Duel of the Titans (1961) - full transcript

Twin half-mortal boys are placed in a basket and abandoned in a river. A she-wolf rescues and nurtures them until they are recovered by a shepherd, who brings the two boys up as his own. Twenty years later in 733 BC, Romulus and Remus now lead a band of theives against the two tyranical kings of the Sabines. When they meet their mother just before she dies, she tells them that they are destined to be the founders of a great city, called Rome.

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Twenty years later,
in the year 753 before Christ,

during the customary Lupercalia ritual,

Amulius, tyrant of Alba Longa,

was celebrating the upcoming wedding
of his pupil, Curtius,

with Julia, daughter of Titus Tatius,
the powerful king of the Sabines.

- I wasn't expecting so many people.
- They celebrate the God of Bread.

We owe him the fruits of the land.

There's one of them!

Isn't it splendid?

It is, but don't forget why we are here.

How dare you refuse to offer?
Don't you want a good harvest?

- I don't have land.
- You've got these animals. Give it to me!

They will grant you a blessing
by the God of Bread.

- And King Amulius.
- Not my animals!

Let's go, children.
The ceremony is about to begin.

What will I do now?

Don't give up hope.
The gods will help you.

- By the Goddess! That is Rhea Silvia!
- Rhea Silvia?

The Vestal Virgin of the Temple of Mars.

There's King Amulius!

In your honor, God of Bread,

may this propitiatory ceremony begin.

Accept our offerings.

And now the sacrifice will be performed.

To me! To me!

Will the crowd be whipped
with the skin of the sacrificed animals?

Yes. They say it brings prosperity.

And love!

Whip me!

Whip me!

They seem to have gone crazy!
Blood excites them, Amulius.

Why are you running away?
Don't you want to be blessed by the God?

- Leave me alone!
- Leave her, or I'll kill you!

I understood straight away
that you are a foreigner like me.

That is why I protected you.

I saved you from the whip
and from that spectacle

that was unworthy
of two beautiful eyes like yours.

- My name is Romulus.
- How dare you touch me?

You want to fight me?

Return my brother's wits to him.

- Since he saw you, he can't reason.
- It's true.


I found you.
You shouldn't have gotten away.

Has someone disrespected you?

No. These two shepherds

helped me get out of the cave.

- They deserve a reward. Give it to them.
- Do as your mistress says.

- How dare you speak like that!
- Curtius, stop.

As you wish.

If you are as brave as you are insolent,
why don't you join the fire contest?

I'll be there.

Who is that girl?

Julia. Tatius's daughter,
king of the Sabines.

The daughter of a king.
I should have known.

You almost ruined everything.

Not at all. Everything will be easier now.

During the contest, I'll distract
the guards, and you'll take action.

He is right, but we can't waste time
if we want the plan to work out.

- He's right. Come with me.
- Remus!

- Why are you here?
- I couldn't stand waiting for you.

- I can be useful.
- We don't want women around.

We'll treat her like a man.
We will make you behave.

Everything is ready.
Don't be angry with me.

I don't want anyone to disobey my orders.

I only did it to be close to you.

It wasn't necessary.

Why are you here? Are you crazy?

Do you know what happens to men
who enter the goddess Vesta's tent?

I give thanks to the goddess.

I've been looking for you for years.

I took your father's flocks to graze
during the year of the double moon.

You were a little girl,
but you surely remember.

Two of those are missing!
Did you know that?

Many years ago...

I found two little boys

who were being raised by a she-wolf.

Their plates are similar to yours.

Did you say "are"?
You mean they are alive?

I raised them as my own children!

And today they are here.

One is tall with dark skin
and deep blue eyes.

Yes, Romulus is tall.

He has blue eyes. How do you know?

He walked past me.
He has the same eyes as...

You had never seen him.

The same eyes as who?

The eyes of a god!

Quickly! Run away!

I will come looking for you.

The sacred fire is dying.

I saw it getting dimmer from my tent.

That is why I came.

I don't want bad omens.

Always that hostile look in your eyes.

