Duelist (2005) - full transcript

Set years ago in the era of the Joseon Dynasty, the story follows a young police officer named Namsoon (Ha Ji-won) who, along with her fellow officers, discovers a counterfeit ring operating out of the area they've been assigned to protect. However, as the criminals aren't just printing up their own money, they also plan to use it to topple the economy and take down the government. As her investigative work continues, Namsoon soon makes the acquaintance of a young man known only as Sad Eyes (Gang Dong-won), for the way that he looks out at you from underneath his hair - he doesn't say much, but he's got that look and that's all it takes to pique Namsoon's interest in him, even if she shouldn't be thinking those thoughts about someone she might have to toss in jail. Of course, Namsoon can't deny her feelings even if the object of her affection belongs behind bars, and it's not long before she's starting to act on her emotions.

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It was when summer
was almost over.

It was rainin'
a hell of a lot.

Do you also fix
broken things?

I can fix anythin' except

makin' a hag into a maiden.

Then could you
fix this, too?

Oh my, you must pack
a big punch down there.

How hard could
you have peed

to break that steel
bedpan into pieces?

When I arrived at her home
to bring the fixed bedpan,

the rain suddenly stopped.


Anybody home?


Who's there?

Yes, it's me, the blacksmith
you visited down below.

How much did you
say it cost?

Man, I'm so darn coldafter

gettin' drenched out there.

A drink is better than

any money if you
got any booze.

Don't know if a young maiden living
alone like me would have any.

I did buy some raw rice wine
to make vinegar two days ago.

But where could it be?

Could it be there?

Where could it be?



Or here?

Where could it be?

Where is it?

Where could it be?

Oh boy, her tight butt looked
like it was gonna burst.

I just wanted to sink
my teeth into it.

- What?
- What the hell?

What happened next?

- Hurry up.
- Quickly.

Tell us!

- Then she...
- Shut up!

You low class bastards.

I can't concentrate, damn it!

What? "Low class bastards"?

What? And they aren't?

You low class bastards.

Try some taffy! Taffy!

I got taffy a young widow likes
to eat on a lonely night!

Taffy that's as white
as a baby's thigh.

If you have taffy white
as a baby's thigh...

Then got one as big as
my pecker?

I got all sizes, some even
big as a palace crossbeam.

The sun's falling over the mountain,
and this taffy is running out fast

This booze isn't just booze


It's a potion to make
you live forever.

Now, come and drink.

- Try out a few sips.
- Can I use my two nuts as tab?

Depending on the nuts.

If the piece is solid,
drink for free.


Catch him!

- Taffy! Come buy some taffy!
- Watch where you put your hand!

Don't just salivate,
come buy some taffy now.

I'm gonna break your wrists!

Lady, have some taffy.
Test it out.

Come here.
Hey, you have to pay first!

- What the hell?
- Oh my, I'm sorry.

- What are you looking at?
- You little...

I oughta...

Let's go.

You're lucky
I'm a busy man today.



Protect the wagon!



Protect the money!

I'm a police officer!


Do or die.

Do or die.

Do or die.

I mean, if you surrender,
I'll let you alive!

So put that thing down fast

and be a good boy.

I knew you'd do that.
I knew!

Don't let a single sack go!

That way!


Ouch, that hurt.

What blockhead bumped into me?

Who the hell?

Me? I'm nothin' special.

I'm just Detective Namsoon!

Now you're completely surrounded.

What's a crazy bitch
like you doin' here?


I said go.

I said go.


I said go.

I said go!

- Where is he?
- Yes?

I said where is he?

Where's who?

Want a taste of a bitch
who's really lost her mind?

Where is he?

The bald guy with
an eye patch.

The short, fast-walking one.

He's the one you're
looking for, right?

You know him, too. Right?



Now he puts his tail down since
we're talking nice to him.

Use your mouth not your
fist next time.

He's human, not a beast.

So beating him won't
make him listen!

Oh my! How could you do
this to him?


he came this way,
so where could he have gone?

In the toilet? In the well?

