Drunken Angel (1948) - full transcript

After a battle with rival criminals, a small-time gangster is treated by an alcoholic doctor in post-war Japan. The doctor diagnoses the young gangster's tuberculosis, and convinces him to begin treatment for it. The two enjoy an uneasy friendship until the gangster's former boss is released from prison and seeks to take over his gang once again. The ailing young man loses his status as gang boss and becomes ostracised, and eventually confronts his former boss in a battle to the death.

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Produced by SOJIRO MOTOKI.

Screenplay by KEINOSUKE

Cinematography by TAKEO ITO.









The mosquitoes are killin' me.

What happened?

Slammed a door on myself.

-There was a nail sticking out.
-A nail, huh?

This'll hurt a little.

You call that a nail?

I won't bring you any trouble.
It was just a stupid fight.

Ask for Matsunaga at the station market.

Everybody knows me.

♪ The hilltop we climbed together ♪

♪ Had a view of the harbor ♪

I hear you look after my guys.

Hey, Grandma.

Bring some mosquito repellent.

No such luck. She must have dozed off.

Damn, that hurts.

I'm warning you, I'm pretty pricey.

I make it a policy to rip off deadbeats.

Hey, don't you use any pain-killers?

Not for hoodlums like you.

Gimme something for my cold, too.

Can't seem to shake it.

Your high living substantially
increases your risk of TB.

I'm hardly the type.

There's no type.

Don't kid yourself into thinking there is.

Athletes get it all the time.
TB can creep up on anyone.

Trouble with TB is that
you don't feel a thing.

By the time the fever and
coughing start, it's too late.

You scared?


You talking about me?

You're really full of yourself.

I hate doctors.

All you do is exaggerate
to make more money.

Oh, yeah.

A doctor with five TB
patients is riding a gravy train.

Okay, have a look then.

See if it's TB or not.

-But with what?

It's pointless to use a stethoscope.

That's all mumbo jumbo.

Doctors only do that to look professional.

But I'm happy to set your mind at ease.

But if anything shows up
in this exam, you've had it.

How am I?

Get some X-rays.

I asked you how I am.

I need to see an X-ray to be
sure, but you've got a hole this size.

Ignore it and you won't last long.

I'll kick your ass if you're lying!

I'm not lying. Cut it out.


You jerk, I'm not lying.


What's going on, doctor?

There's still hope for him.

Just the type to ignore TB.
At least it bothers him.

Shows he's still a little human anyway.

Did you see that looker go in? Did you?

I've seen her before.

What's wrong?


Get out of there! You'll catch typhus!

Who's scared of typhus?

You fools! Get out of there, now!

Who cares? You're just a drunk.

I said, get out!

You brats.

Hey, you came crying to me
the other day with a bellyache.

I recognize that belly button.

You all better?

This water'll make you sick.



Doc, we got some good stuff in.

Your sake's closer to
gasoline than alcohol.

Oh, c'mon in.


Slugging sake. I've had it with you.

Don't come back to me
limping and crying anymore.

There's no fooling you, doc.

Take a sip and give me your diagnosis.

Well, I don't think it's lethal.

Well, now.


-I meant to ask him.
-About what?

I'm lookin' for a Matsunaga.

One of those sharp-looking
thugs women go for.

Kinda famous around here.

Sure, I know him.
What do you want with him, doc?

I got something to tell him.
Where can I find him?

He stays in the dance hall all day.

Over on the main drag?

What do they see in that bag of bones?

Hey, sister.

-You stuck on him, too?
-Not me.

Don't fall for a guy like that.
Fall in love with someone like me.

I may be scruffy, but
you get free medical care.

What's wrong? Feels awful heavy.

Is that 'cause you're packing?


Don't be mad.

You're not yourself today,
like you're wasting away.

I don't like you this way.

I'm hot. Just can it.

Drinking just makes you hotter.

You stink of whiskey.

I said, shut up.

Hey, a doc's here to see you.

A doc?

From last night.

Bet he's up to something.

Start a fight.

What do you want?

Don't even think about blackmailing me.

What the hell?

You walk out on your bill,
then pull the tough crap.

I'm not so broke I'd stiff you.

Pay me less, buy me a drink.

That might get expensive.

Don't act this way. Let's have a drink.

No booze in there. It's not allowed.

Liar, you reek of booze.

Smells good.

-You're a leech.
-That's what they call you.

You've always got a line, huh?

Follow me.

Let's be friends.
Have some of the good stuff.

