Drive (2019) - full transcript

A stunt driver gets attracted to his neighbour and is drawn into a dangerous underworld. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
We have a very special guest tonight.

Please welcome Jatin Ahuja,
from Big Boy Toyz.

Hey guys, welcome
to Big Boy Toyz: Drive Nights.

And now, it's time
for the last race of the night.

The winner will get half a million.

So are you guys ready?

Guri, cameras on!

This race will start from India Gate,
go via Chattarpur

and will end in front of us
at this warehouse.

All the best!

Three, two, one... Here we go!

It's difficult to say if you are more sexy
or your driving skills!

Let's have some champagne.

Popping champagne is for ordinary people.





You walk with this swag
Without caring who you bump into

I was waiting for this moment
When you'd bump into me, hey!

You walk with this swag
Without caring who you bump into

I was waiting for this moment
When you'd bump into me

This attitude of yours
That the world revolves around you

Now you'll know soon
Why the world says

Karma is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

There will be no mercy
I swear by God

They call me Karma
and I'm that bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

You don't know

But Karma brings back around
What you throw around

If you'd been good
Then you wouldn't get screwed

But you just couldn't be respectful
No, no, no!

This attitude of yours
That the world revolves around you

Now you'll know soon
Why the world says

Karma is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

There will be no mercy
I swear by God

They call me Karma
and I'm that bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

Karma is a bitch!

VIP gate check-in.

Sir, VIP gate check-in.

Ms. Vibha Singh, Director
of Monetary Restrictions Authority,

facial recognition confirmed.

Log entry route, please.

It's 10:15 a.m., parking, sub level two,

entering elevator 12.

Exiting into grand hall.

Okay, I'll have a word. I will.

- Hello, Mr. Singhania.
- Hello, Ms. Vibha.

- How are you?
- Fine.

Sorry for the delay.

Actually a new scam has surfaced,
I was stuck in its investigation.

- That's fine.
- Please come.

Mr. Singhania,
your business deals are all in cash.

So there's a lot of pressure
on me about your case.

I'm sure we can settle this
off the record.

- Of course.
- Good morning, ma'am.

That's why I made you an offer.

Trust me, online security is a myth...


Sorry, sir.


Cyber Crime?

- Take this.
- Sir, you've misunderstood...

- Come along.
- Sir...

Mr. Singhania, my offer is quite clear.

- You need a clean chit...
- Hello, Ms. Vibha.

...and for that I'm only asking for 40%.

And nowadays,
even Swiss banks are co-operating.

All that is okay, Ms. Vibha,
but a 40% share is too high.

It's too much for me.

Please come.

Mr. Singhania, please relax and think.
You have plenty of time...

- I didn't do anything, sir. No, please...
- Hamid.

- Scoundrel!
- Hamid!

Ma'am, it's you?

- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.

- This...
- Blood?

Not mine, his.

He's Industrialist Kumar's accountant.

A few more punches
and he'll spill all the details.

Then, you see, I'll make him pay
a 30% fine and 30% tax.

Then I'll set up such an inquiry
that even his forefathers will quiver.

- Hey. Speak up, now.
- No, sir...

So, Mr. Singhania...

- No, no, 40% is fine.
- Good.

Fine. I'll send it.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Sir... No, please.

Hamid, where did you find
Kumar's accountant?

Didn't he escape to Dubai?

Ma'am, this isn't Kumar's accountant.

- He's from Cyber Crime.
- Yes, ma'am.

Cyber Crime?

Yeah, I thought Singhania should see
what happens if he doesn’t pay us.

I couldn't find any accountant type.

I bumped into this idiot,

so I picked him up.

Accounts guys and cyber employees
all look the same, don't they?

- Want to go?
- Yes, sir!

Go, go.

- Hey, shut the door.
- Yes, sir.


Did Singhania agree?

After seeing you,
even I would have agreed to pay 40%.

- Hello?
- Hello, Ms. Vibha, please hold.

The Prime Minister
would like to talk to you.

The Prime Minister... okay.

Hello, Ms. Vibha, this is Kirit Ojha,

Special Operational Secretary
to the Prime Minister.

I'm sorry, he had to rush for a meeting,

but he needs your help
with a personal matter.

My help?

I'm sending my guy to you.

He is Irfan. He'll give you the details.

- Okay, but...
- Thank you very much, Ms. Vibha.

The Prime Minister's per...

Hello, ma'am.


I'm Irfan. The Prime Minister sent me.

This is Hamid, the senior-most officer
in my department.

Ma'am, if you don't mind,
can we sit, please?

Shut the door.

Now, please tell me.

Three nights back,

about 660 pounds of gold bars were stolen
from Mehta & Mehta jewelers.

Boss? He's arrived.

He's here alone.

Good. As soon as he comes out
with the gold, catch him.

- And the gold...
- One minute...

- These guys were not with the thief?
- No.

A different gang.

I think this thief must have spoilt
some plan of theirs

and these guys were there to avenge that.