On the roof?

Well, mind if I ask you
who you are?

Come on, don't need to
be scared!

We're not out to check IDs
for prostitutes,

nor or we out to find liquor
illegally stashed away.

So don't be scared.

Just quickly tell us
where he is.

We'll go quietly
like a silent fart,

without you asking us to.

All I know is that
his name is Eel.

That's right.

That bastard is so fast he slips
away like an eel all the time.

Well, his real name can't be Eel,
so what is it?

You should know already that
Ma is one vicious guy.

If I open my mouth, he'll stab me!
So I can't tell you!

Hey, you're trying to send
me to Hell, too?

I'd like to settle
things if we can.

So what's his name?

Ma the Lizard?

So he must run
as fast as a lizard.

Where does he live?

Where he eats and shits
all the time.

Right, okay.

And from there?

I know the rest.

I've seen a lot of
fast fighters,

but I haven't seen anyone
as fast as him.

There's a saying that
someone poked a thorn

out of a speeding tiger's paw.

I guess that kind of person
really exists.

Unfortunately, we haven't
found any clues

to the counterfeit incident
that erupted today.

All probable suspects

were killed by that masked man
who popped up and vanished.

Since not a single person
was able to

get a good look at his face,

it's currently difficult to draw
his picture montage.

This was picked up in the market
during the day.

Take a good look at them.

At first glance,
they look like real money.

If you take a closer look,
the engraving is very rough.

That can happen if the
heating is not right.

Although it's a hunch,
I think...

It's really strange.

They're not just a few coins...

But there are tons...

Of fake money circulating...

In the capital city...

So something's up.

First, make sure that none
of this leaks out and causes havoc.

Make a montage of at least
half of that

masked man's face, spread it,

and probe around in secret.

Then something will
eventually come up.

Who the hell,
and for what reason

did this person fake
so many coins?

There's a shitload of fake
money goin' around.

Prices are gonna
reach sky-high.

I had a bulk of money,

but all I could buy
were some eggs.

But I heard the money
looks real.

My money-lovin' big brother

can't even tell if it's
real or not anymore.

can I even do business

if I don't know
what money's real?

Fake money's all over the place,
even in my Choonchung Province.

Think that's all? Haejoo,
Kaesung, Anhdong, Namwon.

They're all over the country.

If this keeps up,

this damn country
will go belly up.

I still have the right to
speak my mind.

Son of a bitch,
what's he staring at?

Oh my, leaving already?

Was it tasty?

Hey, this money is fake!

How dare you accuse me!

I just got this money
after selling something.

Take a good look at it.

Can't you read
the official seal?

You can't even read at all.

Yeah, I can't read, so what?

Anyway, I can't take
this money!

Can I take a quick look at it?

Oh my, how can a young boy
like you be so darn pretty?

If only you weren't a boy,
I'd have some great fun with you.

Oh my, how could
your hands be so soft?

Oh, how wonderful.

If you were younger than me,
you'd already be dead.


And your voice is even pretty.

I'm gonna crush your balls!

Oh no!


The money's real!

I can never leave you
alone for even a minute!

I bet it hurts a lot.

Let me take a look.


Each person died from
a single strike.

I also found out that

the dead prosecutors are fakes.

Oh boy, fake money circulates,

and now fake
prosecutors are in it.

Goodness, the whole world is
filled with fakes.

You're not fake so
don't worry.

Hermit Gongan...


Only Hermit Gongan
could make a fake

prosecutor's seal like that.

Isn't he in Surin Jail?

As far as I know,

someone paid big money
to bail him out.

Is that so?

Are you absolutely sure
you can protect me?

We'll even cover the money
for your paintings.

Is he the one who visited you
at Surin Jail a month ago?

Yes, sir.

His eyes looked quite sad.

You sure you got
a good look at him?

That Sad Eyes
or whatever guy?

I did! This is where
he vanished.

There's nowhere else to go.

But you know where we are,
don't you?

The powerful Defense Minister,

who can even stop
a bird from flyin'.

That Minister Song
whatever's home.

