Drifting Home (2022) - full transcript

Kosuke and Natsume have been friends since childhood, but as time goes on the relationship between the two sixth graders seems strained as they keep avoiding one another. One day during their summer vacation, they go to a housing complex that is scheduled to be demolished. Having grown up there, the place holds a lot of memories, but while playing, they suddenly get caught up in a mysterious phenomenon and when they regain consciousness, they see an entire ocean before them as the housing complex has drifted into a mysterious sea and Kosuke and Natsume with it. Will they be able to return to their previous world? A summer farewell journey begins.

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Summer vacation.

I stocked up on Butamen instant noodles.

What am I gonna do
until school starts again?

I might get cursed.

What? How come?

Because I saw some kid's ghost here.

What?! Right before we tear it down?

- Look!
- Huh?!

Anyway, what should I have for lunch?

What?! Were you just messing with me?!

I heard our manager saw it.

Really?! But this is the first demo site
I've been assigned to.

Lucky you.

Grandpa Yasuji.

The Kamonomiya apartment complex
was built some 60 years ago.

Some call it the haunted apartments,
but we called it home.

It was Natsume's and my cherished home.










Dinner's ready!

What are you doing?!

Finish your summer assignments early
if you want to enjoy

the last summer break
of elementary school!

But don't get hurt doing anything silly.

I'll see you at the summer festival.
Take care!

All rise! Attention! Bow! Goodbye!

Natsume, are you okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine! See you, bye-bye!


Kumagaya! Huh?!

Reina, sorry!

Reina! Are you okay?

Are you all right?

- What's wrong with you?! That hurt!
- Sorry.

Natsume, look!

- What?
- Didn't you make that in art class?

What's that garbage?


No problem. It's fine, it's fine!

I'm here to see Kumagaya, not you.


I'm going to Florida in two days,
but we have one extra seat.


You mind if I borrow Kumagaya?

You don't have to ask me.

He's all yours.

We're going to a theme park in Florida.
If you'd like to join us...

There you are, Natsume!

We're going to the haunted apartments

What? Why?

The summer-break research project!
The details are secret!

Hey, you'll come too, right, Kosuke?!

Back off! I'm talking to Kumagaya here!


The Kamo Elementary School Soccer Club
is all-in-one and one-in-all!

- What?
- You mean all for one, and one for all?

Shut up, you runt!

You're a runt too!

You're the last person
I wanna hear that from!

Those apartments...!

Don't go there. It's dangerous.
They're tearing them down.

Yeah, but...

She's right, Taishi.

We can still go!

See? Kumagaya should come with me to...

Jeez! You guys never shut up.
I ain't going with either of you!

Hold up! Kosuke!

See ya!

What? Kumagaya!

- No running in the hallway!
- Yes, sir.

Stupid boys!


I wish Natsume would
come back to the club.

We got a practice game
with Naka Elementary next week!

You guys are our forwards
and our brothers!

We're not brothers.

The haunted apartments!
There's a ghost there!

- Everyone says so!
- Hey, Taishi!

Kosuke and Natsume used to live there!


You guys wanna play
Super Smash Bros. at our new place?


Last one there gets the crappy controller!

No way! I want the pro controller!

- I don't want the crappy one!
- Wait up!

I'm home!

Oh, Natsume.

I know. The place is a mess.


I'm sorry.

I wanted to make you proud by DIYing it,

but I don't have the energy
after working from home.

Why don't you start jogging?

I'll think about it.

By the way,

did they tear down
that apartment complex yet?

Who knows? I sure don't.

Oh. But it's kind of sad.

You spent a lot of time there
with Yasuko and Mr. Yasuji too.

I wish I could've properly thanked them.

Here you are!

Come on!

Clean up the rest yourself.

Looks like it's takeout again tonight.

Maybe I'll get the sukiyaki rice bowl
from Gusto again.

Here's the sukiyaki, Grandpa's favorite.

Come on, get going!

What a pain.

How's Natsume doing lately?

No idea.

You two were practically inseparable!

And Satoko? That was just like her.

The moment she returned,
she took Natsume back with barely a word.

It's so dreary without her,
and you're so cold.

- Thanks for dinner.
- You're finished already?

You didn't eat your shiitake again!



We're going to the haunted apartments

Seriously?! Don't tell me
the research project's about...

I wonder...
You'll find out when we get there!


What's taking them so long?



What are we doing?

Operation Ghost Trap!


- He says we're gonna catch and study it.
- It's our research project!

Just humor him, Kosuke.

What the heck?

- Let's go, you guys!
- Okay!

Why use these?

- Why not smartphones?
- Okay over there?!

Who's there?!

Hey, don't do this to me. Please don't.

Jeez, this is all his fault!
This really sucks.

Over here!

Taishi, you idiot! What are you doing?

Whoa! Ow!

Nope, this one's sealed shut too.


There's Kosuke's old apartment.

Hey! Over here!

I bet this is the one!

- Hey, let's go. We're never gonna...
- Whoa!

It opened! Awesome!
I bet there's a ghost in here!


Are you gonna get rid of it?

It won't open!

Of course it's locked.

It opened!

- What?
- Seriously?!

Hey, Taishi! Take off your shoes!


- Oh, Kosuke...
- Awesome!

