that you were faking.

Really? How Come? I ratted?

Months ago, I was changing
diaper before bed.

And you seemed too lively.

Lloyd, although good night.

Know that not prefer
be anywhere except here.

Cleaning the ass of my best friend.

Looks like we have another gift.

If I remember.

It was when you brought me
lamb and champange.


Uh, Lloyd, look!

We have two girls at 12.

Missing almost three hours,
I can not see them now?

Lloyd, this time we will not be stupid
and miss something so obvious.

I agree.

We will not have another
opportunity like this.

Our time has finaly come.