Dripping in Chocolate (2012) - full transcript

When Detective Bennett O'Mara finds a chocolate wrapper on a strangled girl, it leads him to enigmatic chocolatier Juliana Lovece. Just as this perceptive woman gets under his hardened skin, he suspects she may be at the centre of an increasing murder count."

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I'll be with you in a second.

- Gotcha!

- Oh! Oh.

- Hello.

- You're soaking wet.

- Hm, better get outta these clothes then.

- Just found her, I
thought you should know.

- Thanks.

Now if you could
just stand back, Madam.

- Hey hey hey hey hey...

- Sorry about that.

- Blondie!

On your bike.

- Did you see all the police out there?

- Hey, Bunny.

- Reckon a woman's been strangled.


Couldn't actually see the body.

Just the shoes, but scary, right?

- Bunny, what's this
truffle order you've taken?

Treacle and caramel?

I've never mixed those ingredients.

- No, that's toffee and caramel.


- Juliana, the letter,

it says the hotel development will

commence at the end of the month.

- But how can they do that?

I mean, what about the
tenants in the lane?

We have rights too.

- It' a bullying tactic, Juliana.

Make it sound inevitable,

so no one objects.

- That's my latest.

Tell me what you think.

- Mm, too bitter for my taste.

- That's perfect for the broken-hearted.

- I like coming here.

You must fight them, Juliana.

- Hm, well, I never liked bullies.


- Here you go, Boss.

- Do you wanna get sent back

to the fraud squad, Carl?

- Sorry.

- Thank you.

- We got a real looker here.

Legs up to her armpits.

- Yeah, we know you
like them docile, Toby,

but how about a little respect?

- I heard you were on a detox, O'Mara.

What did you do?

Flush out your sense o' humor?

- Why don't you make yourself useful?

Get rid of the sticky bits.

- Enjoy it while you can.

- Move off anyone we don't need, please.

- If the evil gnome gets that promotion,

I'll kill myself.

- Yeah, let's make a pact,

- Okay, so, no ID, no mobile.

Lipstick, condoms, $50.

- All a girl needs for a night out.

- Well, do you think
she was meeting someone?

- Or hoping to.

- Well, you know, Riley,

if you and me went on a date,

I'd drive ya home.


- She was definitely on the prowl.

No nickers.

- Ciao, Juliana.

- Ciao.

You guys all good?


- Hello.

Would you like to try one?

- Uh, no, thanks.

I'm not a chocolate kind o' guy.

- You must have misread the sign.

Try one.

- No, I'm detoxing, thank you.

- From what?

- Oh, life's excesses.

Supposed to be doing me good.

- Well, take one for later.

- Oh, thank you.

Detective Sergeant Bennett O'Mara.

Do you own this place?

- I'm Juliana Lovece.

- Is this one of yours, Miss Lovece?

- Is this about the murder?

- Uh, yes.

Look, this might be a little
bit upsetting for you,

but do you mind if I

show you a picture of the victim?

Do you know her?

- No, no, not really.

She came in here a few times.

She sat alone.

She drank hot chocolate.

She never said a word.

- Did she come in yesterday?

- No.

- You don't happen to
know her name, do you?

Look, if you think of anything

or remember anything.


- There is one thing.

This girl, whoever she is,

she didn't buy that chocolate here.

- Are you saying this wrapper
doesn't belong to you?

- Oh, it's mine, but it's
from a special order.

There's only one client I sell it to.

- Her name's Celine Davies.

- But you treated her for addiction?

- That's my specialty, yes.

- And where do the chocolates come in?

- Behavior modification.

Certain urges can be overcome

with a delaying mechanism,

and it's easier to delay

with a little sensory substitution.

- Chocolate.

You must have a lot of fat clients.

- Conquering addiction isn't easy.

The biggest mistake most people make is

thinking they can battle it alone.

- And what was Celine battling?

- I'm afraid I can't tell you.

I'm bound by patient confidentiality,

but I'm sure you know that.

- Celine is dead.

I'm sure she won't mind.

- Well, when you present
the proper warrant,

we'll talk further,

unless you'd like to make an
appointment for yourself, hm?

What is it ?


Smokes, hm?

- Well, can you at least give
me Celine Davies' address?

- Hey boss, prelim exam just came through.

No sign of sexual interference.

Guess we can exclude rape.

What do you reckon this place is worth?

- I don't know, but more
than a cop can afford.

- Brand spanking new.

Good view too.

Be handy to work, hm?

- You'd want a little bit o' soul, Carl.

- Soul.

- Or rock n roll.

- What do you reckon she used these for?

- I don't know.

Maybe she was a dancer.

- I didn't think dancers made that much.

- Maybe somebody was looking after her.

- What, like a sugar daddy?

- Aw, nobody uses that term, Carl.

- Well, except sugar daddies.

Ministry of Planning,

Stuart Verger's office,
how may I help you?

- Hi.

Look, I'm just wondering,

does the name Celine Davies
mean anything to you?

Uh no, I'm sorry, it doesn't.

- Okay, could I please
speak to the Minister?

- He's not available at the moment.

Can I take a message?

- Uh, who are you?

- Police, who are you?

- Uh, no one.

- Hey!


- Ah!

- Hey!

- Hey!

- Ah!

- Ya all right?

- Aw, what do you think?


- Ya all right, boss?


- Detox not so good eh?

- Now I'm the first to admit,

art is not my forte.

I'm more of a bricks
and mortar politician.

You give me a tray and a bucket of cement,

I'll build you a wall.

Give me a tube of paint and a paintbrush,

I'm likely to ask for a roller instead.

But, look, I do know a
thing or two about beauty.

You only have to look at
my lovely wife, Marion,

to realize that.

Now this new Emmerson Wing is

a creation of architectural beauty

and I am very proud of
my government's role

in helping to fund it.

But, look, without further
prattling on from me,

I will in lieu of a ribbon,

declare this wing officially open.

- Well, got a lot of protesters

as you probably, you've probably heard.

No, look, I've got,

well, no, this government has
very big plans for this city.

- Got one o' those at home.

Bought it before she got big.

Lucky me, eh?

Are you here by yourself?

- Yes.

- I've read in a magazine

art galleries are the best places

to meet people when
you're over a certain age.

Free food, booze.

- No entry free.

And if you don't hit it off,

easy to move on to the next prospect.

- Exactly.

Excuse me.

You don't
intend to let the grass grow

underneath our feet.

Not when we can concrete it anyway.


- And I am all for open green spaces.

I think there are a few
eyesores in this city

that need bulldozing though.

