Drive Me Home (2018) - full transcript

Antonio and Agostino grew up together in a small town in Sicily; they dreamt of living a different life, somewhere else. Now thirty-year-olds, they both live abroad but they lost touch ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Come on Agostino,
we're almost there!

Faster Antò!

Ok, you go!

Antò, come over here!

I'm here!

Hurry up!

Hey Turi.

Is everything ok?

- The keys are on the window.
- Ok perfect thank you.

Hi Turi!

Hi Tino!

Antò, I'm going to rest. I'm done.

- Go rest! See you.
- Bye.

Antò, listen to this...

I wanna live in the big city
not sit here and drink spirits...

Believe me, this place is
dead... it makes you crazy...

I wanna get away
from this barren land...

if you're looking for a
chick in this dump...

the only dick that can touch her
is the parish priest's...

I wanna party like you see online,
with those crazy gals...

Who do I invite here?
A few chickens and a cow...

but I could stay here, open
a whorehouse in this old farmhouse...

But where's the whores?
Where's the cash?

I can make more dough with sheep
for these peasants, now that's trash.

Hey, you know what
we can do with this shithole?

You're such an asshole, man

We can set up a massive
loudspeaker right here.

So people'll be able to hear
our crap as far as Palermo.

You know what?

I'll ask your father
at the town hall...

My father?

Wanna know what
we should really do?

We'll build a wall all around it

we dig a great big hole and fill it
with water and crocodiles...

- Crocodiles?

- All the shit you
see in castles in films.

We'll become an
independent village

just me and you
will live in this place.

Me and you!

Fuck everyone else! Assholes!

Fuck you bastards!

Fuck you bastards!

- Fuck you!


Nijmegen, The Netherlands


I haven't eaten in the
last 24 hours, thank you.

There you go.
Take a shower.

Come here Antò.

"Your AD will expire in a few hours.

What are you doing?

I'm checking my bank account.

You can't touch anything here.

I'm not doing anything.

Do not touch anything


You can sleep here.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Mate, this shirt sucks!

Everybody looks down on me.

I have to be
in Düsseldorf by 10.

I have to be
in Düsseldorf by 10 too.

The bill, please.

Two euros, please.

Thank you.

This truck's
a space ship!

Or a house...


You're not on
Facebook, are you?

It took me a lifetime
to find you on that other one.

It uses a strange language,
I can't understand anything.

Why don't you add me
to your friends?

Antò, don't say a word.

Hello Anne!

How's it going August, no delays?

Everything running like clockwork.

Listen... I've got
a message from the boss.

There you go...

There's a load waiting for you
in Antwerp this evening.

It's my day off
tomorrow, Anne.

I'm sorry, but you know him.

You're the only one
who can make it.

He has provided
a little extra for you.

Okay, you got it.

I knew we could count on you!

I'll send you details at the warehouse
tomorrow at 7 am. Okay?

Ok. Thank you Anne.

Thank you.
Have a nice trip.


Shit, Anna!

What fucking language is that?


Is that what people call you?

You're a real kraut now,
aren't you?

Where did you leave
your sandals and white socks?

Those are for special occasions.


What a dickweed!

At least we'll get rid
of this dead weight, Turi.

No more real estate tax
or debt recovery agencies...

Look at the bright side,
perhaps we'll get a good offer

and I'll be able to pay you the work
you've done these last years

Me too, Turi.

Thanks, I have to go now.
We'll speak soon.

A big hug from me too. Bye...

Look at that.


Your ID, please.


Your ID, please.

Good morning.

What's the matter?

Do you know this guy?


He did something forbidden.

It's prohibited to urinate in public.

I don't know what they want...


They want your ID.

Give it to them.

It's on the truck.

Go and get it!

Antò, you'll get me
into real trouble.

Bloody hell,
I was only taking a leak.

There's pisser!

What are you supposed to do
if you're suddenly bursting, man?

Get up there,
go on, we're late!

Antwerp, Belgium

Ready to order, gentlemen?

I'll have a cheeseburger...

with fries...

and a Wiener Schnitzel for him.


May I suggest our
camembert croquettes as a starter?

Do you want some
cheese croquettes?

Do you speak French?

Just a little.
I prefer English, sir.

Are you crazy?
Three portions?

Let me do it.

Thanks a lot!

Who's gonna eat
three portions?

Let's see how
it's going to end up!

Go on, then.
Tell me about yourself.

I'm so happy to see you.

Can you tell me why you came?


