Dual (2022) - full transcript

A woman opts for a cloning procedure after she receives a terminal diagnosis but when she recovers her attempts to have her clone decommissioned fail, leading to a court-mandated duel to the death.




[ Wind blowing ]





[ Arrow swishing ]



[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Soft applause ]

[ Panting ]




[ Arrow swishing ]


[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Arrow swishing ]



[ Soft applause ]

[ Panicked breathing ]


[ Panicked breathing continues ]

[ Pained groan ] Ah, fuck!

[ Exhaling deeply ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ]

Ah! Ahh!

[ Grunts ]

[ Knife hits ]

[ Grunting ]





Well done, you --

[ Microphone feedback ]

Well done. You're the winner.

Remind me. Are you the original
or the double?

The double.

WOMAN: Of course.
I always get mixed up.

Obviously it gets confusing
when you both look identical.

Excellent work negating
his ranged attack

and closing the distance.

Thank you.

The double has won the duel.

He's Robert Michaels now.

[ Soft applause ]

[ Triumphant music ]


Can I take your order?

SARAH: Yes, I'll have
one two-layer taco,

two soft tacos,

a double burrito,
and an order of nachos.


We have
several kinds of nachos.

SARAH: The one that's just
the chips and cheese dip.

MALE ATTENDANT: How many drinks
for this order?

SARAH: Only one.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing stops ]

[ Phone vibrating ]

[ Car starting ]

[ Laptop beeping ]

WOMAN 1: I don't know.
It's haunted.

But look, there's a pool.

[ Moaning ]

WOMAN 1: Yeah, yeah!

WOMAN 2: Oh, yeah!

[ Moaning continues ]

[ Man panting ]

[ Laptop chiming ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chiming continues ]

SARAH: Well, hello.

Hey, sweetheart.
What are you up to?

Just watching television.

PETER: What are you watching?

A reality competition
show about dating.

That doesn't sound very good.

It isn't very good, but
I consider it a guilty pleasure.

What are you doing?

I took my team out
for drinks after work tonight.

They've been doing such
a great job on this project.

What about
that co-worker of yours

you were telling me about?

Is he still struggling
with the workload?

Actually, Sam's doing
tremendous now.

Oh. Oh, that's good, I guess.

PETER: In fact, I'm even
considering giving him

a most-improved award.

Awards in the workplace
have been proven --

[ Audio glitching ]

...increase morale
even if it-if...

it d-d-d --
really mean anything.

I miss you.

I miss you, too, sweetheart.

Maybe I'll call you
one more time before bed?

SARAH: No, that's okay.

I actually think I'm going
to go to bed soon, too.

PETER: Really? It's
so early there.

Yes, but I'm tired.

[ Fake yawning ]

All right, well, you should
definitely get some rest,

and we can talk tomorrow.

I'll text you when I wake up.

PETER: All right.
Good night, Sarah.

[ Laptop beeps ]

[ Loud moaning on laptop ]

[ Liquid pouring ]

WOMAN: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

WOMAN: Sarah, dear,
are you really hungry?

Or are you putting food
into your mouth

so you don't have to talk to me?

I'm just a normal
amount of hungry.

It's possible to eat and have
a conversation at the same time.

-I think I'm going to be --

[ cup clinking ]

I think I'm going to be
late for work.

You don't have work today.
That's why you're here with me.

What day is it?

Do you remember these?

My penny collection?

Why did you stop collecting?

I was 10, I took
on other hobbies.

Where did you find these?

Why aren't you happy anymore?

[ Eerie soundscape ]

I am happy.

Why don't you answer my calls?

[ Tense music ]

Why don't you visit me?

[ Gulping ]

Don't you love me?

[ Dissonant soundscape ]


[ Gagging ]

[ Coins clattering ]

[ Sarah coughing ]

Goodbye, Sarah.

[ Sharp inhale ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Distant clattering ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighing ]


[ Sighing ]

[ Spits ]

[ Pillow falling ]




[ Baby crying ]

[ Crying continues ]

Ma'am, I said, is it
an emergency, or can you wait?

No, it's not an emergency.

Fill out as much of this form
as you can, initial this,

and the yellow page
gives us permission to --

[ Coughs ]

Ma'am, I thought you said
this wasn't an emergency.

PETER: How are you feeling?

SARAH: I'm feeling okay.
I haven't had any more episodes.

PETER: That's good news.

SARAH: Does this mean
you'll be coming home early?

PETER: You know I can't
do that, sweetheart.

We're at a very critical stage
of the project.

SARAH: No, I know. I just
thought you might be able to...

step away for a moment.

PETER: Perhaps.

I need to figure
some things out here first.

I understand.

PETER: Hey, what did
the gastroenterologist say?

She's still running tests.

Everyone is having
a hard time believing me

that there were no signs
or symptoms leading up to this.

[ Phone chiming ]

Who was that?

Aw, nothing. It was just...

Sam texted me
that he got home safely.

You went out with
your co-workers tonight?

PETER: No, no, no. Just Sam.

He accidentally drank
too much, though.

I sent him home in a taxi.

What are you up to tonight?

I'm in the hospital.

PETER: Right, right...
I mean...

Do you think you can
go to bed soon?

Yes, I probably should.

I'm supposed to get
an endoscopy tomorrow morning.

I forgot to tell you about that.

They didn't let me eat
or drink anything for dinner,

so I'm quite hungry and thirsty.

You can probably hear my stomach
growling louder than my voice.

[ Chuckling ]

[ Phone chiming ]

PETER: Mm. Mm.

That's good.
You should get some sleep.

Oh, okay.

PETER: Good night, sweetheart.

-Good night, Peter.
-[ Phone chimes ]

[ Sighs ]

DOCTOR: We're sending you home.

