Drishyam 2 (2022) - full transcript

A gripping tale of an investigation and a family which is threatened by it. Will Vijay Salgaonkar be able to protect his family this time?

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Pay attention to the sights,
and not the words.

Because sounds can
often be deceptive.

But sight...

Sights never lie.

So the question is not
what is in front of your eyes.

The question is what
are you looking at?

David, my brother.

How are you?

All good, man.

Hand it over.

Next time you got to be here earlier.

You can't keep me waiting like this.

You see,
Tony, I want to leave this job.

If I don't leave this job,
my wife will leave me.

That's a good thing.

End of all your troubles.

Let her go. Find yourself a new wife.

You see, you can't
keep changing jobs all the time.

I apologise, but I really
cannot continue doing this.



Give me my money, Tony.

I need the money.

You'll get paid
only after you make the next delivery.


-Tony, please listen to me--

Tony, I need the money.

My family... please give
me my money, Tony.


David, stop.


You brought the police!

You scum.

I didn't bring anyone!

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Catch him. Stop.

Mary, open the door.

Coming. Hold on.

Mary, open the door.

-What took you so long?

What happened?

Pack your bags.
We need to leave right now!

Go where?

What did you do?

Where is Agnelo?


Go get him.

-Who beat you up?

-Hey, Agnelo.

-What did you do?


Pick him up.

Why are you screaming?

What are you doing?

David, who did this?

Tell me what did you do?

This is no time to explain, Mary.

Just do as I said.
Stop driving me crazy!

Surrender now,
you don't have a choice.

Surrender now.

"The truth seems like
a lie courtesy of your eyes."

"Drishyam (Visual)!"

"Is it true what they see
or is it an illusion."


"All trials and the pleas."

"Keep testifying for the truth."



"Focus on the sights,
not on the sounds."

"Because sounds can
often be deceptive."

"But sights... never lie."

"So question you need to ask
is not what you see."

"The question is
what are you trying to see."

"Lies are filled with several secrets
swearing to be all true."



"Although a mystery but the truth
can't stay hidden for long,"



"All trials and the pleas."

"Keep testifying for the truth."



Did you forget what I said
or have you forgotten?


I told you one day,
I'll drag you to jail.

Even if I've to plot
fake evidence for it.

Truth is like a seed, inspector.

Doesn't matter how deep you bury it,

it always comes out someday.

Take him away.

Come on.

I'll teach you a lesson
in the police station.

Come on.

Sir, how did you like the film?

The film has incredible reviews.

And advance booking is in full swing.

It will only last
the first couple of days.

After that, it's a no-show.

The hero goes to jail in the end.

People don't like endings like these.

What do we do, sir?

Increase shows of the comedy film
that was playing earlier.

Okay, sir.


Hurry up, Vijay.

This is the second time
I'm reheating the food.

Bring the salad.


New releases always make me late.

Phone down.

Papa, when will the shooting
of our film begin?


And who will you cast as the hero?

Ranbir Kapoor.

Please, dad. Please. Please.

Ranbir Kapoor?

Okay. I'll talk to him.

Indeed. Because Ranbir Kapoor
is related to us, isn't he?


Is Ranbir Kapoor related
to all the other producers?

He does their films too.

And we have a pretty solid story.

It will be a big hit.

And what if it's not.

You are always so negative.

One should always be positive.

You're always demoralising.

Now don't ask me
the meaning of 'demoralise'.

I do know that much English.

Demoralise meaning Note bandi
(demonetisation), correct?


Hey, why are you two laughing?

She is right.

Why don't you listen to me?

Don't make me repeat myself!

Listen to me. I don't have any money.

-You don't have money.
-No, I don't.

-I don't have money.
-How dare you lie to me?

I don't have any money.
I won't give you money for booze!

How dare you not give me money?

You should keep the money under
my pillow without having to tell you.

-Do you understand?
-Leave me.

-Take it out.
-I don't have any money.

What are you doing? I don't...

There they go again in the morning.

A cup of tea, please.

-I won't give you money.
-You won't?

Poor thing.

Do something.

I don't want to see that idiot's face
in the morning.

Get a job.

If I get a job, when will I booze...

When Anju used to have seizures,

Jenny was the only one who helped me.

You weren't even around.

Give me the money.

Do something!

Don't do this, please.

I won't give you money
even if you kill me.

-I see...
-Leave me. Don't do this.

I will kill you today!

I'll show you.

-What are you doing?
-It's do or die today.

Give me money! Give me money!

Beating your own wife.
Aren't you ashamed?

He'll drink to his grave someday.

He's been drinking all morning.

When I refused to give him more money,
he hit me.

Go make a buck on your own.
I won't give you money...

Make a buck on my own? How?

And you, Vijay Salgaonkar.

Who called you here? Who called you?

Stop meddling in my affairs.

Stay away.

This isn't your property anymore,

to come and go as you please.

I paid you a fair price
for this piece of land.

I respect the law too much,

I would have set you straight.

You and your respect for the law.

I know everything.

-In fact, all of Goa knows.

How you confused the law
with your 2nd and 3rd October story,

I know everything.

And next time,
if you interfere in my private matter,

-then I will--

You will what?

Take it. Get lost! Go on!

My money.

Thank you, darling.

Get lost.

I'll show you. I know everything.

Sorry, brother.

You should try
filing a police complaint.

They fix even the worst.

The police can't
make him quit drinking.

He might not quit drinking,

but at least he'll stop hitting you.

-The rest is up to you.


He is right.

Another serious controversy
on Payal Shikhawat's show.

According to sources, Om Kapoor
was supposed to be one of the guest.

But due health issues...

The entire film industry is corrupt.

You make it sound like
you know someone in the film industry.

Martin, what's my last month's bill?

Another one from the industry.

Rs. 12,400.

Careful, Martin.

A lot of ridiculous news
has been surfacing recently

about the film industry.

That's where all
these cons are headed.

Martin, check the kitchen.

Smells like something burning.

Dude, he humiliated you,
and you did nothing.

He's a criminal.

What can you expect from him?

And we are decent people.

We shouldn't be talking
to these murderers.



"The water is blue.
And day is also sunny--"



-Pick up the phone.

Hello. Mirage Cable.

Yes... no... not at all.
I mean yes...

I'll send someone over.
Sorry, sorry. I'll send someone.

Got yelled at again.

When will you ever learn?

Sometimes I wonder
why I made you the manager.

Sir... I am so hardworking.

See, I've gathered
the entire month's collection.

You were supposed to deposit
this money in the bank.

