Drive Me to the End (2020) - full transcript

'Drive Me to the End' centers around Ryan (Richard Summers-Calvert) and Sunny (Kate Lister), estranged family members who find themselves car-sharing to a funeral in Scotland. With both ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[gentle music]

♪ Can you hear the rain fall ♪

♪ Beating out a rhythm
on the city wall ♪

♪ Bad news for the traders
on the market stall ♪

♪ They won't sell a thing ♪

♪ Taxi driver beeps a horn ♪

♪ Waking up a baby
only newly born ♪

♪ It's a drag for the
mother who's feeling worn ♪

♪ She's been up all night ♪

♪ And a busker plays
a wrong chord ♪

♪ Surely confirmation
that he's being ignored ♪

♪ No one notices him
fall upon his own sword ♪

♪ It's a tough old crowd ♪

♪ And the number
seven's running late ♪

♪ All the passengers
will have to wait ♪

♪ Or walk in an attempt
to take control of fate ♪

♪ But that's a bold move ♪

♪ God's laughing when you
talk about your future plans ♪

♪ It's amusing that you still
believe it's in your hands ♪

You alright?

♪ There are pieces in the
puzzle no one understands ♪

♪ But they all fit in somehow ♪

♪ We just can't see it now ♪

You alright?

- There you go.
- Thank you.

Right, I'm gonna
head off now, mom.

All right, darling.


Have a lovely time,

well as much as you
can at a funeral.

I just want to pay
my respects, you know.

Oh, honey, you
didn't even know him.

Listen, I love
you very much, okay?

The nurse will be in
at 10 a.m. every day,

if not call me, okay?

I'll be back on Friday,

I'm not sure what
time though so...

Yes, yes, I know, don't worry.


I'll see you soon.

I'll see you soon.

Don't forget to check the
oil, its a long journey.

Yeah, already done it.


And Cassy sent
me a list of things

that sunny doesn't like to eat.


Cassy is very protective
of her because of her...

Whoa, what's Cassy?

Cassandra, Jason's ex.

I left you a post-it-note.

A post-it-note, where?

Right, okay, start
from the beginning.

You're taking her daughter,
Sunny, to the funeral.

You're driving up together.


No fucking way.


Mom, I don't even
know who Cassandra is,

let alone her daughter

and also this is supposed
to be a solo trip,

that's why I'm
leaving a day early.

That's kinda the point.

Jason's ex-wife.

Who's Jason?

What, aunty Sue's son
Jason, aunty Sue's.

Look, I used to do
pilates with Cassy

and she asked me to do it.

It's a two day
journey to Thurso.

It's miles away, it's
in bloody Scotland,

and Cassandra is so
protective of Sunny,

she wouldn't be comfortablewith her going with anyone else.

And she trusts me
and I trust you.

You're doing this.

I raised a gentleman.


Mom, I don't know
her, it will be awkward.

You're a very
easy-to-talk-to young man.


You're affable.



Fine, fine.

Just text me her address,

don't post me a
bloody post-it-note.

Thank you, take your coat.

- Oh, mom, it's hot.
- Ryan.

I love you.

Love you.

[mouth smacking]


See you, mom.


[upbeat acoustic music]

I'm not letting my daughter
go to Scotland on her own.

What are you thinking?

Our daughter, and she
won't be on her own,

he's a good boy.

Okay, he's a man.

And how do you know
what he's like?

I met him once, he
was five at the time.

What if he mistreats her, Cass?

Jason, stop, he's family.

Is he, is he though?

Listen, this is
hard for me as well,

we have to put our
differences aside

and I think it
might be good for us

to loosen the leash a bit.

She can't look
after herself, Cassy.

She won't be by
herself, Jason.


You know why I'm
letting this happen.

I can't...

I can't have another incident.

It tore you and me apart

and I don't want to
lose her as well.


Come here.


♪ And I am running out of time ♪

♪ I'm coming through
so get out of the way ♪

♪ I am a woman on
a mission, whoa ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Nothing can stop me,
I'm stronger than ever ♪

♪ I wanna see this through ♪

♪ I am a woman on
a mission, whoa ♪

♪ Whatever it takes I
will do what I gotta do ♪

[distant pop music]

[Cassy] Okay, sweetheart,

you've got everything,
haven't you?

[Sunny] Mm-hmm [affirmative].

You're gonna stay safe?

Be good.

- Jesus Christ.
- I know

I have to text you
every 30 minutes.

[Cassy] Every 30 minutes.

Nah, fuck it.

[car engine roaring]

Sorry, mom, she wasn't there,

she, uh, I couldn't
find her house,

there was a really complicated,

there was a fire.


God, bollocks.

Hey, are you Sunny?

Mom, I can do it on my own.

