Drinkwater (2021) - full transcript

In small-town British Columbia, Canada, awkward teen Mike Drinkwater has trouble fitting in and is bullied by his antagonist and rival: wealthy school jock, Luke Ryan. While Mike's offbeat father, Hank, spends more time defrauding the government than being a role model; Hank is dealing with his own longstanding condemnation by Luke's father Wesley Ryan, which seems to fuel Luke's hostility towards Mike. Enter Wallace, a young girl from the United States who is adjusting to life in a new place while recovering from her own personal tragedy. Wallace's strength of character helps transform her life and the lives of the people around her.

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[alarm blaring]

["Everybody was
Kung Fu Fighting"] ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh, ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh, ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Everybody was
Kung Fu fighting ♪

♪ Those kicks were
fast as lightning ♪

♪ In fact it was a little
bit frightening ♪

♪ But they fought
with expert timing ♪

♪ There were funky China men ♪

♪ From funky Chinatown ♪

♪ They were chopping them up ♪

♪ They were chopping them down ♪

♪ It's an ancient
Chinese art... ♪

Hank? Hank?

Hang on a sec.

Gotta drop this Italian racer.


She's Italian.

Um, cool.

Uh, um, have you seen
my car keys?

Oh yeah.




What, the car keys?
Probably in the car.

Are you racing women?

No. Training with 'em.

You know the Iron Man race
is coming up in six months.

Besides, you're the one who said

I should get out
and meet someone.

Yeah, in public.

Here we go.

Ciao Bella!

Vediamo, or something.

[door creaks open]

[car sputters]

Come on.


["Day by Day"] ♪

♪ Bad news ♪

♪ don't ruin my appetite ♪

♪ Don't let the papers tell me
if it's wrong or right ♪

♪ I just do what I do
and I do it ♪

♪ Day by day by day by day ♪

♪ Live a life, ♪

♪ might take it slow ♪

♪ Made mistakes but
oh that's the way it goes ♪

♪ I just know what I know
and I know it ♪

♪ Day by day by day by day ♪

♪ Day by day I'm feeling
stronger ♪

♪ Day by day
I'm lasting longer ♪

♪ Day by day you help me
make my way ♪

♪ I speak up ♪

♪ when I feel it's right ♪

♪ I jump up when I know
that I got to fight ♪

♪ Until then I just take it ♪

♪ Day by day by day by day ♪

♪ Day by day
I'm feeling stronger ♪

♪ Day by day
I'm lasting longer ♪

♪ Day by day you help me
make my way ♪

- Hey. Sorry!
- [Jogger] What, are you crazy?

♪ With you ♪

♪ don't worry 'bout it ♪

♪ With you

♪ Don't worry 'bout it ♪

♪ With you

♪ Don't worry 'bout it ♪

♪ Day by day by day by day ♪

♪ Sometimes they deny it and I ♪

♪ I'd feel strangely blue ♪

♪ Sometimes they deny it ♪

♪ and I need what
I get from you ♪

♪ Day by day you show me
a better way ♪

♪ Day by day you help me
to find a place ♪

♪ Day by day you
help me make it ♪

Where is everybody?

♪ ... Day by day by day by day ♪

♪ Day by day I'm feeling
stronger ♪

♪ Day by day
I'm lasting longer ♪

There's no school on Friday.
You know that?

All right! Long weekend.

♪ ... Day by day I'm feeling
stronger ♪

♪ Day by day
I'm lasting longer ♪

♪ Day by day you help me
make my way ♪

[peaceful music]

[Girl] Mom, what is he doing?

- Hey!
- Hey.

What? You go for a run?

Uh, yeah, yeah,
you could say that.

What'd you got there?

Uh, the water bill, yeah.
I'll take care of it.

I got it.


Yeah, that's good there.

Hey, Hank, uh, you know how much
longer are you gonna wear that?

Just till the cheques
stop comin'.


Yeah, it's just we're home now,
you know?

Nobody's gonna see ya.

The only people that come
over here are Cliff and Linda.

I feel like it's unnecessary.

Don't you underestimate those
insurance surveillance guys.

I wouldn't be surprised if one
of them sneaky bastards

is peaking through
the window right now.

You know, Hank,

I think you're taking this
a little bit too far.

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike,
Mike, Mike, Mike.

I've told ya, if we lived in
a fair and just society

I wouldn't have to carry on
this charade.


Nobody appreciated the 20 years
of back-breaking work

that I endured at the mill.

So no, I don't think that
I am taking this... too far.

Ok. Yeah, well, you know...
You know best, so.

Still feel like you're taking it
too far, but...

[knock at door]


I see you've unpacked.

Yeah. Getting there.

I was gonna make some lunch.

Ham and cheese ok?

Yeah, that's fine. Thanks.


We're happy you're here.

I don't get how this
keeps happening.

Yeah, you and me both.

All right.

[car sputters]


Hey Mike, how's your father?

Haven't seen him for a while.

And how's his, uh, you know...


Oh, yeah, um, yeah,
you know, he's fine.

Um, hoping that he, you know,

gets back on his feet
sooner rather than later.

Uh, so, um, I hear that
your granddaughter's

living with you guys right now.

Linda told me.

Yeah, Wallace, she's great.

Like to meet her?

Uh, nah. I'll just...


Oh, all right.

Wallace! Wallace!

Wallace, this is our next door
neighbour, Mike.

Nice to meet ya.

You too.

Uh, I, I hear that
you just moved in.


Still unpacking.


You know, come Monday,

it's Wallace's first day
at Pen High.

Why don't you give her a ride

and show her the ropes,
you know?

What do you say?

Uh, yeah. Ok.

Cool, yeah. I leave at 7:45.
Does that work?

See you Monday.

Ok, yeah, I'll see ya...

[door slams]

I'll see ya on Monday.

Why don't you get rid
of this piece of shit?

That's my car.

Yeah. Piece of shit.

It's a Gremlin!


Hey, hey.

Who, who's that girl?

Uh, their granddaughter.

Let's keep an eye on her.
She could be a plant.

What are you talking about?
She just moved in.

[snaps] Exactly.


You remember, if
she asks about me..

Yeah, yeah, I'll, I will
let you know.



[Mike] So, uh, how are you
liking Canada so far?

[Wallace] It's nice.

A bit of a change,
but I'll get used to it.

[Mike] Where are you from
in the States?

[Wallace] New England.

[Mike] Oh, big apple. Nice.

[Wallace] Uh, yeah.
Pretty big change.

Never lived in a small town
like this.

[Mike] Yeah, well don't
expect much.

It's one of those places where
if you don't try to leave

you're gonna get stuck here.

[car sputtering]

Check this out.


What the heck?

What a dick.


["Raise a Little Hell"] ♪

♪ Raise a little hell, ♪

♪ raise a little hell,
raise a little hell ♪

♪ Raise a little hell
raise a little hell ♪

♪ raise a little hell ♪

♪ Raise a little hell ♪

♪ raise a little hell
raise a little hell ♪

♪ Raise a little hell ♪

♪ raise a little hell
raise a little hell ♪

♪ If you don't like ♪

♪ What you got ♪

♪ Why don't you change it ♪

♪ If your world is
all screwed up ♪

♪ rearrange it ♪

Wallace: Hello?


♪ Raise a little hell,
raise a little hell. ♪

[Wallace] Mike...
[snaps fingers]

[car horn]

I think we need to find
a new parking spot.

[Ms. LeBlanc] All right class,

today we are going to be
discussing the physics of...


The physics of flight.

More specifically,
looking at the equations

behind the Bernoulli Principle.

So, how come planes
can fly upside down?

[Ms. LeBlanc] Air pressure
across the wing...

Do you have something to add,
Monsieur Drinkwater?

Yeah. Uh, I was just wondering
if you could potentially

clarify the role played by the
angle of the attack of the wing

and the interplay
between thrust, drag

and downward air deflection?

It just seems like that
should be covered.

[class laughing]

As I was saying,
the Bernoulli Principle-

How do you know all this?

