Drinking Buddies (2013) - full transcript

Luke and Kate are co-workers at a Chicago brewery, where they spend their days drinking and flirting. They're perfect for each other, except that they're both in relationships. Luke is in the midst of marriage talks with his girlfriend of six years, Kate is playing it cool with her music producer boyfriend Chris. But you know what makes the line between "friends" and "more than friends" really blurry? Beer.

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♪ One, two, three, four

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Lady Luck, she is lovely

♪ Lady Luck, she is free

♪ But I wish sometimes
that Lady Luck ♪

♪ She would find some time
to spend with me ♪

♪ Lady Luck, she is lovely

♪ Lady Luck, she is free

♪ But I wish sometimes
that Lady Luck ♪

When it comes to weddings,

you want something that you know
most people are gonna like,

gets everyone
sufficiently drunk,

no fights between the families.

Can I see the ring?


Oh, my God.


Wow, that's beautiful.

That's great.

What'd you do wrong?

♪ It's just the beginning

♪ But I feel the end is near

♪ I look around

♪ And I don't feel like myself

♪ Tell me please,
tell me please ♪

♪ Is it my mind

♪ Or is it my health?

What's up, guys?

Stop working so hard.

I don't want you guys
to strain yourselves.

Oh, okay, thank you, Kate.

It crushed a can
like I've never seen.

It was... it was insane.

Yeah, come in!

If that thing is, like,
a piece of shit...

Hey, um,
how is the planning going

for the anniversary party?


Yep. All set.

Good or great?
Really great.

Oh, oh, okay.
And you're gonna hate this.

Will you call the distributors,
each one individually,

and speak to someone there

and make sure that they know
they're invited?

You're, like, you know,

the face and voice
of this brewery, so...


You know, they need
to make a connection with you,

and that way, you know...

I know it's a little political,
but if you did that for me,

it would make me
very, very, very happy.

Sure thing. Yep, sure.
I'll get on that.

All right.
Oh, oh, um...


That's it. That's it.

Okay, thanks.
Okay, all right.

Hey, what are you,
running through the warehouse?

I have to go make
so many phone calls.

Can I make beer instead,
and you go make phone calls?

Uh, no, no.

how are the eyes?

They're... they're good,

despite boiling wort
being thrown into them.

Well, look,
I apologize about that.

It's good.
I've been baptized.

See ya.

Yes, yes.


Okay, Tom, I have to go.

Yep, I'll see you there.

Okay, thank you.


I've got some food for Kate.

That is me.

If you could
just sign this guy for me.


Thank you.



Hey, do you have a fridge?

Do I have a fridge?

'Cause you can have a magnet.

A magnet, ooh.


I love Revolution Brewing.

I really do.

Thank you!
Thank you.

We love you too.

I love you too.






Oh, we smell so bad!

Look at this, some Greek salad?

Eat it.
I fucking hate it.

It's disgusting.

I'm trying not to get scurvy.


Come on, not my fucking beer!

Oh, that's an expert
beer-tasting technique.

Enjoy your fries.

I'm still gonna eat.

That doesn't...
that doesn't do anything.

That doesn't do anything to me.

Come out
drinking with us tonight.

Okay, yeah.

You're in?


They go,
"Oh, my name... my name is Jim.

This is my wife, Carol."

You went... "Oh, this is Carol.
That's my"...

You don't need to know
their names.

But so this guy comes up to me,

and I know
he's gonna fuck with us.

And so in my head, I think
about what my mother said,

and I have the vision,

like from, you know,
the voice of God.

This guy's name is Chris Cook.

And so I go,
"Hey, man, you're Chris Cook."

That's not a Korean name,

No, he's not...
this is not the Korean.

I thought
that it just didn't work.

No, the guy's name was...

Where did you get Chris Cook?

It was a voice, the theory...
it was a voice...


You made it.


Everybody remembers Jill.

Good seeing you.
Good seeing you too.

How's it goin'?

What do you want to drink?
You want something to drink?

Uh, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I will
have a Bell's Amber.

Bell's Amber.
Bell's Amber.

Thank you.

There you are.

Oh, thank you.

If your party bus flips over,

how long before you think
you get to go party foul?


Would you shut up?

Well, I'm just saying.

Would you please,
for once in your life...

Party foul.

Once in your life,
right before you talk, Frank,

just go,
"I'm not gonna talk."

I'm thinking about heading out.

Let's do one more beer.

Oh, no, no, no,
you should stay.

You should hang out with Frank.

One more beer.
Oh, no, I'm fine.

We'll split one.

No, baby, I got to go.
I got to go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm going for sure.

I'm going for sure.
I'm gonna go with.




You out?
Good night.

Good night, Kate.
We'll see you at work.


So long, everybody.

You guys seen The Hustler?

You're about to.

♪ I need you

♪ All these times
that you tell me that I don't ♪

♪ Oh, I need you

♪ Tell me that I don't

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Mmm, that smells good.

It is good.

You want some?




That's good.


Wouldn't take me a second.

No, I'm not hungry.

I just want beer.


You haven't drank
any of the beer I brought you.

I've had a couple of them.

How was your night?



Yeah, we played pool
at the Empty Bottle.

Oh, the Bottle.

You know that place?

I've heard of it, yeah.

No, I've been to the Bottle.

What'd you do today?

I met with a couple of kids
at the studio

that I think
are gonna do an album.

Yeah, they got a pretty decent
little sound.

They're kind of...

a little bit freak rock,
a little noisy.

But they have this girl
who plays the cello,

and I think
that's supposed to be ironic,

but I can't tell anymore.

But, uh, so we'll just
stick a mic on her and go.

You sure
you don't want a plate?





Mmm, are you done?


Oh, my God.

Thank you.

♪ One by one,
we jumped the wire ♪

♪ With a lending hand
to inspire ♪

♪ Both the artist
and the writer ♪

♪ As timber fed the fire

♪ Gently now
as the night falls ♪

Oh, sorry.
No, no.

No. I always forget.

I got it.

I'm awful.

You're not awful.

Oh, okay.

You're just really hard
on furniture.

classic 18th.

It's terrible.

Thanks for coming to see me.

You're welcome.

Oh, shit.


Oh, I got something, and I...

I forgot.

I bought you something today.

I'll be right back.
One sec.

Uh, you might hate it.

You'll prob...
you'll probably hate it.

I won't hate it.

But you might come around
and then love it.


What is it?

That is back
when men wrote about God,

pussy, and themselves.

It's like, of all the sort of
fellow narcissists,

that's the one.

Thank you.


You kind of remind me
a little bit of the hero.

Really? Is she a...

Yeah, in a weird way.

It's he, but...
It's a he.

It's thematic.


You're a kindred spirit.

Thank you.

You're a runner.