Okay, bye, bye.

[birds chirping]

Hey, I'm Ryan.

Why did you drive
off and then come back?

[birds chirping]

[upbeat acoustic music]

♪ Well, the whole room shakes ♪

♪ When the train rolls back ♪

♪ How I wake and
wonder sometimes ♪

♪ Where they're going ♪

♪ I wanna be going somewhere ♪

♪ 'Cause it cuts me up ♪

♪ Think I'm way off track ♪

♪ And every time I move ♪

♪ Something holds me back ♪

♪ But I know now ♪

♪ There's nothing keeping me ♪

♪ I'm gonna leave
this town to go ♪

♪ Pack my bags and disappear ♪

♪ Go to some place
where no one knows me ♪

♪ Don't care where ♪

♪ Just anywhere but here ♪

♪ Don't care where ♪

♪ Just anywhere but here ♪

So, I got us some coffee,

'cause, you know,
early start and all.

I got it with milk and sugar

because, you know, I
didn't know what you like.

It's good coffee.

I hate coffee.

Oh, okay.

[laughing] That's fine.

It's hot, isn't it?

It's ah, hey, in a minute,

we could stop for
some ice cream.

Ice cream.

My favorite flavor is
mint chocolate chip.


Oh, that's rank.

So how are we related then?

What, we're cousins or?


Are you Australian?


Why are you Australian?

Because I'm Australian.

My mom's your mom's sister's
ex husband's ex wife.

Oh, okay, so that makes me,

so what we're like second
cousins twice removed?

Or are we even related?

No, that would make me
your ex, ex, cousin-in-law.

Oh, small world.


Our kids would be fine.


If we were to have
children together,

they would be
normal, not like me.

Oh, ah, good.


You're kinda blunt.

Yes, I have autism.


♪ You're a clever girl inside ♪

♪ And you just turn to say ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ It's you and me ♪

♪ We were so young and foolish ♪

♪ You and me we came to sound ♪

♪ Home is anywhere ♪

♪ Any place you find ♪

You hungry?

There's a stop
coming up right now.

We can grab some food.

Okay, well, I'm hungry.

[indicator beeping]

[food crunching]

Yeah, I eat a lot.

So, what do you do?

Like hobbies or?

Come on, man, it's
a two day journey,

just give me
something, anything.

I just, I'm...


Art, art, okay.

Okay, art, cool.

What kind of art?

Pine cones.

Pine cones?

Mm-hmm [affirmative].

Yeah, I collect them
from the local forest

and then I spray them with
pesticides and paint them silver.

And then I sell them on eBay

or at a local market with
an older lady called Janice.

Right, okay, and what,
and people buy that?

I mean like, I don't know,

I mean where do you put them?

Like what on the mantle or?

In a bowl, Christmas
time's really good money.

They hang them on the trees.


Is there a wake?

After the funeral, a
celebration of death?

What, the wake?

I mean usually it's
celebration of someone's life.

Yeah, but in this case
it's a celebration of death

because it's good that
he's dead, because

I guess it could be both.

Wow, okay, what'd
he do to you?

Well no, I don't know him,

I just know he was an alcoholic.


So he's like my
neighbor's cat.

It was old and it
couldn't breath

and they just kept it alive.

So I put it to sleep.

Snapped its neck.

[cat screaming]

You, what does that have to,

wait, what, you
snapped its neck?

Yeah, it was quick.

That's not your
decision to make.

Well, it was the right one.

Wow, okay.


You snapped its neck?


You snapped its neck?

You snapped a cat's neck.


Stop that.



Hey, hey, hold on.

Wait for the second click.

So autism.

That is, I mean, hey, so
that's why you don't talk.

Or you struggle to talk.

I mean I don't know
much about autism.

What is it you can't do?

And also, like when you
get like a boyfriend,

or such, are they
like autistic too?


So, are they like,

are they like autistic too?

Why do they have
to be autistic?

Well, because then, you
know, you've both got autism.

And then when we come together

we glow as our
autism intensifies?

No, no, no.

Come on, I mean like,

so for example, you couldn't
flirt with someone like me,

because that's me
taking advantage of you,

because, you know,
you're disabled.

Are you fucking
serious right now?


First of all,
autism is something

that affects how easy it is

to form a relationship
with someone,

so while I might be at a
biological disadvantage,

there's still 100% more
likely to get laid than you.

Second of all...

Whoa, I didn't mean...

Do I not have a brain?

- Can I not say no?
- Yeah, no, of course.

I'm not incapable, if
I wanna talk to a guy,

then I will when I'm ready.

- Yeah, of course.
- If I want to be

- spontaneous then I will.
- I didn't say, I didn't mean.

Of course, I didn't, what?

That's fine, literally
I'm just saying

I'm unfamiliar
with the condition.

