Duel on the Mississippi (1955) - full transcript

In 1820, André Tulane (Lex Barker), hot-tempered scion of a Louisiana plantation family, is debt-bound to Lili Scarlet (Patricia Medina),notorious gambling-ship queen, and the daughter of Jacques Scarlet (Ian Keith (I)'), a former pirate with Jean Lafitte. André helps Lili fight off the river pirates led by her former Fiance Hugo Marat (Warren Stevens), after he has seized control of Lili's gambling-boat.

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Since the time of the first settlers

an empire of wealth has developed
along the banks of the Mississippi.

The plantations grew and
sugar ceased to be a mere luxury

to become
a very popular commodity

which affected markets
around the world.

With the riches came
pirates and robbers

which created a black market.
Sugar became like gold again.

The burgeoning empire of the river was threatened.

Because no one seemed able
to stop these thieves.

With the exception of a few courageous planters
and their loyal teams.

Stop singing Marie.

Why, Mr. Louis?

You don't like my voice?

On the contrary, but I have other things to listen to.

Don't move, Jabo, I'll take a look.


This is very questionable.

Lili! What are you doing here?

I told you: No blood.

He was going to sound the alarm.

You know it's for you
that I'm doing this.

For me! Rather for more than 1,000 bags of sugar.

This is not the only reason.

Come on, get back on your horse
and disappear. I have work to do.

Shut up, everyone.
Otherwise it will be bad.

Anton, call the boat.

Be careful when loading
the sugar. I don't want to lose any.

I'll be careful, Hugo,
don't be afraid.

Lili, don't stay here,
it's not safe.

Listen, this is my operation
and I'm staying.

To check that not a bag of sugar
gets lost in Tulane's hands.

You don't like Tulanes very much,
do you?

Indeed. I will teach him to decide
where people can live.

Good evening Mr. Lafarge.

Good evening Benedict.
Are the Tulanes here?

- In the living room, sir.
- Good.

With a sugar which costs 10 1/4
a hundred pound bag

I will be able to repay $ 8,000
to Gabriel for the loan.

And there will be enough left to hold
until the next harvest.

- Come on.
- Thank you.

It's nice to come and see us, René.

Please Mr. Tulane,
remain seated.

- A cognac, René?
- Thank you.

Sit down, René.
We missed you.

- What about malaria, Mr. Tulane?
- It's okay, it's coming...

But I'm better.

Have you finished your harvest?

The sugar canes are practically
all cut.

We're going to start grinding them
next week.

It seems that your harvest was
very good.

1114 bags.

That much! Congratulations.

You have managed to get rid of the "red rot".

André burned everything and cleaned everything
last year.

I even almost burnt the house down.

It could have been worth it
to eliminate this disease.

Is your plantation contaminated?

A little bit in the North-East.

But the real disease, I found it
in my house.

Jacques Scarlet, the man of the delta.

This pirate is still trying to buy
your plantation?

He came back again two days ago.

I must admit that he made me
a very nice offer.

Don't worry Mr. Tulane,
I refused.

As I promised you.

That's good.
It's the only thing to do, René.

If we let just one of these bandits
from the delta enter our community

we will be dead or hunted.

This is the last one.

I'll give my all to see Tulane's
face when he sees his losses.

It cost me a few men.

But that can be settled according to what
you are willing to pay.

Apparently not enough.

To the prosperity of the Tulanes.

An attack.

Push, push... Quick!

Get to the horses, quickly.
Stay close to me.

Let go of me.

I'm done fighting tonight.

So? Now that you've
captured a woman from the Delta,

what are you going to do with her?

I'll deliver you to the sheriff.

That means 10 years in prison.

But if you guide me to your
lair in the bayou, I will let you go.

Would you betray your friends?

My friends are neither thieves
nor Killers.

It seems that the prison is infested
with vermin.

10 years is a long time.

How long do you think I will live if I betray my friends?

I'll pay for the trip
to St Louis.

St Louis could please me.

So do we agree?