[whispers] Hank was really into
planes for about a month.

So we talked a lot about it,

we learned a lot about
the physics...

Um, allo?

Would you like to share your
conversation with the class?

Uh... not really.

I was just wondering why planes
can fly upside down,

because, you know, it's kind
of common knowledge

that the Bernoulli Principle

doesn't really fully
explain flight

and I just feel like, you don't
really have any idea, you know,

what you're talking about.

[class laughs]

Are you trying to get smart
with me, hm?

Uh... no.

It sounds like
you're questioning

the legitimacy of my lectures.


Yeah, I am.

Go see Principal Fraser.

Ok, yup.

[tapping on desk]

[Hank] I know where it is.

[Secretary] Have a nice day.

Well, this had better be good.


To scoot all the way over here

and they're tearing up
the sidewalk there

on Windsor Street.

Super bumpy.

Nice to see you again,
Mr. Drinkwater.

No, no, no, don't butter me up.
Now why am I here?

Your son had a bit of an
altercation in class today.

What's "a bit"
of an altercation?

You either have one
or you don't.

Well, whatever you want
to call it,

it was the usual,
challenging his teachers

and being generally insulting
towards them.

Ok, I didn't mean to be...

And don't, don't interrupt

when we're talking about
your altercations.

As I was saying,
according to Ms. LeBlanc,

he was challenging
her teaching methods

and referred to her as "stupid".

Ok, no, I didn't call
her stupid.

I called her reliance
on the Bernoulli equation

to explain lift stupid.

Oh, come on.

They're not still teaching that?

Surely she explained the...
the ratio

between the angle of attack and
the aspect ratio of the wing.

No, that's exactly
what I was trying to say.

She wasn't saying any of that.

She didn't know what
she was talking about.

She was going on and on...


What has happened to
the education system

in this country?

If we could just calm down,

I think it would be best
for Michael to just

listen to his teachers
and show some respect.

His teachers.

Oh, oh, cue the choir.

Oh, here we go again.

You want all these kids
to conform to some,

to some socialist agenda
that stifles creativity

and turns them all
into mindless robots.

And you get paid a pretty
penny for it, I might add.

Oh, you people.

You think it's your God-given
right to rip off the government.

Well, as a hard working
Canadian taxpayer,

I have had it up to here.

I'm not going to sit here

and watch the intellectual
and creative life of my son

get sucked out his ass

by a bunch of entitled

Come on, lad.

Don't let these brainwashed

freeloaders get under your skin.

[Hank] Freeloaders!

- Uh, do... Should I?
- Yep.


Oh, hold on.

- Should I close it.
- Yes.

- Close it or open it?
- Close the door.

I'm gonna close this.


[whispers] Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Fucking Drinkwaters.

[P.A.] Attention shoppers,


No, no, no. No, no.
Get the, get the chocolate milk.

Hank, I thought you were
lactose intolerant.

I know, I know.
I'm working on my tolerance.

All right, well I don't think
that's a good idea.

I think we should go with
the kefir or nothing at all.

I hardly call that the Sophie's
Choice of chocolate milk.

All right. We're going
with the kefir.

Ok, so what else do we need?

We got bacon, eggs, Dunkaroos.

Uh, must have lost the list.

My sports hydration powder
was on there.

I need that to balance my...

That's not in the budget.

Well, if I can avoid another
hammy cramp while training,

we can afford it.

Hey, um, you know Hank,

since we're talking
about money and stuff.

I applied to a couple

Just, you know, 'cause
there were deadlines.

And I was sort of wondering
about our financial situation,

whether we had anything
kind of socked away or...

You're still thinking
about university?

Well, yeah, you know I don't
want to get stuck here.

You don't want to spend
the best years of your life

stuck in a classroom either.


Well, what would I even do here?

Get a job.

You could live in the house
with me for free.

Well, not, not free, you know,
you gotta pay a little rent.

So that's a no then
on the money.

There's nothing,
nothing socked away?

That's a big no?

Your mom took most of it
when she left

and not, not took,
I gave it to her.

You know, she wanted
this new life...

Hank, though that was
five years ago.

And let me guess,

you spent the rest of
your money on stupid shit?

I did not!

Not most of it.

You know, I still send her some,
here and there.

It's hard to save.

Why don't you just take off
your neck brace,

stop faking it,
and go back to work,

that way we'd actually
have some money.


I'm in too deep.

You're telling me.

Butterscotch. Nice.

[Cliff] Fifteen for two?
Fifteen for four.

Fifteen for six.

Three of a kind. Twelve.


Who threw the five in there?

That's an easy count.

- Cliff.
- Huh?

What? What?

She's bored.

She's not bored.

I'm a little bored, Grandpa.

Back in the days when
your mom and I...


[phone vibrates]

Oh, she got herself
a distraction device.

We have a Jetson over here, eh?

Jetson? How old are you?

How old are you?

Excuse me.

Tell em you're getting hosed
over here!




[Mike] Hey, Wallace?

Hey. What's up, dude?

[Mike] It's Mike.
Mike Drinkwater.

Your neighbour?

Yeah, I know who you are.

[Mike] Right. Right.
Um... so, are you busy later?

Not at all.

So, um... [clears throat]

What are we...
what are we doing here?

Uh, I like the scenery.

It's a hockey rink.


Oh, the girl from the truck.

Uh, who, Danny?

Yeah, I think she figure skates
here, or something.

[Wallace] Are you stalking here?

[Mike] What? No. No.

Stalking's what crazy people do.

No, no, no. I'm not stalking.

I'm, I'm... more just seeing her
at a higher rate

than what would be considered
statistically random.



It's not stalking.
It's not stalking.

Ok, it's like a gentle stalking.

It's like a, like a soft,
it's like a soft stalk, kind of.

It's more like a mathematically
derived meeting technique

where I increase the likelihood
of having positive

social interactions by subtly
rearranging my schedule

so that I'm in close proximity

to the person of interest
without being too obvious.

Which, as I'm saying right now,
does sound like stalking.

Which is a bummer.

It's actually a lot of work.

Time tables and maps.

[Wallace] She has a boyfriend.

The douche in the truck.

Yeah, well, you know.
Nothing lasts forever.

You should make friends
with her.

What, make friends with Danny?
Are you kidding me?

Look at her, she's a total babe.

She's got babe-itis.

I can't get near her,
I mean, she's...

Number one, she's president
of the student council.

She's in like six
different clubs.

She's super popular,
she gets straight As.

You know, girls like that don't,
don't talk to guys like me.

Maybe you should join
student council?

You know, get to know her,
stop doing whatever this is.

Student council?

I don't know, isn't that
a little bit weird?

And stalking is what, normal?

Ok. I see your point.

It's a good point.

I'll take it into consideration.

This place is kind of
a big deal in Canada.

Feels like a Dunkin'.

This is not a Dunkin'.


[Cashier] Ok, dear.
That'll be $9.44.

Also, I'm a member.

Oh, dammit.

- One sec.
- Ok.

Can you hold that?

Did you see it?

[Mike] Dammit.

- Just one sec.
- Ok.

[Mike] Oh, man. It's really
down there.

Um, do you want some help?

Oh, I think I got it.


[struggling] Oh, I'm close.
I think I got it.

I lost it.

Oh, look, a loonie.

Um... Do you want me
to pull forward?

Oh, I got some good leverage.
One sec.

Maybe I could look on my side.

My foot's caught in the wheel.
[horn honking]


- Oh, I got it.
- Ok.

[Mike] I can't get it.

No? Ok.

[Mike] Can you help?

So... is this one of
your moments?

Yeah, I guess it is.

[cars honking]

[horn honking]

[Customer] Come on!
Let's move it!

Woo. Oh, nice.

Great service.


Ok. Well, I'll see you tomorrow.

- Ok.
- Ok.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Hey, you having a good time
with Mike?

Yeah, he has his moments.

[Chuckles] Wally? Um... how
is everything?

I mean, you know,
how are you doing?

