Dukhtar (2014) - full transcript

The story revolves around a daughter (Zainab) and the mother (Allah Rakhi). Two tribes agree upon putting an end to their disputes if the 14 year old Zainab of one tribe is married to the leader of other tribe who is an old man. Allah Rakhi flees from her home with her daughter and the deadly hunt for both of them begins. A truck driver helps them both reach Lahore where Allah Rakhi's mother lives. During this venture there come ups and downs. Some people die. The movie maker has left many things for viewers to conclude on their own.

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One day, I'll have
a house like this.

-A sweet little house.
-Yes. A sweet little house.

But you'll have to wait for it.


You get a house
only after marriage.

-You have to be married to have a house?
-Of course.


You know after marriage
you also have kids.


You're still young.
I can't tell you that.

Please. I'm your best friend.


-I swear.
-Don't tell anyone.

When a girl looks at a boy,
and the boy looks back at the girl,

a baby begins to grow inside her.

-Just by looking?
-Yes. Just by looking.

It happened to my sister.
Right after her marriage she told me.


This is why your father
won't let you out of the house.

-It's our secret.

We have to find a solution
to this?Tor Gul' problem.

You're right, we
should find a solution,

but you will have to come back.

You are the head of our tribe.

These matters can't
be solved without you.

I wish I had better news for you.

But there is a huge security problem,
everything and everyone is searched.

I barely made it here.

Somehow, this fire of revenge
has to be extinguished.

-Salaam, Uncle Shehbaz.
-Zainab, my child, how are you?

I'm fine.

Did you bring something for me?

How could I possibly forget?

-A doll, just like you.
-Thank you!

Zainab, go. Go inside the house.

She's a kid. Let her be happy.

What we will learn today?

Today we'll learn
the words?put' and?but.'

Open your copy.

-Did you check the previous work?
-It was excellent.

I gave you a star.
Even your writing was good.

Write?P' here.

Good. Just make it longer.

Now the other word is?but.' Write?B.'

?B' is the one with two bellies, right?

Exactly. Now write?U.'

-Like this?

Now write?T.' Good.

So this is?but.'

-Like this?but.'
-No, no.

The teacher explained it,
but I don't remember now what it means.

-It is simply?but'...
-You don't know what it means?

-So what did you learn in class?
-I will ask my teacher tomorrow.

You don't know the meaning
and you're teaching me.

Now what was that?

Do it slowly.

It's not?putt,' it's?put.'

But you just told me...

-No, it was for the other one.
-Is it not the same?

-This is the same one, look!


This is confusing!
Listen, it's time for my TV drama.

Let's watch that first.

Alright, but promise one thing.

We will come back
to complete this.

-Not this, something else.
-No, the same one!

Or else I will scold
you like my teacher.

-Very well done.
-It's all good now.


Get lost!

Hurry up.

How are you, Ghorzang Khan?


Remove his blindfold.


Peace be with you, Daulat Khan.

And also with you.

Have a seat.

-You didn't have a problem coming here?
-No, not at all.

I meant they didn't
inconvenience you, did they?

Today I came to meet
you for one reason.

The revenge between
us has killed my sons.

Time has come

to find a solution.

Daulat Khan...

seven of your men got killed.

And in return...

ten of my men got killed.

You know very well,

we take an eye for an eye.

It is a matter of honor.

With all due respect,

with these hands, I have bathed
the dead bodies of my four sons.

And with these same hands,

I buried all four of them.

Today, three more of your men died.

Tomorrow, five more of ours will die.
This revenge will not stop for centuries!

Yesterday, we were friends.

Today, we are enemies.

Daulat Khan...


it's hard to tell friends from enemies.

In our region,

we have plenty of useless leaders
and politicians!

But things are about to change

with me in power.

Daulat Khan,

the mother of all wars
is about to happen.

Those with us

will rule with us.

To end this vengeance...

there is one way.

What is it?

An alliance between our tribes.

An alliance built upon
the bond of marriage.

That will be a
great honor for us,

but whose marriage?

For this alliance...

we need your daughter's
hand in marriage.

My daughter...

But for whom?

For myself.

She is just a child.

Not yet of age!

