Duck Town (2017) - full transcript

Tangled lives of three young people who struggle to change their lives but end up failing.

Duck Town

Here we go.

One, two, three.

One more time. Smile!

One, two, three.

All done.

Don't go up too close, it's dangerous.

You can go on this one.

Go on. Watch your step.

Push to steer left, pull to steer right

and keep it steady to go straight.

Please hold on to him.

Here we go.

Off you go, number nine!

Boss, number nine just left.



Meaning... a difficult situation.

Warning: No Trespassing

Oh my, that phone is
practically an antique.

Why don't you get a new one?

Hey, we have a customer!

Hey, lady...

Wow, you're so pretty.

That phone is a joke.
Is it from North Korea?

Let's get you a new one.

Come on...

Friggin' dirtbag.

Hands off.

What's that? Is that underwear?

How vulgar.


do you know you look like Kim Jong-un?

Don't be so nasty to your brother.

You're such a brat.

Eunseong Paddleboat

Deposit $800

Caution: Keep life jacket on during ride


Did you give him a life jacket?

Of course.

A man has allegedly drowned

at Suseong Lake around 12.30pm today.

As said individual was witnessed

jumping into the lake

it has been classified
a case of suicide.

Police are still trying
to find his body.

Sheesh, why did he drown himself there?

The missing man is Park

a CEO of a small business in Seoul.

Alcohol and sleeping pills were found

where he was spotted to have jumped in.

Investigation continues

for details on his presumed suicide.

Out of all OECD countries

Daegu City had the highest suicide rate.

Out of every 100,000

29.4 committed suicide

which is more than twice the average...

So this is where he drowned?

What's that?

What is she doing?

What's going on?

Excuse me.

You threw in a life jacket
earlier, didn't you?

Do you work here?

Who are you?

Oh, I see.

You didn't give him a life jacket?



Yes, I did.

Don't bother lying to me.

I caught you on camera

throwing the life jacket.

It's not what you think!

This will get you a fat ticket

for violating safety regulations.

You aided and abetted in a suicide.

That'll get you up to
ten years in prison.

You're done for.

I'd better go report it.


Friggin' dirtbag. Hands off.

I'm sorry about that.

Can't you just let me off this once?

Why should I?

There's nothing in it for me.


You don't stand to lose anything.

Fine, sign up 10 phone plans with me.

I don't think I can...

I'm behind on my payments.

I'd better go then.

Wait, hold on!

I really can't afford to lose this job.

I need to work two more months

to get my yearly bonus.

I have to make monthly payments

into my savings to move to Seoul.

It won't hurt you any to keep mum.

I have my whole life ahead of me.

This will ruin my future.

You look like you're about my age.

Can't you take pity on me?


I'm begging you.

Are you a good worker?


Give me your number.


You don't want to?

You won't report me, will you?

We'll see.

I didn't get to go for my morning jog.

What time did you get home last night?

Something came up.

That's no reason to come home at 2.00am.

I'm so tired.

Are you prepared for the transfer exam?

I guess.

How will you support yourself in Seoul?

I'll have to eat into my savings.

I'll find a part-time job there.

- Lucky you.
- Why so?

You have something you want to do.

Well, you should stop reading

in your room and do something.

What should I do?

Get a job or something.

I have nothing I want to spend money on.

Then give it to me.

Are you nuts?

You had better not stay out late again

or you'll get an earful from me.

Why are you bickering again?

Thank you for visiting

Eunseong Paddleboat Quay.

For a safe and peaceful ride

please following these advice.

First, please put on life jackets...


Are you at work?

Who is this?

It's me. Life Jacket.


Yes, hello.

Meet me in front of

the Suicide Prevention Centre at 3.00pm.

The Suicide Prevention Centre?

What for?

You don't have to know.

Just meet me there at 3.00pm.

I can't make it.

I finish work at 7.00pm.

That's the only time I'm free.

Hey... hello?

OK. Which website did you see that?

OK. I'll see you at the
café in Hwanggeumdong.


How have you been?

We'll start shooting now.

Where did you attempt suicide?