I'm fine, Grandma.

You don't need to keep asking.


Uh, hi. Is this
the student council?

Uh, yeah.

Ok. Is it too late to sign up?

Sign-ups were months ago.

For the student council?

So, yeah, it is too late
to sign up.

Ok. Uh, whom...
whom do you report to?

I would like to speak
on this matter with them.

Danny's the president.

Be my guest.



Oh, hey.

Hi, Madam President,

I am interested
in becoming involved

with and around
the student council.

Oh, really? Why is that?

Well, uh, you know, uh,
politics are cool

and I've been to counseling.

Look, I don't...

Uh, please, please can I be in
the council with you please?

Actually, Althea was supposed
to be working with Patrick

on the dance committee,

but he came down with a really
bad case of bowel polyp

so, um, she could use some help
planning the fall ball.

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.


Ok. Cool.

Uh, so when is, when will be
the subsequent...

the next meeting?

Tuesdays and Thursdays,
during lunch.

Great. That's what I thought.

Ok. Thank you very much,
Madam President.

[hopeful music]

[dramatic music]



Holy mackerel.

Well, you're getting better.

You know sarcasm is
for the weak, Hank.

Is that a Bruce Lee quote?

No. "Be water".
That is a Bruce Lee quote.

What kind of advice is that?

Hey, I think, I think I'm gonna
take Wallace to the Vees game.

Who's Wallace?

Uh, Cliff's granddaughter.
From next door.

I thought it was just
gonna be a boys night?

Every night is a boys night.

You know, actually, sorry,

most nights you're just
working on Hank's world.

Yeah, well you would too if
your world was being overrun

with killer sharks
and dinosaurs.

Oh, hey, hey.
Speaking of hockey.

This arrived, not two hours ago.

Have a gander at that bad boy.

You kidding me?

It's pretty cool, eh?

Hank, when I said
not to buy stupid shit,

this is stupid shit!

- Stupid shit?
- Yeah.

- This is not stupid shit.
- This is stupid shit!

You have no respect
for tradition.

Put her in the fridge.

I thought I raised you right.


Do you love it?

Absolutely, yeah.

I hear shoulder pads
are coming back.

It was mine when I was young.

Your mother even wore it
to her prom.

Even though she fought
like hell not to.

I would fight like hell
if I had to wear that.

Thanks, Grandma.

[phone vibrates]


[Mike] Hey, Wallace, it's Mike
Drinkwater, your neighbour?

Dude, you drive me to school
every morning.

[Mike] Oh, right.

- Listen, you want to go to...
- I'd love to.

[footsteps approaching]

Are you ready for tonight?

Yes, sir.

Should be a good game.

I expect Vernon's coach to match
you with the top D man.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna be ok.

Woah, don't get cocky.

Hey, you need to bring
your A game tonight.

You got a lot of eyes
on you now.

Yeah, I know that.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Yeah, I don't know if you do.

There's handfuls of scouts
at these games.

You have opportunity now, son.
But your young, dumb.

And opportunity doesn't stick,
do you understand?

It's slippery.

You gotta grab it when
you have the chance.

You have to appreciate how
much I've invested in you.

And you need to give me a good
return on that investment.

Yes, sir. Got it.

What's our goal?

Division 1 American College
hockey scholarship.

What's our goal?!

Full ride, D1 scholarship,
NHL draft.


Good luck tonight.

I thought you didn't believe
in luck.

Ah, bad luck is
because of poor habits.

Good luck is different.

It's an unexpected bonus
for being correct.

I have a lot of good luck.

[Hank] Come on, now!
Come on! Come on!

[Hank] Did you bring it?

[Mike] You've asked me
that like six times.

[Wallace] Bring what?

[Wallace] What is that?

It's an octopus.

Hank wants to throw it
on the ice at some point.

You can't be serious.

Yeah, it's uh, like a tradition
or something.

I don't really...
honestly I don't really know.

You're not into hockey?

Uh, you know, it's cool
when they fight.

- Oh, there he goes.
- Come on.

Gentle stalker, party of one.

God, she looks good tonight.

Hey, um, I signed up for the
student council, like you said.


Yeah, so, you know,
hopefully that works out.

[horn blaring]

- [crowd cheering]
- [victory music playing]

[Announcer] Scoring his third
goal of the night

for the Penticton Vees,
number 7, Luke Ryan!

[Wallace] Why are they
throwing hats?

[Mike] If you score three goals
it's called a hat trick.

[crowd cheering]

Now, now! Do it now! Throw it!

What, you want me to throw it?

Yes, you.

A disabled person can't perform
a throwing motion.


Uh, I think it's frozen.

[Hank] What are you waiting for,
do it!



[Wallace gasps]

[spectator] Dude, what was that?
The dude's hurt.

[whistle blows]

[Mike] He's gonna be fine,

Penticton, bench minor,
unsportsmanlike conduct.

Get a guy in the box.

What the hell! Bullshit ref!

[Wesley] He did it!

The Drinkwaters!

In the red. He did it!

Well, hang on. Ok.
It was an accident.


[crowd booing]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hey, all right, you don't need
even throw... All right.

You try throwing a pus!

Ok. They're getting violent.

You ok, bud?

I didn't do nothin'.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

I'm sorry.

[Hank] That's my son.

[Mike] I'm sorry.

Get some of those hats,
would you?

Sorry everybody, sorry.

[Hank] t's part of the game,
for God's sake!

- Sorry.
- It's a part of...

Ok. Oh sure, everybody
throws a hat.

We throw one octopus.

[horn blaring]

[crowd booing]

[Announcer] Vernon wins
four to three...

Clearly, you give no credence
to the legend of the octopus.

Eight tentacles, eight wins.
The Stanley Cup.

Yes, sir, I know the legend.

Then how can you show
so little respect?

Sir, I respect the tradition
of the octopus

as much as the next guy,

but your son threw a frozen
octopus at an official.

It was frozen?

There's too much shit
in the fridge.

Do you know that they have
three hearts?

That means they can love three
times as much as we can.

[Wesley] Hey, Drinkwater.


Apple doesn't fall too far
from the tree, huh?

Maybe you should try and get
a grip on that boy of yours,

'cause whatever you're
doing right now ain't working.

Are you calling me a bad father
to my son,

in front of my son?

Uh, based on your track record
being a poor student,

a poor husband and probably the
worst goalie I ever played with,

I'd say that's a safe bet.

I was a decent backup
in '89 and you know it.


And look where that got ya.
The mill.

Oh, Mr. Big shot.

Had a cup of coffee in the AHL

and now he gets to pick on
the joe locals.

Your parents must be so proud.

I played in the Calder Cup.

More like sat in the press box.

I sat on the bench.

Yeah, I remember.

You seen my house?

My dealerships?

That's what real success
looks like.

I don't care about money.

Yeah, that's what people say
who don't have any.

I may not have your money,

but I got something a rich prick
like you would die for.

And what's that?

1979, tops, Wayne Gretzky
rookie card.

Ballpark value? About $25K.

You're a collector, aren't ya?

You don't have that card.
No chance.

Gettin' her appraised
as we speak.


What, you think I'm the guy
that's gonna buy it?

Buy it?

I wouldn't sell that card
to you.

Are they really talking about
a hockey card?


You know, Pisswater,

that card would look real good
in my collection.

Speaking of cards,

do I have to play the disability
card here or what?

- Hey, Pisswater?
- Hey.

You have a fun time at
our game last night?

Uh, yeah, I guess.
Did you guys win?

Listen, smart-ass, your little
stunt cost us the game.

So I guess you guys lost, huh?

You're lucky I don't kick
your ass right here.

Living up to your name.

Oh, 'cause Pisswater.
'Cause of the pee.

That's funny.

How's it going?
I pissed my pants.

How are ya.

Hey, I pissed my pants.

[Student] Yeah, you did dude.

All right, come on in, Mike.
Grab a seat.

Now, brought you in here 'cause
I think I have something for ya.

I didn't know you wrestled.