Then the thief did something...

that no thief must have ever done.

Boss, he's set off the alarm.

Why did he set off the alarm?

Because the alarm immediately sends
an alert to Mr. Mehta.

And secondly, also informs
the nearest police station about it.

Go, go!

Hurry up!

Go inside. Grab him and take him with us.

Put your hands up!

Don't move! Hands up!

Despite the police,
how did the thief rob the gold?

To steal from the vault,
he needed two things.

An entry for his gang members
to carry the 660 pounds of gold bars...

And second, the key to open the vault,

which he got by setting off the alarm.

The police station alarm
was intercepted and diverted.

They never got this alert.

Who is this thief?

The King.

The King leaves a card
at his every robbery.

And behind that card, he tells us
where his next robbery will be.

When he stole diamonds from Surat,

he left behind the card
of the Bangalore museum.

In the museum, he left behind
Mehta jewelers' card.

And the card that he left behind there...

was this.

His next robbery will be here.

But this is...

Yes, Ma'am.

The Presidential Palace.

But that's impossible.


I'm sure that the Prime Minister
will feel very secure when I tell him that

"Ms. Vibha says 'that's impossible.'"

Sorry for wasting your time.

Mr. Irfan, I can understand.

You tell me what want me to do,
and I'll handle it.

Thank you.

Mr. Mehta's gold
was bought with black money.

And black money
is your department's jurisdiction.

Mr. Ojha thinks that my investigation
should happen from your department,

so that no one knows what's happening.

Were any leads recovered
from Mr. Mehta's place?

Any CCTV footage, any fingerprints?

- No.
- No?

But we found tire marks
that belong to the cars of the other gang.

Tire marks?

These are special tread tires
that are usually used for racing.

Oh... racing?

Street racing.

Sir, the tire marks that you found
match the car of that girl.

Her name is Tara and she is the owner
of a local courier company.

A local courier makes so much money?

Sir, this is a different kind of courier.

Smugglers, businessmen, black marketers...

Anyone wanting to transport their goods
use the services of her company.

She has a lot of people in her gang,
but she only trusts two.

One is that guy. His name is Bikki.

He's a fixer.

Be it cars or electronics,
he can fix anything.

He has one bad habit...


And the second
is Bikki's girlfriend, Naina.

From fake passports to fake ID cards,

she can forge anything.

Her side-business
is making pirated watches.

Over half of the pirated watches
on the market are made by her.

Hamid, this very girl is after the King.

And only she can lead us to him.

Our guy will have to infiltrate her gang.

I've tried a lot, sir. This girl
doesn't trust anyone just like that.

There is one guy...

who can win this girl's trust.



But you won the race.

Yeah, that's true.
But everyone is still cheering for you.


Hey, brother, what driving!

You left everyone behind.

You're definitely confirmed
on Tara's team.

Come, let's meet everyone.

Bikki, my boyfriend.

- What's up?
- Minor dent on the hood.

- All okay?
- Yes, it's okay.

Baby, he just bought
two watches from me today.

That watch is fake.

Bullshit. It's original.
I got it from the store myself.

May I? Thank you.

Get a refund.

This has 36 diamonds
and the original has 39.

Also, the diamond quality is...

not so good.

Unbelievable! Keep your crap.

My guy will collect the cash tomorrow.

Thanks, dude.

You think you're so smart. Yeah?

Yeah, I am... about a few things.

Chill, boys!


You do a nice burnout.

But I've not seen you here before.

Actually, I'm a Formula One test driver.

I heard that you
drive these toys fast and call it racing,

so came to take a look.

You think you can beat us
in a street race?


Guys, listen to this!

This is a Formula One test driver

who says that he can beat us
in a street race.


Hey, a race can be won
by a one-second margin.

I'll beat you by a margin
of more than one minute.

You want to bet for 50,000?

If you're so confident then why 50,000?
Let's bet for half a million.

In fact, you choose the car for me.

Let's go.


Nice car!

You wish!

Excuse me?



one... Go!

Come on!

Stop. Slow down. Hey, stop!

In a hurry, are you?

Show me the papers. Open the door.

Open up.

Have you been drinking?
Shut the engine and show the car papers.

- I don't have them.
- Sir, he doesn't have any papers.

Modified, is it?

Oh, look who's back.

It seems cops let you go pretty quickly!

What are the odds?

Pink is his daughter's favorite color.

So I gave him the car. And he let me go.

What the hell do you mean,
"gave him the car?" That was my car.

- Was it?
- Okay, listen...

Until you get back the car
and return the half million,

I own you.

Got it?

Is that a camera?

Works? Thanks.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

What is he up to?

Sir, I needed to make an urgent call.

But my battery has died.

I need to call Mom.
Can I borrow your phone, sir?

Yes, sure. Here you go.

One minute, I'm right here.

- That's fine.
- Thank you, sir.

Poor guy has to call his mom.
Looks troubled.

I told him, "Come home,
I'll teach you a lesson."


