Drum Beat (1954) - full transcript

President Grant orders Indian fighter MacKay to negotiate with the Modocs of northern California and southern Oregon. On the way he must escort Nancy Meek to the home of her aunt and uncle. After Modoc renegade Captain Jack engages in ambush and other atrocities, MacKay must fight him one-on-one with guns, knives and fists.

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by Fingersmaster. Enjoy!

♪ Drum beat ♪

♪ I hear a drum beat ♪

♪ I hear a beat
no one else can hear ♪

♪ When my heart strings
hear that drum beat ♪

♪ Then I know
that my love is here ♪

♪ Drum beat ♪

♪ Constantly pounding ♪

♪ Beating a sad tune
within my brain ♪

♪ And the thunder
in my drum beat ♪

♪ Tells me I didn't wait in vain ♪

♪ I've been living for tonight ♪

♪ To make up ♪

♪ For the hours apart ♪

♪ With desire ♪

♪ That is high ♪

♪ And flags ♪

♪ Flying in my heart ♪

♪ Drum beat ♪

♪ I hear a drum beat ♪

♪ No other sound in my heart's
as strong ♪

♪ For the drum beat
brings my lover ♪

♪ And I'll answer
the drums of God ♪

- That the White House?
- Yeah.

Is, uh, President Grant in?


You servin' him?


Not very talkative, are you?


Lose your leg in the rebellion?


Lost my leg at Shiloh.

You might almost say I already

got one foot in the grave.

Catch on, one foot.

Any rigmarole getting into

the White House to see the President?

No, walk in and tell him

you wanna talk to the general.

All there is to it.

- Thanks.
- Yup.

Just walk right in.

May we help you?

Y-y-yes, sir, I..

...have a letter from the President.

I think the general
is just finishing his supper.

I'll tell him you're here.

Have a seat.

Oh, thank you, sir.

Aiming to shoot the President?

Are you crazy?

Oh, just wonderin'.

Gun, knife.

Just showin' off, huh?

No, sir.

Have you met the President?

What's he like?

Plain as a mud fence.

Smokes like a chimney and..

...drinks now and then too.

I'd say he fits better in some tent
than...this place.

What are you, a missionary?


You don't act like
you like our President?

You're wrong there, son.

I'm his father.

- Hello, pa.
- Hello, son.

- Johnny MacKay?
- Yes, sir.

You've wasted no time.

The railroad, sir.

It only took 10 days.

Why are you sitting out here, pa?

Why don't you come on in to dinner?

No, not with old Doc Thomas

and their spoutin'
about all the poor Injun.

All Dr. Thomas wants is fair
treatment for the Indians..

...and so do I.

Join us for coffee.

Hm, it will be interesting..

...having you and the doctor meet.

Better unhitch your scalping knife, son.

'While in Oregon and California'

they've actually signed
petitions demanding

that Indian fighters
be sent into the area.

'To kill Indians,
wherever they may be found.'


...I have beside me
the best Indian fighter

in the State of Oregon.

Mrs. Grant,
may I present Johnny MacKay.

- How do you do, Mr. MacKay?
- Hi, there, ma'am.

This is our daughter, Nellie.

Have you actually seen
redskins bite the dust?

They really don't bite it, miss.
They hit it.

Miss Nancy, meet, Mr. MacKay.

I know exactly
how Nellie feels, Mr. MacKay.

You look just as wild and willy

'as an eastern girl could wish for.'

Thank you, ma'am. I wouldn't
want to disappoint a lady.

I know how you feel.

I'm afraid I've disappointed thousands

by not looking like a general.

This eastern girl
is about to become a Westerner.

She maybe under
your protection for a while.

Dr. Thomas..

...you've been condemning
Indian fighters

to eternal damnation.
Meet the best.

Have you blood on your hands?

Uh, would you like
some coffee, Mr. MacKay?

No, ma'am.
Thank you.

Won't you sit down,
Mr. MacKay?

Uh, no, thank you, sir.

Well, Mackay.

I wanna know
about the Modoc trouble

and their leader, Captain Jack.

Boils down, Mr. President,
that Captain Jack

wants all of Lost River.

What kind of a man is he?

Well, some people say he's got
a little white blood in him

because of his light eyes.

But I think
it's mostly bad blood.

I am told the only possible way
to peace out there

is to get Captain Jack
and his associates

back into the reservation
with the friendly Modocs..

...to live up to his treaty.

That's the settlers side.

What about
the Modocs side of it?

Captain Jack said
he never read that treaty.

But he's lying, Mr. President.

Would you call him a liar
to his face?

I have.

Why, I have letters
from white men

praising him to the skies!

Sure, he got them Indian wives.

They wrote nice letters
about him.

When he was in trouble,
he took the letters

to the justice of the pe--

That shouldn't affect justice.

It doesn't.

But he also got
the Justice Of Peace

an Indian wife.

Has he offered you
an Indian wife?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Are you married to one?

No, ma'am.

Do you have scruples
against it?

Have I got what?

Are you opposed
to intermarriage?

No, ma'am, I...I intend to
get married someday.

I mean, is marrying Indian women
the accepted thing out there?

Well, yes, ma'am, there isn't
enough white women to go around.

It's, uh, time to go
to bed, Nellie.

But I'm
not sayin' anything, mother.

- I'm just listening.
- I know.

She's learning history
at first hand, Julia.

Do you think Captain Jack's
Modocs can be moved back

to the reservation
by peaceable means?

MacDyar, Applegate, and
Huntington tried it, sir.

And failed, I know.

I get reports now,
the settlers..

