Duel of the Century (1981) - full transcript

Liu Yung and Sun Chien (the Korean kicking The Five Venom from Chang Cheh's internationally popular series) team up to investigate the martial-art murders of a supposedly mortally wounded swordsman, only to find deception, death, double-dealings, impostors and one deadly duel after another.

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Come... drink.

Not bad.


Monk Honest, this should be eaten...

while it's hot.

Come... eat.

Not bad. Hermit Pine

...there are so many nice places
in the city.

Yet why do you have to meet us...

here at this weird place for a drink?

It's because he has an appointment
with someone weird.

Hua Manlou, you're good.

Though he's blind...

he seems to knows things better than
most people.

You devil Sikong Zhaixing.

You should know that apart from
Lu Xiaofeng

who else would look for the four of us.

And meet us here under this sere tree.

So you notice the sere tree near us?

He doesn't see it, he hears it.

If the tree weren't sere...

he should hear the sound of birds.

So it is really you, Lu Xiaoji!

What do you want with us?

Firstly, I haven't tasted
Hermit Pine's food

...for a almost a year now.

Secondly, I don't know why Ye Gucheng

...wants to challenge Shimen Chueishiue

to a duel at the roof of Forbidden City.

Hua Manlou, what's with you?

You even know what I am thinking about!

Not only this, I also know why...

you want to meet us here.

What? You know that too?

It has been rumoured there is a
Monk Wisdom,

who understands everything...

that's inexplicable in this world;

But for each answer he charges
50 taels of silver.

You brought us here...

because the Monk Wisdom is nearby

I said before:
'the sightless have insight'

This has been written by the sages
for Hua Manlou.

You're too kind.

King of Thieves, where's the gold?


Take it

100, 150, 200, 250

300, 350, 400...

There are 500 taels so I can ask
10 questions.

Give me some face, will you?

Being a good friend

...you give me whatever I ask for.

No problem. The gold is not mine anyway.

Where is the Monk Wisdom?

He lives in the wooden shack over there.

Is Monk Wisdom in?

Let me.

Is Monk Wisdom here?

Of course.

This costs money too.

This also counts as a question.

Do you know why Ye Gucheng

...wants to challenge Shimen Chueishiue?

For an important matter.

What would that be?

Pay up first!

Something important which I can't tell you.

If that's the case...

why should I pay you?

The money is for answering your question;

Not for telling you what you want to know.

So if I want to know more

...who should I look for?

That's more like an intelligent man.

The person who asked questions just now...

was an idiot.

In the capital there is a great bet.

It's between Dao Tunghsin

...and Li Yianbei.

They are betting on who would
win this duel.

If I were you, I'd go and ask them.

Dao Tunghsin? Li Yianbei?

Tai Lake is indeed a fine place

I always drink here each morning.

This is the life!

I knew sooner or later someone would
assassinate me.

Go and die!

If you want to kill Li...

let me ask him a few questions first.

Is that okay?

Mind your own business.

You killed him, you're in trouble

I didn't mean it.

What? All dead?

Hero Lu, thanks for saving my life.

My pleasure.


Thank you.

This morning...

you should ask who sent them.

That's unnecessary. Apart from old Dao

...who else dares to do this!

Dao Tunghsin?

Really? In these past ten odd years

...you have steered clear of each other;

One in the south, the other in the north.

Why would he want to assassinate you?

For 6 million taels of silver
and his territory.

...I made a bet with him.

On what?

On the duel to be held on
15th of November...

under full moon on the roof of
Forbidden City.

That's right.

The duel between Ye and Shimen...

to take place on 15th of November.

But Shimen Chueishiue wants to
delay it for a month

I know about this.

Everyone thinks...

he's afraid that Ye wouldn't dare fight.

Shimen Chueishiue isn't like that

I know. That's why I bet he'll win.

Until yesterday morning...

Dao thought he was sure to win;

But when evening came

...the situation changed.


Haven't you heard Ye has been injured?

What? Ye injured?

Who could have hurt him?

It was Tang Tienyi

I heard they met near the Jiang Jahou.

But nobody knows how the quarrel started.

Ye used the 'flying goddess' technique...

and killed Tang; but he was...

also injured by Tang's poison
at the same time.

The news got to the city...

and those who bet on Ye to win...

got desperate.

Some even begged the opposite side...

to let them relinquish their bets.

Dao was afraid he would lose the bet.

And that's why he ambushed you.

Of course. Otherwise

...he has no other reason.

If you don't believe me...

you can ask Dao at
Chuen Hua restaurant directly.

What's the matter?

Sorry, a guest has booked
the whole of upstairs.

Dao Tunghsin?

You are Lu Xiaofeng?

What's the matter?

Is that name written on me?

If you're not...

you wouldn't be here looking for me today.

Even the boss is sitting here

so a V I P must be upstairs.

