Drunken Birds (2021) - full transcript

Willy and Marlena. She is the girlfriend of a cartel leader in Mexico, he is in love with the boss's wife. Fearing the worst, the lovers will flee on their own to survive better. Willy suspects that Marlena is hiding in Montreal, and in the hope of finding her, he goes to Quebec as a seasonal worker at Ferme Vinet. While friendship bonds are woven between foreign workers on the farm, a gap is growing between members of the Vinet family. Willy, unknowingly, will arouse the desire in Julie, the owner, and the situation will not be without consequences for the group - Willy is soon accused of a crime he hasn't committed.

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It's so much darker when a light goes out
than it would have been if it had never shone.

Drunken Birds

Who called?

I don't know. They hung up.


Stop, you bastard!


Where are you going?

Next time I won't miss!

How did you think this would end?

You screwed up.


Look there.

You see?

Go and don't come back.




Fuck, my favorite shirt.

Anyway, Marlena's gone.

She's probably dead.


Forget her.

You're wasting your time.

Come on.

Hurry up.

What is this place?


Looks like nobody's here.

It's abandoned.

It's so fancy here.

All the mirrors.

Look at the angels.

Where are you?

We're here.

Beautiful chimney.

A little kitty.
- A piano!

Drugs pay.

Come see! It's even bigger up here.

You won't believe this.

Is that him?

Yeah, I think he's in jail.

Take whatever you can carry.

My love,

Don't hate me
for what I'm about to write.

Last summer, after the shootout,

I prayed for your life
and made a vow.

If God let you live,

I'd repent all my sins.

I'd answer God's call and
devote my life to helping others.

I have to leave.

Far enough so we won't be tempted
to see each other.

Don't try to find me, I beg you.

I'll be in a convent, far from men,
far from everything.

You'll be in my heart till my last breath.

I will love you forever.
You are my life.

Your little flower, Mar.

I'm not sure he'll believe you.

Leave the convent out.
He knows you too well.


He'll know you're lying.

Write that you're staying at a friend's.

And leaving your family
who don't understand.

To avoid endangering them.

Do you think he'll buy it?

He sleeps with a good-luck charm.

Willy, are you back?

Your writing has to be messier.
You're supposed to be in a hurry.

Marlena, no one must know
where you're going. Not even me.

Please. Come with me, Willy.

It's too risky.

If he suspects anything, we're dead.

What matters most is you're safe.

I'll find you, I promise.

He won't hurt you anymore.

Willy, you here?

The boss needs to go into town.

I'll be right in.


How are you, boss?

Good, good. Glad to see you!

Me too.

How's the family?

Everyone's fine.

For the new guys, I'm Richard.

That's Martin. He'll look after you.

This is one of the oldest farms
in the area.

Four generations.
Julie's grandpa built that barn.

I see familiar faces.

Miguel, Gabriel, Omar...

Nothing's changed since last year,
aside from the new greenhouses.

It's like the army.

We start at 5:30 every day. If you're
not here, you're docked a day's pay.

Nights are free,
but get up in the morning.



The old crew should help
the newcomers settle in.

There are 8 beds per trailer,
hasn't changed.

They're all the same,

all comfortable.

Sunday afternoons are off.

Off for everybody.

There's a mass in Spanish in St-Rémi,
the next town.

We have two Martins.

Do you have a nickname?

They call me The Giant.

Giant, OK.


A new guy.

This is my wife, Julie.
She signs your checks.


Thanks, guys.

Not in town?

I wanted to welcome my employees.

- Hello, boss.

How are you?
- Fine, thanks.

Good to see you.

Thanks for coming.

They're not all back?

Not this year, no.

No delivery.


We should get it tomorrow.

How's the truck?
- Perfect, thanks.

No worries.

Do the same as what women do to us.

Break the heart. Show no mercy.

Try it.

That's it. You got it!

You'll soon be as fast as us.

Right, guys?

No mercy!

Come on, new boy!



Léa, supper!

Around two thousand.
I need to buy my ticket.


What do you mean?


What's wrong? Why's she barking?

She doesn't like guests.
- Funny.

Did you see Normand?

- And?

He says I'm too smart
to be a waitress.

He doesn't know you.
You need a job!

Don't dirty your hands here.
Too dainty to work here.

Of course not.

Marie-Ève has a job in Brossard.
- No.

Why not?

- Why?

It's too far.


She's so annoying!

How are you, boss?
- Hi.

Want these in the barn?

Leave them by the house.

Looks like we'll have a good harvest.
- Yeah.

G'night, boss.

OK, bye.

Good bunch this year.


I waited for you at the greenhouse.



How's it going?
- Good, you?


Lou, Léa... Léa, Lou.

- Hi.

You work at the Grand Prix?


Alright! Tonight's gonna be fun.

Let's go! I'm thirsty.

I came here to find her.

Marlena's the only family I have.

I have nothing. Nobody else.

Each day a memory fades.

An image.

I'm scared I'll forget her.

Think you'll find her?

No idea, but she has family here.

