Dukhless 2 (2015) - full transcript

Max Andreev thought the best place to start a new life would be at the other end of the world. What he didn't know, is that you can't outrun your past.

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But we haven?t even begun seeding
the startups. This boggles the mind.

I don?t give a shit what it boggles.
20 percent of the money goes to our companies,

or as venture capital to the startups
I point out to you.

20 percent! For what?
- For peace of mind!

So that I didn?t open a criminal case
on your ass. Should I keep going?

You don?t have the last word here.
- No, but it?s the last one you?ll hear

if you don?t wise up. That?s a promise.

Victor! What the fuck? Shoot that thing!


Aloha, Shaper.
- Max-i-mus.

Just couldn?t wait to look at the missus, huh?
- Yes.

She?s cuter than you are.

You thought about the color?
- White.

Miss the snow?
- Tabula Rasa, clear conscience.

I wanna start a blank page.
- Thanks, brah!

Mouthwatering! Hurry up!

These scallops were flown in from Normandy.
They deserve the greatest respect.

From Normandy? Why?
- Some creatures can only live

in cold water.
- I hate cold water.

And you call yourself a Russian?

These scallops are from Normandy
with a touch of Bali. Just like me.

- You?re pretty good, you know that?

You're not bad either.


Are you okay, buddy?
Welcome back.

You are OK?
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

So, how long you been living here?
- Three years.

Why?d you leave Russia?
- Oh, you know. The weather.

I?m already bored out of my skull here.
Temples: done. Food: done.

Tried surfing - you saw how that ended.

Basically, time to go home.
- Back to the grind?

Max, Moscow?s getting all kinds of waves now.

You?d be smart to catch one.
- Why, has something changed? Again?

I?ll give you the Cliff?s Notes version.
Glam is dead. No one carries a Vertu anymore.

They?re fighting corruption,
finally, which is great for me.

Most importantly people realized they
can?t suck on that oil pipe forever.

So yeah, there?s been a few changes.

Moscow?s a global city now.
The world?s top scientists, artists, urbanists,

everyone wants a piece.
- "Wake me up in a hundred years

and ask me what?s going on in Russia.
I?ll tell you: drinking and stealing."

- It?s Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Me, I don?t go for that ?to be
or not to be? stuff. I choose life.

You think you can change it
for the better?

Sure I do. If not me, who?
- Roman. See that ocean over there?

You and I will die, and it?s still going to be here.
Listening in on a new generation

of idiots having the same conversation.
That?s what I choose.

Let?s just drink.

In accordance to Article 188
of the Criminal Code of Russia

you are hereby instructed to appear
before the Federal Prosecutor

on November 22, 2012,
at 1pm as a witness.

There are no witnesses in this country.
Only the guilty.

We'll leave, together. Right, babe?
- No.

- Yulia, please.

Do you love me?

I'll be waiting there for you.

What a girl! Why so slow?

I want something real.
The kind of love you and Emma have.

You?re getting older, Max. I fell in love
with Emma at a party like this.

In two years we moved here
to start her school...

Do you think of Normandy often?
- Every day. But she is happy here.

And you?
- It?s heaven here,

but you pay for your sins.

Hey, Max!
- Yeah?

We?re out of ice!
- Ice is coming!

And bring me some ginger, will you?

Maxim Andreev?


What happened?

Have a seat.

Shit the bed, did ya?
- Excuse me?

Nikolai Basov, second secretary
at the Russian Embassy.

This was a total setup.
These assholes -

Calm down! - I haven?t done anything!
I'm a Russian citizen.

We will get you out.
This is what I?m here for.

Even if it?s not your heroin, they
found it at your place. This is serious.

But there?s a solution.
- What kind of solution?

The usual kind.
Start getting the money together.

What, you thought things were
somehow different here?

How much?
- Come on, Mr. Andreev.

You?re looking at anywhere from ten
years to death. So if you ask me,

you better sell everything you own.

We?ll get the money to the right people.
Bail you out. Get you a smooth crossing at the border.

You?ll go to Malaysia?
- Malaysia?

Thailand, whatever.
Two years, three max.

Until things quiet down.
Max, I want to get you out of here.

But your case can go to someone higher up.
And then I won?t be able to help.

Sign this power-of-attorney,
so I can sell your house.

Your ticket.

To Moscow? What the hell? I thought
we had an agreement! - Cool it.

Your passport?s expired.
No country?s gonna let you in.

So it?s back to the Motherland.

I don't even have a phone!
- That?s terrible.

Talk to me. What?s good and new?
- Hit a rough patch in Latvia.

They refuse to cooperate unless the Interpol is involved.
There?s that guy. We have eyes on him,

but nothing incriminating so far. Remember this kid?
We kept him on ice as our plan B?

Look at you! Start working the kid.
- Already on it, General.