The one upstairs is not important;

But the one he wants to kill, indeed is.

There'll be a murder here today?

Who is the target?

Bai Yuan chatelaine Ye Gucheng.

What? Someone wants to kill him?



They're all scared.

Have you heard Ye killed Tang...

at Jiang Jahou?


The person upstairs...

is Tang's younger brother Tang Tienyung.

So, if I were you.

...I wouldn't be here today.

It's precisely because I'm not you

...that's why I'm here.

So fragrant!

Spread the flowers.

So fragrant.

What are you girls doing here?

We are here to cover the
whole tavern with flowers.

You see, the young master of
Bai Yuan Castle

...loves fragrance; we should be leaving.


Ye's favourite technique is
the flying goddess;

And not flowers from heaven.

Strange! Lu Xiaofeng shows up...

in all crowded places.

Are you Tang Tienyung?

I should ask if you are Ye Gucheng?

Why should I be anyone else!

Anyone who is struck by
our poisoned weapon...

cannot last till now.

It's because there is no antidote.

There is no poison, why need an antidote.

Your so-called poisoned sand...

in our eyes...

is mere dust.


See if this is dust...!

Ye Gucheng.

You are Ye Gucheng!

Yes. What do you want?

So many people want to kill me today.

You kill many people too... let me ask you.

Why did you kill my brother Jiang Ranyin?

Who the hell is Jiang Ranyin?

Yes, I am his brother Yian Ranyin.

Sorry, I don't want to kill you today

because I have not killed your brother.

You are Lu Xiaofeng?

Sometimes I hate this hand.

Because of it people recognize I am Lu.

Why do you stop me from killing Ye?

Because I know Ye.

If he said he didn't do it, he didn't.

There's a horse-thief.

Why are you stealing my horse?

3 Yin and 4 Sau? Why have they said...

Ye killed Jiang Ranyin

3 Yin and 4 Sau?

Aren't they the seven disciples...

of the Lonely Crane?

They comprise 3 men and 4 women.

One of them Suen Saujin

...married Shimen Chueishiue.

Now they say Ye killed Jiang Ranyin;

This is tantamount to saying,
the brother-in-law

...of Shimen Chueishiue was killed.

This duel must definitely take place.

But then Ye has denied killing
Jiang Ranyin.

So someone must have framed him.

That I don't know.

It's strange! Ye Gucheng...

is a seasoned swordsman.

While Shimen Chueishiue...

has no quarrel with anyone.

It's a known fact that they've never met.

However, when I talked to them,

they were like a pair...

of good old friends

...who appreciate each other.

Why is it that with my return from
outside the city,

there is news of the duel...

between the two?

Then why didn't you ask Ye just now?

This is strange!

When Ye saw me just now

...he didn't say much.

And when Yian Ranyin arrived

...he seemed to be in a hurry;

And also left abruptly.

When you returned

and went to Bai Yuan Castle...

why couldn't you find him?

When I was at the castle.

...Ye was not there

I heard his wife has been taken
seriously ill.

Ye has taken her to the Snowy Peak
for treatment.

Leng Chingchiou is sick.

Miss Leng has not been fit

I hear she's suffering from
a heart ailment.

Strange. Ye has always loved her deeply.

Now she is sick...

yet he has the mood to go to the duel!

I told you the whole thing is strange.

In any event the show before the duel...

has just begun, and I have just begun

to become interested in it.


Did you order food from the
Chuen Hua Restaurant?

A kid said...

the restaurant has asked him to
deliver take-out

I ordered food?

Go away.

Where's the kid?

In the back alley.

Take me there.

This is the kid.

Little fellow.

Little fellow.

Did you deliver the food just now?

Yes, an old man in white clothes...

paid me to deliver it.

Where's the old man now?

Over there.

That's him.

Why do you want to poison
our madam? Hey...

Forget it, he's dead.


Why did you silence him?

I didn't

I didn't...

He's asking me

but he is wrong to ask me as well.


Because I didn't kill him.

But I saw someone kill him.

Who is that?

A fellow in yellow gown with white hair.

What? in yellow gown with white hair?


You should wear another pair of pants
next time.

You are Lu Xiaofeng.

You are looking for me?

I'm here to test you

...because I want to find the real Lu.

Who is looking for me?

The one looking for you is in
Han Shan Temple.

Lu Xiaofeng.

So the rumour is true.

You killed the young master of
the Tang family

...and were injured by
Tang's poisoned sand.

It's strange! While at the
restaurant in daytime

...you still looked fine.


His hand already exuded foul odour
at daytime.

Didn't you see him walk across...

the flower-covered floor?

He is...

He is my colleague Xing Tung;

And the only one I trust.

Since you're here

...why don't you come to my place?

I dislike crowds

I'd rather be alone...

until the day of the duel.

