Drink Slay Love (2017) - full transcript

Pearl is a typical sixteen-year-old vampire. Fond of blood, allergic to the sun, and generally pretty evil. But after a mysterious attack leaves her able to survive in the daylight, everything changes. Pearl's powerful family soon finds a way to take advantage of her new ability: they send Pearl to high school, to gather fresh young blood for an upcoming feast in honor of the Vampire King. The only problem? Pearl's starting to grow a conscience. How can she serve up her new friends -- especially the cute guy who makes her fangs ache -- to be slaughtered? Then again, she's definitely dead if she lets her family down. What's a sun-loving vamp to do?

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♪ Standin' it on the edge ♪

♪ Ain't scared of
what's ahead ♪

♪ Walkin' up like revenge ♪

♪ I was built for this time ♪

♪ Bleeding red like the sun ♪

♪ And takin' over everyone ♪

♪ Watch me as a I overcome ♪

Woo hoo!

♪ I was built for this time ♪

♪ And keep the blood
pumpin' ♪

♪ And keep the blood
pumpin' ♪

♪ And keep the blood
pumpin' ♪

♪ I was built for this,
built for this time ♪

♪ And keep the blood
pumpin' ♪

♪ You know I ain't stoppin' ♪

♪ And keep the blood pumpin'
I was built for this, ♪

♪ built for this time ♪

Do you want me
to slow down?

Would you if I asked you to?

Anything for you,
my darling Jadrien.

( lays on horn )

( tires screech )

Sweet Pearl.

Always looking out
for others.

I can't help it.

I just want to make the world
a better place.

( laughs )

Come on, I'm hungry.

Jim's Place?



It's not me,
it's my sweet tooth.

Just one nibble and we can
go home.

Do you need me
to protect you?

I didn't think so.

Thanks for your concern.

Always, darling.

Hi Brad.

You know me?

Name tag.

Oh, right.

Can I get you something?

Mint chocolate chip.

Anything else?




It's no fun eating alone.



You're not like other girls.

You have no idea.

Don't you want a bite?

Well, if you're offering.

( shocked gasping )


Minty fresh.

It's a shame you won't
remember this.

Something tells me it was
the highlight of your night.


Could you come back?

It's too late, I had
my snack already.

Hey, pretty bird.

Come here.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I don't eat wild animals,
just tame humans.

Come here.

Yeah, that's right.

I'm a vampire.

Is that a problem?

( gasps )

Who's there?!

What have you done?

I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Drink this.

Is that canned blood?

Dad, ew.

You need it.

Seriously though,
what happened?


Not the old amnesia
for sympathy ploy.

Blood tea, Mrs. Sange.

Did you come back for me?

You know I'm not
the hero type.

Well, then how did I get
back home?

Uncle Felix found
you tucked

under the eaves of
the front porch.

What's the last thing you

Getting staked?

If you were staked
you'd be dead.

So tell us what
really happened.

Why would I lie?

I was staked.

They came up behind me
and they-

They could have missed
her heart.

So you were beset by
a vampire hunter,

you let yourself be identified
and nearly slain.

Your carelessness may have
exposed us all.

You're grounded.


And I don't want you
hunting alone.

Not until we identify
the slayer.

You can hunt with Jadrien
or your cousin.

I can take care of myself!

Our family has many enemies.

You're our only child.

The crown jewel
of generations.

We can't risk you.

Especially not with
the ceremony coming up.

What ceremony?

Well, I wasn't planning on
telling you but,

since we're all here...

We've been chosen to host
the Fealty Ceremony.

( gasps )
Where? When?

I need a new dress!

In the wine cellars beneath
Greenbridge Estate.

In six weeks.

And yes, Antoinette,
please get a new dress.

And burn the one
you're wearing.

The Fealty Ceremony is
the most important event

in a young vampire's life.

To host the ceremony
is the highest honour

any family could hope for.

And that, Pearl, is why we
cannot attract the attention

of hunters or allow rumours
of hunters to spread.

The Fealty Ceremony happens
once every hundred years.

It's time to shine, Pearl.

Are you sure you're ok
with this?

You did almost die today.

All the more reason
to train harder.

( grunts )


The Fealty Ceremony.

The Sange family
just keeps rising.

And you just keep tagging
along for the ride, don't you?

It's so much easier than
climbing to the top by myself.

And I suppose you think you're
good enough to be my escort?

Of course.

I'll be the judge of that.

Show me what you got.

( grunts )

We're destined for each other,

Your skills and connections,

and my charm and
ruthless ambition.

We'd be unstoppable.

I already am.

( grunts )

Are you sure about that?

Just lulling you into a false
sense of security.

( grunts )


You surrender.

To you?

I surrender my heart
and soul.

Very romantic,
considering you have neither.

I cannot believe my mom
is making me do this.

It builds character,
my darling.

Though it'll take more than us
to get this place ready

for the ceremony.

Did you hear?

The king's looking for
a new consort.

Sounds like a thankless job.

Queen of the vampires?

That sounds so awesome.


My mom would have to take
orders from me.

What about Jadrien?

He already does.

( small laugh )

He's selfish and
power hungry,

but he keeps me on my toes.

It's like, when I'm with him I
can feel the blood in my veins.

Speaking of blood,
I'm hungry.

