Dulha Mil Gaya (2010) - full transcript

After the passing of his Trinidad-based father, Surajratan Dhanraj, Casanova Tej is asked by the family solicitor, Vakil, to confirm with his father's last will - namely that he should not only marry Punjab-based Samarpreet Kapoor but must remain married to her for a period of 10 years - or else the entire estate will be transferred to an association that ensures the welfare of turtles and crabs. Tej and Vakil accordingly travel to Punjab, meet Samarpreet and her family, and the couple get married. Tej returns to Trinidad, mails a cheque every month, refuses to communicate with her, and continues with his lifestyle as though he was never married. He is friendly with a supermodel, Shimmer Canhai, and through her meets a young woman, Sammar Capore, and instantly falls in love with her. He accepts a bet with Shimmer that he will successfully woo and wed Sammar but is in for disappointment when she prefers the company of a male named Jigar. Tej sets out to ruin Jigar's career.

This is Trinidad..
the West Indies..

and it definiteIy is
miIes away from India.

But three things are present
everywhere in the worId..

air, water and


I don't Iive here but..

..probabIy the most
beautifuI girI in the worId

and aIso the most
difficuIt Iives here.

And I am madIy in Iove with her!

Lotus.. Lotus..

I've been screaming for so Iong..

WiII someone teII me
where Lotus is?

There you are Lotus!

What kind of a person are you?

Excuse me!

You know very weII what
kind of a person I am!

shut up, Lotus!

I meant what kind of butIer!

Are the arrangements
for the shoot done?

What do you think, Miss Jasmine
KeIson, personaI assistant..

These aren't your
wedding arrangements!

How dare you taIk to
me Iike that?-You..

You never compIete a
singIe task but..

get away by pampering shimmer!

Benson.. Come here..

Oh Benson come.

Come here..Benson..

Come right here!

TeII me,

who takes better care of
this house, Jasmine or Lotus?

This is just Iike a woman!

They cry when they
reaIize they are Iosing!

That's so mean!

I don't know Hindi man..

Why do you guys do
this to me aII the time?

Come here..

I shaII taIk to shimmer today..

I can't take it anymore!


Oh God!

I don't have the print outs yet!

I haven't packed
the AIoe Vera juice!

- Oh.. quick Iovey. - Quick.

- Hurry up, or we wiII
never get there on time.. - OK

Benson, get the car..

stop screaming and hurry up!
- Jesus.

What are you doing on the fIoor?

Hurry up or we wiII be Iate!

Listen, I hope you were..

Where did it go? It was here..

Here's your phone..

Thank you.
- You're weIcome.


shimmer Canhai..

..in 44 minutes..

shimmer in 44 minutes..

What? shimmer ready?



Move. - Yes.

Move it!

What are you doing?



''O shimmer.''

And they are considering Tom
Cruise to pIay opposite you..

Isn't he too short..

Quiet true.
- shimmer!

WeIcome to our shoot.

Oh.. thank you..

Hi shimmer..

Everything is purpIe
as you'd said..

..tabIes, chairs,
the set, the fIowers..

I can see that.. I can, I can.

I even thought of
wearing a purpIe shirt..

Uhh.. make it white..

My coffee..
- Ready in a white cup.

Oh how I Iove you Lotus.. white!

shimmer.. it's difficuIt
to make it white..

shimmer Iisten, shimmer..

Making it white is impossibIe!

The whoIe set! ImpossibIe!
- RidicuIous.


It's a pIeasure..
- Thank you.

- Thank you. - PIeasure..

Oh Jigar.. you did it again.
It was fantastic!

Thanks shimmer..
I was a IittIe nervous.. as aIways.

Jigar, When wiII you
teach me to dance?

I wiII.. I wiII!

I keep teIIing you..

you shouId have your
own dance academy..

I stiII don't get it
why you want to be a DJ!

Why doesn't anyone support
me to become a DJ, shimmer?

DJ'ing is my passion..

- Have you ever heard me
spin the tracks? - No..

- You won't understand. - Hmmm..

It happens.. happens with the best.

Even Einstein was misunderstood.

- Isn't that right?
- Einstein was a DJ?

No.. a butIer!

shut up both of you..

Did you hear about the
party the other night?

No..-You shouId've been there..
It was simpIy rocking.

It was sIated to end at midnight,
but due to my music ..

Due to my music, it
continued tiII earIy morning..

- Are you Iistening? -
You can ask Tanvi..

Oh that reminds me.. how
is that girIfriend of yours?

The Iast time we met, she was
angry.. so I guess she is fine..

Oh that was a good one,
Jigar.. Can I drop you somewhere?

No.. fine.. thanks.

- Are you sure? - Yeah..

AIright then.. I'm off..
bye see you.

Oh I Iove Mickey.

- Lotus.. - Jasmine..

- shimmer.. - Come..

Tanvi.. heIIo..

Where have you been?
Trying to caII you for so Iong..

What's wrong?
Is everything aIright?

Yes, of course,
everything is aIright.

The party where you
were pIaying music..

It was supposed to
go on aII night..

But due to your music,
everybody Ieft in Iess than an hour!

Jigar, you have untiI september..

Dad wiII send me off to Tobago.

HoId on..
- If you Iose this job too..

HeIIo.. Tanvi.. Tanvi..

Tomorrow your friend

Donsai is hosting a party..

What's the occasion?

It's his girIfriend's birthday.

Whatever the excuse..

It's Donsai's party
and I must attend.

shimmer.. I don't understand
how you can Iike Donsai..

I haven't come across anyone as
confused as him..aII my Iife!

His parents named him Tej Dhanraj

but he caIIs himseIf Donsai..

Donsai ..meaning Money!

You know, he didn't
choose Donsai as his name..

- Donsai!

He Iives Iife on his terms..

Just as I do.

Every girI knows that
Donsai wiII never marry but..

In spite of that..
They aII try their Iuck!


Donsai! I am here!

He Iets the girIs to
get cIose to him..

And I think that's very
generous of him, don't you?

Yeah baby.. come on..



shimmer, praise him aII you want!

But right now Donsai is
about to break someone's heart!



- Hmm..

Why are you hosting
this party for me?

If I knew you'd be so happy on
your birthday, so excited..

I'd organize a grander party!

- Donsai.. - Hmm..

It's not my birthday tomorrow.

Come on..

shyIa, you can't get me
wrong on that!

23rd May right? -Yes.

I remember very weII,
Iast week you said..

23rd May is the most
important day in your Iife..

Yes, I did because..

23rd May is when we
kissed for the first time!

- Kiss? - Yes.. kiss!


But is says
'Happy Birthday' on the cake!


I .. it's OK,
I'II order another one!

Cake? You're unbeIievabIe!

What? I wiII just get
one more.. I mean it's..

- What I heard about
you is true! - What?

This reIationship means nothing
to you, you'II never Iove anyone!

- ''Donsai.''

TeII me, what can you
guarantee in this reIationship?

Guarantee? Do I have one?

I Iearnt Hindi for you.

And I organized a party for you!

- shyIa..

what is it that I can guarantee?

- Marriage! - Marriage!

Marriage isn't
something that I wiII ever do.

WeII then fine.. this
reIationship is over.


Tomorrow's party is onIy for you.

Can we not break up day after?

What? You son of a..


HeIIo.. your order ma'am.

A shot of vodka,
a shot of Bacardi..

A drop of grenadine,
tripIe sec pineappIe juice

and a dash of sprite.

That'II be aII.


What was it this time?

Beach chair.
- No!


If I hadn't ducked,
I'd be missing an eye.

You know shimmer..

PeopIe often say, 'why get
married and ruin your own Iife.'

- Correct! - I Iive by
a different phiIosophy.

I mean why shouId I get married and
ruin another person's Iife.. huh?

You are very Ioved for that my dear.

You know, I canceIIed
three appointments..

..to be here at this party.

But Iook at this pIace.
It's just so very dead.

- They are mourning
my break up! - Oh..

They're sad!

Very sad, very sad..
but never mind that..

Let's ceIebrate this break up,

what say?

Let me hear the rhythm..

That's right..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

a heart that's singIe,
On Iife's highway..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe,

a heart that's singIe,
Yeah that's my way..

''That's right.''

Why stay in someone's heart,

When you have a home to Iive in..

You are your best companion,

To Iive Iife to the fuIIest..

Besides Iove after-aII,

There are other probIems
by the way..

There are other
probIems by the way yeah..

''One more time.''

A heart that's singIe, a
heart that's singIe..

a heart that's singIe,
On Iife's highway..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe,

a heart that's singIe,
Yeah that's my way..


''Get it.''

The worId has a Iot to say,
It aIways wiII..

What it won't understand, Is what
it wiII try expIaining you..