People have not understood...

why you have challenged Shimen Chueishiue.

You've been telling me how you admire him.

Madam, how come you are here too?

I heard you have been unwell and...

brother Ye has taken you to
Tian Shan for treatment

I've been there; which is why I am here.

Tian Shan?

What has that to do with being here?

The reason I asked you to come tonight...

is to clarify the reason.

...I didn't speak to you during the day.

In fact the pain in my hand then...

was very painful and...

was unbearable.

Secondly, I know

you must feel strange about my...

challenging Shimen Chueishiue to a duel.

In fact I have my reasons;

Though, right now I cannot tell you
what they are.



Take this over.


Brother Ye.

Please go over there.



Who is the fellow with white hair
in the yellow gown?

That's our friend...

delivering tonic for my illness.

So you've come from Tian Shan.

That's right

I hear that the antidote for
the poisoned sand

...could only be found at Shimen's home

I wonder if you could...

You mean you want me to seek Shimen.

Why is it that I always manage to
only see half...

of Shimen Chueishiue's swaying sword

It's just as well;

Those who see everything are all dead.

That's good, I haven't seen
the other half.

Ye has reached the capital?

You heard about the incident
at the restaurant today.


Why is it rumoured that
he has been injured?

He really has been injured and
his flesh has decayed.

You will surely win this duel

I felt strange from the beginning

...about his reason to challenge me;

Was it because of my sword?

Or was it because in the
martial arts world

...there cannot be two champions?

You change the date of the duel...

to find out his intention.

You know that?

I have been wondering.


Did you know that...

Ye killed my elder brother Jiang Ranyin?


But my second brother Yian Ranyin said

apart from Ye...

no other swordsman...

can inflict such a deadly wound

I saw Ye Gucheng just now.

He said he didn't kill Jiang.

You saw him just now?

Didn't I tell you?

His wound is still decaying.

Besides, his wife told me...

only Shimen Chueishiue has the antidote.


...get the antidote.

What? You want to save Ye?

If I don't...

who'll fight with me on 15 November?

Why won't you believe...

he killed my elder brother?

Because I believe Lu Xiaofeng.

Go on.

When you see Ye, tell him

I admire him and want to see him;

But hopefully not on the night of the duel.

Ye Gucheng, madam Leng.

Ye Gucheng.

Madam Leng

I have brought back the antidote.

What a coincidence!

You are...

I am here to kill busybodies.

The school of Tien Shan Sacred Fire.

There's a score to be settled amongst us!

We don't kill for revenge...

but for money.

Speak, where has Ye gone?

I didn't kill you...

because you want to find Ye Gucheng

I ask you

why can't I look for him?

It's not that you cannot look for him.

It's just that Ye can't see you.

You are a nuisance.

You are the busybody.

Why have you only...

returned now since last night?

Last night.

...I went looking for Ye with the monk.

He really was injured.

So we went looking for the antidote
for him.

Then when we got it

...he suddenly disappeared.


How should I know?

It was such a strange affair.

But something is even more strange.

What is that?

I just heard Li Yianbei sold all bets...

to other people.

What did you say?

Li Yianbei, I heard you've sold all bets.

Didn't you believe Shimen Chueishiue
would win?

But someone else believes even more

...and he wants to win Dao's
southern territory,

and 6 million taels of silver.

Who would that be?

He is Kuo Chingfeng of Bai Yuan Temple

I hear he has close ties with the palace.

Strange... haven't people said.

...Bai Yuan Temple is filled with people?

Not tonight.

You're Master Kuo of Bai Yuan Temple?


Then I asked the wrong person.

No, you didn't. You're just
in the wrong place.


Isn't this place Bai Yuan Temple?

Yes, this is it.

Everyone can come here except you.

How come?

The 7-Star formation of the
Chuen Chun School.

Lu, you really know a lot.


The 7-Star formation again.

Why can't we fight our way out?

The 7-Star formation lives up to
its reputation.

Thank you for giving me a break.

Why don't you take it?

I can't get out of this.

If I'm right you're the...

master of Bai Yuan Temple;

Eunuch Wang's godson...

Kuo Chingfeng.

That's me

I did say that Lu Xiaofeng's
marvelous finger

...is indeed a great technique.

Now you all have seen it.


Hero Lu, what happened a while back...

was just that they wanted to see
your skills.

So it was all a game.

It's odd! Many people...

like to play this game with me.

Say, if my luck had run out

...this would be no joke!

I wonder what hero Lu...

would want with me at this time.


I heard you bought all of Li's bets.

May I ask why you're so confident...

Shimen Chueishiue would win?

How do you know Shimen Chueishiue...

would lose?

That's because I know them

I'm exactly the opposite

I don't know them...

that's why I bet on Shimen Chueishiue.

That's all there is.

That's all I can tell you.


