Drishyam 2 (2021) - full transcript

The movie will feature the family of Mohanlal's character Georgekutty and so they will be reprising their roles. The rest of the cast though will change, and we are sorting out the other aspects including casting right now.

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'Drishyam 2'
[The Resumption]





Mary, open the door!

Open the door!

- Hey!
- Sir, don't let him go.

Catch him!

Sir, he's here.

Stop there!

Stop there.
- Where are you going?

Stop there.

Come on, walk.

Acting tough?
Come on!

Come on, walk!


[6 years later]


What is this, Anto Sir?

What will I do if you say
this at this last moment?

I had to let go of an awesome
Tamil film which came to me.




You woke up?

What happened today?

Hangover's gone too soon?

The release of that Mammootty
movie got postponed.

It would have garnered
a great initial.

Had I known this a week back,
I could have accepted that Tamil film.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Rani, I'm asking you!

What do I say, Georgekutty?

Do you ever listen
to what I say?

You do everything
as you wish, right?

You have changed a lot.

Why do you say so?

Of course!

You sold the property
my dad gave us. Fine!

From these 5 acres which you always brag
that you earned with so much hard work,

you sold 2 acres, right?

I begged you not to sell it,
but you didn't listen.

And now you're asking
for my opinion?

Did I lose that
money after that?

I bought a great property and
built a movie theatre, right?

Don't talk about that theatre.

You have taken many
loans for it, right?

We had suffered a lot,
because my dad had taken loans.

I am not your dad.

Our theatre is generating
great revenue.

I've saved a fair amount after
paying the loan, as well.

Isn't that enough?

Where's that money then?

I know... where that money went.

You gave it to get a script
written for your movie, right?

And where's the script?

It has been 3 years!

Well, I...
- But I am happy about it.

Since that story is stuck.

You won't end up making
that movie, right?


we have two daughters.

Don't forget that.

Don't you have anything to say?

Usually you give so many
justifications and put me down, right?

I'm not saying anything!

You don't understand
what I say, either.

You're seeing my
self-confidence as my arrogance.


in every matter, even when you
say that I don't understand it,

you usually give me
a clear cut answer.

But that's not the
case with this movie.

The day you decided
to make that movie,

me and our children have lost
our peace of mind since then.

Even your alcoholism started when you
decided to make this movie, right?

But I don't booze daily.

When I go for movie discussions,
it's a different mood.

Does everyone in the film industry
make stories after boozing?

I didn't mean that.

Forget all the money
we lost till now.

We don't need this movie
business, Georgekutty.

Unlike what you think, we
haven't lost a lot of money.

I had an idea for
a story in my mind.

I am trying to sit with
a screenplay writer,

and make a good
script out of it.

But there are some parts which
we're not satisfied with.

We're rethinking about them.

I'm not someone who's desperate to
make a movie somehow or the other.

I am studying about its
production possibilities now.

I'll do it only if
everything falls into place.


How much did you spend so
far to write that script?

So far?

- Don't try to evade my question.
- Let me calculate!

I gave 1.2 Million to
the scriptwriter.

And for my travel...

Yeah. Around...

Around 1.5-1.6 Million Rupees.


1.6 Million Rupees?

When I ask you to hire
a housemaid for me,

you create a ruckus over here.

I'm stopping this.
Why should I suffer like this?

Give me Half a Million Rupees.

Half a Million?
For what?

I also have some
desires and dreams.

- I will kill you today. - I won't
give you money even if you kill me.

Give it to me.

Oh no!

He is beating up that
poor thing again.

Just go there, Georgekutty.
- Why?

I'm not going to that
drunk rascal's house.

Don't talk like you have
no conscience, Georgekutty.

What's that poor Saritha's fault?

When you're not around,
she's my only source of help.

When Anju had fix recently..
- Not fix! It's fits.


She's the only one who
was here to help me.

Just go!

What is this?

What's all that noise, Mom?

That Sabu is beating up Saritha.

Why doesn't Saritha
Chechi divorce him?

- I won't give you.
- Give me money.

Move away.
What's the problem?

I didn't give him
money to booze.

If you want to booze, you have
to earn that money yourself.

- Don't ask your wife..
- It was with my hard earned money...

... that I bought this land from
you paying an exorbitant price.

This is my property now.

Why do you care if I
fight with my wife?

No one else has any problem.
Then what's it with you?


just because you killed
a young boy long back,

don't try to mess with me.

I'm not scared of you.

- He's already drunk, is it?
- Yes.

Where did he get it from?

He was celebrating the sale
of a property yesterday.

- It's the left-over from that.
- What are you mumbling?

Listen, Georgekutty,

you don't have to come here to
interfere in my family matters.

- What will you do if I come?
- Please don't!

No, Georgekutty.

If you come?

If you poke your
nose into my family,

I will poke my nose into
your family as well.

Shut up, man!

Here! Go and booze!

Booze and ruin yourself!

Move away!

- Georgekutty!
- Get lost.

Please go, Chetta (brother).
He will never learn.

Why don't you complain
to the police, Saritha?

Why? He's not going to
stop drinking like that.

Not to stop his drinking,
but this domestic abuse.

If they give him
a strong warning,

he will stop hurting you.

Georgekutty has a point, Saritha.

- Won't they hurt him, Chechi (sister)?
- No.

Isn't it time for you
to leave for work? Go!

It's all right.
Let it be.

Are you coming for
the prayer today?

I'll come if it's
in the evening.

I wanted to tell you something.

Tell me, Chechi.

I'll tell you in the evening.

- See you.
- Okay.



Your hands will fray.
That's enough.

Anu had called from her hostel.

She's coming in the evening.

Today is Thursday, right?
Doesn't she have classes tomorrow?

No. They have some retreat
tomorrow, apparently.

So she doesn't want
to attend the retreat?

Yeah, right!
As if she's very religious!

Why didn't you tell her?

She never listens to what I say!

She has changed a lot.

If I scold her, she starts
grumbling in English.

That's the outcome of sending
her to St. Joseph's school.

The Mammootty movie which was supposed
to release tomorrow, has been postponed.

Is it?
What happened?

Some issue with the censor board.

I'll drop you off
at college today.

It's okay, Dad. You can drop
me at the bus stand.

What's the status of his case?

I think the police
have given up.

They haven't found
that boy's body, right?

No. They are still investigating.

They can't give up so easily.

They are still investigating Sukumara
Kurup's case. Then why not this one?

That boy's parents
went to America.

Then who's so
interested in this case?

But the cops are really angry.

They were taken for a royal ride, right?

And that Sahadevan
lost his job as well.

He deserved it.
He was a rascal.

What's the collection?

I got quite a lot.
The rest, as usual.

Chetta, he has come from MyG.

To install the CCTV.
- What's the status?

It's done, Sir.

We have connected it to the TV.

- What about the cameras?
- One is here.

The other one is outside.

- What about the theatre?
- That was done 2 days back, Sir.

If you give me your phone,
I'll install it.

- How much time will you take?
- 20 minutes.

Where's the collection?

- How much is there?
- 38,000 Rupees.

Deposit it at the bank.

Chetta, the Asian
cable guys had called.

- To talk about the broadband connection.
- We don't need that now.

This whole area has 4G.

Well, since these digital
platforms have come up....

But how many houses
have smart TVs here?

Let them buy those TVs first.

You do what I say.

Deposit it at the bank.

Hey! I heard that it was that
girl who killed that boy.

- Which girl?
- His daughter.

That's not what happened.

That girl and my brother
were in the same school.

- But.. have you seen her now?
- No.

She doesn't talk to anyone.

He said that this dead guy
and this girl were in love.

Is that so?

He came during the
night to see her.

For what?

And when they were at it,
Georgekutty came in.

He killed him on the spot.

- Is it?
- Yes.

I heard another news too.

That boy came to see
her mom, apparently.

- Really?
- I swear.

- Is it?
- Yes.

Ikka, you can take
these bananas.

Is it 'Ethappazham'?
- One bunch.

The other one is 'Njalippoovan'.

- Raghu!
- Yes.

- Keep these two bunches inside.
- Here you go.

The bunches don't look
so lively, Chetta.

That's because I don't
use chemical fertilizers.

Thought they don't look good,
they won't be harmful.

- Shall I get you some tea?
- No.

I'm leaving.

- What's the hurry?
- I have to reach the theatre.

Oh! Tomorrow is Friday, right?

A new movie will be releasing!

- How is business?
- It's dull.

Just going on somehow.

I'm leaving.

Well, what about these bananas?

Put a price for it,

and add it to my boy's tab.

The bike is quite old.

Moreover, the price you're
asking for is too high.

I can't sell it for
such a low price.

If you reduce 5000 Rupees,
I'll buy it.

If I reduce 5000 Rupees,
it will be a huge loss for me.

No! If I buy it for your price,
it will be a loss for me.

This is great, Sir.

Sadanandan, as the world progresses,
we should also progress.

But we're the ones
in trouble now.

I mean... now you can see
every move of ours, right?

I would know that
even otherwise.

What do we do now?

Should we play this average
movie for one more week?

Will it be worth it?

Isn't it a family movie, Sir?

The footfalls might
increase during the weekend.


- Someone is here to see you.
- Who is it?

- I don't know.

See if we can get a good
movie to play during this gap.

Otherwise continue playing this.

I'm going to Ernakulam.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Is this your theatre, Georgekutty?

Very nice.

It has been two weeks
since we arrived.

We're going back
day after tomorrow.

We had come last year too.

To perform our son's last rites.

According to our belief,

we're supposed to...

... do it with his body remains.

If that isn't available,

there's a method where we do
it by imagining that he's dead.


nothing is falling in place.

We're not able to find solace.

We're always fighting at home.

I'm beginning to get scared
whether I would lose Geetha.

We had met an
astrologer during this visit.

See, Georgekutty,

I was not someone who
believed in all this.

But in the present circumstance,

I'm ready to rely on
anything to find solace.

That astrologer said that...

our son's soul is wandering
without attaining salvation,

and that the only
solution for this would be...

performing his last rites
with his body remains.

Can you please...

... tell me where
it is, Georgekutty?

No one else would know
that I'm taking it.

Even Geetha won't know.

You have my word.

You can trust me.


we are solely responsible for
all the mistakes of our son.

Do we deserve such a cruel
punishment for that mistake?

Can you please save
us from this distress?

- I'll fall at your feet.
- Sir, please don't.

Please don't, Sir.

It's not because
I don't trust you.

Though I wish to help you,

I can't do it.

Please don't come
to meet me again.

Don't take us back to those
memories we're trying to forget.

No, Sir.

I am helpless.

I'll never be able to help you.


Let's do that during
the lunch break, no?

Where are you going?
Don't you have class?

Ma'am is on leave today.

So we're all going
to the library.

- Okay, go.
- Okay, Ma'am.

- So Arjun was saying that...
- I already completed it.

- we should do that during..
- One minute. Anu!


- There's a good news.
- What?

- The fund for the short film is ready.
- Have your parents allowed?

No. I have a cousin
brother in Dubai, right?

He has promised to help me.

- Are you going for the retreat tomorrow?
- No. I'm going home.

Shall I also come with you?

Yeah, right!

My mom will kick you out!

Have you told them about us?

Ever since that incident
happened to my sister,

mom gets really worried whenever
she sees us talking to any boy.

How can I tell her
about you then?