My ankle...
I think it's broken.

I'll take your boot off
before it swells.

Thank you.


What's your name?

I'm sorry, it was a long ride for nothing.

We'll have better luck
next time.

You don't want to come
have breakfast?

Thank you André, we have to go
back to the fields, for the harvest.

By the way, tell your dad not
to worry about Gabriel.

No problem. Gabriel will give him
additional time for the loan.

He has interest if he wants our sugar
for his refinery.

- I'll tell him.
- Thank you.

We managed to follow in their footsteps
past the Bayou

and then we lost them
in the swamps and the forest.

There must be some way
to enter the Bastille Bayou

to exterminate these scoundrels.

But how? We just know that this
bayou is at the bottom of the delta.

But there are hundreds of bayous.

And even if it was found,
it must be well guarded.

And on the land side, they are protected by a jungle
of swamps and forests.

And only the raiders know the way.

So we'll have to set a trap
to get them to come to us.

With a nice bait, I hope.

The big fish that we will catch
in this trap will certainly be...

Mr. Jacques Scarlet.

Speaking of the devil...

I know René Lafarge, hello,
but who is Jules Tulane?

I am Jules Tulane, sir.

If I could, I would kill those assholes
who invented these stiff collars.

It is good.

Do you want to see me, sir?

Yes sir.

For two reasons.

The first one, it was you who
prevented me from buying the Lafarge plantation.


For what reason?

Right now you are a... host
in my house.

So I will just say that you are not
part of our community.

Because I was a pirate?

Because I come from Bastille Bayou?

These are your words, sir,
they sum up the situation perfectly.

Does Monsieur Scarlet has come to trade?

- Trade?
- Our sugar cane harvest

which your men stole last night.

That you will return to us, of course, if
my father no longer opposes your purchase.

The men of the delta? Oh no sir, I
have nothing more to do with them.

When President Madison granted full
pardon to these pirates for services rendered

during the battle
of New Orleans,

I left the Bastille Bayou to
become a respectable citizen.

I have invested in the casino boat
the Lili Scarlet.

Have you been there before?

In recent years, the "red rot"
brought by the people of the delta

didn't leave us enough money
to go and play at the casino.

I think the risk would have been
very low at my table.

You mentioned a second reason.

Hurry to see me go.

I'll be brief.

I am giving you $ 50,000
for your plantation.

Or 30,000 for your next harvest,

15.000 for the loan
that you have taken out,

and 5,000... for yourself.

How did you get my accounts?

I am a businessman.
I do my research before buying.

Benedict, walk Mr. Scarlet to his carriage.

Thank you, thank you very much.

I am impressed with your beautiful house.

And by the quality of your cognac.

I hope to enjoy it for many years.

- Is your father there?
- Upstairs, I'll go get him.

No, wait. I have a warrant for him.
He has to go to court.

I'd rather you give it to him.

- A mandate for what?
- Non-payment of a debt.

It seems that the harvest that
the men of the delta have stolen from you

was a guarantee
against the payment of a loan.

Now the entire loan
is required: $ 30,000.

This is ridiculous.

Georges Gabriel knows my father.
He's an old friend.

- He wouldn't take him to court.
- Gabriel sold the debt.

The new owner is attacking.

- Who did he sell it to?
- To a certain Lili Scarlet.

- Lili Scarlet?
- Jacques Scarlet's daughter.

I think it won't be easy to get an extension from her.

I hope not, André.

Because according to the law a default
payment means prison.

Auf wiedersehen.

Jules Tulane on trial for debt.

Lili Scarlet holds note
which may send him to prison.

First case.

Lili Scarlet vs. Jules Tulane.

A pretty dress, a parasol.
Big progress compared to yesterday.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Monsieur Le Magistrate, this woman was with the
men of the delta

when they looted our plantation.

I captured her, but she managed to escape.

She knocked me out with a stone.

This is a very serious accusation Mr. Tulane.

Do you have any evidence or witnesses?

I was alone, but I can provide Proof.