Mike? I just said I have
an opportunity for you.

It's just kind of hard
to picture you

wearing that spandex.


That's 'cause that's
not spandex.

It's rayon.
Rayon's a man's material.

Look, I... I just said I have
an opportunity for you.

You played puck too? Huh?

Yeah. '89 Vees.
Used to be the Knights.

Oh, so you played with Hank?

Yeah, oh yeah.
Best backup goalie we ever had.

And him and Wesley Ryan,
they used to go at it every day.

Now I can see that that rivalry
has been passed down to you.

Yeah, yeah, unfortunately
it has.

Well, the CanAm Classic
is coming up

and I think you should be in it.

A race? Running?


I... I... I hate running.

Come on, who hates running?
Everybody loves running.

Your dad loved running.

My mom loved it too.

She loved it so much
she ran out on us.

Is that a good enough reason?

Yeah. That's a pretty
good reason.

[clears throat]

Awkward pause.

Look, this race
is a big deal, ok?

I mean, we get American schools
coming up here

and those boys know how
to compete.

I don't know, Babber.

Look, the winner of
the CanAm Classic

also gets a $10,000 scholarship.

I don't even know if I'm gonna
go to university.

Woah! Time out. Right there.

What are you gonna do?

Sit on your duff down
at the rink,

driving the old Zamboni?

Well, I mean, I haven't
been accepted.

I've applied to like six
different universities.

No one wants me.

No, no, no, hey.

Someone's gonna want ya,
all right?

Rejection's just a part of life.
It's ok. You let it go.

I mean, come on,
look around, I teach gym.

I got rejection cornered.

Listen, you've always got
to be prepared for yes.

Now, sign-ups are this week

and I would love to see you
out there competing.

Ok. Well, I will think about it.

Good. That's all I can ask.

Back to class.

Oh, you do know that Luke Ryan
runs this race every year.

Just a thought.


Yep, I am good.

Hank, you got a package.


I've been waiting for this,

[hopeful music]

I got in.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes!


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah!

[Mike] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Mike, you gotta come in here
and see this!

Hank, I just...

My Wayne Gretzky rookie card.

He's home.

Oh, yeah it finally came. Great.

Oh, they did a beautiful job
with the plastic, eh?

You know, I've had this beauty

since I opened up one of
my first packs as a kid.

Yep, yep I... I... I...
I know, you've told me.

And look, they graded it.


[laughs] Holy shit!
It's bigger than my Bobby Orr.


Um, I was gonna say,

you remember when we were
talking about going to university, well...

It's a priceless piece
of history.


Look at that.

She's complete.

The great one.

♪ Oh, Canada, our home
and native land. ♪

Yeah, you're done. Go.


Oh boy. Hey, you uh, you need
these more than me.

There you go.

I'm serious, you take em.

Yo, Babber.

Maybe these boys should
just stick to hockey?

Oh really?

Well, uh, what about you, huh?

You gonna take it home
this year?

Oh, come on.
Is that even a question?

I don't know.

The Americans took it home
last year.

Yeah, I'm not worried about 'em.

Oh, well good for you.

'Cause maybe it's not
the Americans

you need to be worried about.

Atta boy, Mike.


- Hey.
- Hey.


Sick wheels.

- I found it in the garage.
- Huh.

What are we doing today?

I need you to be
my training partner.


There's this 5K cross country
race coming up.

Kind of signed up for it today.

So, what do you want me to do?

Bike next to me and support.

Pace me.

Some witty banter.

Today I'm not really concerned
about my time

or anything like that.

I just kind of want to see what
shape I'm in, you know?

- Ok.
- Ok.

["Switchin' to Glide"] ♪

♪ Nothing matters
but the weekend ♪

♪ From a Tuesday point of view ♪

♪ Like a kettle in the kitchen ♪

♪ I feel the steam
begin to brew ♪

♪ Switchin' to glide ♪

♪ Switchin' to glide ♪

Oh, all right.

Hey, how far have we gone?

I don't know, maybe a mile?

How many kilometres is that?

You know, it doesn't matter.
I'm getting a cramp.

I should have bought
the hydration powder.

Oh, my.

We're good.

Nope. No, we're not.

All right, well, I guess let's
do this again tomorrow, eh?

Fine, but you're not getting
my bike.

Oh, yeah, for sure.

[phone rings]

Hello Hank.

[Hank] Exnae on the ankey.
Pretend it's not me.

Look the other way!

No, the other way.

Across the street. 12:00.

[Hank] Your 12:00 This is 6:00.

That's neither here,
that's like 9:45.

God, I gotta get you a watch.

What are you doing?

[Hank] Look, you see the van
in front of the O'Shea's.

It's got wolves or jackals on it
or something.

Had to be hell of a night.

Just, can you see if anybody's
inside it?

Been there all day.

No, I think it's just a van.

A van's never just a van, son.

Check it out.

All right.

Is he serious?

Yeah, you have no idea.

All right, see ya.

I ordered streamers,
got a line on a great DJ.

We just need an interesting
theme for the fall ball, Mike.


Do you have any ideas?

What? Um, yeah, uh...

How about some, how 'bout
nice clothes?

What are, what are you
talking about?

Uh, you know, like bow ties,
neck ties, suits.

You know, dresses,
kinda thing...

So, like any other formal event?

Uh, I mean what if everyone
just turned up naked?

Yeah, yeah, kind of like
a Pagan thing?

That sounds good.

It's a good idea.

- [Althea] All right, great.
- Nice.

Thanks Mike.

- Great.
- You're welcome.

Cool. Awesome.
I love student council.

All right, gentlemen.

The name of the game
is dodge ball,

not murder ball, not death ball.

Not moron ball!

Testosterone tells you to be
an animal,

I'm telling you to be
a gentleman.

Want a good clean game.

- [whistle blows]
- [rock music]

Go, go, go.

Come on.

[Babber] Keep 'em below
the waist!

["You Could Have Been a Lady"] ♪

Play the game.

Don't look at...
Ok, you're out now.


♪ You could have
been all right ♪

♪ You could have been
here tonight ♪

♪ You could have been
sweet as wine ♪

Hey, I saw that!

♪ You could have been a lady ♪

♪ You could have
been all right ♪

♪ You could have
been here tonight ♪

♪ You could have been
sweet as wine ♪

♪ You could have been a lady ♪

Hey, you're out! Go, sit down.

Not a chance.

Woah, look out.

♪ Could have been all right ♪


- Woah.
- [Luke laughs]

Oh, that stung.

- Mike, uh, you ok?
- I'm good.

Yeah, at least it wasn't frozen.

Luke, it's gym class, right?

Gym class.

[Babber] Sit down. You clown.

Got him.

All right, shake it off kid,
let's go.

Yep, I'm good.

[peaceful music]

[birds cawing]

["Turn me Loose"] ♪

So, today we're gonna
run intervals

and then tomorrow's just running

and then the next
day's more intervals,

and then so on and so on.

Whatever you think is best!

Well, what are you doing?

You said intervals, right?

Let's go!

♪ I was born to run

♪ I was born to dream

♪ The craziest boy
you ever seen ♪

♪ I gotta do it my way

♪ Or no way at all

♪ And I was here to please

♪ I'm even on knees

♪ Makin' love to whoever
I please ♪

[Wallace] You should start
singing a song.

Like a theme song, you know?

[Mike] Oh, I should get
a theme song.

What's that Loverboy song?

Turn me loose? Turn me loose!

♪ Why don't you turn me loose

♪ Turn me loose ♪

♪ Turn me loose ♪

Why are we running here?

Cross country. It could be
any terrain.

♪ Gotta do it my way ♪

♪ Or no way at all ♪

♪ Why don't you turn me loose ♪

♪ Turn me loose ♪

♪ Turn me loose ♪

♪ I gotta do it my way ♪

♪ I want to fly

[Wallace] The horn doesn't
even work.

[Mike] Yeah, I mean it
works intermittently.

- [Wallace] It's kind of old.
- [Mike] Yeah.