Sorry, I forgot.

And the CCTV camera.

I told you dozens of times
to get it fixed.

I am sure you forgot that too.

It's hard to forget if you call
a dozen times to get the CCTV fixed.


Come here.

How much longer will it take?

It's done.

What was wrong?

It was a software issue, sir.
It's been updated now.

Everything is working fine.


Sir, that's your cable TV office,

and the office premises.

That's the cabin at the theatre,

and the premise.

All good now?

What's good about it?

No privacy at all.

You'll know what we are up to.

I always know who's working
and who's not.

Another one here.

Vijay sir.

Some Mahesh Deshmukh's
here to see you.

How are you, Vijay?

I'm fine.

Is this your theatre?


It's very nice.

We've been here for two weeks.

We're flying back to London
in a couple of days.

We were here last year too.

For Sam's rituals.

Although the rituals
are conducted with the remains, but...

Since we didn't have
Sam's remains, so...

The priest said Sam's spirit
hasn't received salvation yet.

For that...

we must perform the rituals
with his remains.

Vijay, can you please tell me
where Sam's body is?


You can trust me.
I won't tell anyone.

Not even, Meera. Please.

Please. Don't do this.

It's not that I don't trust you.

But I can't help
you even if I want to.

I've a request.

Don't come back here.


All well?


How about you? How's Dubai?

Dubai is nice.

It's beautiful.

But not as beautiful as Goa.

So, what's the progress on our film?

Murad sir,

I narrated the story of my film
to several people.

They all thought
it was pretty impressive.


they still don't
like the film's ending.

All my experiences in life
has come through films.

And now I've invested
all my life's savings in this film.

If you don't mind,

I would like to share
an idea with you.

Why would I mind?

I know you are not
one of those producers,

who run after money.

In fact, frankly speaking
your ideas are pretty realistic.

Connected to human emotions.

So... what's the idea.



I know you are crazy about films.

So when you sold a piece of your land,
and started a theatre, I said nothing.

But... do you have
to produce this film?

What is the problem?

Everything is going pretty smooth.

I know that. But...

We have two daughters.

And we've certain responsibilities
towards them.

I am doing it for them.

By the way, how much money have you,
invested in the film till date.

Tell me.

Let me think.

Travelling expenses,
hotel bills, writer's fee.

3... 3.5...

3.5 million?

You keep telling me to spend wisely,

while you blew away
3.5 million on this film.

I didn't blow it away.

It's an investment.

And what are you doing now?


"I want us to be together
when the sun's in the sky,"

"be together
when the moon's shining bright."

"Together in happiness,
and in sorrows."

"Even if our own shadow leave us,"

"deserts us for good,
but we'll be together."

"We lack nothing,
with the earth under our heads,"

"and the sky above us,
and be together always."

"I want us to be together
when the sun's in the sky,"

"be together
when the moon's shining bright."

"Together in happiness,
and in sorrows."

"Just like life is filled with joy,"

"may this last forever."

"May our happiness never be jinxed,"

"let it stay this way."

"I want us to be together
on a rainy day,"

"together when the spring is upon us."

"I want us to be together
when the sun's in the sky,"

"be together
when the moon's shining bright."

I was just passing-by
and thought I should drop in.

How is your health now?

My health is perfect.

What did the doctor say?

The doctor said
you've many more years to live, Savio.

At least a year.

Even a couple of months
is enough if you live properly.

even a decade isn't sufficient.

Sorry. I couldn't attend
your daughter's wedding.


There is no need for this.

You've already done so much for me.

Paid for me daughter's education,

her wedding.

Do you want to adopt me now?

This isn't for you,

it's for your daughter.

Don't hesitate to ask
if you need anything else.

May God bless your family, brother.


Take it.

What school do you go to?

I don't go to any school.

-Mom tutors me at home.
-Enough, Angelo.

Go outside.

Doesn't Agnelo go to school?

You are asking this?

You went to jail.

I had to sell off our house
to repay your debts.

Can't you see the condition
we're living in?

I don't have money for basic expenses!
You think I'll send him to school!

Where do you think you're going?

I ruined everything, Mary.

Now I will fix it.

If with your thoughts,
words or actions,

you hurt someone willingly
or unwillingly.

Then 'Michhami Dukadum' is supposed
to be the period to seek forgiveness.

Redemption for human beings
lies in forgiveness and atonement.

"Happy birthday to you."

"Happy birthday to you."

[Indistinct chatter on TV]

"Happy birthday to you."

Meera, everyone's waiting for you.

See that's Sam's fourth birthday.

He was so terrified,
he wouldn't let go of my arm.

Happy birthday boy.

Happy birthday.

Come on.
Come on. Everybody, come on.

I went to see Vijay, Meera.


To ask for Sam's remains.

And... did he tell you everything?

What were you even thinking, Mahesh?

Obviously, I wasn't thinking.

Meera, we've lost our son.

I don't want to lose you.

I mean just... look at yourself.

You don't eat, you don't sleep.

Consulting astrologers.

Coming here every year, for the last
seven years and arranging all this.

Is this normal?

Our son was murdered.

Nothing since then
has been normal for me.

Meera, it's been seven years.

I am his mother, Mahesh!

Be it seven or seven hundred,
I am not going to forget anything.

When you forgive someone,

you realise
that you've set a prisoner free.

That prisoner is none other
but yourself.

I would like to request
Sameer's mother to come here,

and say a few words.

You said a beautiful thing, Sir.

Human being's redemption
lies in forgiveness.

But there are a few people,

whom I cannot forgive
even if I want to.

But today on this occasion, I
would like to say a few words to them.

Willingly or unwillingly,
in the near future,

if they have to endure

any kind of pain,
suffering or misery because of me.

I would want them,

to forgive me.

Michami Dukkadam.

Michami Dukkadam.

Bro. Can I ask a question?

Will our film get made?

Do you doubt me?

Not you, bro,

I doubt my luck.

It's been more than a year,
I haven't acted in any drama.

I had an important role
in the last play.

I stood in the background, and
played the banjo throughout the show.

But no one noticed me.

Every good thing
needs time to formulate.

We'll make the film,

and you'll be in it for sure.

But it's been so long, bro.

Aren't you scared
that someone might steal your idea,

and make something before you?

I've already published
a book of the story.

For copyright purpose.

What have you done, bro?

Now everyone will know
what the story is.

Who's going to watch our film?

There is a different set
of audience for films,

and separate for books.

And anyway, I only had
a few dozen copies published.

Must be lying in some random bookshop.

The point is...
no one can steal our story.