If my mom asks I'll be training
in the dojo.

You just got staked yesterday.

Plus, your mom said
no solo hunting.

My mom says a lot of things
that I don't listen to.

I'm not gonna lie for you.

I'll let you borrow my black
motorcycle jacket.

( sighs )


Hi Brad.

You- you... you know me?

Name tag?

( doorbell rings )

You can't kill Wolverine,
he's immortal.


In Death of Wolverine, a
virus from the microverse

turns off his mutant
healing factor

and he suffocated by adamantium.

So there.

Excuse me.

Uh, for pick up, right?


Can I get you something?

Uh, a small mint chocolate chip.

Yeah, sure.

Is there a problem?


Did you see that?

She had no reflection!

That ice cream would
taste a lot better

if you shared it with me.


You, me, out back.


Just making sure we're alone.

You haven't seen, like,

a white falcon around
here, have you?


An albino pigeon?

Any white bird?

I should probably get back
to work.


You haven't tried
my ice cream yet.

Something feels off.

Maybe you're lactose intolerant?

( gasps )


Time to burn, vampire.

Who's got the problem now?

You do.

Shoot her!

Dude, let's get out of here!


The sun!

Dude! She's so fast!

( screeching tires )

I'm alive.

Are you ok?

Are you in trouble?

I'm alive!

Yeah, I can see that.

What makes you think
that I'm in trouble?

Do I look like trouble?

Have you seen yourself
in a mirror recently?

As a matter of fact,
I have.

And I look hot.

I guess, I mean, if you're in to
the whole zombie hooker look.

Excuse me, that is
so offensive.

I don't look like a zombie.

I'm heading into town.

Can I give you a lift?


I could use a ride.

What're you doing?

Don't worry, I'll leave it
somewhere safe.

What the hell just happened?

( screeching tires )

( sighs )

Daytime driving sucks.




This is what I've been
missing out on all this time?

Humans are useless.

Pearl, it's nearly dawn.

Why aren't you in
the catacombs?

I must have fallen asleep.

You missed lessons.

Jadrien and Antoinette said
you didn't hunt with them.

Did you go hunting
by yourself again?

I have to show you something.

What are you doing?

What's going on?

Are you trying to kill yourself?

I spent all day yesterday
in the light.

Our vulnerability to the sun
is a myth.

Please, step back.

It could be a one-day miracle.

My sweet rose-

Step back, now!

Oh my gosh!

We can face the sun!

( screams )

( whimpers )

Take her downstairs,
and speak of this to no one!

No one!

Everyone out!


Get an ice bucket!

Except you.

And one for yourself.

Oh, I'm not really uh-

Do it.

Watch yourself, Pearl.

I don't know where this new
ability of yours comes from

but as long as it exists
I'm going to use it.


We need to supply a feast
for the king

at the Fealty Ceremony.

Finding dozens of humans in
our current hunting grounds

is problematic at best and
extremely risky at worst.

So you want me to hunt
in the day?


When you attend high school.

( glass shatters )

( dub step music playing )

This is so exciting.

This is so unfair.

I don't want to go
to high school.

Being locked up all day with
a bunch of whiney humans?

Now I really wanna
kill myself.

If you die can I have Jadrien?


It was worth a shot.

Ok, so what am I wearing?

I still can't believe that
you asked me to help.

You never ask me to help.

I'm asking you for one standard
high school outfit.

And please forget your
obsession with the 80's.

It depends on what clique
you want to join.

You can be a nerd,

a jock,

a weirdo,

a mean girl,

or a rebel.

Those are my choices?

If you wanna fit in

you're gonna have
to tone it down.

I don't want to fit in.

Do you know what humans
do all day?

Drink coffee, practice yoga
and stare at their phones.

That's it.

This could be huge for you.

When the king finds out that
you supplied the feast

he's totally gonna want you
as his queen.

Why would I want that?

Why not?

Power, baby.


Queen Pearl.

I guess I like the sound
of that.

I wish I was the one going
to high school.

Me too.


Here we go.

Hoodies cross all clique lines.

Are you sure you don't wanna
borrow some shoes?

If I had a soul it would
look like these boots.


Now listen.

According to all
the teen movies

the most important thing is
to be yourself.

I thought the most important
thing was to fit in.

By being yourself.

How do I fit in with a bunch
of humans

by being a vampire?

You're the crown jewel.

Figure it out.

I was just coming
to find you.

How are you feeling
about tomorrow?

I'm not nervous.

Definitely not nervous.

Why would I be nervous?

We've only got six weeks

so you have to ingratiate

to the community quickly.

Get yourself invited into
as many homes as you can.

I'm not the only source
for the king's feast, am I?

You've got a back-up plan,

We're counting on you,

Don't let me down.

I won't.

I promise.

( kids chatting )

Antoinette was right.

Nerds, jocks, burnouts...


How do you know my name?

I'm- I'm on the welcome

I'm Bethany, your student guide.

Your file didn't have a photo
but I just knew it was you.

I mean, we don't really get
that many new kids around here.

Hey Bethany.


What're you doing here?

I go here now.

Do you guys know each other?

She's the one who stole
my car.

I returned it.

Parking it in a tow zone.

Which I'm sure was not
on purpose.

I mean, everyone deserves
a second chance, right Evan?