...want peace with rifles.

It's getting so the settlers
are much harder

to handle than the Indians.

When your folks are killed,
you shoot back.

Have you killed Indians?

Quiet a few.

Now, you must go to bed, Nellie.

'You'll have
bad dreams tonight.'

I like bad dreams.
I like being scared.

Go to bed, Nellie.

Goodnight, grandfather.

Don't you feel
like a murderer?

- No, sir.
- Shouldn't you.

I've never shot anybody
without cause.

My job is to protect
the wagon train.

When somebody shoots
at my people, I shoot back.

Right back at 'em, wham!

And I bet
he was a crack shot too.

I am very curious, young man,
as to what kind

of a family you come from?


Do they approve
of your occupation?

I never asked them, ma'am.

I don't wonder.

Where are they now?

Buried at Bloody Point.

Bloody Point.

They were massacred?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Your whole family?

My mother and father and..

...kid brother was scalped
and mutilated.

My two sisters, 12 and 14.
They weren't killed right away.

They were captured.

They didn't last long.

The Indian women got jealous
and stoned them to death.

Maybe my folks
wouldn't have approved

of me becoming
an Indian fighter.

I never had the chance
to ask them.

I suppose you wonder
why I sent for you?

I was educated as a soldier.

So I know a fighter knows best
the meaning of peace.

I want to lay aside
your rifle and bring peace

to the Modoc country.

Get Captain Jack and his Modocs
back on the reservation?

That's the only avenue
to peace, isn't it?

- Without guns?
- If humanly possible.

Will you try?

Well, I didn't come 3000 miles
to say..

...no to my president.

Then you'll do it?

- I'll try the best I can, sir.
- That's all I ask.

Thank you...and I wish you
good luck, in the venture.

Your chief is sure gonna get
a laugh out of this.

John MacKay,
peace commissioner.

Wait till Captain Jack
hears that.

Johnny is a good man.
Maybe he get peace.

He'll get what Jack
wants to give him.

No more, no less.

Hello, there, Boddy.

Have Modocs been giving you

any trouble
down at Lost River?

Oh, missing a few horses
now and then.

Some nights
they hoof and holler.

You let Captain Jack buffalo you
and the first thing

you know, he's gonna take
your whole farm.

Oh, no, he won't.
I put too much sweat in it.

I'll fight for my farm.

Mr. Satterwhite, Miller wants to
know if you'll put this letter

'on the Union Pacific for Ohio?'

Out of the way Injuns.

Get away from that door,
you yellow leopard coyote.

What you do about it?

I'll bash your head in.

Modoc Jim says
he just wants to see

how thick your door is, Bill.

What business is that of his?

Well, he says
the last time he fired at you

the arrow didn't go through it.

'He says next time
he's gonna use a heavier bow.'

Take your stinkin' fingers
off that door!

No, no, Bill,
don't pull that trigger.

these are Captain Jack's men.


Who's man are you?

'All aboard and get up.'

Ho! Ya-hee! Ya-ha!

I see brass buttons comin'.

Captain Jack,
you don't need to worry

about brass buttons
or Johnny MacKay no more.

The soldiers know this yet?

I'm on my way to deliver
the message to the agency.

Now, I thought
I'd let you know first.

Hello, there, Crackel.

Any telegraph message
from my Niece Nancy?

Yup. Arrives Sacramento, Friday.

Same train with our new Peace
Commissioner Johnny MacKay.

Oh, so that's what the President
wanted to see Johnny about.

Johnny'll treat you right, Jack.
You can trust him.

Why you wear soldier suit.

You fight again maybe?

No, I've been up to
Fort Klamath.

They just got around
to giving me these medals.

You farmer now. What do you want
with them medals?

You sell to me.

Once you earn these things
you don't sell 'em.


You need woman?

No, thanks, I'm perfectly
satisfied with Mrs. Meek.

Maybe you better
sell me the medals.

- No, thanks.
- I think maybe you better.

I think maybe you better stop

wearing that Captain's coat

you've got no right to wear.

- I buy coat.
- Maybe you did.

And maybe you didn't, but you've
got no right to wear that medal

somebody else maybe died for.

And don't waste
that warpath look.

Tell my niece
to put up at the hotel

till I get there Sunday.

I'm glad Johnny MacKay
is arriving with her.

I just come along
for the ride.

Bill sure knows
how to show a girl a good time.

We've been drunk
a lot of times together.

Ah, nothing but laughs.

He says I can ride up there
with him

after we get out in the woods.

Used to be my job,
riding up with Bill.

Mr. MacKay used to be
an Indian fighter.

But he's
a peace commissioner now.

Well, after
I ride up there with Bill

well, you can be alone.

And have some fun.

Watering place.
Everybody out!

Ladies to the left,
and gents to the right.

You sure picked yourself
a playmate this time.

Ah, she's all woman.

You know, Modocs
can scare that seat empty

of most females.

But not Lily.

- She's a card, ain't she?.
- Yeah.

Tried to get Nancy
to sit on my lap.

Well, why not?

J, look, I'll do you a favor.

I'll head for a bump.

You know there's nothing
like a good bounce

to bring folks together.

Come on, Bill.

Hi, diddle widdle.

Oh, there, fellie,
I'll give you a hand up.

Here you go.

Now, you kids get together,
you hear?

I don't know
what she expects of us.

Even if we were
on our honeymoon I don't see

what we could do about it?

Bill, let me stay..

- Bill!
- Johnny, Injun.

Stay down.

I just come along
for the ride.

It was Modoc Jim, wasn't it?

I don't know.