Why'd a powerful official like

him hang around those rotten crooks?

That's so you.

You don't have much of a brain.

That's why you were
never promoted.

What did you bring that up for?
That's complete nonsense.

I just like to sweat
on the job.

It means that I like
being out on the scene.

Well, sometimes you
can be right.

But I still don't buy

what you said.

It's really iffy.

Corvina fish and
Ambrosia casserole!

Oh my, it looks so tasty!

But nothin' exciting
is happening.

Is that Sad Eyes?

Don't get too close to him.

It's not time yet.

Oh goodness, my belly!

Where are you hurt?


Sir, are you following me
because you like me?

Are you chasing after me?

Don't know what you're saying.


Are you tailing me?

Oh goodness!

Where've you been
all this time?

Trailed the fallen
leaves to here?

Or were you drunken
by the perfume?

Or were you possessed
by the night?

No one saw us, right?

- Yes, sir!
- Let's go.

I swear it was the Defense Minister's
old assistant, Gu Jang-gon.

I clearly remember

because I served
under Minister Song

in the last war.

They're smarter
than I thought.

They installed bellows
in the boat,

made the fake coins while
riding in the canal,

and also distribute them.

The Defense Minister's
assistant, you say.

These are the fake coins gathered
in Pyongyang and Hamheung.

Money is also useless there,

and prices have skyrocketed.

Sir, shall we bring
in Gu Jang-gon first?

You scared the hell out of me!

Where the hell have you been?

Anyway, are you alright?


it's impossible to produce the
counterfeits in huge sums

without aid from
the dignitaries.

Since Defense Minister Song

controls the entire military
and has no rivals,

I'm sure he's
behind everything.

Who are you to shoot off
your mouth like that?

Please let Detective Ahn
and me go into Minister Song's home.

We will definitely
find evidence.

You have good intentions,

but we could fall first
if we're too hasty.

But sir!

Why aren't you sleeping?

Are you trying to put me
on a skewer or something?

You know that you're done for
if you weaken before a fight, right?

A fight only comes
one time around.

There's no second chance.

That's Minister Song's
old assistant, Gu Jang-gon.

Your Excellency,
I wish you a happy birthday.

This a famous sword brought
over from Japan.

It was made for the Prime Minister
during the Muromachi era.

They also say that a curse
comes with this sword.

According to its curse,
the sword's maker was executed.

The Prime Minister,
who held this sword,

was eventually assassinated
by his men.

The sword disappeared for
centuries and was then found

at the Prime Minister's grave.

Strangely, it wasn't rusted
and was perfectly in tact.

Quite an interesting sword.

A sword like

that suits the
Minister perfectly!

Yes indeed!

They say those

kinds of swords become
a lucky sword to powerful men.

Of course.


Zuwamonodomoka Yumenoato.

The summer grass, traces of
a vanished warrior's dream.

Jeez, I guess this
ain't the toilet.

Oh boy, this place is
as big as a palace.

I was told the way,

but I can't find the toilet.

Oh my, I peed on myself.

You all scared me to death.

Your Excellency,

could we see an example
of the sword's power here?

Great idea!

Yes, please show us!

Strike me if you like.

If you don't trust me.

Your Excellency!

How about giving him
this girl as a prize?

That's a great idea!

Your loyal henchman

seems to be very interested
in this girl.

Hurry and pour him a drink!

Drinks aren't important now!
She better go wash up first!

Oh no!

What is your name?

Nam! Namsoon...

I mean, Sweet Flower Moon.

Then what's your name?




We've met before, haven't we?

There are three things we can't
foresee how they'll change.

One is a cat's eye.

Another is the sky's color
in late fall.

And the last

is a woman's face.

I was a loony to teach

a young kid how to
fight long ago.

What am I gonna do
about her now?

You didn't like that girl?

I should've sent you
another girl.

You have to learn how to rest.

An instrument may make no sound

if the strings are always tense.

Why'd you come here instead?

I took a walk to sober up.

I hope I'm not interfering.