Tell me, what should I have done?


- Is that Rathore, sir?
- Yes, speaking.

I'm calling from Dainik Bhaskar.

I wanted your comment

- on the anti-corruption raid at your home.
- What?

There has been no raid here.

Sir, we have a confirmed report.

Listen, I'm an honest officer.
Understand? My record is clean.

We have a confirmed report
that you took a bribe from a boy.

A Tata Nano car.

What color was it?

Pink! Pink!

Sir, a pink color Tata Nano car.

Along with that, a lot of cash,
jewelry and watches

were also confiscated from your house.

So would you like to make a comment?



I think the raid hasn't happened yet.

Cut, cut, cut...

Hello? It was a mistake, sir.

Put it in. Fast.

If the raid happens,
not a cent will be left.

In the bag, quickly.

The watches as well. Put it inside.

Come. Let's go.

The gate. Open the gate.

Scoundrel, you want a comment?
I'll give you a comment.

Pick up the phone. Pick up, scoundrel!

Yes, sir.

Hey... you?

Hey! Stop! Hey!

Stop, you scoundrel!

You bloody...


It's probably more than half a million,

but it's okay.

Oh, by the way,

nobody owns me.


What do you mean, "just met her?"

You were sent undercover,
not to romance her.

Now, find out quickly what she knows
about the King. That's it! Fast!

You talk to him.

Mr. Irfan, why have you got stuck
in this undercover officer's mess?

It's the digital era, now.
You do one thing...

- One minute. Hamid?
- Ma'am?

Do one thing.

Send Tara and her friends' e-mails,

bank accounts and credit card details
to Cyber Cell.

No, ma'am, that is impossible.

They will become official records.

Look, Hamid, do nothing of the sort.

Keep it quiet.

Relax, we'll think of something else.
A different idea?

Let's go. We'll find some other way.

I'm sure we'll find a way.

- Hey.
- Sorry, sir.

I'm not Mr. Kumar's accountant.
My name is Raj, sir.

I know, kid. I know everything.
You're from the CCD, right?

CCD, sir?

- Cyber Crime Department.
- Cyber Crime. Yes, sir.

- Here, do one thing. Take this.
- Sir.

I need all their details,
e-mail ID, phone, everything.

Got it?

Sir, I'll talk to my senior...


Mr. Irfan, let him do it.

We also have our ways
of handling the black-money holders.

I don't want it on-record.
You do it off-records.

- Got it?
- Sir, off-records will be difficult...

You were hurt here that day, right?

- Sir, it'll be done.
- Right? Very good.

Come to the office
where you were beaten up, okay?

The call was not traceable.

- Keep at it.
- Okay.

I've checked everywhere,

but there's nothing on this King.

Do one thing.

Find out where has he hidden
the gold that he stole from Mehta's.

Once we grab that

he'll come to us himself.

Hey, guys, did you see my iPad somewhere?


No talking on the phone from today.

If you need to tell me anything,
you know the code.

Okay, let me show you
a card trick of mine.

- Okay.
- All right.

- Come on.
- Your card... king.

That's my card?

Give me your hand.

That's it.

This is mine.

I get a queen.

- Are you ready?
- Okay.

Yeah? Let's do this.

Well, check the card now.

Where is it?

Where did it go? Where is it?

Where is the king?

- Your card was to get replaced...
- But where is the king?


That is your card, right?

But where did the king card go?

Right in front of you.

That was... really cool.

Where did you learn that?

From my ex-husband.

He impressed me
with these kind of card tricks.

Soon, we were dating.

And he made me feel like
all his time and attention was just mine.

In some time, we also got married.

And some time later...

he disappeared.

He had taken loans of millions in my name.

I was to be arrested.

I had to change my name
and my whole identity to escape.

I lost everything.

And was left just with these card tricks.

It's a good trick, at least.

It was.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sir, I've checked everything.

But apart from racing, shopping
and partying, they don't do anything.

Anything from the phone tapping?

No, sir. They are together
all day long, anyway.

Just keep forwarding messages
to each other.

Keep looking.

What a bore.

What happened? Girlfriend trouble?
Here, I'll handle her.

No, sir. It's a marketing message.

"Call to check your future,"
and such type...

Marketing messages have viruses in them.

So I delete
without even opening them. Yes, sir.

How can they tell your future, anyway?
That's in my hands.

That's it!

No one looks at marketing messages.

These people are talking to each other
via marketing messages.

Come on. I want to see all the messages.

Bikki gets weight loss, card bills,
electronics, gadgets.

Naina gets gym membership discount,
share market messages.

Samar and Tara get fashion
and property investment messages.

This means, there's nothing here.

- No, you can't trust him.
- Hey, what's up, guys?

Guess what?
I'm going to propose to her today.

- Seriously? Congratulations!
- No, no. Are you mad?

He's already proposed to her twice
and she said no both times.


- She didn't say no.
- What's wrong with you?

She said, "let's get settled,
then we'll get married."