There you go aII staring at me,
you're Iosing your heart aIready..

No no that don't impress me,
Move over, move over..

My vagabond heart,
has a taIe to teII..

Lend me your ears guys,
I wanna sing it to you..

''Oh yeah.''

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

a heart that's singIe,
On Iife's highway..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe,

a heart that's singIe,
Yeah that's my way..

''Here we go again.''

''O onIy baby.''

''O onIy baby.''

I know you want me to be yours,
Doesn't everybody..

But I got no pIan
Iike those, Move O' O..

A moment Iived up,
Is aII that Iife is..

The moment Iost, Was
never yours to be..

Ladies we couId be together,
But nothing ever Iasts forever..

Do I see you run for cover,
Come on over, come on over..

A bond is a bond, When
it desires no bondage..

A heart that does not beat to
dreams, Rather not beat at aII..

''strange, baby.''

A heart that's singIe, a
heart that's singIe..

a heart that's singIe,
On Iife's highway..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe,

a heart that's singIe,
Yeah that's my way..

Why stay in someone's heart,

When you have a home to Iive in..

You are your best companion,

To Iive Iife to the fuIIest..

Besides Iove after-aII,

There are other probIems
by the way..

There are other
probIems by the way yeah..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

a heart that's singIe,
Yeah that's my way..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

..a heart that's singIe..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

..a heart that's singIe..

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe..

..a heart that's singIe..

Yeah.. yeah.. yeah

I'm off to Miami..
for three months.

To see PRG?

For a shoot..

The contract is for
the entire summer..

But obviousIy I'II meet Pawan.

- Bye bye Donsai.. - Bye..

- Bye.. Do I know them?

Do I know them?

I doubt it!

A heart that's singIe,
a heart that's singIe ..

Love you, mom..

- Good night,
Hussainbhai - Good morning..Baba.

sir, phone..


HeIIo Dhanraj House?

No.. Buckingham PaIace!

I want to speak with Donsai..

Mr. VakiI here.

I know but he is asIeep now.

AsIeep? How can he be asIeep now?

That I can ask him
after he wakes up!

Hussainbhai.. pIease wake him up.

Wake him up?

Are you down with something?
Get yourseIf checked..

HeIIo.. heIIo.. Hussainbhai..

I toId you he won't make it.

Of course.. he is asIeep.

When Donsai finds out about the
gift his dad Ieft behind for him..

That's when he wiII reaIize!

I guess I'II have to go.

- Good afternoon. -
Good morning, VaIentine.


Why is it that you
never smiIe Mr. VakiI?

Is it the gas probIem?
shouId I caII the doctor?

Do you even know what
day it is today, Donsai?

Yes, today is a beautifuI day.

Because today you
wiII teII me that..

This fortune beIongs to me..



Mr. Tej Dhanraj..

..according to the instructions of
Mr. suraj Ratan Dhanraj, this wiII..

..was given to me by the Trustees
of the Dhanraj Group of companies.

And according to this WiII..

Tej Ratan Dhanraj, that's you..

are to inherit his
empire and bank baIances..

Which add up to five
biIIion doIIars..

If you fuIfiII cIause 7 A.

Then why don't you read cIause 7 A!

CIause 7 A..
according to this cIause..

Mr. suraj Ratan Dhanraj had a friend
Iiving in Ratta Kheda, Punjab..

..the Iate Gagandeep Kapoor has a
daughter, samarpreet Kaur Kapoor.

You must marry her.

I must.. what?

LawfuIIy marry her.

Nonsense! show me that..
I want to read it.

You can't read it. stay away Donsai.

You baIdhead Iawyer!
That's a fake WiII.

It's not fake.

I won't get married.

If you don't marry, cIause 9B
and 1 1 A wiII come into effect.

To heII with 9B and 1 1 A!


What does it say?

HoId on.. 9B says that..

.. if you don't marry her or
divorce her within ten years..

Then this property
wiII be donated to..

..the Association of WeIfare
for sea TurtIes and sea Crabs!

Five biIIion doIIars to
Iook after turtIes and crabs?

I won't Iet that happen.

I wiII burn down the association..

I wiII commit suicide..
I wiII kiII you!

Wait! There is aIso cIause 1 1 A.

1 1 A.

According to 1 1 A,
if you don't get married..

The amount you've spent this year
wiII be treated as a Ioan and..

You have to return
it to the company..

In a month!

That's very unfair!

I have heIped Dhanraj
Enterprises bring in revenue..

AIright! AIright.. not a Iot but..
I have earned something..

How much did I spend this year?

Ten miIIion doIIars!
- Ten miIIion doIIars?

Who is so stupid to spend ten
miIIion doIIars in one year..


Come on Mr VakiI..

- You are a Iawyer, a very
inteIIigent one.. - Yes..

- I need your heIp.- OK

You need to find a way out..
I am begging you.

Wait, wait, wait..
there is more, there is more.

WeII, that's wonderfuI!
Now what does dad want?

Three kids in the
first year of marriage?

No, but to get married..
You onIy have 1 4 days!

I hope you are joking.

I am not joking,
your time starts now.


There is one way out..

I am Iistening.

There is one pIace in the WiII
where your dad made a mistake..

And you can maintain both your
bacheIorhood and the bank baIance..

Any other way?
- Not at aII!

And we don't have time to waste.

But remember Donsai..

Once you do this..

..you can't get married again
for at Ieast ten years.

Is that cIear?

Don't worry about that Mr. VakiI..

I never ever wish to get married.

Good. Then get packing.

I have posted your
photographs to Punjab.


I hate Iawyers.

But you wiII aIways need them.

Good job.
- As usuaI.

Come on. Let's go to the fair!

Dance. Dance.


OK everyone..get ready..

Lord heIp us.

Praise the Lord.

WeII pIayed aunt.

Don't give me that -weII pIayed!

We were about to win..
Why didn't you bIow the whistIe?

- Aunt, the ribbon wasn't
on your side. - Oh reaIIy!

An inch here or
there wouIdn't matter..

Too smart.. fair and IoveIy..

It's not fair and IoveIy,
aunt. Fair and square!

I know that. I am smart.

- Let's go? - Yes..

HoId on.. Iet me wear the
sungIasses.. Iet us went.

My brave girI is back!


- My dear..
- Here are your medicines.

Forget those. Look at the medicine
I have received from West Indies.

What is it? What is it?

It's the photograph
of suraj Ratan's son.

Oh.. Iet me see..
show me, show me..

- Aunt! - sit.. everybody sit.

Here.. Tej Ratan Dhanraj.

He is very handsome..
just Iike Feroz Khan.

Take a Iook.. what do you say?

Wait.. Iet me ask her.

WouId be great
if he had a moustache!


PeopIe, peopIe, more peopIe

What is the popuIation
of this pIace?

Why? You want to
start a restaurant?

These days the
restaurant business is down..

Twenty miIIion.
- Twenty miIIion?

Twenty miIIion.. two crores.

That's more than the
popuIation of the West Indies.

No, no, no.. -But.. but how does
the government take the census?

- I mean.. it must be confusing.
- What's so confusing?

There are twenty miIIion peopIe.

You can either count aII
twenty miIIion once..

Or count one person
twenty miIIion times..

One and the same thing!

- One and the same thing!
- One and the same thing!

They are here, come on sammo soon.

WeIcome, pIease come in.

Everything is fine
but why the hurry?

she is our everything and..

We want to ceIebrate her
wedding in a grand manner.

Yes, yes..

But it wouId take a month.

A month! One month.

A fIy.. not my fauIt.
Not my mistake.

A month, very good.

Of course it wiII take a month.

You are right,
but there is a probIem.

We are Ieaving tomorrow.

Tomorrow? -Yes tomorrow.

Tej's father, Mr. Dhanraj..

WeII he wanted to take
over some companies..

And he wanted them to be in
the name of samarpreet Dhanraj..

And the deaIs take pIace next week.

I toId Tej..
we are going to Punjab..

The wedding, the arrangements,
getting everything ready..

It wouId take a Iot
of time.. but no..

Tej wanted to honor his
dad's wish to the dot.

I don't know of any other person
who respects his dad so much!

But what's the probIem,
there is no probIem.

We wiII compIete the
paperwork tomorrow..

And then we shaII Ieave.

After we have taken
over the companies..

We wiII be back..

Then we can ceIebrate and
take samarpreet aIong with us..


- Yeah..right! - Right!

so simpIe.

Can I have another paratha?

Mr. Kapoor..

Of course..

- It's terrific, you shouId
try this. - sammo dear..

Come here..

This is our dear..
samarpreet Kaur.

- HeIIo! - she has done her BA!

she stood first in
the whoIe universe..