Taishi went inside with his shoes on!


Where are you?!

Who cares? I don't live here anymore.

You there?! Come out!

Pardon our intrusion.

Where are you?! Show yourself!

Your unit was
above this one, right, Kosuke?

- Yeah.
- So this one's your grandpa's.

Hey, knock it off!

Let's go!

I know you're here!

What's wrong, Taishi?

It's a ghost.


That's Natsume.

- Let's go.
- What?


Shut up, you idiot!

What about our soccer game?!



- Noppo?
- Noppo?

What are you guys doing here?

That's what we'd like to ask you!

I was just taking a nap.

We can see that.

But why here?

And who's Noppo?

Taishi, Yuzuru. I'm sorry
I can't go to soccer club.

So you came to join us
too, Natsume?! All-in-one?!

You mean "all for one."

No, I'm here
because Noppo's always upstairs.

It's up here.


You can go up there? How'd you open it?!

It was already open.

It must be fate!

Noppo, are you there?


We're pretty high up.

Taishi, be careful you don't fall.

There's a tent! Natsume, are you camping?!

Well, something like that.


Noppo's always here,
so I set it up for him.


So, who's this Noppo?

He said he used to live
in this apartment complex.

Can I go in the tent?!


Is he our age?

Yeah, but he's really tall.

That's why he's called Noppo?

Exactly! He won't tell me his real name,

and it doesn't seem
like he wants to go home.

Maybe he's the ghost.

What? He's not a ghost.

So, where is he?


You're just making excuses
because you want to be here.

I bet you were the one
who unlocked the door to get in here.

Even so, I couldn't just ignore him.

Don't lie.

I'm not!

Once you've been
to an American theme park,

there's no going back to a Japanese one.

I'm on the first flight tomorrow,

so let me know now
if you want any souvenirs!

Hey, look!

There's a tent!

Aren't they from our class?

That's the haunted apartments.

Why would they play there?

Boys are such Neanderthals.
They are all idiots.

Come on, let's go.

It's Kumagaya.

What? Where?!

I don't see him anywhere.

Where is he?


The early bird gets the worm.

- Answer when opportunity knocks!
- What?

My sister says that about boys.

No, it's not like that.

I'm just annoyed
because he ignored me yesterday!

I'll go give him a piece of my mind.

What? You're going there?


Wait, Reina!

I'll find him in no time!

You're obsessed with this place.

It's not like that.

- Let's take it down a notch, okay?
- You don't even come to the club.

You're not finished cleaning up?
Stop lying! It's been two months!

It's not a lie! My mom's...

It's the runt!

Shut it. My business
is with Kumagaya, not you.


It's their usual marital spat.

Kosuke's yelling at her,
saying she should stay out of here.

She's causing trouble again.

You're the one who's lying!

Then again, we're here too, so...

Try me. You'll just lie again.

Natsume! Enough already!

- It's none of your business.
- You're bothering Kumagaya!

You shouldn't even be here!

What is this anyway?

Don't touch that!

What's your problem?!

You're playing with this old junk?

No! Give it back!

Hey, let go of me!

I said give it back!

That hurt.


Are you okay?

I'm gonna tell the teacher and my dad too!

This is Grandpa's, isn't it?

That is...

I was looking for this.

What are you doing
stealing other people's stuff?


I'm taking it back.


Grandpa kicked the bucket,
but you're still barging into our home.

You make me sick!

I see.

So that's how it's gonna be?

What do you mean?

We always played together
and lived together for so long.

I can't believe you said that!

You have nothing to do with my family!

You're an idiot!

Crap! Stop!


I said stop!


Stop it!

- Natsume!
- Natsume, that's dangerous!

Get down from there!

Stay away! Leave me alone!

Get down here!

No! Don't come up!

Give me your other hand!



There she is!


- Natsume!
- Natsume!

Natsume, are you all right?!


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thank goodness.

No way.

There's nothing there!

You mean we're floating?

That's salty!

The town vanished in an instant!

Yeah, right! We probably just got
washed away by that downpour.

Then we're the only ones who survived?

No way.


There's a ship approaching!

- What?!
- Seriously?!

This is insane!
Is this some kind of drill?!

They've come to our rescue!


- Oh! Don't push!
- Hurry up!

- That hurts!
- You idiot!

- You're too heavy!
- Ouch!

Whoa, that's way too close!

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Help us!
- What is this?! Wait!

- Wait!
- Don't go!

Don't ignore me! Hey!

It's leaving!

Hey, we're right here!

Wait for us!


There it goes.

No signal?!

Why is this happening?

I can't connect with this either.

Any way you slice it,
we're in the middle of the ocean.

Is this even Japan?

A drifting home!

- What?
- How's that possible?

This is your fault!
What are you gonna do about it?!


It's all because you were here
in the first place!

- I didn't know this would happen.
- Liar!


I was just...

Just what?!

...here because of Noppo.

Who? There's nobody but us here!

You're such a liar!

I'm not lying!

Then let's see him!

Cut it out! We should be
figuring this out, not arguing.

Well then, what should we do?

Natsume, you've been here awhile.

Don't you know anything about this place?

Well, not really.

I don't know.

I don't trust her.


The room downstairs
might have some food. I'll go look.

I don't trust her.

Is it really my fault?