I?ll make a note of it. Dismissed.
- Yes Sir!

You wait. You step inside.

Young man! Let's see your passport.

Please come with us.

Look who?s here.
Mr. Andreev! How was the flight?

Uneventful. - So, Bali, huh? Is it as awesome
as they say? Like, sunshine and shit?

Everyone's wearing shorts?
- Some wear pants.

May I ask what?s going on?

Maxim Andreev, you are detained
in accordance with the Article 160,

of the Criminal Code of Russia.
Conspiracy to defraud and embezzle.

In the course of an investigation, your guilt has been
ascertained and sufficient evidence against you gathered.

And may I ask who you are?
- Under-colonel Maslova.

Ministry of Justice. Well, Max,
looks like you?re going away

for a long time.
- Fifteen years sounds about right.

A year ago
the Ministry of Infrastructure established

a state company called RosInnovation,

under the management
of one Roman Belkin.

We have ample reason
to believe that RosInnovation

instead of developing technologies,
is simply embezzling federal funds.

I?ve seen that guy twice in my life.
And one of those was under water.

One could say you snatched Roman Belkin
from the jaws of death! Thank you for this!

Now we can put him in prison for corruption.
- You'll easily find employment at RosInnovation.

Your task is to get close to the process
of distributing venture capital.

We want its structure. The kickbacks,
the offshores, the shell companies.

If you help us get RosInnovation,
we will toss this file into the trash,

hook you up with a new passport,
and the world?s your oyster once again.

Or you can be dumb about it. And you?re
off to break rocks in Mordovia.

What if Belkin doesn?t want anything
to do with me?

Well, then you make sure that he does.
- Keep this switched on.

And sign the receipt for leased equipment.
Come on, sign and get moving.

Get moving how?
- Use your feet!

Guys, can I borrow a phone?
- All right, fine, I?ll pick her up.

Excuse me, could I -
- Get lost! No, I wasn?t talking to you.

Guys, I need a ride downtown.
I?ll pay you later.

Lemme see the money.

Can you let me make a phone call?
- Fuck off, will ya?

Get in! Faster! Come on!

It's like a mafia here. If they catch me
picking up a fare, they?ll beat me up.

I guess that?s what you?d call
a monopoly. Where to?

What's your name?
- Galaktion.

Maxim. Look, Galaktion,
can I make a phone call?

Here you go.
- Thank you!

Times are hard for everyone.
I used to be an engineer.

Now I?m earning whatever I can with this
rust bucket? Some construction work, too.

How long have you lived in Moscow?
- Let's play a game.

If I don?t know
the address, you get a free ride.

Do you know a company
called RosInnovation?

We got a bite on one of our lines.
We can start reeling it in.

I'm not interested in a bite.
I?m interested in a meal.

Specifically, there?s a rumor that they?ll be working
through a new corridor in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Beroev, just say the word.

No one is going to authorize me
to publicly take down the ministry.

The boss is into the whole innovations thing.
He?ll get upset, and you know what happens then.

So unless you?ve got proof, sit tight.

Tighter than a teen, Mr. Beroev.

You?re not even hearing me out!
- Move it!

Excuse me, Ma?am! I beg you!
- Sorry!

We?re planning something just as cool.
- Ma?am!

I'm sorry, I really need this.
- Hey, go away or I?ll call security.

Roman Belkin. He?s a big deal here.
Do you know him? He?s this tall guy?

I might.
- My name is Max Andreev.

He should remember me from Bali.
Please tell him that I?m here.

Leave a note at the reception.

I don?t believe in the reception. I believe in people.
Right now I choose to believe in you.

Roman, hello, there?s a weird young man
here. Max Andreev, from Bali -

Well, Max Andreev, come on in.
He?s good.

Beautiful words.

I prefer the numbers.
- Max! My friend!

Everyone was like, stay away,
she?s a village elder?s daughter.

And she?s like, whatever,
my dad?s not the boss of me?

So I?m waiting for her at this party,
and the cops show up instead.

With a warrant. And a Taser.
- Way to go, Casanova.

They planted the drugs.
Before I knew it, I?m in jail.

Were you scared? - How did you get out?
Did the village elder forgive you?

Sure he did. After I sold him
my villa and my bike for a dollar.

One dollar?!
- That was a great bike.

- Roman, we have to help.

That was my line. We have to help.

So what?s your plan?

Get a place, for starters.

I was going to ask you for a loan.
I?ll give it back soon.
- Max, Max. That's not even up for debate. Pasha.

Alena, can you take care of our friend?
- Of course.

Listen, First things first.
Hotel, shower, all of that.

I have to leave for a couple of days.
I?ll think of something. I?ll call you.

All right. Rock?n?roll.
- Thank you!

- That's too much.

I?m sure you can use it.

You?ve got one minute.

It's Beroev. Let him through.