First time round...

I went up the stairs.

I couldn't decide

between the fifth and seventh floor.

Then I got too lazy to
go up to the seventh.

So you went to the fifth and then?

What made you want do to it?

Because I felt really bad.

About what?


I'm a sinner.

Everything will be better with me gone.

I'm just sick of people

acting like they know it all.

They pretend they understand.

Anything you'd like to say?

What should I say?

My life is like a poem.

To live is like a novel

while death is like poetry.

Love Yourself, Save Your Life

What is this about?

I'm interviewing for a book I'm writing.

A book? What kind of book?

Stories about people
who attempted suicide.

Who would ever read that?

I don't think it would sell.


You're quite pretty.

Do you have a licence for counselling?

You could say I'm donating my talent.

What talent?

The ability to empathise.

I don't see it that way.

If someone had just listened to them

they wouldn't have attempted suicide.

By listening to them
and publishing a book

they'll feel accomplished.

It's like a rehabilitation programme.

Do you really think this will help?

Transcribe this and email it to me.


Cowards. They're too scared to die

but have so much to say.

They hardly made an effort.

Why do they have so much to say?

What is it?

Do you have time to talk?


Have you read Why Am I Disturbed?

No. Why, is it good?

It's a good book for you to read.

I'm going to the library tomorrow.

- Want me to get it?
- Sure.


How's the studying going?

Same as always.

You read too many books.

Life isn't just about books, you know.

I read because I'm bored.

You should go out and meet people.

Meet who and where?

- At least go to church with Mum.
- Forget it.

You need a sense of purpose in
life, dude!

Hee-jung. Do you want

any other books from the library?


So much for a sense of purpose.

How very purposeful.

In order to exorcise the loneliness

my last hope...

is a crowd

who'd welcome me with hatred

on the day of my execution.

How are you, Hee-joon?

Still taking sleeping pills?


You're here today to get a note

for your army extension, right?

Hey, Hee-jung.

How do you like it so far?

It's pretty simple.

How long do I have to do this for?


Are you nuts?

While we're on that,
how about you skip work

and go on a date with me?

Are you crazy?

Why would I go on a date with you?

Come on. Take some time off today.

What are you going to do if I get fired?

You'd get fired anyway

for violating safety regulations.

Seriously? You're so evil.

No, thanks.

You can't keep doing this.

Is your mother very ill?

Yes. She'll need to get some tests done

to know what it is.

This is terrible.

I noticed you've been distracted lately.

So that's why.

It's not too serious, is it?

She told me she hadn't been feeling well

but let's hope it's not serious.

Thank you for understanding.

All right. You'd better get going.

Anyway, did they ever
find that man's body?

Why are you bringing that up?

That's weird.

They should've found the body by now.

Hey, have you heard of

the Suseong Lake ghost?

There was a man who used to come here

and play his guitar every day.

One day, he just stopped coming.

People started to wonder why

when a lady claimed that

she saw him fall into the water, drunk.


Ever since then

you could sometimes hear his guitar.

Guess what happened to
those that heard it?

What happened?

They got dragged into the lake.

Scary, huh?

Hell, I just peed my pants.

How does it feel to work

with a corpse under your feet?

Shut your piehole.

I wish I could get a raise.

I'm a police officer, right?


What did you say?

I'm a police officer.

Oh... I see.

My dad said...

being a police officer is a good thing.

He's right. It's a good thing.

Hey, Mr Policeman.

How's it going?


Get lost.

You little...

Isn't life meaningless?

What do you mean?

Do you think he'd ever
be a police officer?

I highly doubt it.

I've emailed you the transcript.

OK, thanks.

Are things going as planned?


I gathered all the medication.

It took me eight hours to get here.

It's so hard to even
step out of my house.

It takes three hours

just to go to the post office.

I got changed...

but I just couldn't
bring myself to step out.

Will it really work out this time?



How did you meet her?

I asked for her number.

Is she hot?

Why else would I get her number?

When did you start dating?

- 40 days ago.
- Have you guys held hands?

Don't ask.

Tell me. Did you or not?