- Pea pod crisps!
- Her project's fixed.

What was she doing here?

She said she was camping.

What a Neanderthal.

- Is it okay to eat this?
- Kumagaya?

- After we ask Natsume.
- Hey!

Come on!

I don't get it.

Wanna drink some of this?

What's her problem?

When someone's worried about you,

you should tell them what's wrong
instead of running away.

Hey, I know!

This must be a prank,
so there's no point worrying about it!

- What?
- A prank?

I seriously doubt it.

The ship we saw
was probably keeping an eye on us.

That explains it!

If that's what they want,
let's enjoy this as much as we can!

That's true!

Right, Kumagaya?

There's no way this is a prank!

This is some kind of freak accident!

But we'll get back home no matter what!

But how, Kumagaya?

Don't worry about it. Just leave it to me!


You said, "Leave it to me."

Our SOS signal,

our walkie-talkie,

our fireworks,

and our endless searches with binoculars,

they all failed.

Worst-case scenario,
we build a raft and escape...

No way I'm doing that!

That's even more dangerous than this
if we don't reach land!

That's true.

I can't take it anymore!
I'm all sweaty, and there's no shower!

And I have to pee.

Just go in the ocean.

No way in hell!

What's she doing anyway?!
This is all her fault!

Reina, calm down!

Whoa, it's so dark!

Kumagaya, where are you going?

Room 101. It was pretty clean.

What about Natsume?

She'll be fine!

- Reina...
- Someone's there.

Oh, I bet it's just her.

What're you doing in there?

Don't go.

- Reina, hurry!
- I am!

Wait for me!

There really is a ghost here!
This isn't a prank!

He probably brought us here!

Open up.

He's gonna murder us!

I'm too young to die!

Me too!

Hey! There's a light up there!

What is this?! Some kinda evil ritual?!

We're trapped!

- He's here!
- He's here!


Natsume? What are you doing?

You found me already? Where's Noppo?

Wait up.

Kumagaya, help me.

Don't go.

This is Noppo.
He says he used to live here.

He really does exist.

He's even taller than Yuzuru.

- I bet you're really in middle school.
- Which one?! You in a club?!

Forget about that!

You have any food?

What is that anyway?

It's oil from the demo site.
We'll need it at night, won't we?

I thought it was some evil ritual.

It's pretty and puts my mind at ease.

There's food too.

Butamen jackpot!

Lots of snacks too!

Drinks too.

Water jackpot!

Cola too!

You brought all of this?

But that won't be enough,

so I was boiling rainwater
with this stove Noppo made.

That's disgusting.

You can wash off too.

Like a shower?! I can take one?

Washing with seawater
and rinsing with freshwater's not so bad.

Noppo and Natsume, you guys are amazing!

We'll live here!

- What? No way!
- Cola!

Listen, everyone.


Actually, I've been here before.

You've been here? Like on a ship?

No, in this building.

I was here when I suddenly found myself
out to sea a few times.

Why didn't you tell us?

Sorry. I couldn't bring myself to say it.

But don't worry.
I'm always back home when I wake up.

This must be a dream!

- What?!
- Seriously? But it's so real.

That's just dumb!

It'll be all right.

Even after a whole night here,
no time had passed back home.

Yeah? Then we'll be fine!

It sounds crazy,
but if you say so, Natsume, I believe you!

No way!

I believe you too, Natsume!


It's a one-night camp!

Sounds exciting when you say it like that!

Boys are so stupid!


There's no way this is a dream.

I bet you're delusional
from holing up here too long.

Kosuke, don't be such a jerk.

Can't you guys make up?

That's not the issue!

We should do something,
not talk about all this stupid stuff!

Like what?

I'll be the lookout upstairs.

Help will come.
Getting back home comes first!


He's gone. I wanted to play cards.

Hey, where's the bathroom?

No way.

This really is real?

I dreamed I was eating at McDonald's.


This is the first time
I've felt hungry in a dream.


How can this be a dream?

We're still here when we wake up.

Our phones won't connect.
I'm hungry, but there's nothing to eat.

We're just waiting to die.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure we'll get home soon.

I hate that fake smile of yours.


Natsume, wait!


Here. But there's not much left.

Oh, it's you.
I'm not hungry, so I don't need...

What's that?

I've come up with some ideas.

I'd like to hear them.

Well, maybe just a bit.

In the past four days, we've seen
other buildings drifting like ours.

Who knows when we'll get back,
so we'll need food for the long haul.

If we can't even catch fish,
we gotta go stock up.

The next time that building passes by,
I'll jump onto it with this!

With this rope?

I tied one end
to the roof's electrical cable

and the other end to a piece of antenna.

I'll use it like a grappling hook
and make a zip line.

Kosuke, that's amazing.

Not really. I'm actually scared.


Kosuke, come join us. Everyone's waiting.

Like I'd really go back there now.

Natsume's doing the best she can.


She's worried.

She won't say it,
but she's waiting for you. She's...

Stop talking about Natsume.

How do you know so much about her?

Even I don't understand her.

I know she needs you, Kosuke.

Who are you to say that?!



Isn't that...?


Dang it.


What the...?!


Here goes!


This really is Narahara's indoor pool.

What was that?

What are you doing?

Why are you...