Mikhail Ivanovich! Hello!
- Hey there, sport. All?s well, I hope?

Just got back from a sanatorium.
- And how?s Lena?

Better, thank you. Mikhail Ivanovich?
- Don't tell me about Varennikov again.

The money is gone.
- And it?s gone toward innovation.

But there?s been some new info.
Please let me get to the bottom of it.

If I need you,
I'll let you know. Be well.

Thank you.

Hello. - Hey surfer, wakey wakey.

How?s the Motherland? Sleep well?
- Like Lenin in the Mausoleum.

Please don?t forget to bill me for all of this.
- Max, forget it. Listen,

I have an interesting offer for you.
And it?s right up your alley.

What, you need surfing lessons?
- Thanks, I?m done with that.

I'm talking about investment banking.
- I see. Where are you?

On a plane to an IT forum in Edinburgh.

Just come by in two days, I?ll tell you
everything. - All right.

Max, Max, listen
and get yourself decent, ok?

- All right. Rock?n?roll.



Roman, you worry about him so much,
I?m starting to get jealous.

Of course he?ll be there.
We?re on our way.

- I was looking for this surfer dude.

Unshaven? Doesn?t smell too great?

There?s only one detail missing now.
A smart and beautiful girl on your arm.

But that?s easy to fix.

It's the same thing all over again.

Nice! This is Stanislav, our in-house counsel.
And that?s Dmitry, the CFO.

He's in charge of the big picture.
Wait for us.

Well done.
Let's go!

What?s up, boys?

I?ll give you the Cliff?s Notes version.

A. The government has allocated 3 billion rubles
to develop new technologies.

B. The money is here, the clock is ticking,
but we have no one to appraise the startups.

Because every guy I hire begins by bringing me
his own idiotic pet projects,

whose product you have
to be insane to buy.

And finally, you were a VP at Megapolis Investments.
You had a good portfolio there.

And I have no reason to mistrust you.

This is enough to consider you
a perfect candidate for the position

of a VP at RosInnovation.

How do you know all this about me?
- A little bit of googling?

And I've got a friend
at the Federal Security Service...

Ah, I missed Moscow.
- Guys, hang back for a minute.

Varennikov, Deputy Minister.
He?s a new breed. Apparatchik 2.0.

Quick, smart, ambitious.
Updates his own Twitter.

Hates anything that smells Soviet.
- Mr. Varennikov?s in the conference room.

I owe my life to you. But next to him,
my vote is purely advisory.

The rest is up to you.

Mr. Varennikov.
- What will they think of next, eh?

And when will we learn
to make stuff like this?

Prime Minister has the other one in Russia.
Please, have a seat.

Oh, is it out of beta yet?

What's the battery life?
- Okay for now. But sky?s the limit.

Would have been nice to get in
on the ground floor.

It's our own companies...

we need to develop.

What do you think? Why can?t we make
a gadget like this one?

Probably because our main gadget is
the oil pump.

No one really believes in anything else.
- So what would you suggest we do to fix this?

Can?t speak for the entire country, but
as far as RosInnovation is concerned,

I would begin by cleaning out
your investment portfolio.

Throw out all the trash that?s tying up
your funds and human resources.

Then, you zero in
on the most promising projects -

I would start with two or three max -

and you go all in.
And that?s pretty much it.

Sir, the Koreans are waiting.
- I'm on my way.

Well, best of luck! Godspeed, gentlemen.
- Mr. Varennikov?

Welcome to the coolest team in the country.
- Thanks, Roman.

I wanna show you something.

- Whoa.

I owe you at least this much.
Take your pick. - What?!

It?s not a board, but it should be
enough to surf Moscow.

I hope.

This one?
Pasha, get the papers ready.

Almost forgot. A certain charity
foundation is having an auction tonight.

And you, as of an hour and a half ago,
are the sponsor.

So, noblesse oblige!

Roman, happy to see you. Didn?t know you were
back in Moscow. Let me introduce Max Andreev.

He?ll be curating our new projects. Igor
represents our interests in the Duma.

Nice to meet you.
- Thanks!

Hi Roman! Listen, if you invest
in this thing, it will -

Not my area any more.
Please meet Max Andreev!

Hi! I?m Alina.
- He's your man at the company now.

Max, let me leave you
for a couple of minutes.

Good evening to all of you
in this magnificent room tonight.

Why so antisocial? - Give me a little time.
I?m still fresh off the boat.


Have you heard? They say Varennikov
bought a penthouse in Knightsbridge.

I heard he got one in Mont-Cher.
- There, too.

All right,
let?s put those hands together

and reward ourselves
with thunderous applause!

You haven?t changed one bit.
- You neither.

What brings you here?


Did you see that Pokemon thing?
It?s horrifying. Let?s get the kittens instead.

Please meet my husband, Artem.

Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

I would leave the envelope and split.
- What fun is that?

Plus, you?re the head of the Foundation.
It would seem haughty.

Take care.

I remember when you wanted to bury
the tyranny of capital, not to marry it.

Thanks for reminding me
what a pig you are.

I can remind you a lot more.

Sorry Ma?am!
- This is a women?s bathroom!

Stop, stop!

You know, I?m tired of playing
second fiddle to you.

Do you think
I could become a media figure?

Why? - I dunno. I just feel
like there?s something missing.

I want something new.

A new status. Maybe even fame.
- Do you see yourself as more of a Meryl

or an Angelina? - I'm not sure,
I haven?t really thought about it yet.

But still, it?s an interesting world.
What?s it really feel like?

To help animals?
Or kids. Yeah, kids are better.

Are you serious? You're clearly bored.
I?ll get you more work.

Roman, don?t start with that.
I?m just curious.

Cut it out. I?m going to sleep.

Max is so weird, right?

Please don?t go there.

Alena, I need my sleep.

You witch.

Alex! It?s Max Andreev.
I need to talk, just not on the phone.

- Hey there.

I thought you were gone for good.

Well, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,
right? I wasn?t planning on coming back.

How?s tricks?
- Fine.

I?m at a new place now, so it took me
a while to get the old channels working.

And how?s the picture?

Not so good, man.
You're flagged in every database.

And if I go by train? Through Belarus?
- Not an option.

Honestly, Max, just fix your issues
with these people, and you?re scot free.

Got it. Thanks.

My name is Katya.
This is my partner Alexey,

and our startup is
about developing online discourse.

You meet a girl at the club. And you can?t remember
whether you?ve already banged her or not.

I, uh?

Are you trying to sell us a porn site?

Dude cuts you off at the light. Now,
how do you find out where he lives?

I call this the nanolighter.

Basically, it?s a social network,
but, like, for photos.

Isn?t this just Instagram?

It's money, but with a unique digital signature.
Imagine a Facebook account, but infinitely better protected.

It works with dollars, rubles. You can
run your bank?s transactions through it.

But why is it necessary? Why can?t I
just keep using regular currency?

A digital currency
can't be stolen, laundered or lost.

It's not a credit card, which you can -

Which can be hacked over wi-fi
or pulled from your pocket.

Digital money is tied
to you and you only.

It lets us seamlessly track wire
transfers and dispute bad transactions.

The risk of fraud gets reduced
to nearly zero.

The Cyphron is not just a chance
to support some talented developers.

The Cyphron puts RosInnovation

on some very serious European VC radars.

I feel like we should get this approved
at the very top first.

Or else we might accidentally
wipe out all corruption, eh?

So, what are we doing?

I say let?s go for it.

Guess what, hackers. You stick with us,
you get your first ten million now.

Plus a tax exemption, a rent-free office
and zero interference from yours truly.

Can we talk?

What about?
- You, me, us.

There is no us.

I need you.

When I left -
- When you ran.

When I left, Yulia...

I had no time to explain to you why I did it.
Or maybe I did explain, but badly.

Go on.
- I saw some kind of a new life for us.

Now I understand that we couldn?t have it
until I myself became a different man.

You?ve become that man.
- I'm trying, Yulia. I?m trying to.

I know I was an idiot. I know my work was shit.
You have a life of your own now, your husband?

You?re doing some truly great work.
- Are you inviting me to Bali again?

I'm inviting you into my life.

In Moscow, on Bali, I don?t care.
But I?m lost without you.

Max, look,

I'm happy to see you so enlightened.
I bet you even stopped doing coke.

Found a sport you like.
I?m married, so what?

Do you love him?
- I didn?t love it about Bali.

And I don?t love this New Max thing now.

And those misty eyes of yours are mostly
good for seducing liberal-arts majors.

Why don?t you hop back into your BMW and
start cruising university parking lots?

Cool talk.
Don't stake me out like this again.

Any progress you want to tell me about?
- No progress.

How's that? - Nothing to report.
The company is totally transparent.

They use shelters to save their 9%
on taxes. So does everyone else.

Quit whining, Andreev.
- And you quit harassing RosInnovation.

Why them? What?s so special about them?
- They're thieves and crooks.

Just do what you?re told, surfer.

Oh, and carry the phone on you instead
of keeping it in the desk at the hotel.

Try harder, bitch!

Thinks he?s hot shit.

All that?s left to do is register
the project, everything else is ready.

We?re right on schedule.

Everything okay? How are you feeling?
- Excellent.

Well, guys, let?s get this thing signed
and get to work!



Thank you.

Good evening, everyone.

Many of you remember the high-tech
campus idea we tested in Krasnodar.

I wanted to call it KrasnoCamp.

And thanks, by the way, to our marketing
department for talking me out of it.