Just a minute.

Guys, I'm a little tired.
Let's meet tomorrow.

- But you were going to propose.
- Yeah, but...

Actually, I should go too.
Just drop me on the way.

Okay. Bye.



Hey, come here. What is it?

What is it?

Sir, actually, they received
this message a few minutes back.

Oh, just what we needed.

A poem!

Is this a poem?

One should shoot such poets.

- Sir, actually...
- A poem?

Sir, it isn't...

This isn't a poem. It's a coded message.

- It's railcode.
- What?

That's right. Come.

We'll get the location too with this code.

Instead of modern coding,
they're using old coding.

That's smart, very smart.

Sir, what's this "petticoat"?

Not "petticoat," railcode!

Sir, this kafir is a code?

Write the first letters
of the poem in a line.

G-Y-exclamation mark.

Rail line. Ma'am...

- Right.
- One line.

Second line.

And this coding system.

Now connect them.

- "King's gold..."
- K-A...

Very good. You're a genius.
You cracked it.

Sir, I got the location
of the King's gold.

Gopiganj police station. Yes!

Ojha, sir?

We need a rapid response team.
And really fast.

Entry permits? Vibha ma'am will organize.

- Okay.
- Yeah, it will be done.

Hamid, tell the undercover agent
to be prepared.

However fast they drive today,

they won't escape us.


there's nothing here.

Totally empty.

- Seems the King moved Mehta's gold.
- Shit!

He must have shifted it.

But how can he always
be one step ahead of us?

But he must have hidden it close by.
We have to look for it!

But this is Gopiganj police station.
It should be here.

Yeah, but it could be somewhere close by.


What are you doing? Follow them!

Go right!

Hit him!

Sir, they're escaping.
When will your guy come?

Hamid... Move.

Okay, sir. Okay.

Guys, who is this?

Let's get them, Arjun.

Son of a bitch!

Guys, fast! Move!

Get into the service lane.

Guys, block him!

Watch out!

Quick, boost now!

Make sure all the exits are blocked.
Hamid, do you copy?

Okay, sir, okay. Copy, sir.

- Block all highway exits.
- Okay, sir, copy!

Let's take the next exit.


Watch out!

They've blocked all exits.

You all know where to meet, right?

Guys, split up.

All guards stay with them.

Let's go, let's go!

That side.

- One team, check that side.
- Okay, sir.

- That way, left and ahead also.
- Okay, sir.

Left side.

Sir, they escaped.

This is even better, Hamid.

They left the King's gold and ran away.

Now he'll come to us on his own.

This girl doesn't trust just anyone.

There is one guy
who can win this girl's trust.


No one steals my stuff from me.

You're the King.

Guys, where are you all?

We've reached it.

- Come on, Let's start the races.
- Look at your faces. Wow!

Boom. It's a fake. Sorry.

You guys got my gold seized.
It's for that.


If you're the King, then why
did you come to us on your own?

To figure out why your guys
were after me at the jewelry store.

Okay, wait.

How did you know that we were after you?

Take this...

I told you not to take him.


now my question.

Can we go in some other car, buddy?

I don't fit in this, buddy.

- Here?
- Yeah, much better.

I'll adjust.

- You guys please continue talking.
- Thanks.

We were after you

because we want to steal something
for which we need your help.

Everyone knows the King doesn't work
with anyone but his own people.


So we thought, if we could
steal your gold from you,

maybe you would be impressed
and help us out.

You want the King's help?


Guys, you've done so much
to find the King, so...

I also need to be honest.

I'm not the real King.



No, I did all those robberies.

But I leave the King's name behind

so that the cops go after him,
and I just have fun.

Cool, no?

- Yeah? No?
- I'm gonna kill you!

Stop! Let go of him!

And just so you know, the robberies
that impressed you so much...

I did those, not the King.


They got to us because of you.

Got to us? What nonsense!

No one knows about me.

And that Arjun?

- What?
- He's an undercover police officer.

He also found out about us, like you did,

and now he's looking for the King here.

- No, no!
- Hear us out first.


He knows nothing about us.
I've handled it.

Then how did he seize the gold?

He didn't seize the gold.
We ensured it got seized.

Ensured, how?

The Director of Monetary Restrictions
Authority, Ms. Vibha Singh

takes a 40% share
of businessmen's black money

and gives them a clean chit.

And she has hidden her money in a place

from where no one
would even think of stealing it.

What place is that?

The Presidential Palace.

You're joking, right?

We let the gold be seized

because we knew she won't be able
to resist after seeing so much gold.

She'll keep it.

Forge the warehouse papers and declare
only 66 pounds as seized gold.

The rest goes into my room.

Greed is a sin.

When the British built the Palace,
they added secret tunnels and chambers.

But to this day,
no one knows their locations.

Singh found one such place.

Now she hides all her money
in this secret chamber.

Unfortunately, that secret chamber

is at the center
of the Presidential Palace.

Again, how much money is there?