You were just a kid when
you first came here.

Time sure flies.

Having it hard lately?

Seems like you are
since you're so quiet.

Since I have a sword with me,

how about a duel for
old time's sakes?

In the sutra,

there's a story about a man
shot by a poisoned arrow.

What would you do?

If someone was shot
by that arrow,

you'd swiftly take it out
and suck out the poison

if you want to save him, right?

But someone once said,

Finding out who shot
the arrow is more important.

People agreed and looked for

him while neglecting
the wounded.


what do you think happened
to the poisoned man?

Right now,

this whole country is the
same as that poisoned man.

But all the high statesmen,

who are also like the trash
that came to my feast,

are blabbering how they'll
save our country.

They're just casually
arguing over

where the arrow came from

in front of the dying man.

I think I left
a difficult job to you.

It worries me all the time.

Namsoon, in my opinion,

whether he steals
an apple or a chicken,

a thief is a thief.

Whether the person's

young, old, a man, woman,

or pretty-looking
like a gigolo,

if they've done bad things,
then they're a bad person.

I've looked in every nook

and cranny for
bastards like them,

and have put them into
jail all my freakin' life.

Well, by any chance...

- Well...
- Well what?

What are you yelling
at me for?

Shut up out there!

Well, then forget about it.

I'm just feeling sad that
you look so down.

Those stars sure
do look pretty.

Don't you think?


But did you just say "yup"?


Please, just for once.

When will you ever
address me as "sir"?

People will think that
I didn't teach you anything.

I think I left a
difficult job to you.

- Then what's your name?
- It worries me all the time.

I'm Sweet Flower Moon.


What are you doing under
a married woman's belly?

What do you think?

I'm just stroking her belly
because she feels sick,

- you dummy.
- You melt taffy and

omen with your tongue.

But yours melted too much.
Nothing's left.

What a waste.

We're almost there.

Good job.

It's money you told
me you needed.

If the deal goes through today,

we'll definitely
seal some evidence.

So don't wait for
Detective Ahn's team

and go take a rest.

You probably haven't
been home for days.

Sir, we'll be going now.

How about some hot soup first?

Have this at least
on the way.

I'm telling you
this story's true!

Thanks for the drink.

Wait, you should pay instead
for listening to my story!

Hold on!

Damn it, this sucks!

But I'm totally broke.

It's freezing like hell!

I'm sorry.

Autumn seemed like
just yesterday,

but it's snowing already?

Since the country
is in turmoil,

so is the damn weather.

Have you seen a
pretty girlish-looking guy,

and a middle-aged man
wearing a hat?

Can I also have
a hot soup here?

A really steamy one.

If I'm supposed to
meet Namsoon here,

then she should be on time.

You brought the money, right?
No one tailed you, right?

What are you talking about?

If the stuff is real,
then we can pay more for it.

Red hot chili pepper, please.

Hot as Namsoon's temper.

Looks delicious.


Cut it off! Who cares
if you cut off my hand!

Minister of Home Affairs,
how about giving up?

He has no guts to
overturn the game.

He's just like our king.

The rich are busy
hoarding goods

in this counterfeit-ridden country.

The poor are becoming homeless
and turn into thieves.

All our country's scholars
are begging the king to act,

but he's being hesitant like
the Home Affairs Minister.

Now, once the
ast piece is laid down,

all we have left is a big celebration,
right Minister Song?

Who are you looking for?


How dare you!

I told you to move.

I'm very pissed, you see.

So I could just kill someone.




I'm a crazy bitch.

For seeing a beast like you

as a real person even for
a moment makes me a crazy bitch.

You rotten bastard!

Are you ignoring me?


I said freeze!

You dare try to run away?

Look at you.

Looking like some pretty pansy.

I knew what you were all along.

I knew it!

- Please leave.
- To where?

Over here?

Over there?

That way?

Over there?

That way?

You can't go!

You can't go alone!

Fine then.

Stab me! Come and stab me!

You hit me?


Let's settle this once
and for all.

You and me!



Oh boy.

