Drishyam (2013) - full transcript

Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is a cable TV network owner in a remote and hilly village in Kerala. He lives a happy life with his wife and 2 girls. The first half revolves around the depiction of their happy family. Anju (Ansiba), Georgekutty's daughter goes to a school trip in between the proceedings. After a few days a guy who had been at the school trip with her meets Anju. He blackmails her with a video of her that he had captured during the school trip. In the course of events he is accidentally killed by Rani (Meena) and Anju. Georgekutty on returning home is appraised of the events and thus begins a cat and mouse game as the murdered person is the son of IG Geeta Prabhakar (Asha Sharath) and Prabhakar (Siddique). How the family weathers the storm that ensues during the murder investigation forms the rest of the story leading to a deeply satisfying and unexpected climax.

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One ticket for Manjalipara.

I've to get down here.


Yes, I'm on a journey.

I'll call you once I reach there.

One Arakunnam.

One Arakunnam.

One Arakunnam please.

Do you've change for Rs.1000?

Let me see.

A very reputed company.
I know many people working there.

I'll give you the change.

Get down here.

Here's the change.

What do you like to have?
Tea or coffee?

I've not come for food.

Where's the police station here?

Sir, are you a Policeman?

Yes I've been transferred
to this station.

That new building is the Police station.

Yesterday was its inauguration.

Oh I see!

Home Minister and
many officials had come.

That small building,
was the old police station.

A rented building!

Normally all policemen
have tea from here.

What about your family?

My parents are in hometown,
at Perumbavoor.

What I meant by family was
your wife and children?

No, I'm not yet married.

Oh single!

The unmarried and those living here
without families,

take 3 square meals from my hotel.

You can also,

Let it be... See you then.

A good policeman!

Is S.I there?

Yet to come. What do you want?

I'm Antony,
being transferred to this station.

- Where were you working earlier?
- Ernakulam.

S.I will come shortly.
You wait inside.

Hello Rajakadu Policestation.

S.I has not come, Sir

He has gone for a meeting with RDM, Sir

I'll convey when he comes.

How about your stay?

Isn't he George kutty?

Yes Yes!

Seems to be an innocent fellow!

How far is his case?

Calling him innocent?!!

How many of them know the truth?

And those who know it are shocked.

George kutty chetta!

- What an amazing chase!
- No!! Not that better.

Direction is not that good.

Hero who drives the car
should have little more shots.

Only then the audience
will have a thrill

Shall I ask you something serious?

Why can't you direct a film?

What was the response?

A few of them gave money.

That Policeman Sahadevan,
As usual, he was trying to threaten.

When I go for collection, people are
waiting with too many complaints.

And Mangalathu Thomachhan chettan,

His T.V screen still flickers.

Didn't we make a person
check it a few days back?

Didn't you say it's his T.V's defect
and he has to repair it himself?

Yes. I told him

But he called your father names.

Have you come back silently
listening to them?

I too called names.

Well done! You're smart!!
What did you remark?

I said no point calling
his father names,

because he doesn't
know who's his father!


Didn't I tell the fact?
Aren't you an orphan?

You really don't know your father is it?

This fellow..

Hey Raghu..

Where has he gone?

Here I'm coming.

- How much?
- Rs.12.

Yes brother.

Where were you for a long time?

I told you many times to stay
at shop when customers are there

Give them tea.

Raghu, my usual one.

Have Policemen left?

Yes they already left.

Our Pulli(Tiger) has to come.

You mean Sahadevan?

They are waiting for him.

Who are they?
For what purpose?

Their condition is too pathetic.

They belong to this place only.

They have an only son.

Their son borrowed money at
high interest from some Finance company,

for agricultural purpose.

And also paid interest
promptly every month.

There were no expected yields.

Hence he couldn't repay the interest.

Sahadevan took away my son two days ago.

Only if I settle the Principal
and interest, he will be freed.

- Who said?
- Finance company.

Sahadevan is their accomplice.

Couldn't you take this matter to S.I?

He threatens to kill my son if
I complain against him to his seniors.

Even if you complain also,
no positive results would be there.

It must be an influential
Finance company.

Will uninfluenced people
like us get justice here?

Don't we have a court here?

No point in suing against them.

Finance company hasn't
detained their son.

But a Policeman had taken away his son.

There are no proof also.

A court needs evidence.

I think if you file Habeas Corpus,
it'll work out.


Father, All of them are aware of
Officer's interest in this case.

Nobody knows where Basheer is!

Basheer who escaped from jail,

If we move a writ, stating that
officer has grilled Basheer illegally,

Who will move?

Basheer's mother.


There's an Advocate
Sukumaran Nair in Thoddupuzha.

Meet his Junior Mathews.

I know him personally.

Tell him your problem in detail.

I shall also inform him.

George kutty, is there any point
in filing a case?

It's not an ordinary case as you think,

but Habeas Corpus.

When teenage girls elope
with their boyfriends,

Normally girls' parents file such a case
to get back their daughters.


If he moves a Habaes Corpus that
somebody detained his son illegally,

immediately Court will order
Police to produce

the concerned person
at the Court earliest.

No matter how influential you may be,

because Police will be in trouble
if they don't abide court's order.

Very good idea!

If my guess is right,
case may also not be required.

Advocate Sukumaran
Nair should call Sahadevan,

and inform that Habeas Corpus will be
filed if his son is not freed.

He'll be freed at once.

Don't think, go immediately

Hello, Mr. Sahadevan is coming.

If you stay here any longer,

I'll get good business
but your money will go.

You better leave through the back door.

Did any elderly man and woman come here?



Then where did they go?

Raghu, what's today's special?

Nothing special! Same as usual.

Okay then get me four dosas and chutney.

Only rotten dosas and chutney
available all the time.

Couldn't you make
any other special dishes?

Oh my dear Sahadevan sir!
Don't I need money for all that?

Yes you're right.

Most of the customers eat on credit.

And half of them won't
repay my dues also.

What else could I do?

That was intended for me, right?

Oh no my dear sir.
I just said the truth.

Including you,
all policemen owe me a huge sum.

I am not getting even half of that now!
How else could I?

This is my only bread and butter.

You mean to say that only Policemen
are eating on credit?

Even George kutty eats on credit.

What about that credit?

I also eat on credit but repay
at the end of every week.

Okay then I shall also repay your money.

Check and tell me my balance.

Oh no sir. You can repay in
installments later.

Why are you afraid?

When he's ready to repay,
grab it immediately.

Otherwise you may never get it.

Hello, you don't meddle in this.

We'll settle it between us.

Oh a mediator!

Tell how much I have to pay

That would come around Rs.4500.

Only this much?

I'll settle these in a single payment.

And problem will also be solved by that.

Consider this money as my commission.

Now my due is settled!

Commission for what?

Our Police station has turned into
people-friendly Police station.

Government has already issued order to
build new police station.

New Police station is going
to come up there.

Work will start soon.

I'll get you business
from these workers.

That's the commission
that I told you now.

This business will not
end up in a day or two.

But this business will last
for 8 to 9 months.

To be honest,
this commission is too less.

Still I'll adjust it for time being
as we are in good relationship.

This is what is POLICE!

You didn't like it?

No, I didn't.

Because you are a policeman and he
a poor man, he didn't back answer you.

In the absence of
any other hotel nearby,

Whatever work happens there,

Naturally all workers will
come here to take food

You don't have to get him
any business for that sake.

What if we policemen strongly warn them
not to take food from here!!

You don't try to teach this Sahadevan.

- Get one strong tea..
- Raghu, Get him his usual one.

George kutty, how are things going?

What to say sir!
We're somehow running our lives.

It seems new police
station is coming up.

There is a chance for you
to get good business.

That deal is already confirmed
and commission is also taken.

Who took commission?

What's the difference between ordinary
police and people friendly police?

Don't you know? Off late there was
also an article in the news paper.

Will an uneducated read newspapers?

Sir, I'm a poor illiterate!

And we don't gain general knowledge
just by reading papers

He's right.

Apart from that Corruption, Sexual
harassment and murder in news papers.

People friendly police adopts
a New Police culture.

People help Police to deter crimes.

In short, to bridge the gap
between Police and People.

Oh! Will it happen!

Will this work out in our place?

Nowadays criminals are increasing
in our Police department itself.

That is very less percentage

That's true.

Which ever department may be,

You can find some criminals,
like finding worms in Poison.

I'm an ordinary citizen.

According to my vision,
Police should be peoples' savior.

We should feel secured when
stepping into Police station.

But what happens here.

Even a person who hadn't
committed any mistake

steps into Police station with fright..

You're right George kutty.

Here, it is dominated by
People friendly Police.

Georgekutty Chetta! Georgekutty Chetta.

Yes tell me.

Is the advertisement design okay?

- Georgekutty chetta!
- Tell me.


Increase the font size of mobile number.

It should also be readable to old people

It should stay at least for 10 second,
Only then you'll have reading time.

You're receiving a complaint.

Only bad things will
slip out of your tongue.

Would anybody else call us
other than complains?

Doesn't my wife call here?

She's also a complaint box.

Enough of talking, pick up the call.

Whoever may be, tell them I'm not here,

And ask for the matter.

Hello Rani vision.


What's this!

Who was it?

Parapalli Thomacchan!

It seems amplifier near his house
is not working since 3 days.

Didn't I ask you to
change it the same day?

- I forgot.
- Then you deserve his abuse!

Here's the other one.

- Pick it up.
- You pick it up.

Pick up the phone and say I'm not here
And ask for the matter.

Hello, Rani Vision.

Yes... You mean Georgekutty Chettan?

Oh no! He's not here.

Do I've to convey anything?

Yes sure!

I'll surely convey it.

It's not a complaint but a request.


Puthampuzha Sankaraettan!

What's it?

Are you going to telecast
adult film tonight

He's Paralysed, isn't he?

Only left side is weak but
his right side is quite strong.

Hey you.

Dear, where's mother?

She must be in Kitchen, father.

You woke up early?

Test paper father!

Okay, go ahead and study.

If you keep the front doors open,
won't the thieves enter?

Do thieves come to rob in the morning?

This generation thieves are too clever.

They very well know that dump-ass
like you would only think this way.

Is the hot water ready for my bath?

Go and see in the bathroom.

- Are you also coming to take bath?
- Shucks! Get off!