Only... 8.9 billion.

The Presidential Palace.

There are only three ways to get inside.

First, the employee entrance
in the North block.

Second, the service entrance

in the North block basement parking.

And third, the visitor entrance
to the South block.

All three entrances are guarded
by heavily-armed CRPF soldiers.

The main building has 340 rooms
and 1.5 miles of corridors.

A special protection group
handles its security.

They've been given permission

to shoot-on-sight
if they're even slightly suspicious.

Not just that:
the main security control room

monitors the whole Palace

through a network of 7200 CCTV cameras.

The control room is equipped
with facial recognition software

that can identify anybody
within one minute.

I'm thinking we should go in through
the service entrance. But let's see.

Shall we start?


So, there is 8.9 billion
in the Palace's secret chamber.

And this secret chamber
is two levels below

the artifact restoration room
connected to the Palace's museum.

We'll get only one chance
to steal this money.

And that's why we have to steal it
seven days from today.

It's the annual day
of all the security forces.

Seven days?

So, that day, the Palace is shut.

And a lunch will be organized

for both the security forces
in the Mughal gardens that day.

Then, for half an hour, there will be
no security guards in the Palace.

Only two.

They will be watching
the CCTV in the main control room.

And that day, we'll enter the Palace

posing as workers
of the restoration department.

Why the restoration department?

Because when the Palace is shut,

only the restoration department workers
are given a permit.

But the problem is that for this permit,
the restoration department

has to get clearance
from 64 departments and submit it

to the scheduling department
of the Palace.

So just to get in,

we have to get clearance
from 64 departments?


And that, too, in just seven days?

we have to do all this in one day.

That's not possible.


It's the first time your department
has given complete paperwork.

I just have one request.

Please finish in half a day.
A conference is scheduled in the hall.

High profile businessmen are expected.

So ma'am, we'll need the space
an hour before to clean up.

Don't worry.
Our work will be done by then.

Now the most important part of the job.

Our exit route.

And to figure that out,
you two will go the Palace tomorrow.


will pose as a worker
of the Last Wish Foundation.

When you two go there, the CRPF
will not allow you inside

because your paperwork will be incomplete.

What do you mean, incomplete?

After some time,
you will ask to meet this man.

Retired Colonel Khurana,
Public Relations Officer.

He will clear your entry
and directly meet you in the museum.

Why will he allow them inside
without paperwork?

Because who doesn't want to grant
the last wish of a dying man?

Ms. Garima, please don't worry at all.
Please come.

Sorry that our paperwork wasn't correct.

We actually have very few volunteers
atthe Last Wish Foundation.

Oh, worry not!

So we are very busy... A lot of work...

Is that Bittu?

Bittu has a very rare disease.

When we asked him his last wish,

he said he wanted to see
the Presidential Palace.

Will you grant his last wish?

- Yes, come. Let's start here.
- Let's go.

Great. So now, the CCTV cameras.

To evade them...

Don't worry about the CCTV cameras.
I've got that covered.

When we plug this into the Palace's system
we'll have full control over every camera.

Where did you get that?

I have a contact. You don't know him.



By the way, what do I have to do tomorrow?

We have to go and mark the exit route.

Mark, how?

The Palace measures 300,000 square feet

with 1.5 miles of corridors and 350 rooms.

After the robbery,
if we take one wrong turn,

we end up in the Prime Minister's office
instead of the basement parking.

So we have to mark the exact exit route.

And for that,
you will go there tomorrow as a tourist.

At the entry, they'll take your photo
and upload it to the central database.

Once you get clearance,
you'll be given a blue ID like this.

There are GPS trackers on visitor IDs

so that the control room guards
can monitor your movements.

So first, you'll have
to hide it somewhere.

Then you'll wear
this fake red employee ID,

go meet the admin head, Mr. Kumar,
and get our entry cleared.

And remember, this red one is a fake ID,

so stay away from the guards.

They have permission
to shoot-on-sight. I know...

Just a minute.

So tomorrow, we go to the Palace
and mark the corridors with spray paint,

in front of the guards...

visible on CCTV...

and no one will stop us?




Kumar, sir.

Here, some sweetmeats.

My sister got married.

Oh, you didn't recognize me? Sorry.

I'm Alisha. Alisha Malik.

From Accounts.

Oh, yes, from Accounts. Congratulations.

- From accounts...
- Thank you.

Go, come back later.

Let me feed you myself.

A big one?

I like big ones.

Naughty, sir.


Go on then.


Work first, right, sir?

One minute.

- Hello?
- Victory to India!

Sir, I'm calling from the North block
parking, gate number three.

Yes, speak.

Sir, a vehicle has arrived,
a garbage truck...

Garbage truck? I haven't given
clearance to any garbage truck.

He says you gave permission.

We don't have any papers regarding this.

What papers?
Which gate are you calling from?

Gate three, sir. We haven't received...

Oh, so sorry, sir.

It's okay.

I dropped the sweets on your papers.