We started off by giving free laptops
to local students.

Most of the laptops got sold
the moment we turned our backs.

I figured, yeah, this is Russia.
Nothing ever changes.

And then, six months ago,
I get an email.

This guy created an application that got
him a full scholarship at Stanford.

Here?s the thing:
none of it would have happened

if he didn?t get
one of our laptops back then.

Ruslan, where are you?

Ruslan, we?re proud to have you with us tonight.
And we have many more people like Ruslan,

each with their own story. And each of them
is making the world a better place.

To you, guys! To the future, to progress,
to the best damn team in the country!

To RosInnovation. Cheers!

There you are.

You remember what this city
looked like ten years ago?

Broken street lights, dark alleys.

Everyone wearing gray all the time.
Look at it now.

This is the time and the place, man!

Roman, I?m a snitch.
- What are you talking about?

They?re having me inform on you. The prosecutor?s office,
at Justice. Someone named Savelov.

Good man!

You're a good man for telling me.

I was wondering why they?ve gone all quiet.
I know Savelov. He?s a piece of work.

Who are they?
- RosDefense. A state corporation under Justice.

They repaint old tanks
for billions of dollars a year.

They would love to get their grubby hands on our budgets.
They?ve got this General Shokhin character there, too.

It's a whole gang.
How did they find you?

Right at the airport.

Threatened me with a fraud case,
the shit I supposedly did at Megapolis.

Now I realize that the whole
arrest story on Bali was them, too.

Those fuckers.
- Roman, I don't know what to say.

You need to fire me.
I think that's better for everybody.

Hell no. Do they have anything on you?
Any real evidence?

No. It?s all fake. But we both know
that?s never been an issue for them.

All the more reason
for you to stay, then.

Max, I am never wrong about people.

We?re an honest company.
They don?t have anything on us.

All they have is their own envy.
- That might be enough.

We?ll work on this first thing tomorrow.
If need be,

we?ll get the minister
to show these assholes who's the boss.

Remember, we don?t give up on our own.

Mr. Beroev!
Remember that kid I told you about?

Is he in prison yet?
- No, different kid.

What about that one, then?
- It's still a little early.

Can you give the green light to the guys?
The money?s already started to move.

I've been behind the red wall yesterday.
The signs aren?t 100% clear.

You may start.

But very carefully.
- Yes, Sir. Permission to leave?

Go, go.

Mind if I join you?
- Go ahead.

You know, Alena,

It just occurred to me that I know nothing
about you. What do you even do here?

I am the director of special projects.
- Nice. What are those?

You are a special project.
- Flattered. Let?s go on.

Age? Place of birth?
Important things in life?

24, Saratov.
As for the important things?

Making out, sleeping in the nude,
and love. - Love. I see.

What about, you know, career? Men? Diamonds?
- That goes without saying.

Come on, look at me. I?m a top predator.

Read this.

a High Tech Failure.

I see. The first snowflake
in the avalanche of bad PR.

Next there will be a three-part series on NTV
about how technologies are killing our children.

They won?t do that. The boss is on our side,
and we don?t rock the boat.

I am well aware who?s on whose side.
By the way, Roman...

Beroev went to Mikhail Ivanovich
for permission to attack us. - Lunacy.

And? What?s the answer?
- So far so good.

But still, I would proceed
without any blind optimism.

We do live in Russia, after all.


I'm off to visit all the companies,
to make sure we?re on schedule.

I have a question.
- Later, Dima.

See, the bank is not letting through
this one wire to Singapore. And the sender -

Dima, I said later. All right, guys,
we?ll finish up tomorrow. See you.

The cover sheet shows the sender -
- Dima. Later.

Are you aware that they?ve begun
moving the money?

No, Sir.
- You know what ?career prospects? are?

I see yours disappearing
with every frigging second.

Comrade General, Sir?
- Yes. I am, indeed, comrade General.

You want an extra star over here?
You?ve got a week.

Everything I need, in one week, in this file, on my desk.
Double-spaced and collated. You read me?

Yes, Sir.
- At ease.


If I don?t get Belkin, we?ll spend
the rest of our lives in Agriculture.

Yes, Sir.

You know... There's one thing I can?t understand.
Do they recruit you at the mall or what?

Don't worry about it. - I'm not worrying.
I?m just trying to understand

how to make you give half an effort.
What do you need, money? A gun to your head? What?

Come on, come on. Stay on him.

Where are you going? Get on his ass.

Hey, surfer! Park that thing.

Did you know they?re moving the money?
- No. I have nothing to do with finances.

They?re moving the money.
- I didn?t know.

You should have.
- How?

Andreev, you?re on the hook for
a multimillion-dollar fraud. And you work for me.

You are at large for as long as you?re useful to me.
- I wasn?t going to rat anyone out.

