Dugg Hole People (2007) - full transcript

Kalli, a young boy living with his mother in the suburbs of Reykjavik, thrives in the world of movies and computer games. When he is sent to spend Christmas with his father's new family up north at an isolated farm, Kalli meets his stepsister, who he does not get along with. Soon he decides to run away, but only to be hit harder by reality and Kalli has to learn how to fight "real life" challenges while encountering imaginary and fictional creatures.

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You're not dressed.

You have to get going.


No, no, no.

You aren't dressed.
You'll be late for school.

Can't you give me a lift?

I have an exam this afternoon,
my computer just froze

and I lost all my notes.

What if I find them for you?

If your father gives you one more
computer for Christmas

I get your old one.


Please little car, don't die now.

A new car is the first thing
we buy when I graduate.

All the way mom, please.

No, I'm late. Here this is for lunch.

You ruined our website.

Tell us the password.


What did you call us?

The password..

What did you say?

The password is..

Aah stop hitting me.

Hey Helgi, Kalli is
hitting her with a bike lock.


No, don't hit me,
no, no, stop, stop.

No, I didn't do anything,

It was her, who hit me.

He hit a girl?
He wouldn't do that.

and why would he do
a thing like that?

First he changed
the text and picture.

Then he changed the password.

What's the new password?

Did you do this?

But I didn't hit her.

The password?



The password is I D I O T.

Well, I have no other option than to
expel you from school,

these last few days before Christmas.

Kalli, I have to be in an exam
in a half an hour, and all this

is just not helping me concentrate.

She hit me.

OK, you know, this isn't working.

Kalli I have exams every
day until Christmas.

I'm also working nights... and...

now we're just going to
accept your father's invitation

to stay with them in the
Vestfjords for Christmas.

Dad and the pregnant woman?

Far north deep in Sugandafjordur.

Yes, he is your father.

And he has a right to see you.

And Vigdis, is just the best
thing that has happened

to him in a long time

But her daughter is a witch.

Please don't be like this. Many think that
she's psychic, just like her father.

He was a very famous medium who
passed away a few years ago.

Medium, isn't he all right?

Thinks he can talk to dead people.

Honey, believe me,
this is going to do you a lot of good.

Hello, hello.


I thought you might be hungry?

Are you sure this isn't fish?

Come on, you know
I would never bring you fish.

It's chicken.

Do I have to go?

I don't know Vigdis or the girl.

Yes, that's exactly the point,
you have to get to know them.

They are becoming
a part of your family.

I'm sure you're going to have a real
good time in Sugandafjordur.

But I have always spent
Christmas with you.

You'll never be without me.

You can always reach me.

Welcome, glad you could come.

Look who's there?

Hi Kalli, what's up?

How was your flight, good?

You remember Ellen don't you?

This package is for you.

Isn't there a connection here?

No, not everywhere.

But I'm sure you'll get a connection
when we go up the mountain

There's an antenna there.

Hey a message from mom.

Hi Kalli dear, hi honey,
it's mommy.

I hope the trip went well.

I've already started missing you,
my sweet darling.

Yes and I am also starting
to miss you my sweet darling

yes, yes bye, bye,
I'll see you.

Honey, please try to
get along with Ellen.

She's not a witch like you think,

maybe, just a bit weird.

Kids, see, there is Sugandafjordur
with all the drift ice floating in.

Ever seen drift ice before,
have you Kalli?


It comes all the way from
Greenland and

sometimes it brings
polar bears over.

Isn't it cool?

Well there you can see the house.

So now we are almost there.

Do you want to drive?

That's good.

Alright, we're almost at
the turn, turn here

There you go, good, no no no.

He just smells the candy.

There there, good boy, yes no no.

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

You can kill the dog
by giving him candy.

C'mon c'mon,
can't you try to behave

But why does he have
to stay in my room?.

This is your room

What's with you?

Ellen usually sleeps here,

but you can stay here for Christmas.

Ellen sometimes thinks she's
psychic like her father was

and sometimes tries to get
through to him.