You jerk! You made
that big noise on purpose!

What are you talking about?


Whatever. You came to Narahara
to find food, right?

Yeah. But why'd you have to follow me?

I'd be worried if you were alone.

I'll help, so quit peeking
into the changing room. Hurry!

What?! This is the boys' changing room!

Wait up!

I remember these photos.
Maybe the other rooms stayed the same!

This way!

Find anything?

Not yet.

There might be some emergency rations.

How's this possible?

Narahara was torn down
when we were in third grade.

Forget about that! Just look!

I know! But it's only natural
to wonder about this.

You're gonna do that now?

I can't help it!

Look who's hungry now!

I just remembered something!

There were vending machines upstairs!


We gotta hurry!

Found 'em!


Whoa! Hey, that's dangerous!

It's fine! See?

Kosuke, get over here.

I said that's dangerous!


You okay?!

I'm... fine.

What do you mean you're fine? Hang on.

I'm the one who said it was a dream,
but this really hurts.

This has gotta be real!
That's why I warned, you idiot!


Okay. All done.

What a waste of time. We gotta hurry.

- Kosuke.
- Just wait right there!

Darn it.

Jeez, I would've been
better off on my own.

You always dash ahead
and end up getting hurt during our games.

You may score more points than me,
but an injured player is a useless idiot!

Don't say that!

Hey, I said wait!

We're the two forwards
in our two-forward formation!

But you're a wimp!
You can't take a shot on your own!

Shut up! I'm perfectly fine without you!

I came here to help,
and that's all you can say?!

- Be quiet!
- This is nothing!

Just leave it to me!

This is why I can't leave you alone.

I can do it myself!

See? This is where
we have to cooperate, you little brat!

Stop acting like a big sister!
I can do it!

You can do what? You're a little brat
who can't understand how others feel!

Only a little brat
would hole up in that apartment!

I was worried about you too!

Mind your own business!

That's my line!

Just forget it.

- Let's do this!
- Let's do this!

It's no use. Dang it.




- It's the guys.
- Hurry up!

Hurry up and get back here!

You're drifting away!

Time's up! We won't be able to get back!



Everyone's gonna...

Don't worry. We'll get some food somehow.


Let's get back to the apartment!

You don't have to tell me that.

I know!

Cut it out!

Jeez, just when I'm trying to...

Somebody there?





Use that rope to get back!

Kumagaya, are you okay? Did you get hurt?


Wow, awesome!

What's all this?!

It's a huge haul!

It looks so good!

Open 'em up!

How did you guys get this?


Rice jackpot!

It's almost expired.

This one's expired,
but I'm sure it's still okay!

Little runt, you test it out.

- What?!
- Reina!

- Hey, wasn't that Narahara?
- Yeah.

Wasn't it gone by the time
we were in fourth grade?

Did it get washed away too?

Natsume, is your leg okay? It's bleeding.

I took a little spill,
but I'm fine, I'm fine!

That's a relief. Natsume, you're so cool.

You have guts! Right, Reina?

What? Don't ask me!

I bet Kumagaya did all the work!

No, I...

Yeah, it's thanks to Kosuke.

So then you two made up!

No, this isn't
about making up or anything,



Kumagaya, come over here.
Just forget about her.


Natsume, it's fine with you, right?

Kosuke, stay here with us.

Well, okay.

Oh yeah! Kosuke, we made a huge discovery!

We just found it!
You can see it, can't you?

You're right. I can see
the water towers. It's our town!



We can get home.

Definitely, if we keep drifting that way!

All right!

Whoa! We're gonna fall!

What's wrong with you?

I can't breathe!

Doesn't Kumagaya kind of stink?


- The town didn't vanish.
- I hope my parents aren't mad.

Let's hurry back and ease their minds.



Kosuke, here.

Why are you...

This was for you from Grandpa Yasuji.


We were talking about
making your birthday present a surprise.

My birthday? You mean that day?

Yeah, you've always wanted one, right?

You planned this together?

It was supposed to become
a precious memory for you,

but I got in between you two.

I'm not even family.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.


I'm the one who...

That time...


Forget it! It's nothing!

Hey, wait!

You're supposed to accept this!

Wait up, Kosuke!




You were always together.
Aren't you gonna sleep with Natsume?

We were just little kids!

Kumagaya, where are you sleeping?

Still thinking.

Then, just sleep here.

I'm gonna go take a leak.

Hey, close the door.

What's wrong?

I gotta take a leak!


Never thought I'd have to eat weeds.

How long do we have to
eat these tiny portions?

- Reina, it's better safe than sorry.
- What?

You mean "better not play with fire"?

What the heck's that?
Don't they mean the same thing?

Noppo. Who or what are you?

What do you mean, Kosuke?

I saw your arm yesterday.

- Something was growing on it.
- Growing?

You said you used to lived here.

But I lived here too,
so I would've known if you were here.

Especially with your height
and those shorts.

Kosuke, you shouldn't talk
about people's looks.

I've always been here.


Ever since they built it.

Lots of people came to live here,
babies were born,

and the place was always filled with kids.

But everyone's gone now.

But I'm still here.

I don't understand what you're saying.

How old are you if...

He's a half-plant half-human monster!

That's right, he's a ghost!
Noppo is the apartment's ghost!

No way.