Daulat Khan...

this is a decision between us men.

You decide now,

and this Friday we
can have the marriage.

Allah Rakhi.

Allah Rakhi?

Do you remember the first time
I saw you? At your father's place?

You were on the rooftop

trying to catch a kite
and you were running after it.

You almost fell from the roof.

If your father hadn't promised you
to Daulat Khan,

I swear to God

I would have asked
for your hand in marriage.

Shehbaz Khan!

You have no idea

how difficult it has been...

-to see you as another man's wife.
-Shehbaz Khan, I'm a married woman.

I know.

And I also know how
unhappy you are.

While Daulat Khan is alive,
I will do nothing.

But if one day
you become a widow,

I will make you mine, honorably.

We are going back
to our tribal lands.

What did Tor Gul say?

I have given my word.

Tor Gul's maulvi will come
to solemnize Zainab's marriage...

with Tor Gul.

And one more thing.

This news stays here only.

No one else should know about this.

Ma, what is this?

This is from my wedding night.

What is this spot?


Whose blood?


Your grandmother's.

Her grandmother's.

Did you hurt yourself badly?


now you are grown up.

I have to explain some things to you.

Things my mother

never explained to me.

Listen, my love,

when a girl gets married,

she has to...

I already know
this grown-up stuff.

What do you know?

Who told you?

It's a secret. I can't tell you.

Won't you tell me your secret?

I promised not to.

But I won't tell anyone.

Tell me, Na.



will my wedding dress be like this?

Peace be with you.

And you too, Ghorzang Khan.

-All's well?
-Have a seat.



Daulat Khan.

Ma, my prince is here!

Today our friendship
has turned into kinship.

And this is stronger
than any blood kinship.

The prince for my
princess lives far away

on a really beautiful mountain top.

Give Ghorzang the
best piece of meat.

Do you want something?

Excuse me.

Need something?

Eat, my friend.

Why are you staring?
Eat your food.

Are you guys having some?

-My friend, all good?



Can I touch the rainbow?



That thing in the sky like this.

Blue, yellow, green, red and violet.

The fairy's swing?

-The fairy's swing?
-We used to call it that.

Well, I'm also a fairy.

I can sit on it.

No, sweetheart,
no one can sit on it.

It is an illusion.

An illusion? What is that?

An illusion is something which
can be seen, but is not really there.

Allah Rakhi. Open the door.

Zainab, Allah Rakhi!

Open the door!

Well, I'm also a fairy.
I can sit on it.

No, sweetheart, no one can sit on it.

It is an illusion.

Alright, but promise me that we will
come back and complete this work.

-Not this one. Something else.
-No, we have to complete this.

Otherwise we'll never learn.

Or else I'll scold you like my teacher.

?Put' and?but,' right?

-Very well done.
-It's all good now.


Daulat Khan.

You have ruined our honor!

It's my honor. I know what to do about it.

-Who are you to tell me?
-I will find her.

And you know how we deal

with an insult to our honor.

Don't you dare say another word!

She was yours.

Now she is ours.

So he'll teach me what honor is!

-Shehbaz Khan!
-Yes, Brother.

Go, find them before they do!

Sit down.

Allah Rakhi?


No one's here.

Come with us. You know the way here.

Alright, let's go.


Emptied the tea
packet in this one cup?

-Where are you coming from?
-From Karachi.

-Long route!
-Yeah, very long.

-That road after Sukkur must be still bad.
-It's terrible.

-What were you driving?
-A Mazda truck.

Check every corner of this place!

Quick, come here!

Here! Hurry up!

Check the jeep as well.


Don't move.

They can't be far.

Check under this!

Search thoroughly.

They must be here somewhere.

She was here.

Let's go!

My queen. Don't do this.

What the hell! Who's there?

Who's there?

Son of a...

It's not your father's
property! Get down!

Come on!

Very nice. Had some fun? Get off!

Just leave us here.
We won't say a word.

Why should I do that? Get off!

Come on, child.

Come on!

-Make it quick.
-Okay, we're getting off.

Get off.

-A short ride wouldn't have hurt you.
-It's not your father's property!

Child, be careful.

Try not to create another problem.

-Don't touch her!

?Don't touch her'? Go to hell!

