Duke (2019) - full transcript

Duke is a modern day telling of a classic western film. Dare and Roost are brothers who have been raised in a reformatory, taught to survive and conditioned to trust no one. They have moved to West Los Angeles, where Dare moonlights himself as a Detective and Roost blankets himself in old John Wayne films and reclusive habit. Cleaning the streets and ridding the neighborhoods of scum, this contemporary study finds Dare obsessed with a phantom like criminal (Winky) who seems to be terrorizing the community. Simultaneously, the same exact investigation is being led by official and likely engrossed Detective Robert Morrison. As Dare closes in on Winky and the entire department closes in on them both, these brothers must make the ultimate commitment and pay the extraordinary consequences therein.

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[hastened footsteps]

[door rattling]

- [door rattling]
- [boy panting]

[boy] That's all right.
Come on. Quick.

[yelling at a distance]

- [boy 2] Fuck you!
- [yelling indistinctly]

- [boy 3] I will fucking kill you!
- [boy 4] Let's go.

[boy 2] Open the fucking door.

[cursing indistinctly]

[banging on door]

[banging on door]


[boy 1] Open up,
sons of bitches!

[chair creaks]

- [boy 3] Open the door.
- [boy 1] Fucking little bitch!

Now what, bitch?

- [whistling]
- [stick thuds]

[whistling continues softly]

[whistling continues]

So, uh,

who broke this?

They did it, sir.

[boy wailing] He did it, man.

[guard] Well, how fortunate
you weren't hurt.

Hmm. Move.

[yells] Move!

[banging on door]

[guard] Open the door, Dare.

Hey, Rooster.

My little handsome man.
Look at you.

Come here. Come over here.

Listen, I need you to come
to the door and unlock it,

and I will protect you
from these terrible boys.

Now, Roost, look at me.
Hey, hey.

Hi. Come here.
Open the door. It's me.

I'll protect you, I promise.

Turn the TV on, Roost,
and I'll be right there.

[guard] Don't you dare.

Roost, don't even think...

Roost, don't do it.


Turn it up, buddy.

Roost, turn that off.

Turn it off!

- [boys giggling]
- Shut it!

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

I'll tell you
one more fucking time.

Open the fucking door now.

[door banging]
Open the fucking door. Open it.

This is gonna cost you
more than you know,

tough guy.

[horses galloping on TV]

[banging on door]

[narrator] When you're a
kid, there's something special.

Something fearless and
free that we all possess.

A light in our eyes that
feeds on all the beautiful

and amazing things that could be
if everything would just listen.

We hold on to this magic ..

- The day we're hurt.
- [door bangs open]

Their childhood was taken from them, early,

by people who were meant to protect it.

They were men in uniforms and badges,

but there were no uniforms or badges

in the men themselves.

[western music playing]

[old western music playing]

[siren blaring]

[indistinct radio chatter]

- Top of the morning to you.
- Hey.

Can I see your license
and registration, please?

Sure thing.

Listen, I'm actually on...

Yup. [clears throat]

19 Sergeant, go ahead.

You know why I pulled you
over there, partner?


Not too sure.

I missed that turn off Bundy?

[scoffs] Yeah, you missed
the turn off Bundy.

You also rolled
right through the light,
which is a no-turn on red,

and you failed to signal.

[derisively] Did you miss
the turn off Bundy? Gosh!

I'm sorry officer but what I was
trying to tell you

is that I'm on the job.
Here's my...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Wait! Wait!

I'm a cop.

I'm a cop. Take it easy
for Christ's sakes.

[officer 2] Holster your
sidearm. Son, holster your

- Holster it.
- [officer 1 stuttering] He...

[officer 2 clears throat, whispering]

Wow. I am sorry. I...

I am so sorry.
He didn't realize
you were on the job.

How the hell do you guys
do things out here?

Don't you use the call signs?

I clearly identified myself
as an officer for Christ's sake.

Yes, we use
all the standard procedures.

We use all the
standard procedures,
but he's a special case.

You see, his partner,

his partner died on duty
two months ago.

Okay? He's having
a hard go at it.

Okay? He's just off leave,
and that's why he's been
assigned to me.

Yeah? Well,

maybe he needs to take
a little more time off, huh?

You did take the turn
without signaling.

I'm a cop.

Oh, I know.

So, set an example.

[officer 2] Where's your cruiser?

What's your rank?

What's your unit?

What precinct are you out of?

Give me three guys
you were in the academy with.

Who's your CO?
Who's your partner?

Where do you patrol?

What side of the car
do you approach?

And how do off-duty officers
identify themselves?

[waitress singing "Happy Birthday" in opera style]

♪ Happy Birthday ♪

♪ To ♪

♪ You ♪

Roost, you have to know
these things, okay?

You have to know them so well,

that no one
will ever question you.

Okay? What happened today
wasn't the first time,
but that's okay.

But if it happens again,

we won't be helping anymore.

All right?
We'll be off the streets.

And I can't promise you...

What? Can't promise me what?

I won't be protecting
the good people

and their families,

and our brothers in uniform,
and more importantly, you.

Okay? My own brother.

You're why I do this.


Finish up.

[crickets chirping]

[banging on door]



Everything okay, pal?


Safety knock, please.

[knocks slowly in a rhythm]

It's late, buddy.

- Can I stay in here, please?
- Roost.

You can't keep coming in here.

You gotta get used
to your own room.

All right? You gotta grow up.

Just one more time, please.
There's whispering up there.

It's not fair, Roost.

I have to be up
early in the morning.

[door closes]

Come on. There's no
whispering up there.

Your room's the safest place
in this apartment.

It's elevated,
faces the west side,

it's perfectly hidden.

I even put motion sensors
above your room.

Birds chirping?


Well, then...


Yeah, Roost.

Do you ever
think about the home?

It's behind us now.

Just go to sleep, buddy.
All right?

Get some sleep.

[gulps softly]

[narrator] Dare had set a perimeter.

He knew every street, every back alley,

every hiding spot, and every vantage point.

Each apartment, each house, each business

was under his protection.

It was his community, his responsibility.

He was, as he liked to say,

"The dog behind the gate."

[subtle tense music playing]

[narrator] A crushed, enforced
piece of metal is his horse of justice.

She was pressured and
molded the same way they were.

Manufactured and sold
to this troubled world, just like them.

The Bucephalus, the Marengo.

This was his traveler.

[solemn music playing]

[solemn music continues playing]

[old western music
from TV playing]

I'm Deputy Roost,
and I'm the law
in these parts now.

You can walk out of town

or you can get dragged
out of town in a box.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Ah! [groans]

[bullets ricocheting in TV]

[imitating gunshots]

Bam! Bam! Bam!
[groans, sighs]


Oh! You got me.




[horse neighs on TV]


You are... bugging today.

He was a stupid motherfucker.
You know what? We need to
hit that new club up tonight.

- We need to get our sparkly on...
- What you got? Show me.

We should hit the club
and drop it like it's hot.

- Come on, you know. Show me.
- I ain't messing with you today.

- Show me, bitch. Drop it.
- Oh, please hoe.

You wanna do this?
Let's go.

What's with the bag down?
Okay! Okay!

- [men whistling]
- Hi, boys.

You gotta get your back...
Wha... Ah! [chuckles]

You see it? You like it
from the front or the back.

- Okay, oh, oh.
- Not those broke-ass

Keep walking. Keep walking.

- Ooh, please, boo-boo.
- Got a little fucking...

He got a sweat ring.
What's he... Please!

- That's the clearance counter.
- [chuckles]

[chuckles] What?

[slaps] That's the
clearance rack.

God! You crazy. Whoa, wait.
Is that Dare? Is that Dare?

- Oh, let's go fuck with him.
- Let's get him, boo.

Cookie, what are you doing?

I have to sit on your jacket,
sweetie pie,

'cause I'm burning my ass off.

You don't mind, do you, papi?