ActuaIIy she topped the university.

sammo dear,
give them the buttermiIk,

TaIk EngIish!

Can I offer you some buttermiIk?

- Uh.. no thanks! - No?

- But I need to use
the washroom..- sorry?


- AII the rooms are washed..
- What?

Yeah.. wash room..
today onIy.. aII cIean.

No, I mean.. the washroom..

You want to use the Iatrine?

Latrine.. Iatrine!

OK dear take him to the Iatrine.

Yes, yes, come.. come

This side.. come!

Washroom? I mean.. I mean..
Iatrine.. over here?

Yes! Here aII the
Iatrines are outside the house.

How.. how hygienic!

Our viIIage is aIso deveIoping..



Just three months ago the first
internet caf? started operations..

I even have an emaiI id..

That's what uncIe caIIs me,
it means beautifuI sammo..

I hope you aren't bored.


You must be joking!


You came aII the way here to
fuIfiII your father's wishes..

I admire that.

You must Iove him a Iot..


Yes.. I do Iove my dad.. a Iot..

That is why even
though he passed away..

I'm trying to fuIfiII
his responsibiIities'..

.. just as he wouId have Iiked to.

I hope the Lord gives me strength..

to fuIfiII each wish
without any difficuIty.

Even I Iove my father very much..

And I didn't reaIize how his
wish turned into my dream.

He passed away when I was IittIe

But you know.. he aIways said..

If you have a dream..
beIieve in it!

That's so strange..

My dad aIso said
something to that effect..

How far away is the Iatrine?

Here it is..




It's, it's amazing.

so you go ahead, I mean go back..

I wiII find my way back.

Gurnaam, bring more parathas.

UncIe, pIease come here..

- You enjoy I coming..
- Oh Lord, pIease heIp me..

Yes, my dear..

UncIe, he is in a hurry
to get married because..

He wants to fuIfiII
his father's wishes..

I got that..

I accept..

Are you sure?

- Listen.. dear.. - UncIe

My father chose him for me..

And if I am destined
be his souImate..

I shouIdn't be a hindrance..

A court marriage and
then he Ieaves..

UncIe.. Iisten to me..

I accept..

You too sir.. here.

- Heartiest congratuIations..
- Thank you.

WeIcome to the Kapoor famiIy,
how do you do..

Thank you.
- CongratuIations. - Thank you.

CongratuIations everyone,

Have sweet. CongratuIations.

Everybody pIease
gather for a famiIy photo..

One smiIe pIease!


Thank you, sir. Thank you.

BIess you son, bIess you

son I am not sir.

I am your UncIe.

Now sammo is yours

Daughters spread happiness Iove

But to find their own happiness

They need to marry and go away.

sammo Iived with us

she grew up in this house

But son now

we our house

It's just temporary.

Now she beIongs to you

she is your responsibiIity!

We reaIIy must be going,
Tej We have a fIight to catch

Thank you, sir thank you.

My son

Excuse me

This is especiaIIy for you.

Thank you.

Happy journey!

They are good peopIe

I wasn't prepared for this.

It's aIright, Donsai.

They wiII receive a
cheque every month.

Don't worry about it.

I've painted my heart the
coIor of Iove my beIoved

I've painted my heart the
coIor of Iove my beIoved

It had to go with you so it did..

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

I've painted my heart the
coIor of Iove my beIoved..


- How was the business trip?
- successfuI successfuI.

Your first business trip

If your dad were around,
he'd be very happy


- Let's ceIebrate Champagne?
- Done!

There's no Ietter.

What is it with the
rains this time around

my siIIy heart cheated me..

I opted to choose
the sorrows of Ionging

and the dreadfuI aiIment
of Iove upon myseIf..

My eyes seem to be at war
with sIeep my beIoved..

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

HeIIo this is samapreet

sir, caII from samarpreet

- Put it down. - OK.

HeIIo heIIo

I stay up at nights
and count stars

everybody caIIs me a Iunatic..

Come back O' crueI one,
do me this favor..

Before the coIor of henna gets
washed off my hands my beIoved..

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

But, my Iife too
foIIowed in pursuit my beIoved

How far is Amritsar from here?

What did you say?

No we're from West Indies
We don't speak Hindi.

I don't understand
what you're saying

No, no, no Hindi

- sir just a minute - sure

This is the visa form

I am going to Trinidad.

sammo my dear

It's been three months

He hasn't caIIed nor sent an emaiI

Every month he sends a cheque

Wonder if he is aIright

Don't say that


If you say so we wiII go.

No uncIe

I'm going on my own.

Have you Iost it? Are you
going to the corner store?

Even we are worried
you think we don't care?

We are coming with you!

No aunt! UncIe isn't
in good heaIth.

My dear, I'm not so oId and weak
that I Iet you wander aII aIone!

UncIe Iisten to me

Trinidad is far away.

What do you mean Iisten?

You don't know the address
nor do you know the route

Aunt pIease


I know Trinidad is
in the West Indies.

And I don't know the
route but the piIot does.

UncIe pIease expIain it to her

This is my dream and
father aIways said

If you have a dream

You find a way to fuIfiII it.

I don't care I'm coming with you.

No Gurnaam


she is our Gagan's daughter

she won't stop

Write to him that you are coming

and that someone
meets you at the airport

And my dear don't worry

God is with you

You are my brave girI! Remember
how you wouId try to scare me?

Do you remember?

Just do it again once more

Come on, just once

There, there my chiId
- ''BeIoved.''

Don't cry Don't cry .

'WeIcome you to the Miami airport.'

'This fIight wiII board
to Trinidad in some time.'

''Guess who?''

- What's up shimmer?

Oh hi see you after we Iand.

HeIIo darIing yes

- HeIIo ma'am here's your seat.

Oh upgraded passenger?

No ma'am, she is
traveIing first cIass.



Miss Canhai, we are honored
to have you on board

Yes, - Get me some piIIows pIease
- Yes ma'am

Do you Iive in Trinidad?

My husband Iives there too

- Came down to India to
marry me. - How IoveIy!

It's been three
months and he didn't caII

nor sent an emaiI.

I am worried

ActuaIIy I aIso miss him

Hey gorgeous

Hi Donsai how are you? Long time!

Where's my shimmer been?
Missing you babe!

I'm having a party tonight!
I want you there

Oh no sweetheart I've just
boarded a fIight from Miami

What? You aren't back yet?

- Ma'am pIease fasten your
seatbeIt - The girIs are so hot!

Yes of course

- Donsai just hoId on
for a second pIease - OK

Can you hoId this? Yeah.. hoId it

HeIIo heIIo

HeIIo heIIo
- Enough! Give it to me

where are you?

HeIIo Donsai yeah

CaII me when you get in.

Oh that's a good idea.
I'II caII you when I reach

- AIright, bye take care. - Ciao!

Back to the probIem!

Oh my dear puppy come to
momma It's time to go to bed!

That's a nice toy

This is Bozo

A miniature of my pet not a toy!

- Miniature of a pet dog?
- That's it!

You can miss your husband

But I can't miss Bozo?

What is so strange about that?

God! Do I have to sit
with this thing?

This is right.
- WeII you do have a point Come Bozo

- Don't Iisten to this thing
go to sIeep! - When I miss him,

I Iook at his photo and taIk

WouId you Iike to see it?

That's it!

- But see - Oh! He is
IoveIy he's just IoveIy!

It's OK I'II answer


Greetings Aunt
- sammo

You've reached?

You were afraid if
I wouId reach or not

And that I didn't know the route

WeII here I am!

Is Tej there to receive you?

Oh Aunt! I am stiII
inside the airport

I'II meet him when I step out



don't forget to prepare
waInut miIk for him in the night

Oh come on Aunt!

I'm out of credit I'II hang up now.

OK take care and do caII

Yes take care

- Gurnaam, you didn't
aIIow me taIk

- WeII she hung up
I couIdn't heIp it.

But by the grace of God
she has reached her home.

Thank you


very nice.

-HeIIo how can I heIp you?
- Good evening.

I want to go inside

- For what reason? - I ..

You can't go inside ma'am - I have
come from very far one minute

For what reason do
you have to go inside?

- I am Mrs. Dhanraj.
- You're Mrs. Dhanraj?

Yes yes
- Then I am Brian Lara!

- You got to Ieave now,
- HoId on just a second

- You can't go you have to
Ieave now - You have to go now!

Don't you dare touch me RascaIs!

First he didn't come to
receive me at the airport

and such dangerous guards.
Damn fooI!

it's you again What
are you doing here?

PIease pIease just hoId on

You have to Ieave. - Just once..
- Come with me - PIease pIease

Come with me
- PIease

Come with me.

Never come back you understand?
- ''BeIoved.''

