Duel en ville (2009) - full transcript

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- How long do I have?
- For the 8.15pm train... An hour?

- Any later is risky.
- OK.

Forget my mobile number?

I won't see you for 3 days.
it's much too long.

- You know, you could have warned me.
- I couldn't.

- Oh, sweet Lord.
- You can wait.

I was planning to have a bath.
That's your punishment.

That's why you came without
warning. To catch me out?

What's all this?

You swore you'd stop,
for God's sake!

But isn't that what turns you on?
Otherwise you'd have married me.

Stop it! Stop!


Be right there.

I'll fetch you a shirt from the car.
Don't touch anything.




Stop messing around!

Hey, come here!

Madras, come here!

Madras, come here! Now!



Come here. Madras!


Claire, it's me.
I've arrived safely.

I'm holding up.

I'm holding up.

I'll call you later to tell you...
to tell you more.

I love you.


Lieutenant Konygnski?

Ah, no... Sorry.

That's me. Hello.

Captain Robicheaux.
Follow me?

Did you choose this city
or were you randomly transferred?

- Is that an important question?
- No.

Mind if I drive?

- Why? Because I'm a woman?
- No, I get carsick otherwise.

It's your choice.


Here. I think
it's an open and shut case.

Ah, yes. Lieutenant Konygnski...
He just joined us.

We'll do a post mortem,
but it looks like suicide by hanging.


Send everything to the lab.

- Is there a problem?
- No.

Just being observant.


OK. I'll send people over.

- Lefébure!
- Yes?

The Jewish cemetery's
been desecrated. Badly.

- I'm sending you.
- And you? Why aren't you going?

The post mortem. the parents...

I can handle that. if you like?
That's why I'm here.

Very well.
Let's go, Lefébure.


Yes, thank you for letting me
know, Chief Inspector.

Keep me posted.
They found the young girl.

- It was an accident.
- Not her.

I'll assume full responsibility.

Joël, mind dropping me off in town?
There's nowhere to park.

Why ever not?
It's on route.

Otherwise I could take the bus,
or walk. I have an hour yet.

Good morning, Mr Mayor.

Initial examinations
revealed no traces of a blow.

The scans showed no fractures,

except for those around the cervix.

There's no blood on her hands,
but not hers as she has no wounds.

We can therefore safely assume
that Nathalie Faure hanged herself.

If I may, you're playing cop
rather than forensics specialist.

Well, you could say
Nathalie Faure's causes of death

are consistent with a case
of strangulation by hanging.

Is that better?

But you've just arrived, of course.
You're not aware of the situation.

Well, 2 weeks ago, Julie Maurel,
a luxury escort, rumour has it,

was found dead in her home,
and I performed the post mortem.

Murder or accidental?

No, continue.
It's interesting.

Well, this young woman,
who's also Julie Maurel's maid,

went missing the same night,
leaving no traces or...

any messages to anyone, and she
left bloody fingerprints everywhere.

And when would this suicide
have taken place?

Well, given the body's condition,
not long after her boss's death.

Further testing would provide
a more accurate timeline.

Would provide?

Well, isn't the case
pretty much closed?

We haven't done the post mortem yet.
Shouldn't we see this through?

Mr and Mrs Faure?

Don't touch me.

Get out.

Get lost.

- This is all that pimp's fault!
- No, Gilbert. No.

This is your fault.
Now get lost.

Get lost. Get lost!

She didn't kill herself.

It was an accident.
Why would she kill herself?

My daughter wasn't like me.

She wanted to get out.

She wanted...

To get out of what, madam?

Gilbert harassed her
constantly and...

He'd scream at her
for the slightest thing.

Then he'd scratch at her door
begging for forgiveness.

- That's how you make people crazy.
- When did you last see her?

The day she went missing
she called me to say goodbye.

She said she was moving to London.
I asked her, ''With what money?''.

She sniggered.

And then said that her father and I
could go fuck ourselves.

Did she mention an incident?