I want to see that house and surroundings
and set a mood for the short film.

That's why.

Aren't you coming to the library?
- I'll join you guys.

So you're going to make our
story into a short film?


But that was my inspiration.

- Nice.
- Shall I narrate that idea?

Tell me.

A rainy night with
thunder and lightning.

A teenage girl who's
sleeping in her bedroom.

She wakes up with the flash of a
lightning that falls on her face.

She gets up to go
to the washroom...

and sees something.

She wakes up from her
dream suddenly, in shock.

She looks outside and gets
shocked seeing something.

What did she see?

You're feeling curious, right?

- Yes.
- I haven't fixed what she sees.

I can end it either in a
thriller-horror mood or in a comic mood.

- How is it?
- Impressive.

- So your inspiration was my sister's
dreams which I told you about? - Yes.

- When did you come from Dubai?
- Two days back.

I'll call Dad.

- Why don't you come inside?
- No. I'll wait here.



Why are you sitting outside?
Come inside.

What's the status of our movie?

Sir, the climax I
narrated the other day?

We don't need it, Sir.

What happened?

I discussed it with some people.

Everyone gave me the
same opinion as yours.

There are many risk
elements in it.

What about our first climax?

They didn't like that too.

Don't be angry with me, Sir.

Shall we...

... think about
another possibility?

Cinema has been my childhood dream.

From whatever I've seen
in life and in the movies,

I put together some
thoughts and made a story.

So it shouldn't be just
another ordinary movie.

I am particular that it should
be an extraordinary movie.

Very good.

Did you get any idea
for a different climax?

I have some thoughts
in my mind, Sir.

Then tell me.

I know that it's ironic for a writer
to ask for ideas from the producer.


your thoughts have
so much life in them.



You just got back?

My regular bus didn't come.
That's why I got late.

- I'll just wash my face and come quickly.
- Okay.

Hey! I've told you so many times
not to be so friendly with that family!

How many times have I
told you to stop boozing?

This is also like that.

I don't like them
entering my property.

This is my property as well.
I am fine with it.

I'm seeing how you have changed.

I'll set you straight.

Come back.

I'll teach you a lesson.

Don't mind that, Chechi.

He keeps blabbering like that.

Come, let's go.

Ours was a love marriage which
my parents didn't approve of.

I'm suffering because
of their curse.

I am also worried.

Georgekutty has also
started drinking now.

Why are you laughing?

Can that even be
called drinking?

You should see how Sabu drinks!

Small things lead to
big changes, right?

My dear Chechi, Georgekutty Chettan knows
very well where to start and where to stop!

Is this what you
wanted to tell me?


You had told me about an alliance
for Anju recently, right?

Oops. I forgot about that.

I'll ask them and get
back to you today itself.

What is Georgekutty
Chettan's opinion?

No. I haven't spoken to
Georgekutty about this.

I thought I'll tell him after
getting the groom's details.

Before he spends all our
money for making that movie,

we have to get Anju married.

You should, Chechi.

You shouldn't delay it any further.

It's better that
Anju moves from here.

What is Anju's opinion?

I haven't spoken to her
about this till date.

She also wants to
move from this town.

But she's scared to
stay alone in a hostel.

Otherwise we could have sent
her somewhere far to study.

She was such a happy
and vibrant girl.

Don't worry, Chechi.
Everything will be all right.

Mom, Dad had called.

- He asked you to call him back.
- Okay.

Hey! I don't think I
can come back today.

I'll reach in the morning.

What is this, Georgekutty?

Me and the children
are alone here.

You ask Saritha to come over.

- You're boozing there, is it?
- No!

Vinayachandran Sir is
going back tomorrow.

So we're going to
have a discussion now.

Where will you stay then?

I'll stay at a lodge here.

Has Anu reached?

Yes, she's here.

She has been in front of
the TV ever since she came.


I'll talk to her once I am back.

Anu, you've been watching
this for a while now.

Stop it and go take a bath.

Let me finish this, Mom.

Stop watching this disgusting
film and go take a bath.

- This is so annoying!
- Anu!

Listen to mom.
Go take a bath.

Oh my God! She's so annoying.
I can't believe this.

What did she say in English?

Leave it, Mom.


Will your movie
happen anytime soon?

Why do you have a
doubt about that?

It has been around 2-2.5 years now.
That's why.


It has been long since I
stopped acting in dramas.

You have rekindled
my desire now.

Will it be an empty promise?

I've heard that film industry
people cannot be trusted.

But I'm not from
the film industry.

I'm just going to enter
the film industry, right?

I didn't mean you, Georgetta.

If it's further delayed,

what if our scriptwriter Vinayachandran
makes this movie with someone else?

No, no!

This has been a
lifelong dream of mine.


I won't allow anyone else
to snatch it away from me.

Have you heard about
something called 'Copyright'?

Yes! I've heard about it.
Oh no!

I don't want it.

I have to get back on duty. There will
be people in the office till 7 PM.

- This is not our first time, right?
- I'll pour it.

Very little.

This is Vodka.
There won't be any smell.

What problem do you night
duty guys have anyway?

You can sleep under the
guise of standing guard, right?

That's because you came
early today, right?

If it was past 7 PM, we could
have gone to my room, as usual.

- You could have taken a bath as well.
- No.

We'll sit in the car today.
That's better.

Well, where did I stop?

- Copyright!
- Yes! Copyright!

If this story has been
printed in someone's name,

somewhere, in some
way or the other,

then that story will have
a copyright.

Whoever takes that story after that,
he will be in a fix.


I've already printed our story
as a novel and published it.

Oh no!

But if people read it as a novel, won't
they lose the thrill of watching the movie?

But this is not a
suspense thriller, right?

It's just a simple family story.

And not many people
are going to read it.

There will be a couple of copies in
some book stalls in my town. That's all.

You're quite a genius!

Don't think you can
escape by flattering me.

Did you forget what
I asked you to do?

I am enquiring.

Everyone has work now since
there are many TV serials now.

But all of them have this
excitement when it comes to cinema.

We need different, fresh faces.

They should perform well too.

When I make a movie, I want to
give opportunities to newcomers.

I am particular about that.

So it's not your trick
to reduce the expenses?

I understood!

We shouldn't reveal our trade
secret to anyone, Rajan.

Now, the second thing.

You want a producer as
your partner, right?

I am trying to find one.

The guy from Dubai hasn't
reached yet. That's why.

Okay then.
I am leaving.


So you came to enquire about all
this and not to meet me, is it?

I wanted to meet you.

I had to meet you.

Haven't you heard it?

[Reciting a local proverb]

Do you have to leave today
in this condition?

No. It's totally fine.

I'll go straight to Hotel Athira.

I'll take a bath there.

A friend of mine is
editing a movie there.

I have to see that.

Why do you have to see
the editing of a movie?

When we're going to do a business,
we need to study all aspects of it.

So if you learn direction as well,
you can save that money too, right?

I shall think about it.

Yeah, right!


Hey! I'm leaving.

See you next time.
It's time.

Hey! Hey!
- Let me go.

Aren't you scared to
sleep alone, Saritha?

There was a time when
I used to be scared.

That's all gone now.

And... we'll be scared only when
we have something to lose, right?

That's true.

I have slept alone so many
times back in the day.

Georgekutty used to sleep at the
cable TV office on most days.

Me and the children
would be alone here.

Now I'm not able to do that.

And... Georgekutty doesn't
stay away like that now.

It must be after
that incident, right?


Did you call them, Saritha?


We'll look for a better
alliance, Chechi.

What happened?

Didn't you say that
it's a good alliance?


Whatever it is,
you can tell me.

Chechi, they...

They had enquired in
our neighbourhood.


What is it, Saritha?
Tell me.

Chechi, it has been only
two years since I came here.

And I've been the
closest with this family.

It's the same for us too.

I consider you as
my younger sister.


If someone says
something about us,

we might be the last
ones to know about it.

Sometimes we may not
even know about it.

Who said what?


There's a strong rumour in town...

... that there was an illicit relationship
between our Anju and that boy,

and that Georgekutty Chettan saw
them in a compromising position,

and that's why Georgekutty
Chettan killed that boy...

They say that the boy was innocent...

... and it was our Anju
who invited him home.


These are all lies.

Anju hasn't done anything wrong.

He was a pervert.

That's why she...

Don't cry, Chechi.

Those who spread these
rumours will rot in hell.

Don't they have
daughters at home too?

Chechi, people will talk
all sorts of things.

We needn't listen to all that.

We will find a nice groom for Anju.
That's all.



Has Rani woken up?
- She's in the toilet.

What happened to you?


You wives are the ones
who encourage such people.

You spoil them by
tolerating everything.

Complain at the police station.
They will take care of the rest.

Will you tell them or should I?

- Would they hurt him?
- No.

I'm telling you, right?

Okay then.

- Shall I get you coffee?
- Black coffee is fine.

Milk would aggravate
your hangover or what?

Well, I...

Hey! Stop!

What is this attire?

Go and change it.

- Good morning!
- Morning!

- When did you come?
- In the 5:30 PM bus yesterday.

Hey! I asked you to go change!

Mom, this is our house.

It's just us here, right?

This is a night dress.

You should use it only in
your room in the night.

Everyone wears this
at home now, Mom.

Not in this house.

This house is not so progressive.
Go change it!

Don't you always say that
one should go with the tide?


Stop talking
back and go change.

- Dad, look at this.
- Go and change, dear. Go!

Such crap. I don't know
what's wrong with her.


How many times have I told
you not to grumble like this?

If you have something to say,
say it aloud!

There's no point
hearing it aloud.

It's St. Joseph's school English.
You won't understand.

Get lost!

Get lost?

When you go to take the curry,

why don't you bring
some for everyone?

Did anyone want it?

Why don't you ask that?

Are you bothered
only about yourself?

What is this, Mom?

Do you want it?

I'll bring it.

- Do you want it, Dad?

What's the problem then?


do we need this movie business?

What's most important for us right
now is Anju's marriage, right?

Mom, I don't want to
get married so soon.

I want to study further.

Not right away, dear.

Only if we start considering now,
it will happen in a couple of years.

I want to work for a couple of
years after completing my studies.

We can think about it after that, Dad.

Don't worry, dear.

You can get married
after getting a job.

- But Georgekutty, what I'm...
- Let's discuss this later.

Dad... who's the hero in our movie?

Shall we cast Dulquer Salmaan?

We can discuss this also later.

Eat your Idli.


What I told you earlier...
You should take it seriously.


About Anju's marriage.

Why do you feel so,
all of a sudden?

Do you have any idea what
people are talking about us?

I don't know.
Do you know it?

I know.


What's the status of
Georgekutty's case?

Whatever said and done,
Georgekutty is really smart.

It has been 6 years.

Police haven't found
even a clue yet.

Right, Sir?

Sir, have you dropped the case or...

... is the investigation
still going on?

Is it because that boy's
body hasn't been found yet?

You won't get sleep without
knowing that or what?

- That irked him.
- Raghuetta, one tea please.

What's wrong with you guys?

Don't mess with policemen
and earn their enmity.

This is fun, Ikka.

- Right?
- We're all Georgekutty's fans.

He is our star, right?

What's the point
talking to these guys?

Well, they are still
investigating the case.

Last week I had met Monichan.

Which Monichan?

The guy who used to work at
Georgekutty's cable TV office.