Trying to teach me
some Confucius?

Now you wanna be courteous
about it?

Say it. Please say it.

Say it.

Say that it wasn't you.

That you didn't do anything.

You rotten bastard!

It's me!

It's me, Detective Namsoon!

Take your hands off now!

You've gone on a rampage,

but have you
delivered anything?

You get valuable
sources killed,

and cause havoc
in useless places.

Detective Ahn, go on patrol
duty with your wonderful partner!

But sir.

That's all I have to say!

But chief.

Turn your badges
in this instant!

Namsoon, this could turn out
to be a good thing.

We can go around on
patrol like this,

eat three meals a day,

have some long rests at home,

and get paid better than now,
don't you think?


Let's drink our sorrows away!


We passed by the pub already.

You know another place?

There isn't a decent
place this way.

Where the hell are you goin'?

This doesn't look like a pub.

What trouble are you
gonna make now?

Oh goodness.

Perfect timing.

Chief, when you waved
your three fingers,

Detective Ahn noticed that
it meant 3 o'clock.

Like rumors have it,

the court's using

the counterfeit ordeal

to take down the young king.

Of course the next king
will be his stepbrother.

Minister Song is trying to marry
his daughter off to that prince.

This is the real aim
behind the counterfeits.

But he needs tons of copper
to make all that

fake money, right?

Then I'm sure that the
documents for this deal

is inside Minister Song's home.

That's what we must find instead of
bellows and copper plates.

We don't have enough time.
I put my faith in you two.

If you don't trust me,

you can stab me right now.

Only if you think
I plotted this whole thing

for my own personal greed.

Remember how you tried to
stab me with this sword?

On my birthday?

I loved you.

Always, like a son.

Although I've agreed,

stealing the Minister's
account book from his house

is like jumping into the fire.

But there's gotta be
a way somehow.

Only if someone on the Minister's
side could help us...

Thank you for coming.

The reason you asked to meet

wasn't because you liked me.

And to fight, this isn't
the right place for it.

What's your real name,
Sweet Flower Moon?

Me? Namsoon!

You wanted to see me
just to ask my name?


It's a pretty name.
Much better than Sweet Flower Moon.

Pretty, my butt.

Everyone says it sounds dumb.

So what's your name?

I really like how you look
when you get surprised.

At first, it was scary.

Are you making fun of me?
Or are you mocking me?

You keep snickering.

Sorry for yelling.

But you should act
like a real man.

I bought this because
it looked pretty.

Stealing the Minister's account
book from his house

is like jumping into the fire.

But there's gotta
be a way somehow.

There are those who
we meet by fate,

and there are
those that are not.


You didn't think something
unimaginable like this

would ever happen to you, right?


Tell me where you're going.


Or don't go anywhere at all.


Pull yourself together!

You're a cop! A damn cop!

By the king's order!

Minister Song Pil-joon,
you are under arrest!

- Arrest them!
- Arrest them!

Was it you?

Did you do it?


It's been a long time since
I called you by your name.

Your name is...

My name is...

My name is...

What did you say
your name was?

My name is...

The summer grass,

traces of a vanished
warrior's dream.

Cut the crap!

Reciting a poem on your
way to Hell?

Go recite that crap to

my dead cop friends
after you die.


That's your true face.

But, do or die.

If you surrender,
then I won't slice your throat.


He died.



He can't die!

Sir, are you following me
because you like me?

Are you chasing after me?


Are you tailing me?

I had something I really
wanted to tell you.

It was last winter.

Don't know whether
I was possessed

by the moonlight or the snow.

I was on my way to

a friend's house with
a bottle of booze.

And a man and
a woman were fighting

like crazy with
some sharp swords.

But they also looked like
they were dancing.

It was like they were making love
under the moonlight as well.

While I was watching them,
I came.

Then what?
What happened next?

I don't know either.

I wasn't even drunk

or even dreaming at the time.

They just vanished all of a sudden.

- Come on.
- Come on.

- You're lying again.
- You're lying again.

No, I'm telling the
truth this time.