- You got underwear on?
- [chuckles]

- [whispers] No.
- Can't you smell it, honey?

I know it smells like honey.

Real women don't wear
underwear, Mr. Dare.

Besides, that's a rude question.

That is a rude question.
Why should we be confined
to your social sexist agenda?

- We hang out...
- [together] And we bang out.

I'll stop by the dry cleaners
on the way home.

For what?

She just gave you a gift.

You could sell
that jacket for $1,000.

She gave you a spin cycle
for no extra charge.

- You hit it again, Cookie.
- What's, what...

All over that. Your girlfriend's
gonna be jealous.

Girls, give me some information
before I shoot the both of you.

What happened, that fucking...

That bar on Pico,
what's the name of it?

It was robbed. I don't know.
McFryer's or some shit.

- For how much?
- $1,400.

The stupid motherfucker
left his wallet at the bar.

- You got it?
- You know I did.

I snatched it right up.

- That's right. Undercover ops.
- That's good. This is good.

Christopher Piaz.
All right. What else?

There's a John. Been running
the game on all the girls.

When it comes time to pay,
he been stiffin'.

Does he hurt anyone?

- He hurt mummy's pocket book.
- Nah, that's too small, Joan.

By this time next month,
he won't be giving
anymore freebies.

What about Jimmy?
He's been messing with you guys?

Oh, not since the last time
you beat that ass.

Girls, you're on these streets
all fucking day, and that's it?

Take it easy, Captain.
This ain't South-Central.

It's been dry out there lately.

- But it's nice and wet in here.
- All right.

- Ooh.
- [Cookie laughing]

I've gotta go
meet somebody, ladies.

- You never know.
- [Dare] Goodbye.

Winky's back.

- You a dumb ho, Cookie!
- What?

He was gonna hear.

Let's just go to the movies.
It's Sunday.

I can't deal with this please.

Then, you shouldn't have
opened your mouth
in the first place, bitch.

- He's gonna find out.
- Listen to me. Enough girls.


I want information on him.

- Here you go. Take that.
- Fucking broken nail.

[scoffs] We ain't renting
a movie today, baby.

Go see a matinee. Take it.

I ain't touchin' it.

You hear me?

He's crazy bad,
and I ain't touchin' it.

[car door opens]

[car door closes]

I got you, okay?

I got you.

Thought you were going back
to nursing school, Cookie.

Yeah, me too.

I thought you were
marrying that pretty girl.

Where's your ring at?

Joan, please take it elsewhere.

Hey, Dare.

You really believe in me?

Yes, I do, Cookie.

- You do?
- Mm-hmm.

I love you, papi.

- [Cookie sniffles]
- [car door opens]

[siren wailing]

[car door closes]

You're late, Detective.

Is that the professional
behavior you exhibit

on your way
to earning that rank?

No, you are right, JT.
It's buzzing out there.
I'm sorry.

You know, I cut my teeth
back in New York.
Now, let me tell you something.

That is one tough city,
especially back in the 70s.

Cops on the take,
filthy streets,

hard to keep your nose clean.

I'm never late, JT.

Hey, want some Coffee?

- Yeah, sure.
- Better than usual.

Hey, Dare. What can I
get for you today?

I'll have a Tuna sandwich
on rye, slice of tomato,
hold the fries, please.

Perfect. I'll have them
rush this for you.

How about a song later?


- [JT chuckles]
- [Dare] Thank you.

Okay, come on, what's up?
Tell me what's going on.

No, just frustrated with the job
and all the bullshit, JT.

There's so much
fuckin' trash out there.

[sighs heavily]
Something has to change.

I mean, you don't understand.

I'm the only one out there

and I can't do it all.

Fuckin' Winky's
back on the street.

Okay, Dare,
there's always a Winky,

a Big Marcus, a Jumbo Rodriguez.

That's the job.

Listen, why don't you
take a transfer?

No, it's my beat.

It's the only beat left
I can control.

Control? Control? [chuckles]

Dare, you can't control
a damn thing and that's the job.

It'll never change.
I can change,
maybe, you can change,

but the job
will never ever change.

You got to accept that.

So what if you went
to a different precinct?

No. No new transfer, no...

No new precinct.
I'll just work through it.

All right, what if you
kept the same detail

and move to a
different neighborhood.

[sighs] JT, what do you mean
a different neighborhood?

It's my neighborhood.
I live there.

I can't just pick up and leave.

Is that what you did
when you got fed up?

Did you just up and abandon
your post? Switch divisions?


You know, I keep telling myself
there's a good boy in you.

I'm sorry.

♪ Someday you realize The big surprise ♪

♪ Someday you fall
upon A life that's gone ♪

♪ And pass you by... ♪

I had a long tour today, JT.
Why don't you just give that
sandwich to Mary-Ann

and give her my best.

Okay? [bangs on table]
I should go.

There are people out there
that need me and I'm...

You're the only one.

[chuckles] Yeah,
I've heard that before.

The last front.

Dare, make sure
you get the right people.

[male radio host]
Welcome back to the Green-light Hour.

We're talking with Roost
in West LA.

Roost, there are a myriad
of ways to live your life.

Since every blossom
begins with a seed,

why not start there?

So, I'm the answer?


I have to search inside
of myself to find the answer?

[radio host] One and the same, Roost.

The answer finds its vitality within you

and encircles your entire being.

When you recognize
it, it will recognize you.

Roost, your intentions are true.

Listen to the thoughts
that make you feel good inside

and follow them. Why?

Because they're positive.

Yes, I do... I have those
positive thoughts

and they make me feel happy.

[sighs softly] I just...
I have a lot of other ones.

Scary ones.

The fear's in the anticipation, Roost.

Take control of your life,
and the positive thoughts will follow.

Do something bold.

Do something bold.

Roost, I have to take
another call.

Can I trust that you will
capture every moment
in your life?

[chuckles nervously]
Well, I'll sure try.


And remember,

Roost, you are valid.
You are strong.

You should be heard.

I am...

[radio host] I can.

I am.

I can.

Tyler from Phoe...
- [radio host]
- [Roost] I...

Welcome to the Green-light.
-I can.

I am.

I can.

I am! I can!

I am!

I can!

I am!

I can!

[crows cawing at a distance]

[wind rattling]

[slow tense music playing]

Well, I'm sorry
that I had to shoot you, Dare.

I guess I'm the duke now.

You're the duke?

You're not the duke, Roost.

What did you shoot?
Wasn't me.

Yes, I got you once in the chest
and once in the shoulder.

That means I'm the duke.

No, you hit the ceiling
and you hit the floor.
Sorry, buddy.

No, no, I didn't.

I hit you once.
I hit you once. I saw.

I'm getting closer.

You hit me once in the shoulder
and once in the chest?

Yes, once in both.

Did you hit me once or twice?

- I saw that I got you.
- You didn't see anything

because you had your eyes closed

every time you pulled
the trigger.

- [birds chirping]
- Could you put those birds away?

And turn the radio down.

And what do you got cooking?

And Roost.


- Sorry.
- Why is the TV on

and you're not watching TV?

I'll fix it.


I'm making hotdogs.
Do you want one?

Come in here.


fix it, please.

Fix what?

And the tower.

And the candy shop.

What else?

Nothing, I swear.

What else?

That's four citations I count,

Come on.

We're going live tonight.
We got a lot of work to do.

No, Dare! It's Sunday.
It's our day off.

Now is the time, okay?
We'll pick up some OT.

Make some extra money.
We need it.


I don't want to go on patrol.

I wanna go to Griffith Park
and pet the horses.

You wanna make detective,
Rooster, huh?

You need to put in the time.

And not ask questions.



[sighs, sniffles]

[narrator] Winky's
resurgence was getting to him.

He couldn't think of anything else.

Roost wasn't going along on this job.

Winky was way more dangerous these days,

and he knew that better than anyone.

One rookie mistake, and
they could both be killed.

