Due Season (2022) - full transcript

After being accepted into the conservatory of her dreams, Vicky Waters must win a competition to stay, but to do so he'll need a secret weapon: Gospel Music.

I wanna be free.

Driving back in a western..

I wanna, I wanna,
I wanna, with you.

I wanna be free.

Driving back in a western..

I wanna, I wanna,
I wanna, with you.

You're gonna do great.

Dad, you ain't
supposed to be back here.

I couldn't let you go
on stage without this.

Aw, Dad, I can't wear
that until I get in.

It's bad luck.

I hope you don't mind.


This came today.

What is this?

No way.

Shut the front door!

I got accepted?

Yes, baby girl.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, OK.

Can we afford this?

Can we afford this?

Don't you worry about that.

Your future has always been
my mission and nothing else.

Dad, I promise you, when I get
famous, I'm gonna pay you back.

Baby girl, this is not
about fame or fortune.

It's about you.

This is what that's about.

Dad, Dad, you're
getting blood on it.

You're getting blood on it.

You're getting blood on it.

I'm not as coordinated
as I used to be.

Oh my gosh.

I'm proud of you.

You have a gift unlike
anything I've ever had.

Now, use it.

Love you, Dad.

Graduates, taking the
stage to perform Whitney

Houston's classic hit song...

Let's go.

"I'm Every Woman."

You know, that's one of
my my favorite songs.

I was vacationing when it
first came out in Cancun

with my beautiful bride.

And this music...

overtook us in a way that...

All right, all right, sir.

Thank you, sir.

I got that.

Well, please welcome the
captain of the glee club,

the senior sing
off state champion,

your very own Vicky Waters!

I'm every w...

Call 911!

Call 911

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

I believe the storm
will soon be over.

I believe...

Vicky waters.

The rain will go away.

Vicky waters.

Vicky Waters.

You have a gift

unlike anything I've ever had.

Vicky Waters.

Now, use it.

Vicky Waters.

Vicky Waters.

Vicky, they called your name.

Go on.

Does your dad need
copies of these?

My dad's... oh, that's my uncle.

He's a hunk.

A hunk of what?

Just take these down the hall
to admissions, and you're done.

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh!

You're good.
You're good.

It's crazy.

Thank you.
Carry on.

Thank you.

It's crazy.

Come in.

Can I help you?

So I see you got the memo.

You got jokes?

Yo, that was Sir the Baptist?

Better known as the Bryan Moore.


He adjuncts here.


So you mean I could actually
be in a class taught by him?

Mm, it depends on
how good you are.

The Bryan Moore?


He's teaching college kids?

Well, you know he
doesn't just teach.

Mr. Moore completely
transformed our school

into an international
music school where

everybody wants to
come, especially

those of the female persuasion.

You a student?

Yeah, Cyrus.

But everybody calls me Junior.

OK, Vicky.

I'm a sophomore.


I was sent down here by cougar.

Everybody knows who
you're talking about too.

- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.

Like, is she the reason why
it's so old school in here,

with the forms and
photos and everything?

No, mm-mm.

Is there an app?


Chancellor Davis likes to
keep things old school.

Is part of the
allure of Prestige.

I mean, looking around,
and you see everything

here is state of the art.

Everything except
for us laborers.

Is that Jocko over there?



Slow down, OK?

Those celebrities just come
out to crown the winner.

Is that the winner?


He's opening up
for Major Life now.

One Music Fest, and
this is what happens.


This is not about fame.

For sure.

Gotta be in it to win it.


Um, you actually skipped
a part on section 3.


Um, hang tight.

Mitch, I know, man.



One of the celebrity
judges for the sing off.


Get out of here, yo.

I'm looking
at the paperwork right now.

It's a chance to take this back.


Wait, he showed you?

Well, he asked me to make
some copies, and I read them.

All right, you shouldn't
be telling people.


You're my only friend,
so don't worry.

I think the secret is safe.


For the last time, we were
orientation partners, OK?

That was the extent
of our friendship.

Now, stop yapping about Geo
before you get in trouble.

I'm his student liaison.

I can't get in trouble.

Oh my god, he's coming.



Bustling with activity.

What a special place.

Listen, Mitch.

Do you know why you were
selected for this position?

Hard work?


Because you follow the rules.

So the next time I hear
of you leaking information

about the Music Fest, well,
you'll be singing wee,

wee, wee all the way home.

Yes, sir.


I just got excited.

You see, Prestige was
built on a foundation

of honor and character.

Schools around the nation...

Well, they have
lowered their bars,

sacrificing their standards.

But not here.

You see, for 200 years,
our musical elite

has passed the torch.

And now it's my job to
carry it, to protect it,

and to pass it on to
the next chancellor.

So you see, there's no room for
anything less than excellence.

It was so nice to meet you.

Very nice meeting
you, and good luck.

Thank you.



You're back early.


How was the tour of the campus?

It was incredible.

Sir the Baptist adjuncts there.

Can you believe it?

After two years at the
JC, you were right.

I'm ready.

Uncle Blake's here.

Oh my god.

It's good to see you, Vicky.

You too.

What is going on here?

We were just discussing
needs for the house.

Nothing's definite yet.

Your Uncle Blake
walked by the sign,

said we could
discuss a possibility

of selling the house.

Baby, I can't afford this house
without your father being here.

It's overwhelming.

Vicky, baby, come on in here.

Now, look.

There's some things you
don't need to worry about.

We've got this.

Blake, I've known you
since you were Vicky's age.

And the only time you
show up around here

is if I'm cooking a chicken
or baking a bundt cake.


And I ain't never seen you
leave a cookie untouched,

not even after Robert's funeral.

So what's itching you?

There's an issue with
Robert's insurance.

No, don't know
tell me that, Black.

You advised us to dip
into the little bit

that we have for
Vicky's education

until the insurance
claim was processed.

Yes, I know what I advised.

But there was a wrinkle.

A wrinkle?

The claim was denied.

- What?
- What?

Oh, lord.



That's an earthquake.

Can they do that?

Unfortunately, yes.

It's a preventive death clause.

Robert's clause was
contingent on him

getting a yearly
physical, not a biannual.

The adjuster, he checked
his medical records

and saw that he'd seen the
doctor one day too late.

Nah, nah, nah.

You told me this was taken
care of at the funeral.

You told me everything
was gonna be all right!

I was wrong.


Look, the adjuster, he
went through the files.

He started Robert had
went to the doctor,

and his policy expired one day
before the biannual physical.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Blake, I never thought you
would come into this house

with that kind of news.

You think this is
easy for me, Ken?

Look, Robert was my brother too.

OK, everybody.

All right.

We must appeal.

Gwen can call and
request an appeal packet.

But you've got to be aware
that this process isn't fast.

OK, I get it.

So that for sale sign...

That was an idea in your
head all along, huh?

No, no.

It is my job to take care
of my brother's family.