When I caught her, she hurt her ankle.

Miss Scarlet?

Sir, maybe you want to
look at the evidence?

- With your permission?
- Permission granted.

Incredible what a Creole gentleman
is willing to do in order not to pay.

Mister made a mistake, right?

Apologize immediately.

I apologize for having
underestimated you.

Monsieur Le Magistrate, given the lack
of proof, I must withdraw my complaint.

Mr. Tulane, your harvest was
as collateral against a loan.

This debt now belongs
to Mile Scarlet.

This harvest has been
recently stolen from you.

By the men of the delta.

Contractually the entire debt is due.

Contractually, it's true.

But I don't have such a sum.

In these cases, usually a delay
is granted until the next harvest.

With late interest, of course.

It seems to me a
usual and reasonable request.

I'm sorry but my situation
forces me to demand immediate payment.

Could you mortgage
your plantation?

My plantation is already mortgaged.

So Mr. Tulane, according to the law,
I must sentence you to 5 years in prison.

I protest.

Jack Scarlet and his daughter stole our harvest.

They intentionally created this situation.

Just because my dad stopped them
from buying the Lafarge plantation.

This court is only concerned
with the payment of the debt.

My father has suffered from malaria for years.

He would not survive a month in prison.

Lili, he's old and sick give him a deadline.

I know what I'm doing.

Monsieur Le Magistrate. It breaks my
heart to cause this man such suffering.

I therefore accept that we suspend the sentence.

On the condition that his son, André,

forced servitude in my domain for a period of 3 years.

No ...no...
No way.

This is shameful.

Moniseur Le Magistrate, the reputation for courtesy
of the inhabitants of Bastille Bayou

being what it is,

it is possible that during my stay I could lose my life.

If so, would the debt and its suspension be canceled?

- 1 agree.
- So be it.

And I accept the sentence of 3 years
forced servitude.

This will be recorded.

When is my slavery
due to start, Lili?

For you it will be: Miss Scarlet.

- So, Lili?
- It already started, Andre.

A room has been prepared for you
at the hostel.

You will arrive aboard the Lili Scarlet at 10 a.m.

Moniseur Le Magistrate is a witness
that the sentence begins to be executed.

Absolutely, sir.

I don't like your comments,

your manners and your face.

At your service.

A duel at dawn.
With the sword.


Hugo fought 9 times in a duel.

He left 9 bodies on the fields of honor.

So go to the cathedral
and start praying.

Because you risk losing the pleasure
of my service and $ 30,000.

Looks like there's a thunderstorm.

Believe me, now is not the best time to talk to Lili.

On the contrary.

What do you want?

You look lovely
when you are angry.


I know why you demanded
that this aristocrat be at your service.


To make him so crazy about you
that he will want to marry you.

Nice shortcut to become a great lady.

I hadn't thought of it.

Don't waste your time.

Are you going to kill him like everyone else?

Of course.

It pleases you to see that people
are afraid of you.

Hear them whisper:
This is the famous Hugo Marat.

The most dangerous duelist
in Louisiana.

But you're not famous.

You are just a lousy arrogant thug.

With a frightening knack to kill.

If I only hurt
your lovely aristocrat...

you wouldn't lose your $ 30,000.

You would like it, wouldn't you?

I should receive
some sort of compensation.

So as not to kill him.

You know, Hugo?

We are associated in
a casino boat.

Nothing else.


Where are you going, Lili?

To the Tulane plantation, quickly.

Stop... stop.

André, when René walks...

Pass me your sword.
I will show you.


It's been over 30 years since you fought with a sword.

And I remind you that I was
considered an expert.


- Do you want it?
- Oh, no, no.

They say that Marat's secret boot is "the stopper".

When René advanced on you,
you dodged and broke

or parried and attacked.

Marat doesn't do that.

Marat delivers a mortal blow.

I'll show you. On guard.

When you attack, you aim here.

That's it. You see.

That, my son, is the stopper.

For which I would be well prepared.

It will not be necessary.