Where is it?
Where are your feet, Lord? Okay.



Vijay, any plans
of coming home tonight?

Nandini, I am very busy.

I know very well
what you're busy doing.

You could have come
home early tonight.

We three girls are home alone tonight.

Here's an idea.

Call Jenny over.

Then all four girls can be home alone.

She hung up.

Your wife is in a bad mood tonight.

Your entry is definitely prohibited
today at home.

Take my advice and stay here tonight.

We can continue
partying at the office.


Comes apologising in the morning.

Then gets drunk at sundown
and same old story all over again.

You should take Vijay's advice.

Try filling a complaint
with the police,

they will handle him.

Jenny... you were getting
a marriage proposal for Anju.

What's the progress on that?

They said no, sister.

They said no.

But why?

Often it's like, we are unaware of,

what people say about us
behind our backs.

And you are the only other person
I interact with,

so I had no clue.


Rumours are, sister,

that Anju and that boy had an affair.

And Vijay saw those two

in a compromising situation.

And that's why Vijay...

Killed the boy.

People even say
that he was a decent boy.

-Anju set him up--
-People say rubbish.

They say anything they feel like.

Whatever happened wasn't Anju's fault.

That boy was a spoilt brat.

That's why Anju...

It's okay, don't worry.

People say things.

Just wait and watch,
we'll find other suitors for Anju.

Someone better.

I got a call from Anju's school,

saying her exams
will begin earlier this time.


-What happened?
-The police are coming.

There's no need to be afraid.


Unwanted tension
can put us in trouble.

Everything is okay.

If everything okay,

then why are they coming
through the back?

Is that where you...

Don't be scared come what may.

The bell is going to ring now.
You go and open the door.

Why me?

Do you trust me?

Go on. Go.


What were you saying?

When are her exams?


They are here to meet mom.

-How are you, Vijay?
-All good, sir.

We received a complaint against
Shiv Kulkarni in the morning.

Saying that he abuses his wife
in his drunken stupor.

Jenny said you two know about it.


In fact,
you told her to file a complaint.


Did it happen in front of you,
or did you hear it from Jenny?

No, it happened in front of us,
and has happened several times before.

-Call them.
-Yes, sir.

This is your first and last warning.

If I hear you abused her again,

things can get pretty ugly for you.

Got it?

Sir, I won't do it again.

If he abuses you again,
then straightaway call the police.




Papa, please open the door!




Papa, open the door! Please.


Papa, open the door! Papa, please!

Papa! Please, open the door!

Sister! Sister!

Sister! What happened, sister?

Mom. Papa. Sister got an attack.

Sister! Sister!

Papa, look!




-Call the doctor.




I told you two
in the last therapy session,

to maintain a stress free
environment around her.

Unfortunately, what happened today
has triggered Anju's condition again.

I've given her the medication.

But pay special care
that this doesn't happen again.

it could prove to be fatal for her.

Take care.


Aren't you Mary's husband?

Weren't you...

When did you get out?

Couple of days ago.

Can I ask you a question?

You must know everyone
around here. Right?

Do let me know if I can get a job.

Listen, do you see
that man in blue shirt?

Ask him. He buys and sells property.

What buy and sell?

He keeps hanging around here all day.

Tell them, that you won't
do any other work.

Oh yeah, you can talk to Vijay.

Vijay who?


Owner of Mirage Cable.

He recently started his own theatre.

-Peter, two cups of tea.

He is David!

Hello, sir.

He's looking for a job.

If there's anything
you can offer him...

There are no jobs now.

But come see me next week.

Thank you.

Thank you.


What's the matter?
You're awfully quiet today.

It's nothing.

Bad mood.

What happened?
Did the movie get shelved?

No... my daughter is not well.

Ohh, then it's okay.

I mean...

You don't worry, Vijay.

Here you go.

This will fix everything.

It's not like Vijay isn't aware
of his responsibilities.

He tries his best.

So where lies the problem?

Vijay, just doesn't listen to me.

I don't know
how he takes everything so lightly.

Whereas... I feel out of breath.

I feel suffocated.

Vijay... your luck is pretty good.

Your mercury is pretty strong.

Very sharp mind.

But you ought to be careful.


Your stars reveal that the near future
is going to bring a bad spell for you.

If you are not careful,
everything can go haywire.

Don't let the lines
on your palm fool you, Ghalib.

Even those without
arms have a destiny.

I don't believe in all this.

I believe that a person
shapes his own destiny.

Amazing, Vijay. That's really good.

You should tell him how you feel.

Sister, you should try telling
him once. He will understand.

I've tried dozens of times.

But every time I try to talk to him,

he shuts me up.

"We'll have no discussion about it".

But my heart says
the threat isn't over yet.

In fact, it's heading in our direction
at double the speed.

Did you receive your exam timetable?


When is it starting?

From the 11th.


Yes, sir.


Okay, I'll pick him up
and bring him to you.


How are you, Gaitonde?

Can't say much about earlier?

But I feel better now.

So Sawant sir,
how was your lockdown?

Must be good.

You were getting paid
to sit at home, after all.

That's not true, Gaitonde.

We had to work
during the lockdown as well.

But, it was a new experience though.

It must be a new experience for you.

But I've been under lockdown
for the last seven years.

By the way,
what kind of a person is the IG sir?

He's crazy but a genius.

Weird but methodical.

Every criminal has
a different pattern.

He understands that pattern.

But yes, no one can understand

what's going on in his mind.

What do you think, Gaitonde?

Why did he call us at this late hour?

You don't know? Are you serious?

Then it's going to be fun,

when three buddies get together.

You, me and the IG (sir).


Give me a minute, Sawant.


Who is he playing chess with?

He'll hear you.

He looks completely mental to me.

All the chess pieces
are still in place.

He's playing the game in his mind.

Until he doesn't plot his last move,

he won't make his first move
on the board.

That's easy.

Chess is like snakes and ladders.

They have snakes and these
have elephants (rook) and horses.

I'll teach you later.


If you want to defeat the enemy,

then learn to think like him.

Gaitonde, do you know
why I called you?

Because, sir, I am the only officer,

who did his job with honesty,
passion and dedication.

Except for Meera madam.

Saurav Ganeriwala,

owners of Parekh
and Parekh Constructions,

they told me about how honestly,
dedicatedly, and...

What was the third thing?


Passionately, you accepted
bribe from them.


You were called because,

you are the only one

who was right about Vijay.

Sir, I maybe out of place here...

I was right,
but what did I get in exchange.

I've been on suspension
for seven years.

