Drug War (2012) - full transcript

After losing control of his car and crashing into a local restaurant, a man loses consciousness on the street. Later, while working on a case, the police's anti-drug division captain, Zhang Lei (Honglei Sun), realizes that the man in the crash is drug lord Tian Ming (Louis Koo). In order to avoid the death penalty, Tian Ming helps the police put a stop to the entire drug trafficking circuit, but just as soon as the police are ready to make a large bust, Tian Ming makes a decision that shocks everyone involved.

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"Welcome to JinHai."

Pay the toll.

You're spaced out!

- I don't have enough cash.
- I still have.


We just arrived at Jinhai...

and are going through the toll station.


Shit! Mine is also out of battery.

Hurry up!


"Jinhai Highway Toll Station."

What's wrong with your vehicle?

The water tank is overheated.

Can we get some water from your office?

Let me ask.

Calling Control Center...

Go ahead.

An overheated bus needs to refill water...

Something's wrong?

I don't think so.

He said the water tank's overheated.

Just drive over there.

Thank you.

Something's wrong.

What's wrong? What?

Go, go! go...

Get off the bus!

Get off, quick.

Run, quick!


Everyone stays in the bus!



Stop running!


We're the police! We're in an operation.

Freeze! We're in an operation.

For your safety, all freeze!

Stay where you are.

Stop running!


Stop running!





Take a look at this guy.

Among all those arrested...

he has the largest quantity in his body.

Li Guangcheng.

Doc, according to your estimation...

how many pods did he carry?

Roughly about twenty-two.

Is he okay?

The drug pods found in
his colon are intact.

There's no sign of cracks.

But look at this.

The edge of the pods inside the colon...

has displayed some shiny spots.

They should be "air crescent signs."

We should treat him first
to avoid a rupture.

You motherfucker!

You betrayed me!

I'm a cop, you a drug trafficker.

I didn't betray you; I busted you.

You betrayed me!

You betrayed me!

- Let me look at this guy's profile.
- Sure.

You want me dead!

Didn't you know you'd be executed one day?

You son Of a bitch! I'll kill you!

Go shit yourself!

Don't push me!

Don't you mess with me!

Make Way!

Make Way!

We've got a patient here.

Make Way!

One, two, three!


He injured himself in a car accident.

What happened to him?

He lost control and crashed
into a restaurant.

- Another drug maker. Keep an eye on him.
- Yes, sir!

Where did the crash take place?

A restaurant on Saixiang Road.

Thank you.

"25 missed calls."

Retrieve the video record
of this intersection.

Number Withheld.

Go to the previous block.

Number Withheld.



Speak up.

Guo and Chen... communication lost.

Play this again.

A red sedan.

This way.

Canton AG 1226.


A green truck... Canton AH0386.

Raw materials for amphetamine.

Got it.

I saw those two vehicles
at the toll station.

The guys in the truck looked like junkies.

They suspected it's
carrying raw materials for.

Two of our colleagues
followed them from Yuejiang...

but communication was lost.

Headquarters asked us to back them up.

We may locate them here.

Captain Zhang.

Come and take a look.


The pods have broken!




Come here quickly. The suspect has escaped.

Did you find him?

Captain Zhang, the suspect has escaped.


Just a moment ago.

Captain Zhang.

Go to the mortuary.

Yes, sir.

Get out.


I spotted them.

They're in Heping District,
going west to Gaokai Road.

Good. I'll be right there.

Come with me, Xiang.

The rest go back to Headquarters.


We're on Gaokai Road.

Go straight ahead, turn right to
Deming for Nanshan Road.

They've gone up to Sanhuan Flyover
and back to Gaokai.

Looks like they're beating about the bush.

I've spotted them.

Xiao Bei, go back to Headquarters first.

Got that.

Xiang, go greet our dudes from Yuejiang.

Yes, Captain.

Hey dudes...

I'm Captain Zhang from
Jinhai's Anti-Drug Squad.

The guy ahead is Xiang, my colleague.

Yes, Captain.

I'm Guo.

Chen here.