This needed to be handled
quickly and professionally.

On this one, Randy rides alone.

[man] Oh, yeah, you bet.

Oh! [blowing raspberries]

Ooh, I'm officially in love
with that new desk clerk.

Snitch from La Brea crew
says Winky's back on the
West-side, Sarge. That's us.

Her ass, her ass...

it's like an apple,
you just wanna [squeaks],

you wanna polish it.

She's gotta be like what,
23, 24, maybe?


God! I'm 50 years old.

But I'm still
on the clock, buddy.

Boom! [laughs mischievously]


I could be her father.

Or you may be her father.
You guys actually look alike.

Just in the face area.

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. She...

She's in her early 20s.
At that time, I was, uh...

I was, uh...

[sighs, imitates explosion]
You fucked up the fantasy, man.

Check this out.
This is his file.

This guy is gonna
make waves, Sarge.

Aggravated assault and battery,
burglary, drug trafficking,

I mean, Grand theft,
suspected gang affiliation.

Santa Cruz, Dan.

Every day scumbag.

Hey, listen, before I forget,
pal, can you do me a favor?

Take a look at my draft picks
from the season.
Tell me what you think.

Yeah, no, I will.
I just think that maybe if we...

I'm taking home $2,500
if I win it all.

- [clicks tongue]
- That's cool, but I think
we should tail some of his...

Unless that fat fuck
Hernandez wins
'cause he always does.

Every single year.
I don't know...

- [Dan clears throat]
- Gentlemen.

- Hi, Lieutenant.
- [Dan] LT, how are you sir?

Roman, what's all this
I'm hearing from ICE

about Adrian Diaz?

- Who?
- That's Winky. Winky, sir.

I got 15 faxes this morning

with 10-99s
written all over them

telling me to make sure
this guy becomes a priority.

I'm all over it. I was actually
just briefing Detective Morrison

on his whereabouts.

I've got an inside
over at the La Cienega crew

- and...
- La Cienega, huh?

- La Brea.
- Huh?

- La Brea.
- Oh, right. [chuckles]

Yeah, my inside at the
La Brea crew tipped me
this morning,

tipped me off,
and this is his file.

It's interesting.
He's a real piece of work.

Lieutenant, he's Peruvian-born.
He's been deported three times

in the last eight years,
and he's wanted for multiples

in Santa Cruz, West LA,
and San Diego,

as far as we know.

But he's also wanted in question
for the slaying of two officers.

I want you to find out
where he is.

I want this piece of shit

out of the city yesterday,

You and Morrison take the lead
on this one, you hear?

- Okay.
- I'll get an unmarked
on his crew this afternoon,

and I'll get with the Tech guys
about setting up a wire.

I want results,

and I want to be
kept in the loop.

- All right?
- [together] Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.
- Absolutely.

- Have a good day, gentlemen.
- Thank you, Lieutenant. You too.

[Roman] You too, sir.
[clear throat]

All right. This is good.
This is good.

Here's what
we're gonna do, okay?

[exhales loudly] I'll take care
of the undercover.

I'll get with,
I don't know, Ram...

Ah! Ramos is still
working Crenshaw.

Leo. Let's talk to Leo.

Can you pop in his office
and see what he's...

Robert, she's wearing a thong.


And Leo's white.

Leo's white.

Leo is white, Dan.

And that is why
they'd never suspect him.

[heavy metal music playing]

Christopher Piaz?

What? Fucking what, man?

Yeah? Why you pounding
on my door, faggot?

[chuckles] Sorry.
I just had to ask.

How fucking stupid are you?

What? [groans in pain] Fuck!

You will never put your hands
on an officer.

Assaulting a detective
is a felony.

- Get down.
- Fuck! [panting]

- Get down. Give me your hands.
- [panting]

[groaning] You fuckin'
broke my nose, you fuck!

[exhales loudly, sputters]

- [straining] Fuck, man!
- What is that right there?

- What? What's what?
- Right there, across the street.

[sighs] I don't know, man.

You robbed a bar that you live
across the street from.

What the fuck
is the matter with you?

- What? I don't...
- Let me repeat myself.

It doesn't look like
I'm getting through to you.

You robbed a bar for $1,400

across the street
from where you live.

And you left your wallet.

Oh, that's bullshit. I didn't!
What are you... [panting]

This is police brutality, man.

Fucking breaking my nose.

- What are you...
- Oh, wow.

One from each grandmother,

That's all I got, man.

- All right. Don't move.
- Fuck!

[radio chimes]
Suspect in question

for McFryer's robbery
is in custody.

Please send a car
to the perp's address at 738

- Ow! Fuck! [groans]
- Pico!

Pico Boulevard.

[crying] Ah! Fuck, man!

What kind of a fucking cop
are you?

[chains jingle]

[solemn music playing]

[narrator] He doesn't enjoy stealing

and is completely aware
that it's a misdemeanor

and can also be a felony.

But Dare doesn't view it as stealing.

He's taking back from the corrupt,

immoral, delinquent people
and using it for the cause.

The criminals of this
city keep him employed.

Maybe, the day will come where he
won't be able to run his operation anymore,

but you know what,

wishing and hoping
for that is just an excuse

to pass the buck.

Winky. Winky. Winky.

Plotting with his band of outlaws

amongst the dregs this community ignores.

Would he show his face?

Or just ghost like he did last time.

Dare had 500 copies of his mugshot

and rap sheet printed out.

He also had them add a large,
emboldened "Wanted" mark

on the front and back to
make it more noticeable.

He covered every stop
along the north perimeter.

Tomorrow, he'd do the south and so on.

Still, he couldn't
shake the thought of him.

He needed to clear his mind.

He needed Violet.

["Figure It Out" by Eddie Gomez playing]

♪ I've been stuck in a situation ♪

♪ Trying to balance
your fearsome reputation ♪

♪ I got two dimes But I gotta treat one ♪

♪ I could play both But nah, nah, nah ♪

♪ Cause what if one calls me,
Tells me Baby come over ♪

♪ While I'm sleeping Next to the other ♪

♪ Too much stress I gotta let it rest ♪

♪ It's time to make up my
mind I gotta figure it out ♪

♪ Gotta make up my mind Figure it out ♪

♪ Before my time Figure it out ♪

♪ Oh, baby, don't mind now ♪

♪ Say goodbye to me ♪

♪ I gotta figure it out ♪

♪ Gotta make up my mind Figure it out ♪

♪ Before my time Figure it out ♪

♪ Oh, baby, don't mind
now Say goodbye to me ♪

[DJ] This is our featured
dancer of the evening.

Making her way to the stage,

the lovely,

the beautiful, the sexy,
Miss Violet.

["Backseat" by Eddie Gomez playing]

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Takes the backseat Takes the backseat ♪

♪ I went ahead and tried
to land myself a model chick ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ But when we spoke I found out
that she was just as insecure as I is ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ But when we try to have a conversation ♪

♪ Deeper than the surfaces ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ It's hard when I'm on Mars ♪

♪ And all these pretty ladies ♪

♪ Without the makeup, the heels,
the dress that don't fit ya ♪

♪ Imma stay beside ya,
Imma about to bang a picture ♪

♪ Yeah! And if you didn't
Understand it when I said it ♪

♪ I'll simplify it for you When I sing it ♪

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Takes the backseat Takes the backseat ♪

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Takes the backseat Takes the backseat ♪

♪ I took a couple of drinks
She went and left around 11:30 ♪

Is that a gun in your pocket,

or you just glad to see me?

♪ And this is what you want
to where she'll start to see ♪

♪ The signs of old age
And wrinkles on her face ♪

♪ And start to think the one who
perceives herself as ugly ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ So she has a conversation
with her make up ♪

♪ To see what they can
Cook up together, yeah ♪

♪ Or maybe she can... ♪

[Violet] What are you
so afraid of?

I'm not scared of anything.

See, that's how I know
you scared.