He's not a morning person.

That makes two of us.

Just wait, you're gonna love
it here.

Everyone is super nice
and super awesome.

You parked in my spot.

Sorry, Ashlyn.

You don't own
the parking lot.

Hey Evan, when you want
a lift out of Loserville

let me know.

Are you the queen bee
or the mean girl?

I forgot the difference.

Don't mess with me,
new girl.

I'm all sting and no honey.

Nice boots.


She blocked me in.

( glass shatters )

( car alarm wails )

Uh, thank you?

Here's your class schedule

and a list of clubs and teams
you can join,

and a map of the school.

You're supposed to have
a student guide.

Oh, there you are.

I thought I lost you.

You're, like, really fast.

Clearly not fast enough.

It says here you've been
home schooled your whole life.

Your mother must be
some kind of angel.

Angel of darkness.

If you have any questions or
if anyone's bothering you

just let me know.

Don't worry about Pearl,

I'm gonna take good care
of her.

She's bothering me.

Welcome to contemporary
art lab.

Would you like to introduce


Final projects are due
in two months.

You'll have to catch up
on your own.

She can borrow my notes.

You want to sit?


Then I can grade two
art projects

full of sunshine and daisies.

Oh, I won't need her notes.

From the looks of you
I'm guessing

you wouldn't have taught
anything I don't already know.

Excuse me?

You've got a framed picture
of Andy Warhol on your desk

next to, oh my gosh,
an apple.

You're just a grumpy
art teacher

who's still bitter about
his painting

that didn't win a blue ribbon
at the county fair.

I'm sure your artistic teachings
are equally original.

That was fast.

Question: how many days
'til graduation?

An eternity, if you spend it
in the office with me.

( heavy music plays )

You wrecked my car.


You wrecked my car.

Yes, I did.

And I'll gladly pay
for the damages.

Yes, you will.

How about I send my parents
over with a cheque?

What's your address?

150 Mount Grey Road.


Are we done?

I can't tell if you're stupid
or crazy.

( laughing )

Or both.


Um, dude?

It's her.

You're in my light.

You're the new girl
everybody's been talking about.

And you're the two idiots
who tried to kill me.



We thought you were
a vampire.

We play a lot of video games.

I would have never guessed.

So clearly that whole thing
was our bad.

So vampires.

Is that like a thing here?

There is more to Greenbridge
than meets the eye.

We can tell you who's safe
and who's suspect.


Suspect. Yeah, suspect.

What about those two?

Keep an eye on the girl.

No one human can be
that perky.

Or cute.

Hi Bethany.

What's up?




So I noticed your
shirt earlier.

The one with the falcon
on it?

Oh yeah, you should get one.

Now that you're one of us.

One of us?

Yeah, the Falcons.

Oh, your mascot is a falcon.

For a second I thought
you were...



Coach hates it when we have
hair in our faces.


Any enemy of Ashlyn's
is a friend of mine.

( coach ) Start running,
I'm timing you!

I thought they were friends?

Oh yeah, they are
best friends.

They also hate each other.

That makes no sense.

Yeah, well, keep
your friends close

and your enemies closer,
I guess.

Not that you have to worry
about enemies.

I mean, you're like a unicorn.

A unicorn?


You just compared me
to a defective horse

who sweats glitter
and poops rainbows?

No, I just mean you're like,
um... you're like,

a unique and rare creature,
you know?

I mean, does anything
even scare you?

( falcon screeching )


You can't cut gym on your
first day!


Come here, birdie.

Where are you?

Where are you, birdie?

I'm not gonna hurt you.





What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

This is my house.

What are you doing sleeping
on my dock?

I was sleeping?

In broad daylight?


What is happening to me?

I'm guessing you either have
to lower or up your dosage.

Hey, I am not on drugs.

So far you've stolen my car,
vandalized another one,

ditched school, and
now you're trespassing.

Forgive me if I don't trust you.

I never asked for your trust.

What're you running from?

I'm not running
from anything.

Maybe I'm chasing something.


I hope I'm not giving you
the wrong impression.

I'm not hitting on you.

Why not?

No offense, you're
not really my type.

Well, that's too bad.

You have a nice ass.

( horn honks )

What the hell?

It's my parents.

I'm not supposed to have people
over when they're not home.

( inaudible chatter )

They don't look that scary.

They've adopted six kids
from foster care

and raised us all on
social worker's hours.

Those are some steel-toed
Birkenstocks on their feet.

Those are your siblings?

Half of them.

They look interesting.

I should introduce myself.



You home?

You should go.

Nah, I think I'll stay.

Pearl, I'm not kidding.


Where are you?

Come on, Evan.

This car's not gonna
unload itself.

I'll be right there.

Your first course.

Ashlyn's parents will be
expecting you.

And a cheque to cover
some minor car damage.

That's it?

You're not gonna ask me how
my first day of school was?

I have a ceremony to plan
for over 100 vampires

including the king.

I don't have time
for your ramblings.

Or your attitude.

I wasn't-

You have one job.

Get us invited into
human homes

so we can feast from them
and feed the king.

Do you understand?

Yes, mother...


I'm not your father!

Unless it benefits the family

I don't care about what you
think or how your day was.



What the hell?

I saw you sneak in here.

I thought you might be cheating
on me.