You're a rabbit.

I am a little bit
like a rabbit.

You are.

Damn it.

I can't find my sock.

You sure you don't want
to just spend the night?

No, I have to be home
in the morning

'cause I'm having
something delivered.

But you should stay in bed.

Go to sleep.

All right,
how about I call you a car?

No, 'cause I have my bike.

I'm just gonna ride.

Just throw it in the back
of the cab or something.

I'll give you some money.

No, thank you.

I feel bad.

Don't feel bad.

I feel bad.

Don't feel bad.

No, really, really, really.


No! No!
You're gonna get me fired!

Oh, gross!


Get out.
I'm leaving.


Please, please, please.

Stop it.

Now you're just being mean.

Okay. All right.

So you don't need me
to do anything.

I mean, no, if everything
is all taken care of,

then I guess, you know,
we should be fine, I guess.


Are you gonna be all right?

I'm... I'm fine.



I like both.

I like a short beard.

I like... I like your beard...
Well, this...

Like, if it was longer
than this,

then I'd be worried
it would be like a hipster

or homeless dot com
kind of situation.

But this is an okay range.

I like it.

Hi, guys.
Hey, how are you?

Hi. Good.

You like nice.
Oh, thank you very much.

This place is gorgeous.
Did you do most of this?

Yeah, it looks awesome.
Did you do most of this?

Yeah, I didn't do much.

I just put some plants
in the growlers and the food...

No, it looks amazing.

Why are you so stressed?
It's going great.

It's good, right?
It's great.

Okay, good.

The chocolate pretzels
are a humongous hit.

Good, good. Great.
It's hot, sorry.

It's so hot.

Just encourages more drinking.
Yeah, exactly.

I think it's good party plan.

Ah! Sorry.

Chris is here.
I'm gonna go get him.

I'll be right back.

Bring him back over here,
all right?

Chris is her boyfriend?

Chris is the boyfriend, yes.




I was just looking for you.
Thank you.

Come in. Jess.

Jessica, he's with me.

Wow, this is great.

This looks great.

Did you do all of this?

I did.

Wow, it's...
yeah, it's amazing.

- It's a lot of work.
- Yeah.

Here, I want you
to meet some people.

You guys,
this is my boyfriend, Chris.

Hey, how are you?

Chris, this is Jim.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

This is Dawn.
Hey, Jim. How are you?

Hi, nice to meet you.

And this is Frank's wife.


Hey, Frank's wife.

I can't wait to meet him.

Yeah, he's with Jim right now.

You left him with Jim?


But, um, if I introduce you,
will you not be a dickhead?

And don't call me names,

and don't say anything stupid
or mean,

and don't, like,
punch me in the face?

Get off.

All our equipment came in
from Canada.

We had it shipped in,

and we had it all rigged
and set up,

and started brewing
about three months ago.

Here you go. Good one.
Thank you.

Uh, we'll be back.

I'm just gonna introduce him
to some other people.

Great to... great to meet you.


Well, then take the shoes off.

No, no.
I'm... I'm such a shorty.

Who cares?

I don't want your friends
to know how short I am.


You're the weirdest.
It's a secret.

It's a secret?

All right, I won't tell anyone.

Hey, guys.

This is Chris. This is Jill.
Hi, I'm Jill.

Jill, how are you?
This is Luke.

Nice to meet you.

Yes, Luke, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Luke.

Nice to meet you.
This is Callie.

Hey, Callie.

This is Mike.
How are you? Chris.

Hey. Mike.
Mike? Chris.

It's everybody!

Pleasure, yeah.
Nice to see you.

This is his first time here.
Welcome, man.

Hey, all jokes aside,

we've heard
a lot of great things about you,

and we're excited to have you.

Really? Good.
That's great.

Well, what do you think
of the beer, man?

Um, well...

Have a sip.

Pressure's on now.

Big reaction.

What do you taste, sir?

Can you taste the hops?

Uh, I have to go take care
of something.

I taste skinned knees and...

I'll be right back.
Will you be cool here?

I will. I will.
Jelly sandwiches and...

Jelly sandwiches!

Dark clouds of puberty
on the horizon.

No, I don't know.

Where do you...
where do you teach?

I teach at Orr.

I teach Special Ed.

Oh. Oh, wow.


Yeah, that's... so you really...
you really teach.

I guess, yeah.

I mean... yeah.

You have... yeah.

You have a Master's?

Uh, I was teaching
while I was getting my Master's.

There was a program,
and... yeah.

That's, um...
I find that really impressive.

Well, thank you. Yeah.

Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.

Oh, I apologize.

Oh, pardon me.

Oh, I didn't realize
that was you.

Oh, what a gross-looking plate.
I am so hungry.

I have not eaten anything
all day.

It's all hot mustard, Kate.

That's all I need.

You know, I read something,

I think Camus wrote about

Sisyphus pushing the boulder up,
you know, the hill?

And he always pictured him


You know, as opposed
to a punishment thing,

and I feel that sometimes
things that are really hard

can be...
can be really rewarding

because they're hard, you know?

Chris is a great guy.

He is, right?
He's a great guy.

He told me about you guys,

that weird thing
that happened the other night.

You're a dick.
He didn't say anything.

No, he said you're a...

Have fun. Good-bye.
All right.

Thank you.
Thanks for showing me that.

Hey, man, it was really fun.

You get a tour?
Yeah, I did. I did, yeah.

I gave him a tour
of the whole place.

Yeah, it was kind of awesome.

That's cool.
He got into it.

Yeah, um,
who cleans all this up?

You're looking at
the cleaning crew right now.

All right, can I help?

We're gonna clean it up.
You guys go.


Yeah, I talked to Mike
and Frank and the guys.

We're gonna do it.

You set it up.
We'll clean it.

We'll stick around if...

No, you guys, honestly, go.

You've done enough.

See what I just did?

See that?

Thank you.

All right, okay.

I won't say no.
Good to see you.

It was so good to see you.

You too.
I'll see you soon.

Hey, it was a real pleasure.
Yeah, it's awesome.

Congratulations on, you know,
the thing.

All right,
I'll see you at work.

Really great to meet you.

I heard that we might stop by
your tasting this weekend.

Oh, yeah.
No, I hope you do.

I'm there from noon to 2:00,
so whenever you guys want.

Ice cream brunch.
I love it.

Good night, guys.

Good night.

I'm not cleaning.

You're cleaning.
I'm not cleaning.

Oh, you're cleaning.

I'm not lifting a finger.

Yeah. No, absolutely.

we have one, two...

I have nine tastings
this month,

but I can put you in.


Jill's outside.

I'm ready.
I just have to finish.

Then let's go.
I'm going.

But I can do this next week.

Not this weekend.

I have a festival this weekend.