About last night,

it was because of all
that crap you told me.

I've never had a patient as rough as you.

Anyway, the dame that
came in when I attacked you

I've seen her somewhere before.

You're pretty smooth.

But keep your hands to yourself.

She's mine.

That's the real thing.

Come on, man. Tell me the truth.

Where'd you find her?

It's bugging me.

Not for you.

I'll drink yours for you.

With that hole in your chest,

drinking's suicide.

But never mind.

I did exaggerate a little before.
You stick to my orders...

Cut the crap!

Why should I trust a quack like you?

Don't take my word, get an X-ray.

You trying to start a fight?

Screw the X-rays.

Go home, get out!

You fool.

-It's your life.
-For me to live or die.

It's none of your business.

You're absolutely right.

Who cares what happens to you?

But you see,

that TB bacteria inside
you is my business.

I've got to kill as much as I can.

Of course death and
cremation would do the job.


Idiot, how dare you?


Dammit, what does he know?

Like a lame horse.
Might as well put him out of his misery.

I'm done with him.

You know it's no good.

What's no good?

With you,

once you've found a patient,
you can't stop fussing about him.

I think you're being ridiculous.

The whole medical profession's ridiculous.

Doctors can't survive without patients.

But all we ever try to do is cure them.

No, you're the exception.

Don't be silly. I'm just doing my job.

But other doctors don't
take it this seriously.

They're not doctors, they're flunkies.

But doctor, you're far
too blunt about the truth.

I don't mean you should lie.

But there are lots of ways to
give someone the bad news.

You made a terrible
first impression on me.

You're always screaming at people.

Leave me be.

This dog's too old to learn new tricks.

Oh, my.

I don't need you to tell me.

It's just my nature.

Otherwise, I'd be a society
doctor with a fancy private practice.

You know Takahama's clinic?

Takahama and I were
classmates at med school.

Looking back, he and I were
like night and day even then.

He was always buttoned-down.

And what was I like?

Pawned my own clothes to pay for brothels.

It was my nature, but if only
I hadn't strayed back then.

But strays always have their reasons.

When I see that Matsunaga,

I remember myself in those days.

I feel bad for him.

It's not just his lungs that are sick.

It's like he's sick to the core.

He acts tough and swaggers around,

but in his heart, I know
he's unbearably lonely.

He's still got a
conscience tormenting him.

His heart hasn't frozen
over with evil just yet.

Speaking of evil,

any news of Okada lately?

Isn't it about time for him to get out?

He's already done three
years and eight months.

He gets out any day now.

Don't worry about that, though.

He'll never find you here.

I'm sure he'll track me down.

He's got a sixth sense.

Besides, this is his territory.

So what if he tracks you down?

As long as you're serious
about a clean break. Are you?

Why, can't you see, doctor?

How much I hate him?

It makes me shake with anger.
He stole my life from me.

Well, half of it anyway.


There, there. It's nothing to worry about.

Time for dinner.

Just one more.

No, you've already hurt yourself falling.

-I didn't fall.
-I don't believe you.

♪ Grandpa gets himself
falling down drunk ♪

♪ Grandma sees him and
can't believe her eyes ♪

Oh, I believe my eyes.

What is it? You're awful quiet tonight.

I was wondering if I should see him once.

See who?

Okada, when he gets out.

What for?

Maybe prison will have changed him.


He's hardly the type.

He'll come out like he's
some kind of champion.

But as a woman, I - - What?

If I'm not there for him when he gets out.

You fool! Don't think like a slave.

You yourself just said,

he stole your life from you.

He abused you, gave you VD,

and then left you like a dog!

And you still want to wag
your tail and go after him?

Fine. Follow him and die of syphilis.

There he goes again.

His music always brings
out the mosquitoes.

Grandma, the mosquito net.
I'm going to bed.

You're much better.

You're sticking to your treatment?

Just a little longer now.

You're an excellent patient.

But TB is a tricky old disease.

It's a race between you and the bacteria.

It's like ♪ The tortoise and the hare ♪

That doesn't mean you should run.

Go like the tortoise, one step at a time.

But it's good to sleep like a hare.

Doctor, I'm 17 now.

Don't treat me like a kindergartner.

I didn't mean to.

You're an amazing person.

Fighting TB.

"Requires rational thinking."
You've said that a million times.

Thank you.

Next time,

I'll be much better.

Let's bet a sweet on it.

♪ The hilltop we climbed together ♪

♪ Had a view of the harbor ♪



Oh, it's you.