So there's nothing
wrong with me?

No, there most definitely
is something wrong with you,

but while we wait
for the current round of tests

to come back,
there's nothing more to be done.

You'd be better off being around
your family and friends.

I haven't told my mom yet.

I wanted to wait until
I had a better idea

of what was happening.

I feel much better, actually.

Maybe I'm getting better.

Sarah, listen very carefully.

We may be in the dark here
on what exactly

is happening inside of you,
but whatever it is,

it's very serious.

When you go home,
you need to rest.

You need to take
care of yourself.

You need to not drink.

Do you understand?

I understand.


[ Moans]
That's very, very good.

[ Man and woman speaking
on television ]

[ Bottle clinks ]

PETER: Hey, it's Peter.
Leave a message.

[ Phone whooshes ]

[ Conversation on
television continues ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Rap music playing ]

[ Laptop chiming ]

PETER: Hey, sweetheart.

Guess what I just did?

I'm not sure. Tell me.

I just went to the gym.

The doctor told me to rest,
but I woke up feeling energized,

and so I decided
to go and work out,

and I got very sweaty and hot,

so the second I walked
through the door,

I took off all my clothes.

I actually feel a lot better
than I have in a long time.

I don't think I'm sick anymore.
It was probably just a cold.

I looked up the symptoms online,

and that was one of
the possibilities.

What's wrong?

You -- You have a rare
condition, and it's terminal.

You're just imagining the worst.
I'm fine, I promise.

PETER: You accidentally
put my number down

on the primary contact
instead of emergency contacts,

so your doctor's
been calling me,

but I assumed it was
a telemarketer,

so I didn't answer.

She must have assumed that
you're screening your calls

because she left a very
detailed voicemail in my inbox.

You're telling me
this on video chat?

I know. I'm sorry.

How long have you known?

PETER: Two days.
I didn't know how to tell you.

Sarah, you're going to die.

Why aren't I crying?

[ Knocking, door opening ]

DOCTOR: I apologize
for the voicemail.

If we could keep this mix-up

from making its way
to the board of directors,

I would appreciate it.

Sure, that's fine.

So, yes, you have an incredibly
rare incurable disease.

It is inside your stomach,

but will eventually spread
throughout your body.

It will be painless,
but it is killing you.

We cannot know how
long you have,

but it is only a matter of time.

What are my chances?


There's a 98% chance

you will succumb
to your illness.

I thought you said
there isn't a chance.

DOCTOR: There isn't.

Then what about the two percent?

That's the margin of error.
There's a 2% margin of error.

Nothing is ever
absolutely certain,

though this most certainly is.

You're telling me there is a
margin of error of two percent,

but you're certain
I'm definitely going to die?



You're taking this quite well,
I might add.

Most people cry
when doctors give them bad news,

which is why most
doctors are depressed.

I don't want to die,

but it sounds like
it's not up to me.

To use a baseball analogy,

life has thrown
you a curve ball.

Curve balls are tricky throws
for the batter to hit.

In this case, you're the batter.

Only, you're not even holding
a bat, so you most definitely

are going to miss the ball.

What's next?
What are my options?

You should decide on
what type of funeral you want.

It usually depends
on one's religious views,

but it can also be a reflection
of your personality.

For example, I know
I want to be buried,

not because I'm religious,

but because I'm afraid
of being forgotten.

I want my friends and family
to feel obligated

to come and visit my grave.

Of course, there are the remains

from a cremation
that can be buried or interred,

but people are less likely
to visit a pile of ashes.

A body in a casket holds
more of an obligation.

You can even be buried at sea,

though that's usually
reserved for sailors.

There are many options
to choose from.

I'll probably choose...

Then there is the decision
of whether or not

you want to go ahead
with replacement.

I'm sure you're already
familiar with the process.

When you know
you're going to die,

you can have yourself cloned

so that your loved ones won't
have to suffer the loss of you.

Here's a pamphlet, just in case.

Thank you.

Remember to discuss it
with your loved ones first.

Replacement isn't for everyone.

For some families, it has even
been a negative experience.

-Can I have this?

[ Soft music playing ]

Hi, there. My name is Tom.

I'm the head West Coast
media relations officer

here at The Facility.

I'll be your host
for this introduction

to the world of replacement.

Of course, we all know
that cloning began dur --

-[ clicks ]
-Our scientists have made

countless exciting
breakthroughs and advances

in The Facility's
proprietary technology.

It's hard to imagine
that, at one point,

this all seemed like
absurd science fiction.

-[ clicks ]
-This period is known

as "imprintation".

Your double is more or less
a sponge at this point.

They will soak up as much
of what makes you "you"

as they can before you die.

Down to the littlest detail.

The more time your double
spends learning about you,

the more "you" they will become.

[ Laughing ]

In some cases, however,

your double may only have
a very short time with you.

Such as in the case
of premeditated suicide.

For originals who are very sad,

everyday living is a struggle.

This double may look
just like his original,

but he may as well be
a different person altogether.

For some grieving families,
this is sufficient.

I hope you found this video
fun and informative.

You may be dying,
but don't let that affect

those who love you most.

Replacement is a gift to them.

Isn't that right, darling?

That's right.

I'm a former double,

going on 12 years of being Tom.

Replacement works.

[ Ringing ]

Hi, I'm currently dying

and I would like
to schedule a consultation.

[ Pop music playing ]



[ Panicked breathing ]

[ Tense music ]



RECEPTIONIST: Ma'am, I'm sorry,
I forgot to ask you

for some sort of
proof you're dying.

They should have
mentioned that on the phone

when you scheduled
your appointment.

Yes, they told me. I have a copy
of my hospital charts.

I can have my doctor fax
a note too if necessary.

the charts will do.

