Driven (2001) - full transcript

Talented rookie race-car driver Jimmy Bly has started losing his focus and begins to slip in the race rankings. It's no wonder, with the immense pressure being shoveled on him by his overly ambitious promoter brother as well as Bly's romance with his arch rival's girlfriend Sophia. With much riding on Bly, car owner Carl Henry brings former racing star Joe Tanto on board to help Bly. To drive Bly back to the top of the rankings, Tanto must first deal with the emotional scars left over from a tragic racing accident which nearly took his life. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Last year's world champion Beau Brandenburg
wins the first place in the new season.

The big story at the Miami's Grand Prix
is the surprising second-place finish...

of unknown rookie Jimmy Bly.

Where did he come from?

The racing world has
a new heartthrob.

Bly, second place in England.

Bly, becoming a serious contender.

Jimmy Bly, he's a natural.

We're in Rio for race six.

A surprise win for rookie Jimmy Bly.

Brandenburg's first loss of the season.

A second incredible upset.
Jimmy Bly wins in Michigan.

Brandenburg loses again.

We're down under for
the 11th race of the season.

Brandenburg has lost three in a row.

Bly and Brandenburg are a
dead tie in the championship.

Bly is starting to look nervous.

- Cracks are starting to show.
- It's part of being a rookie.

It'll be interesting to see how long
this young man can keep this up.

Hey, Demille, you promised
a sound bite for tonight's sports!

Jimmy, only talk to this woman.
This reporter only.

Demille, can we call it?

Wait a minute. Come here.

Think. Let me explain something to you.

These people love you, they buy tickets.

The other people, the ones with
the cameras, they help sell tickets.

- You know I need to think about tomorrow.
- This is tomorrow.

This is part of the game.

In five years, when you're
a brand name, you'll thank me.

Beau, you've had problems before
and you've never acted like this.

Things change.

Why can't you just respect
what I need?

You're having a bad season and
you're throwing me out of your life?

This is my life!

This is not your life!

This is what you do for a living.


If I'm going to win...

I need my mind out there, not here.
So right now this is my life.

This is your life.

What am I?

What am I?

A distraction.

I'm sorry.

We're at number 193
of this 225 lap race.

The defending world champion,
Beau Brandenburg, is in first place...

driving better than we've
seen him drive all season long.

Christian Fittipaldi in the
black car sits in second place.

And the young rookie, Jimmy Bly,
sits back in third.

Bly's seems to have been shaky
for the last few races.

He's such a promising star,
just got raw talent.

If Carl Henry could
get him to relax...

there'll be no stopping him.

Laps wind down.
It's a very tight panel at the front.

Bly tries to make his move now
on the number 11 of Fittipaldi.

Motorola car comes to the inside.

And he does it!
Sweet pass by the rookie, Bly.

Great. You're doing great.

Close on Brandenburg?
Everybody wants to know that.

Bly really seems to be
having a problem with

consistency and focus on
this race track today.

Even so, he now finds himself
in second place.

With just 10 laps to go,
Brandenburg leads.

Oh, you're looking good.
Looking good right there.

Brandenburg's experience
is showing through

here today. He knows how
to take those corners.

Jimmy Bly coming into the corner
has a tendency to slow down.

A lot of pressure on young Bly.

Pass for chrissake!

What is he afraid of?

Follow Brandenburg's line.
Are you following Brandenburg's line?

I can't follow his line.
Can I pick another line?

Take Brandenburg's line.

Bly drafts up into the vacuum
behind Brandenburg's car.

But every time he steps out of that
vacuum he runs into a wall of air.

That slows him down,
that affects his momentum.

Lay it out, Jimmy. Lay it out.

You better win this thing.
Win it or you're gonna look a damn fool.

Bly down to the inside,
tries to get alongside him!

Very, very close as they
come off at the corner.

Can Bly get past him here?
It's gonna be close.

Son of a bitch, not again.
He's gone.

Bly makes his move,
nails the throttle.

They touch and Bly's in trouble!

Can he keep it off the wall?
He slides down to the inside.

Bly's spinning out of control.

Damn it!

And it gives the win over
to the defending world champion.

This is Beau Brandenburg's day.

This is Beau Brandenburg's
first victory in three races.

He's gotta be happy about that.

Brandenburg's back in the lead in
the race for the world championship.

Crusher, it's time
to call Joe Tanto.


Your day won't come when
you're up before me, old friend.

How are you doing, Carl?

I was just...

feeling nostalgic.

You still there?

You think you can you
push it to the ragged edge?

Yeah, I think so.

- And the fear?
- It's gone.

- Fear's never gone.
- Yeah, maybe.

- What about Memo?
- I'm making a change.

Memo's out, you're in.

You're driving for me again, Joseph.

Welcome back to the big show.

So what do you think is going on, Jimmy?

Because this bad thing you're going
through is coming at a very bad time.

- So talk to me.
- I said, it's nothing.

What is it?
What am I, a piece of wood?

- I'm talking to you!
- Look, I can't do this.

I can't handle it. They're pulling me in
10 different directions at the same time.

I thought I could handle it,
but I can't.

You can, and you will.

Wait a minute. I don't care, if
you're pulled in a 100 directions.

We deal with it. Okay?

Well, then stop pushing on
me like you're one of them.

Wait. "Them"?

Like I'm the enemy? "Them"?

That's great. That's...

You know from day 1 when you started
kicking my ass on everything with wheels...

It's been us. I said my brother
has the touch, I don't. That's fine.

But what I do have
is allegiance to you.

So don't doubt me. Don't do that.

I saw this 8-year-old,
goofy-looking kid...

on a piece of junk go-cart,
come from three laps behind...

to beat guys twice his age.

You rebounded then, right?

We'll rebound now.

Everybody trips. That's okay.
That's life.

It's how fast you get up that counts.

So get up, Jimmy.

But get up fast.

We just got word from Carl Henry
that Joe "The Hummer" Tanto...

will be replacing Memo Moreno...

as Jimmy Bly's teammate
in the Toronto Molson Indy.

Excuse me.

How about an autograph, cold fish?

- What are you doing back here, Joe?
- I'm glad to see you're warm as always.

I've talked to the team. I guess they
figured you needed some competition.

Now there's a familiar face.

Joe, don't call her, please.

What's wrong?

- Joe...
- Still working here, huh?

- We haven't seen you in a long time.
- No, no, no.

So, you keeping this guy under control?

You driving?

Yeah, can you believe it.
I'm back with Carl Henry's team.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

That's great.


I'll see you around, Joe.

I think she wants to kill you.
What happened?



So they really put you in a car again.