But I can do this next week,

and I'll bring whatever
year-ends we have available.

Thank you.

I'll call you on Monday.

Okay, bye.

Have wallet...

All right, I got it.

All right.

Come on in.

Why don't you
put the groceries down,

and we'll just leave 'em,


Big reveal.

Oh, yeah, I can't
really take responsibility

for the decoration.

My cousin and her kids
kind of come up here a lot.

No, I love it.
She likes patterns.

Most of it
really hasn't been changed

probably in 40 years, either.


All right.

Here's a bathroom
if anybody needs it.

Um, I expect you might.

It is... we're on a septic

so try not to put any...
down that thing.


You guys are gonna be
in this room here.

Where do I put my tampons?

You keep them in a bag.

Is this us?

This is you.

What? In a cabin,
you keep them in a bag?

Why don't you two settle in,

clean up
if you want to clean up,

and we'll go
put the groceries away,

and then, you know,

if you want to crack a beer
or two or something.

Oh, yes, please.

Yeah, welcome,
but just, you know,

make yourself at home, okay?

Thank you, man.

What is that?

It's really cute.

Yeah, it is.

I've got you alone in a cabin
with this thing.

How's the bed?


Oh, it's squishy.

It is?

It's really... oop.

I feel like
we're gonna break it.

We're good.



You think I could make eggs
or something?

Yeah, sure.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

For a man who has everything,
he's only got little bowls.


That was a terrible joke.


Sure, yeah.

You close with your parents?

Sort of.
Sort of.

I mean, we talk.

I talk to them.


We don't hate each other.

That's a positive.

Are you?



You're up.

You look great.

Oh, thank you.

Here, let me help you up.

Oh, merci.
How are ya?

Got a mouthful of hair
just then, sorry. Sorry.

Good. I prefer it.

Hey. Morning.

Thanks for having us.

Sure. My pleasure.

Just coming to see if I can
interest you guys in a hike,

a little trail hike.

Will it offend you at all
if I say no?

Absolutely not.

No way, then.
I'm not going.

If you don't mind.

Doesn't offend me at all.

Yeah, maybe... how about you?
You want to go?


Probably spent the first month
trying to figure out

what was in it for her,
you know.

But I guess you have to take
a person at their word


They're actually into you,
you know?

I don't know.

It's hard to figure women out.


Still working on it.

I mean,
you're an interesting...

Polite gentleman.

I'm sure that's...

That's a good way to put it.
I'm sure that's a big factor.

No, that's a lovely...
that's a lovely way to put it.

I'll bet a lot of people...

I'm probably a little...

Interesting gentlemen

don't necessarily come in there
all the time.

I'm probably somewhere
on the Asperger's spectrum.

That's probably
a little closer to it.

All right, you ready?

What's your first bet?

What's a good first bet?

We're gonna...
way more than that.

Let's say $100 minimum
at this table.

This is VIP.

I don't have $100.

the house will give you $1,000.

Not give you, but as a credit.

Oh, I was like,
"I love gambling!"

Yeah, you just went...

No, the house
will spot you $1,000,

because we know
you're good for it.

So $100.

Okay, I shouldn't...

Yeah, you don't want to go
$1,000 to start.

You want to go more?

No, I'll start with $100.

Good luck to you.

A nine versus a face.

Hit me.

We got a nine and an eight.

That's a hard 17.

What do you say?

Hit me.
You want to hit with a 17?

Yeah, hit me.
That is a very bold...

And a bust, ma'am.
That is a 23.

We're really sorry.
You're down $100.

That's okay.

I was gonna say,
I wonder sometimes,

you know, if I'd have met
somebody like her or you

or, you know, somebody
that had that kind of...

thing going on 15 years ago...

Well, you know what?
I probably did.

I probably did meet somebody
like that.

And I probably
wasn't paying attention.

You have lost every hand.

You are down $1,000.

I am yet to see my cards.

Will the casino kindly give me
another $1,000?

I'll tell you...
I'm good for it.

Kate, I...

This is like college.

I have never done this before,

but I'll talk to the pit boss.

We'll give you another $1,000!

Yes! Thank you.

You better win it back, kid.

'Cause if you lose $2,000,

I personally
am gonna bust your legs.

I'm all warmed up now.

How much?


That low right now?

You're right.
Let's get weird.


Now we're talking.
Good luck, ma'am.

I really mean that.
I do work off tips.

This thing's amazing.
Where'd you get that?

It kind of came
with my... my pack.

It's fantastic.

It's a little... yeah.

It's a little dinky,

but it's got the tarp

Yeah, it's, like, waterproof.
So it's, like, heavy-duty.

It's perfect.
Absolutely perfect.


Oh, wow.


I didn't think I brought...
was glasses for the wine.

But we can probably
just swig out of the bottle.

Are you cool with that?

No, no.
I'm happy to see this.

I've... I've been
kind of dreading this,

'cause I felt
like you were so impressed

by my outdoorsy-ness.


And, um...

Uh, this is actually...

Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you kidding me with that?

I know.
It's embarrassing.

Who are you?

It's... I'm a bourgeois pig.

That is... that is gorgeous.

Look at that.
Oh, my God.

I know. It's got,
like, silverware and...

Nah, that's great.

It has a cheese board.

You saved the day.
No, you just saved the day.

That's fantastic.

Now I'm fine.

I love it.

Yeah, I thought,
"I'll use this all the time."

Jill, you're not
fucking around, are you?

But this is actually the first
time I've gotten to use it,

so thank you.

I'm honored.

All right.

Here's to not fucking around.


Can I get rid of these onions?
Is that fair?

No, that's part of it.

All right, let's have
one humongous sandwich,

and we'll cut it in half.

We won't use mayo.
That's a perfect compromise.

This is the best sandwich ever.


Can we get this disgustingness
off the top?


I don't know
if I put enough mustard on.

You have to put
a lot of mustard on.

I feel like I might...

may be
about to embarrass myself.

My heart's beating really fast.


How come?

Is that just me?

Maybe that's just me.


How come?

What's going on?


No, I just had, like,
a nervous feeling.

Um, but that just might be...

That just might be all me.

Oh, no, don't do that.

Don't do that.

We're even.

Yeah, all right.

We're even.

Allow the moment to be even.

You don't say soy cheese.

I don't say mayo.

We're adults.

Oh, you are the worst.

Luckily I caught it.

Look at you.

You're a pirate.

That help?

Okay, go!


Ah, fuck.




You broke my finger.

Don't even think about it!

Come on!

Hey, doing okay?

Mm-hmm. You?


Let me give you this.

Oh, thanks.

You don't...
I don't need it if...

No, it's fine, I made a...

It's fine.


Are you gonna do that
the whole time?

I might, yeah.

I might.