I'm still not sure
I'm going to go through with it.

I'd like to talk to someone
first, if that's all right.

Of course. You still have
to fill out the form, though.

Of course.

There's no way
I can afford this.

You must understand that this
is a gift for your loved ones.

Can you put a price on them
not having to be sad?

You're going to die.

And we understand and are
sensitive to that inevitability.

What we do is we set up
a payment plan.

When you pass away
and your double becomes you,

they take over
your responsibilities,

and one of those

is to keep paying
off the procedure.

The most important thing is

that you don't have
to worry about anything.

Other than dying with dignity.

I'm afraid of needles,
and I sometimes have nightmares

of being put under anesthesia

but waking up during
the surgery.

All you have to do
is spit into this.

How long does it all take?

About an hour.

MAN: Can I get you a refill?

Yes, please, but only half.

I don't need a whole glass.

SARAH: Hello.

Hi. You must be Sarah.

I caught a glimpse
of myself in the mirror,

and I look a lot like you.

SARAH: Yes, I'm Sarah.

So, Sarah is your original.

For now, you'll go by the name
Sarah's Double.

When you replace her,
you'll take her name.

You have very clean skin.

And your hair shines
in the light better than mine.

I like your shirt.

MAN: I should tell you
that there was an error

in the coding process.

It affected the gene
that determines eye color.

We're happy to decommission
this double and try again

if you'd like.

Oh, no. That won't be necessary.

Blue eyes are less common
and more interesting

than brown eyes.

Great. We'll give you
a five-percent discount

on the process to
make it up to you.

SARAH: Oh, that would
be wonderful.

Before he put me in these
temporary clothes,

the technician made a joke to me

about how now he's
seen you naked.

Are you hungry?

Not right now.

What are some
of your favorite foods?

I like Mexican food,

Japanese food
and also Indian food.

I can't wait to try those, then.

What is your least
favorite kind of food?

That's a good question.
Maybe French food.

It can be quite heavy.

a style of music you like best?

I like all kinds of music,

particularly pop, rock,
and hip-hop.

Would you like to
listen any of those right now?

Maybe later.
I'm enjoying this conversation,

and music might make it
hard to hear each other.

Are there any styles of music
you don't like so much?


And Metal.

It's just a bunch of noise.

[ Keys jingling ]

[ Keys clattering ]

SARAH: Welcome home.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: It's nice.
Do you live here alone?

SARAH: No, I live here
with my boyfriend, Peter.

He's away on business, though.

He won't be back
for several more weeks.

I hope I get to see him again
before I die.

He's very handsome
and hard-working.

He sounds like it.
I'm excited to meet him.

SARAH: I'll introduce you
to my mom, too.

What about your dad?

He passed away a few years ago.

50 percent of marriages
end in divorce, but...

my parents were still together
when he died.

I never saw them fight.

I know she misses him.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: I'm excited
to meet your mom.

I haven't told
her about you yet.

I haven't told Peter either,
but I'm going to.

Actually, I'm not sure I want
my mom to know I'm sick.

I'm afraid she'll be sad.

I'm her only child.

When you're gone,

I promise to love her
as much as you do.

Maybe more.

Same for Peter.

I will love him so much.

Let's get some clothes for you.

You don't have any cellulite
or love handles.

I guess I don't have
either of those things.

You're right.

Feels slightly loose on me.

I may be a size
smaller than you.

You should probably
take me shopping.

What's your favorite
sexual position?

Um, it's boring,
but I like missionary.

Sometimes, it's nice
to be choked. Lightly.

What's Peter's
favorite position?

He likes standing
both from behind

and facing each other,
and he likes to blindfold me,

but I like to be able
to see him, though.

Sure, but I imagine
not being able to see

heightens the other senses.

You know, I don't think
I care for this top.

Maybe when you take me shopping,
I'll look for a different style.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: Sweetheart,
have you seen my shoes?

PETER: Uh, are
they these black ones?

No, those are Sarah's.

Mine are tan and
more fashionable.

Never mind. I found them.

They were by the door
where I usually leave them.

PETER: Wow, sweetheart,

you look beautiful.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: So do you.


Which restaurant
are we going to?

PETER: We are going
to a French brasserie.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: French food
is my favorite.

[ Laughing ]

PETER: Oh, hey, Sarah.

Sorry, I didn't see you there.

are going on a date.

I think we all knew there was
something between Peter and me.

So, it's nice
to just be open about it.

I really value your friendship.

I'll miss that when you die.

Speaking of which, any updates?

[ Sighs ]

I have a doctor's
appointment tomorrow.

PETER: Honey, we should hurry,
or we're going to be late.


Peter and I will probably make
love when we get home tonight.

As you know, I tend to be loud,
so I wanted you to be aware.

[ Door closes ]

DOCTOR: Please, come in.

Have a seat.

How are you feeling?

I feel okay.

It's been completely painless,
just as you said it would be.

The worst part has
been the waiting.

I know it's coming,
but I don't know when.

I go to sleep every
night thinking,

"Maybe tomorrow will be
the day I don't wake up."

I'd rather die in my sleep
than die awake.

I'd rather not be able
to feel it happening.

Sarah, I don't know
how to tell you this,

other than direct
and to the point.

You've gone into
complete remission.

You're not dying anymore.

You told me it was certain.

I did mention
the margin of error.

Are you sure?

My stomach is hurting
a little bit right now.

DOCTOR: Did you have anything to
eat for breakfast this morning?


DOCTOR: You're most likely
just hungry, then.

I don't understand.

DOCTOR: To be perfectly honest,
we don't either.

But it seems
you've recovered completely

and there's no reason
to think you can't live

a long, fulfilling life.

Your family will be thrilled.