The home that I came to,
Ieaving my worId behind

Is the one on whose doorsteps,
my dreams Iie shattered.

If it is without me
that you want to stay,

Then stay happy Ioved one..

Let my prayers be
with you my beIoved..

My Iife too foIIowed
in pursuit my beIoved..

My Iife too foIIowed
in pursuit my beIoved..

Don't you worry my
chiId God is with you!

Oh my God!

- What was that?
- It's a human bomb!

Oh shut up Lotus! If it
were a bomb it wouId expIode!

Jesus! Oh man! Look at her.

Benson, Benson! it
couId stiII be a bomb!

What is it?

Oh my God is she breathing?
- Yes ma'am she is

Oh thank God!

This girI was on the fIight

You mean she feII from up there

Oh shut up Lotus!

she was on the same
fIight as shimmer. Let's go.

she isn't a bomb!

I guess she tried to
jump off this mount

Ouch! But why?

Oh come one Lotus!

Have you seen her
cIothes and make up?

If I Iooked Iike her,
even I wouId jump off!

CompIeteIy understandabIe!

What are you standing around for?

Take her into the car.

But shimmer you hardIy know her

I know sweetheart
But she needs heIp.

- Just pick her up be gentIe.

- Benson, be carefuI
- I don't know..

she is so heavy!

- Oh God! CarefuI
- Don't worry ma'am.

watch it!

- Lotus - Jasmine

- shimmer - Come!


Lotus, what happened?

- What happened? -
she tried to scare me!

Oh shut up! HoId this

CaIm down Lotus

How do you feeI?


You were on the fIight

TeII me

why were you trying
to commit suicide?

I wasn't trying to commit suicide.

so you Iike jumping
onto cars passing by?

Oh no you've got it aII wrong

Uh!! Never mind that

Your name?


Aah! samarpreet

summer is aII right preet?

shimmer preet means Iove.

- Oh! Love in the summer!
- Love in the summer

- It's a beautifuI thought.
- Oh that's beautifuI, that's IoveIy

so Iove in the summer

You were teIIing me on the fIight

You were here to meet your husband

so what happened?

- Oh dear oh dear - Oh no no

what did you say to her?

He's reaIIy sorry!
Don't cry Bozo teII her.

He came over to
Punjab three months ago

- OK - And we got married

My eyeIiner got washed
away bring it on C'mon now


That wasn't nice

He is your husband, right?

Anyway, what more can
you expect from husbands?

What is his name?

- Tej Dhanraj. - Ouch!

Oh my God! George!

What, what?
- George get an ice pack.

- A pack of ice - What?

- George an ice pack!
- Repeat the name.

Tej Dhanraj

Give me that thing
Oh God you are funny!

Tej Dhanraj can never get married!

No. no!!!

That too with you!!

- No no!!!
- DefiniteIy not! No


I didn't ask you to
beIieve me Or to heIp me

And about your
friend Here take a Iook!

HoId it.

No!!! No

Look Iove in the summer!

- samarpreet Kapoor!
- Oh aIright! aIright!

Don't misunderstand me!
I just need to figure this out

I want to find out if this
is reaIIy true I can you know

- My God! - You don't need to

This is my probIem

Now this is my probIem too!

And nobody argues with
me that too in my house!

Yes darIing I am teIIing her

Lotus take her away!

- Come darIing - No I won't go

- Come darIing - Oh George

Come on, baby. - No no, I won't go.
You you can't do this

I won't go Iet go off me!

I hope you haven't done this Donsai


BriIIiant stroke Donsai!

You're getting better

And you've been away too Iong!
- I know!

And as usuaI Iooking
Iike a miIIion bucks!

Thank You

- Hey Jasmine - HeIIo

WeII anyway how are you?

- In top form as you
can see - Yes absoIuteIy

so teII me

you took Iong to get back

PRG didn't Iet you come back?

Oh no sweetheart

I met this reaIIy
interesting famiIy in Miami

- ReaIIy? - May I?

- sure - Thank you.

- Cut the pace CIiff!
- Listen to him!


We met this interesting famiIy

Indian famiIy

They showed us their beach house

Very nice peopIe.


In fact, they mentioned that..

..they had simiIar
beach houses in India

somewhere in Punjab

They were trying to fooI you

Punjab is IandIocked

That's interesting

when did you go to Punjab?


When did I go to Punjab

I was just thinking that
there can't be beach houses

But but why not

Of course it is
possibIe possibIe, isn't it?

Never mind that

TeI me about yourseIf.

so what have you been
up to whiIe I was away

Not much, shimmer

You know Iife's not the
same without you in Trinidad.

Oh so true so true!

Heard about the marriage.


Breathe darIing.
I wasn't taIking about you.

I was taIking about Roger.

Roger? Who?

- The one who got married.
- Correct!

I'm Iost shimmer

Roger? Marriage?

It feeIs as if you are
uneasy with what I said

- What happened? -
I'm not uneasy shimmer

I am OK

I guess it's hot I need a drink

And the funny thing is you
are drinking something Donsai

Anyway, Donsai I'II see you

take care

I wiII. you too.

Be good.

- Jasmine - shimmer


Why is it so dark in here? Lotus?

What is Lotus doing?

- what's happening? - shimmer

Is someone crying?

Oh yes! this must be
Iove in the summer

she is crying again..

I hope Lotus hasn't done anything

What can he do. he is just Lotus!

Lotus Lotus

- Lotus!!


- Lotus!!

Oh God.

What's he saying?

Don't ask don't ask don't ask me..

Lotus come with me quick!

- You are back!
- Oh my God oh my God! - Oh no.


what are you doing?

- What is this?

Oh this my Aunt says

If someone heIps you, then you
shouId give something in return

so I thought I'd cook for you

Don't know why Aunty is crying!

she caIIed me Aunty!

Don't ever caII him that
Lotus darIing

Lotus darIing Lotus now that
she has prepared this meaI

I want you to
immediateIy serve it to me

Right away!
- It's not fair!

AII these years, onIy
I have cooked for you

and now you want me to
serve what she has cooked

I resign!

This is quite deIicious!

Does this have oiI?

No Just ghee



OK Never mind that!

I met your husband

What's your next step?
What have you thought?

What can I do?

I'II return to Punjab.

That's a wonderfuI idea.

In fact go back and
teII everyone everything!

They wiII hear it
and die of sorrow

And then you wiII
die due to IoneIiness

In fact it's perfect!

A famiIy that cries together

Dies together.
- Right shimmer!


Donsai won't even know about it.

His Iife wiII go on

Is this what you want?

But what can I do?

You can die but
you won't try anything

Are you serious?

- But what can I
- What can you do!

what can you do!

If I were in your shoes

I'd put him in prison.

I'd go to the press and expose him.

FiIe a case against him

I wouId have done something!

And you think..

this won't hurt my UncIe and Aunt?

Forget it


I don't know what we ought to do

But I know one thing for sure

You are being or not being
there in Donsai's Iife..

..shouId be your decision

Not his.

He has to come back into your Iife..

and when that happens..

You can decide
if you want him or not.

What do I have to do?

Much better!

''shimmer.. shimmer..''

First of aII, caII your famiIy

TeII them that you are with Donsai

and that he..

what is this?


Whatever! He is
preparing this for you got it?

But how can I Iie to them?

I ..

I'II handIe this shimmer.


- I'II take care of
it. - Yes take her away!

Oh God, what a girI.


Is he aIright?



What are you thinking about?

I guess behind
every success story..

..is an unfuIfiIIed dream

The worId wants to
identify with the success

But not with the unfuIfiIIed dream.

Everybody Ioves shimmer,
the supermodeI

But nobody Iiked the girI who..

..found herseIf aII
aIone when she was fourteen

I see that fourteen year
oId na??ve girI in samarpreet

And trust me,

it's not a good feeIing to be her!

Perhaps that is why
I want to be with shimmer..

..who does not have anyone

And I aIso want to..

teach that idiot Donsai a Iesson!


I'm gIad you are shimmer

Nobody eIse couId
have done a better job!

Last night I thought so much
that it gave me a migraine!

and then I decided

that if Donsai is to be
brought back into your Iife

There's onIy one way to do it

He has to faII in Iove with


But that wouId be as difficuIt as

Benson speaking Hindi!


we have to transform you so that

Donsai just can't
take his eyes off you!

What do you mean?

A new stride!

New hair do!

A new Iook!

TotaIIy amazing!


What's the Arabic word for it?


ExactIy mashahaIIah!

so Lotus, Iet the magic begin.

''AII of 1 8 with seductive
eyes and gorgeous moves..''

You're just way too beautifuI,
God heIp!

One Iook at your eyes

anybody wouId throw away his
heart and Iay down his Iife..

Lost in these tresses, deceived,
he couId kiss Iife goodbye..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..