André, I'm sending you to Baton Rouge.

My car is outside,
you leave immediately.

It's impossible. I have an appointment
with Marat tomorrow morning at dawn.

You are a big investment,
ll don't want to lose it.

Young woman, my son has issued a challenge.

Whatever the consequences,
he must honor it.

The honor of our family
is at stake.

Honor! This is the problem.
Look at yourself.

Not a penny and vet you
strut around and give lessons.

- That's enough.
- Shut up.

I'm just getting started.

Are you André's mother?

Yes, my dear.

Hugo Marat is a fencing master.

André doesn't stand a chance against him.

What do you want? A living son or else...

would you rather see him dead
in the field of honor?

My child, there are things
more precious than life.

Chez les Tulanes,
there are traditions

and a code of honor.

Mr. Count Henri de Tulane.
André's grandfather.

He was a great soldier
and a great duelist.

And how did he die?

In the field of honor.

Defending my mother's name.

He made your mother a widow?

It might make sense for you
but definitely not for me.

This morning you told me to come
aboard the boat at 10 o'clock.

So while waiting, good night.

At 10 am tomorrow your body will be walking
in the streets, in a coffin.

For the last time, get in my
car and go to Baton Rouge!

Do I have to kick you out?

Are you disobeying me?
So I'll tell the judge.

And your father will be sent to jail.

Hello Mr. Marat.

Hello Mr. André.

- I will referee this duel.
- But Mr. Marat has already hired me.

My daughter tells you that she is going to referee.

As you wish, miss.


The choice is yours, sir.

You both know the rules.
At the first blood drawn the duel is over.

If a duelist refuses to stop the fight, he will be downed.

In position.


On guard.

Andreé is defending himself very well.

But sooner or later, Hugo
will pierce his heart.

If he does, I'll kill him.

Stop, stop. The duel is over.

It's a draw.

It's nothing, he just touched me.

You're in luck.

He almost got me twice.


Do you believe that your slave will survive?

Drive André in my car.

Take good care of Mr. Marat.

Show your wound, sir.

It's just a scratch.
I'm telling you I'm fine.

Keep quiet
and let yourself be treated.

- I don't want a bandage.
- You're going to have a bandage.

- I won't have a bandage.
- You will have a bandage. It's an order.

Please, my children... André let it go.

Lili is just like her mother.

It's like it was yesterday.

I met her on a boat
off the coast of Panama.

Scarlet lips, red hair, and...

a bad temper.

Yeah, amazing, look.
The mark of his teeth.

My mother's teeth and your scars
don't interest her.

On the contrary.

You were lucky, André.

Next time my blade
will hit its target.

Hugo, my friend, please
that's enough for today.

Come with me, I have something
to show you.

Hugo lives here?

Down the hall.

Perfect, a slave for the day
and we find Hugo for the night.

I haven't told the judge yet that
you have disobeyed me.

Don't do it again.

Until the end of your sentence,
ll don't want a duel. It's clear?

You are free today.

You will come to see me tomorrow morning.

Your parents are certainly worried about you.

- Lili?
- Yes?

You are one hell of a woman.

- Good evening Lili.
- Monsieur Henri.

Lili, your dress fascinates me.


Good evening.

A card... it's good.

- Sir?
- One, Yvette, a little one.

I pay at 21.


Luck is smiling on you tonight,
Mr. Gabriel.

That's right, Lili.
And her name is Yvette.

Good evening.

- I'll replace you, Lise.
- Good, Lili.



Women croupiers.
Very good idea.

- From you or Hugo?
- It's mine.

I suspected it.

A woman can cheat quietly
without getting killed.

There is a reward of $ 1,000

for whoever catches one of my daughters

If only we had some money left.

Let's take a look.

In a tense moment, you bought me for $ 30,000.

How much do you estimate Mr. Lafarge?

Let's say 2 .. No, 1 cent.

I'm not sure I'm worth it.

- Have you seen Mr. Gabriel?
- Yes, he... oh, he was right there.