Clearly I've struck a nerve.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Undo your trousers,
I'll toss you off.

What the fuck?

I want to, you're not
taking advantage of me.

What the hell is going on?

I have something to prove.

No, no, you don't, you
have nothing to prove.

You have nothing to prove.

Jesus Christ.

Careful, there's
incoming traffic.

It was stationary.

Am I raping you?

No, you just have
nothing to prove.

I wasn't even, I didn't.

I actually want to do it.

It's okay, I just,
I wasn't ready.


I just can't believe
how ignorant you are.

[heavy breathing]

Well, I've got some good news,

the breathalyzer
came back negative,

which I found a
little surprising.

I mean you were veering
all over the road.

You weren't on your mobile
by any chance, were you, sir?

No, sorry, I was distracted.


Okay, well, I won't
detain you any longer.

Final word of advice,

the cars do tend
to fly along here,

just be a little careful
when you pull off, alright?


♪ I can't see all
obstacles in my way ♪


Do you know this guy?


The guy whose funeral it is?


But he's family and
family is family, I guess.

Yeah I guess.

I think I need my SATNAV.

He killed himself, you know?

Yeah, no, I heard.

Why did he kill himself?

Why are we talking about this?


Well, yeah, it's just
so heavy, isn't it?

Like, I mean how can
I even answer that?

I don't know, I just,

maybe people feel like they
fuck up one too many times,

I don't know.

Yeah but everybody
fucks up, right?

Yeah, I guess so.

I mean, everybody
does stupid shit.

Like my friend, Carly,

she let a guy give
her a mushroom stamp.

Oh yeah, what's that?

A mushroom stamp?


It's when a guy grabs
the stem of his penis

and he dabs his balls into shit

and then he gently presses it
on the other person's forehead

like a stamp, a mushroom stamp.

Oh right, yeah,
no, that makes sense.

That's fucking vile.

Yeah, well, it's not my thing.

Everyone does stupid things.

♪ Baby ♪

♪ And you can save me ♪

♪ Oh, was it something
that I said ♪

You look tired.


Oh, yeah, nah, I didn't
get much sleep last night.

And I've fucking
cum, haven't I? So.

Well, we should stop
at the first hotel.

Yeah, we could,

but we're still over a
hundred miles away, so.

Why so far?

'Cause it's long way to go.

I just want to push on,
just get there quicker.


But there's no rush, but okay.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Yeah, he put diesel in it.

Yeah, I know it's color coded.

I was surprised too.

He said the car would
be ready to go tomorrow.

It's okay, it's
like a B&B place.

There's a toilet and a sink.

It's kinda like the one
outta that movie "Psycho".

Anyway, mom, I gotta go.

Bye, yeah, bye, bye.

I hate people that
say bye three times.

Yeah, it's
inefficient, isn't it?

Bye, it's meant to be the end.

Like bye.



What the hell's going on now?

Are you okay?

Sometimes I cry.

This place is so dirty,
do you have gloves?

Ah no, no this is
all I could afford

at last minute notice.

I think I might sneeze.

Okay, go on then.

Not now.


[heavy breathing]

What does your mom do?

Not much at the moment.

Is she lazy?

No, she's got cancer.

Oh, I hope she
gets through it okay.

You live with her don't you?

- Mm-hmm [affirmative].
- She must really hate

that you've come to
this man's funeral.

But as I said, it's good.

He's family and family's family

so it doesn't matter
how well you know him.

[TV] Hello there, sir.

I'm here to talk to you
about our mortgage fee.


Okay, I won't take up
too much of your time.


[upbeat acoustic music]

[car revving]

[deep electro music]

[food crunching]

♪ It's time for me
to make a move ♪

♪ And I know what I gotta do ♪

♪ Because I got
everything to prove ♪

♪ I got a plan I'm sticking to ♪

♪ The word is out
all over town ♪

♪ But I won't let
it get me down ♪

♪ I ain't nobody's push around ♪

♪ If they could
only see me now ♪

♪ There's only one
thing on my mind ♪

♪ And I'm running out of time ♪

♪ I'm coming through
so get out of the way ♪

♪ I am a woman on
a mission, whoa ♪

♪ Nothing can stop me,
I'm stronger than ever ♪

♪ I wanna see this through ♪

♪ I am a woman on
a mission, whoa ♪

♪ Whatever it takes I
will do what I gotta do ♪

♪ Stand aside 'cause
I'm on a mission ♪

♪ I'm on fire, there's
no competition ♪

♪ You can't blame
me, I got intuition ♪

♪ And I never miss a trick
just like a magician ♪

♪ You don't need cash, you
don't need permission ♪

♪ If you think I'm scared,
you must be tripping ♪

♪ Foot on gas, key in ignition ♪

♪ Can't stop now 'cause
I'm on a mission ♪

♪ I am a woman on
a mission, whoa ♪

♪ Nothing can stop me,
I'm stronger than ever ♪

♪ I wanna see this through ♪

♪ I never give up, I never
give up, I never give up ♪

♪ I'm on a mission ♪

♪ Whatever it takes, I
will do what I gotta do ♪

Take the wheel.

