Duck, You Sucker (1971) - full transcript

In Mexico at the time of the Revolution, Juan, the leader of a bandit family, meets John Mallory, an IRA explosives expert on the run from the British. Seeing John's skill with explosives, Juan decides to persuade him to join the bandits in a raid on the great bank of Mesa Verde. John in the meantime has made contact with the revolutionaries, and intends to use his dynamite in their service.




Tighten up that girth.

Señor, I must... I must
go to San Felipe.

My mother is dead!

Straight down the road about 50 miles.


Get out of here.

Hey. Hey, amigo.

Come here.

Oh, perfect.

You're perfect.

I swear to God, boys, he's just right.

I'm gonna put you in that stage

and watch those faces
when they see you come in!


- By God, I...
- Never mind, dear.

Over there.

Not that door, the other one.


Pull. Go on.

There you are.

Now you just sit down and be quiet,
like a good little boy.

You see? He does understand.

Who knows?

Perhaps he can even talk.

Oh, now, even the peasants...

A bit of mustard?

Thank you. Even the peasants
are entitled to their rights.

After all, they have won a revolution.

Or at least, almost.

Animals, that's what they are. Animals.


Let us not forget even animals
can be tame and harmless.

Personally, I consider them
unfortunate brutes.

Yes, brutes. Quite right.

Precisely, my dear lady,

I hate saying it, but you should
hear them in the confessional.

You would never imagine.

- Did you know that they...
- I can imagine, Father.

I can imagine living
in such promiscuity.

All of them in one room,
male and female together,

lying in a heap like rats in a sewer.

At night, when the lights are out,

all their inhibitions disappear.

You never know who is next.

Mother, sister, daughter... goat...

Every country has its own plague.

Just like them niggers we got back home.

Just like animals, you mean,
because that's what they are.

Exactly. Which is why they're half-wits.

Hey, you.

You know who your father was?

You know at least how old you are?

He doesn't know.

You know how many kids you have, eh?

Do you know
how many kids your mother had?

He doesn't know anything, you see?

And it was to benefit scum like this
that the agrarian reform was imposed.

And that ass, Madero,
wanted to give the government

and our land to idiots like this.

We are all pawns
in the hands of almighty God.

Fortunately, divine providence has

disposed of that rash individual,

My dear monsignor,
let us be realistic.

What you choose to call providence,
I call General Huerta.

He put the peasants in their place.

Which is the best place for animals
because that's what they are.


I can imagine, Father.

I can imagine living
in such promiscuity.

...wanted to give the government
and our land to idiots like this.

Every country has its own plague.

Just like them niggers
we got back home.


- Half-wits.
- Animals.

- Idiots.
- Half-wits.


Just like them niggers.


Because that's what they are.


Just like them niggers.

- Brutes.
- That's what they are.

- Idiots.
- Animals.


- Like them niggers.
- Brutes.

- Animals.
- Idiots.

I consider them
unfortunate brutes.

- I can imagine.
- Niggers.

- Idiots.
- I can imagine.

- Brutes.
- Niggers.


- Unfortunate brutes.
- Like them niggers.

- Brutes!
- Idiots.

- Niggers.
- Idiots!

- Like them niggers.
- Idiots.

- Animals.
- Half-wits!

Hey, you, come on!
Give us a hand and push!

Move, will you?
You lazy bunch of greasers!

You'd think they'd get off their asses
to help us, the bastards?

Hell, no.

Take him away
before he dirties everything.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
you will give everything to my niños,

and you will give it to them
without any trouble.

We kill them all, okay, Papa?

How many times have I told you, Chulo,

no shooting unless
Papa pulls the trigger?

Come. Come, come, come, come!

You wanted to know my family?

That's my sons!

Each one of them
from a different mother, huh?

And now you kneel.

Kneel. Kneel!


This is my father, I think.

- Pleased to meet...
- Go inside before Chulo kills everyone.

My mother,
she had the blood of the Aztecs,

which was before your people!

And now, I ask you a question.

Can you make a baby?

Can you make a baby?

That's sad. But we will fix that.


Let me go. Let go.



Go. Go. Go. Go! Go!

That's pretty good, huh?

Oh, Jesus.

Help me. I'm going to faint.

No, no, no.