So do whatever you want. I won't turn
on the honest people I?m working with.


Where have you seen an honest state corporation?
Your precious Belkin got sued

by four companies last year alone.

Your call. Give us the info or go rot
in prison. See if anyone cares.

It's a revolution!
- What revolution?

Explain to Mr. Co-owner over here.
- A co-owner of what?

See that blinking dot? This is a Cyphron tracker,
with the nominal value of 100 rubles.

These numbers are bank accounts
to which I wired these 100 rubles.

Think of it as a tiny transmitter.
Here it shows the money

leaving the account,
and here it shows up again.

Wait up a minute.

A co-owner of what?
- I saw the addendum to the contract.

Max, we?ve got to talk.

What are all these companies
I co-own with the Cyphron guys?

Ah, they told you before I could.

It?s nothing. You know, Russian business.
Everyone and their mother are after us.

So sometimes it makes sense to cover our tracks a little.
Just so they don?t find anything they could use to badger us later.

Belkin, what are you getting me into?
- Max, come on!

I?m rooting for our team. I thought
you could use some extra stimulus.

We can write you out of all the documentation.
It?s the way things have to be right now.

And what about all those lawsuits?
- You seem paranoid.

These startup kids have no experience.
They don?t know how the industry works.

Sometimes we have
to flick their noses a bit.

Let?s say there?s a large company
that merges with a tiny one.

The tiny company gives 51 percent of its
shares over to the combined company.

Then the tiny company gives up its patents,
and the combined company uses them

to get more financing.
Then it throws the tiny company out

for failing to cover the charter capital.
- And it's all perfectly legal.

Sergey! No fucking way. Isn't it..?
- Yup. Original.

It used to hang in some provincial museum.
The papers said it was destroyed in a fire.

These assholes just wanted
to sell it to France.

Good thing our guys intercepted it
at the border.

Oh, Sergey, that?s awful. - At least you
can appreciate a thing like that.

Thank you.

Hi there!

Aren?t you bored here all alone?

I?m here to deliver your corporate bonus.
You like it?

Alena, you must be in the wrong room.
- Not at all.

It?s your gift for being nice.

It?s not Christmas and you?re no Santa.
- I'm an elf.

I am about Christmas. - Cut it out!
You?re drunk. Let me take you home.


Of course, how dare a commoner like me
touch His Highness, Prince of Moscow?

You've got your own prince,
go touch him. Don?t hit on me.

Hands off, now!
- What are you, waiting for your Yulia?

Oh yeah, so unavailable, so mysterious.
Have you even seen her husband?

I have. Please get dressed.
- She doesn't give a shit about you. Got it?

He?s got a billion and a half.
He's in Forbes. Who needs you?

You?re a pathetic fucking downshifter.

When I lived in Saratov,
everything was so gray.

We had this power station.
Brown brick walls.

I looked at it and thought, I?m going
to leave and never see it again.

At any cost.

And then I just packed
all my crap and moved to Moscow.

How did you meet Belkin?

I was interning at RosInnovation.

Nice office, cool people?
Roman asked me out for lunch

and picked me up in a Ferrari.
I never saw anything like this in my life.

I fell head over heels in about a second.
Then it got serious, I moved in?

I thought, there it is. A new life.

Please forgive me for tonight. Will you?


You are forgiven.

Max, what do you really want?

To be left alone.

And off the record?

One of my worlds is destroyed,
and I couldn't build another one.

I?m like a houseplant.
They yanked me out of one pot

and stuck me in another,
and I just won?t fucking take root.

You're a good guy, Max.

See me out?

Well, I told you so.
- Yeah, you did. I didn?t want to believe you.

Looks like Belkin played you
for a sap, huh, surfer.

You know, Savelov, yes.
I did have some illusions.

I don?t have any.

Sociopaths have no illusions.
You?re not like that, are you?

When are the numbers coming?

Give me one more week.
Does our agreement still stand?

Will you get me my passport back?
- Me, I don't even have a passport.

I?ll wait until it?s Russia everywhere.

You get three days.

Hey, Andreev, listen. This friend of mine invested
in some stocks, and they?re all down.

What do you do when that happens?

If he doesn?t know what he?s doing,
he can use these stocks for toilet paper
and get more use out of them that way.

But, if he finds an expert
who might, under certain circumstances,

be willing to help him out?
well, then, Savelov, not all is lost.

At ease.

When are you moving to the new office?
- It's a whole deal.

Packing up servers, construction.
- Guys, I have a favor to ask.

I need to put your tracker
on a few wire transfers.

It?s a personal project.
- Max, wait, isn?t that -

Any data on those wires?
- I'll send it to you.

if the money?s already on the move,
it's going to be difficult.

Not that difficult.
I can customize the software.

And I?ll show you how to use it.
- Can you do it in two or three days?

- The tracker will be visible to me only.