Part-time staff wanted

9.00am to 4.00pm, $5.50 per hour

Hey, you should work out.

It feels so good when you sweat.

Paris Baguette is
hiring, $5.50 per hour.

What the hell? Why didn't you knock?

What's with him?


It's me, Kim Min-joo.

From Kyunghwa High.

Oh, yes.

You didn't recognise me?

I had my eyes and nose done.

Well, you haven't changed a bit.

I'm preparing to be a news anchor.

I was cast in a commercial
not too long ago.

I plan on moving to Seoul next month.

I'm moving there next year too.

Where? I'm near Yeoksam.

I'm still looking.

How is your brother doing?

Is he well?

Watch your mouth.

You bloody witch!

What did you call me?

- Let go.
- No way.

No? Let go of me right now!

- No!
- How dare you call me that?

- Hey!
- I'll give it to you!

Are you out of your mind?

Hee-jung, she's not well.

- Please.
- Let go!

A bird hatches by breaking the eggshell.

The egg is its world.

That means, death is an egg!

An egg!

Hee-jung, I'm sorry about earlier.

No worries, it's OK.

Young-mok seems busy these days.

I'm so glad to see that.

That's how he always is.

No, he was a lot gloomier
when he first came.

Anyway, why does he come here?

Didn't Young-mok tell you?

According to him, he's writing a book.

A book?

Well, you can say that.

He needs to fill 60 days

of volunteer work. That's why.

Volunteer work?

I guess you didn't know.

A while ago, Young-mok attempted suicide

with a group of people

he met on a suicide blog.


It's definitely hard to do it alone.

That's why I wish to join the group.

I really want it to work.

Please let me join the blog.

What's your username?

- Peace B.
- Peace B.

Peace B.

We've all failed at it before

that's why we hope to
do it right this time.

Sure, of course.

Please accept me into the group.

I really need it to succeed this time.


The membership fee is $10.

You'll be accepted by the time

you get home tonight.

Great, thank you...

$10, please.

This will be used for
buying the materials

and it covers my communication fee.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

- You can go now.
- OK.

Next. Come on over.

Just one spot left for group session.

Gosh, Hee-jung.

It must have been a tough day.

How long do I have to do this?

I was planning to finish today.

Let's go to my place.

Are you crazy? Why would I go there?

We can get it all done

if we work through the night.

You're sure we'll be done by tonight?


Let's go and get this over with.



I heard you tried to kill yourself.

Why did you?

Well, I just thought I should.

What do you mean by that?

My girlfriend wanted to kill herself.

She would scream and cry every day

saying that she wanted to die.

At first, I tried to stop her

and even got angry with her.

Then at one point, I just wanted to do

what she wanted.

I can't stand people like that.

This is real life, not TV land.

They act as if they're
the only ones suffering

and make everyone else worry.

They're just attention seekers.

None of them

are seriously going to kill themselves.

This is our first meet-up.

Have you written your suicide notes?

I realised how hard it is to write one

when I finally got down to doing it.

I couldn't even get a full page out.

This is our new member, Peace B.


Here's my business card.

I hear working in sales is very tough.

All I do is sit in front

of the computer all day.

Working with a computer
is just as tough.

Although I hear dealing with people

is the hardest of all.


I'm Kim Byung-soo.


30 years old.


Have you written your suicide note?

No, not yet.

Right? Isn't it harder than you thought?

I found it hard. What about you?

- Yes, it's hard.
- What's so hard about it?

Once I started writing

all the bad memories came to mind.

I didn't know what to write.

If you can't do it today

you won't be able to do it tomorrow.

I'll have it ready by tomorrow.

- Did you do yours?
- No, not yet.

- Yeah.
- It's so hard.

I find it hard too.

What are you two whispering about?

Are you two dating?


We just tried it together once.

But you're both alive.

Hey, this is worrying.

You promised me this will work.

Just trust me.

What's wrong with you?

It's funny.

Yes... it is.

What's so funny? What is it?

What's going on?

Is there something holding you back?

No, not at all.

We just have a lot to talk about.