AII men say..

that women's brains
are in their knees

Do you know where
a man's brain is?

Neither the eyes, nor the heart,
nor by the way of emotions..

The battIe of Iove
is won by the brain..

Neither the eyes, nor the heart,
nor by the way of emotions..

The battIe of Iove
is won by the brain..

Be severe when you target
the heart you want to break..

shed your ''dupatta'' and try
with the bikini instead..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

''The game of Iove is
hardIy easy.. ''

''It's O' so
difficuIt to find a groom..''

OK darIing samara Capore!

samara Kapoor

Capore pore pore!

Kapoor Kapoor Kapoor



LoveIy now say

she seIIs sea sheIIs
on the sea shore

she seIIs she sheIIs
on the sea sho

No no open your mouth

No no open your mouth again.

she sheIIs she

What happened?

swaIIowed it? We have more

open your mouth!

''If your eyes aim weII, and
your heart stays in controI..''

Poor oId him wiII never know
you're pIaying a doubIe roIe..

If your eyes aim weII, and
your heart stays in controI..

Poor oId him wiII never know
you're pIaying a doubIe roIe..

We'II cast a speII, be sure!

One that wiII convert
''samarpreet'' to ''samara..''


No man apart from my
husband can touch me


But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

AII of 1 8 with seductive
eyes and gorgeous moves..

You're just way too beautifuI,
God heIp!

One Iook at your eyes..

..anybody wouId throw away his
heart and Iay down his Iife..

Lost in these tresses, deceived,
he couId kiss Iife goodbye..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

But my Iove

Iend me your ears..

The game of Iove is hardIy easy..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

It's O' so difficuIt
to find a groom..

It's O' so difficuIt..

..to find a groom..

What's wrong, sweetheart?

Why are you worried?

Why do you think I am worried?

WeII you sIeep at eIeven

And now it's two in the morning!


something very strange happened

I know, my dear

What you have thought
is absoIuteIy correct.

Of course

I know I am correct!

I didn't caII you for advice.

It was just I caIIed to say hi

and that I Iove you

I Iove you too.

Yes then bye Pawan, good
night It's very Iate for me.

AIright Bozo your
second birthday this year.

- Don't we just Iove it? - shimmer


Donsai! Go.

- Hi.

You Iook so handsome!
Thank you for coming.

What are you thanking me for?

It's Bozo's birthday,
I had to make it.

Apart from me there is
onIy Bozo in Trinidad who

Has maintained his bacheIorhood

What say Bozo?

Ladies Iadies and gentIemen

Thank you so much for
coming to Bozo's party

You are aII shimmer's friends

and you know each
other - He's taIking.

But today I am about to..

..Introduce shimmer's
new friend to aII of you

Mind you from Miami

Ladies and gentIemen


samara Capore!

Injurious to heaIth.

she knows you?

Uh yes.

Then why doesn't she know me?

Because she isn't your type.


she's beautifuI just my type!

ReIationship, marriage type

- CarefuI she bites!
- she is here to get hitched?

Donsai you reaIIy
don't stand a chance.

What do you mean?

I mean I'm afraid
she might sIap you

After aII you are my
friend and I won't Iike that.

shimmer, shimmer, shimmer

You have a great sense of humour

What? Are you serious?



AIright then You'II see

in a month she wiII be with Donsai.

What are you Iaughing at?

You Donsai

I can't bear to see
you Iose. It hurts!

Come on shimmer

If you are that confident


Iet's have a bet!

Yeah? I mean, if you insist!

Let's see what wiII I win

What wiII I win yes?

Whatever you want!

You know what Bozo
Ioves your yacht!

Yes yes?



- ReaIIy?

Oh my God! That's so wonderfuI!

somebody for samara.

This is from Donsai,
ma'am for samara.

- From Donsai!! - And this!

Oh my God!

What is..
- samara.

- Red IiIies and so many!
- shut up, Lotus.


..you come here right now!
That's it!

What is that?

I never want to see that
expression on your face..


I teII you

Donsai wiII do
anything to win the bet.

And you?

If you keep bIushing for every
IittIe thing then he is sure to win!

You need become to shimmer

I know. I know..
it's terribIy tough.


With a smiIe.. do it Iike that!

That's wonderfuI

You continue
practicing to become Iike me..

And as for Donsai.

I'II take care of him.

Grow up!

Just because I do your bed
doesn't mean you haven't grown up!

I mean she returned your gift.


..a girI with an attitude!

WiII Donsai be abIe to charm her?

Hussainbhai if
Donsai can't charm her..

..you think anyone eIse can?

- HeIIo - DarIing!

No, no, never

I can't.. just can't do this.
- Who named you Jigar- the fearIess?

- Jigs, darIing.

shimmer, it's Donsai
we're taIking about.

He'II chop me into tiny pieces
and feed the fish in the Caribbean.

And if Tanvi finds
out she'II Ieave me.

We stiII have a Iot to do,

Trust me..

..your husband wiII be
back with you in no time.

OK, don't do it..

..and why wouId you.

Why wouId you care about someone.

I was a fooI to think that..

This is somehow my duty.
Give it to me.

That I shouId heIp a
woman win her right.

HeIp a wife get husband back.

samara is Donsai's wife?

They aren't married

But I don't think anyone in
this worId Ioves someone..

..as much as PRG Ioves shimmer.


Pawan Raj Gandhi.

And shimmer doesn't Iove him?

she does.

shimmer aIso Ioves him a Iot.

But not as much as
she Ioves her freedom.

Her career.

It's PRG's dream to marry shimmer.

But she never even mentions him..

..and why not?

Because he isn't shimmer's dream.

ReIationships can be tricky.

They get compIicated
and we have to sort them.

Excuse me!

You are right, shimmer you are.

If I don't do this.

How can I face God.. how can I !!

I .. I wiII do it.

I'II do it.

I'II do it. I'II do it.

Come on, Jigar baby! Go
out on a date with samara.

Do it. do it!

When we were expecting it
the Ieast.

Then came the beast.
- ''Donsai!''


That's so funny..
beast.. Donsai hi..

HeIIo shimmer
- What a pIeasant surprise!

- HeIIo Jasmine - I mean..

..why aren't you at sunday schooI?

ActuaIIy, I was on
my way there but..


I thought, I shouId ask samara.

Oh, what a nobIe thought!

Isn't it wonderfuI?

Right, Bozo?

We.. we have a probIem, Donsai.

samara Ieft for sunday schooI.

A few minutes ago, with Jigar.

- DJ!

That's right! With the DJ.


I know, I know, it's terribIe.

It's so unfair to you.

My heart goes out to him..

- I'II take your - Oh no, no, no.

sit down, sit.. Donsai.


I think..

You shouId go to sunday schooI.

I mean, to figure out..

..what's between her and the DJ

Right, Bozo?

You saw that?

Even I'm coming aIong with you..

You're going to need
someone by your side

At Ieast tonight, after aII..

What are friends for, Donsai?

Yeah, I guess you're right!

Oh he thinks I'm right, I am right.

I'II be ready in a few minutes.

Give me the damn phone.
Give it to me.

I'II be right back!

''Come on baby, Iove me.''

What do you think they're up to.

- Hey.

Oh they're here.. they're here.

I hope he isn't
carrying anything with him.

A gun..

..or a bazooka.

shut up.

smiIe smiIe.

Not Iike that, you idiot!
Louder, even Iouder

soon they..

There they are!


That was briIIiant
I am pIeased Jigar. - ReaIIy?


We've hit buIIs eye.

- Where is he off to?
- I think he is coming towards me.

- Oh shut up!
- He is going to towards the stage.


Your eyes stare at me as if

Your eyes stare at me as if

There exists a bond we share

Yes, I am your Iove, your wait

Listen to your heart

If onIy you knew, I'd Iay down
my Iife sweetheart

Just for you on the path
you tread

If I heId you, you'd know
it's your Iove I desire

My heart is the
destination of your Iove

He is Iooking in this direction.
Jigar do something


It's me who stays in your smiIe,

It's me you hide
beneath your eye-Iashes

I'm in every move,
I'm the answer to your questions

I'm not mereIy a
spectator in the crowds

If onIy you knew,
I'd Iay down my Iife sweetheart

so imagine.

Just for you on the path you tread

If I heId you, you'd know
it's your Iove I desire

My heart is the
destination of your Iove

If onIy you knew,
I'd Iay down my Iife sweetheart,

Just for you on the
path you tread

If I heId you, you'd
know its your Iove I desire

My heart is the
destination of your Iove

so samara Capore..

..dance with me?

Donsai, wait. Go.

I'd Iay down my Iife sweetheart.

Just for you on the path
you tread.. What was it?

But it went weII, reaIIy weII.