We're from Yuejiang's Anti-Drug Squad.

How are you?

What's in that truck?

It's carrying raw materials
for amphetamine.


You must have heard of Bill Li?

You kidding?

Who hasn't? Never met him, though.

We suspect those are his goods.

We've been tailing the
truck since yesterday.

We didn't expect to have
followed it for 24 hours.

All the way from Yuejiang to Jinhai.

We appreciate that. Take a break.

Our colleague will assist you.

Thanks, Captain.

Shit, still no answer.

Xiang, you keep an eye on them.

Yes, Captain.

Timmy Choi, 39, Hong Kong citizen.

There's a green truck.

Plate number Canton AH0386.

Any idea about that?


Your mobile indicated...

33 calls from the guy in the truck.

How do you explain that?

We've found your drug
factory on Lishuang Road.

Two men and a woman died in an explosion.

The woman was your wife.

The men were her brothers.

Wanna talk about them?

Do you know according to Clause 347
in Chinese Law...

you'll be sentenced to death...

for manufacturing over
50 grams of amphetamine.

I suppose your factory
produces that by tons...

instead of grams. Right?

The 34th time.

Should I answer it for you?

The truck...

carries raw materials for me.

I've got to deliver them to Haha.

Who's the supplier?

Bill Li.

What's the meaning of those numbers
in the messages?

They're codes of those obsolete beepers.

What's the meaning of the last message?


18 is for "tonight"; 614,
"Jinhai"; 96, "Golden"

07, "Horse"; 90, "Hotel"; 62, "Brother"...

95, "Chang"; 24, "To meet"; 11, "Haha"...

Tonight, Jinhai, Golden Horse Hotel...

Brother Chang to meet Haha.

The codes belong to which telecom company?


Who is Chang?


Bill Li's nephew.

The codes are correct.

Chang knows Haha?


I'm to introduce them
to each other tonight.

I have two disciples.

I own an even larger factory in Erzhou.

I can get a truck to pick up
some goods over there.

If I don't deliver the goods,
Bill will get suspicious.

I don't want a death sentence.
Let me redeem myself.

I just want a suspension.

We're running out of time.

We've been driving around for nine hours!

I've called you a million times.

The reactor exploded!

Go to Erzhou now. I'll come look for you.



There's a drug factory in Erzhou.

The truck will deliver the goods there.

Go there with the Yuejiang dudes.



Xiao Bei.


Let's go.




My good brother!

Is your veneral disease
showing on your face?


This is Haha.

This way, Chang.

What happened to you?

There's an accident at the factory.

What about our goods?

- Have a seat.
- I'll fix that.

Sit over there.

We might have a visual of our target.


Send a snapshot.

These all came from my port.

Fish, prawns, crabs, abalones!

All these and everything!

Tons of them are traded everyday.

You think I'm bluffing?

Do you have any idea how
many fishing boats I own?

Over seventy!

Abalones this size, I fly
them to Australia...

back and forth, forth and back!

Four times a day.

Let's sit down and take a picture.

Come here.

Let's do it here.


Strike a pose.

How fussy!

One, two, three!


Chang, Timmy told me...

that you're into this.

I've prepared this first-rate stuff...

for your pleasure.


This is what I'd call the best.

Although I sell them...

I never use them myself.

It brings one wealth.

But it also damages the brain.

Haha, let's cut to the chase.

I never bullshit.

I knew a big boss in Northeast.

He owns nightclubs...

entertainment centers, karaokes!

Hundreds of them!

He'll buy whatever stocks you have.


Try the shark fin soup.

This boss you're talking about...

isn't he the one who received us last time?

The guy who called himself Bull?

It's Black Bull!

He's truly bullish!

In all manners.

Use some vinegar.

Didn't you also know some Japanese thug...

who'd act as our agent in Japan?

He's no thug!

He's Tsukasa, head of Yamaguchi-gumi.

Everyone in Kabuki-cho knows him.

Really? Are you bluffing?

I'm not.

Do you trust me?

You... you surely trust me.

Do you?