- Where's Anu?
- Standing before the mirror.

How much ever we tell...

So long to dress up?

Anu dear.

Coming mother.

Hasn't our Ms lndia's makeup over?

Look at the way she butters him.

You didn't like it?

You won't do and also
tease others who do.

Was it raining near
your office last evening?

No. Did it rain here?

No. I called up several times,
but was not reachable,

That's why I asked you.

One rain is enough
to make your phone dead.

Father, can't you get a mobile phone?

When the range is neither there
nor here, then what's the point?

If you get range,
will you buy a mobile, father?


I've already selected a mobile.

- Must be a second hand?
- That's for sure.

You never asked me
the reason for calling.

I'm not interested.

Yes that is true, you're not interested
to take care of your family.

Sitting at office and watching films
round the clock, is enough for you.

We three ladies are
staying at home alone.

At least having that in mind,
you should come home in the night.

But you're least interested.

Oh God! Please stop.
I said that simply.

I'm interested.
I'm very much interested.

Tell me why you called me.

Tell me dear, why you called me.

We plan to go to Thoddupuzha.

Thoddupuzha?! Why?

For a shopping.

Shopping?!! What shopping?!!

To get few dresses.

Just 6 months back we got dresses.

What about those?

They're completely torn and faded.

So quickly?

Yes. I told you to buy from good shop.

But you said,
"children would grow faster".

"We can purchase them often
if bought at cheaper rates"

In that excuse,
you got me sarees of poor quality.

Did I say so?

- Yes father you said.
- True, I heard you saying so.

Agreed, but why Thoddupuzha?

Good shop is close by,
let's purchase from there.

No way. It's not only for shopping,
we also wish to have biriyani,

watch movie in an
air-conditioned theater,

Mother, what about ice-cream?

Yes that also. We've many such wishes.

Men who always stays
out round the clock,

won't be able to read the minds of
women confined to Kitchen.

We also have many wishes.

I go out as a part of my job,

And not to enjoy.

If you are confined to home,
it's a part of your job.

When a girl gets married,
and becomes a wife and a mother,

her life is totally confined to

That's her responsibility.

And it's not an adversity or pain.

You should've a mind to understand it.

You learn this from Samyuktha.

Which Samuktha?

Samyuktha! Samyuktha Varma!
malayalam film actress)

Biju Menon's wife.

She got married at the height of fame!

Still she leads a life as a
good wife and a good mother.

Learn from her.

Whatever I say,

Immediately you cite examples
from film and film actors

Your mother couldn't answer my question.

It's not that I can't answer you.

Okay then answer me.

You tell me what's wrong in my saying!

This Samyuktha Varma's, husband
Biju Menon is really a smart fellow.

He earns money in crores

Samyuktha has servants,
car and driver...

He gives a luxurious life to her.

Apart from that,
they also go for overseas trips often.

A few days back, as Biju Menon
was held up with work,

he sent Samyuktha and
his son alone to America.

That's how loving husbands should be.

Well! They consult her
to go for overseas trip!!!

What mother said is right, father!

It was mentioned in Vanitha
(women's magazine).

Don't ever get that magazine here.

Heck with that Vanitha!

You know how they travelled?

In aeroplane.

To go to America, instead of an
aeroplane, can we take an autorickshaw?

Father, would we go to America any day?

Let's end this topic here.

We'll go for shopping on Saturday.

- To Thoddupuzha!
- If it is Thodupuzha! Then Thodupuzha

Always pestering for shopping!

Why are you digging here?

For making a compost pit.

Why are you taking so much pain?

Isn't it enough if you ask
2 or 3 workers to do this?

Are you aware of the wages
these days for scooping soil?

If you put some fertilizer,
there's no need for this.

Foolish like you would
only think that way.

Be Roman while you are in Rome,
instead of that...

You know what earth worm is?

I know and I've also seen it.

During my childhood,
to bait fish for the prey

It's enough if I just scoop
the soil with spade,

You would find many earthworms

Even if you dig 10 cents of land now,

You're lucky enough
if you get at least one.

It is this Chemical fertilizer
that destroyed them.

Ultimately what happened!

All sorts of crops are
affected by diseases,

Just to make our jobs easier.

How do you gain so much knowledge
when you don't even read news papers?

It's not necessary that we will
gain knowledge by reading or studying.

We should've an observatory-mind

Things happening around us...

Hello! No need of your long speech.

I too saw the film-lvidam Swargamanu.

In order to save workers' wages,
when I saw you suffer,

I felt pity on you and asked.

Yes indeed! Only with such savings,

we bought these 5 acres
of land and our house.

It was a barren land and I..

Please don't repeat that story again.

I and our children are fed up
hearing this story.

Of late, you're boasting too much...

This is not boasting

Being born as an Orphan,
It's my Honour, Self confidence.

It's you who brags.

Me-a 4th std PASS - being
teased by you-a tenth std FAIL?

Whatever this 4th class man earn
of hardwork, You spend it by shopping.

The way you speak it looks
as though I go shopping every week.

I hardly go out twice a year
and get few dresses.

Is that what you called
as a mega shopping.

Okay I shall put an end to that also.

And walk without clothes this way.

What's so funny?

I was just imagining you
walking without clothes

You dirty fellow.

I must be blamed
to come and talk to you.

If you do back breaking work,
you can eat till your teeth breaks

I don't want to eat
till my teeth breaks.

Oh that's it!

Hey Monicha! What are you looking for?

Just like that...

Didn't you go for the collection today?

Yes, I just reached after that.

Tomorrow is rent collecting day
in the building.

Did you inform them?

Yes I told them and then
went for collection.

New Police Station work has begun.

The one, who's standing there,
is the Engineer.

Had you studied well, you could've
also become an Engineer wearing a tie!

Who is advising me?!
At least I've studied up to 10th class.

What did you say?

I needn't become
an Engineer to wear a tie.

You come to office,
we've to check accounts.

One tea please.

Raghu, one tea please.

How long will it take
to complete the work?

Around 5-6 months.

It's profitable if the
work is completed soon.

George kutty, come here.

He's Soman!
Contractor of New Police Station.

I'm Sub contractor.

I take up civil work.

Main contractor is a different person.

What are you doing?


He's George kutty. Cable T.V Operator.

His office is at upstairs
in that building.

And he owns that building also.

George Kutty cheta!
Your wife called up.

Asked whether
"you're coming home or staying here?"

Tell her that I'm staying here.

Are you staying here at night?

Some days I stay here.

He's fond of films.

He sits and watches films at night.

Don't you've a T.V at home?

He's joking.

Somebody must be here at night.

Particularly while raining.

People would call in case
if there's any power cut or line defect.

Some responsible person should be here.

If we can't provide good service,

Then People will not
pay money stating that reason.


He didn't tell you the entire thing.

If Cable doesn't
work between 11 pm - 1am,

Then all youngsters and
oldies will pounce at him,

And then it would festive of abuses!

You be quiet!

Let me explain him.

Only during that time, in Fashion T.V,
few obscene scenes are shown.

Is it appropriate to talk
ill of our own people?

What did I talk ill of them?

Let everybody know that
our people also have feelings.

Okay Soma, let's talk in detail later.

I'm going home. I've severe headache.

You take care.


Foolish boy didn't understand anything.

That bedroom scene is over is it?

Foolish boy understood everything.

- What was the scene today?
- I will tell you

You can't enter that easily.

Tell me.

What was the scene today?

Bedroom scene or bathing scene.

Move! It was rape scene.

Probably you may require that today.

Is this all necessary at this old age?

Who said I've become old?
I still feel 17 at heart

Shall I tell you something?

You tell me dear Rani.

Shall we exchange our Jeep and
get a Maruthi car?

You didn't like it?

This is the regular habit of all wives.

Taking advantage of husbands' weakness.

I'm not that sort of a husband.

I'm not an idiot.

I know to bridle my emotions.

Mind your business.

Heck with her Maruthi!

Playing the fool with me.

If you want Maruthi,
let's go for Maruthi.

Shall I ask you something?

Yes George kutta.

A second hand car is ok?


New car costs high.

- Don't go.
- Leave me.

Hey where are you?

Even if I told several times,

Father, did you come last night?


Why did you come last night?

You shut up and eat, come quickly.

Why are you getting angry?

He rarely comes home at night,
that's why I asked.

You said you won't come,
then why did you come?

I've come to book a maruthi car.

We're buying a maruthi car.

Really, father?

- Really?
- Yes

Yes Yes.

Let's not buy Maruthi car.

We'll go for Audi



That's a car, father.

A stylish car.

Cheaper than Maruthi?

Oh my father! It costs around 40 lakhs.

Jeez! Is it made up of Gold?

This is the reason
you've to read news papers

How am I benefitted knowing of
Chadi reading papers?

It's not Chadi but Audi.

Anyhow it won't suit us right?

Maruthi is enough for us.

When are we buying it?

Try to eat and go fast.

Are you not taking bath today?

I don't feel energetic today.

How can you dig a compost pit today?

I don't have any stamina for that.

My entire stamina
is exhausted last night.

I meant to say, I rode bicycle
for a long time last night.

That's how my stamina got exhausted.

Mother, what have you decided
about Nature club I told you yesterday?

I said No yesterday itself.

Father, see what she says.
It's too bad.

What's the matter?

Nature club organizes a camp
at Thekkady next month.

Hundreds of students from different
colleges and schools are participating

Only two students are selected
from our school.

I'm one of them.

What are you gaining from Nature club?

In that time, you can sit and
study something useful.

Father, see what she says.

True knowledge is not the one
gained only from text books.

India belongs to Crores of people
who are affected by leprosy,

hunger-struck, Pimps and illiterates

When only touching that biggest lndia's
soul will gain some practical experience

Is the real knowledge.

Unwise people like
you who failed 10th grade,

should possess some sense
to understand it.

Should possess some sensibility.

You should need sensitivity too

Superb father.

Okay, as you've sense,
send her for the camp.

But also give her Rs.1800 as fees.


Is there any benefit in this?

Don't talk like this! Ok!

Haven't you people started?

Go quickly.
Shouldn't you reach school on time?

Don't play mischief
in children's presence.

Anju is matured enough
to understand things.

No, she hasn't understood anything.

Actually I wasn't aware of
all this when I was her age.