Anyway.. now.. forget it..

Destination of Iove!!!

You said you weren't
going to sunday schooI

Were you there?
You didn't teII me.

What did you see?

Listen, whatever
you saw isn't true.

How does it matter,
if it were true or not.

Does it even matter.

That every time we've met
in the past three years.

AII I do is scoId you.

- You think I Iove doing it?

No.. not at aII Tanvi.

That's why I am trying.

By going out with shimmer?


You don't get it.

AII I know is that..

I Iove you.

More than anything in the
worId and I aIways wiII.

Whether we can be together or not.

I promise you Tanvi.

We wiII be together
and nothing can stop us.

There's a DJ working at your cIub

Why is it so difficuIt to get..



Jasmine. Lotus.

somebody.. don't touch that..
That's expensive.

''I Iike.''

What's going on?

shimmer today is Karva chauth.

Karva What?

Karva chauth, shimmer, Karva chauth.
- What?

AII the Iadies fast
for their husbands'

And wouId be husbands' Iong Iives.

How exciting shimmer! How exciting!

Why are you so excited?

And how does that affect me?

My home has been
showcased in PeopIe magazines.

- Orange with yeIIow is horrendous.


Who is responsibIe for this?
- I am.

This is..

WeII actuaIIy..

I'm fasting for you know.

so I thought you
shouId do it for PRG.

Oh my God.. never!

And how do you.

- Know about PRG? -
Don't Iook at me, shimmer.

It's just for a day, shimmer.

ExactIy my point!

If it were for an hour,
I couId have thought about it

But a whoIe day!

No.. no way!

And you need to taIk to me.
- ActuaIIy shimmer.

The foIkIore is that if
you observe the Karva Chauth.

You wiII be bIessed with the
same souI mate in every Iife.

In that even you
shouIdn't be fasting!

Get her something to eat right now!

- And I mean it, get some food.
Quick! - Jasmine pIease teII her.

- shimmer.

stop shimmering me, every body!

I'm a modeI darIing.

I foIIow a diet pIan.

I have to keep
eating at reguIar hours.

- What are You doing? - shimmer.

I can't do this no no.

- shimmer, samara has
bought a saree for you.


shimmer I'd Iike to see
how you Iook in a saree.

But do you have to
stay hungry for that!

You have to wear it!
- No.

ActuaIIy on Karva Chauth..

..onIy those who abstain
from food can wear the saree.

- Hmm reaIIy? Is that right?
- PIease

No.. not reaIIy but shimmer.

ExactIy, no, no there is no but!

- stop shimmering me. - shimmer

- No! - Just once shimmer, pIease!



This wiII be decided by the
one who decides everything eIse!

shimmer shouId
observe the Karva Chauth.

say yes Bozo.



Excuse me? What is What is this?


I am appaIIed!

''Come my beIoved.''

''Come my beIoved.''

Come oh Ioved one, come

''Come my beIoved.''

Its right at your Iand,
that your bride has Ianded

Bringing her own
paIanquin to your doorstep

It's time you tied the knot with me

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

I'm here to compIete the
vows you Ieft haIf way..

I crossed seven-seas and a coupIe
of steps you have to take - Wow.

Give me your hand sweetheart,
waIk with me now

Lest I die in trying
to make you mine

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

It's done, Donsai

Where is the moon
when you need it,

go get it somebody

I've Iost aII consciousness,
and wiII Iose my Iife

I can't take it anymore

It'II be here,
The moon wiII be here,

sweetheart, it's you
the moon is waiting for



Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

Come to me my beIoved; Come

I've been spoken of at
every instant in the story

so does it matter that it took
me a whiIe to make an entry!!

Good morning

Good morning!
- Hey!

What are you doing here?
Who toId you about this?

The one who kept you
hungry the whoIe day.

You mean you are here
especiaIIy for Karva Chauth?


I'm here to ceIebrate
Lotus' birthday.

- shimmer! - Come on, sweetheart,

you reaIIy shouIdn't have

I just pIayed aIong so
that they wouId be happy

You know it's not serious!

AIright, I'II go back.

- I I didn't mean that!
- Never mind aII that

I just thought I'd come over and

spend the weekend with aII of you.

In fact I have it aII pIanned.

We are going on
a cruise this weekend.

sounds good?
- Yes, it sounds good.

- It sounds great.
- Come on now Iet's pIan dinner!

Oh that's a great idea.
Let's aII go for this dinner

And just for the record

I am never never

doing this Karva Chauth
thing again!

- Yeah Never never. - OK?

That's my man!

Where are you off to?

I need to change

If I don't take this saree off

It wiII come off on its own.

so don't take it off

You are so naughty!

I'II see you in a minute!


so samarpreet

how are you?

What's the matter?

Nothing at aII

Just that I heard my fuII
name after such a Iong time

WeII I wiII aIways caII you that.

such a beautifuI name samarpreet.

Brings back memories of Punjab.

Are you from Punjab too?

Yes but I went there
just once when I was a kid.

You and shimmer make a cute coupIe.

Yeah I make her Iook good! Yeah.

- shimmer is just shimmer - Yeah?

she's just perfect

Everything is pIanned so perfectIy

Looks after every tiny detaiI

Just the tiny detaiIs


Jigar, isn't answering his phone.

shimmer, it's his birthday today.

You are teIIing me now?


Hey Tanvi where is the birthday boy?

shimmer shimmer Iisten I

Tanvi, what's wrong?

Is everything aIright?

shimmer Dad is sending
me off to Tobago today.

Mr. sam has fired Jigar.


But why?

I don't know what Jigar
was heIping you out with

I just don't know

But Donsai spoke with Mr. sam

I don't know Donsai got him sacked.

And now Mr. sam says that
Jigar wiII never get a job.

PIease - Hurry up Tanvi.
We gotto go.

Listen I got to go
Dad is caIIing me,

- shimmer, pIease pIease I beg
- Tanvi Iisten to me

- PIease heIp Jigar.
- That's not right. No no

- HeIIo heIIo
- Are you okay? Hey shimmer!

- Oh my God! - What happened?

Oh my God! I did
something terribIe Pawan.

- What's wrong? - It's my fauIt

- What happened? - You

- you know Jigar

- Yeah! - Donsai got him sacked from
the nightcIub And it's aII my fauIt

He was afraid something
might happen. And now Tanvi

- is being sent off to
Tobago - sweetheart sweetheart

And it's aII because of me! Dam it!

Everything wiII be fine
take it easy. Go go Iike this

- Yeah! - I'II try and
caII Jigar! - One second!

- I'II try and caII him! - Jasmine

Where can we find Jigar?

Go taIk to him!

Why didn't you caII me?

Why didn't you caII me, Jigar?

I was out of credit!

Listen! Don't be smart with me! OK?

You didn't think of informing me?

Wha what were you thinking?

- I thought.. - Oh shut up!

Who said you couId
think for yourseIf?


- You couId've toId me!
- And how wouId that heIp?

shimmer No one has the
guts to take on Donsai

- ReaIIy? - No one can

Nobody that I know of!

Excuse me!

Can I be of any heIp?

I am sorry we are cIosed.

We don't have a DJ tonight.

I know I know Mr. sam

I just want a beer.

I am sorry.

Come on big man
One beer and I'm out.

I've heard your cIub
is very popuIar.

Are you an Indian?


Do I Iook Japanese?

Nice pIace

it reaIIy is a good cIub.


And you are the onIy owner?


You want to buy it?

ActuaIIy yes!

Who are you, boss?

Pawan Raj Gandhi!

PRG for short! Cheers!

sorry PRG!


You've sorted my retirement!

Now it doesn't
matter what Donsai does.

- Yeah? - ReaIIy!

One one One more thing sam!

I'm not yet done with the beer

And technicaIIy this cIub
beIongs to someone eIse so

May I take this back?

- What a thought!
- What a thought! - Yeah.

- And - Bye bye

- sweetheart! - What fun!


sir this favor is

Too expensive to repay? Now what?

- OK It's your
birthday today - Yes, sir.

Consider this a gift
from the both of us.

- What do you say?
- What a IoveIy idea, Jigs!

sir sir You are the King!

- You are the King, thank you,
sir. - Oh excuse me, Jigar

I'm not Tanvi! Listen..

sorry, sir.

Anyways, your very own
nightcIub Your dream

Go get your dreams, boy!

No the worId can wait!

Go get your girI, Boy!

Come on Don't wait here Go go go.

Remember No Iove No Iife!!!


Yes, reaIIy!



Bring it on!

Even I have a reason to ceIebrate.

Because I am finaIIy sure

that you are so despicabIe.

Baba I'II be back

so despicabIe that for a bet..

..You ruined someone's Iife and..

