Drive Angry (2011) - full transcript

John Milton is up against the clock: Jonah King, the leader of a Satanic cult, has murdered Milton's daughter and kidnapped her baby. In three days, King and his followers will sacrifice the child at midnight. Milton picks up the trail in Oklahoma as well as rescuing a waitress named Piper from her brutal, two-timing fiancé. There are odd things about Milton: his driver's license is out of date, he has a very strange gun, and he's being pursued by a man in a suit who carries FBI ID and calls himself the Accountant. Piper, who's lived a life on the sidelines, has to piece things together on the fly as they close in on King. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
For as long as I can recall,
I've been running...


"Condemned. Do not enter."

Hey sis, looks good.


This enough? A little more, sis?

That's enough.


Look who's back.

"Yubari City Police"

"Rikka & Yasushi Miyata"

They're brother and sister?

Just your average murderers.

Where've you been squirreled away?

We've been looking for you. Right, sis?

They killed more than 20 people.

Think you can get away from us?

And the bodies?

They ate them!

No way!

You really are a freak!

You always cause mother so much trouble.

You have no idea how much
pain it was giving birth to you.

Everything is mine for the taking!

Kika! Run...


Let's have some fun!

Kika, run! Get out!

What's this?





It's been a while since
you've played with your uncle.

Still think you can escape?

You're my slave for life.

This is mine too.

Sis, you're awesome!

On May 15th, a strange ash
suddenly enveloped Hokkaido.

From there it spread across
the Tohoku region.

This is Aoba shopping street in the
Northern Province. Things are out of control.

Get out of here now!

The situation is...

For those without gasmasks...

inhaling the ash caused them
to become infected.

They fell comatose immediately.

After an hour...

antler shaped tumors
sprang from their foreheads.

They began attacking and eating people.

An estimated six-million were stricken.

Thirty-six hours later...

it drifted into the Sea of Japan
and dissipated.

What remained in Japan were...

six-million infected human beings.

Security unit 3 reporting.
We found something strange.

To contain the problem, a wall was built
from the Pacific to the Japan Sea.

It ran along the borders of Tokyo, Chiba,
Yamanashi, Saitama, Ibaraki and Niigata.

Japan became divided.

With people evacuating Tohoku...

Tokyo exploded.
The city became overcrowded.

Life became hell for the residents.

It's unlike anything ever seen.

A bill to consider the infected
as dead didn't pass.

"Protect the infected. Support human rights!
" The infected still maintained human rights.

"Protect the infected.
Support human rights!"

"Protect the infected. Support human rights!
" Families of the infected formed human rights groups.

"Protect the infected.
Support human rights!"

"Protect the infected. Support human rights!
" They fought to protect the infected.

I don't consider the infected
to be deceased.

They are human.

We must extend them the same rights
we do to all.

Protect the afflicted.

Protect our beloved families.

Fathers, mothers...

Our children...

they need our help.

It's impossible.

She has no heart, yet she lives!

"Public Announcement"

"One household, Three-Family System."
We're strangers united together.

We have a new law.

Happiness first for our Japan.

"The infected are human!"
"Japanese Government"

"The world of the infected."

Those who inhale the ash...

show dysfunction
in their metabolic system.

"Tokyo provisional shelter for the infected"


"The Grudge"

"District 10"

For now, no treatment exists.

They show a predilection
to attack and devour people.


Stay away from them... please!

Even if attacked...

no case of infection through cuts
has been reported.

Lop off an arm...

Shoot them with a gun...

they won't die.

Cut off their head - no dice!

Their vital spot is here!
The horn!

It contains an unknown substance.

If ground into powder...

it acts like an illicit drug!

Just say no!

"Horn harvesting prohibited by law"

Hey, hey! You there!

That's illegal.

There's gonna be trouble!

Oh boy.

"Horn material is unstable and volatile."

"Hatoda administration is trying to kill us!"

"Japan is for the living!"

We must shelter them.

"The infected are dead.
They are monsters."

"Human rights for the infected."

"One household three families homicide."
"What happened to the three-family system?!"

Three-family system, right?
They were just strangers to each other.

We're all strangers, after all.

This land is our land!

"Sushi Typhoon"

"Indica Rice. Akita Komachi"

Here you go.

Two is enough!

It's whale!
Loaded with mercury!

Hey, idiot? Two is enough!

This is sushi!

Get your tasty roaches!

"Saut ed Cockroach"

"Top seller"

Hurry it up!

We can get arrested.

Clean this mess now!
If word gets out...

That was a year ago.