- One minute...
- It's an important permit.

Yes, I have the paper.

Sir, can I let him in, then?

Yes, let him in. I'll send you the papers.

- Lock down the Palace immediately.
- Yes, sir.

All visitors and staff,

please assemble
in the Grand Hall immediately.

This is not a drill.

I repeat, this is not a drill.

Hey, what's going on here?

This is the King! I'm sure of it.

These are rats.

Idiot! Where did the rats
come from suddenly?

Go to the control room
and check who has entered

from the service entry and the parking
in the last 20 minutes.

Move it!

Remote lock museum doors.

Yes, sir.

Check every employee
and visitor's ID again.

Sir, the Pest Control Department
is on site.

- Give complete access to Pest Control.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, the Pest Control team
wants to go into the museum.

Give them access.

Yes, I'm just checking. One minute..

- Show the footage of the parking.
- One minute sir, it's loading.

Stop! Rewind it!

- Yes, sir.
- Why has the timer stopped on this one?

Rewind it. Stop.

Show me that.

Sir, this camera seems to be on a loop.

How do we take the cash out, now?

Exit the way you came in! Go!

Hello? What are you all doing here?

Show me your IDs.

Sir, hold your breath.
We just sprayed a deadly poison.

Please wear this. Come this way.

Get out of here.

Come on. Let's go, sir.


Sir, four Pest Control personnel

in the museum's restoration room
are not traceable.

Check all CCTV cameras.

Stop, please.

Scan her ID.

Yes, sir.

And remember this red employee ID is fake.

Scan it again.

I have my ID in my office.
I've called for it.

Raj, check whose ID got rejected just now.

Background check required.
Employee ID 1728.


One minute...

Ask her to lift her veil.

Madam, please lift the veil.

Madam, show your face.

Match the face.

Sir, please keep moving.

He's getting my ID.

Detain her.

Sir, 30 more seconds.

Not me! Detain her.

Hey, what was the name
of the girl who was right here?

A lady named Alisha Malik.

She's worked in Accounts for seven years.

Hamid, I personally spoke
to the Pest Control Department.

None of their employees
went inside the restoration room.

These are the same four people,
and know about our cash.

Light it.

Shall we move it somewhere else?


What if their plan is to scare us

so that it makes it easier for them
to steal the money when we move it?

Move it, indeed!

Light it.

We'll keep it in a place
that even their forefathers can't reach.

What are you saying, Hamid?

What could be more secure
than the Presidential Palace?


- Okay.
- Excuse me, ma'am.

- What?
- Sir...

Got a lighter?

Ma'am, actually, the fingerprints
we lifted from the garbage truck...

I checked them through the whole system
but I couldn't find a match.

Dumb ass!

Every day there's more bad news.

Where is he, that Sherlock Holmes?
Where is he?

Ma'am, who?

Irfan, who else?

Ma'am, he's in the museum's
restoration room.


Come on. Where is he?

Mr. Irfan, what are you doing here?

Ma'am, have you ever seen
Mr. P.C. Sorcar's magic show?

P.C. Sorcar?

I've seen it.

Some 20 years back.

There was a very beautiful girl
sitting next to me.

And Mr. Sorcar... chose a volunteer.


And he asked me to choose
an assistant for myself.

So I chose her. She was beautiful.

Mr. Sorcar then told me
a long spell in my ear

and asked me to make
that girl memorize it.

I tried my best,
but the girl kept getting it wrong.

Audience started laughing.

She couldn't learn and they kept laughing.

That's when Mr. Sorcar...


Like magic.

What a show!

Sir, it's a very common trick
among magicians.

That's their technique.

That girl who was sitting next to you
was actually Mr. Sorcar's assistant.

And he chose you
because you were sitting next to her.

He made a fool of you, that's all.

- Hamid!
- No, no, he's right. He's right.

And in just the same way,
the King made a fool of you.

- Me?
- Yes.

The King entered the building
with his people, unseen by any cameras,

got out and disappeared. Like magic?

But just like Mr. P.C. Sorcar
made his assistant sit next to me,

similarly, the King
made his assistant sit next to you.

You understand?

You rascal!

You work for the King!
You were hacking for him. Admit it!


- Admit it!
- No, sir.

He can't be the King's man. I found him.

Yes, sir.

Did you find him or did he
find his way to you? Think, Hamid.

Sorry, sir.

He wasn't working for you.

He was hacking for them.

That's why they weren't seen
on any cameras.

And escaped.

And no records remained.

Lift her veil.

- Hamid!
- Hamid!

Don't be stupid. Don't do this.
Guards, come here.

Stand down.


Take him away. I'll interrogate him.

Tell Arjun I want fresh fingerprints.

I'm sure they'll match.

Whatever the King is after,
it's in this room.

Guards, nothing and no one
comes in or goes out of this room.

Seal this place.

- Hamid.
- Sir!

- We can still...
- It's over.

They found the truck and Raj is arrested.

By now they must have found out
that we know about the secret chamber.