You faint now,
and you'll miss the best part.

Wonderful. You got everything.

You'll pay for this, you bastard!

I'm a citizen
of the United States of America!

To me, you are just a naked
son of a bitch.

Understand, Yankee?

Thank you.

Thank you... for everything.

Have you a light?

Duck, you sucker.

There is a hole in the roof!


I wouldn't do that if I were you.


You pull that trigger and
shoot me, I fall.

And if I fall,

they'll have to alter all the maps.

You see, when I go,
half this bloody country goes with me

including yourself.


You understand now?

Ah, si, si, si, si, si, si,

I understand.

It's like a miracle of God!

You, you are a great magician, huh?

I stop your motorcycle,
and you do the magic with my coach.

So, now we are even.



No, we're not even.

You fix my motorcycle, we'll be even.

I'll be inside.

We kill him now, Papa?

No. First, we fix the motorcycle.

It's whiskey.

Thank God for that, huh?

Where you going in this contraption?


Where you going?

Silver mines.

Lucanina, huh?

I know that place.

I know the man who owns it, too.
I know that fat German son of a bitch!

That crazy tub of lard, Mr. Aschenbach,

who wrings our people dry like slaves,
even his personal servants.

One girl had an ass!

Her cheeks were so full
and hard they were like drums.

And when I got her pregnant,
what'd he do? He fired...

Oh, Jesus Christ, will you shut up
and go and fix my motorcycle?



Anything you say, firecracker.

Take your hands off that! Out!

Well, good for you, firecracker.

Not even one lousy peso!

I don't know why I named you Napoleon
when you have no imagination.

This is a bank.

- Mesa Verde.
- Si, Papa, Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde.

And if we can get
this firecracker to come with us,

then we will be rich!

Where does he come in?

The dynamite's right here.

No, no, no, you need an expert
for a thing like that.

You only need matches and balls,
I tell you, Juan!

And I got all of those it takes!

- Si?
- Si.

You see that tree over there?

Short fuse.

Now you understand
why we need the firecracker?


Where the hell are we?

What kind of work you do for the German?

Listen, I asked you a question.

What do you do for the German?

- I've been looking for silver for him.
- Silver?

You know something?
I don't understand you.

I don't understand
how you waste your time

and your holy water looking for silver.

To me, that's a sin.

Have you any better ideas?

Si, I think gold is better than silver.

There isn't any gold in these hills.

Yes, there is.

In Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde?

It's a city.

Of course it's a city!

Whoever heard
of having a bank in the country?

A bank.

Not "a bank". The bank!

The most beautiful,

wonderful, fantastic, gorgeous,
magnificent bank in the whole world.

When you stand before the bank,

and you see it has the gates of gold,

like it was the gates of Heaven.

And when you go inside, everything,
everything is gold!

Gold spittoons, gold handles and money.

Money, money is everywhere.

I know 'cause I saw this
when I was eight years old.

I went there with my father.

He tried to rob the bank,
but they caught him.

But they will never catch me, eh, Papa?


Listen, firecracker.
Now, you listen to me.

Listen, why don't you come with me, eh?

And we will work together.

And we will become rich.

Hey, what the hell is your name?




What is your name?


That's fantastic!
That is incredible!

My name is Juan, and yours is John.

- It's Juan and John, eh?
- So what?

What do you mean, "So what?"
Can't you understand it? That is...

That is...


- No, and I mean it.
- Why?

Listen, if it's more money that you
want, I'll give you more than half.

I don't care about the money.

That doesn't interest me,
long as we can work together, eh?

Come on, listen to what I'm telling you.

We are like two brothers.

I mean, you make the holes
with the holy water,

and then I will go in, and I'll walk in
and do the dirty work, eh?

Listen, it takes one bandito
to know another.

- So, you can read, huh?
- You don't have to read, you know.

I see a man's picture.
Underneath it, I see a price,

so I know that man is in trouble, no?


What kind of trouble you in?

We had a wee fart of a
revolution in Ireland.

A revolution?

Seems to me the revolutions
are all over the world.

You know, they're like the crops.
We had a revolution here.

When it started,
all the brave people went in it,

and what it did to them was terrible.

Pancho Villa, the best bandit chief
in the world, you know that?