I thought she might try
extorting money from that bitch.

Or try blackmailing her,
I don't know.

Not kill her.
She wasn't like that.

Can I see her?

Good evening, all.

Do we have any newcomers here
this evening? OK, welcome.

You can be a member,
provided you want to stop drinking.

- Do you want to share with us?
- Good evening, everyone.

I'm Alexandre.

I'm from Lyon.
I'm 40 years old. I'm an alcoholic.

And... I'd like to thank you
for welcoming me and...

and helping me to...

to reach
my 372nd day of sobriety.

I... I stopped drinking
the day my wife left me.

It was a bit late,
but that's how it is, and...


Well, I think that...

Well, I... I have a chance to...
Maybe we'll get back together.

I really believe that and...


But it's hard, you know.

It's really bloody hard.



Did you spend all night
on a closed case?

Could you spare me 5 minutes?

2 minutes?

Nathalie called her mother
before visiting Maurel.

- Where did her mobile end up?
- Who cares where it ended up?

What's important is what she said.
She tried getting cash from her boss.

- Julie refused. They argued. End of.
- OK.

Well, assuming she killed
her boss, intentionally or not,

explain why she'd run
15km to hang herself

from Aquitaine bridge
with electric cable,

almost ripping her neck.

She had no mobile, no jewellery,
no girly stuff or bag on her person.

Just an identity card
and some cash.

I don't see your point.
There are prints everywhere.

On the coffee table,
the hallway wall...

- Do you want a signed confession?
- What about Nourredine Belkacem?

- What about Nourredine Belkacem?
- His statement is five pitiful lines.

Maybe he's not bothered
about finding his girlfriend.

Apparently you killed
a colleague in Lyon?

No. Two.

And you were transferred,
not fired?

I wasn't directly responsible
for the deaths of my colleagues.

- Can I be honest?
- If you wish.

- I'd have fired you.
- Same here.

- Nourredine Belkacem?
- Yes?

Have you found Nathalie?

Withholding information!
Letting her sell herself!

- For making Nathalie sell herself!
- OK! I lied.

I took her home, that's all.

We found her yesterday
hanging from Aquitaine bridge,

15km from her boss's villa.

- Right.
- You'd better come with us.

I'm the one
who referred her to Maurel.

Nathalie would do anything
to get away from her parents.


Officially, she was
paid for housework,

but Maurel quickly started
letting her do extras.

- What extras?
- Do you need a diagram?

You didn't mind
her whoring herself

- to put bread on the table?
- Wait. Who do you take me for?

When I saw how much cash
she'd saved, I almost killed her.

I threatened to break up
unless she stopped.

Yeah, then what?

- I'm talking to you.
- Nathalie wanted to move to London.

She knew
where Maurel hid cash.

- Didn't you drop her off?
- I tried stopping her.

Why didn't you say all this
during questioning?

I'd borrowed the BMW.

I'd just lost my girlfriend,
I didn't fancy losing my job.

- Can you describe the other car?
- Yeah.

- A Citroën C6, navy blue or black.
- Navy blue or black?

I don't know.

A high-end 2007 model.

The driver?

A middle-aged guy, I think.
It all happened so fast.

- Had you seen him before?
- No, but I'd recognise him.

- Proud of yourself?
- It's a job, isn't it?

Any idea how many blue
or black C6s are in this city?

Not that many.
I've got plenty of time.

- Behind the car. He was below.. .
- Can we talk for a second?

- Yeah, hang on.
- Now.


How could you botch
your interrogation with Belkacem?

Botch? He hadn't
seen her for 2 days.

He promised to tell us if she showed up.

- Konygnski's just re-questioned him.
- He's a halfwit.

- If we let him. ..
- That halfwit had Belkacem confess

to driving his girlfriend to Maurel's
the night she died.


You asked me to contact you
with any updates on the Maurel case.

Who's this Konygnski?

Ah, that's good.

Thank you, Daniel.

- Any theories, Lieutenant?
- Personally, I have three.