[Wallace] Maybe it needs
a cleaning.

Nah, it's just rust.
That doesn't come out.

[Wallace laughs]

Set, and action.

Ok, you filming?

Yes. Action.

All right, so...

These are blocks.

These are blocks.

Low block.

Blocks, blocks.

Some dodges.



Kai ya!

Kai ya!

Kai ya!

One thousand fists.

Uh, do you like that?

Oh, I see you've returned,
but you did not count on this.

This guy's head's right here.

Rip off his head.

Head fist! Head fist!

Kick it off.


Cool. Did you like, take
a class or something?


That makes sense.

Are you any good?



Are you any good?

What do you think?

I don't think you're very good.



I'm fighting like five dudes.

And I'm dodging and they
just hit each other.

So, I don't even have to hit
them. I'm like...

I'm hitting them with my head.

And we're out of tape.

Oh, ok.

That was good though.
I think we got a lot.

Did you zoom?

Have you seen
"Crippled Avengers"?

Have you seen
"Five Elements Ninjas"?

Have you seen "Riki-Oh:
The Story of Ricky"?

Have you seen "Encounters
of the Spooky Kind"?

Have you seen "Super cop"?


Have you seen
"Flying Guillotine"?

[Hank] Hey, Mike!

You know where my
cycling shorts are?

Uh, I washed them yesterday.

They should be
in the laundry bin.

Got a big race in an hour,
so wish me luck!

Hey Wendy!

You know, sorry 'bout that.

So what's his deal?

Uh, Hank? Uh...

Yeah, he used to work
at the mill

and they were doing cutbacks

and he figured he was going
to get laid off

so he faked an injury to collect
the insurance cheques.

So now he just kind of sits at
home working on Hank's World

and training for
an Iron Man race

that he's probably, probably
never going to compete in.

That's why he wears that
neck brace all the time,

'cause he's worried
he's gonna get caught

ripping off the government.

So, that's why he's always
looking out the window?

Uh, mmhmm.

And why don't you call him dad?

Uh, he's not really a dad.

You know, he's more of a Hank.

We actually used to be a family
but my mom left when I was 12.

She couldn't deal
with Hank anymore.

I'm kind of starting to see why.

That's why I'm training
for this race.

I want to get my ass
out of here.

The scholarship money's
not really enough but,

you know, it's a start.

I assume you heard
from my grandparents

why I had to move here.

Yeah, Linda told me.
You know, I can't imagine...

Listen, I've heard it all.

But what people
don't understand,

including my grandparents

is that in some ways
this was good.


Some may call it selfish,

but nobody knew her pain
like I did.

I loved my mom.

But she's in a better place now.


Yeah, that's...

I can't even imagine.
That's tough.

Can we just not talk
about it anymore.

Yeah, yeah. For sure.

Have you seen "Shaolin Soccer"?


Have you seen
"Five Deadly Venoms"?


That's like...

Have you seen the one where
Bruce Lee fights Chuck Norris?

You know, why don't we see
that roundhouse again?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Yeah. For real?


Yeah, yeah.

- Let's do it.
- Oh, sweet.

Ok. No fruit this time.

All right.

We're gonna man it up 'cause
I'm gonna crush these noobs.

Why do I have to race him?

So we can see how much faster
he is than you.

It's just gonna make me
feel bad.

All right. Everybody ready?

Hop on the line.

Nice shoes.

Here we go.

In three, two...

Ok, go, go!

Come on.


Alpha males.

["We Run"] ♪

Come on, Mike!

Keep up, Mike!

♪ You're on your own
and meet a friend ♪

♪ Who doesn't kill
but wounds for life ♪

♪ The sun blinds you
through the trees ♪

♪ While watching clues
fall from the skies ♪

♪ And she smiles ♪

♪ At the point of the knife ♪


♪ You never see anyone ♪

Oh, shit.

♪ The strong will survive

Hey, good effort, kid.

[out of breath] What are you
talking about?

He smoked me.

What did you expect?

Ah, sportsmanship.
Come on, let's go.

Yeah, I'm not gonna touch you,
you're sweaty.

There we go.

[school bell rings]


Oh, hey, hey.
Danny, how's it going?

Althea is no longer with us.

Oh, my god. What happened?

Nothing, she hated working with
you and left student council.

Oh, ok. Yeah, that's too bad.

I guess I'm gonna have to plan
the Fall Ball by myself.

Oh, no, I, I'm gonna
help you now.

Oh! Cool.

Or, uh, I mean, yeah,
you know, like, whatever,

whatever you gotta do.


It'll be easier for me to meet
outside of school if that's ok?

I already have a lot
on my plate.

Yeah, for sure, I get it.
I get it.

I'm with ya.

You are pretty popular.
You're in like six clubs.

So, sounds good.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I also have figure skating
pretty much almost every night

so it'll have to be on...

Wednesdays. Wednesdays, yep.

Wednesday, the day
that's hard to spell.

Yeah, actually Wednesdays
are my free day.

Totally. Totally, mine too.
Love Wednesdays.

Ok, yep. I'll let you know.

I'll see you later.

Oh. Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go!

That was actually pretty cool.



[bicycle bell rings]


Where did this come from?

I think Danny's into me.

She asked me to
"hang out" sometime.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna do this for her.

That's why I'm running really,
really fast right now.


What was that?

[out of breath]

What was what?

You're a runner, Mike.

Don't tell yourself
any different.

Great job!

That was pretty good.

Ok. All right. Ok.

Yeah. All right.

Good job.

["Love Shack"] ♪

♪ Folks linin' up outside
just to get down ♪

♪ Everybody's movin',
everybody's groovin' baby ♪

♪ Funky little shack ♪

♪ Funky little shack ♪

Oh yeah.

♪ Hop in my Chrysler, ♪

♪ it's as big as a whale ♪

♪ And it's about to set sail ♪

♪ I got me a car, ♪

♪ it seats about twenty, ♪

♪ so come on and bring
your jukebox money ♪

♪ The love shack... ♪

This is the best part.

♪ Is a little ol' place
where we can... ♪

How it goes up.

♪ ... get together ♪

♪ Love shack baby ♪

Is that a no? Seems like a no.


Yeah? It's a yes?

No, I was saying yes to your no.

I'm pretty sure the DJ
will choose his own music.

Oh. Ok.

That's kind of lame.

Ok, um, so we have the Fall
Ball as '80s themed.

I think it will be fine.

We can do like a disco ball
and a bunch of fun decorations

and uh, costumes are mandatory.

Yeah, yeah, totally.
Whatever you want.

Yeah, I have my own costume
already picked out,

so it's gonna be good.

It's gonna be rad.



- Uh...
- Hm?



Uh, I don't know. What?

Did you... did you say


[under his breath]
You're so pretty.

So, uh, funny story.
Really funny story.

This one time I skipped school

because I heard that Jackie Chan

was filming a movie
in Vancouver.

So I went to the set,
but it turns out it was just

this ladies feminine
hygiene commercial.

And the actress's name
was Jackie Chen.

I heard wrong.

Not Jackie Chan, Jackie Chen.


So I was stuck there
for like nine hours.

It sucked.

[small chuckle] That's funny.



They gave me a bunch of free
samples though, so...

So, I was wondering
if potentially

when the party is over, uh,
would you want to, um...?

[phone vibrates]

Um, sorry, can you just hold
that thought.

- One second.
- Oh, yep.

[Danny] Luke?

No. I uh, I'm just working
on stuff for the party.

Because it's, it's my job.

Would you, would you want to
hang out after the party's over?

We could hang out,
do whatever you want...

Do you... do you like me?

I like you. Do you like me back?


[hopeful music]

[Wallace] What's going on, man?
Let's go!

You ok?

[Mike] I don't know.

[Wallace] Race in less than
two weeks.

[Mike] I know, I know, I know.

[Wallace] Something happened
last night.

[Mike] No, nothing happened.

I feel like I had a chance to
make a move and then I didn't.