This is what you call
taking care of, Blake?


I'd hate to see you the
way you treat your enemies.

This is so upsetting.

Blake, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

We'll be in touch.




You have every right
to feel the way you do.

I wanted to go there more
than anywhere else in the world.

I can't do that to Mom.

My world is crashing down.

And we might be moving.

It's not over, baby girl.

And no one is moving.

Prestige is all that, Uncle Ken.

Besides, you've seen the school.

It wouldn't even put
a dent in the tuition,

and school start soon.

There's no time.

OK, look.

You've already done two years.

Why don't we just go ahead
and finish what you started.

Yeah, yeah.

When's that, huh?

Uncle, I don't want to
be your age reminiscing

on what could have been.

And the only way for me
to create that network

is at Prestige.

You know it, and I know it.

Well, MJ didn't go to prestige.

And despite what you said,
despite your words being

hurtful, I think it's true.

The industry is
different nowadays.

Look at me, Unc.

Women are changing the culture.

And I must be where the
culture changes itself.

And that's Prestige.

So it's about who you know?


This morning, I was on
the path to be a star.

But now, mm.

Vicky, your dad always
taught you that it's

not about fame or any of that.

It's about investing
in your future.

It's about doing what you love.

Well, Unc, one, he's not here.

And two, he left nothing.

I mean, you heard Mom.

You heard Grandma.

Look at our house, Uncle Ken.

Trying to keep up
with the Joneses.

Look, I understand
your being angry.

But your dad did leave
us with something.


Nothing ever got him down.

And he never let
anything get in his way.

Vicky, please remember that.

Well, spirit don't pay no bills.

And now you
only see me in my victory.

But when you feel...

Here you go, baby.

I brought you some tea.

Go on and drink that.

Thank you.

The lord spoken for me.

And I

How are you doing, Gwen?

Do you miss Robert?

Well, of course I do.

Then how come you never
seem sad about losing them?

Well, he wouldn't want us to be.

Did you see the way Blake
was looking at those flowers?

You know, he thinks
you're going crazy.

At the moment, I don't
care what Blake thinks.

My daughter is lost, and
so am I without Robert.

I just can't...

I just can't bring myself
to clean him up because...

Because of what?

Because then he'd
be really gone.

Well, Gwen, he is gone.

His body's gone, but his spirit,
his spirit is still here.

And if you clean up those
flowers, you can move forward.

How can you just turn it off?

It's not about
turning it off, Gwen.

It's about turning it up.

Turning it up to God, honey.

Why when things go wrong do
people always say go to church?

Robert left us with a mess.

I mean, look at all of
these bills and everything.

I mean, you more than anybody
else should know that.

Now, Gwen, Gwen, this
might look like a mess to us.

But to him, no, it's going
in perfect order, exactly

as planned.

How do we explain this to Vicky?

I know y'all
hadn't been to church

with me since Vicky was little.

Now, come on, listen to me.

Maybe it's time to
dust off that Bible

and let God reveal it to Vicky.

Bring some balance
back in his home.

When her first puppy
died she didn't come up

from that basement for a week.

Now that her plans for going
to Prestige have evaporated,

you think she gonna come rushing
up them stairs to go to church?

Oh, I'll get her up.


Same way I used to
get Robert out of bed

as a kid to go to service.

Oh, honey, grandma got this.

He's my doctor in the sick room,

he's my lawyer in the courtroom.

He's the boss in the board room,
the last thing I'm gonna let

you do is keep him in church.

Grandma, is that
French toast I smell?

Isn't this your
favorite breakfast?

Of course it's French toast.

Come on in here.

Yes, thank you, Grandma.

Oh, you're welcome, baby.

Now, eat up and get cleaned up,
because we're going to church.


Grandma, I love
your French toast,

but I'm not going to church.

Why not?

Because I'm not in the mood.

My life just got destroyed
for a second time.

I'm upset.

That's good, because
that's the perfect time

to lean on God.

Now, go on and eat up.

I'll eat, but I'm
not going to church.

Girl, I just spent a whole
hour pulling that breakfast

together for you.

I know you got an hour to
accompany me to church,

or else I'm gonna us
this spoon to crack it

over that little
lazy behind of yours.

Yes, ma'am.

But you'll never
get mom to come.

Oh, really?

It was your mama's idea.

You better get your
Sunday best on real

quick, because we're going to
church today and praise him.

You so amazing, my God.

You are so amazing, my God.

You are so amazing.

In order for us to genuinely

be blessed by God, like Jacob,
we've got to wrestle with God.

Interesting, Jacob
wrestles with the Lord

and he wrestles all night and
the day is about to break.


And as the day approaches, the
angel says to Jacob, let me go.

And Jacob says, I
want you to bless me,

so I'm not going to let go.

Come on here,
until you bless me.

Now, the angel now does
something and flips the script.

He says to Jacob, all right,
since you want a blessing,

let me ask you a question.

What is your name?

Now, you've got to
understand something,

the last time somebody
asked Jacob his name,

he lied and he said
he was somebody else.

And so all the things that have
happened to him from the point

that he lied about
his name to this point

has happened under
false pretenses.

He's been living under
somebody else's identity.

But in order to get
the breakthrough

that you really need, you got
to own who you really are.

And so the angel said I can
bless you, I will bless you.

But before I do, you
got to say your name.

If we're going to get from
God what God wants us to have,

we've got to own
who we really are.

And so the angel says,
what is your name?

And he says wow, he has
to go back to first base

and he has to admit my
name is Jacob, which

means trickster, schemer, liar.

But what I like about God
is that once I acknowledge

who I am, he changes my name.

I just wonder has God ever
changed anybody's name?

I know you were a liar,
but now you are true.

I know you were darkness,
but now you are light.

You are not what
they say you are.

Baby, you ain't even
what you say you are.

You are what God says you are.

I wish the church
would say Amen.



Put your hands together now
and let's receive our youth

pastor, Brother.

What a word from our pastor.

Because you give me joy,

down deep in my soul,
down deep in my soul,

down deep in my soul.

Yes, you give me joy down
deep in my soul, down deep

in my soul, down
deep in my soul.

My God, Nehemiah 8 and 6 "And
Ezra blessed the Lord, thy God."

And the people of
God answered, Amen."

Come on, make this your
response to whatever it is.

From the healing of your body,
to the raising of the dead.

No matter how you're feeling,
or how your world is reeling,

battle through the night,
because you're going to win,

you're going to win this fight.

Amen, Amen, Amen.


I'm here to see Junior.

In all my years working
here, you're the first one's

ever came this early.

Look, I know
probably about 8:00

it's going to be hundreds
of students waiting out here

for scheduling questions.

I just need to see
him for a minute.

You're a student?

I'm trying to be.

Side door, building A.

Thank you.

If you get caught, wasn't me.

Thank you so much, thank you.

Hey, good luck.