- The guy who fought with him and left?
- Yes.

Our new Circle Inspector
had gone to his house.

And he enquired many details
about Georgekutty to him.

What details?

I don't know any more details.

But the investigation
is still going on.

What Sohan Chettan
said is correct.

5-6 months back, police was investigating
whether someone had seen Georgekutty

... in a suspicious
circumstance during the night.

But so many people would
have seen him like that.

He used to do his cable TV
repairs during the night, right?

But the police
can't touch him now.

He's a big businessman now, right?

That's not the case.

Georgekutty is innocent.

That's why the cops are
unable to do anything.

Innocent, it seems.

It was him who killed that boy.

- I am sure.
- That's what everyone is saying.

- Ikka..
- But what can they do without evidence?

When did you reach?

Is your jail term over or
are you out on parole?

My jail term is over. I got a
reduction. I'm coming from there.

- Shall I get you tea?
- Yes.


One glass of tea!

There was a news that they
will give a handsome reward..

... for those who would help
them find evidence in that case.

Who will give it?
That boy's family?

Must be the Government.

What's the matter, Ikka?

Well, that...

- Hey! An auto rickshaw!
- It's an accident!

- Come fast.
- Is it from this stand?

Can't you look
where you're going?

- Help them up, quickly.
- Come on.

Help him up.

- Don't crowd around. Move.
- It's Saji.

Help him up.

There are two people
at the back too.

Take them out carefully.

Move away, please.

Lift it up!

Are you leaving, Dad?

I wanted to ask you something.

Georgekutty... you forgot your phone.

You go inside, Mom.

It won't be right
if you're here.

I need to know what won't be
right if your mom is here.

Let Mom sit there.
Ask me, dear.

I'm not asking.

- What is it, dear?
- Ask him, Anu.

No. Mom will ruin it.

Then it must be
something crooked.

Ask me, dear.

I'm in a hurry.
I'm leaving.

What's the matter, dear?

Ask him, Anu.

Even if you ask Dad,

he won't take a decision
without asking Mom.


Shall I go for a sleepover
with all my friends next week?

What's that?

She means, can she go stay
over at a friend's place?

I told you that it would
be something crooked.

No need to go for sleep...

Don't go for that anywhere!

I won't be alone.
There will be many other friends too.

[Police Siren]


Whose house are you going to?

Reshma's house.

- Where is her house?
- At Koothattukulam.

What does her father do?

He's a big contractor.

How many of you are going?

Around 7-8 of us.

Why are you enquiring all that?

Are you going to send her?

What will all of you do over there?

We will play games...

Some of us will cook...

Basically, we want to chill out.

That means, to have some fun.

What about that girl's parents?

They will be at home.

My friends meet up at different
houses like this often.

Does that girl have brothers?

What if she does?

How old would they be?

Dad, please.
Just this one time.

I'll never ask this again.

Do one thing, dear.

Ask them to come here this time.

How's my idea?

What happened?

It's not like you think, Dad.

If they come here, we'll have
to spend quite a lot of money.

What did you think about me?

I'm a theatre owner and
producer now, right?

The theatre is fully on loan!

I can't cook for all of them!

Didn't she say that
they will cook?

Why are you worrying about it?

You'll get one day of rest.

Did you see the
state of our house?

They are from rich families.

How will all of them
sit in this house?

And our kitchen is
really modern, right?

- How many times have I told you
to renovate this house? - Hey!

Where are you taking this to?

No, Dad.
Mom has a point.

They are from rich families, right?

We shouldn't have such an
inferiority complex, dear.

True friends are those who love us
even after realizing our limitations.

They don't have any
such problems, Dad.

They've asked me several times
whether they could come here.

It was me who...

Come here.

She should have
born as a boy.

- This mom!!
- Hey!

You bring them here.

Don't worry about the expense.

It will be a change
for your sister.

How's that?



Why are you here?

Me and my son don't
need you anymore.

Mary, I...

You got drunk and
killed my brother...

... and now you want
to live with me again?

You'll be cursed, you scoundrel!

I didn't do it deliberately, Mary.

It was a mistake.

It was me who made a mistake,
not you.

Get out, you dog!

Don't ever come here again.

How dare you!

Oh Jesus!

Don't worry, Jose.

Everything will be all right.

What you need now is a job.

What job can I get in this town?

That's also true.

There's no point doing
agriculture here.

Why don't you try
outside our town, Jose?

Staying away from
here now is like...

If I have to win my family back,
I should be here, right?

Georgekutty who runs a
cable TV network here,

has started a movie theatre.

I don't think there are
vacancies over there too.

Yet, I'll try asking him.

Otherwise, why don't
you start some business?

I would need a lot of
money for that, Ikka.

To be frank, I have 10 cents of
land in my name, which I can sell.

But nobody is quoting a good price.

Ikka, is Raghuvettan here?
One tea, please.

- Raghu, one tea.
- Okay.


He is a broker.

He's not originally
from this town.

Try talking to him.

What if he has some
good clients in hand?

Circle Inspector Philip Mathew!

What's her name?

Let me note it down.

Husband's name?


That's okay.
I'll find out.

Will you supply
Marijuana to school kids?

- No, Sir. I didn't do it.
- Who all were with you?

- No one was with me, Sir.
- I saw many people running away.

- No, Sir.
- Playing tricks with me?

No, Sir.

- No, Sir. It's not me.
- Not you?


- Yes, Sir.
- Who is he?

He's part of the gang which supplies
marijuana to school kids, Sir.

All the others got away.

We could catch only him.

Antony, you should enquire
about these two people.

- Saritha, Sabu.
- Sir.

Saritha works as a sweeper
at the civil station.

Her husband, Sabu Augustine.

He's a car broker or
something like that.

Find out where their house is.

This is behind our
Georgekutty's house, Sir.

Which Georgekutty?

- From that Varun case?
- Yes, Sir.

Enquire about them and ask
them to come and meet me.

Okay, Sir.

Is this size fine, Mom?

Yes, that's fine.

But we need some more beans.

Go bring it.

Our younger offspring
has sent a huge list.

What list?

A list of things to
buy for Saturday.

Very nice!

You brought it upon
yourself, right?

Now suffer!

- Dad!
- Huh?



2 policemen are coming
through our field.

Why are you getting
scared for that?

You sit here.

Sit here!

I've told you earlier as well.

Unnecessary tension
will lead us to danger.

Why are they coming
through our field?

I don't know.

Is that where you...

Don't be scared.

They will ring the bell now.

You should go and
open the door then.


[Doorbell rings]

- Do you trust me?
- Yes.

Then obey what I say.

Just go.




They have come looking for mom.


You can go inside.

We got a call from the
Sub-Collector's office in the morning,

to talk about Saritha who
works there on daily wages,

and her husband who beats her
up after getting drunk.

We've been asked to
enquire about it.

We have come as part
of that enquiry.

When I asked her,
she said...

... that you and your wife
are aware of all this.

And she told me something
secretly, as well.

You were the one who asked
her to inform the police.

Is that true?

It's true, Sir.
I told her.

We can't trust anyone these days.

Many are misusing the protection
provided by women's laws.

So we just came to ask
around and see if it is true.

Is she saying the truth?

Yes, Sir.

Is it something she told you,

or have you seen it happening?

I have seen it happening.

Hey! Call her.

He doesn't know that you
had asked her to do this.

It's fine for me even
if he knows it, Sir.

But he needn't know it.

That would be better for her.

Hey! I will forget all
that happened until now.

If I hear that
you've hurt her again,

you'll see my true colours.

No, Sir.
I won't do it again.

Good for you then.

Both of you should come to the station
and meet CI Sir tomorrow morning.

Okay Sir.

You may go.

If he hurts you again,

you know the police
station's number, right?

Call us directly.

You needn't make calls through
the Sub-Collector's office.


Yes, Sir.

Okay then.

Bye, Georgekutty.

See you!

After killing my son,

you're sleeping peacefully?

Where is my son?

How did you kill him?

I'm asking you!
Tell me!

Don't think you can escape!

I'll leave only after
knowing the truth.

[Bell ringing]




It's Mom.


- It was just a dream.
- Nothing to worry.

Forget it.
It's nothing.

Dad and Mom are here, right?

It was just a dream.

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

There's nothing to worry.
She has improved a lot.

The frequency has
decreased considerably.

Will you wait outside, dear?

What's the reason for this seizure?

Maybe because the
police came home.

That must have triggered it.

Didn't I tell you not to send her?

That's not a problem.

It's better that Anju gets
accustomed to such situations.

How long can we hide
her from all this?


what about counselling?

Let's wait and see.

However much we say that we've
overcome the fear in our minds,

it keeps getting
triggered like this often.

It won't go away one fine day.

It will take time.

Something that both of you should
be careful about is that...

... since Anju has a history
of having seizures,

... this shouldn't lead to another
seizure, at any cost.

What's your opinion about
getting her married, Doctor?

It might do good for her.

Or it might not do
any good for her.

That depends on
the circumstances.

We're making her sleep
alone even now.

That's good.
I had told you, right?

Let her handle herself.

Only Anju can
overcome her problems.

We just have to create an
atmosphere for that. That's all.

We can't blame her, Jose.

You killed her brother, right?

Did I do it to kill him, Mom?

What's the point in saying that?

You have orphaned two families.

Your greed for money is
the reason for all this.

Don't say that, Mom.

I didn't ask for it.

It was them who promised me.

And when I was in need of money,
they took me for a ride.

What's the point in saying that now?

A life was lost!

She's not angry with you, Mom.

You should talk to her.

She lets me inside her house,
because she's good at heart.

But do you think she'll let you
inside the house, if I tell her?

In these 6 years, when
her family had abandoned her,

it was you who
helped her, right?

She will listen to you, Mom.

What about my son?
Don't I have rights over him?

Don't talk too much
about your rights now.

Find a source of income
for yourself first.

This is not your house now.

This is your brother's house.

I myself am a burden here.

You should understand that.

I'll go and meet Mary.

Don't expect a sudden
change from her.

Let's see.

- Why are you late?
- What do I say?

Ask her directly. She takes
too much time to get ready!

- Yeah, right! He's kidding.
- Where's Thomas?

He'll come now.

- Roy! How are you?
- Nice Sari! Where did you buy it from?

- Fine.
- From a friend's boutique.

- Hi Uncle.
- Please come inside.

- Isn't Kevin here, Aunty?
- He has gone outside.

He'll be back soon.

- How are you doing?
- Great, Uncle.

Rita, I don't see
anything on the table!

I'm really hungry.

Get us some snacks.

I'll bring it right away.

His trip has been postponed.

What happened?

Two of my friends can't
make it this week.

So we pushed it to
the end of this month.

- Didn't get anything new, right?
- No, Uncle.

Even if that girl knows something,
would she say it?

The one who committed the
crime would never say it.

Because who will be in trouble
because of that? That person indeed.

But that's not the case with
people who know about it.

They can make mistakes.

As years pass,

the possibility of getting it
from them, keeps increasing.

What's the reason?

- Their fear..
- .. would reduce.

- Confidence...?
- ...would increase!

It will increase.

This would be their
last year together.

Just try, son.
That's all.

I just said it when I heard that
you're studying with that girl.

Now don't lose focus on your
studies because of this.

No, Uncle.

He's a big fan of crime thrillers.

That's his spirit as well.

His dream is to become a
police officer like you.