It's over.

It's all right.

I think we can try.

Everybody can...

One second.


Thank you, guys. Thank you.

Thank you.

What is all this?

What happened?

She just proposed to me and...

I said yes.

Congratulations, man!

Thank you, bro.

I'm so happy for you.

Come here! Wow!

- So cool.
- Yes!


Yo, bro!

We're getting married!


It's not over yet.

We will steal that money from right there.

I promise.

These guys...

Wait. It's my wedding.
I get to plan everything.



I am your devotee

Only your devotee

When I first saw you
I got intoxicated and high

When I first saw you
I got intoxicated and high

Don't get me any higher
I don't want to become a saint

I am at your door
Ready for you

The entire world seems to know
But only you don't seem to

I am your devotee

Only your devotee

Only you, my love, are on my mind
I am your devotee

Please don't keep me waiting
I am your devotee

Only you, my love, are on my mind
I am your devotee.

Please don't keep me waiting
I am your devotee

I am your devotee
Only your devotee

Oh, Brother!

Hurry up and skip the scriptures

Everybody just say, Amen

Walk around the fire and
Everybody just say Amen

Finish all these rituals and leave
Let me do my thing, Amen

She's excited, my life is settled
Everybody just say Amen

I notice the small things you do

Your intentions aren't noble
I know that too

You'll bring a bridal procession
To my door

Not to marry me
But just to party with me all night

So then make a good man out of me
I am ready to be

The entire world seems to know
But only you don't seem to

I am your devotee

Only your devotee

Only you my love is on my mind
I am your devotee

Please don't keep me waiting
I am your devotee

I am your devotee

Only your devotee

I am your devotee

Sir, the new fingerprints that Arjun sent,

from the bottle...

They don't match.

I tried many times.

The prints from the garbage truck
and the King card

belong to someone else.

Sir, did Raj reveal anything?

Nothing. He never met the King.
Only spoke on the phone.

And he has deleted all the phone records.

I don't understand
how is he doing all this?

And the main question is...

What are they trying to steal
from that room?

Bank of London.

What is all this?

There is a bank in London.

They convert their client's money
into diamonds and keep it in a vault.

This bank has at least 550 billion
worth of diamonds.

But to steal from there
is virtually impossible.

Even the bank's managers can't open
the vault without the client present.

And you plan to convert the money
from this robbery into diamonds...

become their client,

and steal all their diamonds.

That's the plan.

But I was thinking,
what if we do this robbery as a team?

You and I...


I swear, I'm telling you.
I'm not going to...

We'll be together. That's important.

Bullshit. I was right.

Never get married if you don't have money.

- Let's talk...
- Nothing is going to come of it.

Guys, please tell us now.

Where are we going for our honeymoon?

- What?
- I mean, if we steal the money,

then we'll go to Miami... or else Manali.

You'll go to Miami. Because I have a plan.


Allow me to explain.

- Okay.
- Look...

It's easy to enter the Palace
with restoration IDs.

It's once we get inside
that our problems start.

Number one. Without Raj,
we can't hack the CCTV cameras.

Number two. Irfan is guarding
the artifact restoration room 24 hours.

And number three.

The truck we were to use
to take the cash out

has been impounded by Irfan.

Babe... In that case
I'm booking our tickets to Manali.

No! We got a plan.

It is difficult but not impossible.

So now, listen carefully.

The CCTV camera system will freeze?

Arjun? The undercover cop Arjun?

Poem? The railcode?

What? Wait!

Cameras will take
only five and a half minutes to reboot?

One minute. Let me get this straight.

To switch off the camera system,

at lunch time, we're going to make both
the guards in the Control Room believe

that the whole camera system has frozen.

So they reboot the system themselves.


But that can only happen
if Irfan and his guards

stay inside the museum's
artifact restoration room.

Because that room
doesn't have any cameras.

And to keep them busy inside the room,

we're going to use the railcode poem.

Which I will send on Tara's phone
just before the cameras freeze.


But then what we want is for Irfan
and his guards to leave the room

the moment the cameras are rebooted.

Because the system will reboot
in five and a half minutes

which is too little time for us, anyway.

So basically, this whole plan
is dependent on Irfan.

If he leaves the room a second before,
the cameras won't go off.

And if he leaves late,
we won't have time to do the robbery.

I told you,

it's difficult but not impossible.


Let's assume everything goes as per plan.

What about problem number three?

They've impounded our truck.

How will we escape with the cash?

Oh, that's easy.

We'll get caught.



Oh, shit!

Hamid, Arjun is calling.

Go ahead, Arjun.

That's railcode. Send it immediately.

Yes, sir.

He was clean bowled!

Yeah, right.

What happened to the system?

How did all the cameras freeze?

Looks like the system froze.

Let's restart it.

Just wait two minutes.

Come on, hurry up.

Come on.

Look, something moved!

No buddy, nothing moved.

No, something moved.

- I'm rebooting the system.
- No, wait two minutes.