All you do now is get in the way.

- Somebody must think I got something left.
- Somebody?

- Yeah.
- What do you think?

Me. I think it's will over skill.

Will over skill?
Like in Detroit in '97?

- Hey, accidents happen.
- Accidents?

You almost killed me, Joe.

You know, Beau, I'm just
glad I'm back. I really am.

- It's a different time. I'm different.
- You...

will never be different.

Be seeing you in my rear-view, Joe.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah.

Please, picture. Please.

Picture? No problem.

You gotta be kidding, right?


How you doing, guys?

- Joseph.
- Carl.

I want you to meet our sponsors.

You've been gone a while, Joe.

He hasn't really be gone.
Been up north testing cars for us.

Shouldn't he be wearing one of our hats?

It's a little damp, isn't it?

- Just kidding.
- I'm sorry.

- This is Lucretia Jones.
- Hi.

- How are you doing?
- Most people do better calling me "Luc."

Luc? I think I can remember that.

Miss Jones is a journalist. She's
gonna be with the rest of the season.

She's doing an expos?
on male dominance in sport.

Do you have any free time
to get together to talk?

Well, you gotta ask the legend here.
Whatever he wants, good by me.

He always has free time
for a beautiful lady.

- No speeding tickets, Joseph?
- No, no speeding tickets.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Nice to meet you.
- See you later, Luc.

Give him hell, Joe.

I thought Tanto was dead,
for chrissake.


Now that ex-wife of yours...

that's a piece of work.

Divorces you and marries
a fellow driver.

You know being back here makes me
realize how much I didn't miss you.

- You missed me.
- Next subject.

I got a rookie driver. His name
is Jimmy Bly. He's won five races.

He's starting to find ways to stumble.

I'm not going to lose that kind of lead.
It's not going to happen.

Well you know Memo's a
great driver. What happened?

Memo forgot his damn job.

His job is to support the team. His job
is to support Jimmy Bly. So he's gone.

I could have hired a 100 young
Turks to take his place...

but I wanted somebody who's
been to the top of the mountain...

- and stumbled all the way to the bottom.
- Thanks for reminding me.

I wanted somebody that...
gets his attention.

- Maybe gains his trust.
- Why trust?

Because you're gonna help him...

- my old friend.
- Carl.

Look. I gotta get something straight.
I thought you brought me back here to race.


- I'm gone.
- No, you're not.

I'm not finished yet.
We go back.

We go way back.

I carried you for six years.
You owe me, Joe.

All you gotta do is help this kid.

Who knows? You might enjoy it.

You got one offer on the table.

Your choice.

- What did you give him?
- Gas money.

There are a hundred guys more
qualified to back Jimmy. Why him?

Because when he's on, he's
one of the best you'll ever see.

Just sit back and watch.

What's he doing?

He's just wound up.
Doing his coin bit will relax him.

- What's his coin bit?
- He's gonna hold a control slide...

going full out, then he's gonna
drift over to pick up three coins.

Not with the front tire, mind you.
Any fool can do that.

But he'll slide over and
snatch them up with

the back one and not
losing millisecond speed.

- There's no way he can do that.
- You don't want to bet me.

There's number one.

There's number two.

What's that sound?

- It sounds like humming.
- Yep.

Why is he humming?

Just some crazy thing he does
when he's pushing close to the edge.

- Anyone else ever do that?
- Not among the living.

- You want to back it off, Joe?
- Let him go.

I want to see if he's still got it.

Well, I think you passed the audition, and
I'm not mopping up the mess, Hummer.

Not bad, Hummer.

- Your humming is getting better.
- That means you gonna let me drive again?

No I said your humming was
getting better, not your driving.

Go talk to the kid.

How you doing? I'm Joe.

- How you doing. Nice run out there.
- Nice. It was okay.

Hey, listen, I liked Memo.

He's a good guy, good driver.

Just to let you know.
We didn't have any problems at all.

Two out of three, huh?

Jimmy, why don't you and me grab a cup
of coffee and maybe talk some strategy?

The strategy's simple: He drives,
you block. You block, he wins.

Look. We gotta hit it.
We got a big time publicity blitz.

Try to push that back, can't you?

Come on buddy.
Part of the gig, part of the contract.

Talk to you later.

You got anything, just channel
through me, ok? I channel well.

Appreciate that.

Car coming down.

In the racing world last week was Jimmy
Bly's close encounter with the wall.

Bly was trailing Beau Brandenburg
on turn four of the last lap...

when he lost control
at over 200 miles an hour.

I don't know what's going on
with Bly's driving.

It went so well earlier in the season,
surprising everyone.

He can't seem to
get it together on the track.

All eyes will be on Bly
at tomorrow's Toronto Grand Prix...

So, Luc, what have you learned
since you've been here?

Well actually, I used to think you just put
gas in the car and then push the pedal...

Fuel. Get it right.

Fuel. I knew that.

Put the fuel in the car
and push the pedal...

and that was it.

Now that is embarrassing,
that's what that is.

So Joe, with only 10 races
left in the season...

why'd they bring you back?
What makes you so special?

Oh, special I'm not.

Do you feel awkward being back?

Is there something you're
not telling me, Luc?

Well, you know rumor has it you were...
quite the wild man of the circuit.

I also heard you were married
to a woman named Cathy.

You cleaned up your act, stopped
living your old lifestyle...

but things just didn't work out.

That's an interesting story
if it wasn't about me.

I'm just relating what I heard, Joe.
I'm not trying to upset you.

I guess this game's over.

I wanted to interview you because
you actually have something to say.

These young drivers they've barely lived.

I mean your life is so colorful
by comparison.

You know, Luc, if I was
trying to get to know you

I won't remind you
what a fool you've been...

and then insult you
by calling it colorful.

I'm sorry.

So don't judge me until you get
to know me a bit better, ok?

How do I do that?

Well you can start by
finishing this game, wise ass.

Wise ass? Right.

Good luck.



- So.
- So.

I heard about you and Beau.
And I'm sorry.


It's my problem.

I'm sorry, Sophia.
I didn't mean to...

get into your business.

I'm trying to talk.

Jimmy, I just came out of
a three-year relationship.

- That's a long time.
- Yeah, it's a long time.

When you get used to being
around someone, it's not...

I don't know.


- I shouldn't be here.
- Wait. No.

- I shouldn't be doing this.
- Sophia, please.


I'm not looking to get involved.

I'm not over him.

I understand that, Sophia.
I'm just looking for a friend.

You sure?

- Yeah. I think so.
- Think?

Do you want to go sit down,
talk for a while?

Yeah. Yeah, I would.