I never told my mom.

DOCTOR: Why not?

I didn't want her to worry.

My double was going to take over
like nothing ever happened.

With contact lenses, of course.

She wouldn't have to miss me.

You should see The Facility

about having your double

By law, the only people
who are allowed doubles

are people who are dying,

and you are no longer
one of those people.


[ Screaming ]



[ Brakes squealing ]

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Soft piano music playing ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

PETER: We actually
went roller-skating.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: Oh, it was fun.
I fell, didn't I?

[ Laughs ] Very badly,
but it was fun.

MOTHER: I used to roller skate.
With your father.


You introduced her to my mom?

Sarah, what's going on?

Mom, I'm Sarah.

[ Soft music continues ]

You agreed to wait until I died

before you introduced her
to my mom as me.


I didn't introduce
your double to your mom.

She's been in contact with her
on her own for months now.

You're pretending to be me?

While I'm still alive,
you're talking to her?

Someone had to.

All your mother wanted
was a call here and there

from the daughter she loves.

Sarah, will one of you
please tell me what's happening?

I was dying.

I had a disease
that was killing me,

and so, I decided
to get a replacement

so that you wouldn't
have to miss me.

Why didn't you tell me?

I know. I did this for you.

It was supposed to
be a nice gift.

How much longer do you have?

That's the thing.

It's almost funny.

I did all of this for nothing.

What do you mean?

I'm not going to die after all.

I just left my doctor's office,
and I'm in remission.

You're going to be

And we can go back
to being together

and everything can
go back to normal.

What do you mean

Don't worry, Mother.

No, don't you fucking
talk to her.

You're done. I am going
to fucking abort you!

-All right, come on.
-I'm Sarah, not you.

You're nothing.
You're no one.

PETER: Come on,
let's go outside.


[ Birds chirping ]

You're not kissing me.
Here, try again.

-Eh -- What are you doing?
-What do you mean?

I'm with her now.

Didn't you hear me?

She's going to be

So...we can go back
to you and me.

It's not that simple.

What is it about her?

It's little things.

Like her inflection
when she says my name.

Hers goes up. Peter!
Yours is flat. Peter.

I can say your name
that way if you want.

Just tell me what you want me
to be, and I'll be it for you.

You always try too hard
to impress new people.

You speak over me or for me.

You have to control
social situations.

I'm embarrassed to
go out with you.

Every time we go out,
my co-workers

make fun of you
behind your back.

That is, when I can actually
get you to leave the house,

and even if I do,
it's always on me.

I can't do it anymore.

Even if I can't be with her,
I don't want to be with you.

I love you, Peter.

And no one will ever love you
as much as I do.

I know.

But I don't love you anymore.

What's it like to fuck me

while you look into
someone else's eyes?

You need therapy, Sarah.

[ Door closing and locking ]

Wait, this is my mom's house.

[ Door rattling ]

Mom? Hey, Mom.

Peter locked me out.

[ Knocking ]

[ Doorbell ringing repeatedly ]

[ Door rattling ]

[ Sarah scoffing ]

I hope the decommission process
is painful for you, bitch!

And I hope it's emotionally
painful for the two of you!

[ Cellphone ringing ]


WOMAN: Is this Sarah?

Yes. Who's this?

WOMAN: I represent your double.

This call is to notify you
that she will be

exercising her rights
in accordance

with the 28th Amendment
of the Constitution.

Your double has filed
a motion to stay.

What do you mean "stay"?

WOMAN: I suggest you
consult with legal counsel.

Have a nice day.

It's a fairly standard
motion to stay.

All the usual stipulations.

No contact with your double
starting immediately.

Because the lease
is in your ex's name,

you're being asked to move out.

They're giving you two days,
which is quite generous,

as usually it's only one.

The duel to the death will be
in approximately one year.

The exact date to be determined
by the court at a later time.

And you'll be expected to pay

support to your double
in the interim.

Wait, did you say
duel to the death?

Yes, it is to determine
which of you will live

the rest of Sarah's life.

We can't have two of you
walking around forever.

That would be ridiculous.

I thought she was going
to be decommissioned.

Well, in cases such as yours,

when an original is going
to live after all,

the double is usually
decommissioned, yes.

But, in even rarer cases,

when a double has been
in the world long enough

to start becoming
their own person,

they sometimes would prefer
to continue to live.

They can request a stay
and a duel is set.

I thought the duels
were only for prisoners

who commit the crime
worse than murder.

They're also used for stays.

Haven't even seen
one on television?

They're quite popular.

I don't care for violence.
It makes me nauseous.

Well, you'll need
to get over that

if you want any chance
of surviving your duel.

I suggest taking personal
combat training lessons

from a personal combat trainer.

Also, we should
discuss my rates.

[ Box thuds ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Laptop chiming ]

You can take the sheets with
the giant blood stain on them.

You should have
washed them in cold water.

You can take anything you like.

Your double has
different taste than you,

and we'd like to
redecorate anyway.

Maybe leave the couch, though,
and the nice coffee table.

But other than that,
you can take anything you like.

[ Laptop chiming ]

Hey, sweetheart!

Is she still there?

PETER: Yes, she is,
but she's going to be gone soon.

I don't have to see

her disgusting face
again for a while.

Oh, tell her to take
the bloody sheets with her.

PETER: Don't worry.
I already did.


I miss you.

I miss you, too.

[ Door closing ]

[ Sighs ]

TRENT: Do you want to live?


I don't believe you.

I want to live.

Because if you know
that you do not care

if you live or die in your duel,

you may as well
tell me right now.

I will tear up your contract,
and you can spend all the money

that you save over the next year
on drugs and alcohol,

vacations to the beach, sex...

...trips to amusement parks.