Yes, sir.

You guys are flat.

Hold it tight right there.

Every head has to be tilted
at 100 degree angle in order

to maximize key.

I believe you're at 95.

Try it again.

Oh, love.

That's better, much better.

Your body has to
know this position.

It has to come natural.

Touch your throat, and you
can feel it when you sing.

I'm not doing that.

That was disgusting.

Remember our creed.

True musicians do
everything to support music,

is that understood?

I'm sorry.

Now, touch your
throats and try it again.


Yo, freshman, what
are you doing in here?

Junior, you scared me.

Well, you can't be
in here, all right.

Neither can I. Come on.

Listen, I need your help.

With what?

I need a scholarship.

And I need a million bucks, OK.

I just process the
paperwork, Vicky.

I don't actually
do scholarships.

Those are the trustees
and Chancellor Davis.

Four per year, they've
already been given

out, except for Music Fest.

The Music Fest?


It's my only shot at getting in.

What happened?

I thought you were all in.

Not anymore.

Listen, you said it, the
path to my music career

leads right through Prestige.

But Music Fest is
only for fraternities.

Well, you have to...

I know, Mr. Moore's
frats always win.

But listen, I can beat them.

I'm like Missy
Elliott, only better.

All right, listen, Vicky,
you can't compete solo.

All right, you have
to be in a fraternity,

and you're a girl, so
it's not going to work.

I'll start one.

It can't be that hard.

You're not even a
Prestige student yet.

You wouldn't know
how to do that.

Now come on, I've
got to get some work.

Wait, what if I'm in transition?

It will never work, and you'll
be trying to scam the system.

Junior, that's why
I need your help.

I'm not going to
be part of this.

Now, let's go.

V, we already talked about this.

That's why I need your help.

Can you meet me
tonight after work?

I have nothing to
lose but to just try.

But I do.

Look, man, when my pops
passed all of my options

died with him, and I need this.

You're not in my shoes.

You're not.

I worked my butt
off to get here,

and I won't put myself on
Chancellor Davis' hit list.

Look, you have no idea
what you're up against.

You can't beat the system.

No frat, no entry, and I
can't take that chance.

Yeah, I guess it's always
the system when you're

on the outside looking in.

But I need this, Junior.

I'm sorry, V. I got to go.

Admissions, this is Junior.


Have the final
applications gone out?

Yes, sir, this morning.



Somewhere in that group
is the next big star.

What if the next big
star is in this school?

I beg your pardon?

Like a person with natural
talent, but no tuition money.

I don't need your
additional help,

and we don't need any
more broke students here.

That's not how I built this.

No, no, no, what I...

Na, na, na, the only
reason you are here

is because you accepted the
job to pay off your debt.

I just meant what if we
missed out on the chance

to bring in a true star.

We... we... we?

This school is a system, it
has and will continue to be.

Now, the alum, they
pay me good money

to keep the system in place.

Anything that goes against
the grain, I squash them.

Nobody but Jesus.

If your feet start slipping...

Who is it this time of night?


Hey, is Vicky here?

Then you have to arrange
a meeting with GLO

to declare your intent
to start that chapter.

Wait, hold on,
fraternities are for men

and sororities are for women.


My plan, you're in
transition, right?

Let's go along with that.

Go along with what?

I'm in transition.


My mama will kill me, Junior.

Isn't there a process for
people that are in transition?

No, thought about this, too.

You're going to
go to your closet

and dress down, like
all the way down.

And through this
process, you'll start

to feel and act more like a
tomboy, just until Music Fest,


GLO is Greek Life
Obviously, right?


And there's one on campus.

Then you'll have to
draft up a Constitution

and bylaws for your sor...

Fraternity, in this case.

And well, just get
a vote to pass them.

Can't we just move forward?

I just want to perform and sing.

If it was that easy then
everybody would be doing it.

OK, look, I came here
with a plan, sort of.

OK, all right,
I'm in transition.


Wait, hold on, let me
hear you sing something

before we go any further.

Hmm, OK.

People dying,
people killing, people riding,

people stealing.

And I don't know what it is,
something's got to change.


That just might work.

Well, all right, if it's that
easy then, you know, I can.

And if I'm the only one
in it I can win Music

- Fest.
- Mm-hmm.

Get a scholarship.


Then become famous.

It sounds like you've got
it all mapped out, freshman.

You don't need my help.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
come on, where are you going?

Chancellor Davis was right.

People just trying
to turn the system.

Don't do that.

Come on, Junior.

OK, first of all, I came
here not to make you famous,

but to help you win
that scholarship.



And I forgot the Music
Fest is male driven,

but I mean, things in
motion just stay in motion.

Who said women can't win anyway?

Who made those stupid rules up?

Chancellor Davis.

I've never been
on the front line of war.

Look, I've got
to do this, Junior.

So many women are counting
on the rules to be changed.

So transitioning it is.

I won't say a word to anyone.

I never hung a
missile, high in the sky.

I need to figure out what
I'm gonna write for my speech.


I'm just playing.

Better be.

Running for their lives.

Why... why did
you do this for me?


I mean, I never would have
found any of this information

and all.

Like, why are you helping me?


I mean, he's just
such a... you know,

I just want to see him squirm.


You're helping me
because of Davis?


See, you're no dear friend.

These bylaws and rules,
they are for men.

No, it's not.

Not women.

It's more than that, OK.

Chancellor Davis will never
allow anyone to do anything

unless it's under his terms.

There's no wiggle room.

Besides, I saw your file.

You don't have a
lot of time, and I

want to see you stick
it to Chancellor

Davis and his system, shoot.



Honestly, I thought you
were part of his system too,

but I guess I was wrong.


- You like me, don't you?
- What?

No, I like working in the...
Yeah, right.

No, I work...

OK, look, I work in
the admissions office

in order to make, you
know, tuition and continue

going to this school.

Look, it's like you said,
OK, Prestige is a world

renowned school, you know.

I do wish I could stick it to
him the way you do, though.

But look, there's not
a lot of time, OK,

and you're going to need all
the help in short fashion

that you can get.

Now, go forth and start your
one man woman fraternity.

Get yourself into
Prestige, girl.

A one man fraternity.

Hey, hey.

There is no such thing.

This is my Uncle Ken.

Hello, sir.

It's good to meet you.

All right.

How much did you hear?

Every last word,
especially that one

man fraternity business.

Oh, here we go.

Not another story.

Now, according to
your documents there,

a fraternity is
defined by a group

of individuals coming together
to share a common interest.

Well, a fraternity is
way more than that.

A fraternity is a...
It's a brotherhood.

It's a network of boys coming
together to become men.

He's right.

You need at least two people
to start a fraternity.

It says it right
here, and one of them

have to be a current student.

So can you and I do it together?

Vicky, you are not listening.


Women join sororities.

Frats are for the bros.

He's right.

I can't join a fraternity.