Welcome to Toronto, Canada, this year's
running of the Toronto Molson Indy...

and ESPN's live coverage
of this incredible race.

- Hi, I'm Jeff Oaken.
- And I'm Dave Wershafter.

And this is race day
beside the lake.

Because it is time.

All the qualifying is done
and practicing is done...

and now it's time to play the
cards and see how it goes down.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome today's drivers,

Max Papis, Joe Tanto...

Jimmy Bly, Beau Brandenburg...

This race is being watched
by millions around the world...

from Finland to Australia.

Over 250,000 people are expected
here in Toronto alone...

from all over the world.
A 110 lap race on a street track.

A lot of different styles of race tracks,
but the street track...

is considered as being
the most hazardous.

And that's because it takes place
on ordinary city streets.

You guys here in Toronto
should be the loudest folks to cheer.

Well, well, well.

So, what about me?

How do I look?

Or do you still hate answering
loaded questions?

Go ahead, ask me.

- You love him?
- I love a lot of things.

- Why did you marry him?
- He's a younger, better you.


- You want to know more?
- No.

You left me.
With nothing, I might add.

Just as Memo and I are
trying to get something

together, yet you come
back to steal his job.

And he still likes you.
How pathetic is that?

I'm sorry. I don't understand this
"brotherhood of speed" crap.

Just answer me one question.

Does hurting me make you feel better about
yourself, or that just comes naturally?

You think you were better than me.
You weren't.


- Joe.
- Memo.

Hey, did Cathy say anything bad?

She better not. Look at you.
How you been, good? Huh?

Hey listen, I'm sorry about all this.

Somebody had to take my ride,
why not an old friend?

Great. That makes it even worse.

I called you about our wedding.
You never called back.

No, I didn't.

Hey, friends don't do that.

If they have problems, they talk.
We always did that.

Sometimes good things can
happen from bad ones.

But hey, you're my friend.
So if it'd make you happy...

- I'll divorce her.
- Memo, what are you doing?

Right now, right here, today.
I'm divorced.

But only if you marry me.

- Get out. Come on.
- Please. You know, I get so lonely.

Yeah, you look like you're lonely.

I just want to enjoy my life.
My real life...

not this one.

And Cathy does that for me.

Hey amigo, I have to go. You show these
Maricas what a real driver can do.

- I'll do my best.
- Okay.



Where are you going?

Good luck today, Beau.

Everyone excited to see how
Joe Tanto is going to do today.

His first race since
he nearly lost his life.

- Stop bothering people, wise ass.
- Don't mess with me, Tanto.

The force to see...
rookie leader, Jimmy Bly.

It'll be interesting to
see if this young man can

handle the pressure on
this dangerous track.

- What's she doing here?
- It's all right you know.

No, no no, this is very not all right.

Brandenburg's whatever
walks into your life by accident?

- "Whatever"? Hi, I'm Sophia.
- That's your problem.

Demille, come on.

I'm sorry. Weren't you the guy
being pulled in too many directions?


Well leave now. That'll make
more legroom for the rest of us.

We're at the ready in Toronto.
It's time for the big one to get underway.

Working your way down the track?

Brandenburg is on the pole once again.

As you have heard,
we are ever so close.

We have five minutes to race time.


Gentlemen, to your cars.

Hey, Jimmy. Good luck, man.

Thanks, man.

All the racers you can see
down in pit lane right now...

are in the final stages
of getting ready for this race.

Pace cars are standing by.

We are almost underway
here in Toronto.

Ladies and gentlemen,
are you ready for racing?

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Starting today's race from
the pole position, Beau Brandenburg.

Second qualifier, Dario Franchitti.

Third, Christian Fittipaldi.

What they're going to do is
get those tires warmed up to

desired temperature, to get
them tacky for better traction.

This is the first
of four warm-up laps.

All eyes on the green flag
ready for it to drop.

Sixteenth, Joe Tanto.

The race is underway!

They roar toward the first turn,
a right-hander, a treacherous gate.

They funnel down into that corner.

Now the second passing
opportunity lies just ahead.

Someone's in trouble!
Two cars sideways, the Visteon car!

Right through the barrier!
He's flipping up end over end!

The Visteon car in big trouble!

An incredible accident!

This puts us at
a full course yellow.

It's gonna give the drivers a chance
for their first pit stops of the day.

One of the strategies to this game
is when to bring your man in.

A single second extra
in the pits can cost a

driver one or two places
in this race today.

There goes Brandenburg.
Bly, and Tanto is out.

All three with very fast pit stops,
just over 12 seconds.

Wow! As Andretti and Tracy almost
get together on the exit!

But now Brandenburg's in front,
Jimmy Bly in second.

I want you to go after Brandenburg.
I want you to go right now. Go!

We have some really interesting driving
by Jimmy Bly behind Brandenburg right now.

- I can't find a hole.
- Don't look for a hole. Make a hole.

Back to full speed,
Bly in pursuit of Brandenburg.

He's right there.
He tries him at every corner.

Jimmy, you got 10 laps to go.
Conserve the tires will you.

You talk into that one more time,
I'm gonna make you eat it.

Don't conserve anything. Go get him.

If he's gonna overtake Brandenburg,
it's gonna happen in Turn 3.

And it's right...

Oh, look at that!

What a way to move!

Jimmy Bly grabs the lead away
from Brandenburg. It's magical.

And Jimmy Bly has just taken the lead!

- Joe.
- Yeah?

I want you to pit now.

Why? I don't need to pit, Carl.

I want you to pit.

In a very unusual move, Carl Henry
has just called Joe Tanto into the pits.

He hit the marks.

I know what you're doing, Carl.
It's wrong.

He's out. They're changing
the tires, they're refueling.

I see no movement on the chassis,
no wing adjustments whatsoever.

I'm not asking you to like this, Joe.
Just work with me.

In the meantime, the veteran
Brandenburg behind Bly.

That's gotta worry the young rookie.
One mistake, that's all it'll take.

- Hold. Hold, Joseph, hold.
- Come on, come on, damn!

Come on, Carl, let me out of here!

Bly in front, Brandenburg second.

Carl, I can't hold him off.

Now, Joe. Go get that son of a bitch.

They release Tanto,
and he roars out of the pit!

I don't know what Carl Henry and his team
were thinking down there at control.

Tanto's making a very fast exit
from the pit. Woah! Look at this!

Tanto slices in between
Bly and Brandenburg!

The officials aren't gonna
like that one.

Tanto has to allow Brandenburg
to pass him after a move like that.

One lap to go now.

It's Bly and Brandenburg battling
it out in the last half-mile.