Is it?


Meena is alone there, right?

That's why Rajesh
asked me to go there.

When are you leaving, Mom?

As soon as I get the Visa.

Rajesh said that I would get
the Visa within one week.

- When is her due date?
- 25th of next month.

So I can see you again only
after six months, right?


- I'm leaving.
- Wait.

- I'll call you in the evening, Mom.
- Okay, dear.

Mom is going to Qatar.

Rajesh's wife Neena's
due date is next month.

She will come back
only after six months.

That's good.

She will have a change from
the grief of Dad's death.

She doesn't listen when
we ask her to come here.

Unnecessary false pride.

What happened?

I don't know.
I don't feel so good.

I feel that I might
end up being orphaned.

There you go again.

So me and children
are no one to you?

I am leaving.

Unnecessary negative thoughts!

'Same old dawn'

'Same old darkness'

'The same sunlight'

'The same shadows'

'An unknown future awaits..'

'And the life goes on...

.... and on'

'Are the nightingales still singing?'

'Will the dark memories
vanish like a rain drying up?'

'Or have our silences become
too heavy with burden?'

'The future is waiting..'

'This life endlessly moves on..

... and on'

I think my days are numbered now.

Don't talk like that, Pathrose Chetta.

I am happy anyway.

I could see you all, right?

My family survived only
because of your father.

My daughter had come recently.

She had asked me to convey
her regards to you, Sir.

That's my daughter.

It was Sir who educated
her and got her married.

'Will the footprints of this
journey ever be erased?'

'Will we drown in the
depth of nightmares?'

'Have we turned into mere
disguises and fakes?'

'The future awaits...'

'This life endlessly moves on...

... and on....

... and on'


What were you talking?


Lying to me?

Don't stare at me.

I saw everything.

I saw you showing him the
woodshed and the window.

- What did you tell that boy?
- We weren't talking about that.

Then what did you talk?
Tell me.

Are you trying to get
your sister killed?

What happened?

Are you crying on
such a nice day?

What happened?

We'll talk about it later.

Go inside.
Be with them.


Wash your face and go!

What's the matter?

Hey! Drop me home on the way.

Okay. Text me once you reach.
- Yeah, sure.

Bye, Anu.
- Bye, Uncle.

- Bye.
- Okay. Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Okay.
- See you.

Come, Anu.

- I'm going to bed. I'm really tired.
- Georgekutty...

What is it?

Shouldn't we know
what all she told him?

What can she say?

We will not discuss about this.

Nothing has happened so far, right?

Nothing will happen hereafter too.

It's Sunday, right?

Aren't you going to Church?

Aren't you coming?

I have to go to Ernakulam.



How come you're going for
the Noon Mass today?

I waited for a long
time in the morning.

Anu's friends were
here yesterday, right?

They left only in the morning.

- So you had a blast?
- Of course.

Georgekutty has
gone to Ernakulam.

- He will come back only tomorrow.
- Should I come over?

- If it's not too much trouble.
- Oh yeah! It's too much trouble!

But I'll adjust.

Sabu doesn't like
me very much, right?

He doesn't like me.
How will he like you then?

Don't mind all that.

- Okay then.
- Bye.

I'm saying this realizing
the magnitude of his mistake.

You should forgive him.

You should start your life afresh.

For the past 6 years,

you know how me and my
son survived, right?

I lost my brother.

My family abandoned me.

I am living only for my son now.

What was his fault, Mom?

You can come here
anytime you want.

But with him...

I can't, Mom.

I can understand your grief.

If you believe that he
did it deliberately,

I won't come here to talk
about this, ever again.

You need to be patient.

It will take time.


Aren't you sleeping?

What happened to you?

I had noticed in
the morning too.

Some kind of a change.

It was raining like this,
on that night too.

I am scared of such nights now.

Stop saying all
that and lie down.

After yesterday's incident,

I feel that some kind of
danger is approaching us.

Georgekutty does not
understand my problem.

Georgekutty is not
ready to listen to me.

Georgekutty is able to take
everything very lightly.

But I'm not able to do it.

So you should let him know
about your troubles.

Open up to him.

He will understand.

I tried several times.

Whenever I am about
to say something,

he scares me saying that we
shouldn't talk about it here.

This is Sabu.
This is Saritha.

Sir... they?

Shadow police.

They are originally
husband and wife.

- Sit down, Philip.
- Sir.

- Recognized him, right?
- Yes, Sir.

They have been staying
there for the past 2 years

and observing Georgekutty
and his family.

We have bugged
Georgekutty's house.

His bedroom...

dining room,

and that elder girl's room.

- Right, Sabu?
- Yes, Sir.

We have been recording
their conversations, Sir.

Anything that's
beneficial for the case?

They never spoke about Varun
or this case in their house.

The main reason for that is because
Georgekutty had forbidden them from it.

Rani Chechi was restless...

- Sorry Sir. I got used to that name...
- Go ahead.

That restlessness was evident in
Rani and their elder daughter Anju.

Our attempt was to create an
atmosphere for them to talk about this.

And there has been a
minor breakthrough now.

From here on, the three of you will
be my core team in this investigation.


You will keep all
information confidential,

and you will report only to me.

- Sure, Sir.
- Now...

.. before I proceed,

there's a trajectory of
events so far in this case.

I'll present it.

That is...

a youngster called Varun,

got killed while threatening Anju by
showing her a naked video of hers.

As per the younger
daughter's statement,

she had seen her mother and sister burying
something in a sack, during the night.

Georgekutty wasn't at home then.

So it must be Georgekutty's elder
daughter or wife who had done it,

but we don't have
any clarity in it.

Then we found out that the
body was shifted from there.

When was it shifted?

Where was it shifted to?

Who shifted it?

Who all among that
family know about this?

These were the solid
questions before us.

In this,

it is now clear that...

it was Georgekutty's elder
daughter who committed the murder.

Georgekutty's wife told that to Saritha.

I got it by chance, Sir.

These are all lies.

Anju hasn't done anything wrong.

He was a pervert.

That's why she...


Saritha got another
information as well.

So you should let him know
about your troubles.

Open up to him.

He will understand.

I tried several times.

Whenever I am about
to say something,

he scares me saying that we
shouldn't talk about it here.

Do you know the reason for that?

Georgekutty Chettan has a
clear idea about everything.

You don't have that.

That's why you are scared.

If my guess is right,

Anju also has this problem.

Am I right?


This is where I
can't agree with him.

He doesn't allow you
both to talk about this.

If you don't talk about
this among yourselves,

how would you understand things?

Shall I tell you something which I
understood from the public opinion?

As long as that body is not found,

police can't do anything to you.

Then why are you scared?

Are you scared whether Anu
told that boy where it is?

No. I'm not scared about that.

Georgekutty shifted it the next day
without letting any of us know.

Georgekutty says that it's safer
that we don't know about it.

This is our minor breakthrough.

The crucial point in this
case was to find Varun's body.

Police investigated
all the possibilities.

They rummaged Georgekutty's property
and dug every suspicious place.

Knowing that he renovated the
floor of his shop back then,

they dug over there too
and didn't find anything.

Georgekutty had a lot of
possibilities to get rid of it.

For example,

if he travels for 3 hours from
his house, it's a forest area.

Police investigated that possibility
as well, as far as they could.

With the court's permission, him and his
family were summoned and questioned twice.

On top of not finding anything,

the court warned the police not to approach
the court again, without a solid proof.

With that, the police became hesitant to
investigate this case, fearing humiliation.

Because the media and the
public began celebrating it.

But I...

I had been following
this case secretively.

I appointed Saritha and Sabu,
as part of that.

How far can we believe the statement that
the body was shifted on the very next day?

We can believe it.


to find whether we could
find any human body remains,

we had sent the soil from that pit
for examination, on that day itself.

Not even a single trace was found.

If so, what's the importance of the fact
that it was shifted the next day, now?

That date itself!

August... 3rd.

Now listen to me carefully.

Varun Prabhakar was killed...

... on August 2nd.

Georgekutty and his family claim that
they went for the retreat on that day.

On August 2nd, at night,

Georgekutty's wife...

and his elder daughter,
bury Varun's body together.

Georgekutty who reached
the next morning,

finds Varun's car,

and dumps it at a quarry in
Mullasshery, past Thodupuzha.

He returns to Thodupuzha town,

and collects hotel bills and
tickets from the movie theatre.

After that, he takes the evening
KSRTC bus and gets back home.

Georgekutty, who reached
home around 9 PM,

digs that body out from there,

after his family went to sleep.

If so,

at what time did Georgekutty
dig that body out?

Sir, even if he sent his family to sleep
early, his neighbours have to sleep, right?


the place where they buried the body
can be seen from the main road.


... 12 AM.

- Okay?
- Yes.

To dig that body out
and put it in the Jeep,

he would need at
least one hour, right?

What's the time then?

1 AM.

That is, August 4th,
early morning,

1 AM.

To dig a pit and bury
the body somewhere else,

wouldn't he take at least
one and a half hours?

After this,

Georgekutty has to reach
home at least by 4:30 AM.


if Georgekutty who left
with the body at 1 AM,

has to reach back
home by 4:30 AM,

the time that Georgekutty took to
dispose the body and come back,

that is his crime time,

would be three hours..
Sorry, three and a half hours.

In this, he took one and a
half hours to bury the body.

The remaining...

... two hours.

Up and down travel.

That means, one hour
up and one hour down.

If this assumption is right,


would have buried the body within
a 50 kilometer radius of his house.

What do you say?

How can we be sure that he
came back by 4:30 AM itself?

It could be 5 or 6 AM, right?

The next morning,

that is, on August 4th morning,

Georgekutty and family took the
5:45 AM bus to Thodupuzha.

To recreate the day.

On those days, that is
on August 4th and 5th,

his children didn't go to school.

So if they have to
take the 5:45 AM bus,

that family has to wake up
at least by 5 AM, right?

In that case, if he has
reached at that time,

wouldn't they know
that he had gone out?


Georgekutty should reach
back, at least by 4:30 AM.

But Sir, a husband and wife would
be sleeping in the same room.

If the husband
gets up and leaves,

the wife would know it
at some point, right?

Sir, after that incident,

Rani was sleeping in her children's
room, for almost six months.

Moreover, their elder daughter Anju,

used to cry out of fear on many nights.
Rani has told me that.

Sir, I think that there won't
be a 50 kilometer radius.

These time spans you mentioned,

are what a man requires
in a normal situation.

But at night,

in a frightened state of mind,

he can never do all these
things at this pace.


He might not have gone far.

Maybe he left at 11 PM,

and came back by 3 AM.

Quite possible.

Sir, did we enquire about
his movements at night?

We did.

But it didn't yield any results.

We didn't have a
solid date with us.

Moreover, since he used to
go out for cable TV repairs,

many people have seen
him during nights.

Now we have a solid date.

Conduct a secret investigation
based on that date, Philip.


In the meanwhile,

you two push her hard.

- Yes, Sir.
- Yes, Sir.

Georgekutty's complete focus
is on that film production now.

He has an over-confidence
that he would never get caught.

That's good for us.

Who said it's good?

I don't like his acting.

And the editing
wasn't up to the mark.

I can direct a movie
better than this.



He hung up?

Talking about movies to me?

I spoke over the phone
with the guy in Dubai.

He's interested to be a
partner in the production.