You talk as if you are
aware of many things now.

The rainbow will hold up the umbrella,

Giving shade to the heart

With play, laughter, stories

And the sweetness of mischief

Are a mother-bird and two young ones

The rainbow will hold up the umbrella,

Giving shade to the heart

I can't see them to my heart's content

These dear ones, full of merriment

Wearing the shining golden
rays on forehead,

With the flapping of wings made
only by laughter.

Rain of coquetry showered by memories.

In my heart beats honey
scatters and spreads.

The rainbow will hold up the umbrella,

Giving shade to the heart

Rain will come again and again,

Sunshine and snow will come.

The male bird croons

Come near, come near

Without swaying in the wind

to be together

Isn't there a lovely nest

Strung with the threads of love

Am I not with you always?

The rainbow will hold up the umbrella,

Giving shade to the heart

With play, laughter, stories

And the sweetness of mischief

Are a mother-bird and two young ones

The rainbow will hold up the umbrella,

Giving shade to the heart

I got this ldyappam
maker for you mother.

Why did you buy this?
I already have one here.

That's old type.

But we've not made idyappam since years.

What's it Georgekutty?

A small joke.

She really didn't get it for you.

No, it's for her only.

I stopped her from buying.

Already 3 similar makers are at home.

Not similar ones.

Must be a different type if not similar.

Irony is that we've not made
ldyappam last year.

Don't lie George kutty.

We made it once last year.

Three makers for making once in a year!

How can you expect me to be quiet?

And was adamant in getting another one.

In fact it's the nature of women.

Even her mother is no way less than her.

Wherever she goes,

she comes back with earthen fish pot.

Another one too.

Milk boiling Vessel!

Gets vessels for boiling
milk for 2 members,

then a separate one for 3 members,

One with whistle blowing and other one
without whistle blowing,

There are many such vessels here.

We ladies will take care of kitchen,

You people needn't bother.

it's long time since I saw you.

I often come here but
only you wouldn't be seen here Rajesh.

We ourselves don't see each other.

He's the prominent Leader of
Ruling party now.

What's that in your hand? Manifesto?!

No, notice!

Mullassery Rock Quarry
which is about to resume

to be banned for being
a threat to the village

What's this about?

Around 15 kms from here, there's
a quarry works in Mullasery village

Government has deterred the functioning
of Quarry for timebeing.

Now the owner is trying hard to resume
its function through Court.

We are planning to organize a
mass peoples' rally against it.

Rajesh has become a
great social worker is it?

It's better to call him as
Good Politician rather social worker.

He and his friends were
running behind for

the approval of functioning
of Rock Quarry.

After the function of Rock Quarry,
18 months later,

a personal feud arose between
quarry owner and the MLA here.

And they themselves hindered
the functioning

stating environmental issues.

What else could that pathetic owner do
there after investing huge money?

Can't he do fish farming?

Fish farming in Rock Quarry!

At the middle of that quarry,
there is a deep big pond.

He can do fish farming there.

That's Rajesh.

Your father is right! Rajesh,
you've a good political future.

She wishes,

to move children to
St. Joseph Public School.

Educating children in a very good school
is an essential thing nowadays.

It's a very reputed school Georgekutty.

Yes, but already they are in
English medium school.

I don't understand what's wrong
with that school.

St Joseph school has 100% results
since last 15 yrs

This time also no 100% results
for their school.

But our school had 2 ranks this time.

See, problem is not with the school.

Two children who weren't good
at academics, failed.

What's the mistake of the school?

It's a disease of all Parents
of this generation,

to send children to School with fame,
pride and high fees,

and talk of its greatness.

She's also affected by that.

Brilliant children will study in
whichever school they are.

- Am I right?
- Yes you are right

You're not ready to invest money in it,
that's why.

In that case, I could've got them
admitted in Government school.

Did I do so? I didn't, right?

I've got them admitted in English medium
school which has necessary facilities.

I've no money to show off before others.

You have your own justification
for whatever I say.

In this generation, we'll have to
show off and live before others.

Only then we'll have some respect.

Be a Roman while you are in Rome.

George kutty isn't
aware of all such things.

Immediately she'll come up with this
proverb for whatever I say.

If you wish me to be like others,

Then I should've taken dowry
for marrying you.

Father, why all this?

Good robust bananas!!!
Children may like it.

They don't need it!

That's why I sell out bananas
ripening in our field.

Doesn't matter.
Similar thing happens here also.

How much can both of us eat?

We normally sell it out here.

- Are you about to leave?
- Yes! Why?

Certain things which I couldn't
afford to offer at your wedding,

Do you mean about the dowry?

I just spoke of it to win over her
in argument. Have you taken it to heart?

No, never.

Still George kutty,

I had come up with this proposal
since I liked Rani.

Due to some financial loss
in the business,

you weren't in a position
to conduct a marriage,

Saying that you rejected my proposal.

When I pestered you several times saying
Rani is enough for me and not dowry,

Finally you agreed.

Actually I was benefitted
from this marriage.

Being an orphan, I got a father,
mother and a brother.

You may be right.

According to us,
you're not only Rani's husband,

but like an elder son to this family.

We're happy to see that son
growing with hard work.

We doubt that you are taking too much
of difficulties and hard work

But feel that you've forgotten to live
in the midst of hard work.

If you pointing out this
because of my stinginess,

There's also a reason for that.

I too know it.

You wish to buy that theater.

Rani must've told you!
She's really sickening!

What's wrong in telling?

Shouldn't a father be aware of
son's difficulties?

I don't have any difficulties.

I've saved some money.

And If I approach for a bank loan,

Be careful when you take loan from Bank.

I'm the man who lost in business
taking loan from bank.

So you please don't
approach for a bank loan.

No that's,

Please obey this father's words.

We middle class farmers won't have
too much cash in hand.

A little away from here,
there's 1.5 acres of rubber estate

on the river bank.

I can't go there and
look after the Agriculture

Moreover Rajesh is in Politics.

A rubber tapper which lies useless here,

Many times, I thought of selling it.

I will give it in your name.

What is this father

It's not my sole decision.

It's decided by me, Tracy and Rajesh.

You always win over us with your love.

Let us also win at times.

What are you thinking of?

You shouldn't have told your father
about purchasing the theater.

Oh my dear Georgekutty! They are not
offering this just because I said.

They are worried that they've not
offered us anything since our marriage.

Shall I ask you something?

When we marry off our daughters,

Even if grooms deny dowry,

Won't we give them
what we ought to give?

This is also similar to that.

I feel that I am getting more than
what I deserve.

Nothing like that Georgekutty.

Our life is going to be as bright as
that full moon.

Let's buy the theater
selling this property.

Appoint a Manager for Cable T.V.

And you could walk proudly
like a theater owner.

It'll not work out if I appoint somebody
else. I myself have to take care of it.

You're not going to reform.

When the country runs,
you should run in the middle.

You always have time only to
think about running.

Okay you run for sometime on that road.

I'm going to sleep.

You'll not reform
how much ever I advise.

Georgekutty, your tea.

Will you agree if I say something?

What's it?

Tell me whether you agree or not.

Tell me what it is,
then I'll think it over.

What's this?

Read it.

A Divine family retreat
in Thoddupuzha Church!

On Saturday,
2nd August from 8.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m

It's my long time wish.

To be take part in
Kachara Palli Father's divine retreat

- Shall we attend?
- I can't attend.

If you really insist,
then take children and go.

No, we don't wish to go alone.

Divine family retreat means,

All members in a
family should take part.

Father, I've a doubt.

Why hurtle today?

How can your father know when
he never reads papers?

Because of Petrol price hike.

How did you know it,
without reading paper?

Those who have brains needn't
really read papers

Due to petrol hike, you shouldn't
say that you won't buy Maruti car.

I feel as though
you've lost trust in me.

It's because it's you father.

You don't worry about it.

There's no connection between buying
a car and petrol price hike.

Don't we have to put
petrol for a Maruti Car?

Why petrol for a car parked in the shed?

You took Rs.1800 and didn't tell me
anything about nature club camp?

How was your camp?


Students from many
parts of Kerala were there.

In the daytime, classes about the
importance of protecting the nature.

In the evening, music and dance.

And then the Camp fire at night.

What's that?

Your father didn't understand that,
you explain to him.

Mother, have you understood?

Haven't you seen people lighting
firewoods sitting around?

That's called Camp fire.

Playing different games and
singing sitting around.

Did you perform anything?

I was asked to sing.


Oh no! Malayalam song!

Haven't you learnt English songs?
You could have sung that.

Few students sung English songs.

It was really good.

We can never beat them in song.

May be they're from St. Joseph's school.

No, they are not.

They are almost similar to us.

They are students from some
reputed school in Ernakulam.

They always communicate only in English.

All are from reputed family.
One is Judge's son.

Don't we often see a
Flat Advertisement on T.V?

That flat owner's son..

And one is lG's son.

He's a rogue.

He always walks behind girls capturing
girls' photos and video's in his mobile.

Did he take your photo?


Why did you pose for him?

I didn't, but he had taken my snap.

You should've warned him.

He'll never listen.

When somebody complained against him,

Sir shouted and made him stop that.

Haven't you come across in News papers,

how many girls have committed suicide
because of such photographs?

What could I do?
Why are you getting angry with me?

You should strictly
tell him not to take.

What about the photos we take in
Studios and marriage halls?

Why have you become so foolish?

That's taken from an ordinary camera.

But only nude photos
are taken on mobile.

Father, see what mother says.

Okay, that's how you've understood it?

Oh my dear mother!

Photos taken on mobile are
also ordinary ones.

It is then transferred to
Computer and modified.

You can change any photo

Father, mother thinks
that she's always right.

You don't take it seriously!

Just consider it as the arrogance
of a 10th failed fool.

A 4th std passed intellectual
is with me... that's more than enough

Foundation slipped down because of the
plaster of building has worn out.

It's lying in this
condition since a long time.

Couldn't get laborers
for such minor works.

So I've not rented this room.

If you demolish it, then it would
require just one day's work.

I will demolish it but you have to
provide me workers to build.

Today, we're removing the
wooden planks from Concrete roof.

Flooring work would begin from
Monday in Police station.

After it's done,
we'll do it the next day.

- Isn't that okay?
- Yes.

I shall take leave.
It's time for evening tea.