Your slave... at 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Two cognacs.

I was shocked
by the court's verdict.

And my dad was shocked to hear
that you had sold his debt.

But I didn't know.
She had to buy it back from the bank.

I loaned so much money that
I had to discount the debts.

I'll tell my dad.

Do it, your dad is an old friend.

- I'll see him this afternoon.
- Very good.

But can I do something
to get you out of this situation?

It's possible.

Lili Scarlet was with the men
of the delta when they attacked us.

I feel like she and her dad
are running this gang.

It's not impossible, but how to prove it?

By setting a trap for them.
With my new harvest.

René will let it be known that for safety
he is storing his harvest at my father's.

The men of the delta would not return
to an already plundered plantation.

But don't you think
that we should keep this a secret?

The trick is that ll don't move
my harvest.

When the Delta men attack
at Tulane, they will be expected.

And the Scarlets will be caught
in the act.


Please tell me
if you need any help.

If you will excuse me, I will
see if I am still lucky.

Why are you so sure that the men of
the delta are going to fall into the trap?

I'm not.
I don't trust Gabriel.

I think the stolen sugar is being processed
in his refinery.

But if that's the case, he'll
warn them and we won't prove anything.

Unless they steal your sugar.

Oh no, André. I can let
my sugar be used as bait, but

I can't afford to lose it.

Listen, René, the river current
must be strong enough to push

a boat to the shores
of Bayou Bacca.

Close enough to get on board.

And get my sugar back.

- I think it's worth a drink.
- Just one.

I want to set this trap right now.

Of course. Two other cognacs.


Big night?

- How's the injury?
- Painful, but it's okay.

You were lucky.
Hugo is formidable with a sword.

Let me give you some advice.

Lili is certainly lovely, but also
very sensitive.

Like her mother.

Be very patient with her.

He doesn't have much choice.

- Isn't that right, André?
- Your slave, on the report.

What are your orders?

Shine the brass, clean the deck, polish your shoes?

Where to peel the vegetables?

No, we're going for a walk.

At the market, Henri.

Sit there.

I will try to remember
that I am a slave.

I will help you.

The baskets, André.

He can do it.

Fresh corn, avocados and mustard greens.

Well, it'll be two dozen corn,
no, four.

A dozen avocados and six sprigs
mustard leaves.

My servant.

I'll take some onions and a basket
of those.

- André!
- Michelle!

André my darling.

These baskets,
that's a joke, right?

Miss Barbet, Lili Scarlet.
Lili is my new mistress.

Oh, it's shameful Andre.
Even I am shocked.

Mistress, in the sense that I am
her employee... forced.

Because of an unpaid debt.

A servant! Oh my poor André.

How could she do such a
horrible thing to you?

Watermelons too.

When the car is full,
the servants go to the back.

Did you ask me?

Yes, I want to talk to you.

I must warn you that Hugo
will try to challenge you to a duel.

Are you still afraid of
losing me with your $ 30,000?

If you fight another duel,
you will still disobey me.

And dead or alive, your father will spend
five years in prison.

Come here.

Powder my back.

Close the clip.

So... what are you waiting for?

Your orders.

I'm telling you I saw you.
You took the card below.

That must be a mistake, ma'am.
Our croupiers don't cheat.

Stay out of this.
I know what I saw.

- She's a cheater, a thief.
- You...

Stop, stop.

You too were cheating.

Let's see, let's see some calm.

Don't push, who do you think you are?

Miss, come quickly,
they are fighting.

Hugo is not there?

I'm not sure.
It's not his fault.

It is one of the girls who has been
caught cheating.

- Which one?
- Henrietta. And the police arrive.

This is shameful!
wonderfully shameful.

Château De Mille, 1811.

Good vintage, too.


You knew what kind of girls Hugo
was hiring, and you didn't tell me.

I knew what kind of girls
they were.

But I didn't know they also
knew how to cheat at cards.

And why haven't they
arrested him too?

The last time I saw him,
he was under a table.