'Cause if you weren't,
you wouldn't have
gotten so defensive.

You'd have just laughed
when I asked ya.

Ask me what I'm afraid of.


What are you afraid of?

I ain't afraid of shit,

Violet, I'd have stayed out
on the streets

if I knew you were
gonna talk like an animal.

That's right, baby, I'm street.

And don't kid yourself.
That's what you like about me.

Ask me another question.


Which one?

One that'll make me happy.
Make any woman happy.

[clears throat]

Will you marry me?

What you wanna
get married for, huh?

What's... Well,
what's the matter?

- You're getting all scared now?
- I am not getting scared.

I will say yes
if you're serious.

You ever know me
not to be serious?

♪ Your beauty shines
the brightest when it takes the backseat ♪

♪ Your beauty shines the brightest... ♪

[crickets chirping]




it's hot. Come out of there.

You never have to worry
when I'm here.

You understand?

Come out of there.
Sleep on top of your blankets.

Shit! Baby!


I'm sorry.


[exhales] Oh, I gotta go, baby.

Can you rest?

[dispatcher] 1-14, please report
to the Bodega Pizza on Bundy

in response to last night's 2-11.

Witness has information on perps.


[grim music playing]


[indistinct muttering]
[girl screaming]

[shelf clattering]

[Dare] The call came in
approximately 7 p.m.

This is last night.

Half an hour
after I threw in the towel.

Three perps in white masks.

Midnight teller said
they approached from the front

and the rear entrance.

- [gunshot].
- Get on the mother fucking back
goddamn it!


- Get the fuck down!
- What are you doing? Get out!

Get out before I call the cops.

Why you have both
is a mystery to me.

You might as well
put a register outside

and add a third entrance
behind the counter.

So, anyway, they come in
and they split up.

To the untrained eye,
it looks like, I don't know,
they're robbing the place.

They take all your money,

they take all your
knockoff jewellery,

and just for good measure,

they put one in your man's back.

[muffled yelling]

Let's go, go, go, go.

So, you get the picture.

Now, I really need you
to help me

'cause these are horrible,
horrible people,


Is that your real name?
Your real name is Keith?

No, it's not.

No, it is not.
Keith is an American name.

This is exactly what's wrong
with this community. See, I...

I don't even know who you are.

And you don't even know
who I am.

Nobody knows who anybody is.

And you don't have cameras.
Why not?

Or security gates?
Or a security booth.

And your name is Keith.



All right. Why not?
Kevin. Keith. Steve.


All right.

[door bell dings]

- [man] Dave.
- Shit.

- No, it's Dare.
- Dare?

All right. I dare you.

I knew you had one of those
different names.

How you doing?
It's been a long time.

You're still working
over at, uh...

It's been ages.
Where do you work again?

- Private sector.
- Oh, private sector.

- Good money in there.
- It's all right, yep.

Oh, this is Detective Morrison.

- Hi. How you doing?
- Okay.

So, what are you
doing over here?

- They have you working on this?
- No.

Uh, I was on my way to work,

stopped in for a drink,
saw the tape up.
What's happening?

Hey! What do you mean?
It's a fuckin' Paki deli.

Just a fuckin' shit storm.

Looks like it's Winky's crew.
We're not sure. I don't know.

Right. The fuckin' masks.

- Dan, give me two.
- Okay.

You know trying to talk to the
guy who got shot yesterday

but that's impossible
because he's in the ICU.

Idiot they have working today
needs a fuckin' translator.

It's impossible.

How do we allow these places
to run this way?

No security cameras.
No fuckin' gates.

So, what are you gonna do?

You know, I don't know.
What are you gonna do?

Anyway, it was good
seeing you again.

All right.

If you're ever in the area,
stop by the precinct.

You know, Tuesday and Thursday
nights we have card game, so...

Texas hold 'em,
25 buy in, no limit.

Stop by. I'll get you
in the game.

- Want me to come by?
- Absolutely.

- Thank you.
- Oh, uh...

You're welcome to bring
a couple of chicks if you want.

- Will do.
- [laughs]

Uh, excuse me, detective.

- What?
- What happened to your drink?

You said that, uh,

you came in here
for a drink, right?

They didn't have ice tea.

Good luck.

Thank you.

[narrator] The same rules
that apply to civilians

don't apply here.

When Dare takes the night off,

a deadly criminal commits
a crime and get's away with it.

He completely missed his opportunity

to nab Winky last night,

and risked exposing
himself to fellow detectives.

Morrison knew something was up.

All of his sensors were going off.

It's actually the sign of a great detective

to push like he did.

Dare wishes that Roost
had those same instincts.

[exhales loudly]
Just control it.

Just control it.

- Son of a bitch.
- [Cookie crying]

[yelling indistinctly]

[yelling, crying continues]

God dammit! Jimmy!

What did I tell you
the last time, huh, Jimmy?

- What did I say?
- [Jimmy] Fuck back in your...

-[Cookie] Dare, get back.
-[Dare] What did I say?
Come here.

- Come here, you fuckin...
- [Cookie yells indistinctly]

[Jimmy groans]

- Fuck! I hate you!
- Get that bitch off me.

- [Dare] Cookie, get in the car.
- [Cookie] I fuckin' hate you.

[Dare] Get in the car. Go.

What now, bitch! You wanna be
you your bitch's...

Bitch, if you don't
break my bread,

I'm gonna break
your fuckin' hand.


Dare. Damn.

Winky back on the track?

Fuck you, man!

Let me see your hand.

- What?
- Let me see that hand.

Are you taking my shit?


Hittin' women.



- Man get the fuck off. Oh, man!
- [screaming]

[indistinct radio chatter]

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

He said I owed him money.
I don't owe him money.

What the fuck, Cookie?
What the fuck? I thought...

- I'm sorry.
- I fuckin' told you, Cookie,

to stay away from him.

I thought we'd been
through this.

I'm startin' to think
you're a fuckin' masochist.

I'm a hoe, Dare,
what do you expect?

Yeah. You're a tramp,
and I'm a sucker.

You're chasing pimps,
and I'm chasing demons.

- Gimme it.
- Let me keep it for protection.

I feel something bad
is gonna happen. I feel...

I don't know. I'm scared.

I'm so scared, Dare. Please.

- [crying] Let me keep it.
- You don't need it.

I was at church on Sunday
lighting three candles.

I feel it in my heart

something bad is gonna
happen to me.

- Cookie.
- I know.

I know it.

You don't need a gun, Cookie.

Gimme it. I'm here.
You have me.


Listen, papi, I heard
you asking about Winky and...

You gotta stop
bearing that shit out.

It's, it's gonna get you killed.

Not if I find them first.

Where is he, Cookie?

- I know you know.
- I don't know. I don't know.

Why you asking me?
I don't know.

Why would you say that?
I don't know.

'Cause I'm a detective.
It's what you didn't say.

I know you know.

- Cookie, do the right thing.
- I don't know.

You've always had a big mouth.

- Just help me catch this guy.
- I try...

This is my life, Dare.

It's not a joke.

[Cookie exhales]


Fuck this punk-ass motherfucker!

Fuck you want, huh?

[man 1] You know how it is.

[man 2] She be drinking
too much, ese. Like me.

Brave, man.

Detective, West LA.

Okay, brave cop. What you want?

I wanna find Winky
and fuck him in the ass.

God dammit! Fuck!
[car rattles]

[cursing in Spanish]

Guess I found the right place.


Take it easy.

Let me talk to the detective.

[speaking Spanish]

[cursing in Spanish]

Oh, I'm beginning to think
you're a little crazy, ese.

You know I can have the homies
take your ride, break it down,

no one would ever see you again?

And you don't have enough
bullets in those pretty guns

for all my people, do you?

Got about ten of them.

Guarantee you get
the first one, Evelio.

Why don't you
just tell me what you want
so I can get back to work?

I know who you are.

And I know you know where he is.

Well, if you know who I am,
you know I can't speak on that.