Brandenburg tries to the inside!

They come off the turn neck and neck.
Who's it gonna be?

And here they come!
The checkered flag is out!

It's Jimmy Bly,
the winner of this race!

As they go around the track,
the checkered flag is flown, and...

Very good strategy, Carl. Thank you.

What a battle between
Jimmy Bly, Beau Brandenburg.

This time, the young rookie
took it to the veteran.

You did all right today, Joseph.

Don't ask me to do that again.

Jimmy, after four lackluster
performances, is Jimmy Bly back?

Well, I hope so.

Everyone falls down.
It's just how fast you get up, right?

Beau, the win could be
called controversial.

- Well, a win is a win.
- So you won't protest?

No, but I will have some lunch.
Anyone wants to join me?

Thank you.

Enjoy. This won't happen again.

Jimmy, want to get together
and talk later?

If he wants to talk, he'll be
talking to me, okay? Come on.

Do you have any idea how much
you'll be worth if you win this title?

Do you even have a clue, they'll be
lining up to buy you in sections.

Everything, your eyes to a sunglass
company, your arm to a watch company.

Or your foot to a shoe company. Or maybe
you'd like to keep some parts for yourself.

- I mean, come on, he just finished racing.
- Hey, you're not here.

- Demille.
- What?

What's so wrong with what she's saying?



What are you doing?

- Swimming.
- Swimming?

That's swimming to you, huh?
I don't think that's swimming.

That's a little beyond.

I've never seen anything like that.

Pretty fantastic.
Where'd you learn how to do that?

- I was raised by frogs.
- Raised by frogs?

- Well, I'm glad you escaped.
- Oh, thank you.

Jimmy, what's on your mind?

- How does Beau do it?
- Do what?

Stay on top. Stay focused.

He drives scared.

No, I don't think so.
That guy is ice.

To you, he's ice. Inside he's scared.

But he likes it.
He says it makes him try harder.

He says the day he's not afraid
is the day he'll stop.

You know you're just as good.
And the day you stop caring...

what other people think and make
yourself happy, you'll be even better.

Come on.

Don't you ever stop running,
cold fish?

Block me again
and I'll put you into the wall.

Now well, that's not gonna happen again.

Believe me.

- What are you trying to prove Joe?
- I got nothing to prove.

No, you proved you could do very
little with very much. Forget it.

Why do I waste my time
talking to this guy?

Because no one else likes
your arrogant ass, that's why.

- So that's it.
- That's it. Mystery solved.

Listen. While you're in this rare good
mood, why don't you do yourself a favor.

- What's that?
- Take her back if she wants you back.

Stay out of my business, Joe.
What are you doing?

I'm just talking. I mean,
you do want her back, right?

Why do you care?

You two have a lot of history.
That doesn't go away so fast.

- I pushed her away, Joe.
- I know, but you weren't thinking right.

I wasn't thinking at all.

You know, it's really hard when...

When I see her with him.

And I did it, you know?

It was me. I'm responsible for it.

You wanted to win no
matter what the cost is.

- You want me to talk to her?
- No, Joe, don't do that.

You don't want to talk to her and
you don't want me to talk to her?

That's just great.

Hey, Beau, if this is about pride,
you better forget it.

- Cause that's how the whole thing started.
- What would you do?

Me? To get someone back
that I really love?

Get that rock out of my stomach?
I'd crawl.

- You'd crawl?
- Crawl.

- Joe. You never crawl.
- I'd crawl till there's nothing left.

Come on, champ. Use your head.

Welcome to ESPN's live coverage...

of the Twin Rings Race of Japan
qualifying section.

And we're live
from the Japan Motor Speedway...

in front of 120,000
spectators today.

Open wheel racing,
a very popular sport in Japan.

One day to the event,
and it has been a great day so far.

You should ask Jimmy Bly how it feels to
have the greatest manager in the world.

Yes, with the final run of the day just
completed, the top five best times were.

Brandenburg, Andretti, Gugelmin,
Montoya and Fittipaldi.

An interesting sideline is that this
year's rookie point leader, Jimmy Bly...

only manage a tie
for 10th place.

Relax, dude, don't shove.
Hey, don't shove. We're friends.

Jimmy! Jimmy, why 10th today?

How come this never happens to me?

All right!

- You seem preoccupied during dinner.
- Well, I've been thinking about Jimmy.

You know, Carl thinks he can't cut it.
I think he can. It's just that...

It's tough to get close
to this kid. It is...

I think Carl cares more about helping
you than he does about helping Jimmy.

It looks as if you're
way off on that one.

No, I can tell on the
way he looks at you.

I mean, with Jimmy it's business.
With you... it's personal.

Keep that steady, Jimmy.
Keep your eyes out of the mirror.

With a steady drive, Beau Brandenburg
has managed to catch up to Jimmy Bly.

The veteran Brandenburg
working both sides,

doing everything he can
to make Bly nervous.

Don't let him intimidate you.

I don't know if I can do this.

- You should talk less and drive more.
- Looking great, Jimmy.

Brandenburg knows every inch
of this racetrack.

He moves inside of Bly,
lets him know that he's there.

Let's take him down.

Now it looks like Brandenburg's
gonna try him on the outside.

They're neck and neck!

He gets by!
Brandenburg is now in the lead.

That is some incredible driving
by Beau Brandenburg.

Bly's teammate, Joe Tanto
was instrumental in

getting Bly to the front
of the pack earlier today.

Jimmy, don't let him get to you.
Shake it off.

- I'll get it back. I can get it back.
- Stay on him.

Now we'll see if Bly has learned
through this rookie season.

Can he come back and regain the lead?

- Bly is gonna try it on the high side.
- Don't overdrive the car Jimmy.

Carl, the suspension's
getting loose.

Bly is looking everywhere
on this racetrack.

Inside, outside, high, low,
just nowhere to go.

Damn it! Don't overdrive the car.

The rear is drifting.
Jimmy, keep it steady.

Don't overdrive the car.

Don't overdrive the car.

They're now in the final lap.
This is it. Turn 4. Final turn.

Bly continues to be all over the place.
He's coming up around, he's going high.

Bly's in trouble!
Bly's in serious trouble!

He's off to the gray stuff!
Oh, he slams into the wall!

Oh, my God!

Are you okay, Jimmy?

Safety trucks are rolling.
The crowd on its feet, silent.

We all await word on the fate
of rookie driver Jimmy Bly.

They pull him out from under the car...
and he gives the crowd a wave.

Jimmy Bly, after that
awesome accident, is all right.

And the crowd responds to it.

What a waste.