Unconscious and well hidden.

Even unconscious it creates problems.
It's over, I don't want Hugo anymore.

Do you want to buy back his shares?

You did not have enough money
initially to buy the boat.

And you still don't have enough money to buy him out.

And all the banks are controlled
by the Creole aristocracy.

They won't lend you
even a dime. Not true?

They see you exactly
as you see them.

And why? When my father came
to your plantation, he was kicked out.

And with good reason, you stole
our harvest.

I haven't stolen a single bag
of your harvest.

No? So what were you doing there?
Picking flowers?

I was checking that the looters
were taking everything.

Please, my children.

Want to wake up the whole prison?
Try to sleep.

So your only goal
was to ruin my father?

And when I'm done with him,
he will understand that he has no right

to tell people where to live.
No one will cheat the Scarlets.

Except Hugo. He laughs at you
and you don't flinch.

Leave me alone.
I'm tired.

Listen. Hugo wants to ruin the planters.

And you and your father too.

Aren't you going to do anything?

What do you want me to do?

Give your friends the way to go
to Bastille Bayou.

It has been a long time since all
honest people left the Bastille Bayou.

There is only Hugo and his killers left.

Until they are eliminated,
there will be no peace on the river.

I told you I was tired.
Leave me alone.

I'll tell you why.

Because you are a woman.

The most beautiful and the bravest
that I have ever known.

And you know a hostel
where the owner is very discreet.

But I am Lili Scarlet and you cannot
introduce me to your parents.

We so-called aristocrats
have a strange custom.

We never go home
without our wife.

No need to wait for an order.

Good morning everyone.

You took your time.

Are you coming to free us
or join us?

- We were expecting you yesterday.
- Really?

Yes! This place is worse than a Spanish dungeon.

- Jacques Scarlet?
- Yes.

- Lili Scarlet.
- My daughter.

We paid your deposit.

And André Tulane?

Poor André.
I had completely forgotten.

- I'll get you out in an hour.
- Let's go.

This is shameful. I came as soon as I learned.

My lawyer is arranging to
getting you out right now.

Why didn't you warn me?

For two reasons. First I didn't have a courier.

And then I thought Lili would take me out.

You could have waited a long time.

After our discussion yesterday,
I had the Scarlets watched.

This morning they rode off, my
men followed them for some time.

They told me they were going to the river.

I'm afraid the Delta men are attacking tonight.

- Was Hugo Marat with them?
- No, they were alone.

Do you also suspect Marat?

I suspect everyone.

Even me.

I don't blame you, my refinery
could easily serve them.

I have to admit that I thought about it.

If the looters fall into your
trap, there will be no more suspicion.

In case there are any problems
on the river track.

They are loaded.

Well, I hope to use it before
the end of the night.

With a little luck we will arrive
in time to help the planters.

This is André Tulane.
He sensed the trap.

He has no reason to be suspicious of Gabriel.

Are you sure his pistols are loaded with blanks?


The night is going to be full of surprises for Mr. Tulane.

Gaspard and Brois will get it.

In the middle of this forest
in the middle of the night?

Gabriel, we're done.
André will have you arrested tomorrow.

But the planters are going to lynch me.

You promised to protect me.

I'm not going to let them lynch you Gabriel.

No... no... I'm your friend.

I saved you a fortune.

I'll save you even more.


Why aren't you at the bayou?
You're not going to take them here.

The looting is over, Gabriel had to
warn them. They attacked my home.

Let's go to Bacca Bayou.

- That's exactly where we were going.
- Alright, let's go.

- They should have been there already.
- They will come.

They will arrive.

Maybe. Do you think Gabriel
suspects that we are going to attack the boat?

Gabriel, Hugo or the Scarlets.

They're coming.

Where's the stolen sugar?

Where is it?

Sugar, sir?

The 800 bags you stole from my plantation.

You must be wrong, sir.
We are honest people.

Honest? With pistols?

For protection.

Against mosquitoes.

They're guilty sheriff.
Let's whip a confession out of them.