I said take the wheel!

I don't drive.



First shag then?

First shag?

Ashleigh Moore, I was 16.

Yeah, lost my virginity same
day as my mate, Sandeep.

Lads, lads, lads.

I was 14.

14? I hope he was as well.

He was 13.


What's with the
pink steering wheel?

Jesus, you've perked
up since yesterday.

It's good, the pink
steering wheel,

it's, oh well,
it's ironic really.

Is it, don't most people
think that it's gay?


Is that the irony,
that you're not gay?


So it's like you're so manly

that you can drive around
with a pink steering wheel?


Are you gay?

Yeah, ah, no.

Is that a cock
on your key chain?

Yeah, no, I'm not gay.


I'm not gay.

Well if that's not gay,
then that definitely is gay.

That's, I'm not, shit.

[cars crashing]

[loud exhaling]
[car alarm roaring]


I'm so sorry.

What the fuck are you doing?

Are you fucking blind?

- I honestly...
- Hey.

Don't touch my fucking car.

What the fuck are you
doing on the road?

I'm so sorry, it's
completely my fault.

Of course it's
your fucking fault.

Hey, are you going
to pay for this?

Pay for what?

Are you demented, it's dented.

No, it's not.

You want to play big man,

just because you do
50KG on a bench press?

Hey, do you wanna fight?

Do you wanna fight, you
fucking cocky prick?

No, no, of course I
don't want to fight,

I don't want any
trouble, please, I just.

Wait, 50KG? [laughs]

I mean add a one
in front of that.

Actually my PB was 140,
although my form was terrible.

So on paper...

You fucking smart aleck, hey?

No, I don't know
why I said that.

I'm so sorry.

Hit him.

Let's just move on
with our day, okay?

Because I'm taking full
responsibly for this,

I'm so sorry.

No, that was so uncalled for.

Twat, give me your
details, you prick.


You want to fucking fight?

Do you want to fucking fight?

- No, no.
- You got the wrong

fucking guy today.

- [groaning]
- Oh!

I didn't...

Don't, don't.


What was that?

You struggle to
have a conversation

but you'll happily punch a man
in the spine for no reason?

Well, I didn't like the
way he was talking to you.

Yeah, but that's my problem.

It's not your problem.

My heart rate is
through the roof.

But in like an exciting way.

Not like when you go swimming

and sometimes you hold
your breath underwater

and it gets to a point
where you're like

just a few more seconds
and I'm a goner.


Do you like swimming?

Nah, I never learnt.

Where are we stopping tonight?


Is it nice?

Yeah, you never been?

You know there will
be some nice bars.

We could grab a drink?

I know I could
certainly use one.

I don't drink.

What, not even orange juice?

No, well, obviously
I drink orange juice.

Well then fine,

then we'll pump you
full of shoog, won't we?



Like a legitimate bar,
where there's bar fights?

Ah, I bloody hope not.

[upbeat club music]

Awesome, there we
go, are you good?


Oh, excuse me, can I
have a whisky, please?

Because, because why not?


And an orange juice, please.

[Bartender] No worries.

Cheers, man, thank you.

This place is incredible.

Alright darling, fancy a ride?

I've never been
anywhere like this before.

It's just a Monday.

It does smell funny.

It sure does.

Cheers man, thank you so much.

Thank you.


Can I tell you something?

You are genuinely one of
the most interesting people

I've ever met.

Sorry, I'll try to
stop talking so much.

No, no, hey,
it's a good thing,

it's a great thing.

It's awesome, you're so
quirky without even trying.

It's awesome.

You're genuinely very funny.

Is this because I
killed the neighbor's cat?

No, stay away from my pets,

but stuff like that,

stuff like that, like you do
what most people wouldn't.

Despite it probably being
the kinda right thing to do.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.

I killed that cat real good.

Yeah, again, the
cat thing is kind of

- like a bad thing.
- Would you lie to me?

About what?


I don't know, probably.

No, I don't think you would.

I mean, I have no reason to.

If you're being
annoying, I'll tell you.

Okay, I just wish that
sometimes people were as blunt

with me as I am them.

It's just that my parents, they,

well they don't really think
that I can handle life,

so they don't let
me do anything.

But then how are you
going to live and learn

if they don't let
you live and learn?

Yes, did you just come
up with that on your own?

Yeah, I guess.