And yet, it wasn't like that in the past.

- When Numitor died...
- When you killed him!

He was a weakling! He couldn't reign!

Many years have gone by.

You preferred
to consecrate yourself to Vesta

just to refuse my love.

This is the result.

A lonely woman.

And a lonely king.

Amulius, the contest
cannot begin without you.


- Come on, shepherd!
- Come on!

Hey, you!

What are you doing here?

You are not kind to someone who prefers

the company of a great warrior
to the races.

Ruthless with enemies,
but generous with beautiful women.

- Really?
- Let me show it to you right away.

What is going on?

Hurry! Hurry!

Bravo, Curtius!

- The shepherd won.
- And I lost.

- Who is that young man?
- Romulus, a shepherd's son.

- What is going on?
- All the horses are being stolen.


Go after them and get them!
I want those bandits' heads!

Here they are! They're coming!

They're coming with the horses!
They're here!

We made it once again.

The fruits stolen by Amulius
came back to their trees!

- Where is Romulus?
- He stayed behind.

His load is too delicate to gallop.

What do you mean?

He preferred the blond Sabine
to the animals, and I can't blame him.

The gods have clouded his brain.

Now we have two enemies.
The Sabine king won't let us be.

Remus, come! Your father is injured!

- Please, let me go.
- Go where? You don't know the way.

We had better stop. The horse is limping.

Don't try to escape.
You wouldn't be able to.


No. Let me go!

You are stubborn and proud!
That is why I like you.

It's over!

The arrow... was poisoned.

Goodbye, my sons. I can't see anymore.

Where is Romulus? I can't hear his voice.

He is here next to me.
We are close to you.

Don't be sad about my death,

because I deceived you.

What are you saying, Father?


I was so proud of this word

that it stopped me
from telling you the truth.

But I can no longer be silent.

I am not your father.

I am a poor shepherd who found you
in the lair of a she-wolf.

We'll wait for the rain to stop.

Don't be afraid. You are not in danger.

Wasn't your companions' loot
enough for you?

You are worth much more than a herd.

That is why I kidnapped you.
I can claim a big ransom.

Your father is a king.
Even Amulius pays his taxes to him.

He's going to be the one who pays
this time.

Take off your clothes and dry yourself.
I don't want you to get ill.

Stealing from the king of Alba Longa
or the King of the Sabines is the same.

I am a thief stealing from other thieves.
Except the latter wear a crown.

- Drink some.
- I'm not thirsty.

- It'll warm you up.
- Is it legal, what you are doing?

The cabin belongs to Numa Pompilius.
He's a friend.

I wasn't talking about the wine.

There are many ways of living.
Mine isn't the worst.

By stealing?

We used to be shepherds,
so poor that we didn't have clothes,

and so peaceful that we kissed
the hand that undressed us.

But things have changed.
Now there's lots of us.

Desperate people who want
to get back what was taken from them.

- By sacrificing the life of others!
- You can die of hunger too.

You could have looked for work
in Alba Longa.

Yes, we could, but there's a big drawback.

We love our land,
the place where we were born,

the mountains, the rivers, the valleys.

We love our freedom.

You don't have to live as bandits
to be free.

You can be free in a town
where the law is the law,

and is respected by everyone.


If a city like that existed...
it's definitely not Alba Longa.

It's stopped raining.

He's here! His horse is here.

Be quiet!

Take this scum and cut him up into pieces.

No, Curtius! On this land,
you are a foreigner, as am I.

Deliver the prisoner to King Amulius.
He will decide.

This is the second time
you've defended these bandits.

- I represent your father here.
- This doesn't matter.

King Amulius and my people are friends.

Run, Numa! Tell Remus!

Catch him! Don't let him get away!

Run, Numa!


A god... I am the son of a god
and of Rhea Silvia!

- Faustulus was not my father.
- What are you saying?

I could sense it since I was a child.

That my blood was different
from the others.

Alba Longa belongs to me.
Amulius is an usurper.

I am the real king of that city.