Looks like I've asked what I could.


I should say I've said all I could.

Then... I should be going.


Those two again.

What business do you have?

Nothing much.

The Lama from Holy water peak is here

I brought him to see you.


What's he doing here?

He is the Lama.

Meet my godson Kuo Chingfeng.

My pleasure.

Master, Gan Er Jiao is here.


Is it done?


Good. Give him some gold.


Isn't this the horse-thief?

Please take it.

Thank you.


Who are you?

I've been awaiting you here.

You're Lu Xiaofeng

I can't deny that.

Do we have some previous grudge?


I want to ask you something.

Why did you release that white horse?


For money; and on someone's instruction.

Who paid you and where is that horse from?


It's from the palace;

Brother Pockmarks paid me.

Brother Pockmarks?

Where is he?

He lives in a strange place.

It was meant for eunuchs...

and his gambling house is also inside.

So there are strange things happening
around here.

Would you accompany me?


Go away.


I haven't been to such a
strange place before.

See, I didn't lie!


Don't run...

Let's go inside...

Have some fun with me.

Place your bets quickly.

Come on...

He is Brother Pockmarks?


No pockmark at all.

Looks good too.



I lost again.

It's okay.

Place your bets.

Gan Er Jiao, Gan Er Jiao.

Where did you find such a beauty?

Wow, so tall... what's your name?

What are you talking about?

Gan Er Jiao, Gan Er Jiao.

He hasn't come to have fun.

He's here to gamble.

What's with you!

the gambling action is inside.

So beautiful.

What a pity!

We're going.


I brought a friend to bet.

Great. Please sit.


How big do you want to bet?

I'll play Pai Gow instead.

If you need money let me know.

That's okay, I brought enough.

Such big denominations!

It's difficult to give you a change.

Never mind, let's play a hand

10,000 a bet.

Get eunuch Wang.

Say we have a big customer.

Sorry, we can't take such large bets.

If you lose, just utter a statement,
no money involved.

What? A statement?


Gan Er Jiao said that the white horse
which carried

...the corpse was from the palace.

Then... who is the owner of the horse?


No nonsense.

White hair and yellow robe.

He is a spy;

Take him down.




Strange, they've all gone.

It must be eunuch Wang...

who has killed Pockmark...

fearing the secret might be leaked out.

So Pockmark is dead

...and they have run away.

But the horse has come from the palace;

This implies that Jiang died in the palace

I don't believe Ye...

would be in the palace.

That's why I want to ask you...

if there's a skilled swordsman.

His skill is at a similar level with Ye's.

After you were gone yesterday.

...I thought about it.

There is another person whose skill...

is similar to Ye's at Holy water peak.

But he is a lama

...and could not have come here;

Especially not into the palace!

But at Bai Yuan Temple...

I saw a lama with eunuch Wang.

Could it be...

Let's immediately check out...

Jiang's wounds.

It'd help ascertain the swordsman's skills.

You've come to look for hero Yian.

That's right.

He took the body to buy a coffin.

Yung Foo Funeral Service

Let's go. Be careful.

Boss, did a gentleman named Yian

...come in to buy a coffin?


But then a man with white hair
and yellow robe

...came in afterwards

and spoke to him.

After that the young man took
the corpse and left.

What? White hair and yellow robe again.

When he left

...he booked two coffins with me.

The coffin of Ye Gucheng

The coffin of Shimen Chueishiue

Do you know where they have gone?

I guess they went to Altar of silkworm.

Altar of silkworm

What is this place?

It was used by the queen of
previous dynasty

...to pray to silkworms.

It is now a dump

...mostly used as a Lama cremation site.

Behind the wooden planks...

is where their ashes are kept.


Strange... he's cremating bodies
at this late hour!

What if he's burning the bodies of
Jiang and Yian!

What are you doing here?

We're here to cremate bodies.

In the furnace presently are two bodies;

There'll be four in a while!

Oh, they are acrobats

I'm not ready to die yet...

as I have no friends in heaven!


There are 16 of them in red clothes;

They're all yours.


What are you doing up there?

I'm waiting for the dead.

What? The dead.

Yes. Didn't you say...

this is where the ashes are kept?

I am waiting for them.

Don't confuse the colours.

That's wrong, you're in yellow attire;
you're not mine.

You're in yellow clothes.

Your acrobatics were quite entertaining

...why don't you try doing them again?

This is fun.

Great fun.

Not bad.



Yours again.


1, 2, 3, 4

Anyone else?

No one left.

Says who?

There is someone.


Yian Ranyin.


Oh no...

We're too late.

All's been burnt down

I don't think so. They want to use them...

to lure you here;

And then kill you to keep your mouth shut.

Yian Ranyin.

Look at his wound.

Your brother was not killed by Ye.

Though Ye usually slits people's throats

but his deadly kill...

is only like this;

Unlike the wound of your brother's

...which is diagonal!