Either Nathalie killed her boss,
intentionally or not,

and then she hanged herself,
making sure we'd identify her body.

Or she discovered
the dead body, but...

why would she hang herself?

Or she witnessed
Maurel's murder

making hers a second homicide,
disguised as suicide.

We have a motive,
a signature and a suicide note.

Perhaps, but there's sufficient doubt
to justify pursuing the investigation.

- You doubt my competence?
- No. We're alike, Robicheaux.

I like things
to be done by the book.

will you stay a moment?

Thank you, Konygnski.

That guy is a troublemaker.
Let's keep him busy with this case.

However, you'll alert me
of any breach of procedure

we can use
to dismiss him quickly.

- You want me to be a snitch?
- I didn't ask your opinion.

There's a problem, Philippe.

Belkacem went back
on his statement.

- You said he didn't see you.
- He saw the car.

It's enough for them
to make enquiries.

- Let's get rid of it then.
- Eh?

I mean the car.

No, a government vehicle cant just
disappear. It's too late anyway.

I thought... I thought everything
was under control, for heaven's sake.

A new cop's investigating the case.

He's a defector
from the Lyon Crime Squad.

This is him.

His transfer is a result
of disciplinary action

He may get over-zealous.

Holster your weapons safely.

- Not a fan of shooting?
- Not any more, no.

- I love it.
- So I see.


Bruno, I'm busy.

I'm at work.

If you're hungry, open the fridge
and eat. I'm not your bloody maid.

If you're leaving,
get lost already.


Was that your husband?

Got a cigarette, please?

Thank you.

How are you, Mother?

My little boy.

Did you have a wank
thinking about her again?

About her disgusting arse.

Dirty slappers.


You'll see,
when Paul returns,

he'll set you straight
with a good kick up the arse.

All right, Mum.

It'll be all right.


Claire, it's me.

I don't know if you're listening
to this message, but I wanted...

to hear your voice and...

and tell you that...

your voice
is helping me get through

my 373rd day of sobriety.

Your daughter got in
at 3am last night, again.

- She just turned 21, Catherine.
- Yes.

She'll be sitting exams soon.

This can't become a habit.

Have you told her this?

She hasn't
listened to me for ages.


Can't you talk to her for once?

What were you doing at 3am
instead of sleeping?

Joël, stop here please.
I'll... I'll walk the rest.

Wait, Catherine.


I miss Julie, terribly.

- Hey, Jimmy.
- All right?

- Fine. You?
- Colombian for two? Here.

Have you heard?
They found Julie's maid.

Seems she hanged herself
from Aquitaine bridge.

- You don't seem convinced.
- Well, I actually knew her a bit.

And... I don't see her doing that.
It's not her style.

I'm the Mayor.

- Good evening.
- Good evening. How are you?

- Evening.
- Good evening. Nice to meet you.

Sorry. Excuse me.

Good evening.

- Goodbye.
- Where were you last night?

Your mother's livid.

- Good evening.
- How are you?

- I'm livid too.
- Yes, but you understand.

Stop it. You're heading for trouble
at this rate, I'm telling you.

- Make an effort.
- Aren't I right now?

I know it's annoying, but we were
always popular in Buenos Aires.

Stop it, I want to scream.

Come on. I'll introduce you
to the young Argentine.

I think you caught his eye.
Come on.

- Well, you've met my daughter?
- Good evening.

He says you've become
quite stunning.

Ah, excuse me.

- Cut the engine. You OK?
- Yeah, you?

Careful, by midnight,
you'll go nuts on this.

- You could've got here faster.
- All right.

- Thanks, sir. Later!
- You're welcome, miss.


Wait, we have
a real problem, Philippe.

Even our electorate
are complaining.

Any suggestions?

Double the pace with two night teams
to reduce traffic in rush hour.

- What about noise pollution?
- Yes. Wait. . .


Yes... OK.

Villecresnes is already
at Saint Benoît.