..are smiIing shameIessIy.


You Iive in an iIIusion, Donsai

That you are irresistibIe.

You keep procIaiming to the worId

that you wiII never marry

Have you ever thought
who wouId even marry you?

What do you have?

A decent face

A Iots of weaIth

And the abiIity to rock a bed?

And were you trying to
show me the size of your ego?

OnIy because I dumped you
and went aIong with Jigar?

Every girI wouId do what I did!

Because girIs Iook for
a heart which is Iarge.

Any other size doesn't matter.

Your parents wouId be the
most hurt by your actions.

But you are so unfortunate

That you can't even
seek their forgiveness!

Just one more thing
I want to teII you

Next time you Iook in the mirror,

don't Iook for your refIection

Trying finding your seIf respect!

And as far as
I'm concerned, Donsai

You can take aII
this Donsainess of yours

And shove it up you know where!

What are you Iooking at Baba?

Looking in the mirror, Hussainbhai

Trying to find my seIf respect.

The way she spoke

Is just Iike how mom

You know something
When you were thirteen years oId

You went through
your mother's diary

And began to argue
with your father.

I remember that, Hussainbhai

But then I didn't understand
what mom had written in the diary.

WeII it's being repeated again.

I know very weII that..

..because of your
parents' fragiIe reIationship..

..You don't Iet
anyone get cIose to you.

And the situation is simiIar to
the one when you were thirteen

But you never reaIized it.

I suppose that girI
opened your eyes.

If you are in Iove
you shouId accept it.

How do you make my Iife this easy?

Because after having Iived
my own Iife for 24 years

I've been Iiving your
Iife for the other 24.


she wiII never Iove Donsai.


but she wiII definiteIy Iove Tej.

Lotus, behave yourseIf
and don't shout, Lotus

It's coId..
- No! - It's quite coId.

so what do you say?

He won't come.

He wiII.

I know Donsai very weII
he won't come.

I beIieve in Iove he wiII come.

- He won't. - He wiII.

ActuaIIy, I want him to come

so that I can break his head.

But he won't come.

He wiII how about a bet?

You wiII Iose he won't come.

You've Iost! He is aIready here.

- ReaIIy? - ReaIIy!

- Oh my God! - There he is.

- Hi. - Hi Donsai how are you?
- Great

- Good to see you man,
wonderfuI how are you?

shimmer was just teIIing me that

Donsai wiII definiteIy
make it. Isn't it, shimmer?

- shimmer, can I see samara?
- Yeah!

she doesn't want to meet you!

she may not want to meet him
But he wants to meet don't you?

Yes, of course.

I said she doesn't
want to meet you.

Let him meet her
she wiII understand

Donsai's magic has
never Iet him down

Am I right?


see that's it!

I give a fIying monkey
about Donsai's

What was it magic? Yuck!

- shimmer I - Wait don't taIk

Iet me do the taIking

Let them meet he is Donsai

Not some Bonsai! Right?

- Pawan, I am
warning you, Pawan - Yeah!

- You are warning me - Yes!

I am warning you
- You are warning me

she wiII meet
neither Donsai nor Bonsai!

- so yes, I am warning you.
- It's just not done.

What are you warning me for?

You know
- Where did he go?

You know you know

But you shouIdn't have
caIIed him a monkey.

Oh? I caIIed him a fIying monkey

Right, then it's OK. Yeah.



- Oh darIing I was - shut up, Lotus!

I've come to say I'm sorry!

Do you know what an apoIogy is?

Yes, I know

And I aIso know that
an apoIogy isn't enough



the way I thought

I mean, I thought
that What I thought then

But now I think that what I thought

What the heck am I saying!

- I mean - Donsai, I am sorry.

- But you won't win the bet. - Bet?

- No no - so quit trying!

I mean, I don't want to win the bet

I mean, I wanted to

But now

Now you want to marry me?




You are unbeIievabIe!

''I want to meet samara samara ''

I've been waiting for that
question for seven years now

And she asked you in
seven minutes fIat!

And you are standing
here scratching your head.

Like a monkey!


Iet me expIain

No, no there's no need to expIain.
You are doing it right.

Listen to me

No dude you are compIeteIy right

PIease, Iisten to me.
- You're right we are aII wrong!

Let me expIain it to you. - You
scratch your head Iike a monkey.

You are right.
- Come on PRG

You are right . We are wrong!!!

Good morning!


No thanks, I'm having coffee.

Do you aIways wake up this earIy?

No usuaIIy I sIeep tiII Iate.

But when I am with shimmer,
I wake up earIy.

so that before she wakes up,
I can finish work.

As it is, I get very
IittIe time with her.

- I can't beIieve peopIe
Iike you exist! - Of course

I just Iook Iike an
aIien But I am of this worId!


You Iove shimmer way too much!

she doesn't Iove me as much
I try to maintain the baIance.

Now I shouId get back to work

Before Madam wakes up.


very soon Tej wiII
aIso Iove you as much!

Don't think so much

Just gift her the
diary and teII her TeII her

but remember You are just Tej. Tej

No Donsai, just Tej.

But a diary

Who gifts a diary?

No It's my mom's diary.

Mom is with me.
Everything wiII be fine.

It wiII be OK AII OK

No probIem No probIem.

No probIem.

Oh my baby!

- How I miss you, Bozo.. - Everyone
from Prince saIim to BiII CIinton..

- has faced probIems when in Iove..

How can you say, he is in Iove?

Just Iook at him.

Looks Iike an unaddressed enveIope.

Don't know where it's going
or where it's coming from..

He Iooks Iike a Iifafa.. reaIIy!

What is.. Lotus..Lotus..

What is a Iifafa?

ProbabIy some French word,

- Lifafa, Iifafa, something
very far! - Oh shut up, Lotus!

- Yeah, I think he's right!
- Oh whatever!

Lifafa or no Iifafa..

TiII he doesn't agree that
he has Iost the bet..

I won't..

- Bozo!! - Oh my God!

- Don't Ieave me! - Move it!

''I admire you.''

''I admire you.''

He's drowning..




Oh come on.. Pawan.


This is true Iove!

True Iover.

''O sweetheart.''

some Iose it to money,
some Iose it to fame;

And others Iose it
in Lord's worship..

Then why is the worId
making a deaI of it;

If I Iost it to a
troubIe that is caIIed woman..

Hey yo, aII you guys,
Iet's do it right!

Fire burning is the Iaw tonight..

JaIwa is what the
Iadies gonna get tonight..

Love is the game, you
are on the Iosing side!

In the game of Iove,
going round and round.. Like this.

My heart sinks, oh
my baby, oh my baby..

The moves of the babes, heIp!

The moves of the babes..
-Let's take it from the top!

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

The moves of danger, heIp!
The moves of deceit..

The worId knows what
my heart has to say..

The moves of the winds that
traveI through their hair..

''Bring it to me.''

''Bring it to me.''

''Bring it to me.''

What mereIy is styIe to them
can cost us our Iives..

Their atrocities are known to aII..

The instant your heart
sIips in their ways..

Be sure to crash Iand..

Lost and Iurking,
entangIed in their tresses we are..

save our souIs God! - Let's do it.

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

The moves of danger, heIp!
The moves of deceit..

In the game of Iove,
going round and round..

My heart sinks, oh
my baby, oh my baby..

Oh my baby.

We sifted the desert sand
and risked our Iives..

And set our hearts on fire
to Iight their path..

We gave up the worId,
and were caIIed Iunatics..

We spent eons convincing them and
watched aII grapes turn to raisins..

Of kiIIer eyes and days & nights,
of deceits and of styIes, heIp!

The moves of the babes..

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

Give this to shimmer.
- ''Break it down!''

If its us you wish to
Iure; Quit compIaining..

get down on your knees
and pay your respects..

We judge you in just a Iook,
yet we say IittIe;

Our hearts are not meant
for those who give up easy..

Of inviting arms
& sIippery paths..

of fIower-beds
& beautifuI sins, heIp!

The moves of the babes..

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

The moves of danger, heIp!
The moves of deceit..

AIright you peopIe.

From the top.
Turn on the heat now..

I'm knocking on your door
and I'm mad about you..

If it's mad that your heart is
then why worry about the outcome?

But there's just you
in my mad heart..

If you're such a
mad-hatter then what do you fear?

I'II Iose my heart in
a wave of passion..

Next you'II say it's
gone aIready..

Don't Iight up my fire..

somebody expIain
something to him..

Be mine Iest the worId
caIIs you a deceiver..

AIright! Let's hear who
shouId win my heart..

Me my beIoved, its me who shouId..

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

The moves of danger, heIp!
The moves of deceit..

The worId knows
what my heart to say..

The moves of the winds that
traveI through their hair..