First she thinks
she's in her father's truck,

then she tells me not to touch!

C'mon now, move it!


Now what is it?

-You'll leave us just like that?
-You're not my aunt's daughter, are you?

I have a child. She's sick.

What will we do here?

Alright, come in.

So what's happened to the child?

She has a fever. High fever.

Where are you heading?

I am headed towards Punjab.

Where in Punjab?

Near Attock.


How far is it from Lahore?

Around eight to ten hours' drive.

What's the matter? Why the worry?

You're hiding something?

They'll catch us.

They'll kill us.

Kill you? What are you talking about?

-Who are they?
-Tor Gul's men.

You're Tor Gul's wife?

No, I'm not his wife,
but my daughter is promised to him.

Great going, Sohail. You're screwed!

-C'mon, time to go.
-What are you doing? Keep going!

Keep moving!

It's a matter of a child's life!

Hurry! They are right behind us!

Damn it!

You'll have to get off soon.

If you stop, I swear
I will kill her first and then myself.

-Go fast!
-Are you crazy?

Give it to me!

Keep driving! Leave this!

Drive faster, they are coming!

Have you gone nuts?
We're already in such trouble!

Get out of my way!

Listen to me now, carefully.

Check every bit of this truck.

Peace be with you.

Yes, sir?

Shut up. And step back.

People who lie to me...

I take out their intestines like this.

Now tell me where
you have hidden them.

There's no one here.

I get it.

You're looking for a child and mother.

How do you know?

I found them hiding up there.
And made them get off.

Did they say where they were going?

No, we didn't talk. I'm already late.

But they could be headed to Kashli.

Alright then.

Peace be with you.

Come out.

Are they gone?

First, come out.

By the way,

do you know where you're headed?

There must be a place
where they can't find you.

It's difficult

to shake off Tor Gul.

He'll find you wherever you go.

You should have
thought before running.

Do you have a daughter?


Then you can't understand.

I can take you as far as Attock.

After that, you'll have
to manage on your own.



Not here, Zaibu.

There's no place for girls here.
The truck can't stop.

We can stop.
There's a rest stop coming up.

No, please keep going.

Don't get out till I tell you.

It's better no one sees you
here. I'll be right back.

Azam, my brother!

Sohail, you bastard!
Where have you been?

-How's it going?
-I'm good.

You really disappeared?

-All is good?
-Yeah, with the grace of God.

-And little Rubab?
-Yes, she's well.

-Work is going well?
-By God's grace, all is well.

Let's have some tea. Bring the tea!

He's grown so tall!

How are you, son?

A child's marriage has caused
a furor in Nishtar village.

Mother and child have been missing
since yesterday.

A search for them is under way.
Feroze Khan is in Nishtar.

-Feroze, what is the child's age?
-Let me go check.

Yes, Fatima.
The child was a student in class five.

We have been unable
to reach the family.


you promise you won't be angry?

It's all wet.


Let's go.

Have some food.

I've also ordered?rosh' for you.

-Sorry, I have to leave.
-But you've only just arrived!

Stay here.

Let's sit in the sun.

Something urgent came up.

Have some food at least.

It's urgent.

I'm actually thinking
of leaving this business.

You'll get double for Karachi.

I know. I know.

Get up, Zainab!

Leave it!

-Gotta go.
-What's this, man?

I told you to not get off until
I said so! What was the big hurry?

-Actually, Zainab...
-What about Zainab?

News about you has spread.
The media is in your village.

It's the same mother and daughter.
She called the girl?Zainab.'

-Where are you?
-Behraam Hotel in Sikanderabad.

There's a truck driver with them.

Sohail Malik.

Truck number 9354.

We'll be there soon.

What's this smell?

I'll clean it up.

What did the news say?

I'll tell you,
but first let's get out of here.

Have a seat.

-You are?
-Mir Azam Khan.

How long have you known Sohail?

He's my childhood friend.

When was the last time you saw him?

It's been a while. In fact,
it's been several months.


Have you seen this woman with him?

Never saw her before, I swear.

-I really hate people who lie to me.
-I swear I'm not lying.

-Come, let's have a talk.
-What are you doing?

Let's move.