Ladies & gentlemen, it is
my pleasure to officially

welcome one and all to share
a glimpse of the future...

and the 1000 horsepower magnificent
extreme machines...

that will race us
into the new millennium.

Kindly join me in welcoming
the power and the glory!

Well, Joe. Now what part of formal
didn't you understand?

Well wait a minute.

Oh, my mistake, yeah.
I'm gonna go get a drink.

- You look very nice.
- Thank you.

- Hey, rebel.
- Yeah.

Well what you got there?

Oh it's a little something I want
to give to Jimmy later on.

Top of your hands, be selective
who you spend time with.

Extend yourself. These are people
who make everything happen.

- He's right.
- You'll stay around, right?

I'll be around.

You do know your way around,
don't you?

- I like your brother.
- I liked him first.

- Demille?
- Nina. Exactly who I wanted to see.

- You look fantastic.
- Thank you.

Earlier today you said that Jimmy
has to find it off the track.

- What did you mean by that?
- Here we go with the questions.

Gotta find that quiet spot.

If the race in your mind's not right,
you will get torn apart.

So you better buckle up.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I can't believe that line still works.

Now this is either very
unprofessional, or naive...

or she swallowed all your bullshit
and loved the taste.

- Where's Memo?
- Replacing you. Working his way down.

Joe, if you don't get it by midnight,
you're probably not gonna get it.

And even if you do,
I don't think it's gonna be worth it.

Just an observation.

Excuse me.

Did you make any new friends?

Like these people want to talk to me.
Listen, when the season's over...

- What?
- I was thinking...

maybe we could go someplace.
I've never even had a vacation.

- Never?
- Never.

But hey. No pressure, all right?
Just think about it.

Jimmy please. Just two
minutes, come on please?

What a coincidence.

Is this a little experiment
for you or something?

Dark chapter you can tell
your friends about?

Maybe you like being manhandled.

That I can understand. But...

it's the being dumped part
that's kind of a drag.

So you were just used and abused?

Was that attitude?

Saucy. Good for you.

And next time I'm around, look at him.
He ain't over it.

Your mascara's running.

That's cute.

Stupid bitch.

- So, are you two enjoying the evening?
- I'll wait over there.

Ok quickly. If you win a championship,
what'd be the first that you'd do?

I don't know, really.

Well, I'd throw a party.

Anyway, you've had some peaks
and valleys over the season.

What have you learned that
you never realized before?

Jimmy, what have you learned
that you never realized before?

- Boy, that it's another world out there.
- Where air is rare.

Now your team has positioned to take it all
with a strong show in Germany.

Tell us how do you prepare
for something like...?

Well there you have it, ladies & gentlemen.
You know James.

Bly obviously very pensive
about the upcoming race.

- Yeah, well...
- What's happening?

- What's does it look like?
- Jimmy.

- You came here with me.
- I think maybe gonna leave with you...

but what I have to say to her
you don't need to hear, ok?

Just let him talk.
It doesn't mean anything.

- Yes, it does mean something.
- What, Beau? What does it mean?

Ok, we should probably just go.
Come on, Sophia, let's go.

- Hey, don't do that.
- Don't do what?

- That's none of your business, ok.
- Guys guys, come on. What's going on?

- It's nothing, Demille.
- Back off.

Jimmy. Come with me for a second.
Can I talk to you?

- You're doing this all wrong.
- I know.

I do everything wrong.

- Excuse us.
- I can't believe this is happening.

I just don't want to spend
more time away from you. I...

I miss you.

I miss you too.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Do not go over there. Trust me.
Jimmy, please. Calm down, calm down.

Jimmy. Don't blow this. Not over her.
This is not eighth-grade prom.

How you act,
these things are important.

- Jesus Christ!
- He's giving her a ring.

- Obviously not good.
- Please take it back.

Whatever it is, you can deal
with it later. This is not the time.

Just work with me on this.


I'm so sorry.

Go. Just go.

I don't...

- Just let me explain it to you.
- Hey, you need...

Get away from me.

- Go play your game somewhere else.
- Sophia just listen to me.

- Five minutes.
- Go away!

- Jimmy.
- Don't push me, don't push me.

- Go.
- Fine, fine, okay!

- Play your game somewhere else.
- Get the hell away from me.

Move, move, move! Move!

I need backup!

Pull over!

Come on, Jimmy, pull over!

Get away from me, man. Just...

What? You want to go through me?
Come on. Go through me.

I don't want to fight you.
I want to fight him.

- For what?
- For what?

You weren't there?

I was there. What do
you think he did, take

your woman away? Is that
what you think he did?

Why did I let him just take her away?

She was gone, Jimmy.
She was always gonna leave. You know it.

You don't know that you're talking about.
What do you know bout it anyway?

I know that your brother puts so much
pressure on you to win...

that you looking for an edge.
And you figured... she was it.

Why do you act like you
even care about me, Joe?

I'm just a thing to you,
just part of the job, huh?

You pick up a paycheck to
help me out because you

didn't help yourself
when you had the chance.

Why does that make you better
you so much better than me Joe?

It doesn't, Bly.
You take the car because of him?

I don't need anyone else pushing on me.

- Go on, say it.
- Forget this.

Totally out of control. What
you did tonight would get

you thrown out because you've
been looking for the exit.

And you don't even know what
the hell you're talking about?

And you don't know who you are anymore!

So you're putting in
your mind you've got to

be perfect every time out
or you're a failure.

Well, forget that. Just forget it.

I was gonna give this to you
before all this went down tonight.

Impressive, isn't it?

- What is it?
- It's the first thing I ever won.

When I won it was probably the last time
I ever felt pure victory.

No pressure, nobody breathing
down my back.

Just driving because I loved it.

That's where you've gotta get back to.
Doing what you do naturally, just for you.

I mean I don't have your gift, but I do
have a couple of things you don't have.

I got will and I got faith.
Wait, don't laugh, I'm serious.

Because I believe that you can will yourself
into anything and do anything.

Have faith, that's like
believing in something...

Man, that's like having a good disease,
it's contagious.

If you hang around with people that
have it, you're gonna catch it.

That's gonna change your attitude.

And winning is an attitude.

So if you trust me...
No, if you trust yourself...

by this end of the season,
you'll either be on top or you won't.

But I guarantee you're gonna know
what Jimmy Bly is really made of.

Outside Chicago,
at the chicane it goes up...

and comes down right where you
got Brandenburg...

Is that when I dip down?

Forget it.

I'm tired of these spoons.
We play with spoons.

- Say "ah."
- Ah.

Welcome to Germany.
Home of beer...

the Autobahn and Beau Brandenburg.