How do you feel about bein'

a peace commissioner now?


Who asked you here?

I was just payin' my respects
to the deceased.

You pay my respects
to your Indian friend.

And tell him we lost
a good Indian fighter

when Johnny joined up
for peace.

But we got
a new one now. Me!

I ain't runnin'
errands for you.

And tell him I ain't drivin'
with the stage company no more.

You tell him if Modoc Jim's
still alive

I'm gonna kill him.

You tell him yourself.

Only you won't have to.

Captain Jack finds out things.

I...I hope I killed
that Modoc, Bill.

I hope I saved you the trouble.

Peace is gonna be
awfully hard to get.

That's your business..

...not mine.

Bill, I need your help.

Don't go runnin' off half wild..

...killing Modocs.

Only one got Lily.

You think she was only worth
one of them devils?

You dish out your peace, Johnny.

I'll dish out my end.

Can you blame him?

He'll go on hating.

For every Modoc he kills,
they'll kill three whites.

The land will be piled high
with hate.


...it will just be a joke.

Can I help you
find a way, Johnny?

How beautiful!

The end
of the Lost River Valley.

'This road leads
to the Klamath Agency.'

Around the bend,
is your uncle's farm.

Shouldn't we
have met him by now?

Wouldn't it be awful
if he had taken some other road

to where he could get me?

This is the only road.

Giddy up!

Message to John MacKay,
at Fort Klamath.

I am deeply grieved..

...by word of the death..

...of my comrade-in-arms
and his beloved wife..

...Mrs. Meek.

Bringing the murderers
to justice

rests with the troops.

You understand of course,
this sad loss..

...cannot interfere
with your own efforts

to obtain peace.

And then to Miss Nancy Meek...
same address.

I've got a message
for Miss Meek

from the President too.

Thanks, Crackel.

Thanks for riding over.

Are you, uh, going to
do like the President says?

Goodnight, Crackel.


Captain Clark, uh,
part of this message is for you.

"Bringing the murderers to
justice rests with the troops."

Who killed them?
There were no witnesses.

The Modocs won't talk.

I'm going into Captain Jack's
country in the morning.

The Lost River?

How many troops will you want?



If I got peace at gunpoint..

...it wouldn't last.

You're not fool enough
to go in there alone.

He's apt to
send your head back to us

wrapped up in cabbage leaves.

You forget I know him.

Oh, excuse me, sir.

I have a message
for Miss Meek.

Excuse me, sir.

Oh, Mr. MacKay.


Um, I have respected
Miss Meeks mourning

for several days now.

I know
she must need consolation.

Well, I'm the only officer
who is a bachelor here.

So, I wondered if you could
put in a good word for me.

Like what?

- Well, you know..
- 'I'm afraid I don't.'

What shall I say?


Oh, that is if she..

Well, I'd-I'd hardly
want to intrude, uh..

...but if you could perhaps..

Well, since you're going..

Oh, I see.

I shall.

Excuse me.

The President
and Mrs. Grant have offered

to take me into their home.

They're very generous.

'You should go back, Nancy.'

Having no folks..

I couldn't accept
that offer, Johnny.

I came out here
because I wanted to be

what they call
a "Pioneer Woman."

- Does that sound silly?
- No.

I wanted so much
to help my aunt and uncle..

...to mean something
to somebody.

I wanted to be wanted.

But they're gone, Nancy,
you should go back

to who used
to be your friends.

You didn't.
You were left alone and stayed.

That's not the same.

My uncle willed
his Lost River farm to me

and everything else he had.

You can't run Lost River farm.
It's impossible.

There's enough money
to hire help and rebuild.

But, Nancy,
that's Jacks battleground.

And you're going to bring
peace to it.

Lieutenant Goodsall, miss.

Uh, there's a whole delegation
of Modocs at the gate.

- They wanna see you.
- Jack's people?

No, friendlies
from the Klamath Reservation.

They're led by two Modocs named
Toby and Manok.

That's the daughter and son
of the old chief.

May I come too?

Of course.



My brother and I have come
from the Klamath River

to speak for our people.

You will bring
peace now, Johnny?

I'll do the best I can.

This is good.
We want this very much.

Do they?

These Modocs, yes.

But not all.

They're afraid of Captain Jack.

He all the time want
to be number one.

He wants everything
only the way he wants.

So he gives fervor
to the warriors.

He's a bad Modoc.

I know, Toby.

But how do you suggest
I get peace for your people.

I think it is best
that you kill him.

Maybe you're right, Toby..

...but I can't kill him.

I've promised the President
to get peace, without guns.

For Jack, only the gun speaks.


I'm gonna see him tomorrow.

Without guns,
and without soldiers.

Into Lost River,
you go alone?

That's right, Toby.

You are crazy.



...he will kill you,
I know this here.

But he knows I come in peace.
He's been told.

It's worth the gamble
to get our..

...people back
together again.

One time you saved my life
from the winter river.

These long pig tails
made it...easy to pull you out.

Once you saved my life..

...now I would like to give
my life to you.

I don't understand, Toby.

Take me for your woman.

If you do this, no Modoc.

Not even Jack would kill you.

I have much love for you.

Very much.

From the time of the river
I have this love.

You know this.

I've always only been friends,
Toby, but I..

You take me
for your woman tonight.

I want this with all my heart

and I will make you very happy.

I will do all those things

that you would wish me to do
as your woman.

And I would be very proud.

Would you like this?

Toby, I'd be a liar
if I said no.

Then say yes, and take me.

And tomorrow I will go with you
to Lost River.

Thanks, Toby, but I can't.