This man had two balls like the bull.

He went in the revolution
as a great bandit.

When he came out, he came out as what?

Nothing. A general, eh?

That, to me, is the bullshit.

Wait a minute.

You come here to join the revolution?


No, one was enough for me.

Stop, you dirty son-of-a-bitch!

Gringo, bastard!


Duck, you sucker!

Say, which way is it to Lucanina?

Fuck you! You go find it for yourself!

Mexico is big

but for you it is going to be very big!

John! Where are you?

It's us!

Come on. Come on, you.

Come on in there.

Just a little further inside.

That's right, heathen bastards.

What's this? You crazy?
You talking to yourself now?

Oh, my friend,
didn't I tell you Mexico was big?

Oh, shit.

Who are those people inside?

You mean, who were those people inside.

Who were they?
Who were those people inside?


Who were those people,
for Christ's sake?

One of them was Aschenbach,

then there was three soldiers,
and then there was one captain.

Everybody's dead in there.

Will you keep quiet and go get
our friend's equipment together?

Anyway, when I went
to Aschenbach and I told him,

I said you wanted to see him,
he wouldn't believe that, you see.

I said, "Well, that's too bad
because he's discovered silver there."

When he heard that,
he was ready to come running.

But the other one, the captain...

By the way,
I think that the captain and Aschenbach,

they were working together, see?

The captain says,
"I want to see the man."

I said to the captain,

"How can you see a man
when he has blown off one of his hands

"with a stick of dynamite,
and he is bleeding to death?"

When they heard that,
they broke their asses to get here.

Anyway, you don't have
any problem, you see,

because they're dead,
and there's no questions.

Also, you have no contract,
so you are free.

Of course, there is one little problem.

That will be with the Army
because they will have a hard ass

when it comes to the death
of one of their captains.

But you don't have to worry about that

because I am your friend Juan,
and I will help you.

I will do anything, believe me.

I will say anything you tell me to say.

No, no, no.

I don't need any help from you
to know I've been screwed.

You fucking chicken thief.

What do you want with me?


I just thought that maybe

we could go to Mesa Verde.


The bank.

Isn't there anything else
you remember about Mesa Verde?

Oh, yes, there's a place, you know,
where you can...

You can go in and sit down and eat.

And when you look
in front of you there...

See the bank.

That's right. How you know that?

Listen. Mesa Verde,
that's only the beginning.

Let me tell you, it'll be Juan and John,
the two especialistas in banks, eh?

We'll call it Johnny and Johnny,
you know?

That's more American, you know.

Hey, amigo, we go to America,

where you have banks
all over the place, you know.

In California, Colorado,
Kansas City, Texas.

You know, you have to think
of the big future

that we have ahead of us.

Well, I'm thinking
there's a big train behind us.

Hey! Out of the way!

Hey, you.

I know that face.

Where have I seen you before?

Stop right where you are.

Drop the knife, you bastard.

I have family.

I have a family, too, eh?


Beautiful, eh?

My children...

Uno, dos, uno, dos, uno dos...

Uno, dos, uno, dos, uno dos...

Any last requests?

And you?



Present weapons!




At ease!

Hey, God, you sure this is Mesa Verde?

Do you have your beans
with chili or not?

I don't want nothing from you.

- Come on, have some beans.
- Listen to me, you son of a bitch!

You pull that trick on me one more time,
I break your goddamn head!

Well, for Christ's sake.

The train comes along, and I take it.

I've been waiting for you
in your Mesa Verde ever since.

It's not my Mesa Verde.
This place has changed! It's shit.

It's covered with the soldiers
like the flies.

Hey, hey. Just the way we like it.

What do you mean,
that's just the way we like it?

If it's a revolution,

it's confusion.

What are you talking about?
Revolution, confusion?

Where there's confusion,

a man who knows what he wants
stands a good chance of getting it.

I don't understand you.

This him?

That's him.

Him, who?

- Do you trust me?
- No.

Well, you want to get
inside over there?


Well, I'm gonna see to it
you have that chance.

Come on.

Don't move, God damn it!
Hold him still!

That does it.

Relax, now. Relax.

It's all over.

If you'd let this infection
go any longer,

your widow would be paying my bill.


You've hardly joined us here
in Mesa Verde,

and already you're front-page news.