- Charlton Lane's no eyesore.

- Um, sorry, Charlton Lane?

- Where you're trying to evict people

to build a lousy hotel.

- Ah, that would be the lousy hotel

with the seven-star international rating.

- Well, what about the people

who live and work in the lane though?

The people who have businesses there?

- Well, now look, I can assure you

that our government will be doing

everything we can to help
those people relocate.

- How about I come

and knock your home down, Mr. Verger?

Help you to relocate?

Well, good luck.

Territory's listed.

- Or a few dollars in the
right Minister's pocket

would solve that problem, wouldn't it?

Isn't that how it works?

- Madam, do you have an invitation?

- This is a public gallery.

- But a private function.

- Excuse me.

- Could you come with me, please?

- Could you take your hands off me?

- It's right this way.

- Uh, excuse me?


- Not your concern, mate.

- I'll deal with this.

- Are you following me, detective?

- No, are you following me, Miss Lovece?

What's up with you and Verger?

- Uh, just a misunderstanding.

If you're not following me,

what are you doing here?

This doesn't strike me

as you're kind of scene.

- Really.

Why do you say that?

- Well, a man who doesn't like chocolate.

- What?

Has no appreciation for art?

I'm here to see the Minister.

- Um, well, I, I hope you have

better luck than I did.

Goodbye, detective.


- Have one.

It'll make you feel better.

I guarantee it.

I'm sorry.

I'm not normally like this,

particularly, in front
of a complete stranger.

- I'm not a stranger to
what you're going through.

I know that look.

Somehow feeling like it's all your fault.

But still wanting to kill the bastard.

- I've tried so hard to be
the perfect politician's wife.

I'm sorry, who are you?

- Drink, sir?

- Thanks, mate.

That sounds interesting.

I'd definitely be interested in that.

- Well, I'll call you about it.

- Excuse me, Minister.

Do you mind if I have a quick word?

- I presume you vote.

You can have several.

- Celine Davies, do you know the name?

- Uh no, should I?

- Well, she recently
telephoned your office.

- Thousands of people call my office.

- Well, this particular caller

was found murdered this morning,

strangled to death.

- Aw, well, I'm sorry.

That's terrible.

- Your office was the last call

that she made from her landline.

- And as I said, my department's telephone

never stops ringing.

You know, endless inquiries, questions,

complaints, you know,

we even get the occasional wrong number.

- She was also the face of your campaign,

Charlton Towers.

- Look, detective, I think
you're drawing a long bow.

Now, I'm not the developer.

I don't know anything
about that side of things.

But if you'll excuse me,

I've got a bit more schmoozing to do.

But, good luck with your investigation.

- Well, thanks.

- So, your friends with Mrs. Verger.

- No, no, I only just met her.

- So she seemed upset.

- Her husband's having an affair.

- She told you that?

- She didn't have to.

Yes, she told me that.

- And you've only just met.

- Well, she wanted to tell someone,

and I just happened to be there.

- What, in the bathroom?

- Coffee, mate?

- I'd love one, but no thanks, mate.

- He's detoxing.


- And, what?

Did she tell you who he
was having the affair with?

- She doesn't know, but does it matter?

- If my wife was having an affair,

I'd want to know who with.

- The who isn't important.

It's all about the why.

Like, why are you detoxing?

- I told you why.

- Oh, life's excesses, right.

- Good.


That's not a good enough reason for it?

- Detox is deprivation by another name.

Why do you feel the need
to deprive yourself?

- Are you married?

- No, why?

- Never?

- I think I'll go.

He was definitely following me.

I mean, he said he wasn't,

but he kept asking me questions.

- He's a cop.

That's what they do.

- Ow!

- Give us a look.

- What does my marital status

have to do with anything?

- He asked you that?

- More or less.

- What'd you say?

- I didn't answer.

- A guy asks if you're married

and you don't answer him.

Might as well say, you're up for it.

- He's not that attractive.

So if he was attractive,

you would let him handcuff you?

- Shut up.

- Listen to this.

We can do this the easy way

or the hard way.

- Definitely the hard way.

- Oh and I spoke to the guy in the jacket.

- Hm, and what did the developer say?

- The builder's PR company

hired Celine through a modeling agency.

- God, a garbage tank like you would

turn his nose up at this.

- It's possible some nutter
saw her on the billboard

and became obsessed with her.

- Well, anything's possible, Carl.

Hey, I'll see you at Finch's

at 8:30 in the morning, okay?

- All right, boss.

- Righto, bye.

Beef, bacon,
double cheese, beetroot,

barbecue sauce and mayo,
all on a sesame seed bun.

Two big, double tasty burgers...

- Roman, hey, hey, what are you doing?

Hey hey hey!

Bad dog!



Oh, okay.

There's 20 pieces

of oven-roast chicken

with an extra-large chips,

corn on the cob and three sauces.

There's enough for
everyone and their friends.

And don't forget to ask for

the complimentary chocolate mousse.

You won't regret it.

- Hello?

- Hey Dad, it's me.

Hey hey hey, Lucy.

Have you ever noticed
how many junk food ads

there are on TV?

I don't watch TV, Dad.

I've got better things to do.

- Oh yeah yeah, me too.

It's Mom's birthday
in a couple o' days.

Will you be there?

- I'm not sure, Luce.

Um, I'm pretty swamped
with work at the moment.

You're always finding excuses.

- Oh shit.


- Uh, hang on, Luce.

I'll call you back.


Hey, hey, Roman.


Hey hey hey, come on.

Out, mate, out.


Come on!

♪Ahhhhhh ♪

- Hello.

- Hello, what was in that chocolate?

- What?

What chocolate?

Who is this?

- Sorry, it's Bennett.

Detective O'Mara.

The chocolate I took from the shop.

- Why?

- Well, my dog ate it and now he's sick.

- Your dog?

What kind of an idiot
gives chocolate to a dog?

- Could you just tell me

what was in the chocolate, please?

- It's no dietary condition.

- Pardon?

- It's got nothing to do with

anything he's ingested.

Vanilla beans.

- Uh, hang on a tic.

- It sounds viral, but I'm more concerned

with what I'm feeling.

Has Roman had trouble moving around?

- Yeah, sure, he's a lazy sod.

- Could be an issue with his bones.

Not the kind that break.

We'll get some x-rays.

Do you have pet insurance?

- Um, forget it.

It wasn't the chocolate.

I'm sorry for bothering you.

- Don't suppose you want
half a chocolate croissant?

- Sex addiction?

Here's a recording of all our sessions,

about 30 hours of it.

- So, what?