He will be here in two months.

He said we can
discuss it in person.

Finally, the biggest dream of my
life is going to be a reality.


If us humans desire something deeply,

if we make up our mind to do it,

we will be able to achieve it.

I am an example for that.

But you need luck as well.

Don't talk negatively.

This is your problem, Rajan.

We should never
think negatively.

We should have only
positive thoughts.

Then only good things
will happen to us.

Wait and watch, Rajan!

I am going to rule Malayalam Cinema.

- Aravindan, right?
- Yes, Sir.

- Aren't you the newspaper
agent of this area? - Yes.

- For how long?
- Around 15 years.

At what time do you
get the newspapers?

It reaches the town at 3 AM.

My boys collect it from there,
and distribute it to the houses.

I need the details of the
boys who were with you,

during the month
of August in 2013.

Milk Co-operative Society]

- When do you start collecting milk here?
- From 5 AM in the morning.

I need a list of people
who give you milk at dawn.

Not the current list.

The list from August, 2013.

Okay, Sir.

So the people here are
co-operating well?

Yes, Sir.

When this incident happened,

all the people were
sympathetic towards them.

There was a constable
called Sahadevan.

Since he beat up
Georgekutty's younger daughter,

the entire public became hostile.

Not a single person co-operated
with the investigation.

The reason for this
change is jealousy, Sir.

Georgekutty's growth...

No one has liked it very much.

Especially their neighbours.

They firmly believe that it was Georgekutty
and family who killed Varun, now.

But it has been 6-7 years, Sir.

Even if someone
has seen something,

would they still remember it?

Just give it a try.

If we're lucky,

what if someone remembers
seeing something?


You were supposed to meet your friend
in Coimbatore for a job, right?

He has gone to Chennai.
He will call me when he gets back.

Start providing for her
and son, at the earliest.

Everything will be
solved on its own then.

Which is this
Kanjirathingal house?

There are many people who are
from Kanjirathingal family here.

Purushan, who used to distribute
newspapers, 5-6 years back?

He's bedridden now after an accident.

Oh! Purushan's house.

It's a little ahead from here.

One, two...

The fourth house on
the left from here.

No, Sir.

I spoke to newspaper agents
and milk sellers.

No one remembers seeing him.

It has been 6 years, right?

Most people are not
able to remember it.

Then... on August 3rd,

there was an annual day celebration
of a club near Georgekutty's house.

A drama was performed
that night, in that club.

By the time it got over,
it was around 12 AM.

From Georgekutty's

and from places where Georgekutty
could have gone at night,


60 people had gone
to watch this drama.

We're meeting each one of
them and enquiring, Sir.

- Ramesh?
- Yes, Sir.

We're coming from your
friend Reji's house.

On August 3rd, 2013,

did you go for the annual day
celebration of Reji's Companion Club?

Your son was also with you then.

While watching the
drama that day,

Reji's brother came
and took him along.

That must be true, but I don't
remember the date correctly.

Reji said it was on August 3rd.

Then it must be true.

When did the drama
get over that day?

After 12 AM, I guess.

How did you come back home?

By foot or by car?

We came by foot.

While coming back, did you see
Georgekutty going anywhere with his Jeep?

- By Georgekutty, you mean...?
- Yes.

- Is it something related to the case?
- Yes.

Did you see him that day?

While coming back...

No, Sir.
I didn't see him.

Didn't Rijo have an
asthma attack that day?

Yes. Around 4 AM,
early in the morning.

That's right, Sir.

Around 4 AM in the morning,

I saw Georgekutty's Jeep
going back inside his compound.

Didn't I tell you not to take
him out during the night?

I think it's because
of the cold weather.

The inhaler won't
be enough for this.

Call some doctor.

Why didn't you say this when the
police investigated this earlier?

Police never asked me about this.

And I work in a bank.

I was posted in
Kozhikode back then.

Since my family is here,
I used to come only on weekends.

Where does that road go?

That's a shortcut to the junction where
Georgekutty's cable TV office is situated.

It's been only 3 years
since that road was tarred.

Back then, the condition
of that road was very poor.

What all are there
on that roadside?

There's a Church called
St. Joseph's Church.

Then there are many rubber
plantations of different sizes.

Would it be in those
rubber plantations?

I thought about that
possibility as well.

But the rubber trees there
are at least 15 years old.

So, six years back,

those trees were being
tapped regularly.

If someone has made a
new pit in such a place,

the tapping workers
would notice it, right?

See, he didn't get
time to plan it out.

So he would have buried it
only in a familiar location.

Sir, I have a doubt.

- Saritha..
- Sir.

Didn't you understand from that
Rani's conversations that..

Georgekutty is confident that
the police would never find it?

Yes, Sir.

So, he would have buried it at a place
where no one would expect it to be.


St. Joseph's Church cemetery.

It's really close to
Georgekutty's house.

A place where no one
goes during nights.

Sir, if this is true,

we will be in a fix.

There's one way to
find out if it's true.

The Church wasn't very
crowded today, right?


Chechi, they are not
coming in search of you.

Don't get so scared.

Why are you so afraid of them?

Raghu Chetta.. one tea, please.

I don't see you around
these days, Jose.

I don't get out
of my house much.

I don't have to see or hear people's
taunting looks and words, right?

That's all your imagination.

You made a mistake.

That's over.

You still have a life ahead of you.

I'm not going to commit
suicide out of depression.

I need to make some money
and win back my family.

That won't be possible
if I stay here.

Like you said, I need to
find a job in some other town.

Very good decision.

- See you, Ikka.
- Okay.

How are you doing,
Georgekutty Chetta?

You've started a movie theatre, right?

Is your case over?

That Sahadevan was trying
to trap you, right?

- Hey..
- Georgekutty Chetta...

- Shall I get you some tea?
- Yes.

- Who's that, Ikka?
- Jose.

It was about his job, that I
spoke to you the other day.

The late George, who used
to work at the toddy shop?

His elder son.

- Is he settled outside?
- No.

He was inside.

Inside the jail.

No wonder!

He's asking me if I have
started a movie theatre.

Rani Chechi...

Yes, Saritha.

What happened, Saritha?

Did Sabu hurt you again?

It's not that.

That's enough, dear.
Go inside.

What is it?

I think Georgekutty Chettan buried
that boy's body in the cemetery.

We saw the police there
in the morning, right?

They had come to
search the cemetery.

The Priest didn't allow it.

He sent them back,
asking for a court order.

It was Shanthi who
told me about it.

Word is spreading all over town.

Don't get worried, Chechi.

Inform Georgekutty
Chettan immediately.

Don't tell him over the phone.
Call him here and tell him.

You should clean it like
this after each show.

Start the next show
only after that.

[Phone ringing]
- When people come in,

the place should be clean.

- Hello?
- Georgekutty...

You must come home immediately.

I'll come after
the evening show.

No, Georgekutty.

You must come now.

It's really urgent.

Tell me the matter, Rani.

I can't tell you over the phone.

Come fast.
Please, Georgekutty.

- Please.
- Hello? Rani?

Hasn't he reached yet?


What if he doesn't come?

Will we be in trouble?

What if she didn't believe
what you told her?

Yeah, right.
He will come at least at night.

They will talk then.


He's here.

Come, come.

What is it?


What's the problem, dear?

- What problem?
- Go inside, dear.

What is it, Mom?

If you're supposed to know,
we'll tell you. Just go.

Come, Georgekutty.


Police are going to search
the tombs in our cemetery.

Who told you that?


Shanthi told Saritha about it.

Word is spreading in
the neighbourhood about it.

While coming back after
the morning Mass,

I had seen a Police Jeep
coming to the Church.

Did you shift it there?

What all are you saying?

Is this why you created
all this ruckus?

- Aren't you feeling scared?
- No.

So it's not there?

I've told you not to talk
about it in this house.

We need to talk.

I can't be tensed
all the time like this.

When I didn't say
anything over the phone,

weren't you tensed
until this moment?

That has been my condition
for the past 6 years.

Every time I hear that the police
has gone somewhere for a search,

I get shocked sitting here.

I swear on my children!
It's not over there.

I know that you are doing
all this for our safety.

But I'm unable to live in tension,
without knowing anything, Georgekutty.

At least for my peace of mind,
can you please tell me?

Do you believe that I'm foolish
enough to tell this to someone else?

I was thinking that the
police had dropped this case.

But if they are still investigating it...


Every time a new C.I. takes charge,
they will investigate it once.

Their investigation will
continue until we die.

When you speak openly like this,

I feel so relieved.

Why aren't you telling me where
you have buried it, Georgekutty?

Don't you trust me?

If you don't trust me,

you needn't tell me.


Until this moment,

I have never done anything,

which my mind has said no to.

So I won't say this to you.

No one is going to find it.

Trust me!

Raghu, one tea please.

- A strong one.
- Okay.

- Soman...
- Raghu Chetta...

Tea for two more people.

Hi Soman.

- I had come to your house yesterday,
looking for you. - When?

Around 2 PM.

I was at the Church then.

Why? Have you converted?

[Jose] When is the bus to Thodupuzha?
[Sulaiman] Where are you going?

[Jose] I'm going to Coimbatore.
I told you about a job, right?

Police is digging up the Church cemetery.
- Why?

For Georgekutty's case.

- Have they found it?
- Yeah. That's what I heard.

Huh? At the Church cemetery?

- That's awesome.
- What's the point?

The Priest sent the cops back since
they didn't have a court order.

What's wrong with him?

Why should he mess
with the police?

They will be back in two
days with the court order.

- Yes.
- What all are happening here!

Ikka, your friend will go
to jail this time for sure.

I've heard this so many times.

I hear it every year...

.. that they are digging at some place or
the other and will arrest him immediately.

You're the only one in this town

who believes that Georgekutty
is innocent, Ikka.

I also heard so.

That Sahadevan tried to trap him.

That makes it two of you.

Josetta, even we thought
so in the beginning.

Georgekutty deceived
everyone intelligently.

Just think about one thing.

That younger girl told the police that
she saw them burying something at night.

Police went and dug up that place,
on that basis.

But what did they get?
A calf.

Will any of us bury
a calf at midnight?

That too, when it's
raining heavily?

You're talking as if you were
with them when they buried it.

- Ikka, the cops told me this.
- Yeah, right!

As if everything the
cops say are true!

I don't know anything in detail.

I've only heard about this from
friends who visited me in jail.

Anyway, I think Georgekutty
will be caught this time.

The cops have been searching rigorously
all over town, for the past few days.


What's the point in telling him?

Ikka, it's not a joke.

They were enquiring whether someone
had seen Georgekutty going in his Jeep,

on August 3rd night
or August 4th morning.

[Jose] Is it the bus, Ikka?
[Sulaiman] I think so.

They're giving a reward for
those who give information.

I heard that the reward
is around 25 Lakhs.

- Don't bluff, man!
- No, brother. It's true.

They were enquiring whether someone
had seen Georgekutty going in his Jeep,

on August 3rd night
or August 4th morning.

Georgekutty deceived
everyone intelligently.

I heard there's a
handsome reward,

for those who give information.

I heard that the reward
is around 25 Lakhs.

When he's saying
it so confidently...

No, Sir.
It wouldn't be there.

Anyway, that cemetery should
be under our observation.

- Especially during the nights.
- Sir.

Since it's him, we can't
predict what he would do.