But Junior is the only
current student I know.

So OK, so you mean I have
to find a guy on campus

with no friends of his
own and willing to start

a frat with a total stranger?

I mean, is there really anybody
at Prestige that pathetic?

I might just have
somebody pathetic in mind.

OK, so you're
actually going to go

through with this wacked idea?

Yeah, Unc.

I mean, come on, you
cannot tell my mother about

this unless you got
some money buried

in the backyard somewhere.

I don't know nothing,
I didn't hear nothing.

And when the ship
comes crashing in,

you keep my name
out of your mouth.

Hey, I got you, OK.

You won't have to
worry about me, Unc.

Crossing guard?

He's a student
and a great singer.

He's a student liaison, which
basically makes him Chancellor

Davis' personal caddy.

Then why is he
wearing a reflective vest?


And stopping cars.


Because of his association
with Chancellor Davis,

everybody calls him
Mitch the Snitch.

Mitch the Snitch!
Mitch the Snitch!

So he volunteers
for all this extra stuff

to make friends.

It's not working.

It's crazy.


I posted messages
all over social media

for Prestige students,
you know, letting them

know I'm starting a new frat.

Got no takers.

Think he'll go for this?

Without a doubt.

He'd climb into a
tree if he thought

the girls would like him.

Whatever it takes.

All right,
so just stick to the plan.

So, Mitch, did you
get the message?

What do you think?

Yeah, sure, I'm in.



Do I sign these or?

Just the registration form.

We'll turn it in
at the GLO office.

Cool beans.

I'm finally going
to be in a frat.

When do we get matching tattoos?

All right, do you have
any real questions, Mitch?

I don't think so.

This is going to look
good on my resume

once it's time for Chancellor
Davis to pin somebody.

Oh my gosh, dude,
will you drop that?

That whole pin thing
is an urban legend, OK.

Uh-uh, it's real.

What pin?

OK, rumor has it that
Chancellor Davis has

this solid gold pin
that he uses to name

the next student headmaster.

This is like being named
student council president.

It gives you authority over
the entire student body.

It's real, and someday
it's going to be mine.

Oh, I'd do anything
to get that pin.

Sure, the only thing
is nobody's ever seen it.

The last time he allegedly
named a student headmaster

was, like, eight years ago.

But the geeks believe
in it like it's the Loch

Ness Monster or something.

FYI the Loch Ness
Monster is real.

Point proven.

Look, Mitch, is there
anything else that you need

to know about Old Vick here?

I know the basics.

Graduated of Glen Valley,
honor roll, lives on prospects,

single family home, plays
piano and string instruments,

but specializes in singing.

Lost her dad, being raised
by your mother, uncle,

and grandmother.

The system has
Vicky as Victoria.

I'm in transition.

I know you're in transition.

Wait, was it something I said?

Bro, I'm trying to
figure out how are you...

How did you know all that?

Yeah, Mitch, how did
you know all of that?

I read everything.

And when Junior said
I'd be meeting you,

I looked at your file
when I was making copies.

He asked for your app and
transcript a few days ago.

Oh gosh.


Did you just say what I
just think you just said?

So the chancellor
is interested in me?

Oh, I'm so in.

Stop smiling.

That's not a good thing.

If he's seen your file, and he...

Knows you're in
transition, he will

deaden this before we start.


Being on Chancellor
Davis's radar

is like having a
drone above your head.

At any moment, a boom, a precise
missile strike can happen.

Listen, Mitch, you need to make
those files disappear, man.

Wait, what did I do
to get on his hit list?

That's the thing,
nobody ever knows.

But if Chancellor Davis feels
like you're not Prestige

material then he starts
to coordinate his MO

and for a full annihilation.

It's not uncommon for
him to check for the files

of incoming freshmen.

He likes to keep his fingers on
the pulse of the student body,

considers it shaping
the Prestige mold.

Yeah, the same
way the Terminator

has full knowledge of
the human body in order

to make him a more
effective killing machine.

Did you know that Junior's
major is musical theater?

All right, man.

He's an actual drama queen.

OK, dude, calm down.

Tried and true in the flesh.

Don't listen to him,
all right, he's crazy.

Don't let him scare you.

Listen, I don't
know who to believe,

but I have nothing to lose.

So Mitch, if you're
in, let's do it.

Let's do it, brother.

You might want to get
these nails cleaned up.

Mitch, just have that
file back to us, OK?

I'm so worth it.

I have been waiting for you.


Dang, you tall.

Are you trying to be on a
basketball team or something,

be my center?


Don't have one.

Alpha Chiro.

Yeah, they don't
exist on campus, right?

That's correct.

Good, good, good, good,
Kevin, stand taller.

Joe, project without
screaming, all right.

From the diaphragm,
here, let's try it again.

I'll make love to
you, like you want me to.

Excellent, excellent.

You guys sound great.

Listen, I hope you're
ready, because you're

going to be closing
out the Music Fest

this season with a big finale.

Be sure not to disappoint.

OK, let's try it again.

I'll make love to
you, like you want me to.

These guys are ready.

Let me talk to you for a second.

Yeah, Brian?

I want my students to
perform without interruptions,

which means I need you to
give them time to perform.

Is that understood?

Yeah, understood.

Music stops and
starts here with me.

Give me time to work with them.

Don't interrupt.

Got you.

Let's take it again.

I'll make love to you.

You know, Mitch, when they build

a skyscraper the first thing
they do is pour the footing.

That's just like a
mound of concrete

that the whole
building rests upon.

Where is my tee?

Sir, sorry, but we ran out.

Well, you know what that means.


Well, that'll
teach you once again

to have my golf bag stocked.

I found out some
interesting information

from a Greek life office.

Seems that there's
been a motion to create

a new fraternity on our campus.

I want the names of
everyone on that list.


Because there hasn't been
a new frat here since 1980s.

There's turbulence in the water.

I can sense it.

Here, I want you to look at
this security camera footage.

Security camera?

I didn't know we had
security cameras.

Oh, there's cameras everywhere.

I just want people to
believe that we're more

traditional than technological.

Meh, his name is Vick.

He's responsible
for the new frat.

How do you know?

Because he tagged
Prestige in all the

the social media the other day.

He's trying to recruit
students for the fraternity.

That kid is public enemy
number one in my eyes.

Now, look, you are
my eyes and my ears,

and you dropped the
ball on this one.

Now, listen, Mitch,
now I know you

had a tough time in
high school, and you're

still having a tough time now.

But let me... let me tell
you a little secret,

so did I when I was younger.

I know it's hard to believe I
was a bit of a nerd, but I was.

And it's kids like Vick
who made my life miserable.

You mean, Black kids?

No, you idiot.

The cool kids will never get
over on me again, nor you.

I am here to protect the
system or it'll go to trash.

Now listen, I need the
names of all those students.

Take them to the
Greek life office

first thing Monday morning.