Just to keep
from being shot.

Is it because
of the white one there?

A little, maybe.

And maybe it's like
your brother says..


My brother said
Johnny's crazy.

He's not.

Johnny speaks with white heart.

So it is that my brother and I
will go with him

into Lost River, tomorrow.

It is that the killing
must stop..

...and all our people
be one again in peace.

This is why Johnny goes there.

This is why we help you.

If we go, we crazy too.

And if we not go,
we are cowards.

When you want
we should leave this place?

I'm leaving tomorrow
at daybreak.


- I just learnt something.
- Yes.

Why women in the West seem
happier than those back East.

- Red women or--
- Both.

It's knowing that
they're needed.

If a woman's needed,
if she knows she's wanted..

I'm going to stay.

I think I can be needed here.

I hope I will be.

We've come to talk peace
with Captain Jack.

He says, Captain Jack
don't want--

I understood.

Think they're bluffing?

We find out,
if they start shooting.

Come on.

Where they goin'?

They're going to the village

to tell Captainjack.

At least they didn't shoot.

Maybe the shooting comes next.

Is that the quick way out?


Is he inside?

Yes, with his warriors.

You make him come out here.

Toby, speak straight.

If he start fight
down inside there

maybe you don't
come out again.

Fine with me.

Didn't you hear?
I'm a peace commissioner.

Sure, I hear.

But, maybe Captain Jack
don't hear so good.

Hello, Jack.

Hello, Johnny.

Why you here?
What for you come?

I think you know why I came.

I came as a friend.

We've known each other
long time, haven't we?

I got no business with you.

I say this is my country.

Your people liars and cheats.

I don't lie to you, Jack.
I speak straight.

The President sent me.

The President knows
about Captain Jack.

He wants me to talk peace.

Peace? So you shoot Modoc Jim?

He killed Bill's woman.

What you do about that?

If the soldiers get him,
they'll try him for murder.

If he's guilty,
he'll hang.

But that's not my business.

That's theirs.

Somebody killed Colonel Meek
and his wife.

And somebody burned
their house down.

And somebody took the metals off
of Colonel Meek's body.

You tell somebody that.

You tell somebody...maybe
Captain Jack kill Meek

stole metals, huh?

None of my business

I find metals by Lost River.

Maybe you did,
maybe you didn't.

That's not what I'm here for.

I came to talk peace.

But you talk about killin'.

In 1864,
Jack, you signed a treaty.

You agreed to take
your people back

to the reservation
and live in peace.

You are lyin'.

- You signed the treaty.
- You lie.

I'm not lying.
I was there, I saw it.

You took government money
and goods.

Maybe I don't like
where they put me and my people.

Well, most of your people
like it.

You got much better land now
than you had before the treaty.

You know it.

You hear good, Johnny?

We not go back.

I through with talk.

'Lost River is mine.'

Lost River isn't yours.

You broke the treaty
and you took it.


I take it, I keep it.

Pulling the trigger, Jack?

You alone here.

People call me coward
if I shoot you now.

You're right.

There needn't be
any more killing.

We can have peace.

Maybe I not want peace.

I know what President say.

President is sick of war.

I not sick of war.

You give me all Lost River.

'You kick white man out.'

Sure, if you get
all of Lost River

you'll say give me
all of Klamath River.

You're a two-bit tyrant, Jack.

All take and no give.

'When the soldiers come--'


You think I afraid of soldiers?

I not afraid.

I not afraid to die.

Nobody asked you to die.

You got your choice
of thousands of acres

of the Klamath Agency.

Lost River Valley is mine.

I kill to keep it mine.

More killing means war, Jack.

Then there be war!

War is no good.

In war, only one side wins.

In peace..

...both sides win.

You have council
with your people.

I'll wait for your answer.

Thanks, Jack.

You are one man,
we are fifty warriors.

It takes only one warrior
to kill you.

Johnny! Is Modoc Jim in there?

Bill, you confounded fool.

Bill, get to the agency.

Go warn the settlers.


Hold her.



Something's happened.

Bill's hurt.

We hungry, not hurt you.

Not fight white woman.

what's happenin'? What's..

Modocs on the warpath,
spread the word.

Alright, Johnny. Thanks.

I'm afraid
I started somethin', sir.

I shot Modoc Jim.

Johnny sent me to tell you.

The Modocs is on the warpath.

- Where's Johnny?
- Lost River.

Warnin' the settlers.

Bugler, sound boots and saddles.




Massacre at Lost River.
Maybe 20 dead so far.

A volunteer company formed
at Crowley's farm.

Where's Johnny MacKay?

Went to meet the Modocs

but too late
to warn the settlers.

Toby and Manok
said the whole tribe

is headin' out
creatin' bloody warfare.

Modocs on the warpath.

Killing as they come,
head for the forest.

Why, they won't hurt me none.

They've been friendly
with me for years.

So were Boddy and Sari.

But they're dead. Come on!

Hold your fire, you crazy coots.

Johnny ain't shootin' at you.

all this commotion, Scarface?

Well, look here.

I fed you just the other day.

I give you ammunition.

Soldiers know now.

Before you chicken hearts
come here

maybe you fight now.

You make big mistake
this time, Jack.

What mistake?

These mad dogs, they kill 18.

Shoot 'em in back,
shoot young boys.

You call yourself warriors.

You kill settlers, Jack?

Not yet.

Then give these three mad dogs
to soldiers

better to lose three no-goods

than 300 of our people in war.

War? You think
I have chicken's heart?

We kill plenty soldiers
pretty quick.

Maybe pretty quick
they kill you.