Of course not.

Why would anyone cheat on me?

I'm gorgeous.

I didn't get to feed all day
at school.

I didn't think I could
make it through

Minerva's etiquette class
on an empty stomach.

I missed you.

Maybe you can take me out
for some ice cream later?


You might wanna shower
before class, darling.

You reek of humans.

At the Fealty Ceremony you
will be presented to the king,

and after he has drunk
from each of you

he will fill a goblet
with his blood,

and once you and the other
vampires at the feast

have drunk from that goblet

you will be bound to him
and he to you.

The king is a cruel
and sadistic ruler.

He does not tolerate mistakes
or tardiness!

I- I apologize for my tardiness.

What do you think?

Does Pearl deserve
a second chance?

( All ): No.

That's what I thought.


( whipping )

( student chatter )

Back off, people.

Give the lady some space.

What's going on?

Seems like the new girl
has made quite an impression.

What's up, Bethany?

You smell pretty.

I noticed you didn't have
a notebook and...

and I just wanted to say
thank you

for standing up for me
with Ashlyn.

And Mr. Beairsto.

Yeah, well, I didn't do it
for you.

Oh, yes you did.

You act all tough but I know
you have a good heart.

( laughs )

What's so funny?

Bethany just said that I have
a good heart.

That's funny.

You're funny.

I might just have to keep you.

What about me? I'm funny.

Yeah, funny looking.

Dude, I'm unconventionally

Which is just a nice way of
saying conventionally ugly.

Ok, I'll keep all of you.


Even you, Evan.

All I ask is that you invite me
over for dinner sometime.

My parents don't like to cook.


( school bell )

Uh, ok.

Well, we better get to gym.

You're not that funny.

I see you met my parents.


My parents?

They came by with
a cheque yesterday?

Oh, right.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For... nothing.

I... I have nothing
to be sorry about.

I need to go to the nurse.

Oh, poor thing.

You know, she was puking
in the bathroom all morning.

If it's an eating disorder
it's not working.

I mean, those shorts
are looking a little tight.

( giggles )

Well, that was fast.


Kill or be killed.

Was it not like that
at your old school?

I was home schooled.

How's high school?


( grunts )

I loved your presentation on
the graffiti artist, Banksy.

Never doubt your art.

Oh, well that didn't work out
so well for him.

I'm having a sleepover
next Saturday.

You should come.

To your house?

I'd love to.

The night of the Fealty
is drawing near.

The ceremony is in two weeks.

Two weeks!

Before you know it you will
be kneeling before the king.

Try not to disgrace
yourself in the meantime.

You coming to the party?

No, I'm too tired.

Come on, come and play
with us.

I never get to see you anymore.

I know, I've just been so busy.

Supplying the king's feast
is a lot harder than I thought.

Be careful, Pearl.

You're starting to sound like
those whiny humans you hate.

You guys coming?

Have fun at school.

Hello my sweet rose.

Hey, dad.

I've been so busy
with the ceremony

I haven't had time to ask you
about how school is going.

Tell me about your experiences.

No vampire has seen
what you've seen.

They like to talk.

Their loyalty seems to shift
a bit but...

they're funnier than
I thought they'd be.

They're the enemy, Pearl.

Never forget that.

I haven't.

I know who and what I am.


Keep hold of that.

You haven't reported
in recently.

Not much to report.

I've been laying the groundwork,
gaining trust.

This is a complex hunt.

I hate to pressure you,

Your performance...

you've only gotten us access
to one family so far.

That's not going to be enough
for the feast.

We need more addresses.

I- I know, it's just-
it's harder than I thought.

Finding the right victims.

Uncle Felix tells me
you've been raiding

the stored blood.

You're not even
feeding yourself.

You must do better.

The king.

What happened to you?

If he sees the benefits
he will accept you.

Perhaps even choose you
for his queen.

And if he doesn't see
the benefit?

You've heard the stories,
I'm sure.

Not even I can protect you
from his wrath.

Speaking of protection,

have we found out anything
about this slayer?

It's possible it wasn't
a slayer.

We think it might have been
another vampire.


Humans are not the only ones
who fear us.

Our family is powerful

and many vampires would love
to take us down.

You must stay strong.

We need you now
more than ever.

Have you ever considered yoga?

I hear it's good for
anger management.

You have no idea what
I'm going through.

With my parents, the pressure
that I'm under?

My boyfriend?

You have a boyfriend?

You don't know anything
about me!

Everything was fine before...

Before what?

I don't belong here.

Wait, Pearl...

Don't touch me.

I swear, I'm gonna bite
the next person that I see.

Pearl, hey.

Are you ok?

Why are you looking at me
like that?

I need to talk to you.

Yeah, ok.

Come here.

Pearl? Where are we going?

It's getting dark.

Why are you taking me here?

It's dark and creepy.

Is this about Evan?


Because you know that we're
just friends, right?

Actually, more than friends.

No, he's like a brother to me,

No, just friends.

No benefits.

Except the AP History is
a definite plus-

Just stop talking.


Close your mouth.


I- I'm not gonna kiss you!

I'm not gay.

Well, neither am I.

But I mean, you were holding
my face

and all the girls are doing it,

and... I mean...

( laughs )

You were holding my face!

( laughing )
I was.