She'd just do it anytime,
anyplace with any bloke.

- Well, it's a bit more
complicated than that,

but essentially, Celine had
a hyper-sexual disorder, yes.

- Oh, I just thought that was rubbish.

It's an excuse for all

those horny celebrities rooting around.

- Oh, it's a real addiction, trust me,

and not a very pleasant one.

- So, what, you gave Celine
this particular chocolate,

what, as part of her therapy?

- No, I don't use chocolate replacement

with sex addicts, chocolate
being an aphrodisiac.

- All right, so, what?

Celine just snuck this
from your office then?

- No, impossible.

I keep the chocolates locked up.

They're bloody expensive.

- So which clients do you give

this particular chocolate to, Doctor?

- Sex thing all gives us motive.

One of her boyfriends finds out

she's spreading the love...

- All it gives us is a
long list of suspects.

It'll take at least another
day for a new warrant.

- Uh, Celine and I are neighbors.

We were neighbors.

Um, we had a lot in common.

Dance clubs, music.

We're both into vinyl.

And we were FWBs.

- Huh?

- Uh, friends with benefits.

- Oh.

How is it you were both seeing Dr. Finch?

- Celine recommended him to me.

I'm mildly agoraphobic.

- I thought Finch was a
specialist in addictions.

- Oh, I'm addicted to the
internet, yeah, sorry.

- Oh what, because you stay inside.

- Yeah, I sometimes go
days without seeing anyone.

- Apart from Celine.

- She was hot for me.

We'd do it all the time.

In the lift, the stairwell.

Sometimes at the park.

- In the open?

- Mm hmm.

Good therapy.

- Yeah, for you maybe.

She was a sex addict.

Why did you break into Celine's flat?

- Oh, I loaned her a coffee grinder.

A good one.

Yeah, hard to replace.

Look, I asked for it back a hundred times

and she just kept fobbing me off.

I'd run out of patience.

- Where were you the night before last

between 8 p.m. and midnight?

- I was beheading trolls.

It's an online fantasy game.

- Can anyone verify that?

Only about a zillion people.

- Chili and cinnamon.



It's hot.

And sweet, the taste kind
of sticks to your tongue.

- It's meant to.


Well, in that case, it's perfect.

Sorry, I need some water.

Oh, Marion.

You found us.

Yes, hello.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.

Oh, and, do you have any
more of those chocolates?

They did, in fact, give me a lift.

- Here we are.

- Oh.

- No no no, these are a gift.

- Oh, thank you.

I think I can help you in return.

I understand you've been trying

to get an appointment with my husband.

- I can't get past his PA.

Apparently, I'm on his blind list.


well, why don't you come
to our house tonight,

say, eight o'clock?

I will make sure Stuart's available.

The rest is up to you.

- Thank you.


You don't need my chocolates for a lift.

If you really are unhappy,

you should do something about it.

- I intend to.

- You think a snake like Verger's

gonna change his mind

just because wifey asked him to?

What you need is some dirt on the dude.

- I'll get the computer crime boys

to match his user name
and password to his IP.

See if he was logged on.

- I have no idea what that means,

but yeah, do that.

- Notes from the post mortem,

Celine was three months pregnant.

Find the father, find the killer?

- Fetal DNA might help
if we've got a suspect.

- Uh, boss.

- You hear to file a complaint?

Unsolicited and abusive phone calls

in the middle of the night?

- No, but it was unsolicited

and mildly abusive.

- I'm sorry about that.

- Uh, a group of us are going to karaoke

on Friday night if you want to come.

I do a wicked Robbie Williams.

- Yeah, I'll bet you do.

- So we, uh, phone is ringing.

- How's your dog?

- Expensive.

It turns out that he's got hip dysplasia

and needs a knee reconstruction.

Five grand later...

- Ouch.

Won't fix his knee, but might be

better for his teeth than chocolate.

Raw chicken wings.

- Chicken wings?

- What, you came down here to give me

chicken wings for my dog?

Okay, on behalf of Roman, uh, thank you.

- Um, detective, I wasn't
entirely truthful yesterday

about my misunderstanding

with Stuart Verger at the gallery.

Truth is, he has approved

a redevelopment for Charlton Lane.

He's kicking me out of my shop.

- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

- Well, of course, that
has nothing to do with you,

but you said you were
there to talk to him?

- Mm hmm.

- I'm not surprised he's
done something illegal.

- Uh, Miss Lovece...

- Juliana.

- You want me to dish
dirt on a state Minister?

- There's dirt?

- Not that I've found.

- Maybe you need to dig deeper.

- Thanks for the advice.

Uh, excuse me.

- Frank Cogitano, about
time you called me back.

What's up, mate?

- Uh, remember that dog that you sold me?

Yeah, how is Roman?

- Yeah, not good, mate.

He needs an operation,

a rather expensive operation.

Five grand.

And that's $5000 I don't have.

Nah, forget that.

I've got some stuff that'll fix him.

- What stuff?

- Inject this into his hip and knee.

- Uh huh, what is it?

- It's a protein mix with a healing agent.

Two shots a day, 1.5
mls, dissolved in water.

You don't look so flush there, Benny.

You're pale around the gills, mate.

- I'm three weeks into a detox, mate.

Forget that, here.

Try this instead.

- No, I don't think so.

- It's totally legit.

Acai berry and some other herbal shit.

That's a sample.

If you want more, you know my number.

- Yeah, thanks, Frank.

Hey, stay outta trouble, yeah?

- See you, mate.

One, Celine Davies.

I'm not sure why I do it,

but sometimes, the more
public the place, the better.

In elevators, taxi rides,

once on a train.

eight, Celine Davies.

- Now, Roman, keep still, mate.

You asked me last week

if I had a preferred type.

I like lonely men.

It just happens most
lonely men are married.

You get married so you've
got someone to love,

have sex with whenever you want,

but most married couples I know

hardly ever do it.

And none of them are still
in love with each other.

- Hm, believe me,

this is gonna hurt me more than you.

- Hey, Carl, come in.

- There's still no sign
of Celine's mobile.

There's nothing in her
court charge records.

Riley's checking with her phone carrier.

- Oh hey, could you do us a favor?

Hang onto it.

- Huh?

- This is Roman.

Roman, Carl, Carl, Roman.

- Oh, okay, Roman.

- Uh, having trouble locating
Celine's next of kin too.

Her parents are both dead.

No siblings.

- Just keep him still.

Make sure he doesn't move.

- And uh, bank accounts are pretty empty.

I mean, there's nothing
from that modeling job.

Maybe she's paid cash.


- There you go.