He was not killed by Ye.

Then why did you go with Chieftain Wang

...to Altar of silkworm?

How should I know who he was?

He said Ye was waiting for me there.

After that I was ambushed.

Besides, you were also attacked
by the lamas.

Looks like there are many secrets

eunuch Wang doesn't want you to know.


When I found brother's body...

I found these three wax figurines on him.

Who made them?

My brother.

This was his hobby as he had
dexterous hands.

He always kept up his sleeve...

some coloured soft wax.

As soon as he'd see your face

he'll take out the wax

...and make a figurine.

This might be eunuch Wang;

And this might be the secret fellow

...who follows you around!

Unfortunately it is crushed.

Who could it be?

Never mind who it is.

These 3 must have killed your brother.

He must have accidentally run into them...

and probably sensed the danger;

So he made these figurines...

of the three...

to let you know who they were.

He's right.

It does seem this is the real killer.

It doesn't appear Wang

and this gentle fellow...

would know kung fu.

But as this figurine is crushed

...how can we tell who he is!


Didn't you say there's a man...

nicknamed Wax Man Jiang

who specializes in making figurines?

You ought to go and look for him.

He might restore the figurine.

It's quite late

...yet you grace my humble abode.

Are you urgently in need of
making a figurine?

No, a figurine has been crushed.

We'd like you to restore it.

Can you do that?

Yes, but it will take time.

Why don't you have a drink outside first.

Let's go.



Are there many people who know

...your brother made figurines?

Of course.

If the killer knows...

he made these figurines

wouldn't Jiang be in danger?


Wax Man Jiang.

Wax Man Jiang.

Wax Man Jiang.

The three figurines are still here.

Wax Man Jiang.

Wax Man Jiang.

Wax Man...

I remember.

Three people also came by

and I also made three figurines.

The crushed one...

must be this one.

Ye Gucheng. It's really him who
killed my brother.

Let's go find him.

How could it be Ye Gucheng?


Since we knew that they would find
Wax Man Jiang

we should have thought that...

they have already killed him.

He's a good swordsman.

Have I not told you that...

there are many skilled swordsmen at
Holy water peak?

Chieftain Wang is smart.

He knew we would look for Wax Man Jiang.

Let's go and find Chieftain Wang.

Wait, let's see if the crushed figurine

...is still there.

Luckily, this figurine has not been
blown to pieces.

It was just an imposter who was killed.

If we can find the real Wax Man Jiang

...he can restore it.

Right. Let's split up and find him.

Let's go.

You are Wax Man Jiang.

This is what the figurine originally
looked like.

So it's really Ye Gucheng.

Let's go and find him immediately.

Yian Ranyin.

Yian Ranyin.

If you let him look for Ye Gucheng

...that's virtually sending him
to his death.

Don't worry. No one can find Ye...

unless Ye finds him.

Didn't you know that Ye is already
after Yin?


Tell me about it.


When Hero Yian left Wax Man Jiang's

for the tavern,

Ye had left a letter...

inviting him to meet up at the
Tai lake pavilion.

When Hero Yian left...

he asked me to notify you.

Let's immediately leave for Tai lake.

Ye Gucheng.

Yian Ranyin.

Yian Ranyin.

Shimen... you must avenge... for me.

Ye Gucheng, you are cruel.


You want so much gold.

Don't you want to ask many questions

I am not sure.

There are so many things
which are inexplicable.

Alright, the gold is here. Go and ask.

Has Ye Gucheng gone crazy?

He suddenly vanished...

and has abruptly appeared to kill
Yian Ranyin.

Ye has not gone crazy;

Neither has he killed Yian.

Then was it Ye...

who killed Jiang Ranyin in the palace?

No, it was someone else.

Was it Chieftain Wang?

Not him either.

The man who has followed Chieftain Wang...

dressed in a black cloak... who is he?

He's the man behind this duel.

How did you...

What's the matter?

What's the matter?


It's Ye Gucheng again.

Maybe this is not Ye either.


Gan Er Jiao

I know him.

He was a eunuch;

But subsequently left the palace

...and ganged up with Pockmark.

You old fool.

You took him for so-called Monk Wisdom

...and were cheated of a lot of gold.

How would I know!

As soon as Lu returned...

he wanted to know about the duel.

So I took him there.

Nevertheless, he has answered...

many of our questions.

Since he used to hang out in the palace

...it would be natural he should have
such news.


Let's not talk about the dead Gan.

Let's think about... Ye Gucheng.

About why he killed Yian Ranyin

...and tried to harm Lu several times!

Who said Ye killed Gan and Yian?

You saw it yourself.

Yes, I did.

That's why it's so strange.

Didn't you say before.

...Ye was poisoned,

and his hand decayed?