- Ptah!
- Hear this.

Today they bury 18 people
at Link Well.

People these killed.

After they put 'em in dirt

maybe many white men
come with guns.

To get them that killed.

'You give them these men, Jack.'

You make council,
you think fast.

You can save our people, Jack.

You do this.


...are you familiar
with this strongholds terrain?

Yes, sir, I've explored it.

Captain Clark doesn't believe

that even though
we surrounded this area

we can force delivery of
the several murderers.

He's right, sir.

There's more than a 100 caves
in that rock.

The Modocs
could holdout forever.

And you think
a siege is hopeless, huh?

I don't know.

Anyone suggesting
we simply give up?

No, sir.

And I'd like orders
to stop being a peacemaker.

Your orders come
from the President.

The only fighting
he wants you do is for peace.

My orders are to bring
these killers in for trial

to fight if necessary.

But now appears
if we want them..

...we better go up there
tomorrow and get them.

Through this gap.

- 'Miller.'
- 'Yup.'

- 'Bill.'
- 'Here.'

Lot of 'em
won't answer "here" tomorrow.

To think, I started
this whole shebang off.

I was killing aplenty before
you went off that cart, Bill.

Captain Jack wanted war.

I'm scoutin' for the Oregon
volunteers over there.

How about you?

I'm stuck with being
a peace commissioner.

'All present
accounted for, sir.'

I'm gonna take my volunteers
around the east end

where they got a better chance.

- Good luck, Bill.
- Thanks, Johnny.

Come on.

I suggest that the captain stake
the skirmishers

from cover to cover before
they have time to get us all.

'Form line, the skirmishers.'

Form line to skirmishers.
Right and left wing.


Maybe they ain't even up there.

I ate somethin' for breakfast,
it's sitting kinda heavy.

You won't have somethin' heavy
like lead in your belly

if you don't keep down.

There's not a sign of the Modocs
up there at all.

They're there, sir.

Bugler, sound the charge.

Don't charge 'em!

Break up, break up!

Let's take 'em down!
Just follow me.

They can't survive
the crossfire, sir.

Where are the volunteers?

We've got to force that gap.

We can't sir,
that's where the crossfire is.

They'll all be slaughtered.

They'll never reach that summit.

Bugler, sound retreat.

'Easy, man, take it easy.'

Have you seen Johnny MacKay?

Any more wounded
left out there overnight

dead or alive
will lose his scalp in the dark.

So Johnny and Bill
are still up there

tryin' to get out all they can.

Follow this trail
and you're safe.

Seen any more of our people?

I think we got 'em all.

You know this
trail leads up

the back way
to the stronghold.

With about 20 good
Indian fighters.

You ain't thinkin' to
tell on the president

where to get off, are you?

So, you know
the back way too?

Selling guns to Captain Jack?


Nothing but the best
for your friend, huh?

Pay you well, Crackel?

Well enough..

...to give you and Bill
a real healthy split

if you keep quiet.


There are 100 people
keepin' quiet tonight

because of...your guns.




The joke's on him.

He probably sold them
the guns they killed him with.

Secretary of war has
instructed me to cease

all operations
against the Modocs.

General Gilliam will
henceforth use his troops

only to repel attacks
and protect citizens.

And, MacKay

do you think under
these conditions

we can achieve a peace?

No, General Canby,
I don't think so.

I assure you ladies
that vengeance will

serve no good purpose.

I lost my husband.

I lost my two boys
in that massacre.

And now you say there's to be
no punishment for the murderers?

I said that peace must come
first. The Bible says--

I don't care what
the Bible says anymore.

I've lost my man.

And I'll see those
Modocs killed

if I have to kill them myself.

You see, doc,
out this way

the Bible and brotherly love
gets all mixed up

with Injun hate.

Gentlemen, the head of our
peace commission has arrived.


Hello, Mr. Dyar,
how are you?

It's good to see you.
We're old friends.

I helped this boy bury
his folks at Bloody Point.

How are things lookin', Johnny?

Well, not so good, I..

...had my first crack
at peace-making.

I ended up with
Lost River massacre.

Well, Dr. Thomas says
you two met at the White House.

The president didn't think
it would hurt to have

a wholehearted peace advocate
on the commission.

Glad to have you with us.

Shall we attack the problem?

We wanna stop this
purposeless killing.

Any war that doesn't bring about
a peace with honor is futile.

And peace with honor
and peace with Captain Jack

are apt to be jackasses

of two mighty
different colors.

Talk is cheap and now the lies.

You say talk's cheap.

That sounds though you don't
think talk will do much good.

Have you met
Captain Jack yet?

I look forward
to the pleasure.

That's one thing
it wont be.

You can say that in spades.

Well, what do you suggest
is a first step towards peace?

Meet the man we're gonna
make peace with.

Well, is it possible to arrange
a meeting with Captain Jack?

Through Toby and Manok.

They want peace
as much as we do.

Well, fine.

Once we've had a powwow,
at least we'll have

some idea where we stand.

Our cause is good.

With heaven's help,
we can't fail.

I hope you're right, doc,
but...heaven's as far

from that stronghold
as it is from Hades itself.

Even the Injuns believe them
caves lead straight to hell.

I'm wettin' my whistle,
Johnny, will you join me?


Soldiers who come with Canby.

All come to talk peace, huh?

They come to stop killings.

Why, you afraid to
talk to peace men?

I not afraid of
brass buttons or bullets.


We kill many.

How many they kill?

Why you so proud
of death, Jack?

Many of our people
want to live in peace.

You know, Johnny.
He talk straight.