There's going to be a
change in the GLO policy.

And you know what I realized?

Life is, it's all
about the balance.

It's all about the
push and the pull.

It's, like, like, light to a
bulb, like water to a faucet,

like an itch to a scratch.

Life is really like a pancake.

Sometimes you just got to flip
it up and drop it on down.

And that, that is life.

Bow stage left, bow stage
right, center, good night.

What are you doing here?

What'd you think?



Absolutely amazing.

What could you
possibly need me for?

Well, I can submit
it now for a grade,

or I can wait until you're
here and then we can

work on improving it together.



You need three people
to start a fraternity now.

How did it change?

Chancellor Davis said it
was something that GLO office

wanted to do because some
frat in the '80s was started

and it didn't work out well.
That's garbage.

I never heard about
that in admissions.

He just changed it himself.

But why?

That's how he is, I knew this.

We can't get another
guy to join us.

Besides, finding someone
who isn't already in a frat

is near impossible anyway.

If Chancellor Davis
keep changing the rules

we have no hope, none.

Wait, it's just three people.

It says it right here, in order
to get this out fast and quick

he didn't change
any of the words,

he just changed the number.

So if we can just find one more
person in this whole world,

then boom, we're back on track.

But who?

It's not a matter of fact of
just throwing bodies up there.

We are competing
against some of the best

musical talent in the world.

We need someone who can sing,
someone with a voice that pulls

the emotion from the listener.

Singers that are
going to make you

want to jump out of
your seat and throw

your hands in the air.

But, what are you looking at?

I know that look.

She's got a plan
brewing up in there.

Divine intervention.

I'll praise,
I'll praise our God.

Yeah, I'll praise, his honor,
and all will see our praise.


The more he do it, I love it.

He did it today.

All the time.


Wasn't that a wonderful service?

Of course it was.

Great time.

Yeah, we'll see
you all next Sunday.

See you next Sunday.

All right.

God bless you.

Have a blessed week.

You know something,
I have never in my life

seen Vicky more
excited to go to church

than she was this morning.

Shoot, I didn't even have to
break out my waffle batter.

What's itching you?

Ever since she started
spending time with Junior

I've noticed a change.

You know, start
dressing differently.

It's like her whole attitude
has done an about face.

Something's definitely
up, but as long

as she's going to
church, she's happy,

what more could a mama want?

Well, ain't that the truth?

Mm-hmm, amen.


It's turning around for me.

Oh, I didn't know
I had an audience.

Hey, guys.

What's up.

So did you get a message?

Partying and drinking
aren't really my thing.

No, no, no, no,
it's a music group.

We'll be performing
and singing songs.

The only reason we were
called a fraternity

is so that we can be
eligible to enter Music Fest.

Sounds a little underhanded.

You're not a guy, and you
definitely don't look the part.

No, it's not.

It's totally on the level.

Listen, Vick, I bring
people to Christ through song.

That's my focus.

I wish you all the
best, but we're

on two different journeys.

Truth be told,
I'm in transition.

OK, that's a good start.

Turning a new leaf for God.

Good luck.

What if I told you I could
introduce you to Brian Moore?

Brian Moore?



Well, he teaches
at Prestige, and he's

the host of Music Fest.

I mean, who knows, maybe
he's looking to put

out some Faith based singles.

I mean, just imagine the
exposure for the church.

And the only way
into this competition

is by being in a fraternity?

Yes, sir.

Do I look like I
have time for school

with all my responsibilities
here at the church?

Just think of it more as a
band than a frat, you know.

Pastor, talk about the pastor.

I'm sure... I'm sure your
pastor would love for his youth

pastor to have more education.

Education, yeah.

Should we win.

If I sense anything
underhanded, I'm out.

I'm only doing this to
make music to save souls.



You're not going to regret it.

Hey, Vicky, where are you going?



You got the youth pastor from
the church and other kids

from Prestige downstairs.

What are you trying
to rope them into?

Dad's insurance money is gone,

so I'm gonna solve
the problem myself.

Well, do me a favor,
while you're trying to solve

your problems, make
sure you're not

creating problems for others.

Yeah, you too.


You know what.

Gwen, look, she's just
trying to find her way.

Let her be, just let her be.

This is the hard part
about being a mother,

but I'm gonna fallback
as they say, right?

Fall back.

That's a cool mustache you have.

It's a nice pair
of skinny jeans.

Thanks, but they're not
actually skinny jeans.

They're just too tight on me.

I gained the freshman
five last year,

and oddly enough, a lot
of it went to my legs.

OK, we're all set up.

What are you doing?

Mr. Moore says to tape all
rehearsals so you can not only

play it back to listen
with a fresh ear,

but to see your body
mechanics while singing.

He's right.

So what are we singing?

Got something for you.

Makes me high, one
for the money, two for the ride,

three for
put me into the sunshine.

Dope, old school.

Comes in my back,
so tuck that ass

take her from the back.

MLB from the cradle
to the grave.

What is this?

Music makes me high?

Yeah, what's the problem?

It's secular.

I thought this was
a Christian thing.

No, no, no, no, no,
we're singing pop music.

I'm talking about the
kind of stuff that sells

worldwide and gains attention.

I see.

I'm out of here.

Wait, where are you going?

Come on.

Come on, man.

Come on, bro, don't do this.

Yo, Ty, just give it a try, man.

What's the big deal?

Bro, come on.

I've been given a gift, and
I want to use it properly.

I'm sorry you guys
don't understand that,

but the only reason
I came down here

is because I thought
you were preparing

to sing songs of empowerment,
not evil thinking songs.

Understand something, Ty.

We can't take the
competition on the stage...

Listen, listen, no, no,
no just go with gospel, OK.

Just go with gospel.

OK, OK, all right,
Ty, gospel song it is.




Why the change of heart?

I mean, you're right.

What better opportunity
to get God's message

to a group of college kids?

So let's do it.


When I die, hallelujah
by and by, oh fly away.

Beautiful, beautiful, guys.

That was great.

Vicky, just head up,
looking out here.

Mitch, just stay in
pitch with Ty, OK?

Do whatever he does, simple.

All right, guys,
look at the time.

I got to go.
Same time tomorrow?


Me too.

Look, you did great, OK.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

OK, see you.

Not bad for our first
crack at it, huh?

Are you insane?

We sounded like a Sunday
school choir up there.

We have no chance
of winning this.

This competition is
about the real world.

Nobody ever performs
Faith based music.

Which is exactly why
we're going to do it.

Listen, to get noticed, we
have to do something different.

We have to stand
out from the crowd.

Chancellor Davis is going
to flip his underwear inside

out when he gets wind of this.

Which is exactly why
we're not going to tell

him until we take the stage.

It's going to work, Mitch.

Gospel music, it's stupid.

Bro, between me and you,
I don't buy it neither.

God didn't stop
my dad from dying

and he ain't paying
for Prestige for me.