Are you so sorry I came, Tino?

That's bloody awful, my friend!

You ordered three portions
of the goddam things!

Let me deal with this...

Fuck you doin'?

Nothing, I'm doing nothing.
Am I doing something?

You're disgusting...

Problem solved.

Look, I come here often...
this is fucking embarrassing

Don't you worry. They'll treat you
like a a prince ‘cause of this.

Trust me, it's my line of work.

Now look and learn.

Don't call him like a dog!

No! I'm calling him like...

Would you have him fired?

No no, we'll have good time!

Up to you.

You son of a bitch

Suck it to me!

Fuck... the look on his face when
you said you wanted the champagne!

If there's one thing
I learned in London

it's that if you don't want to pay,
you can always find a way

So, when were you in London?

Five fuckin' years!

It was shit

There was once a king, Befè.

Biscuit and Minè.

Who had a daughter, Befiglia

Biscuit and Miniglia.

Then there were
a couple of sisters...

But now I can't
remember well...

Fuck, I really missed all your crap.

I looked so hard for you
all these years.

It's been so long...

I was such a jerk

Do you like saunas?

What's with saunas?

Do you like it?

Yes, I like it.

What the fuck are you doing?

Tino, what the...


Fuck you laughing at?

I'm not sure if we're
really living through this

or am I just remembering
something from years ago?


Two, please.

Fuck, it's late!

What a pain in the ass!


Everything's cool

Come on, hurry up.

Move it, I'm bloody late!

You stay in the truck

I don't want anyone to see you!

You can't be serious, you should
have left already hours ago!

Jesus Christ, you'll never make up
for the time lost, you know that?

Ok, here's the paper work. Load up
the goods as fast as you can...

Where shall I drop you off?

Have you decided?

I don't know. My head's exploding...

Vladimir, can you hear me? Back.

Vladimir, Volcano here,
can you hear me? Back.

Volcano, Vladimir here.
Modulate. Back.

I Left with a delay from Antwerp.
Direction: Italy, Venice area.

Careful in Frankfurt - Munich. There's
been a car accident near Munich.

Haven't been
on the scene yet.

Speak to you later maybe.

Back Over.

No problem. See you.

I'll be driving all night long...


Anyone there? Back.

Someone's listening? Back.

K31 here. Can you hear me?

Hi K31, I'm stuck!

Close to Ulm.

Into the traffic here.
What's happening over there?

A truck made an
accident just after Ulm.

I'm in the queue
for at least two hours...

Thanks K31, back over.

No problem.

What's going on?

We're in a jam, can't you see?

Of course I see it.


I'll get out at the next exit. We'll
go on the country road for a bit.




Remember the time we hid away
for two whole days, Tino?

We almost set the house on fire.

If it wasn't for grandpa,
we'd both be dead.

But it worked... everyone thought
we'd really left home.

I still remember your mum...

I remember Paola's face
when she found us.

They're selling it off.


The State.

I've got debts for
thirty thousand euro...

The expenses... taxes after taxes...
Turi working with no wages...

If I don't pay within eight days...
it'll be auctioned

I couldn't keep up with all
the expenses...

I did everything wrong...

I even came to you
without a spare t-shirt.

I'll start from scratch and fuck it.

A friend of mine is going
to Australia... I might go too.

I could open my own place...

on the beach... the sun...

If they sell it, good,
I'll get some money to invest...

Wanna come with me?

Why not...

A place only for us, like we used
to say when we were young.

Yeah. It's my dream...

With all the money you've got we
can set up some luxury joint.

Our waiters will be wearing tailcoats.

- ...we can open a brothel too--
- Fuck!

You reached nine hours driving.

Are you happy, Tino?


Are you happy...

...with your life...?

What's the question?

I'm fine with my life!

Come on, you must have a
motherfucking problem in your life!

Are you actually happy
to live in here alone?

What do you want, man?

Maybe once, during these 15 years

you've thought about how our lives
would be if we'd stayed in Blufi?

What did you come here for, Antonio?

You disappeared from
one day to the next.

Without saying anything, without
giving me the opportunity to talk.

You didn't give a shit about me.

You don't know shit!

You don't know shit!

I found out from your father
you were in some school in Switzerland

and after that nothing else!

If I hadn't come to you,
I could be dead forall you care!

Antò, fuck you!

No, fuck you.

Tino! what the fuck did you do?

Come along...

Can you stand? OK.

Can you stand? OK.

Let's get down



What a blow!

Can you hear me, Tino?