Looks like the storm is coming.

There's no more time to waste.

I want the path cleared.

Tor Gul's time is up.

I can't go further than this.

My orders have changed.

I will find them. You go.


Allah Rakhi tricked us.

She had already made a plan,

and is with some truck driver.

What are you saying, Shehbaz Khan?

I'm telling you the truth.
She is with a truck driver.

Listen, Shehbaz Khan.

I don't want anything else.

I just want my daughter back!

My daughter!

Don't you worry.

When I find them, I will kill her.

What's wrong?

C'mon, my queen!

It's stopped now. Everything okay?

I'll be back.

Hold it.

C'mon, sweetheart!

We have to go on foot now.

Open the door. Get out.

What happened?

Can I ask you something?


Who are you?

What does it matter?

Why know me?

Well, I'll know something at least.

I was 14...

when I ran away from the orphanage.

I hiked my way to Kabul...

to become a mujahid.

I spent five years in their camps...

and finally became a mujahid.


this state of war

is like a sickness.

It consumed me.

One day, I was in a bazaar...

and this woman walked by.

I could only see her hands.

I don't know what happened to me.

I started following her.

She found out I was following her.

One day she caught me,

and said that if I were to marry her...

I would have to leave the war.

So then...

I left the war.


She got sick...

and passed away. She is no more.

That's when I became a truck driver.

What's your story?

I don't even know your name.

What will be my story?

My father used to tell me
that when I was in the womb,

he used to have bad dreams.

When I was born,

he consulted with an elder

and named me?God Protects.'

I was married when I was 15...

to my father's side of the family.

After that...

After that my story ends.

All these years,
my husband never let me see my mother.

I don't know how she must be now.

Even now I can't see her.

I know they will reach her house soon.

Well, Allah Rakhi is a nice name.

Allah Rakhi?

Come on.

It's morning.

Zaibu? Get up sweetheart.

The sun will come up soon.


-My friend!
-Welcome, my brother.

-How are you, Zarak?
-How are you?

-I am fine. What about you?
-All good.

Peace be with you.

This is my friend I was talking about.


You won't have to worry
about anything now.

We will protect you here.

-Thank you.

Alright then,
my guys brought your truck back safely.

How do I thank you, man?

You forget Kabul.
I'm the one who owes you.

You left the war,
but looks like it never left you.



Like this, and then this.

First throw this, then pick this up.

It's not really working.
Let's throw them all together.

This is not the way to play.

I'm showing you a new game.

Carry on.


-Slept well?
-Too much, I think.

It's so peaceful here.

And so beautiful.


You wanna take a walk?

It's okay, she'll be fine.

Come on.

We're going for a walk nearby.

Don't go anywhere.


Strange river, isn't it?

Half one color, half another.

The story of these rivers

is the story of two lovers.

There was a man named Kabul

and a woman named Sindhu.

Kabul lived on top of a mountain.

And on another mountain,
far away, lived Sindhu.

They belonged to two enemy tribes.


Kabul loved to play the flute.

His melodies had a mesmerizing quality.

When Sindhu used to
listen to his flute...

she would often a tune to it.

And when Kabul heard her sing,

he just fell in love with her.

And then, you know...

as the days passed,
their longing grew...

their passion smoldering
in the dark of the night.

Then what happened?

Then Kabul decided
he was going to end the enmity.

He sent his messenger
to propose to Sindhu.

Is that so?

But the man who was sent

with the message of friendship...

his body was sent back in pieces.

A flame of hatred was rekindled.

And blood spilled from both sides.

With sorrow,
Kabul began to play his flute.

His music was so sad,

so sad that Sindhu started crying.

She wept and wept

until she became a river of tears
and leaped off her mountain.

Flowing down the grassy slopes,
she became the green river, the Indus.

This river?


When Kabul saw this,

he jumped from his mountain.

And in this valley stained with blood,
he himself

became a river of blood.

The Kabul.

After miles and miles of separation...

the lovers finally meet

at this junction.

our fearless leader, Ghorzang Khan.

He has always helped us
in our time of need.

He is that iron fist
who will save us from these troubles...

Sher Khan?


Who called you back there?

That was an emergency.