What do you want? You look like a ghost.

Bet you're starting to get some symptoms.

What is it, fever?

Who's got a fever?

Look, I'm fit as a fiddle.

What, then?

The rain's got me blue.
Figured I'd have a drink with you.

Man, you're pathetic.
Why can't you be honest?

-What the hell?
-You're scared of being sick.


I'm not making fun of you for that.

We all have fears, we're human.

But you're too ashamed to admit it.

And you confuse that with courage.

I'd say, you're all the
worst kind of cowards.

Otherwise, why the tattoos, the
tough talk and the strutting around?

Because you can't trust yourselves.

None of it fools me.

That girl who just left has a
lot more guts than you ever will.

She's looking her
illness straight in the eye.

You don't have a fraction of her guts.

You're still scared of the dark.

Got you there, didn't I?

What are you doing?

Idiot! Trying to kill me?

Why are you here? Go, please get out.

You beast!

Stop, Doctor!


-Take that!
-Stop it!

What the hell did he come here for?

You know he's got a
fever, and no umbrella.

The poor fool.

Hey, Sanada.


-Still the same?

You look like you're still raking it in.
Still killing 'em?

You never change, do you?
Where you headed?

-To the squatter's village.
-I'm headed that way. Hop in.


Taxis are so hot.


This is wonderful.

Look how silly pedestrians
are from the window of a car.

Have a smoke?

You have any spare liquor?

No, you'll drink it.

-It's for my patients.
-What about your ration?

I already drank that.

You're not young anymore. Go easy.

Speaking of that, did you
get a visit three days ago

from a guy named Matsunaga?

-Yeah, TB case.

So, he had an X-ray at your place?

-His right lung's bad.
-Can I see his X-ray?

That's strange. I gave it to
him the day I sent him to you.

It was raining hard.

You're the expert on his type.

I told him to put his life in your hands.

Oh, it's you.

-There's nothing left to drink.
-Figured I'd drop in for a spin.

No need to laugh at me.
I'm actually quite the dancer.

Right, that's a tango. I love tangos.

Quick, quick, slow, huh.

Idiot, that's the blues.

A lousy band can make
the blues sound like a tango.

Man, you're a drag.

Oh, cut it out.

But you better be grateful
or God will punish you.

Here I am worried about
a total stranger's health.

Sometimes I have to admit
I'm some kind of angel.

A dirty, stinking angel.

Your filthy minds

always imagine angels come
looking like dance hall girls,

but they're like me.

Shut up, pain in the ass.

Let's quiet down and have a nice chat.

I got nothing to say to you.

Don't you get it, you jerk?

Why won't you just show me your X-rays?

Ran into Takahama. He told me everything.

Stop acting like a stupid
loser and just show up tonight.

There's no use irritating an old man.
Got that?

I'll be waiting for you.

Hey, old man, you home?

You told me to come, so I'm here.

A yakuza never breaks his word.

When I make a promise, I keep it.

You throw a mean tantrum.

Didn't even have the
guts to come here sober.

-You're pathetic.

Pathetic? What the hell?

You're the pathetic one.
Pestering me like some beggar.

Unbelievable. Up we go.

This damn place.

What a pig sty!

What a piece of work.
Imagine what his parents would think.

Parents? Who needs parents?

-Well, that's a lucky thing.
-Now, now, Grandma.

Who are you?

Don't try to fool me.

I know you from somewhere.

Hey, give it a rest.

Get him some water.

Who the hell are you?

Oh, the quack.

Hey, old man,

that Takahama guy laid it on
pretty thick about how great you are.

But I don't buy one bit of it.

Can't fool me!

You guys have some
kind of conspiracy going.

Never mind that. Let me see that X-ray.



I tore that thing to shreds.
So up yours, asshole.

Tore it up? You fool.

I'm not scared of dying.

I'll die any old time.

Any old time.

What am I going to do with him?

Cover him up with something.

Doctor, isn't this the X-ray?

There he goes again.

I don't know who the idiot is,
but he's no mandolin player.

Shows what you know.

That's a guitar, not a mandolin.

Why waste your lip on this old man?

Listen to him now and then.
And now it's time for a listen.

Look. See that big hole you've got there.

Good ventilation.

Hey, you really think I'll get better?

You will.

-Even now?
-Yes, you will.

Don't mess with my head.

You will.

-You laughing at me?
-You have to do what I say.

What do you know?
Get down off your high horse.

"You have to do what I say."

Don't make me laugh.