All I can say is I haven't seen
Winky in a minute.

And I know
he's not banging anymore.

Then, why did
your fucking little pinata
try to crack my skull open

when I mentioned his name?

Well, that's a fucking
respect thing.

- You know that.
- All right.

Who's hittin' all the old shops?

Look, you should leave it alone.

Let sleeping dogs lie, you know.

No, you should tell me
who's responsible.

I'll make this place so hot,
you'll be working on these cars

out of your living room.
Who's responsible?

Well, that's the thing, ese.

We trying to figure that out too
'cause it ain't us.

Maybe, it's that punk-ass Angel.

Angel Reyes?

What does he
have to do with this?

- He doesn't roll with your crew.
- That's what I'm saying, man.

They got a small-time crew of their own.

They've been hitting spots
making it look like
other clicks.

Maybe, you should
check it out for yourself.

You know, Angel was supposed
to hit that spot tonight

over on Pico.

Porno shops,
sells the book and shit.

- Yeah.
- That's your hood, right?

- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- West-side.

Well, you bust him,
you put all the shit to bed.

Why would you let them do that?

It's making you look bad.

Bringing heat on your gente.

I don't make the rules, man.

It's getting late, ese.

You should go now.

Crazy motherfucker.

[western music playing on TV]


[birds chirping]

[on TV] Go ahead, go
ahead, I can't read any of that.

I am desperately in need
of help and advice from someone

whom I feel I can trust.

I hardly did like, did trust, Judge Garby.

[narrator] Winky, aka Adrian Diaz

better known as "the devil."

He's a scumbag, street thug,

who's had multiple felony arrests

but always seems to slip right between

the dirty cracks this city has to offer.

He was on Dare's most
wanted list as number four

until he supposedly took the
lives of two fellow officers

in the '02 Santa Cruz bank heist.

An informant recently
leaked that he still wears

those fallen officers' badges on his belt.

Such a rotten human.

It makes Dare feel dirty and uncomfortable

that he's back in town,

that in some fearful,
altered twist of fate,

Roost and he could actually cross paths,

or that he might run
into Violet at the club.

Not on Dare's watch.

[stick thuds]

[Dare] Hey!




Come on, mother fucker.
Come on.

[revolver cocks]

- What's up, -Fuck!

Yeah, motherfucker,
two times in one day.

Small world, huh? Huh?

- Any luck finding Angel?
- Not yet.

You guys see Winky
around here anywhere?

[Hector] Pinche gringo
hits hard, eh?

Yeah, I told you
he was a bad ass carnal.

[thugs grunting]

[Hector] You fucker!

What do you got?
What do you got? Who you got?

[speaking Spanish]

[amused] Look at what
this white boy's packing.

- Tranquilo.
- Fucking John Wayne, ese, huh?

Easy with that shit.
Gimme that.

Well? What is it?
You some kind of a fucking hero?

Not in this story, puto.


[Hector] Motherfucker!

- How you like this?
- [Evelio] Easy, easy.

- How you like this?
- Easy, easy, easy, carnal.

Go get the car.
I'll take care of this.

- Fucking puto.
- [Dare wails in pain]

Oh, you're all fucked up, pinche cop.

I told you
to leave it alone, huh?

[grunts] I knew
you wouldn't though.

[chuckles] I can see that
batty look in your eye.

You know I used to see
the same thing

in my eyes years ago.

But you know what happened?

Color of my eyes changed, man.

They're not angry
at the world anymore.

They're not vengeful.

They don't see blood.

Street credit now.

You know what they see?

[chuckles softly]
They see a lucky bastard

living and breathing
surrounded by mi familia.

By my people.

One peek in the mirror,

and all that changed, man.

So, you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna do you a favor.

I'm gonna be your mirror, ese.

Hey, look at me.

Winky wants you dead, ese.

He don't like loose ends.

But I don't wanna kill you, man.

And if it's between you and me,

Winky's invisible now,
and so are you.


Don't break the mirror.

[crickets chirping]

[narrator] He couldn't
remember much of that night.

He had no recollection
of getting into the traveler

or returning home.

[solemn music playing]

Stampeded to within an inch of his life,

broken nose, mashed ribs,
and a crushed left hand,

and it was his own fault.

Angel Reyes wasn't involved.

It was a setup he should've
been able to read a mile away.


he was obsessed with catching Winky.

[Evelio] You should leave it alone.

Let sleeping dogs lie, you know.

[footsteps echoing slowly]

[toy gun squeaking]

- What are you doing, cowboy?
- Dare.

Do you ever
think about the home?

Why are we back here?


[footsteps approaching]

[Dare grunts]

- [boy 1 laughing maniacally]
- [boy 2] Come back here, you little bitch.

We're gonna beat the shit out of you.

[boy 1] Oh, you really want it, huh?

Come here, you little bitch.
- -[boy 2] We're gonna kill you.

[boy 1 laughing maniacally]

- [whistling continues]
- [footsteps getting closer]

[Dare grunts]

All right. Just stay there.
Stay there.

- [chairs rattle]
- Just stay right there.

- [whistling grows louder]
- [footsteps grows louder]

- [stick creeks]
- [yelling] Come on!

Come on now!

What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do?

- [tense music rises in tempo]
- [whistling grows louder]

[whistling stops]

[boy whimpering]


[projector machine whirring]

What happened to you?

Who beat you up?

How long have I
been sleeping, Roost?

Three days.

What the heck
happened out there?

Did you... Did you get him?

I got too close.

I got too sloppy.

And I...

I... [crying]

I fucked up.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

You're home now.

Carroll says that
when you're with your family,

you've already arrived
at the destination.

[Dare] Hmm, yeah.



Easy, buddy.

It's all right. We'll be fine.

We'll be all right. I just...
I just didn't...

I just...

Just part of the job and I...

I just wasn't thinking straight.

Don't get upset.

You're getting better.

Dare, look, look.
It's the scene from the cockpit.

- Two more minutes.
- I've already waited too long.

-Here we go. -No, we don't.

Get a hold of yourself, you yella...

[narrator] Watching his
brother, he had an epiphany.

If he had never returned that night,

how long would Roost have lasted?

How many John Wayne
films would he have watched

before he got nervous?

How much junk food would he eat?

And what would he do?

He was so genuinely happy.

Not because of the movie
or John Wayne or the diner food.

It was the comfort

the safety he felt with Dare home.

He was impulsive and made decisions

that could have cost him his life

and potentially Roost's.

Winky was out there
actively committing crimes,

but he didn't care.

He wasn't chasing the bullet anymore.

[slow romantic music playing on the radio]

[indistinct chattering]

- [JT] Oh, really?
- [Hope chuckles]

[JT] Oh, this guy,
needing you, I know.

Why does he get a dance?

[Hope clicks tongue]
He didn't want a song.

Ah! Not that your voice
is any less wonderful.

- Oh, thank you.
- [JT chuckles]

Well, why does he get a song?

Dare, it's the chief's birthday
today, you know that.

[grunting] Ah, lovely.

Happy birthday.

- Thank you, thank you.
- You're welcome.

[sighs heavily]

- What?
- [scoffs]

Well, your face looks better.

Can I have a cup of coffee,



Guess I stepped
on some toes, huh?

Never mind the birthday,

what am I missing here?
What's going on?

JT, you know what?
You were right.

There's always gonna be dirt,
and I can't spend my life

trying to rid myself off
of all of it.

And I'm sorry
that I was disrespectful to you.

- Whoa.
- Open this.


That's really a nice gesture,

You remembered.

You're a good boy, Dare.

Thank you.


Proud and honorable friend.

That's great.

Mary-Ann's gonna be jealous.

She bought me
a science fiction book.

[JT chuckles]

Stand up, son.

That's okay, JT.
You just take that.

No, no. Stand up.
Come on, stand up.

Come on, Dare. Stop trying
to control everything.

Come on.