- I didn't now you were married.

- Uh, not anymore.

And uh, what about all the
fancy gear in Celine's flat?

- Bought a few weeks ago

on a 12-month, interest-free loan.

- What does that tell you?

- Well, obviously, no sugar daddy.

And maybe she had no concern for tomorrow.

- Or she was expecting a big windfall.

- You off the detox, boss?

- Uh, no.

- It it all right if I have one?

- Yeah.




That is so good.

- Hm.

- It's hot.

Do you mind if I take the rest with me?

- Hello?


Mrs. Verger?


Mr. Verger?

It's Juliana Lovece.

- Ah, boss.

Single gun shot to the chest.

No sign of gun.

No sign of forced entry.

Neighbors have heard nothing.

- The gnome got here first.

Thinks his team's running the show.

- Who found the body?

- All right, enough of
the bullshit, Miss Lovece.

You didn't just come here tonight

so the Minister would listen

to your zoning complaints, did you?

You just admitted you threatened
him at the art gallery.

- I didn't threaten him.

- You said you were going

to burn his house down.

- I said I was going to
knock his house down.

I was trying to make a point.

- Hey Tobe.

If she was planning to kill the Minister,

don't you think she'd be
a little more discreet

than threatening him in public?

- Motive, no alibi.

What are you doing here anyway?

I got the call out.

This job's mine.

- Not if it's got to
do with Celine Davies.

That's my job.

- What's it got to do with her?

- Well, this was found in the study.

Same chocolate was found
with Celine Davies.

- Well, maybe she knocked her off too.

She was a customer, wasn't she?

She ever proposition you?

- What?

- You know?

Hit on you for some girl-on-girl action?

- Hey, Toby.

Toby, leave now.

- Mm hmm.

- You all right?

- Not really.

I'm feeling a bit sick.

This is my house.

Let me through, please.

Stop, Carl!

Don't let her in here.

- What's going on in
here, where's my husband?

Where's Stuart, where's Stuart?

- Whoa whoa whoa, uh, no.

- Miss!

Mrs. Verger, please!

- Oh my God.

What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done to my husband?

- Ma'am?

- What have you done to my husband?

What have you done to my husband?

Get away from me.


- It's my fault.

I encouraged Marion to do
something about the situation.

- You incited Mrs. Verger to murder?

- No, but,

I told her that leaving a cheating husband

wasn't the worst thing in the world.

- What makes you think
she'd listen to you?

- Two years ago, my, um,

My then husband had an affair.

I knew how Marion was feeling.

- Well, when you found out,

did you want to kill your husband?

- Sure.

Mostly I wanted to kill the other woman.

Thanks for the lift.

- Juliana, um,

your meeting with Verger,

will his office have a record of it?

- His wife organized it.

You think I'm a suspect too.

- It doesn't matter what I think,

but your chocolates keep
turning up at crime scenes.

Some people might start
to get the wrong idea.


- Hey!

Hey, what's wrong?

It's all right, it's all right.

- Waterlogged.

A job for computer crime.

I'll get onto it.

- Mm hmm.

Did you check with the phone's carrier?

- Zip.

No texts of any real
interest in the last 30 days.

- Yeah?

What about voicemail?

- They're trying.

- What's funny?

- You.

Putting yourself through hell.

- Well, three weeks down, one to go.

- And then what?

- Uh, I celebrate with a bottle o' red.

- And someone special?

It's my birthday in a week.

Maybe we could celebrate together.

- Haven't you got a boyfriend?

- I haven't got anyone.

- Hey, you're looking a
bit tired there, mate.

Something keep you up all night?

Yeah, I heard you drove
the prime suspect home.

What ya do?

Go in for a cuppa hot chocolate, did ya?

- You're a dickhead, Toby.

- What's that?

That's me going right over your head.

I can't wait to tell the Super

about your little breaches of protocol.

Actually, I might do
that right now.


Sharon here.

The boss wants to see you.

- What, now?

- Yeah, he says it's important.

Oh, what do you know?

That was the boss' PA

wanting to talk to me
about something important.

You know, my first act

when I take over this crew,

it'll be to dump your arse off this case.

- Uh, thanks for that.

- You owe me that drink now.

- Maybe Toby's onto something.

Her chocolate.

I mean, you always say,

wherever there's smoke,

they're probably in it up to their necks.

- Hm, I wouldn't mix
my metaphors like that.

- Huh.

- Miss Lovece.

What a surprise.

You don't normally hand deliver.

Thank you.

Come in.

- So, to what do I owe
this personal treatment?

- Stuart Verger, the state Minister.

He was murdered last night.

- Yes, I heard it on the news.

- Verger was a client of yours, wasn't he?

- I can't discuss that.

- Were Celine Davies and
Stuart Verger having an affair?

Was she, was she trying to expose him?

Was she blackmailing him?

- I'm afraid I'm going to

have to ask you to leave.

- No, please.

You have to help me.

- No, I don't.

- No no no, you don't understand.

The police suspect me of being involved.

- Well, it's got nothing to do with me.

- Hasn't it?

- Are you accusing me of something?

- I don't know.

- Get the hell out of my office.

Get out!

- Come on.


- Oh!
- Oh!

- What are you doing here?

- Were you following me again?

- No.

No, I wasn't following you.

- Are you here to see Finch?

- Yes, I might be here to get his DNA.

- You think Finch is involved?

- Yeah, well, there's a lot of paths

crossing at his door.

Your chocolates in Verger's study

could only have come from
Finch's office, right?


I presume that's why you're here

or are you one of Finch's clients as well?

- No, I'm here to find some answers.

I figure the best way
to prove my innocence

is to help you do your job.

- Oh, and what makes you
think that I need help?

- Well, you obviously think I'm involved.

- Are you?

- And now, you're playing mind games.

- Oh, says the woman who tried

to buy me with chicken wings.

- They were for your,

they were for your dog.

Don't tell me you ate them.

- Uh, I'm going to go and execute this.

- So Celine was seeing
Finch for sex addiction.

Verger was seeing him
for an addiction to porn.

- Sounds like a marriage made in Heaven.

- Now, according to Finch,

Celine seduced Verger.

Verger pulled a few strings

with his construction mates

and got Celine this gig here.

Now, their affair carried
on for over three months,

and Verger was keen to win.

- I bet she was trying to blackmail him

over the pregnancy.

- Yeah, we'll all know more

once Verger's DNA is
tested against the fetus.

- Okay, so Verger killed
Celine to shut her up.

But who kills Verger?

- Little Miss Chocolate Shop.

She had motive.

She had opportunity.