None of this stuff is about me
being afraid to die, you know.

I'm gonna die anyway.

I'm not taking any orders from you.

What do you want?

Give it here.

What the hell?

Give it here.

What's wrong?

Doctor, it's Okada.

-Playing that guitar.

Yeah, suddenly, it's
a whole different tune.

That was Okada's favorite song.

Don't be silly.
I'm sure other people know it, too.


What's that song you were playing?

Yeah, you wouldn't know, would you?

It was popular when you were just a kid.

Oh, what's it called?

"The Killer's Anthem."

Who's crew are you with, bro?

Man, oh man, have things ever changed.

The only thing that's
left is this stinking puddle.

Come back. I'll write you a referral.

Have him plan an attack
and go after the TB bacteria.

As villains go, this
disease is mighty clever.

Strength doesn't make any difference.

No drinking, you hear.

Right. Old men are so repetitive.

-What the hell?
-Don't, doctor.

It's still a little damp, but
it was so dirty, I had to.

And no women, either.

Where'd you spend the night?

Been up to something bad?

Come over here. I'll spank you.

It's only morning, and you
already look like a ghost.

Am I that pale?

It's been a long time
since you stopped by.

But joking aside,
you've lost a lot of weight.

Somebody been loving you too hard?

What's that look for?
Got out a couple days ago.

Sorry I wasn't there to welcome you.

You were in a long time.

Hear you're the boss around here.

Thanks to you.

I'm sure you've got a lot to tell me.

Find us a spot where you've got pull.

Come in.

You're always showing up and disappearing.

Hey, he's no neon
sign, flashing on and off.

Please excuse the poor hospitality.

-Let's have a drink.
-Sorry, bro. Not today.

-You got gonorrhea?

What is it, then?

I'd sure like to, but.

Times sure have changed around here.

After four years,

this is how you treat my
toast to our bond of honor?

But if you can't drink
with me, that's okay, too.

Please don't.

I just don't feel so great.

-You are a little pale.
-Hey, it's no big deal.

Just one drink, then.

Come on, bro.

Check out that new guy.

Makes Matsunaga look like a punk.
Who is he?

Be careful. He goes for
you, he'll suck your bones dry.

A couple of years ago,

he sliced up some poor guy's
face right under the railroad bridge.

Did he die?

Unfortunately not.
That's why he's back out now.

After that long stretch in the cooler,

every girl is a dish.

This is Nanae, bro.

Treat her well.

My pleasure.

Go dance with the boss.

♪ I'm a she-panther ♪

♪ I was born ♪

♪ In a southern land ♪

♪ Where volcanoes blow fire ♪

♪ On a night lit red by the moon ♪

♪ In the jungle ♪

♪ In the jungle ♪

♪ I had a love so wild
Made my very bones swoon ♪

-Hey, let's dance.
-Are you okay?

Gotta act lively to stay well.

♪ I was so wild with love ♪

♪ In the jungle ♪

♪ I left my panther skin ♪

♪ On a rubber tree ♪

You idiot! Where were you last night?

-You still stink of booze!

I'm not a veterinarian.

My patients don't need
leashes tied around their necks.

Get out!

I never want to see
your damned face again.


Doctor, stop!

Hey, better cool it.


Say. Who gets the first dance with Nanae?

Idiot, isn't it obvious?
Not the one whose luck is shot.




A hundred grand.


-Front me some dough.
-No more.

-One last bet.
-You're outta luck.

Shut up, front me a little.

A hundred grand on odds.

All right.


What happened? What's wrong?

Emergency patient.

Yes, coming.

What half-dead fool needs
me at this hour of the night?

Doctor, Matsunaga's
been coughing up blood.

Serves him right. Let him die.

I'm staying here. Not for that fool.

I already told you. I'm not going.

I absolutely refuse, absolutely.

Don't stand around like idiots.
Bring me some water.

That's a one-man job.

Hey, Fatso. Some ice and an ice pack.

In the middle of the night?

What do you mean?
You guys always get what you ask for.

Hang on.

This is a woman's place. Where is she?

She got the jitters and
went to stay with a friend.

Must be some piece of work.
Like the rest of you.

Don't just stand there. Step on it.

Go get it!

Don't you worry now.

It's better that you coughed up blood.

You'll finally have
to look after yourself.

Don't talk.

Sleep well.

Sleep and dream about your childhood.

What's wrong?

-What happened?
-I saw him.

Who? Okada?

Where? Did he see you?

No. At the market.
But he didn't seem to notice me.