And that Vijay...

He's enjoying his life.

He even started his own theatre.

I heard the film on last Friday
was a houseful.

Even God sides with
the dishonest ones.

That's why he slipped clean through.

What do you remember about the case?

Everything. Everything, sir?

Are you sure?

Sir, I can forget my wife's birthday,

but not 2nd and 3rd October.

Sir, it all comes down to one thing.

Without evidence
there is nothing we can do.

We have evidence!

Meera madam, you?

I heard you moved to London.

Not everything we see and hear
has to be true.

It's one thing that family taught us.

He escaped because I made the mistake
of underestimating an illiterate.

He'll slip this time

because he made the mistake
of underestimating a mother.

So you are involved in this case too.

We have no involvement in this case.

You're smart enough
to understand the rest.

Madam, you said you have evidence.

Sub-inspector Shiv Kulkarni,

ASI Jenny Thomas.

-Sir, these two are--
-Shadow police.

They are a real couple.

Knocking down your enemy's defence
without a fight, is a whole lot of fun.

-Am I right, Jenny?

Sit. We'll explain you everything.

Tarun and I have been good
friends since the Academy days.

Since the day he was posted in Goa,

he started tracking
every information related to Vijay.

And as soon as we found out, that
Vijay wants to sell a part of his land,

together we made a plan.

I bought that land in Shiv's name.

And Shiv and Jenny have been
keeping an eye on his entire family,

for the last two years
as their neighbours.

In fact, we even put recording devices
all over Vijay's house.

Right, Shiv?

Right, ma'am.

That's not all.

We even recorded every conversation
between Nandini and Jenny,

even those that happened
outside the house.

But our problem is Vijay Salgaonkar.

He's very smart.

He's completely forbidden them
to discuss anything about this case.

But we finally got a breakthrough.

I've tried dozens of times.

But every time I try to talk to him,

he shuts me up.

"We'll have no discussion about it".

But my heart says
the threat isn't over yet.

In fact, it's heading in
our direction at double the speed.


are you afraid that Anju might get anxious
tell someone where the body is.

Anju doesn't know anything.

Vijay moved the body next day
without our knowledge.

He says, it's best if we don't know.

The case,

presented us with
three important questions.

Who moved Sam's body?


And where?

Now two of our questions
have been answered.

Vijay moved the body,

and he did it on the
next day of the murder.

But where?

Someone must have,

seen Vijay that night.

Before reading the case,
I read the person.

Vijay Salgaonkar,

is a smart man.

And smart people
often have a weakness.

They think everyone else is dumb.

But, Vijay...

He's not one of them.

I've heard he's been pretty busy.

From what I could make out
from my conversations with sister--


I am sorry.

Nandini was saying
that Vijay's making some film.

Let him make his film.

He'll start his film,

but we'll write the ending.

The date and time
is very important in this case.

So let's recap the events, okay.

Sam gets murdered
on the night of October 2nd.

Vijay returns home
on the morning of October 3rd,

and pushes Sam's car in the quarry.

Later, to support his story,

Vijay start's building false evidence.

Bus tickets.

Getting his face intentionally
recorded at the ATM.

Movie tickets, etcetera.

Later he returns home.

Once everyone's asleep,

he shifts the body
at around 1 o'clock.

Vijay must have returned home by 4:30.

Because they all went to Panjim
by the 5 :30 bus.

In this 3.5 hour window,

it must have taken 2 hours for him to
dig out the body and bury it properly.

This leaves him
with 1.5 hours for travelling?

Which means he buried the body

somewhere within
45 kilometre radius of his house.

We dug up the forest area
and Vijay's warehouse.

But found nothing.

Which brings me to my final point.

To know the accurate location,

it's crucial to find
the exact time and route.

Start asking everyone
who was working in that area.

Newspaper boys, milkmen...

They get to work by 3 or 4 am.

Someone must have seen him.

Sir, people are cooperating,

but we haven't found
any important information yet.

Do one thing.

Spread the news,

whoever gives any new
information linked to this case,

will be rewarded half
a million by the police.

Sir, it's government money.

If we give away 500,000--

Who told you to give the money away?

Use your wit.

I get it, sir.

Think. Think.

Stress your mind.

I can't remember, sir.

How many guys have you employed?

-Only one.
-And you can't remember?

Tell me, if you remember anything.

Okay, sir.

And one more thing...

Send two litres of milk and
two kilo cottage cheese to my house.

I will, sir.

Sir, the Dalhousie Club
near Vijay's house,

was hosting an annual function
on October 3rd.

A Kokani drama called
'Tho Maka Naka' played till midnight.

There were 60 people
who attended the show.

One of them is Vijay's neighbour.

Go and question him right now.

But sir, he cannot say anything
with certainty.


Hey Subash Salvi, how are you?

I had a question for you.

On the night of October 3rd, 2014,

you and your wife

went to see a Konkani drama
called 'Tho Maka Naka'.

At the Dalhousie Club.

I did...

But I am not certain
that it was the same date.

Again you've started.

See... passes to that drama.

Look closely. What's the date on it?

It must be 3rd if it's mentioned here.

So when you guys were returning
home after watching the drama,

did you guys see Vijay Salgaonkar
get in his car and go anywhere?

No sir, I didn't
see Vijay go anywhere.

See Sawant sir, I told you.

Coming here is pointless.

So you didn't see Vijay that night?

No, sir.

Wait a minute.

Now I remember...

I did see Vijay that night...

At around 4:00-4:30?

-Are you sure?
-I am, sir.

That day my wife suffered
a brutal asthma attack in the morning.

I ran to the medical store.

Asthma spray.

While I was returning home
with the spray,

I saw Vijay enter
his house in his jeep.

And I can say that
with certainty, sir.

Is that so?

Then why didn't you tell us this
with certainty,

when the investigation
was still in progress.

You just asked whether Vijay was--

It's okay.

Where does the road on which
Vijay was coming back from lead to?

It's a shortcut to
Vijay's cable office.

He couldn't have gone
beyond 15 kilometres.

This is a residential area.

And St. Michael's church
is also situated here.

Sir, could he have buried
the body in that area.

If anyone digs a ditch there,

the locals will immediately know.
It's too risky.

Sir, according to Shiv
and Jenny's report, it seems like,

Vijay Salgaonkar is pretty confident.

That the police
can never find that spot.

I see...

So a place we can never imagine.

Like the St.
Michael's church cemetery.

And anyway, sir,
no one goes there at night.

So it can be a good news for us.

If it's true,
then it's more of a bad news.