She was found at the scene.

- Yeah, she reported the scene.

- Yeah, to cover her tracks,

explain her fingerprints
all over the place.

- No, I don't think she did it.

These murders have to be connected.

- I agree.

- Okay, so why would Juliana kill Celine?

- Well, maybe Juliana knew

that Celine was doing the Minister,

and she wanted to make him suffer.

- Why don't you try thinking

with your head for a change, Toby?

That'd help.

- At least I don't think
with my dick, O'Mara.

- Oh yeah?

Why don't you just sit down?

- You, don't you touch me.

Come on, fellas, come on.

- Yeah, I know that bogus phone call

from the boss was your doing.

I know that was you, you smart arse.

I've just got
back from computer crime.

They've cracked Celine's phone.

- Hello?

Mrs. Verger?

- Oh, detective.


- Are you going someplace?

- Oh yes.

The media's driving me mad.

They've been parked out the front

24 hours a day.

I figure if I'm not here,

they'll go away.

- It might have been better

if you hadn't called Celine Davies.

- What are you talking about?

- You said you didn't know

who your husband was
having an affair with,

but Celine's phone log
proves that you did.

In fact, you made a
number of calls to her.

- My husband never wanted children.

That woman took great pleasure

in telling me that she was pregnant.

- Did you kill Celine Davies?

- Not Celine, no.

- Look at this!

In breaking news,

Marion Verger, wife of recently deceased

State Minister for
Planning, Stuart Verger,

- Can you believe it?

has been
arrested and charged

with his murder.

Police aren't releasing details,

but sources say, Mrs.
Verger was distressed

by the recent revelation
of an affair by Mr. Verger.

She was taken away for
further questioning,

but it will be alleged

she shot her husband Wednesday evening.

- Mm mm.

- I know why you're here,

that poor woman.

- Oh, I wouldn't be too upset.

She used you as a scapegoat.

Set up the meeting with her husband,

knowing you'd find the body

and be blamed for it.

- Hey, what's up?


- Um, this is uh,
Detective Sergeant O'Mara,

Saxon Blake.

- Oh, you're the cop that
was following Juliana.

- No, he wasn't following me.

Um, thank you, detective, for the update.

Mrs. Verger killed her husband.

- Oh.

You're off the hook then.

- Uh, look, I just need
to cover something off.

Mrs. Verger was with her husband

at a function the night
that Celine was murdered.

You were here on your
own that night, were you?

- No, I was here with her.

- Uh, excuse me.

Hey, Lucy.

It's Mom's birthday today.

- And I'm right in the middle

of a murder investigation at the moment.

Dad, you said you'd be there.

- I thought you were working.

- I am working.

I'm taking Bunny for a
run in her lunch hour.

- Really?

- Yeah, she wants to lose half a kilo.

- Yeah, well, I can't promise
anything, but I'll try.

Dad, I'll be
there at five o'clock.

- Okay, okay, five o'clock.

Be there, please.

- Okay, bye.

- She never said anything.

You all right?

- Uh, sorry about that.

Well um, I should go, I suppose.

Good to meet ya, Saxon.

- I'm gonna grab Bunny.


- Riley just sent this through.

Crime scene's inventory
of Celine Davies' flat.

It's, um, what do you
think of her, eh boss?

- Hm?

- Well, do you reckon she fancies me?

- No, I'm too old for her.

No, not you.

As if.

No, do you think she fancies me?

- How would I know?

- Well, you're supposed to be observant.

- Oh, I'm good with
facts, Carl, and details.

People just completely confuse me.

Hang on a sec.

- Well, what is it?

- Get in the car.

- Do you wanna tell me
what you're lookin' for?

- The inventory list,

there's no mention of a coffee grinder.

So it must be here.

There, tell me what you see.

- Uh, moldy tomato.

Doesn't look like she ate at home much.

- No coffee beans.

Not in the fridge.

Not in the pantry.

- So no coffee beans.

What does she need a grinder for?

- Yeah, well if Travis
has lied about that,

what else did he lie about?

Being her F, being her F-B or F-W

or whatever it is?

- Yeah, but he knew about
her vinyl collection.

- Ah, what was Travis' addiction?

- The internet.

Why, what are you thinkin'?

- What would give an
agoraphobic internet addict

access into Celine's world?


- Yeah yeah yeah, I'm comin'.

- Travis?

- Oh, hey, you gotta...

- Yeah, I know, I'd love to.

- You can't come in here.

- Ah, well, you just invited us in.

- The hell I did.

- Yeah, you heard him, didn't you, Carl?

- Clear as a bell.

- Don't touch my computer!

- Hey hey hey.

- Don't touch my computer, idiot!

Don't touch it!

- Hey, hey.

You're a liar, Travis.

You weren't having sex
with Celine, were you?

- Yeah, yes I was.

- Eh, I said you weren't having
sex with Celine, were you?



- No.

I was the only one she
wouldn't touch.

- Boss.

- All right, run that down to the car.

- Toby.

Get him outta here.

Charge him with stalking.

- Come on.


Filthy perv.

- There's about 500 hours of footage.

It's gonna take days to
troll through it all.

- Who was this a week ago?

- Is that Celine?

- No, there's Celine.

- Well, who's that then?

- Look, we need to get this stuff to HQ.

Analyze it properly.

- Carl, you can help Riley out.

Might need to lock yourselves
away for a few days.

- Sure thing, boss.

- Okay, and I want to find out

who that is in the video.

- Come on.

- Hello, Lovece chocolates.

This is Juliana.

How may I help you?

- Uh, hi, it's Bernard.

- What can I do for you now, detective?

- Um, look, I'm going to read out

a number to you.

Just let me know if the number
means anything, yeah, right?


- Sounds like a post code


- Yeah, or what?

- It could be an order
number for my chocolates,

a recent order, by the sound of it.

Here it is.

What's this about?

Why are you checking
on the chocolate order?

- Uh, can you just give me the details?

- Uh, it was a telephone order.

Paid by Visa last week by

Celine Davies.

This is um, this order was taken by Bunny.

It's in her illegible scrawl.

- Okay, what was the,

what was the order?

Where did it go?

- Uh, vanilla and grenadia truffles

to a Mr. Charles Peterson,

35 Smith Street, Rose Bay.

What's this about, detective?

- Mr. Peterson?

Mr. Peterson, I'm sorry to bother you,

but I need to talk to you.

- He can't hear you.

He's in a coma.

Has been for the last four days

according to the nurse.

He's not gonna wake up.

- I'm sorry, why are you here?

- It's my chocolates that are the link.