You will surely
die in your duel,

but you will have lived
your last year on Earth

in an excessive
and exciting fashion.

I said I want to live.

Are you prepared to kill?


I believe you.

First, we need to get
your body healthy and ready...

...for what's to come.

We'll start with some
general calisthenics.

[ Grunting ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Breathing deeply ]

[ Sarah panting ]


[ Panting ]

Come on.

[ Panting ]

[ Tense music ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Panting ]

[ Clicks ]

I feel like I'm
going to throw up.

TRENT: It's due to all
the lactic acid in your blood.

It's temporarily poisoning you.

Don't worry. The feeling
will go away eventually.

I'm going to live.

This is my life.

She's not going
to take it from me.

I want you to watch
that tonight.

It's not very good,
but there are some images in it

that I want you
to get used to seeing.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[ Ominous music playing ]

Oh, for crying out loud.

Barbara, I told you don't leave
your ring next to the sink.

[ Ominous music continues ]

Got ya.

Barbara, I'm stuck. Barbara!

Barbara, quit kidding around.
Barbara, this isn't funny.

Barbara, stop.

Barbara, stop.
I'm your husband.

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming continues ]

[ Volume increases ]

[ Door opens ]

SARAH: You were right.

The plot was convoluted
and the acting wasn't very good,

but I see why you wanted me
to watch it.

I'll send you home
with the sequel today.

It's a worse film,
but it's even more violent.

Are you ready to get started?

[ Dialogue inaudible ]




TRENT: It will take
place on a field.

Usually a football field
or a soccer field,

or sometimes even a public park,
if there's enough space.

Each opponent will stand
on opposite ends of the field.

An official will signal
for the officials on the field

to remove a sheet
covering a table.

On the table,
there will be five weapons.

Your opponent will have
an identical cache of weapons.

You will have 10 seconds
to choose a weapon.

Your opponent will be
obstructed from view

during this 10-second long
decision-making process.

If there is a gun on the table,

it is most likely that both
combatants will choose it.

But guns run out of bullets.

And axe does not need bullets
to slice through an arm.

An axe is much
heavier and slower

than a dagger, which you need
to be in close proximity to use.

So, you see, it is all about
careful yet decisive strategy.


What happens
if you drop your weapon

and are too far away from
the table to grab another?

I like that you're
already thinking this way.

How many weapons
do you see here?


Count again.

I still count five.

There are six weapons.

A properly trained human body
is a weapon.

I would like for you to start
working out on your own time.

This way, we can spend
an entire hour

on weapons training
and hand-to-hand combat.

I'm sometimes unmotivated
to work out on my own.

It's easier when there's
someone there pushing me.

The key is finding
something that you enjoy.

There are many activities
that you can do

that are also a great workout
such as bike riding,

rock climbing, dancing,
or even swimming.

Oh, I almost forgot.
I'll get you that DVD.



[ Grunts ]



[ Rhythmic music playing ]





SARAH: For number three,
I chose slit throat.



Remember, no emotion.


I chose blunt-force trauma
to the head.

I knew this one right away.

This is definitely
a gunshot wound to the chest,

most likely from
a low-caliber weapon.

It has probably
punctured his lung.

Gunshot wound. Good.

SARAH: Arrow to the head.

-Multiple stab wounds.

This one was difficult.

TRENT: I saw you
having trouble with it.

What did you decide on?

I wasn't sure, but I picked...


TRENT: Good guess.

But remember, there would be
visual indicators

such as singed hair or clothing
and burns to the body.

This is a death by poison.

Of course.
I should have known it.

It's okay.
You only missed this one,

and poison is hardly
a weapon chosen by the court,

because it is slow to act
and not as visually exciting.

Once, I accidentally cut myself
with a pair of scissors

while trimming my bangs.

As I washed the wound in
the sink,

it began to bleed,
and I fainted.

I'm lucky I didn't fall
on the scissors.

But now, even a mutilated body
barely phases me.

Photos of a mutilated
human body.

Photos. Yes.

I've set up a field trip
for you next week.

I'm not entirely
sure when it will be

due to the nature
of the activity,

but I will let you know
the day before.

By the way, I called the bank
about my card being declined,

I have to pay an overdraft fee,
which is frustrating,

but you should have this month's
payment tomorrow.

Thank you for sorting that out.

Between the personal
combat training,

clone support,
and hip-hop dance classes,

money has been
a little tight recently.

TRENT: I understand.

Sometimes it's possible to pay
for services in other ways.

Maybe we can come up
with some sort of arrangement

that is mutually beneficial.

[ Door opening and closing ]

How much is this?

[ Beeps ]

$2.08 including tax.

Uh, 1 dollar and 34 cents
on pump 2, please.

[ Cash register beeping ]

[ Whirring ]

[ Clunks ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]


Where is that?

[ Clattering ]

[ Clattering ]

[ Knocking ]

Can I help you?

SARAH: Trent told me
to come see you.

Even though it's covered,

I'm sure you can
already tell what this is.

A person.

A body.

This body was once a person,
but now it is just a body.

You'll notice she was
about your age when she died.

She has your hair color,
your eye color,

and even looks
a little like you.

Was she killed in a duel?

No, she was not.

She was killed
while riding a motorcycle.

Her friends and family say
she was a safe driver.

She was even wearing
a full-face helmet,

but another vehicle
ran a red light.

And struck her head-on.

She was alive for a few minutes.

Witnesses say she even admitted

she should have
purchased a car instead.

What was her name?

That doesn't matter.

First, we need to open up
the chest cavity

and inspect the vital organs.

I'm cutting into the skin...

...pulling it back
to allow access.

There. Next...

[ Tools clattering ]

...we cut the ribs
surrounding the chest plate.