Come on. You're making
a scene. It's okay.

Thank you for the gift.
I appreciate it.

You're welcome.

[waitress] I'm getting this
on camera. Ah!

Yep, smile this way.

Some clowns
just took a picture of that.

Yes, I did, and I'm gonna
take another one right now

- from the back.
- You know what, you take...

You take one more, I'll tell you
he's gonna get it.

Hey, hey, hey, he's holding
me again. He's holding me.

I'm not asking you to.
I'm not asking you
to do anything, Dan.

Just have my back
once in a while. Come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't give me that shit.

Don't give me that shit.
This isn't patrol we're doing.

We're not following procedure
with this guy.

It's been three weeks, Robert.

What? I thought you were
strong-arming people, so what?

You know?
What do you want from me?

Look, Dan, listen, I just want
you to tell the lieutenant

that we've got him.

That I'm a straight cop
doing my job, Dan,

that because of me,
we're closing in.

Not sit there and nod
while we're being reamed out

as if we had it coming
in the first place.

Come on, man.

Who did I interview?

Who did I interrogate
and harass from Winky's crew

without you there?

Who's fucking rights
did I violate?

- This is bullshit, man.
- Look!

Hey, look,

I don't know where
that's coming from. I don't.

But somebody complained.
It landed on LT's lap

and that's why
we ended up in the meeting.

Okay? You gotta know that.

All right?
I didn't want this case.

I could give a shit
about this joker. Really.

He's a piece of shit.

Hey, the DEA wants him.

Let them have him.

It's a good case for them.

They've got the manpower,
they got the resources.

I mean, what is it with you?

You're married to Winky
or something.

What is this?

The entire police force
is after this idiot.

- It's gotta be us?
- Dan, I did the work.

I did the work on this guy.

We used my network
of informants.

I submitted the first
tangible forensics on this guy.

I might as well drawn a map
to his fucking house.

And now that we're about to
knock on the door, that's it?

It is bigger than us.
You understand?

It's fucking bigger than us.
Get your head out of your ass.

I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't mean to say that.

Get your head out of your ass.

Stop. Come on.

Grab your fucking tampons
and let's go.


Come on, man.

- One more week.
- Okay, okay.

I'll talk to Brannigan
in the morning.

Then, we do one more week.

- Okay?
- That's all I need.

- That's all I fucking
need from you.
- Okay.

-Let's go, Dudley Do Right
-So why do you have to be

- so fucking crazy
all the time, man?
- Me?

Well, buddy, if there was
a camera in here

and just saw
what you were fucking doing...

Maybe, there are
cameras in there.

- I started the shouting?
- Yeah.

You started the fucking
shouting war, man.

Now, I'm trying
to talk to you reasonably,

and you're fucking
shouting in my face.

[Dan] People would
lock your ass up.

[Carroll] A young man was
working on his ranch one day

when he accidentally happened to
knock time into a nearby well.

He lived by his time

and for his time.

And so naturally, he
became very distressed.

This was a strong
and influential man

and his ties to the community
was such that he gathered

and involved as many people
as he could

to help him retrieve
his precious time.

And then, one fateful dusk,
when the sun was set to set,

a fully gray man
rappelled down into the well

and he found his precious time

sitting comfortably on
a tiny ledge in the wall.

The man was so overjoyed that
he didn't notice his old friend

looked quite different and
seemed almost content.

He was jubilant, and he said,

"I've dug and I've searched
forever to find you.

I knew you were down here,

and that I could have you back
if I didn't stop."

And to that,

time simply replied,

"Well, no pun intended,

what have you lost?

What exactly have you given up
to find me, your precious time,

your invaluable time?"

The next day,

the man sealed the well shut

and he did not bring time
back in his pocket.

But he knew

in that moment,

the true value of time.

The past is always different
if you happen to catch up to it.

Live in the now

with each new breath you take.

Do something courageous.

Do something bold.

Do something new.

I want you

to say

I am.

I can.

[crow caws]

[insects rattling]

[wind howling]

Looks like
there's a new Sheriff in town.

That was a nice one.

- So, what do you think?
- What do I think about what?

Am I the duke?

No, Roost, you're not the duke.
You have to earn that title.

It's not just about being
a good marksman.

It's about being
a complete officer.

Besides, my ribs are busted.

That's what I wanna
talk to you about.

- You wanna talk about my ribs?
- No.

About me being a detective.
A complete one.

Now? We've been through this.

It didn't fit. You know that.

Well, I want a chance
to redeem myself.

I wanna be out there
on the streets

protecting this city
and our brothers.

Everything is changed, Roost.

The assignment has,
we're gonna be working
in a different capacity.

- I'll pick up
where you left off.
- No, Roost.

Yeah, yeah. I will follow up
on your leads.

I will reestablish
the perimeter in no time.


I'm ready. I'm going.

Roost, you're not
cut out for it.

You're not prepared
and you're not cut out for it.

You know that.

You'll die.

I almost died.

Do something bold.

- Do something bold!
- Roost.

Roost, what are you
doing in there?

Calm down, okay.
Just calm down.

I don't wanna leave you.

But I will.

I am not afraid out there.
I am afraid in here.

- Roost...
- If you don't let me,

I will do it myself

and I'll mess up.

Look, if we're together,
you can teach me,

you can watch out for me.

But either way, I'm going.

- It's my destiny.
- Roost, I...

I can't do this anymore.

I don't know
how this city works.

Yes, you do.

I lost the pulse of the streets.

That's not something
you just get back.

- You can do it.
- No, I don't... No.

Roost, these are,
these are bad people

and dirty streets.

- I know.
- No, you don't.

You don't know.

I mean, you have to search
to find the good.

Like in the home?

That's behind us now.

Look, you're my brother.

You're my best friend.

- I don't want you to get hurt.
- [sniffles]

Then, teach me
how to do it right.


You're gonna
have to listen and do

everything I say.

Yes, sir.

["Better On The Way" by Trevor Menear playing]

[narrator] They started
with basic training.

Roost had to build his core from scratch,

and Dare had to seriously tune up.

♪ I'll be on the table Lyin' by your side ♪

♪ You're so warm and able
And tangled in the wire ♪

♪ Maybe we'll get
better Better on the way ♪

♪ We can still feel young
When dark clouds roll our way ♪

♪ Maybe we'll get better On the way ♪

[narrator] Conduct and
behavior, ethics and code,

human rights, the interview process,

no stone was left unturned.

Roost was committed.

♪ I'll still be your honey
I'll still be your friend ♪

♪ Tie our hands together
Come and come again ♪

♪ Come again ♪

♪ Maybe we'll get... ♪

[narrator] It wasn't always smooth.

But it was working.

Roost was getting it.

He was asking questions

and picking up things
Dare didn't even notice.

♪ Maybe we'll get better On the way ♪

[narrator] Finally, as a last precaution,

his brother learned how to draw,

how to really draw like an officer.

Dare taught him everything he knew

and everything he coveted.

He was ready.

It's the perfect morning
to see the station, Roost.

Not a lot of traffic.

Unfortunately, an officer
died on duty last week.

So, most of the precinct
is at the memorial.

God rest his soul.

So, this is where all the
information is collected,

filtered and stored.

Rooster, this is where
all the criminals

our brothers and I bust

are held, processed
and kept in custody.

Morning, Red.

This is a special place
for me and you now, okay?

This is ground zero.

If the entire community
would fall,

[sighs heavily]

this will be the last
vertical fixture standing.

We'd be here protecting it.

Hey, I'm not Oprah.


He's 250 pounds
in his eighth grade, I mean,

you read all the signs, you look
in the books and newspapers.

They say, yeah, obese, okay.
My children...

[imitating gunshots]

Go to the vehicle right now.
Go to the vehicle right now.

- Why? I was listening.
- I know. Go. Now!

Gone in two days, you know.

I say all I want,
bring the antibacterial

hand-soap, you know
the foaming kind [indistinct]

- Who was that?
- I don't know.