Wow, can you tell
my parents that?

No, no, that's for you to do.

Well I do, but
then I get angry,

and then they pass
that off as rage,

which is commonly
associated with autism,

but it's actually not that.

It's just the way that I feel.

I don't know, man,
it sounds tough.

I mean they let you
come with me, though?

That's, I mean, oh,
that's huge, surely.

Yeah, but that was
for the wrong reasons.

Well, because I was in an
accident not that long ago,

so it just made
them worry about me

even more than they already do.

But they knew that
I had to do this

that I had to just
get out and do it.

Yeah, I don't know.

Hey, how would you
like the tiniest,

tiniest bit of prosecco
in your orange juice?

The tiniest bit.



No, it's just,
what's that drink?

- Mimosa.
- It's just a,

oh, it's a mimosa.

It's just a mimosa.

Come on, a little mimosa,
wanna little mimosa?

Little, just a little?








One mimosa please, sir.

And one more whisky please, sir.

[Bartender] Coming right up.

No, no, no, I'm
driving tomorrow,

so it's probably best
I kinda call it quits.

Sexy, baby!


Yes, yes.


Yeah, you've got
them big teeth.

You like them?

Oh, yeah, they are like mine.

Look at my front two teeth,

they're big like plates.

Wow, big.

Yeah, thanks, I
grew them myself.

So how come you're Austrian?

Ah, [puffing] ah,




You know I can do the accent?

No you can't, everyone thinksthat they can but you can't.

No, I can, I can.

Listen, are you ready?


Ah, see them girls over there?

Ah, yeah, I'm
gonna go kiss them.

I'm gonna go kiss them.



Yeah, that was...

- Yeah?
- That was pretty good.

Yeah, I was good, see?


One more round, officer.

No, no, no, please
no, please no.

So how come you had boyfriends,

but you're not allowed
out of the house?

I did it before that they
thought that I would want to.

So it was out of spite.


Whoa, well.

Would you date me?


No, no.

- Why?
- No, no, no, no, no.

Why not?


Why not?

Too much work,
you're too much work.

Give me a kiss.

No, no.

Kiss, kiss.






- Ugh.
- Now me.

That's gross.




No, we can't do
this, we're family.


We're family.

No, what, I gave
you the hand job.

The good old fashion.


I think she might be retarted.

Oh, no.

We both wanted it.


We're not family,
it wasn't sexual.

[Bartender] Okay.

I didn't rape.

Yeah, okay.

♪ And I found this place along ♪

♪ On the edge of the world, oh ♪

♪ It resonates pure ♪

♪ Now it's calling
me out tonight ♪


She spilled her drink
but I didn't help her

because she's not family.

Exactly, exactly.






It's all about the fam,
it's all about the fam.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's like we're
blood cum cousins.

Blood cum cousins?



[upbeat music]

♪ What if I climb a
really tall tree and ♪

♪ What if the branch, it
breaks under me then ♪

♪ Where will I go, the
only place is down ♪

♪ And I'm scared that my
world will be turned ♪

♪ Around ♪

♪ I don't wanna fall down ♪

Petrol, not diesel,
petrol, green.

♪ Fall down ♪

[Cashier] Hello,
mate, you all right?

[Ryan] Pump
number six, please.

♪ I don't wanna fall down ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm scared to
feel what it's like ♪

♪ To touch the ground ♪



♪ I don't wanna fall down ♪

♪ I don't wanna fall down ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm scared to
feel what it's like ♪

♪ To touch the ground ♪

You getting a bruise?


[loud inhaling]


He's going where we're going.

So he is, well let's
pick him up then.

What, wait, why?

Well, why not?

We're going to the same place.

I'll just take a turn up
here and we'll go get him.

No, what, why would we, no!

Why not?

He's in a wheel chair, he'd
probably really appreciate it.

Well, he got there
somehow on his own.


So what if he smells?

He won't smell.

Well what if he's dirty?

So he's dirty.

Well what if he kills us?

Well, he won't kill us.

Obviously I'll get out
and I'll suss him out.

If he's got a dodgy vibe,
I won't let him in the car.

Well this was just
meant to be the two of us.

It was just meant
to be the one of us.

Hey, yeah, we're
going past Thurso,

so if you want a lift,
you can come with us?

Yeah, no worries.

I'll take your stuff
to the car, yeah.

[upbeat acoustic music]

There we go, there we go.


Well can we drop him off soon?

Sunny, sorry, sorry.

Whats your name?

What's your name?

Cool, cool.

I think he's deaf or mute.

Well, then why
are you whispering?

What's wrong with your leg?

Sunny, Sunny, you
can't just ask that.

Well he can't hear me.

Well then why are you even
asking in the first place?

'Cause it's all bloody.