"Irish dynamiter wanted for murder."

You have a real talent
for making friends.

You know,
you've stirred up a hornet's nest.


I'll grant you the captain,
but, till now,

nobody dared take a crack
at foreign capitalists,

not even Pancho Villa.

It seems even His
Majesty's Secret Service

would like to get their hands on you.

Yet, you are an asset to us.

Even if sometimes
you do drink a bit too much.

Who says I drink too much?

Your liver does.

What about that one? Him?

He's all right.

Except that when operating,
he cuts deeper than I do.

What the doctor means is,
one time, we did a little work together.

And now, to our work, friends.

I have good news.

In two days, Villa and Zapata

will attack simultaneously
from north and south.

We here, like those in other cities,

must begin parallel
actions of harassment.

Huerta's downfall
is just a question of weeks.

Whereas Miguel's
is only a question of hours

if he doesn't stop smoking.

Easy to say.

Well, we'll attack in four places
at the same time.

Antonio, you and your men are to
hit the city hall and the old prisons,

so it will be necessary
to divide into two groups,

one of them under the command of José.

Now, Jesus, the railway station

and the marshaling yards
as planned, right?

And make sure
you're in position in plenty of time,

and in small groups,
so you won't attract attention.

And don't forget to act
like ordinary travelers

or railroad employees.

You, Manolo, together with Juanito,

will attack the army barracks
with our main forces.


This, mind you, is their point
of maximum concentration.

That is the key to the success
of our plan.

You must create the impression
of a massive attack.

And, if necessary,
be prepared to make the final sacrifice.

The fourth and last target,
Ortega, the post office.

When the enemy is busy on four fronts,

we'll move against our real objective.

Are we still agreeing?

- Now, you'll need men.
- I only need one man.




Him? Him? What is this With this "him"?

Him, who? Who, him? To do what?

- That's what I want to know!
- To attack the bank.

The bank?

We will take care of the bank.

I mean, that's why we're here,
so don't you worry about that.

Well, then, what can I say,

except I hope you make it?

Me, too. And him.

Well, we'll meet again tonight
to discuss details.

I have to go now.

I left a woman in labor,

and she can't wait
till the revolution's over.

- Tierra y libertad.
- Tierra y libertad!

Now, go upstairs
and leave one at a time,

and keep out of sight.

Speaking of sight, how's your cataract?

- Well...
- Shh!

You don't have to say anything.

I understand everything.

Tierra y libertad!



Psst, psst.

Bravo, Chulo.

Take it. Take it.

Boy, there must be
a lot of money in the bank.

Look at all the soldiers.

Do you know how this works?

Si, it's a...

Short fuse.

- No.
- No?

Normal rate.

Thirty seconds.

Si, thirty seconds.

What'd you find?

Nothing but scrap paper.

Wait a minute.
Hey, it's pointing down there.


There's the safe!

Duck, you suckers!

- Where you going, for Christ's sake?
- I don't know.

I don't know, but something's wrong!

I went into the bank.

When I go in the bank, there's
nothing there, no money, nothing.

Well, the bank and the money

were transferred to Mexico City
over a month ago.

They've been using this place
for a political prison ever since.


What do you mean, a political prison?

Well, I never said a thing about money.

All I asked you was
if you wanted to get inside.

Yeah, but you know
that this bank is my life!

This is my dream!

Well, the reality of that is

you just liberated 150 patriots
through sheer courage

in the face of danger.

Ah, yes.

You're a grand hero
of the revolution now.

Viva Miranda!

I don't want to be a hero!
All I want is the money! The money!


You taught me one thing!


How to get fucked!

What's that?

It's a map.

It's your country
you're lying all over there.

It's not my country.

My country is me and my family.

Well, your country's also Huerta,

and the Governor, the landlords,

and Gunther Ruiz and his locusts.

Nice little revolution
we're having here.

What do you mean revolution?

Please don't try to tell me
about revolution.

I know all about the revolutions
and how they start!

The people that read the books,

they go to the people
that don't read the books,

the poor people, and say,
"The time has come to have a change!"

- Shh!
- Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!

Shit! Shush!

I know what I'm talking about
when I'm talking about the revolutions.