Eh, once he was fighter.

Now, peace man.

President Grant,
great fighter.

General Canby,
famous fighter.

Now, all want
peace like Johnny.

You two wait down there.

Come back by and by.
We talk it.

How long?

I send for you.
You wait.

You talk war,
talk in Boston English

so my people don't hear.

These men come here
to fool you, Jack.

They get time for get more
soldiers, kill us, I know.

I kill soldiers
for they kill me.

Jack, you hear good.

Our people want
we should kill peace men.

You talk already?

You kill general or
you chicken-hearted woman.

You talk crazy.

You kill Canby.
I kill preacher.

Skunchin kill Johnny.
We talk already.

You kill.

You kill or they kill you.

If my people want kill,
we kill.

I ask my people.

Get the peace Modocs.

Is it peace, Scarface?

Maybe so.

Who comes to
this peace-talk?

General Canby, doctor man

old man Dyar,
you know him.

Johnny, Toby and me.

- No soldiers?
- No soldiers.

I make this talk.

You go tell peace men
they come see me.

- 'We talk peace tomorrow.'
- Come here?

You crazy, Jack.

Come to council place, half way.
We put up peace tent.

Only peace men come.

No more, no soldiers.

How many warriors
you bring?

Same number they do, maybe.

- You tell him.
- What time, noon?

- No guns?
- No guns.

Good. We tell peace men
and we tell our people.

They will be glad.


- Nancy.
- Yes?

If the peace talks fail..

...promise you'll leave this place.

With all the troops?

You couldn't stop
flaming arrows from

burning the agency
on a windy night.

And you..

You up there maybe cut off
from the stairs.

I had a nightmare
about that last night.

It was an awful nightmare.


...can't get it out of my mind.

Couldn't you've had a sweet
dream about me instead?

I have those all the time too.

Some I'd like to
dream all over again.

This nightmare, it, uh..

...scared me.

And here I would've said
nothing could ever scare you.

I think everybody
is born scared.

You know, I..

When I was a little boy,
I used to be scared

that I'll wake up
in the morning and..

...my mother and dad
and brothers and sisters

won't be there.

But every morning,
there they were.

Then we moved West..

...one morning I..

...woke up and
nobody was there.

It was like the nightmare.
Except it was real.

I was alone.

And that's why I'm scared
something might happen to you.

Maybe I..

...don't ever wanna
be alone again.

I hope you never will be.

What happens if peace
does come tomorrow?

I gotta get a job.

They'll be no call
for peacemaking or..

...Indian fighters.

- I'll have to go to work.
- Like what?

- Um...maybe a homestead.
- I've got a farm.

It's a nice farm too.

You know, if you get
yourself a good man

you'll make a lot of money.

Couldn't you
recommend somebody?

A good man?

Yes, an awfully good man.

Somebody who could do
everything around the place?

Yes, he'd have to be
good at everything.

He'd have to know
how to plough.

Plant seeds.


'Johnny MacKay.'


'Johnny MacKay!'


'You're wanted at headquarters.'

Maybe Toby
and Manok are back.

Now we'll know.

You go on.
I have to catch my breath.

They refuse to report
till they've spoken to you.

Captain Jack has agreed
to meet us tomorrow at noon.

'Before you start cheering
you better let Toby speak.'


Before she say this,
you hear me.

My sister is a fool.

She could be killed maybe
for saying this thing.

Johnny has promised
you will tell nobody.

- 'Is this so?'
- Of course.

Captain Jack says
he will meet you

at the council place

at the base of
the stronghold.

This is true.

But he not say
he will kill you.

Yet I believe
this is true also.

'Kill us?'

How do you know this?

- I cannot say.
- At a peace council?

Out in the open with
all the soldiers nearby?

That would be sheer insanity.

I say they will kill you.

What's your opinion, Johnny?

I trust Toby.

I trust her with my life.

You two,
you kill Johnny MacKay.

You two, kill doctor man.

For Dyar.

We kill Manok and Toby?

Maybe so.
We see what they do.

If they help white men..

...we kill.

You...which one for you?

The big general.

I kill him myself.

Oh, please, Johnny,
you go out to die.

Toby, sometimes it's as
necessary to take risks

to win a peace as it is
in war to win victories.

But he only says
he comes without guns.

He only says they not kill.
Jack lies, Johnny, I know.

And I know our maker will
look down on us this day.

Sure, he will...
in your grave.

What do you think, Johnny?
What's the verdict?

I'm the only one here that
made a promise to the president.

Each one of you, will have to
make up your own minds.

Well, making peace
with murderers

will never be
a simple problem.

The peace table often requires
the sometimes unpleasant need

to rely on the good faith of..

...sometimes faithless enemies.

But as a general,
I can't back down.

- I'm going with you.
- Count me in too.

You got drafted
into this, Mr. Dyar.

You don't have to go.

Well, I don't know, Johnny.

You and me are the only ones
that rightly know this country

and those Modoc devils.

Besides, I figure it'll be
worth a trip up there

just to see the look on the
doc's face when he get shot at.

But I sure ain't going
without a gun in my britches.

Dr. Thomas?

Please understand that
I'm not blind to facts.

That I'm fully aware that your
lives and mine are in danger.

And also understand this.

If it is God's will that I give
my life to achieve a peace

I'm completely
willing to do so.

Thank you, gentlemen.
I'm very proud.

We'll go to the
peace place at noon.

Please, Johnny,
you go to die.

They want the leaders killed.
I know this.

Sure there's risks.

But you can't get peace
just wishing for it.

We must have faith, Toby.