I'll kill Amulius and turn Alba Longa
into the greatest city in the world,

bigger than Thebes and Nineveh!

If only I had real men with me!
They're just a bunch of shepherds.

Except for Sulpicius and Acilius.



In my cabin!

Romulus was captured by Amulius's men,
led by Curtius, the Sabine.

I had foreseen that! How was he captured?

He fought until the end,
but there were too many swords.

He will get us into trouble.

They'll find our hideout and attack us.
All because of that woman!

Romulus is not a coward! He won't talk.

- Servius is right!
- We are not safe here.

- We have to leave.
- Let's run away, into the woods!

- Let's spread out.
- Let's split the loot!


We won't run away
and we won't split the loot.

Romulus is my brother.
We'll go to Alba Longa and set him free.

Our time has come. I can sense it.

Would you send these unarmed people
to war? They don't know what war means.

- We'll get weapons from the enemy.
- They don't know how to handle them!

They'll learn to defend themselves.
They'll kill to avoid being killed.

Who are you to give us orders?
No leaders among us. This is the law.

Yes, there is a leader,
and you are talking to him.

Only if we agree!

This is the last time I spare the life
of someone who goes against my will.

Does anyone else want to try?

I will not ask about the past
of those who have joined us.

I don't care.

I only ask if they are ready to use
a sword against tyrants and false kings.

We must become a people

and no longer live as slaves,
or as outlaws.

Follow me and I'll give you a city.

I'll make you rich and powerful.
You'll have real homes!

What is there about Amulius's soldiers
that frightens us?

Bronze weapons, and gold to pay for them.
We will take them.

We'll attack Alba Longa
and conquer the city.

I am ready to give my blood and my life!

But we must believe in our strength.

Are you with me?

Well, then. Are you going to talk,
you sheep thief?

Tell me where your men's hideout is,
and you will be spared.

Where are those dogs that dare
to go against Amulius's authority?

Don't be stubborn in your silence.
My patience is about to end.

Are you challenging me?
You don't want to talk?

In two days, the Sabines
will bring more strength to my army.

You have no way out.
And you will be the first to die.

You will be sorry for your silence!

Wait until tomorrow to let it out.

I hate everyone here.
These people are cruel!

I wish I'd never come to this city!

I feel like a prisoner here.

Even if I returned to my father,
it would be useless.

It is too late.

When we arrived in Alba Longa,
you were different.

Did the young shepherd change your heart?

Be silent, Hestia!

Julia. Amulius decided to have his people
enjoy themselves.

Your shepherd will be
easy prey for the bears.

You respected the authority of Amulius
and he rewarded you.

He's returning a favor to you.

Did you know your father
is on his way here?

- My father?
- Yes. Amulius's sentries saw him.

Tatius wants to hasten our marriage.

Amulius has no heirs
and is leaving his kingdom to me.

I was able to make him love me.


Why do you think Tatius
will give you to me?

I don't know what my father has in mind,
but I don't love you, Curtius.

- You know that.
- It doesn't matter, Julia.

You'll love me afterwards,

when it will all be over,
according to the will of the gods.

Why are you shaking? It will soon be over.

Take it! Hurry, come up!

Hang on to the ropes!
We don't have much time.

- Hurry, climb up!
- Come on, Caius.

It's all useless, my friends!

We will only find
the remains of that rebel!

Amulius loves performances.
If Romulus can defeat the bear...

We will save his life with our sw...

Incite the bear with the spears.
The convict must die!

Pity, king! Save the life of the prisoner.

Listen to the wish of fate!
Don't kill the son of a god!

She is crazy. Take her away!

The convict must die!

After killing my father,
how do you dare to kill my son too?

The gods helped me.
Don't challenge them, Amulius!

- Call the archers!
- Spare my son!

Spare him!

- I will kill you!
- Enough bloodshed!

This massacre must end!





- She is still alive!
- The whole city is burning.

We must flee.

Let's find shelter.
We'll join your father on the hills.

- He will exterminate these cowards!
- Let me go!

You are mine. It's Tatius's will.