[ Cracking ]

WOMAN: Then we cut away
the cartilage

revealing the heart and...

[ Continues indistinctly ]

[ Dissonant soundscape ]


[ Clock ticking ]

[ Ding ]

Bang, bang, bang.
Ah, the gun jammed.

The first two shots missed, but
the last one got me in my side.

It missed my vital
organs, though.

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

TRENT: Boom!

Nice thinking.
Destroying my weapons cache

would have definitely
sealed my fate.

[ Grunting ]


[ Grunting ]

-Ah! I'm less mobile now.

-Stab, stab.
-[ Trent grunting ]

The first stab
punctures my liver.

I will die from this wound,
but not immediately.

It will be slow and painful.

I'm taking you out
with me, though.

[ Grunts ] Slice.

I'm cut.

I'm bleeding severely,
and, oh, no.

The knife got knocked
out of my hand.

-TRENT: Ah, ah...
-SARAH: I block the sword,

and tie up your hands
with the garrotte.

Not only did that
force me to lose my grip,

but it's also slicing into
the radial artery of my wrist.


[ Grunting ]

Not only is this cutting off
the blood supply to my brain,

but the wire is
slicing into my flesh.

[ Grunting ]

I'm dead.


You should have used the gun.

Always use the gun
if it's an option.

I know, I just...

I find guns to be
boring and overused.

I know what you mean,
but if it's the difference

between life and death,
it's okay to be boring.

Only a week to go,
but I would say

that you're feeling very strong,
both physically, and mentally,

I'm going to kill her.

I just know it.

Can I help you find anything?


I'm just browsing.

Well, let me know
if I can help in any way.


I'm looking for
an outfit to die in.

You're in luck.
We just got some pieces in

for the new season
that are to die for.

No, not to die for.
To die in.

I'm looking for an outfit
that if, hypothetically,

I were to die in,
I would be okay with.

Something that reflects my
personality and is functional,

but mainly, I need it
to be flattering to my figure.

I've gotten in shape
over the past year,

but I still carry insecurities
about my body.

If I'm going to die, well,

at least I want to do it
looking my best.

I don't care how much it costs.


[ Sighs ]


[ Applause ]

SARAH: What do
you mean, "postponed"?

LAWYER: Due to weather.

SARAH: I don't mind getting wet.

LAWYER: Well, the issue
isn't rain.

There's a chance
for thunderstorms.

Then when?

LAWYER: In a month.

A month.

LAWYER: Another thing.

This delay is considered
an act of God.

So you'll need to continue
paying support to your double.

- The double.
- Of course.

For another month?

I spent everything
I had yesterday.

LAWYER: On what?

An outfit for the duel.

[ Lawyer sighs ]

LAWYER: If you default
on your payments,

the court will
assign you a handicap.

Such as having to duel with one
arm tied behind your back.

I'll figure something out.

WOMAN ON TV: The double
has won the duel.

LAWYER: Goodbye, Sarah.

He's Robert Michaels now.

[ Soft applause ]

[ Triumphant music ]

SARAH: How have you been?

PETER: Good.

I started a new job recently.


SARAH: Do you like it?

PETER: I think I do.

I don't know yet.

[ Chuckling ]

-How are you?
-I'm okay.

They postponed the duel,
as I'm sure you're aware.

I am.

She doesn't talk about
the duel all that much.

I was surprised
you wanted to meet up.

It felt like it was time.

I want to apologize
for how things ended.

I know I said some
really hurtful things there.

I understand.

I took it as you trying
to push me away.

I wanted to see you
and tell you I don't hate you.

I wouldn't want to die
with you thinking I hated you.

I appreciate you saying that.

I'm going to try my best
to kill her, though.

And I won't be sorry for it.

I need you to know that.

I know.

Should we order
something to eat?

I think that would be nice.

[ Chuckling ]

SARAH: Hi, Trent.
The duel has been postponed.

Can I keep training with you
for another month?

Uh, well, I was wondering...

[ Keys jingling ]

...you know how you were
talking about other forms

of payment
that were mutually beneficial?

Does that offer still stand?

[ Dog barking ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

[ Keys clattering ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Hip-hop music playing ]

♪ And let me see you get low
if you want this thug ♪

♪ Now take it to the floor
and if your ass wanna act ♪

♪ Then you can keep your ass
where you're at ♪

♪ 3, 6, 9, stand real fine ♪

♪ Hoping she can sock it to me
one more time ♪

♪ Get low, get low,
get low, get low ♪

♪ To the window ♪

♪ To the wall ♪

♪ 'Til the sweat drop
down my balls ♪

-[ Music stops ]
-Don't get frustrated.

Let's do it slower.
Five, six, seven, eight.

Yes, better.

Okay, let's do
it from the start.

Thank you.

♪ Now, bring your
ass over here, ho ♪

♪ And let me see you get low
if you want this thug ♪

♪ Now take it to the floor
and if your ass wanna act ♪

♪ Then you can keep your ass
where you're at ♪

♪ 3, 6, 9, stand real fine ♪

♪ Hoping she can sock it to me
one more time ♪

♪ Get low, get low,
get low, get low ♪

♪ To the window ♪

Thank you again for
the hip-hop dance lessons.

I've wanted to take classes
for three years now,

but I've been too
nervous to start.

I hope you continue dancing
even if I die in my duel.

I've already signed up
for a beginner group class.

Oh, that's good.

I know this isn't ideal
for you to wait

another month to duel
your double to the death,

but look at it as
an opportunity.

Try to see the positives.

Another month means
another month of training.

Do you see this dog here?

The one here on the leash?

Hm, his name is Connor.

I named him after
my grandfather.

-He's your dog?
-TRENT: He is.

SARAH: Aw. He looks friendly.