Sorry, she's just,

she's asking what's
happened to your leg?

Yeah, I mean yeah,
fair, that's fair.


Legs, legs, there you go.


But why can't I just go
at the side of the road?

[Sunny] It's too public.

[Ryan] I'm bursting.

[Sunny] Just go there.

They better not make me pay.


[loud exhaling]

Mate do you want?

Nope, okay.


He's scary.

He's not scary.

He is.

Mate, he's asleep and he
can barely move, bless him.

Hey, look at me.

Look at me.

I'll be right in there, okay.

You know I wouldn't let anythinghappen to you, I promise.

Trust me.

I think he needs
a name, don't you?


Jack, well that's
a great name, yeah.

I'll be right in there.

I've gotta go I'm
going to burst, yeah?

You alright?

Hey, there's a
guy in the urinals,

I don't think he is actually
even using the toilet.


Oh, shit.

What's your favorite color?


Red, red, hold on.

It's red, what color is it?


Ginger, ginger?


His favorite color is ginger.


Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.

No, ah, Sunny.

Sunny, yes, yes.


Yes, yes, N-N-Y.

Ah, okay, thank you, Jack.

Yeah, so Jack,

we're probably going to have
to drop you off soon, mate

because, you know,
we're nearly there.

We're not there.

Yeah, no, I know, but we needto prepare for the funeral.

What, why?

You know, mentally.



I don't get it.

I just think we should
drop him off soon.

- Okay?
- Why?

Because he might not be safe.

But you said he
wasn't dangerous.

Yeah, well I don't
know that, do I?

Why are you whispering?

What has changed?

Nothing's changed,
nothing's changed.

Well he's fine,
he's been fine to us.

Yeah, okay, yeah.

You hate Jack.

I don't hate Jack,
I don't hate Jack,

I just, you know, you've
been talking to him a lot,

which is great, which is great,

it just means you're not
talking to me as much now.

So you're jealous?


That you don't have a
disability like we do.

What, no, no.

It's just that I like
to talk to someone.



You don't have to whisper.

Well, I like Jack, we
have something in common.

He finds it hard to communicate

and I find it hard
to communicate.

Okay, alright, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Okay, Jack, we'll carry on.

We're all good, you know.

We'll keep going.

I kinda like
that you're jelly.

[hopeful orchestral music]

[seagulls chirping]

There we go, there we go.



Bye Jack, thank you.

See you, Jack.

No worries, pleasure.

Nice to meet you.

Hey, Simon.

For fuck sake, look at you.

I got a little something thatwould make you feel better.

Ah, yeah.

Come on, let's
get you over here.

We did a good thing.


[car engine roaring]

Oh, bloody hell, we're
only 20 minutes away.

Ah, but the
funeral's tomorrow.

Yeah, I mean we're actually

arriving a lot
later than I planned

but it doesn't matter.

Oh, but your
parents arrive today.

Have you got the address?

I'll whack it in the nav.

Oh, well I was hoping
to stay with you tonight.

Oh, I mean I'm just
staying in my car tonight,

I hadn't booked anywhere.

That's okay,
that's a nice idea.


I mean you've got
to ask your mom.

Can I come back with you?

Again, you've gotta
ask your parents,

I mean that's not my
decision, I can't say.

But you would want me to?


I mean, I don't know,

it's been a long
journey, you know?

And like all the way back

and you going off
on one in my ear

like oh, you know, look
at me, I've got autism.

You know, I'm pretty sick of
it, to be honest, you know.

Pretty bloody sick of it.

Obviously I'm joking.

Obviously, I'd love that.






Can I tell you something?

Yeah, of course.

I feel very
comfortable around you,

more so than anyone
else, even my parents.

You're very easy to talk to.

I'm glad.

You know that accident

I told you about in the bar?

Ah, yeah?

I nearly died.

Oh, shit.

I cut my wrist.

My parents think
it was an accident

but I did it on purpose.

But in reflection,
it was an accident.

Why would you do that?

I don't know, I guess I wantedto know what would happen.

What, are you fucking nuts?

You want to know
what would happen?

Sunny, I'll tell you
what would happen,

you'd bleed out and
you'd die, you die.

Well, I know you die.

I know you die.

Jesus, no wonder
your parents don't feel

like they can leave you
to do your own thing.

You'll probably go
into the kitchen

and stick your head in
the fucking microwave.

Why are you making
me feel stupid?

I already feel guilty.

I shouldn't have told
you, you don't understand.

And why are you
getting so mad at me?

What have I done wrong?

Nothing, nothing.

I'm sorry it's just thatpeople are so desperate to live

and you're here and you're
fine, you're healthy.

And you're just willing

to give that all up for nothing.

Like there are people that
are far worse off than you

and in comparison you're
fucking fine, you're healthy.