Then, by today Ye...

should have fainted and be unable to move;

So how could he have killed
Yian at Tai lake

...and also killed Gan?

That's right.

The poison takes effect in 7 days.

So according to that,
Ye should be paralyzed.

How could he still move around?

He saw that too.

Could he have faked his injury?

In fact he was not hurt.

No one knows what is the true story.

But as far as I know...

the Ye we used to know cares not
for fame or money

and loves only the beautiful but
frail Leng Chingchiou.

In fact he never cared about
worldly things.

He sought out famous doctors

...trying to heal Miss Leng.

But the Ye we know today...

has not only called for a duel,

but has killed many for no reason.

It doesn't appear they are the same person.

Also, according to Lu...

he saw in Han Shan Temple

the Eunuch Wang...

together with a mysterious man
in a black cloak.

That is to say...

Ye is involved with some secret
in the palace.

And it's because of that secret...

Wang has killed many people to silent them.

The old man in the white cloak.

Xing Tung Monk.

Brother Pockmark.

Gan Er Jiao.

So, there is much more than meets the eye.

The all-knowing Hua Manlou

...is right.

But what is the story behind all this?

Only 2 people would know.

One is Eunuch Wang;

The other is Ye hiding in the house.

Where can I find them?

It's uncertain if you would.

If I hear rightly...

a lady with light steps,

and a delicate cough is coming in.

It's Ms. Leng.


The lord of Bai Yuan Castle
wants to see Lu.

Brother Lu, please take the antidote

...and quickly look for Ye Gucheng.

Brother Lu, please come in.




Strange... it's only been a day

and it has come to this!

Brother Lu, don't you have the antidote?

Yes, I do...



I'm in severe pain.

If Brother Lu didn't come in time

...you might be dead!

What? Brother Lu?

Yes, I brought the antidote

I didn't think you would make it

...so I opted to look for Brother Lu.

The poison kills in 7 days.

When you were at Han Shan Temple...

you should have waited for the antidote.

Why did you leave so suddenly?

I had some urgent business

...that's why I didn't wait for you.

But then after killing Yian
that night at Tai lake

...you also left suddenly;

Did you also have some urgent business?

What? You killed Yian Ranyin!

How did you know so much?

Yesterday when we talked about you

...we felt you have changed;

All along from the duel with
Shimen Chueishiue

...to the events that have led up
to the present.

Nothing appears to be what you were.

Has someone used your name to...


It was me indeed

I know a lot of things have happened

...which have left you in wonder.

But I hope for one little favour.

It's that for these few days
you'll let things be.

Until after the duel;

Only then you'll understand.

You forget I'm Lu Xiaofeng.

How can I not interfere?

But you are my only friend.

Alright! Ye Gucheng

I know you must have a big secret

before and after the duel.

But you must have a good reason...

for not telling me.

That's the way the martial arts world goes.

The more famous you are,
the more troubles you'll have.

But remember:

When you need help...

don't forget Lu Xiaofeng.

Lu is such a busybody.

He is everywhere

I'm afraid he'll ruin our plans
for the duel.

That's simple.

Say, if you don't like him...

tomorrow evening

...we'll ask Ye to kill him.

What are you talking about?

It's late, but Ye wants me.

Yes, he is waiting for you.

Master, this is him.

What's the matter?

I don't know either.

All I know he wants you to meet him

...right away at the pavilion
beside Tai lake.

The pavilion beside Tai lake?

Lu Xiaofeng, come and have a seat.


What do you want with me
at this late hour?

I have a lot to say to you.

Have a drink first.

Good, come.

What a burning taste!

What burning taste?

It's fine.


Oh yeah.

Of course this cup is fine

...because you think my cup
is not poisoned.

What? You killed Yian Ranyin!

So you're really not...

I'm not the real Ye Gucheng

I have come to kill you.

The poison is taking effect. You're smart

...to drink my cup, not yours.

But you didn't realize...

mine has also been poisoned!


I have already taken the antidote before.

The poison is really strong.

What is it?

Underneath this table is dynamite.

You'll die in an accident

...so Ye would not be suspicious.

Strange, why don't I see a body?

Stop looking, I'm here.

You thought I was dead.

But when I came and slapped your hand

and you didn't respond in pain...

I knew you were an imposter.

And when I drank the wine

I knew it was drugged.

So when I wiped my lips.

...I swallowed the antidote

I escaped long before the explosion.

Now I give you a chance.

Who is behind all this and who are you?

So someone is posing as Ye.

Lu Xiaofeng.

Ye Gucheng, I was right.

Someone is impersonating you
and killing people.

He wanted to kill me just now.

What are you talking about?

As matters have come to this

...you should tell me the truth.

Lu Xiaofeng.

Couldn't you wait for a few more days

...instead of meddling in this business?

What? I am wrong to do this?

You... you numbed my pressure point!