Sher Khan, I am asking who was calling.

It was my elder brother.

Your elder brother?

We need someone fearless
to remove these people.

Someone who will win the war for us.

One lion is enough
to scare the jackals away.

And that fearless lion
is Ghorzang Khan!

Time has come to...

These corrupt people cannot solve
our problems.

We need someone who will win our war.

One lion is enough
to scare the jackals away.

And that fearless lion
is Ghorzang Khan!

This is not for kids.

What's that?

-No, that.

Nothing, just an old wound.

Why do these wounds leave scars?

Maybe if you avoid treatment,

then they leave scars.

Did you feel pain?

Yes, when my wound was fresh,
it was very painful.

Ma was also hurt.


How come you know?

I just know.

Don't worry.

Her wound will heal.

Look at mine. Touch it.

Go on, touch it.

See, no pain.


heals everything.

So if I hit you here,
you won't feel any pain?

When did I say that?

-I got you.
-Such a naughty kid you are.

-?I got you.'
-Come, Zaibu.

Let's feed the chickens.

Promise you'll teach
me how to use this.

Only if your mother says?yes.'

Come on Ma, say?yes.'

Let's go.


would you have really killed me?

What do you mean?

You held a gun to my head, remember?

I was only pretending.

How could I ever kill you?

I can't even stand seeing
one scratch on you.

You are my doll, my life.

You've been lying to me!

When did I lie to you?

You told me that I'd
find my Prince here.

Is there any Prince?
There's no one here.

I want to go home.



Allah Rakhi, is it you?

Are you okay?

Where's Zainab? Is she okay?

She is okay.

We are both fine.

It's been so many years
since I heard your voice.

And Zainab must be all grown up.


His men were here searching for you.

They won't spare you.

Where are you?

Don't worry about us.

Ma, I need to see you.

We'll have to meet somewhere else.

Our house is not safe.

Take care, my child.

I've been thinking that...

I should see my mother.

You know, in Lahore,

anything can happen.

If your husband's men catch you,
then what?

Are you... not happy here?

No, I am,

but I can't keep on living like this.

Zaibu needs a home now.


I mean, there's no problem here.
I am here with you.

Yes, but...

But what?

You have already helped us so much.

Here's a little something...

You think I helped you...

for this?


I'll take you there.

I'll take you to see your mother.

Be careful.

If you get in trouble, call me.

Zarak, my friend. Thank you so much.

Thank you, brother.

What are they eating?

It is called a?gole gappa.'

A trip to Lahore is
incomplete without it.

One plate, please.

-There you go!
-Are you going to eat it, Zaibu?

It's very sour.

Now this is how you dip it.

And in one bite, you have to eat it.

-Open your mouth wide.
-Go, go!

Don't drop it. Look, you've spilled it!

-Was that tasty?
-Now it's your turn.

-No, I can't.
-Come on, quickly.

-No, you eat it.
-After you.

One, two, three.

How was it?

-What happened?

Now it's your turn.

My turn? No problem.

One, two, three.


I'm out of practice.

-Want some more?
-No. You want some?

We'll go to meet mother now.
Please stay here.

Give me a cigarette.

When I was a kid,

my mother used to bring me here.


Allah Rakhi?

My baby.

Very good.

-Allah Rakhi.
-Shehbaz Khan?

-What are you doing?
-Come with me.

-Come, come.
-We're coming.

-Don't make a sound.
-Where are you taking us?

Why don't you ask your daughter?

Who is her lover?


My lover?

I told you.

-They will not let you go.
-It doesn't matter to me.

But I won't let this happen to her.

Are you listening to her? You see?

This plan is made by her lover!

Stop it now,
Shehbaz Khan. Let us go.

-Come on.

I will drop you home.

But Zainab comes with me.
She belongs to someone else.

Never! Let her go.

I will come with you.

If you really want me then,

let them go.


-I don't need you!
-Let the kid go! Leave her!

Leave her alone!

Let her be!

Now who will save you from me?

Come on!

-I can't...

What happened?

You will be fine.
The hospital is close.

Keep your eyes open.
Talk to me.

Allah Rakhi?

We're almost there.

Put pressure on the wound
to stop the bleeding.