- He didn't waste time.
- Not with his 5-point lead.

After the desecration of twenty
Jewish tombs yesterday morning,

today it was Saint Benoît church
that was the target for desecration,

During morning prayer, several men
in balaclavas burst into the nave.

Several injuries have been reported.


This is the result of the soft
policies of the city authorities.

As of today... Ah!


First the vile desecration
of the Jewish cemetery,

and now that
of our most beautiful church.

Must people die in order for
the city authorities to finally act?

Must people die in order for
the city authorities to finally act?

I'm counting on you,
in 2 weeks,

to put a stop to these
failed policies by voting for me.

- Ah, there he is
- Mr Mayor!

Why haven't you enforced the law
in the Islamic community?

You want civil war?

- Mr Mayor?
- Wait...

These unspeakable acts...

unspeakable acts must be
punished with the utmost severity.

But... but within the strict confines
of the laws of the French Republic.

I therefore appeal
to your sense of responsibility

to absolutely avoid falling into...

into the trap of hysteria,
ladies and gentlemen.

Mr Mayor?

I'd like to... I...


I'll make sure that our city,
that my city,

does not succumb to anarchy,
violence and chaos.

That's all. Thank you.
Thank you. Father...

- Will you answer Mr Villecresnes?
- What about security measures?

Police! Freeze! Freeze!

- What's happening?
- Police operation. Everyone down.

- You can't interrupt prayer.
- Like at Saint Benoît?

Respect our holy place.

Scrawling Allah Akbar on the altar,
you call that respect?

Take everyone in!

Let's go!

Hey, Kool Beer.

What's going down?

They've nicked
the fucking mujahedeen.

- What do you care?
- It's bad for business.

- Business... Yeah. Can I go up?
- Yeah, go ahead.

Several witnesses saw
three males leaving the church.

One of them
matches your description.

What did they see?
An Arab, was it?

My colleagues found leaflets
calling for jihad at your place.

Is that another bad lead?

I did 6 months for that shit,
I'm unshakable.

That's luxury compared to what
you'll get for the tombs and church.

- Except I wasn't in the damn church.
- No? Asleep, were you?

No, I was with
my parole officer. Happy now?

Want his number?

The night of 11th and 12th,
what were you doing?

Fucking your sister.
She's good in the sack, tell her.

- What's the latest?
- We can keep them 3 more hours,

- but there's no proof they're guilty.
- Fine, release them.

- We can't let the estates flare up.
- It's complicated, Mr Mayor.

The media's whipped it up.

Their release may provoke
anger from the far right,

who'll love the chance
for a bit of pre-election racism.

Right, you have nothing on them?
So release them, Legrand.

Regarding the Maurel case,
to keep you informed...

One of my investigators
has discovered new evidence,

which somewhat weakens
the suicide hypothesis.

I couldn't stop him
following his instincts,

even though it's annoying
for everyone.

No one is asking you to,
Chief Inspector.

What are the police doing?
What are the police doing?

What are the police doing?
What are the police doing?

Excuse me.


It's Gilbert Faure.
Nathalie's father.

Listen, Mr Faure,
I know what you're thinking.

- It wasn't my fault. I loved her.
- That's nothing to do with it.

I have a favour to ask.

Nathalie's funeral is in 2 days,

and we don't have any recent
clothes for her, you see?

Yes, I've put her things
in her suitcase.

- I could bring them to the shop?
- No, it'll upset my wife.

- Do you know the Oasis?
- Yes, it's close to my place.

At 10pm.

I'll be there.


Who is this?


Apparently the beardies will
celebrate their release at the Oasis.

I miss her too.

At least I benefited
from your guilt.

What are you on about?

You haven't come
to my room for 2 weeks.

2 weeks.

Does it mean nothing to you?

You're talking nonsense.

She's dead, Philippe,
but I'm not.

Oh, fuck! Fuck!

Stop! Stop!

Get out! Get out!

You have to help!

They're killing everyone!
You have to stop them!