I'll also come with you.

Mr. Soma, please wait.

How much do I owe you?

I've eaten from your
money several times.

I thought of repaying that now.

What did you think of?

That S.I would take me to task
if you complain to him against me.

Don't try to displease me on
somebody's behest.

I also give one share of the
commission to S.I.

So it's pointless to complain it to him.

It's good if you are good to me

Otherwise, I'll put an end to
your project here.

We also
know S.I Suresh Babu quite well

He'll not support you for all
such cheap activities.

What's itching you?

Yes of late, I've too much of itching.
I'll have to consult doctor.

Come then, I shall scratch it for you.

Yes I know.
You'll do any odd jobs for money.

Move away.

I'll get you one day in my hands.

I'll settle my scores that day.

Don't create trouble sir.

Had come like a Tiger
and gone like a mouse.

Why are you taking trouble for me?

He's a Policeman.
You shouldn't have got his wrath.

Why should I be afraid of Police?

I've not flouted law till such time.

And don't intend
to do it in future also.

Give me one
One is enough.

Listen to me. I'll go home and give you.

I asked you to give.

Wait, you'll get it from me.

- Anju, is your house close by?
- Yes

- You recognize?
- Varun?

Lucky!! You've not forgotten me?

Why are you here?

I actually came to see you.

Mother I'm hungry,
get me something to eat.

I'll give you right now.

- Have you purchased the items?
- Sister is coming behind with the items.

Flattened rice is there. Take it.

Hasn't your sister come yet?

You told me that she
was coming behind you

We were together up
to Xavier uncle's house.

Then I ran and came home.

Where did she go?

Mother, all that purchased from the
shop are in the room.

Yes mother.

Anju, what are you doing inside?

How many times did I call you?

Couldn't you respond me?

May be she was listening
to songs from lpod.

I've kept your coffee there.
Take it if you need.

She has frightened me unnecessarily.

Don't get afraid.

Nobody has seen this
video other than me.

And nobody would see it also.

Not only that, I shall delete it
in front of you, okay?

But if you want me to delete it,
then you'll have to fulfill my wish.

I've something to talk to you Anju.

I'll come to your
backyard at 11 tonight.

Anju, you'll have to come out.

No, I won't come.

I won't come.

Shucks! Why are you crying for?

I've not come to trouble you.

If I really want to do,
I can show this to my friends,

Upload it in internet. Did I do that?

Why? Because of the love I've for you.

So as I said, you'll have to
come out tonight.

No, I will not.

Tomorrow, if it comes in the internet,

I'll not be responsible for the
humiliation faced by you and your family

If you think,
you can solve this issue silently.

If you try to inform your parents
or don't come out tonight,

No! I've hope that
you won't do like that.

Please Varun! Please don't trouble me.

Okay then let's meet tonight at
11 pm at your backyard.

Why are you lying down?
You didn't have coffee?

I don't need it.
Let me lie down for some time.

I've headache.

How many times have I told you
not to hear songs through that lpod?

That's why you have headache.

Shall I give you medicine?

No need mother.
Let me sleep for a while.

Okay then you sleep.

Dear, why don't you take dinner?

You know what's the time now?

Heavy rain! Will be in trouble?

You shut up! Always talk nonsense!

Okay then I take leave.

- You've an umbrella?
- Yes

Then go.

Anju, You did a foolish thing.

Still you didn't understand the
seriousness of it.

Doesn't matter!
You'll realize it immediately.

Varun please! Don't trouble me.

Actually I was not
interested to trouble you.

But you ditched me.

You'll feel for it.



We're Poor people!
We didn't disturb you in any way.

Then why are you tormenting us?

Don't you have a mother and sister?

Don't destroy my daughter's life.

It's not me who does it, but it's you.

You see this!

Just because you interfered,

Tomorrow the entire world
would see this in internet.

Please don't let us down.

Then the whole family has
to commit suicide.

Okay I shall delete it.

But in return,
I need your daughter for few minutes.

No I won't permit.



Don't destroy my daughter's life.

Don't devastate our family.

Don't torment us.

She's a young girl!
Don't ruin her future!

Please no.

Okay I won't ruin her future.

In return, it's enough
if you fulfill my wish.

Yuck! Who dirtied the floor?


What happened?

What happened?

Tell me what happened.

In return, it's enough
if you fulfill my wish.


Shucks!! Varun?!!


What happened?

- Tell me.
- Phone is dead.

How else could we inform this to father?

Till dawn how are we..

Yes. You come.


Dear what happened?

What shall we do now George kutty?

I don't know.

My hands and legs are trembling.

Actually I was not so frightened
while burying him.

I somehow got the courage to do it.

Was it a mistake that I buried him?

No, you were right!

We needn't get so tensed
if we had informed Police.

It was I.G's son who was killed.

ruin our family.

Our daughter's future,

But I don't think
I can bear this tension.

You don't lose hope!

We've not harmed anybody deliberately.

I'll not let anybody ruin our family
which I brought up with hard work.

Nothing will happen to us.

Father, look here,
I got this from that room.

What's it?

A car's key!

His car is parked somewhere around here.

How do we find it out?

It's a yellow car.

Did you check that room properly?


Where did that guy
fall after being hurt?


What are you looking for?


Not even a drop of blood has
oozed anywhere here.

You said he hurt his head, right?

Perhaps there's no external injury.

We've to clear all
these things from here.

Here is his Sim!

He can use this number
and locate us easily.

Check area of travel of this Sim card.

They can trace the..

We could
identify all the numbers,

To trace the outer,
call duration is not enough.

Where was that second cell deactivated?

Based on the signal strength,

Location is just half
km within the radius.

Until I come back,

You people should neither
go out nor call anybody.

Whoever sees from far,
should assume that nobody is at home.

You got me?

Where are you going Georgekutty?

I've to find out and
move the car quickly.

Come back quickly.

We're alone here.

Don't panic! I'll return before night.

What's it dear?

This father is with you dear!

Whatever it may be, tell me openly!

I'm afraid to go to jail.

You going to jail when
your father is alive?

That'll never happen.

This is your father's word!

(Subtitled by BibzHD @ Subscene)

Enough of counting! Give me.

It's not sufficient Thomacha!

Rs.300 is it?

It's 300 if concerned person is present
at home during passport verification,

otherwise double the amount.

As I went to Church on Sunday,

you can go to Church anytime you like.

But Gulf isn't like that.

- How much is your amount?
- Rs.70.

Please don't squeeze the juice
of poor people!! Let us also live.

You take Rs.50.That's enough.

Okay then

What's that?

Isn't that Georgekutty?

I think so.

Did he change his vehicle?

Where does he stay?

One which you see there
is Georgekutty's land.

Hello! Yes Prabhakar!

There is no change! Board Meeting
will begin at sharp 12 noon.

They are not like our lndians!
They are very prompt and punctual.

Okay. Okay.

The number you're trying to
reach is switched off!

Shucks! Where did this Varun go?

His mobile is always switched off.

He switches off the mobile just
because you call him often.

I've told you many times
not to disturb him.

Give him some freedom otherwise
he would turn rebel.

I agree to your point.

Freedom is necessary. But there's
also a limit for that freedom.

In Varun's case, it's been exceeded.

Youngsters can easily get spoiled
if given too many comforts like,

Laptop, internet connection,
Credit card, Car.

Why such comforts needed for a student?

You know how much was
his expense last month?

26000 Rs.

He purchased a
few dresses and shoes last month.

He showed me the bill. Then what?

He's taking advantage of your
blind love towards him,

And I'm totally upset that
you couldn't even realize that.

I too saw that bill.

What was mentioned in that bill?

6 pants,
6 shirts and two pairs of shoes.

When I checked in his room,

I found only 2 pants, 2 shirts
and one pair of shoes.

That was a fake bill.

What did he do with that money?

He's committing some fraud.

So you checked his room again?


That's the reason he walked away.

You don't give him any privacy.

That's why he hates you.

Why children require
privacy between parents?

Only those who intend to conceal
something needs privacy.

That's what you don't understand.

What a pity!

It's my long time wish to attend
Kachirapalli Father's Divine retreat.

Take your car.

What do you want sir?

A mobile phone.

New piece is it?

No second hand.

It'll be better if I get a
full charged one.

Full charged one.

Check this sir.

How much does it cost?


Please put this SIM card!

No sir, absolutely not.

I'll go to Delhi by
this evening's flight.

Just 2 days meeting.

Okay Thank you sir.

Can you reduce its volume?

There's a rock quarry in
Mulaserry village, just 15 kms away.

Wait here, I'll be back now.

Oh you?! I thought
you wouldn't come today.

How is the collection?

Not bad! Moreover it's raining
for past 2 days.

Because of that, business is quite dim.

I won't be here tomorrow
and the day after.

You take care of the things here.

Where are you going?

I'm attending a Divine retreat.

Divine retreat?!!

It's a long time wish of Rani.

Only now I found time for it.

Okay then, see you.

Georgekutty chetta!
Do you've any problem?

Why do you ask like that?

I can see some changes in your
behavior and character.

Now there's no change in my
behavior and character.

On my return if I find
things helter-skelter,

That time there'll
be changes as you said.

- Now it's okay.
- Now it's okay.

It's me.

It's Father.

What happened?

Where were you for such a long time?

- We were terribly scared.
- Don't cry! Your father is back.

Father, you don't leave us and go alone.

No, I'll not.

What did you do with that car?

I've cleared it!
You don't be upset of that.

Where did you move the car to?

I want to bathe! Get my towel!

Are you not tensed Georgekutty?


A youngster...

No youngster had come here.

And we've not met any youngster.

- But Varun,
- Who's Varun?

I've never heard about such a person.

Hereafter we'll have to react this way.

Fear and Tension will land us in danger.

I just understood it sometimes back.

I came here after going to office.

On seeing me, Monichan asked me
if I've any problem

When a young boy could make out
the changes in my face,

What about others then?

Did he doubt you?

He sniffed that there's some problem.

But when I reacted normally,

his doubt disappeared.

So bygones are bygones.

Behave as normal!

Father, what did you do to that car?

Hereafter, there are many things
which you should know and know not

Things which you should know,

You have to understand it
and act accordingly.

Don't try to know about the things
which you're not supposed to know.

Get ready for a journey
tomorrow morning.