I want to see where you are.

Good part.

Do you like it?

I do.

Remember, jacks and jokers.



'Cause if you hit accidentally,

you have to get punished for it.


Ah, damn it. Oh, fuck!

That's a seven!

All right,
so you get all those,

and I get punished.

I decide.

That's right.

When we started,
you said seven.

Faster, faster, faster.

Faster, faster. Faster!


Which one do you want to do?

You want to deal,
or you want to slap?

I want you to deal.

No, I want you to deal.


Five seconds on the deal.

I'll do the first three.

You do the last one.

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, ready?

Do you feel good?

Yeah, I'm ready.

So is that what you choose
to do?

Then do this for the cameras.


There's a camera above us
at all times,

so you go like this,
and if you want to... okay.

If you want to hit,
you go like this.

And then you clear your hands

to make sure
you're not stealing chips.

Shouldn't you hit on the 14?

No, 'cause you have
to think about what I'm playing.

Not against a three.

So what would you like to do,

I'll stay.
That's a very smart stay.

That's a bad card for you.

Now I have an eight.

Now I have an 11.

Now I have an 18.

You lost that hand, that's...

Are we being...

Are we being way too loud?

No, no.
No, you guys are fine.

I was just coming to hang out.

Are you saying
we're totally fine,

but we're being way too loud?

No, no, he's asleep.

He got me drunk...

I'm sorry.

And I lost so badly.

And she's a total lightweight.
Here, drink this.

And then he was beating me up.

Are you drinking or...
I'll get my own.


Okay, you're up $100.
What would you like to do?

Do you guys need anything?
Yeah, let's have another.

Let's just get a couple
on the table.


Okay, so you lost that hand.

You're down 100 bucks.

She saw me lose.

It's fine.

She lost
a lot of money earlier.

All right.

Why are you so good
at blackjack?

'Cause when I was younger,

I used to work on
the riverboats in the casinos.


Yeah, my family,
we all played cards growing up.

So when I was, like,
19 or 20 or whatever,

my buddy got me a job,
or an interview,

with this Chinese guy

who ran a company
called "Network Management."

Which is just, like,
a fake company.

And then I got the job.

It was an hourly wage.

And he sent me on the boats
with 10,000 bucks

for eight-hour shifts.

I just played, you know,
with the company's money.

So I was just a worker,

but my game was,
you know, cards.

That's crazy.

Should we go have a smoke?

You want to sit outside?

You want to?

I don't want to wake her up.

Here, I'll grab that.

That's the problem
with heartbreak,

is that to you,
it's like an atomic bomb,

and to the world,
it's just really cliché,

because, in the end,
we all have the same experience.

But it's just you and me.

I was madly,
madly in love with him,

and we were total soul mates
and totally in love.

And then he said,

"I think maybe
we should just not."

I think he said something
along the lines of,

"I think we should, uh"...

and he's not, like,
a football player,

so this is a weird thing
for him to say...

"I think we should take a knee
on this romance stuff."

What does that mean?
That's so lame.

I actually had to ask somebody.

I was like,
"Is 'take a knee' a good thing?"



You've obviously
got a lot of love,

so that's there.

Some people don't.
Some people are snakes.

And you're fun.

And if Chris is lucky...

You know, you have babies

and do all that good stuff

and live in this house
or a house equivalent to this.

Yeah, you guys could come over
and play bridge.

Fuckin' pass.

By the way, I'm not doing
more double dates, either.

This was fun.

You love it.

No, I'm having a good time.

You know what I want to do,


If you don't want to do it,

this is your chance to get out.


I want to make a huge fire.

I'm good at making fires.

I can do it.

And we'll sit by the fire
and relax on the beach.

And fall asleep
on the fucking sand.

And if we don't fall asleep...

because there's a good chance
it's too uncomfortable

to fall asleep...

we'll put the fire out,
and we'll go to bed.


Do you want to do that?

Does that sound fun to you?

Are you just saying that?

Do you really think
it sounds fun?

I think it sounds really fun.

Are you just saying that,

or do you really think
it sounds fun?

I think it sounds really fun.
Okay, then we'll do that.

What about
if we don't fall asleep

and we stay up all night?

Are you okay with that?

Yeah, I think that's only,
like, four hours away anyway.

That's fine.

That's pretty great.

That's pretty great.
That's pretty great.

I have an idea.

Let's go swimming.

Why not?

'Cause it's 2:00 or 3:00
in the morning.

We got a great fire
and a six pack of beer.

So we can go into the water
and come back and get warm.

Let's go.
I'm gonna go in.


I'm gonna go in.

Why not?
Kate, just don't do this.

Why not?
No, don't go in the water.

Why not?

Last chance.

Kate, stop it.

Last chance.

Come swimming with me.

Come on! Please?

You're crazy!

♪ Lately I notice

♪ How things start falling

♪ Letters and rain and mood
are the same ♪

♪ Think I read it somewhere

♪ And there is a time
in between ♪

♪ Here's an image of

♪ Reaching, reaching up above ♪

♪ Psychotic rain

♪ September...

Got it?

I just got one.

I could... this is us.

I got it.

Oh, jeez, it's a hassle.

You got it?

Yeah, I got it.

Hey, listen, if you guys ever
need anything, give me a call.

Really fun.
Yeah. So fun.

Thank you.

Thank you.
So much.

So great.

Sleep well, guys.

See you later.

You have keys?



Do you want me to drive?

I kind of need to talk to you.


Do you want to go...
is there some place...

Where do you want to go?

Can we just go home?

I'm really tired. I'm...

Yeah, okay. All right.

Maybe we'll just drive a bit.

All right, I hope you pussies

are up
for some drinking tonight!

Look at this entrance.

No one's going home
to their significant other,

because I no longer have one.

That's right!

The shackles are off.

I'm free.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you.

So anyway,
get yourselves prepared.

Do what you need to do.

Cancel on your wives,

and, um,
I'll see you pussies tonight.


All right?





For you.
Is that for me?

Yes, the candle fell in.

Thanks, Gene.


Thanks, guys.
To your new life.

To your freedom.


It's a personality thing.

I would advise someone
in a reverse situation

to give you more...

Oh-oh, got 'em.
Got 'em.

Two shots of Malort.

Uh, no.

Right from the basement.
Go on.

I'm not drinking the Malort.

You're gonna have to.
It's a Chicago tradition.

You're single.
This'll erase all past mistakes.

I'm single!

It does?
Makes room for new ones.

Oh, my God!
Here we go.

It's like swallowing
a burnt condom full of gas.



Look at that weird form.

Well, it's this damn heater,
you know?

I don't know.


There she is.

Up top.



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.


No, it's good, though.

You sure?

Yeah. It's... I'm young,
you know?

Of course you're young.