- Let her go.
- Go away!


Mother! Please, speak!

We destroyed the city,

but we will rebuild it,
bigger and more beautiful.

Not here.

This city was destroyed with bloodshed.

It is written!

You will found an immortal city.

Beyond the great swamp.

Beyond the mountain of fire.

In the Valley of the Seven Hills.

Remain united, in harmony.



Only take food with you.
We are leaving the city.

Let's go!

- Mother!
- To the horses! Hurry!

Come on!


You are free.

The journey will be long
and your father will follow us.

I am coming with you.

My king! Alba Longa is on fire!

Your daughter is a prisoner of the rebels.

Five sunsets have gone by

since I saw her violently kidnapped.

Their caravan is already far away.

The people of Alba Longa followed them.

Look at my injuries.
I fought until the end.

Those dogs will pay for this.

I will follow them
until I exterminate them.

They didn't just burn down a city.
They offended the king of the Sabines.

Not one will remain alive
to remember this day.

Let's go!


Wait for me!

- Sira, watch out!
- Sira!


- Come here!
- Go on! Move!

- Come here, my child!
- Mother!

- I was so scared.
- Goodbye, Sira!

Return to your place.
You are not taking a walk!

- Get moving!
- Don't treat them like that.

They haven't rested for days.
They're tired.

You have a soft heart.

Those who are in command
cannot give in to pity, brother!

Stop the carts! Unfasten the animals!

We will stop until sunset.

- We will rest a few hours.
- Tie the horses to the carts!

The caravan men are tired.

Mud slows down the carts.

Get your best men and follow the caravan.

Save the wine or you'll run out of it.

Get some rest. There's a long way ahead.

The journey is difficult.

It's not as comfortable as my sedan chair,
but it doesn't matter.

What is there beyond the swamp?

- No one has ever been able to cross it.
- So they say.

But I believe my mother's prophecy.

Beyond the swamp,
beyond the mountain of fire,

we'll find a valley surrounded
by seven hills and crossed by a river.

There, we will found the city
and we'll light our hearths.

The lookouts saw swarms of birds
rise up to the sky.

Maybe some animals were passing by,

but it could be a column of horsemen.

- Remus, did you hear that?
- Yes.

- Do you think it's the Sabines?
- I will go explore.

- Take command of the caravan.
- I'll go.

You had better stay.
I have a tender heart. You said it.

All right. But come back soon.
Don't get into trouble.

Come on!

If my father reaches us,
I will become a danger for you.

Maybe. But maybe not.

Don't you think?

You are a precious hostage for us.
That is why you're still alive.

You'd drown me in the swamp,

and you hate Romulus
because he has a heart.

Aside from physical appearance,
you don't look like brothers.

You are different. What torments you?

It's because of you that he is different,

but he has never had
the stamina of a leader.

When we were little,
he would turn a reed into a flute

while I'd make a sword.

I would dream of glory.

He would ask the gods to find love.

Maybe he is right.
Women don't appreciate soldiers.

They appreciate real men,
whether poets or soldiers.


Acron, Sulpicius and the others
want to light a fire for a meal.

Not yet. When Romulus returns,
we'll start marching again.

Is it true your father is following us?

Yes, and I am afraid.
He will have pity for no one.

Why don't you join him?

Maybe he will understand you.

It's not possible.

It's fate, not horses,
that moves the wheels of carts.

- They came through here.
- What are you talking about?

There are traces of the caravan, my king.

I think I know where they're going.


This is where we are now.

This is the swamp where we are headed.

Farther up is the sacred mountain
that spits out fire from the top.

And beyond that, my king?

None of us has ever gone
beyond that limit.

- But we'll proceed until the end.
- I beg you, Tatius.

- Don't face the unknown.
- That land will swallow anyone up!

Let's leave those dogs
to their own madness.

She's my daughter!

I know your pain.

It is mine, too. I love Julia.

She was to be my bride.

And you are like a father to me.

But when facing cruel fate,
the wise man bows.

I've never done it. And I am too old
to learn how to do it now.