- Who were those two guys?
- I don't know.

They came in and they just
stood over there.

- They didn't sign in?
- No.

- You didn't sign them in?
- No.

Give me a break!

What's the matter?

I want everything you have
on Winky, okay? I'm going in.

- You don't wanna wait for Roman?
- Why?

But I told her I'm a grown man,
I got my vices.

- Right.
- I don't drink. I don't smoke.

I don't yell at her fat son
for eating my goddamn cold cuts
every week.

- Right.
- [clears throat]

All right. Try it on.

- Check, check.
- Go, go.

- You good?
- Good.

All right.

All right, all right, all right.

What's up?

You wanna let Dan in on this?

- Pete, come on.
- Bob.

I'll be okay.

I'll be okay.


[Speaking in Spanish].

Yeah, where you going, [chuckles]

- [whimpers in pain]
- [chuckles]

You can never get the drop
on me cuz.


Mira whay...[panting]

Look at what you did
to my homeboy, huh.

Open up your eyes, motherfucker!

[chuckling] Oh, shit.

Tu pinche cop fucking with my
paper and my familia.

Come on.

- [groaning]
- [panting]

That's right, that's right.
Give it what you got.

Give it all you got, puto cop, huh.

The cowboy got a pass,
but we fucked him up good, eh?

We fucked him up good.

But no one's gonna
save you faggot.

- [siren wailing]
- [Morrison wheezing]

[panting] Chuey!

Chuey, get the fuck up! Chuey!


- [siren growing louder]
- [Morrison gasping]

I guess the angels
took off today, huh?

Too bad for you.


[screaming in agony]


[siren growing louder]

[man] Fuck you, puto.

- Fuck you, you piece of shit.
- [man chuckles]

Fuck you! You see this?
This means I fucking win.

Come here.

- Fuck you, you piece of shit.
- [Dan] Sit down.

- Okay.
- Glasses.

What are you, one of them?

- Calm down. Sit down. Sit down.
- Fuck off.

Get your fucking glasses on
so you can see.

What the hell are you
doing down here?

Who, me? I don't know.
My job, Dan.

Well, you're not doing
your job any more

'cause I have to take you
off the case

effective immediately.

That fucking waste of life
is directly connected to Winky.

And guess what.

- What?
- There's another department

- running crossfire on this, Dan.
- Oh, no, no.

Stop this. Come here.
Come here.

That spic mentioned
another unit tailing them

and a cop
that they almost killed.

Now, why on earth
would another team

be interested in this guy
if he wasn't key?

And why am I just finding out
about this right now?

And where the fuck
were you today

when I was getting
my fuckin' ass kicked?

Listen to me carefully, okay,

'cause I'm not talking
about this assignment here.

I'm gonna talk to you about
your job on the force.

You're spinning.

Hmm? You understand me?

You can't see it.

You can't.

But you are spinning.

You were almost killed
down here today

because of some crack-a-jack
fucking hunch.

- This guy...
- This guy is not anybody.

He's not connected to anything.
You hear me?

- There's eyes on this thing.
- Oh, come on.

Did you hear what I just said?

There are no other eyes.

No eyes, no units, no one.


We were the lead on this case
and now we're not.

Stop this.

Stop this.

You know what, I swear to God

you so much as think about that
fucking piece of shit character,

and I will march you
into Brannigan's office

with your badge
and your resignation papers.

I'll march you in there myself.

I've had it.

Seriously, I've had it
with this shit.


- Hungry?
- Yeah, we're starving.

We have the grilled chicken,
right, buddy?


Let me start on that bad boy
right now.

[paper-bag rustling]

- Jesus Christ, Roost!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Roost, give me the drinks.
- I'm sorry.

Put the fries back in the bag.

Throw the sandwiches
up on the dash.


I'm gonna put the drinks
over here.

Give me the drinks.

I'm gonna put 'em over here
in the...

- Roost, give me the liquids now.
- Okay, gosh.

Hold that bag up.

Hold... Put the fries in the bag.
Put 'em in the bag

and hold the bag up, up,
off of my radar.

Hold it up higher.

All right.

[Roost] Can I put it down now?

How did a grilled chicken,
slice of tomato,

hold the mayo, hold the bun,

turn into a cheese burger

[laughing with exasperation]

'Cause the grilled chicken
didn't come

with an action figure.

[whispers] Oh, my brother!

I'll just eat a protein bar.

Oh, look who it is.

[whistles] Eh!

Can I get some of that?

What's the matter?

[Dare] Hey, Joan.

[grunts] Ah!
How's my tall blonde?

What? No love for the captain?

- What's going on?
- Dare.

Did I miss something?
Where's the funeral?

That's funny. I don't know.

Do you?

No, nobody does.

See, normally, you need a body
to have a funeral.

Yeah, I think that's the way
it works, honey.

Joan, what the fuck
are you talking about?

[hysterically] You don't have
the right to ask!

You lost that privilege.

Take off your
goddamn sunglasses.

You lost that privilege

when you asked her

to sacrifice her safety

for your peace of mind.

Wait a second.
Are you telling me

- Winky killed Cookie?
- [crying] My...

- Fucking little -Winky killed Cookie?

For nine years,
we straight tricked.

I bet you didn't know
that shit, huh?


Ate together,

slept together,

just about everything.


- I'm sorry.
- That little hoe

was my whole life

in this fucked up world.

Joan. I'm fucking sorry.

What do you expect?

That's what happens when you
fuck with gangsters, Dare.

You get killed.

I told you he was crazy bad.

Didn't I said it?

At the fucking hood of your car.

Point blank.

That girl

was the closest thing

I will ever have to a child

and you got her fucking killed.

We saved for a vacation
last year.

[chuckles woefully]

Hooked so hard for three months,

our pussies were puffy
for three weeks.

But we went.

Cookie and I got out.
We never looked back.

Vegas? No.

Mexico? Hell, no!

This bitch had our asses
up in Alaska of all places.

Best time of my life.

But that's the thing
about best times...

You never know
that's what they are
when you're living 'em.

She had this thing

that she used to do.

It's like a...

like a tick,
like a nervous habit,

like biting your nails,
that bitch.

She would thank God
for everything.

There's a rainbow in the sky.
Thank you, God.

Look at those children.

Look at those children
over there. They're playing.

They're happy. Thank you, God.

We're having a nice meal today.
Thank you, God.

Jimmy didn't serve it to us
last night. Thank you, God.

Thank you God for this
and thank you God for that.

It used to drive me crazy.

Joan, I'm fucking sorry.

I'm sorry.

I find myself
saying the same shit.

I'm sorry, Joan.

Fuck that hoe.

She had a big heart
and even bigger mouth,

and that's what got her
dumb ass in the end.



bumping her ass scums bitch.

She wanted you to have this.

Take it.

Where you going, Joan?


It's Sunday.

We're going to a movie.

[Violet] I don't give a fuck
what she wrote.

You already read it to me.

I'm sorry Cookie is dead,
baby, I am.

But it don't mean you gotta do

stupid shit with your life,

Haven't you learned anything?

Can't you see
the writing is on the wall?

Don't you...

Don't you love me?

Don't you want to start
a new life together?


This way you know which way
to go when the bus comes.

It's simple, baby.
Just do the right thing.

[cricket chirping]

[metal thuds]

[Cookie] I'm not good
at writing shit. So, I'll keep it quick.

I have a heavy heart.
I'm so ashamed of myself.

I'm ashamed because I
knew you was gonna get hurt

if I told you where Winky was at.

I didn't wanna tell you but...

when J-Bird and I found
you, you were so fucked up,

and I kept thinking, "Cookie,
you shouldn't have said shit.

You shouldn't have told him,
but I'm a dumb fucking hoe."

Joan says I'll never learn.

Dare, I never saw myself as a low-life

and I swear, believe it or not,

I think I'm definitely
going back to school.

I love you.