- Reina!
- Don't murder us!

Dang it!

I don't know if you're a ghost or not,

but you know what's going on, right?!

Why are we drifting in the ocean?!

I only know about myself. I'm sorry.

You sure? Maybe it was your fault...

Kosuke, Noppo really doesn't know.

It's not Noppo's fault.

Besides, we've all been living together,
so he's one of us now.

He's one of us? Are you serious?


That is not normal. He's a monster!

- Don't say it like that...
- And "living together"? Seriously?

Are we playing house here?

Did you forget it's your fault
we got dragged into this

after you holed up
in this run-down apartment?!

This is your fault.

Even if we get home,
it doesn't mean I'll forgive you!

What do you mean "living together"?

- This is the worst! It's filthy and...
- Reina!

Don't say stuff like that!

Does it hurt?

Maybe I'm not scared after all.

Noppo's tall, but I think he's a good guy.

You're really something.

What the heck? Then what about me?

You're a good guy too!

I'm afraid of scary things,
but Noppo has gentle eyes.

Noppo isn't a bad guy.

Yeah, we all agree, right?

- Yeah.
- That's right.


You really don't know anything?


No more secrets now, okay?

All right, let's eat!

- My rice ball!
- You can still eat it! Three-second rule!

I can grill it.

- Okay.
- Neanderthal.

What are you looking at?

Let me see!

Hey! You're asking for it!

No running in the hospital!

- Sorry!
- Sorry!

Today's your birthday, right?

Maybe you'll get something
from Grandpa Yasuji.

What? I bet you're
plotting something with him.

It's a secret.

You were all freaked out before,
and now you're completely fine.

I know Grandpa Yasuji will be fine!
Kosuke, you were freaked out too!

Shut up! I bet
you're probably still freaked...

You never shut up.


You are still freaked out.

Well, he's not your grandpa anyway,
so don't be so scared.

That's true. He's your grandpa after all.


Hey, Natsume?



- Go apologize.
- What?

Go apologize! Now!



That can't be!

Does that stuffed animal
mean something special?


Grandpa Yasuji bought it for me
when I was little.

I'd wanted one for a long time,
but I was holding back.

I don't know how he found out,
but he bought it for my birthday.

Grandpa Yasuji was
always trying to surprise me.

That's why I treasure it.

You really loved Kosuke's grandpa,
didn't you?


I guess you could say
he was like a father to me.

That's a little creepy
when it's someone else's grandpa, huh?

I would've been at that Florida theme park
with my mom and dad by now.

Reina, you really love
theme parks, don't you?

You're saying I'm childish, aren't you?

Well, so what?
That's where I made so many good memories.

It's probably the same.


I think this is
a special place for Natsume.

It has so many memories.

This place? You gotta be kidding.

Listen, I want to apologize to you.

About what?

I'm all talk, right?

I'm always letting you take charge
because you're so brazen.


I'm sorry I said all those things.
I'll try harder.


Let's make it home together
no matter what.

And then... You can
come with us to Florida.

When are we gonna get home?

Are we really getting any closer?

I'm so hungry I'm so hungry

A hundred Big Macs and ten nuggets

-Happy Meals aren't enough
-Taishi, you're making us even hungrier.

Shut up, you runt! You woke me up!

Kosuke, aren't we there yet?

Nope. It's cloudy, so I can't see.


What's that?

Hey, you guys!

We there?!

What, really?!

That fast?

What? Where?


Huh? That's not the town!

What? Jeez.

What is it?

Is it McDonald's?!

It can't be. It looks old.

- A department store.
- Huh?

Hey, what's wrong?

Kosuke, it's coming this way,
just like when Narahara drifted by.

Yeah. So?

- I'll try to get on it.
- What?!

We're low on food, aren't we?
I'll do it right this time.

Me too.

I want to go too.

Me too.

It's a rooftop amusement park.

This is Taishi on the apartment roof!
You guys better hurry!

Okay. Radio us if something happens.

Up there. We can't stay for long, okay?

Hey, Natsume!


What's wrong? Something happen?

No, I'm fine. Let's go!


I thought we'd find something here, but...

It's a total dump.

- How about over there?
- Nothing.

- Here.
- Huh?


Six years ago?

No way.

Wait a second!

What's wrong?!

Just wait.

What? Not again?

Is somebody there?

Hey! We don't have much time!

Hey, wait up!

This is...

Huh? This is what?


Hey, where'd you go?! Whoa!

There you are.

Hey, was someone here?

If not, let's get out of here!


What's going on? You've been acting weird.


I hated this place.



When I was little,
we came to buy me a birthday gift,

but my parents got in a fight.

I didn't get anything.

I'd forgotten about it.

I'm sorry. Let's go!

Kosuke! Answer if you hear me!

What is it, Taishi?!

I finally got through to you!
Get off there! Now!


Taishi, what's going on?!

Kosuke, now you guys
are gonna crash into us!

- This is bad!
- It's gonna crash into us!

Let's get inside!

This is bad!

Oh no!


Oh no! It's flooding.

Natsume, you okay?


- Noppo, how about you?
- I'm fine.

- Let's get out, quick!
- Okay!

What is this? Is that a kid?

Oh, crap!

Natsume, there's no time. Let's go!


- This is a disaster!
- Yuzuru!