Qualifying begins tomorrow.

With just two races
remaining in the season...

Beau Brandenburg is leading in the race
for the world championship.

Jimmy Bly is in second.

We just learned that
Racing Commissioner Nathan.

Gilson has slapped Bly and
teammate, Joe Tanto...

with a $ 25,000 fine...

for their recent joyride
through downtown Chicago.

Doing great, Jimmy.
Keep pushing that speed.


You don't need to talk to me anymore?

- It's not like that.
- Really? What is it like?

All right, here you go. Jimmy.

Three, two.

One. Beautiful. Come on, buddy.

Now, is he a hero, or is it hype?
What do you think?

I don't know Carl. What
do you want me to say?

I want to hear what you think!

Jimmy just needs time
to develop, that's all. It's a little time.

But I think when he can get it together off
the track, he will come together on.

That's what I think.

Like you got it together?

I've decided you can help the kid off
the track more than on it.

You're not gonna be racing on Sunday.
I'm gonna bringing Memo back.

Come here. Joseph, over here.


At my level.

It's the moment of truth, my friend.

If he doesn't deliver
next time out, he goes.

Don't hate me, Joe.
But you go with him.

I'm gonna come around here in Turn 7.

I'm gonna driving off Brandenburg,
I'm gonna fake outside.

And eight's a tough place to pass.

I'm gonna carry that speed inside...

bring it down back on the straightaway.
We'd have plenty of speed.

Kind of flawless.

You're not even paying attention.
Watch this.

Show me again.

Yes, sir.

If you find yourself in a position
to hold up traffic, do it.

I don't want any front-running.

You know the drill.

- Don't hurt yourself.
- I just told you and I told you too.

- What does that mean?
- I told you that I'll return.

Here I am, returned.

Like the real Zorro.

There's no helmet big enough
to hold that head.

There's so much love in here.

You keep smiling,
your face is gonna crack.

Why shouldn't he smile?
He's got a lot to be happy about.

He's back where he belongs.
Right, baby?



Hey, you're so good.

You win this, yeah?

You're gonna win.

- Be safe, all right?
- You too, be safe.

We're at the German Motor Speedway.

This is the second to last race
of the season.

And what an exciting one
it promises to be.

The clouds are all around here...

and it looks like there's a thunderstorm
maybe a mile or two from the track.

The threat of rain hasn't dampened...

the spirits of this capacity crowd
here in Germany.

What do you want?

I wanted to apologize.

Apologize to yourself.

Let's race.

I want you to stay in your world
and don't get into his.

You push him hard.
You get him thinking about you.

And you're not thinking about him.

Got it.

The skies are opening up
as the warm-up lap begins.

How's Jimmy?

He's all there.

We are racing in Germany.

Beau Brandenburg is starting
in the pole position today.

Jimmy Bly is in second.

Brandenburg moves out in front
on a road course you can race in the rain.

Rain tires are on
and they are at speed.

Memo Moreno is back, giving
Jimmy Bly a little help as his teammate.

I'm sure Memo wants to make
his presence felt here today.

Boy, he is on the fly.

It's like he has something to prove.

Good move, Memo.

Keep it steady.

Somebody wants their job back.

I think Joe Tanto may want
to watch his back.

Oops, somebody's spinning!

Kenny Brack, he's in trouble.

He's gonna go way back
in the field on that one.

Back at the front
the battle continues.

Look at Brandenburg.
He cuts off Bly!

He tried to take me out.

Jimmy, you got to detach it.
Just hold your line.

Ride his blind spot.

I will, Joe,
but I can't see a damn thing.

Neither can he.
Just patience, my man. Patience.

Take him, Jimmy! Take him!

Jimmy Bly in second place.

Putting the pressure
on Beau Brandenburg.

Push it.

Here we go.

Jimmy Bly is gonna try to make
a move in the corner...

on Brandenburg on the outside.
And he does it!

Bly takes the lead.

Goddamn brilliant.

There's a car in trouble, spinning
on the wet pavement.

- That looks like Gidley.
- Oh, here comes Max Papis!


Head-on into that car!
Max Papis is airborne.

If he takes it to the
inside, it drops down.

Don't follow him,
he's setting you up.

In the hairpin, that fight
for the lead continues.

Jimmy Bly has the lead now.

Brandenburg wants it back.

Brandenburg goes to the high side.

He gets by!

Brandenburg back to the lead.

Just keep cool, he's putting on a show.

It's a hell of a show.

Yeah, hell of a show.

Now Memo Moreno whips out
of the pack and passes Andretti.

He's really trying to get up there
with Brandenburg and Bly.

Memo, what are you doing?

I can almost touch him.

Hold your position.

Why? He's can win this.

I'm sure Carl Henry is not
too happy with Moreno.

Now Bly wants to make a move.

Hold on, Memo Moreno
trying to make...

the same move on Jimmy Bly,
his teammate.

Memo, no passing.
Do you hear me?

But I'm right there, Carl.

Memo, lift off. Keep it steady.
What the hell are you doing?

Moreno appears to have something
to prove here.

He gets alongside Bly again.

Damn it Memo, we went over this!

Lift off!

Lift off! You work for me.
I said, lift off.

Why the hell don't you let him drive?
Come on, baby.

- Come on. Come on. Come on!
- Shut up!

I've got to do this.

With his teammate in the middle of
the battle for the championship...

Moreno has decided to stick
his nose into this fight.

Hey, Memo, back off.

Only inches separate
these two cars.

Memo, you're too close.

What's going on here?
Bly is spinning.

He gets it under control.
He's going backwards on the track.

Jimmy, what are you doing?

Jimmy, what the hell are you doing?


Get out! Oh, God!

We're getting pictures
now from the chopper.

This is horrible.
The car is upside down.

It's in a body of water of some sort.
Moreno is pinned underwater.

It's okay, Memo. I'm here.

Beau, Memo crashed badly.
Jimmy went after him. You've gotta go help.

He went into the river at Turn 5.

I'll get you out, Memo.
It's gonna be okay.

- I'm on my way.
- Beau, what are you gonna do?

Please be careful.

Oh, God! My foot!

Oh, come on.

Hang on, Memo! Hang on!

- Help me!
- Get out!

- Help me!
- Get out, now!

It's gonna blow up!


We've got Bly and Brandenburg
to help a man in trouble.

Rescue teams are on the way,
but the remote location...

of this crash is making
it difficult to reach them.

Lift it up, higher. Lift it!

Take a breath, Memo.
Come on. We're here.

We're gonna get you out.


Come on. One, two...

Get it over. Memo!

We got you.