Well, I didn't feel fine
and I didn't feel healthy.

And what about the people
around you, like your family?

The people that spend so
much time to care for you

because they love you?

Like if you killed yourself,
what about them, huh?

Now, how would they feel?

Don't you think that's
fucking selfish?

Well, I didn't have
anything to look forward to.

Well, then get
a fucking hobby.

Stop the car.

Sunny, I'm not
stopping the car.

Stop the car.

Sunny, we're on a main road.

- Stop the fucking car.
- Sunny,

I'm not stopping the car,
we're on a main road.

- Stop the fucking car.
- Sunny, I'm not.

Stop the fucking car,
stop the fucking car.

Stop the fucking car,
stop the fucking car.

- Stop the fucking car.
- Okay, okay, okay.

[melancholic piano music]

Shit, shit.


Sunny, please!


Oh, shit, Sunny!

[water splashing]



Oh, he can't swim.

[heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]

I don't care.

I didn't say anything.

Well, why aren't
you saying anything?

Because in all honesty,
I don't know what to say.

When we get home are you
going to tell my parents?

What, that you eventually
stopped me from drowning?

The thought hadn't
crossed my mind.

I was still thinking
about how I was drowning.

No, about how I still
feel this way sometimes

and I still think like this.

Well, I don't know,

I don't want you to have
another accident again, so.

Well, they won't let me
out of the house if you do.

Yeah, but you might
die if I don't tell them.

Well, what's the
point in living

if I don't have a
bloody life anyway?

Sunny, I don't know
what you're going through,

so I don't know what to say.

But I know what I said earlier,

it wasn't what I meant.

And it wasn't right.

You know I actually did
want to come with you.

Well not you personally,

but when I found out that
someone had to get a lift

from my family, I
jumped at the chance.

My family make me
feel like an alien.

I hate it.

I actually begged and
cried to be the one

to get the lift with you

and the only reason
why they said yes

was because that I said
that I would text them

every 30 minutes.

I was so terrified,

standing out the
front of my house,

but not as scared as I was

doing nothing by myself
day in and day out.

This has been the most
thrilling experience

of my life.

Of my life, Ryan.

A fucking extended road trip.

I live my life so
planned and organized

and that has all gone to shit

and my heart has been
racing majority of the time

and it has been for the
best and the worst ways

but I finally feel
like I'm living,

and that's because I
feel safe with you.

But the best part is

that I finally felt
like I'd met someone

that understood
me, that gets me.

And now I just feel
like an alien again.

- Sunny...
- And that's why

I have one friend, Carly.

And she's been mushroom stamped.

And it stained her head.


I won't tell your parents.

I guess you've got to
make your own decisions

in life, right?

But please if you ever,
ever feel like that again,

please feel like
you can talk to me.

No, you'll yell.

No, I won't, I'll listen.

You know I'm really glad
you've popped up in my life.

I just don't want to lose you.

You know, you're
really easy to talk to.

[slow acoustic music]

Well, I guess
we're finally here.

Yeah, I can see my mom.

I guess we should head in.


I'll let you go
be with your family.

Why, where are you going?

Oh, I'm gonna hold back,

I'm not really interested
in the ceremony.

I can pay my respects
from around here.


Can I stay with you?


Funerals are dumb.

There's not many
people here for him.

That doesn't surprise me.


Oh, my God, Sunny,

where the hell have you been?

You were suppose to
meet us yesterday.


What have you
done to your head?

Are you okay?

Yes, mom, I'm fine.

Okay, okay.

Hi, Ryan.

Thank you so much for driving.

It's fine, honestly.

Oh, what have you
done to your face?

Did you?

No, it happened
before the journey.

Oh, my heart.


Here's me kicking up
a fuss in front of you

and you probably even
remember who I am.


I don't, I'm sorry.

That's fine, I
wouldn't expect you to.

It's very kind of you to
come at all considering.

You know he wasn't
terrible, he really wasn't.

He had lots of issues

and well he certainly
had his demons.

But he wasn't one himself.

Sunny, darling, John's going
to come back with Helen now.

So you can squeeze in with
us for our journey back.


Alright well, I shall
see you in the car.

Five minutes.

Just be over there.


Bye, Ryan.

It was lovely to see you.

And you.

I don't understand.


You don't know him.

No, I don't.

So why is my
mom talking to you

like you care more
than what you do?

I don't know,

because he's my
biological father.

Yeah I know that, but,

of course he is,

but I'm sorry, why are you here?

He left when I was
really, really young.

And I never had...

Yeah, sorry, but

why are you here and not
at home with your mum?

I don't...

It's just that you made
it seem like you didn't care

so I just I don't understand.

I don't care, he wasn't
a father to me then

and I don't see him
as a father now.