That's weird.

I guess I'm a weirdo.

Yeah, you are.

It must be nice.


Being you.

Living a normal, happy life.

My life isn't normal.

Or happy.

Little Miss Sunshine?

What deep, dark secrets
are you hiding?

It's not something I really like
to talk about.

When I was in preschool

my parents used to forget
to pick me up.

They were always forgetting
about me.

Anyway, one day
this man shows up

and says that they had sent
him to get me.

And I recognized him.

I had seen him around the house,
so I went with him.

He called me his sweet rose.

We walked home through the woods
and, well, he hurt me,

and one of the preschool moms,
Evan's mom actually,

happened to be walking by
and rescued me.

That's why Evan and I
are so close.

His parents practically
raised me.

I'm so sorry.

You're not the one that hurt me.

You don't have anything
to be sorry for.

Thanks for picking us up,

Pearl, wait!

Aren't you going to introduce
me to your little friend, Pearl?

What're you doing here?

Well, you said you
missed me,

so I thought it would be nice if
we could get dinner together.

A bit plain for my taste but
if this is what's on the menu...

Hey, what's going on?

You're gonna ruin everything!

Not everything.

Just this thing.

I am not a thing.

You must be Pearl's boyfriend.

And you are...?

Not afraid of you.

That's funny.

Very funny.

( groans )

She can handle him.

We can't just leave her.

Let's go.

What's happening, Pearl?

Nothing's happening, I'm
just on a complicated hunt

which you just totally


I've seen you hunt.

You're relentless.

You're spontaneous.


you're unstoppable.

Now you're... I miss you,

You haven't been the same
since the night at Jim's Place.

Yes I am.

Prove it.

Prove to me that
you're still you.

That we're still us. Please.

Please, Pearl.

Just like old times.

Hey, Brad.

Do you know me?

Name tag.

I mean, I remember your name tag
from the last time I was here.

I remember you now.

Those guys, they came in
and they were-

Nothing I couldn't handle.

You look different.

Before you were hot.

Now you're beautiful.


Uh, I bet you say that
to all the girls.

Girls don't usually pay
attention to me.

You're a really nice guy.

Some lucky girl is gonna
figure that out.

Are you some sort of angel?

( sharp whistle )

Actually, no.

I'm the complete opposite.

Shut up and stay still.

Don't look at me.

Damn you!

What're you doing?

Bite him!


What do you mean, no?

You're vampires?

Stop telling me what to do!

I don't owe you anything!

Or my parents, or the king.

The- the king?

Is- is Elvis a vampire, too?

Shut up, Brad.

I'm trying to save
your life here.

Did you hear what
you just said?

You're trying to save the life
of a human?

You're obviously sick.

I'm taking you home.

You don't get it!

Just because
they don't remember

it doesn't mean
they don't feel it.

Our bites ruin the-

Who cares?!

I want to ruin them
because we are vampires

and that is what we do!

( moans )

Bite him.

Bleed him dry.

It's not my blood.

Come in.

Did he hurt you?

I made a mistake.

I... I couldn't stop myself.


this was the only place
I could think of

that made me feel safe.

Can I stay here?

Just for tonight?

Of course.


You left me with Jadrien

even though you knew
he was dangerous.

Well, you said you were ok.

I trust you.

Yeah, well, you probably
shouldn't, but thank you.

So prom.

Is it everything the movies
make it out to be?

300 hot-blooded students
in heels and tuxes,

trapped in a room together,
slow dancing to Justin Bieber?

Yeah, it's super fun.

( laughs )

You should come.
With me.

Are you asking me to prom?

I look really good in a tux.

I'm afraid I have other plans
that evening.

A family thing.

Something's wrong with me.

I don't know what
to do anymore.

I feel so lost.

Sometimes you have to lose
your way to find yourself.

Did you read that in
a fortune cookie?

Bumper sticker.

What if there is
no right choice?

Then make the left one.

We're counting on you.

A vampire with a conscience.

So not what I wanted to be
when I grew up.

300 hot-blooded students
in heels and tuxes,

trapped in a room together,
slow dancing to Justin Bieber.

What is this?

It's my apology.

You protected a human.

Three humans.

You bit Jadrien.

And you nearly emptied
the stored blood supply.

And you got human stink
all over my favourite sweater.

The feast is in less
than two weeks

and you've brought us nothing.

I didn't ask for this!

You were the ones who made me
go to school.

I should be living it up,

enjoying the last few days
of my vampire childhood,

not worrying about how I'm
gonna single-handedly feed

the whole vampire kingdom.

You're right.

Maybe it was too much to ask.

But your behaviour
is unacceptable.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

300 students equals 300 pints.

Let the school borrow the estate
above the wine cellar

for the dance and lock
the doors.

Maybe we can take a pint
from everyone.

That way no one gets sick.

No one will remember
a thing.

It's done.

What happened
to you last night?

Are you ok?

When you weren't there
this morning I called her.

I thought maybe you had gone
to her house or something.

Well, thank you both for
your concern, but I'm fine.

I went home.

I made the left choice.

All fixed.

It's not all fixed.

All fixed.

Ok, why are you hanging up
prom flyers?

Because I joined
the prom committee.

I thought you were busy
that night.

Change of plans.

We're going.

How do you know I don't already
have a date?