To where?

We have to keep aloof for two days!

You can also heave
a sigh of relief then.

If anybody asks you, tell them that
we're going for a Divine Retreat.

But the Divine retreat
was over yesterday.

Are you on a long journey
with your family?

Have you purchased this new bus?

Not a new one!
A second hand one but not too old.

Where are you going?

For a Divine Retreat in Thoddupuzha.

What's this Georgekutty?
You keep the money inside.

Is it fair to ask you to buy the
ticket in my own bus?


Shade, shade, where are you?

Shade, you are far away

In the veil of darkness, are you near?

Are you not with us on the way?

Will it clear during the day
Or on the lap of the moon?

Or will the story continue?

Will it clear during the day
Or on the lap of the moon?

Or will the story continue?

Unbidden, my grief accompanies me

Did you search for unknown shores
Do my sorrow and tears follow

like a shadow even to the shore you go
Shade, Shade, where are you?

What's this Rani?
How many times did I tell you?

I am trying to forget it... but I am not
able to George Kutty And never can I.

You have to and You must forget it.

To prove this incident, the Police has
only one evidence and that is

our Fear.

I am trying hard to save our family
from being ruined.

So, please trust me and stand by me.

One more thing.

Get bills for all purchases
we make from today.

Like meat, fish, vegetables,
books, pencil or whatever..

Shade, Shade, where are you?

Connect me to Cyber cell.

Whatever I spot in the eyes

Is it the truth or made up stories

Whatever I spot in the eyes

Is it the truth or made up stories

When you searched for the unknown,

You saw scenes of reality

Am I no longer myself?

Even when I stood by you,

Was I unaware of it?

Madam, Varun's phone signal,

travels from Kerala to Mangalapuram,
then Udupi via Goa,

it reached Kolhapur, near
Pune and it indicates

J.P Powar Nagar in Kolhapur.

Actually that's an industrial area.

His phone was switched off there.

He has friends in Goa and Mumbai.

He must have perhaps gone for a
bash with his friends.

Shade, shade, where are you?

Shade, you are far away

In the veil of darkness, are you near?

Are you not with us on the way?

- Sir.
- Sir.

Don't worry. Only car was found.

Who saw the car?

Children who were bathing here saw it.

It seems it happened
a couple of days back...

Yes madam!! It might be
around 2 to 3 weeks.

Excuse me, did you search in this pond?

Yes sir. Nothing happened as you fear.

Don't give way for media and publicity,
please wrap it up.

Last call made from Varun's number,

was on August 2nd at 7.18 p.m,

to number 9645019578.

At that time, phone signal was
on ldukki, at Rajakadu near a Tower.

Later by 10.15pm,
phone became out of coverage.

Again next morning phone was on
Thoddupuzha town's range at 9.20 a.m

Then again it was switched off
in Kolhapur near Mumbai.

Based on the details
we've collected now,

I think let's stop our enquiry
outside Kerala for time being.

Locate the details of the number
Varun spoke lastly.

Yes, madam.

Ask him to come inside.

From the account number you gave

Cash was last withdrawn on
August 2nd at 10 a.m,

from an ATM at Thoddupuzha.

How much was the cash withdrawn?


Why does he require so much of cash?

Sir, I've a doubt.

The mobile which was
out of signal on 2nd,

And the mobile which
regained signal on 3rd,

are two different mobiles.

Having two different IMEI numbers.

He might have withdrawn cash
to get a new mobile.

No. It's just three months since
Varun bought a new mobile.

So there is no possibility of
buying a new mobile.

Geetha, our son is in trouble.


Hey Monicha, what's this?

Panchayat Building Tax!

When did I ask you to pay it?


Already three weeks are over.

It's not 3 weeks!

Didn't I tell you the next day
I returned from Divine Retreat?

This is Varun Prabhakar.

I.G Geetha Prabhakar's son.

This boy is missing.

Phone record indicates that he was
in our town on 2nd of August.

This was the car Varun had been using.

Maruthi Zen! KL7AA 1734

This car was recovered from Rock quarry
situated in Mullasery panchayath.

Thangaccha! Has your child
recovered from illness?

Feels better sir.
Child will get discharged tomorrow.

Very lucky!

Stop. Give me Rs.100.

I don't have sir.

You would surely have money
because your child is at hospital.

I don't have sir.

Look here.. Check this pocket.

I altogether have only this.

Rs.20?!!! Go.

Give me half packet of cigarette.

Sahadeva, don't you like to have tea?

No. I'm running behind a
complicated case.

Which case?

Yellow colour Maruthi Zen was
recovered from Rock Quarry Pond.

Which Rock Quarry?

Near Thoddupuzha,
from Mullassery Village.

How's it connected with policemen here?

Nothing in particular,

We were instructed from I.G office to
enquire if anybody knows about this car.

I.G can just sit and pass an order.

But it's we who suffer to find it out.

I and Mr. Madhavan are
in-charge of this enquiry.

See you then.

What is this?
Quite unusual!

Oh no I just felt so.

Sahadevan, you don't drag him
into this unnecessarily

Just because you have
personal grudges against Georgekutty,

you shouldn't do this.

I saw him taking that car,
with my own eyes.

Not only that, he was shocked
when I mentioned about the car now.

Just wait and see! If he has
fear inside, he will turn and see.

Now what happened?

How's Georgekutty connected
with I.G's son?

Sahadevan and George kutty
are not on good terms.

Perhaps, Sahadevan,
making use of this opportunity

showing his anger on George kutty...

Otherwise it could
be a misunderstanding.

Might have seen a person
resembling George kutty.

George kutty is really an
innocent fellow.

I too know Georgekutty well.

But when Sahadevan is
so confident about it,

Sir, on 3rd of this month,
on a Sunday at 7.15 a.m,

I went to lrittathara Thomachhan's house
for passport verification.

I saw Georgekutty there.

Children come here.

This Saturday,
that was on 2nd of August,

Where were you children?

We had gone to Thodupuzha for a
divine retreat.

When did you return?

Next day, that was on Sunday.

At what time?

Around evening.

Where was it held?

In Thoddupuzha.

Where in Thoddupuzha?

- Para..
- In Paraipalli Church!

Retreat was at Paraipalli?

Next to a hall near the Church.

Georgekutty, what's all this?

So Police will come, right?

They would surely come.

But not sure when they would come.

More the delay, more is the relief.

But don't get agonized.

Regarding that youngster,

they don't have a clear picture of
what happened to him.

They have no evidences too.

They'll try their
best to create evidences.

They may frighten you,

they may even talk lovingly...

They may perhaps hit me or mother.

They will walk out silently
if they don't get any evidences.

For that we've to stand in unity.

Whatever happens,
we should stick to our statements.

Can I trust you children?

Will they hit you and mother brutally?

You don't worry about that.

When you do any mischief,
aren't we hitting you?,

Just think that way.

Father, I'm terribly scared.

You don't have to be.
Go and sleep peacefully.


How can you prove that
we weren't here on Saturday?

Somebody must've seen you at
your office and Sulaiman lkka's hotel.

Yes somebody would've surely seen me.

Then how can we prove
that we weren't here?

An unexpected thing has happened
in our family.

There are only two ways in-front of us.

Strongly resist or
unconditional surrendering.

In our conscience,
as we are not guilty...

My mind doesn't let me
surrender for no reasons.

So we are trying to resist.

It's an evasive game.

We may win or lose.

But I can assure you one thing.

You and my children won't be jailed.

It wasn't evident
that it was Georgekutty.

That day you also
admitted that you saw him.

When you asked whether
that was Georgekutty,

It was true that I also had a doubt.

But I can't admit this firmly

Did you see?

Even I didn't see clearly
whether it was Georgekutty chettan.

Like he said, I too had a doubt.
That's all.

Are you sure whether this was the car?

I saw a similar yellow car there

But not sure whether
it was the same car.

Do you have firmness in anything?

What do you say?

I didn't notice the number.

But I'm confident that
I saw a similar Yellow Maruthi Zen.

There are lots of Yellow Maruthi cars
in our place.

One Retired Professor stays
little further away.

He also owns a yellow Maruthi Zen.

Yes right!
We would've perhaps seen his car.

We'll decide that.

- Any new fax message?
- Yes sir. From lG office.

In Nature club camp
which I.G's son participated last month,

Two students from here also participated
on behalf of St. Michaels

English medium school.

Their names and addresses
are given below.

One, Anju George is
Georgekutty's daughter.

Didn't I already tell you sir?

Now see!

There's nothing to think about it.

If you catch hold of Georgekutty
and give him hard blows,

he'll surely spill the beans.

This news shouldn't get
leaked for any reasons.

- What's the time now?
- 11.30 am

- Teacher!
- Yes.

Anju, you're wanted by the Principal.

To prove this incident, the
Police has only one evidence and that.

Is our fear. So forget it and be cool.

Police are not aware of
what happened in our house.

With circumstantial evidences
and few lies, they'll approach us.

We've to respond them without fear.

Under any circumstances,
don't deny that you don't know Varun.

And hide only the incidents that
happened in our place.

- May I come in madam?
- Yes come in.

Anju, this is S.I Suresh Babu.

He has something to ask you.

You're Georgekutty's daughter is it?


- Do you know him?
- Isn't he Varun?

How do you know Varun?

Nature Club organized
a State Camp last month.

I got to know him there.

Do you know anything else
about this Varun?

I know he's I.G's son.

Did Varun tell you?

No, I heard students gossiping.

Only acquaintance or beyond,

I just know him that's it.

He got to know me the way
he got to know others.

Then how could you remember him so well?

Varun was quite famous in the camp.

There were also certain issues.

What issues?

Varun was taking
photographs of everybody.

When he photographed a
reputed lawyer's daughter,

She created a big issue.

After that camp,
have you seen Varun in your place?


What's the problem sir?

We were told that you had seen him.

Who told you? Varun?


No sir, Varun is lying.

Did Varun, come to your house
on 2nd of this month?

To my house? No.

When was the day you said?

On the 2nd of this month.

That was on Saturday, 2nd August.
Now did you get me?

We weren't at home that day.

Where did you go?

There was a Divine Retreat in
Paraipalli at Thoddupuzha.

We had gone to attend that.

- Who all had gone?
- My father, mother, sister and myself.

When did you return?

Next day evening.