Let's continue!

Can you hear it?

- That direction.
- Men on horses.

They are not far away.

Let's go.

- Traces disappear in the water.
- Then why are we continuing?

It's wasted energy.

- Sabines!
- They are on the lookout.

- Let's warn the others.
- Watch out!

Don't let them get away!

- Well done, Romulus!
- Let's hurry, or more will come.

- Without your help, I'd have died.
- Don't thank me. I was happy to do it.

It would have been better
if the cart had crushed me.

We'll never make it down there.

No! We will have our land,
our homes, a real city.

- You believe that?
- We must believe it!

It helps the heart to beat
and gives a meaning to life.

It also gives a meaning to death.

We will be united and we'll be a people.

Here, give it to me.

I am better with knives than you.

Don't be upset, Tarpeia.

He'll never get anywhere
with that blond Sabine!

Julia has chosen already.


Don't leave the camp without telling me.
It could be dangerous.

Let me go. You are the only person I fear.

You're a thief, not a leader.

Because I wanted a kiss?

I could get a lot more from you,
if I wanted to, and then abandon you.

You feel brave because I am by myself.

You wouldn't act like this
if Romulus was here.

- My brother?
- Yes.

I wouldn't know what to do with you.

You are only good
for that stupid Sabine's bed.

If he pays, he can have you.
If I don't kill him before that.


Since we left Alba Longa,
you haven't spoken to me.

You avoid me. She bewitched you too!

I am tired of listening to nonsense.

It's true. You and your brother
are around her like growling dogs.

The forest is full of Sabines.
They're following us.

- They will be here soon.
- Raise the alarm!

On the horses! Go to your carts. Hurry!

What are you doing there? Get on, quickly!

This way!

It is Plistinus's signal.
They saw the rebels' caravan.

They'll try to pass the ravine,
but Plistinus will stop them.

Order the attack.

Our horsemen have surely
overtaken the caravan.

Whoever escapes will end up on
our swords beyond the mountain of fire.

We'll wait for the rest
of those cursed people there.

The caravan is lost.
Why take risks on the mountain?

- It's wiser to wait.
- That isn't wisdom, Curtius. That's fear.

Everyone will know how
a Sabine king revenges an offense.

It's not just for my daughter.
Something bigger is at stake.

Either King Tatius or those rebels.

So it is written!

Push the carts!


Spur the horses!

Romulus, Remus, look! A bridge!

- It's too narrow for the carts.
- We must leave them behind.

Get off the carts!
Get the weapons and the food!

We'll continue on foot. Come on!

We must cross the bridge.
Get off the carts!

- Hurry!
- Cross the bridge.

The Sabines are right behind us!
They are very close.

- We'll face them in an open field.
- And let them exterminate us?

I think I know how to stop them.

- What do you mean?
- Follow me!

- What is the response of the gods?
- Blood doesn't coagulate.

You know me very well, Plistinus.
This will not stop me.

If the omen is uncertain... or contrary,
we will continue just the same.

On your horses!

Let's go!

- They're coming! Be ready, Romulus.
- Ready!

Let's wait for them to get closer.

Let's go!

- They managed to stop them.
- But the others will reach us.

- Here they are.
- Let's retreat.

Come on!

Hurry. Let's cross the bridge!

He sacrificed himself.

Unfortunately, that won't stop them.
Let's hurry.

One day we'll meet again, my friend.

They're getting ready for battle,

but they know they're
no longer invincible, your warriors.

My best men and Plistinus,
a faithful and loyal commander. All dead.

Too high a price
for a few miserable carts.

You've never bothered about the price
to keep something that is yours

or take it away from others.

You heard about the two brothers yourself,
and their miraculous origin.

Why do you insist on fighting
against them?

It is a legend dating back
to the times of Aeneas, the Trojan.

- May the gods curse him!
- Since when do you believe in gods?

Since you've felt power
slipping away like sand.

Watch your mouth, Curtius.

We must forget about this stupid tale
before rebellion spreads among my people.