Several people have been
buried there over the years.

Someone's father, son, or sister.

We cannot start
digging up the place like this.

And sir, there's also
the question of people's faith.

When people get furious,

they get awfully violent!

The enemy often presents you
an opportunity to defeat him.

I do have a way to find out
whether the body's there or not.

Anu, I am studying. Turn off the TV.

At least reduce the volume.

Go inside and study.


Mom, look at Anu.
She is irritating me.

Anu, go make some tea for me.

Go on. Make some tea.

You always take her side.

Mom... fetching water was okay,
but tea...

Aren't you expecting
too much from her?

By the way, shall I make it?

No, she is making it.


Mrs. Salgaonkar?


Tarun Ahlawat.

Inspector General Goa Police.


Cops and robbers.


Can I come inside and speak with you?


I wanted to speak with your husband.

He isn't at home.

Doesn't matter.

I'll wait for him here.


You have an interesting garden.

Reminds me of something.

Is there a problem, sir?

This is the problem!

People think there's a problem
when they see us.

Whereas the truth us,

that the police are at your service
all the time.


For me?

Did you add sugar?

Two spoons.

We work hard for you.

We don't want the innocent
to be punished,

and the guilty to escape.

So you don't have to be afraid of us

Yup... if you've done something wrong.

Like theft...


Then you should be scared.

And it's also logical.

Because then we'll catch you
and put you in jail.

After that your life is over.



can I use your washroom?

Oh, God!

What a sweet, law-abiding family!


You didn't mention
your purpose of visit here.

Ohh... friendly visit.

Wanted to thank you personally,
for the Jennifer Thomas case.

I wish every citizen respected the law
like your husband.

Unfortunately, we couldn't meet today.

But do tell him I'll
be seeing him soon.

See you.

Is someone under a lot of stress?


I asked because of
these jasmine flowers.

I have these too.

Doctors recommend
them to reduce stress,

plant jasmine flowers at home.

My husband planted these.

Your husband's efforts
will soon be reduced to dirt.


The soil's infested with pests.

And once the plants get infected,

it reduces everything to dust.

Pest control, madam.

Otherwise, this can be
stressful for everyone.

Thanks for the tea.


Sister, it's the police.

The police were at the church.

Rumour is, that's where
Vijay hid the body.

Call Vijay home immediately.

It won't be right to talk about it
on the phone.


Yes. Yes.

Yes, I'll sign the agreement papers
and send them back.

Yes. Thank you.

Yes, Nandini?

Vijay, come home immediately.

What's wrong?

I cannot tell you anything on
the phone. Just come home immediately.


What's wrong?

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

The IG came to our house today.

That's not all.

The police are searching for
the body at St. Michael's church.

I thought the police
has closed this case down.

But they are still investigating.

Nandini, they will keep investigating
as long as we're alive.

But they won't find anything.

So the body
isn't at St. Michaels's church.

I've told you dozens of times.
We will not discuss this.

When I called you home, in a hurry,
it made you nervous, didn't it?

Ever imagined the ordeal
I've been through.

Whenever I hear
that the police are investigating,

my hands and feet go numb.

I know Vijay,
you're doing it for our safety.

But... for my sake, can't you tell me?

Tell me something.

I am not crazy
to tell any random person.

Or you don't trust me.

If you don't, then it's okay.

Nandini, wait.

Between my heart and mind,

I've always followed my mind.

And today...

I will do the same.

Forgive me.

I cannot tell you.

Between my heart and mind,

I've always followed my mind.

And today...

I will do the same.

Forgive me.

I cannot tell you.

Martin, did I miss the bus to Panjim?

There's one leaving every 15 minutes.

I see...

Give me a cup of tea.

Right away.


Vijay sir.

Sorry, but it slipped my mind
to look for a job for you.

Doesn't matter.

I'm appreciate that
you gave it a thought.

And I found a job in Panjim.

Congratulations for the job.

-Thank you--

Vinayak sir is calling you.

-See you.

Vijay's case has
become hot topic again.

The police have sprung
back into action.


I've been hearing this every year.

"The police are looking here,
digging there."

But what do they end up with?


And how can they find anything
when Vijay's done nothing.

Yes, Vijay.

What's the matter?

Vinayak sir, it's been seven years.

My family is still being harassed.

The police even
unlawfully assaulted us,

and yet we cooperated.

You are the only person
who thinks Vijay is innocent.

Vijay Salgaonkar
cleverly outsmarted everyone.

He definitely moved the body.

You make it sound like you were there,
when he was burying the body.

The police made me take
countless trips to the police station,

yet I said nothing.

The police is questioning
everyone again.

Whether anyone saw Vijay on the
night of October 2nd and 3rd, 2014.

I've heard whoever gives
them useful intel,

will be rewarded
half a million by the police.

Half a million!

-How do you know?
-I have sources.

Source? Amazing.

Rocky, how is your girlfriend?

-Don't ask.
-I heard she got married.

Go ahead and laugh.

You'll know how it feels
when it happens with you.

What are these guys saying?

These guys talk a lot of rubbish.

If the IG sir has a problem,
he could have informed me.

I would have met him personally.

But my family--

No Vijay, you're getting it wrong.

It was just a friendly visit.

But still we'll make a note.

Thank you, sir.

Vijay Salgaonkar
cleverly duped everyone.

He definitely moved the body.

The police is questioning
everyone again.

Whether anyone saw Vijay on the
night of October 2nd and 3rd, 2014.

You make it sound like you were
there, when he was burying the body.

I've heard whoever gives
them useful intel,

will be rewarded
half a million by the police.



Sorry sir,
for calling you at this hour.

It's okay. Who is he?

He's served seven years in jail
for a murder case.

Says he knows
where Vijay Salgaonkar hid the body.

Where is the body?

He isn't saying anything.

Says he'll only tell a senior officer.

Can we believe him?

Several people wasted our
time like this for the reward.

You are right. But can we let him go
without hearing him first?

Of course, not.

What is your name?

David Braganza.

David Braganza!

Did you see Vijay
Salgaonkar that night?

Yes, I did.

Where did he hide the body?

Sir, I will tell you everything.

But I want money
in exchange of information.

How much?

Two and a half million rupees.


I told you he's a fraud.

I saw Salgaonkar
on the night of October 3rd.

He was carrying a shovel,
and his jeep was parked outside.

I saw him.

Actually, sir, you see,

I committed a murder that night.

And I was running from the police.

That's when I saw him.

-I see.

What time?

3 or 3 :30.

Caught you.

Vijay buried the body at 1 o'clock.