I don't.

Pick me up at 8:00.

Woah, nice work on prom.

Greenbridge Estate.

My dad owns it.

The gymnasium is cool
and all,

but if I'm gonna do this whole
teenybopper thing

I'm gonna need to make
some changes.

Bethany... would you do us
the honour?

You're both asking me
to prom?

Otherwise we'd have to duel.

To the death.

Or until Zeke starts crying.

An ugly cry.

Ok, ok.

Yeah, yeah.

I'll go to the prom with you.



This was a bad idea,
wasn't it?

( together )

Thanks for all your help
on the prom.

I'm surprised that you
even care.

Yeah, well, caring about school
things is kind of new to me.

Prom isn't school.

Oh, Bethany.

Come here.

So, ladies,
Bethany has a problem.

I do?

She has two dates to
the prom but no dress.

Anyone down for
a shopping trip?


I would love to.


Did you go shopping
without me?

I did.

And I bought a prom dress.

When the king sees you in this

he is totally gonna choose
you as his consort.

Yeah, I don't know about
that whole consort thing.

I mean, I know he's our king
and everything

but he kinda sounds
like a douche-bag.

Is it as much fun as
I thought it would be?

Being human?

I'm not a human.

You know what I mean.


Sometimes it is.

( hammering )


Mother is really going
all out on the security.

We can't have any
students escape.

I can't wait for the feast.

High school boys
are so tasty.

Pearl, I'm proud of you
for pulling all this together.

Thank you, mother.

But I was thinking
about something.

There are a few students
that could be really helpful

in terms of making Greenbridge
High a long-term hunting ground.

Would it be possible
to spare a few of them?

I'm afraid not.

The king has changed
the plan.

He wants a blood bath.

Everyone will be drained,

then we'll burn down the estate
to cover it up.

It will be a true feast.

All thanks to you.

Blood bath.

All thanks to you.


Prom is gonna be awesome,
thanks to you.

Yeah, I think the whole
school's going.


We have to cancel prom.

We have to cancel prom!

There are going to be vampires
hiding in the cellar

waiting to kill you.

( laughing )

I'm not joking.

Here, I'll show you.

We need to talk.

Please don't fight me.

And keep your fangs in.

Yeah, I know who you are.

( clears throat )

Vampires, yeah, guys,
new prom theme!


Where are you taking me?

It's time for you to know
who I am.

Excuse me?

( falcon screeches )


You're the slayer.

( falcon screeches )

I'm not a slayer.

The rest of my family,
they're slayers.

I'm the healer.

What does that mean?

What are you doing?


Just wait.

I don't know what I am,
or where I came from,

but I know why I'm here.

I can help you.

You're the reason I can walk
in the sunlight.

And- and I have a reflection.

You're the reason that
I have a-

Conscience. Yes.


Do you have any idea
what you've done?!

You changed me!

You ruined my whole family!

My whole life!

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

Are you really?


Why me?

I've been watching you.

You're so confident.

Like nothing can stop you.

I thought if I can change you
I can change anyone.

And he thought you were hot.

I take it you're in on this
circle of worms secret.

Evan's the one who healed me

When my dad bit you.


But god, when Evan- when
Evan heals, people are animals.

They're always a bit better.


That's not a word.

Well, it should be.

We thought what if
I healed a vampire?

What would happen?

So I'm your guinea pig?

No, no, no.

We- we never thought
of you like that.

You are a new species.

Of one.

Until the Fealty Ceremony.

You know about
the Fealty Ceremony?

My family's been hunting
vampires for generations.

We know a lot.

The blood exchange.


You are like a carrier now.

And when the king drinks
your blood-

And then everyone drinks
from him...

All the vampires
will be infected.


I prefer the term "enlightened".

Ok, well, there's just
one problem.


Ok, so it'll take a while
for the enlightenment

to take effect.

The vampires will still
want a feast.

What happens if
we just cancel prom?

The king will cancel
the ceremony

and my family will kill me.


They're gonna stake me and
you won't be there to heal me.

There has to be a way to go
through the ceremony

and still keep everyone safe.

What about your family?

Would they help?

They would.

If they knew about you.

Which they don't.

You are so grounded.

You invited a vampire
into our house?

She's not like other vampires.

Does she drink blood?

She slept next to me last night
and didn't bite me.

She slept in your room
all night?!

Yeah, you probably should
have left that detail out.

I haven't bitten anyone
since he healed me.

Well, except for another

but he totally deserved it.

Look, I- I understand
why you're upset.

I was upset when
I found out.

I didn't ask for this.

I didn't ask for feelings
or friends.

My life was good.

But now it's better.


You know that's not
a real word.

Well... it should be.

Looks like we'll be chaperoning
the prom.

I thought my family was scary.

You should see them fight
over the shower in the morning.

Ok, focus!

People, we have two days.

The future of the universe
depends on us.

We're vampires, not aliens.

Ok, at sundown the students will
arrive upstairs for the prom.

The vampires through the
tunnels and in the wine cellar

for the Fealty Ceremony.

How much time do we have
between the blood exchange

and the feast?

About an hour.

There's a lot of dancing first.

Vampires like to tango.

There are two sets of stairs
leading from the cellar

up to the ballroom.

We'll need guards stationed

Marcus and Alan, you take
the front entrance.