Now try to behave.

You can show Kalli the horses.

A medium finds bones of 18
people in the Dugghole

A boy lead a group of people
of a cliff in the 18th century

These were bones of people who froze
to death.

No one knew what happened to them
for over one hundred years.

Until one of them appeared to my father,
...here in this room.

Dad found the bones of them all,
...except the boy who came to him.

The bones were then buried
in the cemetery in Isafjordur.

It is said that the boy that wasn't
found led the people of the cliff.

The boy, he was a creep.

Want to see the horses?

I've seen pictures of horses.

You eat fish don't you?

Maybe mommy dearest
would rather have a pizza

What's that?



Yes, that's Kalli.
He always has the latest stuff.

Has it started?


No, it was nothing.

It's OK, It has passed.

Are you finished?

Do you want some more?


No Kalli, you guys
have to stay here.

We don't know how long
this is going to take,

we probably have to spend
the night in Isafjordur.

I'll call and let you know
how it's going. OK?


I'm allergic to dogs

(..heavy snowfall and storm in the

Your mother must be so happy getting
rid of you.

Now when she has a new boyfriend.

She does not have a new boyfriend.
She's having exams.

Exams, why do you
think she got rid of you?

She didn't get rid of me.

(...but 18 to 20 meters a sec. and
blizzard at the West fjords...)

ls someone here?

ls someone here?

Will I get rid of him?

Put the power back on.

The power went out. That often
happens in this kind of weather.

Are you scared?

Tryggur, Tryggur, Tryggur.

EW, he has puked all over me.


Tryggur, what has he done?

You're trying to kill him.
You're trying to kill Trygg.


Get out of my room,
I never want to see you again.

I've thrown all your crap out of my room.
You're never coming in there again.

Well, one more for the slaughterhouse.

Aw, that's awful,
she has a broken leg.

Let me see.

There's no use in letting
her suffer all the way

to the slaughterhouse.
Let's just cut her here.

Shuss, come here, come here

I think we got all the sheep that

I still haven't seen the
homebred that was supposed

to be here with them.

Well it's best to get going.

They are waiting for us in the

No, you don't want to go there.

They'll take you to
the slaughterhouse.



Hi mom, how is it going?

Congratulations honey,
you have a new baby sister,

she was born just an half an hour after
we arrived to the hospital.


Tómas says she's just like
Kalli when he was born.


Ellen, the phones have been out.
There fell

a few avalanches in the
mountain last night .

but the phones have been fixed
and the power should come on soon.

How is Kalli?

I think he's OK.

Good, because you have
to stay alone a bit longer.

They are not going to
open the road now,

there is a storm coming and
they are not going to open the

road until it's over.

Don't you have everything you need?

Sure, we have everything, bye.

Ugh, he's more stupid than he looks.

Do you hear that?

Hi mom

Hi Kalli hi,
and congratulations honey.

Congratulations on what?

On your new baby sister.

And that you and Ellen were home

and it was going well.

No, no, I'm on my way home,

Won't stay a minute
longer under the same

roof as this psycho which.

She kicked me out of my room.

Come on, why do you always think girls
are attacking you?

I'm on my way home,
I just have to call a cab.

A cab, Kalli you can't go anywhere.

They are predicting a storm

and the only safe place is in the house.

Kalli, you are in the house, right?

No, I just walked a bit to get a

Kalli you must go to go inside the..

The mobile phone cannot be reached
at the moment please try later

Isafjordur Taxi service, how...

Ha? A car?

There's a car!

Hey, hey!

I'm here, wait for me,

Hey, wait for me!

Hey, hey, hey,
don't go, don't go!

You can't leave me here.

Hey stop, don't leave me,

no don't go, don't go.

Come, let's go to the house.

Come, hurry!

Tryggur, Tryggur


Kalli, Kalli

Kalli, Kalli!

Are you alive?


What on earth were you
thinking leaving the house?

There's a house here.

Are you a complete idiot?