- Come on, Memo.
- I can't move my leg!

Come on.

It's gonna be okay.

Gotta be fuel everywhere.

Well if that's the case, they
better get that driver out

of there and they better get
themselves out of there...

because that fuel could ignite,
it could be floating on top of the water.

Come on!

Hurry up!

That is horrifying.

I don't think I've never
seen anything like that.

It's unbelievable.

Worried about the well-being
of another driver, another competitor.

Just goes to show the kind of men
that they are, their true fabric.

But they worked as a team together.

Oh, my God, look at that!
Are they okay?

It looks like they are.
I think I see...

I see movement.

I can't move my legs.
I can't move them.


Jimmy? You all right?

Yes, just my foot.

You'll be fine, ok.
You'll come through this just fine.

- How's Memo?
- Memo's fine, they're looking after him.

Our thoughts, of course, with Memo
Moreno and his family at this point.

Hey, Memo.

Hey, Joe.

How do I look?

Never looked better.

- Jimmy?
- Yeah?



- Memo, I'm sorry.
- You came back for me.

Saved my life.

We race.

We take chances.

I took this chance.

So look at me, huh.

Look at me.

Don't see you.

See me.

The one who made a mistake.

That's all.

It wasn't a mistake.

How are you doing?

I'm all right.

All right if I come in?


You tried to get him out.

So did you.

You were there first.

I mean, he almost got you killed
and you still tried.

Anybody would've.

Would they?

You're a good man, Jimmy.

I'm sorry, I didn't want to win
the championship this way.

See you.

You know, the old Joe Tanto had a couple
of attributes you should hold on to.

Wasn't so long ago you would've said:

"There but for the grace
of God, it's not me."

Quietly taking your place
in the end of the pack.

Where is that guy?

Where has he gone?

Who cares?

I do.

I miss him.

I want you to be the first to know
I'm terminating the kid's contract.

- Why?
- I don't think he's the real deal.

I don't think he's mentally
tough enough.

I don't think he's adult enough!

Getting out of a car in
the middle of a race.

- Saved a man's life.
- I'm not here to debate with you!

I'm gonna go for Brandenburg.
Next year.

- What are you doing Carl?
- Whatever it takes to win.

- Does his brother know?
- Brother's brokering the deal.

- Don't do this.
- It's done!

- Then undo it.
- Oh, you suddenly care.

- Don't kill him off!
- Don't kill him off?

I watched you kill yourself!

You had everything,
and you threw it all away!

And I had to sit there and watch!

The slowest man in the fastest sport.

I wake up every morning,
my legs are on fire.

I know I'm gonna have to sit
in this chair for the rest of the day.

But if they gave me one more chance,
I'd do it all over again.

It ain't gonna happen.

We are all damaged.

I've got an excuse.

You don't.

Do you?

I want you to know that I know
about you going out to Brandenburg.

Where have you been keeping yourself?

Meeting after meeting.

In fact I've got a dinner right now.

Catch you later?

- Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.


Jimmy, it's Sophia.

Is everything okay?

Something I have to tell you.

What restaurant did you pick?

Nina, you're in great hands.
You are going to love this place.

- Demille.
- Jimmy.

What are you doing here?
I'll just be a minute.

Please don't walk away from me.

Did you sell me out?

Are you working for Brandenburg now?

I think we should take this inside.

Why are you doing this to me, Demille?

Wait a minute! Who sold out who first?

I would never sell you out.
I would never sell out my own brother.

When you started listening
to everybody and stopped

listening to me that's
exactly what you did.

No Demille, I was just
trying something different.

For the first time in my life
I was thinking for myself.

What's wrong with that?

Speaking on your own and shutting
me out and few other things.

And I was with you... I was with you all
the way until you handed your mind over...

to that has-been.
Who got you here?

Who busted his ass while
you got all the glory?

You couldn't book a plane
ticket without me.

You left me, and let me
tell you something:

There is no worse feeling
getting someone...

to the top only to have them
drop you like you never existed.

You did that, you.

Ten years, Jimmy!

All a waste.

It was coming together. Demille.
Why can't you wait a bit longer?

Because I'm not your goddamn waiter.

I was your manager.

And I deserve better than that.
I deserve much better!

Now you're over, and I am not going
down in flames with you, brother.

That's one trip you're taking alone.

Welcome to the Grand Prix of Detroit.
It's a beautiful sunny day for a race.

And a great race it's going to be.
After an eventful season...

this comes down
to championship time.

Everything's set.
Let's get this thing signed.

After the race it's gonna be a madhouse.
What do you say?

I say let's hear what she says.

What's her idea?

Her idea? What do you mean her idea?

How does it feel?

What? How does what feel?

To be used.

What, I didn't treat you with manners?

You're gonna blow this over that?

Look. What do you want to do? Hit me?
Would that make you feel better?

- Hurting.
- A little.

Didn't hurt.

Call that a punch?

Did you know?

- Know what?
- Know about my brother?

Yeah, I knew.

You could've told me.

Well, I hoped you guys
could work things out.

He was right, you know.

I never even know how
to book a plane ticket.

Remember I said by the end of this
season, maybe you'll be on top

or maybe you won't. But you're
gonna know what you're made of?

It's the end of the season.

It's up to you.

Carl, you have to let me race.

I can win.

Look, any driver that can't get out of
the car in five seconds isn't allow to run.

Still trying to prove you're
better than I think you are?


Time him.



- Four seconds.
- Great.

Not bad.

Now the vertical test.

Carl, don't push it.

The vertical test.

You jump up and down
on the bad foot 10 times...

just to see if you can handle
the pressure.

Again, my rules.

Don't glare, Joe.

Makes your eyes look small.

It's all about commitment, right?

- Right.
- Right.

All right, Jimmy. One.




Five. Come on.

Six. Come on, Jimmy.
Seven. Come on.

Eight. Nine. Ten.

- Yeah!
- Good.

Too bad you didn't try
that hard sooner.

There are 100 laps...

200 miles between this race
and a champion.

Bye-bye, Daddy.

Bye, Lucas.

Going into this race, Beau
Brandenburg probably was thinking...

he was the winner
of the championship.

He was four points ahead, and Bly
looked like he was out of the running.

And we've just received word
that Jimmy Bly will be driving...

which is amazing news after
his injury he suffered in Germany.

So as it stands,
if Jimmy Bly wins this race...

he will become
the new world champion.

So why'd you do it?

You helped me.
I thought maybe I could help you.

- Well, I appreciate it.
- It's okay.

Don't go too fast.

You guys take care.
Appreciate you coming.

Take care of yourself.