He was with some dance hall girl.
I'm sure it was him, though.

What are you up to?

Something's come up.
I'll be gone for a while.

I'd really rather stay.
It's just bad timing, that's all.

It's not my fault.
Don't look at me like that.

I meant to take time off,

to look after you.

But I got a great offer out of the blue.

It's just too good to pass up.

You'll be gone a while, then.

That's right.

It's terrible, but I
don't have any choice.

Kiss me good-bye, then.

You're that scared of getting sick?

No, I'm not. It's just.

Then come here.

Thanks for lookin' after me.
I'll never forget it.

Make him take this every four hours.

What'll we feed him, sis?

Take this to City Hall
and you can get milk.

He should drink it cold.

Don't I know you from somewhere else, sis?


The doctor will stop in on his way home.

You jerks!

I said keep an eye on him.

-But the patient's gone.

Went out to get medicine and he took off.

Hey, do you know where Matsunaga went?

How would I know? Here, take these, too.

You threw him out.

How dare you? Who are you, anyway?

What the hell?

This is my place. I'll holler for help.

Heartless bitch.

What's going on?

This guy's saying all
kinds of nasty things.

Get rid of him, okay?

Shit. Should've known. Whore.

Hang on.

Got a question for you.

Before they sent me up,

you were looking
after a girl, weren't you?

Know what happened to her?

How should I know?
Can't keep track of 'em all.

-Can't help you.

I remember now.

Don't be mad at me, old man.

I couldn't stand being
cooped up in that tiny box.

I know that.

Let Okada have that filthy cat
house, lock stock and barrel.

But it's tough on you.

Now, listen to me.

Your lungs are like that swamp there.

It's pointless if we only
look after your lungs.

You're surrounded by a bunch of scum.

Rotten, maggot-infested bacteria.

Until you break free of that,

there's no hope for you.

-I said, she's not here.
-Stop pretending.

I've got two guys who
swear they saw her here.

Right, boys?

Speak up.

That's right, sir.

We saw her with our own eyes, right?

Must be the wrong girl.

Cut the crap.

You keep that wench, I mean,
my lady, from me, you'll pay for it.

Just a minute, now.

You've got it all wrong, mister.

Times have changed
since you went in the cooler.

Your feudalistic ways don't fly now.


Want me to spell it out for you?

It doesn't matter what you call her.

She's got to want you.
Ever heard of equality?

-Get out!

Just suppose that woman was here.

I don't see her running
out to see you, do you?

Are you asking to die?

Cut the crap.

Running off at the
mouth like a real killer.

I've killed more people than you.

You got nerve.

Oh, no, you don't.
This is no place for a sick man.

What the hell are you doing here?

I owe this doctor everything.
I know it's not my place, but.

Take your debt and stuff it.
Go back to bed and stay there.

Brother, please let it go tonight.
I'll stake my life on this man.

Better watch it.
You won't have anything left to stake.

Drop the feudalistic loyalty crap.
Makes me sick.

Grandma, come and get this patient.

And if you don't want
to kill your sworn brother,

get the hell out of here!

We can talk tomorrow.

Okada finally showed up.

It's so frightening.

Nothing to be afraid of.

I'll contact the police tomorrow.
Don't worry.

I'll settle this thing.

-Tell the cops and I lose face.

Sick men and babies don't have face.
You shut up and go to bed.

No, I'll go see the big boss tomorrow

and talk to him about it.

He's always been very generous to me.

Of course he was, as long as
you were raking in the dough.

But now he'll prefer Okada.

No, he won't.

Our code goes deeper than guys like Okada.

We believe in honor and loyalty.

More like a peace treaty between thieves.

Dough is what counts.

Pile of crap.

Didn't I tell you to simmer
down and get some rest?

But what if they want to pay
us back for turning them in?

If only I could make
myself go back to him.


But what if.


Men like him count on
just that kind of weakness.

Yakuza power is nothing but a myth.

They're just good at scaring people.

Okay, now it's bedtime.

Listen, now. You stay right where you are.

Leave Okada to me.

Just going out to sterilize
this contaminated town.

I'll just have a chat with the cops.

You seemed pretty restless last night.

Don't even think about
going back to Okada.

Human sacrifice has gone out of style.

Japanese make so
many pointless sacrifices.

Don't you dare get out of bed.

You get up today, and I'm done with you.

You mustn't, no.

-I can't let him go to the cops.
-But in your condition.

A yakuza never worries about himself.

You really gain face when
you put your life on the line.