You there!

This is a restricted area.

Hands up and take off your hoods.

Put down the bag.




Get off...

Get off...

Get off!

You shooting at me? Idiot!



Don't move!


This way.

"Kamikaze Orphanage"

I'm Taku.

He's an orphan from up north.

He never told me his name.
I call him No-name.

What's your deal?

Wonderful... Two No-names...


Kika? Kika it is.

What were those things?

Don't you know?
They're the infected.

You an expat?


Although some feel they are soulless,
we feel otherwise.

"The dead are our enemy"

"Indica Rice"

Rice. Rice. Rice. Rice is precious!

Happiness first for our Japan.

"Ide Group"

Put the bag there.

It was hell getting this.
They're cracking down.

Hard times grow on trees, it seems.

"Kamikaze Orphanage"

"Hayama - Chiba - Nakamura"


After the north and south divided...

my father began to help troubled children.

He started an orphanage.

He said, "I am Kamikaze!"

He got eaten by an infected kid.

Utterly lame Kamikaze.

After he died, the kids scattered.

He's all that's left.

His parents were eaten and the shock...

left him speechless. He says nothing.

Seems he has a sister up north.

I want to help.

But it takes money.

"Prime Minister Hatoda" As long as
they walk on two legs, they're human!

"Prime Minister Hatoda"

"Prime Minister Hatoda" No matter
their state, they're not dead.

"Prime Minister Hatoda"

"Prime Minister Hatoda" I will never
tolerate just getting rid of them.

"Prime Minister Hatoda"

"Justice Minister Osawa"
But, the country is divided.

"Justice Minister Osawa" Japan's power is fading.
Public order is breaking down.

"Justice Minister Osawa"

Unemployment and crime are rising.

If this continues, other countries
will take advantage of us.

Guaranteeing those "things" human rights
will destroy Japan.

Eradicating the infected population...

and taking back the overrun land is priority!

The bill you've submitted.
It's legalization of murder!

It is not!

It's a guarantee of the right to life
for the non-infected.

Even if it were,
it will not be approved.


Amazing - doesn't even hurt.

Frickin' good pudding, sis!

Caramel is the shit.

You're so considerate.

Where'd you get the money?

Caramel sauce! Heavenly!

It's Kika's birthday.

I can't afford cake!

Pudding for birthday? Dumb ass!

What are you gaping at?

I'm the one who treats you right.

Say 'ahh'.

Happy - friggin' - fuckin' - birthday!

What is it?

What's wrong?

Where are you going?


She's alive!

Everything in this world...

is mine!


The bitch is alive!

"Progress Report
Subject 001 - Kika Miyata"

Mr. Osawa,
what do you think you're doing?

Osawa, answer me!

It's an experimental android...

that will reduce the number of infected.

You're ignoring their rights!

Have you no respect for human rights?

I can't authorize this.

Do not appropriate the country!

Excuse me, sir.

How is the experiment going?

Excellent, sir.

It proves effective against the infected.

What's the prime minister's schedule?

There's the speech in front of the wall.

Now is the chance.
Put the plan into action.

Yes, sir!

"Progress report"

"Go Go Yubari Law"

Boss Andou...
How about a little more today?

What is most important now is...

how do we live...

side by side with the infected...

behind this wall.

They are human beings
afflicted by a rare disease.

To declare them dead
without proper medical treatment...

Is it justice?

We have but one choice.

As they are human...

we must treat them humanely...

and coexist together.

"Girls Bar - Gape the Buns"

They are human. I pledge...

to protect them.

Let's live together.

Let go!

Shoot them!

I can't. They're human.

These things aren't human!

They're zombies!

"Announcement by the government of Japan"

Hello, death-row inmates.

I'm Gogo, the newly-constituted
'Go Go Yubari law.'

The former Prime Minister
was eaten by zombies.

When new Prime Minister
Osawa took over...

he enacted me.

My official name is 'Urgent Anti-Crime...

Go Go Yubari law.'

This law is here to give you inmates hope.

Why Yubari you ask?

Here is footage from a patrol car in Yubari.

This woman appears to be
the source of the zombie outbreak.

The government wants to catch her...

or destroy her to solve the crisis.

They tried many ways but...
there are just too many zombies.

This is why...

I want you inmates to go to Yubari...

and find her.

Apologies for not introducing myself.
I'm Osawa, your new Prime Minister.

You are Japan's last hope.

Those buttons by your hand.

Press "O" and you'll be found innocent
and go after the zombie queen.

And win a cash prize.