Was Divine Retreat for two days?

No, it was one day retreat.

We stayed in a hotel and
returned only after watching a film.

What's the problem sir?

This young guy Varun is missing.

We also have proof that
he was in our town on 2nd.

As he was known to her, I just
wanted to check whether he met her.

No sir, I've not seen
Varun after the camp.

- Okay thank you.
- You are welcome sir.

You can go to your class.

- You are Georgekutty's wife, right?
- Yes.

It's quite unusual to see you
at home at this hour.

Principal informed her that
you had been to school.

She got scared and called me home.

When I went to the Station,
I was told you are here.

That's why I rushed here.
What's the problem sir?

- I came for an enquiry.
- Let's sit inside.

Georgekutty, you know this youngster?

No sir.

- You know him?
- No sir.

Have you seen this car?

- No sir.
- You?


Georgekutty, let's be open.
That'll be good for both of us.

That's what even I wish.

This young man in this photo,
Varun Prabhakar,

is the only son of I.G Geetha Prabhakar.

He's missing since last 25 days.

During Nature Club's State Camp,

He got acquainted with
our elder daughter Anju.

We've proof that he had come to
our place by this Maruthi Zen.

Police recovered this car from the
quarry pond in the Mullassery last week.

We had come here for 2 reasons.

One, your elder daughter knows Varun.

Two, Sahadevan had seen you
driving that car.

You drove this car in front of
lrattikara Thomachhan's house.

That day I was standing on
Thomachhan's frontyard,

for a passport verification.

What we policemen came to
understand from this was,

that youngster had been to your house.

But we were not here on August 2nd.

We had gone for a retreat and
returned only on 3rd evening.

This is enough. Now everything is okay.

What other proof do you require?

Don't laugh Georgekutty.

We never mentioned about the
date that youngster came,

or the date you took the car.

But your wife mentioned it
without we asking for it.

Georgekutty, why are you smirking at us?

You mean to say it's all absurd!!

I don't smirk at anybody.

Why should we smirk at policemen?

She's still shocked!
She hasn't still understood anything.

Didn't I already tell you that
Principal phoned her?

Regarding a case,
you had gone to school,

called Anju and enquired her thoroughly.

Principal informed her.

You know the nature
of the present schools,

If it is known that any student
is connected to any police case,

Schools tend to panic fearing that
may cause bad reputation to the school.

May be that was the
reason Principal called her,

and enquired about
the details you asked.

She was totally nervous and called me.

That's how we learnt about these dates.

On August 3rd Sunday, Sahadevan
says that he had seen you but...,

You didn't give an answer.

What's the point of me answering it?


Everybody knows the displeasure
between me and Sahadevan.

Whatever I say, Sahadevan will not agree

I'm not asking this
for Sahadevan's sake,

but I want to know the truth.

I shall tell you sir.

If Sahadevan says that he had seen me,

One - he must be lying,

or - it must be a mistaken identity.

Because on August 2nd,
Saturday since 8 am,

till August 3rd, Sunday 5 pm

I and my family were in Thoddupuzha.

No sir, I'm sure
that I've seen him only.

From 2nd when you left till 3rd,
the day you came back

Can you tell me in detail
what all had happened?

I'll tell you Sir.

On the 2nd, we left by the
morning 5.30 bus.

Was it raining when you returned?

Yes sir, it was raining heavily.

Rani and children were drenched
in the rain, and got fever and cold too.

Children missed their
classes for 3-4 days.

Don't you think there's something fishy
about preserving the bills, Sir?

First time I'm coming across a man
keeping even the bus ticket safe.

We belong to a middle class family
struggling to make both ends meet.

At the end of every month,
we total all the bills,

to find out the additional expenditure..

Okay then,

S.I sir has come. I'll call you later.

How many acres are there altogether?

5 acres, Sir.

See you then.

It was a blunder that
I mentioned about the dates. Yes!

Since you explained them in
detail along with proof,

They believed, didn't they

According to the evidences
they produced,

whatever you told was nonsense.

I swear that I saw him.

If you give rough
treatment to Georgekutty,

he'll come out with truth.

Anyhow let's inform I.G.

Isn't it better, if we first nab him,
get evidences and then inform the lG?


Did Policemen trust our words?

I don't know dear.

Will policemen come again?

They'll come dear.

- What's his name?
- George Kutty

Are you sure that he drove my son's car?

I don't remember the number.

But I was sure that it
was yellow Maruthi Zen.

Are you sure that it was
Georgekutty who drove it?

Yes I'm very sure of it.

But they claim they were in
Thoddupuzha on 2nd and 3rd.

Sir, May be they're lying.

You also said that they've
shown you the proof for that.

It's true that he has shown us
hotel bills and bus ticket.

But not sure of its genuinely.

If this person is telling the truth,

Then George Kutty's story's
evidences are fake.

That'll not be a problem for us
to find it out.

After all he's an ordinary villager,

who doesn't even possess
a high school qualification.

We can guess the strength of his
manipulated evidences.

So Georgekutty,

his wife and all the evidences,
to be present here tomorrow.

Yes madam.

Don't bother about the protocol.

You can leave,
I can take care of myself.

Why have you come early in the morning?

Police nabbed Georgekutty
and his family.

Good Lord!

We left at 5.30 a.m by a private bus.

Why don't you have
the ticket of that bus?

It was one of
Georgekutty's friend's bus.

He didn't allow us to buy a ticket.

When did you reach for the retreat?

It was almost 8.30 a.m

Divine Retreat started by the
time we reached.

It was almost 8.30 a.m

Divine Retreat was started
by the time we reached.

When did you reach
for the divine retreat?

We'll be in trouble if all of us
say the same thing.

For example, the time,

I and mother will tell the exact time.

But being children, it isn't necessary
that you should know the exact time.

I don't know the exact time.

Divine Retreat started
by the time we reached.

What time did the Divine retreat begin
after you reached there?

Police will twist
and shoot up questions.

So listen carefully to the
question and then answer.

Divine Retreat started by the
time we reached.

But your parents said that

retreat started in half an hour
after they reached.

Police will lie telling
father said this,

and mother said that.

Don't ever change your
statements hearing that.

No, retreat was started
by the time we reached.

Georgekutty isn't seen here.

They would've taken them inside.

They have reached.

- What's the problem Sulaiman?
- I don't understand anything.

They are not letting us inside also.

We've to get inside.

Nobody is allowed now.

They're Georgekutty's in-laws.

I can't allow them whoever they may be

- How can you stop us?
- My son-in-law is in your custody.

Move away and stand.

Open the gate.

Oh my son Rajesh, no...

Later on we had food in a hotel.

Which hotel?

I don't remember the name.

What food did you have?


What did your father,
mother and sister have?

They also had Biriyani.

Your sister said that
all of them had fried rice.

May be she would've forgotten.

All of us had biriyani.

I remember very well.

- Hello.
- Mr. Suresh.

Who said?
It's a rumour.

No, no... I'm in a meeting.

I'll get back.

Call is from Asianet news

It seems they heard we've arrested
a family for interrogating

in connection to
our son's disappearance.

Just leave it.

Mr. Suresh, What do you think about it?

It's not as we thought.

They are very tough.

Not only their statements are one,

But also stand firm by it.

Particularly his second daughter.

To be honest, that child astounded me.

That's it.

Even that child is too strong
in her statement.

Don't you find something strange in it?

I too felt so from the beginning

May be they're telling the truth.

- And this man must've gone wrong.
- No no.

One thing is confirmed.

They know something about Varun.

- But their statements are,
- It's a cooked up story.

A cleverly manipulated story!

But it won't sell here.

Since we came to
know that they're lying,

Why don't we go for
a lie-detection test?

Who made you a policeman?

It can't be done just like that.

You need a proper Court order for that.

In that case, let's get court order.

Court needs exact proof
to prove that accused is lying.

But here,
all evidences are favorable to them.

I've an idea to smash their fake story.

All the characters in their story
should be present here.

Suresh, do you get me?

Madam, I understood.

And one more thing.

In case he's lying that he had gone
for retreat on 2nd August,

Then he must've been in this town.

If so, wouldn't he
have gone to his office?

Of course.

Similarly, is there any other place
he regularly visits?

Yes, a hotel next to our Police station,

He consistently comes there. Very good!

Very good.

Bring the office staff and
hotel owner immediately.

Yes madam.

And one more thing.

They should leave from here
hoping that we believed their story.

- You get me?
- Yes madam.

To be honest, I was nervously seated
before the policemen.

Anyhow God has protected us.

Everything has ended.


Nothing has ended.

They'll come here again.

They'll come again? For what?

actually what's the problem?

At least be open to me.

All families would have
something personal to hide from others.

Rajesh, so please don't
ask me anything more.

Rajesh, I need your help.

What should I do?

I know Georgekutty since his childhood.

He's really an innocent.
Very innocent.

I never asked for
his conduct certificate.

Just answer only what is ask

On last 2nd, that's on August 2nd,

How many times did Georgekutty
come to your shop?

He normally comes twice a day.

For evening tea and dinner.

Some days, he never comes for dinner.

I can't say it exactly

You were asked how many times
he had been to your shop on 2nd?

He must have come twice on 2nd also.

Oh yes!! No sir, I'm wrong.

Georgekutty wasn't here on 2nd.

He had was gone to attend a divine
retreat in a church in Thoddupuzha.

At first, you didn't tell this?

No sir, I suddenly remembered.

Georgekutty talked to me about
retreat last day also.

What did Georgekutty
tell you about retreat?

He told it was a very
good divine retreat.

He was telling us the stories
Father shared in his speech.

What stories?

A story of a king who subjugated it's
rival kingdom through love and patience.

When did Georgekutty
return from the retreat?

Next day.

At what time?

I don't know sir.

He didn't come to office that day.

Did he call you in
the middle of his journey?

Yes he called me on the morning,
on the day he left.

At what time?

Between 9 - 10 a.m.

How come you remember it so well?

Because I regularly
come to office at 9 a.m.

And then sweep and clean the office.

At that moment, I got his call.

What did Georgekutty tell you?

He has asked me not to keep that day's
collection at office, but take it home.

- You know them?
- I know sir.

Did they travel on your bus of late?

Yes, 4 or 5 days before.

When did they travel before that?

Before that?

Yes, on 2nd of this month.