Two of Ye Gucheng?

Yes, there have been two.

And they have been standing behind you.

The real one has been poisoned...

whereas the one who has killed people

and fought with you at Tai lake...

is a fake!

You are the lama assassin.

Now you know everything!

Ye Gucheng, what is all this about?

Lu Xiaofeng...

you know Leng has been seriously ill

I searched everywhere but no doctor
could cure her.

However, her sickness has degenerated.

At this critical moment.

Chieftain Wang and the magnificent cure
showed up.

It was the most valuable treasure
from Tian Shan

...and it saved Chingchiou's life.

In order to repay them for their kindness

I promised them to do one thing

which started with the duel

but was not related to the duel itself.

How did you know?

It was because Hua Manlou said so earlier

...there must be some secret
behind all this.

Lu Xiaofeng, if you could please keep out!

You fear I might get involved

...so you have numbed my pressure point.

That's right. I have to keep my promise.

And it has to be done by tomorrow night.

So you have to bear with this tonight

...until after the duel

I will make it up to you.

Ye Gucheng, though I don't know...

what you'll do tomorrow night

I want you to think carefully

whether you should help these people.

A gentleman should repay a kindness

...so I don't care if this is right
or wrong.

After 12 a.m. tomorrow

...you'll know everything

I have numbed his pressure point.

After 24 hours

...he will awake.

Look after him well.

Don't let him come to any harm...

or else I won't spare you.

Yes, of course.

Come, bring him out.

How's Lu Xiaofeng?

Ye Gucheng was right

after he's gone he'll awake.

What does this mean?

Didn't Ye Gucheng tell you...

we have to do something tonight;

Something important!

And you shouldn't interfere

so you have to bear with this tonight.

Until tomorrow afternoon

and everything is settled.

When the time comes...

you might be rewarded by the king.

So the rumours in the palace...

are true.

That's right.

As the rumours go

18 years back, the late king...

and a Tu Fan princess had a child

who was raised by the Lama.

It was also rumoured this child...

would return to be king.

You are that child...

and tomorrow's king.

So what you want Ye to do...

is to usurp the throne.


We want Ye to kill his brother

...because he heard this rumour.

A long time ago...

four skilled martial artists were hired

...and hid in the study.

But no one ever saw...

their skills.

So we had to find...

someone with the skills of Ye.

If you want to kill the king

...why would you want Ye Gucheng

and Shimen Chueishiue to have
a duel tonight?

You still don't get it.

The one for the duel and killing you...

is this Ye Gucheng.

The purpose of the duel...

is to lure the guards and other fighters

away from the study...

to go to northern part of the
Forbidden City

so we could complete our mission
at the appointed time.

Father, it's 10 p.m.

Bring him to the powder room.


Follow me.

We should go into the palace

I want to ask one more question.

After you become king...

we will be ruled by the lama clan.

Lu Xiaofeng is clever and is right.

You have been used as a traitor.

It’s snowing heavily,
what are you doing out here?

Precisely because it's snowing

I have brought you a canister of wine.

It's better to live without fame.

If I were not Ye Gucheng

I wouldn't have to leave you...

to complete this mission.

It's all because of my sickness.

You're wrong. Can't you see...

if I were not Ye Gucheng

if they had no use for me

how would they have sent Snowy lotus
from Tian Shan

...to cure your sickness?

But wouldn't you feel guilty...

for Shimen and Lu.

If as they say...

this would strengthen the country
and bring peace

I believe if I were deceived

...they would still forgive me.

What a big snowstorm!

You think you'd go back first...

or the snow will let up first?

I don't know

I don't know when the snow
will cease to fall

...and when the blood will cease to flow.

When will they make a move?

10 p.m. in the southern study.

The Southern study room



Have other royal guards...

gone to the northern part of the palace?


These handful of men are most loyal.

Very good.


Chieftain Wang, you're here.

Are we having a duel...

or putting on a show?

What's the difference?

This matter would be known by all...

in time.

Are you worried so many will see...

you die by my sword?

I was wrong indeed about you.

Shimen Chueishiue has a bad temper.

What Ye Gucheng said was out of line.

How did he become like this?

Where is Lu Xiaofeng?

Right, where is he?

He hasn't come.

It's true.

No, he should come.

When we were at his place.

Didn't he say this secret

...was related to Chieftain Wang?

See who is with him!



Except an effeminate youth.

What are you talking?

That is the illustrious...

head of Bai Yuan Temple.

Bai Yuan Temple?

Go and check the temple right now.

Lu Xiaofeng must be related to
Bai Yuan Temple.

Strange, there's no one here.

Who's throwing the gold pieces in here.

See where they're coming from.

Let's go.

There is a lot of gold down there.

Gold pieces.

He asked me to do that.

You dare to move.

How come you are here?