William and Steve, the hall.

Remember to keep your weapons
loaded and be ready to fight.

Sherry and Tina,
you'll patrol the grounds.

Make sure none of the students
sneak out.

We can't afford to leave anybody
behind during the evacuation.

All we have to do is hold
the entrances

until the evacuation
is complete.

What about the tunnels?

What if some of the vampires
escape through those

and then double back?

The nearest entrance
is five miles away.

Once we- or they realize

that something's wrong with
the feast, a few might try.

So we complete the
evacuation before they notice.

Zero casualties on either side.

What about all the students?

You think they're just gonna
willingly leave their prom?

Peer pressure is
a powerful thing.

Get a few influential

create a reason to leave
and the rest will follow.

Absolutely not.

No, we cannot trust

You trust students.

Well, yes, but they are
all trained slayers.

Your classmates have
no knowledge of vampires.

Have you turned on the TV
in the last five years?

I mean, there's Twilight,
True Blood, Vampire Diaries.

She's right.

There's a whole section at
Barnes & Nobel dedicated

to teen vampire romances.

Everyone knows about vampires.

It's not gonna be easy.

Some people might not
believe us.

There's gonna be a lot of
people that are scared.

But it's our best shot.


I knew it!

This is so cool!

Aren't any of you scared?

Or shocked?

Well, I would be
if I believed you.

Show them your fangs.

( screams )

I'm not gonna hurt you.

She's a good vampire now.


Ashlyn, you-

Yes. My parents have
been feeding on her.

But that's why I need
your help.

There's about 100 vampires
waiting to chomp down

on everyone at prom.

We need to evacuate the prom
before that happens.

If you lead the way
everyone will follow.

Yeah, just tell them that
there's, like, a gas leak

or something.

Or- or you can tell them
that Drake is, like, performing

a secret show at
one of the after parties.

Just... seriously, anything
to get them out of the prom

and into the after parties.

Vampires aren't allowed into
homes unless they're invited.

Good to know.

It's either that or we cancel
the prom.


So, does that mean you're in?

Dude, this is like our dream.

This will make the world
a better place.

Screw the world.

No one messes with my prom.

You know, most people
the morning of their proms

go get pedicures.

I thought all we had to do
was hold the two cellar doors?

Well, this is in case some
get through.

Once the students have made
their way across the parking lot

we can connect the gas pipes,
light the fire,

and that'll keep the vampires

We're putting buckets of
holy water above every entrance.

Nice work.

And we've got this.


Good work, boys.

My mom said we can get ready
at my place.

Oh, I should probably go
home first.

Oh, uh, actually your stuff
is all in my car.

I need your- your help
with my make-up.

And your hair.

And my bow tie.

You don't trust me.


Like I said, no one,
and I mean no one,

is messing with my prom.

Wait 'til you see her.

She looks amazing.


Oh no.

( slow music )

♪ out of my dreams ♪

♪ Clouds don't give
comfort to me ♪

♪ Touch me and see
what it means ♪

♪ Come back to me, ♪

♪ stay for a while ♪

♪ Clouds don't give
comfort to me ♪

♪ Comfort is inside
your smile ♪

What is it with you
and that damn bird?

I found it bleeding
in the woods.

I healed it.

Now it just follows me
around everywhere.

So that's what I have to look
forward to?

A life of flapping around after
you and raiding blood banks?

How about a life of hiding
in the dark?

And sucking away innocent
people's souls?

I'm a vampire.

No amount of your white voodoo
light is gonna change that.

You can't change
how you were born.

But you can change
how you live.

How we all live!

You know what?

Have a nice life.

Or whatever it is you undead
creatures call it.


Ok, if this works,

my family will get to see
all of this?

They'll get to feel
what I feel?

What is it you feel?

I feel...

I feel like dancing.

( laughs )

Oh, my shoes.

Don't worry about it.

I got it covered.

( dance music playing )

This is the best prom ever!

( laughs )

You know, I used to hate
the way humans smelled.

But you smell good.

Good enough to eat?

I'm not gonna bite you.

I'd let you.

If you ever needed to.

Your venom doesn't
affect me.

Your smile on the other hand...

I'm coming to the cellars
with you.


You shouldn't have to do this
on your own.

Are you still trying
to save me?


But Evan, you already have.

Do you mean that?


You messed up my life in a
high-handed alpha male way

and changed me to fit
your ideals

with no regard for my needs.

Then why are you still going
through with it?

I always thought that humans
were so weak,

but ever since I grew this
damn conscience

I've never felt stronger.

( door closes )


Can I cut in?

She's with me.

It's ok.

Aren't you yummy looking?

No wonder Pearl likes
high school so much.

Down, girl.

Come on.

Evan, let's go dance.

Ok, let's party!

C'mon guys, do some...

You're looking gorgeous
as ever.

I thought you weren't speaking
to me.

I decided to forgive you.

We all make mistakes.

My only mistake was thinking
you were good enough for me.

Your mother wants
you downstairs.


( crowd murmuring )

Where have you been?

And why on earth are you wearing
those boots?

I had some prom business
to attend to.

She looks lovely.

You honour us with your hunt.

Tonight will be a triumph.

A night to remember.

Never fear, we rescued her.

You sent them to check
on me?