Look, Ty's a youth
pastor and Junior,

he seems to be buying it.

So I have to play up
the Christian angle

to keep them both on board.

In reality, it's all nonsense.

But for the people who
buy this Christian stuff,

this music gets
them so motivated.

Man, you got to think about
it, the controversy surrounding

a song selection like this
will guarantee the whole campus

will know who I am and
what I've come to do.

Listen, Mitch, when this is
over, we're going to be stars.

And if Davis tries
anything after this,

it's only going to
make us bigger stars.



Come on.

Between me
and you, I don't buy it either.

God didn't stop
my dad from dying

and he ain't paying
for Prestige for me.

Look, Ty's a youth
pastor, and Junior, he

seems to be buying it.

So we have to put up
the Christian angle

to keep them both on board.

In reality, it's all nonsense.

But for the people who
buy this Christmas stuff.

Thank you very much, sir.

There is something
terrible in my golf cart.

I... I was just I...

Take a look, Mitch.

Look, look closer.

What is it?

Mouse droppings.

So all of a sudden we have
rodent problems in our garage.

The thought of a rodent
sneaking around this place

when no one's looking
makes me want to cringe.

I want it killed as
fast as possible.

Then we can go back to normal,
like nothing ever happened.

Because if there's
one thing I hate,

it's a rodent in my presence.


Is uncle Ken working late?

No, he'll be here.

Pull up a chair for him.

Hello, mother.

It looks great.

So mom, if I sit him right here,

Uncle Ken gonna
talk his head off.

But if I sit him over there,
then I'll be too far away.

So I thought about just
flipping or switching

grandma, or bumping her down.

But then if she has
to go to the kitchen

he'll have to squeeze by you.

So I thought about flipping
Uncle Ken and grandma.


But then if he needs
more sauce, it'll be close.

But then he can't
reach the knees.


There's actually
an easy solution.

What is it?

Why don't you sit in dad's seat?


Yes, you, Vicky.

I guess so.


Come here.

Easy, mom, easy.

Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm OK.

Grandma Ro used to tell
me that your father,

the first time I came over for
dinner, he was a nervous wreck.

He set and then reset the
table for like an hour.

He wanted everything
to be perfect.

He was nervous just like you.

I'm not nervous.

I just want everything to be...




Truth is, I didn't
even notice the table.

When the connection
is there, nothing

else matters but the way
they smile when they see you,

the way their brows moves
when they let you know they

interesting, the way
they take in a breath

just before they laugh.

When you find that
person, Vicky,

that plate ain't
gonna even matter.

Ain't that right?

Amen, amen.

OK, here we go,
last but not least.

Oh, look at that.

Some ziti.

Oh, that looks good.

Hey, brother, let's dig in.

This is already so good.

Thank you so much.

Oh, you know, it
needs a little pepper.

Here, take some.

You better not throw
no pepper at nobody.

Come on, that's not
how we treat company.

All right, I'm not gonna
throw it, come on now.

I can look at
Junior and tell he's

a man that knows about things
being thrown around the table.

Am I right, Junior?

Yes, sir, I have four
sisters, so there's

not much I haven't seen
thrown around the room, sir.

You know, I used to date a girl

who had four older sisters.


Longest two days of my life.

Well, Uncle Ken, Junior's
not like your typical Prestige


He's actually normal.

Oh, I beg to differ, Vicky.

If he was normal he
wouldn't be sitting here

at this table with this family.

Oh, stop it.

Uncle Ken.

And look, Junior, don't you
let Ken scare you, you hear?

You know those old
inflatable guys that go up

and down in the used car lots?


Well, he is our version
of that in our family.

I'm retired though.

Well, that's good to know.

So, is Prestige as amazing
as what Vicky tells us?

Probably more so, which is
why I'm sure she has a chance

to win that scholarship.

And Sir The Baptist,
they brought him into...

Uh, baby?


Who's Sir the Baptist?

Oh, Chancellor Davis brought him

in to revamp the music program.

Yeah, him and Chancellor Davis
butt heads from time to time,

but it's all good though.

Thank you for
everything you've done.

Of course, it's my pleasure.

I mean, she belongs there.

The teacher of one of my
performing elective classes,

they said pop stars are
built off of training, God

given talent, and it factor.


I don't know about that,
but Vicky definitely has it.

I can tell from the
first moment I met her.

And all of you know that she's
got the god given talent, so

just with a little
more training,

there won't be no stopping her.

Your family lives in?


Pennsylvania, oh.


Whoa, that's kind of far away.

So you know what, you think
of us as your second family?

That's right.

Thank you, Mrs. Waters.

You're welcome,
anything you need.

You know, there is one thing.

What's that?

You all going to
church tomorrow?

You bet we are.

You think I could come?

Of course, you don't even
have to ask, sweetheart.

That's right, nobody
needs to RSVP to the Lord.



Junior, you sure
you want to do that?

Yeah, I do.

I mean, unless that's a problem.


None, none whatsoever.


Well, it's just the
songs that you, Ty,

and Mitch have been rehearsing
are really inspirational,

you know.

I figured I'd check
them out if I could.

But it's not just going
to be a song service.

It's going to be
another hour of sermon.

That's fine.

I want the full experience.

Well, good, because
our reverend preach.



I'm gonna check him out then.

Folks don't usually
decide when to go to church,

life decides it for them.

What do you mean?

Well, sometimes honey,

people have to hit bottom
before they realize

how important God is to them.

But I tell you this, when they
take God into their lives,

it's the best decision
they can ever make.

Can't nobody
do me like you, Jesus.

Can't nobody do me
like you, Jesus.

Can't nobody do
me like the Lord.

Can't nobody do me
like you, Jesus.

And I give you glory,
I give you glory, yeah.

Hey, I give you glory,
I give you glory, yeah.

I give you glory,
I give you glory.

I give you glory,
I give you glory.

I give you glory,
I give you glory.

Can't nobody do me
like the Lord, yeah.

Can't nobody do me
like you, Jesus.

I give you glory, I
give you glory, yeah.

Hey hey, I give you
glory, I give you glory.

I give you glory,
I give you glory.

You get the glory,
you get the glory.

I give you glory, I
give you glory, yeah.

You get the glory,
you get the glory.

I give you glory.

I give you glory.

It's already mine,
it's already mine.

Hey, hey, hey.

Gwen, this is Mr. Richard.

Reynolds he's the head of
our appeals department.

Nice to meet you.

Mrs. Waters, well, I'd like
you to know that our appeals

department, we have done a
careful analysis of your case,

and I want you to
understand that we've

given significantly more time
to your claim than our others.

And our reps, they
put in over 60 hours

to ensure that we were in line
with your husband's insurance


Thank you for the meeting.

Can I call you Richard?

Most definitely.

Are you married?

Happily married.

Excuse me for being
Frank, but Richard,

hours don't bring
my husband back.