Oh, my God! Let's go!


Hey, why are the cameras off?

Sir, the system froze. We rebooted it.

- You guys are so stupid.
- Come on!

Ms. Vibha!

- So much cash!
- Oh, my God!

I'm a rich man, now. Money! Money!

Put the cash in there.
Put the gold in the boxes! Now!

Hey, what happened to the power? Check it.

This way.

This way! Here!

- One minute, Hamid.
- Yes, sir.

He does this every time.
Sends us one way and escapes another.

- Where's the truck?
- In the basement parking.

That's it. That's his exit route.
Come on, follow me!

This way?

- Hamid...
- Yes, sir.

- Have you taken their phones?
- Yes.

And check all records as well.

Thank God they couldn't steal.

Hamid! They took all the money.
They took everything.

They escaped
with all our cash, Hamid. Catch them!

- What money?
- Relax.

What is she talking about?

No, sir, she's just tense.

No, Hamid, the four took cash...

What cash?

- What cash?
- She's just tense. We caught them.

Look, they're sitting here.

- Here.
- Stop them. All the cash...

No. Look here! All four of them.

What happened to you?
What cash are you talking about?

Why did you have to open your mouth?

They fooled us.

These are not those four people.

The real thieves are different people!

Are you high?
These are the four that we caught. Look.

Hamid, how do I explain to you?

They knew you all
were going to chase them.

So they sent you chasing these four.

Who? What are you talking about?

Photos... I saw them in the photos.

Where are they?
Yes, look at this. Look here.

- This.
- This is the same girl. Tara.

Yes, this is Tara.
But the other girl is the thief!

Sir, the tyre marks that you had found
match that girl's car.

Her name is Tara
and she owns a local courier company.

She only trusts two people.

Bikki... and his girlfriend Naina.

Where is that guy? Here.

Look at this. This was the guy.

This guy took most of the money.

The new fingerprints
that Arjun has sent don't match.

The garbage truck and King card
fingerprints belong to someone else.

You've been chasing the wrong people.

The real thieves
are escaping with the money.

Come on, move! Start.

Load it fast!

Put them in the jeeps, fast!
Hurry up, move it!

What are you doing? Lift it carefully.

Okay, all set?

What are you doing? Lift it fast!

Why are you all
at the Presidential Palace?

There's a conference in the Hall.

High profile business people
are expected to attend.

Sir, we were invited
to the trade conference.

How could we not attend?

And how did you come here?

In our own cars.


Boss, they are chasing after you.

Yes, we put the cash
into the Police Jeeps.

Yes, boss.

Let's go, guys.

That's them!

Guys, to reach the highway we'll have
to cut through the airport. Let's go.




Oh, shit! Pull!

Damn it.

Hamid, we are getting onto the highway.

Put blockades ahead.
I want all exits covered.

Guys, are you ready to jump?

Hey, what you honking so much for?
Why don't you fly instead?


Go! Up, up!

Sorry. Your journey ends here.

You did all those robberies
and left the King's name behind.

You left my name behind.

Because of you, the cops came after me.

And now I have to run again,

change my identity again.

So, in my place,
I'm leaving you behind for the cops.

Your fingerprints will match
the prints on the garbage truck.

You loved playing King, right?

So, congratulations!

Now everyone will think
that you're really the King.

Trying to run with the money?

Tell me where my money is!

Stop it, Hamid! No!

- Stop it!
- Sir, let go of me!

- I'll kill him.
- Arrest him!

Arrest him, I said!
Find out about that cash!

So sorry to keep you waiting, Mrs. Khan.

Do you have the diamonds with you?


Shall we proceed to the vault?

Yes, of course.

May I leave you in the very capable hands
of our vault manager, Mr. Sharma?

Yes, of course.

It's good to see you, Mrs. Khan.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you.

What did you think?
You saw my plans by chance?

I left my iPad open
just so you could see it all.

You see, I had full faith
that you would certainly betray me.

I told you the plan,
and then made a small suggestion.

There is a bank in London.

Even the bank's managers can't open
the vault without the client present.

And finally... a distraction.

Shall we, ma'am?

You could have made anyone a client.

Why did you come only to me?

I needed 50 billion,
and you were going to steal that.

Actually, I wanted
to tell you the truth sooner.

But my boss didn't trust you.



Hello, Ms. Vibha, this is Kirit Ojha,

Special Personal Secretary
to the Prime Minister.

He needs your help with a personal matter.

I'm sending my guy to you.

His name is Irfan.
He'll give you the details.

Good morning, ma'am.

Hold him! Arrest him! Arrest him, I said!

Good morning, Mrs. Khan.
So nice to finally meet you.

I'm Mr. Peter,
the Security In-charge of this bank.

Now that we're all here,
let's open the vault.


Let me start with my password.

Yours, Mr. Sharma, is second as always.

You can either enter your code

and share 50-50 with us,

or none of us will get anything.

The choice is yours.

It would be a good idea
to step back, please.