Where were they going?

It seems to attend some
retreat in Thoddupuzha.


Are you sure that they stayed
in your lodge for a day?

Yes sir.

Is he a regular customer?

No sir.

Then how come you remember them so well?

I require a double room.

It's 650 + tax.

I've stayed here before also.
I was provided a room without tax.

- May be it was without bill?
- I don't need a bill.

Is this hotel safe to
stay here with a family?

Why don't we look for some other hotel?

Madam, families do stay here often..

Only after showing them the room,
they agreed.

Do you remember when they stayed
in your hotel?

I don't remember.

Did they tell you why they've been
to Thoddupuzha?

I don't remember.

Have you checked his register?

Yes Madam. They maintain two registers.

Georgekutty's name is in
one of their registers.

They checked in at August 2nd
and checked out next day at 9.30 a.m.

Why are you maintaining two registers?

Why you are dumb struck?
Answer her.

We maintain two registers for
billed and unbilled customers.

Don't you know it's against law?

How could you remember them
so well even after so many days?

Can we easily forget our good customers?

- Are you the owner of this hotel?
- Yes. Why?

We've not tasted such delicious biriyani
in recent times.

Our food is the best in this town.

Not only your food,

I've not come across any another hotel
with good cleanliness and best service.

Sir, bill.

What are you doing sir?

I'm running a small business
and also take care of farming.

Biriyani was Super uncle.

Is it? Thank you.

- What's your name child?
- Anu

- Which class are you studying?
- 6 th class.

Have you come to
Thoddupuzha for shopping?

We came to attend Divine retreat
held in Parapalli yesterday

I can understand when you say that
you remember a customer.

But when you also remember the purpose
and date of his visit,

Then there's something fishy in that.

I remembered because he told me.

A businessman will remember
a good customer...

- You wait out.
- What is this man?

If he and his family were at home
on 2nd and 3rd of this month,

Then how could he
meet them at Thoddupuzha?

That confuses me too madam.

Geetha, may be their
statements are true.

I doubt whether this man is lying.

No sir, I didn't lie.

I'm damn sure it was Georgekutty
whom I saw that day.

I'm ready to quit my job
if it's proved otherwise.

Have you contacted the Father
who conducted the Divine retreat?

Father was in Mumbai.
Must've reached today.

Call him.

Madam, by the way you say,

I feel he has attended the retreat.

Otherwise it's difficult for the one
to tell it so correctly.

Because, the stories and other things
which I shared in that Retreat,

was not shared to any one by me.

Suppose it could also have been
shared by someone who attended Retreat

I don't think anybody can tell to him
in such a detailed way

Two nos.

Where's father and Anu?

This is digital Projector.

I'm planning to set up a
theater in my place.

Very good idea!!

Because we're moving to the
times of digital cinema.

Not only that,
maintenance cost is also low.


My family.

Do you remember when they came?

I think it was 3rd of this month.

How could you remember
this date so correctly?

He watched the film sitting
in projector room.

He also told me that he attended the
retreat and stayed in some lodge.

Get away you.

Come here.

Our son...

Nothing will happen to him.

We'll surely find him.

But you don't lose hope.

Is our investigation moving
at the right path?

Yeah, I think so.

But till this time,
we never got any favorable evidences.

All evidences are favorable to them.

See Prabha, I'm not telling this
based on the evidences

From a person's
conversation and behavior,

We police can easily

identify whether the concerned person is
lying or concealing.

Because we trained for that.

Evidences may be favorable to him.

But he's lying.

I can feel it.


it may be the mental state of a mother

who enquires about
her son's disappearance.

Otherwise I underestimated him.

He has much more intelligence
than that of a 4th grade villager

Georgekutty is really a
kind hearted person.

I verified his past.

He had come to this place
thirty five years ago.

Provision store, Video Library,
Automobiles, Real estate, etc

He grew up dealing with
many such businesses.

He's fond of films.

There isn't any film
which he hadn't watched.

Though he studied up to 4th grade,

He can speak Malayalam, Tamil,
English, Hindi, languages

He learnt these from films.

Can an ordinary man do all this?


It's an important link.

Ticket.. Ticket.

When you come across
hundreds of people a day,

It's not strange for you
to remember one family.

But remembering their purpose
and date of journey,

It is really odd.

He travelled in your bus on last 3rd.

And also told you he was returning
from the retreat held on 2nd.

How could you still remember
which was told 25 days back,

That's what is Madam's question.

I don't remember whatever
he told me that day.

Just now it was you who told us
about the retreat held on 2nd.

What I meant was,

he told me this when we met recently.

Recently means,

Since 3-4 days.

Where did you meet him?


Where are you people going?

Don't you recognize me?

Georgekutty, don't you recognize him?

Didn't we come for a
Retreat here on last 2nd,

Next day on 3rd he was the conductor
in the bus which we travelled.

Yes got it.

We attended retreat on 2nd and
returned by an evening bus on 3rd,

conductor of that bus.
Sorry, I couldn't suddenly recollect.

Come children.

Has the show started?

Not yet.

Are you alone?
Haven't you brought your family?

No I came alone.

I had come for a retreat on 2nd.

That's why I had come with my family.

Too many expenses
when taking a family out.

Next day, on 3rd, after shopping,

Watched a film here, had food at
hotel and left home that evening.

You just imagine how
much could be the expenses.

Hey Murali,

You never took fare from us when
we travelled for a retreat on last 2nd.

But today you'll have to
take the fare from me.

- Oh no Georgekutty.
- You'll have to.

Madam you tell him.

What chetta!

- Greetings!
- Yes Greetings!

It's long time since we met.

Long time? Didn't we come here next day
after attending the retreat on last 2nd?

To tell it accurately,
it was on 3rd of August.

He never met me after that madam.

Not that many days.

Didn't I tell you the next day
when we returned from the retreat?

When did we go for the retreat?

On Saturday, August 2nd.

When? 2nd of August, on Saturday.

We returned on 3rd that was on Sunday.

The very next day, on 4th of August,
that was on Monday,

Didn't I ask you to pay the tax?

The strength of his patience
changed King's mind.

So all of us should learn to forgive.

A very good story.

How did you know this Georgekutty?

Didn't I tell you about the
retreat we attended on 2nd,

It was on 2nd of this month,
on a Saturday,

It was one of the stories
Father shared in the retreat.

Hello, no, it's not Madam's number.

Yes called up from this number only.

Who's that?

Father Kacharapalli whom we spoke to.

Tell me father,


Those who paid and booked for CDs,

are asked to collect from
Church's office within week's time.

I spoke to the concerned authority.

But his name wasn't mentioned
in the booking list.

Perhaps he could have
booked in a fake name.

Everything could be right.

But none of these statements,

Mismatch the evidences to prove that
he was not on town on 2nd and 3rd,

It was almost 8.30 a.m.

Retreat was started
by the time we reached.

I think it was on 2nd of this month.

Georgekutty wasn't
here on 2nd of this month.

He sat in the projector room
and watched film.

He told me this when
he met us few days back.

You didn't take fare from me
when we travelled for retreat.

I came for a retreat
on 2nd with my family.

He just recreated that day.


Don't you get it?

He just recreated that day.

He recreated the days
of 2nd and 3rd of August.

What is the importance of Cinema?


Nothing else can be recorded
so profoundly in our mind

other than a visual.

Journey on 2nd and 3rd wasn't just a
cooked up story by them.

They really executed it.

The fact is they really
executed that journey.

That's why their story didn't
fizzle out during our interrogation.

Had they gone for
a journey on 2nd and 3rd,

their Journey on 2nd and 3rd,

was recreated on some other day.

May be on next days?

Next days means, Monday and Tuesday.

Madam, his children hadn't gone to
school since Monday to Wednesday.

We also enquired him about that.

Georgekutty said they got drenched
in the rain while returning

and his wife and children
were down with fever.

Then he also showed us the
medical shop bills.

Those bills are fake ones.

Is it hard to get a fake medical bill?

Even otherwise, he plays this game
with too many bills.

But lodge register on 2nd,

Bus ticket and Matinee Ticket dated 3rd,

How could they be fake ones?

Those are original ones aren't they?

That's also an important point, Madam.

Here's where we underestimated
the 4th grade Georgekutty.

I know how he did it.

On 3rd morning, Georgekutty left for
Thoddupuzha by Varun's car.

After taking a parcel from a
Vegetarian hotel there,

He bought a mobile phone,
then inserted Varun's sim in it,

And he threw it inside
some National Permit vehicle.

May be after that he abandoned
the car in Rock quarry Pond.

Then he again entered a restaurant
and without anybody's notice,

he took a bill for 4 biriyanis.

On that very same day, he purchased 4
tickets for Matinee show in Thoddupuzha.

Later boarded a transport bus,
bought 4 tickets and returned home.

He went to his office that night,

and made Monichhan believe that he's
going for retreat the next day.

Next day on 4th, he travelled in
Murali's bus with his family,

And made him aware that
they are going for a retreat.

After reaching Parapalli at 9 a.m,

they spent there till evening.

During that time only he must have
come to know about the retreat CD.

And booked for it on somebody's name.

That evening, Georgekutty and his
family reached the lodge.

After he somehow averted the manager
from there for some time,

He added his name on 2nd.

Then on 4th, he forged his handwriting,

And booked a room on some fake name.

After taking dinner
from a wayside eatery,

Next day, Georgekutty again makes
someone to buy the parcel

from the same vegetarian hotel
he bought on 3rd.

After being checked out from the lodge,

Had Biriyani from the restaurant and

became friendly
with the restaurant Owner.

Then they went to theater and got
acquainted with the Projector operator.

He boarded the same bus
hat evening for returning home,

And created an atmosphere to get
friendly with the conductor.

After reaching home,

Some day or the other the entire family
watched the retreat CD of Father.

He discarded the bills of 5th,

And instead, showed us the bills
he collected on 3rd.

Four or five days later he again
presented himself before them,

And engrossed the dates in their minds.

The real fact is, all were giving false
statements without their knowledge.

He's mocking at the
entire police department.

But we've no evidences to prove this.

Our's is just a theory.

Geetha, if whatever you say is true,

Then where's Varun?

Why did he go to him?

We should make that man answer that.

Come out..

What are you people doing?
Where are you taking them?

What are you trying to do?