You won't find the courage
in wine for this endeavor!

I continue this endeavor
because I've got nothing left, nothing!

I haven't even got the courage to leave.

I am a coward. That is why you use me.

You give me your daughter
to increase your power.

Your daughter loves you as much as I do.

As your subjects love you.

As her mother loved you.
A slave you forced to be yours!

The past is made of shadows.

Never forget that.

Just serve me.

Everyone of us has a mission,
as a winner or as a loser.

Yours is that of a loser.

My friends, the time has come
to look reality in the face.

The groups of Umbrian shepherds,
the Marsi farmers,

especially elderly people,
are getting more and more exhausted.

They believe increasingly less
in your prophecy.

How long can we last?

Until the gods decree.

We can't go on blindly.

Pupius's sacrifice
and your genius saved us at the bridge.

- But what will happen tomorrow?
- Complaining is useless.

We knew we'd have to face the unknown
when we left Alba Longa.

The Sabines are chasing us.
We must leave them behind

and gain time for initial defense
on the land that will be ours.

Your words come from the heart.

If the Sabine spears don't stop us,
something else will.

Hunger, fever.

You are a bird of ill omen!

Our dream is about to come true.

But you are vile people,

incapable of sacrificing yourselves.

You don't want freedom.
You're just a bunch of servants.

You deserve to live like servants.

A good leader does not speak like that,

We want to build a city too.

If everyone dies in this mad race,
what will we found?

A city of corpses?

You are our leader.

But you are very ambitious and cruel.

Be quiet, old man!

Don't do that.

I know what must be done.

Don't interfere. I am the leader.

You established that.

Our mother told us to live in harmony,

and to found a city together.

The gods decided otherwise
and I can prove that to you.

Don't provoke me. I will never fight you.

The gods will show us
who the leader will be.

It is unwise to ignore their will.

Tomorrow at dawn, when the fire goes out,

you'll count the vultures in the sky.

You'll be five shots away
from one another.

The one who counts more vultures
in the sky will be king,

with the gods' favor.

So be it, as you say.


You must excuse him.

Maybe his weariness
is making him speak like this.

We are all weary,
but if we argue among ourselves,

our endeavor will fail.

Forget it now.

Get some rest.

Julia, you are the sweetest creature
I have ever met.

Four black and eight white.
The gods have decided.

- Romulus will be our king!
- Hurrah!

- Long live Romulus!
- I bow to the will of the gods.

- But you will reign alongside of me.
- I don't want charity.

We are all familiar with your generosity.

But I have no use for it.
I won't accept this verdict.

I wanted this endeavor
and I will carry it out.

It won't be a bird's flight, but a sword
that decides who is the leader.

- Give us proof of your courage.
- Don't insult the gods.

They showed their will.

I'll repeat what I said yesterday.
I will never fight against you.

- Because you are a coward.
- Stop!

Don't pull out your sword.
He is your brother.

By disregarding the god's verdict
after you agreed to the trial yourself,

you have committed sacrilege.

None of us wants you as our leader now.

I understand.

You've forgotten what I did for you.

Acilius, I saved your life.

And what about you, Godar?
You are forsaking me now.

I am ready to follow you,
but not against your brother.

I will follow you too.

All right, then. Our paths will part.

You are free to leave,
and anyone can follow you.

Splitting the caravan in two groups
is wise.

It will confuse the Sabines.

The first to arrive will plough a furrow
and will found the city.

We shall be a people.

Destiny is always on the side
of the strongest. Never forget that.

- I will miss you very much.
- We will meet again soon.

- Thank you.
- Go in peace.

Don't hold a grudge
if I follow your brother.

- I owe him my life.
- Go, Acilius.

We will meet again
in the Valley of the Seven Hills.

May the gods hear you!

Don't worry.
I will watch over your brother.

Thank you, Acilius.

Don't cry, Hestia. We will meet again.

I can't leave Acilius. I love him.

- I am going with him.
- If you love him, then follow him.

- Goodbye, Julia.
- Goodbye, Acilius. Watch over her.