Sir, can't we do anything with the
audio recordings which we have with us?

There's no reference to that boy's
name or even to a dead body, in it.

It won't stand legally.

Moreover, when it comes
to audio recordings...

They have just the value of
secondary evidence in court.

Shall we concentrate on
Georgekutty's junction?

Yes, Sir.

What all possibilities
do we have there?

Sir, it's a call from the station.

I think it's an emergency.

- They have been calling several times.
- Take it.

Do you know the people there?

Yes, Sir.

What is it, man?

Don't you know that I'm in a
meeting at the I.G.'s office?

Who's that?

What's his name?

How far is that
junction from his house?


If we take the main road,
it's around 12 kilometres, Sir.

There's a shortcut as well.

That would be around
8 or 9 kilometres.

Are there any deviations
from that shortcut?


Someone has come to our station,

claiming that he knows where
Georgekutty buried the body.

- Where is it?
- He didn't say that.

He's waiting at the station, saying that
he would speak only to higher officials.

Can we believe him?

So many people have
come like this, right?

Should we let him go without
listening to him, Sir?

Of course not.

Ask them to bring him here.

I'll go to Ernakulam after
dropping her at the college.

Will you come back today?

I might.

I'll call you.

- Is it for the movie, Dad?
- Yeah.

- Dad! Is it for the movie?
- Yes.

- Here's your bag.
- Will it start anytime soon?

Everything takes its
own sweet time, my dear!

What's your name?


Where did you see
Georgekutty at?

I'll tell you, Sir.
What will you give me?

What's your intention?

I need some money, Sir.

- How much?
- Half a Million.

Didn't I tell you that he's a fraud?
Send him away.

At 3:30 AM on August 4th,

I saw Georgekutty leaving from
a place with a shovel in hand,

with my own eyes, Sir.

Police arrested me within
half an hour after that.

I fought with my
brother-in-law at 12:30 AM.

I hit him with an iron rod which I
found there. He died on the spot.

I got scared and ran away.
That's when I saw this.

I am not a fraud, Sir.

Had he come on his bicycle?

No, in his Jeep.

The Jeep was parked on the road.

I saw it and got scared thinking
that it was a Police Jeep.

I won't say anything more, Sir.

I need a confirmation
about the cash.


We'll give you 10,000 Rupees.

That's not enough.

Please don't mind, Sir.

I have to rebuild
my shattered family.

For that, I need half a Million.

Let me see if I can make you
say it without paying you.

You can do whatever you want, Sir.

Police brutality doesn't
affect me anymore.

I made a mistake, Sir.

I shouldn't have come to you.

If I had gone to Georgekutty,
I could have quoted any price.


I'll give you the money.

But in a couple of days' time.

Until then, you shouldn't
step out of here.

Or if you're planning
to play some trick...

I'm not foolish enough to
play tricks on you, Sir.

This has half a Million.

Now tell us.

Where did you see Georgekutty?

At the police station
where you sit, Sir.

Back then, that police station
was under construction, right?

I saw Georgekutty
coming out from there.


- Acting smart, are you?
- No! No! No!

Now it makes sense.

Now, it makes sense.

This was his confidence.

It's not because I
don't trust you, Sir.

Even if I wish to help you,

I can't do it.


Absolutely unbelievable!

Are you able to believe this?

No one can believe
this so easily, Sir.

In such a situation,

based on the statement
of a criminal,

how can we demolish
a police station?

I cannot allow this!

What if he's trying
to fool the police?

Sir, I'll compensate all the losses
that the force would face because of it.

I'll rebuild the police
station to its old form.


Money is not the
only issue here.

Police has faced a lot of
humiliation in this case already.

Now once again?

That too, by demolishing
a police station?

Sir, we needn't demolish
the station fully.

We just have to
dig up that floor.

I had spoken to its contractor.

They started its work
from August 4th, indeed.

- If so...
- Agreed.

What if we don't find
it after digging?

That's what worries me.

If that happens,

there will be many
political problems as well.

We'll find it, Sir.

It is there.

I told you, right?

There are neighbours who've seen
Georgekutty's Jeep passing by.

That's how we arrived
at that point.

If we look at it that way,
this statement is trustworthy, Sir.

Sir, you can trust me here.

All the humiliation we
faced so far in this case,

will be over with this.


- You'll take full responsibility for this.
- Of course, Sir.

And one more thing.

- This should be done covertly, without
the media knowing about it. - Yes, Sir.

- Do you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes, Sir.

All our movements should
be very secretive.

Hire more people,

and finish the work in one
or two days if you can.

Now as per rules,

an officer in a DySP rank
should be present there.

The Mahassar should be prepared by
the RDO or the Executive Magistrate.

If we get the
skeleton from there,

forensic department would
take it to their office.

At the earliest..
If possible, the next day itself,

we should get hold
of that report.

Once we get that report,

we have to approach the
court for the DNA test.

Everything should be done in a
fast and in a legally sound manner.

By the time the
media comes to know,

our side should be strong.

Do you firmly believe
that it would be there?


We won't go wrong this time.

Raghu Chetta...

- What can I get to eat?
- Idli, Dosa, Puttu.

What do you want?

- Idli.
- Idli?

- How many?
- Two.

Just two?


Stock up extra supplies.

You're going to have a
boom in your business.

What is it, Sir?

The police station's
floor is damaged.

So we're removing all
that and laying new tiles.

It will go on for one week.

When is it starting?


Where's that eye-witness from?

He stays nearby.

He was in jail for killing
his brother-in-law.

He's not very trustworthy.

- Good morning, Sir.

Have my assistants reached?

They reached in the morning.

What's the status?

Work has begun.

We have hired more people,

to dig up all the rooms together.
- Okay.

They will have to go
at least 5 feet deep.

Digging should start from the centre
of the room and move to the sides.

In such situations,

it's usually found
at the centre.

Okay Sir.

- Any developments?
- No, Sir. They have just started.

If you see anything, send
the workers out and call us.

- Okay?
- Sure, Sir.

Sir, this is DySP Raghuram Sir.

- This is the Executive Magistrate.
- Namaste, Sir.

Are you new here, Sir?

I knew Deepak, who was
posted here before you.

- Deepak got a transfer to Thrissur.
- Okay.

Let's sit there, Sir.

One, two, three, four...

Snake! Snake!

- Dad, snake!
- That's foul play.

It just hit my hand
and changed position.

- This is correct.
- Yes, it's correct.

You have changed a lot now, Dad.

How have I changed?

Without going to the theatre,
you're always after Mom now.

Aren't you bored even
after all these years, Dad?


You're talking too
much these days.

- Don't fight. Play!
- Come on.


- Am I right, Dad?
- No.

Then why don't you
go to the theatre?

Since Anu has come.

This is how my life would be,

That's why I've installed
the CCTV on my phone.

While playing with you here,

I can run my business.
- What will you do when you do the movie?

He'll install CCTV
at the location.

No one's going to
make a movie here.

I'll be right back.

- Play and go.
- I'll be right back.


Give it.
- One. Here you go.


Hey! Where are you going?

To have some lime juice.

You can't go outside. We'll buy it for you.
- You'll buy it?

- But I want to smoke, Sir.
- We'll bring it.

You can go out only
in the evening.

In the evening?
What about lunch then?

We'll bring it here.

I want to pee, Sir.

There's a space
behind the station.

Go there.


Hold this.

We sent you to get it quickly.

- Where were you?
- Keep quiet.

- It was really crowded there.
- Fix the drinks.

What kind of work is this?

They're not even
letting us step outside.

I won't be coming tomorrow
if this is how it is.

Hey! We won't have
to come tomorrow.

This is not for tile work.

- Why should we dig 5 feet deep for that?
- Then?

They are trying to
find something else.

Ravi, do you know
what's happening here?


Do you know who all are sitting
there in the shed? - No.

DySP, Executive Magistrate,

and the police surgeon.

- Drink it fast.
- So the matter is serious.

Of course.
I heard them talking.

They are looking
for some dead body.

- Dead body?
- Yes.

They brought us here so that
the locals won't know.

Why wouldn't they get people to
dig pits from this town otherwise?

Hey! We needn't bother
about this too much.

Let's do our work, get
the money and leave.

It's our luck, if
we get the money.

- Well, since they are cops...
- That's true.

Will this be Georgekutty's case?

But what's the point in
digging up the police station?

Bro! What if he has
buried the body here?

How can he bury it in
the police station?

What foolishness!


This police station was
under construction then.

That's true, dude.

It was being constructed then.

That's right.

He is brilliant anyway.

To bury it in a police station...

I don't have any hope that
we will get it from here.

I've gone to so many places
like this, for this case.

That's how I got acquainted with Deepak,
who was here before you.

This time, the I.G. is also really hopeful.

- Were you involved in this case?
- Not now.

During the beginning of this case,
I was the C.I. in Thodupuzha.

Back then, when the police went
to his house looking for the body,

they found the body of a calf.

I've heard about it.

When we realized that he
had shifted it from there,

we examined that pit again.

To see if we can get that
boy's hair or something.

But we didn't get anything.

I was part of that investigation.

So, can we get the DNA
from someone's hair?


But we can't get it once
its root is destroyed.

It takes a couple of days after the death,
for the hair to detach from the body.

Maybe that's why you
didn't get it then.

If we find the
body from here now,

can we get DNA from that hair?

If there are bones,
why do we need hair?

- That's right.
- No point getting it now.

It's lunch break.

We've arranged food
for all of them here.

- Do you want to go out to eat, Sir?
- No.

- We can eat here. Right?
- Yes.

What's happening?
Will we find it?

[Phone ringing]


No, I haven't left yet.
I'll leave in half an hour.

Okay, I'll bring it.

That's enough, dear.
Let me go to the cable TV office.

Why? Isn't the CCTV working now?


No. I didn't get any call yet.

I'll call you if I
get any information.


I'll call you later.

They have found it.



- Shall we go for a movie tonight?
- Georgekutty Chetta!

Have you buried that boy
in the police station?

They are digging up the
station's floor now.


Georgekutty, what he said...?

Don't be scared.

Nothing will happen
to the three of you.

Lock the door and stay inside.

Don't open the door,
until I come back.

What's the depth of that pit?

From the west side of the room,

Georgekutty! Georgekutty!
Open up!

Have you escaped?

[mob shouting]

Isn't anyone home?


[mob continues shouting]

- Brother!
- What is it?

I heard that the police
station here was dug up?

What you heard is true.

The officers took whatever they
found from there, last evening.

A new breakthrough in

ex-I.G. Geetha Prabhakar's son
Varun Prabhakar's disappearance.

Police found body remains which are
suspected to be that of Varun Prabhakar.


The body remains were found buried
at Rajakkad Police Station.

What is it, dear?


Georgekutty and family who were
acquitted from this case earlier,

have come under the shadow of
suspicion again, with this incident.

[media asking questions]

[indistinct questions]

This is Sabu and Saritha.

They are the owners of the house
and property you're staying at.

It was two years of their hard work,
which led us to our initial breakthrough.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

- Sir, can we go?
- Okay.


What's our next plan, Sir?

We've filed a petition
to question Georgekutty.

The hearing is at 1 PM today.

We're speeding up things.

That's right.

You shouldn't give
him time to think.

- Have you got the forensic report?
- Yeah.

Here it is.


aged between 14 and 20.

There's a crack in the skull.