That?s easy.
I?ll tie it to your smartphone.

Hey Max.

Central hub, server room,
Row five, block three.

Stick it into any unused port.

Great! Let?s see how they like us now.
And their deputy minister is in for a surprise too.

What about my passport?

Well, we?re not the DMV. Let us process the information,
submit the report, and you?ll get it then.

Pack your bags and wait for the call.

Oksana, what report were you talking
about? His passport?s in that safe.

Andreev's not gonna see that passport.
We?ll use him at the RosInnovation trial,

then put him behind bars on his own case.
- I wasn't informed.

Well, here I am informing you.

Good afternoon.

Max! My friend! Sit down.

Check this out, we?re going
to TechCrunch, in California.

We?ll get to work with their companies.
- So you can fleece them, too.

Excuse me?
- Roman, I gave you up to Savelov.

I had a feeling you would rat me out.

Dude, you got nothing on me.

Every wire, every shell company,
every numbered account.

You couldn?t have done it yourself.
- I got a hand from a startup.

The Cyphron?
- The Cyphron.

I underestimated that invention.
Cyphron off the money, toss the patent

in the trash, that?s your entire MO.
- It's business, Max. And you know all about it.

It's theft, Roman! It?s fucking theft!

And not from some abstract superpower,

but from regular kids
who wanted to make things better.

You were the same, before you got to
federal money. - I'm still that kid.

I just operate on a different scale.

I was hoping we?d find common ground.

You could be enjoying
your millions someplace sunny by now.

With one more warrant out on you - big deal.
- It?s not too late to change your mind.

Yes, it is. Thirty minutes ago,
everything went to the prosecutors.

These people will eat you alive.
- I'll deal with it myself, Roman.

You?ll be the first to go down.

Your name is on every contract.
- Varennikov?s accounts are here and here.

Basically, everything is laundered
through his wife?s brother.

As for Belkin, his money trail
goes cold in Singapore.

OK, get Belkin in here.
- We haven?t arrested him yet.

What do you mean you haven?t?
- There was no order to arrest him.

Savelov, are you a complete imbecile?
Did both of you catch the same head cold?

Go arrest Belkin. Now!

He saved my life.
And then he sold me out.

But don?t you worry, he?ll go down too.
He?s up to his ears in this shit.

I made sure of that.
- So, it?s you who sold him out.

And it serves him right.

They?ll find you and bring you back.
- No, I have insurance.

A little stash of data.

What about me?
- What about you, babe?

You?ve got
another month in this apartment.

Here. That's for you.

You dick.
- You lying slut.

Like I didn?t know you were sneaking off
to Max behind my back.

Fucking asshole.
Go choke on your own shit.

Hey, where do you think you?re going?

Hi Alena!
- Hi Vlad.

Vlad, have this delivered
to Max Andreev at the Ritz. Okay?

Sure, of course.
- Thanks.

And all of that is made possible
with technology.

Soon, whole new horizons will open up.
The public?s interactions with its
government will change drastically...


Igor Petrovich Varennikov?
- Yes.

My order to detain you.

Come with us, please.

Deputy Minister Varennikov denies
any involvement in the scheme.

Beroev, didn?t I tell you
to step lightly?

Varennikov and his people looted
the entire RosInnovation fund.

It's a money laundromat
of global proportions.

And let me guess, you?d like a piece

of that laundromat for yourself?
- I gave an oath.

My heart aches for the Motherland.

And what number would allay that heartache?
About three billion? Or more?

General, use your noodle.
No Belkin, no money.

Do I have to explain what?s coming to you?
I don?t give a shit how, but you go and find him. Now.

Yes, Sir.

Use all your people.
Yes, Sir.

- His apartment is empty, the office too.

We sent out an APB.
Everyone?s going nuts.

Comrade General -
- Shut your mouth!

Where is Belkin? Huh, comrade Major?

He skipped town, while you stood here
with your dick in your hand.

But don't worry.
You?ll follow him soon enough.

Comrade General,
please control yourself.

Get the hell out of my office!

- Sergey!

Savelov is unfit to carry out his duties.

Strip him of all privileges.
Our target number one is Belkin.

Find him. I don?t care how. Find him!
- Roger.

And keep that surfer on a short leash
until you find Belkin. At ease.

Yes, Sir!

Hey, Max! How is Moscow?
When are you coming back?

I'm coming back soon. How?s Emma?
- She is well.

We?re all waiting for you.
- I have to go, Bernie.

Do you have my passport?
- No.

The boss is throwing a fit.
- What fit? My deal was with you.

Sure it was. And then you tipped off Belkin.
- Isn?t Varennikov enough for you?!

The boss wants Belkin. And Belkin?s
gone. Everyone?s got an angle.

What?s yours?
- It?s a billion-dollar case.

Career, of course, what else?