Yes, there's a house.

We must bury ourselves into the snow
and build a snow house.

There, come, I dug a hole, ugh

Can't you try to push yourself a little?

There's something
Sara þöll needs to tell you.

It was a girl,

you had a baby sister last night.

Congratulations yourself,

then you also had a baby
sister last night.

I wasn't asking for a
new sister or a new dad.

Where on earth did you
think you were going?

I was just going to call a cab
and get myself to Isafjordur.

A cab,

to Isafjordur, why?

To buy a pizza?

What's with you, can't you lie still?

I need to go to the bathroom.

Can't you go out and pee?

I need to do more than pee.

Leave that alone.


No, no, no you'll ruin
the snow house you idiot.

I'm sure this is a cable from the house.

A generator

Yes, yes!

See, I told you there was a house here.

Maybe you don't know,
but he was from here,

Lárus, the boy who led the
people of the cliff.

They say he haunts this place and
scares people away.

See, a proper toilet.

I'll stay here.

There's no connection here.

ls this all we have to eat?

Yes, unless we kill the lamb.

You're kidding?

It's going to be slaughtered anyway.

You are not alright.
You think you can kill the lamb?

Of course, this storm can
last for 2 maybe 3 days,

either we all starve or we kill the lamb.

OK, kill the lamb.

No need to do it tonight,
I'll do it in the morning,

outside, otherwise everything will be
covered in blood.

All talk and no guts.

I guess it's best to feed the dog.

You might have to eat him too.

Will we all get out of here alive?

Getting scared of your own nonsense.

Let's get out of here before
the witch eats us all.

Tryggur, Tryggur don't go

Hi Kalli, hi honey, it's mommy,

Hi Kalli, hi honey, it's mommy,


Hi Kalli, hi honey, it's mommy,

Ellen, stop this

I hope the trip went well and I already
started missing you,

mommy's little boy

I'm also starting to miss you my darling

I know you're going to have a
great time up there.

bye bye.

I wont stay alone out there, besides,

this is the only blanket,
there's no blanket out there.

Were you asleep already?

Yes, and having a very weird dream.






You killed the lamb
you crazy person, I'll..

If the phone is still turned on,
we'll know exactly where it is.

She's lying, making everybody
think I led them off the cliff.

You will help me, and tell everyone
that I tried to save them.

Where is she?

Promise to help me and
get me to them?

If you tell me where she is.


Hey hey Kalli, are you awake you

Get out of bed and boil some water.

Hey Kalli, come, come!

See what I'm bringing!

No, no.

See who brings food!

Hello, hello, no don't come in here,

There's a polar bear here, oh no.

Hello there's a polar bear here,

ugh no, no,
there's a polar bear.

What are you doing up there?

We'll know exactly where
he is in 30 sec.

Aren't you going to answer
the phone and

have us picked up.

What's wrong?

Behind you.


We lost the signal.

We're getting out of here, right now.

Aw, you're hurting me.

What's with you, are you going
to chase the bear?

No, there's a ghost in there.

Come on.

Come inside and help
me save the cabin.

Hello, don't go in,
there's a ghost in there.

Are you just going to sit there and
wait for the bear to come back?

Come in, come.

What's wrong with you?

The ghost was up there,

I think it was the boy who
led the people off the cliff.

That's impossible,

that punk would never dare
to show is face near me.

It was a real ghost.

You probably just panicked
because of the polar bear

and started hallucinating.

No, he put my phone in the
glass before the bear came.

You must have dreamt this.

This is just some bullshit


Yes of course,
ghosts are just bullshit.

I must be having hallucinations.

What's with you?
Can't you lie still?

I need to go to the bathroom.

OK, go.

I don't want to go alone into the dark.

There is no way I'm going
to the toilet with you.

Here you go.

Can you wipe your own
ass or do you need help?

Already wiped.

Am I bullshit?

You make promises and then break
them as soon as you can.

She doesn't believe me.

Are you alright?

No one gets out of here alive!

Pull up your pants man.