We wanted to make sure
you weren't late.

Forgive us.

It was our last chance
to parent you.

Our jewel, grown at last.

You will shine the brightest
of all.

It has been an honour
to be your daughter.

I'll never forget
your teachings.

( horn plays )

It's the king!

He's here!

In the flesh.

All rise for the king.


Your majesty.

You honour us
with your presence.

Welcome to your feast.

It is I who am honoured.

And enchanted.

I'm looking forward
to my dessert.

Queen Pearl.

How do you like
the sound of that?

Sorry to burst your bubble
but I will never marry that.

You will if I say you will.

We've got one hour.

Tell them whatever you need

in order to get them
out of here safely.

It's gonna work.

It has to.

I am your master, your lord,
your universe.

You will all answer the king.

( All ): You are ours
and we are yours.

I come before you before you
for you to pledge to me.

Your breath is my breath.

Your blood is my blood.

Let us begin.

Your majesty.

May I present
your newest children.

Sandra Dana Ryan.

( crowd gasps )

Forgive me, your highness.

My blood is your blood.


( sucking blood )

Remove this.

Carry on.

Jadrien Benjamin Givens.

My blood is your blood.

Pearl Rose Sange.

My blood is your blood.

Drink your fill,
your majesty.

I think I might.

Has anyone seen Pearl?

Give her some time.

Drink of my blood
and we shall be whole.

Join our hearts forever.

Let the celebration begin.



Harry Styles is performing
at Mia's after party!

Let's go!

Harry Styles!

After party, let's go!!

Out the door, let's go.

Let's go.

To Mia's!

( dark music plays )

Leaving so soon, are we?

I'm just checking
on the feast.

Don't want to disappoint
the king.

I knew you were changing but
I didn't want to believe it.

What do you mean?

I saw your reflection!

( crowd gasps )

In the goblet.


Explain yourself.

Forgive me, your majesty.

Repeat what you said.

She has a reflection.

I saw it in the goblet.

I drank your blood tonight.


Child, have you seen
the sun rise?

I have.

( crowd gasps )

And it was beautiful.

( crowd gasps )

She is a miracle.

She will bring honour
and power to you.

( hisses )

You are an abomination.

You are not a vampire.

Yes, I am!

But I have changed.

We can live together
with the humans in the light.

Live in the sunlight.

Well, that would be wonderful,

I like the darkness.

Who will save you now?

I will.

( fighting grunts )


( groans )

I know you told me
to stay upstairs.

I forgive you.

Just go!

( hissing )

Lock it!


Get them out of here!

Get ready!

Go! Go! Go!


They're coming!


Hurry! Run!

( fighting grunts)

Pearl, watch out!

Bethany, shoot now!

( groans )

Guys! Get the holy water!

( screams in agony )

There are still more
coming up!

C'mon, hurry!!

Go light the planters!

No, we're not leaving you!

We'll catch up!



Mom, dad, get the students
away from here!

C'mon, light the gas pipes!

I'm trying!

Give it.

Got it! Go!


Come on! Jump!


Go! Hurry!

They're headed for the tunnels!

Get everyone out of here!

Go, everybody!

Get inside a house,
lock the doors,

don't let anyone
out until sunrise!

Go! Go! Go! Hurry!


Stop this.

Come home.

I'm sorry.

You are, aren't you?

How strange.

I did this for all of us.

You're gonna love
the daylight.

Pearl, time to go.

I'll see you later, dad.

I hope so.

Where to?

My house.

Your house is too far.

We have to get
somewhere safe.

Ashlyn's house is
just down the street!

But you said vampires
have to be invited in!

Get in!

I promise I'm not gonna
hurt you,

just invite me inside, please.

Oh, I don't think so.

Poor Pearl.

So much for living together
in the light.

( fighting grunts )

Do you know how grateful
the king will be

once I return
with your corpse?

( fighting grunts )

I won't need your family's
power anymore.

I'll have my own.

( fighting grunts )

It's too bad, really.

We were good together.

We were just alike.

I can't wait for you
to feel it.



You drank the king's blood.

You drank my blood.

You're gonna be
just like me.

( fighting grunts )



Why do you care about
these humans?

You'll never fit in.

I already do.

They knew that I was a vampire

and they still wanted
to help me.

It doesn't have to be us
against them.

Please, Antoinette,
you're my family.

I don't wanna lose you.

You always get what you want.

( fighting grunts )

Are you ok?

Can you move?

Get ready.

( fighting grunts )

Heal her!

♪ Through ourselves
we send design ♪

♪ But the messages
are breaking ♪

♪ Pushing further in to fly... ♪

My hero.

I thought you were invincible.

Do you know how much energy
it takes to heal a vampire?

After you, I could
barely walk for days.


You can come in now.

Is everyone ok?

Best worst prom ever.

( laughs )

So, what's next?


( laughs )

I hope my family
comes around.

That the plan worked.

If not, I'll have to take
Bethany up on her offer

and live with her.

You know the perkiness
isn't an act, right?

She's like that all the time.

( laughs )

I know.

You ok?

When was the last time
you ate?

Uh, yesterday?

I can't remember.

No, I'm not gonna bite you.

Yes, you are.

No, I'm not.

Pearl, bite me.

How long have you been
waiting to say that?

So long.