- No, I understand that.
- You know, Sunny,

it's not something I
really want to talk about.

Are you keeping
something from me?

Are you protecting
me from something?

Because I don't need protecting.

Okay, I know you.

Sunny, you've
only just met me.

Don't patronize me, okay?

Don't make me feel
like this whole

journey is any less
than what it is,

'cause I know what it is

and I know what I feel.

You know what, Sunny?

Sunny, it's not
always about you.

Okay, I know you're used
to all the attention

but it's not always about you.

Are you lying to me?

I mean, do you actually
care about your dad

or is everything you said
about your mom true as well?

Is she really dying?


Because if she is and
she is at home right now

and you are the only
person that she has,

I mean what the fuck are you
doing at this man's funeral?

I don't know, God,
I don't know Sunny.

Please, please
stop, I don't know.

I just wanted to get away.

Yeah, but your mom.

There has to be a better reason.

I mean, she must really need
you and want you right now.

Don't you think I know that?

Jesus. [sighing]

You know I wake up

and I look at her and I see her

and I am forced to be reminded
that I'm gonna lose her.

And God, I love her,
I love her so much.

You know this one time,

I won this shitty little award
at work and she was there,

she came for it and I walked up

and when I went to collect it,

I saw her, she went to stand up

and she couldn't, she just
feel straight back down.

You know I wake up every morning

and I slap a smile on my face

and I care for her, the
best that I possibly can.

And I stay positive, because
I know that if I don't,


that it'll end her.

I kinda feel so
selfish 'cause I know

it's not my illness,
but I'm so tired.

God, I'm so tired.

Get her.

No, no, dad, no!

Get your fucking
hands off her!

With me now.

Don't touch me.

♪ I won't throw ♪

♪ I won't fight ♪

♪ I won't stay out ♪

♪ Half the night ♪

♪ I won't waste ♪

♪ And I won't curse ♪

♪ I won't even think that word ♪

♪ If you'll come back to me ♪

♪ I'll be good ♪

♪ I'll be good to you ♪

♪ My dearest ♪

♪ I won't doubt, I won't smirk ♪

♪ I won't judge
and I won't hurt ♪

♪ And no, I won't ♪

♪ Victimize, no I won't ♪

♪ Victimize if you'll
come back to me ♪

♪ I'll be good ♪

♪ I'll be good to you ♪

♪ My dearest love ♪

♪ Looking at your picture ♪

Oh, welcome home, darling.

How are you feeling?

What have you
done to your nose?



Was it as incredibly morbid
as I expected it to be?


I'm proud of you.

♪ I'll be good to you ♪

I love you, mom.

♪ My dearest love ♪

[lighthearted piano music]

Sunny, it's for you.



Painting pine cones, hey?

Yeah, Christmas is
just around the corner

so gotta be ready.

Yeah, nah, I figured.

So that's why bought you some.

Ah, thanks but there's
heaps, they're everywhere.

Oh, yeah, I mean that's fine.

But I'll take them, thanks.

I saw you at the funeral,

thanks for coming.

You shot off real quick.

Yeah, sorry, I didn't think
you'd want to talk to me

so yeah, I just left.

You're pretty dumb
for someone so smart.


Did she die comfortably?

I was with her
when it happened

and yeah, she was comfortable.

It was the best
it could've been.

That sounds nice.

Yeah, it was nice to
be there for her, so.

I was told that
she adored you,

so, I think that's a nice
thing for you to know.

Yeah, it is.

I mean it's
everything to me, so.

I told my mom what happened.

About the hand job?

Hand job, what, no.

At your biological
dad's funeral.


She was understanding,
my dad not so much.

Oh, that's fine, it's okay.

Yeah, well they don't
live together anymore

so it doesn't matter.

Yeah, fair enough.

I owe you petrol money.

No, you don't.

Yeah, nah, I'm
just gonna go inside

and I'll get...

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.

It was an absolute pleasure.

Well, hope someone
in our family dies soon

so we can see each other again.


Does someone really need
to die for that to happen?

So where do you wanna go?


♪ Strangers who knew
each other's names ♪

♪ How strange is
that idea to me ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ When you look into my eyes ♪

♪ It's like thousands of
butterflies enter me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And I know you felt it too ♪

♪ Didn't you ♪

♪ Years of friendship
entered us ♪

♪ You knew my heart,
my soul, my trust ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ I felt more love
than I felt in years ♪

♪ It's nice to know ♪

♪ That it still
appears sometimes ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And I know ♪

♪ You felt it too ♪

♪ Didn't you ♪

♪ Sharing a map of truth ♪

♪ There's nothing
else more beautiful ♪

♪ Than being here with you ♪

♪ Oh, and I know you
felt it too ♪