No, sir. It was 3 :30.

And you know that as well.

I am not lying.

I won't say a word
until I don't get paid.

Fine, we'll give you... 10,000.
Speak up.

I am not a beggar.

Why you?

Trying to be over-smart, are you?

Now watch.

How I get the intel from you
without paying a penny?

You can do anything you want, sir.

I spent seven years in jail.

I've grown used to this.
You don't scare me.

I made a big mistake.
I shouldn't have come to the police.

I should have gone
to Salgaonkar instead.

He would have paid me to keep
my mouth shut. I made a big mistake.

-I'll beat you.

You'll get the money.

Two and a half million.

If I find out you're lying,

then it won't be good for you.

I am not crazy, sir.

Why would I lie to the police?

Thank you. Thank you.

-Mr. Braganza.

Where is the body?

Oh, yes. Sorry.


I mean, he buried it
right where you're standing.

Back then the police station
was under construction.


It was.

So I saw Vijay burying it here. Yes.

That scoundrel.

Wise guy, you think
we'll believe anything you say.



Now it all makes sense.

So that was his confidence.

A place we never could have imagined.

Another thing, Gaitonde.

He stays here
until the body isn't found.


Welcome back to jail.

DGP has given us permission
to dig up the jail,

but we have only one day
to execute the entire operation.

Hire as many people you want.

But get it done.

The workers should be here
by crack of dawn.

And as per the rules,

the DSP officer has to be onsite
the whole time.

Either the Collector or the
RDO (Revenue Department Officer)

will record the investigation report.

Most importantly.

If we find the remains
of the body in that spot...

Which I am sure we will.

The forensic department will immediately
take the evidence to their office,

and submit us the report
in a couple of days.

-Yes, sir!

Didn't have breakfast in the morning?

Hurry up!

Move your hands faster! Quickly.

Where are you going?

To pee.

You shouldn't have
had a buck load of water.

Control it. Back to work.

Pick up the shovel.


You'll work faster under pressure.

But sir, why are we digging?

For Shahjahan's treasure.

If we succeed,
you will each get a share.

Now hurry up!

Pray that we find it.

Otherwise, I'll turn this
into your grave. Yes.

Come on, hurry up.

Wait. Where are you going?

Sir ordered tea.

Keep it here. We'll take it inside.


What's going on at the police station?

I don't know.

Guess, they are digging something up.


Stop. Come out. Come out.

Once the application comes, I'll--

Sir. Found it!

-Hurry up.

You've been saying
that for over 20 minutes.


Jose, where are you?

Having lunch.

Please don't say why I'm taking
so long to have lunch.

-You know how Martin's been recently--
-Did I say anything?

Listen, why is there a crowd
in front of the police station?

Don't know.
Some kind of work in progress.

What work?

They are digging for something.



I'll call you back.

What happened, Vijay?

Go back inside.
I must go someplace else right now.

What's wrong, Vijay?
What are you hiding?

No one steps out of the house
until I don't come back.

Close all the doors.

What's in the police station?

Is it where you hide the body...

Whatever it takes,

I won't let anything happen
to all of you.

-Ma'am! Ma'am!

Ma'am, a body was found
in the police station.

Is this a police failure?

Ma'am, will Vijay
Salgaonkar will be arrested?

-Ma'am, will Vijay Salgaonkar...
-Is this incompetence?

Ma'am, a body was found
in the police station.

Ma'am, a body was found
in the police station.

Sir, a body was found
in the police station...

What will be our next move?

We've filed a petition
to question him.

The court hearing is at 1 o'clock.

After that it's just a matter of time.

Tarun, he's very clever.
Don't give him time to think.

Has the forensic report arrived?

Thank you.

Age between 15-20 years.


Crack on the skull.

Died due to trauma to the head.

We'll have to send it for DNA testing.

And we'll need your blood
samples for that.

Based on these findings,

the court grants permission
to the police,

to question the Salgaonkar family
for eight hours.

Please tell your client to be present
at 8 am tomorrow for police questioning.

Yes, sir.

That will be all.

Court is dismissed.

Our entire defence
hangs on your statement

that you don't know anything.

Doesn't matter what happens inside,
stay firm on your statement.


All the best.

'Shanti. Seva. Nyay.'


Which everyone expects from us.

Especially the dead.

Isn't that right, Mr. Salgaonkar?

I am very glad to meet you.

Big fan.

And Mrs. Salgaonkar.

How are the jasmine flowers?

You must be missing them.


how is your general knowledge?

There is a commonality between
Lal Bahadur Shashtri and Gandhiji.

Do you know what?

You tell me.


you should know.


Let me tell you.

Their birthdays fall on October 2nd.

Another event happened on October 2nd.

Can you guess?



Round 2.

Do you recognise me?

I've met him a couple of times,

but don't know him personally.

But he knows you pretty well.

His name is David Braganza.

What was his statement?

He claims that on the night
of October 3rd 2014,

he saw Vijay coming out
of the station at around 3:30.

Are you serious?

What else did he see?

Vijay was carrying a shovel.

Mr. Salgaonkar,

what is he saying?

Do tell.

Leaving your sweet,
beautiful family at home,

what were you trying to dig up

at the police station
with a shovel at three in the night?

Sir, either he's lying
or he saw someone else.

I see...

I've never been there.

Be it day or night.

On October 2014 2nd

we were attending Swami Chinmayanand's
religious gathering.


-On October 3rd, we were--
-Wait a minute.

Can you repeat all that for her?

Let me continue
the story for them, Tarun.

They had 'Pav-bhaji' in Panjim.

Watched a film.

Etcetera. Etcetera.

Don't be afraid.

I won't ask you anything again,

because you already
told us everything.


So naive of you.

Let me explain.


are you afraid that Anju might get
nervous tell someone where the body is.

Anju doesn't know anything.

Vijay moved the body next day
without our knowledge.

He says it's best if we don't know.

Don't blame yourself.

It's hard to find
good neighbours these days.

You guys were pretending
to be innocent,

and they were pretending
to be your neighbours.

Now tell us...

what did you do at Swami
Chinmayanand's religious gathering?


Let's take you to my gathering.


This will be fun. Come on.

My time is very precious.

So don't waste my time.

I'll ask you three questions
about Sameer Deshmukh's murder.

Who did it?


and how?

Sir, I've said it before.

We weren't present.

I don't know anything.

I warned you,

don't waste my time.

Come on. Come on.

Why did you kill Sam?


I didn't kill Sam.


Ask her how she killed Sam.

Come on.