TRENT: Do you see
that crossbow there?

-That one?

Grab it.

Stand over there.

Shoot my dog.


Connor is very old
and very sick.

I don't want to.

It's okay. He's suffering.

He's in an immense
amount of pain.

You'll be putting him
out of his misery.

Do it, Sarah.


He's in agony.

I can't.

[ Sighs ]

I understand.

I'm disappointed
in your killer instincts.


at least my dog is still alive.


[ Dog barks ]

What the fuck, Sarah?!

[ Tense music ]


I'm sorry.


[ Panting ]






Did you lose her?

Did you lose your twin?

[ Birds chirping ]

Yes. I can't find
my twin sister.

She looks exactly like me
because we're twins,

just like you two.

Have you seen her?

She's over here.

[ Knocking ]

[ Rattling ]

You don't have
to be scared anymore.

We found your sister.

When I and Abby
were really small,

and we went to the store
with Mommy,

and a man came up
and wanted to show Abby a toy.

I wanted to see the toy, too,
but the man said

that if both of us
would be looking at the toy,

Mommy could get scared
that where are we.

When Mommy came back,
I told her about the man,

but Abby was gone.

Abby didn't come for three days,

and they found her in
a parking lot.

I missed her terribly much,
and I cried a lot,

but now,
we are all the time together,

except when she goes to talk
to Miss Murphy every Sunday.

But your sister is here,
and she loves you very much.


Who are you? Let go of her.


She asked us to help
to find her twin sister.

I think you should leave.

Come on.

I know you're in there.

SARAH'S DOUBLE: You're going
to try and murder me.

Look, I realize I shot at you.

I've been training for a year
to kill you. It was instinctual.

You surprised me.
What else would you expect?

SARAH'S DOUBLE: We're supposed
to wait until the duel.

I know. Open the door.

I promise I won't
try to murder you.


[ Door creaking ]

You almost got me,
even through the glass.

I'm surprised I missed,
even through the glass.

I'm agile.

Can I ask you something?


When we first met,
all those months ago

when I shook your hand,

why didn't you
look me in the eye?

I'm not sure.

I think it was because
I knew what was going to happen.

I mean, I knew I was going
to take over eventually,

and I think I felt
a sense of guilt.

Taking over my life
was the plan, not stealing it.

I understand you feel that I
stole it, but it's my life, too.

But it was my life first.

Yes, but that doesn't mean
my life matters any less.

-But your life is my life.
-It was your life,

but I've moved past your life
and made it my own.

Yes, but you knowingly stole
everything that made up my life

to make up yours.

I understand that you feel like
I went about it the wrong way.

And to be honest, it's not what
I thought it would be anyway.

What do you mean?

Well, Peter and I argue about
the littlest things sometimes.

For example, last week,
I wanted to watch

a romantic comedy, and he wanted
to watch a dark comedy.

How can I be with someone
if we can't even agree

on the genre of film
we should watch?

Or take our mother.
She acts like I owe her my life.

Phone calls, just to talk.

Texts asking me, "How are you?"

One before 9:00 a.m. saying,
"I love you very much."

And don't even get me started
on the amount of forwarded

social media posts
that are only moderately funny.

They already have a day for
mothers. Isn't that enough?

What are you trying to say?

I'm still not sure.

It's your life now.

I've moved on,
and I'm making a new one.

I'm still going
to kill you in the duel.

But I'll make it quicker
and less painful

than I had originally planned.

I want to take you somewhere.


We're a little late.

CARL: I pushed him
and he fell over.

He held up his hands
as a shield.

I will never forget
the screams he made.


DARYL: That's all right.
Please come take a seat.

Carl had just started to tell us
about how he's been feeling.

Since his duel.

I can't remember
exactly where I was.

My memory isn't
what it used to be.

In the moment, shooting
my double in the face

didn't make me feel bad.

I knew it was him or me.

Seeing his brain on that grass

meant that I was going
to get to spend more time

with my children
and grandchildren.

It's been three years.

But I still wake up
from nightmares.

I cry in my sleep.

That's why my wife
sleeps on the couch.

She can't stand
to see me this way.

Sometimes I wonder,

what was the point
of fighting to live...

if this is the life I'm living?

Nice try.

Your mental tricks
aren't going to work on me.

Nothing you do or say

or he does or says
or they do or say

is going to keep me
from surviving this whole mess.

It's not like that.

Believe me when I say that
I'm going to do my very best

to kill you, too.

Just like I've also
definitely been training to do.

I just wanted you
to see people like us

and hear their experiences.

Whichever one of us lives
is going to have to

live with this
for the rest of our life.

DARYL: Your double's name
is Sarah's Double,

so I can only assume
your name is Sarah.

I'm Daryl, the group leader.

I'm responsible for starting
the check-in process,

and I ensure individuals
stay on topic.

I also introduce the arts and
crafts activity of the meeting.

Perhaps we should
move along to that.

Everyone raise
their non-dominant hand.

I want you to use this hand
to compose a letter

to your original,
or to your double,

depending on which one you are.

This is to help you connect
to a part of you that

could also feel like it belongs
to another person

at the same time.

You see where
I'm going with this?

"I had only two days
of imprintation with you.

"You let me discover
your lifeless body

in a bath of red,
lukewarm water."

"I didn't know how to be you.
I still don't."

"I don't like the people
you forced me to live with.

It makes me depressed."

"I want to kill myself, too."

But we all know there cannot be
doubles of doubles."

"And even though
I didn't choose to be made,

I don't want to let anyone down
like you did."



[ Clapping ]

"Most people would look down
upon what we had,

but it was better than anything
they will ever know.

We knew each other

Better than if you knew
someone else an entire lifetime.

I still miss your touch.

I'm sorry you had to die."