The people who read the books

go to the people who
can't read the books,

the poor people, and say,
"We have to have a change."

So the poor people make the change, huh?

And then the people that read the books,

they all sit around the big,
polished tables

and they talk and talk
and eat and eat, eh?

But what has happened
to the poor people?

They're dead!

That's your revolution!


So, please, don't tell me
about revolutions.

And what happens afterwards?

The same fucking thing
starts all over again!


Let's go!

Well, I don't like it, either.

Only Gunther Ruiz
is less than 20 miles from here.

He's on the road that leads
to that bridge down there.

They will comb the area bush by bush.

That's why the order is to pull back
and hide in the San Ysidro caves.

Oh, that's a brilliant order.

Here we are facing it.

And you and the rest of you
in a cellar someplace, dreaming,

want to piss it up against the wall!

Not everybody can fight.

There are those who must organize,

Yes, yes, of course.

Yeah, well, don't pay
any attention to me.

It's personal.

Sorry about those orders. I'm staying.

I don't give a fuck about
your revolutions.

I'm tired, running up and down
these mountains, getting nowhere.

So I've stopped.

Right here at the bridge of San Jorge.

Maybe it's out of spite
for you and your slow dream.

Or maybe...

Maybe my feet are sore.

Well, if he's gonna stay,
I'm gonna stay, too.

I don't know,
maybe 'cause my feet are sore, too, huh?

Hombres, me and the irlandes here,

we're gonna catch ourselves
a couple of the fucking locusts!


You go back and hide in the grotto!

And if things go bad here,
then every man for himself!

You move your asses!


Then get going!

If something happens

and your father doesn't come back,

then I pray that the
great God in Heaven takes care of you.


- Good luck.
- Thank you.


When they are out of sight,
we will make a run for it, si?


You can't mean to stay here.

All those explosions
must have gone to your head!


John and Juan?


The millions?



I don't understand you.

I thought you made some kind of a trick
so we can get out of here.

What can the two of us
do against those locusts?

Oh, you'd be doing me a great favour
if you'd leave!

If it's a choice I have to make
between a chicken thief

and ridding the world of a few uniforms,

I'll not be choosing the chicken thief!




Oh, no, no, no!

You will like that, huh?

Well, you listen to me,

you Irish piece of shit!

You think you're the only man
in the world who has the balls to stay.

Well, you are wrong!
Because I have the balls and I stay!

He says there's no danger.

All you have to do
is watch the bridge from a long way.

No matter how I look with them,
I'm still too close to the bridge.

Why am I mixed up in this
fucking revolution in the first place?

Go ahead, you tell me, God.
What am I doing here?

Why didn't you strike me dead instead
of letting me say, "I stay, too"?

Look at him. Look at him.
All because of him.

He acts like a tourist
that's going somewhere,

only he's staying, huh?

Look at him.

What the hell does he care?

He is having fun.

I'm glad he's having fun, God,
because I am not having fun.



What's this?

Now he goes to sleep, eh?

Go ahead. You sleep. Sleep.

I'll tell you something.
When he's asleep, I'll go.

May the good Lord watch over you.

Stop over there, Sergeant.



God, only an idiot could sleep
at a time like this!


Abandon the trucks!

Break ranks
and take cover under the bridge!

Artillery, fire at will!

All of them.


I've never counted them before.

No, Juan, no.

No, for Christ's sake.
They're waiting for you out there.

Don't move or I'll kill you!
Captain, we have him!

Load that bastard onto the truck,
and see he gets to the camp alive!

Platoon, ready! March!

Uno, dos, uno, dos!

Uno, dos, uno, dos...

Platoon, halt!

Left side!
In position!

Any last requests?


Ready! Weapons!


Platoon, right side! March!

Any last requests?

Platoon, ready!

Firing positions!

Ready weapons!


Short fuse!


Huerta abandoning the capital,

does not give you
permission to defect.

Traitors like you,
get it in the back.

Platoon, ready!




Platoon, at ease!

But for the rich you sing.

Oh, Jesus, Juan.

Anyway, I'd say if they'd ever
get this fucking thing underway,

you might be able to...

Well, you'd be able to
make the border by what?

Sometime tonight, don't you think?


It's America, Juan!

Oh, Jesus, if it's as great
as they say it is,

filled with banks,
stuffed full of dreams!