And thank God you're in my life.

Love. Cookie.

You ready?



[seat-belt alarm softly ringing]

[alarm stops]

[narrator] He missed Cookie.

He felt bad about
always being tough on her.

He thought back to those
gaudy little outfits she wore,

silly cheap jewelry, her child-like manner.

Made him sad.

He wanted to go back and save her

in those eventide memories.

Cookie strolling the city, lonely and lost.

But she's not there anymore.

And even the streets knew it.

He's leaving Los Angeles.

Taking a trip like Cookie and Joan did.

Except not coming back.

There were good cops here.

Cops who cared. He could see that now.

It was time to move on.

He was going to the
club tonight to propose.

Hopefully, Violet would accept,

and they'd all start a new life
together somewhere far far away.

I love you, Dare.

I love you too.

[man] I saw you do this once,
what you did...

I really want to see it.
It's beautiful.

- [Hope] It was a pleasure.
- [man] Thank you.

[Hope] I'm glad you came in.

[man 2] My country music
is very important.

- [Hope] Where you from?
- [man 2] Peru.

My father used to play charango.

You know this word?

No, I don't think I know that.

[man 2]
It's a small guitar...

Made out of wood,
armadillo, then strings

- You're very beautiful.
- [Hope] Thank you.

- [Hope chuckles shyly]
- My father used to teach me

and my sisters how to play
when we were young.

He teach you
how to kill cops too, Winky?

Dare! Oh, my God!
What are you doing?

- Dare.
- Hang tight, buddy. I got this.

Hope, step aside.

[yells] Move, Hope!

[Hope wails]

You in the booth,

put your hands above your head
and step out.

One false move, I will spend
every round in this gun

on the back of your skull,
and you better believe

I'm a fucking sniper
at five feet.

That's right.

Oh, look who it is.

It wouldn't be right
if it wasn't you, Evelio.

Dare, Dare.

Just watch my back, Roost.

You gave me new life

and new perspective.
So, I'm gonna return the favor.

[man 2 speaking in Spanish]


I let him live, carnal.

This is between me and him,
so go.

Go. Go be with your family.

You got one, go be with them.
Go be free.

[Dare] Evelio.

Don't break the mirror.

Take off that belt.

Keep it.

I got another one at home.


Eight felonies, I count.

Hope, go outside, call the cops.

Tell them Adrian Diaz
was shot dead.

Where's you gun? Come on.

- Gimme it.
- Let me keep it for protection.

I feel something bad
is gonna happen.

That's nine felonies
I count now.

My crew says

you're not even a real cop.

You're a criminal like me.

Yeah, I'm not a cop.

And I'm not gonna arrest you.

You know what I'll do?

I'll give you a shot.

I'll give you a chance
to kill me.

Go ahead.

[Dare breathes heavily]

And when you fail,
which you will,

I'm gonna exterminate you
for killing my brothers in arms

and murdering my friend,
Cookie DeMarquez.

- Draw.
- [gunshot]

[dispatcher] Shots fired! Shots fired!

Please be advised, 9-23 in progress.

Perp possibly impersonating officer

in the vicinity of Pico and Bundy

- That's him, Danny. I gotta go.
- Hey! Come here.

I'm sorry, Danny.
I gotta go. That's him.

[dispatcher] ...impersonating officer

in the vicinity of Pico and Bundy.

All available units.

Can't shoot straight
with a pimp's gun.

Freeze! Put it down.

- [multiple gunshots]
- [woman screaming]

[Dare] Roost, no!

- I got your back.
- No, no, Roost. It's JT.

I got your back.

I got your back.



[crying] Dare?

[Dare] Please hold on, JT.
Please hold on, JT.

- [Roost] Dare?
- JT, please.


[crying] I did what you told me.

[yells] Dare!

Roost, Roost, Roost,
he's a fucking good guy.

He's a fucking cop.
He's a good guy.


You said we wouldn't
hurt anybody.

You said we wouldn't
hurt anybody.

[Dare] Hold on, buddy. Hold on.

[JT moans]

- Dare!
- Roost, just go home right now.

Go, go home, go right now.
Go right home.

Please. Just go right home.

Hang on, just hang on, JT.
Hang on, buddy.

Go home, Roost, now.
Go, Roost!

- [Roost wailing]
- [Dare] It's all right, JT.

Hang on, just hang on, JT.
Hang on, buddy.

It was my fault.



A good...

a good boy in you.

Hang on, please. Hang on.

Hope! Call an ambulance, Hope.

Well, fellow, we sure
had some ride, didn't we?


Roost, it's okay.

It's all right, buddy.
It wasn't your fault.


He's gonna make it.


Roost, no.

You did what I told you.

You covered me.
You covered my back.


You didn't know any better.

How could you have known?

[wailing] No!

You didn't know.

How could you know?

You didn't know.

You got me.

You finally got me.


[birds chirping]


[soft serene music playing]

[metal clangs]


[straining with effort]

[soft serene music playing]

[birds chirping]

[breathing heavily, wheezing]

[siren blaring]


Don't move.

Listen, we found your brother's
wallet at the diner, okay?

You're not a cop anymore, pal.

I'm retiring today.


You're gonna let me take you in?

I'll let you try.

Please don't do that.

Just take it easy.

- Nice and easy now.
- Draw.

- Don't!
- [gunshot]

[Morrison groans]

- It's okay.
- [radio cackles]

Officer down behind 1820 Purdue.

Requesting backup and a bus.

Hey, buddy.

You're not less than...

you just lost.


[indistinct chattering]

Every Monday morning,
I'm out 50 bucks.

It's Hernandez.

That figures, okay.

All right.

[Jimmy] Yo, man! I'm getting

- Will be held against you...
- Help, somebody help me, man.

This motherfucker trippin'.

This motherfucker lost it.

According to law

You're a crazy motherfucker.
What the fuck you doing, man?

Yo, Dare,
don't do this shit, man.

Yo man, chill! What the fuck
you doing? Yo, Dare!

- [Dare] You killed her!
- I didn't do that shit man.

- It was Winky.
- [Dare] You killed Cookie,

- Shut up!
- Guys, guys.

- [officer] Holster your firearm.
- Take it easy, Pete.

- Everybody...
- Holster your weapon.

Take it easy, Pete.

[Jimmy] Don't do this, man.
Winky did that shit.

- I didn't kill that bitch.
- [officer] Drop it.

[Brannigan] Everybody, relax.

Son, why don't you
put your weapon down,
let the man go, okay?

His name is Jimmy.
He's an accessory to the murder

of Cookie DeMarquez,
a female prostitute.

All right. Good. Good.
We got him.

He's in the station.
He's arrested. Very good.

Now, why don't you
put your weapon down, all right?

Don't do that, officer.

Officer, don't do that.
We can work this out.

Don't do that. Nobody gets hurt
here today, son.

- Put the weapon in your holster.
- [Dare] Okay.

- Officer.
- [Dare] Okay.

Weapon in your holster.

All right. Now, everybody,
just take it easy.

What precinct are you from, son?

This one.

I'm the lieutenant here, son.

I don't believe
I've ever seen you before.

My name is John. John Brannigan.

What's your name?


Hey, pal, what's your name?

[boys yelling indistinctly]

Where you from?

[yelling continues]

- [boy 1] Come here, little bitch.
- [boy 2] We'll kill you.

You know those fucking clowns.
Don't worry about them.

Nothing to worry about.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you, uh,

whisper your name in my ear

all right? Yeah, all right.

Ha-ha. Really?
That's my name, too.

Look at this.

This is what I do.


It's crazy, right?

Come on. [chuckles]

Pal, come on. Let me show you
around this fucking joint.

[Brannigan] What's your name?
Where are you from?

We can fix this.
We can work this out, okay?

It's all behind us now.

What are you talking about?

[solemn music playing]

Son, don't do that, son.
Don't do that.




["Monsters" by Eddie Gomez playing]