I can do whatever I want in Seoul.

Have you heard of Kim Ji-Hoon?

Ever heard of him?

Seoul, Busan, Gwangju...

those are his turfs.

With the Korean, the Japanese...

the Northeastern Boss,
Haha and me joining hands...

Chang, we'll be very safe.

I'll arrange a meeting
between you and Uncle Bill.

Thank you, Chang.

Dude! You're a true mate!

Is that Li Shuchang?


Over seventy!

The Captain is coming down.

The Korean, the Japanese,
and the Northeastern.

Do you trust me?

Do you?

Of course I do.

Go to hell!

You're marvelous.

Are you happy?


Great. I'll get you an
8-karat ring tomorrow.

Don't waste your money.

That's a deal.

- Sorry!
- How careless!

Excuse me!

What are you doing?

- Just lending a hand.
- Thank you very much.

Thank you.

- Which floor, my dear?
- Honey!

How're things?

All done.

Let's go.

Isn't that perfect?


Are you happy?




Welcome. Please come inside.

Chang, this is Mrs Haha... Haha!



Have a seat.

They're all from my port.

Fish, prawns, crabs, abalones!

All those fucking seafood...
tons of them everyday!

I'm not bluffing.

Any idea how many fishing boats I own?

Over seventy!

Help yourself, please.

Sorry, I only sell them.
I never use them myself.

It's bad for the brain.

Excuse me!

I've got a big mouth. Sorry!

For you!

My treat!

If you don't take that,
there's no further talk.

Ever heard of Black Bull in the Northeast?

Ever heard of Tsukasa from
Yamaguchi-gumi in Japan?

Ever heard of Kim Ji-Hoon from Korea?

They're all my buddies.

I can sell your goods to...

the Northeast, Japan, Korea...

We'll take whatever you supply.

This is from Uncle Bill.

Take it and you're Uncle Bill's friend.

Another round.

That's enough.


Enough. You wanna kill him?

Come on!

Go toYuejiang tomorrow...

And have lunch with Uncle Bill.

Thank you, Chang.

Thank you, Chang.

Goodbye, Chang.

I'm itchy...

There're bugs all over me...

Stop scratching! It's just an illusiuon!



There're bugs crawling over me!

Get up!

His heart is beating violently.

Quick! To the hospital!

Dial emergency.

Don't let him lie on the floor.
Help him stand up.

Get up! Walk! Keep walking!

Shut up!

Don't call...

Give him water!

Shut up!

Water! Water!

He needs to throw up.

Keep drinking.


Give it to me...

Make him an ice bath!



I'll go get it!

Don't move.



Move! Kneel down!

You patted Chang on his arm.

What did that mean?

What do you mean?

I was trying to stop him...

from bullying you.

Captain Zhang...

I've been collaborating
and I've saved your life.

If you still think I'm playing tricks...

forget about getting Haha or Uncle Bill.

Can we make it to the last
speed train to Erzhou?

Yes, we can.

Captain, the truck just
crashed on a pile of rocks.

The two guys in the truck
are fighting with each other.

Seems like they're having a row.

Where are you going?

Wait a sec.


Where the hell are you?

On the speed train.

Where are you?

How the hell do I know?

I'll come pick you up.

Where am I?

Where are you?

We're on Highway 104, just passed Wuyi.

He's running towards me.

Where am I?

Get away!

He's mad! He's getting mad!

Do you know where I am?

Highway 104, just passed Wuyi.

Thank you!

I know where I am!

I'm on Highway 104, just passed Wuyi.

Wait for me. I'll be there shortly.

- Captain Liu.
- Captain Zhang, The factory is under surveillance.

This way.

Make sure that I can see
every single corner in the factory.

D450, please.

Any word or act that seems
suspicious to me...

I'll call off the operation at once.


You'll be finished if you
can't redeem yourself.

Understood, Captain.

Thank you.

Are you stoned again?

It's your problem. Don't count me in.

I told you. There's an explosion.
Look at his face.

Attention everybody.

He may try to escape.

They are wasted.

Let me drive.