How do you know?

This is her chain.
Her aunt gave it to her.

It's from a Montreal jeweler.

Maybe she's with her aunt.

And if you don't find her?

Been looking four years.

She's my light.

Be careful what you dream of.

Reality can be hard.

The higher the mountain,

the harder the fall.

Do you know the story
of Carlos Sanchez?

They tell it in my village.

Back in the 40s or 50s... I'm not sure.

A man fell in love with a famous actress.

Lara Flores. Heard of her?

Poor Carlos took all his savings
to cross Mexico and find her.

Like you.

He got a job as a janitor
in the studio where she worked.

Years passed as he sought
the courage to declare his love.

And then Carlos...

finally found himself on the set

of For the Love of God.

Backstage, Carlos saw
the actors' dressing rooms.

Diego Marquez.

Sergio López.

And finally,

Lara Flores.


Break for 10.

Carlos went into her dressing room.

It was empty. He hid.

And then he waited.


When she came in,
he was paralyzed.


Don't be scared.

Miss Flores?

We're ready.

Oh Lara!

- You are the love of my life!
- Oh Lara!

You are the love of my life!

He was crazy!

And then,

like in the movies,

she fell head over heels in love.

What's your name?

Bloody Carlos.

He managed to steal her heart.


Her breath stank like rotting fish.

Love is complicated.

Please, I need help.

It's an emergency.

I'd like a seat next to the window.

I prefer to travel in business class.

Where is the bus station?

I'd like a ticket for Madrid.

For students?

For seniors?

- Good morning.

Before closing.

At that price, I'm giving them away.

Yeah, OK.

200 boxes today. I'll call you.

They don't talk to us much.

We do our job.

They do theirs.

It's better that way.

What are the bosses like?

They're nice.

On another farm they fired me
after two days for no reason.

I had to buy my own ticket
for my flight back.

Don't forget why you're here.

Everything'll go fine.

OK, everybody!

To thank you for a great first week...

One more.


How's it going?

What's that for?


An offering to the earth.

For the dead.

To remember those we've lost.

It's a tradition we have, boss.



Thanks for being here.

Let's go, guys!

Good night.

Good night.

What are you doing?

Making shade for you, my love.

Let's go.

I'm looking at the flower you gave me.

You awakened something in me.

Not just love,

but the possibility of an unknown future.

There's a world beyond these walls.

There may not be a place for us.

But we can face it together.

When can I see you again?

It's raining a lot.

Worse than other years.
Someone even got hit by lightning.

Of course, Mom. I have my plane ticket.

I can't wait to eat at Grandma's!

Make him understand.
Tell Juanito to fix it for you.

I can't take it anymore.
I'm going to explode.


Do you speak Spanish?

I'm looking for someone
who maybe worked for you.

Luisa Visguerra.

Visguerra, yes.

Do you speak Spanish?

Luisa Visguerra.

She worked in your jewelry store.

About six years ago.

She's the aunt of a friend.


Where are you hiding, Mar?

Watch the perspective.

It doesn't look like the original.

More texture.

Van Gogh's use of the brush
is very important.

Not bad.

And the April orders?

For the US... Ten, right?

Good. And the Mexican?

Good, it's almost ready.

You made him skinnier!

Can I see you again?

I don't want a boyfriend.

What do you want?

We can't go on like this.

You have to decide.

Hi, Julia.

The rain has stopped.

You speak Spanish?

A little.

I need to practice.

I've never spoken with a human being,


Only with the man in...

in the...

The earphones.


You speak well.


You remind me

of someone

I know.

I hope he's handsome.



What are you doing?

Don't you have anything
better to do?

Dad may be blind, but I'm not.

You're imagining things.

I know what happened last year.

If you don't love Dad, then leave.

Why do you stay?

Do you think I planned it?

It just happened.

Just happened?
- Yeah.

You don't love Dad?

It's not that.


Maybe I wanted him to react.

I told Dad.

Your affair last summer.

It was me who told Dad.

Last one pays the beer.

Do you speak Spanish?


I'm looking for an employee of yours.

What's their name?

Luisa Visguerra.

About five or six years ago.

Visguerra, yes...

I don't know where she is now,
it's been a long time.

Would anyone else know her?

She lived on Deguire St.


Number 175, I think.
- How do...

Do you have a phone number?



Going back to the farm?



I'll give you a lift.


Why... sad?

It's nothing.

I'm searching for someone.

I don't know if I'll find her.

Do you understand?

Better that way.

Thank you.

You're learning French?

It's close to Spanish.
I like how it sounds.

Even if I don't understand.



- Nothing.


I come here
when I need a break.

There's never anyone.

The silence.


If you close your eyes,

you forget everything.


You good, girls?

First, I'm Benji. Nice to meet you.

Tell me your names.
Let's start with you.


Hi, Laurianne.


Margot? A pleasure, cool.

- Yasmine. Do you have a nickname?

- Yas.

- Sibyl.

That's original.
What do they call you?

- Sib?

- Léa.