Don't hold me down.
No, yeah.

Can't hold me back.

Hey, come outside with me.

Let's have a cigarette
and talk.

I'm gonna see you inside.

I'm gonna play games.

Hey, get out here.
Let's have one cigarette.

I want to hear what happened.

Come back soon.

You're the prettiest girl
at work.

I'm the only girl at work.

You still are the prettiest.

You could have been
the ugliest girl at work

and still been the only one.

You're not.
True, true.

I've been ten minutes out
since I got here.

I had one of these,
and then I said,

"I'm gonna have one of those,"

and then here I am.

Yeah, it's hard
once it starts going in.

I don't know what I am.

Four or five in?

You're five in?

I might've.

But I had a turkey burger
earlier, so...

You're really
keeping it together.

Yeah, I'm a quiet drunk.

You're right!

Oh, my God!

I know.

Let it sink in, 'cause
I've been thinking about it for,

like, an hour and a half.

It's really our bottom half.
That's right.

Top half, I win for sure.

Yeah. I'm gonna leave.

I like how wear...
we are, right?

The same everything.

Guys? I'm gonna go.

Gene, good night.
Always a pleasure.

Hey, good night.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Bye, Gene.

And he wears it every time
we all get together.

No, 'cause
it's a conversation starter!

We wouldn't have jobs
if it wasn't for Gene.

I respect Gene.

I respect Gene,
and I respect your jean choice.

Because they're the same
as mine.

Yeah, because
they're the same as yours.

Yeah. It's cool.

Hey, I'm gonna take off.
Want a ride?

Luke. Luke. Luke.
Luke, look at our legs.

Look at all how...

It looks like the same person!

She's melted.

She's melting in her shoes.

Yeah, we wear the same clothes!

Would you like a ride home?
I'm gonna go.

I'm happy
to put your bike in my car.

No, you can't go.

I'm gonna give you a ride.
Let's go.

Lock the doors.
Come on. Let's go.

Why? No, come on.

She's good, man.
She's good.

I'm not talking to you, dude.

But you know she's good.
She's fine. She'll get home.



Does he say that in Star Wars?

Kate, you want a ride home?

Nah, I'm good.



But wait,
I need to take a photo.

You gonna Instagram it?

I'm gonna mentally Instagram.


In the future, you can do that.

That's true.

You home?


Hey, where are ya?

I'm in here.

Hey, baby.


What are you doing?

Just working.

Can you bring me home
a shipping crate from work?

I was gonna put it on its side,

then put this in,
and then, like, mount it...

On the wall.

That's easy enough.
How many you want?

Just one.

I'm gonna get a beer.

You want anything
from the kitchen?

No, thank you.


I'm okay.

Thank you, baby.


Hey, you want to hear
something crazy?


Um, Kate broke up with Chris.

broke his heart or something.

What, today?

All... I don't know.

I think last night
or early this morning.

I mean, she literally
walked in this morning...

you know,
you know how much I like Kate,

but it's the thing about her
that's annoying,

where you're like...

You know, she came in, literally
going like, "I'm free!"

That's why everybody
went out drinking tonight.

She had, like, a party tonight

about being free from Chris.

And I like Chris.


Who knows.


Do you mind if I go watch TV?

I feel, like, emotionally...

No, that's fine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Do you care?

No, I'm just gonna...

Keep doing this?

You want to go to bed
in, like, 45 minutes?



Hey, babe?

Did I tell you,

I think I might actually go
to Costa Rica?

No, you didn't.


I thought
you didn't want to go.

No, I didn't.

Yeah, I just thought it was
gonna be kind of like a bummer,

like, trying
to re-create college,

but I was, like,
texting with Kelly,

and the more
I thought about it,

I just, like... I think
I'll be sad if I don't go.

How long are you gonna go?

Just, like, a week.

Is that okay?

Yeah, I just thought
you didn't want to go.


But I'm not, like,
putting you out?


Hey, babe, um...

Can I bring something up?

But you have to promise
not to get mad.

Jill, are you kidding me?


No, it's not... it's not bad.

Okay, what?
It's not... no.

I just feel like...



If we want to get married...

Which we do.

Uh, I think...

it is in our best interest

to reopen that...

Continue having
great relationship.

I just, uh...

I would love to reopen the floor
for that conversation.


I think the last time
we talked about it

is where we still kind of
stand... at least for me...

that we are gonna get married.

We just have to find
the right time

when we're not
as slammed to figure it all out.


'Cause figuring it out's
kind of the boring part.

Totally. Um...

Yeah, figuring it out
is the boring part.


No, I just don't want to, like,
be that couple that's like,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we're getting married."

Uh, yeah.

I just would like to have
a conversation about it.


We don't have to do it
right now.

Great. Great.

All right.

Can we not do... honestly,
I feel brain-dead.

No, no, no, it's...
I'm tired.

But I do feel the same way
that I feel.

Like, you know where I'm at.

Do you know where I'm at?

Yeah, but I feel...
but what I'm saying is,

that I think that...

If it just feels like
it's gonna happen...


We're never gonna
actually do it.


Um, look at that.

That was...
Look at that.

That's it.
That's everything.

That's the whole convo.

Are you upset with me at all?

Be honest.


Are you upset with me?
Like, I...

I don't want to be the...

And I do want to get married,
and I do want to do it.

It's just... I feel like
there's gonna be the right time

to get into it,

'cause it's gonna be
so much planning and work.

It is.
You're right.

And I think the right moment
will present itself...

if we continue to have these
talks to get us there.

Awesome. Awesome.


We're so connected.

I feel like
you're reading my mind.

How connected are we?

She's not wasting any time.

Yeah, well...

I'm kind of... I feel bad
that I know, to be honest.


What's up, boys?
A little bit.


You guys get after it?

How you doing?

How late did you guys get?

Not late enough, apparently.

Yeah, yeah, right.

You want to go in on a plaque?

Not particularly.
Do I have to?

we're getting Dave a plaque.


You know Ryan at the bar?

Dave went home with Kate
last night.

They were making out
on the street.

That's bullshit.

Making out in the street.
Before they got in the cab.

You guys saw it?
Not just splitting a cab.

Ryan saw it.

Ryan saw it.

If you can't trust him,
who can you trust, right?

Kind of sucks.

Here's Dave.

We can find out from the source.

I kind of feel,
like, bad that I know,

how's she gonna walk in here?

Yeah, totally.
That's crazy, man.

I wouldn't put
those two together.

No, me neither.

If I had to draw lines...

No, never.
Yeah, man.

Everybody knows.
The whole brewery knows.

I'm not getting into this
with you guys.

Hey, come on, man.

Ryan told everybody.

Ryan saw you.

So what?

Yeah, I'm not getting into it.