Pick up the pistol.

Captain Liu, from Erzhou.

Nice to meet you. I'm Guo from Pearl River.

I'm Chen.

Xiao Bei from Tianjin.


Lin is in charge of sign
language translation.

Master, what happened to your face?

Unload the goods first.

Unload the goods first.

This is urgent. Quick.


You can determine the profit share.

No, no. You name it, Master.

Let's eat first.

My wife died.

She and her two brothers
were killed in the explosion.

I only had time to bury them hastily.

Get some incense for sacrificial offerings.

Where do I get them?

Go buy them.

The stores are all closed now.


Dead people can't use real currency.

This is the least we can do for missus.

Stop. It's real money. You can't burn them.

This is to show our respect to Master.
We owe it to him.

Li Shuchang. 21694786.

21 "Afternoon", 619, "Crown", 47,
"Top Floor", 86,"Bar"...

"Meet you at the top floor bar
at Crown in the afternoon."

Timmy, forgive me for what happened.

We were stoned.

Are the goods okay?

We'll go back to Yuejiang
and report to Uncle Bill.

We'll go now.

Let's go!

We'll go, too.

You have enough cash?

Thank you.

That'll be enough.

Let's go.

We'll take the first speed train.

See you in Yuejiang.

Rest in peace, my love.

Bless me.

Have some rest. I'll keep watch.

I'm not tired. You take a nap...

I'll keep watch.

Cut the crap. Go to sleep.

Be careful.

You two take a nap. I'll keep watch.

I'm okay.

Chang, we'll be there in 5 minutes.

Save the trouble. We'll meet here.

It's Uncle Bill!

Saw the white van in front of us?

Deliver my money over there...

and take the heroin for me.

Uncle Bill, we're here to talk shop...

not for delivery.

Hurry! The traffic light
is turning green soon.

Captain, what shall we do?

Shall we take action?

Stand down.

We're not sure if it's really heroin.

They may be testing us.
Don't expose ourselves.

Uncle Bill, it's all set.
The goods are with me.

It's a gift for you.

See you in Tianjin tomorrow.

I'd like to visit your port.

Want a puff?

Tell Haha we'll have the
transaction tonight.

Tell the mute brothers
to prepare for delivery.

Hurry up! Time for delivery.

Once you're done, text me.


Sis, Haha.


Good timing, join us for the hotpot!

Let's get the business done first.

The 30 million bucks are all here.

Come, drink some more.

Not too much, sis.

Buddy! Please speak on my behalf...

to Chang and Uncle Bill.

Once the goods are here,
we'll go on board in 5 minutes.

It'll take 6 hours to the Northeast,

half a day to Korea, one day to Japan...

It's damn quick!

The amount is right.

Listen to your sis, let's join
hands in making a fortune.

Whoever flunks is a son of a bitch.


What the hell...

This is Jinhai's Coast Guard.

We'll be checking your boat.

This is Jinhai's Coast Guard.

We'll be checking your boat.

Don't move!

Stand there!

Timmy Choi!

You motherfucker!

I'll kill every single
member of your family!

Captain You, it's almost dawn.

I'll leave the fishing boats to you.

Don't worry!

We'll take off.

There's a situation in Erzhou!

Captain Lau and Lin were killed.

Many were injured.

The mute brothers escaped
via a secret passage.

Why didn't you tell us?

Why didn't you tell us
there's a secret passage?

This is... impossible.

I told you everything.

Captain Zhang...

Take him back to Headquarters.

I had no idea! I really had no idea!

Believe me! Give me a chance.

We have to meet Bill Li tomorrow.

We won't need you.

Send him back.

I'll get a death sentence...

I beg you. Give me a chance.

Captain... Captain!

I beg you.

Give me a second chance.

I don't wanna die.

You'll need me!

You'll need me alright!

It's useless to arrest Bill Li.

There're seven Hong Kong guys behind him.

They traffic drugs
together in the Mainland.

Bill Li is only a front.

What else are you hiding?

Sorry, Captain.

Among the seven of them...

one is my brother and
another my godfather...