- We're all lonely...
- Who's lonely?

Speak for yourself!

Are you here to fight?

You're making a ruckus.

Young-mok. Why are we doing this?

Why do we have to do this in a group?

We look like idiots.

If this is so dumb to you

why are you here?

You're right. Hell! Why am I here?

I'm done writing.

Enough! Cut it out.

We're doing this to empty our minds

and fortify our wills
to go through with it.

Peace B, please calm down.

Why is everyone picking on me?

Calm down.

I'll make sure you die, no matter what.


Together, to the land beyond!

Hang the padlock yourself.

Hey kid, just got off work?

Don't call me that.

Who are those people earlier?


I saw you earlier.

Oh, it's the club I run.

What sort of club?

A suicide club.

They say old habits die hard.

Are you so desperate to die?

I'm just kidding.


Come to your senses, will you?

Fragile... easily broken.

Identical... exactly alike.

Absurd... illogical.

Distress... great pain.

Obvious... apparent.

Is it really good to be alive?

Sure. Why not?

Shut up, witch!

What's the problem?

Problem? You are the problem.

Happy now?


Hey... stop it!

Speak in Korean, you bloody witch.

Who are you?

It's me.

I'm sorry about what happened, mister.

I hope you're in a better place now.

Please rest in peace.

Please don't show up again.

White night, is it a dream?

My love that once ignited a fire

at the cold Suseong Lake

seeps out into the blue water.

Are you there, Hee-jung?

Yes, Boss.

You need to clean the washrooms today.

OK, I'll do it now.

CQ... hey, Hee-jung!

Where are you?

Do you know what I just saw?

Come to the trail right now!

That's him, isn't it?

The one who allegedly drowned.

I think so!

I knew it.

What do you mean?

He didn't manage to kill himself.

That's what I thought
when I saw the news.

A few sleeping pills won't kill anyone.

Let's go.

- Where to?
- Follow me.

Excuse me.

Did you take a ride

in a paddleboat a while back?

She didn't give you a life jacket.

I'm sorry...

I'm so sorry. My apologies.

Why are you here?

I'm staying at that hotel for now.

I'm from Seoul.


No, I have no need for that.

Why bother getting registered mail

when I'm going to die?

What? You're going to die?

Where? Here again?

The water's really cold now.

I proposed to my wife right here.

20 years ago.

Those were the days.

Did your wife cheat on you?

I never thought my wife would do that.

With a Pakistani, no less.

I'm going to kill myself

and make her carry that guilt

for the rest of her life.

That shameless witch.


Do you want me to help you die?


You have tips for me?

Don't listen to him, sir.

He's crazy.

I'll pay you as much as you want.

They say you should always

grant a person's dying wish.

Please help me out.

Hey, mister?

Scoot over a little.

Right there.

Pull your chin in.

Are you ready?


Do I leave after handing him this?

No, you have to stick
around and help out.

We'll give it a go.



Amir, you rotten rat.

How can you do this to me?

You piece of crap.

Did you enjoy sleeping with my wife?

You'll burn in hell.

I'm going to post your
picture everywhere.

All right, close your eyes.

You'll be at peace.

Think positive thoughts.

You'll fall asleep soon.

Take slow, deep breaths.

You piece of crap.

Did you enjoy sleeping with my wife?

You'll burn in hell.

I'm going to post your picture...

Shall we do it for real now?

I'm calling this off.


I just came back from the dead.

Besides, why should I die?

What did I do wrong?

Do you mean that?

You can dispose of the tape.

Burn it if you'd like.

You can't call it off now.

Well, if this is what you truly want.

But we did spend all
that time and effort...



Thank you.

Excuse me?

I haven't felt this way...

in a long time.

Same with me.


I came here to kill myself.


You don't look like
someone who'd do that.

Is that so?

Kim Mi-jin, open the door!

I know you're in there.

Come on, open the door!

I know you're inside.

Did that nutcase track my phone again?

- Open the bloody door!
- Who's that?

Just some guy I know.

He'll commit murder if I let him in.

Open the friggin' door now!