Tell us.

Meera madam is asking you a question.

Tell her.

-And remember.

Leave no marks.

Sir, what are you doing?

Speak up!

Sir! Sir, this is against the law!
You can't do this, sir!

Sir, you can't do this!

Leave her.

Tell us.

-Sir, I beg you!
-Speak up.

Please, sir. Sir, please stop them.

Mr. Salgaonkar, you'll realise that,
the law's been giving you as much respect

as much as you've respected the law.


Tell us.

-No, please...
-"Leave her, leave her."

-Sir, she has a condition.
-Speak up.

Are you going to Act dumb
this time too?

Are you going to throw tantrums?
Speak up.

Sir, please stop them.
She has a condition!

-Sir, something will happen to her.
-Even I have a condition.

Lies drive me nuts.

Please leave her.

And keep hitting her
until she doesn't tell the truth.

Your sister killed him, didn't she?
Tell me who killed him!

-Tell me how she killed him!


Tell me. How did you kill him?

What did you kill him with?

Sir, please stop them!

Tell me the truth and they will stop.

Tell me. Where did you hit him?

-Sir, something might happen to her.
-Tell me!

-Sir, she is not well.
-Tell me!

Sir, please stop them!

Tell me or I will not spare you.

Tell me.

-Tell me or I will not spare you.

-Hey, speak up.
-Sir, call the doctor.

Sir, please.
I'll tell you the truth, sir.

Sir, call the doctor. Please, sir.


-Anju! Anju!

-Anju! Anju!
-Sister! Wake up, sister.

-Anju! Anju! Anju!
-Wake up, sister. Sister...

-Anju! Anju!
-Wake up, sister.


Anju! Anju...

Sister! Wake up, sister.

Say whatever you have to say.

I want to meet Anju first.

I've had enough of you.

You can give your confession
if you want to.

Otherwise, I've other
ways to get it out of you.

My name is Vijay Salgaonkar,

and this is my confession.

October 2nd 2014,

Nandini and the kids were out.

I was drinking
in my office till late.

When I reached home,

I noticed someone
was trying to sneak in.

There was a rod lying next to me.

I picked up the rod
and walked in his direction.

I struck him with the rod on his back,

but he slumped.

And suffered a blow to his head.

Everything happened so quickly,

that I was completely baffled.

I went closer,

and realised that he was dead.

He was just a boy.

As old as my daughter.

I was scared.

My family would have
returned home anytime,

so I put the body in a sack

and buried him in the garden.

Next day I found out
from contractor Rane,

that the flooring work in the
police station will begin from Monday.

Sunday night when
everyone else was asleep,

I buried the dead body
in the police station.

Because I thought...

it was the safest place.

Are you saying all this
to save your family?

Truth is like a seed.

No matter how deep you bury it,

It always comes out some day.

But, my family shouldn't
have to suffer for my crimes.

That's why I've kept the rod
that killed Sam,

and has my fingerprints on it, intact.

Can we arrest him now?

It's only a question of one day.

We'll have judicial custody tomorrow.
You okay?

Just one thing.

Let there be no mention
of the video that Sam made.

Vijay is keeping that a secret too.

He wouldn't want these facts
about his daughter to be made public.

He will go to jail,

but don't spare anyone
from his family, Tarun.

That's it.


What is the matter with you?

He is going to jail.

Does his entire family
have to be punished too?

That girl is suffering
from epilepsy, for God's--

It was the girl!

And you're showing sympathy for her.

I am not showing sympathy.

It's about showing humanity.

You know what, Mahesh.

If everyone thought like you,

the world would've been
a different place.

But unfortunately that's not the case.

So this world needs people like us.

Vijay is responsible
for his own condition.

If he had surrendered,

his family wouldn't have been
in this predicament.

But he didn't.

For him it's a crusade.

He'll either win or lose.

But never compromise.

And if he won't compromise,
then why should we?

We have only one goal
in every case, Meera.

Deliver justice.

We'll do the same here.

[Indistinct crowd chatter]

Fine. I'll hang up now.

Tell mom and dad to take care.

This is all my fault.

Don't blame yourself.

This was bound to happen one day.

You're still awake, child?

How could I sleep, papa?

You took on my...

Yes. Goa police has found some body
remains in connection to this case.

They believe this body
belongs to Sameer Deshmukh.

After this event, Vijay Salgaonkar

and his family
are under the scanner again.

Let's watch what twists
this controversial case awaits.

Remember what you said to me.

"Every dog has his day."

I am not a dog,

but today is my day.

Get in.


Any update?

We're reaching in 20 minutes.

Call me as soon as you reach.

Sir, someone's here to see you.

Says he wants to tell you something
urgent about Vijay Salgaonkar.

Send him in.


My name is Murad Ali. I write films.

You don't need an introduction.
Take a seat, please.

Mr. and Mrs. Deshmukh.

You haven't been writing
any films recently?

Actually, after my wife's demise,

I stopped writing.

I... live in Dubai now.
I've settled down there.

You wanted to tell us
something about Vijay.


My first meeting with him was in 2016.

I knew very little about this case.

But I couldn't recognise him.

Because he said
his name was Vijay Godbole.

Have we ever met before?

Your face looks awfully familiar.

I've been on your film sets often.

We also spoke once.

I didn't have a beard back then.

Ahh... I was wondering
where I've seen you.

So tell me how can I help you?

Murad sir,

I've a story.

If you can spare 15 minutes,
I would like to narrate it to you.


He narrated his story to me,
and I was stunned.

It was an incredible story.

So I immediately said yes
to write a script.

He paid me a million
rupees as advance.

And said he will
also produce the film.

But he had a condition.

What condition?

His condition was we
won't start making the film,

until we both don't agree that
the film's script is completely ready.

During our first meeting
his story was nearly complete.

But it took us two years
to complete the script.

Actually, he wanted every detail in
the script to be completely logical,

and well researched.

There is one thing
that's been eating me up.

You guys must know
the story of this film.

Murad sir, we're running short
on time, so you'll have to hurry up.


The story begins in Pondolem.

A guy called Ram
loves his son Yatin unconditionally.

One night Yatin is out
partying with his friends.

In the club,
a guy in his drunken stupor,

begins to misbehave with his friend.

He was not some ordinary boy.

He was the son of a prominent builder.

Even after requesting him
dozens of times, he doesn't listen.

And things get out of hand.

Yatin publicly slaps the boy.

In a fit of rage,
the boy follows Yatin to get revenge.

They both get in a scuffle.

And Yatin accidentally kills the boy.