You can't!

You can't, Matsunaga-san.

You can't!

It won't be long. Grandma'll be back soon.


You don't understand our code of honor.


Hey, bro.

-Is the big boss here?

In the annex.


why'd you let an amateur like Matsunaga?

I just don't get your thinking.

Why'd you let that deadbeat run my turf?

You'll learn.

Got to look after the
ones whose lungs are shot.

Once they get to coughing up blood,

they're wild cards.
They come in pretty handy.

Sooner or later,

the Kitajima gang's
gonna go after that turf.

That's when we'll toss
Matsunaga in their path.

I get it.

He hasn't got long to live.
It's the perfect way to go.

After that, it's all yours.

I'm quiet about it, but
I'm always looking ahead.

What the hell are you up to?

Boss, you've got to knock
some sense into this punk.

Not so fast, now.

Guess the fever went to his head.

There, go buy yourself some eggs.


What kind of stunt did you pull?

They're all riled up. Big boss is furious.

-Gimme a drink.
-No, you can't.

Besides, I heard you were
even coughing up blood.

You're having a run of bad luck.

Shut up and give me a drink!

Oh, well.

But just one.

When someone like you is down,

I feel so bad, I can hardly stand it.

You know, I've always thought

that you're not cut out for this life.

This is the perfect chance
for you to leave it all behind.

And go out to the countryside somewhere,

where you can get well.

I've been thinking about going back home.

I'm sick and tired of this place, too.

Why don't you come with me?

It's a poky little town,

but there's a beautiful
stream running along the road.

Oh, no you don't.

But seriously, why don't you come with me?

You won't have to struggle.

My father has a ranch
on the outskirts of town.

You'd be fine in no
time if you went there.

Come, won't you?

In any case, you've
got to get out of here.

What are you doing?
The boss made it clear he's out.

Then I'll pay.


What are you two up to?

-Hey, you jerk.
-No, no, it doesn't matter.

Well, I don't like it.

Don't let it bother you. Please.

Where are you staying now?

At Dr. Sanada's.

Oh, I know. That's good.

I'll come see you tonight to talk it over.

In your condition, you've
got to keep your temper.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Can you give me 30 yen?

He says you have to pay.


What are you doing?

I'm just following the big boss's orders.

-As of today, this is Okada's turf.

He wants us to ignore you.

I hope they're fresh.

They're for a patient.

Hey there, sister.

What's wrong?

You look awful blue today.

Don't drown yourself in that filthy stuff.

You never did beat around the bush.

How else can I keep my spirits up?

Everything's so screwed up,
it makes me want to throw up.

Thanks to that good-for-nothing.

Doctor, you mustn't speak ill of the dead.

I forgot. You were in love with him.

No, that's not true.

It's because these are his ashes.
That's why.

I heard

about your arranging his funeral.

Must've been expensive.

Yes, a little over 6,000 yen.

That's an awful lot to blow.

But, I just felt so sorry for him.

The big boss has it made.

He said Matsunaga wasn't loyal enough

so he wouldn't claim Matsunaga's body.

But when Okada went to jail again,

the boss ran around
collecting money for him.

I can't stand to stay in this
disgusting place another day.

This time, it's for good.

Thank you for everything, doctor.

Going back home?


I'm going to bury Matsunaga's
ashes in the country.

Right before this happened,

I'd talked to him about it.

I wanted him to leave
this life for the country.

What a waste of time.

I thought the same kind of thing.

That I could make him
leave his life as a yakuza.

But look at him.

Once a beast, always a beast.
You can never change anyone.

That's not fair.
He was seriously considering it.

-You were blinded by love.
-Love made everything clear.

He was on the verge
of breaking free of it all.

For once, he was really listening to me.

I'm not certain, but it even
seemed like he was crying.

But, still.

But yakuza will always do
the wrong thing in the end.

That's why they're so pointless.
And so senseless.

Don't cry.

I know exactly how you feel.

That's why I can't forgive him.


Hey, no running.

Doctor, you owe me a sweet.

Look, here's my diploma.

See, you owe me a sweet.

That I do.

Where might one buy this sweet?

Don't you know anything?
At the sweet shop.

I see, all right.

Say, why don't you come along?

I'll buy you a farewell sweet.

Thank you, but I'll say good-bye here.

I see. You be well, now.

I wish you well, too, doctor.



if you approach it
rationally, TB's no big deal.

It's not just TB.

A rational approach is
the best medicine for life.

♪ The hilltop we climbed together ♪