You beg for your life
before the sun sets.

Johnny, you can't go.

- Toby says that--
- Nancy, go back to the fort.

But Toby tells the truth,
I believe. They'll--

I thought all you
wanted was peace.

- What's changed?
- I love you.

That's what's changed.

More than any
peace on Earth.

'Please, don't go, Johnny.'

But I've got to.
I won't be far though.

And if anything happens...
army moves right in.

In time to pick up
your bodies?

We promised to meet them.
I know it's a gamble.

Where's your gun?

Dyar's got one.
He's a good shot too.

But what about you?

I'm not taking one.

Scotty, could Johnny
have your gun?

Sure, ma'am.

- With my blessings.
- Thank you.


Just so you'll be around
for the harvest.

Don't make a date
with a..

lieutenant tonight.

I won't.

I'll wait for you.

Thank you.

Troop, attention!

I want all people
to hear this.

Toby and me has give warning
to peace men.

We've been through all
that before, Manok.

Not so every man will hear.

Toby and me,
we go out there today.

Maybe this is last day
on Earth for peace men.

If my sister and me,
we escape.

Nobody points finger at us.

We've given warning.
They do not listen.

Remember this.

That's all.

Fellow officers and men

since we're assured that
this is my last day on Earth

I bid you a last farewell.

Present arms!

Modocs starting down.

Will they be safe?


Are the Modoc's armed?

I see no arms, sir.

When we reach them

don't bunch up.

mix with them so they
can't open fire.

If they do attack

Dyar and I'll start shooting.

- Manok--
- We will save ourselves.

You forget
we are Modoc too.

You speak Boston
English, eh, Jack?

Pretty good.

We'll do good
work here today.

We're willing and ready
to help your people.

I speak as a soldier,
war is no good.

Now, Johnny will talk peace.

What is your price
for peace, Jack?

All Lost River Valley
to Klamath.

White people, get out.

That doesn't make sense.

Some of those settlers have
been there for 20 years.

They not go, they die.

There's been too much
killing already.

That's no way to
find peace, Jack.

We're all brothers, Jack.

We're all children
of one father.

We want no more bloodshed.
We want to be friends.

God is watching us all.
Trust in him.

Maybe I trust God,
but not these men

what wears brass buttons.
They shoot at my people!

Only because your warriors
killed 18 settlers.

Men and boys in their homes,
their fields!

Don't get mad, Mr. General.

You not make peace this way.

You, Jack, be a man.

'Talk peace not killing.'

Toby speaks well, Jack.

The general and the soldiers
are here to protect

'and not to shoot.'

They gotta go, quick!

- 'If you're afraid then--'
- Me afraid?

I not afraid, Johnny.

Me General Jack, now.

You think I look like general?

Here, take my hat.

'Then, you'll really
look like a general.'

I get hat pretty quick.
No hurry.

You keep hat while,
then hat mine.

You see by and by.

You look mighty fancy, Jack,
but let's talk peace.

I want Lost River.
I take it.

What you say?
Talk quick.

You call that peace talk?

What you say, Johnny?
Say again.

We came here as friends.

Let's act and talk
like friends.

I tired of talk.
I talk no more.


Firing on peace commissioners!

Captain Clark,
deploy your skirmishes.

On the double!

'Stand by to fire.'

I kill Johnny.
I kill Johnny!

I take Johnny's scalp!

I take Johnny's scalp!

I take Johnny's..




My sister is dead.

"General Canby and Dr. Thomas

murdered by Modocs
at peace council.

Johnny MacKay,
fatally wounded.

Awaiting orders.
Signed, Gilliam."

You still want
peace, general?

These men were
murdered negotiating

the peace you wanted.

The complete extermination
of the Modocs

would be
entirely justified.

No, only the murderers
must be punished.

We still must have
peace someday.

Why, General Gilliam,
use whatever means necessary

to capture the murderers
and bring peace.

We should know,
General Sherman..

...that peace
doesn't come cheaply.

"Exterminate the Modocs."


'How does it feel to
read about your own death?'


That was printed two weeks ago,
it just arrived.

You've got it all wrong
in more ways than one.


Hating gets awful big
mighty fast, doesn't it?

What do they want us to do?

Slaughter the good
and decent Indians?

Just for a few bad ones?

But that's the way it is,
isn't it?

When the hating
gets big enough

it's the good and decent
Indians like Toby and Manok

and the rest of the
people who get hurt.

Where's Toby now?

She's dead because
she dared to believe

that she could bring peace
and goodwill to her people.

But who am I to talk?

I'm building up
a big hate myself.

I understand, Johnny.

That's why you wired
the president.

That's right.

He's answered your request.

Once you're well enough, you're
to have a volunteer company

to track down the murderers.

- I'm well enough now.
- You are not, Johnny.

- Your wounds aren't healed.
- Don't worry, Nancy.

At this time, tomorrow night
Captain Clark will be marching

those Modoc killers
back in irons.

The Warm Spring Scouts have
tracked them to Surprise Valley.

Our best troopers are
en route to trap them there.

They'll reach the rendezvous
shortly after dawn.

This may be the end
for Captain Jack.

Captain Jack,
Modocs all gone again.

And us riding
all night to get here.

- Where'd they go?
- Before the sunrise, gone.

Maybe we find new trail.

After this forest march,
the men and horses

are tired, hungry.

We'll rest here.

Prepare to dismount.


- 'Picket the horses.'
- 'Yes, sir.'

'Rig the picket lines.'


But don't be
discouraged, lieutenant.

This may be our glory day.

Yeah, we haven't
even seen a Modoc.