My life has been turned
upside down since his death,

and your insurance denial
has handcuffed my family.

You have to understand that
my husband Robert was my...

He was my best friend, my lover,
and my provider, and he's gone.

And just like that, just like
that, I knew me coming here,

nothing would get done.

Nothing would get done,
because all you big insurance

company do is let the little
man know that he means nothing.

Do you understand?

Stop, Blake, sit down, Blake.

I'm trying to
figure this all out.

All right.

Richard is on our...

Richard is what?

Mrs. Waters, on
a personal note,

I have two small
children as well,

and our company only wants
the best for our clients.

And sometimes there's a
lapse, sometimes it happens.

But I just want you to
know, we're here to help.

No, my prayers aren't yours.

We come from the blood,
where we dodge cars,

and pray through open doors.

Tell me if there's a room
for Jesus in the ghetto.

Tell me if there's room
for Jesus in the ghetto.

Tell me if there's room.

I need to know if
there's a place for me

somewhere in the ghetto.

Grandma, I don't think
she heard me, guys.

Oh no?

Yeah, I'll be right back.

Got it?

All right.

Then we got through
it all, didn't we?

I tell you what, he
is so good to us.

All the time.

All the time.


What happened?

Nothing sweetheart, just
the same old, same old.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, don't be, sweetheart.

I was feeling like a truck
hit me, so I went out

and I got me some air.

And when I came back, I
was climbing those steps

and I could hear you and your
friends glorifying God's name.

And you know what
that made me realize?

We're going to be OK.

You got to understand,
this was all God's plan.

Yeah, we may have
lost your father.

We may have lost income.

We may have lost opportunities.

But look what we've gained,
look what you gained.

So I want you to keep
on singing, you hear me?


You keep on singing.

Every day.

- Yes.
- When I wake up.

Come on, now.


Come on.

I can see mercy's all around me.

And then the circles fade.

I'm changing the
rules to Music Fest.


Singing gospel music will
not happen on my watch.

Listen, I have a salary.

I have medical benefits.

I have all the free
golf I can handle.

This is big business.

I don't have any
room for church.

And all it would take
is one kid to complain

and this whole
thing could ignite

like a California wildfire.

Music Fest is supposed
to be for all music.

Yes, in a perfect world.

But in the real
world, Music Fest

is a cash cow, bringing
in mountains of funding

and keeping me on
top of the world.

And I am going to ride it
until the wheels fall off.

Well, what about Mitch?

When he's not cleaning the
golf cart or making the copies,

he is a good student.

Let me put it this way,
do you enjoy this course?


Yes, yes, well, if
there's controversy

the sponsors will
distance themselves.

And it is the sponsors
who helped fund

these big perks, such as
this place and the golf

course and new buildings.

Safe and steady is what we want.

And I am not going to allow
anyone to adjust my lifestyle,

including anyone
singing gospel music.

However, that is not
advancement for education.

Vick Waters is not
even a student here.

No scholarship, no entry.

Now, Mr. Moore, your job
here is to teach music.

Mine is to run this school.

And I tell you right now, I
am not allowing those students

to step on stage and
sing religious music,

that I guarantee.

Got it.

What's up, champ?

What's up?

You nervous?

My whole life
rides on Music Fest.

I have to win.

Don't put that much
weight on yourself.

But it's true.

This, my dad gave it
to little before dying.

This right here, it's
all I have left of him.

Vicky, you're wrong.

You have a totally
complete family.

This speck of blood
is not your father.

His values are around you
and your whole family.

As long as you're looking
at something that small,

you're never gonna see it.

Yeah, I'm willing to
sell my soul to win.

I don't think my dad
would be too proud of me.

Listen to me, my parents...

My parents divorced this summer.

They're atheists.

My sisters said that
they're never going to get

married and never have kids.

They're all so selfish, so
distant from each other.

A family like yours, that's
what I've always wanted.

Look, hold this up, OK?

This little dot, is eclipsing
the sunlight in your life.

Don't let it, OK?

Your father wouldn't want
you to, I don't either.

OK, the wisdom of an older man.

Oh, so, now you got jokes, huh?

Little bit, little bit.

Listen, regardless of what
happens, you always got me.


What is taking you so
long to set these traps?

How many have you set?

Including these?


Well, listen, Mitch, I
have some bad news for you.

Tomorrow you are
going to be expelled.



I found out about your
little song selection.

And being that you are the
only Prestige student that

is a part of Alpha
Chiro, well, you're

the only one I have
authority to preside

disciplinary action over.

It's just a song, sir.

No, unfortunately it's not.

You see, the trustees
are not going to like it,

and they're going
to want someone

to be made accountable for it.

And unfortunately,
that's going to be you.

But I might be able
to help, I don't know.


Well, what if I told
you that I could prevent

you from being expelled?

Could you?

And get a full scholarship?

Could you?

Ah, a secret full scholarship.

Could you?

Of course I can, Mitch.

You know, when they told me
what was going to happen to you

tomorrow I thought to
myself, oh my goodness,

I can't let my best
student liaison

get tossed out like garbage.

In fact, there's this.

Oh, is that?

Yes, the student headmaster pin.

You just about earned it.

It is real.

Thank you.

Oh, put me down.

I... I just need you to
do one more thing for me.


OK, anything.

Now, listen, I'm asking for
everyone's prayers tonight

for Vicky and Ty as they
perform God's music at the Music

Fest, the Prestige.

They're going to be singing
in front of their peers,

and tonight Lord, we pray that
you give them the strength

and the determination
they need, Lord,

to sing to your expectations
and not to man's.

Amen, amen.

And the people said Amen.


Come on, Vicky.

I would like to thank all of you

for the prayers and
the support as I go

Prestige to bear God's message.

Ty is a youth pastor

and Junior seems
to be buying it,

so I have to play up
the Christian angle

to keep them on board.

But people
that buy Christian stuff,

this music gets them...






Vicky, Vicky.

Did you know about this?

I didn't know anything.

Let her go.

She's got my car.



Mitch, come here, come here.

Smile, Mitch, smile.

Listen, if everything
went as planned,

you my friend are going to
have a very bright future here.

He didn't even go
to school here.

Forget about him.

Oh, come on, it's time.

Junior, I really didn't mean it.

Oh, so that was
your twin on the tape.

Look, don't stand here and
tell me you didn't mean it.

Don't be a manipulator
and a liar.

OK, I did mean it.

But remember, you
the one that came

up with the transition thing.

Oh, so now you want to
deflate your responsibilities

and cover up what you said.

Please, V.

You see, at first it
was all about standing out

at Music Fest.

But the more we rehearsed,
I saw the effect

the lyrics had on you, my
family, the congregation.

It started to make sense.

You were cute when
I first met you,

you were irresistible,
in awe, like even

when it seemed like you
believed in something bigger

than yourself.

Please, don't do this to me too.