Oh, Jesus.

Jesus, Juan.

What is it, Juan and John?

Johnny and Johnny?

I make the holes and you get in.

Fifty-fifty, right?

Quick! Move away from the train!

What's happening?

They're just moving the train around.

Seems we'll be leaving shortly.

The uniforms just finished
loading on the last of their shit.



Get out of the way!

What do you want from me, you scum?

Let me by!

It's yours.

There's a fortune inside.




Hurry! Back to the centre and kill them!

Well, this train will not
be going to America.

Maybe the train won't, but we will.


Which way is America?

Well, it's sure as hell not that way.

That's the way.

Well, then...

Let's go.

Even Pancho Villa's heard
much about you.

He's always saying,
"I want to meet this Miranda."


That's right.

The military junta commander
told us everything that you've done.

Whatever it was you heard,
I can assure you they were only words.

But words aren't enough to describe

what Juan has done
and suffered for the cause.

Hey, Doctor, eh?

How you been, eh?

Now, this is the man
who should talk to Villa.




We thought we'd lost you, Doctor.

You got a light?

Listen, Gunther Ruiz is after us,
and now Villa wants to talk to me.

I think we should get out of here.

Well, Jesus, Juan, you can't leave now.

You're a great, grand,
glorious hero of the revolution.

Can I tell you something?

- What?
- Fuck you.

That's all.

A military train carrying over
1,000 soldiers and heavy weapons

is heading straight towards us.

What about Villa's troops?

He met resistance in the Sierra

and asks us to hold out for 24 hours.

Where the hell are we?

Approximately here.

It's a beautiful desert there.

Not a stream, or a canyon,
or anything in 100 miles.

How long you think
it'd take them to get here?

Three hours, more or less.

Three hours.


looks as though we'll have to
stop them right here, doesn't it?

All that takes is unbolting
a couple of yards of track.

But then what?

- They'd still slaughter us.
- Wait.

There's more than
one way to stop a train.

How much dynamite have we?

Maybe 200 pounds.

Is that enough for you?

Oh, yes. It will have to do, all right.

I'll also need a locomotive and a man.

Si, si, si, si, okay.


Yes, someone who's brave
and loyal to the cause.

Never mind about that.
Just tell me what I have to do.

Someone like Dr. Villega, I think.


I'm honoured.

I don't doubt it, Doctor.

Also because an old friend of ours
is in command of that train,

a Colonel Gunther Ruiz.

Let's get shovelling, man.

We'll never get up
enough pressure that way.

Come on, put your back in it, Villega.

Let's stop pretending, right away.

You know everything, don't you?

You sensed it, or guessed it.

Simpler than that, Villega.

I saw you.

That night in the rain.

I see.

You have already judged
and condemned me.

That's why you've brought me with you,
to kill me.

It's easy to judge.

Have you ever been tortured?

Are you sure you wouldn't talk?

I was sure!

And yet I talked.

Some men died because of me.
What should I do?

Kill myself? Why?

The dead remain dead.

But me, I have not changed.

I still believe in the same things.

I can continue to serve the cause!

Shut up, Villega!
Shut up, for Christ's sake!

When I started using dynamite,

I believed in many things.

All of it!

Finally, I believe only in dynamite.

I don't judge you, Villega.

I did that only once in my life.

Get shovelling.

The end of the line, Villega.

And I can't help you now.

Just close your eyes and jump.

For Christ's sake, save yourself!


Oh, shit!

Oh, God!



You remember what you told me?

You told me about America

and the banks and the gold.

Like you told me on the train, remember?




No, no, no, you son of a bitch.
Come on, you son of a bitch.

Now, you know you told me that.

You leave me now,
what the fuck is gonna happen to me?

They'll make you a general.

Oh, shit, I don't want to be a general.

Come on, talk to me.
Talk. Keep talking. Talk.

Talk. Tell me about Villega.
Villega. Remember Villega?

- Villega?
- Si.

He died.

He died a great,

grand, glorious hero of the revolution.


Easy, easy.

I'll go.

- I'll get help, huh?
- Yeah.


- Have you a light?
- Si.

Oh, my friend,

I'd just give you a royal screwing.

I go get the help.


What about me?