Exactly what I mean.

When you don't
see the demons

it's time to wonder
where they're at.

Well, certainly,
I hope to see action.

Usually, you don't
see nothing

but a spot
of smoke or flash

and a strange feelin' of a
bullet splitting your gizzard.

'Ambush! Ambush!'

- 'Ambush!'
- 'Ambush!'

- 'Ambush!'
- 'Ambush!'


Captain Clark was ambushed.
That's why you were sent for.

Now, we're not going out as a
rescue party but as trackers.

You'll lead the troops
in Surprise Valley.

We'll go after Captain Jack
and his murderers.

Alright, boys, let's go.

We found Jack.


Bogus Charlie.

'Captain Jack.'

Outsmarted us.

Split up, knowing we can't.

Why can't we?

Dead heroes is coming
too cheap these days.

Gonna save men's lives.

Split up the trackers.

Trail 'em day and night till we
nail them down to the military.

- In favor?
- Yes.

Let me have Bogus Charlie.

Alright, you take
half the men.

I'll take the two scouts.

You take the rest
of the men, Bill.


- Who's there?
- 'Bill Satterwhite.'

We've been tracking
about 40 Mordocs

day and night for a week.

They're down
at Willow Creek Canyon.

- How many men you got?
- Only ten.

I'll send a scout back for
the troops torendezvoushere.

Scarface don't even know.

- Maybe he does.
- It's Captain Summer.


- Hi, Bill.
- How many men you got?

Hundred. Got 'em staked out,
blocking Willow Creek Canyon.

- Captain Jack with them?
- Nope.

'They split up,
about a week ago.'

Johnny and two scouts
are tracking Captain Jack.

Manok's after the other group.

Cavalry nailed down
that group last Friday

brought 'em all in
except Bogus Charlie.

Manok killed him
with his bare hands.

To kill you is easy,
but we don't kill now.

- You remember this.
- What do you want?

'You think we know not
you have soldiers down there.'

Long time we don't sleep.

Maybe we tired.
Maybe we quit fighting.

'What you say?'

Why ain't Captain Jack
here saying that?

He is bad luck now.
All Modocs quit him.

- Modocs come my side.
- Where is Jack?

Back stronghold maybe.

You treat us right.
We quit.

You tell your people to bring
their guns into this place now

and I'll see
they get protection.

We take him
so you keep promise.

I'll go with ya.

I ain't scared
of these lizards.

Come on, Scarface.

'Look, the smoke.'

We'll get down there.

Why you not come
get me, Johnny?

Come get me, Johnny,
what's the matter?

'I thought somebody else
will someday.'

You don't see me.

Too bad!

'Where am I, Johnny?'

Where am I, Johnny?

Hey, Johnny, today you die.

You come get gun, Johnny.

'You come get me.'

'Come get me, Johnny.
What's the matter?'

- You come get me.
- Here I come.


You'll shoot me now, Johnny?

No, come on.

- You'll take me to fort now?
- 'That's right.'

I wear general's coat, huh?

Sure, if you want to be
buried in it.

Johnny's bringing in Jack!

'Crew, attention!'

In just a moment,
you'll see the Modoc leader.

Who murdered a man
beloved by all of us.

General Canby.

No matter
what anger or hatred

you may feel
toward Captain Jack

he is a prisoner of war

and is to be treated as such.

He's wearin' my general's coat.

The dirty beast.

- Rip it off him.
- Scotty.

- Scotty.
- Rip it off him.

They hang Skunchin, Black Jim,
Charlie first.

Saved me for last, huh?

You'll never want
for anything in heaven, Jack.

When you go
through those pearly gates

you'll find everything there.

'Even without you
asking for it.'

You say this heaven
nice place, huh?

You like this place
you call heaven?

Yes, it's a beautiful place.

Then I tell you what, preacher.

You like it so much, you take
my place out there

you go to heaven instead
of me. What you say?

Well, um..

...I'll be ready when the great day comes.

So, you not ready now?
Me not ready neither.


Johnny McKay is here.

Don't suppose
you wanna see him

what with him bringing
you to the rope.

Sure I see Johnny.

Goodbye, preacher.

Hello, Jack.

Hello, Johnny.

Why you not kill me out there,
you tell me this?

To end the killings,
we had to bring you to trial.

We could have saved
a lot of lives, Jack

if you hadn't grabbed
the country that wasn't yours.

I scare everybody
plenty, huh?

Sure you scared everybody.

But you made one mistake.

You forgot that people
will fight for peace

and even give their
lives for it.

You think peace come now?

Yes, I do.

Because I die, huh?


But all of us live and die
for a purpose, Jack.

Even Toby gave her life
for this. We know that.

And almost you.

Red man think he go
to good place when he die.

Good huntin', good shootin'.

No white ma. None.

You not like preacher what
talk about pearly gates.

You got sense.

You tell me, Johnny..

...you believe there
is place like this.

Yes, I believe that, Jack.

Except, I think it's open
for all of us when we die.

I think they, uh..

...even let white man in.

If I see this for
red man only up there

maybe someday I tell 'em

"You let Johnny McKay in,
he good fighter."

Thanks, Jack,
maybe I'll see you then.


And good luck.

And good hunting.

And thus ended the killing
in the Modoc country.

And a peace began among our
peoples that lives to this day.

Peace that wasn't won
by just wanting it.

It cost plenty.

It left scars.

But it showed the country something

they had to learn and remember.

That among the Indians
as amongst our people.

The good in heart..

...outnumber the bad.

And they will offer their lives to prove it.

-- English --