Move fast.

Ask them about the issue.
I couldn't understand anything.

O Lord! Isn't there
anybody to question them?

My child.

Father, ask them not
to take them, Hello...

Get off you.

Why did Policemen take them?

Even I'm not aware of it.

I don't understand anything.

Do something immediately.

I need your favor Rajesh.

If Police takes us again,

You'll have to call certain people
whom I mention.

Hello, is it Asianet news?

Where's my son?

I already told you that I'm not aware.
We weren't at home.

Do you think Police
department are fools?

We understood the journey you
executed for creating evidences.

Why did my son come to meet you?

What's the relationship
between you both?

I've not met Varun after the camp.

No point in telling lies any more.

It would be better
if you tell the truth.

Otherwise there'll be a change
in our way of interrogation.

I swear I don't know.

It'll be good for you to tell the truth.

Whatever we said is true.

We're not aware.
That day we weren't there,

Sahadeva... Yes madam.

- Oh no!!
- Hey tell the truth,

Hey move away and stand.

Won't you tell?

I'll make you spill the beans.

Sir, please tell him to stop.

Please ask him not to harm him.


Tell the truth man!

Sahadeva, stop.

Where's my son?

I don't know..

Come here, let me see whether
I can make you tell the truth.

Where's Varun?
Where have you people hidden him?

Tell the truth.

Tell what you did to madam's son.

They've brought Varun's friend Alex.
Ask them to stop it.

That's enough, stop it.

- Come.
- Come with me.

- Tell the truth man!
- No, move away.

Sir he...

I say move.

Georgekutty, please say whatever
you know about that Varun.

Why are you getting beaten up this way?

I really don't know anything.

What's the problem?
Why are you getting beaten up this way?

You know this girl?

I don't know aunty.

Alex, we knew that you and Varun
were together in the camp.

Varun is missing since last 26 days.

This girl is somehow connected
with Varun's missing.

So better tell us whatever you know,
it'll be good for you.

Uncle, I really don't know anything.

I know you called him
lastly the day he was missing.

When I asked you few days back,
you denied it.

If you are going to maintain that lie,

Then our way of
interrogating will change.

To tell the truth,
when I called him that day,

He never told me his whereabouts
and the purpose he went.

Okay what's the relation between
this girl and varun?

You know it.

Hey better tell the truth.

I'll tell you.

He'll say.

Dude! Send this to my mobile.

Oh no sorry! I'll not send you this.

What's this? Please send.

Very sorry, I can't send this.

I've to fulfill a purpose with this.


Madam, people have crowded outside.

I don't know how they learnt about it.

Few media and channel people are there.

It seems they want to see you.

I don't wish to see anybody.

Not even a kid should
enter this compound.

- Call more forces if you require.
- Yes madam.

Come with me.

Geetha, things are getting more worse.

Yes! It's time to end this.

All of you stay out.

Sahadevan, stand here.

I came to know about your video.

- Where's my son?
- Sir, I don't know. I swear.

Sahadevan, I want to know the truth.

You got me?

- Tell me
- I don't know.

Where's that boy?

- I said I don't know.
- Tell me.

Tell me.
Where is that boy?

Otherwise I'll kill all of you.

You won't tell, wont' you?

Tell me.

You know the truth, speak out.

Tell me what happened.

Are you hindering a Policeman?

Tell me.

We are not aware sir.

Get up and come here..

Tell me what happened.

You won't speak out ah?

If I hit them anymore,
they would die.

If you don't wish for that,
you tell the truth.

Otherwise I will beat them to death

You want me to do that?

You want it?


Please tell us if
any of you know anything.

Where's Anumol?

- Shucks! My child!
- No

Tell me, didn't the boy in the photo
come to your house?

I don't know. I want to see my parents.

Stop crying and tell the truth.

Then I shall take you to your parents.

Tell me, don't stir up my anger.

I'll kill you, mind you.

No father, let's reveal everything.

Otherwise they'll torture Anumol.

He's too cruel!

I'm terribly scared.

I shall admit the crime.

That would end up everything.

Did we struggle hard for this?

Did we bear all their tortures for this?

You people will not be jailed.
That's my promise

If I couldn't keep up that promise,
then you won't see me alive.

Our Anu, they would..

They won't harm her.

You don't have to worry about that.

She'll manage!

- Tell the truth.
- I don't know uncle.

I want to see my mother.

Geetha, let's stop this.

Let's wrap it here.

What we're doing is against rules.

What about our son then?

Don't we've to enquire about him?

Yes we have to enquire
in some other way.

At least spare that little girl.

He tortured them so brutally.

Still were you able
to get any information?

If they are really innocent then
Geetha, we may have to regret.

May be he had mistaken.


You won't tell the truth is it?

No, don't kill me, I'll tell you.


- Leave me, I want to go to my father.
- Where are you taking my kid?

To show the place where
you buried that boy.

Your game is over Georgekutty.

You can spend time
with your family in Jail.

No one can save you even if they think.

Put everybody in the jeep.

Hey move away..

Please let us inside.

Georgekutty is my son.

Whoever it's, nobody is allowed to
contact the accused.

Accused? What's their crime?

You'll come to know it.

We know that policeman Sahadevan
is settling his scores.

- Actually what's the problem sir?
- Even we are not aware of the issue.

They are my daughter, and son-in-law.

Few days back police held them
and interrogated them.

- For what?
- It seems I.G's son was missing.

Who are you?

He's my son.

It's a falsely implicated case.

Everybody knows about Georgekutty
and his family well.

They were leading a decent happy life.

They are trapped in a false case.

One who is standing near S.I, is that
Sahadevan, the main cause behind this.


I told the truth out of fear.

Did he hit you?

Yes I was terribly scared.

Doesn't matter child.

Doesn't matter child.

Are you angry with this father?

No father, are you angry with me?

No dear, what you did was right.

Father...Rajesh did you see?

That Policeman Sahadevan hit
my daughter brutally.

That Sahadevan tortured our family
for an uncommitted crime.

Sahadeva, no.

He's Sahadevan.

- Don't dare touch them.
- Who are you to say that?

He hit my child.

I'll hit more, what will you do?

Kill that bastard.

Come on Come on.

Child, did policemen torture you?

You tell them without fear.

Nobody will harm you anymore.
You tell them.

Dear, tell me..

Following the disappearance case of I G
Geetha Prabhakar's son Varun Prabhakar,

Georgekutty and his family have
proven their innocence.

Following this incident,
at Rajakadu Police station,

Police Constable Sahadevan has been
suspended for enquiry,

S.I and other policemen connected
with this case have been transferred,

DGP has ordered the lG -Geetha
Prabhakaran to go on leave.

Based on the pubic interest petition,

if police wishes to interrogate
Georgekutty and his family in future,

Special permission has to be obtained
from Court, District court ordered.



I.G Geetha Prabhakaran resigned.

Georgekutty, if we think over,
hasn't their life become miserable?

What wrong have they done?

Even though she's a top I.G,

Beyond that, she's also a mother.

Actually, aren't we the ones
who've cheated them?

You think so because of the
goodness of your heart.

Just think the other way.

Had the same tragedy happened
to our daughter because of him,

Wouldn't that mother try to
protect her son?

She would surely try.

Nobody can define the
right or wrong in this.

It's the nature of human to be selfish.

Our dear ones are precious to us.

If we think in other way,

We can't live.

So let's forget this at our convenience.

when did you clear that body?

On Sunday night, when I returned
after clearing the car.

Where did you move that to?

Let that secret not be known
to second person in this world.

It would be buried along with me.

Your safety lies in it.

Did you hope that Anumol
would stick to it without revealing?

To be honest, all my calculations
went wrong here.

I never even expected that three of you
would stick to it so firmly..

Anumol could have revealed it
a little earlier.

Poor child.

You suffered a lot because of me.

What's this?
You did this all to protect us...


What's it dear?

Father, Police has come.

Where are you going?

Are you going to torture them again?

- Why have you come here?
- We like to meet Georgekutty.

Did you have court order?

What's it sir?

- What's the problem?
- Oh nothing, you can leave

Nothing, You people can leave

Let me change the dress

Without any pride and prestige of power,

Today Geetha is just a mother
desperately yearning for her son

When we, living with no hope of
having any children,

were suddenly blessed with a son,

we pampered him so much...

and now we stand
before you feeling guilty.

When we pondered pen-mindedly,

We realized one thing.

Whatever has happened to my son,

We are the ones who
are responsible for,

Not bringing him up on the right path.

Ever since we realized that,
we were yearning to meet you.

Knowingly and unknowingly
we tortured your family a lot.

Pardon us.

I beg your pardon for everything.

Before leaving for America
to my brother's place,

We felt like knowing what
actually happened to Varun.

Because each and every phone calls...
And every calling bells seemed...

like his voice in our ears.

With its hope...

and its disappointments... unbearable
to us, we are forced to ask you.

Do we still have to wait for him?

We can understand it.

You may not have trust in us.

I can understand you.
We apologize for troubling you.

Come, let's go.

You're great people.

I am not broad-hearted like you.

I'm just an ordinary man.

With a small world consisting of
my wife and children.

That's my family.

I've not even dreamt of a
world beyond that.

In to that privacy,
came an uninvited guest.

A guest who was able to
shatter our family.

He never gave ears to our pleads.

In a situation not knowing
what to do, out of panic,

a small mishap happened.

After making sure that
he would never come again

We sent away that guest.

Even though it was not deliberate,
we shattered your dreams.

We too wished to fall
at your feet to beg pardon.

And we did it hundred
times in our hearts.

What else can we do?

Like everybody, for me too
my family is important.

I'll go to any extreme for it
not to get shattered.

There in front of me,
everything is right only.

Please pardon us.











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Hey S.I is calling you.

Sir, I'll leave my bag in the
quarters and come back.

Sir, this is Georgekutty.

I know. I've seen
a lot in T.V and papers.

Sign here.


I know you have the pride of
fooling the police.

Only till that boy's body is recovered.

I would be here for 2 or 3 years.

Never mind. I'll find it out.

No sir, I've never considered
Policemen as fools.

Instead, I've considered them as
protectors of the People.

That's why I strongly believe that

you and this Police station
will also protect me.

Removal of planks from the roof
will be done today.

Should start the flooring work of
Police station from Monday.