So, the cause of death
should be a blow on his head.

We have to send this
for a DNA test next.

For that, I would need
blood samples from you both.

[District Court,

I strongly object this
petition, Your Honour.

It is devoid of any merit
and may kindly be dismissed.

The Honourable Court permitted them
to question this whole family together,

two times before this.

Then what happened?

What incriminating
evidence did they find?

This is an unending ordeal...

.. and an abuse of
process of the Court.

Okay, okay.


she has a point.

After the police questioned
them twice before this,

were there any developments?

Your Honour,

the mystery behind Varun's
disappearance has come to an end.

When it is a police investigation,

the suspects may have to be
questioned several times.

These developments are the results of
the interrogations which happened earlier.

Your Honour,

this case has reached
its final stage.

It is now clear that
Varun was murdered.

There's an
eye-witness who saw...

Georgekutty leaving from the police
station where the body was found,

on August 4th, 2013, at 3:30 AM.

Georgekutty and family
have to be questioned

for the further
proceedings of the case.

May not be, Your Honour.

This is to harass my client
and family deliberately...

Please wait, Miss Counsel.

Let him submit.

How much time would you require?

Your Honour, at least two
days would be required.

No, no!
Two days are not possible.

Your Honour...

I can grant one day.

From 8 AM to 6 PM.

Your Honour,

they must be questioned
at least for two days.

Didn't you say that you
have evidence with you?

So question them for one day,

and inform the Court
about the developments.

After that, I'll grant more time,
if necessary.

Ask your client to be present where the
police asks him to, at 8 AM tomorrow.

Yes, Your Honour.
Much obliged.

I will be waiting outside.

None of you know anything.

That should be our stand.

Stay firm on that.

Got it?

There's nothing to worry.

Go in confidently.

You are quite smart!

At the police station?

That too, right beneath
the C.I.'s feet?

When the police was looking for that
body all over town for 5-6 years,

you were enjoying it, right?

How did you get the idea to
bury it at the police station?

I'm asking you!

How did you get the idea to
bury Varun Prabhakar's body,

at the police station which
was under construction?

Sir, I haven't buried
anyone's body anywhere.

So, on August 4th, 2013,
at 3:30 AM,

why did you go to that police
station which was under construction?

I haven't gone there, Sir.

You didn't remain
free for so long,

because of your intelligence,
unlike what you think.

You were just plain lucky!

There was an eye-witness who saw
you coming out from that station.

Because you were lucky,

he went to jail immediately.

Do you know him?

- You've never seen him?
- Sir...

I've seen him, but I
don't know who he is.

This is Jose George.

He was in jail serving
life imprisonment,

for the crime of killing
his own brother-in-law.

He was released recently.

When did you kill your brother-in-law?

On August 4th, 2013.


At 12 AM.

After that,

while running back
home in fear,

you reached in front of the police
station which was under construction.

- Right?
- Yes.

When you looked inside hearing
some sound, what did you see?

This Georgekutty Chettan coming
out from that police station.

What was the time then?

Around 3:30 AM.

That is, on August 4th, at 3:30 AM.

- Right?
- Yes.

- Did he have anything in hand?
- He had a shovel.

Now tell me.

On that day,

at that time,

why did you go there?

I haven't gone there at
that time on that day, Sir.

- He is lying.
- Where were you then?

At home.

We went for a retreat at
Thodupuzha on August 2nd.

We got back home
only on 3rd night.

Since we were tired after the trip,
all of us slept soon after.

On 4th morning...


Let her!
Let her vent it out.

Let her vent it out.

Your game ends today.

You will kill my son and bury him...

.. huh?

- We don't know anything.
- Shut up!

We have understood everything.

You exposed your
daughter to us yourself.


Run it.


These are all lies.

Anju hasn't done anything wrong.

He was a pervert.

That's why she...

What did you think about us?

Who bought that property from you?

It was me!

Have you understood who we are, now?

Say it again!

The story of your retreat!

I won't spare any of you.

The pain that we went
through for 6 years..

I'll let you know
what it feels like!

Why did you call my
son to your house?

Tell me!

I haven't called anyone.

- Why did you kill my son?
- Hey!

Move away!

- Leave my daughter.
- No.


Please leave her.
She is not well.

Why did you kill my son?

- Tell me.
- Madam...

Madam, I'm saying the
truth. She's not well.

Tell me!

- Why did you kill my son?
- Please listen to me, Madam.

She is not well.

- Tell me.
- Sir, please tell her.

Why did you kill him?

Leave me.

Sir, please tell her.


- Why did you do it?
- I'm saying the truth.

I won't let you go
until you say it.

- Tell me.
- I'll tell you.

- I will tell you.
- No!

I will make her say it.

Tell me.

You better tell me!

Why did you kill my son?

Tell me!

- Dear!
- Oh no! Dear!

- My child is not well.
- Dear...

Oh no!

Get up!

Putting up a performance?

Get up, I say!

Sir, take my child
to a hospital.

She suffers from epilepsy, Sir.

- Hey! Bring a doctor.
- It's all her acting.

Prabha, she is just acting.

- I need to be near my daughter.
- Leave him.

Don't think you can
escape with this.

- I won't spare anyone.
- Saritha, come here.

- Take her to the next room.
- Sir!

We have to take
her to a hospital.

- Move away!
- I'll also go with her.

- Hold him!
- I'll take her, Sir.

Sir! Sir!

- You should let me go with her.
- Stop it!

Don't expect any
mercy in this case.

You played a game with your
younger daughter back then.

Nothing like that will work here.

Sir, I will tell you.

I'll tell you everything.

Sir, I...

... need to talk
to you in private.


Where is my daughter?

I want to see her.

Your daughter is fine.
The doctor is here. She's okay.

- I need to see her, Sir. Please.
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

Enough with your tricks!

If you want to confess
something, say that.

Or we have our own methods.

Sir, I killed that boy.

I buried his body at
the police station.

Why did you kill that boy?

Sir, on August 2nd,

Rani and the children
had gone to Rani's house.

When I got back home
from the cable TV office,

I saw someone hiding
near my house.

Thinking that he was a thief,

I went to him with an iron
rod which I found nearby.

He tried to escape
as soon as he saw me.

Sir, in the heat of the moment,

I hit him.

Under the impact of that blow
on his head, he fell down.

That's when I
realized it was a boy.

Once I realized
that he was dead,

I put his body into a sack,

and buried it in my field.

When I went to the
junction on the next day,

I came to know that the flooring
work of the police station

is going to start on Monday.

Realizing that it
would be a safer place,

I decided to shift
the body there.

Rani and children came back
home by Sunday evening.

I made Rani sleep in the
children's room that night,

and shifted that body to
the police station myself.

Then what did your
younger daughter see?


she saw them burying
our dead calf.

Trying to save
your family, right?

I have lived so far,

realizing that you all will know everything
and find the body sooner or later.

All the evidence which proves
what I told your right now,

is with me, Sir.

That iron rod with my fingerprints.

That boy's clothes.


I have hidden all of them
at a secret place, Sir.

When did you remove his dress?

When I shifted him to the station.

Why did you remove it?

I told you, right?

If you find the truth someday...

As an evidence.

You wait here.



You shouldn't spare
his family too.

- Geetha, we got what we wanted, right?
- No.

That entire family should
suffer for killing my son.

I lived so far,
to see that happening.

Didn't you fall at his feet?

Did he show any
mercy towards us?

Now we needn't show any
leniency towards them.

Why do you have so
much sympathy for them?

Geetha, this is
not about sympathy.

Let him go to jail.

I'm just asking whether we
should be cruel enough...

... to send an entire
family to jail.

And that girl is a patient.

This is all their drama.

Why don't you
understand that, Prabha?

She's the one who...

I won't spare her.


Mr. Prabhakar, I
don't understand you.

Sir, I just told what
I felt was right.


I am going to
accept his request.

- Thomas!
- For the time being.

For the time being.

if we charge Anju with murder,
we will have two problems.


we don't know how much evidence
we can collect, as of now.

Moreover, when this crime happened,
that girl wasn't an adult.

So the case is juvenile.

If we don't have strong evidence, that girl
can easily go Scot-free from the court.

Not just that.

As Georgekutty says,

if he has collected evidence to
prove that he has done the crime,

his wife and elder daughter
would become innocent, naturally.

Usually, in such circumstances,

you know this as good as I do...

we should be able to find the remains
of the clothes of the deceased.

Forensic department says that
they haven't found it here.

So, we can believe that he removed
the clothes to keep it as evidence.

So, for the time being,

like he asked,

we will avoid his family,

and proceed based
on his confession.

Once we make the case strong after
collecting all the evidence using him,

before we file the charge-sheet,

we can charge his wife
and elder daughter

with conspiracy and
destruction of evidence,

and make them the co-accused.

We can let that
younger child go.

Since she's a minor,
it won't stand in court.

It was Georgekutty who
played all these games, right?

Let him go to jail first.


See to it that the video of that girl
which Varun shot, isn't part of the case.

That's already avoided.

It's not part of his story either.

Though he said that to
protect his daughter,

it became beneficial for us.

Shall I say what's on
your mind now, Prabha?

You're thinking whether
we are betraying him.

We are betraying him.

6 years back, he told us that...

to protect his family,

he would do anything.

And that he has only fair
decisions before him.

Whatever I am doing right now,

are fair for me.

Will you arrest him today?

Not today.

We'll record his statement
and send him back today.

The arrest will be after we
file the application tomorrow.

If everyone had the
ability to think like you,

this world would have been a
much better place, Mr. Prabhakar.

This is not just an
ordinary case for me.

It's a personal mission I took up,
for my friend and colleague.

This is a war.

A war that he began.

Everyone wishes to win
their own personal wars.

Even me!

No, Rajesh.
You don't have to come.

It's all fine here.

Tell Mom as well.

I'll call you later.


What is it?

All this happened because of me!


There's no fault
of yours in this.

I was sure that this would
happen one day or the other.


I considered her
as my own sister.

I didn't realize that
she was betraying me.

They were just doing their duty.

Have the children slept?


Haven't you slept yet?

Dad... Instead of me, you...

Don't think about all that now.

Stay strong.

We've gone through so
many huge problems.

This too shall pass.

It will.

Will they arrest
you tomorrow, Dad?

I don't know, dear.

I just came seeing the crowd.
That's when I heard about it.

Chetta, what's happening?

They have come to arrest him.

I'm at the guest
house near the court.

Keep me posted, okay?

Okay Sir.

Are we going to ask for the permission
to question Georgekutty now?

No. Today it's judicial custody.

Tomorrow we will
apply for custody.

After questioning him,

and collecting the evidence,

we will file the charge-sheet.

That's it.
Game over.

- Okay.
- Sir.

Mr. Vinayachandran is
here to meet you, Sir.


Vinayachandran, who writes
scripts for movies.

Why does he want to meet me?

He said he wants to talk
to you about Georgekutty.

Ask him to come.

Good morning, Sir.

- I am Vinayachandran.
- I know.

I have seen your movies.

Please sit.

This is Geetha.

This is Prabhakar.

You're not so active
in movies now, right?

After my wife's death,

there was a gap.

And the whole process of
making movies has changed now.

To be frank,

I am outdated.

That's when George..

No. Georgekutty.

He had introduced
himself as George to me.

That's when he came
to meet me in Chennai.

When was that?