Pull us over!

- Kosuke! All right!
- Yuzuru!

- I'll help!
- Okay!


Up there!

- Taishi?!
- Somebody help!

- Taishi!
- Help me!

I'll go!

Juri! I'm coming too!

Please save him!

Are you okay?!

Yeah, I'm fine!



You're okay now!

- What were you doing?!
- Reina!

On my mark!


Ready, pull!

That was close.

You gave me a heart attack.

Juri, Reina, you saved my life!

My walkie... Ouch!

It's okay. I'll get it.


Hey, Juri!

- Juri!
- Juri!

- It's Juri!
- What?



Yuzuru, we'll go help!
Pull us over that way!

Got it!

Juri, I'm coming!

Juri, hold on!



Kosuke! Natsume!



Wake up.



What's wrong with you?

I'm sorry!

Don't touch her!

It's your fault all this happened!


What are you gonna do
if Juri dies like this?!

Hold on, Reina!

If Natsume hadn't saved her,
Juri might've been washed away by...

I don't care!

Juri is... She's my best friend!

But you...

I'm sorry.

I can't take it anymore.

We'll probably never make it home now.

We're all gonna die!


Reina, stop it, please.

I brought some food.

Is your foot okay?

It's my fault. I'm sorry.


I know it's you, Kosuke!
What are you doing? Go away!

Come on! I came by
to hear what you had to say.

What?! Don't touch people's
treasured things without asking!

You are so hopeless!

You've acted like a little brother
ever since we were little.

Grandpa Yasuji bought whatever
you wanted when you sulked.


- I'd never act the way you...
- Hey!


I don't

think you mean that.

Huh? What do you mean?

I know you were crying.

No, I wasn't.

Don't hold it in.
That's why I came to listen.

The truth is

I'm a crybaby.

You know, right?

My family was a disaster,

so I was always crying.


No matter how much I cried,

nothing would change,
and it all fell apart.

That's why I stopped myself
from wanting anything back then.

I thought it would be easier that way.

But once I came to your apartment,
and Grandpa Yasuji took me in,

I think I really was happy.

After all, it felt as if that's what
a real family was like.

Say, "cheese!"

- Plus...
- Cut it out, Natsume!

...I could talk about anything,

and it was okay to cry.

I never knew I could be so happy.

But Grandpa Yasuji passed away.

The apartment is gone too,
and it all fell apart again.

The more I thought about
how I hated goodbyes,

the more I struggled.

Even if I had told my mom,

there's nothing she could've done.

That's why I had no choice
but to come here.

I'm sorry. I didn't want to
trouble you either, Kosuke.

It's my fault for moping around.

That's not true.

It's my fault
for dragging everyone into this.

And I still complain like this.
I'm the worst.

What happened to Juri is my fault too.

I'm even worse.

Why? You're not...

No. I knew it was hard on you,

but I couldn't do anything.

Plus, I hurt you
by saying those awful things.

I didn't like the little fella
when Grandpa Yasuji first gave him to me.


It brought back bad memories.

But when I used to play with you,
it was always with us.

That's why it became my treasure.

It's thanks to you, Kosuke.

But not only that.

Going to school together
and playing soccer together,

it was all so much fun.

That alone makes me glad
to have spent time with you, Kosuke.

Okay! End of story.

I'm fine now.

I'll take care of my own problems myself!

You could let someone help...

Thanks for that though,
even if I talked too much.


Let's go home together!


What was that?

Kosuke, down there!

What's all this?!

What was that sound?

It's worse than it was
with that department store!

Kosuke, the sky!

Isn't that...

...the Milky Way?

That glow is...

Hey, Kosuke.

It's been so long.
Shouldn't we be back by now?

Dang it.

Will we ever be able to get back home?


- Wake up!
- What's wrong?!

Downstairs! There's water downstairs!

No way!

That crash must've made a hole.

What're we gonna do?

We might have to leave.

- What?
- No.

- Get everyone together!
- Okay!

Noppo's missing?

At a time like this?

Is he still hiding something?

There he is!

Noppo! I'm glad you're safe!
We need to hurry!

Noppo. Tell us everything you know.

The building is sinking.
It'll never make it to town.

We don't know what to do.
Isn't there some other way?!


There wasn't supposed to be
anyone else here.

I couldn't abandon Natsume
when she was so lonely.

And same with Kosuke.

I've watched over both of you
all this time.

I'm part of this apartment.

This is the only place I belong.

That's why I was always
with the two of you.

Seeing you laughing so happily together,

I couldn't get it out of my mind.

After you both left, I finally understood.


I think I really liked
seeing the two of you smile.

That's why...

I was the only one who was
supposed to drift out to sea like this.

And I think I was the one
who brought you all here.

Huh? What do you mean?

You brought us here?

You gotta be kidding me.
How are you gonna make this right?

Reina, Noppo didn't mean to...

Shut up!


Why'd you have to drag us into this?

Hey! Answer me!


How are we gonna get back home?

I'm sorry. I don't know
how to get back either.

Cut us some slack already.

I'll do anything. Please.




Don't do that to me.
I thought you were dead!

That's a bit melodramatic. I'm fine.

I made it up here all by myself.


Sorry, Juri.

- Juri!
- You're so silly, Reina.