I don't wanna betray them...

I don't want them to die!

I've told you everything.

Don't you dare cheat me again!

They'll be at the port in an hour's time.

Live or die...

I'll be with you.

I'll let you live for another hour.

I'm telling the truth.
You'll find out at dawn.

The one with the hat is Hatred.
Next to him is Darkie.

Both are members of the Sun Gang.

The one with the cigar
is East Lee from the W0 Gang.

Next to him is his wife, Sal.

The one with the camera is
Fatso from the Lee ang.

He's the mastermind of the group.

The one with the sunglasses
is my brother, Su.

The one with the white beard
is my godfather, Birdie.

They are from the United Gang.

Hello, Chang?


Captain, they're

Uncle Bill and Chang.


What a pleasure.

Here is my port.

They are all mine.

This is great.

You can reach Bohai easily.

Further on, it's Korea.

Then Japan...

Are these boats his?

No bullshitting.

Have a seat, Uncle Bill.

Are these boats all yours?

Not even half of what we own.

Others are out on the sea.

This is my sea.

And this is my fleet.

The goods are here.
To be on board within 5 minutes.

Take them 6 hours to reach the Northeast.

Korea, half a day; Japan, one day.

You supply, I do the distribution.

We'll be perfect partners.

Uncle Bill.

Are these boats all under your command?

Of course! They are mine.

I can demonstrate to you right away.

Order the third and fifth
boat from the left...

and the fourth and sixth from the right...

to start sailing.

Order the third and fifth
boat from the left...

and the fourth and sixth from the right...

to start sailing.

Hello, Master You?

Order Yu's, Lee's,
Wu's and your boats to get moving.

Right away.


Set sail!

Just a few boats are no big deal!

Let's move them all, all of them!

WOW, Uncle Bill...

This is new for me, too.

With all due respect to you...

Tell them to leave the
port, every single one.

Master You...

I want all boats to leave the port!


All boats listen...

Ready to set sail!


Fucking junkie!

Uncle Bill, can we talk business now?

Let's vote.

This Haha guy is really something.

- I'm okay.
- Me, too.

Very 0K8)!-

I'm okay, too.

Anything wrong, Fatso?

Hungry marketing... let's
whet his appetite first.

Do you know where The Stage is?

Do you know where The Stage is?


See you at The Stage tonight.
We'll talk more.

Uncle Bill, I need the goods urgently.

My brothers are getting very impatient.

The Northeast has ordered
100kg of amphetamine.

Korea, 400kg K-powder...

And Japan, 200kg cocaine.

Uncle Bill, quote us a price, okay?

Let's make a deal.

This'll make over 100
million RMB in profit.


No problem.

When do you need them?

Intervene their signal.

120 million RMB...

Uncle Bill...

Can't hear you.

120 million... when do you want the goods?

Uncle Bill, quote a price!

Uncle Bill...

400kg K-powder, 200kg cocaine,

100kg amphetamine...

How much do these cost?

Uncle Bill doesn't feel well today.

We'll talk another time.

Fuck you!

Fuck! Why are you sending signals?

Last time you used your
hands, this time your feet.

No shooting here!

Fuck off!

What's this? Who are these two guys?

You're too sensitive.

If you fear so much, just quit.

I'm asking you. What is this?

Are you an undercover?

Has Haha gone mad?

We're talking about over 100 million RMB.

And this isn't a one-off deal.

Showing our faces will blow our identities.

High risk.

High return.

High return.

High risk.

120 million RMB...

When you do want the goods?

Know what? If we get caught,
we'll all get a death sentence.

Let's lie low.

Those two jerks are just small potatoes.


How do I know if you're cops or not?

If we're cops, we'd have busted you...

instead of fooling around with you.


So all of you added up to

one Uncle Bill, right?

You've scared the shit out of me.

We have your order in stocks.

We can deliver anytime.

As quickly as tomorrow.

That'll be great. Tomorrow!

How about the payment?

Cash on delivery. My port.

Your port, then.

Show me your efficiency.

Deal! Release him.