Um, how do you think
this is going to work

when she has a boyfriend?

Well you told me
to cut in on Luke.

No. I said talk to her
and make friends.

Not ask her out.

Well, I mean, I didn't
ask her out.

I didn't get a chance.

I don't mean this in a bad way,
but are you a virgin?

Am I a virgin?


Nah, nope, nope.

No, I'm not a virgin.
I've had a girlfriend.

And we had sex.

I had a girlfriend last year.
From Toronto.

This big buxom Jamaican girl
named Zelda.

She had these lotions

and we'd run them on
each other and stuff.

But she doesn't live here now,

so you can't talk to her or meet
her or anything like that.

Why do you ask?

Why would you ask a question
like that.

Are you a virgin?

That's none of your business.

All right, fine, then I won't
tell you either.

Uh, you already did.

Yeah, I'm a virgin. I am.

But I've been to second base.


And third base too.
Touching, above the waist.

Rounding to home...

No bases.

I don't know, ok?

I don't want to talk about it.

[phone rings]

Holy shit! It's her.

Well, I'm not answering it.

Hello, Danny.

It's Mike, Mike Drinkwater.

Right, yeah, yeah,
I know you called me.

So that makes sense,
that you would know that.

Uh, yeah, yeah, no I'm free.

- Ow.
- I'm free.

Yeah, for sure,
that sounds great.

I can bring snacks.

What do you like, some Hawkins?

I'll bring tons of snacks.

Ok, great.

I'll see you then. Sounds good.

Catch you later.

Did you hear that?

Did you see how smooth I was?

- Yeah, you were really smooth.
- Catch you later.

That was awesome.

This is great!

Let's go!

Come on!

Wait for me!


[inspirational music]

- Hey.
- Hey!

Where're you going?

Are we training?

Oh, no, I can't.

The party's tomorrow.

Danny and I still have a lot of
stuff to go over.

Ditched me at lunch, forgot
to pick me up and now this?

I'm really sorry.
It was a meeting.

It's just we have a lot
of stuff to do.

I didn't have to help you train.

Uh, I'm sorry.

I promise...

I promise we'll get back to it

after all this stuff is over,

I promise.


Hey, I'll most likely
see you tomorrow.

You're going to the Fall Ball,

- Sure.
- Ok.

See you tomorrow.

[car backfires]

[knock at door]

So, have you figured out what
you're gonna wear tonight?

Um, I'm probably just gonna
throw something on.

I don't really have
anything '80s.

Oh, well I might have something
for you.

I'll be right back.

So, it took me a couple of days,

but I was able to turn
your mother's dress into this.

It's kind of like Molly Ringwald
in Pretty in Pink, no?


I love it.

I miss her too.

I know.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

[Wallace] You know Bruce Lee's
movies came out in the '70s, right?

[Mike] I know, I know.

[Wallace] Dude, you need
to chill.

[Mike] Tonight's a big night.

[Wallace] Why's that?

I think Danny's gonna break up
with Luke.

Did she say that?

No, I just, it's a gut feeling.
Tonight's the night.

I just, I don't really know how

to approach the situation,
you know?

I'm nervous.

Well, try a little of this.

Oh, I have a...
I've never drank before.

It's all good.

You just need a little
liquid confidence.

All right.

I think a little should be...


Or a lot.



["Safety Dance"] ♪

[DJ] Ladies and gentleman,

welcome to Pen High's
annual Fall Ball!

I'm gonna keep
this rhythm pumping

and those hearts bumping
all night!

Well, till 10:30
'cause that's when it ends.

♪ ... we can leave
your friends behind ♪

♪ 'Cause your friends
don't dance ♪

♪ And if they don't dance ♪

♪ Well, they're no friends
of mine ♪

Why do I feel like I have
to talk really loud?

That would be the alcohol.


["Crimson and Clover"] ♪

♪ Ah, ♪

♪ Now I don't hardly know her ♪

♪ But I think I could love her ♪

♪ Crimson and clover ♪

♪ Ah♪

♪ And when she comes
walking over ♪

What are you waiting for?

Go talk to her.

Ah, she's talking
with her friends,

I don't, I don't want
to be rude.

She's gonna been talking
to her friends all night.

What would Bruce Lee do?

I mean, kick some ass.

And get the girl.

He actually doesn't usually
get the girl.

He usually just kicks ass.

Just go.

Don't think. Feel.
It's a Bruce Lee quote.

Ok. Yeah. Execute that.


Yes. Execute that.

Nope, nope, nope.
No, no, no, no, no, no.

Hey Althea, I like your
pig tails.

Thanks, Mike.

Why do they call them pig tails?

There's nothing piggy
about them.

Pigs don't have hair.

I don't know.


♪ ...We can dance,
we can dance ♪

♪ everything is under control ♪

♪ We can dance... ♪

Do you work out?

What's your favourite
Star Wars prequel?

Mine's Phantom Menace.

[whispers] What are you doing?

I gotta go.

Yeah, ok. Bye, Mike.

♪ ...safety dance

♪ It's a safety dance ♪

♪ It's a safety dance ♪

- That was bad.
- Yeah, that was bad.

Did you comment on her pigtails?

Nope, nope.

Excuse me, ladies.

Hey, babe, how're you doing?

I'm fine. Fine.

Hey, I know what
you're thinking,

and yes, I dry cleaned
this myself.

I'm thinking you're an idiot.

Hey, uh, you look really,
really amazing tonight.

You look beautiful.



♪ ...we can dance

♪ We can dance ♪

♪ Everything's out of control ♪

♪ We can dance ♪

♪ We can dance ♪

So I was thinking,
we get out of here.

My parents are gone tonight.

How romantic.

This party blows.

I put this on!

I told you!

That's not what I meant.

All I'm saying is this night
gets a little bit better

if you and I go out...

Ok, ok. No, not tonight.

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.

This is huge.

♪ We can dance if we want to ♪

♪ we've got all your life
and mine ♪

♪ as long as we abuse it,
never gonna lose it, ♪

♪ everything'll work out right ♪

Pen High, I am seeing a lot

of adolescent sexual tension
in here tonight,

so I think it's best that
we slow things down.

["When I'm With You"] ♪

♪ I never needed love...

What? You're mad?

I'm not mad.

I just don't understand
why you're being so stuck up.

♪ ... I live for you ♪

♪ Ooo baby, lost in love
is what I feel ♪

What, you want to go hang out
with banana boy over there?

Be my guest.

You mean Mike?

The kid's a joke.

Actually he's a pretty
genuine guy.

Not a dick.

♪ ...maybe it's the way
you smile ♪

♪ I come undone ♪

Did I say break up
or did I say break up?

This is your moment.

Go get her, tiger.

♪ ...I feel when I'm with you ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Ooh I get chills
when I'm with you ♪

♪ ohh, ohh, ohh ♪

Hello, Madam President.

Hi Mike.


You, you ok?

Yeah, no I am fine.

That's good.

Are you having a good time?

I am having a great time.
This party is great.

I don't really get invited
to parties a lot

and this one is pretty groovy.

Well, I'm glad
you're having fun.

Yeah, it's... I think it turned
out really well.

Yeah. No, you did
a really good job.

[Mike] Oh, I mean, you know,
it wasn't all me.

I mean without you...

♪ Ohhh, ooh, baby...

[Mike] It was all you.

If it was just me it would have
just been a piñata

and a fountain of cheese

and a bunch of Bruce Lee
decorations, so...

Bruce Lee?

Yeah, Bruce Lee,
famous martial artist?

It's what I'm dressed as.
He's the man.

I'm been actually practicing
his moves a lot.

Oh, like the one that you landed
on the skeleton?



Ok, well, let's see it.

Oh, for real?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.


Let's see some moves.


I just need something to kick.

Um, what about this?
Would this work?

That's great.

- Ok.
- That's perfect.

Ooh! Why don't you put it
on your head?

- On my head?
- Yeah.


Ok. You've don't this before,

Yeah. I only landed it
the one time, though.

Wait, what?