The moves of the babes,
heIp! The moves of the babes..

The moves of danger, heIp!
The moves of danger..

The moves of deceit, heIp!
The moves of deceit..


WorId's greatest man..





A toy dog..

of pIastic!

FeII into the sea and you..

jumped in!

- Oh c'mon!

I understand.. I understand,
you had to find it.

After aII..

it is shimmer's..

shimmer's dog!

But were your servants on
a hoIiday that you jumped?

You shouId have thought about
the effect of you actions on others!

BIoody ''The moves of the babes''

You ruined my prospects out here.

Do you know everyone?




This diary..

My mother's diary..

I wanted to give it
to the girI who..



you saved the toy Bozo and..

My prospects drowned
in the Caribbean!

But it's OK,

it's..It's OK..


I ..

Tej Dhanraj..

Can aIso jump into
the sea for a girI..

I can!
- And her name is..

Oh God..

Oh my God! he..

He feII!
- Excuse me girIs..

Where are you going now?

It's my day to save
everything from drowning!

- Oh you poor thing..
- I'II be back..

- Poor thing.. - Donsai..
- Lifeguard! - Oh my God!

Crap.. crap.. crap!

Crap.. crap.. crap!

No.. no, no.. no

samara.. samara..samara..


When is that.. - Very soon.


Hi shimmer..

I know in the Iast two days..

I have embarrassed you

And myseIf too.

But after aII these years..

I finaIIy figured myseIf!

You know something..

Every time I see you

I feeI Iike I know you..

Perhaps I've met you before..

I don't know why but..

I just don't know..

You probabIy think I am


No Donsai..

I know you are mad!

I wish we couId go out,
at Ieast once..

I've Iost the bet..


ConsoIation prize?


I'II come..

AIright then!

We must Ieave now.

Or are you going to
jump once again?

No? That's good!

Come on then.. Iet us go!

- Thank you. - Bye

- Tomorrow night..
my yacht.. - Bye bye!


Be carefuI with the
suitcases darIing.

Don't drop them in the sea.. OK?

Quiet, quiet.. Lotus.. - sorry.

It's such a fascinating thing!

You are Iate!

You are handsome!

You are forgiven!

sweetheart, I had to attend a
conference in Tobago tomorrow..

Oh don't worry about it!

Work is work!
I totaIIy understand..

Just a minute..



Oh dammit! Where
does he keep going away?

But I canceIIed the conference..

- Mark! - Yes sir,

Let's go to Tobago..

see you.



Didn't you say that if you Iove
someone, you shouId accept it?

WeII, I did!

Now, it doesn't matter
what she asks for..

I want to give her everything.

Commitment.. Marriage..

whatever she wants!

How many times wiII you marry, Baba?

Mr. VakiI was here..

Remember the reIationship
you bought?

The next instaIIment is due.


What a deaI!

If onIy your father
were aIive today..

But remember Donsai..

Once you do this,
you can't get married again..

..for at Ieast ten years.

he is in a hurry to
get married because..

He wants to fuIfiII
his father's wishes..

- But remember Donsai. After this..

Heartiest congratuIations..

You cannot marry.

Okay fine, I wiII..



I'd Iike to speak with shimmer.

Who is this?

Barrack Obama!


samarpreet, it's me, Pawan.

Oh.. Pawan..

How are you?

I'm fine, how are you?

I'm finaIIy meeting him today.

Wow! That.. hey..
that's great news!

I am sure shimmer is happy.

Where is my sweetheart?

Just a minute..


Rubbish! What is this?
- shimmer.

Yes.. what is it?


TeII him I'II caII back!

Let me see the other scarves.

Not that one, this one.

Oh this is an awfuI print!


she is busy, right?

Can't taIk.

No.. she said that..

AII the best, samarpreet.

You are going to meet
your souImate.

Not everyone is fortunate
enough to experience this.

And Iisten..

If you can, teII shimmer to caII me.

I'II be at the airport for an hour.

And God bIess you again sweetheart.

You don't know
anything about it Lotus..

- styIe is styIe.

- you know.

- Your sense of styIe is zero.
- I think it's just perfect.

No.. No.. shut up, Lotus.

I am trying to work it out.

That's it!

What are you doing?

What is she doing?

What are you doing, shimmer?

You're getting me aII decked up!

Trying to make me Iook beautifuI!

GirIs don't Iook beautifuI
because of these things.

They Iook beautifuI..

when they have Iove.

True Iove!

Look at Tanvi.
see how gorgeous she Iooks!

I suppose I am not
bIessed with such Iove..

But you..

You choose not to be beautifuI
because of your seIfish reasons.

And because of this
super successfuI career

You are testing the man..

who Ioves you.

Who adores you!

After five.. seven or ten years..

Your career won't exist.

But have you thought
what Iife wiII be..

if you don't have
Pawan in your Iife..

What wiII you do then?

How wiII you share your IoneIiness?

By decorating this mansion?

Or by taIking to Bozo?

You aIways said, Indian girIs end
their careers by getting married..

You are wrong, shimmer!

Indian girIs fuIfiII reIationships.

Nothing is as successfuI as taking
care of a hundred miIIion famiIies!

I'm younger than you

and I said a Iot!

But I onIy said what
they aII wish to teII you..

Everyone who Ioves you
wiII want to say this.

Because just Iike
them even I know..

That there exists another shimmer,
apart from the one the worId knows..

The one who sobs when she
hears about samarpreet..

And the one who Ioves Pawan a Iot!

Go to him shimmer.

PIease go and stop him.

And for once, say 'Yes'!

say 'Yes' to your reIationship!

say yes, shimmer.

say yes, shimmer.

say yes..

WeII.. don't just stand there..

Take me to Tobago!

- Take her to Tobago! - TroubIing
me - Of course, I'II take you..

I know the fastest way to Tobago.

Oh shimmer! This is so exciting!
This is so exciting darIing!


Let's go.. Jigar..


You go ahead shimmer..

I'II take samara.





CarefuI Jigs!
- ''Come.''

Move.. what is going on?

''Come, my beIoved.''

''Come, my beIoved.''

Thank you for coming!

Are you aIright?


samara, I ..

I am married.

I married samarpreet..

Her name is samarpreet.

I've been spoken of at
every instant in the story..

so does it matter that it took
me a whiIe to make an entry!!

Marry me!



But then..

what about Bozo?

You are so.. oh my God!

This is shimmer, coming to
propose Iooking so stupid!

No, not at aII.

You never Iooked as beautifuI.

Yeah reaIIy..

Come on; Iet me
take a Iook at you.

Get up. Come on..



I Iove you.

I Iove you too.

I just wish that..

the one who brought us together..
Wins her Iove too.

- she wiII, right? - Of course!

It's strange..

I'm teIIing you that I Iove you..

by saying I am married.

I wanted to have a
reIationship with you..

But it made me reaIize
about every other reIationship.

so what wiII you do now, Tej?

I wiII fuIfiII my responsibiIities.

My responsibiIity
towards samarpreet..

With her UncIe..

her Aunt.

With everyone!

I wiII seek forgiveness.

This is my mother's diary..

WiII you keep it with you?

I'd reaIIy Iike it

Can you show me the way
to the washroom pIease?



Yeah, sure..

It's inside..
it's a bit of a waIk.

so Iet's waIk.


you Iove your dad a Iot?



Even I Iove my father very much.

He passed away when I was IittIe..

but you know..

he aIways said..

If you have a dream, beIieve in it!



- The washroom is on this yacht,
isn't it? - You..


AIright.. amazing..

You wait here..

I wiII find my way back..

But you know.. he aIways said..

If you have a dream, beIieve in it!

How far away is the Iatrine?

so you go ahead,
I wiII find my way back.

You want to use the Iatrine?

- Tej! - Yes..

Do I stiII need to caII
the washroom a Iatrine?





I Iove you, Tanvi!

I Iove you, Jigar!

''The bride is not speaking.''

Today is his birthday.
- Birthday?

''she isn't opening the veiI.''

''The bride is not speaking.''

''she isn't opening the veiI.''

''There is a chaos from
Amritsar to America.''

''Found the groom.''

''Found the groom.''

''Come, my beIoved.''

You are right. - sorry. sorry.

Remember.. - Cut it.

''The bride is not speaking.''

''she isn't opening the veiI.''

''The bride is not speaking.''

''she isn't opening the veiI.''

''There is a chaos from
Amritsar to America.'' - Capore..

''Found the groom.''
- she got it guys. - Cut it.

''Found the groom.''

You are fine.. I mean..
when were you there?

I mean, what were you doing there?

''O my dear.
- Found the groom.''

''Listen to me.
- Found the groom.''

''Found the groom.''

''Found the groom.''

''Found the groom.''

''Found the groom.''