What a relief! Are you okay?


Don't cry, Reina.
We're going to Florida together, right?

We were. But now...

Don't worry. We'll get home
if we stick together.

- It's my fault, Juri!
- No, it's not.

- I'm okay.
- It's mine too! I'm sorry.

- Don't worry about it, Natsume.
- I'm glad you're okay, Juri.

I want the truth.
You really don't know how to get home?

I'm sorry.

You should use a raft
to leave as soon as you can.

Don't worry about me.

- Here you go.
- Got it.

Let's get more.


Is it ready yet?

Just a little longer.

Natsume, are you done yet?

Oh, yeah.


Noppo will come back with us too, right?

Even though this is his fault?

We can't leave him like this.

Noppo will die if this building sinks.

But he's not human. He creeps me out!


Besides, what if we can't get back
because he's with us?

I mean, he brought us here.

We don't know that for sure.

Just stop already.

Kosuke, Noppo has always been with us.

Not only now. He's always been
with us from long, long ago!

Of course I can't just leave him.

You are...

I don't wanna leave
unless we all go home together.

What is wrong with...

Don't say that!

You don't have to die here with him!

So stop moping around already!

You're right.

I'm overthinking things again, aren't I?

Hold on! I understand what Reina's saying.

But even if we could get home
by leaving Noppo behind, it's not right.

I won't do it. It's too cruel.

It's not like I want to either.

That's right. Arguing is
the worst thing we could do right now.

And it's not clear
that this is Noppo's fault.


I'll stay by your side, Reina.

I'm sorry, you guys.

There's no time to argue.
Let's all go together.

Hey, that's...

Now everyone can get on, right?

Do we have enough time?

Don't worry. I'll get it done.

Natsume, about earlier. I...

No, I'm sorry.

I already forgot about it.


What? Water?!

- Everyone hurry!
- Noppo!

- The building's tilting.
- What is this?!

Is the raft ready?

- Almost!
- And our stuff?

- There's still some left.
- Let's finish up quick!


The raft's good to go!

Okay. This is the last of our stuff!

- Don't make us wait!
- I'll be right there!

Hey, you idiot!

You're still here?!
We gotta get out of here!

This was Grandpa Yasuji's room.

Don't worry. I'm fine.

Let's go, Kosuke.

- Noppo!
- Noppo!

I won't let you die here!


Hurry up!

Is everything ready?

We're good to go!

Come on, Noppo!

Noppo, get on quick!



Noppo! I don't understand!

This is where we say goodbye. Forgive me.

I don't want to say goodbye.

I can't do this again!



Natsume! You idiot.

Come back, Natsume!

No. This is insane!

Dang it!

- Kumagaya!
- Taishi!

- Let's row back!
- Got it!

Come back!



- Natsume, you shouldn't be here.
- Noppo, hurry!



This is useless!

Kumagaya, come back!

Reina, the rope! I'll go!

You said we'd go home together.

Why are you doing this? You idiot!


- Pull!
- But Natsume is...!

No! We gotta go get her!


Noppo, don't worry!
We can still make it somehow!


No, don't do this.

Just forget about me!

No way!

I can't leave you here!
There's gotta be a way!

Besides, I bet we can
make it through this storm.

I know we can get home together!

Go back.

It's no use.

This is impossible.

Dang it.

Dang it!


What am I supposed to do now?

The water's glowing!

What is this?

We're moving.

What's going on?

Aren't we heading back the way we came?


Mom? Everyone's there.

We can get home, right?


Taishi, we're...


Wait. Where's Natsume?

Even if we make it home,
she won't be there.


Over here!



Wait! Why are you going that way?

You said we'd go home together!




Let me go! Natsume!


- Don't go!
- Kosuke!




A bunny?

No. We weren't supposed to
go home like this.

I swear, I'm gonna tell her...
I'll tell that idiot...

What's that?

Isn't that...


All I wanted was for you
to smile, Natsume.

That's all.

But... it ended up like this.

We'll get through the storm soon.
Don't worry.

If I don't make it back,

I wonder what my mom will do.

I bet it'd be easier for her that way.

It's true.

I'm the reason it all fell apart.

Kosuke too. Because I was so selfish,


...he wasn't able to say goodbye
to Grandpa Yasuji.

I've been barging
into a home that wasn't mine.


Now I know.

It's better

if I just disappear.



I'm scared.

I'm really scared.



Natsume! Noppo!


All right! We're good to go, Kosuke!

Nice pass!


Here goes!

What are you doing here?!


What are you doing?!

We'll have the Ferris wheel
pull this cable!

Okay. Ready to go!

- He did it, Taishi!
- Kosuke!



I'm sorry.

I remember you.

You always came with your father.


You idiot! Why'd you do this?!

I never asked you to save me!

I was fine!

You say, "I'm fine, I'm fine!"
But it's all a big lie!

- No, it's not!
- Just shut up already!

Why'd you have to come back?

Everyone's gonna die now!

You were the one who holed up here!

I really do hate
this crappy old apartment!

It reminds me of how you hid and cried
while I pretended not to notice!

And it makes me wanna punch myself!

I said you had nothing to do
with my family, but that's not true!

You didn't barge into our home!

It's your home too!

But we have to leave it behind now!

That's the only way
we'll make it home together!