[ Clapping ]

like to go next.


SARAH: What you said in there,
I'm still at a loss.

I mean, the way you eloquently
accepted all the blame.

The way you effectively argued
that the real enemy

isn't each other.

It's a system that arbitrarily
decides only one of us can live

and that has us
fight to the death

as some sort of sick
spectator sport.

I'm sure you wrote something
similar in your letter.

Maybe you'll read it
for me someday.


And you're right,

we actually have
a lot in common.

A lot, like being
good at swimming,

and we both have great breasts.


Why should one of
us have to die?

Why can't we be together?

I'm not saying we should fuck
like that one guy in there

obviously did with his double,
but why can't we both live?

Do you mean that?







I'm glad you know how to drive.

I never learned.

It seems easy enough, though.

You just press forward
on the right one,

and you stop by pulling it back.

No, you press the pedal
to the left of it to brake.

Huh. That makes sense.

And you change directions
with that round thing.

Turning it to the right
makes the car go right,

and turning it to the left
makes it go left.

See. Easy enough.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Zipping ]

Comfortable clothing?


Yours is smaller than
I was expecting.

I have everything I need.

SARAH: Check.

-No weapons?

I didn't bring any either.

If it's all right with you,
I'd like to make sure

you didn't bring any.

I don't want to do it here
on the side of the road.

Maybe when we take
our first break?

That's fine with me.

I'd like to check your pack,
too, for peace of mind.

Of course.

Rations, check.

And water.

Yes, last on the list is water.

I have it. Check.

Let's drink some
before we begin walking.

I don't think I have
to remind you

of the importance of
staying hydrated.

Let's take another
bigger drink just to be safe.

[ Birds chirping ]







[ Sarah gasps ]


SARAH: Thank you.



SARAH: I wonder
what will happen

when we both don't show up
for the duel.

One of the combatants in a duel

has failed to show up
before out of fear,

but they're almost always
later found and arrested.

Some try to get plastic surgery
in order to look different,

but I found out from Trent
that once we're a part

of the replacement program,
any attempts to contact

a plastic surgeon are flagged.

There's always the black-market,
though, but you are taking

a big risk getting
a black-market face transplant.

As far as I know,
there has never been a duel

where both the original
and the double are no-shows.

They'll send dogs after us.

But we'll be across
the border by then.

Once we cross the border,
we'll be safe.

I'm incredibly thankful
you came and found me.

And to think, just a few
weeks ago, I wanted you dead.

I'm so glad we're both
in such good shape.

We would have needed
many more rests already

had we not been training
this past year.


I agree.

[ Eerie soundscape ]





[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

Sorry I'm late.

WOMAN: Which one are you?

The original, Sarah.

Where have you been?

I had a little car trouble.

What kind of car trouble?

I accidentally mistook the wheel
that turns the car right or left

for the pedal
that stops the car.

I'm fine. Should we begin?

We can't start yet.

Why not?

WOMAN: Because
your double isn't here.


Actually, that sounds
just like her.

She didn't take this duel
very seriously.

I bet she hasn't even
been training for it.

You should probably
let your superiors know.

She's likely trying to flee.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


I'm afraid not, ma'am.
Just the original.

I have reason to believe
this is a code negative one.

[ Dramatic music ]






And do you, sir, swear that,
to the best of your knowledge,

having known her
emotionally and intimately,

that this is the original Sarah?

I do.

And do you swear
beyond the shadow of any

reasonable doubt
that the person before us today

is the daughter that gestated
inside you for nine months

and you raised for 18 years,
your own flesh and blood?

This is my Sarah, Your Honor.

And, finally,
do you solemnly swear

that you are
who you say you are?

I'm Sarah.

I think I have a new wrinkle
and two new sunspots.

PETER: I'm sure you don't.

I can count, Peter.

There's exactly one new wrinkle
on my face and two new sunspots.

PETER: Well, you have to start
using sunscreen.

And not just when
you're going to the beach

or when you're
walking around a theme park.

It has to be daily.

Your skin is more
sensitive than others'.

And you have to start
taking better care of yourself.

I don't mean to sound
insensitive, but...

it's only going to get
a lot harder from here.

As long as men take
moderate care of themselves,

they tend to peak later in life.

Women, on the other hand,
have a much smaller window

in which they're deemed to be
at their peak attractiveness.

And don't worry, sweetheart,

I'm gonna love you
no matter how you look,

even with that genetic mutation

that causes premature
graying and hair loss.

Should I buy more hair dye
for you while I'm out?

No, I'll get some
on my way home from work.

Remember to keep making
at least the minimum payment

on the replacement loan.

I know, Peter.

Where should we go
for dinner tonight?

How about Mexican food?

I don't like Mexican food.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Aren't you going to answer that?

[ Ringing continues ]

She's my mom, not yours.

-[ Phone beeping ]
-[ Car sputtering ]

MOTHER: Hi, Sarah.

This is your mother
just calling to talk.

I must have just missed you.

You're probably just walking
out the door of your house...

...getting into your car,

ready to start another
day at your job,

which you love.

I just wanted you to know,
I went ahead and ordered

another box of contacts
from the optometrist.

The colored ones
aren't always in stock,

so it's best to
order ahead of time.

I know you're still getting
settled back into your life,

so I figured something
as simple as new contacts

might slip through the cracks.

I'll call you when
you get off work

so we can plan a brunch
for this weekend.

I love you.

[ Passing vehicle honking ]

[ Sniffling ]

[ Car rattling ]

[ Passing vehicle honking ]

[ Vehicle honking ]

[ Sniffling ]

[ Crying silently ]

[ Vehicles continue honking ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Vehicles honking ]

[ Honking continues ]

[ Tires screeching ]

[ Honking continues ]