What kind of sick bastard does that make you?!
Do you have even a shred of decency left?

Why the fuck did I even get involved
in this shit?

Shit! I should have just gone to prison.
Careerists like you are the first reason

this country is as fucked up as it is!
You?re the reason everyone?s leaving.

Fuck you! I?ll deal with this on my own.

Here, study this. Sucker.


Hi Alena.
- Hi Max.

Listen, I came home
and everything?s upside down.

Someone tossed the whole place
looking for something.

Calm down.
They?re looking for Belkin. Okay?

He sold us out, all of us, and me too.

What?s going to happen now? Will I go to jail?
- No, Alena. Please calm down.

I stole a USB stick from him.

Max, there was something important on it.
- Don't touch anything. Just get out
of there and come see me.

You don't get it.
I also signed documents.

Attention. We got her.

What the hell have you done, you idiot!

What did you have to whack her for?

Do you at least have the surfer?
Where is he?

Arrest him. Quickly. Quietly. This one?s on you.
I?m going upstairs to explain this.

Didn?t know they still let you in the building.
- They let all kind of trash in here.

What's next for you? Mall security?

Mr. Andreev,
there's a package for you.

Andreev, wait!

What did she have to do with this?
- It was an accident! Overzealousness!

Maslova?s in charge of the case now!

You are shit, Savelov. You?re shit.
- Maybe.

Here, you can wipe your ass with this.

You have two hours to get lost.
I took down all the flags at the border.

They?re looking for you. They?re coming for you.
You're their last lead.

So what now?
- What now? Now it?s business as usual.

RosInnovation will merge with RosDefense.

Beroev will get Varennikov?s cash flow.
Shokhin will get a promotion.

The girl's death will get hushed up.
Why are you stalling?

Do you realize
what they?re about to do to you?

Run for your life!


- Yes.

Where off to?
- As far away as possible.

I hear you.

Twenty percent! For what?
- For peace of mind!

So that I didn?t open a criminal case
on your ass. Should I keep going?


Turn around.

I think it?s an idiotic idea.
- Not at all. Nice people,

clean air. Everything you love.
Your foundation will thrive there.

Believe me, you won?t miss Moscow at all.

Who?s that? Yulia?

Yulia, can you hear me?

Wrong address? - I need you to call me
a press conference. For tomorrow.

A press conference? For tomorrow?

Max, why do you show up in my life

every time you get involved in some
ridiculous shit?

What happened this time?

They took away your BMW?
- An innocent person is dead.

Because of me. And I need people to know this.

I need this information out there.

I need this fucking press conference.

You will never see me again after that.
- Who's dead, Max?

Alena. Roman Belkin?s girlfriend.

She had evidence against a police general.
- My foundation helps children.

We don?t do this sort of thing.

Got it.

Max, wait!

Tomorrow, 9am, RosNews press center.

Thank you.

You?re ruining my life again. Thank you.

Savelov, remember your lines?
- It's all good, Max.

Got the papers ready?
- Fucking hell.

Yes, Sir, Mr. Andreev!

If we manage to sink Shokhin, you?ll
move up faster than you can imagine.

Good morning!
Thank you all for coming.

I have to apologize. Today?s news does
not concern our foundation directly.

But we do have
some very important information for you.

My name is Max Andreev.
I had a baseless criminal case opened against me,

in order to force me
to infiltrate RosInnovation

and participate
in its embezzlement schemes.

All of that so General Shokhin could
arrest the management

for refusing to share with him.

Right now you are all receiving
a video at your email addresses.

That video shows Shokhin demanding
from the president of RosInnovation

to transfer 20% of the corporation?s
funding to the structures he controls.

In order to keep this video from reaching
you, an innocent person has died.

Alena Smirnova.

The guilt and the responsibility
for her death are, in many ways, mine.

I was lost and in fear
And your ship was at sea

And I blinked back my tears
But I still couldn?t see

Am I destined to be
So forever alone?

Like a ship lost at sea
You have never come home

Who wrote that?
- Me. I did.

Yet another corruption scandal
rocks the Justice Department.

We have in our possession
this exclusive footage,

captured by a police camera and showing
today?s arrest of General Shokhin.

The government is
up to its ears in corruption.

General Shokhin was your prot?g?.
What connects you two?


Catching criminals is my job. Even if
those criminals wear the uniform.

Hi. Wait here.

I think this is an opportunity.
We can use this. - I am worried about this...

Don't worry. Things will cool down soon enough.
No one?s going to remember him.

Are you happy with the outcome?
- Are you planning to leave the country?

Mr. Andreev?


That's quite a decision.
Can I take some time to think about it?

I?m not a politician. Or a superhero.

I have my own faults. And fears.

My name is Max Andreev.

And I do have a dream.

I want my country to be not the world?s

but the world?s happiest.