- [thud]
- [crowd gasps]

♪ ...Baby

I'm sorry.

What the hell, Pisswater?!

Babe, are you ok? What happened?

Stay down. Oh, your eye.

♪ When I'm with you... ♪

I can't believe I didn't land
that kick.

How does Bruce Lee even do
that, get his foot that high?

Um, maybe you should focus
on sobering up,

in case your dad is home.

Uh, he doesn't care about me

or pay attention to me
or anything like that.

One time when I was like nine

he left the door open to
the house the whole night.

Like, a bunch of raccoons
came in the house.

Are you gonna be ok?

Yep. I think so.



Poop, poop, poop, poop.

All right, bye bye.


Have a good night.



You ok?

Not really.

So you don't want to train?

I don't think I'm cut out
for this.

I just... I don't really want
to race anymore.

So, what, you're just
gonna give up

and forget about
the scholarship?

Yeah, I don't think
you quite understand.

I fail at everything that I do.

I have no friends.
I have no girlfriend.

I have no family.

If I do the race,

it's just gonna end up
the exact same.

That's bullshit.

And what?

Quitting is the way for you
to feel good about yourself?

Why do you care all of a sudden?

You know, I wanted to do this

so that she would think
I was worth something.

Are you kidding me?

You're gonna give up

because some girl doesn't give
a shit about you?

Why are you saying this?

Because I'm the only one who's
cared in the last two months

and you're, you're too damn
oblivious to even notice.

Ok, does, does Danny know
about your dad?

Does she help you train?

I was your closest friend
and you didn't even notice.

You don't care about anything
worth something.

You're being irrational
and delusional.

Just like Hank.

Hey, shut up!
You can't say that.

Why not?

You say it all the time.

What's your problem?
Your family...


Screw you!

What the hell?

You pushed me into the lake!

Hey, Mike.

Uh, hey.

You ok?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

You're wet. Are you sure
you're ok?

Just don't...

Don't pretend like you care.

I know that you don't.

You are a 50-year-old shut-in,
completely obsessed

and, and driven by
your own delusions.

Did you know that I got
into university?

Did you know that?

Did you know that I'm running
a race, next week,

to try to get a scholarship?

That's great, Mikey.

Yeah, I mean, I'm not
gonna do it anymore.

I... I tried to tell you.

I... I... I tried but
you wouldn't listen.

You're too self-absorbed.

I can't even go

to the university that I want
to go to

because we don't have
any money... Hank.

We gonna sell Hank World?

I don't think anybody's buying.

So, just please don't pretend
like you're my dad.

You know, because you have not
been that for a long time.



So I'd say once the plugs are
replaced and she's good to go,

we'll take her to the track
and check her out.

[Hank] Wes.


What the hell you doing
on this side of the tracks?

I know you're not here
to purchase something.

Got a minute?

Walk with me.

There is no luck behind
what you see here.

Built from the ground up.

Ryan Motors has proudly
serviced this town, this region

for over 60 years.

My father passed
this company down to me

and I plan to do the same
to my son.

That is, if he doesn't play
in the NHL, of course.

Yeah, yeah, your dad
did a good job.

What are you getting at?

Everything I build,
put my time into,

is for my son's future.

I assume you're here
for the same thing.

What's that supposed to mean?

You're here to sell me the
Gretzky card, are you not?

Yeah. I figured.

What's the money for?

Mike got into university
and I can't afford it.

Isn't that what the race
scholarship's for?

He's not in the race anymore.

Probably wouldn't
be enough anyway.

I would buy the card
but I just don't want to.

As you can see, I have
everything I need.

Maybe Mike should get back
in the race.

If not, I'm pretty sure
we're hiring.

Let's go.

[Luke] What was that all about?


He wants a hand out but
that's not what Ryans do.

Mike quit the race?

Who cares?

You should be worried
about hockey,

not some silly little race.




You were right.

I haven't been much of a,
of a dad to you lately.

I haven't been much of anything
really since your mom left.

I can't have you end up like me.

I mean, everybody ends up

a little bit like their parents.
It's inevitable.


You know, Mikey, you're...
you're better than me.

You deserve a lot more.


Look, man, I'm gonna
make this quick.

I shouldn't even be doing this.

You kicked my girlfriend
in the face.

Yeah. I... I still feel really
horrible about that.

You're gonna race.

And you're gonna come in second.

This thing's not worth winning
unless you're there to lose.

Uh, thank you?

Just... be there. All right?

Tell Danny I'm sorry.

You're not gonna tell her.

["Tubthumping"] ♪

♪ I get knocked down,
but I get up again ♪

["Taking Care of Business"] ♪

♪ You get up every morning from
your alarm clock's warning ♪

♪ Take the 8:15 into the city ♪

♪ There's a whistle up above ♪

♪ and people pushin',
people shovin' ♪

♪ And the girls who try
to look pretty ♪

♪ And if your train's on time, ♪

♪ you can get to work by nine ♪

♪ And start your slaving job
to get your pay ♪

♪ If you ever get annoyed, ♪

♪ look at me I'm self-employed ♪

♪ I love to work at nothing
all day ♪

♪ And I'll be taking care
of business ♪

♪ every day ♪

♪ Taking care of business ♪

♪ every way ♪

♪ I've been taking care
of business ♪

♪ it's all mine ♪

♪ Taking care of business
and working overtime ♪

[alarm rings]

Where're you off to?

I'm going to the race.
It's in an hour.

Good for you, lad.

You're uh, you're
not gonna come?

Oh, well I, um, I better
not risk it.

You know, I still gotta couple
more weeks left of the...

the cheques coming and uh,

it's not very wheelchair
accessible there, either, you know.

Plus I'd have to take
the scooter

all the way across town.

Ok. I'll see you later, Hank.

Good luck.

[peaceful music]


[knocking at door]

Oh, I'm sorry.

I knocked, I didn't know
you had the...

I'm fine, Grandpa.

I'll be... I'll be in the den.




I, um...

I miss her too.

She loved you, Wallace.

More than anything.

Everyone handles
grief differently.

Some are stronger, some
feel it's easier to avoid it.

No one, no one should ever
have to go through

what we went through.

To bury our own child.

I spent a whole lifetime
raising your mother.

I watched her become
a young lady

and then a loving mother,
all on her own.

To think that she felt she
needed to do what she did...

She... she... she was our baby.


We just didn't understand.

I see so much of her in you

and that brings me
the greatest joy.

When you came to live with us,

it made things a little
bit easier.

She's at peace.

And thanks to you,

I found a way to live with it.

And your grandmother,
she coming along.

But please, don't ever be afraid

of what you keep bottled up
inside you,

because that's not what your
mother would want you to do.

Because that's what she did.

She was so incredibly strong.

But even a strong person
needs to let go sometimes.

It's not a sign of weakness.
It's just being human.

So when you find yourself
in a tight spot, tell us.

We would like that.

Because, maybe we didn't present
ourselves that way to your mom.

And I'm not going to make
the same mistake again.


I know. I know.

I know. It's ok.

It's ok.

I miss her.

I miss her too.

We love you.

Are you going to be inside
on a day like today?

I don't have any plans.

Isn't the race on today?

I'm not going anymore.

I thought you're training Mike?

Him and I don't really
talk anymore.

Oh. That's a pity.

Because, for the last
two months,

the happiest I've seen you
was when you were with him.

If I know anything about Mike,
he needs support too.

We all do.


[upbeat music]

[Team Captain] All right,
fellas. Come on, off the bus.

[Babber] Mike, good to see ya.

Hope you guys left
your guns at home.

Your policemen ride horses?

How're you doing, eh?

Sorry. Sorry.

[Babber] Luke, just leave it.


At least we're not a plutocracy
run by big Pharma.

Am I right, guys?

Got em.


[clears throat]

Ok, listen up.

They're just trying
to psych you out.

Don't get drawn
into their game plan, ok?

Just stick to your race,

run the one we prepared
and trained for.

And remember, it's all about
pacing and teamwork.