You know what I learned
my first day at Prestige?

Believe in yourself.

I've lost her.

Oh, no.

She's empty inside.

No, Gwen, I think
it's just the opposite.

I think she's finding herself.

She's got so many
feelings inside she

doesn't know which
one to choose.

I just don't understand
what she was trying to do.

If Robert was here,
he'd know what to do.

I raised Robert.

I knew exactly what he would do.

He would say the only way
to get through this mess is

right through the heart of it.

Vicky needs to hear that.

Oh, baby, Vicky already knows.

Challenge, try not to move.

I can't help myself.

This your song, but
try not to move.

I can't help myself.

Mitch, you got to
be here somewhere.

I can't believe this man
ratted me out like that, bro.


You heard the rhythms,
I know that you feel this.

So get this, so hit your DJ
and tell him to spin this.

Got your jam try not to move.

It's your song, but
try not to groove.

Do your dance, but
there's no moves.

Help out the girl like oo,
hope to get the girl like ah.

I can't help myself.

God is good.

You know, Ty, you're
supposed to channel

that energy during the service.

That kid used me.

She used all of us.

Is that it?

That's it.

As a youth pastor,
you're supposed to learn

something new every day.

I wonder, what have
you learned today?

Because of the giving
nature of what we do,

people will always
take advantage.

Well, that's the
risk we take some time.

At least I know
how to spot a phony.

You know, Ty, it's easier
to lead people who are already

walking in the right direction.


Mitch, I know you
in here somewhere.

Mitch, where are you hiding?

I should have know when
Junior told me you was

a snitch you'd stoop this low.

OK, OK, don't hit me.

Mitch, are you serious?

Why did you do it?

For a pin?

It's all I wanted
since I got here.

Bro, we had
already accepted you.

That's the only reason
why you wanted it.

- You were using me.
- Mitch.

I was never too
stupid to know that.

At the beginning, I kind of was.

But somewhere along the
way, I thought we became

friends, like real friends.


Yes, for real.

You mean that?

I mean that.

I'm sorry Vicky, but
I'm a student at Prestige

and I don't want to lose that.

I'm all alone here.

No family, no friends, just me.

What's this?

You'll need it to perform.


What's this?

OK, so you made up for it?


That's dope, Mitch, OK.


Listen, where's Ty?

I left him a message,
but he never responded.


We're going to meet back here.

I'm gonna go put this on.

And now, for my pride and
joy, Alpha Beta Sigma, whoop!

I don't quite like where I am.

There has to be a
place where I can go

and no one knows
my name, and I can

spend some time alone with you
and only you is what I need.

Because I feel free
enough to say these things

that while you are my sanity.

Up inside the towers of
my mind, you live sublime,

and no one but me
knows that you exist.

It's not really easy for me
to hide a light so bright,

and there's only one
way to describe you.

Hey, let me grab
my bag real quick

and we'll get out of here.



Wait, shh, shh.


Go, go.

Mitch, Mitch, I know that
Water's kid is hiding in here.

Chancellor Davis saw her go in.

I just need to remove
her, that's all.

You, go behind me,
go, go, go, go, go.

This can be done real easy, man.

There's only one way
in and one way out.

Go, Vicky, go, go.

Vicky, use that Music Fest go.

Get back here Waters.

And that concludes
our final music act.

Oh, good heavens.


Women should be able to sing.

Get this kid off the
stage, and off this campus


Let me sing.

Women should be able to
sing in this competition.

Give me a chance.

I hope you had fun.

The judges will now tally the...

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Let her sing!

Ladies and
gentlemen, the last act

of the evening, Alpha Chiro.

Your teaching days are over.

Mr. Moore, true musicians
support your music.

When I first chose
this song, I didn't

give the message much thought.

But I get it now.

There's something else
I would like to say.

When I learned that the
school was only allowing men

to compete, I decided
to cheat, say I was

in transition, one of the boys.

It wasn't right,
nor was it fair.

But I strongly believe
every person, man or woman,

should be able to perform.

Laws are meant to be changed.

Wait, wait, wait, listen,
um, I did everything

in my power to stop
her from being on stage

and singing the song.

And I was against this
from the beginning,

and consequences will
be had, I assure you.

I had nothing to do with
this, and I'm very sorry.

She or he changed the rules.

You were going to stop this?

Well, but...

Mandatory board meeting tomorrow

morning, the bylaws
will be changed.

The board of trustees would like
to know more about the details

of your efforts.

Don't, don't...

After losing
someone that meant everything

to me, I was truly lost.

Thanks to some really
special people that helped

guide me back to
being my true self.

I believe that it's my season.

It didn't hurt

that I was able to stay on,
despite my hand in trying

to stick it to Chancellor Davis.

I've never been so
grateful for the people

that I've met that
challenged me, even

the possible future in-laws.

It's my time, and I can feel it.

Mom finally listened to grandma.

Fighting for the insurance money
gave her the spirit to move on,

but she'll always miss my dad.

Even though I wasn't
able to perform,

they did give me a
partial scholarship

for bringing awareness
of outdated rules

that needed to be changed.

The board even brought
us a new chancellor.

All of us women looking
to change the narrative

have to keep pushing
and not let up.

And it's gonna be big.

God will always be the guiding

light through all of us.

And it s gonna be big.

God's gonna open the windows of
heaven, pour me out a blessing,

won't be wrong to
contain it, won't

even trying to explain it.

But it's gonna be big.

Riding shotgun when I'm
turbo, buddy

make whole world know.

Why are you trying to make
Stephen Erkle, you can't stay

still you got to work though.

All around the world like
Where's Waldo, in the club

but he ain't on the wall
though, he's in the hood

asking where the child goes.

I know you only see
me in my victory.

But when defeat took
the words from me,

the Lord spoke out for me.

And I made it
through, yes, me too.

If it ever came down to
just me and God, it's OK.


Yo, you good?

I'm all good.

You don't sound like it,
your mom told me to call you.

I'm just checking on you.

Oh, I know you're going
through some stuff,

but it's going to be all
right, shorty, you know.

Hey, keep your
head up, you know.

Ooh, I'm gonna be OK.

And no one but me
knows that you exist.

It's not very easy for me
to hide a light so bright,

and there's only one
word to describe you.

Special, special,
ooh, special you are.

No, my prayers aren't yours.

We come from the block
where we dodge cars

and pray through open doors.

Tell me if there's room
for Jesus in the ghetto.

Tell me if there's room
for Jesus in the ghetto.

Tell me if there's
room in the ghetto,

tell me if there's
room in the ghetto.

Run for their lives,
but the battle I fought,

I fought it well, I stood tall.

And one day, well, you're
going to have to fight well.

You ought to stand tall.

Sing it with me, y'all.

I'm a gangster, ain't no way
that you can take my energy.

Haters trying to trap
me but I'm flying free.

Now I'm flossing in
front of my enemy.