May the gods protect you.

Let's go.

You too, Tarpeia. Good luck.

Spare your wishes, Sabine woman.
And don't think you won the war.

- The future is unwritten.
- It's true.

We are not capable of knowing the future,

but one thing can certainly
warm up our lives.

And I know what this force is. It's love.

Or hate! I hate you for what you are,

for what you changed in the soul of a man,

for the unjust protection
the gods give you.

Leave the gods alone
and give things their right name.

You are jealous!

It's not over.
If we meet again, be careful.

On that day I will be near my man,
and that is enough.

May you say the same, Tarpeia,
and know what happiness is.

There are many ways of loving.

But you are too different
to understand that.

Take this knife.
If Romulus should succumb,

may you have the courage
to use it on yourself!

Leave her alone and join the others.

Those are women for an endeavor like ours.

- The others...
- Those like me!

You despise them, I know that.

No, I don't despise you.

Even if it's because of you
that we are separating.

I thought there was another reason.

There are many reasons,
but the truth is I envy Romulus.

He is luckier than me.

Good fortune will assist him
this time too.

Yet the last word has not been said.

I will bend destiny with my willpower.

Those going with Remus are mad.
They are taking the mountain road.

It's shorter, but more dangerous.

The mountain is sacred
to the gods of the underworld.

Remus shouldn't challenge them.

That is why he chose it.
He wants to challenge the gods too.

Looking back doesn't make sense.

Forget it, Remus!

Let's get going.
We'll go through the woods.

Why are you crying?

I am the cause of this.

If you hadn't met me, you'd be marching
alongside your brother.

I separated you.

I am scared now. I am scared for you!

It's not your fault.
We were born on the same day,

under the same sign,
but with different dreams and ambitions.

I have never wanted to be a leader.

I'd have gladly shared it with Remus,
but he refused.

He only knows the law of force.

Please, let me go. I must stop my father.

No, it's too late now.

You can't leave me. You are mine.

I don't know what our destiny will be,
but we'll face it together.

Yes, Romulus. Together.

Come on! Don't stop!



Come on!

Come on!

You dropped the supplies. Pick them up!

You want to starve to death?

Hurry. We must climb over the top!

We will never make it!

Move! Don't stop!

Remus, where are you? Remus!






I'm falling!





Oh, Jupiter, almighty father!

You, who carry the destiny
and life of men on your knees,

please, take my life in exchange,
but save him.

No, don't do it!

- Let me go!
- Calm down, my love.

You are alive! We are alive!


She's the bitch hanging around
with those outlaws.

- Do you want to spare her life?
- No, I don't. But she must talk first.

Where are the others?
Where is my daughter?

- Speak!
- Speak! For your own good.

Why should I? What do I get in return?

I could offer a quick death,
for you and your companion.

Our lives and a horse,
in return for what you want to know.

You expect me to negotiate with you?
Your life belongs to me.

If I die, you'll never know where
your daughter and your enemies are.

I could make you talk under torture.

Try, King Tatius. Try!

All right. Your life and your companion's
lives will be spared.

You have my word.

Your daughter is with the others,
with Romulus.

She lives with the woman
of the caravan, like them.

They are crossing the woods
to go around the mountain.

You will find them
at the Valley of the Seven Hills.

Let's catch up with them
before they organize a defense.

- Along the woods' trail!
- Will you let them live?

I gave my word. Whoever betrays,
as she did, doesn't deserve to live.

The gods will punish her.

As for him,
his destiny is already decided.

Just like anyone else.

Romulus! Julia!


- Hurrah!
- That's the valley!

Our valley! Praise to the gods!

You don't look happy.

I wish Remus were here.

We'll be rich and powerful.

What happened?

Where are we?

Calm down. You are still weak.
You lost a lot of blood.

Where are the others? Acilius, Godar!

There's only us.

The mountain swallowed them up.

But you are alive.

Romulus is lost too.
The Sabines will destroy him

before he lifts a stone of your city.

- You are wrong.
- I told the Sabines the way.