You're all members of a team.
Don't forget that.

[P.A.] All right racers.
Please organize yourselves

and make your way to
the starting corral.

Ok boys, this is the moment
we've been working towards.

I know it might
not seem like it,

but this could be
the opportunity

that changes everything for you.

All right?

And we're not gonna let
these little psycho,

I mean, our friendly neighbours
from the south,

take that from us, are we?

All right, let's gear up.
Let's go!

[P.A.] As always, a big welcome
to the three American high schools

that have traveled from
Washington and Oregon.

Welcome to beautiful
British Columbia.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

Well, it was either this
or a curling match on TV.

Hey, uh, listen,
about the other day, um...

Don't worry about it.

No, really.

I'm so, so sorry.

You were right, you know,
about everything.

Like spot on.

You're the best thing
that's happened to me

these last couple months.

And the fact that I couldn't
tell you that or even realize it...

[P.A.] Will all runners please
make their way to the starting line.

I'm so sorry. I suck.
I'm so sorry.

Well, you do suck. But, it's ok.

I gotta do this race.

Sounds good.
I'll see you after the race.


I'll be timing you.


What are you waiting for?


All right.


- Ok.
- Ok.

Hey, you see that? Huh? Huh?

[competitive music]

Runners ready.

I'm going to give you
a countdown.

[P.A.] From ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.

[gun fires]

[crowd cheering]

[TV] And we will be right back.

I'm Wesley Ryan

and there is nothing more
important to me than family.

When you do business
with Ryan Motors,

I consider you to be
a part of our family.

["Never Surrender"] ♪

♪ Just a little more time
is all we're asking for ♪

♪ 'Cause just a little more time
could open closing doors ♪

♪ Just a little uncertainty
can bring you down ♪

♪ And nobody wants
to know you now ♪

♪ And nobody wants
to show you how ♪

♪ So if you're lost
and on your own ♪

♪ You can never surrender ♪

♪ And if your path
won't lead you home ♪

♪ You can never surrender ♪

♪ And when the night
is cold and dark ♪

♪ You can see,
you can see light ♪

♪ 'Cause no one can
take away your right ♪

♪ To fight and to never
surrender ♪

♪ With a little perseverance ♪

♪ You can get things done ♪

♪ Without a blind adherence ♪

♪ That has conquered some ♪

[crown cheering]

♪ And nobody wants
to know you now ♪

♪ And nobody wants
to show you how ♪

♪ So if you're lost
and on your own ♪

♪ You can never surrender ♪

♪ And if your path
won't lead you home ♪

♪ You can never surrender ♪

♪ And when the night
is cold and dark ♪

What the hell?!

Are you serious?

Come on, get up.

Get up, let's go!

♪ 'Cause no one can
take away your right ♪

♪ To fight and to never
surrender ♪

♪ To never surrender ♪

Miss me, boys?


[crowd cheering]

♪ And when the night
is cold and dark ♪

♪ You can see,
you can see light ♪

Go get em, Mikey! Go lad!

Let's go, Mike!

♪ 'Cause no one can
take away your right ♪

Push it! Push it!

♪ ...To never surrender,
to never surrender ♪

♪ Oh, time is all
we're asking for ♪

♪ to never surrender

♪ Never surrender

Why did you stop?

You fell down.


Good race, Mike.

You too.

[Hank] Mike!

Oh, that was awesome!
Oh, you did so good!

What are you talking about?
I came in second.

You're goddamn right you did.

Oh, proud of you, boy.

Hank, you ok?

Never better.

Hey, hey, hey!

Oh, it's cold.

I know.

Check, check.


Oh, there we are. All right.

Well, thanks for enduring
our Canadian summers.


All right, let's get on
with the awards ceremony.

Um, without further ado,
in third place we've got...

Is that for real? Really?

It is.


Lance Armstrong
from Washington State.


We do a drug test on this one?

All right, here we go.

Mr. Armstrong, congratulations.

There you go.

I need no paper for this one.

In second place,
from Penticton Secondary,

Mr. Mike Drinkwater.


There you go, Mike.


- All right.
- Congratulations.

[Babber] All right.

Now, our first place finisher,
also from Penticton Secondary,

winner of the CanAm Scholarship
and this amazing trophy,

Mr. Luke Ryan.


My boy!

All right.


Uh, just one second.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Ryan has just informed me

that he'll be turning down
the CanAm Scholarship

as he's already received a full
division one hockey scholarship

to the University
of North Dakota.

Congratulations, Luke.

That's quite an accomplishment.
And this is quite a gesture.

Well, I've just conferred
with our race official

and according to
the CanAm rules,

the CanAm scholarship

is now awarded to our
second place finisher,

Mr. Mike Drinkwater.

- Woo-hoo-hoo!
- [crowd cheering]

Turn that around.

Told you to be prepared for yes.

All right, give it up, let's go.

All right.

- Atta boy.
- Thanks, man.

It was a great race.

The boy showed a lot
of class up there, Wesley.

Where'd he learn that from?

All right, listen up.

I know that money's not gonna
be enough for Mike,

not for four years anyway,

so, why don't we take a look

at that Gretzky rookie card
of yours?

It's a hell of a card.

You got a hell of a son.


[Babbar] All right, give it up
for our boys! Woo! Yeah!



Let's go!

Shoot it. He's open!

- [cheering]
- [horn blaring]


Good job. Good job.

Hey, man.

So, Mike, are you and Hank still
coming for Thanksgiving dinner?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Should we bring anything?

Oh, no, that's ok.

So, how's university
treating you?

Um, it's great. It's great.

Yeah. And it's not too
far away so, you know,

I can come back and visit Hank.

[clears throat]

And you know, somebody else.

How come you don't kiss me
like that?

Oh, wait till we get home.

So, did Wally tell you that
she's going to the Nationals

for the Canadian Debate Team?

She did yeah, yeah.

I can't believe someone would
willingly go to Winnipeg

in the winter.

Come on, it can't be that bad.

Wow, you've clearly never
been to Winnipeg.

In the winter.

All right. Well, I'm gonna go
to the restroom.


Nice, nice catch.

Oh, actually, just
wait one second.


Just wait, wait for it.

Mike, what?

Wait, wait for it. Wait for it.


My dad got a new job.

Holy shit! That's awesome.

Look at me, I'm riding the bone!


[Hank] Oh! Jeez.


Hit the post.

[Mike] It's his first day.

That's gonna leave a mark.

First day!

I should probably get him
a helmet or some pads

or something...

I'm all right.

He's, he's gonna be good though.


He's gonna be really good.

[chuckles] Oh! Oh! Oh!

Beats the hell out
of that scooter.

I'm good, I'm good.

I'm good.

["We're Here For a Good Time"] ♪

♪ A very good friend of mine ♪

♪ Told me something
the other day ♪

♪ I'd like to pass it
on to you ♪

♪ 'Cause I believe
what he said to be true ♪

♪ He said we're here
for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time ♪

♪ The sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ And the sun is shinin' ♪

♪ In this rainy city ♪

♪ And the sun is shinin' ♪

♪ Ooh, isn't it a pity ♪

♪ And every year, ♪

♪ has its share of tears ♪

♪ And every now and then
it's gotta rain ♪

♪ We're here for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time ♪

♪ The sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ And the sun is shinin' ♪

♪ In this rainy city ♪

♪ And the sun is shinin' ♪

♪ Oh, isn't it a pity ♪

♪ That every year,
has its share of tears ♪

♪ Every now and then
it's gotta rain ♪

♪ We're here for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time ♪

♪ The sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ shine every day ♪

♪ We're here for a good time ♪

♪ here for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time ♪

♪ The sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ shine every day ♪

♪ We're here for a good time ♪

♪ here for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time ♪

♪ The sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ The sun can't shine,
the sun can't shine ♪

♪ So have a good time, the
sun can't shine every day ♪

♪ the sun can't shine
every day ♪

♪ We're here for a good time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ Not a long time ♪

♪ So have a good time... ♪