- Will you be OK?
- Open the door!

Of course, you're the one he'll kill.

Hey! I said, open the friggin' door!

You didn't think I could get
in, did you?

- Hell, I knew it.
- No, honey...

Come here, you piece of crap.

I'll kill you. We'll all die together!

Don't come near me!

What the hell?

Is he nuts?

Oh my god.

Honey. What do we do now?


I'm sorry, but you can't be in here.

Please wait outside.


How did it go?

Compulsory Military Service
Physical Examination


Everyone else gets to serve in the army.

Why not him?

He has to come back for re-examination.

I just want to give up.

Was it really so wrong
of me to have kids?

My life is so messed up.

I only have two children

but one doesn't know

what he wants to do in
life, and the girl?

I don't even know she's up to.

I wish I didn't have kids.

What are you doing in my room?

You call this pigsty a room?

I told you not to come
in without asking!

Enough with that. Look at this mess.

Clean up after yourself!

What have you been doing these days?

You don't get to live like a slob

just because you're studying.

I'll clean it later!

My friends' daughters have no problem

picking up after themselves.

What the heck is this?

You act so sensitive

studying for your transfer exams,

but your room is a pigsty.

Why are you bringing
up my transfer exam?

Since we're on the topic

you know we can't afford this.

Everyone else have
graduated and found jobs.

Why do you want to transfer schools now?

Your room's a disaster.

It's a complete pigsty.

Have I ever asked you for anything?

Who are you to stick your nose in

when you've never supported me?

Are you saying

I shouldn't act like your mum?

Fine. You must think lowly of me

because I don't have money.

Mercenary brat.

What? Mercenary?

I'm friggin' speechless!

What did you just say?

- Let go of me!
- Come here!

Stop it! Let go of me!

Let go! Bloody hell!

You think you can do this

just because you're
studying for your exams?

Is this a boarding house to you?

Get out!

I work my butt off

earning my keep and studying.

You've never once encouraged me.

You call yourself my mum?

I'd leave even if you begged me to stay.

You little brat.

Let go!

I'm sick and tired of this place!

You'd better come to your senses!

- Hee-jung.
- What?

You should be thankful you're a girl.

What are you talking about?

Look, if you were a guy

and you were trying to
transfer universities

do you think Mum would
have let you do it?

What are you talking about?

I didn't ask her for a single cent.

I'm earning my own tuition.

God. Seriously.

If you were a man, you wouldn't even

get the luxury of doing that.

You have it good compared
to the rest of us.

That's hilarious.

All you do is eat and sleep all day.

Why are you picking on me?

Are you fulfilling your
duty as a man then?

You're human, aren't you?

Do something useful for a change.

Good-for-nothing loser.

Information exchange for men

yet to serve in the army

Psychiatry Re-examination

Exemption after two
months of hospitalisation

Been on outpatient treatment for a year

MMA would give you a
rating without thinking

Does anyone want to go together?

Where did you get your re-examination?

Does anyone want to go together?

Call me at 010235428.


Does it have to be a remote motel

in the mountains like this?

It's really difficult to park here.

Young-mok says this is the only place

without a fire alarm.

It's too bad about Mi-ru.

I heard she was only
found three days later.

- Really?
- Yeah.

She didn't leave a suicide note.

- No note?
- Yeah.

You have one new voice message.

It's me, Mi-ru.

Why aren't you picking up?

I'm actually glad you didn't.

The club members from that day

including you and me.

We looked like fools.

I don't think we'll be
able to do it together.

Nothing's going to change.

That's why I'm going to...

stop being a fool.

Thank you for everything.

If there's life after death

let's not run into each other.

Your shift starts at 9.00am

but you can come in at 11.00am tomorrow.

Clean up the place
when your shift begins.

You can reorganise the office.

I hope you'll do well.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.



I told you about my exam
tomorrow, right?

I thought I should remind you.

Hee-jung. I've thought about it

and this isn't working out.

Half the time,
your head's in the clouds.

We need someone

who will stick around for a long time.

Starting tomorrow,
you won't have to come in.

I hope you understand.