- In exchange for your life.
- What did you say?

- What did you say?
- There was no other way!

They found us while you'd fainted.
I had to save your life!

We are alone, but I'll take care of you.
I will save you!

Have you gone crazy?

Nobody will have my city.

I will be king,
even if I must kill my brother!

Remus, I beg you! Don't go!

Nobody will take it from me!

Listen to me, Remus! I beg you!

Remember the response of the vultures,
the curse of the mountain of fire!

Think of all those who died
to follow your mad dream!

Please don't go! I beg you!

Nobody can change destiny! Not even you!

The destiny of others, not mine!

Remus, don't leave me.

I beg you! Don't go!

Keep your arm straight and aim high.

- Like this?
- Yes.

Hurry, women! Hurry with the water!
The furrow must be filled!

The defense is ready.
We can repel any attack.

We are strong.

It's important to plough a furrow
of the new city.

You must do it, Romulus.
It is the proclamation of a king.

You led us wisely.

On the hills we were too far
from the river. Water is necessary.

Son, you speak like a king!

Numa is young,
and every young man feels like a king.

You want to wait forever
for the one who abandoned you?

Remus wanted this endeavor.
I must wait for him.

He is my brother, and I owe him my life.

No, Romulus. You are wrong.

Remus didn't attack Alba Longa
just to save your life.

The words of Faustulus
aroused his ambition

and his desire for power.
That is why he did it. Not for you.

You were just the pretext.

Take back what you said.

You can kill me,
but you wouldn't change the truth.

- Romulus! The Sabines!
- Where?

On the hill, up there. Hundreds of them.

- They'll attack us!
- They are on that side too!

We are surrounded!

We have only one choice. Fight!

Their army is ten times bigger
and better equipped than ours.

I'll reach the Sabine camp
and convince my father.

It would be useless.
They must massacre us to survive.

They are in our hands now.
The hunt is over.

Position the men.
We'll let them attack us.

- Then we'll show them who we are.
- It will be a big day.

It's up to us to deserve
the future we dream of.

A future of prosperity and glory.

Those wretches have surrounded
the camp with holes.

It will be difficult
to break through their defenses.

- You worry too much, Curtius.
- What do you mean?

The road to reach my throne
and Alba Longa's

would have been easier if I placed
my daughter into your bed

rather than cross a battlefield.

Your words offend me.

Prove me wrong, then.

You have the honor of leading the charge.

It would be suicide, Tatius.
You have your commanders for this.

In Sabina, King Tatius
makes the decisions. Go on, Curtius!

But... I will face death.

Certain death!

I prefer to give up on Julia.

I prefer giving everything up.

You have nothing left to give up.
You said it yourself.


The time has come.
Fate will be carried out!

Enter! Hurry!




You won!

Come on! What are you waiting for?

This is how a king dies.

Romulus, no!

Father, I lived with these people.
As a free woman.

I shared a great hope with them.
I wanted it.

Because I love him.
He is the man I have chosen.

On this land, consecrated
by the blood of our dead,

we will found a city
and nobody can stop us. Decide, Tatius.

May peace be with us.

In the name of the immortal gods,

I, Romulus, proclaim myself
king of this city.

I ploughed a furrow
that marks its borders.

Whoever crosses it will be welcomed.

If he crosses it armed, he must die.
That is the law.

Long live Romulus!

Long live Romulus!


Is it my city's furrow or yours?

Our city, brother.

I will never share anything with you.


I already destroyed it!


Look at the king you chose.

A vile, fearful man, a weakling!

As vulnerable as the city
he wanted to build.

Defend yourself, Romulus!
Or I will crush you!

You asked for it, Remus!

He broke the law. You must kill him!

The gods are with you, Romulus!

Romulus, defend your city.


- Don't cry.
- Remus, brother!

Fate decides for us.

Man cannot go against fate.

No one will ever oppose
the power and the city you will found.

It will become as great
as I dreamt it would be.

Up to here it was a legend.

Then began the history
of the greatest city in the world.

The Eternal City.