Press "X" and
you'll be tried before regular laws.

It's not compulsory.

It's up to you!

Damn, more blood... Careful.

Kind of slippery.

Food, weapons,
whatever your needs...

you provide yourself.

You lowlifes...

will be given a GPS gun.

It connects to
a satellite missile guidance system.

When you find the zombie queen,
fire it.

We'll send backup.

Are you sure we can kill her?

If you even get that far.

Zombie World bids you welcome!

This sucks.
Like watching rice grow.

Cool if I smoke, boss?

Hey you!

If you see a convenience store,
make a pit stop.


Hey... you.




And away!

Lift off!

Bombs away!


Let go!


What is it?

It's the bitch.

Let's go, now!

Get in!


Simply incredible.

Find her soon.

What's your deal?

I was looking for my family.


Are you a cop?


Find them?

Found them eaten.

I see. That's tough.

Now, I just survive.

Ever met other survivors?

Seen what I seen.

It's his sister.

Her name is Maya.
Have you seen her?

Can't say. But...

If she's alive
there's only one place she'd be.


The zombie bar.

That's my name for it.

Come one... Come all...

Yummy! Cheap!


See that?

Some of them are getting smart.
They catch humans and eat them.

Let me out of here
you pus-brain bags of shit!

That asshole.


Will you help rescue her?

I've got nothing to lose.

I'm ready for death.

I'll be a decoy.
You guys do what you have to.


I'll go with you.

Well, what do we call you?

Call me...


Get out!


Feed me!

Put 'em up!



No way!


Get in!


Rock with your uncle!

Brace yourselves!

Bloody hell, can't see!

We are all alive, hah! Zombie car, attack!

I'll eat anything!

My hand!

My hands are getting numb.

Got ya!

Hey! No! Don't!

Taku, let go.

No! No!

It hurts!

It fucking hurts!

My turn!

Stupid! Stupid!



I dig it! I dig it!

Kika. Taku.

Kika, get off!


I'd be a third wheel.
Go get revenge!

Take care of No-name.

I will.

Here goes.


This is Kamikaze spirit!


Still haven't found her?

"Artificial Heart Unit"

"Protection for non-infected
by artificial heart unit"

What're you gonna do?

I'll kill that woman.


The cause of this mad Japan.

And my mother.

I have to stop her.

I'm sick of running.

Let me help.
I've nowhere else to go.

I'll have... revenge.

They are human. Not zombie.

We cannot kill them.

They are the new human race.

Coexisting with them is...

Stuff it!

"Yu Kitano"

"Ichiro Koizumi"

"Haruka Nishimura"

Close... very close.

It's time.



You ok?

Welcome home.

Rikka! My heart!

Give it back!

So stupid.

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

You and your heart exist...

because of me.

I've nothing to do with you.

The one who raised me was...


Ungrateful punk.

Why don't you keel over?

Not yet? When?

The signal!

This is it!

A direct hit!

Nobody messes with me.

What in the...?

Die! Die! Die!

Die already!

Hold it!


What the hell is it?

Excuse me, sir!

It's an all-out attack by the zombies!

Get ready for battle!

"Glory of Japan!"

"Reunite Japan!"


Annoying bitch!

Hit the road!

You! Hold it!

Who me?

Get me up there!

Okie dokie!


The genie is out of the bottle!

You are Takahashi, right?


That makes you Kodaira, right?

Nasty! Here we go!

What... What's happening?

Takahashi! Kodaira!

They're here! Thousands!

Not yet.

They're nearing the wall, captain.

Stand firm!

There, there. Good boys.

We're family... all of us.

Everything is glorious!


We're being overrun!

Ah... No!

No good!



Who's there?

A zombie!

Open fire!

Kika-poo! Ready to pack it in?

All's well that ends well!

Take this!

Take that!

Takahashi? What's wrong?


Kodaira... Takahashi?

Is that all you got?

Wanna call it quits?

I'll erase your email addresses.

Maybe we shouldn't see
each other anymore.

While it lasted, it was really...


You are one persistent ass wipe!

Kika-princess! Catch you later!


Give back everything you took!

Brainless fool.

Try, if you can.

Friggin' insane whore-slut.

What was that?!

Watch your language.
Don't talk like that to your mother.

You rely on force...

and never helped dad.

Give it back!

Give my heart back!

Give my father back!

Give my life back!

Give my pudding back!

My... My... My... My...

Give it all back!

Hold it, Kika.

Mom was wrong.

Forgive her.

She was only manipulative.

You can forgive your mom.

Can't you?

It's over.