Welcome, Léa.

You've met Lou.

She'll look after you.

It's simple.
We're just here to have fun.

That's fucking ugly!
Take it off!

Careful! Don't look at her!

Yeah, man. Relax, we're coming.

You girls excited?

It'll be the party of the year.

Girls, we're almost there.

The place is happening.



First, this.

In case the music sucks.

And this. Text me if there's anything.

I have my cell.

I know. This is the party line,
so we stay connected.

The ring tone's funny.

Our boy's inside, he'll look after you.

Everything's on the house.

So have fun and...

Stay sexy!

Ok, see you later!


They're with me.

An F1 driver.
It's like this every year.

She's with me.

Yo, what's up?

Want a drink at the bar?

Sure, let's go.

No, you go.

I'll catch up later.

You must be Léa. A pleasure.

You're gorgeous.

Champagne for her.
I'll be right back.

This is a friend who's here for the weekend.
I'll let you get acquainted.


No, it's cool.

Fuck you!
- Stop!

Get off! Stop! Let go!

I'll call the cops!
- Stop screaming.

Go ahead, call.

Your dad'll know you're a whore.




I'll get help.


Don't tell anyone.


You can't stay here.
- Please.

Wake up!


How do you find it?

It's hard.

Imagine after 15 years.

I'm like two people.

I have two lives.

The person at home.

And the person here.

Mr Lettuce.

I wait for the day

when I return home.

No matter the path.

No matter the house.

No matter the door.

Each time she's there, waiting for me.

I remember everything.

And I become myself again.

Is anyone waiting for you?

Her name is Mar.

Sometimes I think it's absurd
that we're here.

What are we doing here?

Cutting lettuce.

So stupid!

Everybody out!

Get outside! Fast!

One by one, Martin.

Take your time.

Is it him?

Another one, Martin.



Are you sure?

- I don't want this.

It'll be alright.

Another one!


It's not him.
- Not him?

You're stressing her.
- She ran out of the trailer.

I'll find the bastard who did it.

Not this way. What are you doing?

It wasn't that.
- Look at her.

Look what they did.

What they did to our family!

Let me handle it.

Leave it to me.

Another one.


You're sure?


Another one.


Is it him?


What did he do to you?


What's he saying?

What happened?


I wanted to help her.

She was bruised up.

What happened?


What did you do?

What did you do to her?

I wanted to help.

No! Stop!

Take her home.

What happens to him
is no concern of yours.

Leave this to us.

Go to your trailers.
We have work tomorrow.

So it's no?

Think you can say no to me?

Think you have the right to say no?

I chose you!

I brought you here, I pay you!

I can fire you tomorrow!

I'll send you all home.
By boat, if I have to, goddammit!

Finished! No money!

You're here to pick lettuce,
not mind my business!

My wife and daughter are none of your business!
Go back to your trailers!

C'mon, let's go.

Get going!

Didn't you hear?

The boss just said that if you refuse,

he'll send you home. Understand?

Go on, slug him one.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Look at me!

I just wanted to help her.

Hey, Normand.
- Hi, Rich.

Hi, kid.

Let's go over there.

We haven't found him yet.

I lost it last night.

It's not your fault.

I'll call the cops.

You can't call the cops.

Why not?

Listen to me.

Look, what happened is horrible.

I'm with you.
If it was me, he'd be dead.

What are you telling me?

It's just that...

We don't want problems.

The media, public opinion, all that.

We need more guys in the field, not less.

Something like this could...

complicate things.

Think I give a shit?
- I know.

Did you see her?
- Yeah.

Her face?

It'll make things worse.

I don't care.
- Maybe.

But it's the truth.
That's it, that's all.

The less they know, the better.

And you can't say I'm wrong.

For everybody.

Think I goddamn care?

You sure?
- Yeah.

I'm sure your daughter
doesn't want this to get out.

Don't speak for her.

You don't want this
to get out.

Don't speak for her.

You want this hushed up.
- I'm speaking for everyone.

It'll be OK.



No, I understand.

No, thanks. Thanks a lot.

They couldn't find him.

We have a report of a man
on horseback downtown.

I found the horse, but no sign of the man.

Who called?

I don't know. They hung up.

I wait for the day

when I return home.

No matter the path.

No matter the house.

No matter the door.

- Marlena? Where is she?

Who are you?


Is it you, Willy?

What is it?

Each time she's there, waiting for me.

My god!

And then...

I remember everything.


And I become...

I'm coming.

myself again.



You look sharp.
- I'll let you wear it.

Don't tell anyone, OK?

Marlena, I'll be quick.

It's crazy for me to be here,
but I can't hide my love.

For two years I've stayed on
just to be near you.

I call your house to hear your voice.

I have one life and
I want to live it with you.

Please, give me a chance.


There's a man
in the ladies room!



What are you doing?

What is it, Willy?


Miss Marlena, is everything OK?

Miss, open the door!

Go away!
Can't a girl shit in peace?


It's OK, guys. It's fine.

Drunken Birds