No way. I know they are guilty but there is no proof.

We have to let them go.

I'll go see the New
Orleans Prefect tomorrow morning.

And I will obtain an arrest warrant
against Georges Gabriel.

Perfect but in the meantime
where is my harvest?

I am sure it's somewhere.

We will explore every bayou
between here and René's plantation.

Tell my dad I'm going
to New Orleans.

What for?

See a certain thieving delta woman
about 800 bags of sugar.

Faster, hurry up.

Anton, we raise the anchor as
soon as the loading is finished.

Put some over there. Stack them high.

Make sure that the bags are intact and tight
so that they do not move at sea.

It was you who convinced me
to partner with Hugo.

Look where this got us.

He's going to go to sea with the boat tomorrow
morning and there's nothing we can do to solve it.

But honey...

André you shouldn't be here.
Hugo gave the order to kill you.

Is that why you waited to bail me out?

Instead you sent Gabriel to set a trap for me.

It was a failure. You will be in jail tomorrow morning.

Gabriel is dead.
Hugo shot him.

After the prison we came
to get the money for the deposit.

We fell into a trap.
Hugo had taken control of the boat.

Why didn't you tell the police?

We tried.

He locked us up here with guards in front of the door.

I knocked out one of the guards,
I think we can escape.

Let's try.

Afraid of another duel?

That's a lie.

No you're afraid to fight against
the one man you haven't defeated.

That's what people will say.

I'm casting off now, so I'll decide the time and place.

Bastille Bayou at dawn.

You have the choice of weapons.



Oh yes, by cutting the sugar canes, you are an expert.

Take him outside.

Machetes like cutlass.

My favorite weapon
for killing quickly.

Very slowly.

Very slowly.

Right in front of everything soft.

Right in front of everything soft.

Where are you going?

I cannot swim with these clothes

and I'll need it on arrival at the Tulanes.

No honey, I forbid you.

The wheel will cut you to pieces.

Listen even if Hugo doesn't kill Andre,
his men will kill him.

I must bring the planters
to Bastille Bayou before daybreak.

You love him that much.

Lili, open up!

Get away from my daughter
you rotten dog.

Open the door or I'll kick it down.

Better not.

I spill the oil on the ground,
I'm ready to set the boat on fire.

I can wait.

Be careful that Lili's temper
does not ignite the oil.

I'll take over.

Quick, gather the planters.
You have to go to Bastille Bayou.

Where are you coming from?

I was on the Lili Scarlet.
They keep André on board.

He will fight against Hugo
tomorrow at dawn.

And even if he wins, they'll kill him.

- I believe her, Jules.
- Please, Celeste.

You want to send the planters into an ambush.

Here, take back your IOU
for $ 30,000.

It is soaked but we can clearly see
my signature and the mention: Paid.

There are your 800 bags of sugar on the boat.

René gathers the planters in the East.
I take care of those in the West.

Come on my child, I will find you dry clothes.

I don't need dry clothes,
I'm a girl from the delta.

I don't need to be pampered.

So maybe a cup of coffee?

My child, it is time for the Tulanes to realize

that what matters is not where you come from

but what you are.

I hope that André will have the chance
to lead you into our family.

I'll talk to him about it, mother.

The Lili Scarlet is coming.

Prepare things, I'll see what we'll need.

- When are we leaving?
- Tomorrow morning.

After settling some very important matters.

Are you ready?


And you, my fine aristocrat?


Drop your weapons.

Throw your guns, rat gang.

Come on, let's throw them away.

So now that you have a girl from the delta,

what are you going to do with her?

Deliver her to the sheriff.
That will be 10 years in prison.

But if you accept to be of
my service the rest of your life,

and obey all my orders...

I might learn to like taking orders.

What should I do? Wash the deck,
make the brass shine,

peel the vegetables, polish your boots?

I'll take you home. And that's an order.

Anything you want, André. Absolutely everything.

Incredible, wonderfully incredible.

Not at all like his mother.