Open up your eyes.

Let's get out of here.

Open up your eyes!

What the fuck did you do?

My truck...

We’ll fix it, don't worry.

Lessini Mountains, Trentino, Italy


I can do it: about a half day's work.

Okay. So, we can set off tonight?

I'm busy right now.

I can fix your truck tomorrow.

What do you mean tomorrow?
We got a delivery to make...

I've got work to do, too.

Plus, your friend
can't drive such a state.

He needs some rest.


I can give you these.
It's not much but please...

It's very important.
My friend's job is at stake.

Forget that.

If it was money I was after,
I'd still be a mechanic.

You can give me a hand, if you like.

The time I'll save
I can use to work on your truck.

Where do I start?

I'll stay here.

Want some?

It's a real beast this one.

Is it good?


Made it myself.

You good girl...

You've just arrived...


I ended up here by chance too.

Have some more.

So we can milk them better.

Losing something important
is the most atrocious experience

that a human being has to face

but it can become a precious
stimulus for growth.

You never thought about
getting back home...

To go away... to get back...
no difference...

To go where?

That's the point!

This is philosophy!


Like that!

This side! There's a lot!


Good morning!

Karl's gone to the dairy.

He said to tell you the truck's ready.



Have you seen the guy
I was with by any chance?


No, not this morning...

Ok, have a nice day.

See you.

Have a safe trip.


Tino! Wait for me!

Wait for me!

Hey, Anne?

Hey, August!

Just calling to check
how you're doing.

I'm fine now, Anne

I'll be there by 12.

Cool! Perfect.

Talk later.



I owe you one.

It's ok.

Have a good trip.

Venice Port Marghera, Italy

I'll never forget the day
I told my father...

"Mayor Torre's son is a queer..."

Shame on him...

He knocked the living
daylights out of me too!

He wanted to send me to
my uncle's in Switzerland.

That's right...
so no one could say anything...

But I ran away.

That's the truth

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought I'd disgust you.

I didn't understand anything...

I'm sorry.

It was hard at the beginning...

I didn't know anyone, I was alone...

I used to work at night

I didn't understand
the language,

they'd take the piss
'cause I'm Italian...

Then I met Robin.

It lasted seven years...

He helped me a lot...

He taught me Flemish...

I became a blond...

Then it ended.
He fell for someone else...

I suffered so much...

But I could suffer
without being ashamed.

And I miss my land.

But I'd never go back there.

Not even if we built our castle?

I thought you were mad at me...

You're all the family I've got left...

Suck it!

- Here's to you, mate!
- Here's to you!

You could come to Antwerp with me...

I was thinking I could
spend some time at the farm...

Are you in love then?

What are you talking about?

You're in love!

I can spend a few months
there and then perhaps

with the money from the farmhouse
I can buy a plot of land in Australia

You can tell me, you're in love!

Here's to Emily!

Here's to Emily!

What about you?

I'm gonna drink.

What are you gonna do?

I'll work.

I'll load and upload. I'll drive...

Seriously... What are you gonna do...

I have some money.

I want to buy my own truck.
So I can decide when to work.

You're right.

Turi?! What's up?

Yeah, that's good news.

It's just that I'm
having dinner with a friend...

Tell him Saturday's fine.

I'll get myself organised
and come down.

Turi thank you.

Me too.


Turi found a buyer...

Aren't you glad?

What's that face?

The buyer is your father.

What do you wanna do then?

I haven't got much chioice...

If I don't sell it to him, he'll buy
it at the auction.

What would you do
if you were in my shoes?

Are you alone?

Let's go, he's a faggot.

"ANNE: Naples or Bari. Both tomorrow"


I've made up my mind.

I'll take you to Sicily.

Are you crazy?
What are you talking about?

I can't leave you alone.

You couldn't even get to Rome!

Since you came
all the way here...

I have to load in
Naples in six hours.

So it was all just an excuse
for you to have company, right?

Might have been...

Are you sure you wanna
sell it to that asshole?

You could turn it
into a Wwoof farm...

Think about it.

Thanks, Tino.

Thank you.

Promise me another
fifteen years won't go by...

Cheers Antò.

Blufi, Sicily, Italy

I decided you shouldn't give
away anything to that asshole!

'cause that's your house...

If you decide to sell it

or not to spend the money for
drugs and prostitutes

then you can give me the money
back, okay? You know where I am.

Goodbye bastard, I love you.

Thank you, my friend.

Fuck you bastards!

- Fuck you!