I think it was in 2016.

Yes, it was in 2016.

Hadn't you heard
about this case then?

- Yes.
- Yet you didn't recognize him?

You look really familiar.

I had come to your movie
sets a couple of times.

We got acquainted, as well.

I didn't have a beard back then.

Maybe that's why.

I think I have seen
your face somewhere.

What's the matter?

Please don't consider me as someone
who wants to get into cinema somehow.

I have a story with me.

I'll narrate it
within 15 minutes.


He narrated that story to me,

in 15 minutes.

I was really impressed.

Such a story hasn't come out
in recent times.

When he said that he
will produce it himself,

I fell for it.

I agreed to write the
script for that movie.

He paid me an advance of
Rs. 100,000 immediately.

He had a couple of conditions.

Only after we're both
satisfied with the script,

shall we start the other
works of the movie.

Hero, heroine and director
should have a market value.

We should find talented newcomers
and give opportunities to them

to play the rest
of the characters.

He had all the important parts
of the story with him already.

Yet, that script took a
long time to get completed.

Since there was a
lot of research work,

and many disagreements
between us.

I was enjoying even the
disagreements with him.


Georgekutty was someone with
a great cinematic sense.

So it took around 2 years,

for that script to be completed.

What was that story?

I will give you a gist of it.

The story happens in Idukki.


He's a businessman.

His wife's name is Ambika.

Their only son, Jyothish
is around 17-18 years old.


We sent you to college to study,
and not to take part in politics.

He studies in a college nearby.

This youngster has all the
hastiness of his age.

Jyothish is active in college politics.
And his opponent is... Binuraj.

Binuraj is the local Legislator's son.

Opposite parties end up fighting each
other often in college politics, right?


during a fight that
ensued between them...

You're just acting tough because you
have the support of your dad's goons!

Come alone if you dare!

I will come. Where should I come?
To your house?

I will come!

To prove his courage,

Binuraj reaches Jyothish's
house, that night.

During the fight which
happens between them...

when Krishnakumar and
Ambika were not at home,

Binuraj gets killed.

When Krishnakumar and Ambika
get back home in their car,

they see Jyothish who's sitting and
crying near Binuraj's dead body.

It was the local
Legislator's son who died.

Realizing the fact that his
son's life would be over,

if this news comes out,

Krishnakumar sends his wife
and son to his wife's house,

and buries Binuraj's dead body,

at the Legislator's new party office
which is under construction.

This is the first
half of the story.

How Krishnakumar, who
firmly believed that

the police would find
it one day or the other,

creates all the evidence to
prove that he is the killer,

and how their life turns miserable
fearing the arrival of the police,

makes up the second half.

Police finds Binuraj's body,

and Krishnakumar confesses to that crime
and goes to jail, in the climax.

So he was going to make
a movie out of his life.

So it's true that he had predicted
that all this would happen.

You met each other in 2016.

The script was
completed in 2 years.

Why hasn't it been made
into a movie yet?

Maybe because he fears that
it would help the police,

if this story comes out
before they catch him.

No. That's not the case.

We were not satisfied with its climax.
That's why.

But he had published
that story as a book,

so that we don't lose the
copyright of that story.

- When?
- Around 6 months back.

- Is it available in the market?
- Yes.

But not many copies
have been printed.

It was for copyright
purposes, right?

- In whose name is it published?
- My name.

Who made the payments for it?

Though George paid the cash,

all the bills are in my name.

- What about your payments?
- He's extra decent when it comes to that.

He gave me my entire
remuneration, as installments.

Cheque or bank transfer?

He paid everything in cash.

- Though I asked for some in white..
- Okay, okay.

Didn't you say that you were
not satisfied with this climax?

What were the further developments?

We were discussing other
possibilities for the climax.

[Phone ringing]
- One second.


- Sir, there's a small problem.
- What?

Your Honour,

in cases like these where there's
not even an iota of evidence,

a custodial confession is a regular
weapon which the police resorts to.

Absolutely inadmissible!

It's a statement they recorded
by threatening my client.

Is it?



Why is he saying so now?

He's not going to escape
even if he says that.

I fear it's the
beginning of something.

Your Honour,

if there was an Oscar award
for custodial violence,

these artists dressed in Khaki
would have won many of them.

It is their theory that Georgekutty
was inspired by watching movies,

to commit this crime.

In reality, it was not
Georgekutty who was inspired,

but it was the police who
got inspired here.

Georgekutty's statement
which they have submitted,

has the same confession...

...which is there in this novel published six months
ago, called 'Drishyam' (Visual).

['Drishyam' by Vinayachandran]

The police have used the same confession the Hero made at
the climax of this novel

So he has begun his game!

- Did you expect this?
- No.

Like he said,

it's just a beginning.

After the script was completed,

he came to my apartment once.

When I discussed this
story with some people,

everyone liked the story.

But they had strong
disagreements over the climax.

No one is interested in the
hero surrendering to the law.

The hero should win.

If the hero goes to jail,
won't that family be shattered?

They have such questions.

Even the hero is doing a crime, right?

Doesn't he deserve a
punishment for that?

When I thought about it,

isn't this life the greatest
punishment they can get?

This life full of guilt, living in
fear of the police, every moment.

That's also true.

I have some ideas in my mind.

But I can work it out only if
I get some more information.

- Will you do me a favour, Sir?
- What is it?

This story happens in Idukki, right?

If such a skeleton is
actually found from there...

Can you find out what the
police procedures would be?

Like he demanded,

with the help of a higher
police official whom I knew,

I collected that information.

Based on that information,

Georgekutty narrated an
alternative climax to me.

But when I pointed out some
risky elements in that climax,

Georgekutty decided to
drop that idea, himself.

What was that climax?

To be frank,

it was the fear about that climax,
which brought me here.

[Phone ringing]

Yes. The skeleton of Varun, who went
missing, is found from the police station.


But what about the only
eye-witness to this incident?

He's a criminal.

A highly improbable and
suspicious chance witness.

Your Honour,

the probability of events
in this case might be...

Varun may have been in love
with my client's daughter.

Varun's parents may have
opposed it strongly.

Varun may have left his
house after a fight.

Anyway, he went missing.

Out of the grief and anger
that Varun went missing,

Varun's mother, ex-I.G.
Geetha Prabhakar,

brutally harassed my
client and his family.

But she failed in what
she set out to do.

Later, the police finds Varun's
skeleton from somewhere.

They keep it as a secret.

Because, if this
information comes out,

for harassing my
client and his family,

and for trying to
incriminate them,

the police would
be held answerable.

In the meanwhile, the police
gets to know about that book.

From an idea which they
got from that book,

they decide to trap
Georgekutty and his family.

As part of that,

they cook up a story that
they recovered Varun's body,

from the police station
near Georgekutty's office.

After that,

police created the circumstantial
evidence as per their requirement.

Since the police station is a
place which is under their control,

the outside world is never
going to know this truth.

After that, they get someone
with a criminal background,

who's under their control,

to be the eye-witness.

Your Honour, this is what
actually happened here.

Your Honour,

my friend and colleague, Advocate Renuka,

has conceived this in her imagination..
- GP!

I don't understand
what's happening here.

As per DNA reports,
this skeleton is not Varun's.


What was that damn climax?

The hero, who firmly believed that...

... someday, the police would unravel
the secret which he had buried,

begins his attempts to resist it,
from that day onwards.

During that time period,

the hero's attempt was to find
a youngster of a similar age,

who had died due to
a blow on his head.

[Youngster meets tragic end with a
blow on his head in a family feud]

The hero's search for a youngster
from a particular religion,

finally bore fruit.

During that youngster's
funeral rituals,

the hero found someone.

The hero befriended that man.


through regular meetings,

he firmly established
that friendship.

The hero found out about the time period
which a body takes to turn into a skeleton,

from that man.

The hero helped that man who was
in a severe financial problem,

by giving him money
and won his trust.


once that youngster's body
turned into a skeleton,

the hero told him
about his requirement.

That man gave that youngster's
skeleton to his provider.

In the meanwhile,

the hero somehow finds out
about the further procedures,

in case the police finds
that youngster's body.

If they find such a skeleton
from Idukki district,

it will be taken straight
to Kottayam Medical College.

Its gender, age and cause of
death would be determined by...

... the forensic surgeon
who works there.

There's a rule that these tests
have to be conducted in daylight.

The skeleton would be sent to Trivandrum
for the DNA test, only after this.

The hero who understands
these procedures,

begins his attempt to
establish a friendship

with the security guard of
the forensic department.

[Forensic Medicine
Police Surgeon's Office]

The hero follows him and
befriends him.

While establishing that
friendship further,

the hero identifies
that man's weaknesses.

Cinema was my dream.

My dear Sir, you should give me a
chance to act in your movie.

Come, come.

Come in.

There are no cameras here, right?

Don't worry, Sir.
There's nothing to fear over here.

Only me and some mosquitoes
would be here at night.

And thus,

after bringing that man
also under his control,

the hero began waiting
for the arrival of the police.

Years passed.


the police discovered that secret.

Rajan, it's me.

Yes, Georgetta.

I am coming to Kottayam.

- Okay.
- We should hang out today.

- Will you get me a bottle?
- Okay! Okay!

In this climax,

there are many risky elements.

The hero should be
really lucky, as well.

It's a movie, right Sir?

What's wrong if the hero turned out
to be lucky or had blessings from God?

What does the hero have to lose, when
he's ready to surrender to the police?

He can make an attempt, right?

What if luck is on his side?

You hadn't seen this result or what?

I was told that it
wasn't ready yet.

Sir, it came just now.

Can I meet your I.G.?

- Yes. He's in the guest house nearby.
- Ask him to come immediately.

- I want to meet him in my chamber.
- Yes, Sir.

Your client is permitted to go,
on personal bond.

Much obliged, Your Honour.

A humble submission, Your Honour.

Your Honour may kindly
direct the police...

not to proceed against the petitioner
and his family, for the time being,

as they are approaching the
Honourable High Court of Kerala,

to quash the entire proceedings
in connection with this crime.

But how is it even possible?

How can an ordinary man like him,
do something like this?

He can, Sir.

Let me tell you something,
friend to friend.

Police have been behind
this for two years.

And mind you, this is not an investigation,
but a re-investigation.

We never got any kind of
systemic support in this case.

80% of the cases in this country,

are failing because of the
absence of this systemic support.

And that man!

That man is a classic criminal
and he's Scot-free now.


... to all of us.

What an extraordinary man!

Waiting for years
just to try his luck.

Everyone knows
what the truth is.


.. can't prove it.

In reality,

both these families deserve justice.

But we will never be able to
deliver that justice to them.


off the record, Thomas.

Unsolved cases are
not new in our system.

Whatever justifications
he may have,

he can never walk with
his head held high,

in front of that
youngster's parents.

He must atone for his sins.

The story hasn't ended yet.

This climax...

... has a tail end, as well.

[Geetha Prabhakar
96338 29771]

Is it over?


I am giving you
what you asked for.

Sorry for hurting you again.

Can you leave us alone,
at least now?


his mind has taken a pledge
to protect his family.

We cannot win.


Why don't we end this here?

It's like a case that is closed,

but will never close.


we were not observing him.

He was observing us!

I am sure.

From this moment onwards,

he would be preparing himself
to resist our next arrival.

In a way,

isn't that the greatest
punishment he could get?