Not me.

- Vanilla and um?

- Grenadia.

It's a fruit.

- Oh, he seemed to be
enjoying them before...

- I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be here.

Rules are family only.

- How long is he got?

- Oh, we thought he had six months,

but after the last few days,

it could be anytime.

- Have you got any family?

- His nice Celine.

- Celine Davies?

- I don't know what's her name.

Pretty blonde girl.

I'm sure she's the only visitor

Mr. Peterson's had.

- It must cost a pecker to stay

in a place like this.

- Well, Mr. Peterson can afford it.

- And he fell into a coma four days ago?

- Yes.

- Well, that explains the
big buying spree anyway.


She was obviously
anticipating an inheritance.

- Do you think she was
murdered over money?

- Well, money's a motive I can understand.

- As opposed to passion.

- Well, crimes of passion,

sounds good in a movie trailer.

- What about Mrs. Verger?

- Ah, revenge.

Her perfect world was about

to come crumbling down

all due to her husband

not being able to keep it in his pants.

- She loved him.

- You're just one big,
soft center, aren't you?

- Oh damn.

Um, sorry, quick detour.

I hope you don't mind.

- Hang on.

I won't be too long

or I can call you a cab if you'd like.

- No no no, it's okay.

Bunny's got the shop.

- I love you, mom.

Glad you could make it.

- I told you, work's for long, Luce.

- God, don't give me that.

It was a lame excuse then.

It still is.

How do you think she felt?

Not having you there,

especially at the end.

I don't know why I bother, mom.

- Hey, Lucy.


- You're wasting your time with him.

- Oh no no no, I'm just...

- He'll let you down in the end.

He has no feelings.

- Sorry about that.

She blames me for not
being there for her mother.

- Grief makes people say
things they don't mean.

- Oh, she means it, all right.

And she's right.

I'm a coward.

- Uh, boss, there's a big...

- Hey, Carl, take this
chocolate down to forensics.

I want it analyzed.

- For what?

- Uh, I'm not sure.

That's why I want to have it checked.

- We've got a problem.

The video files on Travis'
hard drive, they're gone.

- What do you mean, they're gone?

- Well, it could be Travis planted a virus

as a safeguard, you know,
in case someone like us

tried to look at it.

- Did you manage to identify
the person in that video?

- No, not yet,

but the computer crime
boys are looking at it now.

So if anyone can salvage it, it's them.

- Yeah, what about Travis?

- Uh, oh hello, mate.

- Come on, dickhead.


- How was your run today?

- Oh, merciless.

Saxon is so fit.

I don't know how you do it.

- What?

- Let him do what he does.

I bet those women he trains

throw themselves at him all the time.

Whoop, I couldn't stand it.

- You took an order from Celine Davies.

- What?

- A telephone order last week.

- Oh god, I honestly don't remember.

- Vanilla and Grenadia.

It's an unusual combination.

I'm surprised it didn't stick out.

- No, it's not vanilla and Grenadia.

That's vanilla and Grand Marnier.

See, Grand Marnier.

I know my own handwriting.

- Unfortunately, you're
the only one who does.

I made vanilla and Grenadia.

Oh, hm.

I won't tell if you won't.

See ya.

- Aw, Roman!



Hey, come on, mate.

- Hello?

- Do you like fish and chips?

- Uh, no, thanks.

I've held out this long.

- I used to love the sound of the ocean.

- Used to?

- Tell me about your wife.

Your daughter's right.

You're a closed book.

- She called me a closed book?

Well, tell me about your ex-husband.

Is this about sharing
personal information?

You first.

- He was, um, is a banker.

- Oh, I hate him already.

- We were married for eight years.

Moved here after three.

We bought a beach house in Scarborough.

And he would sometimes go
down there alone at weekends

to work on financial proposals.

- Sounds almost boring enough to be true.

- One weekend, I decided to surprise him.

It was our anniversary

which, typically, he'd forgotten.

There was a box of my
chocolates on the table

with, um, some of them missing.

Richard didn't like dark chocolate.

It was then that I knew.

He got the dog and most of the money

and I got the beach house.

A beach house in Scarborough

doesn't sound like a bad deal.

- Well, it's more of a shack.

Haven't been back there since.

- So what?

You spied on him and
caught him in the act.

- Maybe I had an inkling.

- I would think it more than an inkling.

Probably forgotten anniversaries,

lonely nights on your own.

You obviously wanted to catch him out,

so you could understand why

your sex life had dropped off.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

- That's, um,

- I'm, I'm sorry.


- Your turn.

- Okay.

I, um,

Okay, Elaine, Lainy.

One morning she got out of the shower

and said that she had a lump.

I, um, tried to pretend
it wasn't happening.

So I just put my head down, bum up

and got on with work, and uh,

I was working when she died.

Lucy's never forgiven me.

Excuse me.

Uh, this better be good news.

- Some.

We've salvaged a couple
hours of Travis' footage.

- Mm hmm, yeah.

Is there anything on it?

- Visions of her arguing
with some dude in her flat,

and I don't think it's the
same person we saw earlier,

but it looks heated.

- Okay, well, send it
through to the phone.

Excuse me.

- She was a client who became
a little obsessed with me.

Women often mistake me taking

a professional interest in their bodies

as an interest in them personally.

- Oh, you must get a lot of sexual offers.

- And I knock them all back.

- Apart from Celine.

- She was, she was persistent.

- Mm, she was a sex addict.

- I did not know that at the time.

- Well, when you found
out Celine was murdered,

why didn't you say anything?

- I don't know.

I guess I was concerned
with how it might look.

- It looks pretty heated.

What were you arguing
about, her exercise routine?

- I told Celine that I'd met someone

that really mattered to me,

and that I wanted to end it with her.

She didn't like that idea.

She accused me of using her for sex.

Pot, kettle, or what?

- Then what happened?

- Nothing.

She got the message.

- Oh, so a woman who is
totally obsessed with sex

gave you up just like that.

- Yeah, I made it pretty clear

that I was in love with Juliana.

- Tell me about your
relationship with Juliana.

How long have you been together?

- Six months.

- Any plans for the future?

- What's that got to do with you?

- Well, you say, you're
in love with Juliana.

Is, is Juliana in love with you?

- I don't know.

You better ask her that.

- No, I'm asking you, Saxon.

Planning on getting married?

- No.

- Planning on asking her?

- I don't know, maybe.


- Did you tell Juliana about Celine?

- What do you reckon?

- But, she's a pretty perceptive
woman, wouldn't you say?

She doesn't miss very much.