I wanna be with you

way more than Noppo does!

I'm sorry, Kosuke.

I don't want to lose you either, Kosuke.
I want to go home!

But it's too late.

Don't worry! We'll make it
as long as we stick together!

Once I pass to you, what do you do?

There's just one thing.

Remember how much we practiced?

I take the shot.

Exactly! That's what
a two-forward formation does!


Noppo. You're coming home with us.

You got that?


We're gonna get through this storm!

Better brace yourselves!

Here it comes!

It's pulling it up!

All right!

- Kosuke, it worked!
- You never know till you try!

Whoa! It's all tangled up!

The cable passes through the gondolas
and on to the apartment building.

If it snaps,

we won't be able to save them.


It's tied up tight!

This side too!

I'll tie one more!

Thank you! Now to put this through!

It stopped.

We did it!

- I'll help! Relax!
- It's too dangerous!

What happened?!

- Stupid Ferris wheel!
- Careful!

We're all going home together!

And you're all gonna enjoy
my mom's famous croquettes!

Yeah! We're going home!

I wanna play Super Smash Bros.
With everyone!

And I wanna go to Florida with Kumagaya!

With me too, right?!


Let's all save them together!

Be careful.

Let's go!

Kamo Elementary, fight!

Oh no! We're drifting away!


- It's too dangerous!
- If I let go, Kumagaya will...


Are you okay?

Don't worry about me.

Oh no!

It's starting to spin!


Don't go!

Dang it!


No way.

I'll pull you up.



Hang on. I'll...

Dang it! Are you okay?

I said I'm fine! This is nothing!


Hold on to her tight!

Natsume, give me your other hand!

I didn't give you permission
to leave the game!

You'll regret it if I end up
the only forward on the team!

You'd never handle it on your own!

Well, you'd never break through
without my passes!

- Now I'm mad!
- Ouch!

We'll be fine, okay?

Kosuke, I know you're freaked out too.

What? No, I'm not, you little...

Natsume. Kosuke.

I tried to hold them back.

That's why it ended up like this, but...

I no longer want to turn back time.

I don't care what happens to me.

But these two,

Natsume and Kosuke,

have their whole lives ahead!

I want them to live

and to keep on smiling!

Where are we?

The storm is gone.

Did we survive?



What a relief, seriously!

- You tried to act cool.
- I was terrified!

Kosuke, you wimp!

Shut up!

It's an island.

That wasn't our town we saw.

- Yeah.
- Hey!


- Kosuke!
- Kumagaya!



What is it?

Yashima was

the first amusement park
my dad took me to.

I've ridden this Ferris wheel
so many times.

I loved it.


Reina, we should go.

Yeah, but...

You were always daddy's little girl,
and so spoiled, but you did well out here.

Yeah, I really did try.

Now you must go.


Thank you for spending so much time here
and for all of your love.

Thank you. Thank you!

Thank you!



It's so beautiful.

There's someone there!

What? Hey, you're right.


They looked this way! Let's go down!


Me too!



Only I can move on from here.

What? But they got off!

How come?

I understand now.

I belong with those children.

This is where we go.

If you come with us,
you'll never get back home.

That's why

I can't go with you.

I'm sorry.


Then this is goodbye.


You're such a crybaby.

I bet you're worried we won't get home.
But don't worry, stupid...

That's not it! And I am not crying!

Just when I was trying hard to...

You're making my head itch!

I haven't showered the whole time either!

Yeah! You stink!

That's rude!

- You stink too!
- Shut up!

Natsume should be fine now, right, Kosuke?

Hey, not you too, Noppo...

What is it?

It's that same glow again.

Don't worry. These little guys
will take all of you back.

These little guys?



We're moving!


See ya, Noppo!

Take care of yourself!

Goodbye, Noppo!

I'll be fine!
Kosuke and I will be like a team now!


Hey, where'd those two go?

Over there.

So we're really going home now.


It's so beautiful.

- Natsume!
- This is your home.


Kosuke, Natsume.

-Grandpa Yasuji

Let's go home together, Kosuke.

I'm ready, Natsume!




Where have you been?! I was so worried!

Oh, thank goodness!

Are you okay? Are you hurt?



Is it okay if I keep living with you, Mom?

Of course! You're my darling daughter.

Can I have my way sometimes?

Of course you can!
I'm sorry for everything.

Just tell me whatever it is you want.

Okay then, Mom...

No more takeout.


Let's make dinner together.

Welcome home, Natsume.

The Kamonomiya apartment complex
was built some 60 years ago.

Some call it the haunted apartments,
but we called it home.

It was Natsume and my cherished home.


We spent so much time together,
but I said something awful to her.

And in the end, I couldn't apologize,

even after Grandpa told me to.

I'm sorry, Natsume.

After we returned,
everything went back to the way it was.

I still can't explain
what really happened.

It's all a blur.

I wonder if it was all a dream
like Natsume says.

But it can't be.

What happened at that apartment was real.

I can talk to Natsume like I do now
because of everything that happened.


Our house was an incredible place.

That's why Natsume and I will...

Thank you.

Never thought I'd hear
those words from you.

Don't scare me like that!
Are you sure you two are fine?

Subtitle translation by: Jason Franzman
and Kitabayashi Kanami