Jimmy Bly is a hero today, along with
Joe Tanto and Beau Brandenburg...

who all got to the scene
of Memo Moreno's horrific crash...

which had his car upside down in the water.
He was about to drown.

These men, they jumped in,
got him out of the water...

before a big explosion
consumed the entire area.

You know that if I lose this race,
I'm going to blame it on you.

That's what I'm here for.

I love you.

I love you too.

Gentlemen! Start your engines!

Let's look at the starting grid.

We have Beau Brandenburg
in the pole position.

Gidley will be following him.

Joe Tanto in the Nextel car.
He starts at 10th.

Jimmy Bly is starting
in the 26th pole position.

He didn't qualify today.

He's got 100 laps to catch
Beau Brandenburg...

if he wants to become this year's
world champion.

We're off to a good start
here in Detroit.

Brandenburg's jumped out in front.

Woh! Trouble!

Tanto's caught in traffic.
He doesn't have anyplace to go!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are under a yellow flag...

until the cars can be removed.

Joe Tanto is in the pit
with a broken front wing.

What's the story on Tanto?

Tanto is out of it.
Don't worry about Tanto.

Got it. That's too bad.

Come on. Come on!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we have just one lap until green.

Go, go, go!

A fast pit stop for the Nextel team,
but this unfortunate mishap...

is going to drop Tanto
to last place...

right behind his teammate,
Jimmy Bly.

So, Jimmy, what do you think?

It's not looking too good.

We can work a way through this.

You think so?

I know we can if we stay tight
and stay close.

Okay. Let's do it.

Green flag comes out again.

I'll take it right, you cut left.

Look at this amazing teamwork
between Bly and Tanto!

Hey, Joe, not bad for an old-timer.

That's it. Every man for himself.

Hey, not so fast.

Who wants to be in front
of the other?

What the hell are you two doing?

Back off, back off.

Don't get it kid.
Don't be afraid of me.

Now why would I be afraid
of an old guy like you?

Carl, let Joe race his race.

Thanks, kid. I appreciate that.

Let's split them at the turn.
I'll take the inside.

Again they split around another car!

As they battle, it brings both
cars forward through the field.

Pass me on the left, Jimmy.

Way to go.

Tanto and Bly are double-teaming
the entire field.

What an incredible display of driving!

Come on, what are you doing?
Don't stop now.

Stopping? Who's stopping?

We are now halfway
to the checkered flag.

Okay, Joe. Try to keep up.

Still back there, Joe?

- Thanks for asking. I'm still here.
- I'm impressed.

Bly passes and Tanto
is following suit.

With just 20 laps to go, Jimmy Bly
has just moved into seventh place...

and teammate
Joe Tanto is in sixth.

Everybody's off the pace.

But Bly and Tanto
are coming on strong.

Beau Brandenburg is still in the lead.

In second place is Alex Barron.
Barron has an engine go!

Two cars swerving to miss the oil!

Car up over the wall!
Several cars involved!

Here comes Jimmy Bly.
He closes on the accident.

Bly has nowhere to go.

As the smoke clears Bly and Tanto find
themselves in second and third...

behind Beau Brandenburg.

The drivers are gonna take advantage
now of this full-course caution...

and enter the pits
for the last time this season.

Brandenburg, Bly and Tanto all are
completing very fast pit stops.

With 10 laps to go,
Beau Brandenburg is in first place...

Jimmy Bly is in second,
and Joe Tanto is in third place.

The world championship comes down
to these last 10 laps.

Alright Jimmy, show them
what you're made of, kid.

Okay, Joe.

Green flag!

We're back to racing!

It's a sprint now to the finish
and the championship.

Bly is right on Brandenburg's tail.
He wants that championship.

Take him now. Make your move.

He comes alongside Brandenburg.
Brandenburg cuts him off!

Bly is gonna try it again.

He cuts and ducks inside of Bly!
He has the lead!

Jimmy Bly has just taken the lead.

Bly gets past Brandenburg.
He's in the lead.

Great driving by Bly.

Brandenburg won't let Bly
get away that easily.

I'll pull him back in. There's time.

Brandenburg is really putting
pressure on Bly.

Don't overreach, kid.

Just four laps to go and you are
the world champion.

He's losing it.

Come on, Jimmy!

Oh Bly may be in trouble.
He weaves back and forth.

Brandenburg is right there,
ready to get past him.

And Brandenburg goes to the lead!

Nice while it lasted.

Jimmy Bly loses the lead
with just three laps to go.

He tried.

This is something we've seen
this young rookie do so many times.

Carl Henry has got
to be disappointed.

- What is he doing?
- Jesus.

He's back.

Now, Joe Tanto making a move.
He comes up alongside Jimmy Bly.

He passes him! Tanto to second.

They're shoving and elbowing
each other.

Brandenburg, Tanto, Bly.
One, two, three.

We've got one lap to go.

Let's do it.

Joe Tanto has taken the lead!


It's incredible. I can't believe it.

But problems with Tanto's car!

Tanto's in trouble.

Will it hold together?

No, not for long.

- Hang on, Joe.
- Stay in there, Joe.

What's Tanto doing? He ought to park
that thing but he stays out in front!

I can't hold it together!
Take it, Jimmy!

They split him!

He's lifting off!

I see that. He had it!

Tanto has removed himself from
the race, leaving Brandenburg and Bly.

Neck and neck down the homestretch,
battling for the world championship.

Jimmy, just drive because you
love it. Drive for pure victory.

He's humming.

Thanks for going, Jimmy.

Pure victory. You're right there.

Suddenly, Jimmy Bly seems
to have a renewed vigor.

You'll buckle! Back it down!

Tanto's suspension has broken.
He's now spinning.

But the battle is up front
for the checkered flag!

Here it comes.
Right down the finish.

Bly takes it!

Jimmy Bly wins the
world championship!

Beau Brandenburg finishes second,
and Joe Tanto finishes third.

Following by Brandenburg... Tanto spinning
across the finish for third place.

I'll say, the Hummer has taught
us all something here today in Detroit.

They're gonna kill me.


- You could've won that race, couldn't you?
- I did win.


Hey, you were incredible.

I know. I lost because of her.

This year's champion, Jimmy Bly!

Luc! Glad you stuck around.

You were really something out there.

Beau Brandenburg!

Go on, you're missing
your celebration.

Don't you go anywhere.

Come on, go!

And finally, our third finisher...

Joe Tanto!

Jimmy! Jimmy, you did it, man.

Thanks for everything.

I tell you what. You owe your brother too.
Whatever button he pushed got you going.

And listen, enjoy this.
It doesn't last long.