And frankly, Saxon, you don't strike me

as a master of deception,

particularly when it comes to women.

Interview with Saxon Blake

suspended at 9:48 a.m..

Make yourself scarce.

- What am I doing here?

Are you trying to humiliate me?

- Did you know he was having

an affair with Celine?

- No.

- You said that, uh,
Celine came to your shop,

maybe to check out the competition,

maybe to confront you.

- Well, she didn't say anything.

What are you getting at?

- Motive, jealousy.

Celine tells you about
her and Saxon and, uh,

- Why would I kill someone

just 'cause they were having sex?

- Is that all he meant to you?

When you found out your husband was

having an affair,

you said you wanted to
kill the other woman.

- You bastard.

- Boss, DNA tests have come back.

- Maybe Toby's right.

All paths do lead to you.

Did you kill Celine Davies?

- Excuse me.

- What's she doing here?

Where's her boyfriend?

- Interview room.

- Was I talking to you?

- Oh back off, Toby.

You're impeding my investigation.

- Oh no, this is my investigation.

Yeah yeah yeah, I just made DSS.

Super's put me in charge of the crew.

Now, these nice boys here
are from police integrity.

And they want to have a word with you.

Seems you've been surveilled doing

a little deal with Frank Cogitano.

Selling information for
drugs would be my bet.

- They were for my dog, you idiot.

- You're a bent bastard.

- Ah, and you're an evil little gnome.

- Oh!

- Come for this?

You all right, mate?

Here you go, boss.

Here, give me your hand.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

- DNA match on Celine Davies' fetus.

- Don't!

- Be back in a minute, fellas.

- Where's he going?

What's in that report?


- You radio base, let
them know we're here.

Keep an eye on the door.

- What the hell happened?

- Suicide.

- No shit.

Get forensics, is that a note?

- A confession by the looks of it.

- She goes to him for sex addiction.

His cure is to seduce her.

- DNA confirms Celine's baby was his, so...

- So he knocks her off
and he shoots himself.

That makes sense.

Well, how good's this, O'Mara?

I've been boss half a day.

Already solved two murders.

You better run, mate.

You got some house guests waiting.

- Hey, careful.

That was a wedding present.

- What have we got here?

- Ha.

This is all your fault.

So it's looking
better for you, huh?

- Yeah, apparently hanging
out with low lifes like you

isn't the smartest career move.

- Not doing yourself any favors either.

Quickest way to harden your arteries.

- Yeah, what happened to the detox?

- Leave him alone.

He's a man after my own heart.

Now, here is to hell,

which is what it's gonna be like

with Toby in charge.

- Mm hmm.


- Cheers.

- Seriously, Bennett.

You gotta clear your name and come back

or I'm transferring to fraud.

- Yeah, me too.

- Yeah, well, if only my dog could talk.

- That's forensics.

It's that chocolate you
asked me to get analyzed.

- What chocolate?

- Yeah, long story.

Celine's uncle.

Rich, recently deceased.

- Hm?

- Got a call from the hospice.

He passed away last night.

- Yeah, with a little
help by the looks of it.

There's a trace of strychnine
in the soft center.

- So, what are you saying?

Celine killed her uncle.


- Obviously, living
beyond her means, maybe,

maybe she couldn't wait any
longer for the inheritance.

But, Celine didn't order the chocolate.

Did computer crime retrieve
all of Travis' video?

- No, not yet.

That was low priority with
the case being closed.

- Okay, get 'em on the
phone now, will you?

And, um, order an autopsy

before Celine's uncle's cremated.

And we'll need to get a hold
of Juliana's order book.

We'll need that as evidence.

- What?

Evidence of what?

- Well, whoever was in that
video ordered the chocolates.

- It was mercifully quick in the end.

Maybe he sensed his niece
wasn't coming anymore.

- Look, I need the rest of
the chocolates that were here.

- Oh, they must have been thrown out.

They went with this morning's garbage.

- Shit.

- When I was, um, packing
up his things today,

I found this.

It's a letter from his lawyers.

- According to this, Celine isn't

Peterson's only living relative.

Peterson's younger
sister had a baby in '87,

when she was 16.

Fostered it out to a Tate family

from the Fortitude Valley.

The baby's name was Robin Peterson.

Well, this Robin is about to
inherit a very large estate.

- Yeah, but if Finch didn't kill Celine,

why would he commit suicide?

- Carl.

- He didn't commit suicide.

- The lawyers aren't going

to tell us much without a warrant.

This is a job for you, Carl.

- Well, what do you want me to tell Toby?

I don't tell Toby.

- We might solve a murder

before Toby even knows there was one.

- Yeah, I reckon that
should impress Riley.

- Face it, Carl.

Riley's just not that into you.

- Yeah, but you said you
didn't know about that stuff.

- I lied.


- Uh, hello, this is
Detective Bennett O'Mara

from New South Wales Police Department.

I'm just calling about
your foster daughter.

No, I don't
have a foster daughter.

- Ah, you don't have one?

What about a foster son?

No no no, I don't have a foster.

- Okay, sorry for bothering you.



- Hello, this is detective Bennett O'Mara

from the New South
Wales Police Department.

I'm just calling about your foster.

Hello, this is detective Bennett O'Mara

from the New South
Wales Police Department.

Hello, this is detective Bennett O'Mara

from the New South
Wales Police Department.

I'm just calling about
your foster daughter.

- Your stomach is a bottomless pit.

- Hello.

Hi, you rang
before about the baby?

- Yeah.

I can't come
to the phone right now,

but leave your name and number

and I'll call you when I return.

Hi, this is
detective Rebecca Riley.

I can't take your...

- Shit.

- It is closed for the weekend.

- Who are you?

- Who are you?

- Ah, Mr. Fancy Pants Detective.

- Please, do you know where Juliana is?

- I'm not at liberty to say, detective.

- Uh, this is important.

- She's at her beach house in Scarborough.

I leant her my car, but
I don't know the address.

You know, detective, you
are not the only person

who's been here looking for her.

- Hello, bugger.

- Carl!

Carl, it's me, can you hear me?

- I can't hear anything,
reception's rotten.

- Carl, where's Riley?

- Riley?

She's gone up to

- Hey hey, you're breaking up.

I can't get a hold of her.

- What's going on?

- How did you know I was here?

- Head waiter.

You gonna let me in?

I'm kinda getting soaked out here.



- What are you doing here, Saxon?

- We never got to talk.

- 'Cause there's nothing to talk about.

- You set the ground rules.

You said you just wanted
to have fun, remember?

Sex, no strings attached.

- Yeah, it's not the
strings, Saxon, or the sex.