Come on.


I can't do
any more phone calls.

Oh, yeah?
They see through me.

They see through this.

You should drink some coffee.

I had so much coffee,
but let's get food.

I need some...
do you want to get some?

I'm slammed actually, Kate.

You're not having lunch?


We have enough clean kegs for
the stuff in the bright tank?


What's up?

What's up with the bright tank?
Are we good?

I'm working, Dave.

I'm asking you a work question.

What did you ask me, man?

I asked you if we have enough
clean kegs for the bright tank.

I'm not in the fucking mood,

Everything's off.


You got to...
you got to revisit it.

It's amazing.

And the next development
is a canning line,

which is great,

'cause as of now,
we can't sell the beer in cans.

Will you excuse me one second,


I'm gonna be right...
right back.


Where you going?

Going home, man.

Why don't you stay
and have one beer with me?

'Cause I'm having a shit day,
and I'm ready...

What are you doing?
Going home.

You owe me a beer.

I owe you a beer?

Yeah, we have to sit
and have a beer.

Hey, guys. Drinks?

Oh, we have plans.

Oh, we do?

All right.
Have fun, guys.

You want to all get together,

tip a few back
and see what happens?

Shut up. Dave.


One fucking beer.

All right.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go finish up with Eli.

I'll be right back.

Great. Close the deal.

I'll meet you over there.

Yeah, of course.
Thank you.

You're welcome.

I was full of shit yesterday.

I don't know.

Ugh, whatever.

Hey, here's the truth:

I'm done giving you shit,
and I'm sorry.

I have no place.

You are a grown woman,

and if you want to have sex
with a disgusting, bad brewer

with a terrible attitude...

I don't love Dave.

You smell good.



Surprised you got all of Dave
off of ya.

Maybe you're smelling Dave.

Mine would be a futon,
and then all... you know...

It's just very... it's cool.

It's, like, cozy,
but it's still all put together.

Jill, this place is so great.

Oh, thank you so much.

Yeah, she was
just complimenting it

and how great your style is
and all of that.

Oh, my style?

Yeah, you got style.

You got style, woman.

I've got a veggie lasagna,
but it's not done yet,

so I thought I would feed us
something for now.

Thank you. Wow.

You are the best.

This is great.

Hey, cheers, everybody.

To being in our house
and hanging out with us

and for making a great meal.

To our new kid.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad.

Couldn't resist.

I got her when she young.

She was 21.
She didn't know any better.

She hadn't seen the world yet.
I could really...

I have a feeling she knew
what she was doing.

I could really do
my C-plus material,

and she was like, "Wow."

I could be half drunk
and still make it work.

And then to evolve.
I mean, 21's so young.

And then you get older,
and so much happens.

You change in those years

Oh, yeah.

No, I for sure thought that I
was gonna fuck a lot more dudes.

All right, Jill.

I'm right here.

I mean, that's the thing.

Yeah, maybe, like,
almost fuck a chick

and then chicken out.

Right, just dabble.
That's what college is for.

But at least
I could have tried!


You still can, the last one.

I think that's great.

I mean, it's overrated.

That whole thing is overrated.

It ends in pain
and lots of walking in shame.

No, I feel lucky
I got a good one.

I didn't have to wade through
too many...


Bad ones.


Good thing.

Hey, baby.


Frank's an idiot.



You doing some packing?


What Narcissism Means to Me?

When did you start reading
a book of poetry?

Do you know who gave me that?


Uh, Chris.

Chris of Kate and Chris.

Why did Chris
give you a book called

What Narcissism Means to Me?

Uh, I don't know.

The title,
I can't actually say...

Um, I don't want this.

But he just came by
the farmer's market,

and, like, gave me a...

He went to the farmer's market?

Yeah, he came by
the farmer's market.

He gave me, like, a...

What a sweet guy.

Yeah. Yeah.

He seemed, like...
he seemed okay.

He seemed, like...

happy and healthy
and fine and...

Just, uh...

A reminder or a-a query.


A query?

Have you been thinking
at all about

the old marriage convo,

the worst convo...


In the history of the world?



Yes. I have.

What have... what have you been
thinking about?

All good stuff.



just maybe while I'm gone,

like, if you have thoughts on

just general timing and...


You got it.

That would be great.

I'll give it a lot of thought.

That would make me feel
really good.

Oh, good.

You think about it too.

I'm gonna.


Don't try to turn it around
on me.

You know I'm gonna.



What'd you do tonight?

Um, I had some work to do,

and I did some reading.

Here you go.

Thank you.

So what's up?

I don't know.
I was just out.


It's so hot out.

Just, like, sweating my...


Sweating my balls off.

Yeah. What's up?

Sit down.

No, I'm gonna stand.

Ugh, sit down.

I'm gonna stand here.

Tell me what's up.

Why'd you come over?

'Cause I miss you.


Um, here's the thing.


All right?

Can you please...
it's hard...

it's not nice
to be on another level.

You have to sit, because I can't
hear you all the way up...


Here's the thing.

I can't hear you up there.

Okay. Kate?


I was serious about
what I said the other day.

I know, and I heard you.

Yeah, well, what I said was,

I don't think
that this is working.

I think...


And I don't think
this is gonna work.

I think you're wrong.

And I think eight months
is enough time

to know
whether something's gonna work.

You know...

All right?

What the fuck?

God damn it!

You stupid fucker!

Why didn't you take that one?

Oh, my God!


No, I'm... I'm really excited
to see the space,

and I've heard your food
is awesome.

Okay, great.

I'll see you guys Wednesday.

Thank you.

That's what I do.


Hey, is your lady in Mexico?

Costa Rica.
Costa Rica?


Is she... uh, same-same,
sort of interchangeable.

You want to get dinner with me?

Dinner? Tonight?

No, in a week and a half.

Tonight, yes.
You do?


I'm starving.

I just have to make
one more phone call.

Do you...
do you want to watch?


All right.



Did you already pay?

I did.
Yeah, we're good.

How much do I owe you?

You owe me nothing, Kate.

Oh, come on.

You owe me nothing.

What a gentleman.

Thanks, hubby.
Oh, I like you a lot.

So sweet. So nice.

Are you ready?


Here you go, my friend.


Let me give you that.

Thank you.
Give me this.


Give me the pretzels.

You got a hold of 'em?



This is you.

Oh, thanks.

Here you go, ma'am.


Cheers to ya.

Cheers. Thanks for dinner.

Thanks for coming over.

Yum, yum, yum.

You want 'em?


It's so nice here.

So when we open up our bar...


Brewing in the back.

Oh, yeah.

Cuba, Miami...

New Orleans.

I still vote Cuba.
I think we could do it.

You do?

We just have to sneak in
through Mexico.

What do you think
the aesthetic is again?