Every time you open your eyes,
I'll be there, traitor.

Open them if you dare.

You went through me;
no one has ever done that.

You can't do anything to me since
I'm no longer scared of you.

There, there, cute ghost.

But now, since you're not scared
of me any longer,

are you not going to help me?

I can give you one wish.


There's just something you
need to get for me,

and bring to town.

But you have to get the girl to help you
because she knows where the bones

where found in the Dugghole.

I'll show you where to go after that.

What are you going to do with that?

You'll see.

You know Isafjordur is that way,

that's just back to the mountains.

But you promised.

I must be insane.

Yes, thank you, yes,

The rescue teams have
searched all over,

can't find a thing.


I was talking to Thordis.

Who's that?

She worked a lot with
Eirik the late, Vigdis's EX.

She's a psychic.

Are you alright Tomas,
she's a psychic?

And what did she say?

She said she sensed
Kalli's presence last night

and that he was with the
Dugghole people.

He was with the Dugghole people?

Didn't they all freeze to death
on the mountain?

It was there, over by the waterfall,

where the bones were found.

Yes, yes, I now know where it is,
come on.

Come, come, here it is.

Here it is.


What is that?

Ugh Jesus.

Don't go.

These were human bones;
there really was a ghost.

What shall we do?

What he asked us to.

Have you gone completely mad?

No, we must take the bones
and get them to the others

Are you, the plastic man going
to touch the bones?

You're going to help me right?

As you know, they were 18 together
on their way over the

mountain from a Christmas
gathering in Bolungarvík,

when a sudden storm hit,
like what happened to me.

They got lost on the mountain
and were headed

straight to the Dugghole,

but the ghost, I mean Lárus,
who was from here

and knew the area really
well tried to stop them

when he realized that
they were headed off the cliff.

But the farmer from Sand
who thought he knew the way

even though he couldn't see anything

ignored the boy and led
the people off the cliff.

Lárus managed to grab the
sleeve of the girl that went last

and managed to hold on
to her even though she

was hanging of the cliff but
eventually the sleeve tore off

and the girl fell into the
Dugghole like all the others

but Lárus fell backwards and into
this cave opening and ended here.

That's why they didn't
find him with the others.

And then everyone
thought it was his fault

and that's why he's been
wandering around and

haunting people as a ghost.

Give me a moment alone with him.

Oh well, OK.

Thanks; just get it to
the cemetery with the others.

Just put it on the grave
and leave us be for Christmas,

after Christmas you tell everyone.


Yes, your wish has come true.


Kalli, come, come quick.

Hey, hey, stop stop

Tryggur, Tryggur, stop him,

oh, come on, get up,

hello hello,


Yes, you're lucky to find me here.

I was just on my way from þingeyri.

Did you have a
good time at the cabin?

Yeah, it was just great.

It's so cold,

it's so cold,

I see,

I see them,

there are a lot of dead
people around them.

It's so cold.

Where are they?

There in the corner, there.


Kalli, Kalli dear, I thought
I would never see you again.

Dogs are not allowed in here.

No can't you see her little
braces and glasses, just like me.

No the smile, that's from my side.

OK, hi, look over here,


Thank you so much, bye.

Kalli, I got the last two seats
on the plane south that leaves

in an half an hour so you don't have to
stay here for Christmas.

We'll just go home,
me and you.

If it's OK by you?

Yes, sure.
Eiríksstaðir is still snowed in

so we're just going to have
Christmas dinner here in the cafeteria.

Can't I stay here?

Yes, if that's what you want honey,
of course.

I'll just go alone then.
But I must get going because

the plane leaves in an half an hour.

María, you're welcome to spend
Christmas with us.

Yes, thank you.

The crew of Sigrun IS...

Look, look what's on TV.

...caught an unusual catch,
a polar bear

and managed to bring
him live a shore.

The polar bear will be put
up in a Zoo in Reykjavík

What was most unusual
was the bear was

swimming away from shore.

But usually the polar bears
that have been seen are