It's the lies.

- Well, who's lying to who, Juliana?

Let's keep it casual.

I mean, that was your mantra.

I guess what you meant
by casual is superficial.

- No, don't make this about me.

- It is about you.

And it's about me.

When I heard about Celine,

I was shaken up, but

in a weird way, I was kinda relieved.

I didn't want it to go
on as long as it did.

And I never thought I was going

to fall in love with you.

But I have.

And that's all that matters to me now.

Please, just give me another chance.

I could be the best thing

that's ever happened to you.

- There's some of my ex-husband's clothes.

They may be a little on the small side.

- Maybe I won't need clothes.

- Take a shower, Saxon.

A cold one.


- Sorry.

I did knock.

I figured you couldn't
hear me over the storm.

- It really is hell out there.

- Well, um, I, um,

Detective Riley.

- Good memory.

- What are you, what are you doing here?

- I'm so sorry to bother you.

I just need to get your order book.

I've been around the
world looking for you.

Your shop, your home.

I eventually spoke to Bunny, is it?

She said you had it with you down here.

- I was um, I was planning on

putting it on computer.

Join the 21st century.

What do you want it for?

- Have you spoken to Detective O'Mara?

- Uh, no.

- It looks like your chocolates

were injected with strychnine

and used to commit another murder.

- Carl.


- Hey, boss.

Been trying to call you back.

- I know.

The phone keeps dropping out.

I'm in the mother of all storms.

- Well, you were talking about Riley.

She went down to Scarborough

to get the order book.

- Yeah, I know that.

Have you got an address for the house?

Get the local police
around there now, okay?

- Are you okay?

- I just,

I can't believe it's not over.

- It will be soon.

- I hate that someone used
my chocolates in that way.

- Uh, the book?

- Oh, that poor man.

- I guess strychnine didn't go too well

with vanilla and Grand Marnier.

I'll get it logged and back to you

in the next couple o' days.

- Did you say vanilla and Grand Marnier?

- That was the order, wasn't it?

- Did, um, Bunny tell you that?

- No, it was Bennett.

- Yeah, that's what I said, Riley!

Riley is Celine's cousin.

Her birth name is Robin Peterson.

- I'm just,

I'm gonna give Detective O'Mara a call

'cause I just want to make sure

that I get my

- What do you know?




- Chocolate?

- Get off me!




Please, no!

- Vanilla and Grand Marnier.

My uncle's favorite, apparently.

- Oh, I can't breathe!


- Swallow!

You know, the simplest things have a way

of just snowballing out
of control, don't they?

- Well, apparently, she spent years

being shuffled between
various foster homes.

She only found out

when Peterson's lawyers contacted her.

- It could have been so good.

And then, the old fart decided

all of his money should go to the baby.

Celine didn't object.

She wasn't even gonna keep the damned kid.


But when I found out the baby was Finch's,

it gave me the perfect out.


- It's Riley on that
video in Celine's flat.

I bet my life on it.

- What does she want
with the chocolate woman?

- No, it's the order book she wants.

The only thing that links
her to the chocolates.

- Juliana?

- Oh!

- That's what you get for cheating.

- Ah.

- Ah.


- Looks like a murder/suicide to me.

You stabbed Saxon

because of his betrayal.

Then ate some of your
own poisoned chocolates.

- Oooh!

- Stumbled on down to the beach here,

- and it's into the ocean.
- Oh!



- No!

- Bennett!

Oh thank God you're here.

I was trying to stop her
from killing herself.


- Come on.

Come on, Juliana.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, Juliana.

Come on.

- Oh

- There.

- Put down the gun, Riley.

It's over, Riley.

I know everything.

- Do you know what it's like

not to have anyone love you?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I do.

- That's a lie.

You got family.

- And my daughter doesn't even talk to me.

- I have no one.


Drop the gun!

Drop it!

- Hey!

Stop, stop!

Put the gun down, Riley.

Come on.

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun.

- Are you all right?

- I'm all right.

- You're all right.


- Yeah.

That's it.

You're all right now.


You're all right now.

♪ Slow down ♪

♪ Lie down ♪

♪ Remember it's just you I need ♪

♪ Don't sell out ♪

♪ Bow out ♪

♪ Remember how this used to be ♪

♪ I just want you closer ♪

♪ Is that all right ♪

♪ Baby, then let's get closer tonight ♪

♪ Grant my last request ♪

♪ And just let me hold you ♪

♪ Don't shrug your shoulders ♪

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

♪ Sure, I can accept ♪

♪ That we're goin' nowhere ♪

♪ But one last time ♪

♪ Let's go there ♪

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

♪ Oh, and I've found ♪

♪ That I'm bound ♪

♪ To wander down ♪

♪ That lonely road ♪

♪ Oh, and I realize ♪

♪ All about your lies ♪

♪ But I don't... ♪

- Are you sure you don't want

to come over to my place

for some Thai takeaway?

- I'm making chocolate tonight.

- Oh, I could stay.

Keep you company.

- Bunny, you're gonna have to

stop doing this every single night.

I'm gonna be fine.

- All right.

- Will I see you tomorrow?

- Yeah, exciting.


- Bye.

♪ Grant my last request ♪

♪ And just let me hold you ♪

♪ Don't shrug your shoulders ♪

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

♪ Sure, I can accept ♪

♪ That we're going nowhere ♪

♪ But one last time ♪

♪ Let's go there ♪

♪ Ooh, lay down beside me ♪

♪ Oh, baby baby maybe ♪

♪ Tell me how can ♪

♪ How can this be love ♪

- We're not open yet.

♪ Grant my last request ♪

♪ And just let me hold you ♪

♪ Don't shrug your shoulders ♪

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

- Do you want something?

- Maybe just some chocolate.

- Well, we're not open until tomorrow.

Besides, I didn't think

you were a chocolate kind of a guy.

- Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, but um,

the thing is, I didn't get

to try the chocolate
you gave me last time.


♪ Tell me how can ♪

♪ How can this be love ♪

- Take your pick.

- Hm.

♪ Grant my last request ♪

♪ And just let me hold you ♪

♪ Don't shrug your shoulders ♪

- What do you think?

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

♪ Sure, I can accept ♪

♪ That we're goin' nowhere ♪

- It's good.

Really good.

So tell me, have you ever thought

of changing the name?

♪ Grant my last request ♪

♪ And just let me hold you ♪

♪ Don't shrug your shoulders, no ♪

♪ Lay down beside me ♪

♪ Sure, I can accept ♪

♪ That we're going nowhere ♪

♪ But one last time ♪