When Ram returns home,

he sees his son crying inconsolably
next to the boy's dead body.

Ram knew that the boy
was a son of a well-known builder.

And if he didn't do something,

his son's life would
be ruined forever.

Ram thought a lot.

It struck him that the builder's
new building was under construction.

And he buried the boy's dead body,

under his father's new building.

And yet he knew that the police
will come for him someday.

The second half of
the film is all about,

how he gathered evidence
against himself to save his family.

In the climax,
the police find the body.

And Ram confesses to
the crime to save his son.

So... he was making
a film on his own life.

I don't understand this.

You said you met him in 2016.


If the script is ready,
why wasn't the film made?

Maybe he was afraid that
the film could get him in trouble.

No, that's not the case.

Actually, both of us were
unhappy with the film's ending.

Although he was afraid
that the story might get stolen,

and lose copyright.

So he had the story published
in the form of a book.



One year ago.

Is the novel available in the market?

Not many copies were published--

Is the book available or not.

You may find it if you look hard.

Was it published under Vijay's name?


And this is why I am here.

Because the book was published
under my name.

Under whose name were the bills?

He made all the payments,
but the bills were in my name.

Was it bank transfer or cash?

Cash. Although I told him clearly--


You said you were not
happy with the film's ending.


So we started working
on new ideas for a new ending.


Sir, there is a problem.

What happened?

Next day I found out
from contractor Rane,

that the flooring work in the police
station will begin from Monday.

Sunday night
when everyone else was asleep,

I buried the dead body
in police station.

Your honour,

the police tortured this
statement out of my client.

Is it true?

Yes, your honour.

I don't get this guy.

What does he want now?

Doesn't matter what he wants, Mahesh.
He cannot escape this time.

It's over for him.

No, Meera.

I fear this is the beginning
of something.

Your honour, the entire
case is completely fictional,

and the story's was stolen by police
from this novel called 'Drishyam'.

The statement they have submitted
in court claiming to be Vijay's,

has been lifted word-by-word
from this novel.

He's up to his games again.

As he said 'it's just the beginning'.


Vijay came to meet me
after the script was finished.

Murad sir, the ending has a problem.


Hero is going to jail.

The public won't
like endings like this.

If the film has to be a hit,

he must win in the end.

I have some ideas,

but I need your help
to write them down.

Tell me.

This story occurs in Pondolem.


So if the police actually find a body,

what will be the next step?

I can find out.

I've good connections with the police.

So I got all the information
he asked for

from the police and gave him.

And based on that information
he created an ending.

I told him immediately
that it's a very risky ending.

He agreed too.

So we dropped that idea.

Okay, what was the ending?

Can you tell us?

I fear that Vijay...

There are too many coincidences
in his case.

Sameer Deshmukh's body,
about which they had no clue,

was found in their own
police station like in this novel.

Your honour, police station is a place,
that's directly under their control.

The people have no idea
what's going on inside.

The truth is,
Meera Deshmukh has always held,

the Salgaonkar family
responsible for her son's death.

Years later when the
police find his dead body,

they kept it under wraps.

And wait for a perfect plot.

-And then--
-Objection, your honour!

-The defence has--
-Siraj sir.

I don't understand what's going on?

As per the DNA report,

this skeleton doesn't belong
to Sameer Deshmukh.

What was the climax?

The hero knew that the police
will find the dead body someday.

And that's why,

he began working on changing his fate.

He starts looking for a body,

who's age, height and weight
matches with the boy.

And died due to trauma to the head.

And one day his search
comes to an end.

[Chanting prayer continue]

The hero meets someone
at the funeral and gets acquainted.

Eventually, he befriends the guy,
and visits him often.

The hero found out how long it takes,
for a human body to turn into a skeleton.

The man was knee-deep in debts.

The hero paid off his debts
and won his trust.

When the boy's body
turned into a skeleton,

the hero told his new friend
about his requirement.

The obligated guy helped his saviour,

and gave him the boy's skeleton.

During this time
the hero also found out,

if the police found the body
then what will be the next step.

If the body is found,

then the police will take it
to Pondolem...

to Andrew's medical college,
which is three hours from here.

The forensic experts runs tests.

Like the age of the deceased.

His gender...

Cause of his death.

When all the tests are done,

then the body is sent for a DNA test.

All this is done during daytime.

After that, the hero
befriends the security guard,

of the forensic department.

They both become good friends.

-How are you?

Make two.

And eventually the hero finds out
the security guard's weakness.

Vijay, I always wanted
to act in films.

I've a really good actor.

Give me a chance in your film.

Can I?

Are there cameras here?

There is no such thing here, Vijay.

It's just me, mosquitoes,

and we're partying.

Come, Vijay.

After winning the
security guard's trust,

the hero lies in wait.

Years passed,

and finally the day arrived
that he feared.

The police found the body.

Yes, Vijay.

Where are you?

In the office.

Stay there. I am coming.

Didn't you see these reports?

Your honour, I was told
these reports haven't arrived yet.

I want to talk to your IG.

-Yes, sir.
-Send him to my chamber.

-Yes, sir.

Your client can leave,
on personal bond.

Much obliged, your honour.
I've another request.

We're going to file a petition

in the honourable high court of Goa,
to dismiss this case forever.

Until then no new action should be
taken against the Salgaonkar family.


For him it's a crusade.

He'll either win or lose.

But never compromise.

What the hell just happened, Ahlawat?

What were you trying to do,

by presenting a story
from a novel as a case?

Your honour,
the story that you mention...

The beauty of that story is,
though it's real,

it's not become fictional.

We all know what the truth is,
but couldn't prove it.

Who would believe that an ordinary
cable operator can plan all this?

But fate favoured him.
He won and we lost.

And I take full responsibility
of this defeat.

Well, off the record, Ahlawat.

Unsolved cases are nothing new
sin our system.

Jai Hind, sir.

Despite all the justifications,

the hero can never look
in the eyes of the boy's parents.

The story isn't over yet.

The climax is left.

I'm giving you what you asked for.

I've just one request.

Leave my family alone.

[Chanting prayer continue]

We got the closure we needed, Meera.

It's done.


Let him go, please.



No, Meera.

We thought
we were keeping an eye on him.

But the truth was,

he was watching us... all this time.

Where were you?

Had to return someone something.

Shall we go?

Every human has
three kinds of world.

One that's inside him.

The second is the physical world.

And the third
which he creates himself.

And can't live without it.

For me, my family is my world.

I can do anything for them.

Go to any limits.

Whether someone calls him selfish

or self-centred.