The aesthetic is...

Walk me through it. You walk
in 'cause I like...

Reservoir Dogs
meets Casablanca.

How many times
do I have to tell you that?

'Cause all I think about

is fuckin' guys getting their
ears cut off in the back...

And dudes... no.

What a nice apartment.

I want a Jill.

Yeah, I'm glad I got her.

Can you find me one, please?

Does she have a male clone?

She's got a brother,
but he's weird as fuck.

I'll take it.

♪ So maybe later, man

♪ There's an elegant land

♪ In the darkness


Do you like it?

It's good.

It's groovy.

That's how I'm described a lot
by my peers.

"He's a groovy fella."

Good and groovy.

That's a very important
pressure point.

What's this spot?

That's your heart.

Oh, wow.

Oh, Lord,
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.


All right, come here.

I'm gonna give you a massage.


Be very careful
that you don't get hurt.

Okay, ready?

I've never been more ready.

Honestly, I've never been.


Again with the fucking sounds!

I'm vocal about...

You have to be more quiet.

I'm sorry, it's...

♪ He's always
standing outside ♪

♪ Looking in

♪ They smile,
but they don't look at him ♪

♪ They say
that it may take a while ♪

♪ To put more diamonds
in my smile ♪

♪ And maybe I won't even
go to work that day ♪

♪ I don't care
if I'm in trouble at all ♪

♪ I'll just sit on this hill

♪ With my fingers in the still

♪ Of the darkness


I have to pee so bad.

Do you have food here?


I'm not going far.

I just need a smaller place,

'cause my place
is meant for two,

and I am meant for one.

So I am moving
to a little place.

It's good.

It's got just enough room

for me and my imaginary cat.

Yeah, if you want help moving,

I'd be happy to do it.

Especially if you got to be out
by tomorrow.

You don't want to help me move.

No, I'm willing to help you.

You're you. I'll do it.

It's an awful job.

Moving is what happens in hell.


When was the party?

You were there.

It was for my birthday.

This is from
your birthday party, Kate?


Are you kidding me, man?

Well, I knew I was moving,

so I didn't bother, you know...

I feel like we should start...

First of all, I think
we should clean everything.

Oh, I don't know if there's...

it's gonna get dirty anyway.

The cake is still here!

I know. I ate it all.

It was, like,
the best breakfast food.

Here, I got bags.

All right, great.

Kitchen's done.
Oh, my God.

Living room's done.

Dining room's done.

Oh, my God!

Yeah, we are groovin'.

That's such good news.

This is a little chaotic.
Ooh, I'm so hot.

Just throwing it in like that?


Yeah, 'cause I'm just gonna
take it right out.

How about the towels?

You want to just throw those
on top?

Oh, yeah.

For protection.

I like your style, friend.


Can I have a sip?

Yes, ma'am.



♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ Hurt

I'm pretty impressed with us.

This is so much better
than it would have been

on my own.

Do you want some water?

Oh, it's weird
to see the bottom of my sink.

How's it coming in there?

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ There he unforeseen

♪ Passed the guitar

♪ And said
"I battered my car right now ♪

♪ Won't you please
give me your chair?" ♪

♪ We had a change of the moon

♪ We had a change of the moon ♪

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work ♪

♪ There he unforeseen

♪ Changed in the lazy chair

♪ And said,
"What's that sorrow you bear?" ♪

♪ And I could tell him

♪ He understood

♪ He gently took my arm

♪ He listened
to my tears till dawn ♪

♪ I dedicate this song to you

♪ Tonight

♪ We had change of the moon

♪ We had change of the moon ♪

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ Tonight

♪ When I came home from work

♪ Tonight, tonight

♪ Tonight

Your breakfast is served, lady.

Good morning.


Yes, really.


How'd you sleep?


So here's what I think
for today.

Tell me what you think.

I'm gonna take off.
I'm gonna get the U-Haul.

I already called it in.

If you want to finish
doing this kitchen,

I'll get the U-haul.

We'll get everything.

When we're done...

which I think we can be done
by 2:00...

we shower, we dress up,

and we go
to a nice dinner on me.


Do the whole thing.
Feel good about it.

Celebrate these couple of days.

Celebrate the move.
Get a nice bite to eat.





You good?

All right, let's do it.

You got it?

Ah, fucking Christ!


What happened?

Did you drop it?

There's a nail
in the fucking couch.


Ah, f...

Are you bleeding?

Did it get on the upholstery?

I don't even know
how to clean this.

Ah, fucking A.

Let's... let's just get it out
the door.

All right, just stop, Kate.

Give me one fucking second.



Fucking cr...


I just left the couch
sitting on the...

ah, fuck!

Yeah, I think
I'm gonna need stitches.

Oh, God, I'm gonna be sick.

Yeah, you got any peroxide
or anything?

Oh, my God,
I'm not good with...

Kate, get me some peroxide,

I'm sorry
you're not good with it.

I'm fucking bleeding.

Just get me a fucking
paper towel, please, then.

I have... I don't know...

Just do something!


Okay, I found them.

Okay, great.

Oh, my God.

Okay, here.

Oh, my God.



That's really bad.

It's really, really, really bad.

Yeah, it's okay.
It's okay.

Should I call... you know,
should I call an ambulance?



Ah, ha-ha.


Ah, f...

Ah, fucking piece of shit.

Hey, is this you?

Yeah, that's me.

Move your fucking van, buddy!

Wait, we just have to get
the couch in.

Hey, pal.

I don't care what
your fucking girlfriend says!

Move the van, pal!
Are you kidding?

Hang on one second.

Shut up, lady!

It's fucking hot out here.

I've been out here
for five fucking minutes!

Fuck you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I've tried being fucking cool!

Give me the fucking keys then,

Luke! Luke! Luke!

Move the fucking van, asshole!

Jesus Christ!
I'll move the van.

I will move it.

He's really... he's lucky.

You're lucky.

You're lucky
that no one called the cops.

You're lucky
he didn't press charges.

He's lucky I didn't continue
to kick his fucking ass.

Oh, my God.

What is the point of that?

That's so stupid.
This is so stupid.

Can I just call...
I'm just gonna call some people,

and have them come and help me
move out of my fucking place.

Kate, give me one... give me one
fucking second, please.

I made room!

This futuristic device,
I wasn't familiar with.

Please be careful with it.
It's my love life.

Is it? It's all you got?
Do you think it needs a box?

No, I think...
I think it's fine.

I think if you have any luck,
it'll break.


Oh, wow.

So manly. So strapping.

Yeah, I got everything.

Tell me more
about this beer you have.

Oh, ow, ow, ow.

Ow, ow.

Ow, ow, ow.

Oh, fucking Christ.

How's your hand?

There used to be a cool
magic store around here.