Dear uncles, be our guests tonight.

Let's have a big meal!

No need. We're having
a Hong Kong gathering tonight.


As you wish.


I'll pay for their food and
entertainment in Jinhai.

Gimme a call if you need anything.

Jinhai is my turf. I know everyone here.

Enjoy your stay here.

You two jerks...

have blown our identities!

Sorry. I couldn't hear your instructions!

Don't kill them here.

Bring them back to Yuejiang.


Captain, take a rest first.
I'll keep watch.

Cheers to our 120 million dollar deal!


Thanks to Timmy! He's really smart.

Don't move! Didn't you hear?

Son of a bitch!

Su, we'll soon arrive at...

Jinhai Highway Toll Station.

Take the Outer Circle Highway to the port,
via Zhongbin.

Captain, we're back to Tianjin again.

Got it.

It's from the mute brothers.


45, "You", 27, "Selling Off"

44, "Me". "You're selling me off."

Answer him. No. Where are you?

One new message.

Can he still be trusted?

Stop pressing the horn, dickhead!

Damned noisy!

One should know when to press the horn...

They don't know anything about
the rules of driving.

Sheer impoliteness!

Ask them where the truck is.


Where are you?

Outer Circle Road...

Just passed Weihe Road.

Tell them to exit at X441.

Exit at X441.

What? 444?

What the fuck!

Exit at X441!


614,"Jinhai", 33, "Looking for"...

45, "You". "Will look for you at Jinhai."

Answer him: There's a boat to Japan.
Where are you?

Give them the address of
the opposite building.

See if they'll bring the cops.

This is where X441 is leading to.

Xiang, Timmy looks suspicious.
Stay on Guard.

Yes, sir.

Teams AC, watch all road exits.
Wait for orders.


We've lost connection with Timmy.

Request support from Special Police Unit.

Haha and company are all cops.

There are more than a
hundred cops at the port.

I've had them running around
the city in the past few days.

All 13 cops in those 5 cars are exhausted.

You son of a bitch!

Point your gun at them, not me.

We're all armed, too.
There's nothing to be afraid of.

Timmy, I'm almost 70.


We have a situation.
Request for immediate support.


We're at Number Two Primary
School on Huanan Road.

What the fuck is going on?

Don't look.


I'm afraid you'll get panicked.


The car in the front and
those three behind... they're all cops.

What is all this babbling?


What are we doing here?

Going to school?

Sal, put on your boots.

What's the fuss?


What's the problem?

We're trapped. Get the weapons.

Calling Team A & C.


Approach the targets slowly.
Don't let them get away.

Police! Get in quickly.





Go, go!


Shall we play a game?

Go over there.

Watch those two uncles.

My boot...

We're getting killed...

Let me put on my boot.

I've got hit in my leg.

Lucky that son of a bitch missed...

Xiang, stop!


Go after him.

"Sky Hawk Internet Cafe
Gong Hua East Road."

Master is such a smart guy.

He might have guessed

we'd brought the police here.

Shit! How dumb of us! Scram!







You wanna escape after
causing so many deaths?

In accordance eith the Criminal Law of PRC,

the Court...

finds the suspect Timmy Cai...

guilty of first-degree murder,

escape, sale and manufacture
of illegal drugs.

He is hereby sentenced to death and
is to be executed immediatelt.

Law Wah is selling marijuana in Chongshan.

One-eyed Ming has been
selling K-powder in Fugang.

He has a Filipino partner
who helps him deal with Southeast Asia.

Old Xu in Chengzhou has an orchard
which actually grows ephedra trees.

He's the supplier for
ephedrine in the Northwest.

I've heard there's
a chemistry professor in Luzhou...

experimenting on an ultra-strong LSD.

This is lethal. He must be stopped quickly.

I can help get the information.

There's Wei Dong.

He's King of Heroin.

He's hiding out in Myanmar.

I know there's a bank doing money
laundering for him in Yunbian.

His name is Chen... No, it's Cheng...

No, no, no.

Wait... wait!

I can supply you with...

more information...


I've got more...

more information.