Never mind. Go to the Forbidden City

Ye Gucheng and Shimen Chueishiue
are having a duel.

If anything happens

...kill the fake Ye first

I understand.

What is it?

Someone wants to see you.

Who are you?


He is son of the late king;

The true prince and your younger brother.


How come I have a brother!

What do you want with me?

It's a crime to enter the palace
at this hour!

The transgressor should be beheaded.

Now you...


Now the trespasser is you

...because now this room belongs to me.

What impertinence! Wang, escort him out

...and execute him at dawn

I believe that would be inappropriate!

Royal Guards.


You forget

I trained these guards.

As for the other guards...

they have been lured away from the palace.

What... what do you want?

Nothing much.

Just to change the emperor.


I have long heard that inside the palace

...are four skilled martial artists.

They are actually the followers of
Kung Chi Yu.

Skilled in the arts.

They are really good.

You have walked right into our trap.

Ye Gucheng.

Little did I expect can be here

I heard you are a hero.

How come you got involved...

in such a treacherous deed?

Winner takes all.

Nobody knows yet who is the king

I suspected...

the martial artists would be
highly skilled.

But the lord of Bai Yuan Castle
would be even better.

So it takes someone like Ye Gucheng
to kill you.

Ye, have I wronged you?

I never kill for revenge

...but this time it's different

I kill you precisely for a past favor.

What impertinence!


Lu Xiaofeng.

You are good.

Lu Xiaofeng is really at Bai Yuan Temple.

You still dare to move!

Haven't you noticed...

how I have used my finger to
clamp your sword.

What is this all about?

All my life

except for the swords of Shimen and Ye

I dare not to...

clamp against anyone's sword.

Unless he...

He... is not Ye Gucheng.

You scum.

Come on, show your true self.

What's going on?

That is a false Ye Gucheng.


He is not Ye Gucheng.

Of course not.

As you mentioned, he is...

the swordsman of the Holy water peak.

Ye Gucheng.

This is the highlight of your life.

Your sword commands the empire...

to change its destiny

I have never killed...

an unarmed man

I have to make an exception today

I dare to...

move against anyone's sword

except for your...

flying goddess technique.

Lu Xiaofeng, how come you're here?

I have come to save you.

Save me?

You have been used as a traitor...

and don't know it yourself!

I heard them myself.

He... and he.

After he has been crowned the king...

this will be ruled by lama clans.


Chieftain Wang, what is all this about?

Please... let me explain.

How come you're here as well?

Fire... help put it out!

Let's go.

You want to go?

I am sorry your highness is alarmed.

Take down the assassin.





As long as I am here

...no one touches Ye Gucheng.

So you're Shimen Chueishiue.

How dare you go against the king's decree?

You are king...

only because you were born so.

You are nothing special.

That's why you can only rule...

common people;

And maybe some corrupt officials.

But for someone like Ye

...you cannot rule over him.

If you don't believe me
call your men to attack.

See if he will win...

our two swords.

No, you should say two swords

...plus my hands!

Lu Xiaofeng, you...


But I am their good friend.

Ye, the snow is letting up.

This matter should be over.

Spring should have came to the
Bai Yuan castle.

You should go back.

What? After what has happened today

...how can I go back

...and face my friends?

If I go back...

I should go with them to the Lama clan.

Why did you lie to me?

Why did you pick me of all people?

I said it is not good...

if one is too famous.

A goat is captured for its horns.

An elk is killed because the musk
is valuable.

According to you, I'd be luckier

...if I were an ordinary man;

And I certainly wouldn't be used to
usurp throne

...and challenge Shiman!

You're right.

The guards at the northern palace
are still there.

It looks like our duel...

should continue.


What are you saying?

There are lots of people...

at the northern part of the palace.

They sure are eager to see our duel.

Let us not disappoint them

I have a wish

I want to know if my flying goddess

can beat your...

swaying sword.


I admire you

...and I cannot fight you face to face

I have thought of this.

Lu Xiaofeng, as soon as we have
exchanged a technique

...please take down the
other paper circle.

This way whenever he attacks

...he won't see me

I know.

Please... then, attack!

Ye, why did you pick me?

Why me?

I didn't pick you.

We are both unfortunate...

to be so famous.

Your martial arts skills are superb.

People like you...

are destined to be used.

He is right.

Sometimes when you kill

...you may not be cruel.

To someone who wants to die

...this is mercy.

Let me strike first.

You have no heart to strike.

You can deceive anyone...

but me.

Brother Shimen.

Won't you fulfill...

my last wish.

Alright then!

Let's fight

I'll always remember this fight.

Brother Ye, forgive me.


Lu, please take down all paper circles.


Take them all down.

Brother Shimen,

now we can continue to fight...

without stopping.

The snow is cold, while two heroes fight.

Those who are famous fighters have
their own plight.