Careful with my pussy.

How long have you been waiting
to say that?

The whole U-haul ride,
you've been thinking...

All day.

"Oh, when he gets
to take that out"...



I know I sound
like a broken record,

but just to be honest,

this place... it rules.

It's awesome.

I think it's awesome too.

I think it smells like cats
in here.

It doesn't smell like cats.

I think it... I think it
honestly smells like a zoo.

I love wood paneling.

Wood paneling is amazing.

You don't see that.
"I love wood."

Honestly, Kate,
this place smells like rhinos.


It's great, like I said.
The wood paneling.

If you help me do the taps,
I'll do the taps.

Yeah, I'll help.

We just need stools
and the sign.

Yeah, we can pull
some stuff from work.

Just let me know.

Is that everything?
That's everything, yeah.

Oh, my God, you're a hero.

Thank you guys so much.
You're welcome.

I really appreciate it.

We're gonna go out,
as per the uge,

get some drinks,
so if you want to come,

just shoot me a text
or something.

Yeah, sounds fun. Thank you.

All right, enjoy the new place.

All right, bye.


Is it okay?

Yeah, it just hurts.

I might have...

in one of the boxes,
there's, like, Tylenol.

I don't know where it is,

It's all right.
Thanks, man.


Well, we did it.

Yeah, thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, sorry, my elbow
was pushing against your rib.


I seriously want to say
that I apologize.

For what?

For my elbow
going into your rib.

Oh. Ow!


So should we shower up?

You want to take a shower?


Take you out to that nice meal
I promised you.

Why don't we just go have beer
with the guys?

No. Pass.

Why not?

I don't want to fucking see...

I barely like Frank and Mike.

I don't like Dave.

We're gonna see them
tomorrow anyway.

I kind of feel like

I'm gonna have a drink
with them, though.

You should come, though.

You should totally come.

Have fun.

No, you should come.

We'll, like, play pool.

Oh, right on, sweet.
I feel like it.

That sounds really cool, man.

Play some pool with the guys,
and then just see what happens.

Play some...

Don't do that.
Don't be shitty, please.

We'll just goof around
with the guys.

Don't do that.

And we'll pretend like
there was nothing weird

about just going
out with the guys.

Why is there something weird?

Because we had plans.
That's what humans do.

We make plans,
then we follow through.

But if you want to go out
with the guys, then...

Stop. Stop it.

Then do
whatever the fuck you want.

Stop, you're not allowed
to make me feel bad about this.

I'm kind of allowed
to do whatever I want.

No, you're really not.

You're really not allowed

to make me feel bad
about something.

I haven't done anything wrong,

You realize that, right?

I haven't betrayed you.

There's nothing that you can say
that I've done that's wrong.

I am a single human being
hanging out with my friends.

I agree.

Okay, you may have
some other shit to deal with.

Don't... don't...

That has nothing to do with me.

I don't want to have one
of these big things with you.

I'm just saying.

I know you like the...
I'm not having a big thing.

Don't... just...
you don't have to touch me.

I think maybe
you should just go.

Oh, would you please
get a hold of this moment?

Would you please
get a hold of this moment?

No, I refuse
to be made to feel bad.

I don't have to be made
to feel bad.

Good for you.
Stop it!

Stop doing
the fucking face and voice!

That's not what I sound like,

I am not a bad person, okay?

You're my friend.
I agree.

And you're not allowed to make
me feel like a fucking slut

for fucking who I want,

because I'm allowed to,
because I am single.

You are not.

Don't do that.


I'm just
telling the truth, so...

Don't do that.

You made your own bed,
all right?

And you fucking slept in it.

Well, you didn't stop me.

All right, Kate.

All right.

Sorry it ended so bad tonight.

It wasn't my intent.
Have fun.

Go home...

to your girlfriend.

♪ Strands

♪ Strands

♪ Of

♪ Love




Hey, what are you doing home?

Hey. Sorry.

You okay?

No, I didn't mean to scare you.

Hey. Hey.

Hey, what
are you doing home early?

Oh, it just sucked.
Is everything okay?

No, everything's okay.

What's going on?

What happened to your face?

Jesus, baby.

Careful, careful, careful.


Come here.


What are you doing home, Jill?

Are you okay?

Yeah, just...

How come you're crying?

The trip was just shitty.

It was?

Needed to come home, you know?

Did anything happen,
or was it just bad?

It just...

It just sucked.
It just sucked.

Were there, like, fights,
or did something...

Like, I ripped it with a nail.


Oh, Jesus.

You okay, Jill?


When we were in Michigan,
something happened.

And I needed to come home
and tell you, um...

I went on that hike with Chris,

and, uh, we ended up kissing.

And, um...

And I just needed to come
home and tell you that...

I needed to tell you that

and that I'm really sorry,
and I really fucked up.

I want to be with you.

I want to...

I just couldn't not tell you.

I-I didn't want to tell you,

but it just felt worse
and worse,

and I had to just...

I just had to come home
and tell you.

Is that it?

I don't know.

I... yeah?

Are you in love with him
at all?

No, no.

No, not at all.
Not at all.

It was just, like,
a really pathetic,

gross thing to do.


You're okay, Jill.

So I say
we strike while the iron's hot.

You know, maybe even as early
as next week, hopefully?

We go out there
to Three Floyds,

and maybe, you know,
leave early,

like around 3:00,
next Thursday or Friday,

whatever you think works...

whatever works for,
you know, a lot of the guys.


♪ I tried your cocaine

♪ Just to know
what it could do ♪

♪ I had to try it again

♪ Just to give it
a second chance ♪

♪ But it tore out my soul

♪ Passed out,
crashed out on a mat ♪

♪ And that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Oh, lately

♪ I've been such a drag

♪ All down in the dumps, man ♪

♪ Moping and dragging my feets

♪ Coping
with a life of luxuries ♪

♪ Focused on my defeats

♪ And all the things
it sucks to be ♪

♪ Like the Great One said

♪ "It's a crock of crap"

♪ And that
was the end of that ♪

♪ Here we go

♪ Wait, don't go

♪ No, no

♪ You distract me so

♪ And you make it so easy

♪ To hide in the scenery

♪ In your vintage jewelry

♪ Like some
fucked-up bumblebee ♪

♪ Heading for the potpourri

♪ Of the ladies room

♪ Wait, don't go

♪ You turn me on so

♪ With your bee-sting lips

♪ And your pepper grinder hips

♪ Like a thread and the needle

♪ We're just typical people

♪ We're hoping to be friends

♪ Do cool stuff

♪ And be equal

♪ I think that's where it's at

♪ Can't we just say

♪ That that

♪ Oh

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Mm

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that, yeah

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that, oh

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ That was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that

♪ Was the end of that