Do you want to get some barbecue?

My dear barbecue, how have you been?

I missed you too.

Here you go.

Do you want to go into my mouth?

It's so good!

Have you never had pork before?

What's wrong with you?

There's one dish you can't eat alone.

Do you know what it is?

It's this. Korean barbecue.

Don't you have friends?

None. Just like you.

I choose to be that way.

I had a friend just like you

when I was in high school.

Was she pretty?

She was a loner.

It's so good.

Two more orders over here.

Thank you.

Why are you trying to
transfer schools anyway?

Because I can't stand being here.

I want to see and learn things in Seoul.

There's nothing here in Daegu.

You're so greedy.

I wish I get to make my own choices.

Be it my home, my school or my job.

All of it.

I want to live a life
of my own choosing.

You must be good at making decisions.

Humans are bound to make mistakes.

There's nothing I can choose.

What do you mean there's nothing?

There's one thing you can choose.

What's that?


Transfer Exam D-day

Bear in mind... to remember.

Archaic... very old.

You need your vitamins, fatty!

Love, Mum

What the heck is this?

Is it just us?

What is it at this hour?

Everyone has their seatbelts on?


The door! Lock it!

Salute. Good evening.

- What is it?
- He's my friend.



Hey, you.

You should've written that at home.

Why are you writing it here?

I wrote one at home yesterday.

Then I asked Daddy to check it.

Daddy ripped it up.

What the heck? Are you high on drugs?

I take my pills every day.

Who is this guy?

This is suffocating.

Why are we using a briquette

instead of ignition coals?

Ignition coals are a lot smokier.

You might subconsciously
try to walk out.

- Just trust me.
- OK.

You've been sitting
there the whole time.

Can you bring over the butane gas?

Yes, sure.

Examination Room Three

Thank you.

Good job, everyone.

Hell, the exam was so hard.

I'm going to flunk it again.

Why is it so complicated?

Excuse me.

Is it this way to Shindorim Station?

I'm actually looking for my way too.

You're not from Seoul, are you?



I'm from Daegu too. Where in Daegu?


I think you just got pickpocketed.



What do you think you're doing?

My suicide note: I'm a proud policeman.

I'm off to a better
place with Young-mok.

I want to go home, Young-mok!

Come on... wake up!

Wake up! Hurry!

I want to go home! Get up!

- Hee-jung.
- What?

Hee-joon isn't picking up his phone.

Where did he go?

I don't know.

Where are you?

Seoul, where else?

Don't you know my exam's today?

What's wrong with your voice?

Did something happen?

Forget it!

Hee-jung? Hee-jung!

Do you want me to come to Seoul?

Stop crying and tell me what happened!

What is it, Hee-jung?

Three weeks later

Excuse me.

May I ask you for directions?

How do I get here?


Take bus 649 over there.

You look angry.

I think I can help you.

Do you know me?

Just go on your way.

I'm not interested.

You look about my age

but you don't look like a student.

If something's bothering you...

- You should tackle it.
- Well...

Who are you to talk?

Listen. If you can amass
your energy for life

you can even level a mountain.

Still, there's only so
much one person can do.

That's why we should act as a group.

That way, your life will change.

My life will change?

- That sounds interesting.
- Doesn't it?

Why don't you come with me?

Let's get a cup of coffee.

According to your records

it's your third suicide attempt, right?

I'd have to say it has become a habit.

You really need to come to your senses.

Instead of thinking of dying

set a goal for yourself.

You need a sense of purpose in life.

I know a girl who said the same thing.

She's a lot like you.


Don't worry. She's cute.

Seoul Mirae University


We regret to inform you

we're unable to offer you a place.

Together, to the land beyond!

I know...

life can be tough.

I don't know how I should live.


you should go home.

Hey, have you heard of

the Suseong Lake ghost?

There was a man who used to come here

and play his guitar every day.

One day, he just stopped coming.

People started to wonder why

when a lady claimed that

she saw him fall into the water, drunk.

Ever since then

you could sometimes hear his guitar.

Guess what happened to
those that heard it?

What happened?